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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Index: Patent Journal

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The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1866 Jan-Jun: Index

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Abbotts, R. W., Fire-places, 364

Abel, C. D., Boots and Shoes, 167

Abel, C. D., Coke Ovens, 149

Abel, C. D., Drainage, 346

Abel, C. D., Gas and Air Engines, 203

Abel, C. D., Looms, 291

Abel, C. D., Pipe Joints, 364

Abel, C. D., Reducing Oxides, 384

Abel, C. D., Regulating Supply of Steam, 167

Abel, C. D., Rippling Flax, 384

Abel, C. D., Scutching Flax. <fcc., 364

Abel, C. D., Travelling Bags, &c., 477

Abenheim, H. and S. and L., Time-keeper, 167

Adams, J., Sash Fastener, 346

Adams and Parsons, Slide Valves, &c., 187

Adams, T., Watch, <fce., Cases, 274

Adamson, D., Steam Boilers, 131

Ager, W., Breech-loading Ordnance, 131

Aggio, Cotti, and Ferrario, Preserving Life from Shipwreck, 422

Aiderman, T., Signalling in Trains, 458

Alderson, H. J., Projectiles, 257

AUanson and Lowe, Shuttles, 220

Allen, J., Envelopes. 167

Allen, J., Fastenings for Doors, &c., 364

Allen, S. F., Heating Feed Water, 114

Allen, T., Bedsteads, 114

Allerton, R. G., Waterproof Paper, 257

Allies, M., Dress Fastener, 114

Allin, G., Reefing Sails, 477

Allix, G., Reefing Sails, 329

Amb rose and Braddon,Lowering Boats, 131

Ames, H., Ordnance, 114

Amies, N. J., Cotton Balls, 114

Amos and Anderson, Treating Waste Liquors, 291

Anderson, J., Cleaning Ships, 34

Anderson, M. F., Refining Sugar, 149

Anderson, W., Paper, 74

Andrews, A. C., Boot Nails, 340

Ange, G. C., Cleaning, &c., Grain, &c., 54

Angus and Stuart, Fluid Meter, 94

Applegath, A., Printing Machinery, 291

Archdeacon, M., Blinds, &c., 291

Ardrey, Beckett, and Smith, Spinning

Machinery, 131

Armstrong, J., Railway Crossings, 477

Armstrong, R. Wy, Earthenware, &c., 187

Arnaud, C., Copying Presses, 203

Arthur and Davis, Hydraulic Machinery,131

Ash and Whitley, Combing Fibre, 364

Ashberry, P. H., German Silver, &c.,

Goods, 311

Ashdown, J., Steering Ships, 54

Ashton, R. H., Transparent Pictures, 257

Ashworth, G. and E., Turning over Leaves, 422

Ashworth, EL, Lubricating, 131

Ashworth, J. J., Winding Machinery, 16

Aston, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 16

Atkin, G. and E. and A. A., Grinding Saws,

Atkinson, M. EL, Valves, 404

Atkinson, W., Casting Metals, 240

Atwater, J. B., Water Supply, 187

Avery, J. G., Raising Water, 187

Badger, R., Shears, 257

Badger, R., Scissors, 34

Baggs, I., Stereoscopes, 54

Baines, W. Telegraphic Posts, 74

Baker, C. S., Reaping and Mowing Machines, 94

Baker, F. B., Dyeing, 149

Baker, F. T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 187

Baker, J., Magnetic Engines, 257

Baker, J., Thermo-electric Batteries, 364

Baker, T., Sash Fastenings, 114

Bakewell, F. C., Rolling Rods andTubes.311

Balhoff, J. B., Files, 186

Bamlett, A. C., Reaping and Mowing Machines, 34

Barber, G„ Mats and Brushes, 16

Barbour, S., Finishing Thread, 364

Barclay, A., Boilers, 54

Barker, A., Wadding, 257

Barker, C M., Distilling Fatty Matters, 346

Barker and Davis, Sewing Machines, 149

Barlow, H. B., Fans, 257

Barlow, H. B., Spinning, 257

Barlow, W. H., Railway Bars, 140

Barlow, J., Bleaching, &c., 364

Barnsley, W., Securing Belts, 54

BaX1 TUdn attT^U’ OardillS Engines, 384

Barry, J., Dye, 187

Bapty and North, Preparing Fibre, 422

Bar th olomew, C., Mining Machinery, 114

Banfill, J., Coal Scuttle, 114

Barningham, W., Charging Furnaces, 94

Bartlett, J. W., Sewing Machines, 404

Batchelor and Reddall, Gas Retorts, 114

Bateman, H., Pumps, 477

Bates and Brookes, E. andE., Grease Cup,

Bates. W. and F., Bulling Machines, 257 Bawens, F. L., Cleaning Cotton Waste, 329 Baxter and Hunt, Safes, 477

Bayliss, H., Cleaning Gun Barrels, 187

Bayliss, S., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 477

Bowden, P., Brick Machinery, 291

Bevan and Fleming, Warming Food, 458

Bevan and Fleming, Furnaces, 187

Beuther, F. A. H., Axle-boxes, 167

Betts, W., Capsules, 311

Berry, jun., and Bromley, Hackle Frames,

Berry, W. H., Steam Hammers, 311

Berne, J., Railways, 131

Berrens, T., Pavement, 186

Bernard, J., Generating Steam, 477

Bernard, J., Forcing Water, 422

Bernard, A., Decolourising Albumen, 422

Benvenuti, F. F., Pens, 404

Benson, G. J., Beetroot Sugar, 114

Bennitt and Matthews, Furnaces, 131

Bennett, S., Sizeing Machines 346

Bennett, A., Fans, 167

Benn and Luckmann, Labels. &c., 54 Belleville, J. F., Springs, 240 Bell, 8. A., Tapers, &c., 404 Begg.W., Furnaces, 404

Bedson, G., Rolling Wire, &c., 187

Becker, J., Packing Bottles, 384

Beck, R, Steam Engines, 74

Becks, A. T., Iron. 384

Beattie, B. G., Lubricator, 74

Beard, E. J., Fastening Baling Bands, 404

Beadon, G., Attaching Knobs, 364

Beacher and Gillott, Mining Machinery,

Binns, J. and W., Looms, 187

Bischoff, J., Steam Cultivators, 240

Birch, J., Steel, 34

Biggs, Jun.. T., Fabrics, 311

Biebez. D., Furnace, 364

Boyle, T., Preventing Recoil, 477

Boyd, R. A., Bacon Curing Rooms, 240 Bowen, P. W., Steam Cultivators, 16 Bowdom, C. T., Telegraphic Apparatus,

n0Vi a’H., Applying Sewage, 404 Bousfield, G. T., Splitting Leather, 16

Bousfleld, G. T., Cordage, &c., 422

Bousfield, G. T„ Cooking Apparatus, 16

Bousfield, G. T., Buttons, 16

Bolton and Worthington, Pottery, 167

Boulet, T. C., Bridges, 477

Bouchart, L. J , Soap, 54

Botwood, W., Carriages, 404

Botterill, J., Consuming Smoke, 384

Bonneville, H. A., Wrought Iron Tubes, 149

Bonneville, H. A., Recovering Sunken Ships, 458

Bonneville, H. A., Permanent Way, 16

Bonneville, H. A., Funnels, 240

Bonneville, H. A., Crinolines, 404

Boggett, W„ Wire Conductors, 16

Boote, G., Reaping Hooks, 240

Bois, A. A., Drawing and Twisting, 477

Bodmer, L. R., Mules, 291

Bodmer, L.R., Carding Engine, 404

Boase, W., Measuring Fabries, 149

Brooman, R. A., Bleaching, 94

Brooman, C. E., Steel, 291

Brittan, T., Signalling, 346

" yth, O., Heckling Machines, 34

Blundell, G. T., Screw Valves, 364

Blakely and Vavasseur, Projectiles, 114

Bleckmann, J. H. A., Explosive Compound, 4u4

Blair, J., Shirts, 311

Blackmann, J. W., Fire-proof Safes 54

Blackburn, B., Furnaces, 54

Bobaeuf, P. a. F., Tars, 187

Bodmer, J. J., Treating Slag, 346

Boggett, W., Bolts and Rods, 329

Boggett, W., Wire Conductors, 34

Bolton, J., Boots and Shoes, 84

Bolton,,!, and W., Knife Handles 131

Bond, W., Slide Valves, 346 ’

E^’er^W1’ aUd KSher’ Substitut° for

Bonneville, H. A;, Beds, 346

Bonneville, H. A., Boilers, 203

Bonneville, H. A., Lamps, 186

Bonneville, H. A., Mattresses, 384

Booth’t S-Owin£ seed, 186

Booth, J. B., Spinning, 220

Booth, J. L., Rails, 404

Bore, R. II., Siphon, 114

Borgnet, A., Furnaces, 364

Boulton, M P. w„ Motive Power 291 Bourne, >S., Treating India-rubber Bousfield, G. T„ Cutting F.les 34 ’ Bousfield, G. T., Expanding Boiler Tube,

Bousfield, G. T., Spindlfs^of ’ 74

Boxer, G. M., Cartridges, 94

Boys, E. M. du, Fluid Meters, 2<0

Bracher, J., Safes, 291

Bradford, T Washing Machines 74 Brampton, F., Files, 220 ’ 4

Brandon, A. H., Axles, 167

Mor Brasier, E., Scutching Flax, 404

Bricknell, A. L., Rotary Engine, 404

Brierley, R., Carts, &c., 422

Brinjes, J. F., Distilling Minerals, 257

Bright, H., Electric Clocks, 203

Briou, H. E. F. de, Preserving Metals, 187

Broadbent, J., Winding Yarn, 257

Brooke, jun., E., Deodorising Sewage, 311

Brookes, W., Combing Fibre, 384

Brookes, W., Turbines, 16

Brooman, C. E., Combing Fibre, 404

Brooman, C. E., Combs, 384

Brooman, C. E., Crushing Ores, 346

Brooman, C. E., Glove Fastening, 329

Brooman, C. E., Propelling Boats, 422

Brooman, C E., Projectiles, 258

Brooman, C. E., Varnish, 346

Brooman, R. A., Acetate of Lead, 74

Brooman, R. A., Boilers, 16

Brooman, R. A., Differential Screw Appliances, 131

Brooman, R. A., Cigar-ash Holder, 19

Brooman, R. A., Fabrics, 114

Brooman, R. A., Felt, 149

Brooman, R. A., Gaseliers, 74

Brooman, R. A., Lamp Black, 74

Brooman, R. A., Motive Power, 74

Brooman, R. A., Moulds, 203

Brooman, R. A., Oxygon, 74 .

Brooman, R. A., Spring Tops, 94

Brooman, R. A., Substitute for Tobacco,

16 ’

Brooman, R. A., Washing Machinery, 94

Brooman, R. A., Weaving, 34

Broadfoot, J., Water-closets, 114

Brookes, W., Producing Motion, 131

Brothers, O., Gas Regulators, 458

Brown, J., Actuating Signals, &c., 384

Brown, J. H., Fabrics, 167

Brown, J. H., Leather Fabrics, 167

Brown and May, Treating Straw, 187

Brown, A. B., Pumping Engines, 477

Brown, S. S., Gas Burners, 364

Brown, Wheeldon, and Thompson, Taps and Valves, 203

Browne, B., Needles, 167

Bruff, P. S., Permanent Way. 74

Brunton, J. D., Peat Fuel, 203

Bryson, A., Catching Fish, 167

Button, C. P., Swings, 16

Butler, J. W., Aerostatic Apparatus, 384

Butcher, H. C., Cigar-holder, &c., 364

Butchart, J. R., Packing Bottles, 114

Burton, J. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 187

Burton, J. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, iSVX

Burrows, W. and J., Traction Engines, 477

Burr, A. R., Gun Barrels, 257

Barnard and Koppel, Preserving Milk, 404

Buisson, F. C., Substitute for Tobacco, 364

Burton, J. W., Treating Fibre, 422

Buries, E., Fabrics, 477

Burdict, O. C., Nuts and Dies, 34

Burchall, B., Propellers, 51

Bunnetr, E. W., Revolving Shutters, 240

Buuger, W., Gas Burners, 114

j Bullough, W., Warping, &c., Yarn, 346

Bu lough and Rossotter, Looms, 94

Bullough, A., Shutters, 329

Bulley, T., Cleaning Ships, 240

Bulcock, J. and J., jun., Looms, 167

Buaenberg, A., Blasting Powder, 16

Buckley, W., Signalling, 94

Bgingham, J., India-rubber Compound,

Buchner, E., Gas, 477

Bousfield, G. T., Yarns, &c., 384

Bousfield, GT., Converting Reciprocating

Motion, 384 b

Caesaris, C. de, Preparing Hides, <fcc., 384

Caesaris, C. de, Projectiles, 346

Caesaris, C. de. Tanning, 220

Caire, M. A., Triggers, 477

Caithness, Earl of, Cleaning Boiler Tubes,

Calvert, F. A., Cleaning Fibre, 274

Calvert and Robertson, Garments, 54

Campbell, A. C., Superheating Steam 257

Campbell and Burgess, Tea, 94 ’ ~

nXbe34 ^Kinstry> aud Spin-

Candler, E., Taps and Valves, 149

Carle, J. F, C., Cramps, 329

Carpenter, I., Watch Keys 340

Can, J. W., Rotating Motion, 94

Castree, J. A., Looms, 149

Caulfield, W. JB;, Chains, 257

Chadburn, C. H„ Telegraphic Instruments,

CF^404Un-’ aUd DressW

Chambers, J., Veneering, 257

Chandler H., Spanners, 240

Chaplin, A., Locomotives, 149


Charlton, J. and H., Stretching Fabrics,

SSeUbPR-’co00fki?gP0fcat0es»131 iase, O _R Confectionary, 334

Chatwood, 8., Safes, 94

Chatwood and Sturgeon, Furnaonq

Chatwood, 8., and J. and T. Sturgeon,

Ship's Log, 258

Cherry, Crossley, and Bower, Boilers, 131

Chesters, J., Furnaces, 384

Chetwynd, G., Treating Ores, 94

Cheverton, J., Printing Surfaces, 422

Chew, W. and J., and Lucas, Looms, 329

Childs. A. B., Coffee Roaster, 187

Childs, A. B., Crushing Ores, &c., 131

Chubb, J., Safes, 240

Clanchy, T. J., Collars, 74

Clark, A., Mortising Machinery, 149

Clark, R., Boilers, 149

Clark, R., Lamps. 203

Clark, R., Railway Carriages, 167

Clark, W., Aerial Navigation, 16

Clark, W., Artificial Flowers, 149

Clark, W., Bridges, 94

Clark, W., Chemical, 54

Clark, W., Cigar Lighters, 384

Clark, W., Crinolines, 329

Clark, W., Drawing-off Aerated Liquids, 329

Clark, W., Fastenings for Boxes, &c., 329

Clark, W., Finishing Fabrics, 240

Clark, W., Furnaces, 404

Clark, W., Lamps, 422

Clark, W., Launching Boats, 131

Clark, W., Mills, 364

Clark, W., Motive Power, 149

Clark, W., Paper Bags, 257

Clark, W., Bfcper Pulp, 114

Clark, W., Pin Cartridges, 220

Clark, W., Printing, 114

Clark, W., Protecting Horses’ Feet, 477

Clark, W., Revolvers, 54

Clark, W., Rose Engine, 257

Clark, W., Treating Jute, 311

Clark, W., Twist Drills, 404

Clark, W., Vehicle Indicator, 477

Clark, W., Ventilating, 54

Clark, W., Spooling Thread, &c., 404

Clark, W., Steam Engines, 54

Clark, W., Steam Pumps, 329

Clark, W., Steam Vessels, 257

Clarke, J. G., Ovens, 187

Clarke, S., Steering Apparatus, 54

Clay, W., Economising Heat, 203

Claypole, R. AL, Castors, 311

Clayton, Paper, Goulding, and Howarth,

Looms, 131

Clayton, T., Gas, 240

Clifton, E., Spinning, 34

Clift, T., Portable Chains, 311

Clissold, W., Clutch, 187

Clissold, W., Feeding Carding Machinery, 329

Clyne, J., Mangle, 477

Cluderay, W. 8., Bungs, &c., 149

Clunan and Nightingale, Cutting Leather, 74

Clutton, J., Wedges, 94

Cochrane, A., Cushions, 477

Cochrane, A. A. L. P.» Heating and Evaporating, 422

Cochrane, W. F.. Feeding Meal, 74

Cohen, D., Dry Gas Meters, 384

Cohn, D. L., Revolving Fire-arms, 220

Cole, F., Lithographic Presses, 114

Cole, jun,, J., Elastic Webs, 257

Cole, AL, Cabs, 220

Cole, W., Elastic Fabric, 329

Cole and Milland, Extracting Cartridges, 422

Coles, C. P., Protecting Ships’ Bottoms, 16 Coles, C. P., Ships of War, &c., 477 Colley and AIoss, Card Distributor, 257 Collins, H. H., Copper-plate Presses, 74 Collins, 8. and C., Tearing Fabrics, 74

Collis, W. B, and E. G., Coke Ovens, 311 Comery and Webster, Fabrics, 91

Conisbee, W., Grinding Lithographic Stones, 257

Cook and Hacking, Sizeing Yarn, 131 Cooke, J., Permanent Way, 477

Cooke, W., Curing Smoky Chimneys, 329 Cooke and Hunter, Alining Alachinery, 66, 311

Cooper, J. A., Yarns, &c., 54

Cooper, T., jun., Locks, 346

Cooper, W. T., Medicine, 274

Cooper, Dutfield, aud Gibson, Pianofortes,

Cormack, W. Revivifying Charcoal, 74,404 Costallat, A. A., Artificial Flowers, 404 Cottam, E., Hydraulic Presses 94 31G Cottam, G. H. aud H. R., iroA u’cd9toads>

Cotter, W., Heating Apparatus 1S7 Cowdery, G., Bricks, 220 Cox, E., Photographic Tents 320 Crabtree, J. aud J. and J., Washing Fibre,

Craig, J. Securing Door Handles, 422 Creah aud Barr, Fire Alarm, 311 Creasy, W. Drying, 4C., Grain, 34 Ciofts, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 323 Crondace and Field, Fire Bricks, 94 Crossland, J. 8., Steam Engines. 384 Cross, W.W., Cartridge Extractors, 404

Croxall, J. B., Hat Ventilators, 74 Crump, C., Tetra-Chlorido of Carbon 91 Cumming and Edmonds, Hot-water Pipes,

inningham, A. R., Shaving Brushes, 477 inningham, H. D. P., Ordnance, 74 inningham, W. J., Drilling, &c., Wood, &c., 346

irry, W., Brick and Tile Machinery ,*422 irtis, J., Draining Cuttings, &c., 384 artis, J., Mortising Machinery, 131 uthbert, W., Steam Whistles, 346

is, F., Buttons, 16

Dalby, S.» Mining Machinery, 258

Dales, 0., Eye-glasses, 361

Dallas, D. C., Printing Surfaces, 422

Dallmeyer, J. H., Lens, 187

Dancer, W., Dyeing, 2

Darlow, W., Motive Power,^131

Darragh, R , Shuttles, 404

D'Aubreville, E., Weaving, 149

Davidson, J., Reefing Sails, 257

Davidson, W., Top Sails, 220

Davies, G., Braiding Machinery, 311

Davies,- G., Burning Hydro-Carbons, 34

Davies, G., Carriages, 384

Davies, G., Gas Burner. 54

Davies, G., Heating Boilers, 404

Davies, G., Heating Houses, 329

Davies, G., Insulators, 404

Davies, G., Pneumatic Despatch, 404

Davies, G., Portable Engines, 257

Davies, G., Separating Sulphur, 329

Davies, G., Steam Boilers, 384

Davies, J. L., Looms, 329, 477

Davies, H. F., Artificial Tea, 329

Davis, J., Caustic Alkalies, 404

Davis, J., Preventing Decomposition, 329

Dawes and Robbins, Locks, &c., 34

Deakin,T., Moulding Wheels, 384

Deakin, W., Safes, 220

Deakin and Johnson, Ordnance, &c., 329

Deakin and Johnson, Projectiles, 384

Dean, H., Engineers’ Scales, 114

Dean, W. F., Chemical, 240

Dean andWheeler, Sclf-supplyingJPen, 114

Deane, E., Pipes and Tubes, 74

Deane, W. F., Sheathing Ships, 34

Dcarden and Holden, Carding Engines, 114 De Bergue, C., Bridges, 34

Defries, C., Safety in Trains, 186

Delafield, C., Saltpetre, &c.. 186

De la Rue, W., Iron and Steel, 404

Delacambre, J., Composing Type, 458

Delestre, W., Insect Trap, 404

Dembinsky, A., New Combustible, 131

Denis, G. C., Purifying Gas, 404

Denis, J., Gridiron, 274

Dennis, W., Taps and Casks, 422

Derrice, J. J., Lozenges, 3cc.,311

Devey, E., Tuyeres, 346

Dewhurst, R-.Sizeiug Yarn, 329

Doymann, H., Rotary Engine, 187

Dickinson, J., Taps and Valves, 346

Dicks, W., Ratchet Brace, 257

Dixcee, T., Brick and Tile Machinery, 401 Dixon, W. A., Gun-cloth Charges, 291 Dixon, W., Turning Over Music, 291 Dixon, 8., Stays, 54

Dobbs, A. E., Drag, 16

Dobson, W. E., Gumalinc, 114

Dodds, T.W., Railway Bars, Axles, &c., 164

Dodge, G. P.,Cues, &c., 346

Dodge, J., Tempering Saws, 220

Dodge, W. C., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 74 Doering, F. B., Boring Rock, 16

Donaldson, R., Signalling in Trains, 240 Donisthorpe, G. E., Combing Fibre, 220 Donisthorpo, G. E., Mining Machinery 240,364

Donisthorpe, G. E., Washing Machinery,

Dore, Tapley, and Cord well, Spinning, 131 Doughty, C., Distilling Fatty Matters, 13! Douglas, H. and J., Co]) Tubes, 404 Douil, A., Atmospheric Railways, 16 Drake, 8., Combining Wood, Ib7

Drane, T., Coke, 149

Drevetou, E., Wines, 274

Duff, D., Gas Regulators, 453

Dufrene, H. A., Beer, 203

Dufrene, H. A., Brick Machinery, 131

Dufrene, II. A., Steam Hammer, 149 Duinmerc, 8., Mattresses, 114

Dumuis, Flicotoaux, Niblett, and Lavater Water-closets, 477

Durand, L., Dyeing and Printing, 34

Duterne, V., Stuffing-box, 291

Dwyer and Moon, Motive Power, 74 Dyson, G., Joining Belts, 131

Easby, C , Truss. 16

Eassie, W., Pile Shoes. 94

East, J., Sawing Machinery, 477

Easton, W., Pumps, 74

Edon, F. M., Holding Tools, 220

Edge worth, D. R., Surveying Instrument, 404

Edleston and Schofield, Expanding Fabrics o4

Edmond and Gurlt, Furnaces, 401

Edmondson, H, Picker’s for Looms, 114

Edwards, W. G., Axles, 346

Edwards, jun., and I niff, Registering Passengers, 240

Elce and Cotton, Spinning, 34

Elder, J., Engines and Boilers, 240

Eley, W. T., Breech-loading Cartridges, 291

Elliott, E. D., Treating Animal Charcoal, 258

Elliott, G. A.. Opening, &c., Windows, 422

Ellison, E., Curing Disease in Cattle, 346

Ellis. P., Water-closets, 16

Emme, J-, Cartridge Extractor, 45S

Ermon, G. A., Spinning. 329

Erskine, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 477

Erskine, J., Cartridges, 458

Ensell, H. C., Smelting Copper, 54

Eskine, J., Filling Cartridges, 291

Essex, H., Needles, 384

Evans, D., Metal Plates. 364

Evans, O. C , Digging Machinery. 422

Evans, J. W., Coiled Springs, 458

Evans, J. W., Spring Cases, 149

Evelyn, G. P., Projectiles, 257

Fairburn, II. G., Compressing Coal, &c.,

Farcy, B. W., Steam Engines, 187

Farmer, B , Washing Machinery, 149 <

Farmer, E., Hops, 4/7

Fawcett and Wilson. Cranes, 94

Feasey, G., Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 384

Fea her, E. and T., and Luty, Lubricating,

Felt, N. H., Bootsand Shoes, 54, 187

Fenby, .J. B., Locks, 477

Fcnby, J. B , Pumps, 187

Fidler, E., Mining Machinery, 334

Field, E., Attaching Buttons, &c., 404

Field, F., Candles, 422

Field and Lloyd, Diffusing Moisture and

Heat, 257

Fillingham, S,, Felted Cloths, 257

Fisher, N., Cultivators, 203

Fleming, W., Protecting Ships* Hatches, 257

Fletcher, J., Rivet Machinery, 404

Fletcher, J., Valves, 203

Fletcher, W. II., Washing Machine, 240

Fombuena, V. S., Sleepers, 346

Forrest, J. A., Lanterns, 477

Forshaw, J. H., Revolving Shutters, 203

Forster, E., Side Propellers, 240

Foabery, G. V., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 458

Foster and Hollingrake, Moulding Pipes, &C..329

Foveaux, H. J. F. H., Injector, 329

Fraser, 11., Stopping Bottles, 404

Fraser, J., Consecutively Numbering, 329

Friend, J. W., Two-wheeled Vehicle, 257

Frost, J., Stone Breaker, 329

Fuller, J. B., Spinning, 346

Fuller and Margetts, Cricket, 346

Fnrrell, J., Fixing Bowlocks, 422

Fycrs, R., Umbrellas and Parasols, 422

Gablenz, A. do, Anti-friction, 329

Gablentz, jun, and Mahler, Submarine Cables, 220

Gadd and Moore. Looms, 114

Gall, C., Smoke Consuming, 187

Gallafent, D., Pumps, 257

Gamgeo, J., Horse-shoes, 291

Gardner, H., Cleaning Ships’Bottoms, 149

Gardner, H., Curtain Hooks, 404

Gardner and Israel, La, sen. and jun., Disinfecting, 74

Gatley, R., Blowing Engines, 149

Gautier and Domeicr, Crinolines, 384

Gedge, W. E., Boiler, 131

Gedge. W. E., Carts, 203

Gedge, W. E., Clarifying Apparatus, 404

Gedge, W. E., Cocoa, 240

Gedge, W. E., Curing Smoky Chimneys, 384

Gedge, W. E., Embroidery with Metallic Thread, 274

Gedge, W. E., Forges, 220

Gedge, W. E , Graving Dock, 149

Gedge, W. E, Mattress, 364

Gedge, W. E., Peat, 340

Gedge, W. E., Preserving River Banks, 4t2

Gedge, W. E., Railway Rolling Stock, 384

Gedge, W. E., Splitting Hides, 187

Gedge, W. E., Steam Dredgers, 257

Gedge, W. E.» Steam Wheel, 74

Gedge, W. E.» Studs, Buttons, &c., 240

Gedge, W. E., Sugar, 220

Gedge, W. E.. Utilising Beat, 16

Gengembre, P. W., Stereoscopes, 346 Gerard, W., Ship’s Decks, 477 Ghislin, T. G., Treating Peat, 257 Giajola, C. E., Lamps, 131 ■ Giajola, C. E., Water-closets, 187 Gib ba, Moulds, 94

Gibbon, J., Distilling Coal, &c., 16

Gibson and Ellis, Metal Rods, 458

Gill and Bird, Damping Stamps, 114

Gilpin, C., Copper Plates, 203

Girard and De Laire, Diphenylamine, 346

Gisborne, J. 8, Safes, 404

Gisborne, J. 8, Signalling,54

Goddard, J., Folding Shutters, 16

Godetroy and Mott, Fibre, 203

Goodfellow, J., Pump Buckets, 220 Goodwin, W., Rotary Engine, 311 Goransson, G. F., Blast Furnaces, 453 Gordon, G., Treating Animal Charcoal, 329

Gossage, F. II., Cleaning Cotton, 257

Gottheimer, II.. Watch Protectors, 94 Grant, J. B., Distilling Petroleum, 149 Gray, J., Purifying Sea Water, 240 Gray, J. W., Rico Starch, 94 Gray, T., Soap, 346

Gray, T., treating Flax, &c., 346

Greaves, G.. Chemical, 186

Graystock, R. M., Looms. 311

Greaves, H., Railways, 477

Green, T., Rollers, 404

Greenhalgh, J., Ornamenting Fabrics, 203

Gresham, J., Giffard’s Injector, 841

Griffith, 8., Paying-out Apparatus, 54

Grimshaw, W. D., Wrench, 94

Gripper, E., Treating Grains, 477

Griswold. V. M., Photography, 16

Grilton, F., Treating Malt, 384

Groves and Robinson, jun., Safes, 54

Grune, W. Magic Photography, 329

Guetat, A. L. M., Colouring Matters, 329 Guinness, W. S., Sewing Machines, 74 Gunner, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 167 Gutteridge. R., Sowing Machines, 257

Guye, A., Winding Watches, 54

Gwynne, G., Treating Fatty Matters, 167

Hackett, H., Safety Valves, 240

Hackett and Marsden, 'Water-closets, 404

Haddan, J. C., Theodolites, 34

Haddan. J. C. and H. J-, Safes, 329

Hadley, B., Springs, 422

Haigh, T., Coolers, 458

Hairnes, T., Fabrics, 346

Ball, D., Furnaces, 131

Hall, D., Salt, 291

Hall, J., Boots and Shoes, 54

Hall, J., Target, 458

Hall, N. R., Weighing Apparatus, 187

Hall, W. K., Boats, 131

Hall, W. K., Boilers, 131

Hamilton, J., Propelling Vessels, 114

Hamilton, R., Coating Ships, 364

Hammersley, W. R., Compasses, 458

Hancock, F. L. and C. L., Driving Belts, 203

Hancock, F. L. and C. L., Propellers, 34

Hardcastle, R. A. Cranes, 274

fir3J846P1OTenlillg Iucrustat™ in

Harris, J., Roughing Horse Shoes, 149 Harris, W. R., Healds, 149

Harrison, C. W., Copper, &c., 384

Harrison, J. J. and E., Looms, 54, 149

Harrison, J. J. and E., Ventilating 16 Harrison and Featherstone, Roundabouts,

Harcourt, J., Lacquering Goods, 34 Hart, A. H., Fasteners, 114 Hart, G., Hats and Caps, 187 Hartshorn, J., Lace, 404

Harvey, C., Breech-loading Fire-arms 257 Haseltine, G., Boots and Shoes, 114 ’ ~

Haseltine, G., Compound Fabrics, 381 Hascltine, G., Governors, 401 Haseltine, G., Pianofortes, 329

Haseltine, G., Railways, 203

Hasel ti no, G., Stereotyping, 458

Haselliue, G., Tuning Pianos, 458

Hassall, A. H., Preparing Food, 187

Hawdon, W. and W. M., and Heather, Distributing Valves, 340

Hawksley, G., Closing Cartridges, 54 Henderson, C., Girders, 477

Hargrave, J., Raising Liquids, 346

Harrison, W. and J. and H., Hammering 8heet Metal, 422

Harrison and Walker, Boring Machinery,

Hastings, Briggs, Law, and Mitchell, Spinning, 364

Hayes, J.,sen., and J. and J., jun., Threshing Machinery, 381

Hawksley, G., Stairs, 54

Haworth, Parrington, and Hudson, Sizing Yarns, &c., 257

Healey, C. E. H. C., Closing Ships' Hatches <fcc., 131

Hearsey, J. F., Spirit Meter, 203

Heath field, W., Girders, 458

Heaton, J., Converting Cast Iron, 257 Hedler, C,, Photography, 384

Hely and Marshall, Hydraulic Presses. 329

Henry, M., Fire-arms, 240

Henry, M., Cutting Cork, 311

Henry, M., Nautical Instruments, 364

Henry, M., Printing, 94

Henry, M., Sewing Machines, 384

Henry, M., Soda, 51

Hen ton, S. and C. J., Rotary Brushes, 257

Henwood, C. F., Ships’ Rudders, 458 Hersee and Smyth, Floor-cloths, 149 Hetherington and Thornton, Cotton Gins, 16

Hibbert, W., Chemical, 257

Hibbert, W., Respirator, 149

Hick, J., Fastening Cue Tips, 203 iiiggin, J., Dyeing, 274 Higginbottom, J., Brushes, 257 Higgins, J., Rings, 187

Higaon, R. E., Ornamenting Fabrics, 187

Hill, C. G., Cutting Lace Fabrics, 203

Hill, C. G., Ornamenting Lace, 257

Hill, G. and D., Trusses, 203

Hill and Whitehead, Dressing Yarn, &c., 329

Hinchliffe, G., Covering Edges of Fabrics, 149

Hincks, J. and J., Lamps, 458

Hi nds haw, G., Safes, 329

Hineson, R., Aerated Waters, 311

Hinton, F., Safes, 257

Hitchcock and Shimmon, Driving Belts, 16

Hirsch, II., Screw Prepellers, 149

Hiscocks, J., Fuel, 74

Hodges. J., Treating Peat, 74

Hodgkinson, \V., Fabries, 149

Hoffmann, J. W., Churns, 384

Hoffmann, J. W., Fountains, 384

Holly, J., Railway Brakes, 220

Holdcroft and Wood, Potters’ Lathes, 114

Holden, E., Ventilators, 401

Holding and Todd, Looms, 187

Holliday, J., Red Colouring Matter, 149

Holliday, R., Green Colour, 422

Holmes, 8., Printing Ink, 167

Holt, T., Boilers, 404

Hofmann, P. W., Separating Sulphur, 329 Holmes, N. J., Torpedoes, 34

Holmes and black, Fastening Hoops and

Bands, 364

Holt, C. H., Creating Adhesion, 167

Homer. G. W., Cultivators, 458

Hooker, J., Ammoniacal Soap, 404

Hope, J. G., Destroying Vermin, 384,401 Hopkins, E , Correcting Compasses, 114 Hopwood, J., Looms, 477

Horstmann, F. G. A., Motive Power, 329

Horwood and Brum fit, Galvanic Batteries, 167

Husking, A., Burglary Detector, 458 Hoskola and Brain, Pumps, 54

Howarth, R., Communicating in Trains, 34

Howard and Bousfield, Boilers, 131

Howard and Bousfield, Steam Cultivators, 422

Howden, J., Steering Ships, 167

Howitt, W., Roofs, 329

Huch and Windhausen, Engines, 477 Huggett, J., Horse Nails, 187 Huzzey, 11. A., Ejecting Water, 364 Hughes, E. J., Aniline Green, 149 Hughes, E. T., Boots and Shoes, 364

Hughes, E. T., Hoisting, &c., Apparatus, 203

Hughes, E. T., Leather-splitting Machines, 320

Hughes, H. T., Pumps, 257

Hughes, E. T., Revolving Fire-arms, 329

Hughes, E. T., Scales, 257

Hughes. R. H., Lamps, 384

Hulse, W. W., Wood Machinery, 16

Humphreys, E. T., Optical Instruments, 243

Hunt, J., Separating Ores, 240

Hunt, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 404 Huntley, C., Cricket. &c., Bails. 291

Hum, G. and D., Employing Leather, 74 Hutton, T., Closing Tap Holes, 424 Hutton, T., Submarine Cables, 114 Hutchinson and Jolly, Beetling Fabrics,


Ince and Bedwell, Umbrellas, 384 Ingham, W., Shaving Hides, 364 Ingram and Gough, Embossing, 167 Ireland, W., Drying Steam, 404 Ireland and Davies, Turntable, 94 Ironmonger, T., Packing Pistons, 2/4

Irvin, J., Railway Signals, 114

Jackson, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 2/4 Jackson, J., Night Lights, 404

Jackson, J. and S., Grinding Mills, 74

Jackson, M., Umbrellas, 114

Jackson, W., Pumps, 34

Jackson, W., Sewing Machines, 74 Jaegar, A. A., Aniline Red, 3Z9 Jaeger, A. A., Aniline Yellow, 329

Jakins, 8 , Curing Smoky Chimneys, 257 James, H. B., Sheathing Ships, 346

Jay, W. U., Ladies’ Dresses, 131

Jefferson, J. and C. and L. and M., and Greenway, Combing Machinery, 364

Jeffreys, J. Furnaces, 34 Jeffreys, W., Furnaces, 131

Jenkin, F.> Winding Telegraph Cables, 422

Jenks, T., Chains, 186

Jenner, F., Envelopes, 34

Jennings, F. M., Preparing Fibre 240

Jessop and Warburton, Safes, 257

Jewsbury, J., Sun Dial, 364

Jeyes, O. W., Ice, 346

Jobson, R., Porcelain, &c., 167

Johnson, B., Pianofortes, 311

Johnson, C. G., Bricks and Tiles, 114

J°311S°U’ J' H” Bleachin® Engravings, &c.,

J°529SOU’ J’ H’’ Breech-loadiug Fire-arms, Johnson, J. H„ Card Cases, 346

Jojmson, J. H., Deodorising Petroleum,

Johnson, J. H., Drying, &c., Grain, 404

Johnson, J. H., Envelopes, 477

Johnson, J. H., Floor Coverings, 74

Johnson, J. H., Glass, 311

Johnson, J. H., Lacing Boots, &c., 384

Johnson, J. H., Ladies’Skirts, 167

Johnson. J. H., Lubricating, 131

Johnson, J. H., Pistons, 16

Johnson, J. H., Propelling Ships, 404

Johnson, J. H., Reaping Machines, 131

Johnson, J. H., Roads, 203

Johnson, J. H., Rollers, 187

Johnson, J. H., Sifting Flour, 346

Johnson, J. H., Steam Vessels, 167

Johnson, J. H., Stopping Bottles, 364

Johnson, J. H., Sugar, 329

Johnson, J. H., Telegraphy, 477

Johnson, J. H., Treating Fatty Matters, 4/7

Johnson, J. H., Washing Machinery, 404

Johnston and. Astley, Weaving, 16 *

Johnston and Rennie, Wheels and Tramways, 274

Jones, J., Braces, 149

Jones, J., Crushing Ores, &c., 114

Jones, G. D., Pocket, 186

Jones, J. G., Mining Machinery 346

Jones and Buckley, Bed Quilts, &c„ 16

Jones and Hedges. Fire Escape, 311

Jones and Upton, Bolts, 114

Jones and Upton, Window Fastenings, 149

Jordan, J., Steam Boilers, 346

Junod, V. T., Vacuum Apparatus, 203

Justice and Guild, Fibre, 149

Kaberry, L., Preparing Fibres, 257

Kaulbach, R. E., Laying Submarine Cables, 346 ’

Kaulbach, R. E., Wheels, M9

Kelly, S. W., Rails, &c., 187

Kendall, C., Brakes, 384

Kennan, J. Bung-turning Lathe, 329

Kennedy, T. Water Meters, 203

Kennedy and Stanley, Brakes, 114

Kerr, W. Optical, 34

Kerridge and Peverett, Assorting Seeds, 94

Kidd, J., Carburetting Apparatus, 187

Kidd and Mather, Floorcloths, 74

Kilby and Dixon, Threshing Machines, 477

King, C. J. B., New Beverage, 346

King, F. J., Preserving Potatoes, 114

King, H., Cofferdams, 291

King, J. T., Augers, &c., 477

King, T., Pyrotechnic Toy, 16

Kirby, T., Revolving Shutters, 404

Kirk, A. C., Distilling, 187

Kirkham, Enson, and Brook, Washing Machinery, 257

Kittoe, G. D., Engines, 477

Kneller, C. L. W., Cigar Lighters, 74

Knight, J., Railway Signals, 477

Knowles, A. and J., and Barraclough, Extracting Cotton, 114

Kochs, Reuter, and Henrici, Bridges, 311

Kurz, F. W., Locks, 477

Lake, W. R., Bolt, &c., Machinery, 257

Lake, W. R., Cartridges, 187

Lake, W. R., Castors, <fcc., 187

Lake, W. R., Lamps, 94

Lake, W. R., Looms, 329

Lake, W. R., Paper, 114

Lake, W. R.. Pocket Rules, 203

Lake, W. R., Revolving Fire-arms, 131

Lake, W. R., Spike, 340

Lake, W. R., Stoning Fruit, 240

Lake, W. R., Treating India-rubber, &c., 149

Lake, W. R., Waxing Threads, 34

Lake, W. R., Weighing Machines, 220

Lancaster, J., Hats, 16

Lancaster, R., Lock, 477

Larkin, R., Magnesium Light, 240

Larkin and Purkis, Paper, 167

Larnaudes, V., Disinfectant, 257

Laroche, W. S., Photographic Portraiture, 311

Laurency, L. E., Safety Net, 74

Laurence, W., Malt, 477

Laurence, W., Worts, 477

Laycock, W. E., Looms, 34

Laycock, W. S., Loom, 257"

Lea, H., Looms, 187, 404

Leak, E., Potters’ Lathes, 203

Leake and Beckett, Engraving Rollers, 203

Leake, Shields, and Beckett, Engraving

Rollers, 329

Lealand, P. H., Microscopes, 203

Leclanche, G. L., Galvanic Batteries, 257

Lecocq, F., Preserving Food, 114

Lecoq, J., Combing Fibre, 477

Lee, D. T., Lay Figures, 477

Leeds, E. M., Securing Hatches, 149

Lees, S., Furnaces, 477

Legge, R. B., Printing Fabrics, 346

Legendre, H. N., Lace Fabrics, 203

Legendre, N., Fabrics, 311

Leigh, J., Purifying Gas, 384

Leighton, A., Printing, 94

Le Keux and Wishart, Detonating Signal, 203

Lerenard, A. A., India-rubber, 16

Lester, J. H., Oil, 74

Leuf, V. P. P. V., Envelopes, 34

Leverson, M. R., Gas, 203

Lewis, J., Fluid Meters,. 149

Lewis, J., Valves, 404 '.

Ley, H. VV., Pulleys, 258

Lichtenstadt, E., Damp, 257, 346

Lichtenstadt, E., Spirit for Lamps, 329 _

Liddell and Newall, Mooring Floating

Structures, 16

Liernur, C. T., Deodorising Sewage, 311

Linford, C., Finishing Leather Articles, 257

Linuett, J., Paper Boxes, 477

Linnington, A. H., Rudders, 203

Linton, J.. Utilising Sewage, 16

Lishman and Chambers, Drying Moulds,


Litchfield, H. C., Cutting Bread, 16

Loader, J., Raising, &c., Weights, 477

Lock, A. G., Manure, 311

Lock, A. G., Manures, 311

Lobren, M., Substitute for Leather, 131

Longridge, J. A., Locomotives, 16

Longridge, J. A., Ordnance, 257

Lones, E. and J. C. and J., and Brettell,

J. and T. and C., Axles, 54

Loomes, E., Planting Potatoes, 340

Lopez-y-Munoz, M. J-, Cigarettes, 220

Lord Lancaster, and Bennett, Looms, 131

Lord and Norfolk, Reaping Machines, 404

Loubat, J. A., Locomotives, 16

Lowenstein, M., Bracelets, 257

Lucy, H. C., Securing Bales, 167

Lunge, G., Carbonates of Soda, .&c., 364

Lyne, W., Preventing Railway Accidents, 94

Lyttle, W. A., Distilling Hydro-carbons, 291

Macaigne, P. J.,-Looms, 311

MacGeorge, I. M. and 8., Paddle-wheel,


Machattie, A. T., Preservative Coating, 257

Machin, W. and 8., Cleaning Ships, 257

Macintosh, J., Augmenting Sounds, 291

Macintosh, J., Rendering Impervious, 257

Macintosh, W., Lathes, &c., 149

Macintosh and Boggett, Gas Pipes, 167

Macintosh and Boggett, Pocket Guard, 384

Macrum, J. M., Brakes, 94

Macrum, J. M., Distilling, 149

Macrum, J. M., Tanning, 364

Mackie, A., Composing Type, 34

Macneill, T. T., Motive Power, 74

Maddocks aud Dunn, Safes, 329

Maggs and Smith, Preparing Fibre, 16

Mallison, J., Treating Yarns, 167

Mansfield H. A., Pickling Vegetables, 422

Mann, W. C., Felt Hats, 94

Manock, T., Cheese, 311

Marland, Smith, and Wells, Heat, 203

Marr, J., Lithographic Presses, 257

Marth, J., Lubricating Spindles, 384

Marshall, H. S., Billiard Tables 16

Marshall, J., Heating Feed-water, 346

Marshall, T., Feed-water, 384

Marshall and Pretty, Boots aud Shoes, 167

Martin, J. Locks and Latches, 34

Martin, J. C., Treating Bones, 311

Martin and Varley, Communicating in Trains, 329

Martin and Varley, S. A.andF. H., Electric Telegraphs, 329

Martin and Varley, S. A. and F. H., Electric

Telegraphic Apparatus, 114

Marygold and Fitzjohn, Hanging Window

Sashes, 54

Mason, S., Taps, 187

Masson, J., Apportioning Food, 16

Mather, C., Beetling Engines, 364

Mather, C., Washing Yarns, 220

Mather, C., Yarns, 203

Mather, G. R., Holding Work, 477

Mathers, R., Toothed Wheels, 94

Mathieson, T. A., Boring Tools, 257

May, E. R., Lowering Boats, 346

Maynard, R. and R. jun., Horse Rakes, 477

Maxwell, J. A., Pneumatic Railway, 45S

McClenabam, J., Stud, 114

McComb, J. J., Cotton Press, 54

McEvoy, C. A., Shells, &c., 34

McEvoy, C. A., Shells, 477

McEvoy, C. A., Torpedoes, 149

McGrath, B., Purifying Mineral Oils, 54

McKuraith, W., Coating Wagon Covers, 422

McKenzie, G., Gas and Oil, 257

McKillop, H. F., Cleaning Ships, 34

McNab, J., Drying Fabrics, 291

McNaught, J. and W., Washing Fibre, 346

McPhail, H., Forcing Water, 311

Medhurst, J., Reefing Sails, 291

Mellor, G., Nails, 114

Mentions, M. A. F., Compressing Air, 364

Mentions, M. A. F., Fabrics, 240

Mesnil, 0. D., Towing Boats, 311

Merriam, S. 8., Torpedo Boats, 311

Michaud, P., Railway Wheels, 257

Middleton, 8., Securing Contents of Vessels

&c., 404

Middleton, 8., Securing Pipes, 34

Milburn, j tin., and Baxter, Treating Grains, 203

Miller, H. W., Screening Grain, 16

Miller and Pyle, Refrigerating, 149

Milner, J., Expansion Gear, 384

Mineur, A. F., Manure, 186

Mitchell, H., Dressing Bags, 149

Molden, T., Furnaces, 167

Moncrieff, A., Ordnance, 477

Mondesir de and Lehaitre and Jullienne,

Compressing Air, 74

Montagu, M., Hats and Caps, 74

Montclar, J. M. A., Decolourising Sugar, &c., 167

Moore, A., Transmitting Power, 477

Moore, C. W., Taps and Valves, 34

Moore, Halsam, and Robinson, Spinning, 404

Moore and Richmond, Looms, 74

Moore, Sagar, Keighley, and Richmond, Looms, 384

Moreland, jun., R., Fire-proof Floors, 131

Morgan, R. D., Coupling Carriages, &c., 364

Moriarty, C., Tube Brushes, 114

Morris, J.. Grinding Mills, 422

Morris, L., Muffs, 477

Morton, R., Tunnelling, 257

Moseley, C., India-rubber, 384

Moseley, W., Croquet Balls, 291

Moseley, VV., Electric Batteries, 274

Moseley, W., Electrical Indicator, 274

Moss, J., Carding Engines, 477

Moulton, 8., Springs, 291

Moxon, T. B., Safes, 240

Muir and Mcllwham, Posts, 203

Muir and Mcllwham, Winding Apparatus


Muller, G., Carpenter’s Plane, 311

Muller and De la Rue, Treating Rags, 404

Mulley, W. R., Closing Ships’ Hatches, 27

Mullin, J. H., Sliding Shutters, 240

Muntz, P. A., Furnaces, 167

Murray, A., Steering Apparatus, 149

Murray, C. H., Brick Machinery, 477

Murray and Jennings, Brick aud Tile Machinery, 316

Murphy, W. J., Propelling Ships, &c., 422

Muscham and Card, Steam Engines, 257

Muspratt, E. K., Calcining Ores, 329

Myers, M., Lifting Machinery, 311

Myers, M. and M., and Hill, Cigarette Papers, 311

Myers, W. O. aud E., Fluid Meters, 257

Nall, J., Name Plates, 257

Napier and Rankine, Rudders, 54

Napier, W. D., Fountains, 203

Napier, R., Ships of War, 404

Napier, J. M., Weighing Machines, 114

Nation, W. B.,Purifying Paraffin, 167

Naylor, W., Consuming Smoke, 257

Negretti aud Zambra, Preventing Railway

Accidents, 34

Nelson, S., Shuttles, 187

Nelson, M., Stereotyping, 422

Neville and Gordon, Propelling Vessels,


Newton, W. E., Glue, 34

Newton, R., Generating Steam, 291

Newton, W. E., Shears, 74

Newton, W. E., Railway Brakes, 240

Newton, W. E., Rotary Engines, 25S

Newton, W. E., Purifying Gas, 291

Newton, W. E., Pressing Hats, 240

Newton, W. E., Points aud Switches, 384

Newton, W. E., Paddle-wheels, 329

Newton, W. E., Ordnance, 240

Newton, W. E., Matches, 94

Newton, W. E., Locks and Keys, 74

Newton, W. E., Jars, 477

Newton, W. E., Felt Hats, 16

Newton, W. E., Extracting Tan, 203

Newton W. E., Expressing Liquids, 364

Newton, W. E., Carpets, 329

Newton, W. E., Distilling Tar, 220

Newton, W. E., Distilling Petroleum, 2:0

Newton, W. E., Distilling Miucials, 25»

Newton, W. E., Distillation, 74

Newton, W. E., Cotton Bale Tie, 54

Newton, W. E., Collars, &c., 187

Newton, W. E., Chimney Cowl, 16

Newton, W. E„ Cartridges, 54

Newton, W. E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 187, 240

Newton, W. E., Blowers, 384

Newton, W. E., Augers, 149

Newton, W. E., Astronomical Instruments, 54

Newton, W. E., Looms, 811

Newton, H. E., Water-closets, 94

Newotn, H. E., Rotary Motion, 404

Newton, H. E., Propelling Railway Carriages, 291

Newton, H. B., Optical Instruments, 187

Newton, II. E., Hydrants, 477

Newton, H. E., Dress Preserver, 34

Newton, H. E , Decorticating Grain, 311

Newton, A. V., Treating Fur, &c., 149

Newton, A. V., Spinning, 131

Newton, A. V., Preserving Animal, &c., Substances, 16

Newton, A. V., Port Stopper, 187

Newton, A V., Pigments. 74

Newton, A. V., Power Looms, 346

Newton, A. V., Power Hammer, 291

Newton, A. V., Pencil, 274

Newton, A. V., Paper Collars, &c., 187

Newton, A. V., Manure, 94

Newton, A. V., Loading Wagons, 257

Newton, A. V., Iron, 240

Newton, A. V., Hoisting Apparatus, 291

Newton, A. V., Gravitating Level, 291

Newton, A. V., Grates, 364

Newton, A. V., Generating Superheated

Steam, 203

Newton, A. V., FeedWater, 74

Newton, A. V., Electro-Magnetic Engines, aa

Newton, A. V.. Electric Clocks, 149

Newton, A. V., Cutting Tubes. 16

Newton, A. V., Cleaning Fibre, 477

Newton, A. V., Casting Railway Wheels, 329

Newton, A. V., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 74

Newton, A. V., Breaking Hemp, &c,,257

Newton, A. V., Bolts and Rivets, 54

Newton, A. V., Bleaching, 257

Newton, A. V., Bar Iron and Steel, 364

Newton, A. V., Air Engines, 257

Newhall, R., Needle Cases, 34

Nicholson, E. C., Blue Colouring Matters,. 364

Nicholson. J. A., Protecting Utensils, 404

Nichol, B. G., Rotary Engines, 404

Nicoll, D., Telegraph Conductors, 220

Nicoll, D., Preserving Animat, &c., Substances, 404

Nicoll, B., Buildings, 458

Nicolas, Daubisgnye and Clegg, Stopping

Bottles, 364

Nisbet, J., Mining Machinery, 404

Noake, R., Safes, 311

Noone, G. E., Deodorising Sewage, 364

Norton and Bunger, Discharging Water, 94

Norris, S., Knitting Machines, 240

Norris, J., Lifts, 16

Norrie, W. H , Finishing Fabrics, 54

Norman and Copeland, Ice, 203

Norman, J. A. and A., Penholders, 240

Norman, J., Washing Charcoal, 240

Nunn and Brown, Binnacle Lamps, 240'

Nurse, C., Harness, 384

Ogden and Rogers, Extinguishing Fires, 187

Oldham, Penn, and Edes, Collecting Fumes from Furnaces, 364

Oppenheim, E., Fire-works, 74

Orford, C. W., Pump, 74,131

Orr, J., Steam Engines, 131

Osborne, C. S., Compound for Bearings, 257

Otway, E. W., Chaff Cutter, 340

Paraf, A., Printing Fabrics, 404

Pardoe, C., Coke Ovens, 311

Parkes, J., Hot Water Dishes, 16

Parkes, J. and J, jun., Fluid Meter, 329

Parkinson, T., Throstle Machines, 54

Parsons, W., Pulleys, 149

Pass, J., Combs for Weaving. 203

Parker and Russell, Vices, 258

Papengouth, O. O., Ships and Vessels, 74

Parker, T., Magnesian Light, 240

Paterson, J., Sewing Machines, 187

Pattison and Booth, Pistons, 257

Patterson, J., Cutting Pile Fabrics, 187

Patterson, J., Pounding Machinery, 291

Patrick, J. C., Cutting Presses, 187

Payton, W., Gas Meters, 422

Pearce, J. U., Engines and Boilers, 422

Pearce, T. W., Concrete, 311

Pearson, E., Wearing Apparel, 311

Pendry, W., Relieving Strain on Moorings, 329

Pengilly, C., Treating Pyrites, 54

Penney, C. G., Utilising Waste Coal, 149

Perre, 12., Motive Power, 94

Petito, E., Envelopes, 167

Parker, J., Motive Power, 203

Penrice, H. N., Mining Machinery, 114

Petrie,jun., J., Washing Fibre, 404

Petty, R., Ropes, 291

Phillips, G., Colouring Matters, 257

Phillips, J. E., Axles, 404

Phillips, L. D., Buttons, 149

Phillips, VV. H., Rotary Pumps, 364

Pickin and Bailey, Signalling, 203

Pickup and Heald, Communicating in

Trains, 54

Piddington, J., Boots and Shoes, 149

Piggott, W. P., Protecting Iron Ships, 404

Dilliner, R. B., Packing Black Lead, 187

Pilling and Scaife, Spinning, 74

Pilling, A., Sewing Machines, 257

Pinches, J., Embossing Presses, 203

Pisher, J., Boilers, 54

Placet, P. E., Printing, 203

Plank, H., Heat Regulator, 54’

Player, J., Hot Blast Stove, 364

Player, J. H., Phosphorus, 257

Plimsoll, H. D., Ornamenting Surfaces,


Pocheron, A., Glass, 384

Pocock, W. W., Gas Motors, 149

Follit aud Wigzell, Drying Steam, 257

Pontifex, E. A., Befrigerators, 458

Pope, R. B., Governors, 422

Porrittand Priestley, Fulling, 34

Post and Cranston, Cleaning Tubes, 404

Powell, C., Watches, 477

Prentice, E. C., Gun Cotton, 329

Prentice and Inglis, Annealing Metallic

Plates, 311

Preston, F., Steel and Iron, 114

Pretty, W., Stays, 149

Price, E., Vehicles, 187

Price, R. E., Tires, 16

Price, E. and C., Safes, 458

Prideaux, T., Furnaces, 54 j

Prince, A., Preserving Timber, 114

Prior, W. H., Fire Escape, <fcc., 311

Price, A. P., Combustion of Fuel, 422

Price, A. P., Effecting Combustion, 477

Price, G., Safes, 257

Prideaux, T., Furnaces, 257

Prideaux, T., Heating Feed Water, 131

Prowse, H., Felt, 34

Pryse and Redman, Breech-loading Firearms, 404

Puckering, R., Four-wheeled Vehicle, 346

Pulvermacher, I. L., Galvanic Currents, 220

Pumphrey, J., Portable Irrigator, 304

Purdey, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 45g

Ramage and Neilson, Blocks for Printing, 274

Ramsbottom, J., Motive Power, 257

Ramsbottom, J. O., Stiffening Fabrics, 364

Ramsten, C. H., Lowering Boats, 384

Randle, G., Saving Life at Sea, 240

Rankin, H., Paper Bags, &c., 291

Ransford, R., Chemical, 16

Ransome, F., Artificial Stone, 257

Rastouin, V., Motive Power, 167

Ravelli, C., Saving Life at Sea, 257

Rawlings and Rest, Fastenings for Purses, &c., 829

Rawsthorne and Bayley, Water Carts, 274

Rea, J., Lubricating, 54

Read, W., Electro-magnetic Machines, 311

Reade, C. L. W., Motive Power, 34

Reader, T. J., Force Pumps, 257

Rcbiere, T., Lace Machinery, 311

Reeves, U., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 34

Reghetti, P., Kilns, 477

Renault, F. A., Looms, 477

Renney, W., Ship’s Compasses, 167

Restell, T., Breech-leading Fire-arms, 257

Richards, S., Boring Rocks, 329

Richards, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 257

Richards, W., Fluid Meters, 167

R chardsou, B. W., Refrigerating, 203

Richardson, O., Looms, 346

Richardson, C. J., Boilers and Furnaces, 291

Richardson and Tait, Brakes, 3’9

Riches and Watts, Feeding Mills, 384

Richmond, W. and T. and J., Healds, 230 i

Rickards, J. L., Candlesticks, 422

Rickett, T., Metal Tubes, 16

Riley, W. S., Breech-loading Fire-arms, J 187

Rimmel, E., Portable Fountains, 257 i

Ritchie, juu., J. H., Attaching Planking, I 404

Roberts, E, and H., Grinding Mills, 240

Roberts, J., Spoon Rest, 94

Roberts, M. J., Protecting Ships, 257

Robertson, G. 8., Telegraph Posts, &c., 94

Robertson, H., Oil, 203

Robertson, J., Excavating Machinery, 186

Robertson, J. B., Sewing Machines, 477

Robey, J., Re-burning Animal Charcoal, ■ 329

Robinson, A. H., Winches, 220

Robinson, M. and J., and Smith, Reeds, 220

Robinson, W., Mixing Machinery, 16

Robotham, W. D., Foundations of Bridges, 329

Rock, jun., J., Carriages, 203

Rock, T. D., Telescope Stands, 422

Rock, W., Printing Machines, 187

Roders, A., Felt Carpets, 458

Roe, J., Spanners, 220

Roeckner, C. H., Paper Pulp, 114

Rogers, W., Permanent Way, 422

Rollins, J. G., Horse Rakes, 458

Ronald, J., Combing Fibre, 220

Rosenthal and Gradenwitz, Umbrella Tips, 54

Rothery, J., Cutting Coal, &c., 187

Routledge and Richardson, T. and W. H., [

Alkali, 311 |

Rowan and Morton, Sextant, 329

Rowatt, jun., T., Lamps, 114

Roys, T. W., Lifting Tackle, 114

Roziere, C., Cleaning Agents, 291

Rudling, W. A,, Protecting Property, 114

Rue, De La, and Muller, Treating Pyrites, 404

Rumbelow. G., Troughs, 329

Russ and Hammond, H. and E., Fire-arms, 311

Russ and Wedlake, Distributing Water, &c., 257

Russell, G. F., Carriage Aprons, &c., 74

Russell, G. F., Stoves, 94

Russell, G. F., Wheels, 187

Russell, J., Protecting Ships, 458

Russell, J. 8., Ships of War, 203

Russell and Carbines, Gas, 384

Rydbeck, 8., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 203

Ryder, T., Mashing Apparatus, 311

Ryley, J., Hair Cloth, 187

Ryo Catteau, J. M., Spinning Machinery, 304

Sadler, J., Nail Machinery, 94

Sagar, Keighley, Clegg, and Richmond, Looms, 94

Sage, F., Show Cases, 258

Sainty, J., Horse-shoes, 477

Sainty, J., Shoeing Horses, &c., 54

Salkeld, S. J., Bed Bottoms, 187

Salom, S. H., Goggles, 291

Sampson, J. and C., and H., and Lockwood,

Fabrics, 131

Samuelson, M., Saving Life at Sea, 364

Sanderson, P., Yarns, 384

Samwells and Nye, Washing Machinery, 131

Sanderson, J., Railway Bars, 16

Sawyer and Middleton, Fire Escapes, 187

Schoonmaker, S. F., Dredging Machinery, 251

Schoonmaker, S. F., Stone Breaker, 346

Schwartz. C., Cutting Finger Nails, 74

Schofield, H., Weft Forks, 458

Schweitzer, J., Treating Fatty Matters, 329

Scott, T., Sinking Caissons, 422

Scott, U., Carriages, 167

Seeley, G., Penholders, 384

Selby, B. W., Lace, 257

Sequelin, S., Purifying Wax, 384

Severn, G., Evaporating and Cooling, 240

Seyd, E., Damasks, 187

Seward, J., Preventing Priming, 477

Shanks, J., Boilers, 257

Shaw, R.,Thermometer, 94

Shaw and Whitaker, Cleaning Cotton, 187

Shedlock, J. J., Gas Burners, 477

Shekleton and Gibson, Pumping Engines, 114

Sheldon, J., Water Pressure Regulator, 422

Sheppard, G., Rollers, 74

Sherwood, H., Treating Fibre, 291

Shillcock, J. B., Leech Cage, 422

Shinner, G. W., Utilising Sewage, 329

Shorrock, J. and G., Loom Pickers, 384

Siegrist, M., Signalling in Trains, 16

Silver, H. A., Electric Conductors, 74

Silver, T., Governors, 311

Silver and Hayward, Receptacles for Bottles, &c., 329

Silvester, M., Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 131

Siemens, C. W., Zinc, 291

Simmons, G. H. J., Fire Alarm, 311

Simon, 8. B., Hats, 187

Simons, W., Bolts, 311

Simons, W., Conveying Materials, 51

Sims, Beard, and Burns, Reaping and Mowing Machinery, 167

Sincay, A. C. St. P. de, Sulphur, 16

Skinner, J., Albumenised Paper, 111 Skinner, J., Steering Apparatus,’ 257 Smith, A., Sewing Machines, 131 Smith, G. H., Polishing Materials. 311 Smith, H. F., Beds, 149 Smalley, J., Looms, 203 Smith, J., Signalling, 203 Smith, J. T., Moulds, 94

Smith, sen., P., Weighting Rollers, 203

Smith, R., Printings Paper-hangings, 187 Smith, B., Spooling Cotton, <fcc., 311 Smith, T. J., Drawing-off Liquids, 477 Smith, T. J., Engines, 203 Smith, T. J., Lubricating, 149 Smith, 'W., Trimmings, 64 Snell, W., Hydrocarbon Lamp, 74

Studer, jun., J., Breech-loading Fire-arms,

Snowball, G., Watch Pendents, 404 Soames, J. and J. K., Paraffin, 187 Soper, W., Mounting Targets, 384 Soutar, 8., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 240 Southwell, W. II. and F. and E., Photographic Printing, 422

Soutler, sen., J., Supporting Mirrors, 131 Sovereign, L. L., Axles, 16

Sparrow and Poole, Collecting Gases from Furnaces, 329

Spear, J., Vices, 240

Spencer, J., Clod crusher, 329

Spencer, T., Earthenware, 346

Spencer, T., Filters, 167

Spencer, T., Manuring Soil, 131

Spencer, G., India-rubber Springs, 149

Spencer and Cutts, Valenciennes Lace, 167 Spencer and McUorkindale, Rolling Mills,

Spink, D., Propelling and Steering, 364 Spink, D., Propelling Vessels, 54 Spiquel, M., Stamping Metals, 364 Stackhouse, R., Maps, 381

Standish, C. W., Stopping Bottles, 257

Stanley, W. F., Drawing Instruments, 257 Stanley, W. H., Wickets, 404 Statham and Collins, Springs, 384 Staunton, C. O., Ordnance, 149 Stanfen, W., Treating Fibre, 74 Stead, H., Expanding Fabrics, 258 Steart, J., Fibre, 34

Stephen, J., Blowers, 114

Sterne, L., Springs, 119

Stevenson, J., Mining Machinery, 240

Stieffel, P., Regulating Motion of Wheelwork, 329

Stocks, J., Superheating Steam, 187, 240 Stoddart, A., Illusory Exhibitions, 240 Storey and Wilson, Leather Cloth, 311 Sturrock, G., Breech-loading Fire-arms,

Stuttle, H., Hydraulic Presses, 458

Strang, J., Cop Tubes, 381

Stringer and Birch, Printing Yarns, 149 Sumner, W., Metal Tubes, 131 Sunderland and Stell, Spinning, 404 Sutherland, E. and H., Fibre, 114 Sutclifie. J., Spinning Machinery, 203

| Sutton, F., Treating Sewage, 94 Sutton, R. T., Cleaning Grain, 114

i Swan, A., Evaporating, 346 Swan, J. \V,, Printing, 114 Swam and Oldfield, Baling Machinery,

Swann, J. R., Lime Kilns, 384

Sweeting, R., Labels, 311

Swift, H. 8., Pumps, 187

Swift, H. 8., Propelling Vessels, 384

Sylven, T. G., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 311*

Symonds, T. E., Ships and Vessels, 329 Symonds, W. J. and N. A. T., Forges, 257

Tankard and Cockcroft, Spinning, 477

Tanner and Parkes, Scenic Illusions, 131 Tamley, J., Safes, 310’

Target, C. A. B., Window Sashes, 384 Tayler, Dyer, and Dooley, H. and J

Kamptulicon, 51’’

Tayior, E., Rendering Bricks Impervious -lol

Taylor and Hewett, Treating Spirit, 329 laylor, J,, Increasing Force of Steam, 422 laylor, J. G., Dress Fastenings, 364 Thomas, J). W., Brakes, 74

I Thomas, G., Gas Meters, 203

I Thomas, jun., W., Moulds, 131

Thompson and Grayson, Bread Plates 258 Thompson, J. C., Gas Burners 131 ' 28

| Thompson, J. B., Protecting Iron Ships,

Thompson, N., Bottle Stoppers. 54

I Thompson, N., Boxes, 257

Thompson, N., Wood Tools, 257

Thompson, R., Veneering, 364

Thompson, 8., Pianofortes 364

Thomson, D., Steam Boilers 490

Thomson, R. W., Gauges, 364 ihonison, W., Railway Crossings 257 Thornton T Lowering Boa?s^22 ‘ TndigiR’ "a’ H'>.-Poot Protectors, 16 lodd, B., Arsenic, 149 ’

Tolhausen, F., Locks 114

Tolhausen, F., Shuttle Motion, 203

Tolhausen, F., Skates, 203

Tomlinson and Hayward, Sheep Ointment,

Tomlinson, J., Fibre 187

ToSi“ RU,Foid?n .Illst™ment, 240 xonge, it., holding Fabrics, 114

Xc’hieS^n6^0^^6^ strikin«

Tongue, J. G., Motive Power, 149 longue, W., Preparing Fire, 203 Toth S’ J " C£8emenfc> Stays, 257

Boilei’ 114reV6UtlnS 1UCrUstati0Q

Towers, Clutterbuck Pocket, 477

Townsend, J., Size, 203


Twrttnan, A. and J, and Cole, Hair Pins,

Trotman A. and J., and Cole, Pins 274 Tamer, A , Warping, 364 ’

lurner, C., Rotary Brush, 311 Turner aud Coughin, Lifts, 74 lurner, E. and J., Tanning, 220 lurton, S., Boilers, 477 Tuttle, E., Water Wheels, 364

Urquhart, D., Furnaces, 404 I ’

Vagg, E., Fire Escapes, 16

Varley, C. and S. A., Electric Telegraph Apparatus, 114 1

Varley, C. F., Telegraph Cables, 54 Varley, J., Drill Braces, 311 ’SK&V’

Verel, W. A,, Distilling Petroleum, 240 Vere, J., Hats, 187

Vickers, T. E., Rolling Tires, 94

Viehoff and Matthiesson, Steering Indicators, 34, 329 H

Vogl, D., Show Cases, 74

Voight, G., Stopping Trains, 94

311 M‘ P' E’’ eleausin& Smoking Pipes, Vuldh, J, B., Furnaces, 240

and Muschamp, '

Walker, C. V., Communicating in Trains, 167

Walker, E., Windlasses, 94

Walker, E. L., Elevator, 16

Walker, E. E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 311

Walker, J., Looms, 187

Walker, J., Vessels, Forts, &c., 220

Walker, J. C., Bread, 240

Walker and Pflawm, Travelling Cranes, 114

Walker, R., Calendering Apparatus, 240

Walker and Warner, Cotton Presses, 384

Wallwork, T., Calculating Machine, 257

Walsh, J. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 187

Walsh, W. J., Taps and Valves, 114

Walton, F„ Floor-cloth. 34

Wadnell and Muir, Valves, 364

Waddell, P. E., Communicating in Trains, 149

Wadsworth, J„ Boots and Shoes, 4o8

Warburton, J. Combing Machinery, 16

Warburton, J. and P., Mules, 149

Ward, P., Preventing Boiler Incrustation, 203 ’

Warner, J., Fish-hooks, 187

Warren, F. P., Cooking Utensils, 257

Warren, F. P., Cooking Apparatus, 291

Warren, F. P., Stopping Leaks, &c., 187

Warriner, G., Furnaces, 34

Warwick, J. A., Railway Signals, 422

Watson, J. S., Propelling, 74

Watson and Player, Oil, 34

Watson, T., Looms, 74

Watt, J. M., Coating Structures, 114

Watteen, E., Screwing Machine, 16

Wavish, J., Gas Lamps, 404

Weatherdon, B. F., Pyrometers, 458

Weatherdon, B. F., Treating Lucerne Root, 346

Webb, W., Ordnance. 364

Webb, F. W., Steel Crossings, 54

Webb, W., Tubes, 203

Webster, J., Hoeing, <fcc., Walks, 422

Wedlake, 11. T., Harmoniums, 364

Wedlake, T. W., Irrigators, 477

Weems, J., Ships, 220

Welch, E. J. B., Carburetting Gas, 240

Weldon, W., Soda, 340, 384

Wells, W. M., Reaping and Mowing Machinery, 203

Wenner, C., Turbines, 291

West, W. A., Paper Pulp, 16

Westmacott, P. G.. B., Cranes, 257

Weston, T. A., Ratchet Braces, 404

Wethered.E. R., Bassinettes, 149

Wethered, E. R., Marking at Ball Practice, 274

Whalley, J., Cutting Fabrics, 187

Wheeldon, F. R , Chilled Rolls, 187

Wheeler, G. P., Polishing Powder, 311

Wheeler, J. F.,Foot Warmer, 74

Whole, E., Cleaning Grain, 34

Whelpley and Storer, Separating Metals, 477

White, D. B., Ventilators, 404

White, G., Gas Burners, 94

White, G., Indicator, 329

White, G., Smoking Pipes, 422

White, J., Hair Felt, 458

Whitehead, J. H., Endless Cloths, 16, 187

Whitehead, J. H., Fabrics, 187

Whitehead, J. H., Heating Feed Water, 187

Whitehead, T. K., Cleaning Roller Beams, 422

Whitley, T., Combing Fibres, 187

Whitehouse, S., sen. and jun., and J. and W., Collecting Gases, 34

Whittaker and Lowe, Lubricating, 311

Wilde, H., Communicating in Trains, 186

Wilkins, F., Vaporising Hydrocarbons, 74

Willan, R., Power Looms, 94

Willans, J. G., Puddling, 257

Williams, J., Writing, 149

Williams, T., Buffers, 74

Williamson and Marren, Valves, 187

Willington, T. A. G., Heating Buildings, 187

Willis and Rice, Converting Rotary Motion, 203

Wilson, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 364

Wilson, E. B., Furnaces, 94

Wilson, H., Sawing Machinery, 340

Wilson, J. C., Boiler, 16

Wilson, J' H., Distilling Sea Water, 364

Wilson, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 16, 291, 477

Wilson, W. N., Sewing Machines, 477

Winans, W. L. and T., Engines and Boilers, 274

Winby, C. E. and F. C., Wheels, 203

Winby, F. C. and C. E., Actuating Rolls, 203

Winstanley, jun., D., Photographic Printing, 167

Winter, W., Bearings, 16

Winter, W., Sewing Machines, 131

Winter, W., Steam Engines, 131

Wibratte, F., Submarine Telegraphs, 240

Wise, F., Axle-boxes, 131,404

Wise, F., Bottles, 94

Wishart and Cameron, Fabrics, 364

Witte, G. de, Brakes, 149

Wood, H., Ornamenting Weod, 346

Wood, W. and J. W., Pomfret Cakes, 203

Woodbury and Davies, Printing irom Photographs, 94

Woodbury, W. B., Jewellery, 187

Woodbury, W. B., Photographic Engraving, 384

Woodruff, G. B., Sewing Machines, 114

Woodward, W.aud J., Boilers, 149

Woollatt, J., Looms, 16

Wolsienholme and Pendlebury, Cutting

Metals, 220

Wolstenholme and Rodgers, Fabries, 203

Wray, W., Achromatic Object Glass, 329

Wright, A. J., Photographic, 74

Wright, B., Kitchen Ranges, 404

Wright, F., Beverages, 131

Wright, R. A., Furnaces, 477

Wright, Jas., Paper, 131

Wyld and Kershaw, Warping Machinery, 94

Wynn, W. N., Travellers, 2yl

Yates, J. W., Spades, &c., 240

Yeates, R.. Knife, 257

York, H. K , Iron and Steel, 384

York, H. K., Rivet Machinery, 16

Youud, J., Distilling Minerals, 257

Young, A. and W., Composing Type, 94

Young, A. and W., Sheets, &c., 477

Young and Brash, Distilling Minerals, 404

Young, H. B., Screw Propellers, 187

Young, J., Distilling Minerals, 240

Young, J., Distilling, 329

Young, jun., J., Treating Hydrocarbons,94

Young, W., Grates, 187

Young, W., Grates, &c., 329

Yule, J., Engines, 477

Zimmermann, J. A.. Breech-loading Firearms, 346

Zanui, G., Motive Power, 220, 329

©rants of provisional protection.


Accidents, Preventing Railway, NegretU and Zambra, 34

Adhesion, Creating, C. H. Holt, 167

Aerostatic Apparatus, J. W. Butler, 384

Air, Compressing, M. A. 1*’. Mennon?, 364

Albumen, Decolourising, A. Bernard, 422

Alkali, Routledge and T. and W. H. j

Richardson, 311

Aniline Green, E. J. Hughes, 149

Aniline Red, A. A. Jaeger, 329

Anniline Yellow, A. A. Jaeger, 329

Animal, &c , Substances, Preserving, A. J

V. Newton, 16

Anti-friction, A. de Gablenz, 329

Apparel, Wearing, E. Pearson, 311

Aprons, &c., Carriage, G. F. Russell, 74

Arsenic, B. Todd, 149

Artificial Flowers, A. A. Costallat, 404

Augers, <fcc., J. T. King, 477

Augers, VV. E. Newton, 149

Axle-boxes, E. A. H. Reuther, 167

Axle-boxes. F. Wise, 131

Axles, A. H. Brandon, 167

Axles, W. Y. Edwards, 346

Axles, E. and J. C. and J. Lones, and J.

and T. and C. Brettall, 54

Axles, J. E. Phillips, 404

Axles, L. L. Sovereign, 16

Bacon Curing Rooms, R. A. Boyd, 240

Bags, Dressing. H. Mitchell, 149

Bags, Paper, W. Clark, 257

Bags, &c , Paper, H. Rankin, 291

Bags, See., Travelling, C. D. Abel, 477

Bales, Securing, H. C. Lucy, 167

Baling Machinery, Swain and Oldfield, 257

Balls, Cricket, &c., C. Huntley, 291

Barrels, Gun, A. R. Burr, 257

Bar Iron and Steel, A. V. Newton, 364

Bars, Axles, &c., Railway, T. W. Dodds, 16

Bars, Railway,W.H. Barlow, 149

Bars, &c., Railway, J. Sanderson, 16

Bassinettes, E. R. Wethered, 149

Batteries, Electric, W. Moseley, 274

Batteries, Galvanic, Horwood and Baum-fit, 167

Batteries, Galvanic, G. L. Leclanch, 257

Batteries, Thermo-electric, J. Bjkur, 364

Berrings, W. Winter, 16

Bearings, Compound for, C. S. Osborne, 257

Bed Bottoms, S. G. Salkeld, 187

Beds, II. A. Bonneville, 346

Bods, II. F. Smith, 149

Bedsteads, T. Allan, 114

Bedsteads, Iron, G. H. and H. R. Coltam, 404

Beer, H. A. Dufrene, 203

Belts, Driving, F. L. and C. L. Hancock, 203

Belts, Driving, Hitchcock and Shinmon, 16

Belts, Joining, G. Dyson, 131

Belts, Securing, W. Barnsley, 54

Beverage, New, C. J. B. King, 346

Beverages, F. Wright, 131

Blacklead, Packing, R. P. Pilliner, 187

Blanking, Attaching, J. H. Rilchio, jun., 404

Bleaching, R. A. Brooman, 94

Bleaching, &c., J. Barlow, 364

Bleaching, A. V. Newton, 257

Blinds, &c., M. Archdeacon, 291

Blocks, Electric, II. Bright, 203

Blowers, W. E. Newton, 384

Blowers, J. Stophens, 114

Boat, Torpedo, S. 8. Merriam, 311

Boats, W. K. Hall, 131

Boats, Launching, W. Clark, 131

Boats, Lowering, Ambrose and Braddon, 131

Boats, Lowering, E. R. May, 346

Boats, Lowering, C. H. Ramsten, 384

Boats, Lowering, T. Thornton, 422

Boats, Propelling, C. E. Brooman, 422

Boats, Towing, O. de Mesnill, 311

Boiler, W. E. Gedge, 131

Boiler, J. C. Wilson, 16

Boiler Explosions, Preventing, Bray and Hargreaves, 384

Boiler Tubes, Cleaning, S. Soutar, 240

Boiler Tubes, Cleansing, Earl of Caithness 458

Boiler Tubes, Expanding, G. T. Bousfield 240 ’

Boilers, D. Adamson, 131

Boilers, A. Barclay, 54

Boilers, H. A. Bonneville, 203

Boilers, R. A. Brooman, 16

Boilers, Cherry, Crossley, and Bower, 131

Boilers, R. Clark, 149 )

Boilers, G. Davies, 384

Boilers, T. Green, 404

Boilers, W. K. Hall, 131

Boilers, T. Holt, 404

Boilers, Howard and Bousfield, 131

Boilers, J. Jordan, 346

Boilers, J. Pisher, 54

Boilers, J. Shanks, 257

Boilers, D. Thomson, 422

Boilers, S. Burton, 477

Boilers, W. and J. Woodward, 149

Boilers and Furnaces, C. J. Richardson.

291 ’

Boilers, Heating, G. Davies, 404

Boilers, Preventing incrustation in, G.

Fessley, 384

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, S Harriss, 346

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, M. Silvester, 13 L

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, J


Bolt, <fce., Machinery, W. R. Lake, 257

Bolts, Jones and Upton, 114

Bolts, W. Simons, 311

Bolts and Rivets. A. V. Newton, 54

Bolts and Rods, W. Boggett, 329

Bones, Treating, J. C. Martin, 311

Boot Nails, A. C. Andrews, 340

Boots and Shoes, C. D.Abel, 167

Boots and Shoes, J. Biddington, 149

Boots and Shoes, T. Bolton, 34

Boots and Shoes, N. H Felt, 55 187

Boots and Shoes, J. Hall, 54 '

Boots and Shoes, G. Haseltine, 114

Boots and Shoes, E. T. Hughes, 364

Boots and Shoes, Marshall and’ Pretty 149

Boots and Shoes, J. Wadsworth, 458

Boring Machinery, Harrison and Walker

149 ’

Boring Rock, F. B. Deering, 16

Boring Tools, T. A. Mathieson, 257

Bottles, F. Wise, 94

Bottles, Packing, J. R, Butchart, 114

Bottles, &.c., Receptacles for, silver and Hayward, 329

Bottles, Packing, J. Becker, 384

Bottles, Stopping, H. Fraser 404

Bottles, Stopping, J. H. Johnson, 364

Bottles Stopping, Nicolas, Daubisgnyo, and Clegg, 364

Bottles Stopping, C. W. Standish, 257

Boxes, N. Ihompson, 257 ’

Boxes, Axle, F. Wisle, 404

Boxes, &., Fastenings for, W. Clark, 329

Boxes, Paper, J. Linuett 477

Bracelets, Al. Lowenstein* 257

Brace, Ratchet, W. Dicks’, 257

Braces, J. Jones, 149

Braces, Drill, J. Varley, 311

Braces, Ratchet, T. A. Weston, 404 Braiding Machinery, G. Davies, :RI Brakes, C. Kendall, 384

Brake*, Kennedy and Stanley, 11*

Brakes, J. M. Macrum 94

Brakes, Richardson and fait, 3-J

Brakes, D. W. Thomas ,74

Hrikeq G. de Witte, 149

Brakes’ Railway, J. Holley, 220

Brakes, Railway. W. E Newton, 243

BrXd’ Cutting H6 C Litchfield, 16

Bread’Plates Thompson and Grayson 25S

K.r S». 8./

Brick Machinery, P. 7®1 13l

Brick Machinery, A- D'1'™"c- ^

Brick Machinery, C. H. Murray, m

Brick and Tile Machinery, 'v-

Brick and Tile Machinery, T. Djxceo, 404

Brick and Tile Machinery, Murray and

Jennings, 346

EiS ■imp.r,!.™. B. Tajlor.

Bricks Fire, Crondace and Field, 94

Bricks and Tiles, C. G. Johnson, 114

Bridges, T. C. Bonlct. 4/<

Bridges, C. de Bergoo, o4

Bridges, K^^^^utcr, an iHenrict, si >

Bridges, Foundations of, XV. L. Robotham,


Brush, Rotary, C. Turner, 311

Buffers, T. Williams, 74

Building^ A. G. Wellington,

BuUet Tree, Treating Juice of the, E. P. H.

Bungs8'*"’ W. S. Cluderay, 143

Bur^’rs Gas, S. 8 Brown 36!

Burners, Gas, W. Bunger, ill

Burners, Gas, G. Davies o4

Burners, Gas, J. J- Shedloek, 477

Burners, Gas, J. C l honipsou, -

Burner, Gas, G. White ,94

Buttons, G. T. Bousfield, 16

Buttons, F. Davis, 16

Buttons, L. D Phillips, 141)

Buttons, &c„ Alla, E. Held, 404

Cables, LaylngSubmarine, R. E. Kaulbach,

Cables, Submarine, Gablentz, J., and

Mahler, 220 , 04

Cables Submarine, T.

| Cables, Telegraph, C. F. ar’eyT*p5V 4o»

Cables, Winding Telagraph, J. Jenkon, 4-.

Cabs, M. Cole. 220

Cage, Leech, J. B. Sb ill cock 42

Caissons, Sinking, T. Scott, 4- , 03

Cakes Pomfret, XV. and J. W. Wood, 293

Calculating Machine T. Walework 25^

Calendering Apparatus, R. ^k<<, 240

Canals, &c., Clearing, 1. P. Tregaskis, dot

Candles, F. Field, 4*2

Candlesticks, J. L. Rickaids, 4--

Capsules, XV. Betts, 311

Carburetting Apparatus, J. Kidd, 18‘

Card Distributor, Colley and Moss,.2j7

Carding Machinery, Feeding, W. Cussold,


Carpets, XV. E. Newton, 329

Carpets, Felt, A. Loders, 458

Carriages, W. Botwood, 404

Carriages, G. Davies. 384

Carriages, J. Rock jun., x.03

Carriages’ &’c^ Coupling, R. D. Morgan,

Carriages, Propelling Railway, U. E. New-ton, 291 _

Carriages, Railway, R. Clark. 16/

Cartridge Extractor, 1. XV. Cross, 404

Cartridge Extractors, J. Bmme, 4o8

Cartridges, E. M Boxer. 94

Cartridges, J. Erskine, 458

Cartridges, W. R. Lake, 187



Cartridges, Filling, J. Eskine. 291

Cartridges, Pin, W. Clark. 220

Carts, &c., IL Brierley, 422

Carts, W. E. Gedge. 203 o.

Carts, Water, Rawsthorne and BaZiCj, -«4

Cases, Card, J. H. Johnson, 346

Cases, Needle, R. Newhall, 34

Cases, Show, F. Sage, 258

Cases, Show, D. Vogl, 74

Cases, Spring, J. XV. Evans, 149

Cases, Watch, &c., T. Adams, 274

Cast Iron, Converting, J. Heaton, -.>7

Castors, R. M. Clay pole, 311

Castors, &c., XV. R. Lake, 187

Caustic Alkalies, J. Davis, 404

Chaff Cutter, E. W. Otway, 340

Chains, W. B. Caulfield, 257

Chains, T. Jenks, 186

Chains, Portable, T. Clift, 311

Charcoal, Reburning Animal, J. Robey, 329

Charcoal, Revivifying, W. Cormack, 74

Charcoal, Treating Animal, E. D. Elliott,


Charcoal, Treating Animal, G. Gordon, 329

Charcoal, Washing, J. Norman. 210

Charges, Gun Cloth. W. A. Dixon, 291

Cheese, T. Manock, 311

Chemical, XV. Clark, 54

Chemical, XV. F. Dran, 240

Chemical, G. Greaves, 186

Chemical, XV. Hibbert, 257

Chemical, R. Ransford, 16

Chimneys, Curing Smoky, XV. Cooke, 323

Chimneys. Curing Smoky, S. Jakins, 257

Churns, J. XV. Hoffmann, 884

Cigar-ash Holder, R. A. Brooman, 16

Cigar Holder, &c., H. C. Butcher, 364

Cigar Lighters, C. and W. Kncller, 74

Cigar Lights, W. Clark, 384

Cigarette Papers, M. and M. Myers and

Hill, 311

Cigarettes, M. J. Lopez-y-Munoz, 220

Clarifying Apparatus, XV. E. Godge, 404

Cleaning Agents, C. Boziere, 291

Clocks, Electric, A. V. New con, 149

Cloth, Floor, Hersoe and Smyth, 149

Cloth, Floor, F. XValton, 34

Cloth, Hair, J. Ryley, 187

Cloth, Leather, Storey and Wilson, 311

Cloths, Endless, J. H. Whitehead, 187

Cloths, Felted, S. Fillingham, 257

Clutch, W. Chssold, ) 87

Coal, &c., Compressing, H. G. Fairbum, 34

Coal’, <fcc., Cutting. J. Rothery, 187

Coal, &c., Distilling, J. Gibbon, 16

Coal, Utilising XVasto, C. G. Penney, 149

Coating, Preservative, A. T. Machaltie, 2>i

Coating Structures, J. M. Watt, 114

Cocoa, W. E. Gedge, 240

Cofferdam, H. King, 291

Coke, T. Drano, 149

Coke Ovens, O. D. Abel, 149

Collars, T. J. Clanchy, 74

Collars, <fcc., XV. E. Newton, 187

Collars, <fcc., Paper, A. V. Newton,187

Colour, Green, R. Holliday, 422

Colouring Matter, Red, J. Holliday, 149

Colouring Matters, A. L. M. Gue tai, 329

Colouring Matters, G. Phillips, 257

Combs. C. K- Prooman, 384

Combs for Weaving. J. Pass. 203

Combing Machinery. J. and C. and L. and

M. Jefferson and Greenway, 364 Combing Machinery J. Warburton. 16 Combustible, N w A. Dembinskuy, 131 Combustion. Effecting. A. P. Price, 47? Composes, W. R. Hammendey, 458 Com passer. Correcting. E. Hopkins, 111 Compasses Shi|>s‘, W. Rent/ly. 107 Compressing Air, Dr. Mondesir, and Le.

haitrv, and Juliionne, 74

Concrete,'!'. W. Pierce, 311

Conductors, Electric, H. A. Silver, 74

Conductors, Wire, W. Boggett, 16 Confectionery, O. R. Chase, 3*4 Cooking Apparatus, G. T. Bousftold, 16 Co-ktng Apparatus. F. P. Warren. 291 Cooking Utcusila, F. P. Warren, 257 Coolers, T. Unigh, 433

Copper, Ac., C. W. Harrison,384

Copper, smelting. II. C. Ensell, 54 Cop Tubes. H. and J. Douglas, 4v4 Cop Tubes, J. Strong, 384

Cordage, Ac., G. T. Bowtfleld, 422

Cork, Cutting, M Henry, 311 Cotton Balls. N. J. Amies, 111 Cotton, Cleaning, F. H. Gossage, 257 Cotton, Cleaning, Shaw and Whitaker, 187 Cotton, Extracting, A. and J. Knowles aud Banuclougb, 111

Cotton, Ac. Spooling. R. Smith 311 Cotton Waste, Cleaning,F. L. B:iuwens,329 Cowl, Chimney, w. E. Newton, 16 Crumps, J. F. C. Carle, 329 Crones, Fawcett and Wilson, 94 Cranes, R. A. Hardcastle, 274 Cranes, P. G. 11 W- stmacott. 257

Cranes, Travelling. Walker and Pflaum, 111 Cricket, Fuller and Mlirgetts, 346 Crinolines, ii A. Bonneville, 404 Crinolines, W. Clark. 3 '9

Crinolines. Gautier and Domeier, 384 Croquet Balls, W. Moseley, 291 Crossings, Railway. J. Armstrong, 477 Crossing-, Railway, W. Thompson, 257 C rossings, Steel. F. W. Webb, 54 Crusher. Clod, J. Spence, 329 Cue Tips, Fastening, J. Hick, 203 Cues, Ac., G. P. Dodge, 346 Cultivators, N. Fisher, 203 Cultivators, G. W. Homer, 458 Cultivators, Steam, J. Bischoff, 240 Cultivators Steam, P. W. Bowen, 16 Cultivators, Steam, Howard and Bousfleld, 422

Cun ents, Galvanic, J. L. Pulvermacher, 220 Cushions, A. Cochrane, 477

Damasks, E. Scyd,187

Decomposition. Preventing, J. Davis, 3'19 Detector, Burglary. A. Hoiking, 458 Dials, Sun, J Jewsbury, 364 Digging Machinery, O C. Evans. 422 Dipnenyhimine, Girard and Do Laire, 346 Disease in Cattie, Curing, E. Ellison, 316 Dishes, Hot Water, J. Parkes, 16 Disinfectant, V. Larnavdes, 257 Disinfecting. Gardner and L. A. Israel, sen. and jun., 74

Distiilatiou, W. E Newton, 74 Distilling, A. C. Kirk, 187 Distilling, J. M. Macrum, 149 Distilling, J. Young, 329 Distilling Petroleum. W. A. Verel, 240 Drag. A. E. Dobbs, 16 Drainage, C. D. Abel, 346 Draining Cuttings, Ac., J. Curtis, 384 Drawing and Twisting, A. A. Bob*, 477 Dredgers, Steam, W. E. Gedge, 257 Dredging Machinery, S. F. Schoonmaker, 257

Dress Preserver, H. E. Newton, 34 Dresses. Ladies', W. C. Jay, 131 Drills, Twist, W. Chirk, 404 Drying, Ac., Grain, J. H. Johnson, 404 Drying. Steam. W. Ireland, 404 Dock, Graving, W. E. Gedge, 149 Door Handle*, Securing, J. Craig, 422 Doors. Ac., Fastening, J. Allen, 364 Dye, J. Barry. 187

Dyeing, F. B Baker, 149

Dyeing, W. Dancer, 257 Dyeing. J. Higgin, 274 Dyeing and Printing, L. Durand, 34

Earthenware, R. W. Armstrong, 187

Earthenware, T. Spencer, 346

Electro-Magnetic Striking Attachment, J.

G. Tongue, 477

Elevator, E. L. Walker. 16

Embossing, Ingram and Gough. 167

Embroidering with Metallic Thread, W. E.

Gedge, 274

Emery, Substitute for, Bond, Bussell, and

Fisher, 187

Engines, R. Beck, 74

Engines, W. Clark, 54

Engines, ,T. 8. Crosland, 364

Engine,, Hutch anl Windhausen, 477

Engines, G. D. Kittoe, 477

Engines, Muschamp and Card, 257

Engiues, J. Orr. 131

Engines, T. J. Smith, 203

Engines, W. Winter, 131

Engines, J. Yule. 477

Engines, Air. A. V. Newton, 257

Engines. Beetling, C. Mather, 364

Engines and Boilers, J. Elder, 240

Engines and Boilers, J. C. Pearse, 422

Engines and Boilers, W. L. and T. Winans,


Engines, Blowing, R. Gattey, 149

Engines. Carding, Baron and Tattersail, 384

Engines, Carding, L. R. Bodmer, 404

Engines, Carding, Bearden and Holden, 114

Engines, Carding, J. Moss, 477

Engines, Electro Magnetic, A. V. Newton,


Engines, Electro-Magnetic. W. Read, 311

Engines, Gas and Air, C. D. Abel, 203

Engines, Magnetic. J. Baker, 257

Engines, Portable, G. Davies, 257

Engines, Pumping, A. B. Brown, 477

Engines, Pumping, Shekleton and Gibson,


Engines, Rose, W. Clarke, 257

Engines, Rotary, A. L. Bricknell. 404

Engines, Rotary, H. Deymann, 187

Engines, Rotary, W. Goodwin, 311

Engines, Rotary, W. E. Newton, 258

Engines, Rotary, B. G. Nichol, 401

Engines, Traction, W. R. Burrows, 477

Engraving, Pnotographic, W. B. Woodbury


Engravings, Ac., Bleaching, J. H. John son, 3il

Envelopes, J. Allen, 167

Envelopes. F. Jenner, 34

Envelopes, J. H. Johnson, 477

Envelopes, V. P. P. Van Leuf, 34

Envelopes, E. Petito, 167

Exhibitions, Illusory, A. Stoddart, 187

Explosive Compound, J. H. A. Blackmann


Escapes, Fire, Sawyer and Middleton, 187

Evaporating. A. Swan, 346

Evaporating and Cooling, G. Severn, 240

Eye Glasses. C. Dales, 364

Eye'ets, G. T. Bousfield, 240

Fabrics, T, Biggs, jun., 311

Fabrics, R. A. Brooman, 114

Fabrics, J. H. Brown, 149

Fabrics, E. Buries, 477

Fabrics, Comery and Webster, 94

Fabrics, W. Hodgkinson, 149

Fabrics, T. Humes, 346

Fabrics, Hutchinson and Jolly, 257

Fabrics, N Legendre, 311

Fabrics, R. B, Legge, 346

Fa rics, M. A. F. Mentions, 240

Fabrics, J. and C., and II, Bampson and Lock wood, 131

Fabrics, J. H. Whitehead. 187

Fabrics, Wishart and Cameron, 364

Fabrics, WoUtenholmo and Rodgers, 203

Fabrics, Compound, G. Haseltine, 384

Fabrics, Covering Edges of, G. Hinchliffe, 149

Fabrics, Cutting, J. Whalley, 187

Fabrics, Cutting Lace, C. G. Hill, 203

Fabrics, Cutting Pile, J. Patterson, 187

Fabrics, Double, J. Patterson, 329

Fabrics, Drying, J. McNab, 291

Fabrics, Elastic, W. Cole, 329

fabrics, Expanding, Edleston and Schofield, 54

Fabrics, Expanding, H. Stead, 258

Fabrics, Finishing, W. Clark, 240

Fabrics, Finishing, W. II. Nome, 54

Fabrics, Folding, K. Tonge, 114

Fabrics, Leather, J. II. Brown, 167

Fabrics, Measuring, W. Boase, 149

Fabrics, Ornamenting, J. Greenhalgli, 203

Fabrics, Ornamenting. R. E. Higsou, 187

Fabrics, Printing, A. Paraf. 404

Fabrics, Stiffening, J. O. Ramsbottom, 364

Fabrics, Stretching, J. and H. Charlton 257

Fabrics, Tearing, S. and C. Collins 74 Fans, H. B. Barlow, 257 ’

Fans, A. Bennett, 149

Fastener, Dress, M. Allies, 114

Fastener, Bash, J. Adams, 346

Fasteners, A. H. Hart. Ill

Fastening Baling Bauds, E. J. Beard, 404

Fastenings, Dress, J. G. Taylor, 364 Fastening, Giove, C. E. Brooman, 329 Fastenings, Sash, T. Baker, 114

Fastenings, Window, Jones and Upton, 149

-Distilling, C. M. Barker.

34 o ’

Fatty Matters, Distilling, C. Doughty 131 Fatty Matters, Treating, G. Gwynuc, 107 Fatty Matters,Treating, J. H. Johnson, 477 i?Vn, Treating, J. Schweitzer, 329

Feed Water, T. Marshall,384

Feed Water, A. V. Newton, 74

Feed Water, Heating, 8. F. Allen 114 Feed Water, Heating, J. Marshall, 346 Feed Water, Heating, T. Prideaux, 131

Feed Water, Heating, J. 11. Whitehead, 187

Felt, R. A. Brooman, 149

Felt, U. Prowse, 34

Felt, Hair, J. White, 458

Fibre, Godefroy and Mott, 203

Fibre, Justice and Guild, 149

Fibre, J. Steart, 34

Fibre, E. ana H. Sutherland, 114

Fibre, J. Tomlinson, 187

Fibre, Cleaning, F. A. Calvert, 274

Fibre, Cleaning, A. V. Newton, 477

Fibre, Combing, Ash and Whitley, 364

Fibre, Combing, W. Brooks, 384

Fibre, Combing, C. E. Brooman, 404

Fibre, Combing,G. E. Douistliorpu, 220

Fibre, Combing, J. Lccocq, 477 Fibre, Com lug, J. Ronald, 220 Fibres, Combing, T. Whitley, 187

Fibre, Dressing,, jun., and

Bremme, 404

Fibre, Preparing, F. M. Jennings, 240

Fibres, Preparing, L. Kaberry, 257

Fibre, Preparing, Maggs and Smith, 16 Fibre, Preparing. Rapty and North, 422 Fibre, Preparing, W longue, 203

Fibre, Treating, J. W. Burton, 422

Fibre, Treating, rl. Sherwood, 291

Fibre, Treating, W. Stauteu, 74

Fibre, Washing, J. and J. and J. Crabtree, 346

Fibre, Washing, J. and W. McNaught, 346

Fibre, Washing, J. Petrie, juu., 404

Figures, Lay, D. T. Lee, 477

Files, J. B. Balholf, 186

Files, F. Brampton, 220

Files,'Cutting, G. T. Bousfield, 84

Filters, T. Spencer, 167

Finger Nails, Cutting, C. Schwarz, 74 Fire Alarm, Crean and Barr, 311 Fire Alarm. G. H. J. Simmons, 311 Fire-arms, Russ, and H. E. Hammond, 311 Fire-arms, M. Henry, 240

Fire-arms, J. U. Zimmerman, 346 Fire-arms, Breech-loading. J. Aston, 16 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. T. Baker,


Fire-arms, Breech-loading, S. Bayliss, 477 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. H. Burton,

187 2vl

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Crofts, 329 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. C. Dodge,


Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Erskine, 477 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. V, Fosbery,


Fire arms, Breech-loading, J- Gunner, 167 Fire-atms, Breech-loading, C. Harvey, 257 Fire-arms, Breech-loadiug, 1. Hunt, 404 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Jackson, 2,4 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. H. Johnson,


Fire-arms. Breech-loading, W. E, Newton, 74, 187, 240 , _, ,

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Pryse and Rodman, 404 _ „ ,

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Purdey, 458 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, U. Reeves, 31 Fire arms, Breech-loading, T. Restoll, 257 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Richards, 257 Fire-arms, Breech loading, 8. Rydbeck, 203 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Snider, jun.,


Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. Sturrock, 329 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. G. bylven, 011

Fire-arms, Brcech-loading, F. E. Walker, Firearms, Breech-loading, J. H. Walsh, 187 Fire-arms, Brcech-loa ling, B. W*lsou, 16, 3o4 Fire-arms, Brecch-loadmg, T. Wilson, 291 Fire-arms, Revolving, D. L. Cohen, 220 Fire-arms, Revolving, E. 1- 329

Fire-arms, Revolving, W. R. Lake 131 Fire Escape, Jones and Hodges, oil Fire Escape, &c., W. H. Prior, 311 Fire Escapes, E. Vagg, 16 Fire-places, R. W. Abbotts, 3u4 Fire-places, T. Prideaux, 364

Fires, Extinguishing, Ogden and Rogers, 1»7

Fireworks, E. Oppenheim, i4 Fish, Catching, A. Bryson, 149 Fish Hooks, J. Warner, 187 Flax, Rippling. O. D. Abel, 384 Flax <fcc., Scutching, U. D. Abel, 364 Flax’ Scutching, E. Brasier, 404 Flax &c., Treating, T. Gray, 346 Floor-cloths, Kidd and Mather, 74 PiiAnr Coverings, J. H. Johnson, /4 Floors Fire-proof, R- Moreland, jun., 131

Flowers, Artificial, VV. Clark,149 Food, Apportioning, J. Masson, 16

Food, Preparing, A. H. Hassall, 187

Food, Preserving, F. Lecocq, 114

Food, Warming, Bevan and Fleming, 453

Forks, Weft. 11. Schofield, 458

Forges, W. E. Gedge, 220

Forges, VV. J. and N. A. T. Symons, 257

Fountains, J. W. Hoffman, 384

Fountains, W. D. Napier, 203

Fountains, Portable, E. Rimmel, 257

Frames, Hackle, Berry, jun., and Bromley, 291

Fruit, Stoning, W. R. Lake, 240

Fuel, J. Hiscocks, 74

Fuel, Combustion of, A, P, Price, 422

Fuel, Peat, J. I). Brunton, 203

Fulling, Porritt and Priestley, 34

Fulling Machines, W. and F. Bates, 257

Funnels, H. A. Bonneville, 240

Furnaces, VV. Begg, 404

Furnaces, Bennett and Matthews, 131

Furnaces, Bevan and Fleming, 187

Furnaces, I). Bievez, 301

Furnaces, A. Borgnet, 364

Furnaces, B. Blackburn, 54

Furnaces, Chatwood and Sturgeon, 404

Furnaces, J. Chesters, 384

Furnaces, VV. Clark, 404

Furnaces, Edmond and Gurlt, 404

Furnaces, D. Hall, 131

Furnaces, W. Jeffries, 44, 131

Furnaces, S. Lees 477

Furnaces, '1'. M olden, 167

Furnaces, P. A. Muntz, 167

Furnaces, '1'. Prideaux, 54, 257

Furnaces, 1). Urquhart, 404

Furnaces, J. B. Vuldy,249

Furnaces, G. Warriner, 34

Furnaces, 14. B. Wilson, 94

Furnaces, R. A. Wright. 477

Furnaces, Blast, G F. Goransson, 458

Furnaces, Charging, VV. Birmingham, 94

Furnaces, Collecting Fumes from, Oldham

Penn, and Fades, 364

Fur, &c., Treating, A. V. Newton, 149

Garments, Calvert and Robertson, 54

Gas, E. Buchner, 477

Gas, T. Clayton, 240

Gas, M. R. he verson, 203

Gas, Russell and Carbines, 384'

Gas, Carburetting, 14. J. B. Welch, 240

Gas Lamps, J. Wavish, 404

Gas and Oil, G. McKenzie, 257

Gas, Puiifying, G. E. Denis, 404

Gas, Purifying, J. Leigh, 384

Gas, Purifying, VV. 14. Newton. 291

Gas liegulators, O. Brothers, 458

Gaseliers, R. A. Brooman, 74

Gas, Collecting, 8., sen. and jun., and J. and W. Whitehouse. 34

Gases, Collecting from Furnaces, Sparrow and Poole, 329

Gauges, R. W. Thomson, 364

Gauging Instrument, J. Tomlinson, 240

Gears, Expansive, J. Milner, 384

Gins, Cotton, Hetherington and Thornton,


Girders, W. Heathfield, 458

Girders, C. Henderson, 477

Glass, J. H. Johnson, 311

Glass, A. Pocheron, 384

Glass, Achromatic Object, W. Wray, 329

Glue, VV. E. Newton, 34

Goggles, 8. H. Salom, 291

Good, German Silver, &c., P. H. Ashber



Governor, R. B. Pope, 422

Governors, G. Haseltine, 404

Governors, T. Silver, 311

Grain. &c., Cleaning, &c., G.C. Ange, 54

Grain, Cleaning, R. T. Button, 114

Grain, Cleaning, E. Whole, 16, 34

Grain, Decorticating. H. E. Newton, 311

Grain, Drying, &c., W. Creasy, 34

Grain, Screening, H. VV. Miller, 16

Grain, Sizing, Cook and Hacking, 131

Grains, Treatings, 14. Gripper, 477

Grains, Treating, Millburn, juu., and Baxter, 203

Grates, A. V. Newton, 364

Grates, W. Young, 187

Grates, &c., VV. loung, 329

Grease Cup, Bates and E. E. Brookes, 54

Gridiron, J. Denis, 274

Guard, Pocket, Macintosh and Boggett, 384

Guinaline, W. 14. Dobson, 114

Gun Barrels, Cleaning, H. Bayliss, 187

Gun-cotton, E. C. Prentice, 329

Hair-pins, A. and J. and Cole Trotman, 240

Hammer, Power, A. V. Newton, 291

Hammer, Steam, H. A. Dufrene, 149

Hammers, Steam, W. H. Berry, 311

Handles. Knife, J. and VV. Bolton, 131

Harmoniums, H. T. Wedlake, 364

Harness, C. Nurse, 384

Hatches, E. M. Leeds, 149

Hats, J. Lancaster, 16

Hats, 8. B. Simon, 187

Hats, J. Vero, 187

Hats and Caps, G. Hart, 187

Hats and Caps, M. Montague, 74

Hats, Felt, VV. C. Mann, 94

Hats, Felt, W. E. Newton, 16

Hats, Pressing, VV. 44. Newton, 240

Healds, VV. R. Harris. 149

Healds, W. and T. and J. Richmond, 220

Heat, Marland, Smith, ami Weils, 203

Heat, Economising, VV. Clay, 203

Heat, Utilising, W. E. Gedge, 16

Heating Apparatus, VV. Cotter, 187

Heating, tec., Apparatus, E. T. Hughes, 203

Heating and Evaporating, A. A. L. P.

Cochrane, 422

Heckling Machines, C. Blyth, 34

Hemps, &e., Breaking, A. V. Newton, 257

Hides, &c., Repairing, C. de Caesaris, 384

Hides, Shaving, W. Ingham, 364

Hides, Splitting, W. E. Gedge, 187

Hoisting Apparatus, A. V. Newton, 291

Hooks, Curtain, H. Gardner, 104

Hoops and Bands, Fastening, Holmes and

Slack, 364

Hops, E. Farmer, 477

Horse Shoes, Boughing, J. Hairis, 149

Horses’ Feet, Protecting, W. Clark, 477

Houses, Heating, G. Davies, 329

Hydrants, H. E. Newton, 477

Hydraulic Machinery, Arthur and Davies,


Hydrocarbon, W. A. Lyttle, 291

Hydrocarbon, Treating, J. Young, juu., 94

Hydrocarbons, Burping, G. Davies, 34

Hydrocarbons, Vaporising, F. VVilkins, 74

Ice, O. W. Jeyes, 346

Ice, Norman and Copeland, 203

Illusions, Scenic, Tanner and Parkes, 131

Illusory Exhibitions, A. Stoddart, 240

Impervious, Rendering, J. Macintosh, 257

Incrustation, Preventing Boiler,*G. Ward


India-rubber, A. A. Lerenard, 16

India-rubber, C. Moseley, 384

India-rubber Compound, J. Buckingham,


India-rubber, Treating, J. Bourne, 384

India-rubber, Treating, W. R. Lake, 149

Indicator, G. White, 329

Indicator, Electrical, VV. Moseley, 274

Indicator Vehicle, W. Clark, 477 Indicators. Steering, Viehoff and Mathies-son, 34, 329

Injector, H. J. F. II, Foveaux, 329 Iniector, Gifford’s, J. Gresham, 34(5 Ink, Printing, S. Holmes, 167 Insect Trap, J. V. Delestre, 404 Instruments, Astronomical, W. E. Newton, 54

Instruments, Drawing, W. F. Stanley, 257 Instruments, Nautical, M. Henry, 3u4 Instruments, Optical, H. E. Newton, 187 Instruments, Surveying, D. R. Edgeworth, 404

Insulators, G. Davies, 404 Iron, A. T. Becks, 381 Iron, A. V. Newton, 240 Iron and Steel, H. K. York, 384 Iron and Steel, W. De la Itue, 404 Iron Ships, Protecting, W. P. Piggott, 404 Irrigation, Portable, J. Pumphrey, 364 Irrigators, T. W. Wedlake, 477

Jars, W. E. Newton, 477 Jewellery. W. B. Woodbury, 187 Jute, Treating, W. Clark, 311

Kamptulicon, Taylor, Dyer, and H, and J.

Dooley, 54

Kilns, P. Regnetti, 477

Kilns, Lime, J. R. Swann, 384 Kitchen Ranges, B. Wright, 401 Knife, R. Yeates, 257

Knitting Machines, S Norris, 240 Knobs, Attaching, G. Beadon, 364

Labels, &c., Benn and Luckmann, 54 Labels, R. Sweeting, 311 Lace, J. Hartshorn, 404 Lace, B. W. Selby, 257 Lace, C. E. Treadwin, 220 Lace Fabrics, H. N, Legendre, 203 Lace Machinery, T. Rebiere, 311 Lace, Ornamenting, C. G. Hill, 257 Lace, Valenciennes, Spencer and Cutis, 167 Lacing Boots, &c., J. H. Johnson, 384 Lacquering Goods, J. Harcourt, 34 Lamp, E. Lichtenscadt, 257 Lampblack, R. A. Broo.nan, 74 Lamp, Hydrocarbon, W. Snell, 74 Lamps, H. A. Bonneville, 186 Lamps, R. Clark, 203 Lamps, W. Clark, 422 Lamps, C. E. Giajola, 131 Lamps, J. and J. Hindis, 458 Lamps, R. H. Hughes, 384 Lamps,-W. R. Lake, 94 Lamps, E. Lichtenstadt, 346 Lamps, T. Rowatt, jun., 114

Lamps, Binnacle, Nunn and Brown, 240 Lamps, Spirit for, E. Liclitenstadt, 329 Lanterns, J. A. Forrest, 477 Lathe, Bung Turning, J. Kennan, 329 Lathes, <fcc, W. Macintosh, 149

Lathes, Potters’, Holdcroft and Wood, 114 Lathes, Potters', E. Leak, 203 Lead, Acetate of, R. A. Brooman, 74 Leaks, &c., Stopping, F. P. Warren, 187 Leather Articles, Finishing, C. Linford, 257 Leather, Cutting, Clunau and Nightingale, 74

Leather, Employing, G. and D. Hurn, 74 Leather Splitting, G. T. Bousfield, 16 Leather-splitting Machines, E. T. Hughes, 329

Leather, Substitute for, M. Lohren, 131 Lens, J. H. Dalemeyer, 187 Level, Gravitating, A. V. Newton, 291 Lifts, Turner and Conghin, 74 Liquids, A. V. Newton, 364 Litts, J. Norris, 16

Liquids, Drawing-off, T. J. Smith. 477 Liquids, Drawing-off Aerated, W. Clark, 329

Liquids, Raising, J. Hargrave, 346 Lock, R. Lancaster, 477 Locks, T. Cooper, jun., 346 Locks, &c., Dawes and Bobbins, 34 Locks, J. B. Fenby, 477 Locks, F. W. Kuiz, 477 Locks, F. Tolhausen, 114 Locks and Keys, W. E. Newton, 74 Locks and Latches, J. Martin, 31 Locomotives, A. Chaplin, 149 Locomotives, J. A. Longridge, 16 Locomotives, J. A. Loubat, 16

Log, Ships', Chatwood, and J. and T.

Sturgeon, 258

Loom Flickers, J. and G. Thorrock, 384 Looms, C. D. Abel, 291

Looms, J. and W. Binns, 187 Looms, J. and G. jun., Bulcock, 167 Looms, Bullough and Rosetter, 94 Looms, J. A. Castree, 149

Looms, W. and J. Chew and Lucas, 3„9 Looms, Clayton, Raper, Goulding, and

Howarth, 131

Looms, J. L. Davies, 329,477 Looms, Gaddand Moore, 114 Looms, R. M. Graystock, 311 Looms, J. J. and E. Harrison,^54, 149 Looms, Holding and Todd, 187 Looms, J. Hopwood, 477 Looms, W. R. Lake, 329 Looms W. E. Laycock, 34 Looms, W. S. Lascock, 257 Looms, II. Lea, 187, 404

Looms, Lord, Lancaster, and Bennett, 131 Looms, P. J. Macaigne, 311 Looms, Moore and Richmond, 74

Looms, Moore, Sagar, Keighley, and Richmond, 384

Looms, W. E. ivewton, 311 Looms, F. A. Renant, 477 Looms, C. Richardson, 346 Looms, Sagar, Keighley, Clegg, and Richmond, 94

Looms, J. Smalley, 203 Looms, J. Walker, 187 Looms, T. Watson, 74 Looms, J. Woollatt, 16 Looms, Pickers for, R. Edmondson, 114 Looms, Power, A. V. Newton, 346 Looms, Power, R. Willan, 94 Lozenges, &c.. J. J. Derricy, 311 Lubricating, H. Ashworth, 131 Lubricating, E. and 1./.Feather and Luty, 114

Lubricating, J. H. Johnson, 14 Lubricating, J. Rea, 54 Lubricating, T. J. Smith, 149 Lubricating, Whittaker and Lowe, 311 Lubricator, W. G. Beittie, 74

Lucerne Root, Treating, B. F. V.eatherdon, 346

Machinery, Excavating, J. Robertson, 186 Machinery, Reaping and Mowing, Sims, Beard, and Burns, 167 .

Machinery, Reaping and Mowing, W. M. Wells, 203

Machinery, Spinning, J. Sutcliffe, 203 Machinery; Spinning, J. Townsend, lt>< Machines, Printing, W. Rock, 187 Magnesium Light. R. Larkin, 240 Magnesium Light, T. Parker, 240 Malt, W. Lawrence, 477 Malt, Treating, F. (Litton, 384 Mangle, J. Clyne, 477 Manure, A. G. Lock, 311 Manure, A. F- Mineur, 186 Manures, A. G. Lock 311 Manures, A. V. Newton, 94

Maps, R. Stackhouse, 884

Marking at Ball Practice, E. R. Wethered, 2'4

Mashing Apparatus, T. Ryder, 311

Matches, W. E. Newton, 94

Materials, Conveying, W. Simons, 54

Mats and Brushes, G. Barber, 16

Matters, Blue Colouring, E. C. Nicholson, 364

M attress, W. E. Ge ’ge, 364

Mattresses, H. A. Bonneville. 384

Mattresses S. Dunrnere. 114

Meal Feeding. W. F. Cochrane, 74

Medicine, W. T. Cooper, 274

Metal, Cutting, Wolsteuholme and Pendlo-bury, 220

Metal, Hammering Sheet, W. and J. and

H. Harrison, 422

Metal, Raising Sheet, G. T. Bousfield, 74

Metal Rods, Gibson and Ellis, 458

Metal, Separating. Whelpley and Store, 477

Metals, Casting. W. Atkinson, 240

Metals, Preserving, H. E. F. de Briou, 187

Metals, Stamping, M. Spiguel, 364

Meter, Fluid, Angus and Stuart, 94

Meter, Fluid, J. and J. jun., Parkes, 329

Meter, Spirit, J. F. Hearsey, 203

Meters, Dry Gas, D. Cohen, 384

Meters. Fluid. E. M. du Boys, 240

Meters, Fluid, J. Lewis 149

Meters, Fluid, W. C. and IS. Myers, 257

Meters, Fluid. W. Richards, 167

Meters, Gas, W. Payton,422

Meters. Gas, W. W. Pocock, 149

Meters, Gas, J. Thomas, 203

Meters, Water, T. Kennedy, 203

Microscopes, P. H. Lealand, 2o3

Milk, Preserving, Burnard and Koppel, 404

Mills, W. Clark, 364

Mills, Feeding, Riches and Watts, 384

Mills, Grinding, J. and 8. Jackson, 74

Mills, Grinding, J. Morris, 422

Mills, Grinding, E. and H. Roberts, 240

Mills, Rolling, Spencer and McCorkindale,


Mineral Substances, Preserving, D. Nicoll, 404

Minerals, Distilling, J. F. Brinjes, 257

Minerals, Distilling, W. E. Newton, 257

Minerals, Distilling, J. Young, 240, 257

Minerals, Distilling, Young and Brash 404

Mining Machinery, C. Bartholomew, 114

Mining Machinery, Beache and Gilloit, 257

Mining Machinery, Cooke and Hunter, 16,


Mining Machinery, S. Dalby, 258

Mining Machinery, J. E. Donisthorpe. 240,


Mining Machinery, E. Fidler, 384

Mining Machinery, J. G. Jones, 346

Mining Machinery, J. Nisbet, 404

Mining Machinery, H. N Penrice, 114

Mining Machinery, J. Stephenson, 240

Mirrors, Supporting, J. Soutter. 131

Mixing Machinery, W. Robinson. 16

Moisture and Heat, Diffusing, Field and

Lloyd, "57

Mooring Floating Structures, Liddell and Newall, 16

Moorings, Relieving Strain on, W. Pendry,


Mortising Machinery, A. Clark, 149

Mortising Machinery, J. Curtis, 131

Motion, Converting Rotary, Willis and

Rico, 203

Motion, Producing, W. Brookes, 131

Motive Power, M. P. W. Boulton, 291

Motive Power, R. A. Brooman, 74

Motive Power, Cliatwood and Sturgeon, 346

Motive Power, W. Clark, 149

Motive Power, W. Darlow, 131

Motive Power, Dwyer and Moon, 74

Motive Power, F. G. A. Horstman, 319

Motive Power, T. T. Macueill, 74

Motive Power, J. Parker, 2o3

Motive Power, E. Perre. 91

Motive Power, J. Ramsbottom, 257

Motive Pewer, C. L. W. Reade, 34

Motive Power, J. G. Tongue, 149

Motive Power, G. Eauni, 220, 329

Moulds, R. A. Brooman, 203

Moulds, A. Gibb, 94

Moulds, J. F. Smith, 94

Moulds, W. Thomas, jun., ’3!

Moulds, Drying, Lishman nd Chambers,


Muffs, L. Norris, 477

Mules L. R. Bodmer, 291

Mules, J. and P. and S. Warbu ton, 149

Music, Turning over, W. Dixon 291

Nail Machinery, J. Sadler, 94

Nails, G. Mellor, 114

Nails, Horse, J. Huggett, 187

Navigation, Aerial, W. Clark, 16

Needles, B. Browne. 167

Needles, H. Essex, 384

Net, Safety, L. E. Laurency, 74

Night Lights. J. Jackson, 404

Numbering Consecutively, J. Fraser, 329

Nuts and Dies, O. C. Burdict, 34

Oil, J. H. Lester, 74

Oil, IL Robertson, 203

Oil, Watson and Player, 34

Oils, Purifying Mineral, B. McGrath, 54

Ointment, Sheep, Tomlinson and Hayward, 1<1

Optical, W. Kerr, 34

Optical Instruments, H. T. Humphreys, 240

Ordnance, H. Armes, 114

Ordnance, H. P. D. Cunningham, 74

Ordnance, Deakin and Johnson, 329

Ordnance, J. A. Longridge. 257

Ordnance, A. Moncrieff, 477

Ordnance, W. E. Newton, 240

Ordnance, C. O. Staunton, 149

Ordnance, W. Webb. 364

Ordnance, Breech-loading, W. Ager, 131

Ores, Calcining, E. K. Muspratt, 329

Ores, Crushing, O. E. Brooman, 346

Ores, &c., Crushing, A. B. Childs, 131

Ores, &c., Crushing, J. Jones, 114

Ores, Separating, J. Hunt, 240

Ores, Treating, G. Chetwynd, 94

Ovens, J. G. Clarke, 187

Ovens, Coke, W. B. and E. J. Collis, 311

j Ovens, Coke, C. Pardoe, 311

Oxides, Reducing, C. D. Abel, 384

Oxygen, R. A. Brooman, 74

Paddle-wheel, J. M. and T. MacGeorge, 346

Paper, W. Anderson, 74

Paper, W. R. Lake, 114

Paper, Larkin and Purkis, 167

Paper, Jas. Wright, 131

Paper, Albumenised, J. Skinner. 114

Paperhangings, Printing, R. Smith, 187

Paper, Waterproof, R. G. Allerton, 257

Paraffin, J. and J. K. Soames, 187

Paraffin, Purifying, W. B. Nation, 167

Passengers, Registering, Edwards, jun.,and

J. Ruff, 240

Pavement, T. Berrens, 186

Paying-out Apparatus, S. Griffith, 54

Peat, W. E. Gedge, 340

Peat, Treating, T. G. Ghislin, 257

Peat, Treating, J. Hodges, 74

Pen, Self-Supplying, Dean and Wheeler,


Pencil, A. V. Newton, 274

Penholders, J. A. and A. Norman, 240

Penholders, G. Seeley, 381 Pens, P. F. Bonvente, 404 Permanent Way, H. A. Bonneville, 16 Permanent Way, P. S. Bruff, 74 Permanent Way, J. Codke, 477 Permanent Way, W. Rogers, 422 Petroleum, Deodorising, J. H. Johnson, 47' Petroleum, Distilling, J. B. Grant, 149 Petroleum, Distilling, W. E. Newton, 220 Phosphorus, J. H. Player, 257 Photographic, A. J. Wright, 74 Photographs, Printing from, Woodbury and Davies, 94

Photography, V. M. Griswold, 16 Photography, C. Hedler, 384 Photography, Magic, W. Greene, 329 Pianoforte, G. Haseltine, 329

Pianofortes, Cooper, Duffield, aud Gibson.


Pianofortes, B. Jobson, 311

Pianofortes, S. Thompson, 364 Pianos, Tuning, G. Haseltino, 458 Pictures, Transparent, R. H. Ashton, 257 Pigments, A. V. Newton, 74 Pins, A. and J. Trotman and Cole, 274 Pipe Joints, C. D. Abel, 364

Pines, Cleaning and Smoking, M. P. E.

Vors, 311

Pipes, Gas, Macintosh and Boggett, 167 Pipes, Hot Water, Cumming and Edwards, 291

Pipes, &c., Moulding, Foster and Holling-rake, 329

Pipes, Securing, S. Middleton, 34 Pipes, Smoking, G. White, 422 Pipes and Tubes, E. Deane, 74 Pistons, J. H. Johnson, 16 Pistons, Pattison and Booth, 257 Pistons, Packing, T. Ironmonger, 274 Plane, Carpenters’, G. Muller, 311

Plates, Annealing Metallic, Prentice and Inglis, 311

Plates, Copper, C. Gilbin, 203 <

Plates, Metal, D, Evans, 364

Plates, Name, J. Nall, 257 Pneumatic Dispatch, G, Davies, 404 Pneumatic Railway, J. A. Maxwell, 458 Pocket, G. D. Jones, 186

Pocket, Towers, Clutterbuck, aud Muschamp, 477

Points aud Switches, W. E. Newton, 384 Polishing Materials, G. H. Smith, 311 Porcelain, &c., R. Jobson, 167

Portraiture, Photographic, W. S. Laroche, 311

Posts, Muir and Mcllwham, 203 Posts, Telegraphic, W. Baines, 74

Posts, &c., Telegraphic, G. S. Uobertson, 94 Potatoes, Cooking,jP. g. Charon, 131 Potatoes, Planting, E. Loomes, 340 Potatoes, Preserving, F. J. King, 114 Pottery, Boulton and Worthington, 167 Pounding Machinery, J. Patterson, 291 Powder, Blasting, A. Budenberg, 16 Powder, Polishing, G. P. Wheeler, 311 Power, Motive, V. Pastouin, 167 Power, Transmitting, A. Moore, 477 Press, Cotton, J. J. McComb, 54 Press, Lithographic, J. Mau, 257 Presses, Copper-plate. H. II. Collins, 74 Presses, Copying, C Armand, 203 Presses, Cotton, Walker and Warner, 384 Presses, Cutting, J.C. Patrick, 186 Presses, Hydraulic, E. Cottam, 94, 346 Presses, Hydraulic, Hely and Marshall, 329 Presses, Hydraulic, H. Strettle, 458 Presses, Lithographic, F. Cole, 114 Presses, Embossing, J. Pinches, 203 Priming, Preventing, J. Seward, 477 Printing, W. Clark, 114 Printing, M. Henry, 94 Printing, A. Leighton, 94 Printing, P. E. Placet, 203 Printing, J. W. Swan, 114

Printing, Blocks for, Ramage and Nelson, 274

Printing Machinery, A.-Applegath, 291 Printing, Photographic, W. II. and J. E.

Southwell, 422

Printing. Photographic, D. Winstanley, jun., 167

Projectiles, H. J. Alderson, 257

Projectiles, Blakely and Vavasseur, 114 Projectiles, C. E. Brooman, 258 Projectiles, C. de Cmsaris, 346 Projectiles, Deakin and Johnson, 384 Projectiles, G. P. Evelyn, 257 Propellers, B. Burchall, 54

Propellers, F. L. and C. L. Hancock, 34 Propellers, Screw, H. Hirseh, 149 Propellers, Screw, H. B. Young, 1S7 Propellers, Side, E. Forster, 210 Propelling, J, S. Watson, 74

Propelling and Steering, I). Spink, 264 Property, Protecting, W. A. Rudling, 114 Protectors, Foot, L. H. Thurgar, 16 Puddling, J, G. Williams, 257 Pulleys, H. W. Ley, 258 Pulleys, W. Parsons, 149 Pulp, Paper, W. Clark, 114 Pulp, Paper, C. H. Roeckner, 114 Pulp, Paper, W. A. West, 16 Pump, C. W. Orford, 54, 131 Pump Buckets, J. Goodfellow, 220 Pumps, H. Bateman, 477 Pumps, W. Easton, 74 Pumps, J. B. Fenby, 187 Pumps, D. Gallafent, 257 Pumps, Hoskold and Brain, Pumps, E. T. Hughes, 257 Pumps, W. Jackson, 34 Pumps, H. 8. Swift, 187

Pumps, Force, T. J. Reader, 257

Pumps, Rotary, W. H. Phillips, 364 Pumps, Steam, W. Clark, 329

Purses, &c., Fastenings for, Rawlings and Rest, 329

Pyrites, Treating, De la Rue and Muller, 404

Pyrites, Treating, C. Pengilly, 54 Pyrometers, B. F. Weatherdon, 458

Quilts, &e., Bed, Jones and Buckley, 16

Rags, Treating, Muller and de la Rue, 404

Rails, J. L. Booth, 404

Rails, <fcc., S. W. Kelly, 187

Railway Accidents, Preventing, W. Lyne, 94

Railways, J. Berrie, 131

Railways, H. Greaves, 477

Railways, G. Haseltine, 203

Railways, Atmospheric, A. Doull, 16

Raising, &c., Weights, J. Loader, 477

Rakes, Horse, R. and R. jun., Maynard, 477

Rakes, Horse, J. G. Rollins, 458

Reaping Hooks, G. Boote, 240

Reaping Machines, J. H. Johnson, 131

Reaping Machines, Lord and Norfolk, 404

Reaping and Mowing Machines, C. 8.

Baker, 94

Reaping and Mowing Machines, A. C.

Bamlett, 34

Reciprocating Motion, Converting, G. T.

Bousfield, 384

Recoil, Preserving, T. Boyle, 477

Reeds, M. Robinson and J. Smith, 220

Refrigerating, Miller and Byle, 149

Refrigerating, B. W. Richardson, 203

Refrigerators, E. A. Pontifex, 458

Regulator, Heat, H. Planck, 54

Regulators, Gas, D. Duff, 458

Respirator, W. Hibbert, 149

Retorts, Gas, Batchelor and Reddall, 114

Revivifying Charcoal, W. Cormack, 404

Revolvers, W. Clark, 54

Rings, J. Higgins, 187

River Banks, Preserving, W. E. Gedge, 422

Rivet Machinery, J. Fletcher, 404

Rivet Machinery, H. K. York, 16

Roads, J. H. Johnson, 203

Roaster, Coffee, A. B. Childers, 187

Rocks, Boring, 8. Richards, 329

Rods and Tubes, F. C. Bakewell, 311

Roller Beams, Cleaning, T. K. Whitehead, 422

Rollers, J. H. Johnson, 187

Rollers, G. Sheppard, 74

Rollers, Engraving, Leake and Beckett, 203

Rollers, Engraving, Leake, Shields, and Beckett, 329

Rollers, Weighting, P. Smith, sen,, 203

Rolling, Railway, Stock, W. E. Gedge, 3S4

Rolls, Actuating, F. C. and C. E. Winby, 203

Rolls, Chilled, F. R. Wheeldon, 187

Roofs, W. Howitt, 329

Ropes, R. Pettit, 291

Rotating Motion, J. W. Carr, 94

Rotatory Motion, H. E. Newton, 404

Roundabouts, Harrison and Featherstone, 74

Rowlocks, Fixing, F. Furrell, 422

Rudders, A. H. Linnington, 203

Rudders, Napier and Rankine, 54

Rudders, Ships’, C. F. Henwood, 4,58

Rules, Pocket, W. R. Lake, 203

Safes, Baxter and Hunt, 477

Safes, J. Bracher, 291

Safes, S. Cbatwood, 94

Safes, J. Chubb, 240

Safes, W. lleakin, 220

Safes, J. S. Gisborne, 404

Safes, Groves and Robinson, jun., 54

Safes, J. C. and H. J. Haddon, 329

Safes, G. Hindshaw, 329

Safes, F. Hinton, 257

Safes, Jessop and Warburton, 257

Safes, Maddocks and Dunn, 329

Safes, T. B. Moxon, 240

Safes, R. Noake, 311

Safes, E. Price and Co., 458

Safes, G. Price, 257

Safes, J. Tansley, 340

Safes, Fire-proof, J. W. Blackman, 54

Sails, Reefiug, G. Allin, 329, 477

Sails, Reefing, J. Davidson, 257

Sails, Reefing, J. Medhurst, 291

Salt, D. Hall, 274

Saltpetre, &c., C. Delafield, 186

Saving Life at Sea, G. Randle, 240

Saving Life at Sea, C. Ravelli, 257

Saving Life at Sea, M. Samuelson, 364

Sawing Machinery, J. East, 477

Sawing Machinery, H. Wilson, 340

Saws, Grinding, G. and E. and A. A. Atkin, 94

Saws, Tempering, J. Dodge, 220

Scales, E- T. Hughes, 257

Scales, Engineers’, H. Dean, 114

Scissors, R. Badger, 34

Screw, Differential, R. A. Brooman, 131

Screwing Machine, E. Watteeu, 16

Scuttle, Coal, J. Banfill, 114

Sea Water, Distilling, J. H. Wilson, 364

Sea Water, Purifying, J. Gray, 240

Seed, Sowing, H. A. Bonneville, 186

Seeds, Assorting, Kerridge and Peverett, 94

Sewage, Applying, C. H. Bovill, 404

Sewage, Deodorising, E. Brooke, jun., 311

Sewage, Deodorising, C. T. Liernur, 311

Sewage, Deodorising, J. E. Noone, 364

Sewage, Treating, F. Sutton, 94

Sewage, Utilising, J. Linton, 16

Sewage, Utilising, G. W. Shinner, 329

Sewing Machine, .Barker and Davis, 149

Sewing Machine, J. W. Bartlett, 401

Sewing Machines, W. S. Guinness, 74

Sewing Machines, R. Gutteridge, 257

Sewing Machines, M. Henry, 384

Sewing Machines, W. Jackson, 74

Sowing Machines, J. Paterson, 187

Sewing Machines, A. Pilling, 257

Sewing Machines, J. B. Robertson, 477

Sewing Machines, A. Smith, 131

Sewing Machines, W. N. Wilson, 477

Sewing Machines, W. Winter, 131

Sewing Machines, G. B. Woodruff, 114

Sextant, Rowan and Morton, 329

Shears, R. Badger, 257

Shears, W. E. Newton, 74

Shells, <fcc., C. A. McEvoy, 34

Shells, C. A. McEvoy, 477

Shipwreck, Preserving Life from, Azzio,

Cotti, and Ferrario, 422

Ships, J. Weems, 220

Ships’ Bottoms, Protecting, C. P. Coles. 16

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, H. Gardner. 149

Ships, Cleaning, J. Anderson, 34

Ships, Cleaning, J. Bulley, 240

Ships, Cleaning, H. F. McKillop. 34

Ships, Cleaning, W. and S. Machin, 257

Ships, Coating, R. Hamilton, 364

Ships’ Decks, W. Gerard, 477

Ships’ Hatches, &c., Closing, C. E, II. C.

Healey, 131

Ships’ Hatches, Closing, W. R. Milley, 274

Ships’ Hatches, Protecting, W. Flemming, 257

Ships, Propelling, J. H. Johnson, 404

Ships, <fcc., Propelling, W. J. Murphy, 422

Ships, Protected Iron, J. B. Thompson, 384

Ships, Protecting, M. J. Roberts, 257

Ships, Protecting, J. Russell, 458

Ships, Recovering Sunken, H. A. Bonneville, 458

Ships, Sheathing, W. F. Deane, 34

Ships, Sheathing, H. B. James, 345

Ships, Steering, J. Ashdown, 54

Ships, &c„ Steering. J. Howden, 149

Ships and Vessels, C. O. Papengouth, 74

Shipsand Vessels, T. E. Symonds, 329

Ships of War, C. P. Coles. 477

Ships of War, R. Napier, 404

Ships of War, J. S. Russell, 203

Shirts, J. Blair, 311

Shoeing Horses, &c., J. Sainty, 51

Shoes, Horse, J. Gamgee, 291

Shoes, Horse, J. Sainty, 477

Shoes, Pile, W. Eassie, 94

Shutters, Folding, J. Goddard, 16

Shutters, Revolving, E. W. Bunnett, 240

Shutters, Revolving, J. H. Forshaw, 203

Shutters, Revolving, T. Kirby, 404

Shutters, Sliding, J. H. Mullin, 240

Shuttle Motion, F. Tolhausen, 203

Shuttles, AUanson and Lowe, 220

Shuttles, A. Bullough, 329

Shuttles, R. Durragh, 404

Shuttles, 8. Nelson, 187

Sifting Machinery, M, Myers, 311

Signalling, T. Brittan, 346

Signalling, W. Buckley, 94

Signalling, J. S. Gisborn, 54

Signalling, Pickin and Bailey, 203

Signalling, J. Smith, 203

Signalling in Trains, R. Donaldson, 240

Signals, &c., Actuating, J. Brown, 384

Signals, Detonating, Le Keux and Wishart, 203

Signals, Railway, J. Irwin, 114

Signals, Railway, J. Knight, 477

Signals, Railway, J. A. Warwick, 422

Size, J. Townsend, 203

Sizeing, S. Bennett, 346

Skates, F. Tolhausen, 203

Skirts, Ladies’, J. H. Johnson, 167

Slag, Treating, J. J. Bodmer, 346

Sleepers, V. S, Fombuena, 346

Slide Valves, Adams and Parson, 187

Smoke, Consuming, J. Botterill, 381

Smoke, Consuming, C. Gall, 18/

Smoke, Consuming, W. Naylor, -o7

Smoky Chimneys, Curing, W. L. Gedge, 384 L

Soap, L. J. Bouchart, a4

Soap, T. Gray, 346

Soap, Ammoniacal, J. Hooker, 404

Soda, M. Henry, 54

Soda, W. Weldon, 340, 384

Soda, Carbonates of, G. Lunge, 36±

Soil, Manuring, T. Spence 131

Sounds, Augmenting, J. Macintosh, 291

Spades, &c., J. W. Yates, 240

Spanners, H. Chandler, 240

Spanners, J. Boe, 220

Spike, W. R. Lake, 340

Spindies, G. T. Bousfleld, 404

Spindles, Lubricating, J. Marsh, 384

Spinning, H. B. Barlow, 257

Spinning, J. B. Booth, 2_0

Spinning, Campbell, McKinstry, and Wil

son, 34, 257

Spinning, E. Clifton, 34 th

Spinning, Pore, Tapley, and Cord well, 131

Spinning, Elco and Cotton, 34

Spinning, G. A. Ermen, 329

Spinning, J. B. Fuller, 346

Spinning, Hastings, Briggs, Law, ana

Mitchell, 364 , .

Spinning, Moore, Haslem, and Robinson, 404

Spinning, A. V. Newton, 131

Spinning, Pilling and Scaife, 74

Spinning, Sunderland and Stell, 404

Spinning, Tankard and Cockcroft, 4i i

Spinning Machinery, Ardrey, Beckett, and

Smith, 131 ,

Spinning Machinery, J. M. Ryo Catteau, 364

Spirit Treating, Taylor and Hewitt, 329

Spoon Rest, J. Roberts, 94

Springs, J. F. Belleville, 240

Springs, B. Hadley, 422

Springs, S. Moulton, 291

Springs, Statham and Collins, 384

Springs, L. Sterne, 149

Springs, Coiled, J. W. Evans, 458

Springs, India-rubber, G. Spencer, 149

Stairs, G. Hawksley, 54

Stamps, Damping, Gill and Bird, 114

Starch, Rice, J. W. Gray, 94

Stays, S. Dixon, 54

Stays, W. Pretty, 149

Stays, Casement, &c., E. Tonks, 25 <

Steam, Drying, Pollit aud Wizzell, 257

Steam Engines, B. W. Farey, 187

Steam, Generating, J. Bernard, 477

Steam, Generating, R. Newton, 291

Steam, Generating Superheated, A. V.

Newton, 203

Steam, Increasing Force of, J. Taylor, 422

Steam, Regulating Supply of, C. D. Abel, 167

Steam, Superheating, A. C. Campbell, 257

Steel, J. Birch, 34

Steel, C. E. Brooman, 291

Steel and Iron, F. Preston, 114

Steering Apparatus, S. Clark, 54

Steering Apparatus, A. Murray, 149

Steering Apparatus, J. Skinner, 257

Stereoscope, P. W. Gengembre, 316

Stereoscopes, I. Baggs, 54

Stereotyping, G. Hazeltiiie, 458

Stereotyping, M. Nelson, 422

Stone, Artificial, F. Ransome, 257

Stone Breaker, J. Frost, 329

Stones, Grinding Lithographic, W. Co-nisbee, 257

Stopper, Port, A. V. Newton, 187

Stoppers, Bottle, N. Thompson, 54

Stove, Hot-blast, J. Player, 364

Stoves, G. F. Russell, 94

Straw, Treating, Brown and May, 187

Streets, &c., A. and W. Young, 477

Stud, J. McClenahan, 114

Studs, Buttons, &c., W. E. Gedge, 240

Stuffing-box, V. Duterne, 291

Sugar, W. E. Gedge, 220

Sugar, J. H. Johnson, 3z9

Sugar, Beetroot, C. J. Bensen, 114

Sugar, &c., Decolourising, J. M. A. Mont-clar, 149

Sugar, Refining, M. F. Anderson, 149

Sulphur, A, C. St. P. de Sincay, 16

Sulphur, Separating, G. Davies, 329

Sulphur, Separating, P. W. Hofmann, 329

Superheating Steam, J. Stocks, 240

Surfaces, Ornamenting, H. D. I’limsoll, 422

Surfaces, Printing, J. Cheverton, 422

Surfaces, Printing, D. C. Dallas, 422

Swings, C. P. Button, 16

Syphon, R. H. Bore, 114

Tables, Billiard, H. S. Marshall, 16

Tackle, Lifting, T. W. Roys, 114

Tan, Extracting, W. E. Newton, 203

Tanning, C. de Ctesaris, 220

Tanning, J. M. Macrum, 364

Tanning, E. and J. Turner, 220

Tapers, &c., S. A. Bell, 404

Tap-holes, Closing, T. Hutton, 422

Taps, S. Mason, 187

Taps and Casks, W. Dennis, 422

Taps and Valves, Brown, Wheeldon, and Thompson, 203

Taps and Valves, E. Candler, 149

Taps aud Valves, J. Dickinson, 346

Taps and Valves, C. W. Moon, 34

Taps and Valves, W. J. Walsh, 114

Tar, Distilling, W. E. Newton, 220

Target, J. Hall, 458

Targets, Mounting, W. Soper. 384

Tars, P. A. F. Bobauf, 187

Tea, Campbell and Burgess, 94

Tea, Artificial, H. F. Davis, 329

Telegraph iVpparatus, Electric, C. audS. A.

j Varley, 114

I Telegraph Conductors, D. Nicoll, 220

1 Telegraphic Apparatus, C. T. Bowdoin, 458

I Telegraphic Apparatus, Electric, Martin and 8. A. and F. H. Varley, 114

Telegraphic Instruments, C. H. Chadburn, 54

Telegraphs, Electric, Martin and 8. A. and

F. H. Varley, 329

Telegraphs, Submarine, F. Wibrath, 240

Telegraphy, J. H. Johnson, 477

Telescope Stands, T. D. Rock, 422

Tents, Photographic, E. Cox, 329

Tetra, Chloride of Carbon, C. Crump, 94

Theodolites, J. C. Haddau, 34

Thermometer, R. Shaw, 94

Thrashing Machinery, J. aud J. J. Hayes, sen. and juu., 384

Thread Finishing, 8. Barbom, 364

Thread, Kic., Spooling. W. Clark, 404

Threads, Waxing,jW. R. Lake, 34

Threshing Machines, Kilby and Dixon, 471

Throstle Machines, T. Parkinson, 54

Tie, Cotton Bale, W. E. Newton, 54

Timber, Preserving, A. Prince, 114

Timekeeper, H. and E. and L. Abcnheim 149

Tires, R. E. Price, 16

Tires, Rolling, T. E, Vickers, 94’

Tobacco, Substitute for, R. A. Brooman, 1 Tobacco, Substitute, F. C. Buissou, 364 Tools, Holding, F. M. Edeu, 220 Tools, Wood, N. Thompson, 257

Topsails, W. Davidson, 220

Tops, Spring, R A. Brooman, 94

Torpedoes, N. J, Holmes, 34

Torpedoes, C. A. McEvoy, 149

Toy, Pyrotechnic, T. King, 16

Trains, Communicating, R. Howarth, 34

Trains, Communicating, Martinand Varley 329

Trains, Communicating in, Pickup au< Heald, 54

Trains, Communicating in, P, E. Waddell 149

Trains, Communicating in, C. V. Walker 167

Trains, Communicating in, H. Wilde, 186

Trains, Safety in, C. Defries, 186

Trains, Signalling in, T. Aiderman, 458

Trains, Signalling in, M. Siegrist, 16

Trains, Stopping, G. Voight, 94

Travellers, W. N. Wynn, 291

Triggers, M. A. Caire, 477

Trimmings, W. Smith, 54

Troughs, G. Rumbelow, 329

Truss, C. Easby, 16

Trusses, G. and D. Hill, 203

Tubes, W, Webb, 203

Tubes, Cleansing, Post and Cranston, 401

Tubes, Cutting, A. V. Newton, 16

Tubes, Metal, T. Rickett, 16

Tubes, Metal, W. Summer, 131

Tubes, Wrought Iron, H. A. Bonneville, 141

Tunnelling, B. Morton, 257

Turbines, W. Brookes, 16

Turbines, O. Werner, 291

Turning over Leaves, G. and E. Ashworth.


Turntable, Ireland and Davies, 94

Tuyeres, E. Davey, 346

Type-composing, J. Delcambe, 458

Type-composing, A. Mackie, 34

Type-composing, A. and W. Young, 94

Umbrella Tips, Rosenthal and Gradenwitz. 54

Umbrellas, Ince and Bedwell, 384

Umbrellas, M. Jackson, 114

Umbrellas and Parasols, R. Fryers. 422

Utensils, Protecting, J. A. Nicholson, 404

Vacuum Apparatus, V. T. Juuod, 203

Valve Slide. J. Trent, 203

Valves, W. H. Atkinson, 404

Valves, J. Fletcher, 203

Valves, J. Lewis, 404

Valves, Waddell and Muir, 364

Valves, Williamson audMarreu, 187

Valves, Distributing, Hawdon, W. and W., and Heather, 346

Valves, Safety, 11. Hackett, 240

Valves, Screw, G. T. Blundell, 364

Valves, Slide, W. Bond, 346

Varnish, C. E. Brooman, 346

Vegetables, Pickling, H. A. Manfield, 422

Vehicle, Four-wheeled, R. Pickering, 346

Vehicles, Two-wheeled, J. W. Friend, 257

Vehicles, E. Price, 187

Veneering, J. Chambers, 257

Veneering, R. Thompson, 364

Ventilating, W. Clark, 54

Ventilating, J. J. and E. Harrison, 16

Ventilators, E. Holden, 404

Ventilators, D. B. White, 404

Ventilators, Hat, J. B. Croxall, 74

Vermin, H. G. Hope, 404

Vermin, Destroying, J. G. Hope, 3SI

Vessels, Forts, &c., J. Walker, 220

Vessels, Propelling, J. Hamilton, 114

Vessels, Propelling, Neville and Gordon, 477

Vessels, Propelling, D. Spink, 54

Vessels, Propelling, H. S. Swift, 384

Vessels, &c., Securing Contents of, S. Middleton, «04

Vessels, Steam, W. Clark, 257

Vessels, Steam, J. H. Johnson, 149

Vices, Parker and Rossell, 258

Vices, J. Spear, 240

Wadding, A. Barker, 257

Wagons, Loading, A. V. Newton, 257

Wagon Covers, Coating, J. Mcllwraith, 422

Walks, Hoeing, <!ic., J. Webster, 422

Warmer, Foot, J. F. Wheeler, 74

Warping, A. Turner, 364

Warping Machinery, Wyld and Kershaw, 94

Washing Machinery, R. A. Brooman, 94

Washing Machinery, G. E. Donisthorpe,364

Washing Machinery, B. Farmer, 149

Washing Machinery, W. H., 240

Washing Machinery, J. H. Johnson, 40I

Washing Machinery, Kirkham, Ensou and Brook, 257

Washing Machinery, Samwells and Nve 131 J ’

Washing Machines, T. Bradford, 74

Waste Liquors, Treating, Amos and Anderson, 291

Watch Keys, J. Carpenter. 340

Watch Pendants, G. Snowball,401

Watch Protectors, H Gotheimer 94

Watches, C. Powell, 477

Watches, Winding, A. Guye, 54

Water-closets, J. Broadfoot, 114

Water-closets, Chapman and Rose, 404

Water-closets, Durmuis and Others, 477

Water-closets, P. Ellis, 16

Water-closets, C. E. Giajola, 187

Water-closets, Hackett and Marsden 401

Water-closets, H.E. Newton, 94 ’

Water, Discharging, Norton and Bunger, 94

Water, &c., Distributing, Russ and W ed-lake, 257

Water, Ejecting, H. A. Huzzey, 364

Water, Forcing, J. Bernard, 422

Water, Forcing, H. McPhaie 311

Water-pressuie Regulator, J. Sheldon 422

Water, Raising, J. G. Avery, 187

Water Supply, J. B. Atwater, 187

Waters, Aerated, R. Hineson, 311

Wax, Purifying, 8. Sequelin, 384

Weaving, R. A. Brooman, 34

Weaving, L. D’Aubreville. 149

Weaving, Johnston and Astley, 16

Webs, Elastic, J. Cole, jun., 257

Wedges, J. Glutton, 94

Weighing Apparatus, N. R. Hall, 1S7

Weighing Machine, W. R. Lake 220

Weighing Machines, J. M. Napier 114

Wheel, Steam, W. E. Gedge, 74

WSteeffeirl329RegUlatiUg iIotion of> p-

Wheels, R. E. Kaulbach, 149

Wheels, G. F. Russell, 187

■Wheels, C. E. and F. C. Winbv 203

WHeols, Casting Railway, AV.' Newton, o zy *

Wheels, Moulding, T. Deakin, 384

Yruee S’ £addlc> W- E' Newton 829

Whee s, Toothed, R. Mathers 94

Renuiea2?4 Tramwa>s- Johnson and

WRketT WL n"VV- CWhbert,’ 31«

Wickets, W. H. Stanley, 404

\\ inches, A. H. Robinson, 220

Winding Apparatus, Muir and Mcllwham,

Winding Machinery, J. J, Ashworth 10

Windlasses, E. Walker, 94 aworlU) 10

Window Sashes, C. A. B. Target 384

Fitz-John, 54

Wines, E. Dreveton, 2,4

Wire Conductors, W. Boggett, 34

Wire, &c., Rolling, G. Bedson, 181

Wood, Combining, S. Drake, 1S7

Wood, &c., Drilling, &c > W. J. Cunmno

Wood Machinery,

Wood, Ornamenting, H- Wood, 346

Work, Holding, G. R. Mather, 4/7

Worts, W. Lawrence, 477

Wrench, W. D. Grimshaw, 94

Writing, J. Williams, 149

Yarn, C. Mather, 203

Yarn, &c., Dressing, Hill and Whitehead, 329

Yarn, Sizeing, R. Re^^rst. 32?

Yarn, Warping,&c.. W. .Bullough, 31;

Yarn, Winding, J. Broadbent, _o7

Yarns, &e., G. T. Bousfield, 384

Yarns, &c., J. A. Cooper, 54

Yarns, P. Sanderson, 384

Yarns Printing, Stringer and Birch, 14.)

Yarns, Sizeing, Haworth, Parrington, and

Hudson, 257

Yarns Treating, J. Malhson, 167

Yarns, Washint, C. Mather, 220

Zinc, C. W. Siemens, 291

abstracts of Specifications. LIST OF NAMES.

Abel, C. D, Paper, 293

Abel, C. D., Rotary Pumps, 4Ou

Abel, F. A., Waterproofing, 132

Abell, R., Ventilat ng Sewers, 3»o

Abrams, J. M., Coin Receiver. •<’>

Adams and Parsons, Slide Valves, 3 y

Addenbrooke, J. and G., and Millwa. ,

Collecting Gas, 366

Aitken, R., Locomotives, 275

Akeroyd and Lister, Shuttles, 188

Allcock, T., Stair Rods, 188

Allman, H., Safes, 205

Ambler, W., Knickerbockers 318

Anderson, J., Signalling, 258

Anderson, L., Horse-shoes, &c., 168

Allen, W. D., Tires, 478

Anderson and Durant, Pockets, 24*-

Andrew and Taylor, Safes, 205

Applegath, A., Printing, 205

Armitage, J., Drills, 95 ..

Armitage, Wooler and Hodgson, Tires,

Armstrong, R. W., Moulding, 205

Arnoldi, J. R., Steam Engines, 311

Ash, H. A., Ice Safes, 242

Ashby, M., Refrigerators, 35

Askew, J., Stoneing Raisins, 293

Aston, W., Buttons, 206

Atherton and Renton, Steering Ships, •««-

Atkin, R., Propeller, 292

Atkins, J., Tubes, 76

Audin wood, jun., J. W., Reaping and Mow

ing Machines, 35

Austin, J. B., Stopping Bottles, 2-3

Avery, J. G., Paint, 222

Avy, J. E., Self-acting Regulator, 423

Ayckbourn, F., Stockings, 224

Bacon, G. W., Gymnastics, 424

I Badger and Steff, Harrows, &c., 259

Baggs, J., Telegraphy, 35

Baggs, T., Preserving Provisions, 44-

Baggs, 8., Gases, 423

Baggs, T., Artificial Light, 77

Bagnagatti, G., Gas Burners, 224

Bailey, J. and W. H., Combing Machine! 221

Bailey, T. B , Fringes, 241

Bailey and Englan 1, Lock, 205

Baker, J., Motive Power, 16

Baker, V., Motive Power, 16

Baker, V., Water Power, 131

Ballard, J., Window Blinds, 406

Bamber, C. R., Magnesium Light. 35

Bankart, A., Calcining Copper Ore, 424

Barclay, A., Boilers, 95

Barford and Perkins, Mills, 241

Barker, W. R., Surgical Injector, 367

Barlow, H. B., Spinning Mules, 385

Barwick, W., Decorating Houses, 365

Barnes, R. W., Surveying Sewers, &c., 81 »

Barber, J. L.» Skates, 224

, Bartlett, G., Artificial .Manure, 460

| Barton, W., Cooking Ranges. 116

i Bastier, J. 0., Raising Liquids. 368

I Bateman, H., Cigar Lights, 478

1 Biteman and Garrard, rump, 406

1 Bates, 8., Lace Machines, 55

i Bateson, S. S., Croquet Mallets, 36

t Baudot, H. C., Musical Instrument, 150

i Bayliss, M., Spikes, 424

Bayliss, W. P., Atmospheric Railways, 9’»

Beamish, J., Lubricating, 275

Beanes, E., Treating Charcoal, 423

Beard and Maiden, Lubricating, 422

Beard more, W., Furnaces, 385

Becker, N. de, Umbrellas and Parasols, 33

Bclicard,jun., J., Velvets, Arc., 115

Bell, S. A., Matches, 480

Bell, T. and T. L. G., Calcining Copper, 276

Beigel, H., Oxygen, 75

1 Bennett, A. M., Ascertaining Sped He Gravity, 366

i Bennett, F. G., Facilitating Walking, 47s

Bennett, L., Improved Needle, 406

Bennett, 8., Gauge Cocks, 480

Benson, M., Steam Pumping Engines. ' »

Bergue, C. de, Locomotive Engines, 55

Bernard, J., Blasting, 4 24

Bernhard, J., Saltpetre, 222

Berrens, T., Pavement, 459

Berrons, T., Threshing Machine, 423

Bessemer, H., Iron and Steel, 443

Betts, W., Capsules, 206

Beziel, P. M. C., Chains, <fcc., 76

Biessy, R., Splitting Cane, 406

Biggs, W. W., Iron, 132

Billings, J.» Ventilators, 222

Bird, A., Purifying Water, 293

Birt, W., Communication in Trains, 459 Blackbum, A. B.,Communicating in Train.®,


Blair, H., Gases, 95

Blanchard, M., Terra-cotta, 205

Boboeuf, P. A. F.. Colouring Matters, 11 »

Bodmer, J. J., Building, 18

Boetius, J. E., Furnaces, 222

Boffey and Smith, Coating Surfaces, 293

Boggett, W., Wire Conductors, 293

Boissonneau, A., Artificial Eyes, 442

Bonelli, J., Optical Illusions, 18 Bonneville, H. A., Axle-boxes, 168

Bonneville, H. A., Checking, &c., Cab Fares, 168

Bonneville, H. A., Cylinders, 312

Bonneville, H. A., Copying Letters, 276

Bonnovillo, II. A., Distilling Alcohol 276 Bonneville, H. A., Dreis Holder, 224* * Bonneville, H. A., Dyeing, 222 ’ Bonneville. H. A., Head Coverings 4 so Bonneville, H. A., Life boats, 35 Bonneville, H. A., Lubricating, 276 Bonneville, H. A., Pistols, 150 Bonneville, H. A., Pressing Elastic 276 Bonneville, H. A., Safety Lamps 294 Bonneville, H. A., Save-alls, 294 ’ " Bonneville, H. A., Submarine Cables eno Bonneville, H. A., Tanning, 276 ’

Bonneville. H. A., Toys, 224 Bonnevilic, H. A., Velvet, 276 •loot and Coxon, Lace Machines 55 Botham, W„ Regulator for Feeding Bottles,

Boulay, du, T., Velocipedes, 347 Boulton, M. P. W., Boilers, 16 107 Boulton, M. 1. W., Motive Power 1151 Bousflold, G. T.» Folding Chainl 22? J Bousfleld, G. T., Flexible Tubing 276 Bousdeld, G. T., Heating, 16s ’

Boustield, G. T., Peat Treating 293 Boustield, G. T„ Portfolios, <tc’ 848 Bowden, J., Bellows, 223 ’

Boyd, B. A., Cooling Rooms, 294 Boyd, Cn Cotton Presses, 406 Boyd, S.. Cotton Press 150

Braithwaite, J., Spools and Bobbins, 55 Brampton, F., 1 lies and Letter-holders, 206 Brandreth, P. T.and J. H., Brushing Hair,

Brandon, H., Signals, 405 '

Braqucnio, A., Carpets, 422

Brigham and Bickerton, Reaping &c

Machines, 275 ’’

Brinckorhofl, J. do W., Preparing Paper

366 ’

Bristol, R. C., Slide Valves, 276

Brett. W., Track, 460

Brooke. E..juu., Deodorising Sewage, 34S

Brookes, W., Bridges, 221

Brookes, W. H., Fog-horns, 205

Brooks, W., Heating Knives, &c., 56

Brooman, R. A. Blast Furnaces, 330

Brooman, R. A., Burning Liquid, Hydro-

Carbons, 56

Brooman, R. A., Caloric Engine. 385

Brooman, R. A., Collars and Cuffs, 76

Brooman, R. A. Colouring Matter, 333

Broomau, R. A., Decomposing and Superheating, 367

Brooman, R. A., Dissolving Pitch, 56

Brooman, R. A., Furnaces, 16

Brooman, it. A., Iron and Steel, 223

Brooman, R. A., Kilns, 18

Brooman, it. A., Locks, 294

Broomau, R. A., Moulding, 292

Brooman, R. A., Oil Reservoirs, IS

Brooman, R. A., Printing Machinery, 35

Brooman, R. A., Pumps, 96

Brooman, It. A., Hewing Machines, 366

Brooman, R. A., Purifying Water, 366

Brooman, R. A., Rotary Pumps, 329

Brooman, R. A., Shawls, 442

Brooman. R. A., Shaping Iron, 36

Brooman, R. A., Steam Carriages, 75

Brooman, R. A., Steel, 75

Broomau, R. A., Surgical Instruments, 168

Brooman, R. A., Table, 35

Brooman, R. A., Tuning Pianos, 56

Brooman, R. A., Twisting Threads, 2C4

Brooman, R. A., Washing, Ac., Machines, 349

Broomau, R. A., Washing Machinery, 204

Brooman, R. A , Watches, 36

Brooman, R. A., Weaving, 55, 206

Brown, J., Cartridges, 330

Brown, W. II., Metallic Tubes, 242

Brown, W. H., Springs, 318

Brown, J., Ordnance, 188

Brown, J. B., Lawn Mowing Machiues, 168

Broadbent, J. C., Safety Apparatus, 294

Brunet, B. F., Testing Torsion, 276

Buchanan and Boyd, Printing, &c., 183

Buckingham, J., Lathe Chucks, 424

Buckingham, J., Screw Wrenches, 424

Budonberg, A., Adjusting Levels, 206

Bullock, E. and J., Photography, 479

Bullough, J., Looms, 75

Bullough. W., Looms, 168 •

Hunger, W., Lenses, 479

Hunger, W., Vessels, 342

Burdon, W. W., Pulping Machinery, 168

Burgess, C. T.. Reaping Machiues, 275

Burnley. R., Chucks, 386

Busfield and Walmsley, Combing Machinery, 35

Button, C. P., Revolving Dish Cover, 330

Buxton, S., Mineral Register, 187

Bycrley, E., Communicating in Trains, 17

Byford, J., Reaping Machines, 75

Caddick, D., Furnace, 97

Calvert, J., Propelling. 55

Cambell, T., Treating Tea-leaf, 460

Cambell, Coote, and Wolfnun, Drying Peat, 442

Cambridge, W. C., Bearings, 222]

Cambridge. W. C., Clod Crushers, &c., 365

Cameron, R. M. and D., Pens, 367

Campbell. T., Distilliug, 367

Carden, H. C., Metronome, 478

Carlevaris, P., Light, 35

Carlier, F.. Extinguishing Fires, 294

Carron, W., Screws, 242

Carter, G., Locks, 76

Carter, G., Washers, 479’

Carter, J. M., Shirts, Ac., 241

Cartwright, H., Engines, 187

Cartwright, M., Bellows, 843

Cartwright, M., Boots aud Shoes, 368

Cartwright and Dale, Boots and Shoes, 223

Cashin and Allender, Iron and Steel, 348

Cashin and Felix, Fasteners for Driving

Bands, 424

Cassells and .Morton, Furnaces, 404

Castliclaz and Basset, Oxalic Acid, 27 6

Catchpole, T., Weaving, 405

Cato, P., Iron Shipbuilding, 168

Caton and Holden, Looms, 442

Chadburn, C. H., Telegraphic Printing, 460

Chaffer, Thompson, J. and C., Dressing

Stone, 330

Chambers and Gregory, Locks, 479

Chaplin, A., Steam Boilers, 364

Chattaway, C., Fire-arms, 405

Chatterlev, J- B., Cruet Frames, 96

Chatwood, 8., Safes, 242

Chaudet, J. H., Dyeing, 116

Chaulin, J. A. M., Rendering Incombustible, 116

Cheffins, A., Omnibuses, 131

Clapperton and Lyle, Setting up Casks, &c.,

76 ,

Clark, E., Floating Dock. 2i j

Clark, E., Sheathing Iron Vessels, 40u

Clark, G., Drawing Instrument, 96

Clark, G-. Envelopes for Bottles, 36

Clark, G.. Labelling, 424

Clark, J. L., Submarine Cables, 20o

Clark, W., Bath Apparatus, 406

Clark, W., Chemicals, 423

Clark, W., Connecting Drums, 479

Clark, W., Consuming Smoke, 36

Clark, W., Copper Ores, 405

Clark, W., Deodorising Sugar, 292

Clark, W., Engines and Valves. 241

Clark, W., Knitting Needles, 479

Clark, W., Loading, &c., Ships, 188

Clark, W.. Magnetic Telegraphs, 276

Clark, W.,' Measuring Apparatus, 222

Clark, W., Motive Power, 84’

Clark, W.. Motive Power Engine, 149

Clark, W., Paper Manufacture, 424

Clark, W., Permanent Way, 241

Clark, W., Preventing Railway Accidents,


Clark, W„ Printing, 36

Clark, W., Printing Fabrics, 423

Clark, W., Propelling, 221, 365

Clark, W., Purifying Hydro-carbons, 460

Clark, W., Saddles, 275

Clark, W., Sewing Machines, 406

Clark, W., Submarine Cables, 242

Clark, W., Swimming Apparatus, 205

Clark, W., Treating Paper Pulp, 348

ClarKe, R., Imitation Embroidery, 204

Claus, C. F., Chemical, 75

Clay, W., Ventilating Railway Carriages, 17

Clayton, J., Ingot Moulds, 96

Clayton, L., Carpets, 221

Clayton, Raper, and Goudling, Looms, 132

Clifton, H., Churn, 460

Clifton, H„ Sewing Machines, 480

Coburn, J. W., Boots and Shoes, 348

Cochrane, C., Separating Dust, 478

Cockburn, W., Weaving, 132

Cochrane, H., Stoves, 479

Cohen, B. S., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 17

Cole, Smith, and Soares, Motive Power, 204

Colley, A., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 35

Collier, E. W., Securing Labels, 330

Collins, C. J., Artificial Fuel, 18

Collins and Butterfield, Cutting Fustian, 75

Collyer and Roberts, Tobacco, 276

Combe, J., Spinning, 385

Cooke, T., Aneroid Barometers, 406

Cooke, W., Curing Smoky Chimneys, 368

Cooke, W., Window Fittings, 365

Cooper, J. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 442

Cope, C. H., Cinder Sifter, 386

Cope, W. H., Cleaning Cotton Seed, 442

Cope and Guest, Rope, 242

Corson, W. R., Shop Fronts, 150

Cory and Adams, Unloading Vessels, 293

Cottam, E., Stable Fittings, 312

Cotterill. C. T., Stopping Pipes, 366

Cotton, S., Hackling Machinery, 405

Courtauld and Atkinson, CarriagoWindows,

Cowan, D., Lifts, 95

Cowpe aud Hancock, Brake, 241

Cowper and Siemens, Separating Dust, 294

Cox, J., Oars, &c., 55

Craig, A., Extracting Oil from Coal, &c., 367

Craig, H. G., Railway Carriages, 347

Craigie, H. H., Overflow for Baths, &c., 368

Crampton,!'. R., Roadways, &c., 17,385

Cre w and Barr, Fire-alarm, 20 >

Croft, J. M‘G., Rudders, 115

Crosby, C. O., Frills, 367

Crosby, C. O., Needles, 206

Crosher, W. and G., Scarves, &c., 150

Crossley, L. J.,Telegraphy, 168

Crutchett, J., Bands and Belts, 368

Crutchett, J., Gas, 366

Cunningham, J., Fire-proof Floors, 347

Cunningham, H. D. P., Training Guns, 75

Cunningham, H. D. P., Working Guns, 150 Curtis, J., Mortising Woods and Drilling

Iron, 442

Daina, F., Condensing Steam, 275

J- G* and R. S., Preventing Forgery,

Dale, J. G. and R. S., Printing Pigments, 56

Daumesnil, L. A. J., Screw Toy, 367

Davey, W. H., Washing Machines, 76

David, F. G., Printers’ Rollers, 36

Davidson, J., Casks and Barrels, 348

Davies, D., Steam Hammers, 223

Davies, G., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 385

Davies, G., Folding Chairs, 386

Davies, G., Horse-shoes, 348

Davies, G., Knitting Machines, 55

Davies, G., Reclining Chair, 292

Davies, H. C., Nail Machines, 276

Davies, R., Propellers, 241

Davies, S., Stirrup Latch-bar, 258

Davies and Taunton, Drill-brace, 224

Davis, C. E., Cisterns, 292

Davis, E. J., Treating Grain, 423

Davis, H. A., Affixing Postage Stamps, 330

Dawson, J„ Decolorising Sugar, 293

Day, J. V., Propelling, 115

Deakin and Johnson, Ordnance, 405

Deane, E., Tubular Structures, 76

Dear, F. C.. Cemmunicating in Trains, 168

Defries, H., Communicating through Trains, 17

De La Haye, J., Submarine Cables, 442

Delamare-Debouttcvill, F., Doubling Machinery, 55

Deltour, W., Paper, 18

Dennis, G. G., Matches, 276

Dennis, T. H. P., Greenhouses, 385

Deslaudcs, A., Metallic Pipes, 424

Deslaudes, Gand A., Working Windlasses,


Diaper, W., Safes. 150

Dickson, J. H., Preparing Fibre, 385

Dixon, J., Purifying Iron, 460

Dobbs, A. E., Drags, 34

Dobie, T., Permanent Way, 441

Dobson, W. E., Dressing Lace, <fcc., 423

Dodd, J„ Mules, 258

Dodds, T. W., Railway Bars, &c., 478

Dodge, J., File-cutting Machine, 367

Dodge, W. C., Fire-arms, 150

Donisthorpe, G. E., Combing Fibre, 422

Doty, H. H., Splitting Leather, 242

Douneli, J., Mincing Machinery, 348

Draper, J., Sewiug Machines, 18

Dreisoner, J., Pressure Engines, 292

Drubble, J., Removing Axle-boxes, 241

Drucker, E., Stays, &c., 459

Dubois, J. F., Bit for Restive Horses, 17

Dufrene, H. A., Circulating Liquids, 95

Dufrene, H. A.,’Destroying Ships, 386

Dufrene, H. A., Lozenges, &c., 406

Dufrene, H. A., Motive Power, 94

Dufrene, H. A., Oxygen, 95

Dufrene, H. A., Raising Weights, 367

Dufrene, H. A., Screw Wrenches, 294

Dufrene, H. A., Stretching Fabrics, 478

Duke, J., Cement, 293

Dummere, S., Mattress, 96

Dumbar, J., Boots and Shoes, 294

Dunbar and Butler, Distributing Perfumes,


Dunn, S., Coffins, 366

Dupont, E., Wheels, 34

Duterne, V., Stuffing-box, 18

Dutton, E. K., Measuring Fluids, 36

Duvernois, A., Fire-place, 275

Dwyer, R. D., Coating Ships, 442

Eastman, R., Castors, 36

Eastwood, J., Sizing Tarns, 423

Easton, W., Pumps, 479

Edge and Hird, Spinning, 459

Edge and Hird, Twisting and Doubling, 365

Edington, J. C., Extinguishing Fires, 460

Edkins, Newman, and Graves, Buttons, 223

Edmonson, J. Looms, 275

Edmondson, R., Picker's for Looms, 478

Edwards, W., Crinoline Steel, 116

Ehrhardt, L. H. G., Vices, 76

i Elliott, C. A., Blinkers, 365

Elliott, E„ Boilers, &c., 55

Ellis, H., Silica, 241

Ellis, P., Water-closets, 423

Fire-escape, 36

ElkinSon ’ for Fire-a™s, 275

King ton,i J. B., Copper, 460

LI verson, J Sawing Machinery, 242

G StearSTl OrUaineilts> 76

Errnen, G. A., Spinning, 335

Esplin and Clarke, Steering Gear, 423

Esson, W., Gas Meters, 294

Evans and Fairlio, liaising Bodies 242 Eveleigh, G., Paper, 293

Everard, J., Blind Rollers, 405

Fairburn, H. G„ Fuel, 56

Fairburn, H. G., Treating Coal, 35 la Ion, P J Treating Spirits, 460 Fallows, J., Handles for Spoons, 224 Baren, JCleaning Fibre, 206 Farnworth, J. K., Windows, 55 Barn worth, J. K., Carriage Windows, 405 rarr, A., Tooth-powder Receptacle, 348 Barr and Gregory, Pianofortes, 478 Barr, Farr and Gregory, Pianofortes, 330 Faulkner, S., Grinding Cards, 312 Faure, L., Railway Carriages, 55 Bearnley and Smith, Washing, &c, Machinery, 96 ’

Fell and Hammond, Water Regulator, 405 Felt, N. H., Boots and Shoes, 479 Fenby, J. B., Fastenings, 480 Fentiman, G„ Paints, 75 Fenton, A., Fish-hooks, 405

Finch, E., Rivets, &o., 36

Finnigan, P. D., Retarding Motion, 55 Firmin, G., Treating Flax, 95 Fitzgerald, C., Fasteners for Doors, 367 Fletcher, J., Sugar, 294

Foubert, A. A., Fluid Regulator, 206 Ford, A., India-rubber, &c., Balls, 205 Fordred, J., Oils, 222

Foster, F., Oil Feeders, 18

Fothergill, R., Regulating Power, 96 Fox, H. B., Necks of Bottles, 18 Fox, R., Securing Plates, 275 Fox, S., Umbrellas and Parasols, 294 Fox, W., Preserving Meat, &c., 460 Fleetwood, D. J., Spoons, &c., 3j0 Fletcher, and Gore, Communicating in

Trains, 188

Flude, R., Boots and Shoes, 460 B’rankenburg, H., Bags, 205 Fraser, R. W., Propelling, &c., 347 Frazer, J. D., Railway Chairs, 385 Freeman and Grundy, Couplings, 241 Fulton, D. and J., Mandrils, 96

Gachin, L., Curling Irons, 242 Gadd and Moore, Looms, 188 Gale, J., jun., Gunpowder, 35 Gale, J., jun., Treating Gunpowder, 150 Gallafent, D., Paraffin Lamps, 365 Gamgee, J., Cowhouses, 188

Gardiner, F. W., Laying Telegraphic Cables, 330

Gardner, C., Cleaning Windows, 116

Gardner, C. H., Polishing Apparatus, 36 Gardner, W., Locks, 460

Garnett, G., Actuating Machinery, 424 Gaukroger and Dodgeon, Sizeiug, &c.,

Yarns, 150

Gavin, A. L. M., Desiccating Leaves, 386

Gedge, W. E., Axle Box, 406

Gedge, W. E., Billiard Tables, 368 Gedge, W. E., Circular Railway, 55 Gedge, W. E., Curing Smokey Chimneys, 405

Gedge, W. E , Gedge. W. E., Forges, 478 Gedge, W. E., Lay Figure. 76 Gedge, W. E., Motive Power, 317 Gedge, W. E., Penetrating Woods, 13 Gedge, W. E., Pottery, 18 Gedge, W. E., Raising Water, 168 Gedge, W. E., Spring Mattress, 36 Gedgo, W. E., Steam Engines, 311 Gedge, W. E., Steam Wheel, &c.,459 Gedge, W. E.,Treating Hides, 222 Geering, H, Bedstead, 150 Germaix, V. J. B., Bricks, 347 George, J-, Coffins, 76 George, W., Springs, 241

Ghiselin, G. R., Repairing Boiler, 385 Gibson, T. C„ Mixing Machinery, 243 Gilbert, S. and S., jun., Cultivators, 221 Gill, S. L., Gas Stoves, 479 Gillard, J. P., Soda, 116

Gillet, L. H., Preserving Food, 366 Gillett, G., Marking Biscuits, 366 Gilles, H. E., Fibre, 95

Gillespie, J., Bricks and Tiles, 275

Gilmore, A. H., Opening and Fastening Doors, &c., 18

Gilmore, A. H., Supporting Doors, &c., 442 Girard, L. D., Obtaining Sliding Surfaces, 276

Girdwood, R., Envelopes, 424 Gisborne, F. N., Signalling, 55 Gisborne, T. M., Cleaning Ships, 347 Giulliano, C., Chains, &c., 366

Glazebrook and Mills, Sewing Machines, 18 Godfrey, S., Furnace Bars, 34

Goodier and Kilshaw, Ships’ Propellers, 442 Goodman, C. E., Boots and Shoes, 424 Goodman and Bow, Crushing Stone, &c., 479

Goro, W. H. P., Securing Corks, 242 Gossage, F. H., Indicating Temperatures, 424

Goulding, J., Bobbin Holders, 292 Goulding, W., Ornamental Baskets, &c., 7b Graham, Broughton, and Corkhill, Rotary

Engines, 221

Grand, J., Working Steel, 241 Gray, J. W., Cleaning, &c., Rice, 56 Gray, W. E. and J., Threshing Machines, 459

Grayson and O’Donoghue, Cement, 460 Green, J. C., Permanent Way, 221 Green and Heiuke, Fire-arms, 75 Greenhalgh and Mallison, Sizing Yarns, 4u9 Greenwood, T., Railway Wheels, 404 Gregg, W. P., Roller Skate, 276

Greggory, T., Communicating in Trams, 149 Gregory, Farr, and Farr, Pianofortes, 386 Greig and Burton, Travelling Cranes, 311 Grey, F. H., Gun Locks, 386 Griffiths, J., Brake, 17

Grimshaw, W. D., Capstans, o47

Guthrie, E., Bricks, 423

Guy, H. R , Submarine Cables, 168 Gwilt, A., Utilising Sulphurous Smoke, 224

Hackett, Wrigley, and Pearson, Safety Valve, 258

Haigh and Bissell, Moulding Machinery, 406 Halley, E., Yarn Machinery, 17 Hamilton, W. T., Boring Bit, 460 Hamilton, W. T., Tenoning, 479 Hancock, J., Railway Signals, 347 Hancock, J. Bedsteads, &c., 386 Hancock, J. L„ Cinder Sifter. 405 Hancock, J. L., Polishing, &c., 405 Hancock, J. L., Wheels and Tires, 365 Hand and Slater, Railway Signals, 441 Harding, G. P.. Tubes, 275

Harding, T. R., Applying Pressure to Rollers, 459

Hargreaves, J., Coffins, 348

Harfield, W. H., Steering Apparatus, 17 Harrington, J., Carnages, 55 Harris, W., Treating Hides, 366 Hart, J. M., Safes, 293

Hart, H. W., Metal Pins, 168

Hartley, J., Corn Screens, IS

Harvey, G. and A., Screwing Machinery, 222

Haseltine, G., Excavating, 18

Haseltine, G., Fuses, 18

Haseltine, G.; Sewing Machines, 36

Haseltine, G., Uniting Leather, 406

Hassall, A. H., Preparing Food, 423 '

Hayes, J., Sewing Machine, 35

Hazeldine, F., Yaps and Carts, 221

Hearsey, J. F., Spirit Meter, 224

Heather, J. F., Locks, &e., 77

Heathorn and Wells, Gun Carriages, 459

Hebdon, W., Measuring Cloth, 400

Heleman, 3., Fastenings for Shirts, &c., 36

Heleman, S., Stud, 86

Hemptinne, J. de., Spinning, 17

Hemming and Coyle, Stopping Jars, &c., 480

Hemingway, C. A., Case Splint, 35

Henderson, J., Printing, 17

Henley, T. F., Heating and Evaporating,

Henry, M., Railway Brakes, 275

Henry, M., Telegraphy, 18

Henson, W. F., Railway Chairs, 204

Henson, H. H., Railway Chairs, 221

Heuwood, C. L., Projectiles, 405

Henderson, C., Connecting Rails, 95

Henley, T. F., Stuffing Seats, &c., 76

Henson, W., Communicating in Trains, 34

Henry, M., Measuring Fluids, 36

Henry, M., Photography, 222

Henry, M., Railway Carriages, 365

Henry, M., Sowing Machines, 367

Hewitt, L.. Lamps, 347

Hewitt, W., Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 258

Heydon, J., Bench Stops, 367

Heywood, E., Finishing Fabrics, 385

Hibliug, H., Boots and Shoes, 330 j

Hides, H., Surgical Splint, 460

Hill, A., Candlesticks, 366

Hilliar, J., Ventilating, 292

Hineson, R., Food for Horses, 95

Hingloy, S , Making Skelps, 96

Hinks, J. aud J., Lamps, 405

Hixon, W. J., Permanent Way, 17

Hodgson, C., Peat, 150

Hodgson, E. D., Locks, 224

Hodgson, W., Screw Gill Boxes, 459

Holliday, J., Colouring Matters, 275, 348

Holmes, R. T., Disengaging Horses, 221

Homan, Fire-proof Floors, 365

Homan, J., Iron Girders, 3671

Hook and Peace, Propellers, 17

Hope, J., Packing Cases, 223

Hopkins, W. J., Spring Buffers, 17

Hopkiuson and Whitelock, Organs, &c., 75

Horridge, E. S., Communicating in Trains, 17

Horsley, C., Fluid Meter, 242

Hose, J., Sewing Machines, 293

|Hothersall, Cook, and Hacking, Healds, 459

Howard, G., Ornamenting Walls, 204

Howard, J., Compound Cylinder Engines, 329

Howard, G. W., Tanks, 224

Howard, Stafford, and McCullum, Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 240

Howey, R- T. N , Securing Tubes, 348

Howlette, S. B., Anemograph, 96

Hoyt, J. K., Bobbins, 275

Hubert, F. T., Submarine Cables, 866 lluddart, G. A., Buttons, 424

Hughes, E. T. Chucks, 366 •

Hughes, E. T., Colouring Matter, 460

Hughes, E. T., Sewing Machines, 318

Hughes, H., Shaping Metals, 367

Hughes, W., Presses, 96

Hulme, J. B., Excavators, 330

Hulse, W. W., Cutting Metals, 18

Hunt, E., Steam Engines, 364

Hunter, S., Anchors, 459

Huntley, C., Cricket, &c., Balls, 293

Huntley, 8. H., Distilling, 479

Huntley, 8. H., Cooking Apparatus, 479

Burn, G. and D., Mats, <Ssc., 76

Hurst, J. W., Life Rafts, 312

Hyam, D. and J., Fastening for Purses, 294

Ilgham, J. and II., and Broadley, Looms, 168

Ince, J. II., Shoeing Horses, 95

Ingham, W., Pressing Machines, 55

Ingham and Culpan, Treating Fibre, 222

Inkpen, 8., Telegraph Cables, 276

Jackson, Clough, and Ashley, Looms, 422 Jacovenco, P., Decanting Oils, 76

James, H. G., Railway Signals, 312

James, S. L., Traction Engines, 241

Jaques, Wenk, and Mathieu, Preventing

I Railway Accidents, 115

Jasper, G. A., Cleansing Sugar, 276

Jee, H., Table Salt, 222

i Jemmett, A., Spreading Manures, 423

Jenkin, F., Telegraph Cables, 205

Jenkins, W., Oils, 76

Jenner, F., Clasps, 366

Jeyes, O. W., Effervescing Drinks, 294

Jobson and Dickson, Steel, 76

Johns, C. J. R., Telescopes, 206

Johns, W., Safety Stirrup, 385

Johnson, B., Pianofortes, 347

Johnson, J., Railway Crossings, 885

Johnson, J. H., Boilers, 347

Johnson, J. H., Candles, 206

J ohnson, J. H., Cotton Gins, 55

Johnson, J. H., Gas, 292

Johnson, J. H., Glass, 206

Johnson, J. H., Lacing Boots, &c.. 168

Johnson, J. H., Lamp Burners, 36

Johnson, J. H., Lighting and Heating, 366

Johnson, J. H., Paper Bags, 222

Johnson, J. H., Railway Carriages, 330

Johnson, J. H., Railway Switches, 75

Johnson, J. H., Shaping Metal, 294

Johnson, J. H., Spongy Metals, 222

Johnson, J. H., Tanning, 241

Johnson, J. H., Treating Hair, 18

Johnson, J. H., Washing Fabrics, 115

Johnson, J. H., Wheels, 17

Jones, B., Preserving Animal Substances, 460

I Jones, C. W., Fire-arms, 442

Jones, D. A., Boots and Shoes, 479

Jones, D. O., Cleaning Ships, 204

Jones, F. J., Fastenings for Gaiters, &c., 223 ■ •

Jones, J., Trousers, 95

Jones, J. F., Paper Board, 56

Jones, H., Indoor Croquet, 442

Jones, 8. T., Submarine Cables, 222

, Jones, W. H. G., Crushing Quartz, 368

Jones and King,'Saddles, 365

Jordan, T. P., Generating Steam, 385

Jowctt, T. L., Bricks; 35

Judge, M., Boiler Bottoms, 242

Jukes and Swinburne, Furnaces, 115

Juden, M., sen., Transmitting Motion, 385

Jummer, W. H., Stench Trap, 224

Kaulbach, R. E., Laying Cables, 366

Keats, G. E. and J., Sewing Machines, 36

Keene, G. A., Paddle-wheel, 240

Keene, M. H., Traction Engines, 94

Keighley, J., Loonis, 55

Kennard, H. M,» Rivetting Machinery, 56

Kenny, M., Bridges, 115

Kerfoot, J., Top Rollers, 47S

nanu7Sy,?10us> Railway Plant, 292

Keys, D., Watches, 293

T-»Fharoah’s Serpents, 423

King, W., Brake, 131

King and Watson, Fastening Carpet Bags,

Kirby, J., Winding Machines. 347

Kirkham, J., Permanent Way, 55

Productn* Kes-

Ki^son and Kirby, Accelerating Motion Kjellberg, P. C., Safes, 200

Klein, A., Gunpowder, 18

Klip, F., Gas Burners, 205

Klotz, Al., Sewing Machinery, 330

Knowles, J., Lubricating, 205

Knowles, AL, Looms, 95

Kno wles and Lindley, Ornamenting Fab ics

Korshunoff, N., Iron and Steel 293

Krupp, A., Projectiles, 386

Labouret, S. B., Bridges, &c., 55

Lake, J., Boilers, 240

Lake, W. R., Brick Making, 56

Lake, W. R., Gas Tubing, 96

Lake, W. R., Hoisting Alachines, 330

Lake, W. R., Paper Pulp, 460

Lake, W. R., Railway Axles, 441

Lake, W. R., Sewing Alachine, j67

Laming, R., Telegraphy, 222

Lancaster, T., Fuel, 478

Lancefield, A., Stamping Tickets, 480

Larking, H., Magnesium Lamps, 442

Larmutn, A. A., Cutting Paper Hangings 189

Lassens, J. B. O., Renewing Files, 478 Latham and Campbell, Drying Grass, 132 Laurence, O., Medicine, 205

Laurency, L. E., Arresting Fall of Persons 459

Laurent and Casthelaz, Alythalic Acid 18 Law, H., Caissons, 294

Law^S. and J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, Lawrence, P., Bootsand Shoes, 223 Lawrence and Jeffreys, Copying Presses 36 Lawrie, T., Furniture, 478

Lawson and Fittou, Preparing Fibre, 150 Lazarus, T., Bows for Dress, 4SO ’

Lea, J. W., Window Cleaning, 406 Lee, T. V., Candles, 367

Lee, T. V., Fuel, 276

Leese, R. H., Punching Apparatus, 76

Leetch, J., Crinolines, 168

Lenk, C. G., Purifying Water, 405

Leon, J. A., Sugar, 366

Leon, Tassimond, and Kissack, Filter, 188

Leopold, Lavater, and Kershaw, Covering Rollers, 406

Lerenard, A. A., India-rubber, <fcc., 366

Leslie, J., Fabrics, 241

Levisohn, L. J., Syphons, 223

Lovy, H., Testing Gold, 205

Lewis, J., Rivet, &c., Alachinery, 294

Lightfoot, J., Printing and Dyeing, 275

Lindner, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 330 Linton, J., Utilising Sewage, 368

Lilley and Sunderland, Jewellery Fastenings, 188

Lilly, R. C., Penholder, 442

Little, G., Combing Machinery, 204

Lloyd, H., Sunshades, 294

Livesey, G. T., Purifying Gas, 75

Lizars, G., Dry Gas Aleters, 76

Lock ley, J. T.» Copper, 222

Lock wood, J., Furnaces, 223

Lomas, T., Sulphide of Iron, 241

Long, J. J., Cutting Timber, 479

Longbottom, J. and A., Floorcloths, 76

Longbottom, W., Winding Machine, 312

Longdon, R., Hurdles, 365

Longstaff, J« W., Valves, 187

Lord, E., Looms, 385

Loubat, J. A., Railway Engines, 441

Low, G., Boring Alachinory, 76

Lowne, R. AL, Vent Pegs, 294

Ludeko, J. E., Motive Power, 95

Lusty, S., Fluid Meters, 188

Lusty, W., Needles, 36

Lyttle, W. A., Furnaces, 459

Lyttle, W. A., Motive Power, 75

Machin, T., Wooden Spills. 367

Mackie and Jones, Composing Type, 96 293

Alackie and Paterson, Lighting Gas 293

Mackintosh, J., Telegraphy, 276

Macrum, J. AL, Iron, 75

Macpherson, D., Sewing Machines, 223

Alallet, R., Mounting Ordnance, 459

Mallet, J. T. A., Oxygen, 460

Manblanc, J., Lamps, 292

Manifold, J., Ships’ Parrels, 459

Afansell, R. C„ Railway Wheels, 423

Alan waring, W., Reaping,' &c., Alachin cs , 423

Marsden. C., Telegraphy, 205

Alarsh, J. E., Punkahs, 223

Alarshall, G., Treating Casks, 368

Marsland and Williams, Cleaning Cotton, &c.,347

Alarsland and Williams, Punching Leather, 367

Martin, J. E. C., Boilers, 131

Martin, W. A., Signalling, 347

Afarvaud,P., Disconnecting Horses, 241

Massas, F. A. E. G., do, Cotton Gin, 221

Alassey, B. and 8., Hammers, 35

Mather, W., Heating Rollers, 368

Mathews, D. P. G.» Sand Boxes, 404 Mathews, S. P., Hanging Blinds, &e.,406 Alathews, Southwick, and Fereday, Smoke

consuming Furnace, 385

Alay, W., Fixing Skates, 368

Alayall, T. J., Military Outfits, 1G8

McComb, J. J., Compressing Cotton, &c . 443

McComb, J. J., Paddle-wheels, 312

McCrummen, D., Preparing Seaweed, 95

AIcGregor, W., Railway Points, 55

McDermot, J. W., Bolt-heading Machinery, 222

McDougall, T. S., Oils, 276

AIcKvoy, C. A., Pipes, 293

McEwan and Neilson, Raising Liquids, 205 McGlashan, D., Sewing Machines, 36 McGrah, T., Securing Knife Handles 405 McKellar, D., Printing, 223

AlcMillan, Alason, and Scarborough, Coating

Vessels, 386

AIcNicol, G. B., Motive Power, 292

Mead, J., Brake, 188

Aleddowcroft, W., Rollers, 96

Alee, J. A., Telegraphic Cables, 276

Aleek and Howes, Fastenings for Doors, &c., 18

Meldrum, E., Distilling Coal, 442

Medhurst, J.,‘Punching Apparatus, 33 Alellor, C. H., Telegraphic Signal, 330 Mercer, D. T. J. and J., Sizeing Machines, 55

Alessengcr, T. G., Cuttiiig Pipes and Screws,

Alessenger, V. A. and V. J., Shirt Collars, 276

Afetcalfe, T. and H., and Clayton, Refrigerating, 97

Afetford, W. E., Rifling for Fire-arms, 276 Afetz, Do, and Fry, Railway Signals, 95 Aleyer and Freestone, Night Lights, 294

Middleton, E. E., Submarine Telegraphy, 40 5

M idd e on, S., Hairbrushing Machinery,206

Middletun, 8., Taps, &c-, 479

Middletun, W., Sawit g Machines, 478

Miles, J., Vermin Traps, 116

Miles. T., Smelling Bottles, 368

Midar, J., Cartridges, 479

Miliar and Burton, Breech-loading Firearms, 347

Miller, J. W. M., Treating Leather, 293

Millington and Allinott, Paper, 18

Miilochan, A., Stills, 188

Mitchell, R. B., Brake, 132

Mole, C., Boots and Shoes, 478

Molln, A. E , Separating Gold. 95

Monckton, E. H. C., Straw Fib»e, 204

Moody J., Floating Beacons, 201

Morgan, R. D., Couplings, 204

Morgan, AV., Coke Ovens, 205, 349

Moorson, R., Treating Meat, 347

Moore, A. Signalling, 312

Morelle, A. 1<\, Gazogene, 76

Morel, A., Combing Wool. 258

Mortimer, R., Marking Kailway Tickets, 188

Mo.eley, W., Indicator, 276

Mott, A. J., Carbonic Acid Gas, 386

Moule, J., Treating Tar, 222

Mniley, W. R., Sheathing Ships, 17, 459

Mullholland, F. G.» Submarine Cables, 168

Murohy, W. J., Brake, 34

Murphy, J . M. and J. ML, Staining Woods, 96

Murphy, W. J., Brake, 258

Murray, C. 11., Skips 405

Murray and Wells, Sails, 404

Mussel , G., Railway signals, 385

My cock, W., Lubricating, 242

Myeis, E., Wet Gas Meters, 478

Myers, S., Smoking Pipes, 294

Nadal, J., Bottle Fountain, 443

Naish, J. L., Illustrating Astronomy, 223 Naveaux. J., Retarding Carriages, 5u Neat and Ford, Hair Brushing Machinery, 242

Needham, J., and G. II., Breech-loading, 386

Netheiwood. E., Plating Metals, 443

Newberry, R. C., Wearing Apparel, 275

Newman, J., Suspending Window Sashes, 386

Newton, A. V., Boxes, 76

Newton A. V , Caramel, 460

Newton, A. V., Chemical, 75

Newb-n, A. V., Cigars, 206

Newton, A. V., Condensing Steam, 480

Newton, A. V., Coffee Roasting, 479

Newton, A. V., Cotton Presses, 348

Newton, A. V , Dressing Millstones, 412

Newton, A. V., Drying Apparatus, 223

Newt<»n, A. V., Ejuctois, 205, 480

Newton, A. V., Electrical, 132

Newton, A. V., Embussing Wood, 478

Newton, A. V., Envelope Machines, 116

Newton, A. V., Feed-water, 221

Newton, A. V., Gas, 292

Newton, A. V., Gun Wipers, 150

Newton, A. V., Heating Steam, 221

Newton, A. V., Liie-boats, 241

Newton, A. V., Oils. 150

Newton, A. V., Projectiles, 275

Newton, A. V., Railways, 292, 459

Newton, A. V., Retorts, 343

Newton, A. V., Rolling Shafis, 478

Newton, A. V., Sewing Machinery, 188

Newton, A. V., Skates, 224

Newton, A. V., Spinning Frames, 258

Newton, A.V.,Stone-cutting Machinery, 294

Newton, A. V., Transporting, &c., Letters, 206

Newton, H. E„ Chimney Cowl, 478

Newton, H. E., Weaving Tubular Fabrics, 385 . T t x- •

Newton, W. E., Preventing Incrustation 111

Boilers, 55

Newton, J., Stench Trap, 223

Newton, W. E., Amalgams, 460

Newton, W. E., Boi.ers, 204

Newton, AV. E., Bolt Machines, 1S8

Newton, W. E , Brake, 75

Newton, W. E., Breech-loading IHrc-uims, 292 386

Newton AV. E., Brick Machinery. 204

Newton’ AV. E., Centrifugal Governors, 347

Newton, AV. E., Chemical, 56

Newton, W. E., Dressing Millstones, 424

Newton’ W. E., Engine, 292

Newton, W. E., Eyelets, 206

Newton, W. E., Feeding Carding Engines, 312

Newton, AV. E., Fire-arms, 292

Newton, AV. E., Hats, &c., 56

Newton, AV. E., Lace Machinery ,258

Newton, W. E., Lock, 76, 168

Newton, AV. E., Water Muter, 189

Newton, AV. E., Obtaining Products from AVood, 241

Newton, W. E., Paper Pulp, 241

Newton, W. E., Pianofortes, 35

Newton, W. E., Preventing Railway Accidents, 441

Newton, AV. E., Photographic Papers, 424, 460

Newton, AV. E., Planing Machinery, 184

Newton. AV. E.. Pneumatic Kailways, 312

Newton, AV. E., Rendering Casks Air-tight, 188

Newton, AV. E., Ship’s Logs, 95

NeWton, AV. E., Shoeing Horses, 312

Newton, AV. E., Spinning, 3i2

Newton, AV. E., Surface Condensers, 34

Newton, AV. E.» Tom pions, tec , 365

Newton, AV. E., Valves, 115, 131

Newton, AV. E., Ventilating Millstones, 442

Newton, AV. E., Mining Picks, 424

Newton, W. E., Well-sinking Tubes, 224

Newton, W. E., Working Ordnance, 423'

Nicholas, C , Disinfecting, 97

Nicholls, A., Rules, 368

Nicholson, J. A., Fluid Regulators, 479

Nicholson, T., Caustic Liquor, 243

Nicholson, T. AV., Printing Machines, 480

Nimmo, G., Crucibles, 116

Nimmo. G., Uniting Metals, 116

Noble, A., Fuses, 132

Nofictsch. M., Pencils, 349

Nordens, Ki old, and Smith, Safes, 293

Norris, J., Hydraulic Lift, 478

Norris, S., Knitting Machines, 480

Nugent, J., Communicating in Trains, 35

O’Neill, R. B., Self-acting Water Feeder, 422

Oldham, W., Winding Yarn, 258

Orlord, C. W., Pump, 330

Ormson, H.. Multitubular Boilers, 16

Orrin and Geer, Fastenings for Books, 405

Orvis, J., Braces for Bits, 406

Osler, A. F., Lamps, 150

Owen, G., Copying Presses, 224

Page, T., Raising Sunken Vessels, 423

Papengouth, C. O., Ships and Vessels, 75

Paraf, A., Printing Fabrics, &c., 478

Parfit, AV. S.» Aerated Waters, 56

Pariquotand Grivel,juu., Safes, &c., 348

Parkes, A. W., Ice-houses, 293

Parker W. H., Mounting Millstones, 385

Parkes^ A., Telegraph Conductors, 386

Parkes’, J. J., Railway Lamps, 3b8

Parkins, J., Bordering Paper, 348,

Parrish, Thatcher, and Glasscock, Iron Safes, &c., 36

Parsons, W., Mortising Machines, 406

Parsons, W., Sash Fastening, 459

Parry, M. L., Condensing Apparatus, 115

Parry, 8., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 201:

Passivant, P., Linings lor Dresses, 70

Patterson, J., Double Fabrics, 329

Paton, T. B., Yarns, &c., 150

Patourel. J. P. B. C. Ventilators, 96

Payne, G., Purifying Oil, 18

Pay ton, W., Fluid Meters &c., 459

Pebeyre, L., Burning Petroleum, 442

Pennington, J., Windows, 258

Peuotiere, W. La, Breech-loading Firearms, 116

Penotierc, W. La, Coating Ships* Bottoms, 167

Penton, J., Forging Machinery, 405

Pepper, T., Anti-Inflammable Starch, 116

Percival, K. J., Laying Telegraph Cables, 242

Percival, W., Table, 56

Perkins, J. W., Treating Oils, 188

Perre, E.» Motive Power, 115

Perry, T. J., Casting Wheels 479

Petigean and M‘Nally, Bail way Carriages, 168

Petito, E., Communicating in Vehicles, 292

Petrie, J., jun., Washing Wool, &c., 150

Petre and Tucker Tables, 168

Pfeiffer, L., Bag Fasteners 442

Phillips E. A., Lanterns, 442

Phillips. J O. C., Telegraphic Cables, 276

Phillips, W. H., Fne Extinguishing, 367

Phillips and Groves. Safes, 223

Pickiu and Bailey, Signalling, 168

Pierce, D. C., Permanent Way, 365

Piggott, W. P„ Telegraph Cables, 222

Pilkington, J., Spinning, 241

Pinckvoss, J. H., Casks, 366

Pitt, B. Locks, &c., 478

Pitt, J., Sewing Machines, 48)

Player, J., Iron and Steel, 348

Poitevin, V., Plough, 18

Polain, P., Breech-loading Revolvers, 204

j Pollock and Stobo, Washing Yarns, 150

Ponsonby, T. T., Ornamenting Wood, k42

  • Pope, F., Locks, 480

, Porter, C. T., Surface Condensers, 34

Porter, W.. Bricks and Tiles, 275

Poynter, J. E., Purifying Paraffin, 18

Prange, F., Steel, 460

Preece, W. 11., Electric Signal, 168

Prest, Harrison,and Roeber, Insulators, 478

Price, A. P., Chemical, 116

Pi ice, C.» Locks, 3o6

Priestley, Whitworth, and Sutcliffe, Grinding Corn, &c., 347

Prideaux, T., Fire places, 364

Prideaux, T. 8., Imj roving Beer, &c., 75

Prince, A., Bret-ch-loading Fire-arms, 292

Prince, A., Feeding Furnaces, 76

Prince, F. W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 275

Pringle, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 478

Pulman and Ginmau, Coaling Ships* Bottoms. 116

Purkiss and Callaway, Sewing Machines, 242

Radcliffe. J. A., Lubricating, 150

Radcliffe, H., Communication in Trains, 423

Raine, J. A., Locks, <178

Raney, T. S., Roof Lamp Glasses, 168

Rankin, H., Bags, &c., 348

Ransome, E. L., Paints, 188

Ransome, F.» Tiles, &c , 132

Rattary, R. G., Water Meter, 224

Ramsbottom, J., Hoops and Tires, 189

Rankine, W. J. M., Paddles, 292

Ravelli, C., Turntables, 36

Read, E. T., Cutting Tobacco, 294

Read, W. T., Slopping Bottles. 242

Reading. J. S. A., and G. E., and F. T., Jewellery Fastening, 405

Rehm, A. Y., Crinolines, 189

Reichen, C., Preparing Charges, 222

Reid, W., Supplying Cattle with Food, 47 9

Rendel. G. W., Carriages, 365

Redwood. T., Preserving Meat, 460

Rich, G. G., Pianofortes, 365

Rickett, A., Cleaning Fruits, 480

Reynolds, E. Securing Sash Windows, 56

Richards, W. A., Tobacco Pouch, 96

Richards, W. and J., Sal Ammoniac, 116

Rickman, W. C., Rigging, 34

Rigg, A., jun., Pumps, &c., 311

Rigg, J., Railway Carriages, Ii5

Rimmel, E., Metallic Capsules, 223

Robertson, J., Colour Box, 367

Roberts, J., Bricks and Tiles, 386

Roberts, M. J., Spinning, &c., 423

Roberts, R. P., Coating Ships, 258

Roberts, M. J., Producing Friction, 19, 188

Robertson, J. B., Sewing Machines, 405

Robertson, J. W., Cartridges, 116

Robertson, P., Drying anu Distilling, 188

Roberts, R. M., Motive Power, 477

Roberts, VV., Cutting Machinery, 36

Robertson and Orchar, Finishing Fabrics, 365

Robinson, A., Curing Tea, 18

Robinson, F. C. B., Safety Couplings, 201

Robinson, G., Caustic Soda, 442

Robinson, G.. Moulds, 224

Robinson and Varley, Furnaces, 205

Rochester, J. F., Paper Board, 75

Rock, W., Printing Machines, 206

Roddy, J., Cleaning Liquid, 348

Rogers, W., Permanent Way, 221

Rolland, G. E. andE. J., Scouring Fabrics, 292

Rossclet, G., Motive Power, 365

Rosier, II. W., Ships’ Water-closets, 76

Rosson,T., Portable Charge Holders, 95

Rothwell, T.. Rolling Cardings, 17

Rothensall aud Gradenwitz, Imitating Ivory, 36

Routledge, Bentley, and Jackson, Hydraulic Presses, 405

Routledge and Ommanney, Presses, 292

Routledge and Richardson, Paper, 18

Rowe, J. G., Signal and Alarm Apparatus, 95

Rowe, S. R., Wheels, 385

Rushton, E», Reeling Machinery, 423

Russ and Gandoil, Sewing Machines, 206 Russet, De, and Dale, Ships’ Watei-closets.


Sabel, E., Iron, 189, 205

Sabel, E., Rails and Girders, 205

Salisbury, S. C., Blast Furnaces, 366

Salisbury, S. C., Gases, 366

Salter, S. C., Shrinking Cotton, &c., 459

Samont, C. A., Desiccating Eggs, 18

Sanders, H. J., Drawing Corks, 460

Sanson, R. B., Roller Skates, 424

Sarony, O., Photography, 479

Saunders and Piper, Tin Plates. 96

Sc Had, J., Colouring Matters, 442

Schad, L., Violet Colour, 204

Schaffner, M., Treating Soda Waste, 293

Schaub, E., Sizeing Yarns, 115

Schofield, W., Gas Retorts, 76

Schofield and Smith, Bleaching, &c., 312

Schofield and Smith, Hanging Fabrics, 385

Schofield and Smith, Rollers, 385

Scholl, J., Gas Burners, 36

Schooling, H., Ornamented Confectionery,

Schultz, A., Colouring Matter, 293

Schumann, M. B., Vessel for Aerated Li-

I quids, 168

Scott, E., Looms, 478

Scott, G. L., Moulding Apparatus, 424

Scott, H. Y. D., Deodorisation of Sewage, 442

Scott, J. H., Eurnace, 223

Scott, W. M-, Breech-loading Fire-arms,

383 ,

Sedley, A. J., Paddle-wheels, z7o

Sellars, J.. Gum and Size, 442

Selwyn, J. H. Cartridges, 365

Sequelin, S., Purifying Wax, &c., 424

Shakespear, W., Brakes, 204

Shanks, H., Winding Machinery, 293

Shaw, B. R., Brakes, 347

Shaw, H., Brake, 35

Shaw, T. R., Looms, 150 .

Sheldon, T., Handles for Smoothing Irons,


Sherwood, II., Treating Fibre, 188

Sicardo, F. G., Steam, Consumer, 38a

Simpson, C. H., Lowering Boats, 188

Simpson, C. H., Propelling, 115

Simpson, J. H., Locking Doors, 292

Simons and Brown, Preventing Escape of

Heat, 478 .

Sims and Burns, Railway Carriages, 423

Singleton, W., Cutting Scales, 205

Skinner, IL, Working Railway Points, 365

Slater, D., Cabinet Furniture, 276

Sleigh, A., Motive Power, 149

Smeaton, G., Cleaning Windows, 242 .

Smeeton, G. F., Washing, &c„ Machinery,


Smith, A., Sewing Machines, 116

Smith, G.,jun , Locomotive Engines, 17

Smith, G. A., Cushions, 478

Smith, G. H., Dyeing, 222

Smith, H. F., Waterproofing, 348

Smith, J., Looms, 258

Smith, J. H.. Organs, &c , 75

Smith, R., jun., Millstones, 405

Smith, T., Axes, &c., 18

Smith, W„ Working Submarine Cables,

Smith; G. and G„ jun., and C. W-, Hair

Brushes, 480

Smith, J. H., and G. R., Fitting Garments, 479

Smith and Batho, Heating and Evaporating, 366

Smith and Brook, Coupling, 188

Smith and Ritchie, Brooms, 294

Smith and Ritchie, Brushes, 26, 242

Smith and Ritchie. Hair Brushes, 480

Smith and Schofield, Washing, &c., Machinery, 204

Smyth and Evans, Organs, &c., 116

Snell and Thomas, Supplying Gas, 33

Snider, J., jun.. Fire-arms, 241

Solomon, J., Magnesium Light, 35

Solomons, S., Slides for Magic Lanterns, 44a

Soper, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 204

Soutar, S., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 258

Soutar, S., Fixing Boiler Tubes, 241

Souter and Christie, Croquet Marker, 96

Sourzac and Bombail, Treating Leather, 270

Spanoghe, J. R , Motive Power, 34

Speight, G., Curving Collars, &c., 18

Spence, P., White Lead, 293

Spencer, T., Fertilising Soil, 116

Speyer, L. G., Bricks, 459

Spicer, E., Substitute for Gunpowder, 116

Spink, D., Casiing Metals, 330

Spink, D., Propelling, 17, 312

Spratt, J., Cutting Huy, &c., 56

St light, D. G. and S., K-ys tor Pianos, 386

Staines, J. 8., Submarine Lamps, 348

Stanley, J., Leggings, 424 (

Stephens, J., Portfolios, &c., 479

Stephens, R., Barrow, 405 .

Stetson, T. D., Clothes-wringing Machines, 294

Stetson, T. D., Hats, 276

Stevens, T. E., Railway Carriages, 204

Stocks, Blakey, and Whitwhan, Shearing

Fabrics, 830

Stovin, J. C., Cleaning Cotton Seed, 347

Straight, D. G. and 8., Keys for Pianos, 204

Sturgeon, J., Generating Steam, 347

Sumner, W., Roving, <fcc., Frames, 385

Sumner and Scott, Bricks, 168

Swan, J. W., Printing Surfaces, 75_

Swinbourne and Laming, Brake, 150

Swires, R., Card Grinding, 423

Symmons, J., Horse-shoes, 221

Szerelmey, N. C., Paper Boards, &c., 223

Tangye, J., Cutting Screws, 338

Tangye and Jewsbury, Pulleys, 294

Tatham, W., Spinning, 312

Tatham and Smith, Preparing Cotton, 168

Taylor, F., Fountains. 96

Taylor, J., Washing Machines, &c., 349

Taylor. J., jun., Tiles, 386

Taylor and Crossley, Covering Rollers, Ho

Taylor and Fernie, Steel Castings, 479

Teal, J. G., Communicating in Trains, 163

Tennant, T. M., Furnaces, 458

Terrell and Don, Treating Peat, 222

Thomas, F., Heating Ovens, 223

Thomas, J., Purifying Gas, 18

Thompson, F., Improvement in Satchels, 406

Thompson, J. B., Coating Metals, 367

Thomson and Varley, Electric Telegraphs, 76

Thornton, J., Opening Cotton, &c., 9 >

Thoyts, W. B., Billiard Marker, 330

Thys, J., Non-conducting Apparatus, 460

Tinker, C. J., Lozenges, 367

Tipper, P. H., Gun Barrels, 56

Tobin and Stodare, Optical Illusions, 295

Todd and Holding, Looms. 355

Tolhausen, F., Firework, 293

Tolhausen, F., Musical Instrument, 330

Tolhausen, F., Shuttle Motion, 423

Tolhausen, F., Skates, 424

Tonge, R., Folding Fabrics, &c., 347

Tongue, J. G., Shearing Apparatus, 223

Townshend, J. Fl., Spring Mattress, 330

Tranter, W., Fire-arms, &c., 116

Tripp, 8., Securing Envelopes, 95

Trotman, S., Paper, 292

Trumanand Lovi, Block Matches, 386

Tucket, J. E., Securing Envelopes, 343

Turner, G. W., Earthenware, 459

Turner, J. A., Covering Rollers, 204

Turner, Shore, and Halliwell, Cards, 292 Turton, G., Floating Docks, 36 Tuson, R. V., Preserving, &c., Food, 96 Tye, J.. Grinding Mills, 275 Tyler, J. H., Rolling Leather, 205 Tyler, J. W., Roofing, 330

Tyne, W. and S., and Clayton, Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 258

Underhill, Cordon, A. H. and J., Reaping Machines, 75

Unwin, W., Iron, 293

Vegnier, E., Distilling, 35

Venables, H., Ornamenting Tiles, 275

Vendeuvre, C. de, Easing Ships' Cables, 17 Vernon and Hodgkins, Valves, 16 Vescovali, A., Increasing Adherence, 459 Viehoff and Matthleson, Steering Indicators, 423

Villett, L., Cutting Corks, 294

Voight, G., Brakes, 865

Wadsworth, Hall, and Bonser, Looms, 312 Wakefield, J., Rivet Machinery, 294 Waldenstrom,' E. H., Bolts and Rivets, 76

Wales, S., Windows, 276

Walker, J. C., Springs, 95

Walker, M., Flyers, 365

Walker and Preston, Carding Machinery, 312

Walmsley, R.» Mangling, 367

Walters. R. and T. E. M., Shearing Machinery, 480

Walton, J., Locks, 132

Wanklyn, J. A., Violet Colour, 222

Wanklyn, AV. T., Silk-winding Machines, 17

AVanzer, R. M., Sewing Machines, 150

AVapsharo, W., Cooking Apparatus, 116

Warburton, T., Brakes, 365

Ward, J., Attracting Bobbins, 241

Ward, J., Saucepan-lids, 241

Warren, F. P., Bolts, Rivets, &c., 368

Wat kin, AV., Furnaces, 292

Watson, Horwood, and Brunfit, Galvanic Batteries, 205

Watkins, C. A., Supplying Carbonic Acid Gas, 222

Watt, A., Soap, 222

Wauthier, J. Motive Power, 459

Way, J. E., Pianofortes, 18

Webb, C. J. Lighting, &c., Fires, 293

Webb, T., Knitted Fabrics, 385

Webley, T. W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 150

Webster, J., Gases, 442

Webster, J., Gas Meters, 367

Webster, J., Pumps, 258

Webster, J., Under Vests, 56

Weems, J., Ships, 459

Weems. J. and W., Presses, 293

Welch, J., Swivels, 294

Wells, F. R., Photography, 150

Wells and Hall. Submarine Telegraphy, 424

West, C., Fire-alarm, 206

West, W., Lubricating Compounds, 223

West, W. B., Plaiting Machines, 442

Westmoreland, AV. and E., Sewing Machines, 424

Westley, and Bibby, Blocks, 423

Westley, R. A. W., Sanitary Apparatus, 206

Weston, Tangye, and Chapman, Raising Weights, 479

We weir ne, and VerschafFelt, Dyeing, 293

White, C. and T.» Socks, 330

White, L). B., Ventilators, 405

White, J., Heating Feed-water, 385

White, L., Pipes, 36

White and Chamberlain, Belts, 224

Whitehall and Pillings, Winding Silk, 95

Whitehead, J. H., Endless Clotns, 459

Whitehead, J. H., Heating Feed Water, 441

Whitehead, L. R., Indicator, 367

Whitehouse, J , Box Irons, 394

Whitford, G., Toy, 223

Whitney C., Fire-arms, 459

Whittle, J., Permanent Way, 35

Whitwell, T., Furnaces, 478

Whitworth, C. F., Signalling, 459

Whitworth, J., Ammunition, 423

Wild and We-el, Wick Holders, 205

Wilde, H., Electric Telegraphy. 386

Wiles, J. F., Submarine Telegraphy, 405

AV il lacy, R., Preparing Food for Cattle, 330

AVilliatns, H. IL, Breech-loading Fire-arms, 365

AVilliams, T., Atmospheric Buffers, 312

AVilliams, AV., Door Springs, 442

Williamson, Lindley, an t Coleman, Brakes, 441

AVillis, J., Portable Tents, 76

Willis and Rice, Sewing Machines, 223

Wilson, E. B , Furnaces, 478

AVilson, F. A., Ordnance Carriages, 75

AVilson, J. E., Locomotive Engines, 55

Wilson, J. E., Permanent AVay, 95

AVilson and Hydes, Buffers, &c., 405

AVilson, AV. O. and J., Extinguishing Fires, 222

Wilson and Goodfellow, Bedsteads, &c.,116 AVint. J. P., Boots and Shoes, 96

AVmtzer, C. H. L., Separating Phosphorus,

Wise, W. L., Hulling Grain, 258

Wood, C. H. and Barret, Puri tying' Gas, 442

AVood, T. AV., Sluices, 96

Woo l, AV. and AV. J., Pomfret Cakes, &c. 222

AVoodbury, J. P., Locomotive Car, 276

Woodfield. M., Securing Tickets, 242

AVoodruffe, G. B., Binders for Sewing Machines, 206

Woodruffo, G. B., Gauge for Sewing Machine, 77

Wood ruffe, G. B., Sewing Machines, 358

AVoodward, E. H.. Saws, 224

AVoodward, II., Carburetting Gas, 206

AVoodward, H., Gas Burners, 206

Woodward, J. D., Ventilator, 365

AVorsam, C., Consuming Smoke, 275

AVorssam and Evans, Pulping Machine 35

AVorsnop, R., Cop Frames, 150

Wray, J. H., Sounding Signals, 116

Wren, B., Grinding Grain, 292

Wright, IL, Buttons, &c., 16s

Wright, J., Paper Manufacture, 424

Wright, S., Axles, 55

Wrigley and Westland, Preventing Vibration of Carriage Windows, 242 and Freeman, Folding Fabrics, 150

Yuung, A. and W., Composing Type, 223

Zanni, G., Motive Power, 224

Abstracts of Specifications.


Accelerating Monon, Kitson and Kirby 424

Accidents, Preventing Railway, AV. Clark, 17

Accidents, Preventing Railway, Jacques,

AVenk, and Mathieu, 115

Accidents. Preventing Railway, AV. E.

Newton, 441

Actuating Machinery, G» Garrett, 424

Aerated AVaters, AV. S. Parti t, 56

Adherence, Increasing, A. Vescovali, 459

Alcohol, Distilling, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Amalgams, AV. E. Newton, 460

Ammunition, J. hit worth, 423

Anchors, S. Hunter, 459

Anemograph, S. B. Howlett, 96

Animal Substances, Preserving, B. Jones, 460

Astronomy, Illustrating, J. L. Naish, 223

Axes, &c., T. Smith, 18

Axle-box, AV. E. Gedge, 406

Axle-boxes, H. A. Bonneville, 168

Axle-boxes, Removing, J. Drabble, 24

Axles, S. Wright, 55

Axles, Railway, W. R. Lake, 441

Bags, H. Frankenburg, 205

Bags, Fastening Carpet, King and Watson, 460

Bags, Paper, J. H. Johnson, 222

Bags, &c., H. Rankin, 348

Balls, Cricket, &c., C. Huntley, 293

Balls, India-rubber, &c., A. Ford. 205

Bands and Belts, J. Crutchett, 868

Barometers, Aneroid, T. Cooke, 4u6

Barrow, R. Stephens, 405

Bars, <fcc., Railway, T. W. Dodds. 478

Baskets, Ornamental, W. Goulding, 76

Bath Apparatus, W. Clark, 406

Batteries, Galvanic, Watson, Horwood, and Brum fit, 205

Beacons, Floating, J. Moody, 201

Bearings, W. C. Cambridge, 222

Bedstead, II. Geering, 150

Bedsteads, &c., J. L. Hancock, 3S6

Bedsteads, <fcc., Wilson and Goodfellow, 116

Beer, &c., Improving. T. S. Piideaux, 75 Bellows, J. Bowden, 223

Bellows, M. Cartwright, 348

Belts, White and Chamberlain, 224

Billiard Marker, W. B. Thoyts, 330

Biscuits, Marking, G. Gillett, 366

Bit, J. F. Dubois, 17

Bit, Boring, W. T. Hamilton, 460

Blasting, J. Bernard, 4 24

Bleaching, &c., Schofield and Smith, 312

Blind Rollers. J. Everard, 405

Blinds, Hanging, L. P. Mathews, 406

Blinkers, C. A. Elliott, 365

Block Matches, Truman and Lovi, 386

Blocks, Westley and Ribby, 423

Boats, Life, H. A. Bonneville, 35

Boats, Life. A. V. Newton, 241

Boats, Lowering, C. H. Simpson, 188

Bobbin holders, J. Goulding, 292

Bobbins, J. V. Hoyt, 275

Bobbins. Attaching, J. Ward, 241

Boiler, Repairing, G. R. Ghisclin, 335

Boilers, A. Barclay, 95

Boilers, M. P. W. Boulton, 16, 167

Boilers, E. Elliott, 55

Boilers, J. II. Johnson, 347

Boilers, J. Lake, 240

Boilers, L. C. C. Martin, 131

Boilers. W. E. Newton, 204

Boiler Bottoms, M. Judge, 242

Boilers, Multitubular, H. Ormson, 16

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, W.

Hewitt, 258

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, Howard and Others. 240

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, W. E. Newton. 55

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, W. and 8. Tyne, and Clayton. 258

Boilers, Steam, A. Chaplin, 364

Bolt-heading Machinery, J. W. McDermot, 222

Bolt Machines, W. E. Newton, 188

Bolts and Rivets, F. P. Warren, 368

Boltsand Rivets, E. H. Waldenstiom, 76

Books. <fcc., Fastening for, Orrin and Geer, 405

Bo )ts, &c., Lacing, J. H. Johnson, 168

Boots and Shoes. M. Cartwright, 363

Boots and Shoes, Cartright aud Dale, 223

Boots and Shoes, J. W. Coburn, 348

Boots and Shoes, J. Dunbar, 294

Boots and Shoes, N. H. Felt, 479

Boots and Shoes, R. Flude, 460

Boots and Shoes, C. E. Goodman, 4*4

Boots and Shoes, H. Hibling, 330

Boots and Shoes, D. A. Jones. 479

Boots and Shoes, P. Lawrence, 223

Boots and Shoes, C. Mole, 478

Bootsand Shoes, J. P. Wint, 96

Boring Machinery, G. Low, 76

Bottles, Smelling, T. Miles, 368

Bottles, Necks of, H. B. Fox, 18

Bottles, Regulator for Feeding Bottles, W.

Botham, 76

Bottles, Stopping, W. T. Bead, 242

Box, 8tulling, V. Duterne, IS

Boxes, A. V. Newton, 76

Boxes, Sand, 1). P. J. Mathews, 404

Boxes, Screw Gill, W. Hodgson, 459

Brace, Drill, Davies and T • unton, 224

Braces for Drills, J. Or vis, 40(5

Brake, Cowpe and Hancock, 241

Brake, J. Griffiths, 17

Brake, W.. King, 131

Brake, Swinbourne and Laming, 150

Brake, J. Mead, 188

Brake, R. B. Mitchell, 132

Brake, W. J. Murphy, 34, 258

Brake, W. E. Newton, 75

Brake, H. Shaw, 35

Brakes, J. Naveaux, 55

Brakes, Williamson, Lindley, and Culc-man, 441

Brakes, W. Shakespear, 204

Brakes, A. R. Shaw, 347

Brakes, G. Voight, 365

Brakes, T. Warburton. 365

Brakes, Railway, M. Henry, 275

Breech-loading Fire-arms, A. Colley, 35

Brick Machinery, W. E. Newton, 204

Brick-making, W. R. Lake, 56

Bricks and Tiles, J. Gillespie, 275

Bricks, V. J. B. Germaix, 347

Bricks, E. Guthrie, 423

Bricks, T. L. Jowett, 35

Bricks, L. G. Speyer, 459

Bricks, Sumner and Scott, 168

Bricks and Tiles, W. Porter, 275

Bricks and Tiles, J. Bobcrts, 386

Bridges. W. Brookes, 221

Bridges, M. Kenny, 115

Bridges, &c., S. B. Labouret, 55

Brooms, Smith and Ritchie, 291

Brushes, Smith and Ritchie, 242J

Brushing Hair, 8. Middleton, 206

Brushes, Hair, G. and G. jun., and C. W.

Smith, 480

Brushes, Hair, Smith and Ritchie. 480

I Buffers, &c., Wilson and Hydes, 405

' Buffers, Atmospheric, T. Williams, 312

I Buffers, Spring, W. J. Hopkins, 17

Building, J. J. Bodmer, 18

Burners, Gas, G. Bagnagatti, 221

Burners, Gas, F. Klip, 205

Burners, Gas, H. Woodward, 206

Buttons, W. Aslon, 206

Buttons, Edkins, Newman, and Graves, 223

Buttons, <tc., H. Wright, 168

Buttons, G. A. Huddart, 424

Cables, Easing Ships’, C. do Vcndeuvro, 17

Cables, Laying, R. E. Kaulbach, 366

Cables, Laying Telegraphic, F. W. Gardiner, 330

Cables, Laying Telegraph, K. J. Percival, 242

Cables, Submarine, J. L. Clarke, 205

Cables, Submarine, W. Clark, 242

Cables, Submarine, H. R. Guy, 168

Cables, Submarine, J. de La Haye, 442

Cables, Submarine, F. T. Hubert, 366

Cables, Submarine, F. G. Mullholland, 168

Cables, Telegraph, F. Jenkin, 205

Cables, Telegraph, W. P. Piggott, 222

Cables, Telegraphic. S. Inkpen, 276

Cables, Telegraph, J. A. Mee, 276

Cables, Telegraphic, J. O. C. Phillips, 276

Cables, Working Submarine, W. Smith,


Caissons, H. Law, 294

Cakes, Pomfret. W. and W. J. Wood, 222

Cane Splitting, R. Biessy, 406

Candles, J. H. Johnson, 206

Candles, T. V. Lee. 367

Candlesticks, A. Hill, 366

Capstans, W. D. Grimshaw, 347

Capsules, W. Betts, 206

Capsules. E. Rimmel, 223

Car, Locomotive, J. P. Woodbury, 276

Caramel, A. V. Newton, 460

Carbonic Acid Gas, A. J. Mott, 386

Carbonic Acid Gas, Supplying, C. A. Watkins, 222

Canlmg Machinery, Walker and Preston, 312

Cards, Turner, Shore, and Halliwell, 202 Cards, Grinding, 8 Faulkner, 312 Cards, Gi inding, R. Swires, 423 Carpets, Braqnenie, A.,422 Carpets, L. Clayton, 221 Cartridges, J. Brown, 330 Cartridges, J. Millar. 479

Cartridges, J. W. Robertson, 116 Cartridges, J. II. Selwyn, 365 Carriages, J. Harrington, 55

Carriages, Gun, Heathorn and Wells, 459 Carriages, Ordnance, F. A. Wilson, 75 Carriages, Steam, R. A. Broomau, 75 Carriages, Railway, H. G. Craig, 347 Carriages, Railway, L. Faure, 55 Carriages, Railway, M. Henry, 365 Carriages, Railway, J. H. Johnson, 330 Carriages, Railway, Petigean and McNally, 168

Carriages, Railway, J. Rigg, 115

Carriages, Railway, Sims and Buras, 423 Carriages, Railway, T. E. Stevens, 204 Casks, J. II. Pinckvoss, 366

Casks and Barrels, J. Davidson, 348

Casks, Rendering Air-tight, W. E. Newton, 188

Casks, Setting up, Clapporton and Lyle, 76 Casks, Treating, G. Marshall, 368 Ca°es, Packing, J. Hope. 223

Castings. Steel, Taylor and Fernie, 479 Castors, R. Eastman, 36

Cattle, Supplying with Food, W. Reid, 479 Cement, J. Duke, 293

Cement, Grayson and O’Donaghue, 460 Chains, &c., P. M. C. Beziel, 76 Chains, <fec., C. Guiliano, 366 Chair, Reclining, G. Davies. 292 Chairs, Folding, G. T. Bousfield, 222 Chairs, Folding, G. Davies, 386 Chairs, Railway, J. D. Frazer, 385 Chairs, Railway, W. F. Henson, 204 Chairs, Railway, H. H. Henson, 221 Charcoal, Treating, E. Beanes, 423

Charge Holders, Portable, T. Rosson, 95 Charges, Preparing, C. Reicben, 222 Chemical, C. F. Claus, 75 Chemical, W. E. Newton, 56 Chemical, V. Newton, 75 Chemical, A. P. Price, 116 Chemicals, W. Clark, 423

Chimney, Curing Smokey, W. Cooke, 368 Chucks, R. Btnsley, 386 Chucks, E. T. Hughes, 366 Churn, H Clifton. 460

Cigar, Lights, H Bateman, 478

Cigars, A. V. Newton, 206

Cinder Sifter. J. L. Hancock, 405

Cisterns. C. E. Davis, 292

Clasps, F. Jenner, 366

Clod Crushers, &c., W. C. Cambridge, 365 Closets, Water, P. Ellis. 423

Cloths, Endless, J. H. Whitehead. 459 Cloth, Measuring, W. Hebdon, 460 Clothes-Wringing Machines, T. D. Stetson, 294

Coal, Distilling, E. Meldrum, 442 Coal, Treating, H. G. Fairburn, 35 Coating Surfaces, Boffey and Smith, 293 Cocks, Gauge, S. Bennett, 480 C‘ ffee, Roasting, A. V. Newton, 479 Coffins, S. Dunn, 366 Coffins, J. George, 76

Coffins, J. Hargreaves, 343

Coin Receiver. J. M. Abrams, 36

Collars and Cuffs, R. A. Brooman, 76 Collars, Curving. &c., G. Speight. 18 Collars, Shirt, V. A. and V. J. Messinger, 276

Colour Box, J. Robertson, 367

Colour, Violet, L. Schad, 204

Colour, Violet, J. A. Wanklyn, 222

Colouring Matter, R. A. Brooman, 330

Colouring Matter, J. Holliday, 275

Colouring Matters, J. Holliday, 348

Colouring Matters, P. A. F. Boboeuf, 116

Colouring Matter, A. Schultz, 293

Combing Machinery, J. and W. II. Bailey, 221

Combing Machinery, Busfield and Walmsley, 35

Combing Machinery, G. Little, 204

Confectionery, Ornamented, H. Schooling, 75

Condensers, Surface, W. E. Newton, 34

Condensers, Surface, C. T. Porter. 31

Condensing Apparatus, M. J. Parry, 115

Conductors, Wire, W. Boggett, 293

Cooking Apparatus, S. H. Huntley, 479

Cooking Apparatus, W. Wapshare, 116

Cooking Ranges, W. Barton, 116

Cooling Rooms, B. A. Boyd, 291

Copper, J. B. Elkington. 460

Copper. J. T. Lockley, 222

Copper, Calcining, T. and T. L. G. Bell, 276

Copper Ore, Calcining, A. Bankart, 424

Copying Presses. Lawrence and Jeffreys, 36

Corks, Cutting, L. Villett, 294

Cork, Drawing, H. J. Sanders, 460

Corks, Securing, W. H. P. Gore, 242

Cotton, &c.. Cleaning, Marsland and Williams, 347

Cotton, &c., Compressing, J. J. McComb, 443

Cotton, &c., Opening, J. Thornton, 95

Cotton, Preparing, Tatham and Smith, 168

Cotton, <tc., Shrinking, S. C. Salter, 459

Couplings, Freeman and Grundy, 241

Couplings, R. D. Morgan, 204

Couplings, Smith and Brook, 188

Couplings, Safety, F. C. B. Robinson, 204

Cover, Revolving Dish, C. B Button, 330 Coverings for the Head, H. A. Bonneville, 459

Cow-houses, J. Gamgee, 188

Cowl, Chimney, H. E. Newton, 478

Cranes, Travelling, Greig and Burton, 311

Crinolines, J. Leetch, 168

Crinolines, A. Y. Rehn, 188

Croquet, Indoor, H. Jones, 442

Croquet Marker, Souter and Christie, 96

Crossings, Railways, J. Johnson, 385

Crucibles, G. Nimmo, 116

Crushing Quartz, W. H. G. Jones, 368

Cultivators, S. and S. Gilbert, jun., 221

Cushions, G. A. Smith, 478

Cushions, &c., Stuffing, T. F. Henley, 76

Cutting Machinery, W. Roberts, 36

Cylinders, II. A. Bonneville, 312

Decomposing and Superheating, R. A

Brooman, 367

Desiccating Leaves, A. L. M. Gavin, 286

Disinfecting, C. Nicholas, 97

Distilling, S. H. Huntley, 479

Distilling, E. Vegnier, 35

Distilling, &c., P. Robertson, 188

Dock, Floating, E. Clark, 275

Docks, Floating,G. Turton,-36

Doors, &c., Opening, and Fastening, A. H.

Gilmore, 18

Doors, &c., Supporting, A. H. Gilmore, 44

Doubling Machinery, F. Delamare-Debout-tcville. 55

Drags. A. E. Dobbs, 34

Drawing Instrument, G. Clark, 96

Dress, Bows for. T. Lazarus, 480

Dress-h<.!der, H. A. Bonneville, 224

Drills. J. Armitage, 95

Drums, Connecting. W. Clark, 479

Drying Apparatus, Latham and Campbell, 132

Drying Apparatus, A. V. Newton, 223

Dust, Separating, C. Cochrane. 478

Dust, Separating, Cowper and Siemens, 294

Dyeing, II. A. Bonneville, 222

Dyeing, J. H. Chaudet, 116

Dyeing, G. H. Smith, 222

Dyeing, Weweirne and Verschaffelt, 293

Earthenware, G. W. Turner, 459 Effervescing Drinks, 0. W. Jeyes, 291 Eggs, Desiccating, C. A. Samout, 18 Ejectors, A. V. Newton, 205, 480 Elastic, Pressing. H. A. Bonneville, 276 Electrical, A. V. Newton, 132 Embroidery, Imitation, R. Clark, 204 Engine, W. E. Newton. 292

Engine, Caloric, R. A. Brooman, 385 Engine. Motive Power, W. Clark, 149 Engines, H. Cartwright, 168

Engines, Compound Cylinder, J. Howard, 329

Engines, Feeding Carding, W. E. Newton, 312

Engines, Locomotive, C. de Borgue, 55 Engines, Locomotive, G. Smith, jun., 17 Engines, Locomotive, J. E. Wilson. 55 Engines, Pressure, J. Dreisorner, 292 Engines, Pumping, M. Benson, 55 Engines, Railway, J. R. Lowbat, 441 Engines, Rotary, Graham, Broughton, and

Corkhill. 221

Engines, Steam, J. R. Arnaldi, <311 Engines, Steam, W. E. Gedge, 311 Engines, Steam, E. Hunt, 364 Engines, Traction, S. L. James. 241 Engines, '1 raction, M. H. Keene, 94 Engine and Valves, W. Clark, 241 Envelope Machines, A. V. Newton, 116 Envelope, R. Girdwood, 424 Envelopes for Bottles, G. Clark, 36 Envelopes, Securing, S. Tripp, 96 Envelopes, Securing, J. E. Tucket, 348 Evaporating, T. Campbell, 367 Excavating, G. Haseltine, IS Excavators, J. B. Hulme, 330 Eyelets, W. E. Newton, 206 Eyes, Artificial, A. Boissonneau, 442

Fabrics, J. Leslie, 241

Fabrics, Cleaning, G. E. andE. L. Rolland, 292

Fabrics, Finishing, E. Heywood, 385

Fabrics, Finishing, Robertson and Orchar, 365

Fabrics, Folding. Yates and Freeman, 150

Fabrics, &c., Folding, R. Tonge, 347

Fabrics, Hanging, Schofield and Smith, 385

Fabrics, Knitted. T. Webb, 385

Fabrics, Ornamenting, Knowles and Lindley, 241

Fabrics, Printing, W. Clark, 423

Fabrics, <fcc., Printing, A. Paraf, 478

Fabrics, Shearing, Stocks and Others, 330

Fabrics, Stretching, H. A. Dufrene, 478

Fabrics, Washing. J. H. Johnson, 115

Fabrics, Weaving Tubular, H. E. Newton, 385

Fall of Persons, Arresting, L. E.Laurency, 459

Fares, Checking, &c., Cab, H. A. Bonneville, 168

Fastener, Door, C. Fitzgerald, 367

Fasteners, Driving Band, Cashin and Felix, 424

Fastening for Purses, D. and J. Hyam, 294

Fastening, Sash, W. Parsons, 459

Fastenings. J. B. Fenby, 480

Fastenings for Bags, L. Pfeiffer, 442

Fastenings for Doors, &c., Meek and Howes 18

Fastenings, Jewellery, Lilley and Sunderland, 188

Fastenings for Leggings, F. J. Jones, 223

Fastenings for Shirts, <fcc., S. Ileleman, 36

Feed-water, A. V. Newton, 221

Feed-water, P. B. O’Neill, 422

Feed-water. Heating, J. H. Whitehead, 441

Fibre, H. C. Gilles, 95

Fibre, Cleaning, J. Faren, 206

Fibre, Combing, J. E. Donisthorpe, 422

Fibre, Preparing, J. H. Dickson, 385

Fibre, Preparing, Lawson and Filton, 150

Fibre, Straw. E. H. C. Mon ck ton, 204

Fibre, Treating, Ingham and Culpan, 222

Fibre, Treating, H. Sherwood, 188

File-cutting Machine, J. Dodge, 367

Files and Letter-holders, F. Brampton, 206

Files, Renewing, J. B. O. Lassens, 478

Filter, Leon, Tassimond, and Kissack, 188

Fire-alarm, Crean and Barr, 205

Fire-alarm, C. West, 206

Fire-arms, C. Chattaway, 405

Fire-arms, W. C. Dodge, 150

Fire-arms, Green and Heinke, 75

Fire-arms, C. W. Jones, 442

Fire-arms, W. E. Newton, 292

Fire-arms, J. Snider, jun., 241

Fire-arms, C. Whitney, 459

Fire-arms, &c., W. Tranter, 116

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. R. Cooper, 442

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, S. and J. Law 168

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. Lindner, 330

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Millar and Burton, 347

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. and G. II. Needham, 386

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. E. Newton, 56, 292, 386

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. G.Penotiere, 116

Fires, Extinguishing, W. H. Phillips, 367

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. W. Prince, 478

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, A. Prince, 292

Fire-arms, W. Pringle. 478

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. M. Scott, 386

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Soper. 201

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. W. Webley, 150

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. H. Williams, 365

Fire-arms, Rifling, W. B. E. Ellis. 275

Fire-arms, Rifling, W. E. Metford, 276

Fire Escape, W. E. Gedge, 36

Fire-place, A. Duvernois, 275

Firework, F. Tolhausen, 293

Fire, Extinguishing, J. Carlier, 294

Fires, Extinguishing, J. Edington, 460

Fires, Extinguishing, W. O. and J. Wilson, 222

Fres,i Lightning, &c., C. J. Webb, 293

Flax, Treating, G. Firmin, 95

Floor-cloths, J. and A. Longbottom. 76

Floors for Buildings. Fire-proof, J. Cunningham, 347

Floors, Fire-proof, J. Homan, 365

Fluids, E. K. Dutton, 36

Fluids, Measuring, M. Henry, 36

Flyers, M. Walker, 365

Fog-horns, W. H. Brookes, 205

Food, Preparing, A. H. Hassall, 423

Food, Preparing Cattle, R. Willacy, 330

Food, Preserving, L. H. Gil let. 366

Pood, Preserving. &c.. R. V. Tuson, 96

Food for Horses, R. Hi meson, 95

2?>ery’ Prevoutin=> J- G- a»d R- 8. Dale,

Forges, W. E. Gedge, 478

Forging Machinery, J. Penton, 405

Fountain Bottle, J. Nadal, 443

Fountains, F. Taylor, 96

Frames, Cap, R. Worsnop, 150

Frames, Cruet, J. B. Chattevley 96

Frames, Roving, &c., W. Sumner, 385

Frames, Spinning, A. V. Newton, 258

Friction, Producing, M. J. Roberts, 188

Frills, C. O. Crosby, 367

Fringes, T. B. Bailey, 241

Fronts. Cleaning, A. Rickett, 480

Fuel,H, G. Fairburn, 56

Fuel, T. Lancaster, 478

Fuel, T. V. Lee, 276

Fuel, Artificial, 0. J. Collins, 18

Furnace, J. H. Scott, 223

Furnace Bars, S. Godfrey, 34

Furnace, Smoke-consuming, Mathews and

Others, 385

Furnaces, W. Beardmore, 285

Furnaces, J. F. Boetins, 222

Furnaces, R. A. Brooman, 16

Furnaces, I). Caddick, 97

Furnaces, Castle and Morton, 404

Furnaces, Juckes and Swinburne, 115

Furnaces, J. Lockwood, 223

Furnaces, W. A. Lyttle, 459

Furnaces, Robinson and Varley, 205

Furnaces, T. M. Tennent, 458

Furnaces, W. Watkin, 292

Furnaces, T. Whitwell, 478

Furnaces, E. B. Wilson, 478

Furnaces, Blast, R. A. Brooman, 330

Furnaces, Blast, S. C. Salisbury, 366

Furnaces, Feeding, A. Prince, 76

Furniture, T. Laurie, 478

Furniture, Cabinet, D. Slater, 276

Fuses, G. Haseltine, 18

Fuses, A. Noble, 132

Fustian, Cutting, Collins and Butterfield, 75

Garments, Fitting, J. H. and G. R. Smith, 479

Gas, J. Crutchett, 366

Gas, J. H. Johnson, 292

Gas, A. V. Newton, 292

Gas Burners, J. Scholl, 36

Gas, Carburetting, H. Woodward, 206

Gas, Collecting, J. and G. Addenbrooke, and Millward, 366

Gas, Lighting, Mackie and Paterson, 293

Gas Meters, W. Esson, 294

Gas Meters, Wet, C. Myers, 478

Gas, Purifying, G. T. Livesey, 75

Gas, Purifying, J. Thomas, 18

Gas, Purifying, Wood and Barrett, 442

Gas Retorts, W. Schofield, 76

Gas, Supplying, Snell and Thomas, 36

Gases, S. Baggs, 423

Gases, H. Blair, 95

Gases, S. C. Salisbury, 366

Gases, J. Webster, 442

Gases, Applying to Metals, J. C. Ridley,


Gazogene, A. F. Morelle, 76

Gear, Steering, Esplin and Clarke, 423

Glass, J. H. Johnson, 206

Gold, Separating, A. E. Molin, 95

Gold, Testing, H. Levy, 205

Governors, Centrifugal, W. E. Newton, 347

Gins, Cotton, J. H. Johnson, 55

Gin, Cotton, F. A. E. J. de Massas, 221

Girders, Iron, J, Homan, 367

Grain, Grinding, B. Wren, 292

Grain, Hulling, W. L. Wise, 258

Grain, Treating, E. J. Davies, 423

Greenhouses, T. H. P. Dennis, 385

Grinding Machinery, Priestley and Others,


Gun Baarels, P. H. Tipper, 56

Gun Carriages, G. W. Rendel, 365

Gunpowder, J. Gale, jun., 35

Gunpowder, A. Klein, 18

Gum and Size, J. Sellars, 442

Gunpowder, Substitute for, E. Spicer, 116

Gunpowder, Treating, J. Gale, jun., 150

Gun Wipers, A. V. Newton, 150

Guns, Training, H. D. P. Cunningham, 75

Guns, Working, H. D. P. Cunningham,


Gymnastics, G. W. Bacon, 424

Hackling Machinery, S. Cotton, 405

Hair Brushing, P. T. and J. H. Brandreth,


Hair Brushing Machinery, Neat and )


Hair, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 18

Hammers, B. and S. Massey, 35

Hammers, Steam, D. Davies, 223

Hammers, Steam, O. Emmet, 424

Handles for Spoons, J. Fallows, 224

Harrows, <fcc., Badger and Steff, 259

Hats, T. D. Stetson, 276

Hats, &c., W. E. Newton, 56

Hay, &c., Cutting, J. Spratt, 56

Healds, Hothersall, Cook, and Hucking, 459

Heat, Preventing Escape of, Simons and

Brown, 478

Heating, G. T. Bousfield, 168

Heating and Evaporating, T. F. Henley,


Heating and Evaporating, Smith and

Batho, 366

Heating Knives, &c., W. Brooks, 56

Heating Steam, A. V. Newton, 221

Hides, Treating, W. E. Gedge, 222

Hides, Treating, W. Harris, 366

Hoisting Machines, W. R. Lake, 330

Hooks, Fish, A. Fenton, 405

Hoops and Tires, J. Ramsbottom, 188

Horses, Disconnecting, P. Marvaud, 241

Horses, Disengaging, R. T. Holmes, 221

Horses, Shoeing, J. H. Ince, 95

Houses, Decorating, W. Barwick, 365

Hurdles, R. Longdon, 365

Hydrocarbons, Burning Liquid, R. A.

Brooman, 56

Hydrocarbons, Purifying, W. Clark, 460

Ice Houses, A. W. Parker, 293

Illusions, Optical, Tobin and Stodare, 205

Incombustible,Rendering, J. A.N. Chanlin, 116

India-rubber, &c., A. A. Lerenard, 366

Indicating Temperature, F. S. Gossage, 424

Indicator, W. Moseley, 276

Indicator, L R. Whitehead, 367

Indicators, Steering, Viehoff and Matthie-son, 423

Injector, Surgical, W. R. Barker, 367

Instruments, Musical, F. Tolhausen, 330

Insulators, Brest, Harrison, and Rocber,


Iron, W. W. Biggs, 132

Iron, J. M. Macrum, 75

Iron, E. Sabel, 188, 205

Iron, W. Unwin, 293

Iron Conducting Apparatus, J. Thys, 460

Iron, Hardening, W. E. Newton, 478

Iron, Mortising Woods and Drilling, J Curtis, 442

Iron, Purifying, J. Dixon, 460

[ron, Shaping. R. A. Brooman, 36

iron and Steel, H. Bessemer, 443

Iron and Steel, R. A. Brooman, 223

[ron and Steel, Cashin and Allender, 348

Iron and Steel, N. Korshunoff, 293

[ron and Steel, J. Player 343

Iron, Sulphide <>f. T. Lomas, 241

[rons, Box. J. Whitehouse, 294

Irons, Curling, L. Gachin. 242

[rons, Handles for Smoothing, T. Sbeldon, 95

Ivory, Imitating, Rothensail and Gradon-witz, 36

Tars, Stopping, Hemming and Coyle, 480

Jewellery, Fastening, J. S. A., and G. E,, and F. T. Reading, 405

Keys for Pianos, D. G. and S. Straight, 204, 386

Kilns, R. A. Brooman, 18

Knife Handles, Securing, T. McGrah, 40

Knitting Machines, G. Davies, 55

Knitting Machines, S. Norris, 480

Knickerbockers, W. Ambler, 348

Labelling, G. Clark, 424

Labels, Securing, E. W. Collier, 330 Lace, <fcc., Dressing, W. E. Dobson, 423 Lace Machines, S. Bates, 55 Lace Machines, Boot and Coxon, 55 Lace Machinery, W. E. Newton, 258 Lamp Burners, J. H. Johnson, 36 Lamp Glasses, Roof, T. S. Raney, 168 Lamps L. Hewitt. 347

Lamps, J. and J. Hinks, 405

Lamps, J. Maublane, 292

Lamps, A. F. Osler, 150

Lamps, Masnesium, H. Larkin, 442 Lamps, Paraffin, D. Gallafent, 365 Lamps, Railway, J. J. Parkes, 368 Lamps, Safety, H. A. Bonneville, 294 Lamps, Submarine, J. S, Staines, 348 Lanterns, E. A Phillips, 442 Lathe Chucks, J. Buckingham, 424 Lawn Mowing Machines, J. B. Brown, 168 Lay Figure, Automaton, W. E. Gedge, 76 Lead, White, P. Spence, 293

Leather, Punching, Marsland and Williams, 367

Leather, Rolling, J. H. Tyler, 205 Leather, Splitting, H. H. Doty, 242 Leather, Treating, Lourzac and Bombail, 276

Leather, Treating, J. W. M. Miller, 293 Leather, Uniting, G. Haseltine, 406 Leggings, J. Stanley, 424 Lenses, W. Bunger, 479

Letters, Copying, H. A. Bonneville, 276 Letters, Transporting, &c., A, V. Newton, 206

Levels, Adjusting, A.SBudenberg, 206 Lids, Saucepan, J. Ward, 241 Lift, Hydraulic, J. Norris, 478 Lifts, D. Cowan, 95 Light, P. Carlevaris, 35 Light, Artificial, T. Baggs, 77 Light, Magnesium, C. R. Bamber, 35 Light, Magnesium, J. Solomon, 35 Lighting and Heating, J. H. Johnson, 366 Linings for Dresses, P. Passivant, 76 Liquid, Cleansing, J. Roddy. 348 Liquids, Circulating, H. A Dufrene, 95 Liquids, Raising, J. W. Bastier, 368 Liquids, Raising, McEwan and Neilson, 205

Liquor, Caustic, T. Nicholson, 242 Locking Doors,gJ. H. Simpson, 292 Lock, Bailey and England, 205 Lock, W. E. Newton, 168 Locks, J. A. Baine, 478 Locks, R. A. Brooman, 294 Locks, G. Carter, 76

Locks, Chambers and Gregory, 479

Locks, W. Gardner, 460

Locks, E. D. Hodgson, 221 Locks, W. E. Newton, 76 Locks, F. Pope, 480 Locks, C. Price, 366 Locks, J. Walton, 132 Locks, Gun, F. H. Grey, 386 Locks, &c., J. F. Heather, 77 Locks, &c., B. Pitt, 478 Locomotives, R. Aitken, 275 Logs, Ships’, F. Massey, 95 Looms, J. Bullough, 75 Looms, W. Bullough, 168 Looms, Caton and Holden, 442

Looms, Clayton, Raper, and Gondling, 132 Looms, J. Edmonson, 275 Looms, Gadd and Moore, 188

Looms, J. and H. Ilgham and Broadley 168

Looms, Jackson, Clough, and Ashley, 422 Looms, J. Keighley, 55 Looms, M. Knowles, 95 Looms, E. Lord, 385 Looms, E. Scott, 478 Looms, T. R. Shaw, 150 Looms, J. Smith, 258

Looms, Todd and Holding, 365

Looms, Wadsworth, Hall, and Bouser, 31.

Looms, Pickers for, R. Edmondson, 478 Lozenges, C. J. Tinker, 367 Lozenges, &c., H. A. Dufrene, 406 Lubricating, Beard and Moiden, 4 JI Lubricating, J. Beamish, 275 Lubricating, H. A. Bonneville, 276 Lubricating, J. Knowles, 206 Lubricating, W. Mycock, 242 Lubricating, J. A. Radcliffe, 150 Lubricating, Compounds, W. West, 2-3

Magic Lanterns, S. Solomons, 442 Mallets, Croquet, S. S. Bateson, 36 Mandrils, D. and J. Fulton, 96 Mangling, R. Walmsley, 367 Manure, Artificial, G. Bartlett,'460 Manure, Spreading, A. Jemmett, 423 Matches, S. A. Bell, 480 Matches, G. G. Dennis, 276

Matter, Colouring, E. J. Hughes, 460 Matter, Colouring, J■ Schad, 442 Mattress, S. Dummere, 96

Mattress, Spring, W. .E. <Gedge, 36 Mattress, Spring, J. E. Townsend, 330 Mats, &c„ G. and D. Hurn, 76 Meat, Preserving, T. Redwood, 460 Meat, &c., Preserving, W. Fox, 460 Meat, Treating, R. Mowson, 347 Measuring Apparatus, W. Clark, 222 Medicine, O. Laurence, 20o

Metals, Casting, D. Spink, 330

Metals, Coating, J. B. Thompson, 36 Metals, Cutting, H. W. Hulse, 18 Meters, Gas, J. Webster, 367

Metals, Plating, E. J. Matherwood, 443 Metals,Shaping, H. Hughes, 367 Metals, Spongy, J. H. Johnson, 22-Meter, Fluid, C. Horsley, 242 Meter, &c„ Fluid W. Pay ton, 4o9 Meter, Spirit, J. F. Hearsey, 2 Meter, Water, R. G. Rattary. 224 Meters, Dry Gas, G. Lizars, 76 Meters, Fluid, S. Lusty,. 188 Mills, Bar ford and Perkins. 241 Mills, Grinding. J. Tye, 275 Millstones, W . H. Parker 385

Millstones; Dressing,’A. W Newton 442

Mincing Machinery, J. Dounell, 348

Mixing Machinery, T. C. Gibson, 243 Mortising Machines, AV. Parsons, 406 Motion, Retarding, P. D. Finnigan, 55 Motion,Transmitting, M. .Julien, sen., 385 Motive Power, J. Baker, 16 Motive Power, V. Baker, 16

Motive Power, M. P. AV. Boulton, 115 Motive Power, W. Clark, 34 Motive Power, H. A. Dufrene, 94 Motive Power, W. E. Gedge, 347 Motive Power, J. E. Ludeke, 95, Motive Power, AV. A. Little, 75 Motive Power, G. B. McNicol, 292 Motive Power, E. Perro, 115 Motive Power, R. M. Roberts, 477 Motive Power, G. Rosselet, 365 Motive Power, A. Sleigh, 149

Motive Power, Cole, Smith, and Soares 204

Motive Power, J. R. Spanoghe, 34

Motive Power, J. Wanthier, 459

Motive Power, G. Zanni, 224

Moulding, R. W. Armstrong, 205

Moulding, R. A. Brooman, 292

Moulding Machinery, Hay and Bissell, 406

Moulds, G. Robinson, 224

Moulds, Ingot, J. Clayton, 96

Mules, J. Dodd, 258

Mules, Spinning, H. B. Barlow, 385

Musical Instrument, H. C. Baudet, 150

Naetronome, I-I. C. Carden, 478

Nail Machines, H. C. Davies, 276

Needle, Improved, L. Bennett, 406

Needles, C O. Crosby, 206

Needles, AV. Lusty, 36

Needles, Knitting, W. Clark, 479

Night Lights, Meyer and Freestone, 294

Oars, &c., J. Cox, 55

Oil, Extracting Mineral, A. Craig, 367

Oil Feeders, F. Foster, 18

Oil, Purifying, G. Payne, 18

Oil Reservoirs, R. A. Brooman, 18

Oils, T. 8. M’Dougall, 276

Oils, W. Jenkins, 76

Oils, A. V. Newton, 150

Oils, Decanting, P. Jacovenco, 76

Oils, Treating, J. W. Perkins, 188 Omnibuses, A. Cheffins, 131 Optical Illusions, G. Bonelli, 18 Ordnance, J. Brown, 188

Ordnance, Deacon and Johnson, 405 Ordnance, Mounting, R. Mallet, 459 Ordnance, Working, AV. E. Newton, 423 Ores, Copper, W. Clark, 405

Organs, &c., Hopkinson and Whitelock, 75 Organs, J. H. Smith, 75

Organs, &c., Smyth and Evans, 116

Ornaments, Personal, H. Emmanuel, 76 Outfits, Military, T. J. Mayall, 168 Ovens, Coke, W. Morgans, 205,349 Ovens, Heating, F. 'Ihomas, 223

Overflow for Baths, &c., H. H. Craigie, 368

Oxalic Acid, Casthelaz and Bassett, 276 Oxygon, H. Beigel, 75

Oxygen, H. A. Dufrene, 95 Oxygen, J. T. A. Mallett, 460

Paddle-wheel, G. A. Keene, 240 Paddle-wheels, A. J. Sedley, 275 Paddle-wheels, J. J. McComb, 312 Paddles, W. J. M. Rankine, 292 Paint, J. G. Avery, 222 Paints, G. Fentiman, 75 Paints, E. L. Ransome, 188 Paper, C. D. Abel, 293

Paper, Millington and Allinott, 18

Paper, AV. Del tour, 18

Paper, G. A. Ermen, 460

Paper, G. Eveleigh, 293

Paper, Routledge and Richardson, 18

Paper, S. Trotman, 292

Paper Board, J. F. Jones, 56

Paper Board, J. F. Rochester, 75

Paper, Bordering, J. Parkins, 348

Paper Boards, &c., N. C. Szerelmey, 223 Paperhangings, Cutting, A. A. Larmouth, 188

Paper Manufacture, W. Clark, 424

Paper Manufacture, J. Wrignt, 424 Papers, Photographic, W. E. Newton, 424 Paper, Treating, J. de. W. Brinckerhoff, 366

Paraffin, Purifying, J. E. Poynter, 18 Parrels, Ships’, J. Manifold, 459 Pavement, T. Berrens, 459

Peat, C. Hodgson, 150

Peat, Drying, Campbell, Coote, and Wol-fran, 442

Peat, Treating, G. T. Bousfleld, 293

Peat, Treating, Terrell and Don, 222

Pegs, Vent, R. M. Lowne, 294 Pencils, M. Nofietsch, 349 Penholders, R. C. Lilly, 442 Pens, R, M. and D. Cameron, 367 Perfumes, Distributing, Dunbar and Butler, 294

Permanent Way, W. Clark, 241

Permanent Way, J. C. Green, 221 Permanent Way, W. J. Hixon, 17 Permanent Way, J. Kirkham, 55 Permanent Way, D. C. Pierce, 365 Permanent Way, AV. Rogers, 221 Permanent Way, J. Whittle, 35 Permanent Way, J. E. Wilson, 95

Petroleum, Burning, L. Pebeyre, 442 Petroleum Products, Treating, J. Fordrod 222

Pharoah Serpents, J. King, 423

Phosphorus, Separating, C. H. L. Wintzer, 293

Phthalic Acid, Laurent and Casthelaz, 18 Photographic Papers, W. E. Newton, 460 Photography, E.and J. Bullock, 479 Photography, M. Henry, 222 Photography, O. Sarony, 479

Photography, F. N. Wells, 150

Pianofortes, Farr, Farr, and Gregory, 330, 386

Pianofortes, Farr and Gregory, 478 Pianofortes, B. Johnson, 347 Pianofortes, W. E. Newton, 35 Pianofortes, G. G. Rich, 365 Pianofortes, G.E. Way, 18

Piano Tuning, R. A. Brooman, 56

Picks, Mining, W. E. Newton, 424 Pigments, Printing, J. and R. S. Dale, Pins, Metals, H. W. Hart, 168

Pipes, C. A. McEvoy, 293

Pipes, L. White, 36

Pipes, Metallic, A. Deslandes, 424

Pipes and Screws, Cutting, T. G. Messen , 206

Pipes, Smoking, S. Myers, 294

Pipes, Stopping, C. T. Cotterill, 366

Pistols, H. A. Bonneville, 150

Pitch, Dissolving, R. A. Brooman, 56 Planing Machinery, W. E. Newton, 188 Plant, Railway, Kernot and Symons, 292 Planting Machines, W. B. West, 442 Plates, Securing, R. Fox, 275 Plough, V. Poitevin, 18

Pockets, Anderson and Durant, 242

Points, Railway, W. McGregor, 55

Points. Working Railway, H. Skinner, 36 Polishing Apparatus, C. H. Gardner, 36 Polishing, &c., J. L. Hancock, 40o Portfolios, &c., G. T. Bousfield, 34b Portfolios, &c., J. Stephens, 479

Pottery, AV. E. Gedge, 18

Pouch, Tobacco, W. A. Richards, 96

Power, Regulating, R. Fothergill, 96 Press, Cotton, 8. Boyd, 150 Presses, W. Hughes, 96

Presses, Routledge and Onlmanney, 292

Presses, J. and W. Weems, 293

Presses, Cotton, C. Boyd, 406

Presses, Cotton, A. V. Newton, 318

Presses, Copying,' CL Owen, 224

Presses, Hydraulic, Roiltledge, Bentley, and Jackson, 405

Pressing Machine, W. Ingham, 55

Printing, A. Applegarth, 205

Printing, W. Clark, 36

Printing, J. Henderson, 17

Printing, D. McKellar, 223

Printing, &c., Buchanan and Boyd, 188 Printinglaud Dyeing, J. Lightfoot, 275 Printing Machinery, R. A. Brooman, 35 Printing Machines, S. W. Nicholson, 480

Printing Machines, W. Rock, 206

Printing Surfaces, J. W. Swan, 75

Printing Telegraph, C. H. Chadburn, 460

Projectiles, C. H. Henwood, 405

Projectiles, A. Krupp. 386

Projectiles, A. V. Newton, 275

Propelling, J. Calvert, 55

Propelling, W. Clark, 22l, 365

Propelling, J. V. Day, 115

Propelling, C. H. Simpson, 115

Propelling, D. Spink, 17, 312

Propelling and Steering, R. W, Fraser, 317

Propeller, R. Atkin, 292

Propellers, B. Davies, 241

Propellers Hook and Peace, 17

Propellers, Ships’, Goodier and Kilshaw, 442

Provisions, Preserving, I. Baggs, 442

Pulleys, Tangye and Jewsbury, 294

Pulp, Paper, W. R. Lake, 460

Pulp, Paper, W. E. Newton. 241

Pulping Machinery, W. W. Burden, HS Pulping Machine, Worssam and Evans, 35 Pulp, Treating Paper, W. Clark, 348 Pump, Bateman and Garrard, 406

Pumps, R. A. Brooman, 96

Pumps, W. Easton, 479

Pump, C. W. Orford, 330

Pumps, J. Webster, 258

Pumps, &c., A. Rigg, jun., 311

Pumps, Rotary, C. D. Abel, 4<16

Pumps, Rotary, R. A. Brooman, 329 Punching Apparatus, R. H. Leese, 76 Punching Apparatus, J. Medhurst, 36 Punkahs, J. E. Marsh, 223

Rafts, Life, J. W. Hurst, 312

Rails, Connecting, C. Henderson, 95

Rails and Girders, E. Sabel, 205

Railway, Circular, W. E. Gedge, 55

Railway Switches, J. H. Johnson, 75

Railway Wheels, T. Greenwood, 404 Railways, A. V. Newton, 292, 459 Railways, Atmospheric, W. P. Bayliss, 95 Railways, Pneumatic, W. E, Newton, 312

Raising Bodies, Evans and Fairlie, 242

Raisins, Stoneing, J. Askew, 293

Reaping, &c., Machines, Brigham and Bickerton, 275

Reaping Machines, C. T. Burgess, 275

Reaping Machines, J. Byford, 75

Reaping Machines, W. Manwaring. 423

Reaping Machines, Underhill, A. H. and J.

Corden, 75

Reaping and Mowing Machines, J. W.

Audinwood, jun., 35

Reeling Machinery, E. Rushton, 423

Refrigerating, Metcalfe, T. and H., and

Clayton, 97

Refrigerator, M. Ashby, 35

Register, Numerical, S. Buxton, 168

Regulator, Fluid. A- A. Foubert, 206

Regulators, Fluid, J. A, Nicholson, 479

Regulator, Self-acting, J. E. Avy, 423 Regulators, Water, Fell and Hammond, 405 Respiration, Producing Artificial, W. H.

Kitchen, 406

Retorts, A. V. Newton, 348

Revolvers, Breech-loading, P. Polain, 204

Rice, Cleaning, &c., J. W. Gray, 56

Rigging, W. C. Rickman, 34

Rivetting Machinery, H. M. Kennard, 56

Rivet, &e., Machinery, J. Lewis, 294 Rivet Machinery, J. Wakefield, 294 Rivets, &c., E. Finch. 36

Roadways,&c., T. R. Crampton, 17, 385

Rods, Stair, T. Allcock, 188

Rollers, W. Meddowcroft, 96

Rollers, Schofield and Smith, 385

Rollers, Applying Presses to, T. R. Harding, 459

Rollers, Covering, Leopold, Lavater, and Kershaw, 406

Rollers, Covering, J. A. Turner, 204

Rollers, Covering, Taylor and Crossley, 115

Rollers, Heating, W, Mather, 368

Rollers, Printers’, F. G. David, 36

Rollers. Top, J. Kerfoot, 478

Rolling Cardings, T. Rothwell, 17

Roofing, J, W. Tyler, 330

Rope, Cope and Guest, 242

Rudders, J. McG. Croft, 115

Rules, A. Nicholls, 368

Saddles, W. Clark, 275

Saddles, Jones and King, 365

Safes, H. Allman, 205

Safes, Andrew and Taylor, 205

Safes, S. Chatwood, 242

Safes, W. Diaper, 150

Safes, J. M. Hart, 293

Safes, P. C. Kjellberg, 206

Safes, Nordenskiold and Smith, 293

Safes, Phillips and Groves, 223

Safes, &c., Parigotand Grivel, jun., 348

Safes, Ice, H. A. Ash, 242

Safes, Iron, &c., Parrish, Thatcher and Glasscock, 36

Safety Apparatus, J. C. Broadbent, 294

Sails, Murray and Wells, 404

Sal-Ammoniac, W. and J. Richards, 116

Salt, Table, H. Jee, 222

Saltpetre, J. Bernhard, 222

Sanitary Apparatus, R; A. W. Westley, 206 Satchels, Improvement in, F. Thompson,

Save-alls, H. A, Bonneville, 294

Sawing Machinery, J. Elverson, 242

Saws, E. H. Woodward, 224

Scales, Cutting, W. Singleton, 205

Scarves. &c., W. and G. Crosher, 150

Screw-cutting Machinery, J. Tangye, 368

Screw Wrenches, H. A, Dufrene, 429

Screwing Machinery, G. and A. Harvey. 222

Screws, W. Carron, 242

Screws, Corn, J. Hartley, 18

Seaweed, Preparing, D. McCrummen 95

Seed, Cleaning Cotton, W. H. Cope 442

Seed, Cleaning Cotton, J. C. Stbvin’ 347

Sewage, Deodorising, E. Brooke, jun 348

Sewage, Deodorisation of, H. Y. D. Scott 442 ’

Sewage, Utilising, J. Linton, 368

Sewing Machines, R. A. Brooman, 366

Sewing Machines, W. Clark, 406

Sewing Machines, H. Clifton, 480

Sewing Machines, J. Draper, 18

Sowing Machines, Glazebrook and Mills 18 ■’

Sewing Machines, G. Hazeltine, 36

Sewing Machine, J. Hayes, 35

Sewing Machines, M. Henry, 367

Sewing Machines, J. Hose, 293

Sewing Machines, E. T. Hughes, 348

Sewing Machine, W. R. Lake, 367

Sewing Machines, G. E. and J. Keats, 36 Sewing Machinery, M. Klotz:, 330

Sewing Machines, D. McGlashlan, 36

Sewing Machines, D. Macpherson, 223

Sewing Machines, W. Middleton, 478

Sewing Machines, A. V. Newton, 406 Sewing Machines, J. Pitt, 480

Sewing Machines, Purkiss and Callaway, 242

Sewing Machines, J. B. Robertson, 405

Sewing Machines, Russ and Gandell, 206

Sewing Machines, A. Smith, 116

Sewing Machines, R, M. Wanzer, 150

Sewing Machines, W. and A.Westmoreland, 424

Sewing Machines, Willis and Rice, 223

Sewing Machine, Gauge for, G. B. Woodruffe, 77

Sewing Machines, G. B. Woodruffe, 368

Sewing Machines, Binders for, G. B, Woodruffe, 206

Sewing Machinery, A. V. Newton, 188

Shafts, Rolling, A. V. Newton, 478

Shaping Metal, J. H. Johnson, 294

Shawls, R. A. Brooman, 442

Shearing Apparatus, J, G. Tongue, 223

Shearing Machinery, R. and T. E. M. Walters, 480

Ships, J. Weems, 459

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, B. S. Cohen, 17

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, S. Parry, 204

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, W. La Penotiere, 167

Ship’s Bottom, Coating, Pulman aud Gim-man, 116

Ships, Cleaning, T. M. Gisborne, 347

Ships, Cleaning, R. D. Dwyer, 442

Ships, Coating, D. O. Jones, 204

Ships, Coating, R, P. Roberts, 258

Ships, Destroying, H. A. Dufrene, 386

Shipbuilding, Iron, P. Cato, 168

Ships, Loading, &c., W. Clark, 188

Ships, Sheathing, W. R. Mulloy, 17, 459

Ships, Steering, Atherton and Renton, 422 1

Ships and Vessels, C. O. Papengouth, 75 I Shirt Front, W. E. Newton, 56

Shirts, &c., J. M. Carter, 241

Shoeing Horses, W. E. Newton, 312

Shoes, Horse, G. Davies, 348

Shoes, Horse, J. Symmons, 221

Shoes, Horse, &c., L. Anderson, 168

Shop Fronts, W. R. Corson, 150

Shuttle Motion, H. Tolhausen, 423

Shuttles, Akeroyd and Lister, 188

Sifter, Cinder, C. H. Cope, 386

Sisrnal and Alarm Apparatus, J. G. Rowe, 95

Signal, Electric, W. H. Preece, 168

Signal, Telegraphic, C. H. Mellor, 330

Signalling, J. Anderson, 258

Signalling, F. N. Gisborne, 55

Signalling, W. A. Martin, 347

Signalling, A. Moore, 312

Signalling, Pickin and Bailey, 168

Signalling, Railway, 0. H. Whitworth, 459

Signals, H. Brandon, 405

Signals, Railway, De Metz and Fry, 95

Signals, Railway, J. Hancock, 347

Signals, Railway, Hand and Slater, 441

Signals, Railway, H. G. James, 312

Signals, Railway, G. Mussell, 385

Signals; Sounding, J. H. Wray, 116

Siiica, H. Ellis, 241

Silk-winding Machines, W. T. Wanklyn, 17

Sizeing Machines, D. T. J. and J. Mercer, 55

Skate, Roller, W. P. Gregg, 276

Skates, J. L. Barber, 224

Skates, A. V. Newton, 224

Skates, F. Tolhausen, 424

Skates, Fixing, W. May, 368

Skates, Roller, R. B. Sanson, 424

Skelps, Making, S. Hingley, 96

Skips, C. H. Murray, 405

Sliding Surfaces, Obtaining, L. D. Girard, 276

Sluices, T. W. Wood, 96

Smoke, Consuming, W. Clark, 36

Smoke, Consuming, C. Worsam, 275

Smoke, Utilising Sulphurous, A. 224

Smoky Chimneys, Curing, W. E. 405

Soap, A. Watt, 222

Socks, C. and T. White, 330

Soda, J. P. Gillard, 116

Soda, Caustic, G. Robinson, 442

Soda Waste, Treating, M. Schaffner,

Soil, Fertilising, T. Spencer, 116

Specific Gravity, Ascertaining, A. M. Bennett, 366 '

Spikes, M. Bayliss, 424

Spills, Wooden, T. Machin, 367

Spinning, J. Combe, 385

Spinning, Edge and Hill. 459

Spinning, G. A. Ermen, 385

Spinning, J. De Hemptinne, 17

Spinning, W. E. Newton, 312

Spinning, J. Pilkington, 241

Spinning, W. Tatham, 312

Spinning, &c., M. J. Roberts, 423

Spirits, Treating, P. J. Fallon, 460

Splint, H. Hides, 460

Splint Case, C. A. Hemingway, 35

Spools and Bobbins, J. Braithwaite, 36

Spoons, &e., D. J. Fleetwood, 330

Springs, W. H. Brown, 348

Springs, W. George, 241

Springs, J. C. Walker, 95

Springs, Door, W. Williams, 442

Stable Fittings, C. Cottam, 312

Stamps, Affixing Postage, H. S., Davis 330

Starch, Anti-inflammable. T. Pepper 116

Stays, &c., E. Drucker, 459

Steam, Condensing, F. Daina, 275

Steam, Condensing, A. V. Newton, 480

Steam Consuming Apparatus, G. Sicardo 385 ’

Steam, Generating, T. P. Jordan, 385

Steam, Generating, J. Sturgeon, 347

Steel, R. A. Brooman, 75

Steel, Jobson and Dickson, 76

Steel, F. Prange, 460

Steel, Crinoline, W. Edwards, 116

Steel, Working, J. Grand, 241

Steering Apparatus, W. H. Harfield, 17

Stills, A. Millochan, 188

Stirrup Latch Bar, S. Davies, 258

Stirrup, Safety, W. Johns, 385

Stockings, F. Ayckbourn, 224

Stone, &c., Crushing, Goodman and Bow. 479

Stone-Cutting Machinery, A. V. Newton 294 .

Stone, Dressing, Chaffer, and J. and Ci Thompson, 330

Stopping Bottles, J. B. Austin, 223

Stops, Bench, J. Heydon, 367

Stoves, H. Cochrane, 479

Stoves, Gas, S. L. Gill, 479

Structures, Tubular, E. Deane, 76

Stud, S. Heleman, 36

Submarine Cables, H. A. Bonneville, 293

Sugar, J. Fletcher, 294

Sugar, J. A. Leon, 366

Sugar, Cleansing, G. A. Jasper, 276

Sugar, Decolourising, W. Clark, 292

Sugar, Decolourising, J. Dawson, 293

Sun Shades, H. Lloyd, 294

Surgical Instruments, R, A. Brooman, 168

G wilt, Gedge,


Surveying, R. W. Barnes, 348

Swimming Apparatus, W. Clark, 205

Swivels, J. Welch, 294

Syphons, L. J. Levisohn, 223 >(

Table, R. A. Brooman, 35

Table, W. Percival, 56

Tables, Petre and Tucker, 168

Tables, Billiard, W. E. Gedge, 368

Tanks, G. W. Howard, 224

Tanning, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Tanning, J. H. Johnson, 241

Taps, &c., G. Middleton, 479

Tar, Treating, J. Moule, 222

Tea, Curing, A. Robinson, 18

Tea Leaf, Treating, T. Campbel', 46Q

Telegraph, Conductors, A. Parkes, 386 Telegraphs, Electric, Thomson and Varley,


Telegraphs, Electric, H. Wilde, 386

Telegraphs, Magnetic, W. Clark, 276

Telegraphy, J. Baggs, 35

Telegraphy, L. J. Crossley, 168

Telegraphy, M. Henry, 18

Telegraphy, R, Laming, 222

Telegraphy, C. Marsden, 205

Telegraphy, J. Mackintosh, 276

Telegraphy, Submarine, E. E. Middleton,


Telegraphy, Submarine, Wells and Halls,

424 ...

Telegraphy, Submarine, J. F. Wiles, 406

Telescopes, C. J. R. Johns, 206

Tenoning, W. J. Hamilton, 479

Tents, Portable, J. Willis, 76

Terra Cotta, M. Blanchard, 205

Threshing, Machines T. Berrens, 423

Threads, Twisting, R. A. Brooman, 204

Threshing Machines, W. E. and J. Gray, 459

Tickets, Marking Railway, R, Mortimer, 188

Tickets, Securing, M. Woodford, 242

Tickets, Stamping, A. Lancefield, 480

Tiles, J. Taylor, jun., 386

Tiles, Ornamenting, H. Venables, 275

Tiles, &c., J. Ransome, 132

Timber, Cutting, J. J. Long, 479

Tin Plates, Saunders and Piper, 96

Tires, W. D. Allen, 478

Tires, Armitage, Wooler, and Hodgson,


Tobacco, Cutting, E. T. Read, 294

Tobacco, Treating, Collyer and Roberts, 276

Tompions, &c., W. E. Newton, 365

Tooth Powder Receptacle, A. Farr, 348

Torsion, Testing, B. F. Brunet, 276

Toy, G. Whitford, 223

Toy, Screw, L. A. I. Daumesnil, 367

Toys, H. A. Bonneville, 224 .

Trains, Communication in, W. Birt, 459

Trains, Communicating in, A. B. Blackburn, 385

Trains, Communicating in, E. Byerley, 17

Trains, Communicating in, J. 0. Dear, 168

Trains, Communicating through, H.

Defries, 17

Trains, Communicating in, Fletcher and

Gore, 188

Trains, Communicating in, T. Greggory,


Trains, Communicating in, W. Henson, 34

Trains, Communicating in, E. S. Horridge, 17

Trains, Communicating in, J. Nugent, 35

Trains, Communicating in, H. Radcliffe, 423

Trains, Communicating in, J. G. Teal, 168

Trap, Stench, W. H. Gummer, 224

Trap, Stench, J. Newton, 223

Traps, Vermin, J. Miles, 116

Trousers, J. Jones, 95

Truck, W. Brett, 460

Tubes, J. Atkius, 76

Tubes, G. P. Harding, 275 .

Tubes, Cleaning Boiler, G. Davies, 385

Tubes, Cleaning Boiler, S. Soutar, 258

Tubes, Fixing Boiler, S. Soutar, 241

Tubes, Metallic, W. H. Brown, 242

Tubes, Securing, R. T N. Howey, 348

Tubes, Well-sinking, W, E. Newton, 224

Tubing, Flexible, G. T. Bousfield, 276

Tubing, Gas, W. R. Lake, 96

Turntables, C. Ravelli, 36

Twisting and Doubling, Edge and Hird, 865

Type, Composing, Mackie and Jones, 96, 293

Type, Composing, A. and W. Young, 2'3

Umbrellas and Parasols, N. de Becker, 36

Umbrellas and Parasols, S. Fox, 294

Uniting Metals, G. Nimmo, 116

Valves, Vernon and Hodgkins, 16

Valves, W. E. Newton, 115,131

Valves, J. W. Longstaff, 168

Valve, Safety, Hackett and Others, 258

Valves, Slide, Adams and Parson, 385

Valves, Slide, R. C. Bristol, 276

Vans and Carts, F. Hazeldine, 221

Vehicles, Communicating in, E. Petito, 292

Velvet, H. Bonneville, 276

Velocipedes, T. du Boulay, 347

Velvets, <fcc., J. Belicard, jun., 115

Ventilating, J. Hilliar, 292

Ventilating Railway Carriages, W. Clay, 17

Ventilating Sewers, R. Abell, 368

Ventilator, J. D. Woodward, 365

Ventilators, J. P. B. C., 96

Ventilators, J. Billings, 222

Ventilators, D. B. White, 405

Vessels for Aerated Liquids, M. B. Schumann, 168

Vessels, W. Bunger, 242

Vessels, Coating, M’Millan, Mason, and

Scarborough, 386

Vessels, Raising Sunken, J. Page, 423

Vessels, Sheathing Iron, E. Clark, 405

Vessels, Unloading, Corry and Adams, 293

Vests, Under, J. Webster, 56

Vices, L. H. G. Ehrhardt, 76

Walking, Facilitating, F. G. Bennett, 478

Walls, Ornamenting, G. Howard, 204

Washers, G. Carter, 479

Washing Apparatus, J. Petrie, jun., 150

Washing Machines, R. A. Brooman, 349

Washing Machines, W. H. Davey, 76

Washing Machines, &c., J. Taylor, 349

Washing Machinery, R. A. Brooman, 204

Washing, <fcc., Machinery, Flamley anc Smith, 96

Washing, &c., Machinery, G. F. Smeeton 348

Washing, &c., Machinery, Smith ant

Schofield, 204

Watches, R. A. Brooman, 36

Watches, D. Keys, 293

Water-closets, Ships’, H. W. Rosser, 76

Water-closets, Ships’, Do Russet and Dale 330

Water, Heating Feed, J. White, 385

Water Meter, W. E. Newton, 188

Water Power, V. Baker, 131

Waterproofing, F. A. Abel, 132

Waterproofing, H. F. Smith, 348

Water, Purifying, A. Bird, 293

Water, Purifying, R. A. Brooman, 366

Water, Purifying, C. G. Lenk, 405

t Water, Raising, w, E. Gedgo, 168

Wax, &c., Purifying, 8. Sequelin, 424

Way, Permanent, T. Dobie, 441

Wearing Apparel, R. C. Newberry, 275

Weaving, R. A. Brooman, 55, 206

Weaving, T. Catchpole, 405

Weaving, W. Cockburn, 132

Weights, Raising, H. A. Dufrene, 367

Weights, Raising, Weston, Tangyc, and

Chapman, 479

Wheels, E. Dupont, 34

Wheels, J. H. Johnson, 17

Wheels, S. R. Rowe, 385

Wheels, Coating, T. J. Perry, 479

Wheels, Moulding Toothed, G. L. Scott, 424

Wheels, Railway, R. C. Mansell, 423

Wheels, &c., Steam, W. E. Gedge, 459

Wheels and Tires, J. L. Hancock, 365

Wick Holders, Wild and Wesel, 205

Winding Machine, W. Longbottom, 312

Winding Machines, J. Kirby, 347

Winding Machinery, H. Shanks, 293

Winding Silk, Whitehall and Pillings, 95

Windlasses, Working, G. and A. Deslandes, 365

Window Blinds, J. Ballard, 406

Window Cleaning, C. Gardner, 116

Window Cleaning, J. W. Lea, 406

Window Fittings, W. Cooke, 365

Window Sashes, Suspending, J. Newman, 386

Windows, J. K. Farnworth, 55

Windows, J. Pennington, 258

Windows, S. Wales, 276

Windows, Carriage, J. R. Farnworth, 405

Windows, Carriage, Courtland and Atkinson, 17

Windows, Cleaning, G. Smeaton, 242

Windows, Prevention of Vibration of Carriage, Wrigley and Westhead, 242

Windows, Securing Sash, E. Reynolds, 56

Wood Embossing, A. V. Newton, 478

Wood, Obtaining Products frpm, W. E.

Newton, 241

Wood, Ornamenting, T. T. Ponsonby, 242

Woods, Penetrating, W. E. Gedge, 18

Woods, Staining, J. M. and J. M. Murphy, 96

Wool, Combing, A. Morel, 258

Wrenches, Screw, J. Buckingham, 424

Yarn Machinery, E. Halley, 17

Yarn, Winding, W. Oldham, 258

Yarns, &c., T. B. Paton, 150

Yarns, Sizing, J. Eastwood, 423

Yarns, Sizing, Greenhalgh and Mallison, 459

Yarns, Sizing, E. Schaub, 115

Yarns, Sizing, &c., Gaukroger and Dod-geon, 150

Yarns, Washing, Pollock and Stobo, 150

(ioinpltte Sptrifications. LIST OF NAMES.

Baldwin, A. C., Rotary Engines, 221

Barber, J. I., Skates, 187

Barnett, F., Firework, 329

Bonneville, H. A., Copying Letters, 276

Bonneville, H. A., Distilling, 276

Bonneville, H. A., Iron and Steel, 16, 295

Bonneville, H. A., Lubricating, 276

Bonneville, H. A., Ovens, 422

Bonneville, H. A., Presses, 276

Bonneville, H. A., Tanning, 276

Bonneville, H. A , Velvet, 276

Bousfield, G. T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 274

Bousfield, G, T., Burning Magnesium, 114

Bousfield, G. T., Flexible Hose, 276

Bousfield, G. T., Graining, 94

Bousfield, G. T., Looms, 114

Bousfield, G. T. Portfolios, 258

Bousfield, G. T., Tanning, 441

Bousfield, G. T., Utilising India-rubber, 477

Brand, N., Trowels. Hoes, &c., 441

Brandon, A. H., Springs, 311

Bristol, R. C., Slide Valves, 276

Brunet, B. F., Ascertaining Torsion, 276

Bunger, W., Ascertaining Quality of Grain, 243

Casthelaz and Bassett, Oxalic Acid, 276

Caumon, C. J., Iron and Steel, 187

Collyer and Roberts, Utilising Tobacco, 276

Dana, E. A., Projectile, 295

Davies, H. C., Nail Machines, 276

Davies, G. D., Rudders, 149

Dennis, G. G., Matches, 276

Dufrene, H. A., Permanent Way, 16, 295

Foutainemoreau, P. A. L. de, Nails, 243

Gedge, W. E., Boilers, 186

Girard, L. D., Sliding Surfaces, 276

Grafton, H.. Gun Locks, 384

Gregg, W. P., Roller Skate, 276

Haseltine, G., Cutting Tobacco, 311

Hasel tine, G., Metal Hoops, 422

Haseltine, G., Sewing Machines, 243

Haseltine, G., Sheet Iron, 329 I

Haseltine, G., Ventilating, 384

Henry, M., Photographic Printing, 167

Hutchinson, H., Fabrics, 54

Jasper, G. A., Cleansing Charcoal, 381

Jasper, G. A., Cleaning Sugar, 276

Johnson, A. F., Sewing Machinery, 74

Johnson, J. H., Detergent, 54

Johnson, J. H., Sinking Wells, 295

Johnson, J. H., Umbrellas, 295

Klotz, M, Toy Arms, 74

Lake, W. R., Drills, 187

Lake, W. R., Vices, 149

Lamson, E. G., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 295

Lee, T. V., Fuel, 276

M’Keen, T. C., Diving Apparatus, 243

M'Keon, T. C., Elevating Ships, <fcc., 213

Mahieux, A.. Stamping Machine, 131

Mee, J. A., Telegraphic Cables. 276

Messinger, V. A. and V. J., Collars, 276

Metford, W. E., Rifling Fire-arms, 276

Morse, M., Pressing Hats, &c., 240

Moseley, W., Indicator, 276

Pilbrow, J., Distributing Manure, 149

Roux, F. L., Sheathing Ships, 114

Shaw, C. A., Knitting Machine, 274

Sherman, S. J., Ladies’ Skirts, 291

Slater, D., Furniture, 276

Snow, G. K., Shirt Collars, 295

Stetson, T. D., Hats, 276

Stevenson, J., Steam Engines, 243

Towers, W. H., Tanning, 54

Tyler, C. N., Lamp, 74

Vein and Fosse, F. E. andL. E. A., Brakes, 295

Wales, S., Windows, 276

Wheeler, N. W., Boilers, 295

Wheeler, N. W., Distilling, 34

Wheeler, N. W., Duplex Steam Engines, 34

Wheeler. N. W., Refrigerating, 74

Wheeler, N. W., Ships, 34

Whelpley and Storer, Draught Wheel, 422

Woller, F. E., Looped Fabrics, 329

Woodbury, J. P., Locomotive Car, 276.

Complete Speei'fieations.


Boilers, W. E. Gedge, 187

Boilers, N. W. Wheeler, 295

Brakes, Vein and F. E. and L. E. A. Fosse. 295

Cables, Telegraphic, J. A. Mee, 276

Car, Locomotive, J. P. Woodbury, 276

Charcoal, Cleansing. G. A. Jasper, 384

Collars, V. A. and V. J. Messinger, 27G

Collars, Shirt, G. K. Snow, 295

Detergent, J. II. Johnson, 54

Distilling, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Distilling, N. W. Wheeler, 34

Diving Apparatus, T. C. M‘Kecn, 243

Drills, W. R. Lake, 187

Engines, Duplex Steam, N. W. Wheeler, 31

Engines, Rotary, A. C. Baldwin, 221

Engines, Steam, J. Stevenson, 243

Fabrics, H. Hutchinson, 54

Fabrics, Looped, F. E. Wollcr, 329

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. T. Bousfield.


Fire-arm, Breech-loading, E. G. Lamson, 295

Fire-arms, Rifling, W. E. Motford, 276

Firework, F. Barnett, 329

Fuel, T. V. Lee, 276

Furniture, D. Slater, 276

Grain, Ascertaining Quality of, W. Banger, 243

Graining, G. T. Bousfield, 94

Hats, T. D. Stetson, 276

Hoops, Metal, G. Haseltine, 422

Hose, Flexible, G. T. Bousfield, 276

India-rubber, Utilising, G. T. Bousfield, 477

Indicator, W. Moseley, 276

Iron, Sheet, G. Haseltine. 329

Iron and Steel, H. A. Bonneville, 16, 295

Iron and Steel, C. J. Cameron, 187

Knitting Machine, C. A. Shaw, 274

Lamp, C. N. Tyler. 74

Letters, Copying, n. A. Bonnevillo, 276

Locks, Gun, II. Grafton, 384

Looms, G. T. Bousfield, 114

Lubricating, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Magnesium, Burning, G. T. Bousfield, 114

Manure, Distributing, J. Pilbrow, 149

Matches, G. G. Dennis, 276

Nails, P. A. L. de Fontainemorcau, 243

Nail Machines, H. C. Davies, 276

Ovens, H. A. Bonneville, 422

Oxalic Acid, Casthelaz and Bassett, 276

Permanent Way. H. A. Dufrene, 16, 295

Photographic Printing, M. Henry, 167

Portfolios, G. T. Bousfield, 258

Presses, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Pressing Hats, &c., M. Morse, 240

Projectile, E. A. Dana, 295

Refrigerating, N. W. Wheeler, 74

Rudders, G. D. Davis, 149

Sewing Machines, G. Haseltine, 243

Sewing Machinery, A. F. Johnson, 71

Ships, N. W. Wheeler, 34

Ships, Elevating, T. C. M‘Keen, 243

Ships, Sheathing, F. L. Roux, 114

Skate Roller, W. P. Gregg, 276

Skates, J. I. Barber, 187

Skirts, Ladies’, S. J. Sherman, 291

Sliding Surfaces, L. D. Girard, 276

Springs, A. H. Brandon. 311

Stamping Machine, A. Mahieux, 131

Sugar, Cleaning, G. A. Jasper, 276

Tanning, H. A. Bonneville, 276

Tanning, G. T. Bousfield. 441

Tanning, W. H. Towers, 54

Tobacco, Cutting, G. Haseltine, 311

Tobacco, Utilising, Collyer and Roberts, o

Torsion, Ascertaining. B. F. Brunet, 276

Toy Arms, M. Klotz, 74

Trowels, Hoes. <fcc., N. Brand, 411

Umbrellas, J. H. Johnson, 295

Valves, Slide, R. C. Bristol, 276

Velvet, H. A. Bonnevillo, 276

Ventilating, G. Hazel tine, 384

Vices, W. R. Lake, 149

Wells, Sinking, J. H. Johnson, 295

Wheels, Draught, Whelpley and Storer, 422

Windows, S. Wales, 276

patents on luijtci) tlje Stamp SDutp of £100 tjas been path.

Arrowsmith, J. H., 1022

Ashcroft, G., 949

Ashton, W., 491

Beattie, J.. 938 Bedrup, G., 1520 Bell, G., 1173 Bergue, de. C., 1395 Bessemer, H., 670 Betjemaun, G. and G. W. Betts, W., 133

Bodmer, R., 224 Blake, L. R., HU Bradbury, G. F., 252 Bradley and Craven, 155 Breeden, J., 439 Brooman, R. A.. 921 641 Budd, J. P.j 1250

Carr, T., 778

, and I., 401

Cattail, T., 446,1456

Charlcsworth, E., 1231

Clark, A., 357

Clark, E., 1088

Clark, H , 1182

Clark, J. L-, 412

Cotea, P. C.. 798

Clark, W. 653

Claxton, I. J.. 74

Combe and S ma!page, 1466

Cot Um, G. H. and H. R 1350

Craft and Wilsoo, 121

Cranson, W. M.. 1075

Cressey, T. 8., 1253

Dale, I., 306

Dauglish, J., 126

Davison, 8. D., 312

Dixon and Clayton, C55

Evans, J., 383

Fair bum, W., 850

Fcrrabco. I., 1383

Fieldon, R. J. and T., 514

Forster, J. T., 69

Fowter. Burton, Greig, and Head 218

Freer, Jn 977

Garrett and Kcrridge, 153

Garton, C., 451

Gibbons, J., 95

Gil bee, W. A.. 721

Green. W , 1384

Grimes, G. C., 1512

Hadfield, G., 1316

Haggett, W., 707

Hafne*, J. M.. 1407

Henderson, W., 883

Henley. G. F., 4117

Hirst and Hollingworth, 304

Holden, J. and A-, 52

Hooper, W., 881

Horner, G., 528

Hughes, Williams, and Leyshon, 933

Johnson, J. H., 50, 714, 1050, 1051

Jones, J. T., 422

Kelley, I. W., 781

Lane. I., 265

Lanth, B., 198

Lichtenstadt, D., 545

Lightfoot, T., 643

Luis, J., 935

Maggs, O., 1331

Manceaux and Vieillard, 114

Martin and Punlie, 924

Maumene and Royelet, 1436

Micklethwaite, Peace, Hobson, 1335

Mills, J., 1517

More wood, E., 8-16

Morton, F., 810

Mossman, W., 780

Muir and Mcllwham, 768

Musket, R., 703, 1115

Newman, W., 147

Newton, W. E., 957

Owen, H., 222

Owen, W., 862

Paget, A., 830

Paul, G., 468

Porter, L. P., 997

Poupard, W., 166

Ram mol, T. W., 206

Randolph and Elder, 1065

Rawson, H., 249, 996

Redman, J. B., 856

Ridge, S., 490

Robertson, J., 276

Seaman, J., 972

Seaville. T., 1010

Sellers, W., 1109

Sheard, S. C.. 1214

Sidebottom, J., 961

Smith. A.. 1325, 1425

Stevens, J. J., 113

Stevens, J. L., 932

Taylor, T., 787

Teamo, S., 301

Tillett, F., 7

Tylor, A., 642

Waller, R., 640

Want. G , 1031

Weild, W.» 1311

Weston, T. A., 1033

Whitehead, J., 163

Williams, J. G.» 1120

Wilson, R-, 1242

Wilson, T.» 1318

Winstanley and Kelly, 1082

Young, J. H., 889

patents on totjirb tijc Stamp ffintp ot £50 tjas bten part.

Allen, W., 217

Ashe. J., 152

Aveling, T., 61’

Beaumont, J.» 1247

Badart. J. J., 456

Baly. P. P.. 921

Barber, G. B., 1006 ,

Barlow, Ashworth, Hamilton, Hope, ana

Newhouse, 1293

Barnabas, R-- 319

Barnard and Bishop, 121$

Barnes, W. C., 296

Baxter, C. F.. 1341

Bennett, F., 1053

Bessemer, H-. 37, 114,143.)

Betts, W., 325

Biddell, G. A., 120

Billingsley, C., 462

Blackwell, S., 176

Blake, Lea, and Dutton, 13<M

Blakely, F. A., 1284, 1286

Blakely and Vavasseur, 305

Bly, J. H., 443

Boater, W„ 1167

Boed, E,C., 1157

Bonneville, H. A., 947, 1300

Bottomley, R.» 3481

Bousfield, O. T-. 155, 314. 44t>, 1-18

Braithwaite and Hurst, 115«>

Breanski, Le de, 10*29

Bringham and Buckeston, 751

Brooman, R. A., 328, 785, 803, 830, 8<8, 879,

1195, 1281

Brownlee, R., 1547

Bruet, L. A. I., 103-5

Buchholz, G. A., 976

Buckland. W. H., 632

Burwyn, J., 870

Butler, J. S., ns

Cambridge, W. C., 995 Cameron, J., 342 Caster, J. E., 3477 Carver, J., 820 Cartwright, H., 1340 Chesshire, E., 1118 Clapham, K. C., 967 Clark, E. F., 847 Clark, J. L., 1551

Clark, W., 97, 256, 1223, 1320 1362 1405

1447, 1499, 1559, 1609 '

Clarkson, T. C., 12-166

Clay, J., 499

Clayton and Shuttleworth, 270

Cochrane, 8. B.. 1126

Cohen, B. S., 599

Coignard, J., 1262

Coles, Jacques, and Fanshawe 71'j

Cooper, B., 805

Combe, J., 153

Combe and Smalpage, 937

Conisbee, W., 254

Comeau, A.. 368

Coulthard, H. C.,1331 Crabtree, 8., 1061 Craig, W. G., 1098 Crocker, 8. L., 739

Dale and Bischof, 815 Davidson, G , 1476 Davies, G,, 770,1133, 1466 Dawes, W. 8., 1573

Day, Lamb, and Summers, 1146 Dircks and Pepper, 326 Donald, H., 993

Donisthorpe, G. E., 1072

Dugdale, A., 482

Dunlop, J. M., 833 Durand, F., 1000

Eaton, H.. 950

Edmonds, H., 535

Elsey, J., 629

Emery, H. L., 1194

Fell, J. B., 227

Fenner and night, 1245

Ferrett, C.,957

Fletcher and Hower, 304

Ford and Bigg, 685

Garton, G., 584

Gauntlett, W. H., 485

Gimson, J., 430

Gisborne, F. N., 210

Glover, W., 1124

Gorden, R. W., 1498 Gore, G., 1338

Goucher, B., 358

Goucher, J., 966 Grafton and Ridley, 1420 Grant, T. G., 765

Gray McFarlane, J., 1095 Grice, F. G., 292 Griffiths. J., 1612

Gromard, de, A. Q., 1401 Guild, A.,68

Hayes, E., 574

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1425, 1573

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