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The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Index: Illustrations

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The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Index

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Adams and Whiteman’s Railway Ticket Printing

Apparatus, 316

Albarez. M., Traction Engine, 360

Andreae, M. E., Danubian Steamship Company s

Bofiers, 146

Andry, M., 200-Horse Power Winding Engine, 252, 256

Appleby’s Donkey Pump, 129

Aveling and Porter, Steam Boad Roller, 300

Ashcroft’s New Rail, 446

Bailey and Co.’s Boiler Fitting, 274

Bazalgette, Air, Pumping Engine, Abbey Mills, 176, 180, 2<>3, 206, 226

cs^ Prize Press 443

Bell and Miller, Messrs., Bridge at Hutchesontown, 275, 278

Bern ay’s Centrifugal Pump, 26

Bertram, Fraser, and Wright, Poaching Engines and Boilers, 70

Bertram, Mr. G., Paper Making Machine, 71, 78

Brown and Sharpe, Messrs., Screwing Machine, 53

Brown and Wilson, Donkey Steam Pumps, 304

Burgh, N. P., Twin Screw Yacht Engines and Boiler, 147

Campbell, Johnson, and Co., Floating Docks, Bermuda, 9

Cantet’s Marble Polishing Machine, 516

Carmichael, Messrs., Marino Reversing Gear, 234

Carter and Edwards’ Rifle, 496

Chatwood’s Safes, 89

Chubb and Fry’s, Messrs., System of Communication in Trains, 96

Clarke’s Continuous Chain Railway Brakes, 345

Courtney and Stephens, 70-Horse Marine Engines, 404

Davies’ Steam Striker, 27

De la Roche Tolay and Perret, Messrs., Diamond Rockboring Machine, 296

Dudgeon’s Tube Fixer, 356

Fail bairn. W., LL.D., &c., Experimental Researches on the Mechanical Properties of Steel, 236

Fox, Walker, and Co., Horizontal Engine, 484

Galloway. Messrs. W. and J., Horizontal Engines, 92

Gellerat, French Steam Road Roller, 476

Gwynne and Co., Combined Centrifugal Pump and

Eugine, 297

Hackworth’s Dynamic Valve Gear, 457

Handyside and Co., 100-Horse Winding Engines, 480

Haupt s, C.E., Mr. H., Tunnelling Machinery, 227

Hart’s, Messrs., Modification of the Juckes Furnace, 16

Hawkes and Spencer’s Corn Drill, 52

Hawthorn, Messrs. R. and W., Oscillating Paddle

Engines of the Steamer Berbice, 74

Haye’s Ploughing Windlass, 456

Howard and Bullough, Self-stopping Beaming Machinery, 4C0

Jensen’s Roller Wheel Gearing, 493

Johnson and Woolley’s Circle Maker, 534

Jones. Mr. Horace, Metropolitan Meat and Poultry Market, 151, 154, 172, 198

Kitson and Co., Belgian Goods Locomotive, 199, 202

Kitson and Co., Passenger Engine, 150

Kuaggs’ Cane Sugar Evaporator and Granulator, 401

Krigar and Eichhorne’s Hot Blast Cupola Furnace 456

Lethuillier-Pinel, Mons., Boiler Fittings, 169

Lotz, M., Traction Engine, 364

Mackay’s Battery and Targets, 337

Martinet’s Self-oiling Plummer Block, 39

Maudslay, Sons, and Field, Engines and Boilers of the

Jumna, 374. 382

Maw, Mr. Geo., F.G.S., Covered Lifeboats, 226

Middleton and Co., Messrs. R., Adjustable Vice, 4

Moreland and Son, Steam Road Koller for Bombay, 387

Mitchell, Jos., F.R.S.E,, Bridges on the Highland

Railway, 223

Murray’s Brick Machine, 492

Myer’s Water Meter, 386

Napier and Rankine’s Slide Valve, 336

Nilins, M., Portable Engine, 34

Norbert do Landtsheer, M., Compound Engine, 12



and Le Feuvro, Roof Over the Wellington Pier,

Parson’s Patent Bolts, 16

Peet’s Patent Valve, 89

Penu aud Sons, Messrs., Engines of H.M. Sloop Sappho,

Pooley and Son, Messrs; H., Weighing Machine, 88, 89

Randolph, Elder, and Co., Floating Docks at Callac, 9

Ransomes and Sims, Messrs., Traction Engine, 112,


Rigg, jun., Arthur, Connection between the Shape of

Heavy Guns and their Durability, 454, 484

Roots’ Blower, 146

Roux’s Sheathing Iron Ships, 356

Saxby’s Method of Testing Iron by Magnetism, 463

Schloesser's Lubricator, 443

Schneider, iMessrs., Engine for the Great Eastern Railway Company, 177

Scott, C.E., Mr. M., The Victoria and Albert Museum,

Bombay, 128, 129, 136

Sharp, Stewart, and Co., Drilling and Slotting Machine, 116

Shaw and Justice’s Dead Stroke Power Hammer, 400

Simpson, J. H , Single Wire Typo-Telegraph, 421

Simpson’s, Captain. Propellers, 39

Smith’s Overhead Traversing Crane, 332

Soper Rifle, 496

Stephenson and Co., Passenger Engine, 439

Thwaites and Carbutt, Messrs., Double-cylinder Steam

Hammers, 17

Vandenkerchove, M. Prosper, Horizontal Engine, 132

Van Hecke’s S” veying Instrument, 497

Von Ruppert Herr Carl, Bridge Across the Bosphorus,

222, 23 *, 330

Von Ruppert, Herr Carl, Bridge Across a Defile in the

Balkan, 222, 330

Waddell’s Slide Valves, 274

Whitwells’ Hot Blast Stove, 401

Worssam, jun., Mr., General Joiner, 210, 492

Worssam, jun., S. W., Mechanical Saws, 365, 396

Worssam’s Saw Sharpener, 397

Warner’s Patent Stop Valve, 274


Abbey Mills Pumping Station, Metropolitan Main

Drainage, 176, 178, 180, 203, 206, 248, 270

Adjustable Vice, Messrs. R. Middleton and Co., 4

American Dovetailing Machine, 424

Artillery and other War Material, 509, 531

Austrian Batteries for Mountain Service, 211

Battery and Targets, Mackay’s, 337

Beaming Machine, Self-stopping, Howard and Bul-lough. 400

Blower, Roots’, 146

Boiler Eitting, Bailey and Co.’s, 274

Boiler Fittings, Mons. Lcthuiller-Pinel, 169

Boilers, Danubian Steamship Company’s, M. E. An-dreae, 146

Boilers, Setting, 146

Bolts, Parson’s, 16

Boring Machine in Use at the Perseberg Mines,

Sweden, 261

Brakes, Continuous Chain, Clark’s, 345

Brick Machine, Murray’s, 492

Bridge Across a Defile in the Balkan, Herr Carl Von

Ruppert, 222, 33<»

Bridge Across the Bosphorus, Herr Carl Von Ruppert,

22?, 230. 330

Bridges, Brigham, 333

Bridge at Hutchesontown, Messrs. Bell and Miller, 275, 278

Bridges on the Highland Railway, Jos. Mitchell, F.R.S;E., 223

Campooly Station, Great Indian Peninsula Railway, 5

Centrifugal Pump, Bernay’s, 26

Chimney Shaft, Dundee, 204

Circle Maker, Johnson and Woolley’s, 534

Clerkenwell Explosion, 513

Climbing Locomotives, 5

Communication in Trains, Messrs. Chubb and Fry’s

System, 96

Competitive Breech-loaders, 4

Compound Engine M. Norbert de Landtsheer, 12

Condei ser for Horizontal 10-Horse Engine, 493

Continental Dams, Plans and Sections, 312

Corn Drill, Hawkes and Spencer’s, 52

Crane, Overhead Traversing, Smith’s, 332

Cranes, Steam, Dallam Forge Company, 535

Diagrams from Engines, Constructed by the Canal

Basin Foundry Company, 174

Diamond Rock-boring Machine, Messrs. De la Roche

■ Tolay and Perret, 296

Donkey Pump, Appleby’s, 129

Double-cylinder Steam Hammers, Messrs. Thwaites and Carbutt, 17

Drilling and Slotting Machine, Messrs. Sharp, Stewart and Co., 116

Electrical Machine, New, 465

Embankment, Works atBourgneuf, 283, 534

Engine for the Great Eastern Railway Company, Messrs. Schneider, 177

Engine, Horizontal, Fox, Walker, and Co., 484

Engine, Horizontal, M. Prosper Vandenkerchove, 132

Engine, Horizontal Combined, at the London Jute

Works, 173

Engine, Passe*'ger, Messrs. Kitson and Co., 150

Engine, Passenger, Stephenson and Co., 439

E gine. Pumping, Abbey Mills, Mr. Bazalgette, 1«6, 180, 203. 206, 226

Engine, T action, M. Albarez, 360

Engine, Traction, M. Lotz, 364

Engine, Traction, Messrs. Ransomes and Sims, 112, 117

Engines and Boilers of the Jumna, Maudslay, Sons, and Field, 374 382

Engines and Boilers, Twin-screw Yacht, N. P. Burgh, 147

Engines of H.M. Sloop Sappho, Messrs. Penn and Sons, 38

Engines, Horizontal, &c., Messrs. W. and J. Galloway, 02

Engines, Marine, 70-Horse, Courtney and Stephens, 404

Engines, Winding, 109-Horse, Handyside, 480

Engines, Winding, 200-Horse Power, M. Andry, 252, 256

Evaporator and Granulator, Cano Sugar, Knaggs’, 401

Facing of Safety Valve Seats, 261

Floating Docks for Bermuda, Messrs. Campbell, Johnson, and Co., 9

Floating Docks at Callao, Messrs. Randolph, Elder, and Co., 9

Flying Bridge, Chatham Siege Works, 460

Furnace, Hot Blast Cupola, Krigar and Eichhorn’s, 456

French Mountain Artillery Train, 442 \

Gas-Washing Apparatus, 31

Gems, their Cutting and Uses as Rock Borers, 247, 293

General Joiner, Mr. Worssam, pin., 210, 492

Geometrical Tests of Indicator Diagrams, 409

Grain Drying Apparatus, 253

Gunboats, Double-deflecting, 298

Guns, Connection between the Shape and Durability of, 454, 484

Guns, Loading Monitor, 446

Hammer, Dead Stroke Power, Shaw and Justice’s, 400

Hanging Bail way Gates, 10

Hercules, The, 435

Indian Railway Scenery, 538

Injector, Recent Improvements in, 512

Iron Testing by Magnetism, Saxby’s Method, 463

Jacketted Cylinders, 160

Konigsberg Bridge, Apparatus for Sinking Foundations, 102,103, 104, 105, 106

Lamp, Wellington Pier, Bombay, 333

Lifeboats, Covered, Mr. Geo. Maw, F.G.S.. 226

Locomotive, Belgian Goods, Kitson and Co., 199, 202

Locomotive. American, 137

Locomotives Exhibited at Paris, 378, 379, 420, 473, 517

Lubricator, Schloesser’s, 443

Marine Reversing Goar, Messrs. Carmichael, 234

Market, Meat and Poultry, Metropolitan, Mr. Horace

Jones, 151, 154, 172, 198

Melting Iron with Charcoal, 457

Meter, Gas, Standard, 443

Meter, Water, Myers’, 386

Meters, Wet Gas, 375

Modification of the Juckes Furnace, Messrs. Hart’s, 16

Mountain Mortars, 535

Museum, Bombay, The Victoria and Albert, Mr. M.

Scott, C.E., 128, 129, 136

Oscillating Paddle Engines of the Steamer Berbice, Messrs. R. and W. Hawthorn, 74

Paper Making Machine, Mr. G. Bertram, 71, 78

Paper Making Machine at Lloyd’s Paper Mills, 71

Paris Exhibition on View :—

American Locomotive, 137

Artillery and Other War Material, 509

Belgian Goods Locomotive, 199, 202

Blower, Roots’, 146

Boiler Fittings, M. Lethuillier-Pinel, 169

Bridge Across a Defile in the Balkan, 222

Bridge Across the Bosphorus, 222, 230

Bridges, New System of, Von Ruppert’s, 222, 230, 330

Centrifugal Pump and Engine, 297

Compound Engines, M. Norbert do Landtsheor, 12

Dams, Continental, Plans and Sections, 312

Danubian Steamship Company’s Boilers, 146

Diamond Rock-boring Machine, 296

Paris Exhibition on View

Double-cylinder Steam Hammer, Messrs. Thwaites and Carbutt, 17

Diving Bell, 219

Engine for the Great Eastern Railway Company, Messrs. Schneider, 177

Engine, Horizontal, Messrs. Fox, Walker, and Co., 484

Engine, Horizontal* M. Prosper Vandenkerchove, 182

Engine, Traction, M. Albarez, 360

Engine, Passenger, Messrs. Stephenson and Co., 439

Engines of H.M. Sloop Sappho, Messrs. Penn and Sons, 38

Engine, Traction, M. Lotz, 364

Engines of the Ironclad Friedland, 53, 56

Engines, Winding, 2U0-Hurso Power, 252, 256

Furens Viaduct, 313

Gems, their Cutting and Uses as Rock-borers, 247, 293

Locomotives, 378. 379, 420, 473, 517

Machine Tools, Messrs. Sharp, Stewart, and Co., 116

Marine Engineering, 159

Office of The Engineer at the Paris Exhibition, 143

Passenger Engine, Messrs. Kitson and Co., 150

Portable Engine, M. Nilins, 34

Railway Bridge of Boats at Maxau, 65, 66, G7

River Navigation, Barrages and Works, 334, 357

Safes, Chatwood’s, 89

Self-oiling Plummer Blocks, Martinet’s, 39

Small Arms, 353, 403

Strike Hammer, Davies’, 27

Philosophical Instruments, Rare, 108

Plan of the Agricultural Show, Bury St. Edmunds, 23

Poaching Engines and Boilers, by Messrs. Bertram, Fraser, and Wright, 70

Poaching Engines and Boilers at Lloyd’s Paper Mills, 70

Points, Improvements in, 95

Polishing Marble Machine, Cantet’s, 516

Portable Engine, M. Nillus, 34

Press, Prize, Bates’, 443

Priming of Boilers, 117

Printing, Railway Ticket, Apparatus, Adams and

Whitema >’s, 316

Propellers, Captain Simpson’s, 39

Pump. Ha d-power Centrifugal, 533

Pump and Engine, Combined Centrifugal, GWynne and Co., 297

Pumps, Donkey Steam, Brown and Wilson’s, 301

Railway, Portable, for Abyssinia, 446

Rail, New, Ashcroft’s, 446

Ratchet Brace, 30

Rifle, Carter and Edwards, 496

Rifle. Chassepot, 5J6

River Navigation, Barrages and Works, 334, 357

Rifle, The Fosbery, 417

Rifle, Soper’s, 496

Roller, Road, Steam, Aveling and Porter, 300

Roller, Road, Steam, M. Gellerat, 476

Roller, Road, Steam, Moreland and Son, 387

Roof Over the Wellington Pier, Ordish and Le Fcuvre, 340

Safes, Chatwood’s, 89

Saw Sharpener, Worssam’s, 397

Saws, Mechanical, S. W. Worssam, jun., 365, 396

Screwing Machine, Messrs. Brown an i Sharp, 53

Self-Oiling Plummer Block, Martinet’s, 39

Sheathing Iron Ships, Roux’s, 356

Siege Operations at Chatham, 249

Slide Valves, 261

Small Arms, 353, 408

Slip Roof at Amsterdam, 30

Spectrum Analysis, 447

State Saloon Carriage, East India Railway, 109

Steam Striker, Davies’, z7

Steel, Experimental Researches on the Mechanical Properties of, W. Fairbairn, LL.D , &c., 236

Stove, Hot Blast, Whitwell’s, 401

Surveying Instruments, Van Hecke’s, 497

Suspension Bridge Over the Dordogne, 8

Telegraph in South Australia, 516

Thames Embankment, Southern, 497, 520

Tube Fixer, Dudgeon’s, 356

Tunnelling Machinery, Mr. H. Haupt’s, 227

Typo-Telegraph, Single Wire, Mr. J. H. Simpson, 421

Valve, Peet’s, 89

Valve Gear, Dynamic, Hackworth’s, 457

Valve, Slide, Napier and Raukine’s, 336

Valve, Stop, Warner’s. 274

Valves, Slide, Waddell’s, 274

Viaduct, Furens, 313

Viaduct, Tannah, Great Indian Peninsula Railway 316

Weighing Machines, Messrs. H. Pooley and Son, 88, 89

Wheel Gearing, Roller, Jensen’s, 49

Windlass, Ploughing, Hayes’, 456

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