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The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Index: Patent Journal

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The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Patent Journal Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1867 Jul-Dec: Index

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Abel, C. D., Elastic Strap, 82

Abel,C. D., Gas and Air Engines, 188

Abel, 0. I)., Horse Shoes, 42

Abel, 0. D., Tin proving Combustion, 324

Abel, C. D., Iron and Steel, 188

Abel, C. D., Phosphorus, 264

Abel, C. I);, Utilising Power, 42

Abel, C. D., Pulverising Machinery, 411

Abel, C. D., Refining, 367

Abel, C. D., Screws and Nuts, 431

Abel, 0. D., Striking Movement for Clocks, &c., 42

Ackroyd and Hodgson, Looms, 448

Adams, J., Breech-loading Revolvers, 411

Adams, J;, Printing Tickets, 19

Adams, R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 467

Adams, R., Cartridge Extractor, 367

Adams, W. B., Iron and Steel, 212

Adams and Parsons, Slide Valves, 347

Adcock, H., Kilns, 448

Addy, R. C., Flyers, 505

Adeane, H., Protecting the Eyes, 467

Adkins, F., Hoes, 411

Aikman, F. R., Ordnance and Fire-arms, 81

Airian, A., Hydraulic Clock, 485

Aitchison, A., Treating Hydrocarbons, 411

Aitchison and Grantham, Carburet ting Gas, 324

Aitchison and South, Gas, 61

Aitken, H., Coke, 137

Albisser, C., Chemical, 526

Albright, A., Harness, 97

AleX, M., Ships’ Davits^ 411

Alexander, E. P., Cast Steel j 36?

Alexander, R., Coating Metals, &c., 183

Allan, T., Submarine Cables, 188

Alleyne, J. G. A., Clocks, 81

Allibonand Manbre, Sugar, 367

Allibon and Wilson, Steering, &c., 237

Allix, G., Drilling and Hoisting Machines, 60

Allmann and Gisborne, Lamps, 505

Almond, T. M., Signalling at Sea, 137

Alston, G., Smoke-consuming Furnaces, 61

Amesbury, S. C., Communicating in Trains, 847

Amott, G. R. B., Brick Machinery, 97

Amphlet and Fenby, Ruling Machinery, 505

Anderson, C., Endless Bands, 467

Anderson, J., Chemical, 367

Anderson, J., Felts, 411

Anderson, J. and T., Jacquard Harness, 81

Anderson, W., Evaporating, 505

Andrew, J. E. H., Looms, 367

Andrew and Clarkson, Printing Fabrics, 82

Andrew and Whittaker, Printing Rollers, 467

Andrews, W., Hay Makers, 97

Andrews, W. S., Telegraphic, 82, 97

Angell, G., Portable Fountains, 388

Antill, Grimes, and Tanks, Casting Pipes, 347

Angot, A., Petticoat, 120

Angus, J., Lamps, 162

Appleby, C. J., Railway Fastenings, 367

Archer, E. T., Spring Mattresses, 305

Archer, jun., T., Stone Breaker, 97

Archer, W., Rotary Engines and Pumps, 82

Armstrong and' Eccleston, Steam Engines, 324

Ashton, W. S;, Metallic Packing, 28?

Askew; Ci, Refrigerator, 42

Asser, J., Croquet Mallets, 431

Aubert, W., Diffusing Perfumes, 264

Avenell. A. G., Bottle Frame, 448

Avery, W. Needle Cases, 82

Avery and Penabert, Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 212

Azemar, J. C. C., Boxes, 162

Badin, L, A., Bungs for Casks, &c., 46?

Badger, J., Kitchen Ranges, 212

Baggs, I., Basins, &c., 97

Baggs, I., Chlorine, 467

Baggs and Braby, Chemical, 137

Baguley, R., Shuttles, 448

Bailey, W., Ornamenting Paper-hangings, 485

Bai nee and Sibillat, Spring Mattress, 367

Baird, A. F., Earth Closet, 212

Baird, J., Treating Jute, 324

Baker, T. J., Flour, 188, 467

Baker, W., Iron. 347

Baker and Lindley, Lace, 526

i Baker and Lindley, Stretching Fabrics, 324

Baker and Woodroffe, Treating Sewage, 411

Bale, H. J., Cooking by Gas, 411

Bamlet, A. C., Reaping and Mowing Machinery, 241

Bannehr, J., Deodorising Sewage, 411

Barclay, A., Motive Power, 505

Barczinsk, S. and B., Illusions, 505

Bare and Thomson, Transmitting Fluids, i 388 I

Bardsley and Blackshaw, Consuming 1 Smoke, 467

Barker, D., Drying Chambers, 526

Barker, J., Consuming Smoke, 388

Aarons and tadougho, ifreecii-loading Giroarms, 137

Barlow, H. B., Doubling, &c., Machinery, 212

Barlow, H. B., Sewing Machines, 411

Barningharn and Thompson, Shaping Metals, 120

Barnes, R. W*, Pens, 42

Barrett and Leggott, Knife Cleaner, 19

Barrett and Martin, Tuyeres, 411

Barry, A., Cranes, 19

Barton, R. H,, Preparing Fibre, 42

Barton* T., Cribbage Board, 505

Batclieldor, G., Water-closets, 324

Batho, AV. F., Heating and Evaporating, &c.,347

Bavay, P. de, Preventing Concussion, 485

Bayley and Campbell, Fire Lighters, 324, 467

Bayley and Campbell, Projectiles, 347

Beale, W., Bridges, 411

Beard, R., Galvanic Batteries, 42

Beard, jun., R., Stopping Bottles, 388

Beardmore, Brock, and Kirk, Furnaces, 347

Beatty, J., Candle, 542

Becks, A. T., Utilising Bessemer Scrap

Steel, 367

Bedells, C., Elastic Fabrics, 467

Beil, H., Boots and Shoes, 97

Bell, T., Treating Gas Residues, 395

Bellhouse,AV., Smoke Consuming Furnaces, 60

Bell and Richardson, Hulling Grain, 431

Belts, W., Stopping Bottles, 212

Belts, W., Capsules, 162

Beningfield, E., Fire Escape, 388

Bentham, R. H., Facilitating Flow or Liquids, 526

Bennett, T., Spoons and Forks, 448

Bennie, R. W., Moulders’ Blackening, 347

Benson and Barker, Moulds, 162

Ben tall, E. H., Iron, 505

Berney, T., Bending Metals, 407

Bornheim, Wilson, and Longworth,

Printing Warps, 305

Berry, AV., Cleaning Streets, 264

Bertram, L. B., Tobacco Pipe, 485

Bessemer, H., Ordnance, 212

Bevan, 8., Ventilating Tunnels, 321.

Bewley, jun., R., Rotary Pumps, 162

Bigelow, E. B., Looms, i)7, 264

Biggs, J. II. W., Joining Warps. 526

Biggs, J. II. W. and A. AV., Joining Warps, 526

Binns, J. P., Paper Bags, 188

Birch, J., Casting Ingots, 61

Birch, J., Tapers, 287

Bird, T., Furnaces, 367

Birkenruth, N., Mattresses, 485

Bishop and Burningham, Stench-trap, 448

Blackburn, T., Looms, 467

Blackburn, B. and A. B., Matches, 324

Blacke, JD. E., Spinning, 388

Blackham, J. J., Fastenings, 81

Blackhurst, T., Coating Ships, 388

Blair, J., Revivifying Animal Charcoal, 324

Blakey and Fox, Collars, &c., 542

Bland, E., Engines, 19

Bletcher, T., Sewing Machines, 321

Blundell, AV., Chimney Cowls, 505

Bodmer, R., Securing Nuts, 60

Boehm, G., Bottle and Compass, 261

Boetius and Eichorn, Type, 00

Bolton, G. II. and E., AVhitthrcad and

Robinson, Motive Power, 505

Bolton, J., Croquet Stands, 82

Bodmer, L. IL, Air Cylinders, 324

Bolland, J., Furnaces, 162

Bonneville, II. A., Biake, 305

Bonneville, H. A., Brick and Tile Machinery, 467

Bonneville, H. A., Brushes, 188

Bonneville, II. A., Cooking Apparatus, 321

Bonneville, H. A., Dredger, 19

Bonneville, II. A., Electric Clocks, 42

Bonneville, II. A,, Lubricators, 467

Bonneville, H. A., Paper Bags, 542

Bonneville, H. A., Preserving Pasty

Matters, 485

Bonneville, IL A., Propelling, 485

Bonneville, II. A., Sewage, 137

Bonneville, H. A., Stringed Musical Instruments, 188

Bonneville, H. A., Superheating Steam, 411

Bonneville, H. A., Treating Hides, 367

Bonneville, H. A., Threading Needles, 411

Bonneville, H. A., Washing Powder, 42

Bonsall, S., Spring Beds, 137

Bonsall, 8., Tanning, 137

Bordin, H. A., Preventing Sea-sickness, 448

Borlase, T., Grinding Ores, 162

Bostock, W., Bobbins, 241

Botterill, J., Dyeing, 467

Boulton, M. P, W., Gas Engines, 97

Bourran, W., Sugar, 448

Bousfiehl, G. T., Corset, 97

Bousfield, G. T , Heating and Cooking, 137

Bousfield, G. T., Timekeepers, 42

Boulton, W., Transmitting Power, 505

Bower, C. F., Bed, &c., 212

Bower, J.. Iron and Steel, 324

Bowhay, W. H. A., Ploughs, 431

Boyse and Harrington, Umbrellas and

Parasols, 42, 287

Boyman, R. B., Propelling, 162

Bradburn and Marsh, Rules, 367

Bradbury and Bottomley, Carding Machinery, 120

Bradbury aud Chadwick, Sewing Machines, 347

Bradford, W., Combination of Wood and

Fabrics, 324

Brady, F., Railway Points and Signals, 82

Brailsford and Gadsby, Lace, 347

Branscombe, F., Drilling, &c., Wood, &c., 367

Brandon, A. EL, Artificial Log, 411

Brandon, A. H., Circular Saw, 97

Brandon, A. H., Wood Planing Machine,>97

Brewster, W., Washing Fabrics, 485

Breithauph, T. A., Essence of Hops, 188

Breen, G.. Steam Winches, 542

Brickies, J. D., Fabric, 120

Bricknell, A. L., Rotary Pumps, 19

Briere, J., Condenser and Feed water, 162

Brierley, L. and W., and Bonnell, Wagons, 505

Briggs, jun., T., Drying, &c., Fabrics, 526

Briggs, jun., and Yates, Looms, 467

Bright, C. IL, Carriages, 467

Bright, J. J., Propellers, 212 *

Brinjes, J. F., Distilling, &c., 467

Boomwich, T., Fermenting, 120

Brooks, J. Motive Power, 448

Brooman, C. E,, Applying Metals to Fabrics,

&c., 81

Brooman, C. E., Boilers, 505

Brooman, C. E., Burning Hydrocarbons, 467

Broomau, C. E., Calculating Machine, 467

Brooman, C. E., Cast Steel, 137

Brooman, C. E., Cartridge Cases, 137

Brooman, C. E., Fire-arms, 162

Brooman, C. E., Furnaces, 467, 485

Brooman, C. E., Jupon, 81

Brooman, C. E., Hydrogen, 305

Brooman, C. E., Lace, 448

Brooman, C. E., Ornamenting Bottles, 485

Brooman, C. E., Ornamenting Fabrics, 212

Brooman, O. E>, Photographic Albums, 60

Brooman, C. E., Thermometer, 324

Brotherton and Maldron, Lamp Posts, 388

Brown, C., Motive Power, 81

Brown, G. M., Carrying Umbrellas, 82

Brown, F., Kitchen Ranges, 505

Brown, J. B., Lamps, 388

Brown, J. H., Leather, 367

Brown, J. H., Paper, 324

Brown, J. H., Utilising Animal Refuse, 367

Brown, J. A., Propelling, 264

Brown, 8., Ornamenting Bottles, 431

Brown, T., Artificial Limbs, 19

Brown, T., Holding Plates, 60

Brown, W., tolling Metal, 305

Brown and Lillie, Reaping and Mowing

Machinery, 137

Brown and May, Engines and Boilers, 542

Brownson, W. G., Telegraphic Apparatus,

Browne, B., Bedsteads, 60

Brunetti, L., Preserving Animal Substance, 61

Brunton, J., Raising Water, 324

Budenburg, A., Jointing Tubes, 120

Budenberg, a., Pressure, &c., Gauge, 188

Buchholz, G. A., Hulling Grain, 324

Buckingham and Blockey, Feed Regulator,

Buckley and Hook, Gas, 120

Bugg, F. J., Leather, 411

Bulloiigh, W., Looms, 61

Burchell, V., Soda Water Machinery, 505

Burden, W.W., Bleaching Fibre, 431

Burke and Burleigh, Subaqueous Works,97

Burn, C., Propelling Carriages, 324

Burn, J. R., Cutting Paper, 81

Burrell, C , Dressing Seeds, 264

Burrow, W., Bottle Rack, 212

Busfield, W. ami J. and J., Slivers, 485

Bushby, T., Pill Machines, 212

Butler, VV.. Hoop iron, 388

Butler and Edwards, Aerial Machines, 120

Butler, C., Lamps, 485

Butterworth, E., Spinning, 411

Buxton and Bann, Axles, 287

Buxton aud Gardam, Safety Lamps, 467

Cahen, M., Sealing Letters, &c., 212

Caira and Robertson, Motive Power, 448

Caithness, the Earl of, Cleaning Boiler

Tubes, 148

Calvert, F. A., Treating Fibre, 162

Campion, W. and W., Knitting Machinery, 467

Canham, R., Sharpening Knives, &c., 367

Canham. and Thomson, Stoves, 388

Capper J., Chimney-tops, 97

Capper, R., Signal Lights, 61

Carver, H. C., Bale Fastening, 97

Carter, J. T., Webbing, 431

Carter, R., Looms, 448

Carter, T. and B., and Lisle, Wool Ma

chinery, 526

Carter and Chalmers, Windows, &c., 505

Carter and Edwards, Breech-loading Firearms, 324

Carville, C. L. J., Boilers, 97

Cash, J. and J., jun., Towels, 241

Cash, J. and J., juu., Winding Tapes, &c., 97

Cashin, T. F., Railway Points and Signals, 467

Casper, E., Preventing Tubes Bursting, 411

Cassan, 8., Medical, 305

Castex, J. E., Pianos, <fcc., 485

Chamberlain, IL, Hot Blast Stoves, 162

Chambers, A., Files, 46

Champion, A. A., Chronograph, 82

Chaplin, A., Distilling Sea Water, 443

Chase, 0. It, Feed-water Regulator, 60

Chaudron, J;, Boring Wells, 81

Chippindale, W., Railway Coupling, 467

Church, W. C., Engines, 82

Clapier, J., Mattresses, 418

Clark, A. M., Alloy, 188

Clark, A. M., Bayonets, 212

Clark, A. M., Boilers, 467, 448

Clark, A. M., Bootsand Shoes, 347

Clark, A. M., Brakes, 431, 467

Clark, A. M., Breech-loading Ordnance, 81

Clark, A. M., Bronzing Surfaces, 485

Clark, A. JVL, Carving, &c., Machinery, 324

Clark, A. M., Chronometers, 526

Clark, A. M., Dentistry, 367

Clark, A. M., Dyeing, 388

Clark, A. M., Governors and Valves, 431

Clark, A. M., Hat-blocking Machines, 367

Clark, A. M., Leather, 324

Clark, A. M., Lifeboats, 97

Clark, A. M., Motive Power, 411, 448

Clark, A. M., Moulds, 212

Clark, A. M., Nippers, 60

Clark, A. M., Ornamenting Fabrics, 505

Clark, A. M., Pianofortes, 467

Clark, A. M., Polishing Marble, <fec., 305

Clark, A. M., Postage Stamps, &c., 448

Clark, A. M., Presses, 81

Clark, A. M., Printing Press, 120

Clark, A. M., Projectiles, 162

Clark, A. M., Raising Liquids, 19

Clark, A. M., Reciprocating Motion, 137

Clark, A. M., Reeds for Weaving, 188

Clark, A. M., Refining Copper, 485

Clark, A. M., Refrigerating, 212

Clark, A. M., Sewing Machinery, 60, 388

Clark, A. M., Ships and Vessels, 305

Clark, A. M., Shoeing Horses, 60

Clark, A. M., Steam Pumps, 241

Clark, A. M., Submarine Exploration, 264

Clark, A. M., Tinting Artificial Flowers, 324

Clark, A. M., Valve, 388

Clark, A* M., White Lead, 42

(.'lark aiid Esilman, Chemical, 485

Clark, G., Cartridges, 367

Clark, G., Ordnance and Projectiles, 42

Clark. J., Locomotives, 367

Clark, T., Permanent Way, 467

Clarke, W., Clipping Horses, 542 .

Clarke, H., Propelling Vessels, 81, 82

Clarke, J. F., Cleaning Streets, 526

Clarke, T. E., Bedsteads, 367

Clarke, G., Fire Escapes, 212

Clarke, AV., Ornamenting Fabrics, 81

Clark, jun., and Holt, Warping Machinery, 485

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Slide Valves, 82

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Traction Engines, 82

Clayton and Marbeck, Water Meters, 324

Cleaver, F. J., Presses, 287

Clegg, R., Pumps, 448

Cleland and Cunningham, Fabrics, 212

Clerc, L. C. F., Lamps, 61

Coates, C., Stone-dressing Machinery, 526

Cochran, J. AV., Projectiles and Cartridges, 60

Cochrane, J., Pontoon Bridges, 19

Cocker, J., and F. S., Signalling in Trains, 367

Cockshoot, J., jun., Carriages, 305

Cohen, A., Watches, 212

Colebrook, J., Butter-basket, 505

Coleman, W. J., and A., Food, 505

Collette, C. H. Staircases, 388

Collier, Howarth and Cryer, Knitting Machinery, 19

Collinge, D. and J., Looms, 97

Colomb and Bolton, Signalling, 367

Combe, J., Cops, 485

Compton, R. F., Couplings, 526

Con long, J., Warping, &c , Frames, 81

Cook.T., Sewing Machines, 305

Cook, W., Hoisting Building .Materials, 61

Cook, W., Vehicle Indicator, 42

Cooke, W., Chimneys, 367

Cooke. AV. F., Mining Machinery, 485

Cooke, W. H., Door Springs, 542

Cooke and Francis, Mats, &c., 448

Cooper, B., Treating Fabrics, 448

Cooper, J. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 61, 347

Cooper, J. R., Fire-arms, 324

Cooper, How, and E. F., Watering Steel, a264

Cope, G., Cigar Making, 305

Coppard, J., Closing Doors, &c., 60

Comely, E., Sewing Machines, 188

Cornish, K. H., Entrenching Tools, 137

Cosentino, J. L. V. de, Motive Power, 60

Cosgravo, J., Heating Bakers’ Ovens, 212

Cottam, H. R., Balusters, 97

Cottam, II, R., Bedsteads, 97

Cotton, W., Cutting Fabrics, 526

Couchoud, P. R., Chenille, 305

Coulson, S., Coffins, 505

Courtin, E., Cutting Woody Substances, 188

Cowan, H. S., Signalling at Sea, 526

Cowper, E. A., Safes, 212

Cox, 11. J., Carriage Body, 81

Craddock, T., Flying Machine, 305

Crane, G., Cleaning Streets, 324

Cranston, AV. M., Digging Potatoes, 347

Crause, P., Hat Ventilator, 347

Crause, P.. Propelling Ships, &c., 347

Creamer, W4 G., Excluding Dust, 305

Creamer, W. G., Ventilator, 120

Credland, J., Boiler Flues, 82

Cressales, V. V. de, Obtaining Power, 431

Cressey and Webb, Shrinking Cloth, 188

Cridland, H., Removing Hair from Skins, 212

Cri hton, Donbavand, and Crighton, Looms, 19

Crispin, W, IL, Artificial Fuel, 467

Crompton, J., Revivifying Malt Liquors, 42

Cronier, J., Rotary Heel, 264

Crook, E; and F., Crushing Machinery, 97

Crossley, J., Looms, 485

Crossley and Hutchinson, Alumina, 431

Crossley and Sunderland, Oiling Fibre, 42

Crow, S. E., Furnaces for Hydrocarbons, 42

Crow, T., Gas, 61

Crowe, H., Heating and Warming, 19

Cubitt, J., Preserving Buildings, 448

Cunningham, W. J., Sewing Machines, 305

Cutts and Brooksbank, Lace, 448

Dalton, S., Iron and Steel, 324

Danchell, F. L. H., Treating Peat, 188

Darcey, W., Gates, 448

Davenport and Kilson, Slide Valves, 188

Davey and Davy, Feed Water, 241

Davey, H. and D., Governors, 81

Davies, G._. Corsets, 388

Davies, G., Eye for Laces, 97

Davies, G., Insulators, 138

Davies, G., Preventing Incrustation in

Boilers, 448

Davies, G., Washing Sugar, 212

Davies, J., S<xlt, 347

Davis, W., Securing Envelopes, 81

Davy, D.. Steam, &c., Hammers, 81

Daw, G. H., Cartridge Pouches, 162

Dawson, AV. R., Titanic Iron, 212

Day, W., Sheathing Ships, 82, 448

Day and Dorber, Vehicles, 212

Dean, J: H., Bucket Handles, &c., 526

Dean and Turton, Consuming Smoke, 388

Dennis, AV., Letter Boxes, 137

Denton, H. R. J., Haymakers, 61

Dewar, J., Preserving Food, 162

Dewar, J., Preserving Potatoes, 367

Dick, R,, Heating Blast. 367

Dicken, J., Fishplate, 305

Dickie, G., Gas, 60

Dickinson, W., Joining Leather, 448

Dickins and Heywood, Printing Yarns, &c., 431

Dimock, I:, Erg Boilers, 367

Dinsdalo, G. W„ Drain Traps, 188

Dixon, I., Propeller, 321

Dixon, W., Fire Escape, 324

Dixon, W. 8., Blue Colour, 448

Dixon, jun., and Buttery, Closing Cartridges, 264 .

Dobson and Cocker, Spinning and Doubling, 162

Dobson and Halliwell, Mules, 367

Dodge, G. P., India-rubber Mats, 367

Dobson and Slater, Carding Engines, 162

Dodge, J. File Machinery, 431

Doering, F. B., Mining Machinery, 324

Doering, F. B., Rock Borers, 19

Dolby, T. G. F., Warming, &c„ 526

Dolman, F. W., Essential Oil, 60

Donald, J., Furnaces, 367

Donner, E., Clearing Skins, 467

Dorsett, G. and E„ and Blythe, Burning

Hydrocarbons, 431

Douglas, J., Ventilating Grates, 287

Dowie and McIntyre, Punching, &c., 19

Drabble, J., Cutlery Handles, 388

Dreyfous, S., Ovens, 324

Drury and Westrup, Number and Name

Plates, 97

Dubrulle, C. C., Miners’ Lamps, 162

Due, W. Le, Roofing, 305

Duce, W., Stopping Bottles, 81

Dudley, J. W., Cutting Corks, 212

Dufrene, H. A.. Preserving Iron, 137

Duke, H., Reefing and Furling Sails, 97

Dumont, P., Soap, 347

Duncombe, C,, Cartridges, 431

Dunn, H. G., Fire-escape, 137

Dutton, E. K., Window Fasteners, 324

Dutton and Mason, jun., Bearings, 347

Dyson, Dyson, and Martin, Utilising Rails, 287

Eadie, R., Axles, 61

Easterbrook, W., Signals, 137

Eckersley and Martin, Permanent Way, 542

Edge, J., Steam Engines, 137

Edwards, G. W. B., Sowing Machinery, 418

Edmondson, R., Loom Pickers, 188

Edwards, J., Lifts, &c,, 42

Edwards, J., Points and Signals, 188

Edwards, R., Traction Engines, 264

Eichhorn, J., Furnaces, 324

Elce, J. and T. jun., Spinning, 162

Elce and Williams, Spinning, 120

Elder, J., Propelling, 367

Eley, W. T., Waterproofing Cartridges, 241

Elliot, L. B., Reaping and Mo wing Machine, 61

Elliott, J., Mining Machinery, 287

Ellis, H., Parasols, 467

Ellis, R., Harness, 411

Ellis and Jacobson, Furniture, 505

Ellison and Stirk, Economising Fuel, 448

English and Farndon, Shuttles, 82, 485

Enson, F. R., Lace, 526

Erba, C., Tanning, 42

Etaix. J. A. A, Screw Propellers, 287

Evans, 1., Spring Hooks, 19

Evans, J., Couplings, 512

Evans, O. O., Digging Machinery, 448

Evans, T., Buckles, 467

Everist H. T.. Gas, 212

Evers, J. H , Boilers, 188

Ewer, R. W., Ribbon Winders

Fairley, W-. Preventing Overwinding, 42

Fairlie, R. F., Locomotives, 485

Fancheux, R. P., Tobacco Pouches, 526

Farren, G. Voting Register, 467

Farrington, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 61

Farrington, E., Ordnance, 526

Faucheux, R. P., Smoking Pipes, &c., 367

Faulder, H., Washing Fruit, 367

Fawcett, J., Extracting Oils, 212

Fearnley and Smith, Looms, 162

Feather, J., Cap Frames, 448

Fell, A. M., Preserving Skins, &c., 81

Fell, A. M., Treating Jute, 81

Fenby, J. B., Valves, 448

Fenton, J. F. and F., Coffee Injector, 162

Fenton and Sandiland, Fish Hooks, 526

Field, J. K., Candles, 61

Field, J. L., Candles, 367

Field and Nation, Ornamenting Candles,

Fisher, H., Furnaces, 324

Fiskin, W. and 1)., Boilers, 431

Fitter, J., Furniture, 526

Fleming, J., Drawing-off from Casks, 162

Fletcher, H., Artificial Fuel, 60, 162

Fletcher, J., Retorts, 42

Fletcher, jun., J., Steam Hammers, 324

Fletcher, R., Furniture Castor, 367

Fletcher and Carr, Sewing Machines, 42

Fletcher and Carr, Sizeing Yarn, &c., 42

Flower, C. E., Cooling Worts, 212

Forbes, H., Rotary Pump, 324

Ford, A., Assisting Swimming, 367

Ford, B. and T., jun., Tuyeres, 60

Ford, J., Securing Wheels, &c , 324

Fordred, J., Purifying Paraffin, 347

Forlong, R. P., Smoke Consuming Furnaces, 61

Forman, H„ Traction Engine Wheels, 388

Foster, F., Safety Lamps, 542

Foster and Bunnoy, Looped Fabrics, 448

Foveaux, II. J. F. II., Galvanic Battery, 542

^,<Sb^'e’ ^’1 A' ’ ^>rcveiI^nff Fouling of

Fowler and Griffiths, Tires, 505

Fox and Hall, Stopping Bottles, 97

Fraiser, J. B., Watches, &c., 97

Frankenburg and Phillips, Fastenings, 212

Franklin, A. C. F., Engines, 61

Franklin, G., Ships’ Compasses, 138

Franzoni, B. P., Hardening Plaster, &c.,

120 ’ ’

Fraser, J., Printing Consecutive Numbers, 162

Fraser and Duncan, Cheque-books, 448

Fraser and Duncan, Printing, 526

French, W., Roughing Horses, &c., 19

Frew and Spiers, Looms, 367

Frost, J. M., Raising Sunken Vessels, 60

Frost, F. D., Spinning Rollers, 411, 42

Frow, M., Reaping Machines, 264

Fuller, J. C., Telegraphic Insulators, 42

Gabbott, J., Healds for Looms, 81

Gabillon, G„ Styptic Paper, 97

Gadd and Moore, Looms, 162

Gadd and Walker, Fabries, 388

Gaidan, A. F., Artificial Fuel, 485

Galloway and Plant, Tubes, 81

Galloway, C. J., Looms, 367

Garbett, R., Games, 542

Gardner, D., Mattresses, &c., 347

Gardner, H., Safety Lamps, 324

Gardner, H, F., Bits and Stirrups, 526

Gardner, H. F., Treating Metals, 505

Gardner, J., Bedsteads, 60 ,

Garratt, R., Taps and Valves, 388

Garrett and Holcroft, Fire-arms and Ord nance, 411

Gedge, W. 1C., Brake Washers, 526

Gedge, W. E., Couplings, 526

Gedge, W. E., Cutting slates, 1S8

Gedge, W. E., Extracting Indigo, 305

Gedge, W> E., Gas Engine, 485

Gedge, W. E., Grinding Machinery, 287

Gedge, W. B., Level, 82

Gedge, W. E., Match Boxes, 367

Gedge, W. E., Photographic Laboratory, 367

Gedge, W. E., Venetian Blinds, 467

Geeves, W., Doors and Frames, 467

Geeves, W., Tenoning Machinery, 137

Gelstarp, C., Iron and Steel, 264

George, R., Warming and Ventilating, 388

Gerhartz, F., Manures, 431

Gerreth, F. L. de, Treating Oils, &c., 505

Gessner, E., Fulling Machinery, 411

Gezelin, G, K., Folding Wire Netting, 81

Gibson, W. W., Cleaning Grain, 324

Gilmour, J., Pianofortes, 448

Giojola, Gray and Martinengo, Inkstands, 19

Girdwood, R., Sheep-wash, 212

Gjers, J., Iron' and Steel, 526

Gleason, E. P., Argand Gas Burners, 61

Glisenti, F., Gun Barrels, 19

Glover, J., Boilers, 448

Glover. J., Furnaces, 19

Goodfellow, J., Slide Valves, 431

Gordon, G., Catting Sugars, 162

Gordon, G., Washing and Drying, 97

Gorst, W. R., Vehicles, 137

Gouehor, J., Life Preserver, 347

Goulty, W. R., Chaff Cutters, &c , 264

Graham, H. G., Heating and Boiling, 305

Graham, J., Bleaching,42

Gras, L. N. Le, Milk Cans, 324

Gray, J. M., Marine Engine, 188

Gray, M., Electric Conductors, 60

Gray, R. R., Casks, 527

Gray, T. W., Lightning Conductors, 137

Gray, W., File Blanks, 431

Gray and Gibson, Examining Telegraph Cables, 42

Gray and Sinclair, Spinning Machinery, 388

Green, G. F., Billiard, &c., Tables, 367

Green and Freeman, Motive Power, 505

Green, C. E. and J., Cartridge, 347

Greene, H.. Lamps, 505

Greener and Ellis, Iron, 138

Greenhalgh, H., Drawing Frames, 526

Greenhalgh, J., Cleaning Fibre, 81

Greening and Atkinson, Washing Machines. 82

Greenwood, T. L., Dyeing, 505

Gresham, J., Injector, 542

Grew, N., Cleaning Grain, 542

Grylls, Neville, Brooks, and Holt, Motive Power, 60

Griffin and Green, Envelopes, 347

Griffiths, J., Sowing, &c., Machinery, 305

Guenin, E., Mustard, 19

Gunther, G. J., Armour Plating, 448

Gutmann, J., Sewing Machines, 367

Guyon, F. T. M. A., Printing Apparatus, 367

Haddock, J., Shuttles, 431

Hadley, J., Drying Grain, 526

Haigh, E., Hats, 388

Haigb, W. Bi, Tenoning Machinery, 97

Halo, J., Gaiter, 448

Halfpenny, J. W., Tobacco Pipes, 347

Hall, C. E., Hoeing, &c., Machinery, 287

Hall, C. E., Reaping and Mowing Machinery, 431

Hall, W., Separating Yeast, 431

Hall and Parsons, Artificial Fuel, 60

Hall and Whittingham, Locks, 467

Hall, Wren, and Brandwood, Toothed Wheels, 448

Halliday, M. F. Breech-loading Fire-arms, 212

Hamel, L., Clipping Fabries, 411

Hamer, Cutting India-rubber Thread, 162

Hammer, M., India-rubber Tubing, 367

Hamilton, M. A., Cutting Instrument, 526

Hamilton, M. A., Lamp Burners, 505

Hamilton, M. A., Rails, 505

Hammerstein, M., Cigars, &c., 264

Hancock. S., Signalling in Trains, 42

Handyside, J. B., Railway Buffer, 324

Hanson, J., Digging Roots. 287

Hanson and Ellison, Dyeing Yarns, 505

Harco urt, R. G„ Fire-lighters, 485

Hargreaves, J>, Chemical, 162

Hargraves, J., Iron, 431

Hargreaves, J., Iron and Steel, 120

Hargreaves, J., Motive Power, 19

Hargreaves. J„ Purifying Coal, 324

Hargrove, C. and S jun., Bells, 526

Harris, W., Charcoal, &c,,82

Harrison, A. A. L, Label Band, 467

Harrison, C, W., Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 448

Hanson, H. Finishing Fibre, 264

Harrison, J. J. and E., Carding Machinery,

Harrison, J. J. and E., Looms, 120

Harrison, R,, Taps and Valves, 485

Harrison, S., Watches, 19

Haschke, H., Breech-loading Fire-arms. 388

Haseltine, G., Iron and Steel, 264

Hatfield, J. T., Watch-cases, 162

Hattersley, R., Distributing Type, 367

Haworth and Hamer, Spinning Rollers, 162

Hay craft, G., Filling Gunpowder Flasks, 448

Hayes, G. W., Paper, 120

Haynes, G., Cleaning Boots and Shoes, 19

Heath field, R., Nails. 188

Heathfield, R., Nail Machinery, 485

Heaton, J., Blaft Furnaces, 162

Hebden, IL, Spinning, 467

Heckmans and Nunney, Washing chines, 485

Hellard, R., Reaping and Mowing chinery, 120

Belli well, T. W„ Looms, 324

Helwig, A., Feed Water, 388

Henderson, A. C., Embroidering, 324

Henderson, A. C., Sewing Machines, 367

Henderson, D. M., Lighthouses, 97 ’

Henderson and Macintosh, Canisters, 305

Henderson and Macintosh, Metallic Cases,

Hennett and Spink, Raising, &c.» Apparatus, 60 11

Henry, M., Balloons, 19, 431

Henry, M., Paper Pulp, &c., 212

Henry, M,, Raising and Lowering, 97

Herrmann, A. E., Fire Lighter, 97

Herrmann, A. E,, Lubricating Compound 82 9

Hetherington and Pitfield, Spinning 97

Mett, C. L., Governors, 467

Hewitt, I., Printing, <fcc., Labels, 467

Heyes and Bevan, Buckle, 97

Heyl, 0. O., Scouring Fibres, 61, 81

Heyl, C. O., Sulphuret of Carbon, 81

Hicks, J. J., Brushes, 448

Hicks, J. J., Lighting Gas, &c., 324

Higgs, jun., S., Safety Lamp, 162

Higginbotham, C. T., Furnaces, 505

Higgins and Whitworth, Preparing Fibre, 2b7

R-’ Propelling Carriages, 467

Hill, G. P., Boxes, &c., 120

Hill and Wilberforce, Gas Cooking Apparatus, 19 11



Hinks, J. and J., Oil Cans, 505

Hobhouse, A. F., Propelling, 383

Hocking, J. M., Condensing Smoke, 162

Hodge, A., Fixing Door Handles, 81

Hodge and Whilty, Gas, 162

Hodgetts, C. B., Tuyeres, 467

Hodgson, G., Looms, 188

Hodgson, AV., Preparing Fibre, 61

Hodson, Mathor, and Ridley, Lubricating 324

Hohenbruck, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 97

Hopgrefe, C., Chimney Tops, 188

Hoi croft and Back, Engines, 162

Holden, J. J., Boob and Knife Cleaner, 467

Holliday, C.3 Printing, 212

Holliday, J., Fringes, 305

Holliday, R., Cleaning Wool, 485

Holloway, A., Clasp, 138

Holman, 8., Pumps, 60

Holmes, F., Pumps, 97

Holmes, F. IL, Electric Lights, 162, 212

Holmes, J., Bricks and Tiles, 42

Holmes, T., and AV. W.? and J. F., and

Lancaster, J. B., and D., Spinning Machinery, 542

Holroyd and Fieldhouse, Twisting Machinery, 212

Holroyd and Fieldhouse, Twisting and Doubling, 81

Holste, C., Blast Furnaces, 347

Holt, T„ Boilers, 42

Honegger, C , Loom, 367

Mope, J. G., Burning Hydrocarbons, 526

Hopkinson, J. A. and J., Boilers, 505

Hopkinson, J. A. and J., Indicators, 431

Hood, J. S., Life Buoys, 97

Hook, F., Reefing and Furling Sails, 61

Hooker and Braby, Fire Lighters, 264

Hooper, J., Ventilators, 120

Horn, T. S., Safety Lamps, 526

Hornsby, Bournal, and Shield, Thrashing Machines, 19

Hornsby and Phillips, Reaping and Mowing Machinery, 542

Horsley, E. T. and C., Glazing Metals, 347

Horsley, E. T., Treating Cast Iron, 162

Horton, J., Flyers for Spinning, 60

Horton, AV., Forge Hammers, 162

Houghton, F. B., Fibre, 212

Houghton, W. C., Hydraulic Presses, 526

Howard, D., Fabrics, 324

Howard, G. AV., Ball Cartridges, 305

Howard and Bousfield, Reaping and Mowing Machinery. 324

Howson, R., Gas Furnace, 485

Hubert and Trustcott, Electric Telegraphs, 81

Hubner, E., Rotary Engine, 305

Hudson, jun., J., Paper, 505

Hue and Roziere, Moulding, &c., Glass, 188

Huggett, J., and J. A., Nail Machinery, 367

Huggins, J., Kaleidoscope, 324

Hughes, E. J., Fabrics, 81

Hughes, H., Ornaments, 411

Hughes, E. T., Brushes, 42

Hughes, E. T., Cultivator, 19

Hughes, E T., Hats an 1 Caps, 431

Hughes, E. T., Folding. &c , Elastic, 326

Hughes, E T;, Knitting Machinery, 505

Hughes, E. T., Lighting and Heating, 512

Hughes, E. T., Sewing Machines, 19

Hughes, E. T., Sprinkler, 526

Hughes, E. T., Steam Vessels, 137

Hughes, E. T., Tea, &c., P->ts, 526

Hughes, E. T., Telegraphic, 526

Hughes, E. T., Twisting Machinery, 448

Hughes, E. T., Vent Peg. 97

Hughes, E. W., Rotary Engines and

Pumps, 485

Hughes, G. D., Consuming Smoke, 505

Hughes, H., Bottles, 411

Hughes, W.W., Propelling, 162

Hughes and Head, Ro* ary Engines, 60

Hui me, J. B., Excavating, 411

Human, J., Breech-loading Ordnance, &c., 61

Humby, J., Compound Metallic Plates, 485

Hunt, B,, Bearings, 97

Hunter, II. and G. 8., Hats and Caps, 418

Hunter, J., Permanent Way,<fcc., 431

Hurry, H. C., Buffer Stops, 60

Husband, R., Hats, 485

Ibbotson, A. B., Ventilating, 367

Inglis, W., Couplings, 467

Ingram and Kemp, Gas Lamps, 467

Ironside, P., Venetian Blind, 81

Jack, A., Root Digger, 138

Jackson, T., Pianofortes, 212

Jaloureau and Lardy, Telegraph Cables, 411

James, A., Needle Cases, 162

James and Drewett, Waterclosets, 505

Jameson, J., Cheques. &cH 347

Jameson, J., Paper, 411

James and Jones, Rails, 388

James and Hill, Watch Chains, 367

Jay, 8., Scarfs, &c., 305

Jeaffreson, C. S., Surgical Instruments, 411

Jeffery, F. J., Urinals, 367

Jewitt, II., Revolving Toy, 467

Jeyes, J., Substitute for Oils, Silk. &c., 305

Jobson, C. and J., Screw Propellers, 448

Johnson, J. IL, Blasting, 542

Johnson, J. H., Braid, 367

Johnson, J. II., Cleaning Cotton, 431

Johnson, J. H., Feed Water, 324

Johnson, J. IL, Grinding Machinery, 526

Johnson, J. H., Hollow Bricks, 526

Johnson, J. IL, Iron, 505

Johnson, J. H., Lifts, 188

Johnson, J. H., Mincing Machine, 97

Johnson, J. H., Nets, 137

Johnson, J. 11., Preserving Butter, &c., 81

Johnson, J. H., Projectiles, 388

Johnson, J. H., Railway Wheels, 367

Johnson, J. H., Rolling, &c., Metals, 42

Johnson, J. IL, Spinning Machinery, 431

Johnson, J. IL, Sugar, 97

Johnson, J. H., Treating Oils, 97

Johnson, J. H., Treating Skins, 505

Johnson, J. H., Treating Yarns, 60

Johnson, J. IL, Umbrellas, 162

Johnson, J. IL, Whip, &c., Holders, 448

Johnson, J, II., Wood Screws, 42

Johnson, S., Brick Machinery, 383

Johnson, Shinn, and Ragg, Signalling, 82

Jolly, F., Stretching Fabrics, 526

Jones, C. P., Cleaning Ships, 397

Jones, D., Articles of Hollow-ware, GO

Jones, D., Hollow-ware Articles. 60

Jones, J., Extinguishing Fire, 188

Jones, G., Wheels, 411

Jones, J. G., Winding Ropes, 367

Jones, J. G., Mining Machinery-, 42

Jones, M., Kitchen Ranges, 162

Jones, T., Locks, &c., 138

Jones, J. and F. J., Breech-loading Firearms, 324 °

Jones and Hedges, Fire Escapes, 324

Jones, Howson and Cjers, Furnaces, 212

Jordan, J., Stuffing Boxes, 305

Joseph, L. B., Tramways, 526

Joseph, R., Stays, &c., 212

Killett, J., Furnaces, 97

Kendall, AV., Locomotives, 448

Kendrick, L, Boilers, 448

Kendrick, T., Carriage Step, 347

Kennedy, R. A., Door, &c., Fastenings, 97

Kent, G., Kneading Machines, 485

Kenyon and Armitstead, Safety Apparatus for Boilers, 542

Ker, G., Drying and Finishing Fabrics, 42

Kerby, J. H.. Fastening Brooch, 19

Kerby, C., Filters, 542

Kidd, J., Light, 448

Killogg, H.. Hats, 367

King, J., Mine Cages, 411

King, W., Communicating in Trains, 42

King, Lowden, and Gartside, Carding Ma

chinery, 287

Kinton, A,, Waterwheels, 305

Kirby, E. A., Dispensbig Medicines, 18S

Kirby, S. A., Lamps, 467

Kitchen, Mills. 431

Kitson, W. H., Railway Wheels, 324

Klug, C„ Chocolate. 241 .

Kniaghiuinsky, Galahoff and Ossipoff,

Composing Type, 241

Lake, W. R., Armour Plating, 467

Lake, W. R., Bale Fastener, 212

Lake, W, R , Boots and Shoes, 367

Lake, W. R., Breech-loading Fire arms, 411, 467

Lake, W. R., Bunging Casks, 388

Lake, W. R., Cap for Springs, 448

Lake, W. R., Carpet Lining, 448

Lake, W. R., Cards, 82

Lake, W. R., Cartridges. 287, 467

Lake, W. R., Cartridge Holder, 324

Lake, W. R., Castor, 467

Lake, W. R., Covering Buckles, &c., 485

Lake, W. R., Couplings, 61

Lake, W. R., Electric Telegraph, 526

Lake, W.R., Excavating Machines, 542

Lake, W. R., Exhausting Air, 448

Lake, W. R., Green Colour, 287

Lake, W. R., Hulling Grain, 138

Lake, W. R., Level, 448

Lake, W, R., Loading Ordnance, 388

Lake, W. R., Looms, 120

Lake, W. R., Packing, 505

Lake, W. R., Preserving Substances, 431

Lake, W. R., Printing Presses, 188

Lake, W. R., Printing Machinery, 467

Lake, W. R., Railways and Carriages, 411

Lake, W. R., Revolving Batteries, 388

Lake, W. R., Saws, 42

Lake, W. R., Spring Hinge, 505

Lake, W. R., Steering Apparatus, 485

Lake, W. R., Sugar, 526

Lake, W, R., Substitute for India-rubber, 448

Lake, W. R., Telegraphic, 467

Lake, W. R., Tubes, 82

Lake, W. R., Washing Machinery, 526

Lake, W. R., Waterproof Fabrics, 467

Landells, S., Glass Globes, 467

Lane, J. J., Tapers, 81

Lang, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 42

Laine, L., Fan, 367

Laing, J., Fastening Wood to Iron, 97

Lakin, R., Aerial Machines, 137

Latham, B., Distributing Sewage, 411

Lavenant, C. de, Coating Metals, 505

Larmuth, M. H. and L. H., Water Meters, 526

Laurent, P. M. A., Compasses, 97

Laurie, W. Burning Hydrocarbons, 467

Lawson, T. W., Ships and Vessels, 241

Lea, H., Taps and Valves, 120

Leachman and Holroyd, Pump, 212

Leachman and Holroyd, Leather, 542

Leake and Beckett, Polishing Cylinders, 467

Leahy, E., Cartridges, 97

Lee, I). T., Article of Food, 347

Lees and Rhodes, Spinning, 212

Liebermann, W., Churns, 411

Leigh, A., Sizing Yarns, &c., 305

Leigh, E.. Landing Stares, 60

Leigh, T. J., Furnaces, 542

Leitenberger, E., Separating Matters, 388

Leitenberger, E., Treating Madder, 388

Lemielle, T., Ventilating, &c., 431

Lenziburg, L., Gas Lamps, &c., 367

Leonardt, F., Lamp, 82

Leonard, T. J., Rolling Metals, 467

Letch ford, R. M., Cigar Lights, 526

Letchford, R. M-, Circular Boxes, 542

Letchford, R. M., Matches, 418

Lever, E., Lamps, 367

Leveson, H. A., Pack Saddles, 411

Leveson, A., Hoods for Perambulators, &c., 212

Lewis, Huntington, and Anyon, jun., Fire Bars, 347

Lindsay, R. W., Brass and Copper Tubes, 542

Lion, A. C., Jewellery, 19

Lister, S. (J., Consuming Smoke, 1’0

Lister, S. C., Furnaces, 324

Litster and Storey, Looms, 324

Lloyd, H. H., Communicating in Trains, 485

Lloyd, I. G., Compressing Air, 60

Lockwood, J,, Furnaces, 162

Loere, J. M., Preparing Canvas for Printing, 137

Logan, 11., Windows, &c., 42

Lord, E., Cleaning Cotton, 505

Love, P., Feeding Cattle, 431

Love, Armstrong and Widdowson, Rock Borers, 388

Lowe and Smalley, Lighting Fires, 188

Low and Treadwell, Boots and Shoes, 367

Lowe and Taylor, Jewellery, 305

Lowther and Bennett, Safety Lamps, 485

Luckes, H. R., Compressed Fuel, 347

Ludeke, J. E. Fi, Motive Power, 188

Lunde, P. F., Vegetable Extracts, 324

Luthringer, T., Red Colour, 212

Luyckx, G., Waterproof Tubes, 241

Lyman. H. A., Ladies’ Skirts, 81

Lynes, S., Lubricator, 2 41

Lyons, M., Frames for Pictures, <fcc., 97

McAdams, J., Printing, 120

McAndrew, W., Cotton Gins, 120

McClintock, E., Engines and Pumps, 60

McClure, IL, Moulds, 526

McDermott, C., Paper Fastener, 212

McDermott, C., Seal for Envelopes, 347

McDermott, C., Sponge, 247

McDougall, A., Agitator, 505

McDougall, A , Extracting Sulphur, 212

McEwen, J., Tobacco, 61

McFarlane and Barker, Permanent Way, 505

McGeorge and Paul, Plug Valve, 97

McIntyre, J., Protecting Iron Plates, 287

McKean, J. A., Mining Machinery, 347

McKecbnie, J., Applying Concentrated

Heat, 324

McKenzie, A., Carriage Doors, 485

McKenzie, G., Gas, 42

McKenzie, Gas, 42

McKibbin, J., Filling in and Drawing off Liquids, 81

McKimm, I., Mathematical Instruments, 467

McMahon, D. E„ Saddles, 42

MacNauton, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms,


Mace, C., Marine Boilers, 367

Macfie, A., Clothes Lines, 138

MacGeorge, G. VV., Smoking Pipes, 347

Macintosh, J., Moulding, &c., 19

Macintosh and Baggett, foots and Shoes, 287

Mackenzie and Robinson, Cisterns, 347 Mackie, A., Composing, &c,,Type, 137 Mackie, A., Composing Type, 52G MacLellan, WRailway Buffers, 60 Macnab, W., Marine Engines, 505 Maddocks, J., Securing Nuts, 431 Madge, E., Feeding Metal Rollers, 467 Madge, E., Sulphate of Iron, 485 Major, J. C., Furnaces, 97

Mangnall, J., Mattresses, 287

I Mannix, J. B , Permanent Way, 137 Mannock, J., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 120 Maury, M; F., Protecting Cables, 97, 526 Marler, E. T., Sugar, 188 Marley, J., Safety Cages, 212 Marchisio, G. E., Heating Oils, 324 Marsden, J., Looms, 305

Marshall, J. G., Detergent Processes, 241 Marshall, W., Bedsteads, &c., 81 Marshall, W., Clipping Fabrics, 467 Marshall and Stewart, Pumping, &c., 162 Martin, A., Hats, 287

Martin, G., Treating Fabrics. 367

Martin, II. R. St., Ornamenting Glass, 448 Martin, Barrett, and Webb, Titaniferous

Iron, 542

Martin and Varley, Signalling, 188

Mather, A., Cleaning Grain, 82

Mather, C., Washing Machinery, 305 Matthews, M. J., Pianofortes, 411 Matthews, W. J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 324

Mathias, G. H. D., Ships and Vessels, 367 Maurice, S. S., Scarfs, &c., 485

Meade, H. G. P„ Fire-arms and Ordnance, 448

Medhurst, J., Ships’ Rudders, 324 Meiklejohn, J. Crane, 347

Meiklejohn, J., Lifting, &c., Machinery, 42 Meldrum, J. B., Printing Fabrics, 349 Mellor, G., Nails, &c., 367

Mellor, H. M., Knitting Frames, 212, 431 Menage, J. B. A., Lamp, 162

Mentions, M. A. F., Signals and Brakes, 388

Metham, P. TL, Rudder, 120

Meyer and Wainwright, jun., Candles, 367

Mitchell, R. H., Dredging, 188

Miller, F. B., Treating Gold, 42

Miller, W. J., Knives and Forks, 188

Millward, J., Step Cover for Carriages, 19 Mitchell, J., Buffers and Springs, 431 Mitchell, W., Sharpening Knives, 367 Mole, O., Boots and Shoes, 867, 505 Molineaux, W., Rolling Metals, 347 Monckton, E. H. C., Preserving Food, 19

Monckton, E. II. C., Steam Ferry, 19 Montagu, C., Bonnets, 411

Moore and McNeal, Boots and Shoes, 120 Morgan, T., Puddling Furnaces, 82 Morrison, D. P., Safety Lamps, 97

Morrall, A.. Fish Hooks, 324

Morrison, J., Sewing Machinery, 485 Morrison, J. B., Operating Chairs, 542 Morson, R., Keys, 485

Morton, A., Injector, 120

Mort, W., Preserving Meat, 526

Moulan, C. T., Joining Pipes, 137

Mounier, E., Penholders, 212

Muir, T., Washing Printing Rollers, &c., 317

Muir, W., Ornamenting, &c., Fabrics, 2S7 Muir, W., Propelling, &c.. Trains, 287 Munn, J. A., Weighing Machinery, 542 Munro. A.. Rock Borers, 526

Murdoch, H. II., Sorting Grain, 162

Murgatroyd, J., Boilers, 287

Murphy, W. J., Motive Power, 347

Murray, C. H., Brick and Tile Machinery, 137

Murray, A., Hauling Vessels, 485

May and Graham, Stopping Bottles, 388 Mayall, T. J., Feeding Paper, 542 Maynard, II. N., Bridges, &c., 3SS Maynard, R., Chaff-cutter, 19

Mayo, C., Propelling and Steering, 162

Nairn, M. B., Power Looms, 411

Napier, J. M., Coining Presses, 241

Napier, J. M., Printing Machinery, 485

Napier, J. M., Vessels for Unguents, 526

Napier, J. M., Wine Glasses, 347

Needham and Kite, Decanting Fluids, 505

Negri, C. de. Wood Pulp, 188

Nelson, J., Fire-bars, 97

Nelson, J. E„ Aerial Machines, 162

Nelson, T., Preparing Paper. 448

Nelson and Briggs, Heating Boilers, 431

Newark, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 287

Newby. E., Links, 212

Newby, E. H., Alarum, 347

Newhall, R„ Needle. <fcc., Cases, 162

Newnham. B. T., Billiard Tables, 467

Newsome, W., Metal Joints, 241

Newton, A, V., Axle Box, 467

Newton, A. V., Cutting Stone, 324

Newton, A. V., Envelopes, 485

Newton, A. V., Extracts from Bark, 526

Newton, A. V., Injector, 505

Newton, A. V., Paper Pulp, 505

Newton, A. V., Propelling and Steering, 82

Newton, A. V., Rotary Engine, 505 Newton, A. V., Rotary Engines, 485 Newton, A. V., Safety Valves, 305 Newton, A. V., Sewing Machines, 448

Newton, A. V., Spice Boxes, 411

Newton, A. V., Turning and Screw-cutting, 324

Newton, A. V,, Washing Machinery, 526

Newton, A. V., Ventilating, 431

Newton, R., Feeding Furnaces, 467

Newton, W. E., Fastening Parcels, 324

Newton, W. E., Anvils, 367

Newton, W. E., Boilers, 448

Newton, W. E., Breech-loading Fire arms, 82

Newtbn, W. E., Brewing, 137

Newton, W. E., Coating Metals, 448

Newton, W. E., Crank Motions, 264

Newton, W. E., Filtering Apparatus, 61

Newton, W. E., Gas and Water Meter, 137

Newton, W. E., Governors, 61

Newton, W. E., Iced Beverages, 61

Newton, W. E., Iron, 388

Newton, W. E., Motive Power, 305

Newton, W. E., Paper, 42

Newton, W. E., Permanent Way, 97

Newton, W. E., Ploughs, 137

Newton, W. E., Preparing Wood, 431

Newton, W.E., Railways, 82

Newton, W. E., Rectifying Alcdiol, 120

Newton, W. E., Rock Borers, 97

Newton, W. E., Rudders 287

Newton, W. E., Saws, 347

Newton, W. E., Soda Water, 82

Newton, W. E„ Steering, 287

Newton, W. E., Whips, 347

Newton and Kershaw, Stopping Bottles, 431

Newton and Swailes, Stopping Bottles, 411

Nicoll, D., Telegraphic, 264

Nicolls, B., Building, 388

Norton, J. L., Drying Grain, &c., 347

Norton. J. L., Well Sinking, 41.1

Northcote, G. B., Cartridges, 137

Norton and Hawksley, Lamps, &c., 241 Nuttall, F. D., Furnaces, 120

Oates, C., Fire Escapes, 305

Offord, J., Carriages, 19, 367

Olnoy, G., Gas, 448

Oppenheimer, J., Telegraph Posts, 485

Ollis, T., Vehicle Indicator, 367

Onions, J., Iron and Steel, 42

Onslow and Northall, Tuyeres, 60

Ormerod, E., Safety Mine Apparatus, 212

Orr, J., Folding Fabrics, 448

Orr, W., Separating Liquids, &c., 42

Owens, J., Fabrics, 485

Oxley, J.. Refrigerators. 347

Oxley and Wilson, Cleaning Casks, 411

Pago, R. W., Hydropults, 542

Paget, F. A., Preventing Deviation of Compasses, 305

Paley, C., Elastic Fabric, 542

Palmer, W„ Horse-shoes, 526

Palmer, J. and J.,jun.; and T., Spanners, 120

Palmer and Hird, Flour and Bread, 467

Panter, A. L., Child’s Seat, 60

Parker, H., Tobacco Pipes, 19

Parkes, A., Ornamenting Fabrics, 19

Parkes, F., Nails. 367

Parkes, F. and G., Spades, &c., 212

Parkes, J. J., Ventilating, 526

Parnacott, E. J. AV., Trenail, 188

Parr and Strong, Buildings, 367, 448

Parratt, G. F., Pontoons, 467

Parry, R.. Corsets, 448

Parsons, P. M., Artificial Granite, 485

Pasfield, J., Valves, 97

Paterson, A. J., Cartridges and Fire-arms, 188

Patman and Davey, Drying Grain, 97

Paton, A., Printing Machinery, 120

Pattison, F. H., and J. AV. H., Founders’ Blackening, 367

Paul, A., Cable Stoppers, 324

Paulin, J. and R. D., Grinding Paints, 264

Payne, D., Printing Machinery, 324

Payne. AV., Pumps, 467

Payne and Fraser, Pumps, 448

Pearce, J. C., Furnaces, 388

Pearse, R. AV., Musical Instruments, 485

Pearson and Spurr, Looms, 467

Pebardy, T., Truss, 61

Pedder, W., Brushes, 264

Penny, C. E.. Envelopes, 505

Pepys and Warburton, Blinds, <fcc., 19

Perkins, J. AV., Stills, 60

Perkins, L.. Actuating Valves, 467

Perrin, J., Fuel Economiser, 305

Penin, J. B. E. G., Smoke-consuming Apparatus, 97

Perrett. F. G. N., Pulleys, 97

Perry, J. J., bookbinding, 467

Pother, H.. Bricks, 19

Petit, C., Lamps, 81

Petit jean, T.» Improving Combustion, 347

Petrzywalski, J., Camera Obscura, 40

Peyrouse, L. de la, Treating Fatty Matters, 367

Phil cox, G., Horse-shoes, 542

Phillips-Smith, J., Cultivators, 241

Pick, I., Scarfs, &c.> 82

Pickin, G., Treating Hydrocarbonst 305

Piddington, J., Pneumatic Springs, 367

Pidgeou and Manwaring, Reaping and

Mowing Machinery, 448

Pigott, G. W. R., Covering Wire, 485

Pierce, G. H;, Padding Harness, 324

Piercy, F., Colouring Drawings, &c.,448

Pierie. T., Ploughs, 137

Pilling, G. and J., and Jennings, Covering

Edges of Fabrics, 212

Pink us, H., Boilers and Furnaces, 388

Pitt, G., Manure, 485

Player, J, Iron and Steel, 388

Pochin and Hunt, Furnaces. 367

Pocock, W. W., Fluid Meters, 264

Pontifex, E. A. Condensers 542

Poole, J., Shafts and Drums, 162

Pollard, F. T., Bench Dog, 81

Porter, P., Map Roller, 367

Porter, R., Buildings. 526

Porter, J. T. B., Cultivators, 526

Pottle. J., Cucumber Box, 324

Potts, AV., Gaseliers. 388

Potts, W., Screws, 431

Pothier. L. B., Securing Bales, 305

Potts, W., Ventilating, -47

Potts, W., Suspending Pictures, 120

Powis and James, Tenon Cutting Machines, 60

Pownall, C. J., Communicating in Trains, 81

Prangley, W., Gymnastics, 188

Pratt, J. R., Earthenware 526

Prentice, E. C., Gun-cotton, 467

Prewitt, L. M., Corsets, 305

Price, E., Gas Regulators, 526

Price, W., Dies, 60

Prideaux, T., Fireplaces, &c.< 212

Prideaux, T. S , Improving Wine, 60

Priestley and Rower, Spinning. 526

Prince, A., and A. C. M., Telegraphic, 411

Prndencio, Cooper, and Cotterell, Stopping Bottles, 411

Puddle foot, M.. Plough, 162

Pughsley, W. J., Sulphuric Acid, 188

Quin, J., Hose, 162

Quin, J., Fire Escape, 60

Raffault, R., Petticoat, 347

Rafferty and Storey, Laying Down Pipes, 61

Rae. J., Filters, 305

Rae and Miller, Railway Wheels, 542

Ralston, J. C., Candles, 19

Ramsay, AVebster, and Walker, Fulling Machines, 367

Ramsden, J. C., Healds, &c., 97

Rankine. AV. J. M., Governors, 485

Ransome, F. and E., and Bessemer, Grindstones, 467

Ratcliff, D. R., Safes, 321

Rausch and Darlet, Artificial Fuel, 212

Ravenscroft, E., Lamps, 138

Rawlings and Wilkerson, AVashing Coprolites, 188

Reading, J. and S. A., and G. E. and F. F., Corset, &c., 388

Rcdcliffe, F., Pump Buckets, 60

Redfern, G. F., Paving, 485

Redgate and Maariott, Lace, 388

Redwood, T., Preserving Animal Substance, 120

Reece, R., Refrigerator, 60

Rees, G., Treating Glass, 120

Reid, J., Locomotive Wheels, 347

Reed, T.. Cultivators, 137

Reed and Craigie, Chair, 137

Reed and Craigie, Mattresses, 388

Reifert, C., Railway Carriages, 324

Reynolds, E., Wheels, 485

Richardson, W. H., Iron and Steel, 81, 485

Richter, J. E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 485

Riddell-Webster, T. AV., Cartridges, 137

Riley, C., Boilers, 448

Rippingille, E. A., Distilling Hydrocarbons, 137

Ritchie, C., Brushing, &c., Machinery, 485

Ritchie, C., Boilers and Furnaces, 367

Ritchie, H., Carriages, 448

Ritchie, C., Feed-water, &c., 324

Ritchie, C.. Tobacco Pipes, 448

Rives, J., Casting Metals, &c., 411

Rives, J., Pens, 347

Rober, II. G. B., Box Slides, 162

Robbins, E. Y., Fire Grates, 305

Robinson, R., Filtering Paper, 467

Robinson and Pierce, Zinc, 19

Robinson and Smith, Saw Frames, 287

Roden, R. B., Breech-loading Fire-arms. 137, 448

Rodolphe, O., Table, 120

| Rogers, J. B., Anchor, 305

Rogers, J., Fastenings, 137

Rohart, P. A., Gas, 138

Rollason, M., Gas Lamps, 467

Rooker, A., Taps, 347

Rorisen, D«, Reeds for Weaving, 19

Roseaux, J. de la C. des, Lubricators, 19

Ross, R. C., Cutting Paper, &c., 411

Rose and Gibson, Cleaning Seeds, 526

Rousel, P. and F. E., Finger Stall, 97

Rowan, W., Cleaning, &c., Fibre, 19

Rowe, j. G., Railway Signals, 61

Ruddick, H., Steam Engines, 82

Rush ton, H., Artificial Hair, 61

Russell, F. W., Cask Stands, 485

Russell, J., Saws, 162

Russell, WM Harrows, 188

Rust, J., Decorative Material, 324

Ryland, F., Window Frames, 188

Sacre, E., Armour Plates, 467

Sadler, C., Smoke Consuming Furnace, 42

Sagar and Richmond, Looms, 264, 287, 367

Sainty, J., Hurdles. 241

Sakunlunski, H. Von S., Printing, 137

Salmon and Hick, Ruling Machinery, 82

Sambridge, H. W., Chandeliers, &c., 431

Sams, J. H., Horse Rakes, &c., 347

Samuelson, M., Sewing Machine, 241, 411

Sanders, J.. Braces, 5zd

Sangster, W., Umbrellas, 526

Sault, T., Slide Valves, 241

Saunders, T. H., Stove, 97

Savage, W. P., Excavating, 448

Saxby, J., Points and Signals, 120, 212

Scally, J. D., Treating Casks, 485

Schneider, G., Breech-loading Fire-arms.

188 ’

Schofield, W., Dyeing, 526

Schofield and Dawson, Malting Grain, 162

Scholefield, J., Umbrella Cases, 526

Schwartz, A., Lubricators, 81

Schwartz, J., Refrigerating, 411

Score, E., Wedges, 212

Scott, J., Fire Escapes, 162

Scott, J., Lamp Shades, 448

Scott, R. A. E., Orona ce, 485

Scott and Steel, Relief Valves, 81

Scott, jun., Kixon, and Beaumont, Fabrics, 19

Seiller, F., Pneumatic Railways, 431

Sellars, J. C., Treating Hydrocarbons, 81

Severn, G, Refrigerating, 97

Seward, N., Motive Power, 324

Seymour, F. J., Cord Box, 188

Sezille, A., Treating Peas 137

Shanks, J., Mowing Machines, 82

Shanks and Cargill, Lawn Mowing Machines, 212

Sharp and Webb, Anvils, 411

Sharrock, S.. Telegraph Posts, 526

Shave, W., Vermin Traps, 542

Shaw, E., Hoods for Carriages, 411

Shaw, P., Air Engine, 137

Shaw, P., Motive Power Engines, 81

Shaw and Stirk, Brick Machinery, 120

Sheldon, J., Brushes, 19

Shore, M. W , Let ter Boxes, 411

Siemens, C. W., Furnaces, 287

Silver, T., Lubricating Packing. 367

Silvester, J., Balances, 264

Siivy, (J., Photographic Apparatus, 162

Sim, W., Cleaning Streets, 505

Simlick, H. J., Cigar Lght, 367

Simmons, G. H. J., Lamps, 324

Simon. L., Bronzing, 81

Simon, S., Aprons, &c., 526

Simpson, G, Emptying, &c., Retorts, 60

Simpson and Howitt, Roofs. 137

Sims and Brest, Horse Rakes, 97

Sinclair, G., Boilers and Furnaces, 97

Skinner, J. T., Communicating in Trains 97 ’

Slater, J., Boilersand Condensers, 162

Smalley, Croasdale, and Leaver, Looms 287 ’

Smet, A. de, Working Spindles, &c., 97

Smith, E., Gas Regulators, 137

Smith, F. M., Armour Plates, 448

Smith, G., Ladders, 305

Smith, J., Bleaching, &c., Fabrics, 183

Smith, J., Combing Machinery, 324

Smith, J., Moulding, 367

Smith, J. P., Coating Metals. 505

Smith, J. P., Cutting Tools, 505

Smith, el. S., Ventilating, 526

Smith. P., Stopping Bottles. 162

Smith. R., Coating Ships, 162

Smith, jun., R., Millstones, 388

Smith, \V., Points and Switches, 367

Smith, W. B., Lever Watch Movement, 287

Smith, W. and 8., Spinning Machinery, 367

Smith and Schofield, Elastic Rollers, 137

Smyth, H., Umbrellas and Parasols, 467

Smyth, J. A., Cinder Sifter, 347

Smythies, J. K., Flying Machine, 305

Smyth and Kirby, Musical Instruments, 431

Snell, W., Engraving Machine, 305

Snelsen, J. H., Axles and Boxes, 19

Soames. J., Candle Fixer, 324

Solomon, G. IL, Vehicle Indicator, 367

Solomon, jun., and Bebro, Ticket Register, 485

Somerville and Elsdon, Purifying G'is, 81

Sonstadt, E., Treating Seaweed, 264

Soul, M. A., Fastening Bales. 264

Soul, M. A., Securing Bolts, 467

Sowden and Stephenson, Looms, 60

Speight, J., Spinning, 388

Spence, W., Ovens, &c., 367

Spencer and Ware, Boilers, 324

Spill, D., Xyloidine, 324

Stackard, S., Bottling Apparatus, 431

Stagg, G, Treating sewage, 261

Staincliffc, J., Smoke-consuming Apparatus, 505

Stanley, W. F., Meteorological Instrument, 526

Starkey, W., Motive Power, 526

Steane, S. E. T., Lamp Glasses, 526

Stephenson, T. and G. B. and B., Waxing

Warps, 542

Stennett, T., Bags, 448

Sterne, L., Chucks, 60

8 terry, A. C.. Air Engine, 542

Steven and Robertson, Brick Machinery, 137

Stevens, B. F., Lighting and Heating, 162

Stevens, B. F., Pavement, 324

Stevenson, T:, Fire Lighters, 305

Steward and Smith, Boilers, 448

Stewart, A., Fabrics, 264

Stewart, A., Textile Fabrics, 81

Stewart, H , Reaping Machines, 305

Stirk and Bycroft Refrigerators, 97

Stocker, A. S., Bottles. 287

Stocker. A. S., Stopping Bottles, 81

Stockman, L., Blind Rollers, 431

Stuart, C.,Wrcncnes, 60 •

Stubber, N. J. O., Treating Fibre, 137

Sturgeon, J., Mining Machinery, 81, 448

Surridge. J., Anchors, 60

Sutton, C., Optical Instruments, 324

Swan, A.,Evaporating, 212

Swan, D., jun., Zinc, 367

Swann, J. R., Engines, 120

Swenson and Heilmann, Labelling, 212

Swindells, I., Separating Minerals, 485

Sykes, D., Hulling Grain, 448

Syme, J., Supporting Windows, &c., 324 Symons, EL, Fire-guards, 347

Symonds, T. E., Ships and Vessels, 467

Tait, C. M., Buttons, 120

Tancred, T., Beehives, 42

Tandy, G. G., Vulcanisable Compounds, 287

Tasker, W. H., Shuttle, 411

Tasker, AV., jun., Tin ashing Machines, 97 Taunton, R. H., Sheet Iron, 367

Tayler, E , Type Composing Machine, 19 Taylor, A., caving, 324

Taylor, D., Stopping Bottles, 241

Taylor, N. F., Carburetters, 367

Taylor, T , Games, 61

Taylor, M. H., Smiths’ Hearths, 81

Taylor, W., Pipes for Ventilating, 137 Templeman, J., Fire Lighters, 485 Tessier, C., Paper Machinery, 324 Tew«j F., Braces, 448

Thom, J., Expressing Fatty Matteis, 42

Thom and Maclure, Fabrics, 448

Thomas, E. G. P., Dyeing, 388

Thomas, T. C., Waterciosct, 82

'i homas, AV., Vehicle Indicator, 241

Thomson, N., Joining Pipes, 19

Thomson, N., Unions, 82

Thomson, R. W., Wheel, 431

Thomson, W», Electric Telegraphs, 137 Thompson, AV., Mouthpieces for Pipes, 81 Thompson, AV., Omnibuses, 467

Thomson, W. S., Furnaces, 60

Thorold, E., Lamps, 505

Thornton, E. and R., Furnaces, 467

Thornton and Abercrombie, Twisting Machinery, 485

Thorpe, J., Waterproof Paper, 542

Thurgar, AV. C., Gas Regulators, 287

Ticozzl, A., Lotion, 388

Tiernan. R., Tobacco Pipe, 82

Tilley, T. II., Couplings, 505

Tinet, C., Chairs, 411

Tod and Heatley, jun., Tobacco, 367

Toft, C., Cruet Stands, &c.. 19

Toft, C., Liquor Frames, 82

Tolhausen, F., Treating Sewage, 411 Tomlinson, E., Ornamenting, &c., 367 Tongue, J. G., Brakes, 162

Tongue, J. G., Carriages, 241

Tongue, J. G., Gibs and Lubricating, 505

Tongue, J. G., Oils, 324

Tongue, J. G., Rulers, 97

Tongue, J. G., Training Hops, &c., 82 Tongue, J. G., Wearing Apparel, 324 Tongue, J. G., Wines, &c.. 485 Tongue, J. G., Wrenches, 81 Towers, J. R., Bedsteads, 526

Townshend, E., Tobacco Pouches, 505 Townsend, G., Machine Needles, 367 Townsend, J., Soda and Potash, 505 Tranchat P. F., Circular Cutting Tools, 137 Tranter, W., Fire-arms, 16 i

Tredgold and McNeil, Boilers and Furnaces, 411

Trenery, E. T., Traction Engines, 485

Tribe, W., Velocipedes, 305

Trotter, II , Artificial Fuel, 367

Trulock, S., audit and W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 81

Tuddcnham, S., Rails and Pillars, &c.,42 Tunstill, T., Preparing Size. 212

Turner, G., Packing Cases, 505

Turner,T., Map. &c., Holders, 347

Twiney and Ackroyd, Lace, 212

Turner and Allen. Ga>es and Fences, 19

Turner and Dunnett, Stamping Machine, 19

Turner and Hemsley, Fabric, 97

Turner and Hemsley, Gloves, tec., 212

Turton and Holcroft, Communicating in Trains, 137

Turnock, J., Cask Stands. 305

Twigg, G., Corkscrews, 388

Vaile, S., Tables 542

Vallance, IL, Window Fastening, 264 Vallance, F. B., Lamps, 97

Varley, F. IL, Testing Conductors, 324 Varley, J., Feed Water. 241

Varley, C. and S. A., Electric Telegraphs, 42

Vaughton, T. and O.. Scarf Fastener, 526 Veilion, IL, Hot Air Ovens, 61

Vordare, A., Doors and Windows, 485

Verreyt, J., Organs, 305

Versmann, F., Varnishes, 305

Vicars, sen. and jun., and Smith, Smokeless f urnace, 82

Vine,E. 0., Corsets, 448

Viton, J. IL, Lining Cases, &c., 61

Vogle and Van Dyk, Muffs, 411

Waddell, W. R. and C. J., Multiplying Oscillation, 63

Waide, F. W., Cornices, &c., 431

Waide, F. AV., Motive Power, 60 Wainmann, L. A., Pumps, 485 Walker, J., Spring Boxes. 97

Walker, J., Washing Bottles, <tc., 120

Walker, P. ami A., Horse-shoes, 411

Walker, T., Fastening, 81

Walker, T-, Wood Machinery, 212

Walker, T. D., Heating Feed Water, 120 Wall work, H., Hats, 3S8

Wappenstein and Laidlaw, Envelopes, 347 Warburton. J., Gas Regulator, 19 Ward, E., Hats, 388

Ward, R., Tobacco Machinery, 505

Ward and Dressier, Chairs, 60~

Ward and Travis, Fabrics, 505

Ward and Virgo, Treating Fabrics, 448 ■Warren, W., Cleaning Streets, 38S Warren, AV., Obliterating Stamps, 467 Warren, R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 512 Warsop, G., Cleaning Windows, 188 Wassermann and Herbst, Refining Lead, 305

Waterlow, A. J., AV. B., and S. II., Printing, 431

Watkins, J., Axles, 448

Watkins, R , Discharging Projectiles below Water, 411

Watson, J. F.. Watches, &c., 505

Watson, R., Brakes, 324

AVatson, R., Distributing Gas, 347

Watt, A., Manure. 162

AVattand Fleetwood, Moulded Vessels, 61 Wattsand Fleetwood, Presses, 264 Wavish.J., Heati g Greenhouses, 264 Way, J. T., Manure, 212

AVaygood, R., Cleaning Grain, 324

Weare, R., Furnaces. 264

AV earc, R., Treating Sewage, 431

Webb, J. W., Reefing Sails, 261

AVcbb, T., Sewing Machines, 431

Webster, J., Zinc Paint, 61

Weedon, G., Knife Cleaners, 97 Wei: traud, F., Purses, 3o5

Welch, E. J. C., Ice Machines. 305

AVelch, G., Killing Whales, 505

Welch, J., Swivels, 42

AVelch, P., Type, 60

Weldon, W., Cheniical, 324

Wells, G. M., Boots and Shoes, 411

Welsh, D., Looms, 137

Welton, T., Bread, &c , 431

AVelton, T., Revolving Shutter, 82

AVenham, F. H., Air Engine, 212 ,

AVesthead and smith, Arranging Fabrics 467

Westmacr»tt, P. G. B., Cranes, 138 Westo i, T;, Ornamental Tubes, 307

Wheeler. J., Gloves 467

Whole, E., Cutting Soap, SI

White, J., Ventilating, 431

Whitehead, T., Spinning Machinery, 431

Whitehead, W.. Printing Fabrics, 347

Whitford, <L, Ice-making Apparatus, 82

Whiting, J. E., Bridges, 97

Whiting, J. E„ Castors, 60

Whitham, J.. Furnaces, 324

Whiting, J. E., Transmitting Power, 51

Whittaker, D., Healds, &c , 241

Whittaker and Rourke, Waterproof Paper, 188

Whittome, J., Baling Presses, 324

Whitworth, C. F„ Preventing Railway Accidents, 120

Widdowson, T., Umbrellas and Parasols, 241

Widenham and Reynolds, Chairs, &c., 526

Wier, A. M., and M. A., Signalling, 264

Wigzell, A. and E., Juckes’ Furnace, 287

Wilderspin, J., Horse Rakes, 347

Wiley. W. E., Marking Materials, 448

Wilkin and Clark, Railway Signalling, 411

Wilkins, F., Carburetters, 467

Wilkinson, G., Pumps, 324

Wilkinson, W. B., Crushing Grain, 347

■Wilkinson and Grimshaw, Watches, 411

Willans, J. G., Iron, 347

Williams, L., Pump, 367

Williams, T. H.. Gas Burners, 347

Williamson, A. W., Lamps, 212

Williamson, J. S., Drying Grain, 367

Willis, Rice, and. Maxfield, Sewing Machines, 19

Wilson. A., Casting Ingots, 137

Wilson, E. B., Furnaces, 287, 431, 467

Wilson, H., Taps and Valves, 431

Wilson, J. C., Boilers, 388

Wilson, J. C., Rice Mill, 388

Wilson, J. H., Water-closets, 526

Wilson, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 485

Wilson, T., Spanners, 60

Wilson, W., Felting Machinery, 188

Wilson and Cowburn, Looms, 264

Wilson and Hall, Pumps, 60

"Wilson and Nuttall, Cranked Axles, &c., 347

"Wirth, F., Stamping Letters, 188

Wingate, jun., T., Anchors, 448

Winslow, K. J., Conveying Rotary Motion, 97

Winter, W., Sewing Machines, 448

Wise, W. L., Railway Crossings, 97

Withers, H. W., Boats, 188

M'ithinshaw and Baker, Slide Valves, 431

Wolffgang, E. G., Ribbons, 388

Wood, E., Engines, 526

Wood, J., Iron, 138

"Wood, T., Lamps, 485

"Wood, W., Carpets, 97

Wood, W., Treating Fibres, 137

Wood, J. and B. and R., Steam Engines, 347

Wood, T. and J., Printing Yarns, &c., 81

Wood, W. W. and J., Fitting Boiler Tubes, 19

Woodcock, H. B., Railway Tires, 82

Woodcock, W., Warming and Ventilating, 347

Woods, H., Presses, 305

Woolfield, J. C., Boilers, 542

Wormaid and Dalton, Breech-loading Firearms, 505

Wright, M., Fabric, 388

Wright, R. A., Heating, 388

Wright and Fox, Weaving, 448

Wright and Nairn, Looms. 448

Wrigley, T., Permanent Way, 467

Wyatt, J. H., Studsand Buttons, 138

Wybrants. S. R., Utilising Waste Materials, 212

York, H. K.. Steel. 60

Young, J., Gas and Coke, 431

Young, T., Buttons, &c., 81

Zaroubine, P., Pump, 81

Ziffer aud Goodbrand, Warming Railway Carriages, 287

Ziegele, A., Epsom Salts, 347

Grants of $robfstonal ftrokrtfon. SUBJECT MATTES.

Aerial Machines, R. Lakin, 137

Aerial Machines, J. E. Nelson, 162

Aerial Machines, Butlei and Edwards, 120

Agitator, A. McDougall, 505

Air, Compressing. J. G. Lloyd, 60

Air Exhausting, W. R. Lake, 448

Air Engine, F. H. Wenham, 212

Alarum, E. H. Newby, 347

Albums, Photographic, O. E. Brooman, 60

Alcohol. Rectifying, W. E. Newton, 120

Alloy, A. M. Clark, 188

Alumina, Crossley and Hutchinson, 431

Anchors, J. Surridge, 60

Anchor, J. B. Rogers, 305

Anchors, T. Wingate, jun., 448

Animal Substances, Preserving, L. Brunetti, 61

Animal Substances, Preserving, J. Redwood, 120

Animal Refuse, Utilising, J. H. Brown, 367

Anvils, W. E. Newton, 367

Anvils, Sharp and Webb, 411

Apparel, Wearing, J. G. Tongue, 324

Aprons, &c., S. Simon, 505

Armour Plating, W. R. Lake, 467

Axles, &c., Cranked, Wilson and Nuttall, 347

Axles, R. Eadie, 61

Axles and Boxes, H. Snelson, 19

Axles, Buxton and Bawn, 287

Axles, J. Watkins, 448

Axle Box, A. V. Newton, 467

Bags, T. Stennett, 448

Bags, Paper, J. P. Binns, 188

Bags, Paper, H. A. Bonneville, 542

Baker’s Ovens, Heating, J. Cosgrave, 212

Bark, Extracts from, A. V. Newton, 526

Basins, &c., I. Baggs, 97

Battery, Galvanic, H. J. F. H. Foveaux, 542

Batteries, Galvanic, R. Beard, 42

Batteries, Revolving, W. R. Lake, 388

Balances, J. Silvester, 264

Bale, Fastener, W. R, Lake, 212

Bale Fastening, H. C. Carver, 97

Bales, Fastening, M. A. Soul, 264

Bales, Securing, L. B. Pothier, 305

Balusters, H. R. Cottam, 97

Balloons, M. Henry, 19, 431

Bands. Endless, C. Anderson, 467

Band Label, A. A. L. Harrison, 467

Bayonets, A. M. Clark, 212

Bearings, Dutton and Mason, jun., 347

Bearings, P. Hunt, 97

Beds, Springs, S- Bonsall, 137

Bed, &c., C. F. Bower, 212

Bedsteads, B. Brown, 60

Bedsteads, T. E. Clarke, 367

Bedsteads, H. R. Cottam, 97

Bedsteads, J. Garden, 60

Bedsteads, <fcc., W. Marshall, 81

Bedsteads, J. R. Towers, 526

Beehives, T. Tancred, 42

Bells, C. and 8. jun., Hargrove, 526

Bench, Dog, F. J. Pollard, 81

Beverages, Iced, W. E. Newton, Cl Bits and Stirrups, tl. F. Gardner, 526 Blackening Founders’, F. H. and J. W. H.

Pattison, 367

Blast, Heating, R. Dicks, 367

Blasting, J. H. Johnson, 542

Blackening, Moulders’, R. W. Bennie, 347

Bleaching, J. Graham, 42

Blinds, &c., Pepys and Warburton, 19

Blinds, Venetian, W. E. Gedge, 467

Blinds, Venetian, P. Ironside, 81

Boats, H. W. Withers, 188

Bobbins, W. Bostock, 241

Boiler Flues, J. Credland, 82

Boiler Tubes, Fitting, W. W. and J. Wood, 19

Boiler- Tubes, Cleaning, J. Mannoch, 120

Boilers, C. E. Brooman, 505

Boilers, C. and J. Carville, 97

Boilers, A. M. Clark, 467, 448

Boilers, J. H. Evers, 188

Boilers, W. and D. Fiskin, 431

Boilers, J. Glover, 448

Boilers, T. Holt, 42

Boilers, J. A. and J. Hopkinson, 505

Boilers, I. Kendrick, 448

Boilers, Safety Apparatus for, Kenyon and Armitstead, 542

Boilers, Marine, C. Mace, 367

Boilers, J. Murgatroyd, 287

Boilers, W. E. Newton, 448

Boilers, C. Riley, 448

Boilers and Condensers, J. Slater, 162

Boilers, Steward and Smith, 448

Boilers, Spencer and Ware, 324

Boilers, .1. C. Wilson, 388

Boilers, J. C. Woolfield, 542

Boilers and Furnaces, H. Pinkus, 388

Boilers and Furnaces, C. Ritchie, 367

Boilers and Furnaces, G. Sinclair, 97

Boilers and Furnaces, Tredgold and McNeil, 411

Boilers, Heating, Nelson and Briggs, 431

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, Avery and Penabert, 212

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, G. Davies, 448

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation in, C. W. Harrison, 448

Bolts, Securing, M. A. Soul, 467

Bookbinding, J. J. Perry, 467

Bottle and Compass, G. Boehm, 264

Bonnets, C. Montagu, 411

Boot and Knife Cleaner, J. J. Holden, 467

Boots and Shoes, H. Bell, 97

Boots and Shoes, Cleaning, G. Haynes, 19

Boots and Shoes, G. M. Wells, 411

Boots and Shoes, A. M. Clark, 347

Boots and Shoes, W. R. Lake, 367

Boots and Shoes, C. Mole, 367, 505

Boots and Shoes, Macintosh and Baggett, j 287

Boots and Shoes, Moore and McNeal, 120

Boots and Shoes, Low and Treadwell, 367

Borers, Rock, A. Munro, 526

Bottles, H. Hughes, 411

Bottles, A. S. Stocker, 287

Bottling Apparatus, S. Stackard, 431

Bottles, Ornamenting, C. E. Brooman, 485

Bottles, Ornamenting, S. Brown, 431

Bottle, Rack, W. Burrow, 212

Bottles, Stopping, R. Beard, jun., 388

Bottles, Stopping, W. Belts, 212

Bottles, Stepping, IV. Duce, 81

Bottles, Stopping, Fox and Hall, 97

Bottles, Stopping, May and Graham, 388

Bottles, Stopping, Newton and Kershaw, 431

Bottles, Stopping, Newton and Swailes, 411

Bottles, Stopping, Prudencio and Others, 411

Bottles, Stopping, P. Smith, 162

Bottles, Stopping, A. S. Stocker, 81

Bottles, Stopping, D. Taylor, 241

Bottles, Washing, &c., J. Walker, 120

Box, Cucumber, J. Pottle, 324

Boxes, J. C. C. Azemar, 162

Boxes, <&c., G. P. Hill, 120

Boxes, Circular, R. M. Letchford, 542

Boxes, Letter, M. W. Shove, 411

Boxes, Match, W. E. Gedge, 367

Box, Slide, H. G. B. Rober, 162

Boxes, Spice, A. V. Newton, 411

Boxes, Stuffing, J. Jordan, 305

Braces, J. Sanders, 526

Braces, F. Tew, 448

Brake, H. A. Bonneville, 305

Brakes, A. M. Clark, 431, 467

Brakes, J. F. Tongue, 162

Brakes, R. Watson, 324

Break Washer, W. E. Gedge, 526

Braid, J. H. Johnson, 367

Bread, &c., T. Welton, 431

Brewing, W. E. Newton, 137

Brick Machinery, G. R. B. Arnott, 97

Brick Machinery, S. Johnson, 388

Brick Machinery, Shaw and Stirk, 120

Brick Machinery, Steven and Robertson, 137

Bricks, II. Pother. 19

Brick and Tile Machinery, H. A. Bonneville, 467

Bricks, Hollow, J. H. Johnson, 526

Brick and Tile Machinery, C. H. Murray, 137

Bricks and Tiles, J. Holmes, 42

Bridges, W. Beale. 411

Bridge, Pontoon. J. Cochrane, 19

Bridges, H. N. Maynard, 388

Bridges, J. E. Whiting, 97

Bronzing Surfaces, A. M. Clark, 485

Bronzing, L. Simon, 81

Brooch Fastening, J. H. Kerby, 19

Brushes, G. T. Hughes, 42

Brushes, H. A. Bonneville, 188

Brushes, J. J. Hicks, 448

Brushes, W. Redder, 264

Brushing, &c., Machinery, C. Ritchie, 485

Brushes, J. Sheldon, 19

Buckets, Pump, F. Reddicliffe, HO

Buckle, Heyes and Bevan, 197

Buckles, T. Evans, 467

Buckles, &c., Covering, W. R. Lake, 485

Buffer, Railway, J. B. Handyside, 324

Buffer Stops, II. C. Henry, 60

Buffers, Railway, W. MacLellan, 60

Buffers and Springs, J. Mitchell, 431

Building, B. Nicholls, 388

Building Materials, Hoisting, W. Cook, 61

Buildings, Parr and Strong, 448

Burners, Lamp, M. A. Hamilton, 505

Burners, Gas, T. H. Williams, 347

Butter Basket, J. H. Colebrook, 505

Butter, Preserving, J. H. Johnson, 81

Buttons, C. M. Tait, 120

Buttons, &c., J. Young, 81

Buildings, Preserving, J. Cubitt, 448

Building, Parr and Strong, 367

Buildings, R. Porter, 526

Bungs for Casks, &c., L. A. Badin, 467

Cables, Telegraph, Jaloureau and Lardy,

Cables, Protecting, M. F. Maury, 97, 526

Cables, Submarine, T. Allan, 188

Cables, Telegraph, Examining, Gray and Gibson, 42

Cable Stoppers, A. Paul, 324

Cages, S ifety. 212

Cages, Mino. J. King, 411

Calculating Machine, C. E. Brooman. 46,

Camera Obscura, J. Petrzywalski, 60

Cans, Oil, J. and J. Hinks, 505 .

Candles, Meyer and Wainwright, jun., obi

Candles, J. C. Ralston, 19

Candles, J. L. Field, 367

Candles, J. K. Field, 61

Candle Machinery, J. Beatty, 542

Canisters, Henderson and Macintosh, 30u

Cans, Milk, L. N. de Gras, 324

Candles, Ornamenting, Field and Nation, 324

Candle Fixer, J. Soames, 324

Capsules, W. Betts, 162

Carbon, Bulphuret of, C. A. Hoyl, 81

Carburetters, N. F. Taylor, 367

Carburetters, F. Wilkins, 467

Carding Machinery, Bradbury and Bottom-ley, 120

Carding Machinery, J. J. and E. Harrison, 324

Carding Machinery, King, Lowden, and

Gartside, 287

Cards, W. R. Lake, 82

Carpet, Lining, W. R. Lake, 448

■ Carpets, W. Wood, 97

Carriage, C. H. Bright, 467

Carriages, J. Cockshoot, jun., 305

Carriages J. Offord, 19, 367

Carriages, H. Ritchie, 448

Carriages, J. G. Tongue, 241

Carriage Body, H. J. Cox, 81

Carriages, Hoods for, E. Shaw, 411

Carriages, Propelling, J. W. R. Hill, 467

Carriages, Railway, C. Reifert, 324

Carriages, Stop Cover for, 19

Cartridge, C. E. and J. Green, 347

Cartridges, G. Clark, 367

Cartridges, C. Duncombe, 431

Cartridges, W. R. Lake, 287, 467

Cartridges, E. Leahy, 97

Cartridges, G. B. Northcote, 137

Cartridges, T. W. Riddell Webster, 137

Cartridges and Fire-arms, A. J. Paterson, 188

Cartridges, Ball, G. W. Howard, 30o

Cartridge Cases, C. E. Brooman, 137

Cartridges, Closing, Dixon and Battery, 264

Cartridge Holder, W. R. Lake, 324

Cartridge Pouches, G. H. Daw, 162

Cartridges, Waterproofing, W. T. Eley, 241

Carving, &c., Machinery, A. M. Clark, 324

Cases, &c., Lining, J. H. Biton, 61

Cases, Metallic, Henderson and Macintosh, 97

Cases, Packing, G. Turner, 505

Casks, R. R. Gray. 526

Casks, Bunging, W. R. Lake, 388

Casks, Drawing off from, J. Fleming, 162

Casks, Cleaning, Oxley and Wilson, 411

Casks, Treating, J. D. Scally, 485

Cast Iron, Treating, E. T. Horsley, 162

Cast Steel, C. E. Brooman, 137

Castor, W. R. Lake. 467

Castor, Furniture, R. Fletcher, 367

Castors, J. G. Whiting, 60

Cattle Feeding, P. Love, 431

Chains, Watch, James and Hill, 367

Chaff-cutter, 19

Charcoal, &c., W. Harris, 82

Chair, Reid and Craigie, 137

Chandeliers, H. W. Sambridge, 431

Chairs, C. Tinet, 411

Chairs, Ward and Dressier, 60

Chairs, Operating, J. B. Morrison, 542

Chairs, &c., Widenham and Reynolds, 526

Charcoal, Revivifying Animal, J. Blair, 324

Chemical, Baggs and Braby, 137

Chemical, J. Anderson, 367

Chemical, J. Hargreaves, 162

Chemical, Clark and Esilman, 485

Chemical, C. Albisser, 526

Cheques, &c„ J. Jameson, 347

Chenille, P. R. Couchoud, 305

Chemical, W. Weldon, 324

Cheque Books, Fraser and Duncan, 448

Chimneys, W. Cooke, 367

Chimney Tops, J. Capper, 97

Chimney Tops, C. Hopgrefe, 188

Chlorine, I. Baggs, 467

Chocolate, C. Klug, 241

Chronometers, A. M. Clark, 526

Chronograph, A. A. Champion, 82

Churns, W. Liebermann, 411

Chucks, L. Sterne, 60

Cigar, Making, G. Cope, 305

Cigars, &c., M. Kammerstein, 264

Cisterns, Mackenzie and Robinson, 347

Clasp, A. Holloway, 138

Clothes Lines, A. Macfie, 138

Closet, Earth, A. F. Baird, 212

Closet, Water, J. C. Thomas, 82

Closets, Water, G. Batcheldor, 324

Clocks, &c., Striking Movement for, C. D.

Abel, 42

Clocks, Electric, H. A. Bonneville, 42

Clocks, Hydraulic, H. Airian, 485

Clocks, J. G. N. Alleyne, 81

I Cloth, Shrinking, Cressey and Webb, 188 Coal, Purifying, J. Hargreaves, 324 Coffee Injector, J. F. and F. Fenton, 162 Coffins, S. Coulson, 505 Coke, H> Aitken, 137

Collars, &c., Blakey and Fox, 542

Colour, Red, T. Luthringer, 212

Colour, Green, W. R. Lake, 287

Colour, Blue, W. 8. Dixon, 448

Composing, &c., Type, A. Mackie, 137

Compasses, Ships’, G. Franklin, 138

Compasses, Preventing Deviation of, F. A.

Paget, 305

Compasses, P. M. A. Laurent, 97

Combustion, Improving, T. Petitjean, 347

Combustion, Improving, C. D. Abel, 324 Combing Machinery, J. Smith, 324 Conductors, Lightning, T. W. Gray, 137

Condensers, E. A. Pontifex, 542

Condenser and Feed-water, J. Briere, 162

Concussion, Preventing, P. de Baray, 485

Conductors, Electric, M. Gray, 60

Conductors, Testing, F. H. Varley, 324

Cooking by Gas, H. J. Bale, 411

Cooking Apparatus, H. A. Bonneville, 324

Coprolites, Washing, Rawlings and Wilkerson, 188

Cops, J. Combe, 485

Copper, Refining, A. M. Clark, 485

Cord Box, F. G. Seymour, 188

Corkscrews, G. Twigg, 388

Corks, Cutting, J. W. Dudley, 212

Cornices, F. W. Waide, 431

Corset, G. T. Bousfield, 97

Corsets, G. Davies, 388

Corsets, R. Parry, 448

Corsets, L. M. Prewitt, 305

Corset, &c., J. and 8. A. and G. E. and F.

F, Reading, 388

Corsets, E. C. Vine, 448

Cotton, Cleaning, J. H. Johnson, 431

Cotton, Cleaning, E. Lord, 5051

Cotton Gins, W. McAndrew, 120

Cotton, Gun, E. C. Prentice, 467

Couplings, T. H. Tilley, 505

Couplings, W. R. Lake, 111

Couplings, W. Inglis, 467

Couplings, W. E. Gedge, 526

Couplings, J. Evans, 542

Couplings, IL F. Compton, 526

Coupling, Railway, W. Chippindale, 467

Cowls, Chimney, W. Blundell, 505

Cranes, A. Barry, 19

Crane, J. Meiklejohn, 347

Cranes, P. G. B., Westmacott, 13?

Cribbage Board, T. Barton, 505

Croquet Stands, J. Bolton, 82

Crossings, Railway, W. L. Wise, 97

Cruet Stands, &c., C. Toft, 19

Crushing Machinery, E. and F. Crook, 97

Cultivator, E. T. Hughes, 19

Cultivators, J. T. B. Porter, 526

Cultivators, T. Reid, 137

Cultivators, J. Philips Smith, 241

Cutters, Chaff, &c., W. R. Goulty, 264

Cutting Woody Substances, E. Courtin, 188 Cylinders, P., Leake and Beckett, 467 Cylinders, Air, L. R. Bodmer, 324

Davits, Ships’, M. Alox, 411

Decorative Material, J. Rust, 324

Dentistry, A. M. Clark, 367

Detergent Processes, J. G. Marshall, 241 Dies, W. Price, 60

Digging Machinery, O. C. Evans, 448

Distilling, &c., J. F. Brinjes, 467

Distilling Sea Water, A. Chaplin, 448

Doors, &c., Closing, J. Coppard, 60

Door, &c., Fastenings, R. A. Kennedy, 97

Doors and Frames, W. Geeves, 457

Doors, Carriage, A. McKenzie, 4S5

Doors and Windows, A. Verdare, 485

Door Handles, Fixing, A. Hodge, 81

Doubling, &c., Machinery, H. B. Barlow, 212

Drain Traps, G. W. Dinsdale, 138

Drawing, &c...Colouring, F. Piercy, 448

Dredging, R. H. Michell, 188

Dredger, H. A. Bonneville, 19

Drilling and Hoisting Machines, G. Allix, 60

Drilling, <fcc., Wood, F. Branscombe, 367

Drying Chambers, D. Barker, 526

Dust, Excluding, W. J. Creamer, 305

Dyeing, W. Schofield, 526

Dyeing, E. G. P. Thomas, 388

Dyeing, A. M. Clark, 388

Dyeing, J. Botterill, 467

Dyeing, T. L. Greenwood, 505

Dyeing Yarns, Hanson and Ellison, 505

Earthenware, J. R. Pratt, 526

Egg Boilers, I. Dimock, 367

Elastic, &c., Folding, E. T. Hughes, 526

Elastic Strap, C. D. Abel, 82

Electric Lights, F. H. Holmes, 162, 212 Embroidering, A. C. Henderson, 314 Engines, G. Bland, 19

Engines, W. C. Church, 82

Engines, J. Edge, 137

Engines, A. C. F. Franklin, 61

Engines, J. R. Swann, 120

Engines, E. Wood, 526

Engines, Holcroft and Dock, 162

Engines and Boilers, Brown and May, 542

Engines and Pumps, E. McClintoch, 60

Engine, Air, P. Shaw, 137

Engines, Air, A. C. Sterry, 542

Engines, Gas, W. E. Gedge, 485

Engine, Marine, J. M. Gray, 188

Engine, Motive Power, P. Shaw, 81

Engine, Rotary, E. Hubner, 305

Engine, Rotary, A. V. Newton, 505

Engines, Carding, Dobson and Slater, 162

Engines, Rotary, Hughes and Head, 60 Engines, Rotary, A. V. Newton, 485 Engines and Pumps, Rotary, E. W. Hughes, 485

Engines, Marine, W. Macnab, 505

Engines, Steam, Armstrong and Eccleston, 324

Engines, Steam, J. and B., and R. Wood, 347

Engines, Traction, E, T. Trenery, 485

Engraving, Machine, W. Snell, 305

Envelopes, Securing, W. Davis, 81

Envelopes, A. V. Newton, 485

Envelopes, O. E. Penny, 505

Envelopes, Wappenstein and I,aidlaw, 347

Envelopes, Griffin and Green, 347

Envelopes, Seal for, C. McDermott, 347

Excavating, W. P. Savage, 448

Excavating, J. B. Hulme, 411

Exploration, Submarine, A. M. Clark, 264

Excavating Machine, W. R. Lake, 542 Extracting Sulphur, A. McDougall, 212 Extracts, Vegetable, P. F. Lunde, 324 Extractor, Cartridge, R. Adams, 367 Evaporating, A. Swan, 212

Evaporating, W. Anderson, 505

Eyes, Protecting the, H. Adeane, 467

Fabric, Elastic, C. Paley, 542

Fabric, J. D. Brickies, DO

Fabric, Turner and Hemsley, 97

Fabric, M. Wright, 388

Fabrics, Cleland and Cunningham, 212

Fabrics, Gadd and Walker, 388

Fabrics, 1). Howard, 324

Fabrics, E. J. Hughes, 81

Fabrics, J. Owens, 485

Fabrics, Scott, jun., Nixon and Beaumont, 19

Fabrics, A. Stewart, 264

Fabrics, Thom and Maclure, 443

Fabrics, Ward and Travis, 505

Fabrics, Applying Metals to, C. E. Brooman, 81

Fabrics, Arranging, Wcsthoad and Smith, 467

Fabrics, Bleaching, &c., J. L. Smith, 188

Fabrics, Clipping, L. Hamel, 411

Fabrics, Clipping, W. Marshall, 467

Fabrics, Combination of Wood and, W. Bradford, 324

Fabrics, Covering Edges of, 212 •

Fabrics, Cutting, W. Cotton, 526

Fabrics, Drying, &c., T. Brigg, jun., 526

Fabrics, Drying and Finishing, G. Ker, 42 Fabrics, Elastic, C. H. Bedells, 467 Fabrics, Folding, J. Orr, 448

Fabrics, Looped, Foster and Bunney, 448

Fabrics, Ornamenting, C. E. Brooman, 212

Fabrics, Ornamenting, A. M. Clark, 505 Fabrics, Ornamenting, W. Clarke, 81 Fabrics, Ornamenting, &c., W. Muir, 287 Fabrics, Ornamenting, A. Parkes, 19

Fabrics, Printing, Andrew and Clarkson, 82

Fabrics, Printing, J. B. Meldrum, 347 Fabrics, Printing, W. Whitehead, 347 Fabrics, Stretching, Baker and Lindley, 324 Fabrics, Stitching, F. Jolly, 526 Fabrics, Treating, G. Martin, 367

Fabrics, Treating, B. Cooper, 448

Fabrics, Textile, A. Stewart, 81

Fabrics, Treating, Ward and Virgo, 448

Fabrics, Washing, IV. Brewster, 485

Fabrics, Waterproof, W. R. Lake, 467

Fan, L. Laine, 367

Fastening, Frankenburg and Phillips, 212

Fastening, J. Walker, 81

Fastenings, J. J. Blackham, 61

Fastenings, J. Rogers, 137

Fastenings, Railway, C. J. Appleby, 367

Fastener, Scarf, T. and < >. Vaughton, 505

Fasteners, Window, E. K. Dutton, 324 Fatty Matters, Expressing, J. Thom, 42 Fatty Matters, Treating, L. de la Peyrouse, 367

Feed 'Water, Davey and Davy, 241

Feed Water, A. Helwig, 388

Feed-water, J. H. Johnson, 321

Feed-water, C. Ritchie, 324

Feed-water, J. Varley, 241

Feed-water, Heating, J. D. Walker, 120

Feed-water Regulator, O. R. Chase, 60

Felting Machinery, W. Wilson, 188

Felts, J. Anderson, 411

Fermenting, T. Bromwick, 120

Ferry, Steam, E. H. C. Monckton, 19

Fibre, F. B. Houghton, 212

Fibre, Bleaching, W. W. Bardon, 431

Fibre, Cleaning, J. Greenhaugh, 81

Fibre, <tc., Cleaning, W. Rowan, 19

Fibre, Finishing, H. Hanson, 264

Fibre, Oiling, Crapley and Sunderland, 42

Fibre, Preparing, R. H. Barton, 42

Fibre, Preparing, Higgins and Whitworth


Fibre, Preparing, W. Hodgson, 61

Fibre, Treating, F. A. Calvert, 162

Fibre, Treating, N. J. 0. Stubber, 137

Fibre, Treating, W. Wood, 137

Fibres, Scouring, C. O. Heyl, 61

Fire-arms, J. R. Cooper, 324

Fire-arms, C. E. Brooman, 16^

Fire-arms, W. Tranter, 162 *

Fire-arms and Ordnance, Garre tv and Ho

croft, 411 „ ,

Fire-arms and Ordnance, H. G. P. Meade,

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, R. Adams, 467

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Barenns and Ladougne, 137

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Carter and Edwards, 324

Fire-arms, ■ Breech-loading, J. R. Cooper, 61, 347

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. Farrington, 61

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, M. F. Halliday, 212

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. Haschke, 388

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. Hohenbruck,


Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. and F. J.

Jones, 321

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. R. Lake, 411, 467

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Lang, 42

Fire arms, Breech-loading, W. J. Matthews, 324

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. McNaughton, 82

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Newark, 287

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. E. Newton, 82

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. E. Richter, 485

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, R. B. Roden, 137, 448

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. Schneider, 188

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, S. and R. and W. Trulock, 81

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, R. Warry, 542

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Wilson, 4H5 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Wormaid and

Dalton, 505

Fire Bars, Lewis and Others, 847

Fire Bars, J. Nelson, 97

Fire-escape, E. Beningfiold, 388

Fire-escape, W. Dixon, 324

Fire-escape, H. G. Dunn, 137

Fire escape, T. Quin, 60

Fire-escapes, G. Clarke, 212

Fire-escapes, Jones and Hedges, 324

Fire-escapes, C. Oates, 305

Fire-escapes, J. Scott, lo2

Fire-guards, H. Symons, 347

Fire-lighter, A. E. Herrimann, 97

Fire-lighters, Bayley and Campbell, 324, 467

Fire-lighters, R. G. Harcourt, 485

Fire-lighters, Hooker and Braby, 264

Fire-lighters, T. Stevenson, 305

Fire-lighters, J. Tern pieman, 4 £5

Fires, Fowler and Griffiths, 505

Fires, Extinguishing, J. Jones, 183

Fires, Lighting, Lowe and Smalley, 188

Fire-places, &c., T. Pridcaux, 212

Files, A. Chambers, 467

Filo Blanks, W. Gray. 431

File Machinery, J. Dodge, 431

Files, Scouring, C. O. Hcyl, 81

Filters, C. Kerby, 542

Filters, J. Rae, 305

Filtering Apparatus, W. E. Newton, 61

Finger Stall, P. and F. E. Roussel, 97

Flasks, Filling Gunpowder, G. Haycraft, 448

Flour, T. J. Baker, 188, 467

Flour and Bread, Palmer and Hird, 467

Flowers, Tinting, Artificial, A. M. Clark, 324

Fluids, Decanting, Needham and Kite, 505

Fluids, Transmitting, Bare and Thomson, 388

Flyers, R. C. Addy, 505

Flying Machine, T. Craddock, 305

Flying Machine, J. K. Smythies, 305

Flyer for Spinning, J. Haton, 60

Food, W. J. and A. Coleman, 505

Food, Article of, D. T. Lee, 347

Food, Preserving, E. H. C. Monckton, 19

Fountains, Portable, G. Angoll, 388

Food, Preserving, J. Dewar, 162

Frame, Bottle, A. G. Avenell, 448

Frames, Cap, J. Feather, 448

Frames, Drawing, H. Greenhalgh, 526

Frames, Knitting, H; M. Mellor, 431

Frames, Warping, <fcc., J. Conlong, 81

Fringes, J. Holliday, 305

Fuel, Artificial, W. H. Crispin, 467

Fuel, Artificial, A. F. Gaidan, 485

Fuel, Artificial, Hall and Parsons, 60

Fuel, Artificial, H. Fletcher, 60, 162

Fuel, Artificial, Rouset and Darlet, 212

Fuel, Artificial, H. Trotter, 367

Fuel, Compressed, H. R. Luckes, 347

Fuel, Economising, Ellison and Stirk, 448

Fuel Economiser, J. Perrin, 305

Fulling Machinery, E. Gessner, 411

Fulling Machinery, Ramsey and Others, 367

Furnace, Juckes*, A. and E. Wizzell, 287

Furnace, Smoko-Consuming, C. Sadler, 42

Furnaces, T. Bird, 367

Furnaces, J. Bolland, 162

Furnaces, Beardmore and Others, 347

Furnaces, C. E. Brooman, 467, 485

Furnaces, J. Donald, 367

Furnaces, J. Eichhorn, 324

Furnaces, H. Fisher, 324

Furnaces, J. Glover, 19

Furnaces, C. J. Higginbotham, 97, 505

Furnaces, Jones, Howson, and Gjers 212

Furnaces, J. Killett, 97

Furnaces, T. J. Leigh, 542

Furnaces, S. C. Lister, 324

Furnaces, J. Lockwood, 162

Furnaces, J. C. Major, 97

Furnaces, F. D. Mittall, 120

Furnaces, J. C. Pearce, 388

Furnaces, Pochin and Hunt, 367

Furnaces, C. W. Siemens, 287

Furnaces, W. H. Thorton, 60

Furnaces, E. and R. Thornton, 467

Furnaces, R. Wearo, 264

Furnaces, E. B. Wilson, 287, 467, 431

Furnaces, J. Whitham, 324

Furnaces, Blast, J. Heaton, 162

Furnaces, Blast, C. Holste, 347

Furnaces, Gas, R. Howson, 485

Furnaces for Hydrocarbons, S. E. Crow, 42 Furnaces, Feeding, R. Newton, 4b7

Furnaces, Smoko Consuming, IL I’. Furlong, 61

Funiuoes, Smoko Consuming, G. .Alston. 61

Furnaces, Smoko Consuming, W. llcll-houso, 60

Furnaces, Smokeless, Vicars and Smith, 82

Furniture, Ellis and Jacobson, 505

Furniture, J. Fitter, 5s6

Gaiter, J. Hale, 418

Games, it, Garnett. S42

Games, J. Taylor, 01

Gau, AltobUun and South, til

Gas, Buekley and Hook, 120

Gas, J. Crow, 61

Gus, G. Dichie, 60

Gas, H. T. Everitt. 213

Gas, Hodge aud Witty, 162

Gas, G. JteKeuzle, 42

Gas, G. Olney. 448

Gas, P. A. Hobart, 138

Gas and Air Engines, C. D. Abel, 188

Gas. nrgnnd Burners. E. I*. Gleeson, 61

Gas Curburottlug, Aitchison mid 324

Gas and Coko, J. Young, 431

Gas Cooking Apparatus. Hill aud Wilberforce. 19

Gm, Distributing. R, Watson, 347

Gaseliers, W. Potts, 388

Goa Engine, M. P. W. Boulton, 97

Gas, Ao . Lighting, J. J Hicks, 324

Gas Purifying, Somerville and Elsdou, 81

Gas Kegulator. J. Warburton, 19

Gus Regulators, W. C. Tburgar, 287

Gmt Residues, Treating, T. Bell, 305

Gates, W. Dorcey, 448

Gatos aud Fences, 19

Giba aud Lubricating, J. 0. Tonga*, 305

Glass, Moulding, Ac., Huo and Ruziere, 188

Gitas, Ornamenting, H. R. St. Martin, 418 |

Glass, Treating, G. Rees, 120

Glasses, Lamp, 8. E. T. Steano, 526

Glasses, Wine, J. M. Napier, 847

Globes, Glass, 8. Laudells, 467

Gloves, Ac.. Turner and Homsley, 212

Gloves, J. Wheeler, 467

Gold, Treating, F. B. Millor, 42

Governors, II. and D. Lavoy, 81

Governors, C. L. Hott, 467

Governors. W. E. Newton, 61

Governors, W. J. M. Rankine, 485

Governors and Valves, A JI. Clark, 431

Grain Cleaning, W. W. Gibson, 324

Grain Cleaning, N. Grew, 542

Grain Cleaning, A. Mather, 82

Grain Cleaning, R. Waygood, 324

Grain Crushing, W. B. Wilkinson, 317

Grain Drying, J. Hadley, 526

Grain, Ac.. Drying, J. L. Norton, 347

Grain Drying, Patman and Davey, 97

Grain Drying, J. 8. Williamson, 367

Grain Hulling, Bull and Richardson, 431

Grain Hulling, G. A. Buckholz, 324

Grain Hulling, W. R. Lake, 138

Grain Hulling, D. Sykes, 448

Grain Malting, Schofield and Dawson, 162

Grain Sorting, H. H. Murdoch, 162

Granite, Artificial, P. M. Parsons, 485

Grates, Fire, E. G. Robbins, 305

Grates. Ventilating, J. Douglas, 287

Greenhouses, Heating, J. Wavish, 204

Grinding Machinery, W. E. Gedge, 2s7

Grinding Machinery, J. H., Johnson, 526

Grindstones, F. and B. L. Ransome and

Bessemer, 467

Gun Barrels, F. Glisonti, 19

Gymnastics, W. Piaogley, 188

Hair, Artificial, II. Rushton, 61

Hammers, Forgo. W Horton, 102

Hammers, Ac., Steam, D. Davy, SI

Hammers, Steam, J. Fletcher, jun., 324

Handles, Bucket, J. H., Dean, 526

Handles, Cutlery, J. Drabble, 388

Hardening (Piaster, Ac., B. P. Frazoni, 120

Harness, A. Albright, 97

Harness, R. Ellis, 411

Harness, Padding, G. H. Pierce, 324

Harrows, W. Rmuell, 188

Hats, E. Heigh, 388

Hats, R. Husband, 485

Hats, H. Kilto,'g. 867

Hats. A. Martin. 287

Hats, IL Wallwork. 388

Hute, E. Ward, 388

Hat Blocking Machine. A. M. Clark, 367

Hate and Caps, E. T. Hughes, 431

Hats and Caps. H. and G. S. Hunter, 448

Hay Mitkors, W. Andrews. 97

Hay Makers, H. R. J. Denton, 61

Hunt, Applying Conceutnucd, J. Me Kecbhiu, 324

Heating, R. A. Wright, 388

Heating and Cooking, G. ’J’. Bousfleld, 137

Heating and Boiliug, H. G. Graham, 205

Heating and Evaporating, W. F. Bathe,347

Heating and Warming, 11. Crowe, 19

Healds, Ac., J. C., Ramsden, 97

Healds, Ac., D. Whittaker, 241

Healds for Looms, J. Gabbott, 81

Hearths, Smith’s, JI. H. Taylor, 81

Hoes, F. Adkins, 411

Hoeing, Ac., Machinery, C. E. Hall, 287

Hohlora for Maps, Ao., T. Turner, 847 Hollow-ware, Articles of. D. Jones. 60 Hooks, Fish, Fenton and Sandilauds, 505

Hooks, Fish, A. Morrall, 324

Hooks, Spring, T. Evans, 19

Hops, Essence of, T. A. Broitliauph. 188

Hops. Ac., Training, J. G. Tongue, 82

Horses, Clipping, W. Clark, 542

Horses, Ac., Roughing, W. French, 19

Hor-es, Shoeing, A. M. Clarke, 60

Hose, J. Quin, 162

Hides, Treating, H. A. Bonneville, 367

Hinge, Spring, W. R. Isrko. 505

Hurdles, J. Sainty, 241

Hydrocarbons, Burning, C. E. Brooman, 467

Hydrocarbons, Burning, G. aud E. Dorsett, and Blythe. 431

Hydrocarbons, Burning, J. G. Hope, 526

Hydrocarbons, Burning, W. Ixiwrie, 467

Hydrocarbons, Distilling, E. A. Rippin-gille, 137

Hydrocarbons, Treating, A. Aitchison, 411

Hydrocarbons, Treating. G. Pickin, 305

Hydrocarbons, Treating of, J. C. Sellars, 81

Hydrogen, U. E. Brooman, 305

Hydropults, R. W. Page, 543

Ico Machines, K. J. C. Welch, 305 Ice-making Apparatus, J. Whitford, 82 Illusions, S. B. Barczinski. 605

Indicators, J. A. and J. Hopkinson, 431

Indicator, Vehicle, W. Cook, 42

Indicator, Vehicle, T. Ollis, 387

Indicator, Vehicle, G. R. Solomon, 867

Indicator. Vehicle, W, Thomas, 241

India-rubber, Substitute for, W. R. Lake, 448 ’

Indm-rubber Thread, Cutting, M. Hamer,

Indigo, Extracting, W. E. Ged"o, 305 Ingots, Casting. J. Rireh.Ol Ingots, Casting, A. Wilson,137 Injector, J. Gresham, 642

Injector, A. Morton, l;0

Injector, A. V. Newton, 505

Inkstand, Giojola, Gniy, and Mar!lnoui.o.


Instrument. Catting, M. A. Hamilton. 526

Instrument, Mathematical. I. McKimm. • —

Instruments, Meteorological, W. F. Stanley,

| Instruments, Musical. R. W. Pearce, 485 Instruments, Musical, Smyth and Kirby.

Instruments, Optical, C. Sutton. 324

Instruments, Surgical, C. 8. Jeaffreson, 411 Insulators, G. Davies, 138 Insulators, Telegraphic, J. C. Fuller, 42 Iron, W. Baker, 347

■ Iron, E. II. BeutalUSOo

iron, Kilis and Greener, 133

Iron, J. Hargreaves, 431

Iron, J. H. Johnson, 505 Iron, W. E. Newton. 388 Iron, J. G. Willans, 347

I Iron, J. Wood, 138

Iron Hoop, W. Butter, 38$

Iron Plates, Protecting, J. McIntyre. 2S7 Iron, Preserving, II. A. Dufrene, 137 Iron, Titanic, W. R. !»awson, 312 iron, Titauiterous, Martin, Barrett, and

Webb. M3

Iron, Sulphate of, E. Mage, 485 Iron and Steel, C. D. Abo), IBS iron and Stool, W. B Adams, 212 Iron and Steel, J. Rawer, 324 Iron and Stool, 8. Dalton, 324 Iron and Steul, C. Gelstiiorp, 284 Iron and S'Ou), J. Gjers, 526 iron and Steel, J. Hargreaves, 120 ilroti and Steel, G. Hivaeltine, ’_64

Iron and Sloe', J. Onions, 42 Iron and Steel, J. Player, !SS In>n a d Steel, W. II. Riebar>l«on, 81, 485 Iron, Sheet, R. H. Taunton, 867

Jacquard Harness, J. and J. Anderton, 81 Jewellery, Lowe and Taylor, 305 Joints, Metal, W. Newsome, 211 ' Ju|k>u. C. E Broomau, 81

Jute, Treating, J. Burd, 324 Jute, Treating, A. M. Foil, 81

Kaleidoscope. J. Huggins, 314 Koya, R. Morson, 485' Kims, H. Adcock. 448 Kitchen Ranges. J. Badger, 212 Kitchen Rangos, M. Joues, 102 Kneading Machines, G. Kent, 485 Kudo Cleaner, Barrett and Leggott, 19 Kinto Cleaners. G. Weedon. 97 Knives and Porks, W. J. Miller, 183 Knives, Sharpening, R. Canham, 367 Knives, Sharpening, W. Mitchell, 367 Knitting Frames, H. M. Mellor, 212 Knitting Machinery, W. and W. Campion, 467

Knitting Machinery, Collier, Howarth, and Cryer, 19

Knitting Machinery, E. T. Hughes, 505

Labelling, Swenson and Heilman. 212 Labels, Printing, Ac., I. Hewitt, 467 Laboratory, Photographic, W. E. Gedge, 367

Lace, C. E. Brooman, 44S

Lace, Brailsford and Gadsby, 317

Lice, Baker and Lindley, 526

Lace. Cuts and Brooksbauk, 44S

Loco, F. R. Ensor. 526

Levee, Redgato and Marriott, 38S Lace, Turney and Ackroyd. 212 Laces, Eye for, G. Davies, 97 Ladders, G. Smith, 3S3 Lamp, H. Greene, 505 Lamp, F. Loonardt, 82 Lamp, J. B. A. Menage, 162 L imps, All maun and Gisborne, 505 La<:q>s, J. Angus, 162 lumps, J. B. Brown, 383 Livuqis, C. Butler, 485 Lamps, L. C. F. Ulorc, 61 Lamps, 8. A. Kirby, 467 Lamps, E. Lever, 367 Lamps, C. Petit, 81

Lamps, E, Ravanscroft, 138

Lamps, G. H. J. Simmons, 324

Lamps, E. Thorold, 505

Lamps, F. B, Vallance, 97

Lami«, A, W. Williamson, 212

Lampe, T. Wood. 485

Lamps, Gas, Ingram and Kemp, 4G7 Lumps, &c., Gas, L. Lcnziburg, 3o7 Lamps, Gas, M. Rollasou, 467 Lamps, Miners’, C. C. Dubralle, 162 Lamps, Safety, Buxtou aud Gardam, 467 Lamps, Safety, F. Foster, 542 Lamps, Safety, II. Gardner, 324 Lam[«, Safety, T. S. Horn, 526

Lamps, Safety, Lowther anil Bennett, 4S5 Lamps, Safety, D. P. Morison, 97 Lamps, &c., Norton and Hawkslcy, 241 Lead, Ke lining, Wassoruiaun aud Herbst, 3v5

Load, White, A. M. Clark, 43

Leather, J. H. Brown, 367

Leather, F. J. Bugg. 411

Leather, A. M. Clark, 324

Leather, Loachman and Holroyd, 542 Leather, Joining, W. Dickinson, 44S Lug, Artificial, A. H. Brandon, 411 Letter Boxes, W. Dennis, 137 laitters. Stamping. F. Wirth, 1SS Uvol, W. E. Gedgo, 82 I. vol. W. R. Lake, 448 Life Buoys, J. 8. Hood, 97

( Lifeboats, A. M. Clarke, 97

Life Preserver, J. Goucher, 347

Lift. J. Kidd, 448

Ufts, Ac., J. Edwards, 42

Litts, J. H. Johnson, 188

Links, E. Newby, 219

Lighthouses, D. M. Henderson, 97 Lights. Cigar, R. M. Lctchford, 538 Lights. Cigar. II. J. Sinilick, 367 Lighting aud Heating, E. T. Hughes, M2 Lighting and Heating, B. F. Stevens, 162 Limbs, Artificial, J. Browu. 19

Liquids, Facilitating Flow of, R. H. Iten-tliutn, 526

Liquids, Filling and Drawing off, J. Me Kibbiu, 81

Liquids. Raising, A. M. Clark, 19

Liquids. Ac., Separating. W. Orr, 42 Liquor Frames. C. Tolt, 81

Liquors, Malt, Revivifying. F. Crompton, 43

Locks, Hall and Whittingham, 467

Locks, Ac., T. Jones, 138

Locomotives, J. Clark, 367 Locomotives. R. F. Fairlic, 485 Lmnotives, W. Kendall. 448 lx>oni, C. Honegger, 387 Loom Pickers, R. Edmondson, 188 Looms, Ackroyd and Hodgson, 448 Looms, J. E. H., Andrew. 367 I-ooms, E. B., Bigelow. 97, 264 Looms, T. Blackburn, 467

Looms, Briggs, jun., and Gates, 467

Looms, W. Bullough, 61

Looms, R. Carter, 448

Looms, Crightou, Donbavand and Crigliton, 19

Looms, D. and J. Colhngo. 97

Looms, J. Crossley. 485

Idioms, Foam Icy and Smith. 16-

Looms, Frew and Spiers. 367 Looms, Gaddand Moore, 162 Looms, C. J. Galloway, 867

Looms, J. J. and K Harrison, 120

L oms.T. W. Holliwcll, 324

G. Hodgson, 188

Looms. W. R. Lake. P.O

Looms. Li later aud Storey. 324

1-oom*. Lowden an 1 Stephenson, 6)

Looms, J. Marsden. 305

Looms, Power. M. B. Nairn, 411

Looms, Pearson and Sourr, 467

Ixx>m«, S»gir and Richmond, 264, 367, 281

Loo'i-s, Smalley, Croasdale, and Leaver 287

Looms, D. Welsh. 137

Looms, Wilson and Cowburn, 261

Looms. Wright and Nairn, 448

Lubricator, J. de la C. Des Rosoaux, 19

Lubricator, S. Synes, 241

Lubricating, Hodgson and Others, 324

Lubricating Compound, A. E. Herrmann, 82

Lubricators, H. A. Bonneville, 467

Lubricators. A. Schwarts, 81

Lotion, A. Ticozai, 3s8

Madder, Treating, E. Loitenberger, 388

Mallets, Croquet, J. Aaser, 431

Manure, G. Pitt, 485

M mure, A. Watt, 162

Manure, J. T. Way, 212

Manure, F. Gerharts, 431

Marking Material, W. E. Wiley, 448

Mata. &c., Cooke and Francis, 448

Mats, Imiia-rubbcr, G. P. Dodge, 367

M itches. B. and A. B. Blackburn, 324 Matches, It. M. Letclif >rd, 448

Mattress, Spring, Baines and Sibillat, 367

MnttrcMes, N. Birkenrutb, 485

Mattrosws, J. Clapier, 448

Mattresses, Reid and Craigie, 383

Mittresscs, I). Gardner, 347

Mtttresses, J. Hangnail, 28$

Mattresses, Spring. E. T. Archer, 805

Meal, Preserving, W Mort, 536

Medicines, Dispensing, E. A. Kirby, 188 Medical, b. Cassan, 3o5

Metals, Bending, T. Berney, 467

Metals, Ac., Casting, J. Rives, 411

Metals, Coating, &c., IL Alexander, 18$

Metals. Coating, C. do Lavenant, 505

Metals, Coating, W. E. Newton, 448

Metals, Coating, J. P. Smith, 505

Meters, Fluid, W. W. Pocock, *64

Metals, Giaziug, E. T. and C. Horsley, 347

Metals, Rolling, W. Brown, 305

Metals, Rolling, Ac., J. H. Jotves-m, 42

Metals, R iling, T. J. Leonard, 467

Metals. Rolling, W. Moliueaux, 347

Meta s, Shaping, Birmingham aud Thompson, 120

Metals, Treating, H. F. Gardner, 505

Meter, Gas and Water, W. E. Newton, 137 Motels, Water, Clayton aud liarbeck, 3.4 Meters, Water, 31. H. and L. H. Larmuth, 526

Mill, Rice, J. C. Wilson. 383

Mills, T. Kitchen, 431

JIdlstoties, IL Smith, jun., 388

Mincing Machine, J. H. Johnson, 97

Mine Apparatus, Safety, E. Ormerod, 212

Minerals, Sc|>aratiug, I. Swindells, 485 Mining Machinery, W. F. Cooke, 485 Mining Machinery, F. B. Deering, 321 Mining Machinery, J. Elliott, 287 Mining ilachmcry, J. G. Jones, 42 Mining Machinery, J. A. McKean, 347

Mining Machinery, J. Sturgeon, bl, 448

Motions, Crank, W. E. Newton, 264

Motive Power, A. Barclay, 505

Motive Power, Bolton aud others, 505

Motive Power, J. Brooks, 448

Motive Power, C. Brown, 81

Motive Power, A. M. Clark, 411, 44S

Motive Power, Caird and Robertson, 448

Motive Power, J. and V. de Coientine, 60 Motive Power, Greau and Freeman, 505 Motive Power, J. Hargreaves, 19 Motive Power, J. E. F. Ludeke, 18S Motive Power, W. J. Murphy, 347 Motive Power, W. E. Newton, 305 Motive Power, N. Seward, 324

Motive Power, W. Starkey, 526

Moulds, Benson aud Barker, 162

Moulds, A. M. Clark, 212

Moulds, IL McClure, 526

Moul linr, Ac., J. Macintosh, 19

Moulding, J. Smith, 367

Mowing Machine, Lawn, Shanks and Cargill. 212

Mowing Machines, J. Shanks, 82

Muffs, Vogl and Van Dyk,4ll

Mules, Dobson and Ha.dwell, 367

Musical instruments, Stnnged, 11. A. Bonneville, 188

Mustard, E. Guenin, 19

Nails, R., Heathfield, 188

Nail .Machinery. K. Heatbficld, 485

Nail Machinery, J. and J. A. Huggctt, 367 Nails, Ac™ G- Mellor, 367 Nails, F. Parkes, 367

Needle Cases, A. Avery, 82

Needle Cases, A. James, 162

Needle Casos, Ac , R. Newhall,162

Needles, Threading. H. A. Bonneville,411 Needles, Machine, G. Townsend, 367 Nets, J. H. Johnson, 137

Nippers, A. M. Clarke,.60

Numbers, Printing Consecutive, J. Fraser, 16*

Nut.«, Securing, R. Bodmer, 60

Nuts, Securing, J. Haddocks, 431

Oils, J. G. Tongue, 324

Oil, Essential, F. W. Dolman, 60

Oils, Extracting, J. Fawcett. 212

Oils, Ac., Extracting. F. L. do Gerreth, 505 Oils, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 97 Oils. 1 mating, G. K. Marcbisio, 324 Omnibuses. W. Thompson. 467 ordnance, H. Bessemer, 212 Ordnance, E. Farrington, 526 Ordnance. R, A. E. Scott, 485

Ordnance, Breech-loading, a. JI Clark, $1 Ordnance, Ac., Breech-loading, J. Human, 61

Ordnance and Fire-arms, F. R. Aikman, $1 Ordnance, Leasing, W. IL Lake, 388 Ordnance aud Projectiles, G. Clark, 42 Ores, Grinding, T. Borlase, 162 Organs, J. Verreyt, 305

Ornamenting. E. Tomlinson, 367 Ornaments, H. Hughes, 411

Oscillations, Multiplying, W. R. and C. I.

Waddoll, 60

Ovens, 8. Dreyfous, 324

Ovens, &c.. W. Spence, 367

Ovens, Hot Air, H. Veilion, 61

Packing, W. II. Lake, 505

Packing, Lubricating, T. Silver, 367 Packing, Metallic, M. 8. Ashton, 287 Paints Grinding. J. and R. D. Paulin, 264 Paint, Zinc, J. Webster, 61 Paper, J. H. Brown, 324

Paper, G. W. Hayes, 120

Paper, J. Hudson, jun., 505

Paper, J. Jameson, 411

Pa|»cr. W. E. Newton, 42

Paper Cutting, J. R- Burn, 81

Paper, Ac., Cutting, R. C. Roas. 411

Paper, Feeding. T. J. Mayall, 542

Paper Fastener, C. McDermott, 212 Paper, Filtering, R. Robinson, 467

Paper-hangings, Ornamenting. W. Balky, 485

Paper Machinery. C. Tessier, 324

Paper, Preparing. T. Neleoo, Uti

Paper Pulp. Ac.. M Henry, 212

Paper, Styptic. O. Gabillo >, 97

Paper, a aterproof, J. Thorpe, 513

Paper, Waterproof Whittaker and Rourke, 188

Parcels, Fastening, W. F.. Newton. 3It Paraffin, Purifying, J. Fotdred, 3*7 Parasols, H. Ellis, 467

Pasty Matters, Preserving, H. A. Bonne-▼Ule. 4®5

Pavement, B- F. Stevens, 324 Paring, G. F. Redfern. 485 Peas, t reating, A. Seville. 137 Penholders, E. Mounter, 213 Permanent Way, Eckersley and Martin, 543

Peat, Treating, F. L. H. Dancbell, 183

Pous, It. W. Barnes, 42

Pens, J. Rives, 347

Pcrambula’ors. Hoods for. A. Leveson, 218 Perfumes, Disusing, W. Aubert, 'iA Permanent Way, T. Clark. 467 Permanent Way, Acn J. Hunter, 431 Permanent Way. J. B. Msnnlx. 137 Permanent Way, W. E. Newton, 97 Permanent Way, McFarlane and Barker. 505

Permanent Way, T. Wrigley, 467

PeUicoat, A. A ungot, 20

Petticoat, It. ILUJault, 347

Prosphoras, C. D. Abel, 264

Photographic Apparatus, C. Silvy, 162 Piano, &C-, J. E. Csalcx. 485 Pianofortes, A. M. Clark, 4'57 Piauo'ortcs. J. Gilmour, 443 Pianofortes, T. Jackson. 212 Pianofortes, M. J. Matthews, 411 Pictures. Ac,, Frames for M. Lyons, 97 PUI Machines, T. Buahby, 212

Pipes, Casting. AntiU and Others, 34"

Pipes, Laying Down, 61

Pipes, Joining, N. Thompson, 19

Pi|>es, Joining. C.T. Monlau. 137, Mouthpieces for, W. Thompson, 81 Pipes, Smoking. R. P. Faucheux, 3o7 Pipe*, Smoking. G. W. MacGeorge, 317 Pipe, Tobacco, L. B Bertram, 485 Pipes, Tobacco, J. W., Halfpenny, 347 Pipes, Tobacco, C. Ritchie. 4-48

Planing Machines, Wood, A. 11. Brandon, 97

Plates, Armour, E. Sacre. 467

Plate*, Armour, F. M. Smith, 448

Plates, Compound Metallic, J. Hurnby, 485

Plate, Fish. J. Dickeu, 305

Plates, Holding, T. Brown. CT

Plates, Number and Name, Drury and Westrupp, 97

Plating, Armour, G. J Gunther, 448

Plough, M. Puddefoot, 102

Ploughs, W. 11. A., Bo*hay, 431

Ploughs, W. E. Newton, 137

Ploughs, T- Pier.e, 137

Polishing Marble. A. M. Clark, 375

Points and Signals, Railway, T. F. Caahin, 4«7

Points and Signals, Railway, F. Brady, 82 Pointsand Signals. J. F Cashin, 19 Points and Signals. J. Edwards, 188 Points and Signals, J. S.ixby, 120, 112 Points and Switches. W. Smith, 367 Pontoons, G. F. Parrott. 4t»7

Poets, Lamp. Brotherton and Maldron, 388 Poots. Telegraph, J. Oppenheimer, 485 Posts, Telegraph, 8. SliaAck, 520 Potatoes, Digging, W. M. Onuston, 347 Potatoes, Preserving, J. Dewar, 3o7 Pots, Tea, Ac., E. T. Hughes, 5:6 Poucher, Tobacco, it. P. Fancheux, 505 Pouches, Tobicco, xc., E. Townsboud, 505 Powder, Washing, H. A, Bonneville. 42 Power, Motive, Grylls, Naville, Brooks, and Holt, 00

Power, Motive, F. W. Waldo, 60

Power, Obtaining, V. V. do Cressalcs, 431 Power, Transmitting, W. Boulton, 505 Power, Transmitting, J. E. Whitlug, 01 Power, Utilising, C. D Abel. 42 Preparing Sixe, T. Tunstill, 212 Preserving Substances, W. IL Lake, 431 Presses, A. M. Clarke, 81 Presses, F. J. Cleaver, 287

Presses, Watts and Fleetwood, 264

Presses, H. Woods, 305

Presses. Baling, J. Whittome, 321

Presses, Coining, J. M. Napier, 247

Presses, Hydraulic, W. C. Houghton, 526 Presses, Printing, A. M. Clark, 1'20 Presses, Printing, W. R. laike, 188 Pressure, Ac.. Gauge, A. Biidciiberg, 168 Preventing Railway Accidents, C. F. Whitworth, 120

Printing, J. McAdams. 120

Printing, C. Holliday, 212

Printing, Fraser and Duncan, 526

Pnutiug, H. von S. Sakuuluuakio. 137

Fruiting, A. J. and W. B. and 8. H Water-

I low, 431

Printing Apparatus, F. T. M. A. Guyon. 367

Printing Machinery, W. R. Lake, 467 Printing Machinery, J. M. Napier, 485 Printing Machinery. A. Paton, 120 Printing Machinery, D. Payne, 324 Printing, Preparing Canvas for, J. M.

Bacre, 137

Projectiles, A. M. Clarke, 162

Projectiles, Bayley and Campbell, 317 Projectiles, J. H. Johnson, 8s8 Projectiles and Cartridges. J. W. Cochran, 60

Projectiles below Water, Discharging, R. Watkins, 411

Propeller, 1. Dixon, 3.’4

Propellers, J. J- Bright, 212

Propellers, Screw, J. A. A. Elnix, 387

Propellers, Screw, C. and J. Jobson, 448 Propelling, IL A. Bonneville. 485 Propelling, R. B. Boy man, 104 Propelling, J. A. Blown, 264 Propelling, J. Elder, 361 Propelling, A. F. Hobhouse. 338 Propelling, W. W. Hughes. 102 Propelling Carriages, C. Burn, 324 Pro, oiling Ships, Ac , P. Crauae, 347 Propelling and Steering. C. Mayo. 162 Propelling and Steering. A. V. Newton, 82 Propelling. Ac , Trains, W. Muir. 287 PuadJiug Furoates, J. Morgan. »2 Pulp, Paper, A. V. Newton. 505 Pulleys, F. U. N. Perrett, 97

Pulverising Machinery. C, D. Abel. 411 Pump, Lc-vchman and Holroyd, 212 Pump, L. Williams, 367 Pump, P. Lyaroubiue, 81 Pumps, R. Clegg, 448 Pumpo, Wilson and Hall, CT Pumps, 8. Holman, 60 Pumps. F. Holmes, 97 PumjM, W. Payne, 467

Pumps, Payne and Fraser, 448

Pumpo. L. A. Weinman. 435

Pumps, G. Wilkinson, 324

Pumiw, Rotary. A. L. Bricknoil. 19 Pumps. Rotary. IL Forboa. 321 Pumps, Stcaiu. A. M. Clark, 241 Pumping, Ac., Marehall and Stewart, 162 Punching. Ac,, Dowieand McIntyre, 19 Furaos, F. Weintxaud, 3V5

Rjiib. M. A. Hamilton.

RjM!a» Jamas and Jomm,

Kails. Pillar*. **., J. Tuhlmbam. <3 JUHa. UUlUiDf. Draon and Gt be is. 3*7 Railways, W. K Nsw’on. *g lu/l,r’2LG‘7‘i.'r- w"“u»*. ziff* (tModbraud. 237

ipvlwaj. aod Carriage. W. R L*ke. 411 Railways, Pntumallc, F Haillvr. 431 lUUUii Apporalua. Ac.. BeaMU and Spink

Raising and Lowering M Henry. g; Raising *aUr. J. Brunton. 3 4 lUkm, Ac., IRrac. J. U St ma. 347 Itekea, Horae, Sima and Prwst. 97 R«kes. Horae. J Wihletapln, 347 Kan got, Ritchea. F brvan, ins Rasping Machine*. M Frvw, 1X4 Raping Machine*. >1 Stewart, XlJ Mmplng and Mooing M« biue.y. A. C.

Hau. ci, 211

IteaiHug and Mowing Machluory. 1’rown and UUU. 1X7

Bawittg and Mowing Machinery, C. R. Hall. 437

Raping and Mowing Machinery, R. Hollaed l*j *

Rm|4o« «nd Mowing MwhUwy. II. uru.’.T and Phillipa, 5<2 *

Ilmpiurf mH Mowing, B n^,1 and Bouaflsid, 321

and Mowing Uael.inwjr, I’Wgr ii ami Mainwaring. 448

Raping and Mowing Machine*. L. B. Ehiot. fil

Reciprocating Mot Im i, A. M. Clark 1ST Refining. C. D Alwl. 307 Refrigerating. A. M. Clark. 42,213 Rairigarating. G. Sevoru 97 Refrigerating. J. Schwatte. 411 Refrigerator. R. Reece. 6o Reinerratora. C. Askew. 43 Refrigerator*. J. Oxley. 3<7 Refrigerator*, btirk and Bycn.ft, 97 Register. Ticket, BoUimm. jun.. and Be Bro 4*5

Register, Voting. G. Farrar. 407 Regulator. t oed. Buckingham and Bluckry

Regulator*. Gsa. K Price, 530 Regulator*. Gaa, E Smith, 137 Retort a. J. Put ch er. 42 Itctort*, Ac., Umpiring. G. SitniMOn. 00 Revolver*. Breech dnading, J. A'lama. 411 Ribbon*. E. G. IVolffgaug, 30* Rock Borer*. F. B. IkBring, 10 Rock Borer*. Love, and Other*. gsg Hock Borer* W K Newton. 97 Roller*. Blind. L.SUcktnsu 431 Roller*, E aaVc. Smith and Bcbufigld. 1ST Ro l«r, Map P. Porter, J67 Roller*. Feeding Metal. E. Nadra, 4*7 Roller*, Printing, Andrew an i WblUaker w

Rollers, Bpinning. F. I). Frost. 42, 411 Roller*. Uaahiug Printing, T. Muir, 347 Rooflog. W. Lo Due, -05 Roots, bitnpaou and Howitt. 117 Root Digger. A. Jack. 135 Roots, Digging. J. Hanaoa, VR7 Ropes, Winding. J. G. Jouca, 367 Rotary Heel. J. Cromer. ±64 Rotary Engines ami l^urnjw. W. Archer. El Rotary Motion, Conveying, K J Win-alow, 97

Rotary Pump*. R. Bewley, jun., C2 Rudder. P. H. Mctbam, ISO Rudder*. J. ModbuisL 344 Rules, Bradburn and Mandi, 3*7 Ruling Machinery, Ampblet and Fctiby,

Ruling Machinery, Salmon and Hick. 32 Ruler*. J. T. Tongue. 97 Rudder*, W. E. Newton, 257

Saddles. Pick, H. A. Txt: son 411

.Saddle*. D. H MeM.iho«i, 42 Safes, E A. Cowiar, 212 Safety Lamp. 8. H .gga jun., 102 Safes, D. R. Rat cl Iff, Sails, Reefing, J. W. Wobb, •;»*! Sail*. Rocfltig and Furling, II. 1 uLr, ’.7 Sail*. Reefing and Furhug, 1 . Iluvk. 11 Salt, J. Davies. 347

>alta, Epeotn. A. Ziegelo, 347

Saw*, W. R. Ixikc, 42 Saw*. W. F». Newton, 347 Sawe, J. Russell. 151 Saw*, Circular. A. If. Brandon. 97 Saw Frames, Rnblnsnri and Smith, 1ST Scarf*, a-c., b. Jay, 3U Scarf*. Ac., 8. 8. Maurice. 435 Scarfs, Ac . J Pick, 52 Screws, W. Potts, 431 Screw*. Wood, J. H Johnson. 42 Screws and Nut*. C. D. Abel. 4’11 Sealing Ixittcr*. Ac.. M. Cnhon, 212 Seat, Child's. A. L. Ranter, tu Scaword. Treating, E. Konsladt. 264 Soods, Drwing. U. Bun ell, -M Seo>la. <'leaning. Rose and Gibson, 514 Seed, Treating Cotton, Rose and Gil aoi, m

Sewage, H. A. Bonneville, 1ST Sowage. Deodonsiug. J. Hat«nehr, 411 Sewage, Distributing, B Latham, 411 Sewage, Treating. Ikkorand Woodioffc. 411 Sewage. Treating. C. btagg, 254 Sewage, Treating, F. Tolhausen. 411 Sewage, Treating, t<. Wear*. 431 Sowing Machinery, A. M Clark, Sowing Machinery, J . MoffTtenti. 4■■ • Sewing Machinery, WUUa, Kiee, and Max

field, 19

Sewing Machine, M ttenHiolao”, 341 Sewing Machine*, if. B. Harlow. 411 Sewing Machines, T. Blotchor. 3-4 Sewing Machines. Bradbury and Chadwick f 347

Sowing Machines, A. M. Clark, CO Sewing Machines. K. Cornely. 1M Sewing Machine*. T. Cook. eu3 Sewing Machines, W. J. Cunningham, 505 Sewing Machine*. Fletcher and Carr, 42 Sowing Macliltio*, J. GuUnann, 307 Sowing Machines, A. C. Henderson, 50? Sowing Machine*, E. T. Hughes, 19 Sewing Machine*, A. V. Newton. 443 Sewing Machines, M. Samuelson. 411 sowing Machines. T. Webb, 431 Sowing Machines, W. H inter. 443 Shmlo-, Lamp, J Scott. 448 Separating Matter*. E. I>e 1 tenbergcr. 333 Sheep Wash, R (itrd*nod, 311 Shatt* and Drums. J Poole, 103 Ship*, Cleaning. C- P. Jones, 507 Ships. Costing. IL B<niU», 102 Ship*. Coating. T. 1 hack hural, 3W Ship*, Fouhug. Preventing. G A. ! - kc, 81

Ship*. Sheathing. W. D*y bh»pa and Vessels. A M. Clark, 305 bhi|» and V**»cl», T |W. Lawson. 241 Shi|>e and Vessel*. G. and < Mathis*. 33T bin|w and Vcatols. T. E. SytuomXs. 4<>7 bboe*. Horae,C. D. Abel. 42 Shoes, Horae, G. Philcox. Ml Shoe*. Horae, W. Palmer. 5‘JO Shoe*, Horae. P. and A. Walker. <tl Shutter. Revolving, J. Welton, 33 Shuttle, W. H. leaker. 411 Shuttle*. R. Bagul*y. 448 Shuttle*, Engllab and Uanndoo, b'X

Preventing Sea, EL A. Bordin, 448 Shuttles, J. Haddock, 431 Shuttles, English and Farndon, 485 bilter. Cinder, J. A. Smyth, 347 SianX' ^•’Machinery, J. Aleiklejohn, 42 Signals, W. Easterbrook, 137 Signal Lights, R. Capper, 61

& Dli.,lirak*’ M- A-p- Mannons, 388 b gn.tls, Railway. J. G. Rowe, 61 b’giin ling Golomb and Bolton, .367 Signal ing Johnson, Shinn, and Ragg, 82 Signal ing, A. Al. and Al. A. Wier, 264 Signalling, Martin and Varley, 188 Signal i ng, Railway, Wilkin and Clark, 411 SignalLng at Sea, T. AL Almond, 137 Signa ling at Sei, H. S. Cowan, 526 Silk, Substitute for Oil, J, Jeyes, 305 Skins, Cleaning, E. Downer, 467 Skms, &c., Preserving, A. M. Fell, 81 Slans, Removing Hair from, H. Cridland,

£kil!s’ Treating, J. H. Johnson, 505 Skirts, Ladies’, H. A. Lyman, 81 Slates, Cutting, W. E. Gedge, 188 o,.',,Yafves’ Clayton and Shuttleworth, 82 Sh-.e Va.ves, Davenport and Kitson, 88 Slide Valves, T. Sault, 241

Silvers, W. and J. and j. Busfield, 485 Smoke, Condensing, J. Al. Hocking, 162 “haw,46O7SUUlillg’ Bar,lslc^ aud S’a^-Smoke, Consuming, J. Barker, 388 bmoke, Consuming, Dean and Turton, 388 omoke, Consuming, G. D. Hughes, 505 rC°nsumiug Apparatus, J. Staincaffe, 50a

Smoko Consuming Apparatus, J. B. E G Perrin, 97

Smoke, Consuming, g. L. Lister, 123 boap, P. Dumont, 347

Soap, Cutting, E. Whele, 81 Soda and Potash, J. Townsend 505 Soda Water, W. E. Newton, 82 ' Soda Water Machinery, W. Burchell, 505 Sowing Machinery, J. Griffiths, 305 Sowing Machinery, G. W. B. Edwards, 448 Spades, &c„ F. and G. Parkes, 212

Spanners, T., and J. and J., jun., Palmer, Spanners, T. Wilson, 60

Spindles, &c., Working, A. de Gruet 97 Spinning, Eice and Williams 120 ’

Spinning, J. and T. Elce, jun ’ 162 Spinning, I). E. Blacke, 388 ’ Spinning, 15 Butterworth, 411 Spinning, H. Hebbden, 467 Spinning, Lees and Rhodes, 212 Spinning, Hetherington and Pitfleld. 97 Spinning, Priestly and Bower, 526 Spinning aud Doubling, Dobson and Cocker,

Spinning, J. Speight, 388

S»inn,',"g S’acl?iPery> Cray and Sinclair, 388 Spunnng Machinery, Holmes and Others, A *

Spinning Machinery, J. H. Johnson, 431 Spinning Machinery, W. and S. Smith, 367 8[ inning Machinery, T. Whitehead, 431 &gr m T’ Haworth and Hainer, 162 bponge, C. McDermott, 347

Spoons and Forks, T. Bennett 448 Spring Boxes, J. Walker 97 Springs, Cap for, W. R. Lake, 44S Springs, Door, W. H. Cooke, 542 Sprinkler. IC. T. Hughes, 526 Springs, Pneumatic, J. Piddington, 367 Stages, Landing*, E. Leigh, 60 Staircases, C. 11. Collette, 388

Stamping Alachine, Turller and Dumiott 19 Stumps, Obliterating, W. Warren, 467 Stamps, &c., Postage, A. AL Clark 448 Stands, Cask, F. W. Russell, 485 ’ Stands, Cask, J. Turnock, 305 Stays, &c., R. Joseph, 212

Steam Engines, H. Ruddich, 82 Steei”H Y61?1"?? H- A- Boiinevillo, 411 steel, Ji. K. York, 60

Steel, Cast, E. P. Alexander, 367 Steel and Iron, J. Hargreaves, 97 Steel Utilising Bessemer Scrap, A T Becks, 367 1 ’ x ’

Steering, W. E. Newton, 287 Steering, &c., Alibon and Wilson 287 Steering Apparatus, W. R. Lake,485 Step Carriage, T. Kendrick, 347 Stills, I. W. Perkins, 60

Stone Cutting, A. V. Newton, 324

Stone Breaker, T. Archer, jun 97

"I? 5Ia,ch5nol-y. C- Coates, 526 btove, 1. H. Saunders, 97

Stoves, Hot-blast, 1-1. Chamberlain, 162 Stoves, Canham and Thomson, 388 Streets, Cleanin ?, W. Berry, 264 Streets, Cleaning, J. F. Clarke Streets, Cleaning, J. Crane, 3 '4 Streets, Cleaning, W. Sim. 505 S rents, Cleaning, W. Warren, 388

XpeiS‘iUg’ IL °’ W- and E- p-Studs and Buttons, J. H. Wvatt 138 Subaqueous Works, Burk and Burleigh 97 Sugar, Allibou and Manbre 3 ,7 S ’ 7 Sugar, W. E. De Bourran, 448 Sugar, Cutting, G. Gordon, 164 Sugar, J. H. Johnson, 97 Sugar, IV. R. Lake, 526 Sugar, E. T. Marler, 188 Sugar, Washing, G. Davies. 212 Sulphuric Acid, W. J. Pughslev IRQ Suspending Pictures. W. Potts^lM Swimming, Assisting, A. Ford’ 367 Swivels, J. Welch, 42 ’ 807

Table, O. Rodolphe, 120

Tables, S. Vaile, 512

Iab!esBB Trw&C-VG- F- Green> 367 J)aole.s> B l. Newnham, 467 Tanning, 8. Bonsall, 137 Tanning, C. Erba, 42 Taps, A. Rooker, 347

Taps and Valves, R. Garratt

Taps and Valves R. Harrison 484 Taps and Valves, II. Lea 120 ’ 85 Taps and Valves, H. Wilson, 431 Tapers, J. Birch, 287 Tapers, J. J. Lane, 81

Tap^os, &c„ Winding, J. and J. Cash, jun., Telegraph, Electric, W. R. Lake 505 Telegraphic, AV. J. Andre ws, 82 , I

.telegraphic, VV. 8. Andrews 97 Telegraphic, E. T. Hughes, 526 Telegraphic, W. R. Lake, 467 To egraphic, D. Nicoll, 264

Telegraphic, A. and A. C. Al. Prince 411 Telegraphic Apparatus, W. G. Brow Jon, Telegraphs, Electric, Hubert and Trus-Telegraphs, Electric, C. and 8. A. Varley, Telegraphs, Electric, W. Thomson 137 leirnn Cutting Machines, Fowls and James, 60 u™ ana

Sld“gi9MaCWueS1 H°rnsb^ and Thermometer, C. E. Brooman, 324 Thrashmg Machines, IV. Tasker, jun 07 Time-keepers, G. T. Bousfield, 42 ’’

Lekets, Printing, J. Adams, 19 Lres, Railway, H, B. Woodcock, 82

Tobacco, J. McEwen, 61

Tobacco, Tod and Heatley. jun.. 367

Tobacco Machinery, R. Ward, 505

Tobacco Pipe, I?. Tiernan, 82

Tobacco Pipes, H. Parker, 19

Tools, Circular Cutting, 137

Tools, Cutting, J. P. Smith, 505

Tools, Entrenching, R. H. Cornish, lo7 •

Towels, J. and J., jun., Cash, 241

Toy, Revolving, H. Jewilt, 466

Traction Engines, Clayton and Shuttleworth, 82

Traction Engines, R. Edwards, 264

Trains, Communicating in, S. Camesbury, 347

Trains, Communicating in, W. King, 42

Trains, Communicating in, H. H. Lloyd, 485

Trains, Communicating in, J. T. Skinner, 97

Trains, Communicating in, C. J. Pownall,

81 . ,

Trains, Communicating in, Turton ana

Holcroft, 137

Trains, Signalling in, J. and F. S. Cocker, 367

Trains, Signalling in, F. Hancock, 42

Tramways, L. B. Joseph, 526

Trap, Stench, Bishop and Burmingham, 448

Traps, Vermin, W. Shave, 542

Trenail, E. J. W. Parmacott, 188

Truss, J. Peabardy, 61

Tubes, Galloway and Plant, 81

Tubes, Brass and Copper, R. W. Lindsay, 542

Tubes, W. R. Lake, 82

Tubes Bursting, Preventing, E. Casper, 411

Tubes, Clearing Boiler, 'The Earl of Caithness, 448

Tubes, Jointing, A. Budenberg, 120

Tubes, Ornamental, T. Weston, 367

Tubes, Waterproof. G. Luyckx, 241

Tubing, India-Rubber, M. Hamer, 367

Turning and Screw Cutting, A. V. Newton, 324

Tuyeres, Barrett and Martin, 411

Tuyeres, B. and J. Ford, jun., 60

Tuyeres, C. B. Hodgetts, 467

Tuyeres, Onslow and Northhall. 60

Twisting and Doubling, Holroyd and Fieldhouse, 81

Twisting Machinery, Holroyd and Fieldhouse, 212

Twisting Machinery, E. T. Hughes, 448

Twisting Machinery, Thornton and Abercrombie, 485

Type, Boetius and Eichorn, 60

Type, P. Welch, 60

Type Composing, Kniaghininsky, Galahoff,

and Ossipoff, 241

Type Composing, A. Mackie, 526

Type Distributing, R- Hattersley, 367

Type Composing Machine, E. Tayler, 19

Umbrellas, Carrying, E. M. Brown, 82

Umbrella Cases, J. Scholefield, 526

Umbrellas and Parasols, Boyce and Har

rington, 42, 287

Umbrellas, J. H. Johnson, 162

Umbrellas, W. gangster, 526

Umbrellas and Parasols, H. Smyth, 467

Umbrellasand Parasols, T. Widdowson, 241

Unions, N. Thompson, 82

Urinals, F. J. Jeffery, 367

Utilising Waste Materials, S. R. Wybrants, 212

Valve, A. M. Clark, 388

Valve Plug, McGeorge and Paul, 97

Valves, J. Pasfield, 97

Valves, J. B. Fenby, 448

Valves, Actuating, L. Perkins, 467

Valves. Relief, Scott and Steel, 81

Valves, Safety, A. V. Newton, 305

Valves, Slide, Adams and Parsons, 347

Valves, Slide, Withinshaw and Baker, 431

Valves, Slide, J. Goodfellow, 431

Velocipedes, W. Tribe, 305

Vehicles, Day and Berber, 212

Varnishes, F. Versmann, 305

Vehicles, W. R. Gorst, 137

Ventilating, A. B. Ibbotson, 367

Ventilating, T. Lemielle, 431

Ventilating, J. J. Parkes, 526

Ventilating, A. V. Newton, 431

Ventilating, W. Potts, 347

Ventilating, Pipes for, W. Taylor, 137

Ventilating, J. S. Smith, 526

Ventilating Tunnels, S. Bevan, 324

Ventilating, J. White, 431

Ventilator, Hat, P. Crause, 347

Ventilator, W. G. Creamer, 120

Ventilators, J. Hooper, 120

Vent Peg, E. T. Hughes, 97

Vessels for Unguents, J. M. Napier, 526

Vessels, Hauling, A. Murray, 485

Vessels, Moulded, Watt and Fleetwood, 61

Vessels, Propelling, H. Clarke, 81, 82

Vessels, Raising Sunken, 60

Vessels, Steam, E. T. Hughes, 137

Vulcanisable Compounds, G. G. Tandy, 287

Wagons, L. and W. Brierley and Bonnelli, 505

Warming, &c., T. G. F. Dolby, 526

Warming and Ventilating, R. George, 388

Warming and Ventilating, \V. Woodcock, 347

Warping Machinery, Clarke, jun., and Holt, 485

Warps, Joining, J. H. W. Bigjs, 526

Warps, Joining, J. H. W. and A. W. Biggs, 505

Warps, Printing, Bernheim and Others, 305

Warps, Waxing, T. and G. B. and B.

Stephenson, 542 •

Washing and Drying, G. Gordon, 97

Washing Fruit, H. Faulder, 367

Washing Machinery, W. R. Lake, 526

Washing Machinery, C. Mather, 305

Washing Machinery, A. V. Newton, 526

Washing Machines, Greening and Atkinson, 82

Washing Machines, Heckmans and Nun-ney, 485

Watch Cases, J. T. Hatfield, 162

Watches, A. Cohen, 212

Watches, &c., J. B. Frasier, 97

Watches, S. Harrison, 19

Watches, J. F. Watson, 505

Watches, Wilkinson and Grimshaw, 411

Watch Movements, Lever, W. B. Smith, 287

Water Closets, James and Drewitt, 505

Water Closets, J. H. Wilson, 526

Weaving, A. Taylor, 324

Weaving, Wright and Fex, 448

Weaving, Reeds for, A. M. Clark, 188

Weaving, Reeds for, D. Robinson, 19

Webbing, J. T. Carter, 431

Wedges, E. Score, 212

Weighing Machinery, J. A. Nunn, 542

Well Sinking, J. L. Norton, 411

Wells, Boring, J. Chandron, 81

Whales, Killing, G. Welch, 505

Wheel, R. W. Thomson, 431

Wheels, G. Jones, 411

Wheels, E. Reynolds, 485

Wheels, Locomotive, J. Reid, 347

Wheels, Railway, J. H. Johnson, 367

Wheels, Railway, W. H. Kitson, 324

Wheels, Railway, Rai and Miller, 542

Wheels, &c., Securing, J. Ford, 324

Wheels, Toothed, Hall, Wren, aud Brandwood, 448

Wheels, Traction Engine, H. Forman, 388

Wheels, Water, A. Kinton, 305

Whips, W. E. Newton, 347

Whips, &c., Holders. J. II. Johnson, 448

Winches, Steam, G. Breen, 542

Winders, Ribbon. R. W. Ewer, 305

"Winding, Over, Preventing, W. Fairley, 42

Windows, &c., Carter and Chalmers, 505

Windows, &c., R. Logan, 42

Windows, Cleaning, G. Warsop, 188

Window Fastening, H. Vallance, 264

Window Frames, F. Ryland, 188

Windows, &c., Supporting, J. Syme, 324

Wines, &c., J. G. Tongue, 485

Wine, Improving, T. S. Prideaux, 60

Wire, Covering, G. W. R. Pigott, 485

Wire Netting, Folding, G. K. Gazelin, 81

Wood and Iron, Fastening, J. Laing, 97

Wood Machinery, T. Walker, 212

Wood, Preparing, W. E. Newton, 431

Wood Pulp, C. de Negri, 188

Wool Machinery,!’, and B. Carter, and Lisle, 526

Wool, Cleaning, R. Holliday, 485

Wrenches, C. Stuart, 60

Worts, Cooling, C. E. Flower, 212

Wrenches, J. G. Tongue, 81

Xyloidine, D. Spill, 324

Yarns, &c., Printing, Dickins and Heywood, 431

Yarns, &c., Printing, T. and J. Wood, 81

Yarns, Sizeing, &c., Fletcher and Carr, 42

Yarns, Sizeing, A. Leigh, 305

Yarns, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 60

Yeast, Separating, W. Hall, 431

Zinc, Robinson and Pierce, 19

Hine, D. Swan, jun., 367

glbstvacts of Specifications. LIST OF NAMES.

Abel, C. D., Obtaining Motive Power, 163

Abel, C. D., Optical Telegraph, 450

Abel, C. D., Preventing Rot, 166

Abel, C. D., Pulverising Machinery, 529

Abel, C. D., Roughing Horse-shoes, 213

Abel, C. D;, Tanning, 46

Abel, O. D., Telegraphic, 543

Abel, C. D., Treating Flax, 164

Abel, C. D., Treating Illuminating Fluids, 468

Achgelis, H. W., Bridle Bits, 390

Ackroyd and Maud, Preparing Fibre, 121

Adair, W., Pumps, 469

Adam and Schuman, Bottle Cases, 413

Adams, A. J., Locks, &c., 139

Adams, W. B, Smelting Iron and Steel, 326

Adley, C. C., Telegraph Posts, 98

Aikman, F. R., Rifles, 199

Aitken, J., Refining Sugar, 507

Akers, W., Horse-shoes, 368

Alder, H., Gas Meters, 291

Alexander, R., Coating Metals, 528

Alison. J., Boilers, 305

Allen, E., Cleaning Casks, 167

Alley, S., Tools, 217

Allhusen, C., Sulphur, 391

Allibert, P. J. J., Preventing Incrustation in Boilers, 527

Allise, G., Raising and Lowering Windows, &c., 166

Allman, H., Axle Bearings, 542

Allman, H., Locks and Keys, 191

Anderson, J., Obtaining Motive Power, 162

Andrew, T., Pulleys, <fcc., 123

Apps, A., Electrical Apparatus, 190

Archibald, J., Tents, 528 I

Archer, T., jun., Grinding Stone, <fcc., 325

Arnold and Daniel, Communicating in

Trains, 449

Ash, H. C., Refrigerator, 389

Ashford, J., Fastening for Boxes, 216

Ashton, R. H., Photographic Printing, 190, 165

Atkins, R., Ships, &c., 164

Atkinson, J., Wheels, 506

Atterbury and Woolf, Earthenware, 20

Aveling, T., Steam Road Rollers, 412

Aydon and Field, Smelting, 450

Ayre, A. S., and H. H., Drying Grain, 121

Backhouse, G., Cardboard, 43

Bacon, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, £89

Baggs, T., Chemical, 122

Baggs, J., Motive Power, 242

Bailey, W. H., Travelling Bath, 389

Baker and Imray, Cable Stopper, 163

Baker and Lindley, Stretching Fabrics, 138

Baker, J., Generating Electricity, &ci, 543

Baker, W. J., Communicating in Trains, 242

Baker, W., Lighting Fires, 166

Ball, E. W., Gas Fire-places, 450

Ball, J., Trowels, 545

Ballouhey, J., Vitrifying Iron and Steel, 243

Barngwanath, J. P., Lift, 391

Barff and Kidd, Utilising Petroleum, 450

Barker, D., Artificial Fuel, 189

Barker, J. H., Milling Machines, 4S9

Barker, J., Spring Centres for Doors, 487

Barlow and Edmeston, Furnaces, 486

Barnes, K., Heating Feed W ater, 449

Barr and Bloxham, Securing, &c., Windows, &c., 243

Barratt, W., Treating Fatty Matters, 307

Barron, T. J., Iron and Steel, 20

Barton and Whalley, Spinning, 348

Barwick and Tindall, Packing Pistons, &c.,


Bass, W., Nail Machinery, 46

Bate and Asher, Fender Mould, 215

Bateman, H., Corkscrews, 99

Bateman, H., Pumps and Fire Engines, 82

Bates, J., Lubricator, 349

Bathias, C. M., Speed Indicator, 45

i Bauman, F., Separating Fibres, 216

Bayley and Taylor, Hats and Caps, 122

Beattie, W. G., Slide Valves, 242

Beaumont, H. B. de, Ploughs, 486

Beckinham, C. H., Billiard Tables, 350

Beeley, T., Boilers 348

Begg, J. W., Regulating Supply of Air to

Furnaces, 505

Belfield, S., Elastic Fabrics, 164.

Bellard, E., Looms, 213

Bell, T. and T. L. G., Manures, 528

Bellerby, J., jun., Grinding,Crushing,&c.,

Beltzer, F., Sizing Yarns, 164

Beniest, A., Governors to Speed, 237

Benson, J., Armour Plating, 243

Benson and Von der Popponburg, Breech

Fire-arms, 165

Bentall, E. H., Screw Nuts, 20

Berens, A., Match Manufacture, 142

Berney, F., Armour Placing, 214

Barney, T., Bending Metal Bars, 123

Bernieri, L., Photography, 45

Berrenc, T., Rock-boring Machinery, 350 Berrey, W. B., Cleaning Glass, 165 Bertram, G., Paper Machinery, 139 Betiemann, G> W., Stationery , 216 Betteley, J , Sheathing for Ships, 4R

Bigelow, G. B., Looms, 450, 542

Biggleston, W. H., Ships’ Capstans, IGu Biggs, B., Candles, 191

Billingham, Griffiths, and Dudley, Rails, &c., 305

Binfield, J. T., Fasting Iron Bauds, 3u0 Bird, J., Artificial Fuel, 165

Bird; J. and J., Artificial Fuel, 468

Bird, J., Buckets, 527

Birkett, D., Fire-proof Floors, 528 Bischoff, jun., G., Coating Metals, 413 Bishop, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms ana

Ordnance, 306

Blackham, J. J., Brooch Fastenings, 319 Blagdon, W. G., Separating Metals, 166, 389 Bland, J. F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 306 Boby, J. R.. Whalebone, 529

Boby, K., Ploughs, 507

Bobb, R., Screens, 507

Bodmer, R., Securing Bolt Nuts, 163 Bonneville, II. A., Book-keeping, 45 Bonneville,. H. A., Brooms, 468 Bonneville, H. A., Coffee Hullers, 45 Bonneville, H. A., Excavating, &c., Apparatus, 306

Bonneville, H. A., Fid, 486

Bonneville, II. A., Hanging Rudders, 486

Bonneville, H. A., Igniting Fuel, 468 Bonneville, H, A., Motive Power, 449 Bonneville, H. A., Ribbon Looms, 542 Bonneville, H. A., Sleepers, 505 Bonneville, H. A., Teaching Writing, 544

Bonneville, H. A., Timeing by Electricity, 543

Bonneville, H. A., Treating Skins, 215

Bonneville, H. A., Weeding Apparatus, 543 Bonneville, H. A., White Lead, 44 Booth, J. B., Carding Engines, 265 Booth, J., Lubricators, 545

Booth, J., Textile Fabrics, 412

Booth, R. and R. W., Fret Sawing Machines, 544

Booth. T., Keeping Articles Warm, 529 Botwood, W., Raising Carriage Heads, 82 Bouck, J. A., Burning Petroleum, tec., 468 Boulton, M. P. W., Propelling, 389

Boulton, M. P. W., Rotary Apparatus, 449 Bourdon, E., Valves, 545

Bousfield, G. T., Extinguishing Lamps, 413

Bousfield, G. T., Files, 50S Box, J , Fire-arms, 243 Boyd, 11. P., Screws, 487 Boyd, J., Looms, 412

Boyd, J. E., Mowing Machines, 43

Boys, IL, Training Hops, 213

Bradburn, W., Manure, lul

Bradbury, W., Baling Presses, 545 Bradshaw, A., Tap or Cock, 216 Brampton, F., Bookbinding, 192 Brandon, A. H., Carriage J ack, 192 Brash and Young, Lamps, &c., 515

Brasier, E., Oakum, 288

Brasier, E., Scutching Flax, &c., 288

Braxton, C. G., Hydrostatic Engine, 163 Breakell, J., Imitating Stained Glass, 507 Breckon and Dickson, Carting Coke, 389 Brewer, E. G., Motive Power, 287

Brickies, Berry, and Jackson, Designing on Fabrics, 527

Brickies, J. D., Woven Fabrics, 527 Bridges and Bigwood, Boilers, 82 Bridgewater, H., Turnable, 189

Brigham and Bickerton, Reaping and

Mowing Machines, 288

Brindley, J., Incubator, 46

Brinjes, J. 1*Animal Charcoal, 368

Brinsmead, H., Pianofortes, 122

Broadbent, J. C., Safety Hook, 350

Broadbent, J. K., Preventing Smoke from Furnaces, 163

Broadbent, J., Weft Forks, 98

Brookes and Mayes, Needles, 191 Brookes, W., Railway Wheels, 83 Brooks, J. S., Colouring Pipes, 529 Brooman, C. E., Artificial Pearls, 289 Brooman, C. E., Cartridge Cases, 214

Brooman, C. E„ Cartridges, 528

Brooman, C. E., Coating Iron aud Steel, 46 Brooman, C. E., Colouring Matters, 44 Brooman, C. E., Electric Telegraphy, 190 BrOoman, C. E., Extracting Liquids, 359 Brooman, C E., Jacquard Machinery, 506

Brooman, C. E., Ironing Apparatus, 46

Brooman, C. E., Lace, 189

Brooman, C. E., Lead, 122

Brooman, C. E., Looms, 121

Brooman, C. E., Nails for Upholstery, &c., 122

Brooman, C. B., Oxygen, 487

Brooman, C. E., Preparing Threads, 306

Brooman, C. E., Preserving Animal Bub-stances, 528

Brooman, C. E., Producing Surfaces in Relief, 468

Brooman, C. E., Propelling Vessels, 449 Brooman, C. E., Railway Carriages, 163 Brooman, C. E., Scouring Wool, 216 Brooman, C. E., Scouring Wools, 527 Brooman, C. E., Soap, 214

Brooman, C. E., Treating Silk, 289

Brooman, C. E., Winding Clocks, 359 Brown, A. B., Drilling Machines, 282 Brown, A. B., Steering Apparatus, 325 Brown and Ball, Hats and Caps, 216 Brown, J. E., Treating Fabrics, 164

Browning, S. J., Distilling, 44

Bruen, L. B., Sewing Machines,, 529

Bruen, L. B., Shot Cartridges, 528

Bruckshaw and Cornes, Reversing Gear,449 Brunes, A., Hat Cover, 544

Buchholz, G. A., Semolina, 450

Buckley, J., Spinning, 46

Buhrer, J., Generating Steam, 264

Buhrer, J., Kilns for Bricks, 325

Buhrer and Price, Distilling Coal Shale, 243

Buisson, L. C., Salvage Buoys, 138

Bullivant, T., Window Sashes, &c», 213

Bullough, J. D., Buckle, 217

Bull, W., Glass Blowing, 166

Banning and Cochrane, Mining Machinery, 514

Burley, W., Lamps, 189

Burroughes, W. H., Marking Boards, 123 Burt, T., Moving Sewage, 390

Burton, J. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 190

Burton, J. W., Treating Fibre, 542

Busfield, W. Spinning and Twisting, 412 Buss, H., Piers, <fcc., 189

Buss, H., Sea Walls, 469

Butchart, W. P., Treating Fibre, 506

Butler, S., Figured Lace, 325

Butler and Dalgety, Railway Coupling, 83 Buxton, S., Trap, 166

By water, W., Spinning, 486

Brown, J. Fortifications, 543

Caithness, Earl of, Floating Light, 217 Calvert, F. A., Carding Machinery, 164

Cambrelin, F. C., Lighting Railway Carriages, 213

Cambridge, W. C., Fire Bars, 486

Campbell, A. D., Planing Machine, 191

Campion, W. Linking, &c., Fabrics, 138 Canham, R., Sharpening Knives, 413 Cauham and Kruet, Ventilating, &c., 450

Canton, E., Tap, 450

Capper, J., Chimney-top, 2S8

Carey, S., Permanent Way, 213

Carrigs, J., Signals and Points, 5l7

Carrington, W. T., Steam Roller, 289

Carte, R., Flute, 43

Carte, R.. Musical Instrument, 43

Carter J., Securing, &c., Windows, ^88

Cash, J. aud J., jun. Towels, 306

Casper, E, Extinguishing Biros 469

Cavenagb, M., Lock Spindles. 325, o49

Caved5. S., Automaton Toys, 545

Cnvpll J. S., Automata, 44

Chaffee E. M., Elastic Springs, 192

Chailoner and Billington, Graining Toots,


Chains A G., Artificial Light, 325

Chamberlaine, M., Washing Machines, 390

Chamberlain, A., Lamps, 214

Chamberlain, H., Coke and Charcoal, 16o

Chambers, G., Exhibiting tabrics, 414

Chapman, R. F., Signalling, 527

Chapman, W„ Boots and Shoes, 166

Chapron, E., Peat, 307

Chater, 1). S., Chimney Tops, 20, 213

Chatwood and Sturgeon, Hammers, 1-3

Chatwood, S., Safes, 123 ,

Childs, A. B., Cleaning Gram, 164

Chippendale, W., Railway Couplings, 104

Ohreties, J.» Lift, 215 . ~

Chreties, J., Raising and Lowering. 21 o

Chrevron, C. H., Fancy Weaving, o4-

Cuubb, T. J., Separating Metals, 12-

Chubb, T. J., Steel, 44

Churchill, G., Drill Chuck, 44 .

Churchman and Braby, Cleaning Boots

and Shoes, 390 . Ar

Clapperton, AV , Drilling Machines, 4a

Clark, A. M., Locking Screw Nuts, o 14

Clark, A. M., Lifeboats, 527

Clark, A. M., Sugar, 543

Clark, A. M., Tackle Hook, 527

Clarke, S., Candlesticks, 391

Clark, J. L., Electric Telegraphs, 20

Clark, J., Packing Bales, 215

Clark AV., Automaton Toys, 289

Clark, W., Bathing Apparatus. 468

Clark, AV., Blast Furnaces, 215

Clark, W., Blowing, 390

Clark, AV., Boots and Shoes., 16/

Clark, AV., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 432,


Clark, AV., Brick Machinery, 28S

Clark, AV., Bricks, &c., 450

Clark, W., Carburetters, 123

Clark, W., Central Fire Cartridges, 413

Clark, AV., Copying Machine, 468

Clark, W., Detaching Hook, 138

Clark, AV., Drying Fabrics, 368

Clark, AV., Ear Stoppers, 4b9

Clark, W., Electric Telegraph, 528

Clark, W., Green Colouring Matter. 43

Clark, AV., Fitting Boiler Tubes, 449

Clark, W„ Isochronous Movements, 50/

Clark, AV., Hydrogen, 165

Clark, AV., Locks, 45

Clark, AV., Lamps, 486

Clark, W., Leather Manufacture, 20

Clark, VV., Looms, 505

Clark, AV., Manure, 450

Clark, AV., Mastics, 43

Clark, W„ Motive Power, 61, 82, 264

Clark, AV., Moulding Pipes, 192

Clark, W., Paper, 413

Clark, AV.. Permanent Way, 163

Clark, W., Preserving Animal, Ac., Matters,

243 , .

Clark, W., Printing from Engraved Plates 598

| Clark, AV., Propelling Vessels, 505

Clark, W., Rotary Engines, 01, 163

Clark, W., Screw Valves, 166

Clark, W., Saw Teeth, 289

Clark, W., Starting Carriages, 348

Clark, W., Stirrups, 450

Clark, W., Time indicator, 43

Clark, AV., Typographic Printing Machines, 508

Clark, W., Vermin Traps, 487

Clark, AV., Valves, 191

Claus, C. F., Raising Brine, 192

Clayton, J., Furnaces, 166

Clayton, Raper, Goulding, and Howarth,

Looms, 121

Clements, J. Mi, Ironing, &c., Machinery,


Clements, H. M., Railway Signals, 43

Cierc, L. C. J., Lamps, 214

Clifton, H., Refrigerators, 414

Clifton, H., AVine, Ac., Coolers, 414

Clissold, W., Tentering Machine, 290

Clum, H. A. Y , Weather Indicator, 544

Co be, L., Pressing Ac., Fabrics, 122

Cochrane, W., Stone Breaker, Ac., 529

Cochran, J. W., Breach-loading, Fire-arms,


Cochran, J. AV., Cartridges, 544

Cochran, J. AV., Level, 529

Cocker, S., Axle, 506

Cockerel, M., Locks, 216

Cockshoot, J., jun., Carriages, Ac., 163

Coffey, J. A., Heating aud Refrigerating, 122

Coffey, J. A., Safety Gauges, 347

Cole and Horton, Awnings, 305

Collette, C. H., Stairs, 543

Collins, P. D., Bottle stopper, 290

Collyer, B. H., Treating Fibre, 412

Collyer, R. H., Treating Fibre, 468

Colman, C., Crinoline Skirts, 214

Colville, C., Meter, 192

Colwell, C., Motive Power, 288

Combe, J., Drawing Fibre, 288

Combe, J., Winding or Balling, 542

Condy, Hi B., Chlorine, &c., 165

Conisbee, AV., Securing, &c., type, 289

Cooke, C. F., Safety Valves, 411

Cooke and Foster, Casting Bessemer Steel, 449

Cooke and Standfield, AV heel Gear, 214 Cooke, T., sen., and C. F., Pump, 2.3 Cook, S. and G., Weft Forks, 189

1 Cook, T., Sewing Machines, 390

1 Cooper, H., Dining Table, 306

I Cooper, J. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, i 165, 325

Cooper, T. H., Railway Buffers, 163

Corlett, H. L., Bulling Springs, 411

Cornish, K. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 529

Couchman, R., Buckles, 487

Couldery, T. AV., Trousers, 191

Coulson, J., Elevating Grain, 43

Courtenay, R. H., Photographic Printing, 98

Courtenay, R., Propelling Vessels, 487

Cow burn, T., Boilers, 368

Cowper, E. A., Steam Jackets, 163

Craig, A., Fire-grates and Furnaces, 213

Crampton, P. R., Brick Machinery, 513 Craven, J., Fringing Fabrics, 18'9 Craven, T., Spinning Frames, 243

Craven and Speedwig, Rope Machinery, 216 Crause, P., Propelling Vessels, 41 i Crawshay and Thomas, Refining Iron, 45 Crawshay and Thomas, Treating Iron Ores, 45

Crease, F. S., Rock Boring, 216

Brighton, W., Fabrics, 83

Brighton, AV„ Preparing Fibre, 450 Crockford, C., Treating Zinc Ores, 20 Crockford, C., Utilising Waste from Galvanising, 43, 528

Packing, 527

fTecVrin§' Door Handles, 545 ci oil, A. A.. Hydrocarbons, 349 Crompton, J. R., Rag Engines, 288 Crooke and Wrighton, Hoist, 543 Crossley, F., Cutting India-rubber, 529 Cross ley, G., Driving Wire Blocks, 99 Crossley, T., Alarm Apparatus for Fires, 044

Crossley, T., Portable Lamps, 545 Crossley J. W. C., Velocipedes, 506 Cunningham, H. D. P., Fire-arms and Ordnance, 190

Cusack, J. W., Ordnance, 164

Cathels, E. S., Gas Meter, 122

Cutler and Brown, Taps and Valves, 191

Dagnail, P., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 190 Dahne and Thomas, Picks, 45

and Bdlal,mau> Winding Machinery,

Dancer, J. B , Speed Indicators, 391 Darling, J., Penholders, 192,122, 216 Davey, H., Motive Power, 449 Davies, G., Cap for Bottles, &c., 45 Davies, G., Combined Match Box, 544 Davies, G., Cutting Mill-stones, 527 Davies, G., Gauge, 432

Davies, G., Inkstands, 45

Davies, G., Ornamenting Metals, 450

Davies, G., Packing, 527

Davies, G., Printing Presses, 166

Davies, G., Rotary Digging Machines, 412

Davies, G., Telegraphic Insulator, 349 Davies, J. L., Lamps, 214

Davies, J. L., Purifying Smoke, 469

Davies, J., Parallel Rulers, 122

Davies, L., Hatguards, 529

Davies and Helwig, Permanent Way, 164 Davis and Salkeld, Drawing off Liquids, 290

Davy, A., Railway Chairs, 83

Daw, G. £L, Cartridges, 349

Dawes, W. H., Iron, 507

Dawson and Davies, Protecting Forts, &c., 468

Daws, G., Closing, &c., Gates and Signalling, 264

Daws, G., Railway Signalling, 306

Day, R., Easel, 487

Deain and Sutton, Closing, &c., Doors, 20 Deaken and Johnson, Spinning Caps, 306 Deane, E., Tent Poles, 389

Dean and Wheeler, Candlesticks, 217 De Bergue, C., Permanent Way, 164 Deeley. E., Rolling Hoop Iron, 544 Delessert, E., Cartridges, 528

Delperdange, L., Laying, &c, Telegraph Wires, 543

Dempsey, W., Spinning and Doubling, 348 Dennis, AV., Bottles, 487

Dennis, W., Letter Box, 215

Van Derburgh, G. E., Artificial Stone, 469 Dewar, J., Spray Producer, 544 Dewhirst, W. J., and T., Hoists, 216 Dillon, A., Raising Sunken Vessels, 325 Dickens, Heywood, and Holland, Furnaces, &c., 42

Dickinson, P., Fences, 412

Dickinson, W., Looms, 213

Dines, H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 98 ■Di’1’nOcli and Gresham, Sewing Machines, 389

Dixon, C. W., Mounting Wheels, 264

B-> Kock-boring Engines, 44,

Donisthorpe, G. E., Mining Machinery, 432 Donnelly, J. F., Lighting Apparatus, 214 Donnelly, J. F., Lighting Fires, 215 Dennett, A., Wells, 216

Doulton, H., Pottery Kilns, 164

Dowling and Greves, Breech-loading Firearms, 190

Bransfield, J. S., Grinding Cards, 213

Drew, Southwell, and White, Travelling Bags, 487 b

Drucker, B., Punching Machine, 45 Duyck, E. J., Utilising Oils, 349 Duchamp, P,, Drawing off Liquids, 291 Duchamp, P., Stopping Bottles, 390 Dufrene, H. A., Fire-places, 20 Dufrene, H. A., Madder, 165

Dufrene, H. A., Ticket Holder, 290

Dumser, G., Lamps, 349

Dunbar, J., Advertising, 487

Duncan, R., Cranes, 414

Duncan, R., Propelling, 121

Dunn, T., Boilers, 368

Du Pre, H. R., Candlestick, 349

Dutton, C., Revolving Screen, 544

Dutton, E. K., Nozzles for Hose, 191.

Dyson, W., Twisting and Doubling, 325

Easterbrook, W„ Signa’s and Points, 468 Ebersburg, E. von L., Food, 214 Edwards, J., Cushion, 188

Edwards, R. J., Emery, &c., 44

Elliott, A. J. H., Motive Power, 389

Ellison, D., Looms, 506

Ellison, J. C., Folding Fabrics, 189

Ellis, P., Breech-loading Fire-arms 214

Ellis and Hillas, Weaving, 412 ’

Entwistle, T. C., Transmitting Power 212 Ermen, H., Doubling Fabrics, 242 ' ~

Bland, Signalling Apparatus,

Evans, F. J., Gas, 166

Evans, J., Braces, 45

Exall, W., Boiler, 183

Exall, W., Mowing Machine, 138

Balk, H E., Improving Combustion, 289

Falsom, N. T„ Artificial Teeth, 243

I’ancheaux, T., Boats, 486

Fanshawe, H. R„ Lighting Mines, &c., 216 1'alKon> B’ A'’ Jointing Tubes and Pipes,

Farmer and Balmforth, Steel Bells, 450 Fassman, IL, Printing Metallic Surfaces,

Fassman, H., Fastenings for Bales, 414, 529 Fancher, E., Bending Wooden Hoops, 545 Tenby, J. B., Connecting Knobs, 390

Ferguson, J., Screw Propeller, 412

Ferrabee, J., Feeding Carding Engines, 288 I jeld, J. W. P., Breech-loading Fire-arms,

Field, J., Steam Engines, 61

Field and Nation, Ornamenting Candles 390 ’

Finch, G. B„ Feeding Cotton Gins, 164 Findlay, A., Musical Instruments, 432 Fiskin, IV. andD., Boilers, 242 Firth, E., Fabric, 265

Firth, J. and E., Railway Crossings, 121

Fitton and Dear, Looms, 527

Fitton and Hall, Spindles, 506

  • iach, C. T., Separating Metals, 165

Fleetwood, D. J., Spoons and Forks, 469

F£’ ABendilW Blates, 451

F etcher’ Borin&> &0- Metals, 239

1 letcher and Carr, Sizing Yarns 164 Floury, F. G„ Fluid Meter, 469 ’

1 oinquinos, L., Envelopes, 433

Fosters7 H d Boffcld’ fastening.,, 20 t oster, s. H., Brace Fabric, 242 Foucaut, A Wearing Apparel 190 Tournet and Nadaue, Camera, 46 Fousset, A. A., Treating Leather one rowi... o...r>

Fox, J., Filters, 390

Foxley, J., Bricks, 243

Fiank and G oody, Marking Fabrics, 348

Franklin, J. G., Tanning, 166

Franzen, N. C., Steering Indicator, 163

Fraser, A. C., Gas, 44

Freer, J., Dibbling Machines, 83

Frith, R. H., Meters, 529

Fryer, D., Lamps, 507

Funnell, E., Electric Railway Signals, 43

Funnell, E., Railway Signal, 306

Fussell, J. A., Hat Hooks and Knobs, 390

Gadd and Bailion, Fabrics, 506

Gamble, W. S , Lubricator, 287

Gamgeo, J. and A., Preserving Animal, &c., Substances, 413

Gallett, V., Steel, 98

Galloway and Bettie, Preparing Fibre, 509

Gardner and Bickerton, Printing Machinery, 487

Garrard, G. M., Reaping and Mowing Apparatus, 348

Gedge, W. E., Boilers, 264

Gedge, W. E., Carding Wool, 164

Gedge, W. IB., Clocks, &c., 20

Gedge, W. E., Dressing Fabries, 189

Gedge, W. E., Fish-hook, 192

Gedge, W. E., Flax-stripping Machine, 348

Gedge, W. E., Galvanising Wire, 529

Gedge, W. E., Iron Forks, 507

Gedge, W. E., Locomotive Machinery, 162

Gedge, W. E., Mattresses, 544

Gedge, W. E., Millstones, 138

Gedge, W. E., Preserving River Banks, 44

Gedge, W. E., Wadding, 43

George, R., Cinder, &c., Shovels, 291

George, W. E., Water-ciosets, 389 .

Georges, E., Preserving Meat, 243

Gibson, W. W., Decorticating Grain, 412

Gilbee, W. A., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 528

Gilbey, W., Treating Corks for Bottles, 166

Giles, A., Mixing Apparatus, 389

Gill, T., Twisting Frames, 265

Gillard, J. P., Electrical Apparatus, 122

Gillyatt, C. G., Water and Manure Drills, 507

Gisborne, J. S,, Protecting Needles of

Compasses from Attraction, 349

Gladstone, T. M., Anchors, 188

Gladstone, T. M., Chains and Cables, 46

Gledhill, P„ Coal-cutting Machinery, 46

Glover, G. (Naphtha, &c.), Lamps, 348

Glover, F. R. A., Raising, &c.. Goods, 46

Glover, F. R. A., Weighing Anchors, 411

Goodbrand and Holland, Alarm Signals to

Safes, 20

Goodfellow, H., Grinding Clay, &c,, 121

Goodfellow, J., Moulding Wheels, 166

Goodwin, P. T., Charcoal Retorts, 391

Goodwin, P. T., Revolving Retorts, 414

Goransson, E. F., Tires for Railway Wheels, 163

Gordon, A. J. L. , Connecting Wires, 288

Gordon, G., Drying and Evaporating, 527

Gore and Green, Roads, 42

Gossage, F. H., Treating Cotton Seeds, 46

Gossi, M., Storing Petroleum, 35'9

Grace, C., Rudder Pins, 505

Graham, J., Treating Dross, 289

Grant, A., Exhibiting Pictures, 290

Grant and Herbert, Railway Signals, 164

Gravely and Ewing, Cooking Apparatus,


Gray, T., Bleaching, 44

Gray, T. W., Lightning Conductors, 529

Gray, W., Shaping Metals, 215

Gray, W. P., Breech-loading Fire-arms,


Gregory, E. M., Paper-making Machinery.


Gregory, F., Refrigerating, 413

1 Gregory, W., Grinding and Polishing Metals, 507

Greig, Burton, and Parker, Cultivator,


Grell, J. H., Steamships, &c., 163

Grelle, C. de, Breech-loading Fire-arms, 543

Green and Laycock, Printing Fabries, 265

Greening, E. C., Fencing, 432

Greenshields, G.. Illuminating Gas, 413 j

Greenshields, J., Gas, 214

Greenwood, T , Lathes, 46

Greenwood and Keats, Boots and Shoes, 291

Grierson and McEvroy, Steam Governors, 264

Griffin, J. T., Clocks, 191

Griffith, J., Working Ships’ Pumps, 412

Griffiths, A. E., Pan, 507

Grover, S. Al., Doubling and Twisting, 506

Grundy, J., Fire-bars, 449

Grundy, J., Preventing Smoke, 388

Grylls, Neville, Brooks, and Holt, Obtain

ing Motive Power, 542

Guenin, E., Manure, 52S

Guenin, E., Mustard, 528

Guest, W., Cords and Ropes, 122

Gumpel, C. G., Chairs, 325

Guy, R. E., Omnibus Till, 350

Haddan, J. C., Anchors, 189

Haenlein, and J., and R. J. Fisher, Telegraph Posts, 545

Hahn, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 463

Hahn, F., Gunpowder, 486

Haines, M. J., Leather Straps and Bands, 289

Hale, >7., Propelling Vessels, 288

Halket, D. A., Forging Nails, 216

Hall, R.and 8. 8., Winding Yarn, &c., 164

Hall, W., Winding Yarns, 368

Hallet, H. W., Optical Illusions, 389

Hamer and Davies, Supplying Air to Furnaces, 368

Hamilton, J., Illuminating Gas, 368

Hamper, D. W., Finings, 166

Hand, L., Hydrocarbons, 165

Handin, J. J. E. R., Clocks, 192

Hanson, W. J., Printing Yarns, 412

Harbert and Goodman, Ventilating Mines, 359

Hardcastle, R. A., Raising, &c., Weights, 46

Hardcastle, R. A., Transmitting Motion, 20

Harding, J., Fastener for Lamp, 215

Harding, J. R. and T. W., Drilling Machinery, 19

Hall, 8., Hats, 166

Harfield, W. H., Chain Cable Holders, 122

Hatfield, W. H., Propelling, 163

Harfield, W. H., Windlasses, 288

Hargreaves, J., Steel, 528

Harker, .1.,Expressing Oils, 468

Harlow, B., Boilers, 242

Harlow, R., Water Supply, 215

Harper, J. C., Safety Cages, 413

Harrild, R. and H., Printing Alachines, 122

Harrell, W., Stopping Casks, 390

Harris, W. R., Belt Hook, 413

Harrison, C., Taps and Valves, 191

Harrison, O>, Valves, 191

Harrison, J., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 288

Harrison, J. J., Looms, 242

Harrison, J. J- and E., Looms, 189

Harrison, 8., Watches, 508

Harrison, W. J. and H., and Croasdale,

Looms, 189

Hart, H. W., Advertising, 191

Hart, H. W., Photographic, 414

Hart and Parry, Purifying Sewing, 413

Hurtin, W., Ruling Pens, 215

Harvie, E., Raising Carriage Heads, 412

Haschke, H., Breech-loading fee-arms, 306

Hasel tine, G., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 349

Hasel tine, G., Cartridge, 190

Haseltine, G., Fastenings for Pocket-books, 191

Haseltine, G., Hammer, 215

Haseltine, G., Heating and Ventilating, 413

Haseltine, G., Horse-cushions, 306

Haseltine, G., Lubricating Axles, 164

Haseltine, G., Pulling Flax, &c., 213

Haseltine, G., Regulating Pianoforte

Springs, 20

Haseltine, G., Spinning, 213

Haseltine, G., Volute Springs, 46, 215

Haseltine, G., Weavers’ Harness, 243

Haseltine, G., Wheels, 288

Hattersley, R. L., Looms, 506

Hattersley and Smith, Looms, 506

Hatton, T., Magic Lanterns, 390

Hawkins, A,, Ornamenting Stone, 45

Haworth, J., Furnaces, 121

Haworth, J., Issuing Tickets, 529

Haworth, J., Street Railways, 213

Haworth and Welch, Sizing Yarn, 265

Hawthorn, S., Earthenware Knobs, 390

Hayman, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 165

Head, T. H., Iron and Steel Rolling, 507

Heaps, E. K., Cooking Ranges, 44

Heaps and Moorwood, Fire Ranges, 349

Heason, J., Converting Iron, 543

Heath, W. E., Governors, 305

Heginbottom, \V., Furnaces, 34S

Helsby, W. G., Photographic Pictures, 191

Hely, E., Envelopes, 349

Homsley, J., Double Fabrics, 543

Henderson, A. C., Cleaning Wool, 450

Henderson, W., Oxidising Metals, 487

Henley, W. T., Wire, 487

Henry, A., Fire-arms, 165

Henry, M., Applying Tools to Machinery, 192

Henry, M., Balloons, 326

Henry, M., Beer Engines, 369

Henry, M., Beton, 192

Henry, M., Centrifugal Pumps, 338

Henry. M., Evaporating Juices, 165

Henry, M., Musical Instruments, 450

Henry, M., Railway Engines and Carriages, 305

Henry, M., Speed Regulator, 390

Herman and Brethaner, Ship Pump, S3

Hesse, J., Securing Buttons, &c., 432

Hetherington, J. M., Preparing Fibre, 189

Heyns, P., Boilers, 121

Heywood, J. K., Bungs and Taps, 44

Heywood and Hinchcliffe, Fancy Weaving, 290

Hickisson, J.,Biscuits, 413

Hickling, W. E., Preventing Railway Accidents, 121

Higgins, R., Cultivators, 432

Higgins and Whitworth, Spinning, 506

Higginson, G., Enamelling, 468

Hill, A., Reaping and Mowing Machines,


Hill, H. C., Winding Machinery, 348

Hill, W. J., Breech-loading Guns, 214

Hill, W. R. Optical Effects, 349

Hill and Wilberforce, Gas Cooking Apparatus, 306

Hilliard, W. B , Skates, 450

Hills, A. G., Safety Bridle, 486

Hislop, J., Removing Carbon from Gas Retorts, 413

Hoadly, J., Preventing Draughts, 189

Hocking, J. M., Smoke Condensing, 192

Hodge, P. R., Hydraulic Motors, 348

Hodgkin, J. E., Oakum, 508

Hodgson, G., Power Looms, 542

Honson, R., Punching Metal Plates, 307

Hodson, W., Brick, &c., 450

Holding, W. and G., Looms, 506

Holland, M., Points and Crossings, 412

Holley, A. L., Iron and Steel, 350

Holmes, J., Beer Engines, 544

Holness, S., Rotary Brushes, 413

Hook, C. T. and E., Paper, 507

Hooker, G., Projectiles, 450

Hookham, G., Fire-arms and Ordnance, 190

Hopkinson, J., Ventilating Mines, 216

Hopkinson, J. A. and J., jun., Furnaces, 324

Hopkinson, W., Combing Machinery, 121

Hopkinson, W., Sheep Shears, 122

Horsley, T., Breach-loading Fire-arms, 544

Horsley and Knighton, Core Bars, 44

Horton, J., Tubes, &c., 122

Horton J., jun., Metallic Rollers, 318

Hosking, A. W., Communicating in Trains, 163

Houfe, H., Lamps, 290

Howard, G., Elastic Seat, 20

Howard J., Reaping, &c., Machines, 121

Howard, S., Hats aud Caps, 289

Howard and Bousfield, Reaping', &c., Machines, 450

Howard and Bousfield, Tubular Boilers, 163

Howart. A., Mining Machinery, 350

Howarth, and M. and J. Pearson, Jacquard

Engines, 189

Howell J., Hay, &c., Machines, 543

Howell and Hardy, Horse Rakes, 507

Howson, IL, Hot-aii' Stoves, 449

Huck vale, T., Cleaning Knives, 166

Huddart, G. A., Buttons, 529

Hughes, E., Propelling Vessels, 43

Hughes, E. J., Gilding, &c., Glass, 216

Hughes, E. T., Bobbins, 542

Hughes, E. T., Promoting Combustion, 349

Hughes, E. T.. Pump, 192

Hughes, E. T.} Screw-cutting Machinery, 216

Hughes, E. T., Sewing Machine. 350

Hughes, E. T., Sugar, &c., 43

Hughes, II., Tubes, 45

Hughes, W. W., Propelling Vessels, 486

Humphrys, T., Fuel, 350

Hunt, B., Bootsand Shoes, 215

Hunt, B., Writing Paper, 214

Hunter, A., Treating, &c., Sunken Vessels, 46

Hutchinson F., Bottle Stopper, 215

Hutson, G., Steering Apparatus, 412

Hyatt, T., Securing Door Knobs, 350

Ireland, G., Bottle Frames, 291

Illingworth, A. aud H., Bobbins, 348

F Anson and Kitching, Working Railway

Signals, 164

Indervvick, G», Pouch, 192

Ingram and Stapp er, Lubricator, 45

Jack, P., jun., and Coulthurst, Looms, 213

Jacobs, S., Ornamenting and Graining, 165

James, J. F., Covering Yarns, 506

James, H. A., Chair, 165

James R-, Boilers, 264

James, R., Ventilating Minos, 192

Jenson P., Wheel Gearing, 215

Jobson J., Kitchen Ranges, 507

John, C. E., Posts, Poles, &c., 432

Johnson, J. H., Advertising Apparatus, 191

Johnson, J. H., Boots aud Shoes, 514

Johnson, J. H., Breach-loading Fire-arms, 289

Johnson, J. H., Chains, 45

Johnson, J. IL, Drawing off Liquids, 450

Johnson, J. II., Dyeing Wool, 391

Johnson, J. H., Fastenings, 44

Johnson, J. H.» Fences, 192

Johnson, J. IL, File-cutting Machinery, 45 ©

Johnson, J. H., Fire-arms, 214

Johnson, J. H., Flux, 543

Johnson, J. H., Glove Fastening, 390

Johnson, J. II., Hammers, 487

Johnson. J: H., Hydrocarbons, 325

Johnson, J. H.,Keep ng off Insects, 544

Johnson, J. H., Lighting Gas Lamps, 545

Johnson, J. H., Locomotive, &c., Engines, 542

Johnson, J. H., Magneto-electric Machines, 507

Johnson, J. H., Ornamenting Fabrics, 350

Johnson, J. II., Peat, 528

Johnson, J. H., Preserving Food, 217

Johnson, J. II., Printing Fabrics, 412

Johnson, J. IL, Road Traction Engines, 212

Johnson, J. H., Raising, &c., Heavy

Weights, 46

Johnson, J. H., Rolling Metals, 20

Johnson, J. H., Signal Lights, 543

Johnson, J. H., Sugar Refining, 166

Johnson, J. H., Telegraph Conductors and

Cables, 214

Johnson, J. H., Treating Wool, 432

Johnson, J. H., Treating Yarn, 43

Johnson, W. B., Driving Shafts, 20

Jomain, J. M., Venetian Blind, 433

Jones, E. S , Rowing Boats, 468

Jones, F. IL, Wearing Apparel, 349

Jones, F. W., Speed Indicator, 325

Jones, J. G., Mining Machinery, 45.1

Jones, J. R., Bench, 290

Jones, R. B., Signalling, 44

Jones, T., Sashes and Frames, 93

Jones, W., Connecting Pipes, 290

Jones, W., Lamps, 290

Jones and Hedges, Fire Escapes, 350

Jones and Howson, Furnaces, 215

Jordan and Darlington, Hydraulic Machinery, 162

Jossa, F., Lubricators, 544

Josse, G., Ornamenting Surfaces, 45

Jove, J. V. Y., Obtaining Motive Power,

1 fit?

Karker, T., Fog Signals, 83

Kaufmann, C., Collars, &c., 414

Kaufmann, J. M., Travelling Apparatus, 288

Keen, R. E., Thread Reel Frame, 347

Kelly and Laurent, Organs, 190

Kemble, J., Printing Tickets, 45

Kendrick, J., Furnaces, 163

Kennedy, J., Annealing Cast Iron, 413

Kent, J. T-, Taps, 123

Kenyon, J. W., Scumming Apparatus, 163

Kirfoot, J., Mules, 43

Kerr aud McGee, Chain Beaming Apparatus, 291

Kershaw, T., Looms, 44

Kessler, C., Carbonate of Soda, 306

Keymer and Whitehead, Dyeing and

Printing, 391

Kidd, G. H., Fluid Regulator, 290

Kilbee, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 288

Kimball, A., Sewing Machines, 390

Kinder and Kinsey, Gas Engines, 305

King, T., Cleaning Casks, 326

Kirbage, W., Bricks, 507

Kirby, E. A., Instrument Case, 290

Kirk, A. C., Blowing Engines, 486

Kirk, P., Rolling Metal, 20

Kirkaldy, D., Mathematical Instrument for Measuring, 45

Kirkwood, D., Breech-loading Fire arms, 139

Kitchen, J. and W., and Samuels, Railway Brake, 19

Knaggs, W. Sugar, 165

Knowles and Wilding, Wringing, &c., Rollers, 291

Kolm, F., Cutting Sugar Cane, 122

Kraffert, J. J., Repeating Rifle, 543

Krieghoff, E., Spring Mattresses, 543

Kuntsmann, R., Brick Machinery, 213

Kuutsmann, R., Polishing Glass, 326

Ladley, J., Spinning, 506

Lake, W. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 528

Lake, W> R., Cattle Shoes, 506

Lake, R. W., Centrifugal Sugar Machinery, 528

Lake, W. it., Coffee Apparatus, 413

Lake, W. R., Closing Ports, 486

Lake, W. R., Checking, &c., Horses, 527

Lake, W. R., Embalming, 487

Lake, W. R., Fastening Bales, 545

Lake, W. R., Feeding Sugar Machinery, 528

Lake, W. R., Knives, Forks, &c., 529

Lake, W. R., Locks, 545

Lake, W. R., Nutmeg Grater, 544

Lake, W. R., Paper Boxes, 4 68

Lake, W. R., Photographic Coating, 319

Lake, W. R , Railway Couplings, 163

Lake.W. R., Rendering Uninflammable, 165

Lake, W. R., Rotary Engines, 368

Lake, W. R., Screws, 432

Lake, W. R., Scrubbing Machine, 123

Lake, W. R., Sugar, 528

Lake, W. R., Tanning, 432, 450

Lake, W. R., Tapping Casks, &c., 46

Lake, W. R., Water Meter and Pump, 487

Lamb, T. W., Knitting Machines, 191

Lamble, J., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 306

Lamoreux, W., Saws, 191

Lampson, H., Fastening Bales, 45

Lancaster, C. W., Breech-loading Firearms, 190

Laue, F., Photographic Pressure Frames, 122

Laue, J., Heating Feed Water, 163

Langin, A. F., Safety Carriage, 449

Langley, A. A., Railway Brakes, 506

Langsford, H., Harness, &c., 43

Lattu, L., Brakes, 412

Laurent, G. M<, Brake, 412

Laurent, J. T., Setting Razors, 433

Laurys, A. C., Fabric, 348

Law, J., Carding Machinery, 43

Lawton, J. F., Colouring Fabrics. 542

Leader, F. C., Venetian Blinds, 289

Lee, E., Ornamenting Glass, 391

Lee, W., Lime Kilns, 216

Lee aud Lankester, Colours, 528

Leeming, J., Looms, 412

Leigh, E., Landing Stages and Ships, &c., 542

Leonard!, F., Metallic Boxes, 191

Leonard!, F., Pen Boxes, 290

Lersner-Ebersburg, E. Van., Food, 43

Lewis, R., Steam Boilers, 162

Lewis and Archbold, Needle Cases, 389

Lewthwaito, J., Knife Cleaning Machine, 529

Lichdenstadt, E., Water Closets, 213

Liebich, L.. Musical Instruments, 217

Lietar, B., Welding, 166

Lilley, S., Fog Signals, 486

Limbert, J. A., Raising, &c., Bodies, 414

Lindley aud Taylor, Sewing, <fcc., Machines, 123

Lindner, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 503

Lishruan and Chambers, Casting Pipes, 215

Little, G., Combing Machinery, 412

Little, G., Electrical, 487

Livesay, Edwards, aud Jeffreys, Switch

and Signal, 306

Lloyd, E., Treating Fibre, 349

Lock wood and Shaw, Furnaces, 212

Boeder, W., Rails, 163

Logan, G., Punkahs, 191

Lomax, J. and J., “Wagons, 542 Bora, If,., Looms, 288

Losb, W. S., Ammonia-salt, 243

Louther, J. W., Lubricators, 529

Love, Davy, and Metcalf, Pressing Iron, Loveridge, G. L., Tanning, 166 Lovet, A., Park Fences, 544

Lowe, W. S., Sizing Machines 34R Lowe, J. and P„ Printing, 41 Lucas, T.II., Fastening Valves, 437 Lucena, 8. L., Horse-shoes, 242 Lucy, H C , Fastening Bales 122 Luke and Parkes, Bedsteads, 3!9 Luidy, J. J., Hydrocarbons, 214

Luttringhaus, G., Portfolios, &c 349 i Lyttle, W. A., Folding, 192 ’ J

McCallum, A., Motive Power Engines 3 McAndrew, W., Ginning Cotton, 189 McCarthy, S., Boots and Shoes, 216 McCarthy, S., Fastenings, 216

Macintosh, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, McComb. J. J., Coupling Wires, 432 McDonald and Calverly, Printing, 122 McDougall, A., Utilising Clay, 350 Mace, 0., Steam Boilers, 34b'

,Ji' K’’ ^uc,lriil'd Door Knobs, 414 McGlashan, J., Cap for Bottles, 122 McGregor, P., Spinning, 83 Mack, S. D., Cleaning Grain, 2S8 Mackay, W. Bleaching Fibres, &c., 307 McKechnie, J., Applying Heat, 529 Mackenzie and Robinson, Cisterns 433 Mackie, A;, Type-distributing, 190*

Mackm, S. J. Burning Petroleum, &e., 528 McLauchlan, Fi H., Stands, 215 McLean, E., Pianofortes, 43

Ale Liu took, J., Packing Piston-rods, 350 Macnee, J., Carriage Hoods, 48o Macrea, A. 8 , Hydrocarbon Oils 349 Mahler, J., Covedug Walls, 468 ’

Mahon, L. H., Working Wool Designs, 306 Makinson, A.W., Locomotive and Marine

Engines, 162

MaHutt, J. T. A Oxygen and Chlorine, 41 Mauby, P. A., Alloys, 307

Manceaux, F. J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, luO

Mauceaux, F. J., Fire-arms, 436

Manico, E., Breakwaters, &c.,265 Mannix, J. B., Permanent Way, 506 Mansell, G., Name-plates, 99

Mappiu, W. 8., Fire-arms and Ordnance, Marchant and Parker, Generating Steam Marchisio, G. E., Coating Metals 413 Marian, N. M., Travelling Cases,’ 45 Marks. M., Wrist Instrument, 46 Marsden, O. B., Sunshade, 214 Marshall, J., Fluid Gauges, 305

Marshall, J., Gunbarrels and Ordnance 513 Marshall, T. B., Insulating Wires 450 ’ Marshall, W. A., Insulating Wires 44 Marston, W. W., Carving Machinery 45 Martin, C., Steam Engines, 325 Martin, J. C., Packing &c., Size, 389 Martin, R. L., Breech-loading Fire-arms 165 ’

Martin, W., Treadwell Stalls, 192

Martin, W. A., Consuming Smoke 915 Maschwitz, C’., Taps and Valves, 390 Mather, C., Mangling Machinery, 348 Matthews, S., Pump, 469

Matthews, W., Draining Mines, 414

Meixner, F. N., Turbines, 138

Meldrum, E., Gas, 139

Mellin and Ulbricht, Advertising 599

M215n and Ulbrichfc> Oard Distributing, Menuons, M. A. F., Breech-loading Firearms, 349, 389, 368

Mennons, M. A. F., Central-fire Cartridges,

Mennons, M. A. F., Musical, 43

Mennons, M. A. F., Ship’s Alarm Indicator,

M468r’J- J’ aUd A’’ Tauk Loe°raotive, M5n«auk’31 ’ Tfrsseh-loading Fire-arms, OvO 7

Millar, A., Price Stamps, 390

M'Lpr, J. and J. jun., Elastic Gussets, 191

1 Mi in and Potter, Bookbimiino-, 514

Millward, J., Mash Tuns, 528

Millward, J., Steam Engines, 5’7

Mills, B. J. B., Bench Vices, 99

1 Milner, J., Slide Valve Goar.’ 388

Mdc,hell> juu., Watch Bow, 46

1 Mitchell and Laird, Detergent, 19 Mittord, 8,, Teaching Readin.&c., 326 Mocquard, F. A., Gas Burners, 409 Mode. F. la, Incubators, 99 Moll, J. A., Motive Power 449 Monckton, E. H. C„ Batter, 214 Monnet, ()., Manure, 243

Moore and McNeal, Boots and Shoes 413 Moseley, C., India-rubber Thread, 15 Mose ey, J. and <!., Covering Rollers, 543 Morel, A., Winding Machinery, 505 Moreland, R., jun., Floors, 306

Moreland, j an., R., Floors and Rooms, 432

Morgan, G. H., Carriages, 348

! Morgan, G. II. uudE., Carriages, 43

1 Morgan and Hyles, Crucibles, &c , 123

Morrell, J. C., Dry Closets, 45

Morton, J. S., ”


Morvan, A. G., Photographic Engraving 166

Muir, W., Planing Machines, 191 Mulliver, R. B, Horse-shoes, 264 Murphy, J., Raiiwav Carriages, 163 Murphy, W. J., Ordnance. 190 Murray, J. A., Chimney Tops, 213 Mushct, R., Cast Steel, 166

Nadal, J., Portable Fountains, 545 Naugle, W. C., Armour Plating 121 Napier, R. D., Motive Power, 216

Steam Boiler Apparatus, o4o 7

Napier and Rankine, Valve Seats, 485

Nation, W. B., Engines, 450

Nation, W. B., Pump, 390

■^?5cdbam’ J,» Breech-loading Fire-arms, Neumeyer, G. A., Gunpowder, 139 Neve Edo, Aniline and Tar, 214

Newcome, J. II., Warming and Heating,

Newey, J. C., Clasps, 44

Newhall, R., Needle-case, 192

Newington, S., Destroying Vermin, 349

Newington, 8., Horticultural Buildings, 543

Newman, J., Tires, 348,

Newton, A. V., Artificial Legs, 192 Newton, A. V., Bale Fastening, 391 Newton, A. V., Blowing Engines, 527 a -xr n.. !i. -x. ° ’

Newton, 413

Newton, A. V., Casting Railway Wheels, &c., 43

Newton, 165

Communicating in Trains,

Newton, A. V., Boiler, 242 ’

A. V., Breech-loading Fire-arms,

A. V., Coating Ships’ Bottoms,

Newton, A. V., Coupling for Bales, 389

' Nowton, A. V., Catling Veneers, 350

Newton, A. V., Dyeing Apparatus, 191

Newton, A. V., Fastening for Bands, &c.. 319

Newton, A. V., Lead Tin-foil, 289

Nowton, A. V., Picking, &c., Cotton, 506

Newton, A. V., Railways, 306

Newton, A. V., Rivetsand Spikes, 46

Newton, A. V., Safety Coupling, 163

Newton, A. V., Safety Valves, 390

Newton, A. V., Screws and Bolts, 350

Newton, A. V., Sewing Machines, 290

Newton, A. V., Sowing Machines, 413

Newton, A. V., Spinning Yarn, 164

Newton, A. V., Boiler, 163

Newton, A. V., Steam Motors, 121

Newton, A. V., Switch Indicators, 288

Newton, A. V., Water Meter, 291

Newton, W. E., Augers, 191

Newton, W. E., Bale Tiers, 215

Newton, W. E., Boilers. 468

Newton, W. E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 121

Newton, W. E., Butter Boxes, 391

Newton, W. E., Carding Machinery, 83

Newton, W. E., Cleaning Boiler Tubes, 82

Newton, W. E , Cleaning Buildings, 44

Newton, W. E., Colouring Paper, 166

Newton, W. E., Corsets, 306

Newton, W. E., Excavating, 414

Newton, W. E., Extracting Ores, 243

Newton, W. E., Feed-water, 212

Newton, W. E., Hammers, 215

Newton, W. E., Hats Blocking, 215

Nowton, W. E., Hydraulic Engine, 449

Newton, W. E., Ice, &c , 468

Newton, W. E., Improving Combustion, 165

Newton, W. E., Injectors, 188

Newton, W. E., Iron and Steel Casting, 216

Newton, W. E., Looms, 189

Newton, W. E., Photographing Apparatus, 290 ’

Newton, W. E., Pneumatic Apparataus,

Newton, W. E., Pocket Knives, 45

Newton, W. E., Porcelain, 390

Nowton, W. E., Shells. <fcc., 528

Newton, W. E., Spinning, 412

Newton, W. E., Spinning Bobbins, 243

Newton, W E., Spinning, &e., Rollers, 83

Newton, W. E., Steam Hammers, 390

Newton, W. E., Submarine Excavating, 46

Newton, W. E., Sugar Machines, 468

Newton, W. E., Treating Fabrics, 542

Newton, W. E., Treating Vegetable Substances, 243

Newton. W. E , Truss Support, 349

Newton, W. E.» Valve Gear, 449

Newton, W. E., Ventilating, 268

Newton, W. E., Watches, &c., 414

Newton, W. E., Welding, 166

Nicholson, J. Safes, &c., 46

Nicho'son, T. W. Printing Machines for

Lithography, 291

Nicoll, D., Telegraph Conductors, 349

Nield, Yates, and Smith, Looms, 506

Nixon and Winterbottom, Cutlery, 545

N odder, J., Feeding Bottles, 214

Nokes and Bandars’ Lady’s Companion, 191

Norfolk, R., Reaping Machines, 43

Normandy, A. L., Heated Air Engines, 348

Northall and Turnloy, Water Tuyeres, 167

Northrop and Tetley, Fringing Fabrics, 213

Norrington, C., Phosphate of Lime, 165

Norton, J. L., Washing Machinery, 389

Norton, J. N. N., Drying Machines, 541

Nougaret, E., Pouncing Hats, 413

Nunn, E. B., and J. P., Separating Seed, &c., 507

Nuttall, J., Looms, 121

Oaklen and Picken, Enamelling, 528

Ogden and Stephenson, Boilers, 449

Orford, C. W., Portable Bath, 45

Osborne, S., Stays, Belts, &c., 289

Padbury, E. J., Pipes for Smoking, 216

Pain, W., Musical Instruments, 214

Pain and Corroy, Oils. 289

Palmer, E., Ships and Vessels, 213

Palmer. J., Projectile, 20

Pape, W. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 349

Paraire, E. L., Looms. 98

Parkes, A., Coating Tubes, &c., 414

Parkes, J_, Instrument, 291

Parkinson, J. R., Varnish, 412

Parkinson and Sweaney, Slop Pail, 390

Parnell, H., Motive Power Engines, 305

Parry, 8., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 165

Parry aud Freason, Sewage Purifying, 349

Parsons’, P. M., Permanent Way, 242

Paterson, A. J., Fire-arms, Ordnance, &c., 289 ’

Pat.ison, J., Gas, 190

Paton, J., Motive Power Engines, 527

Payne, G., Soap, 165

Pearson J., Ball Valves, 390

Pebardy, T., Stays, &c., 413

Peebles, J., Motive Power Engines. 505

I epper and Pichler, Gymnastic Automata, 123

Perkins, S., Railway Crossings, 486

Perry, G., Lockets, &c., 45

Perry, S., and J. J., Inkstands, 166

Potitjean, T., Fuel Combustion, 99

Petrie, J., Steam Engines, 163

Petrie, jun., J., Washing Machines, 506

Petrie and Ackroyd, Washing Machinery,

Philbois and Marchal, Crinoline Springs, 350

Philips, W. P., and G., and Pearce, Orna-ments, 215

Phillipi, J. F., Pianofortes, 243

Phillips, Smith, J., Steam Cultivating, 306

1 hipps, G. H., Propelling, 121

Pickering, J., Lift, 468

Pickering, J., Raising Weights, &c., 468

Piddington. J., Inkstands, 350

Pilcher. W. W., Horse Hoes, 43

Pilling and Harper, Looms, 506

Pinney, J., Safes, 215

Artificial Fuel, 243

Flatt, B., Chloride of Lime, 369

Player, J., Felting Furnaces, 20

Player, J. H., Phosphorus, 507

Player, W. D., Stopping Bottles, &c., 414

Plenty, L. P., Propelling Engines, 368

Plews, J., Breech-loading Fire arms and

Ordnance, 165, 243

E!CWS’ £ •’Cartridges and Ordnance, 508

Plum, T. W., Drawing off Liquids. 46,191

Pocock, G. P„ Breech-loading Fire-arms 165 ’

Pocock, W. W., Card Distributing, 216

1 ol lard, G., Gas, &c., Regulator, 527

1 oole, JMetallic Hoops, 215

Poole, J., Rollers. &c., 216

Pope, F., Locks, 390

Portlock, J., Cartridge Extractor, 413

Postlethwaite, G. B., Nuts and Washers, 433 ’

Potter, R., Cleaning Grain, 20

Pownall, C. J., Cleaning Streets, 192

Pownal , C. J., Saving Life in Mines, 191

Fownall, C. J., Ventilating Mines, 348

Prangley, W., Gymnastic Apparatus, 289

Pratt, J., type-writing Machine, 99

■P1?™*06’ Waterproofing Cartridges, 190

Prentice and Richardson, Gun Cotton, 508

Preston, Dania, Houghton, and Bottomlev Mules, 189

Fretice, J,, Cigars, 468

Piidoaux, T., Blast Furnaces, 468 Prideaux, T., Heating and Warming, 216

Quelle, C. E.» Muffs, 43

Ramsbottom, G.t Forging, &c., Metals, 242

Ramsbottom, J., Railway Transfer, 264 Ramsbottom, J., Steam Engines, 82 Ramsbottom and Pearce. Turbines. 512

Randall and Adams. Fog Signals, 486

Randolph, C., Propelling Apparatus. 163

Rankin, 15., Oscillating Steam Engines, 505 R 'tcliflc and Wolstencroft, Looms, 506 Rayner and Heath, Knives and Forks, 414

Ray wood, J., Dial, 529

Read, W., Mining Machinery, 391

Redfern, G. F., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 306

Reeves, J. F., Explosive Compounds, 486

Reeves and Muschamp, Explosive Substances, 121

Reilly, J., Making, &c., Roads, 164

Rein, F. C., Acoustic, 213

Reitz, C. B., Fluid Meters, 544

Rhodes, J. W. S., and J., Rag-grinding Machinery, 167

Richards, W., Fire-arms and Cartridges, 43

Richards, W. A., Tobacco Receptacle, 122

Richardson, W., Building Matters, 243

Richardson, W. H., Iron, 44

Richardson and Greenwood, Coupling Carriages, 506

Riddell, W., Disintegrating Wood, 326

Ridley and Withers, Taps and Valves, 544

Ridmayne and Sibery, Fire-grates, 487

Rigby, T., Gun Locks, 243

Rigg, A.. Grinding Grain, 507

Rigg, W., Cap for Vessels. 289

Riggs, H. G., Locks for Fire-arms, 450

Riley, J. Connecting Chain Cables, 46

Ripley, J., Printing Yarns, 528

Ripley and Barker, Boilers, 121

Ritchie, E., Drawing Off Liquids, &c., 544

Ritchie, J., Watch Keys, 216

Roberts, H., Ships’ Pumps, 213

Robertson, J., Fluid Regulator, 46

Robertson, J., Umbrellas, 214

Robertson and Orchar, Finishing Fabrics, 506

Robertson and Waddell, Machine with Reciprocating Motion, 82

Robins, W. B., Fire-arms and Ordnance, 190

Robinson, R.. Regulating Speed, 192

Robinson, J., Economising Fuel, 19, 46

Robinson, J , Feed-water, 46

Robinson, J. G., Kilns and Ovens, 216

Robinson, J., Ornamenting Glass, 123

Robinson, T. B., Artificial Flowers, 468

Robinson and Smith, Motive Power, 98 Robinson and Smith, Saw Frames, 288 Rochussen, T. A., Armour Plating, 529

Rodgers, J , Drums, Pulleys, &c., 167

Rollason, A.. Blasting Cartridges, 122

Rollins, J. G., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 543

Rooney, R. A., Railway and Trucks, 505

Roper, T., Iron and Steel, 432

Roseauz, J. de la Couxdes. Lubricator, 487

Rosenaucr. F., Stiffening Yarns, 243

Rosoman, R. R. L., Motive Power, 164

Ross, T., Lenses, 215

Routledge and Ommanney, Coal Catting Machinery, 45

Rowan, W., Cleaning Fibre. 166

Rowley, G., Safety Lamps. 389

Rowley, J., Treating Paraffin, 190

Rum below and Kendall, Land Rollers, 368

Rupp, A., Speed Regulator, 348

Russell, R., Kitchen Ranges, 544

Russell, G. F., Wheels. 325

Russell, J., Cranes, 216

Ryding, F., Hardening Dental India-rubber, 349

Sainty, J., Fencing, 288

Salmon, P., Gas, 544

Sampson, C. B., Saucepans, Kettles, &c., 165

Samson, W. H., Drying Hops, 306

Samuelson, C. E., Propelling, 138

Sanderson, P. and R., Yarns, 121

Sang, E., Sewing Machines, 122

Saxby, J., Signals and Points, 449

Schad, Aniline, 139

> Scholey, A., Nails, 45

Schoonmaker, S. F., Writing Tablets, 191

Schott and Rosenthall, Yarn, 216, 542

Schucht, J. H., Pianofortes, 190

Scott, II. Y. D., Floors and Roofs, 306

Scott, J., Fire Escapes, 529

Scott, J. W., Needles, 469

Seaton, W., Permanent Way, 432

Sedgwick, S., Nail, &c., Machinery, 414

Selby, W., Lace, 121

Semple, M., Heating and Ventilating, 413

Severn, G., Rails for Tramways, 527

Shand, J., Steam Fire Engines and Boilers, 389

Shanks, A., Metallic Hoops, 166

Shanks, J., Cutting Hair, 468

Sharman, J. L., Lasts, 349

Sharp and Webb, Bessemer Iron and Steel, 433

Shaw, J., Spinning, 288

Shaw, H. W., Ladies* Wearing Apparel, 165

Shaw, R., Motive Power Engines, 287

Shaw, P., Air Engine, 449

Shaw and Appleyard, Bottle Case, 191

Sheard, B., Furnaces, 350

Sheath and Hargreaves, Healds, 389

Sheridan, C., Oakum, 164

Shedden, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms. 389

Shirt, E. W., Edge Tools, 433

Shore, J., Taps and Valves, 507

Shore, S., Spinning and Doubling, 506

Shore, S., Preparing Fibre, 325

Shortrede, R., Correcting Compasses, 507

Shrewsbury, G., Heating Apparatus, 139

Sibley, T., Washing and Churning Machine, 289

Siddaway, E., Smoothing Iron, 289

Siemens, C. W., Electrical, 214

Siemens, C. W., Meter, 389

Siemens, C. W., Pneumatic Despatch, 46

Silvester. J., Weighing Machine, 192

Simms, H., Pianofortes, 389

Simons and Brown, Dredgers, 191

Simpson, G., Mining Machinery, 508

Simpson, J. A., Umbrellas and Parasols, 4r.O

Simpson, J. H., Printing Telegraphs, 413

Simpson, J. I-, Utilising Oils, 290

Simpson, M. II., Preventing Sea-sickness, 166

Simpson, M. II., Shipwreck Chain, 192

Sinibaldi. J., Stoves, 98

Skaife, T., Photographic. 45

Slater, J., Sewing Machines, 487

Slatter, J., Screen for Sifting, 138

Slaughter, E., Locomotive Engines, 163

Sleigh, B. W. A., Hydrostatic Rotary Engines, 162

Sloper, J., Obtaining Motive Power, 162

Smalley and Bridge, Mixing Paint, 529

Smeeton, J., Railway Signalling, 98

Smith, B. H., Papering Needles, 545

Smith, B. J., Protecting Watches, 414

Smith, E. J., Weaving Apparatus, 189

Smith, G., Soap, 391

Smith, G. B., Electric Telegraphs, 190

Smith, H., Preparing Food, 368, 527

Smith, J., Cleaning Waste, 388

Smith, J., Gun-locks, 413

Smith, J. E., Ornamenting Collars, 389

Smith, S., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 528

Smith, W. W., Securing Wheel Tires, 43

Smith and Coventry, Tools, <fcc., 122

Smith and Jackson, Governors, 162

Smith and Ramage, Yarns, 121

Smith and Westhead, Making up Tapes, &C., 44

Smith and Wilson, Preparing Fabrics, 242

Smyth aud Kirby, Musical Instruments, 543

Sodeman,L. C., Fastening for Stays’ Busks, 390

Seller and Barber, Umbrellas and Parasols, 414

Southall, IT., Buckles, 163

Southall and Heap and Tasker, Belts, &c., 46

Speight, G., Shirt-fronts, 165

Speight, J., Spinning, &c., 542

Spence, P , Separating Metals, 468

Spencer, J., Preparing Fibre, 412

Speyser, L. G., Mixing Mortar, 164

Stafford and McCallum, Heating Feedwater, 449

Stallard, W. H., Regulator for Burners, 215

Stanley, J. M., Ladies’ Belt, 214

Stanley, J. M., Shirt-front, 349

Stanton, J., Gun-locks, 190

Stanton, J., Gun-lock, 288

Stenson, J., Iron and Steel, 139

Stephens, F., Vermin Traps, 215

Stevens, E., Securing Doors, &c., 291

Stevens, E., Steels and Forks, 507

Stevens, E., Vessel Handles, 307

Stewart, D. Y., Core Bars, 414

Stidder and Morris, Axle Shafts and Boxes, 350

Stidolph, G. F, and J., and Morley, Shop Fittings, 46

Stafford and McCallum, Bolt, 192

Starr, H., Match-box, 192

Stobbs, W., Driving Shafts, 325

Stocker, A. S., Cap for Bottles, 122

Stocker, A. S., Stopping Bottles, 414 Storey, E., Marine, &c., Boilers, 162, 348 Storey, Bickerdike, and Wilson, Bronzing, 468

Stuart, G., Combing Machinery, 191

Stuart, G., Taps and Valves, 487

Stewart and Smith, Sewing Machines, 544

Stubbs, J., Fire-places, 242

Studley aud Jackson, Combing Apparatus, 121

Sugg, W; T., Lighting Railway Carriages, 164

Summerson, D., Railway Crossings, 213

Sutton, C., Toy, 44

Suverne, E., Purifying Water, 166

Swan, J. W., Treating Gelatine, 139

Swann, J. R., Boilers, 411

Sweurs, H. F., Communicating in Trains,

Swift, H. S., Screw Propeller, 527

Swinburne, J., Furnaces, 527

Syme, J., Central-fire Cartridges, 325

Symm, J., Cattle Racks, 98

Tasker, J., Flooring Material, 46

Tate, C. M., Stationery, 326

Tatham, J., Preparing Fibre, 306

Tatham and Heap, Teazing, &c., Fibre, 506

Taylor, J,, Drawing Rollers, 213

Taylor, J., Seats and Sofas, 528

Taylor, J. G., Chains, &c., 306

Taylor, T., Games, 215

Taylor, W-, Treating Fibre, 43

Taylor aud Lodge, Doubling Yarns, 450

Taylor and Poulson, Securing Sails, 542

Taylor and Winter, Fans aud Screens, 192

Teuniswood. D., Boots and Shoes, 291

Thacker, S,, Knitted Fabrics, 542

Thomas, E., Safety Lamps, 46

Thompson, J., Cutting, &c., Metals, 290

Thompson, J., Gas, 349

Thompson, J., Gas Stoves, 44

Thompson, N., Connecting Pipes and Tubes, 391

Thompson, R. T., Studs and Buttons, 290 Thomson, W., Railway Points aud Switches, 163

Thomson, W. R. M., Cutting Tubes, 98

Thornton, L. and E., Railway Chairs, 189

Thring, E„ Stoves, 325

Thurgar, W. C., Gas Regulator, 350

Thwaites and Carbutt and Sturgeon, Hammers, 325

Tiden, L., Bearings for Railway Axles, 348

Timmins, H., Furniture Springs, 20

Tittering ton, T., Ornamenting, 166

Tivey, T., Weaving, 527

Tivoli, C. de, Breech-loading Fire-arms, <fcc., 508

Toepken, J. V., Packing Match, 290

Tolson, J., Twisting Yarns, 121

Tomlinson, E., Ornamenting, &c., 215

Tomlinson, J., Fireproof Buildings, 543

Tomlinson, J., Ovens, 192

Tomlinson, W., Calico Printing, 389

Tongue, J. G., Bridles and Reins, 348

Tongue, J. G., Drying Yarn, 243

Tongue, J. G., Lace Machinery, 468

Tongue, J. G., Nail Machinery, 45

Tongue, J. G., Reins, 412

Tongue, J. G., Skipping Hoops, 414

Tongue, J. G., Spinning, 242

Tongue, J. G., Steam Engines and Pumps, 348

Toussaint, J., Cement, 165

Toussaint, J., Uniting Cork or Leather, 432

Toward, J., Brick Machinery, 20

Trimble, W., Preparing Fibre, 368

Truefit, H. P., Brushes for Hair, &c., 99

Truss, Ts 8., Pipes, 45

Tucker, E. S., Glass, 414

Turnbull, T. S., Lockets, &c., 349

Turner, A., Elastic Bands, 506

Turner, F. W., Reaping and Mowing Machines, 83

Turner, J., Preventing Oxidation, 349

Turner, L., Elastic Fabrics, 43

Turner and Newton, Carpets, &e., 450

Tyerman, F., Light Shades, 46

Tyler, S. M., Sewing Machines, 414

Ulliel, H., Inflammable Gases, 349

Unsworth, T., Driving Bands, 432

Upward, A., Tapping Gas Mains. 215

Urquhart and Lindsay, Power Looms, 288

Valkmann, F., Ploughs, 43

Vandeputte, F. A. P., Speed Regulator, 847

Vandroy, V., Sashes, 20

Varley, U. and S. A., Electricity, 166

Varley, J., Assorting Fibre, 121

Vaughan and Harston, Fastening for Windows, 507

Vero, C., Hats, 216

Vero, J., Boots and Shoes, 45

Waddington, R. E., Umbrellas, &c., 389

Wadkin aud Shepherd, Burning Limestone, 306

Wadsworth, J., Boots and Shoes, 99

Wahab, O. J., Filter and Washing Machine, 164

Wahab, C. J., Purifying Water, 46

Waldenstrom, E. H., Safety Lamps, 468

Waldenstrom and Bass, Bolts, 215

Walker, B. P., Valves, 368

Walker, J. S., Cutting Coal,826

Walker, T. and T. F., Meter, 391

Walker, T. and T. F., Sounding Machine, 163

Walker, T. and T. F., Steam Boilers, 162

Walker, Money, Little, and Little, jun., Breech-loading Fire-arms and Cartridges, 306

Walker and Pflaum, Stone-crushing Machinery, 390

Waller, F., Door Spring, 469

Waller, G., Filtering Liquids, 217

Walls, J. W., Colouring Fabrics, 487

Walton, E., Mattresses. 243

Walton, F., Making Coffee, &c., 543

Walton and Harlow, Tilting Barrels, 290

Ward, J. E., Hats, &c., 451

Ward and Vergo, Scarfs, 190

Wardwell, C. D. S., Knitting, &c , Needles, 216

Wareing, J., Cricket Spikes, 326

Warmington, E. J., Breech-loading Firearms, 121

Warren, F. P„ Cooking Apparatus, 165

Warren, W., Pumps, 82

Waterman, E., Boots and Shoes, 544

Watkins, F., Shaping Metals, 191

Watson, T., Warping, &c., Yarns, 544

Watteew, E., Nut Tapping Apparatus, 414

Way, W., Manure, 165

Webb, T., Sewing Machines, 544

Webber, W. C., Feeding Bottles, 469

Weber, W., Pens, 166

Webster, J., Lighting and Cooking Apparatus. 43

Webster, Deane, and Rumble, Zinc Paint, 166

Weems and Robertson, Motive Power Engines, 287

Weigand, C., Umbrellas and Parasols, 326

Weguelin and Hirst, Generating Storm, 305

Weldon, W., Chlorine, 166

Wells, G. M., Lasts, 192

Wells and Pryor, Brackets, 389

Wenham, F. H., Heated Air Engines, 411

Wenner, C., Preventing Draught, 306

Werndle, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 468

West and Darlington, Motive-power Transferring. 326

Westwood, J., Turrets and Broadsides, 5 ’9

Westwood and Baillie, Safes, 290

Westwood and Baillie, Coating Ships, 412

Wetton and Gaiworthy, Fluid Regulators, 529

Whateley, C. F., Vaporiser, 529

Wheatstone, C., Elecric Telegraphs, 214 Whitaker, J., Steam Boilers, 348 Whitby, T., Ships and Vessels, 165

White. G., Levelling, &e., Instruments, 291 Whitehurst and Walsh, Looms, 506 Whitley, J., Taps and Valves, 414 Whittaker and Croasdale, Healds, 507

Whitworth, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 507

Widnall, S. P., Bench, 192

Wield, W., Winding Machines, 506

Wiiby, W., Straps and Belts, 191

^34 ’ J’’juu’’ <-,’oudensing Steam Engines,

Wilde, IL, Electro-magnetic Machines, 413 Wilde, H., Magneto-electric Machines. 413 Wilde, S. de, Probe, 192

Wilkins, J., Cigarette Mould, 191 Wilkinson, W., Catching Fish, 529 Wilkinson, W. F., Horse Hoes, 527

Willcock and S. Mason, jun., Wheel Moulding Machines, 390

Williamson, J., Alkalies, 44

Williams, T., Doubling Fibre, 213

Wilmet, C., Tanning, 507

Wilson, H., Taps and Valves, 469

Wilson, N. W., Sewing Machines, 469

Wilson, R , Steam Governors, 368

Wilson, 8., Bale Fastening, 166

Wilson and Baily, Call Bells, &c., 350

Winder, J. H., Rotary Pump, 411

Winder, R., Packing, 189

Winslow, K. J., Velocipedes, 542

Winstanley, jun., D., Photographic Relief, 44

Wise, W. L., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 214

Withy and Cotterel, Bottle Cases, 389

Wolf, E., Smoking Pipes, 529

Wolstenholme It., Textile Fabrics, 486

Wolstenholme and Holt, Valves, 212

Wolverson, jun., J., Locks and Keys, 450

Wood, C., Thermometer, 46

Wood, T., Safety Valves, 542

Wood, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 139

Wood, W., Fabrics, 189

Wood, W., Preparing Rag Fibre, 486

Wood, W., Rag Machines, 390, 468

Wood, W., and J. W., Fibrous Yarns. 189

Wood, W., and J. W., Yarns, 121

Woods, A., Hammock, 122

Woods, J., Signalling, 486

Woodbury and Ashton, Designing on Paper, 451

Woodroffe,S. W., Sanitary, &c., Apparatus, 44

Woodruff and Browning, Sowing Machines,

Woodruff, G. B., Sewing Machinery, 215

Woodward, J. G., Generating Steam, 347

Woollatt, R., Dentical Instrument, 45

Woolrich, M., Cure of Foot-rot, 325

Wornum, A. N„ Pianofortes, 507

Worrall, J. M., Piled Fabrics, 121

Worssam, S. W., Wood Machinery, 433

Worth, S. P., Sweeping Carpets, 529

Wortley, S., Incubator, 390

Wotton, W. Candlesticks, 391

Wren and Hopkinson, Dressing Slates, 123

Wright, G. W., Sewerage, 288

Wright, H. B., Feed-water, 242

Wright and Cobley, Treating Lead Ores 243

Wrigley, T., Fire-places, 432

Wycherley, J., Watches, 432

Wyley, A., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 414

Y°ung, r,, Needle Cases, &c., 544

A.°rk, H. K., Heating and Warming, 265

  • °ung and Brash, Distilling, 349

ates, J. W., Spade, <fcc., Handles, 412

1 «ung, G., Lamps, 349

xlhstracts of ^permeations. SUBJECT MATTER.

Accidents, Preventing Railway, W. E.

Hickhng, 121

Acoustic, F. C. Rein, 213

Advertising, J. Dunbar, 487

Advertising, H. W. Hart, 191

Advertising Apparatus, J. H. Johnson, 191

Advertising, Mellin and Ulbricht, 215, 529

Advertising, W. W. Pocock, 216

Alkalies, J. Williamson, 44

Alloys, P. A. Manby, 307

Ammonia-Salt, W. S. Losh, 243

Anchor, Weighing, F. R. A. Glover, 411

Anchors, J. C. Hadden, 189

Anchors, T. M. Gladstone, 183

Aniline, L. Schad, 139

Aniline and Tar, E. de Neve, 214

Animal, &c., Matters, Preserving, AV. Clark, 243 „

Animal Substances, Preserving, C. E.

Brooman, 528

Animal, &c., Substances, Preserving, J.

and A. Gamgee, 413

Apparel, Wearing, A. Foucaut, 190

Apparel, Wearing, F. H. Jones, 349

Apparel, Ladies’ Wearing, H. AV. Shaw, 165

Armour-plating, J. Benson, 243

Armour-plating, F. Berney, 214

Armour-plating, W. C. Naugle, 121

Armour-plating, T. A. Rochussen, 529

Augers, W. E. Newton, 191

Automata, J. S. Cavell, 44

Awnings, Cole and Horton, 305

Axle, S. Cocker, 506 .

Axle Shafts and Boxes, Stidder and Morris, 350

Axles, Lubricating, G. Haseltine, 164

Bags, Travelling, Drew, Southwell, and

White, 487

Bale Tiers. W. E. Newton, 215

Bales, Packing, J. Clark, 215

Baling Bands, A. V. Newton, 389

Balloons, M. Henry, 326

Bands, Driving, M. J. Haines, 289

Bands, Driving, T. Unsworth, 432

Bands, Elastic. A. Turner, 506

Banks, Preserving River, W. E. Gedge. 44

Barrels and Ordnance, Gun, J. Marshall, 543

Barrels, Tilting, Walton and Harlow, 290

Bars, Bending Metal, T. Berney, 123

Bars, Core, Horsley and Knighton, 44

Bars, Core, D. Y. Stewart, 414

Bathing Apparatus, W. Clark, 468

Bath, Portable, C. AV. Orford, 45

Bath, Travelling, W. H. Bailey, 3S9

Bearings, Axle, H. Allman, 542

Bearings for Railway Axles, L. liden, MS

Bedsteads, Luke and Parkes, 319

Bolls, &c.. Call, Wilson and Bailey BoO

Bells Steel, Farmer and Balmfortli, 4u0

Belt,’Ladies’, J. M. Stanley, 214

Bolts, <fcc», Southall, Heap, and Tasker, 46

Bench, J. R. Jones, 290

Bench, 8. P. AViduall, 192

Beton, M. Henry, 192

Biscuits, J. Hickisson, 413

Bits. Bridle, H. W. Achgelis, 390

Bleaching. T. Gray, 41

Bleaching Fibres, &c., AV. Mackay, 307

Blind, Venetian, J. M. Jomain, 433

Blinds, Venetian, F. C. Leader, 289

Blowing, W. Clark, 390

Boards, Marking, AV. H. Burroughs, 123

Boats, T. Fancheaux, 486

| Boat Rowing Apparatus, E. S. Jones, 468

Bobbins, E. T. Hughes. 542

Bobbins, A. and H. Illingworth, 348

Bobbins, Spinning, W. E. Newton, 24»

Boiler, J. Buhrer, 264

Boiler, AV. Exall, 188

Boiler, Marchent and Parkin, 347

Boiler, A. V. Newton, 163, 242 _

Boiler, Weguelin and Hirst, 305

Boiler, J. G. Woodward, 347 .

Boiler Apparatus, R. D. Napier, 348

Boilers, J. Alison, 305

Boilers, Bridges and Bigwood, 82

Boilers, T* Beeley, 318

Boilers, T. Cowburn, 368

Boilers, T. Dunn, 368

Boilers, W. E. Gedge, 264

Boilers, AV. and D Fiskin, 24?

Boilers, B. Harlow, 242

Boilers, P. Heynes, 121

Boilers, R. James, 264

Boilers, R., Lewis, 162

Boilers, C. Mace. 348

Boilers, W. E. Newton, 468

Boilers, Ogden and Stephenson, 449

Boilers, Ripley and Barker, 121

Boilers, J. R.» Swann, 411

Boilers, T. and T. F. Walker, 162

Boilers, J. Whitaker, 348

Boilers, Marine, &c., E. Storey, 162, 348

Boilers, Preventing Incrustation m, P. J.

J. Allibert, 527

Boilers, Tubular, Howard and Bousfield, 163

Bolts, Waldenstrom and Bass, 215

Bolt, Stafford and M‘Callum, 192

Bookbinding, F. Brampton, 192

Bookbinding, Millin and Potter, 544

Book-keeping, H. A. Bonneville, 45

Borers, Rock, F. B. Doering, 191

Boring Machinery, Rock, T. Berreno, 350

Boring Machinery, Rock. F. S. Crease, 216

Boring Engines, Rock, F. B. Deering, 44, 191

Boots aud Shoes, W. Chapman, 166

Boots and Shoe, W. Clark, 167

Boots and Shoes, Greenwood and Keats, 291

Boots and Shoes, B. Hunt, 215

Boots and Shoes, J. H. Johnson, 544, 644

, Bools and Shoes, S. M‘Carthy, 216

Boots aud Shoes, Moore and M‘Neal, 413

Boots and Shoes, D. Tenniswood, 291

Bootsand Shoes, J. Wadsworth, 99

Boots and Shoes, E. Waterman, 541

Boots and Shoes, J. Vero, 45

Boots and Shoes, Cleaning, Churchman

and Braby, 890

Bottles, W. Dennis, 487

Bottle Cases, Adam and Schuman, 413

Bottle Cases, Shaw and Appleyard, 191

Bottle Cases, Withy and Cotterell, 389

t Bottles, Feeding, J. Nodder, 214

Bottles, Feeding, AV. C. Webber, 469

Bottle Frames, G. Ireland, 291

J Bottles, Stopping, P. Duchamp, 390

Bottle Stopper, F. Hutchinson. 215

Bottle Stopper, P. D. Collins, 290

Bottles, &c., Stopping. AV. D. Player, 414

Boxes, AV. E. Newton, 391

Box, Combined Match, G. Davies, 514

Box, Letter, AV. Dennis, 215

Box, Match, H. Starr, 192

Boxes, Metallic, F. Leonardt, 191

Boxes, Paper, AV. R. Lake, 468

Boxes, Pen, F. Leonardt, 290

Braces, J. Evans, 45

Brake, G. A. Laurent, 412

Brakes, L. Lathe, 412

Brake, Railway, J. and AV. Kitchen, and Samuels, 19

Brakes, Railway, A. A. Langley, 506

Brackets, AVells and Pryor, 389

Breakwaters, &c., E. M .nico, 265

Bricks, <fcc., W Clark, 450

Bricks, J. Foxley, 243

Bricks, AV. Kirbage, 507

Bricks, &c., AV. Hodson. 450

. Brick Machinery, AV. Clark, 288

Brick Machinery, T. R. Crampton, 543

Brick Machinery, R. Kuntsmann, 213

Brick Machinery, J. Toward, 20

Bridle, Safety, A. G. Hills. 486

L Bronzing, Storey, Bickerdike, and Wilson, 468

Brooms, II. A. Bonneville, 468

Brushes for Hair, &e., H. P. Truefitt, 99

Brushes, Rotary, S. llolness, 413

Buttons, G. A. Huddart, 529

Buttons, &c., Securing, J. Hesso, 432

Buckle, J. D. Bullough, 217

Buckles, R. Couchman, 487

Buckles, H. Southall, 163

Buckets, J. Bird, 527

Buffers, Railway, T. IT. Cooper, 163

Buildings, Cleaning, W. E. Newton, 44

Buildings, Fireproof, J. Tomlinson, 543

Buildings, Horticultural, 8. Newington, 532

Building Matters, W. Richardson. 243

Bungs and Taps, J. K. Heywood, 44

Buoys, Salvage, F. C. Buison, 138

Burners, Gas, F. A. Mocquard, 469

Burners, Regulator for, W. II. Stallard, 215

Butter, E. H. C. Monckton, 214

Cable Holders, Chain. W. II. Warfield, 122 Cable Stoppers, Baker and Im ray, 163 Cables, Connecting Chain, J. Riley, 46 Cages, Safety, J. P. Harper, 413 Calico Printing, W. Tomlinson, 389 Camera, Fournet and Nadaud, 46 Candles, B. Biggs, 191 Candlesticks, S. Clarke, 391 Candlesticks, II. R. Du Pre, 349 Candlesticks, Dean and Wheeler, 217 Candlesticks, W. Wotton, 391 Cap for Bottles, <fcc., G. Davies, 45 Cap for Bottles, A. S. Stocker, 122 Cap for Bottles, J. McGlashan, 122 Cap for Vessels. W. Rigg, 2*9 Capstans, Ships’, W. H. Bigglcston, 163 Capsules, A. 8. Stocker, 414 Carburetters, W. Clark, 123 Cardboard, G. Backhouse, 43 Cards, Grinding, J. S. Dransfield, 213 Carding Machinery, J. B. Booth, 265 Carding Machinery, F. A. Calvert, 164 Carding Machinery, Feeding, J. Ferrabee, 288

Carding Machinery, W. E. Gedi;c, 164

Carding Machinery, J. Law, 43

Carding Machinery, W. E. Newton, 83

Carpets, &c., Turner and Newton, 450

Carpets, Sweeping, S. P. Worth, 529

Carriages, G. H. and E. Morgan, 43

Carriages, G. H. Morgan, 348

Carriages. &c., J. Cockshoot, jun., 163

Carriage Heads, Raising, W. Botwood, 82

Carriage Heads, Raising, E. Harvie, 412

Carriage Hoods. J. Macnee, 486

Carriages, Lighting Railway, F. C. Cambrelin, 213

Carriages, Lighting Railway, W. T. Sugg, 164

Carriage, Safefy, A. F. Langin, 449

Carriages, Starting, W. Clark, 348

Carriages, Railway, C. E. Brooman, 163

Carriages, Railway, J. Murphy, 163

Carriages, Transferring Railway, J. Rams-bottom, 264

Cartridges, C. E. Brooman, 528

Cartridges, Shot, L. B. Bruen, 528

Cartridges, J. W. Cochran, 544

Cartridges, G. H. Daw, 349

Cartridges, E. Delessert, 528

Cartridges, G. Haseltine, 190

Cartridges, Blasting, A. Rollason, 122

Cartridges, Central-fire, W. Clark, 413

Cartridges, Central-fire, M. A. F. Mennons, 413

Cartridges, Central-fire, J. Syme, 325

Cartridge Extractor, J. Portlock, 413 Cartridges and Ordnance, J. Plews. 508 Cartridges, Waterproofing, E. C. Prentice, 190

Carving Machinery, W. W. Marston, 45 Cases, Cartridge, C. E. Brooman, 214 Caso, Instrument, E. A. Kirby, 290 Case, Needle, R. Newhall, 192

Cases, Needle, Lewis and Archbold, 389

Cases, &c., Needle, R. Young, 544

Cases, Travelling, N. M. Marian, 45

Casks, Cleaning, E. Allen, 167

Casks. Cleaning, T. King, 326

Casks, Stopping, W. Harrell, 390

Cement, J. Toussaint, 165

Chair, H. A. James, 165

Chairs, C. G. Gumpel, 325

Chairs, Railway, A. Davy, 83

Chairs, Railway, L. and E. Thornton, 189

Chains, J. H. Johnson. 45

Chains, &c., J. G. Taylor, 306

Chain Beaming Apparatus, Kerr and Mac Gee, 291

Chains and Cables, T. M. Gladstone, 46

Chair, Shipwreck, M. H. Simpson, 192

Charcoal, Animal, J. F. Bringes, 368

Chemical, I. Baggs, 122

Chimney Top, J. Capper, 288

Chimney Tops, D. S. Chater, 20, 213

Chimney Tops. J. A. Murray, 213

Chlorine, W. Weldon, 166

Chlorine, &c., H. B. Condy, 165

Cigarette Mould, J. Wilkins, 191

Cigars, J. Pretice, 468

Cisterns, Mackenzie and Robinson, 433

Clasps, J. C. Newey, 44

Clay, &c., Grinding, H. Goodfellow, 121

Clay, Utilising, A. McDougall, 350

Clocks, J. T. Griffin, 191

Clocks, J. J. E. R. Handin, 192

Clocks, &c., W. E. Gedge, 20

Clocks, Winding, C. E. Brooman, 350

Closets, Dry, J. C. Morrell, 45

Coffee Apparatus, W. R. Lake, 413

Coffee, &c., Apparatus, F. Walton, 543

Coffee Hullers, H. A. Bonneville, 45

Coke, Carting, Breckon and Dixon, 389

Coke and Charcoal, H. Chamberlain, 165

Collars, &c., C. Kaufmann. 414

Collars, Ornamenting, J. E. Smith, 389

Colours, Lee and Lankester, 528

Colouring Matters, C. E. Brooman, 44

Colouring Matter, Green, W. Clark, 43

Combing Apparatus, Studley and Jackson, 121

Combing Machinery, W. Hopkinson, 121

Combing Machinery, G. Little, 412

Combing Machinery, G. Stuart, 191

Combustion, Improving, H. E. Falk, 289

Combustion, Improving, W. E. Newton, 165

Combustion, Promoting, E. T. Hughes, 349

Companion, Ladies’, Nokes and Sanders, 191

Compasses, Correcting, R. Short rede, 507

Compasses, Protecting from Attraction,

J. S. Gisborne, 349

Conductors and Cables, Telegraph, J. II.

Johnson, 214

Conductors, Lightning, T. W. Gray, 529

Conductors, Telegraph, D. Nicoll, 349

368^n^ Apparatus, Gravely and Ewing,

Cooking Apparatus, Gas, Hill and Wilberforce, 306

Cooking Apparatus, F. P. Warren, 165

Cooking, &c., Apparatus, J. Webster, 43

Coolers, Wine, &c., H. Clifton, 414

Copying Machine, W. Clark, 468

Cords and Ropes, W. Guest, 122

Cork or Leather, Uniting, J. Toussaint, 432

Corks for Bottles, Treating, W. Gilbey, 166

Cork screws,II. Bateman, 99

Corsets, T. Pebardy, 413

Corsets, W. E. Newton, 306

Corsets, L. C. Sod eman, 390

Cotton, Ginning, W. McAndrew, 189

Cotton, Gun, Prentice and Richardson, 508

Cotton. Picking and Ginning, A. V.

Newton. 506

Cotton Seeds, Treating, F. H. Gossage, 46 Coupling Carriages, Richardson and Greenwood, 506

Coupling Railway, Butler and Dalgety, 83 Couplings, Railway, W. Chippendale, 164 Couplings, Railway, W. R. Lake, 163 Coupling. Safety, A. V. Newton, 163 Coupling Wires, J. J. McComb, 432 Cranes, R. Duncan, 414 Cranes, J. Russell, 216 Crinolines, C. Colman, 214

Crinoline Springs, Philbois and Marchal, 350

Crossings, Railway, J. and E. Firth, 121

Crossings, Railway, S. Perkins, 486

Crossings, Railway, D. Summerson, 213 Crucibles, &c., Morgan and Hyles, 123 Cultivating Steam, J. Phillips Smith, 306 Cultivator, Greig, Burton, and Parker, 243 Cultivators, R. Higeins, 432

Cushion, J. Edwards, 188

Cushion, Horseshoe, G. Haseltino, 306 Cutlery, Nixon and Winterbottom, 545

Despatch, Pneumatic, C. W. Siemens, 46 Detergent, Mitchell and Laird, 19 Dial, J. Ray wood, 529

Dibbling Machines, J. Freer, 83

Digging Machine, Rotary, G. Davies, 412 Distilling, S. J. Browning. 44 Distilling, Young and Brash, 349

Distilling Coal Shale, Buhrer and Price, 243

Doors, &c., Centres for, J. Barker, 487 Doors, Closing, &c., Deain and Sutton, 20 Doors, &c., Securing, E. Stevens, 291 Doubling and Twisting, S. M. Grover, 506 Draughts, Preventing, J. Hoadly, 189 Draught, Preventing, C. Wenner, 306 Dredgers, Simons aud Brown, 191

Drilling Machinery, T. R. and T. W.

Harding, 19

Drilling Machines, W. Clapperton, 45 Drilling Machines. A. B. Brown, 289 Drill Chuck, G. Churchill, 44 Drills, Manure, C. G. Qillyatt. 507 Drying and Evaporating, G. Gordon, 527 Drying Machines, J. N. N. Norton, 544 Dross, Treating, J. Graham, 289 Drums, Pulleys, &c.. J. Rodgers, 167 Dyeing Apparatus, A. V. Newton, 191 Dyeing and Printing, Keymer and White-head, 391

Ear Stoppers, W. Clark, 469

Earthenware, Atterbury and Woolf, 20 Easel, R; Day, 487

Electrical Apparatus, A. Apps, 190

Electricity, Generating, &c., J. Baker, 543 Electric Telegraphy, C. E. Brooman, 190 Electrical Apparatus, J. P. Gillard, 122 ( Electrical, G. Little, 487

Electrical, C. W. Siemens, 214

Electro-Magnetic Machinery, H. Wilde, 413

Electricity, C. and S. A. Varley, 166

Embalming, W. R. Lake, 487

Emery, R. J. Edwards, 44

Enamelling, G. Higginson, 468

Enamelling, Oaklen and Picken, 528

Engines, W. B. Nation, 450

Engine, Air, P. Shaw, 449

Engines, Beer, M. Henry, 369

Engines, Beer, J. Holmes, 544

Engines, Blowing, A. C. Kirk, 486

Engines, Blowing, A. V. Newton, 527 Engines, Gas, Kindei* and Kinsey, 305 Engine, Hydrostatic, C. G. Braxton, lb Engine, Hydraulic, W. E. Newton, 449 Engines, Heated Air, A. L. Normandy, 348

Engines, Hydrostatic Rotary, B. W; A.

Sleigh, 162

Engines, Heated Air. F. H. Wenham, 411 Engines, Jacquard, Howarth, and M. and

J. Pearson, 189

Engines, Locomotive* &c., J. H. Johnson, 542

Engines, Locomotive, M. Henry, 305

Engines, Locomotive and Marine, A. W Makinson, 162

Engine, Tank Locomotive, J. J- and A.

Meyer, 468

Engines. Locomotive, E. Slaughter, 163 .

Engines, Oscillating Steam, D. Rankin, 505

Engines, Road Traction, J. H. Johnson, 212

Engines, Rotary, W. Clark, 61, 163

Engines, Rotary, W. R. Lake, 368

Engines, Steam, J. Field, 61

Engines, Steam, C. Martin, 325

Engines, Steam, J. Millward. 527 >

Engines. Steam, J. Petrie, 163

Engines, Steam, J. Ramsbottom, 82

Engines, Steam Fire, and Boilers, J. Shand, 389 T .

Engines, Steam Condensing, J. Wild, jun., 347

Engines, Steam, and Pumps, J. G. Tongue, 348

Envelopes, L. Foinquinos, 433

Envelopes, E. Hely, 349

Evaporating, M. Henry, 165

Excavating, W. E. Newton, 414

Excavating, Submarine, W. E. Newton, 46 Explosive Substance, Reeves and Mus-champs, 121

Explosive Compounds, J. F. Reeves, 486

Fabrics, W. Crighton,.S3

Fabrics, Gadd and Baillon, 506

Fabric, E. Frith, 265

Fabric, A. C. Laurys, 348

Fabrics, W. Wood, 189

Fabrics, J. M. Worrall, 121

Fabric, Brace, S. H. Foster, 242

Fabrics, Colouring, J. F. Lawton, 542

Fabrics, Colouring, J. W. Wales, 487

Fabrics, Designing on, Brickies, Berry, and

Jackson, 527

Fabrics, Double, J. Helmsley, 543

Fabrics, Doubling, H. Ermen, 242

Fabrics, Dressing, W. E. Gedge, 189

Fabrics, Drying, W. Clark, 368

Fabrics, Elastic, S. Belfield, 164

Fabrics, Elastic, L. Turner, 43

Fabrics, Exhibiting, G. Chambers, 414

Fabrics, Finishing, Robertson and Orcnar, 506

Fabrics, Folding, J. C. Ellison, 189

Fabrics, Fringing, J. Craven, 189

Fabrics, Fringing, Northrop and Tetley, 213

Fabrics, Knitted, S. Thacker, 542

Fabrics, Linking, &c., W. Campion, 138

Fabrics, Marking, Frank and Goody, 348

Fabrics, Ornamenting, J. H. Johnson, 350 Fabrics, Preparing, Smith and Wilson, 242 Fabrics, Pressing, &c., L. Cobe, 122 Fabrics, Printing, Green and Laycock, 265 Fabrics, Printing, J. H. Johnson, 412 Fabrics, Stretching, Baker and Lindley, 138

Fabrics, Textile, J. Booth, 412

Fabrics. Textile, R. Wolstenholmo, 486

Fabrics, Treating, J. E. Brown, 164 Fabrics, Treating, W. E. Newton, 542 Fabrics, Woven, J. D. Brickies, 527 Fastener for Lamp, J. Harding, 215 Fastenings, S. McCarthy, 216

Fastenings, Fontenoy and Doffeld, 20

Fastenings, J. H. Johnson, 44

Fastening Bales, J. T. Binfield, 350

Fastening Bales, H. Fassman, 529 Fastening Bales, H. Lampson, 45 Fastening Bales, W. R. Lake, 414 Fastening Bales, T. H. Lucas, 487

Fastening Bales, A. V. Nevzton, 391

Fastening, Bale, S Wilson, 166

Fastening Bales, H. C. Lucy, 122

Fastening Bales, W. R. Lake, 515

Fastening for Bales, II. Passman, 414

Fastening for Bands, &c., A. V. Newton, 349

Fastening for Boxes, J.‘ Ashford, 216

Fastenings, Brooch, J. J. Blackham, 349

Fastening for Gloves, J. H. Johnson, 390

Fastenings for Pocket Book, G. Haseltine, 191

Fastening Windows, M. Cavanagh, 349

Fastening for Windows, Vaughan and Harston, 507

Fans and Screens, Taylor and Winter, 192

Fatty Matters, Treating, W. Barratt, 307

Feed-water, W. E. Newton. 212

Feed-water, J. Robinson, 46

Feed-water, H. B. Wright, 242

Feed-water, Heating, K. Barnes. 449

Feed-water, Heating, J, Lane, 163

Feed-water, Heating, Stafford and McCallum, 449

Fences, P. Dickenson, 412

Fences, J. H. Johnson, 192

Fences, Park, A. Lovet, 544

Fencing, E. C. Greening, 432

Fencing, J. Sainty, 288

Fender Mould, Bate and Asher, 215

Fibre, Assorting, J. Varley, 121

Fibre, Cleaning, W. Rowan, 166

Fibre, Doubling, J. Williams, 213

Fibre, Drawing, J. Combe, 288

Fibre, Preparing, Ackroyd and Maud, 121

Fibre, Preparing, W. Brighton, 450

Fibre, Preparing, Galloway and Bettie, 507

Fibre, Preparing, J. M. Hetherington, 189

Fibre, Preparing, S. Shore, 325

Fibre, Preparing, J. Spence, 412

Fibre, Preparing, J. Tatham, 306

Fibre, Preparing, W. Trimble, 368

Fibre, Preparing Rag, W. Wood, 486

Fibre, Separating, F. Bauman, 216

Fibre, Teazing, <fcc., Tatham and Heap, 506

Fibre, Treating, J. W. Burton, 542

Fibre, Treating, W. P. Butchart, 506

Fibre, Treating, R. H. Collyer, 468

Fibre, Treating, B. H. Collyer, 412

Fibre, Treating, W. Taylor, 43

Fibre, Treating, E. Lloyd, 349

Fid, H. A Bonneville, 486

Files, G. T. Bousfield, 508

File-cutting Machines, J. H. Johnson, 45

Filters, J. Fox, 390

Filter, G. Waller, 217

Filter and Washing Machine, C. J. Wahab, 164

Finings, D. W. Hamper, 166

Fire-arms, J. Box, 243

Fire-arms, J. H. Johnson, 214

Fire-arms, A. Henry, 165

Fire-arms, J. Mackintosh, 164

Fire-arms, F. G. Manceaux, 486

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. Bacon, 289

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Clark, 432, 468

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. W. Cochran, 508

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. R. Cooper, 165, 325

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, K. H. Cornish, 529

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Benson and Von der Poppenburg, 165

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. F. Bland, 306

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. H. Burton, 190

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, P. Dagnail, 190

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. Dines, 98

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, Dowling and Greves, 190

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, P. Ellis, 214

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. W. P. Field, 214

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. P. Gray, 325

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. A. Gilbee, 528

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. de Grelle, 543

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. Hahn, 468

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, H. Haschke, 306

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. Haseltine, 349

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. Hayman, 165

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. J; Hill, 214

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Horsley, 544

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. H. Johnson, 289

Firearms, Breech-loading, W. Kilbee, 288

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, D. Kirkwood, 139

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. R. Lake, 528

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. W. Lancaster, 190

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E, Lindner, 508

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, F. J. Manceaux, 165

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, M. A. F. Men-nons, 349, 389

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, and Cartridges, M. A. F. Mennons, 368

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. M. Milbank, 306

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, R. L. Martin, 165

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Needham, 529

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, A. V. Newton, 413

Fire-arms, Breesh-loading, W. E. Newton, 121

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. R. Pape, 349

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. P. Pocock, 165

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. F. Redfern, 306

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. G. Rollins, 543

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Shedden, 389

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, S. Smith, 528

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. de Tivoli, 508

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. J. Warmington, 121

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Werndlo, 468

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Whitworth, 507

Fire arms, Breech-loading, W. L. Wise, 214 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. Wood, 139 Fire-arms, Breech-loading, A. Wyley, 414

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, and Cartridges,

Walker, Money, Little, and Little, jun., 306

Fire-arms, Breeeh-loading, and Ordnance, J. Bishop, 306

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, and Ordnance, J. Plews, 165, 243

Fire-arms and Cartridges, W. Richards, 43

Fire-arms and Ordnance, W. S. Mappin, 190

Fire-arms and Ordnance, H. D. P. Cunningham, 190

Fire-arms and Ordnance, W. B. Robins, 190

Fire-arms and Ordnance, G. Hookham, 190

Fire-arms, Ordnance, &c., A, J. Paterson, 289

Fire-arms, Repeating, J. J. Kraffert, 543

Fire Alarm, T. Crossley, 544

Fire-bars, W. 0. Cambridge, 486

Fire-bars, J. Grundy, 449

Fire Escape, Jones and Hedges, 350

Fire Escapes, J. Scott, 529

Fires, Extinguishing, E. Casper, 469

Fires, Lighting, J. F. Donnelly, 215

Fires, Lighting, W. Baker, 166

Fire-places, H. A. Dufrene, 20

Fire-places, J. Stubbs, 242

Fire-places, T. Wrigley, 432

Fire-places, Gas, E. W. Ball, 450

Fish, Catching, W. Wilkinson, 529

Fittings, Shop, G. F. and J. Stidolph, and Morley, 46

Flax, &c., Pulling, G. Haseltino, 213

Flax, &c., Scutching, E. Braiser, 288 Flax-stopping Machine. W. E. Gedge, 34S Flax, Treating, C. D. Abel, 164

Flooring Material, J. Tasker, 46

Floors, R. Moreland, jun., 306

Floors, Fire-proof, D. Birkett, 528

Floors and Roofs, H. Y. D. Scott, 306

Floors and Rooms, R. Moreland, jun., 432

Flowers, Artificial, T. B. Robinson, 463

Flute, R. Carte, 43

Flux, J. H. Johnson, 543

Foil, Lead-Tin, A. V. Newton, 289

Folding, W. A. Lyttle, 192

Food, E. Van Lersner-Ebersburg, 43

Food, Preserving, J. H. Johnson, 217

Food, Preparing, H. Smith, 368, 527

Food, E. Von L. Ebersburg, 214

Forks, Iron, W. E. Gedge, 507

Forks, Weft, J. Broadbent, 98

Forks, Weft, S. and J. Cook, 189

Fortifications, J. Brown, 543

Forts, <fcc., Protecting, Dawson and Davies, 468

Fountains, Portable, J. Nadal, 545

Frames, Photographic, F. Lane, 122

Frames, Spinning, T. Craven, 243

Frames, Twisting, T. Gill, 265

Frame, Thread Reel, R. E. Keen, 347

Fuel, J, Robinson, 46

Fuel, T. Humphrys, 350

Fuel, Artificial, D. Barker, 189

Fuel, Artificial, J. Bird, 165

Fuel, Artificial, J. and J. Bird, 468

Fuel, Artificial, Plant and Talton, 243

Fuel, Combustion of, T. Petijean, 99

Fuel, Economising, J. Robinson, 19

Fuel, Igniting, H. A. Bonneville, 468

Furnaces, Barlow and Edmeston, 486

Furnaces, J. Clayton, 166

Furnaces, A. Craig, 213

Furnaces, &c., Dickens, Heywood, and Holland, 42

Furnaces , J. Haworth, 121

Furnaces, W. Heginbottom, 34S

Furnaces, J. A., aud J. jun., Hopkinson, 324

Furnaces, Jones and Howson, 215

Furnaces, J. Hendrick, 163

Furnaces, Lockwood and Shaw, 212

Furnaces, B. Shoard, 350

Furnaces, J. Swinburne, 527

Furnaces, Blast, W. Clark, 215

Furnaces, Blast, T. Prideaux, 468

Furnaces, Felting, J. Player, 20

Furnaces, Regulating Supply of Air to, J. W. Begg, 505

Furnaces, Supplying Air to, Hamer and Davies, 368

Gaines, T. Taylor, 215

Gauges, Fluid, J. Marshall, 305

Gauges, Safety, J. A. Coffey, 347

Gauge, G. Davies, 432

Gas, F. J. Evans, 166

Gas, A. C. Fraser, 44

Gas, J. Greoushields, 214

Gas, E. Meldrum, 139

Gas, J. Patison, 190

Gas, P. Salmon, 544

Gas, J. Thompson, 319

Gas Illuminating, G. Greenshields, 413

Gas Illuminating, J. Hamilton, 368

Gases Inflammable, H. Ulliel, 349

Gear Reversing, Bruckshaw and Cornes,449

Gear Valve, W. E. Newton, 44

Goar Wheel, Cooke and Standfield, 214

Gearing Wheel, P. Jenson, 215

Gelatine Treating, J. W. Swan, 139

Gilding, &c., E. J. Hughes, 216

Gins, Feeding Cotton, G-. B. Finch, 164

Glass, E. S. Tucker, 414

Glass Blowing, W. Ball, 166

Glass, Cleaning, W. B. Berry, 165

Glass, Imitating Stained, J. Breakell, 507

Glass, Ornamenting, J. Robinson, 123

Glass, Polishing, R. Kuntsmaun, 326

Governors, W. E. Heath, 305

Governors, Smith and Jackson, 162

Governors, Speed, A. Boniest, 287

Governors, Steam, Grierson and M’Ebroy, 264

Governors, Steam, R. Wilson, 368

Grain Cleaning, A. B. Childs, 164

Grain Cleaning, S. D. Mack, 288

Grain Cleaning, R. Potter, 20

Grain Decorticating, W. W. Gibson, 412

Grain Drying, A. S. andH, H. Ayre, 121

Grain Elevating, J. Coulson, 43

Grates, Fire, Redmayne and Libery, 487

Grinding, Crushing, &c., J Bellerby, jun., 325

Gunpowder, F. Hahn, 486

Gunpowder, G. A. Neumeyer, 139

Gussets, Elastic, J. and J. Miller, jun., 191

Gymnastic Automata, Pepper and Pichler, 123

Gymnastic Apparatus, W. Praugley, 289

Hair Cutting, J. Shanks, 468

Hammock, A. Woods, 122

Hammer, G. Haseltine, 215

Hammers, Chatwood and Sturgeon, 123

Hammers, J. H. Johnson, 487

Hammers, W. Newton, 215

Hammers, Thwaites, Carbutt, and Sturgeon, 325

Hammers, Steam, W. E. Newton, 390

Handles, Securing Door, J. Crockatt, 545

Handles, Spade, &c., J. W. Yates, 412

Handles, Vessels, E. Stevens, 307

Harness, J. G. Tongue, 348

Harness, &c., H. Langsford, 43

Harness, Weavers’, G. Haseltine, 243

Hat Cover, A. Brunn, 544

Hat Guards, L. Davies, 529

Hats, S. Hall, 166

Hats, C. Vero, 216

Hats, &c., J E. Ward, 451

Hats, Blocking, W. E. Newton, 215

Hats, Pouncing, E. Nougaret, 413

Hats and Caps, Bayley and Taylor, 122

Hats and Caps, Brown and Bull, 216

Hats and Caps, S. Howard, 289

Hay, &c., Machine, J. Howell, 543

Healds, Whittaker and Croasdale, 507

Healds, Sheath and Hargreaves, 389

Heating Apparatus, G. Shrewsbury, 139

Heat, Applying, J. M'Kechnie, 529

Heating and Refrigerating, J. A. Coffey, 122

Heating and Ventilator, G. Haseltine, 413

Heating and Ventilator, M. Semple, 413

Heating and Warming, J, H. Newcome, 389

Heating and Warming, J. Prideaux, 216

Heating and Warming, H. K. York, 265

Hoes, Horse, W. W. Pilcher, 43

Hoes, Horse, W. F. Wilkinson, 527

I Hoist, Cook and Wrightson, 543

Hoists, W. J, and T. Dewhirst 210

Hook Bolt, W. R. Harris, 413 ’

Hook, Detaching, W. Clark 138

Hook, Fish, W. E. Gedge, 192

Hook, Safety, J. C, Broadbent, 350

Hook Tackle, A. II. Clark, 527

Hooks for Hats and Knobs, J. A. Fussell,

Hoops, Metallic, J. Poole, 215

Hoops, Metallic, a. Shanks, 166

Hoops, Skippi ng, J. G. Tongue, 414

Hoops, Wooden. E. Fancher, 545

Hops, Drying, W. H. Samson, 306

Hops, Training, II. Boys, 213

Horses, Checking, <fcc., W. R. Lake, 527

Hydraulic Machinery, Jordan and Darlington, 162

Hydrocarbons, A. A. Croll, 319

Hydrocarbons, L. Hand, 165

Hydrocarbons, J. H. Johnson, 325

Hydrocarbons, J. G. Lundy, 214

Hydrocarbons, A. S. Macrea, 349

Hydrogen, W. Clark, 165

Ice, &c., W. JU. Newton, 468

Illuminating Fluids, Treating, C. D. Abel.


Incubator, J. Brindley, 46

Incubator, S. Wortley, 390

Incubators, F. la Moile, 99

India-rubber, Cutti g, F. Crossley, 529

India-rubber, Hardening, F. Ryding, 349

Indicator, Ships’ Alarm, M. A. F. Mannons, 527

Indicator, Speed, C. M. Batinas, 45

Indicator, Speed, J. B. Dancer. 391

Indicator, Steering, N. C. Frauz.en, 163

Indicator, Speed, F. W. Jones, 325

Indicator, Switch. A. V. Newton, 2S8

Indicator, Time, W. Clark, 43

Indicator, Weather, H. A. Y. Clum, 544

Injectors, W. E. Newton, 188

Inkstands, G. Davies, 45

Inkstands, S. and J. J. Perry, 166

Inkstands, J. Piddington, 350

Insects, Keeping off, J. II. Johnson, 544

Instrument, J. Parkes, 291

Instrument, Musical, R. Carty, 43

Instrument, Musical, A. Findlay, 432

Instruments, Musical, M. Henry, 450

Instruments, Musical, L. Liebich, 217

Instruments, Musical, W. Pain, 214

Instruments, Musical, Smith and Kirby, 543

Instrument, Dentical, R. Woolatt, 45

Instruments, Levelling, <fcc., G. White, 291

Instrument, Mathematical Measuring,'

D. Kirkaldy, 45

Instrument, Wrist, M. Marks, 46

Insulator, Telegraphic, G. Davies, 349

Insulating Wires, W. A. Marshall, 44

Insulating Wires, T. B. Marshall, 450

Ironing Apparatus, C. E. Brooman, 46

Ironing Machinery, J. M. Clements, 413

Iron, W. H. Dawes, 507

Iron, W. H. Richardson, 44

Iron, Annealing Cast, J. Kennedy, 413

Iron, Converting, J. Henson, 543

Iron, Pressing, Love, Davy, and Metcalf, 469

Iron, Refining, Crawshay and Thomas, 45

Iron, Rolling Hoop, E. Deely, 544

Iron, Smoothing, E. Siddaway, 289

Iron and Steel, T. G. Barrow, 20

Iron and Steel, A. L. Holley, 350

Iron and Steel, W. E. Newton, 216

Iron and Steel, T. Roper, 432

Iron and Steel, J . Stenson, 139

Iron and Steel, Bessemer, Sharp and Webb


Iron and Steel, Coating, C. E. Brooman, 46

Iron and Steel, Rolling, T. H. Head, 507

Iron and Steel, Smelting, W, 13. Adams, 326

Iron and Steel, Vitrifying, J. Ballouhey, 243

Isochronous Movements, W. Clark, 507

Jack, Carriage, A. H. Brandon, 192

Jackets, Steam, B. A. Cowper, 163

Jacquard Engines, Howarth, and M. and

J. Pearson, 189

Jacquard Machinery, C. E. Brooman, 506

Keys, Watch, J. Ritchie, 216

Kilns for Bricks, J. Buhrcr, 325

Kilns, Lime, W. Lee, 216

Kilns and Ovens, J. G. Robinson, 216

Kilns, Pottery, H, Doulton, 164

Knitting Machines, T. W. Lamb, 191

Knife-cleaning Machines, J. Lowthwaito,


Knives, Cleaning, T. Huckvale, 166

Knives, Forks, &c., W. R. Lake, 529

Knives and Forks, Rayner and Heath, 414

Knives, Pocket, W. E. Newton, 45

Knives, Sharpening, R. Canham, 413

Knobs, Connecting, J. B. Fenby,390

Knobs, Earthenware, S., Hawthorne, 390

Knobs, Securing Door, T. Hyatt, 350

Knobs, Securing Door, T. K. Mace, 414

Lace, C. E. Brooman, 189

Lace, W. Selby, 121

Lace, Figured. J. Butler, 325

Lace Machinery, J. G. Tongue, 468

Lamps, <fcc., Brash and Young, 545

Lamps, W. Burley, 189

Lamps, A. Chamberlin, 214

Lamps, W. Clarke, 486

Lamps, L. C. J. Clerc, 214

Lamps, J. L. Davis, 214

Lamps, G. Dumcer, 349

Lamps, D. Fryer, 507

Lamps, H. Houfe, 290

Lamps, W. Jones, 290

Lamps, G. Young, 349

Lamps, Lighting Gas, &c., H. Johnson, 54

Lamps, Naphtha, &c., G. Glover, 348

Lamps, Portable, T. Crossley, 543

Lamps, Safety, G. Rowley, 389

Lamps, Safety, E. Thomas, 46

Lamps, Safety, E. H. Waldenstrom, 468

Landing Stages and Ships, &c., E. Leigh,


Lanterns, Magic, T. Hatton, 390

Lasts, J. L. Sharman, 349

Lasts, G. M. Wells, 192

Lathes, T. Greenwood, 46

Lead,C. E. Brooman, 122

Lead Ores, Treating, Wright and Cobley,


Lead, White, H. A. Bonneville, 44

Leather, Treating, W. Clark, 20

Leather, &c., Treating, A. A. Fousset, 306

Legs, Artificial, A. V. Newton, 192

Lenses, T. Ross, 215

Level, J. W. Cochran, 529

Light, Artificial, A. Y. Chalus, 325

Light, Floating, Earl of Caithness, 217

lighting Apparatus, J.F. Donnelly, 214

Lighting Mines, &c., H. R. Fanshawe, 216

Lifeboats, A. M. Clark, 527

Lift, J. P. Baragwanath, 391

Lift, J. Chreties, 215

Lift, F. R. A. Glover,46

Lift, J. H> Johnson, 46

Lift, R. A. Hardcastle, 46

Lift, J. A. Limbert, 414

Lift, J. Pickering, 468

Lime, Chloride of, B. Platt, 369

Lime, Phosphate of, C. Norrington, 165

Limestone, Burning, Wadkin and Shepherd


Liquids, Drawing off, Davis and Salkeld. 290

Liquids. Drawing off, P. Duchamp, 291 Liquids, Drawing oft’, J. H. Johnson, 450 Liquids, Drawing off, T. W. Plum. 46,191 Liquids, &c„ Drawing off, E Ritchie, 544 Liquids, Extracting, C. E..Brooman,350 Lithographic Printing Machines, T. W.

Nicholson, 291

Locks, Arc.. A.G. Adams, 139

Locks, W. Clark, 45

Locks, M. Cockerell, 216

Locks, W. R. Lake, 545

Locks, F. Pope. 890

Locks and Keys, H. Allman, 191

Locks and Keys, J. Wolverton, jun., 450

Locks, Gun, T. Rigby, 243

Locks, Gun, J. Smith, 413

Locks, Gun, J. Stanton, 190, 288

Locks for Fire-arms. H. G. Riggs, 450

Lockets, &c., G. Perry, 45

Lockets, &c., T. S. Turnbull, 319

Locomotive Machinery, W. E. Gedgo, 162

Looms, Power, G. Hodgson, 542

Looms, E. Bullard, 213

Looms, E. Bigelow, 450, 542

Looms, Ribbon. IL A. Bonneville, 54J

Lamps, Extinguishing, G. T. Bousfield, 413

Looms, J. Boyd, 412

Looms, C. E. Brooman, 121

Looms, W. Dickinson, 213

Looms, W. Clark, 506

Looms, Clayton, Raper, Gouldmg, and Howarth. 121

Looms, D. Ellison, 506

Looms, Fitton and Dear, 527

Looms, W. J. and H. Harrison and Croasdale, 189

Looms, J. J. and E. Harrison, 184

Looms, J. J. Harriso”, 242

Looms, R. L. Hattersley, 506

Looms, Ilattersley and Smith, 506

Looms, W. and J. Holding, 506

Looms, P. Jack, jun., and Coulthurst, 213

Looms, T. Kershaw, 44

Looms, J* Leeming, 412

Looms, E. Lord, 288

Looms, W. E. Newton, 189

Looms, Nield, Yates, and Smith, 506

Looms, J. Nuttall, 121

Looms, E. L. Paraire, 98

Looms, Pilling an! Harper, 506

Looms, Ratcliffe and Wolstencraft, 506

Looms, Urquhart and Lindsay, 288

Looms, Whiteburst and Walsh, 506

Lubricator, J. Bates, 349

Lubricator J. de la Couxdes Roteaux, 487

Lubricator, W. S. Gamble, 287

Lubricator, Ingram and Stepper, 45

Lubricator, J. M. Louther, 529

Lubricators, J. Booth, 545

Lubricators, F. Jossa, 544

Madder, H. A. Dufrene, 165

Magneto-Electric Machines, J. H. Johnson, 507

Magneto-Electric Machines, II, Wilde, 413

Mangling Machinery, C. Mather. 348

Manures, T., and T. L. G. Bell, 528

Manure, W, Broadburn, 191

Manure, W. Clark, 4 j0

Manure, E. Guenin, 528

Manure, O. Monnet, 243

Manure, W. Way, 165

Mastics, W. Clark, 43

Matches, Dipping, A. Berens, 192

Match, Friction, J. F. Toe: ken, 290

Mattresses, W. E. Gedgo. 544

Mattresses, E. Walton, 243

Mattresses, Spring, E. Krieghoff. 543

Meat, Preserving, E. Georges, 243

Metals, Boring, &c., II. A. Fletcher, 289

Metals, Coating, R. Alexander, 528

Metals, Coating, G. Bischoff, 413

Metals, Coating, G. E. Marchisio. 413

Metals, Cutting. &c., J. Thompson, 290

Metals. Forging, &c., G. Ramsbottom, 242 Metals, Grindii g and Polishing, W.

Gregory, 507

Metals. Oxidising, W. Henderson, 487

Metals, Rolling, P. Kirk, 20

Metals, Rolling, J. H. Johnson, 20

Metals, Separating. W. G. Blagden, 166, 389

Metals, Separating, T. J. Chubb, 122

Metals, &c., Separating, Crawshay and Thomas, 45

Metals, Separating, C. Crockford. 20

Metals, Separating, C. F. Flask. 165

Metals, Separating, W. E. Newton, 243

Metals, Separating, P. Spence, 468

Metals, Shaping, W. Gray, 215

Metals, Shaping, F. Watkins, 191

Meter, C. Colville, 192

Meter, C. W. Siemens, 3S9

Meter, 1’, aud T. F. Walker, 391

Meter, Fluid, F. G. Fleury, 469

Meter, Gas. E. S. Cathels, 122

Meter, Water, A. V. Newton, 291

Meters, R. H. Frith, 529

Meters, Gas. II. Alder. 291

Meters, Fluid, C. B. Reitz, 544

Milling Machines. J. II. Barker, 469

Millstones, G. Davies. 527

Millstones, W. E. Gedge, 138

Mills, Grinding, A. Rigg, 507

Mining Machinery, II. A. Bonneville, 306

Mining Machinery, Bunning and Cochrane, 544

Mining Machinery, G. E. Donis! horpe, 432

Mining Machinery, P. Gledhill, 46

Mining Machinery, A. Howart, 350

Mining Machinery, J. G. Jones, 451

Mining Machinciy, W. Read, 391

Mining Machinery, Routledge and Om-maney, 45

Mining Machinery, G. Simpson, 508

Mining Machinery, Coal, J. S. Walker, 326

Mines, Drawing, W. Matthews, 414

Mines, Saving Life in, C. J. Pownall, 191 Mines, Ventilating, Harbert and Goodman, 350

Mines, Ventilating, R. Janies, 192

Mines, Ventilating, J. Hopkinson, 206 Mines, Ventilating, C. J Pownall, 348 Mixing Apparatus, A. Giles, 389 Mortar Mixing, L. J. Speyser, 164 Motors, Hydraulic, P. R. Hodge, 348 Motive Power, A. McCallum, 325 Motive Power, T. Paton, 527 Motive Power, J. 1 eebles, 505 Motive Power, H. Purnell, 305 Motive Tower, R. Shaw, 287

Motive Power, Weems and Robertson, 2S7

Motive Power, C. D. Abel, 163

Motive Power, E. G. Brewer, 287 ♦

Motive Power, I. Baggs, 242

Motive Power, H. A. Bonneville, 449

Motive Power, W. Clark, 61, 82, 264

Motive Power, C. Colwell, 288

Motive Power, H. Davey, 449

Motive Power, A. J. H. Elliott, 389

Motive Power, J. V. and C. Jove, 163

Motive Power, J. A. Moll, 449

Motive Power, R. D. Napier, 216

Motive Power, Robinson and Smith, 98

Motive Power, R. R. L. Rosoman, 164 Motive Power, Obtaining, J. Anderson, 162 Motive Power, Obtaining, Grylls, Neville,

Brooks, and Holt, 542

Motive Power, Obtaining, J. Eloper, 162

Motive Power, Transferring, West and Darlington, 326

Motors, Steam, A. V. Newton, 121

Moulding Machines, Wheel, Wiilcock, and

S. Masson, jun., 390

Mowing Machines, J. E. Boyd. 43

Mowing Machine, W. Exall, 138

Muffs, 0. E. Quelle, 43

Mules, J. Kerfoot, 43

Mules, Preston, Dania, Houghton, and Bot-tomley, 109

Musical, M. A. F. Mennons, 43

Mustard, E. Guenin, 528

Nails, A. Scholcy, 45

Nail Machinery, W. Bass, 46

Nail Machinery, D. A. Halket, 216

Nail, &c., Machinery, 8. Sedgwick, 414

Nail Machinery, J. G. Tongue, 45

Nails for Upholstery, &c., 0. E. Brooman, 122

Needles, Brookes and Mayers, 191

Needles, J. W. Scott, 469

Needles, Knitting, &c., 0. P. 8. Wardwell, 216

Needles, Papering, B. H. Smith, 545

Nozzles for Hose, E. K. Dutton, 191

Nutmeg Grater, W. R. Lake, 544

Nuts, Locking, A. M. Clark, 544

Nuts, Screw, E. H. Bontall, 20

Nuts, Securing Bolt, R. Bodmer, 163

Nut-tapping Apparatus, E. Watteew, 414

Nuts and Washers, G. R. Postlethwaito, 433

Oakum, E. Brasier, 288

Oakum, J. E. Hodgkin, 508

Oakum, C. Sheridan, 164

Oils, Pain and Corroy, 289

Oils, Expressing, J. Harker, 468

Oils, Utilising, E. J. Duyck, 349

Oils, Utilising, J. Y. Simpson, 290

Optical Effects, W. R. Hill, 349

Optical Illusions, H. W. Hallet, 389

Ordnance, J. W, Cusack, 164

Ordnance, W. J. Murphy, 190

Organs, Kelly and Laurent, 190

Ornamenting, E. Tomlinson, 215

Ornamenting, T. Titterington, 166

Ornamenting Surfaces, G. Josse, 45

Ornamenting Surfaces, E. Lee, 391

Ornamenting Nails, G. Davies, 450

Ornamenting Candles, Field and Nation, 390

Ornamenting and Graining, S. Jacobs, 165

Ornamenting Soap, W. Clarke, 306

Ornamenting Stone, <fcc., A. Hawkins, 45

Ornaments, W. P. and G. Philips and

Pearce, 215

Ovens, J., Tomlinson, 192

Oxidation, Preventing, J. Turner, 349

Oxygen, C. E. Biooman, 487

Oxygen and Chlorine, J. T. A. Mallet, 44

Packing, G. Davies, 527

Packing, R. Windon, 189

Packing Pistons, &c., Barwick and Tindall, 61

Packing Piston Rods, J. McLintock, 350

Paint, Mixing, Smalley and Bridge, 529

'Paint, Zinc, Webster, Dean, and. Rumbie, 166

Pan, A. E. Griffiths, 507

Paper, W. Clark, 413

Paper, C. T. and E. Hook, 507

Paper, Colouring, W. E. Newton, 166

Paper, Designing on, Woodbury and Ashton, 451

Paper, Machinery, G. Bertram, 139

Paper-making Machinery, E. M. Gregory, 165

Paper, Writing, B. Hunt, 214

Paraffin, J. Howley, 120

Pearls, Artificial, C. E. Brooman, 289

Peat, E. Chapron, 307

Peat, J. H. Johnson, 528

Penholder, J. Dai ling, 122,192, 216

Pens, W. Weber, 166

Pens, Ruling, W. Hartin, 215

Picks, Dahne and Thomas, 45

Permanent Way, 8. Carey, 213

Permanent Way, W. Clark, 163

Permanent Way, Davies and Helwig, 164

Permanent Way, C. Do Borgue, 164

Permanent Way, J. B. Mannix, 506

Permanent Way, P. M. Parsons, 242

Permanent Way, W. Seaton, 432

Petroleum, Burning, J. A. Bouck, 468

Petroleum, &c., Burning, S. J. Mackie, 528

Petroleum, Storing, M. Gossi, 350

Petroleum, Utilising, Barff and Kidd, 450

Phosphorus, J. H., Player, 507

Photographic, H. W. Hart, 414

Photographic, T. Scaife, 45

Photographic Coating, W. R. Lake, 349

Photographic Pictures, W. G. Helsby. 191

Photographic Apparatus, W. E. Newton, 290

Photography, L. Bernieri, 45

Pianofortes, H. Brinsmead, 122

Pianofortes, E. McLean, 43

Pianofortes, J. F. Phillipi, 243

Pianofortes, H. Simms. 389

Pianoforte, J. H. Schucht, 190

Pianofortes, A. N. Wornum, 507

Pictures, Exhibiting, A. Grant, 290

Pipes, T. S. Truss, 45

Piers, &c., H. Buss, 189

Pipes, Casting, Lishman and Chambers, 215

Pipes, Colouring, I. S. Brooks, 529

Pipes, Connecting, W. Jones, 290

Pipes, Connecting, N. Thompson, 391

Pipes, Moulding, W Clark, 192

Pipes. Smoking, E. J. Padbury, 216

Pipes, Smoking, E. Wolf, 529

Planing Machine, A. D. Campbell, 191

Planing Machine, W. Muir, 191

Plates, Bending, J. Fleming, 451

Plates, Name, G. Mansell, 99

Ploughs, H. B. de Beaumont, 486

Ploughs, R. Boby, 507

Ploughs, F. Valkmann, 43

Pneumatic Apparatus, W. E. Newton, 192

Points and Crossings, M. Holland, 412

Points and Switches, Railway, W. Thomson, 165

Porcelain, W. E. Newton, 390

Portfolios, &c., G. Luttringhaus, 349

Ports, Closing, W. R: Lake, 486

Posts, Poles, &c., C. E. John, 432

Posts, Telegraph, C; C. Adley, 98

Posts, Telegraph, Hauelein and J. and

R. J. Fisher, 545

Pouch, G. Inderwick, 192

Presses, Baling, W. Bradbury, 545

Printing, I. and P. Lowe, 44

Printing, MacDonald and Calverly, 122

Printing, Photographic, B. H. Ashton, 165, 191

Printing, Photographic, R. H. Courtenay, 98

Printing, Photographic, A. G. Morvan, 166

Printing Machinery, Gardner and Bickerton, 487

Printing from Engraved Plates, W. Clark, 508

Printing Machines, Typographic, W. Clark, 508

Printing Machines, R. and H. Harrild, 122

Printing Metallic Surfaces, H. Passman, 433

Printing Presses, G. Davies, 166

Projectiles, G. Hooker, 450

Probe, S. de Wilde, 192

Projectiles, J. Palmer, 20

Propellers, J. Ferguson, 412

i Propeller, Screw, H. S, Swift, 527

Propelling, M. P. W. Boulton, 389

Propelling, R. Duncan, 121

Propelling, W. H. Harfield, 163

Propelling, G. H. Phipps, 121

Propelling, E. P. Plenty, 368

Propelling, C. Randolph, 163

Propelling, C. E. Samuelson, 138

Propelling Vessels, C.E. Broomau, 449

Propelling Vessels, W. Clark, 505

Propelling Vessels, R Courtenay, 487

Propelling Vessels, P. Crause, 412

Propelling Vessels, W. Hale, 288

Propelling Vessels, E. Hughes, 43

Propelling Vessels, W. W. Hughes, 486

Pulleys, &c., T. Andrew, 123

Pulleys, Drums, &c., J. Rodgers, 167

Pulverising Machinery, C. D. Abel, 529

Pump, E. T. Hughes, 192

Pump, T. Cooke, sen., and C. F. Cooke, 213

Pump, W. B. Nation, 390

Pump, S. Mathews, 469

Pumps, W. Adair, 469

Pumps, W. Warren, 82

Pumps, Centrifugal, M. Henry, 138

Pump, Rotary, J. H. Winder, 411

Pumps, and Fire-engines, H. Bateman, 82

Pump, Ship, Hermann and Brethauer, 83 PumpS, Ships’, H. Roberts, 213

Pumps, Working Ships’, J. Griffith, 412 Punching Machine, B. Drucker, 45 Punching Metal Plates, R. Hodson, 307 Punkahs, G. Logan, 191.;

Racks, Cattle, J. Symm, 98

Rag Machinery, J. W. S. and J. Rhodes, 167

Rag Machinery, W. Wood, 390

Rag Machines, W. Wood, 468

Rails, W. Loeder, 163

Rails, &c., Billingham, Griffiths, and Dudley, 305

Rails, Tramway, G. Severn, 527

Railway and Truck, R. A. Rooney, 505

Railways, A. V. Newton, 306

Hailways, Street, J. Haworth, 213

Railways and Engines, Fowler and Grey, 486

Raising, &c., Bodies, J. A. Limbert, 414

Raising Brine, C. F. Claus, 192

Raising, See., Goods, F. R. A. Glover, 46 Raising Weight, <fcc., J. Pickering, 468 Raising, &c., Heavy Weights, J. H. Johnson, 46

Raising and Lowering, J. Chroties, 215

Raising, &c., Weights, R. A.’ Hardcastle, 46

Rakes, Horse, Howell and Hardy, 507

Ranges, Cooking, E. K. Heaps, 44

Ranges, Fire, Heaps and Moorwood, 349

Ranges, Kitchen, J. Jobson, 507

Ranges, Kitchen, R. Russel, 544

Razors, Setting, J. M. Laurent, 413

Reading, Teaching, B. Milford, 326 Rag Engines, J. R. Crompton, 288 Reaping Machines, R. Norfolk, 43

Reaping and Mowing Machines, Brigham and Bickerton, 288

Reaping and Mowing Apparatus, G. M. Garrard, 348

Reaping and Mowing Machines, A. Hilb 164

Reaping and Mowing Machines, F. W. Turner, 83

Reaping, <fcc., Machines, J. Howard, 121

Reaping, &c., Machines, Howard and Bousfield, 450

Receptacle, Tobacco, W. A. Richards, 122

Reciprocating Motion, Machine Having, Robertson and Waddell, 82

Refrigerating, F. Gregory, 413 Refrigerator, H. C. Ash, 389 Refrigerators, H. Clifton. 414 Regulator, Fluid, G. H. Kidd, 290 Regulating Speed, R. Robinson, 192

Regulator, Fluid, J. Robertson, 46

Regulators, Fluid, Wetton and Gal worthy, 529

Regulator, Speed, A. Rupp, 348

Regulator, Gas, &c., G. Pollard, 527

Regulator, Gas, W. C. Thurgar, 350 Regulator, Speed, M. Henry.. 390 Regulator, Speed, F. A. P. Vandeputte, 34.7 Reins, J. G. Tongue, 412

Relief, Photographic, D. Wihstanley, jun., 44

Relief, Producing Surfaces in, C. E. Broo-man, 468

Retorts, Charcoal, P. T. Goodwin, 391

Retorts, Removing Carbon from Gas, J.

Hislop, 413

Retorts, Revolving, P. T. Goodwin, 414 Rifles, F. R. Aikman, 190

Rivets and Spikes, A. V. Newton, 46

Roads, Gore and Green, 42

Roads, Making, &c;, J. Reilly, 164

Rollers, &c., J. Poole, 216

Rollers, Covering J. and C. Mosely, 543

Rollers, Drawing, J. Taylor, 213

Rollers, Land, Rumbelow and Kendall, 368

Rollers, Metallic, J. Horton, jun., 348

Rollers, Spinning, <5jc.,W. E. Newton, S3 Rollers, Steam, W. T. Carrington, 289 Rollers, Steam Road, T. Aveling, 412 Rollers, Wringing, &c., Knowles and Wilding, 291

Ropo Machinery, Craven and Speeding, 216

Rotary Apparatus, M. P. W. Boulton, 449 Rot, Cure of Foot, M. Woolwich, 325 Rot, Preventing, C. D. Abel, 166

Rudder Pins, C. Grace, 505

Rudders, Hanging, H. A. Bonneville, 486

Rulers, Parallel, J. Davies, 122

Safes, S. Chatwood, 123

Safes, &c., J. Nicholson, 46

Safes, J. Finney, 215

Safes, Westwood and Baillie, 290

Sails, Securing, Taylor and Poulson, 542

Sanitary, &c., Apparatus, S. W. Woodroffe. 44

Sashes, V. Vandroy, 20

Sashes and Frames, T. Jones, 98

Saucepans, Kettles, &c., C. B. Sampson, 165 ’

Saws, W. Lamoreaux, 191

Sawing .Machines, Fret, R. and R. W.

Booth, 544

Saw Frames, Robinson and Smith, 288

Saw Teeth, W. Clark, 289

Scarfs, Ward and Vergo, 190

Screen, Revolving, C. Dutton, 544

Screen, Sifting, J. Blatter, 138

Screens, R. Boby, 507

Screw-cutting Machinery, E. T. Hughes, 216

Screws, H. P. Boyd, 487

Screws, W. R. Lake, 432

Screws and Bolts, A. V. Newton, 350

Scrubbing, Machine, W. R. Lake, 123

Scumming Apparatus, J. W. Kenyon, 163

Sea-sickness, Preventing, M. H. Simpson, 166

Seat, Elastic, Gs Howard, 20

Seats and Sofas, J. Taylor, 528

Semolina, G. A. Buchholz, 450

Separating Substances, E. B. and J. P.

Nunn, 507

Sewage, Moving, T. Burt,390

Sewage, Purifying, Hart and Parry, 413

Sewage, Purifying, Parry and Treason, 349 Sewerage, G. W. Wright, 288

Sewing Machines, L. B. Bruen, 529

Sewing Machines, T. Cook, 390

Sewing Machines, Dimock and Gresham, 389

Sewing Machines, A. V. Newton, 290, 413

Sewing Machine, E. T. Hughes, 350

Sewing Machines, A. Kimball, 390

Sewing, &c., Machines, Lindley and Taylor, 123

Sewing Machines, E. Sang, 122

Sewing Machines, J. Slater, 487

Sewing Machines, Stuart and Smith, 544

Sewing Machines, S. M. Tyler, 414

Sewing Machines, T. Webb, 544

Sewing Machines, N. W. Wilson, 469

Sewing Machinery, G. B. Woodruff, 215

Sewing Machines, Woodruff and Browning, 191

Shades from Glare, F. Tyerman, 46

Shafts, Driving, W. B. Johnson, 20

Shears, Sheep, W. Hopkinson, 122

Shells, &c., W. E. Newton, 528

Ships, &c., R. Atkins, 164

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, J. Harrison, 288

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, J. Lamble, 306

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, A. V. Newton, 165

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, S. Parry, 165

Ships, Coating, Westwood and Baillie, 412

Ships, Sheathing for, J. Betteley, 412

Ships, Steam, &c., J, H. Grell, 163

Ships and Vessels, B. Palmer, 213

Ships and Vessels, T. Whitby, 165

Shirt Front, J. M. Stanley, 349

Shirt Fronts, G. Speight, 165

Shoes, Cattle, W. R. Lake, 506

Shoes, Horse, W. Akers, 368

Shoes, Horse, R. B. Mulliver, 264

Shoes, Horse, S. L. Lucina, 242

Shoes, Roughing Horse, C. D. Abel, 213

Shovels, Cinder, &c., R. George, 291

Signalling, R. F. Chapman, 527

Signalling, R. B. Jones, 44

Signalling, J. Woods, 486

Signalling Apparatus, Esplen and Bland, 412

Signalling and Closing Gates, G. Daws, 264

Signalling, Railway, J. Smeeton, 98

Signalling, Railway, G. Daws, 306

Signal, Lights, J. H. Johnson, 543

Signal, Railway, E. Funnell, 306

Signal for Safes, Alarm, Goodbrand and Holland, 20

Signal and Switch, Railway, Livesey, Edwards, and Jeffreys, 306

Signals, Electric Railway, E. Funnell, 43

Signals, Fog. T. Karker, 83

Signals and Points, J. Carrigs, 527

Signals and Points, W. Easterbrook, 468

Signals and Points, J. Saxby, 449

Signals, Railway, Grant and Herbert, 164

Signals, Railway, H. M. Clement, 43

Signals, Working Railway, 1’Anson and

Kitching, 164

Silk, Treating, C. E. Brooman, 289

Size, Packing, &c., J. C. Martin, 389

Sizing, Machines, W. S. Lowe. 348

Skates, W. B. Hilliard, 450

Skins, Treating, H. A. Bonneville, 215

Sleepers, H. A. Bonneville, 505

Slop-pail, Pakinson and Sweaney, 390

Slates, Dressing, Wren and Hopkinson, 123

Smelting, Aydon and Field, 450

Smoke, Condensing, J. M. Hocking, 192

Smoke, Consuming, W. A. Martin, 215

Smoke, Preventing, J. Grundy, 388

Smoke from Furnaces, Preventing J. K.

Broadbent, 163

Smoke, Purifying, J. L. Davies, 469

Soap, C, E. Brooman, 214

Soap, G. Smith, 391

Soap, G. Payne, 165

Soda, Carbonate of, C. Kessler, 306

Sounding Machine, T. and T. F. Walker 163 ’

Spikes, Cricketting, J. Wareing, 326

Spindles, Fitton and Dear, 506

Spindles, Lock, M., Cavanagh, 325

Spinning, Barton and Whalley, 348

Spinning, J. Buckley. 46

Spinning, W. By water, 481

Spinning, G. Haseltine, 213

Spinning, Higgins and Whitworth, 506

Spinning, P. McGregor, 83

Spinning, W. E. Newton, 412

Spinning, J. Ladley, 5u6

Spinning, J. Shaw, 288

Spinning, J. G. Tongue, 242

Spinning, &c., J. Speight, 542

Spinning Caps, Deakin and Johnson, 306

Spinning and Doubling, S. Shore, 506

Spinning and Doubling, W. Dempsey, 348

Spinning and Twisting, W. Basfield, 412

Spoons and Forks, D. J. Fleetwood, 469

Spray Producer, J. Dewar, 544

Springs, Regulating Pianoforte, G. Haseltine, 20

Springs Volute, G. Haseltine, 46, 215

Springs, Elastic, E. M. Chaffee, 192

Spring, Door, F. Waller, 469

Springs, Buffing, H. L. Corlett, 411

Springs, Furniture, H. Timmins, 20

Stairs, C. H. Collette, 543

Stalls, <fcc., Treadwheel, W. Martin, 192

Stamps, Price, A. Millar, 390

Stands. F. H. McLauchlan, 215

Stationery, G. W. Betjemann, 216

Stationery, C. M. Tate, 326

Signals, Fog, Randall and Adams, 486

Signals, Fog, S. Lilley, 486

Stays, Belts, &c., S. Osborne, 289

Steel, T. J. Chubb, 44

Steel, V. Gallett, 98

Steel, J. Hargreaves, 528

Steel, Cast, R. Mushet, 166

Steel, Casting Bessemer, Cooke and Foster 449

Steels and Forks, E. Stevens, 507

Steering Apparatus, A. B. Brown, 325

Steering Apparatus, G. Hutson, 412

Stirrups, W. Clarke, 450

Stone, Artificial, G. E. Van Der Burgh, 469

Stone Breaker, &c., W. Cochrane, 529

Stone Crushing Machinery, Walker and

Pflaum, 390

Stone, &c., Grinding, T. Archer, jun., 325

Stoves, J. Sinibaldi, 98

Stoves, E. Thring, 325

Stoves, Gas, J. Thomson, 44

Stoves,“Hot-air, R. Howson, 449

Straps and Belts, W. Wilby, 191

Streets, Cleaning, C. J. Pownall, 192

Studs and Buttons, R. T. Thompson, 290

Sugar, A. M. Clark, 543

Sugar, W. Knaggs, 165

Sugar, W. R. Lake, 528

Sugar, &c., E. T. Hughes, 43

Sugar Canes, Cutting, F. Kohn, 122

Sugar Machinery, Centrifugal, W. R. Lake, 528

Sugar Machinery, Feeding, W. R. Lake, 528

Sugar Machines, W. E. Newton, 468

Sugar Refining, J. Aitken, 507

Sugar Refining, J. H. Johnson, 166

Sulphur, C. Allhusen, 391

Table, Dining, H. Cooper, 306

Tables, Billiard, C. H. Beckingham, 350

Tablets, Writing, S. F. Schoonmaker, 191

Tanning, C. D. Abel, 46

Tanning, J. G. Franklin, 166

Tanning, W. R. Lake, 432,450

Tanning, G. L. Loveridge, 166

Tanning, C. Wilmet, 507

Tapes, Making up, &c., Smith and Westhead, 544

Tapping Gas Mains, A. Upward, 21S

Tap, E. Canton, 450

Taps, J. T. Kent, 123

Taps and Valves, A. Bradshaw, 216

Taps and Valves, Cutter and Brown, 191

Taps and Valves, C. Harrison, 191

Taps and Valves, W. R. Lake, 46

Taps and Valves, C. Maschwitz, 390

Taps and Valves, Ridley and Withers, 544

Taps and Valves, J. Shore, 507

Taps and Valves, G. Stuart, 487

Taps and Valves, J. Whithey, 414

Taps and Valves, H. Wilson, 469

Teeth, Artificial, N. T. Falsom, 243

Telegraphic, C. D. Abel, 543

Telegraph, Optical, C. D. Abel, 450

Telegraphs, Electric, J. L. Clark, 20

Telegraph, Electric, W. Clark, 528

Telegraphs, Electric, G. B. Smith, 190

Telegraphs, Electric, C. Wheatstone, 214

Telegraphs, Laying Underground, L. Del-perdange, 543

Telegraphs, Printing, J. H. Simpson, 413

Tent Poles, E. Deane, 389

Tents, J. Archibald, 528

Tentering Machine, W. Clissold, 290

Ticket Holder, H. A. Dufrene, 290

Tickets, Issuing, J. Haworth, 529

Tickets, Printing, J. Kemble, 45

Till, Omnibus, R. E. Guy, 350

Timeing by Electricity, H. A. Bonneville. 543

Tires for Railway Wheels, E. F. Goransson, 163

Tires. Securing Railway Wheel, W. W.

Smith, 43

Tires, A. Newman, 348

Thermometer, C. Wood, 46

Thread, India-rubber, C. Moseley, 45

Threads, Preparing, C. E. Brooman, 306

Tools, S. Alley. 217

Tools, <fcc., Smith and Coventry, 122

Tools, Edge, E. W. Shirt, 433

Tools, Graining, Challoner and Billington, 122

Tools, Working, M. Henry, 192

Towels, J. and J., jun., Cash, 306

Toy, C. Sutton, 44

Toys, Automaton, J. S. Cavell, 545

Toys, Automaton, W. Clark, 289

Trains, Communicating in, Arnold and

Daniel, 447

Trains, Communicating in, W. J. Baker. 242

Trains, Communicating in, A. W. Hosking, 163

Trains, Communicating in, J. S. Morton, 449

Trains, Communicating in, H. F. Sweurs, 121

Transmitting Motion, R. A. Hardcastle, 20

Transmitting Power, T. C. Entwistle, 212

Trap, S. Buxton, 166

Traps, Vermin, W. Clarke, 489

Traps, Vermin, F Stephens, 215

Travelling Apparatus, J. M. Kaufmann, 288

Trousers, T. VV. Couldery, 191

Trowels, J. Ball, 545

Truss Support, W. E. Newton, 349

Tubes, H. Hughes, 45

Tubes, &c., J. Horton, 122

Tubes, Cleaning Boiler, W. E. Newton, 82

Tubes, &c., Coating, A. Parkes, 414

Tubes, Cutting, W. R. M. Thomson, 98

Tubes, Fitting Boiler, W. Clark, 449

Tubes and Pipes, Joining, L. A. Fargon, 99

Tuns, Mash, J. Millward, 528

Turbines, F. N. Meixner, 138

Turbines, Ramsbottom and Pierce, 542

Turntable, H. Bridgewater, 189

Turrets and Broadsides, J. Westwood, 529

Tuyeres, Water, Northall and Turnley, 167

Twisting and Doubling, W. Dyson, 325

Type, Distributing, A. Mackie, 191

Type, Securing, &c., W. Conisbee, 289

Type-Writing Machine, J. Pratt, 99

Umbrellas, J. Robertson, 214

Umbrellas, &c., R. E. Waddington, 389

Umbrellas aud Parasols, O. B. Marsden 214

Umbrellas and Parasols, J. A. Simpson, 450

Umbrellas and Parasols, Soller and Barber 414 ’

Umbrellas and Parasols, C. Weigand 326 Uninflammable, Rendering, W. R. Lake.

Valves, E. Bourdon, 545

Valves, W. Clark, 191

Valves, C. Harrison, 191

Valves, B. P. Walker, 368'

Valves, Wolstenholme and Holt, 212

Valves, Ball. J. Pearson, 390

Valves, Safety, C. F. Cooke, 411

Valves, Safety, A. V. Newton, 390

Valves, Safety, T. Wood, 542

Valves Screw, W. Clark, 166

Valve Seats, Napier and Rankine, 486

Valves, Slide, W. G. Beattie, 242

Valve Gear Slide, J. Milner, 388 Varnish, J. R. Parkinson, 412 Vaporiser, C.' F. Whateley, 529

Vegetable Substances, Treating, W. E Newton, 243

Velocipedes, J. W. C. Crossley, 506

Velocipedes, K. J. Winslow, 542

Veneers Cutting, A. V. Newton, 350

Ventilating, W. E. Newton. 36S

entflating, &c., Canham and Kruet, 450 Vpwh ’n c.s?’°ym81- s- Newington, 349 Vmw ’ £aisi?g Sunken, A. Dillon, 325 Vessel, Treating, &c., Sunken, A. Hunter,

Vices, Bench, B. J. B. Mills, 99

Wadding, W. E. Gedge, 43 wnOns’ J' and J- Lomax, 542 w , ’ „ overiu& J- Mahler, 468 Walls, Sea, H. Buss, 469

Warm, Keeping Articles, T. Booth, 529 stbtej, 28a9Ud ChUrDing T.

W164lUg Maohine and Filter, C. J. Wahab, Washing Machinery, J. L. Norton, 389 Washing Machinery, Petrie and Ackroyd, Washing Machines, M. Chamberlain 390 ashing Machines, J. Petrie, jun., 506

Waste, Cleaning, J. Smith, 388

CrockS 43&52V8aniSing’ Utilisi^’ C’

Watch, Bow, R. Mitchell, jun.,46

Watches, S. Harrison, 508

I Watches, &c W. E Newton, 414

i Watches, J. Wycherley, 432

Watches, Protecting, B. j. smith 41i

I w±r’c°Se‘s> W- E- George, 389

i Water MpfBtS’ Elohdenstadt, 213

Water Snm^ ElrlmP> W’ Lake> 487

I Waf!v p P?Jy.’ Harlow, 215

Wafer p lr^y!nS- L- Suverne, 166 j ™a”°5 1 unfying, C. J. Wabab, 46

Weaving, Ellis and Hillas, 412

Weaving, T.Tivey, 527

weaving Apparatus, E. J. Smith, 189

Weaving. Fancy, C. H. Chevron, 542

29olng’ Eaucy- Heywood and Hinchliffe,

V eeding Apparatus, II. A. Bonneville, 53 Weldmg, W. E. Newton, 166

elding, B. Lietar, 166

Wells, A. Bonnett, 216

Weighing Machinery, J. Silvester, 192

Whalebone, J. IL Boby, 529

Wheels, G. Haseltine, 288

Wheels, J. Atkinson, 506

Wheels, G. F. Bussell, 325

Wheel, Driving, W. Stobbs, 325

Wheels, &c., Casting Railway, A. V, Newton, 43

Wheels, Moulding, J. Goodfellow, 166

Wheels, Moulding, C. W. Dixon, 264

Wheels, Railway, W. Brookes, 83

Winding, &c., J. Combe, 542

Winding Machinery, Dalby and Chapman, 506

Winding Machinery, H. C. Hill, 348

Winding Machinery, A. Morel, 506

Winding Machines, W. Wield, 506

Windlasses, W. H. Harfield, 288

Window Sashes, &c., T. Bullivant, 213

Windows, &c., Raising, <fcc., G. Allix, 166

Windows, &c., Securing, &c., Barr and

Bloxham, 243

Windows, &c., Securing, J. Carter, 288

Wire, W. T. Henley, 487

Wire Machinery, G. Crossley, 99

Wires, Connecting, A. I. L. Gordon, 288

Wire, Galvanising, W. E. Gedge, 529

Wood Machinery, S. W. Worssam, 433

Wool, Cleaning, A. C. Henderson, 450

Wool, Designing on, L. H. Mahon, 306

Wood, Disintegrating, W. Riddell, 326

Wool, Dyeing, J. H. Johnson, 391

Wool, Scouring, C. E. Brooman, 216, 527

Wool, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 432

Writing, Teaching, H. A. Bonneville, 544

Yarn, Schott and Rosenthal, 216, 542

Yarn, Sizing, Haworth and Welch, 265

Yarn, Spinning, A. V. Newton, 164

Yarn, Winding, &c., R. and S. S. Hall, 164

Yarns, Covering, G. F. James, 506

Yarns, Doubling, Taylor and Lodge, 450

Yarns, Drying, J. G. Tongue, 243

Yarns, Fibrous, W. and J. W. Wood, 189

Yarns, Printing, W. J. Hanson, 412

Yarns, Printing, J. Ripley, 528

Yarns, Sizing, F. Beltzer, 164

Yarns, Sizing, Fletcher and Carr, 164

Yarns, Stiffening, F Rosenauer, 243

Yarn, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 43

Yarns, Twisting J. Tolson, 121

Yarns, Warping, <fcc., T. Watson, 544

Yarns, Winding, W. Hall, 368

Yarns, P. and B. Sanderson, 121

Yarns, Smith aud Ramage, 121

Yarns, W. and J. W. Wood, 121

Complete Spm'tuatfons. LIST OF NAMES.

Allan and Winsor, Generating Steam, 326

Asselin, J. C., Needle Cases, 326

Dernier, E.


H., Raising, &c., Heavy Bodies,

Bernier, E. H., Safety Lift, 326

Bonneville, H. A., Carding Machinery, 351

Bonneville, H. A , Fire-arms, 326

Bonneville, II. A., Motive Power, 351

Bonneville, H. A., Preserving Substances,

326 ’

Bonneville, H. A., Railway Brake, 350

Bonneville, H. A., Sewing Machines, 326

Bonneville, H. A., Soap, 350

Bonneville, II. A., Waxing Thread, 326

Bonneville, IL A., Weaving, 351

Bousfield, G. T., Flour, 350

Bousfield, G. T., Illuminating Gases, 351

Bryant, H. S., Safe, 351

. Cameron, A. S., Valvo Cases, 350

Curtis, F., Paper Machinery, 350

Gage, F. B., Photography, 351

Gedge, W. E., Pianofortes, 326

Gilman, A. H., Roving Machinery, 350

Harrison, W., Consuming Smoke, 326, 350

Haseltine, G., Axle, 326

Haseltine, G., Detaching Boats, 326

Haseltine, G., Feed Water Regulators, 326

Haseltine, G., Felting Hats, 326

Hasel tine, G., Lighting Gas, 326

Haseltine, G., Packing Joints, 326

Hoar, J. S., Bench Vices, 329

Johnson, J. II., Breech-loading Fire-arms,


Johnson, J. H., Propollers, 326

Julienne, M. J. E., Bath Belts, 326

Kay and Hamilton, Carding Engines, 326

Kearns, J. H., Blotting Pad, 369

Lake, W. R., Bricks, 350

Lake, W. R., Churns, 369

Lake, W. R., Cotton Gins, 369

Lake, W. R., Fastening Bales, 369

Lake, W. R., Files, 326

Lake, W. R., Railway Carriages, 369

Land fear, W. R., Eyelet Machines, 326

Morrell, R. W., Dyeing Fabrics, 369

Oram, H., Sewing, &c., Machines, 351

Ormsby, A., Storing Rain Water, 326

Robinson, J., Economising Fuel, 327

Rolle, H., Propeller, 351

Shafer, N. M., Paper Binders, 350

3nell, W., Boots and Shoes, 350

Snell, W., Safes, 326

Snell, W., Stone Dressing Machines, 351

Snow, B., jun., Scissors, 326

Sturtevant, E. L., Breech-loading Firearms, 350

Thevent, J., Slide Valves, 327

Thevenet, J., Slide Valves, 350

Towers, W. H., Treating Leather, 326

Towers, W. H., Preparing Hides, 326

Wheeler, N, W., Hydraulic Valve Gear, 350

Wheeler, N. W., Skylights and Ventilators, 351

Wheeler, N. W., Valve Packing, 351

Wheeler, N. W., Valves, 351

Wood, S. W., Elevating Grain, 351

Wright, F. V., Light Reflectors, 326

Complete Specifications. SUBJECT MATTER.

Axle, G* Haseltino

Belts, Bath, M. J. E. Julienne, 326

Binders, Paper, N. M. Shafer, 350

Blotting Pad, J. H. Kearns, 369

Boats, Detaching, G. Haseltine, 326

Boiler, Allan, and Winsor, 326

Boots and Shoes, W. Snell, 350

Brake, Railway, IT. A. Bonneville, 350

Bricks, W. R. Lake, 350

Carding Machinery, H. A. Bonneville, 351

Carriages, Railway, W. R. Lake, 369

Cases, Needle, J. C. Asselin, 326

Churns, W. R. Lake, 369

Engines, Carding, Kay and Hamilton, 326

Eyelet Machine, W. R. Landfear, 326

Fabrics Drying, R. W. Morrell, 369

Fastening Bales, W. R. Lake, 369

Files, W. R.. Lake, 326

Fire-arms, H. A. Bonneville, 326

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. H. Johnson, 351

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. L. Sturtevant, 350

Flour, G. T. Bousfield, 350

Fuel, Economising, J. Robinson, 351

Gas, Lighting, G. Haseltine, 326

Gases, Illuminating, G. T. Bousfield, 351

Gear, Hydraulic Valve, N. W. Wheeler, 350

Gins, Cotton, W. R. Lake, 369

Grain, S. W. Wood, 351

Hats, Felting, G. Haseltine, 326

Hide, Preparing Raw, W. H. Tower, 326

Joints, Packing, G. Haseltino, 326

Leather, Treating, W. H. Towers, 326

Lift, Safety, E. H. Bernier, 326

Motive Power, H. A. Bonneville, 351

Packing Joints, G. Hasel tine, 351

Packing, Valve, N. W. Wheeler, 351

Paper Machinery, F. Curtis, 350

Photography, F. B. Gage, 351

Pianofortes, W. E. Gedge, 326

Preserving Solutions, H. A. Bonneville, 326

Propeller, H. Rolle, 351

Propellers, J. H. Johnson, 326

Rain Water, Storing, A. Ormsby. 326

Raising, &c., Heavy Bodies, E. H. Bernier, 326

Reflectors, F. V. Wright, 326

Regulators, Feed-water, G. Haseltine, 326

Roving Machinery, A. H. Gilman, 350

Safe, H. S. Bryant, 351

Safes, W. Snell, 326

Scissors, B. Snow, jun., 326

Sewing Machines, H. A. Bonneville, 326

Skylights and Ventilators, N. W. Wheeler, 351

Sewing Machines, H. Oram, 351

Smoke, Consuming, W. Harrison, 326, 350

Soap, H A. Bonneville, 350

Stone Dressing, Machines, W. Snell, 351

Thread, Waxing, H. A. Bonneville, 326

Valve Cases, A. S. Cameron, 350

Valves, W. W. Wheeler, 351

Valves, Slide, J. Thevenet, 827, 350

Vices, Bench, J. S. Hoar, 326

Weaving, H. A. Bonneville, 351

patents on bjljicl; tije Stamp 33ut» of £100 Ijas teen patii. Annan, D., 3017

Ash, H. C., 1804

Auld, D., 2865

Barnett, T., 2461

Bedson, G., 2144

Beniowski, B., 2874

Bingley, J., 2068

Bousfield, G. T., 2363

Briggs, T., 2287

Cash, J. and J., jun., 2292

Chatterton and Smith, 3138

Clark, W., 3150

Cope, D., 2429

Cope, Ward, and Cope, 2855

Crossland, J. S., 2792

Davies, G., 2503, S085, 3086

Davison, R., 3027

Dering, G. E., 2867

Fanshawe and Jacques, 2935

Fowler, jun, Burton, and Greig, 2889

Furnival, R., 2789

Goucher, J., 1856

Greenwood, 8., 2039

Guffroy, C. C. J., 1764

Hall, E., 2015

Hamilton, jun., J., 2166

Hargreaves, W., 2335

Haworth, J., 23'6

Henderson and Down, 2525

Henry, A., 2802

Hewitt, W., 2717

Higgins and Whitworth, 1895, 2501, 2728

Hornsby, jun., R., 2468

Hughes, Williams, andLeyshon, 2131

Jackson, A., 2947

Jacoby, M., 2016

Jacoby and Stones, 2348

Jamieson, Robinson, and Rowbottom, 2561

Jobson, R.. 2862

Jobson and Ransome, 2055

Johnson, J. H., 2322, 2886

Jordan, H., 2989

Lacroisade, J. II. C., 2033

Lambert, B., 1633

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patents on foljiclj tlje Stamp JButg of £50 ijas been paiO. Adams, W. B., 2764

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