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1951 Motor Show

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October 1951.

A list of the exhibitors at the 1951 Motor Show held from the 17th to 27th of October at Earls Court.

Car Section

A.C. Cars
Allard Motor Co
Armstrong Siddeley Motors
Aston Martin
Austin Motor Co.
Bentley Motors (1931)
Bristol Aeroplane Co.
Chrysler Motors
Citroen Cars
Connaught Engineering
Daimler Co.
Delage, Soc. Nouvelle Des Automobiles
Delahaye, Soc. des Automobiles
Dodge Brothers (Britain)
Donald Healey Motor Co
Fiat (England)
Ford Motor Co.
Ford S.A.F.
General Motors
General Motors of Canada
Hillman Motor Car Co.
Hotchkiss et Cie
Hudson Motor Car Co.
Jaguar Cars
Jensen Motors
Jowett Cars
Lanchester Motor Co
Lancia (England)
Lea-Francis Cars
Lendrum and Hartman
Lincoln Cars
M.G. Car Co.
Morgan Motor Co
Morris Motors
Nash Concessionaires
Panhard and Levassor, Soc. Anon. des Anciens Etabs.
Peugeot, Soc. Anon. des Automobiles
Riley Motors
Rover Co.
Singer Motors
Standard Motor Co.
Steele, Griffiths and Co
Studebaker Corporation
Thomson and Taylor (Brooklands)
Triumph Motor Co. (1945)
U.S. Concessionaires
Vauxhall Motors
Williams, Leonard, and Co. (1940)
Wolseley Motors

Carriage Work Section

Abbott, E. D.
Barker and Co (Coachbuilders)
Briggs Motor Bodies
Fisher and Ludlow
Freestone and Webb
Hooper and Co. (Coachbuilders)
Mann, Egerton and Co.
Mulliner, H. J., and Co.
Park, Ward and Co.
Pressed Steel Co.
Radford, Harold, (Coachbuilders)
Rippon Brothers
Saoutchik, J., and Cie.
Thrupp and Maberly
Vanden Plas (England) 1923
Vincents of Reading
Young, James

Accessory and Component Section

A. C. Sphinx Spark Plug Co.
Alford and Alder (Engineers)
Andre (Components)
Andrews, Harold, Grinding Co.,
Angus, George, and Co. Ltd.
Anti-Attrition Metal Co.
Armstrong's Patents Co.
Autocar Electrical Equipment Co.,
Automotive Products Co. Ltd.
Beans Industries
Beaton, G., and Son
Bennett, Walt (Spare Parts)
Benton and Stone
Birkett, T. M., and Sons
Birmingham Aluminium Casting (1903) Co.
Bluemel Brothers
Borg and Beck Co.
Bound Brook Bearings (G.B.)
Bowden (Engineers)
Brake Linings
Bramber Engineering Co.
Bridge of Weir Leather Co.
British Belting and Asbestos
British Bundy Tubing Co
British Indestructo Glass
British Jaeger Instruments
British Piston Ring Co.
British School of Motoring
British Thomson-Houston Co.
British Wagon Co.
Broadfields Garage and Engineering Co.
Brooks and Co (Sussex)
Brown Bayley Steels
Brown Brothers
Brown, David, and Sons (Huddersfield)
Camel Accumulators
Cape Asbestos Co.
Car and General Insurance Corporation
Cary, William E.
C. A. V.
Champion Sparking Plug Co.
Chapman. A. W.
Chloride Batteries.
Clark, William, (Spare Parts)
Claudet, F.
Clayton Dewandre Co.
Clyde Alloy Steel Co.
C. M. I. Products
Cocker Brothers
Cole, E. K.
Commercial Ignition Co.
Connolly Brothers (Curriers) Ltd.
Cooper and Co (Birmingham)
Coopers Mechanical Joints
Cords Piston Ring Co.
County Electrical Services
Cox and Co (R.W.)
Cox and Co (Watford).
Cresswell's Asbestos Co.
Dartmouth Auto Castings
Delaney Gallay.
Docker Brothers
Duckham, Alexander, and Co.
Earle, Bourne and Co.
Edison Swan Electric Co.
Edmunds, Walker and Co.
Ellis, Bernard J.
E. N. V. Engineering Co.
Eversure Accessories
Express Electrical Services
Farnborough Engineering Co
Feeny and Johnson
Firth, T. F., and Sons
Firth, Thos., and John Brown
Forgings and Presswork (Birmingham)
Gear Grinding Co.
General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation
General and Industrial Paints
Gill, W., and Co.
Glacier Metal Co.
Gliksten, J., and Son
Globe and Simpson
Goodyear, W., and Sons
Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (Midlands)
Guiteiman, S., and Co.
Hairlok Co.
Halford, H. and E.
Hall and Hall
Hall and Nielsen
Hallam, Sleigh and Cheston
Hardy, Spicer and Co.
Hepworth and Grandage
Hills (Patents)
Hobbs Transmission
Holt, Douglas, (Est. 1919)
Hoyt Metal Co. of Gt. Britain
Hughes-Johnson Stampings
Imperial Chemical Industries (Leathercloth Division).
Imperial Chemical Industries (Metals Division).
Imperial Chemical Industries (Paints Division).
Jack, E. J.
James, W. G.
Joy, Edward, and Sons
Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Co.
Kenilworth Manufacturing Co.
Kerry's (Great Britain)
Key-Leather Co.
Klinger, Richard
K.L.G. Sparking Plugs
Lace Web Spring Co.
Lake and Elliot
Latex Upholstery
Laycock Engineering Co..
Laystall Engineering Co.
Ley's Malleable Castings Co.
Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Co.
Lodge Plugs
Lombard Banking
Longsdale Mfg. Co. (Pty.)
Lucas, Joseph, (Batteries)
Lucas, Joseph, (Electrical)
Lucas, Joseph
Lucas, Joseph, (Sales and Service)
Maglen, A. P.
Manganese Bronze and Brass Co.
Mansell and Adams
Marchal Distributors
Marston Excelsior
Mercantile Credit Co.
Mid-Kent Products Co.
Midland Motor Cylinder Co.
Morgan, Crossley and Co.
Moss Gear Co.
Motor Panels (Coventry)
Motor Union Insurance Co.
Muirhead, Andrew, and Son
Myers, Wayne V., Co.
National Employers' Mutual General Insurance Association
Neale, James, and Sons
Newton and Bennett
Newton, L. H., and Co.
Notek Electric Co.
Nuway Manufacturing Co.
Oiline Refining Co.
Oldham and Son
Papelian, R. M.
Park Brothers
Parr Equipment Co.
Parsons Chain Co.
Payen, J.
Perry Barr Metal Co.
Peto and Radford
Philips Electrical
Pinchin, Johnson and Co.
Premier Motor Policies
Projectile and Engineering Co., Ltd
Puckert, E. W.
Pyrene Co.
Quicktho (1928)
Regency Covers
Regent Axle Co.,
Renold and Coventry Chain Co.
Rist's Wires and Cables
Rival Lamps
Roadways Transport Development
Romac Industries
Rootes Acceptances.
Ross, Courtney and Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
Rubery, Owen and Co.
Salisbury Transmission Co.
Sankey, Joseph, Sc. Sons
Schrader's. A., Son
Scottish Midland Guarantee Trust
Serck Radiators
Servais Silencers
Silent Channel Co.
Simmonds Aerocessories
Simms Motor Units
Simoniz (England)
Small and Parkes LLd.
Smith, S., and Sons (England)
Smith, S., and Sons (Radiomobile),
Smiths Jacking Systems Ltd.
Smith's Stamping Works (Coventry),
Splintex Safety Glass
Stedall and Co.
Steiner, E.
Sterling Metals
S. U. Carburetter Co.
Super Oil Seals and Gaskets
Tempered Spring Co.
Terry, Herbert, and Sons
Tewel Industries
Thompson, J., Motor Pressings
Thomson and Brown Brothers
Thornley and Knight
Transport Brakes
Triplex Safety Glass Co.
Trist, Hubert H. P., and Co.
Tudor Accessories
Tungstone Products
Turner, Ernest, (London)
Tyre Products
United Dominions Trust.
United Motor Finance Corp.
Universal Ball Bearing Repair and Manufacturing Co.
Universal Dampers
Universal Power Drives
Vandervell Products
Vigzol Oil Co.
Watney Motor Accessories Co.
Welfit Manufacturing Co.
Wellworthy Piston Rings
White Cross Insurance Co.
Whiteley (Rishworth)
Wico-Pacy Sales Corporation
Willenhall Motor Radiator Co.
Wingard (M. A.)
Woodhead, Jonas, and Sons
World Radio
Wright, Chas.
Yarwood, Ingram and Co
Yorkshire Insurance Co.
Young Accumulator Co.
Zenith Carburetter Co.
Zinc Alloy Rust-Proofing Co.

Tyre Section

Avon India Rubber Co.
Bergougnan Tyre Co.
British Tyre and Rubber Co.
Davies Tyre Co.
Dominion Rubber Co.
Dunlop Rubber Co.
Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co. (G.B.)
Firestone Tyre and Rubber Co.
Henley's Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd
India Tyre and Rubber Co..
John Bull Rubber Co..
Michelin Tyre Co..
North British Rubber Co., I td.
Palmer Tyre

Motor Boat Section

Allen Oil Equipment and Supply Co.
A. R. C. Marine Co.
Austin Motor Co.
Bates, W., and Son
Boats and Engines
Boats' Fittings Co.
Bray, Arthur
British Anzani Eng. Co.
Cornubia Yacht Yard
County Passenger Launch Co.
Coventry Victor Motor Co.
Freebody's (Boat Builders)
Hillyard, David
Jarman, R., Sons
Johnson and Jago
Lister, R. A., (Marine Sales)
Long, Kenneth, and Co.
Morris Motors
Norrington, Frank
Norris, Henty and Gardners
Osborne, Wm.
Parsons Engineering Co.
Self-Changing Gear Co.
Southern Yacht Services
Tod, W. and J.
Turner, Stuart, Ltd,
University Marine
Wallasea Bay Yacht Station
Watermota Marine Engines
Wright and Sons (Ipswich)

Composite Exhibit of Sailing Craft

Anderson, Rigden and Perkins
Fairey Marine
Fox, C. H., and Son
Freebody's (Boat Builders)
Kitsons (Poole)
Rowhedge Ironworks Co..

Transport Service Equipment

Abingdon King Dick
Air Industrial Developments
Anco (Potteries)
Armature Manufacturing Co.
Automotive Parts and Accessories
Auto Tyre Services
Barrus, E. P., (Concessionaires)
Beck and Co. (Meters)
Benjamin Electric
B. E. N. Patents
Black and Decker
Bradbury, Joseph, and Sons
Bristol Pneumatic Tools
British Extracting Tool Co.
British Oxygen Co.
Brown Brothers.
Buck and Hickman
Buma Engineering Co.
Burtonwood Engineering Co.
Cadisch, R., and Sons
Churchill, V. L., and Co.
C. L. Equipments
Cruickshank, R.
Crypton Equipment
Cuthbert Machine Tools
Delapena and Son
Desoutter Brothers
Dunlop Rubber Co.
Duplex Electric Tools
Elms Garage
Guyson Industrial Equipment
Hartridge, Leslie
Haney Frost and Co.
Haslam and Stretton (E. and M.U.)
Hatch, George
Headland, Thomas P.
Heayberd, F. C., and Co.
H. E. C. Compressors and Engines
Hobday Brothers
Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Jenks Brothers
Kerry's (Gt. Britain).
Lamson Paragon Supply Co.
Laycock Engineering Co.
Le Couteur, E.
Lister Equipment
Mann, Egerton and Co.
McFadden and Barron
Meldrum, Thos.
Merlin Engineering Co.
Moore, Ernest, and Son
Morris, B. 0.
Morris and Ingram (London)
National Cash Register Co.
Newton Brothers (Cudworth)
Paddon Precision Tools
Partridge, Wilson and Co.
Pickavant, J. W., and Co.
Pneumatic Components
Riches, G. T., and Co.
Romac Industries
Rubery, Owen and Co.
Ruggles, F. G.
Runbaken Electrical Products
Ryley, J. A.
Stanwell Quality Tools
Stream-Line Filters
Sykes, J. F., (St. Annes)
Thomas, Bertram, (Engineers)
Timson Brothers (England)
Tipping, C. R., and Co.
Triangle Products
Turner, Wm., (Kismet)
Uni-Gun Lubricating Equipment
Wakefield, C. C., and Co.
Ward, H. W., and Co.
Wayne Tank and Pump Co, Ltd
Weaver Manufacturing and Engineering Co.
Westinghouse Brake and Signal Co.
Whatton and Sons
Wolf Electric Tools
Yorkshire Factoring Co.

Caravan and Light Trailer Section

Berkeley Coachwork
Bertram Hutchings Caravans
Brush Coachwork
Burlingham Caravans
Car Trailers.
Carlight Trailers
Cheltenham Caravan Co.
Coventry Steel Caravans
Dixon-Bate, B.
Eccles (Birmingham)
Ensor Caravans
Fairholme Products
Jubilee Caravans
Kingston Caravan Co.
Lywood, 0. G.
Northampton Caravans
Paladin Trailavan Co.
Pascall, M. R.
Raven Caravans (1947)
Rollalong Caravans
Siddall Caravans
Thomsons (Carron)
Willerby Caravan Co.

Press Section

Cable Printing and Publishing Co.
Caravan Publications
Iliffe and Sons
Motor Commerce
Motor World Publishing Co.
Penton Publishing Co.
Teesdale Publishing Co.
Temple Press
Trader Publishing Co.


Automobile Association Rear of British Motor Trade Association
British Road Federation
Institute of British Carriage and Automobile Manufacturers
Motor Agents' Association
Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund
Royal Automobile Club
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

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