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1893 Chicago Exhibition: Catalogue: Group 87

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1893 Chicago Exhibition: Catalogue.


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.—Druggists’ Supplies.

277 Alexander & Co., Limited, James, Lambeth Soap Works, London, S.E, Hamaurelis refined pumice soap, fancy soaps, cosmetics and perfumery.

278 Allen and Sons, Stafford, 7 Cowper Street, Finsbury, London, E.C. [See Advt.] Expressed and essential oils.

279 Atkinson, J. & E., 24 Old Bond Street, London, TP. [See Advt.] Essences, bouquets, eau de Cologne, lavender waters, and all kinds of perfumes for the handkerchief, perfumed powders, toilet soaps, toilet powders, washes and other preparations for the hair, dentifrices, toilet vinegars, and all kinds of toilet accessories.

280 Bigg, Thomas, Great Dover Street, Borough, London, S.E. Sheep-dipping compositions.

281 Bishop & Sons, Limited, Alfred, 48 Spelman Street, Mile End New Town, London. Granular effervescent preparations.

282 Brunner, Mond & Co., Limited, Northwich, Cheshire. Pure alkali, soda crystals (sal-soda), sesqui-carbonate of soda (concentrated sal-soda), and bicarbonate of soda, sulphate and muriate of ammonia, bleaching powder.

283 Bryant & May, Limited, Fairfield Works, Bow, London, E. Vestas, matches, wax tapers and braided lights.

284 Burroughs, Wellcome and Co., Snow Hill Buildings, London, E.C. Medicine chests and cases, tabloids, Kepler preparations and other pharmaceutical products.

285 Calvert & Co., F. C., Manchester, England. [See Advt.] Carbolic acid for medicinal, surgical, veterinary and disinfecting purposes, carbolic soaps, carbolic toilet and sanitary preparations, disinfecting powders, pharmaceutical preparations.

286 Christy & Co., Thomas, 25 Lime Street, London, E.C. Kola and other pharmaceutical preparations ; “ Christia,” a new surgical dressing, water and spirit proof; Morstadt cachets, cachet closing apparatus; “Palma Christi” (Dr. Standke), a new castor oil.

287 Crown Perfumery Co. (The), 48 Old Bailey, London, E.C.; New York; and Paris. Perfumery and toilet requisites.

288 Ellison, Jun., Henry, Whitechapel Road, Cleckheaton, Yorks. Carboline, fluid powder and soap, carbolic acid, “ all round dip automatic disinfector.

289 Gosnell & Co., J., 93 Upper Thames Street, London, E.C. Cherry blossom perfume, toilet powder and soap, cherry tooth paste, and perfumery generally.

290 Jackson, Thomas, 43 Great Ducie Street, Strangeways, Manchester. [See Advt.] “H.R.H. Prince Albert” cachoux for perfuming the breath.

291 Lever Brothers, Limited, Port Sunlight, near Birkenhead. [See Advt.] Soaps, and glycerine.

292 Mouilla Potash Liquid Soap Co., Limited (The), 6 Adam Street, Adelphi, London, TP. C. Mouilla liquid toilet soap.

293 Ness & Co., Darlington. [See Advt.] Thymo-cresol disinfecting, antiseptic and insecticidal fluids for destroying germs of diseases and all noxious insects upon animals and plants, and for sheep-dipping purposes; also, as powders and soaps.

294 Newball and Mason, Hyson Green Works, Nottingham. Mason’s root beer extracts; dried herbs.

295 Oppenheimer, Son & Co., Limited, 14 Worship Street, London, E.C. Pharmaceutic preparations.

296 Pain & Sons, James, 121 TFaZworiZt Road, S.E., and St. Mary Axe, E.C., London. Fireworks, ship signals, illuminations.

297 Patent Borax Company (The), Ledsam Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. [See Advt. “ Californian ” borax, borax extract of soap, dry soap, starch glaze, and other preparations for arresting decay, -washing, cleaning and purifying.

298 Pears, Limited, A. & P., 71-75 New Oxford Street, London, W.C. Transparent toilet soap. [See Advt.]

299 Quibell, Bros., Newark-on-Trent. [See Advt.] Sheep-dips, disinfectants, toilet and other soaps; glues, and seeds.

300 Ransom & Son;, W., Hitchin, near London. English pharmaceutical extracts, essential oils,expressel juices, dried herbs.

301 Smith & Co., T. & H., Edinburgh; and 12 Worship Street, London, E.C. [<See Advt.] Morphine, codeine, aloin, resin of scammony, cafeine, gingerine, ealicine and other chemical products of a pharmaceutical nature.

302 Sprules, Sarah, The Distillery, Wallington; Surrey, Peppermint, lavender, rosemary, camomile, pennyroyal, and other essential oils, lavender water, and essence, and other perfumes

303 Stevenson and Howell, Standard TFor/rs, Southwark Street, and Old Paris Gardens, London, S.E.; and at Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Paris, Sydney and Melbourne. Essential oils, soluble fruit and other essences for aerated waters, compound fruit essences for confectionery, cordial and liqueur essences, caramels, liquid and vegetable colours, fruit acids (free from lead), and all ingredients for manufacture of aerated waters, confectionery, biscuits; otto de rose, oil sautal wood, tobacco and other perfumes.

304 United Alkali Co., Limited (The), Liverpool.

Bleaching powder; salt cake; soda (caustic and carbonates all strengths, refined alkali, pure alkali by ammonia process, crystal carbonate, bi-carbonate, crystals, chlorate); potash (caustic, carbonate, chlorate); calcium chloride ; salt (“ Buffalo ” brand— factory-filled); strontia salts, sulphate of alumina; recovered sulphur; ingot copper, sulphate of copper, purple ore in bulk or bricks; fertilizers; ammonia, sulphate, muriate (refined and grey); baryta chlorate, sal ammoniac; ultramarine.

305 Usher, Richard, Bodicote, Banbury, Oxon. Rheubarb, henbane, and other indigenous medicinal herbs; pharmaceutical extracts.

303 Zeno and Co., 39 Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, London, E.G.; Export bonded factory, “I” Warehouse, St. Katherine's Docks, London, E. Perfumery, extracts, eau de Cologne, toilet soaps, toilet powders preparations for the hair, and other toilet requisites.

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