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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Index: Patent Journal

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The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jan-Jun: Patent Journal Index.

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Being a Complete List of all the Patents applied for or granted during the six months ending June, 1877.

Abel, C. D., Boilers, Feed Water Apparatus, 331

Abel, C. D., Compositions, Alloys, 171

Abel, C. D., Cranes, 278

Abel, C. D., Motor Engines, 86

Abel, C. D., Photography, 312

Abel, C. D., Preventing Incrustation in Pans, 31

Abel, C. D., Treating Sugar Cane, 86

Abel, C. D., Ventilating, 409

Abbott, Knowles, E.and T., Looms, 347

Abbot, T., Manual Power, 243

Abbott, W. Driving Bands, 364

Acaster, A. J., Permanent Way, 47

Achard, F. F. A., Electricity, 278

Acklom, G. E , Preserving Food, 277

Ackroyd and Ambler, Carding, 331

Adam, B., Motive Power, 294

Adams, R., Windows and Doors, 313

Adamson, J., Gauging Water in Ships’ Holds, 154

Adamson, T. A., Spring Safety Valves, 347

Addyman, C. IL, Ventilators, 381

Adkins, J., Ships’ Compasses, 347

Adsett, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 400

Ahlstrom, C. N., Water Storing, 294

Aitken, R., Furnaces, 260

Alexander, E. P., Boots and Shoes, 400

Alexander, E. P., Wearing Apparel-Corsets, 436

Alexander, E. P., Wood Blocks, 261

Alexander, J., Air Compressing Engines, 48

Alexander, J., Cutting Coal, 103

Aldred, 8., Permanent Way, 381

Aldred, T , Looms, 86

Alissoff, M., Printing, 154

Allen, H. W., Treating Iron Residuesf^SO

Allen, M. Boilers, 65

Alliott and Barnsdale, Washing, 418

Alliott, J. B., Centrifugal Draining, 154

Allison, T., Taps, 48

Alsing, G., Treating Sewage, 277

Alston and Reid, Treating Yarns, 189

Altman, A. J., Games-Cricket Balls, 436

Anderson, A. Sewing Machines, 400

Anderson, Blackwood, Price, and Cheesman, Telegraphy, 66

Anderson, C., Railway Brakes, 120, 154

Anderson, J. Distilling Shale, &c., 65

Anderson, R. C., Fireplaces, Grates, &c., 224

Anderson, T., Railway Signals, 381

Anderson and Yair, Extracting the Essence of Meat, 454

Angell, E. G., Wood Screws, 365

Andrew, J. E. H., Tobacco and Cigars, 189

Apperley, J., Rotary Engines, 243

Archer, jun., T., Raising Sunken Vessels, 347

Armstrong, J., Railway Wheels, 31

Armstrong, J., Wood Paving, 86

Armstrong, R. W., Emptying Basins, 313

Arnold and Gregorie, Combing, 294

Arnold and Guy, Pistons, &c., 154

Aron, A., Fastenings for Neckties, &c., 48

Arrol, W., Wrought Iron Girders, 347

Ashbury, T., Fastenings for Doors, 243

Ashcroft, J., Bleaching, 48

Ashton, S. T., Taps., 154

Ashworth, G. and E., Wringing and Mangling, 224

Aspin al, A. J,, Registering Fares, 400

Asquith and Bain, Boring, 294

Asquith, W., Drilling, 419

Astbury, J., Breech-loading Ordnance, 189

Astbury, W. H., Grinding, 261

Aston, T., Fishing Tackle, 331

Atherton, W., Railway Wheels, 65

Atkins, F. H., Filters, 331

Atkins, J. B., Steering Gear, 135

Atkins, T., Ventilating Hats, 419

Atkins, W. H., Cutlery, 365

Atkinson, G. T., Horseshoes, 189

Atwood, L. L., Hamess, 312

Audsley and Pike, Lubricating Fibres, 120

Auld, P., Register for Vehicles, 381

Auld, W. W., Treating Animal Substances for Food, 31

Avery, C., Rotary Engines, 154

Aydon, H., Combing, 419

Aylesbury, H., Bottles for Aerated Liquids, 278

Ayton, P. E., Safety Latches, 103

Baggeley, H., Fire Bricks and Tubes, 103

Bagot, A. C., Mining Signals, 243

Bailey, F. L., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 171

Bailey, W. H., Pumping, 103

Baillie, R., Ships of War, 313

Bain, W. P. C., Wire Fencing, 48

Bairstow and Whitehead, Sanitary Tubs, 135

Baker, A. J., Fittings for Windows, 331

Baker and Francis, Cleaning Cotton, 47

Baker, J., Velocipedes, 364

Baker, T., Punching and Pressing, 154

Bald, J. H., Oxides of Iron, 278

Balo and Goldberg, Wealing Apparel-Stays, 189

Bale, T. S., Pavements, &c., 454

Ball and Clapperton, Ferry Boats, &c., 120

Ball, H. W., Excavating, 154

Balleni and Payne, Balloons, 243

Balmer, T., Treating Tea, 103, 154

Bamford, H., Slide Valves, 47

Bantock, J. W., Explosives, 31

Barbier, J. B., Artificial Stone, 65

Bardin, F., Feather Fabrics, 419

Barff, F. S., Motive Power, 381

Barker, A., Keys, 331

Barker, A., Pencil Cases, &c., 364

Barker and Harris, Valves, 224

Barker, R., Well Sinking, 243

Barlow, H. B., Looms, 454

Barlow, H. B., Signalling in Mines, 277

Barnett, J., Iron and Steel, 65

Barns, G. P., Self-acting Brakes, 294

Barrey, H. G., Levelling, 86

Barron, H. S., Boilers, 224

Barrow, J„ Raising and Lowering, 347

Barrow, Tannett, and Craven, Railway Wheels, 120

Barstow, G., Pulverising, 381

Bartholomew, C.t Blasting, 48

Bartlett, G., Filtering, 31

Barton, R., Flour, 381

Basevi, B., Goloshes, 418

Bates, G., Lifeboats, 313

Batchelor, H. G, Treating the Insides of Casks, 278

Batchelor, J. G. H., Governors for Marine Engines, 243

Bateman, W. B., Cutting Leather, 154 ggb

Bay, C* Si de, Motive Power, 436

Bayer, C., Fastenings for Wearing Anna rel, 207

Bayliss, T. R., Ammunition, 254

Bazin, E., Washing Sand, 347

Bearman, A. A., Clipping Horses, &c., 22

Beaumont, Barningham, and Thompson Tramways, 400

Beaver, L., Scarf Rings, 454

Beck, B. J., Scrap Books, 312

Beckingsale, E. W., Insulating Wire, 189

Beecroft and Wright, Combing, 400 Beesley, G., Motive Power, 31

Bell, A., Lock and Door Handles, 294

Bell and Blagburn, Pumps, 347

Bell and Coleman, Refrigerating, 277

Bell, I. L , Iron and Steel, 313

Bell, J., Heating and Cooking, 47

Bell, J. B., Grinding, 65

Bennet and Bostock, Pumps, 171

Bennett, E., Wearing Apparel—Sanitary Dress, 48

Bennett, R., Needles, 31

Bennett, 8., Labels, 86

Bennett and Sawyer, Pressing Bricks Tiles, &c., 260

Benson and Hickton, Jacquarding, 48, 331 Benson, M., Couplings, 171

Benson, M., Screw Lifting Jacks, 277

Bentley and Jackson, Paper, 65, 171

Berry, B,, Looms, 48

Berly, J. A., Dredging, 419

Berly, J. A., Portable Ink, 86

Bernates, E. J. A. de, Traction Engines, 278

Best, R. S., Sulphates of Sodium and Potassium, 313

Betjemann, G„ G. W., and J., Dressing Cases, <tc., 224

Betts, W., Capsules, 171

Betty, J., Elevators, 313

Beverley, J., Folding Furniture, 277

Bickerton, R. and R., Cultivating, 135 Biddell, G. A., Furniture, 312

Biggs, J. H. W., Evaporating Brine, 347

Biggs, J. H. W., Salt and Carbonate of Soda, 436

Biggs, T., Chimney Pots, 243

Billing and Williamson, Stoves, 312

Bingham, T. R. D., Ships’ Sheathing, 277

Binns, L., Driving Bands, &c., 103

Binns, L., Ropes, Cords, &c., 436

Binns, L., Yarns, 120

Birch., W., Squeezing, 313

Birch, W., Treating Fabrics, 103

Birchall, J. T., Indicating Pressure, 86

Black, T., Safety Valves, 260

Black, W., Churns, 277

Blagbrough and Hollingworth, Looms, 154 Blake, E. C. H , Marking Payments, &c., 331

Blakey, E., Galvanic Batteries, 347 Blamires and Reddan, Cooking, 154 Blamires, T. H., Taps, Valves, Ventilators, 86

Blick, J., Spring Mattresses, 86

Bliss, W. II., Raising Sunken Ships, 31 Blocksage, T., Furnaces, 86

Blundell and de Rusett, Valves, 381 Blunt, G., Fastenings for Cuffs, 312 Blyth, F. D., Pins and Dowels, 154 Boddy, C., Oven Doors, 381 Bogen, F., Fire-alarms, 400

Bohn, G., Sounding, 261

Bolden and Cassidy, Looms, 313 -

Bolden and Cassidy, Looms for Wire Gauze, 135

Bolingbroke and Ling, Woven Fabrics, 189 Bolle, 0. F. H., Safety Valves, 16

Bond, F. T., Ventilating, 31

Bone, G., Umbrellas and Parasols, 364

Bonnefin, F. A., Sugar, 294

Bonnes, C., Night Lights, 135

Bonneville, H. A. Buttons, 48, 313

Bonneville, II. A., Cooking Utensils, 31

Bonneville, II. A., Fastenings for Cravats, 437

Bonneville, H. A., Horseshoes, 224

Bonneville, H. A., Lubricating, 277 Bonneville, H. A., Motive Power, 347 Bonneville, H. A., Refrigerator Cars, 313

Bonneville, H. A., Separating Liquids, 278 Bonneville, H. A., Sewing Machines, 66 Bonneville, H. A., Spinning Fibres, 381 Bonneville, H. A., Tea-pots, 347

Bonneville, H. A, Thermometers, &c., 347

Bonneville, H. A., Varnishes, 277

Booth, T., Packing. 419

Booth, T. C., Varnishes, 381

Bostle, D. T., Water-closets, 313

Bosustow, J. H., Roller Skates, 313

Bottomley, W., Weaving, 189

Boulton, M. P. W., Engines, 207

Boulton, M. P. W., Heat, 189

Boulton, W., Pottery, 207

Bousfield, E. T., Horse Rakes, 16 Bowen, 8. B., Sulphate of Iron, 243 Bowing, J., Filter Presses, 154

Boyce and Newton, Umbrellas and Parasols, 154, 154, 189

Boyd, J. and T. A., Winding, 277

Braby and Moore, Galvanising Iron, 207 Bracewell and Pickup, Engines, 224 Bradbury, R., Bed Commodes, 243

Bradford, T., Washing and Rinsing, 400 Bradley, E. and H., and Sunderland, Fuel

Economising, 381

Bradley, J., Bricks, 313

Bradshaw, A., Gauges, 312, 347, 436

Bradshaw, E., Washing, 154

Bradshaw, W. J. C., Tobacco, 154

Bragg, J., Carding, 277

Brailsford, T. R., Couplings, 277

Brain, W. B., Electricity, 277

Bramwell, R., Oil-cans, 31

Brandreth, H. D., Ropes, 418

Breeden, J., Valves and Taps, 103

Bremond, J. J. L., Medicated Baths, 364

Bremond, P. A. E., Medicated Baths, 294 Bremond, L., Preventing Deposit in Gas

Fittings, 243

Bresson, T., Stoppers for Bottles, 277

Brett, C., Railway Signals, 419

Brett, R. W., Lanterns, 437

Brewer, E. G., Horse Hoes, 437

Brewer, E. G., Iron Ore, 294

Brewer, B. G., Pens, 294

Brewer, E. G., Preserving Food, 207

Brewer, E. G., Registering Fares and Distances, 31

Brewer, E. G., Taps and Valves, 154

Brewer, E. G., Telegraphy, 86

Brewster, F. W., Armour Plating, 277

Brice, W. A., Lowering Ships’ Boats, 48, 436

Brice, W. A., Marine Engines, 243

Bridges, R., Winnowing, 47

Bridle and Bradshaw, Looms, 381

Brierley and Co., Railway Points and Signals, 313, 400

Brierley, J. H., Braces, 171

Briggs, E., Umbrellas, 418

Bright, Ingham, and Fielding, Winding and Reeling, 103

Brigham, J., Topping Turnips, 171

Brinjes, J. F., Raising Liquids, 312 B”^aln and Albright, Wire Dish Covers, Brittain, C. 8., Cutting Oilcake, 103 Britten, J., Testing Coin, 48

Broadbent, T., Fireproof, &c., Buildings,

Brocklcbank, G., Registering Fares, 331 Bromilow, J., Iron, 260

Bromley, Crowe, and James, Motive Power Engines and Pumps, 31

Brooke, jun., King, and Nunns, Bottles and Stoppers, 154

Brooke, O., Roofing, 48

B Fabrics,'Si M°aSuring and Ro51in£ UP Brookes, W., Photography, 242 Brooks, E., Boots and Shoes, 454

Brooks and Harrison, Spinning and Doubling, 171 6

Brothers, W., Pipes and Retorts, 243 Brougham, J. P., Sifting Tea, 154 Brown, A. B., Hydraulic Coal Tips, 294 Brown, J., Skates, 31

Brown, J., Travelling Bags, 436 Brown, R., Miners’ Safety Lamps, 135 Brown and Rider, Heating and Lubricating Pipes of Engines, 48

Brown, W., Reaping, 189

Browne, A., Combing, 419

Browne, A., Telegraphy, 364

Browne. A., Metallic Alloys, 31

Brownhill and Smith, Iron and Steel, 207 Brownson, E., Sewing Machines, 278 Bruce and Robb, Rotary Engines and

Pumps, 418

Brunell, H., Boots and Shoes 31

B8tonen,312 D” °Utting aUd Dre8sinS

Bryant,F. C., Match Boxes, 436 Buchan, W. P., Ventilating, 430 Buchanan, W., Lawn Tennis, &c., Balls 224 ’

Buchholz, J. A. A., Gas, 189

Buckley and Barber, Looms, 436 Bucknill, J. T., Weighing, 47 Budenberg, A., Railway Brakes, 277 Buisson, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 31 Bulau, G., Lamps, 261

Bull, W., Bottling Aerated Liquids, 243 Bunn, P. C., Pigments, 16, 171 Burbidge, T., Valves, 381 Burch, J., Penholders, 418 Burke, M., Folding Stools, 418 Burleigh, W. F., Velocipedes, 16

Burnett, Caldou, and White, Boilers, 171 Burns, D., Cleaning Ores, 312 Burns, A., Looms, 400

Burns, R., Horserakes, 381

Burstow, E., Permanent Way, 224 Burstow, E., Tobacco Pipes, &c., 86 Bury, J,, Steam Packing, 86 Busche, A., Winding, 31

B4QQBart’ B' and J- P-> Treating Fibres, ^2i2T an<^ -Lewis, Utilising Waste Iron, Butterworth and Dickinson, Looms, 65 Butterworth and Wild, Looms, 86 Buxton and Fildes, Screw Spikes, 154

24?’ A’ S'’ Bleachin£ and Dyeing Yarns, Byram, W., Hot-air and Water-pipes, 813 Byram, W., Hot-water Valves, 400

Byrom, J., Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, 47 By water and Berry, Fibres, 313 By water, J., Looms, 400

Cadby, F., Cruet, Liquor, &c., Frames, 135 Caddick and Maybery, Furnaces, 277 Cahen, A., Incombustible Paper, 154 Calantarients, J. A., Rinks, 65 Caldwell, A., Water-meters, 243 Calo, R., Springs of Carriages, 154 Calvert, J., Registering Fares, 418 Cameron, J., Steam Pumps, 31

Campbell and Minton, T. W. and H., Tiles, i &c., 294

Campion, W., Seaming Fabrics, 48

Carder, T., Kilns, 65

Cardwell, R., Traps for Drains, 154 1

Carey, E., Furnaces, 103

Carey, W., Diving, 224

Carless, E., Filling Casks, &c., 277

Carr, A., Fire Lighters, 454

Carr, J., Bleaching China Clays, &c., 154

Carr, Paterson, and Arthur, Pumping I

Engines, 313 p g

Carruthers, J. R., Varnish, 419 Carter and Smith, Packing, 154 Carter, W., Packing Cases, 120

W- O., Raising and Lowering Weights, 154

Carier and Warren’ Ventilating Carriages,

Carver, II. C., Feeding Furnaces, 86 Caspar and Breitbart, Advertising, 243 Castelberg, J. A. B. von, Calendar Watches, 001

Catlow, C., Feeding Furnaces, 400

o«>W-s-R- > Carriage Windows and Doers, 27o ’

ChadburnW., Registering Revolutions of Shafts, 207

Chalmers, H. M., Steering, 312

Chamberlain, D. H.,Loom Shuttles, 278 Chamberlain,,!). M., Plaiting, Folding, &c.,

Chamberlain, W., Ploughs, 400

Chapman, M., Treating Flour-, 294 Chambers, W. H., Mixing and Kneading, oo4

Charter, C., Propelling Vehicles, 135

Charter, C., Signalling, 135

Chadwick, J., Printing Fabrics, 381 Chadwick, T., Sewing Machines, 243 Chatwin, T., Screw Wrenches, 171 Chatwood, 8., Locks and Safes, 277 Cheesbrough, F. J., Lighting Gas, &c, 331 I Cheesbrough, F. J., Surgical Splints, 419 Cheeswnght, F„ Railway Signals, 16 Cilery, H., Raising and Lowering, 171 Cheshire, J., Weighing Machines, 313 Cheveillon, J., Purifying Water, 103 Ch&cde224E‘ E’’ Caucelliug Postage Stamps,

Chisholm, J.,Brooches and Chatelaines, 171 Christie, H<|, Cartridges, 120 Clamond, C., Electricity, 331

Clapham, J. H., Boxes for Matches, 313

A’ M’’ Agricultural Implements,

C1^gk’ A- M-> Air and Water-proof Fabrics,

Clark, A. M., Boilers, 65, 154

Clark, A. M., Boots and Shoes, 154

Clark, A. M., Carburetted Hydrogen, 261

Clark, A. M., Chains, 86

Clark, A M., Cleansing Boilers, 48

Clark, A. M., Combing, 120

Clark, A, M., Crucibles, 16

Clark, A. Ml, Desks and Easels, 381

Clark, A M„ Dressing and Moulding Stone, 47 6

Clark. A. M., Drying Grain, &c., 103

Clark, A. M., Drying Pigments, 16

Clark, A. M., Electricity, 154, 291 436

Clark, A. M., Engines, 331 ’

Clark, A. M., Fastenings for Umbrellas and

Parasols, 48

Clark, A. M., Fire-Extinguishing, 86

Clark, A. M., Fire-Lighters, 313

Clark. A. M., Fringing, 381

Clark, A. M., Fruit Jars, 436

Clark, A. M., Furnaces, 436

Clark, A. M., Grinding Grain, &c., 260

Clark, A. M., Handles for Ploughs, <fcc., 86

HeatiBg Railway Carriages,

Clark, A. M., Horse Rakes, 454

Clark, A. M., Hulling and Polishing Coffee, 154

Clark, A. M., Lamps, 418

Clark, A. M., Looms, 347

Clark, A. M., Motive Power, 48

Clark, A. M., Nitrogen, 171’

Clark, A. M., Ornamental Tiles, 48

Clark, A. M., Ornamenting China, &c.,419

Clark, A. M., Ornamenting Furs and Feathers, 86

Clark, A. M., Paring, Slicing, and Stoning

Fruit, 154

Clark, A. M., Permanent Way, 103, 224

Clark, A. M., Pianos, &c., 120

Clark, A. M., Portable Washstands, 171

Clark, A. M., Postal Bags, 278

Clark, A. M., Rotary Engines, 171

Clark, A. M., Sewing Machines, 277

Clark, A. M„ Size, 86

Clark, A. M., Spinning, 65

Clark, A. M., Tramway Cars, 277

Clark, A. M., Treating Butter, 103

Clark, A. M., Treating Grain, 419

Clark, A. M., Treating Grits, 86

Clark, A. M., Treating Sugar, 103

Clark, A. M., Treating Wool, 120

Clark, A. M., Umbrellas, &c., Ferules for, 224 ’

Clark, A. M., Valves, 437

Clark, A. M., Walking-Stick Fire-arms, 16

Clark, G., Roller Skates, 331

Clark, J., Feeding Boilers, 364

Clark and McLeod, Indicating Speed, 16

Clark and Stanfield, Ordnance, 189

Clark and Standfield, Raising Sunken Vessels, 277

Clark and Standfield, Shoring and Supporting Ships, 103

Clark, W., Reaping and Mowing, 242

Clark, W., Revolving Shutters, 313

Clarke, H. and C., Looped Fabrics, 171

Glajrke, J., Railway Brakes, 189

Clarke, J. P., Measuring Liquids, 171

Clarke, J. S., Markers for Games, 313

Clavequin, E., Motive Power, 312

Clay, T., Looms, 31

Clay, W., Iron and Steel, 381

Claydon, J. A., Roller Skates, 154

Clayton, J. W., Waterproof Paper, 48

Clayton, L. and L., Punching Metal

Plates, 171

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Portable Engines, 224

Clegg, W., Cutting and Shaping Wood,

Clerk, D., Motive Power, 189

Closson, J. B., M.P., Miners’ Safety Lamps,


Clough, R. and J., and Mitchell, Spinning and Doubling, 189

Cluderay, T., Grain Cleaning and Separating, 400

Coad, T., House Telegraphy, 103

Cobley, T. H., Potash Alum, 48

Cochrane, D., Spinning, 277

Cockroft, T., Bottling Aerated Liquids,

154, 831

Cocker, S., Treating Wires, 31

Codd, IL, Filling Bottles, 312

Cogan, L., Smoke Preventing and Ventilating, 331

Cole, H. J., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 86

Cole, J., Lamp Safety Extinguishers, 154

Coleby, J. N., Folding Boats, 400

Collett and Greenhalgh, Spanners, 381

Colley, E., Paddle Wheels, 103

Collineau and Savigny, Preserving Vegetables, 454

Collinge and Paterson, Coal Gas, 65

Collins, C. W., Safety Valves, 313

Collins, M. H., Musical Instruments, 419

Collins, T. H., Reflectors, 313

Collmann, A., Engines, 331

Collyer, V., Preserving Substances, 242

Coltman, T., Knitting, 135

Combault, A,, Fastenings, 261

Condy, H. B , Disinfecting, 400

Condy, H. B., Soda, 347

Conquest, W., Folding Paper, 436

Cook, H. W., Permanent Way, 261

Cook, jun., W., Planing, 135

Cooke, G. K., Hand Endorsing, 154

Cooke, N. B., Bleaching Powder, 154

Cooper, A., Utilising Heat, 154

Cooper, J. H., Fire-arms—Snid er Rifles,


Coquillion, J., Carburometer, 277

Corbet, J. M. Fishing Tackle, 171

Cordier, A., Heating by the Sun, 48

Cormack, W., Utilising Refuse Acid Liquors, 154

Cornish, sen., P., Building, 224

Corr, W. T., Fabrics, 86

Corradi, L. de L. Y., Cigars, &c., 436

Cort, J., Valves, 418

Cossins, J. A., Treating Ores of Nickel, 31

Costa, F. J., Venetian Blinds, 347

Cotton, J., Taps and Cocks, 277

Cottrell, F. J.," Gas Chandeliers, 135

Coulson and Henderson, Crushing and Disintegrating, 365

Coulter and Harpin, Dressing, &c., Stone,


Coulthard, T., Spinning and Doubling, 365

Cordeaux, J. H., Telegraphy, 171

Conture, C. L. A., Advertising, 154

Cowper, E. A., Spinning, 243

Cowper, E. A., Type Composing, 454

Cox, C. J. and J. P., Glazing Fabrics, 313

Cox, J., Boat Lowering, 454

Cramphorn, J., Kilns, 189

Cranston and Culpin, Harvesting, 154

Cranston, W. M., Copying Presses, 154

Cranston, W. M. Mowing, 313

Craven and Greenwood, Looms, 86

Craven, J. and B,, Bricks and Tiles, 171

Craze, J. B., Self-detaching Hooks, 261

Crawford, D. C., Railway Signals, 171

Creeke and Sharp, Ventilating Sewers, 207

Crichley, H., Tiles and Slabs—Metallic, 381

Crickitt, R. E., Axles, 381

Crickmer, R. J., Steam Cock, 243

Crighton, W., sen. and jun., and S., Treating Fibres, 86

Crispin, W. H., Collapsible Boats, 189

Crochet, P., Treating Bitumen, 189

Cross and Brownhill, Looms, 171

Cross, H., Register for Vehicles, 381

Cross, W., Handles of Sad Irons, &c., 154

Crossl6, H. J., Money Boxes, 171,419

Crossley, A. B., Fastenings for Windows, 103

Crossley, D., Ventilating, 13o

Crossley, E., Winding, 154 , t

Crossley, F. W. and W. J., Driving Gear, 154

Crossley, F. W. and W. J., Engines, 437

Crowley, J. 8., Buckles for Leather Straps, 48 .

Crowther, Millington, and Morgan, Coating Metal Plates, 261

Cryer and Bulton, Reflectors, 331,

Cumming, J., Feeding Paper, 207

Cumming, J., Ruling, 400

Cuppaidge, H. O., Drainage Ploughs, 207

Curtze, J., Boots and Shoes, 189

Cutlan, J., Boots and Shoes, 48

Cutler, S., Purifying Gas, 365

Cutler, W. II., Turbines, 243

Dabert, J., Fabrics, 364

Dalton, G., Crushing Stones, &c., 103

Daltry, T. L., Paper Bags, 331

Dalziel, S., Gas Meters, 331

Daniel, J. C., Kilns, 86

Dann, J. T., Furnaces, 48

Dann, T., Permanent Way, 277

Darby, T. C., Cultivating, 65

Davey, H., Engines, 154

Davies, C. A., Fret Sawing, 294

Davies, E., Treating Flour and Meal, 103

Davies, J. L., Brushes, 400

Daviss, S., Paving, 189

Davis, D. Furnaces, 381

Davis, W., Whipholders, 261

Davis, W. II., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 277

Dawes, W., Tables and Chairs, 313

Dawson, T. G. and J., Printing, 277

Day, J. J., Ball Valves, 419

Day, L. W., Stoppers for Bottles, 31

Dean, G., Fabrics, Elastic Webbing, 224

Dean, J., Boots and Shoes, 48, 154

Death, A. W., Motive Power, 207

Dedicoat, J. R., Velocipedes, 16

Dehaitre, F., Stretching Fabrics, 313

Delf, W., Cleaning and Sorting Grains, &c., 154

Delori, F., Meters, 436

Dennis, T. H. P., Taps and Cocks, 207

Detiaque, A. E. A., Italian Paste Wrappers for Medicines, 86

Devot, A. L. B., Roller Skates, 47

Dewhurst, H., Printing Fabrics, 454

Dixon, J. A., Flour, 103

Dobson, M. G., Sizeing Yarns, 242

Dobson, T. S., Furnace Bars, 347

Dodds and Robbs, Despatch Boxes, 331

Doherty, T., Fasteners for Bale Ties, 135

Dollheiser, J., Bottling and Tapping, 171

Donaldson and Tailor, Windlasses, 400

Dorendorff, R., Governors, lb9

Dorman, J. W., Railway Switches and

Points, 400

Dougall, J. D., Fire-arms, 364

Douglass, J. N., Roof Lamps, 86

Doulceron, sen., J., and jun. A., Springs, 171

Dowling, J. L., Cleaning Streets, 418

Downham, G. H. and J. S., Shutters, 154

Dowson, J. E., Smelting, 454

Doyle and Stubbs, Stoppering Bottles, &c., 224

Drake, W., Iron and Steel, 171

Dray, jun, W., Urinals, 313

Drevar, G., Water Velocipedes, 120

Dronier, P., Lighting by Electricity, 65

Drummond, D., Axle Boxes, 242

Drummond, G. P., Paper, 135

Dry and Anderson, Treating Fibres, 47

Dryden, J. L., Releasing and Securing

Ships’ Boats, 86

Duck and Hancock, Valves. 31

Duckham, F. E., Hydraulic Machinery, 347

Duckitt, W. E., Umbrellas and Parasols, 454

Duckworth, W. II. and J. T., and Whittaker, Roller Skates, 65

Dudgeon, A., Asbestos, 189

Duerr, G., Blacklead, 189

Dufrene, H. A., Burners, 120

Dufrend, H. A., Buttons, 331 •

Dufren6, H. A., Fastenings for Cards, 364

Dufrene, H. A., Refrigerating, 381

Dugard, W. H., Fans tor Blowing, 47

Dugdale, E. and J., and Mould, Looms, 294

Diilken, A., Water Meters, 381

Duncan, G. A. P. H., Trimming Lamps, 65

Duncan, R., Printing in Colours, 120

Dunn, J., Horseshoes, 331

Dunn, W. W., Boring and Drilling, 313

Dyer, G., Spinning, 418

Dyson and Bury, Crimping Fabrics, 154

Eastwood, M. T., Furniture for Children,

Ebert, R., Air Engines, 103

Eccles, J., Looms, 381

Eckart, J., Preserving Food, 313

Ede, G. W. Valves, 86

Edmeston, G. D., Rivetting, 277

Edwards, A., Rowing Boats, Seats for, 243

Edwards, B. J., Photography, 418

Edwards, E., Couplings, 419

Edwards, E. Cutting Wood, &c., 207

Edwards, G., Fastening, &c., Window

Sashes, 154

Edwards, G., Signals and Points, 224

Edwards, J., Ventilating Mines, 243

Edwards, R., Locomotive Engines, 419

| Eels and Lend, Pumps, 437

Elce, J., Spinning and Doubling, x89

Elliott, G. W., Breaking Coal, &c., 312

Elliott, J. C., Horseshoes, 103

Ellington, E. B., Hydraulic Winches, 277

Ellis and Ayres, Weighing Chairs, 312

Ellis, G. H., Heating, 242

Ellie, J. D., Armour-Plates, 347

Ellis, J. S., Fumigating, 313

Ellis and Oakley, Cleaning Glass, 381

Ellis, T., Pistons, 381 n

Ellis and Wilkinson, Breach-loading Smail

Arms, 154

Ellison, J. E., Ventilating, 224

Elsworth, J., Bale Ties, 243 .

Elwell, P. B., Cut Nail Machinery, 31

Enoult, A., Finishing Fabrics, 53 Entwistle. E., Railway Signals, 243 Eskrett and Searle, Wrappers for Extract

ing Oil, 400 .

Etlinger, J. E., Points and Signals, 294

Ettlinger, J., Easels, 31

Evans, C., Stamping, 400

Evans, J., Cigarettes, 103

Evans, J. O., Looms, 313

Evered and Read, Grinding and Cleaning.

Metal, 277

Everitt, W. E., Copper Castings, 381

Ewart, R., Traps for Drains, 171

Ey ton, W. C., Pressure Gauges, • 81

Ezard and Wallace, Flat Irons, 48

Fvza II., Mixing Dry Substances, 278 Fairbairn, C.. Rolling and Impressing Parvis?'W.’,Opening and Shutting Window

Sashes, *c., 260

Fauconnet, .E. de, Harness, 277 .

Faulder, II., Cleaning and Dressing Fruit,

Fawcett, T. C . Bricks, 207

Fecny, V. I., Registering Fares, lb

Fellows, G„ Water-closets, 331

Felsenthal, A . Hinges 451

Felton, D., Waterproofing Paper 86 Fenton and Cockayne, Wheels and Pulleys,

Fenton and Green, Castors for Furniture,

Fenton, J., Treating Sewage. 419

Ferris, W. H., Cultivating, 419 Ferron, C. A, Burners, 294 Field, L, Folding Furniture, 317

Field, W., Breech-loading Small Arms, 400 Field’, W., Coating Ships' Bottoms, 135 Fildes, W., Screw Spikes, 418

Finch, B., Water-clo-ets, 135 Firmin, W., Bell Valves, 277 Firth, B , Embossing. 48

Firth and Kaye, Unfastening Carriage Doors, 243

Firth and Wolstencroft, Springs and Rollers. 31

Fish, G. II, Compressing Air, 313

Fisher, A. F. J , Buddling Furnaces, 103 Fiskeu, W., Traction Engines, 86

Fleming, F., Spinning and Doubling, 331 Fleming, Iley, and Earnshaw, Spinning,

Twisting, &c , 154

Fletcher, G., Crushing Sugarcane, 154 Fletcher, J., Furnaces, 135 Fletcher, T., Needles, 297 Fleury, F. G., Ventilators, 294

Floyd and Marston, Holders for Tool-', 454 Fontaine, A., Fastenings fir Gloves, 135 Footman, W.. Pencils, 347

Forbes, D., Shunting Rolling Stock, 31 Forest, T., Veneering, 212

Forrest, C. and A., Drying and Powdering, 48

Fosbery, G. V.. Fire-arms, 347 Foster, C. 8., Artificial Fuel, 277 Foster, F., Stoppers for Hotties, 436 Foster, H. A , Treating Fibres, 331 Foulis, R , Games. 313

Foulis, W., Drawing Retorts, 31 Fowler and Eyth, Traction Engines, 294 Fox, E. A., Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, 436

Fox, F. W., Spinnirg, 221

Fox, 8., Metal Plates, 261

Fox. T., Moulds, 436

Fox, W. P., Wrenches, 277

Fuller, J. C. and G., Telegraphy, 103 Fuller, L. K., Reed Org ms, 38 I Full wood, B., Roller Blinds, 277 Fulton, J., Punching, 189 Francis, E., Bricxs, <fcc., 103 Fraser, J., Staining Paper, 313

Frasi and Goodsail, Adjusting Compasses, 419

Freemantle and Dudgill, Combing, 189 Freemantle, 8., Washing, 120 •French, J., Pump Valves, 347 Friedllinder, II. L., Tobacco Pipes, 224 Friend and Jackson, Wearing Apparel-

Shirts, 189

Frodsham, H. M., Escapements for Watches, &c., 83

Froggatt, C., Fulling and Milling, 189 Frost, R., Grinding, 419

Froud, J. W., Refrigerators, 278

Froude, W., Gauges, 277

Fryer and Alliott, Treating Refuse of Towns, 331

Fryer, D., Treating Salt, 65

Gabriel, J. S., Pavements, 243

Galloway, G. B, E., Propelling, 347 Gambling, G., Horse Collars, 313 ' Gamboni, P., Locomotive Engines, 189 Gandy, M., Crushing and Grinding, 171 Gandy, M., Driving Bands, 381

Ganter, J., Mattresses, 437

Gardiner, H., Permanent Way, 454

Gardiner, W., Testing Malt, 171

Gardner, H., Piers and Piles, 120

Gardner, R. P., Register for Vehicles, 365 Garnett, T., Threading Screws, 31

Garnett, W. T., Lubricating Fibres, 313

Garrard, F. W., Inkstands, 48

Garrett, N. D., Yeast, 103

Garthwaite, T., Clipping Horses, <fcc., 401 Garvie, jun., and Bisset, Concrete, 135 Gater, T., Moulds, 454

Gebbie, J., Dressing and Cleaning Grain, 47

Gedge, W. E., Blacking, 261

Gedge, W. E., Boots and Shoes, 331

Gidge, W. E., Extinguishing Fires, 381

Gedgo, W. E., Fleshing Hides, 103

Gedge, W. E., Forging Bolts, 48

Gedge, W. E , Furnaces, 48

Gedge, W. E., Permanent Way, 419

Gedge, W. E., Raising Sunken Vessels, 261

Gedge, W. E., Rotary Motion, 65

Gedge, W. E., Sewing Machines, 65

Gedge, W. E., Splitting Wood, 200

Godge, W. E., Toy Horses, 419

Gedge, W. E., Treating Coal Tar, 86

Gedge, W. E., Trusses, 65

Gedge, W. E., Washing Coal, Ores, &c., 31 Gedge, W. E., Watch Caso Springs, 48

Gedney and Hall, Peeling Potatoes, &c., 243

Gee, J., Toothed Gearing, 31 Geering, W. A., Castors, 419 Gerstley, M., Cutting Cigars, 381 Gibbs, G. C., Dyeing Fabrics, 365

Gibbs, R. R., Heating by Water, 103

Gibbs, 8., Windows, 154

Gibson, C. J., Chimney Caps, &c., 224

Gidlow and Abbott, Furnaces, 419

Gill, C. H., Treating Sugar, 436

Gill, J., Gas Stoves, 47

Gill, W., Ships’ Lines, 154

Gillett and Bland, Clocks, 331

Gimson, E., Breaking Stone, 189

Girard, Willm, and. Bonchardat, Pigments, 16

Giroud, H., Gas Regulators, 120

Gittus, II.. Fastenings for Straps, 381

Gledhill, J., Sewage Carts, 260

Gledhill, J., Spinning, Doubling, and Twisting, 48

Glover, F. R. A., Lowering Boats, 16

Glover, T. G., Telegraphy, 224

Godfiey and Howson, Furnaces, 135

Godfrey and Spiegel, Playing Cards, 135 Gooch, J. W., Telegraphy, 193

Goober, L., Smoke Consuming Furnaces,

Goodfellow and Hallam, Steam Pumps, 48 Goodfellow, J., Metallic Pistons 381 Goodman, B. F., Copy Books, 454

Goodwin, G., Rivetting and Punching, 103 Gordon, J., Valves, 419

Gorman, W., Iron and Steel, 312

Q » Disinfecting and Deodorising, A I I

Gray, D, Separating Water from Air, 16 Gray and Harvey, Biscuits, 154

Gray, 1. and J. M., Optical Instruments,

Greaves, E., Photography, 381

Greaves and Smith, Photography, 381 Green, C. E. and R., Breech-loading Firearms, 154

Green, 0. H., Gas Stoves, 171

Green and Hirst, Cramps for Flooring, 400 Green, Turton, and Walker, Stopping and Starting Gear, 31

Greener, W. W.,Breech-loading sm ill-arms, 364

Greening, N. and J., Bleaching Powder. 364

Greening, W. II., Metallic Bedsteads, 171

Greenwood, A , Boilers, 103

Greenwood, J., Weighing, 66

Greger, M., Vent Pegs, 224

Grice, J., Axles, 65

Grieg, Benstead, and Phillips, Reaping and

Mowing, 103

Grierson, H. H., Furnaces, 47

Grindrod, J., Wearing Apparel—Fastening, 189

Groom, C , Velocipedes, 65, 361

Grover, J. W., Ventilating, 120

Groves and Basford, Knitted Fabrics, 154 Griinbaum, H. O. A. E., Storing and Trans

porting Explosives, 331

Gubbins, R. R., Pumps, 419

Gubbins and Whitestone, Valves, 260

Gudrin, E. G.. Bottles for Ink, <&c., 48

Guinery, S., Blind Rollers, 365

Gulland, J. K., Boring and Drilling, 313 Gunthorf e and Henoch, Bicycle Carriages, 154

Gutensohn, A., Tin, 400

Guthrie, H., Bricks and Tiles, 103

Guthrie, IL, Solidifying Coal Dust, &c., 86 Gutman, J., Sewing Machines, 331

Guy, C. J. and F. S. and Dale, Advertising, 331

Haddan, II. J., Books, 381

Haddan, H. J., Brakes for Vessels, 154

Haddan, II. J., Brushes, 120

Haddan, II. J., Chimney Pots, 313

Haddan, H. J., Cleaning Casks, 278

Haddan, II. J., Cutting Pipes, <fcc., 189 Haddan, H. J., Distributing Manure. 189 Haddan, H. J., Fastening for Shoes. 381 Haddan, H. J. Holding and Protecting

Ribbon, 224

Haddan, H. J., Lamps, 454

Haddan, H. J., Lubricating, 436, 454

Haddan, H. J., Milling, 381

Haddan, IT. J., Motive Power, 400

Haddan, H. J., Permanent Way 277

Haddan, H. J., Photography, 135

Haddan, 11. J., Traps for Drains, 436

Haddan, H. J., Railway Wheels, 331

Haddan, H. J., Refrigerators, 331

Haddan, H. J., Regulators for Engines, 347

Haddan, II. J., Rolling Stock, 243

Haddan, H. J., Ruling, 207

Haddan, II. J., Shins, 437

Haddan, H. J., Wire Fences, 151

Haddon and Smith, Spinning and Doubling

Hadfield, R , Buffers, 277

Hadfield, R., Ordnance, 261

Hadfield, R., Steel, 224

Hadfield, R., Wheels for Tramway Carriages, 154

Hagclin G, Engines, 31

Haggard, F. T.. Railway Brakes, 86 Halbert, W., Winding 189

Haley, Priestley, and Hall, Metallic B inds,

Spiral, 224

Hall and Barker, Coal, &c., Trucks, 189 Hall, (.’. E., Crushing and Grinding, 313 Hall, J., Ljoins, 86, 418

Hall, J. J., Communicating in Trains, 278

Hall and Medworth, Lime Kilns, 135 Hallattand Mason, Lace, 31 Hallen, H., Looms, 207

Hallewell, R., Engines, 86

Hallowell, R., Gas-Motor Engines, 48 207 Hallimond, J., Lubricating, 436 ’

Hallsworth and Ba les, Purifying Sewage, 213

Hamilton, J., Healing and Ventilating, 242 Hamilton. W., Engines and Pumps, 224 Hammer, R C., Weaving, 243

Hancock and Yeates, Electric Tell-tale and Fite Alarm, 364

Handyside and Sterne, Grinding and Finishing, 86

Hannaford, W., Tobacco Pipes, 278

Hannington, 8., Lighting Fires, 151

Hannington, 8., Ventilating, 154

Hanson, J., Treating Sewage, 242

Hanson, W., Looms, 207

Hardaker, J., Looms, 294

Hardie and James, Motive Power, 313

Harding and Willis, Indicating Speed, 313 Hardisty, G. E., Cocks and Taps 224 Hargreaves, J., Bleaching Powder, 103 Hargreaves, J., Sulphates of Soda and

Potash, 277

Harlow, B., Saddle Boilers, 437

Harrington and Brent, Velocipedes, 381

Harris, A. E., Dentistry, 331

Harris, A. E., Screw Nuts, 347

Harris, E., Spinning, 171

Harris and Fletcher, Paper Bags, 260

Harris, H. G , Steam Pumps, 47

Harris, J., Drain Pipes, 120

Harris, J., Motive Power. 103

Harris, J. T., Win lows, 313

Harris and Rounswell, Crushing Ores. &c 364 ’

Harriss-Gastrell, J. p_, Mathematical Instruments, 154

Harrison, A., Raising and Lowering 313

Harrison, C W., Gas, 135

Harrison, H, Disintegrating Seeds 171

Harrison and Priestland, Rack Pulleys for

Window Blinds, 154

Harrison and Smith, Lace. 31

Hart, B. W , Iron and Steel, 400

,, F-> Furnaces and Fireplaces, 207

Lart, W. and G , Injectors, 364

H48t’ W' U’’ Bi‘lanced Valves for Fluids, Hartley, J. W., Encaustic Tiles, 277

Harvey, W„ E. W„ and A„ Iron and Steel,

J. OU }

Harwood, G., Looms, 48

Harwood, Scholes and Roocrof1-, Treating lams, 86

Haseler, C., Watches, 189

Haslam and J udge. Horseshces, 48

Hasler, G. A., Supports for Photographic Albums, &c., 171 Bisspmv

Hattersley, T. K., Spinning, 31

Hatton, E., Optical Instruments, 189

H103hton’ B’’ Vacuum Railway Brakes, Haughton and Stoddart, Horse Rakes 294 Hawkins, J., Locks, 454 ’

Hawks and Bridges, Permanent Wav 4 0 Layi and Longley, Utilising Small ^oal, Hazlehurst, G. S„ Condensing Vapours,

Healey II Feeding Furnaces, 47 Hoap, C., Doubling Fabrics, 171 Hear son, C*. E., Lamps 381

Heath, G. W., Mathematical Instruments,

H!ckhfJ1HR’n?al?niS-ng Shcet Iron> 454 86 Dnect‘actInS Steam Pumps,

Hedley, R, Engines for Tramways, 364

Heglnbottom and Gr?0“-.*J’’b^tmg’ 151 Homkc 1’’ W., Electric Light, 41b Melv A A Ornamental Designing, 317 Holy, E., Printing, Stamping, and Embos-Heinfoff/s- E. A., Ordnance, 154 Hellyer, 8. 8., Treating Sewage, 31 g£rd^^^

„347. A r Alarms for Watches,

Henderson, A. L., Alarms

7, * p Printing in Colours, 65

Henderson, A. C , 1,  »* v

Henderson, A. C., Watches, 3S1 Henderson. F. Y., Vaporiser, 2J4 Henderson, J., Ice, 2,3 ahis 347 Henderson, R.. Swimming Apparatus Hendry and Marshall, Fishing Goar, 31-Hendry and Marshall, Hauling Gear, 364 Hen® T. F, Treating Rice and other Substances Containing bugar, 1<1 .

Henley, W. J. E. and E. J. E., Concrete Buildings, 135

Henley, W. T., Telegraphy, 224 Henry and Fraser, Fire-arms 331 Henry, R , Motive Power. 381 Hepple, W., Iron Ships, 31-Heshuysen, W. F., Lamp Chimneys, 437 Heshuysen, W. F., Couplings, 416 Hesse, M., Match Boxes, 313 Hewitt and Davis, Bricks and Tiles., 171 Hewitt, D. B., Sulphur Contained m Soda

Waste, Treating, 171

Heywood and Hacking. Boilers, 418 Hicks, J. J., Thermometers, 47 Higgins, F. H. W., Telegraphy, 331 Higgins, J. and A., and Wnitworth, Spin

ning and Doubling, 400

Higgins and Whitworth, Treating Fibres, 171

Hill, H.. Boots and Shoes. 13a Hiller, H , Stoppers or Plugs, 171 Hill, H. C., Portable Buildings, 13a Hill, J„ Studs and Solitaires, 120 Hill, L., Brakes, 313

Hill, Pilliner, and Williams, Roiling Machinery, 48

Hill, R., Sewing Machines, 400

Hili’, W., Artificial Stone, 86

Hinchcliffe, W., Carding, 224

Hinde, T. R., Packing Pistons, 224 Hingley and Currey, Anchors, 224 Hinks, J., Lamps, 31

Hird, J., Printing, 312

Hirsch and Stern, Locks, 16

Hiscock, W., Letter Balances, 347 Hislop, G. R , Calcining Spent Lime, 347 Hitchiner, Oddy, and Wallis, Railway

Couplings, 243

Hock, E. and A., and Parmentier, Joints for Furniture, 154

Hock, E. and A., and Parmentier, Spring Mattresses, 154

Hocking, F., Heating, 243

Hobson and Dyson, Rolling, 47 Heddinott and Still, Locks, 418 Hodges and Applegarth, Safety Nuts, 135 Hodgson and Bradley, Looms, 347 Hodgson, C., Points and Signals, 120, 154 Hodson, R., Driving Piles, 154 Hoffman, J. W., Hooks and Trainers for

Fruit Trees, 103

Hogden, T., Non-Alcoholic Unfermented Beverages, 331

Hogg, J and T. P. and Donovan, Mixing and Sifting, 437

Holder, V. E., Po’e Chains, 243 Holding, J., Looms, 294, 331 Hollamby, C., Rinks, 120

Holland, F., Lighting and Clipping Cigars, 48

Holloway, J., Silicides of Metals, 331 Holloway, J., Treating Metals, 103 Hollowell, W. C., Boots and Shoes, 242 Holl way, J., Iron and Steel, 418 Holmes, Pearson, Murton, and Midgley,

Washing, 261

Holmes, W., Movable Bearings, 365

Holt, A., Boiler Furnaces, 103

Holt, Blenkhorn, and Stancliffe, Looms, 347

Holt, H. P., Safes, 171

Hook, W. H., Bordering Paper, 47

Hooper, F. E. E , Vermin Traps, 419

Hooper, J., Lamps, 86

Hope, G. F. W., Lighting, 4S

Hope, J. V., Railway Fog Signalling, 312 Hopewell, G., Fire Bars, 260 Hopkinson, C., Flour Purifying, 381 Hopkinson, J. A. and J., Valves, 48, 86 Hore, W. H., Iron Shutters, 242 Hough, J., Gantry, 154 House, H., Gauges for Boilers, 86 Houzean, Devedeix, and Holden, Purify

ing Sewage, 224

Howard and Bousfield, Ploughs, 313 Howard, R. E., Velocipedes, 243 Howe and Russell, Water Supply, 418 Ilowison, J., Aluminous Substances, 189 Howitt. W., Roller Skates, 86 Howson, R., Iron and Steel, 436 Hoyle, C., Combing, 189

Hoyne, J. F., Drying Manures, &c., 47 Hubbard, C., Shirt Front Boxes, 48 Hudson, R., Metallic Wagons, 86 Huggett, J. A. Horse Nads, 418 Hughes, E. T., Advertising and Exhibiting, 277

Hughes, E. T., Burners, 418

Hughes, E. T., Cutlery, 48

Hughes, E. T., Electio Plating, 260

Hughes, E. T., Glass Globes and Chimneys, 313

Hughes, E. T., Heating by Steam, 65 Hughes, H., Embossing, &c., Fabrics, 207 Hughes, H., Locomotive Engines, 171 Hughes, H., Starting Gear for Vehicles, 1 120

Hull, J., Cleaning Boilers, 171 Humphrys, J., Marine Engines, 419 Hunter, A. D., Gauges for Boilers, 381 Hunt, B., Boots and Shoes, 312 Hunt, B., Joints for Pipes, 120 Hunt, B., Pumping Engines, 154 Hunt, B., Treating Sugar Cane, 347 Hunt, C., Gas Meters, 189 Hunt and Cox, Ventilators, 381 Hunt and Mitton, Lubricators, 418 Hunt, R., Furniture Springs, 313 Hunt, T. F., Velocipedes, 243, 313 Hunter, W., Engines, 171

Hurst, Craven, and Sutcliffe, Looms, 313 Hurwood, H. J., Cutting and Chopping,

Hutchinson and Tetlow, Looms, 47 Hutton, A., Ships’ Sails, 154 Hyatt, T., Adhesive Plaisters, 31 Hyatt, T., Building, 120

Hymans, H., Vegetable Parchment, 86 Hyne, R. H., Ships’ Compasses, 436 Hyslop, J., Boilers, 243

Ihne, A. A., Winding, 347 Illingworth, W., Flocks, 47 Illingworth and Walkington, Cutting Sugar, 347

Imray, J., Cork, &c., Fabrics, 86

Imray, J., Locks, 278

Ingram, W. J., Printing, 364 Ireland, J., Treating Metallic Ores, 48

Jablochkoff, P., Electric Lamps, 171 Jablochkoff, P., Electric Light, 419

Jablochkoff, P., Electricity. 171

Jack, R. G., Velocipedes—Tricycles, 43

Jackson and Mellor, Evaporating, 313

Jackson, W , Boilers, 312

Jackson, W., Fabrics, 277

Jackson, W, Folding Furniture, 313

Jackson. W„ Sewing Machines. 224

Jackson, W. M., Gas Stoves, 171

Jacobs, W. H. and A. J., Engines, 419

Jamieson and Collins, Shrinking Fabrics, 260

Janig, H., Condensing Steam, 331

Jarves, J. J., Furnaces for Petroleum, 135

Jefferys. J. C. W., Wearing Apparel-

Fastenings 16

Jeffreys, E. A., Railway- Wheels, 135, 243

Jenkins, J., Cleaning Tin Plates, 413

Jennings, G., Water-closet*. 47

Jennings, G W., Tobacco Pipes. 347

Jensen, P.. Filtering by means of Petroleum, 86

Jensen, P., Measuring Fabrics, 454

Jensen, P., Sewing Paper, 47

Jensen, P., Windowsand boors, 313

Jerus.'demy, A. F., Alarm Signals. 331

Jewitt, H., Fluting and Goffering, 48

Jewitt. H., Games, 180

Jewitt, H., School Desks, 86

Jeyes, J.. Preserving Meat, 313

Joel, H F., Protecting Ships and Forts, 437

Johnson, J. H., Artificial Fuel, 260

Johnson, J. H , Bedroom Furniture, 277

Johnson, J. H., Boilers 313

Johnson, J. II., Emery Wheels, 331

Johnson, J. H , Fire-arms, 291

Johnson, J. H., Fire Extinguishing, 171

Johnson, J. H , Furnaces, 31

Johnson, J. H., Heating, 381

Johnson, J. H., Iron and Steel, 312

Johnson, J. II., Knitted Fabrics, 189

Johnson, J. II., lace, 31

Johnson, J. H., Milk Beverages, 277

Johnson, J. II.. Permanent Way, 3j1

Johnson, J. H., Protecting Ships, Forts, <fcc., 86

Johnson, J. H., Pulleys and Wheels, &c., 347

Johnson, J. II., Pumps, 135

Johnson, J. H., Purifying Liquids, 81

Johnson, J. IL, Reaping and Mowing, 48 I

Johnson, J. II, Screw Threads, 400

Johnson, J. II , Sewing Machines, 18‘J

Johnson, J. II., Skates, 86

Johnson, J. II., Steam Ploughing. 454

Johnson, J. 11., Surgical Instruments, 347

Johnson, J. H , Telegraphy, 154

Johnson, J. H., Treiting Sewage. 171

Johnson, J. H., Treating Sugar, 120

Johnson and Burton, Gas Meters, 171

Johnson, R., Air Pumps, 313

Johnson S., Gas Meters. 31

Johnston, F , Treating Yarns, 294

Johnstone, J., Drying Grain, 454

Johnstone, J., Rolling Stock, 224

Joly, A., Fire-grates, 243

Jonas, C. A. H., Fire Extinguishers, 364

Jonas, C. A. II., Metallic Packings, 313

Jonas, C. A. H., Winding, 313

Jones, A., Bricks, 331

Jones, D. O., Safes. 86

Jones, F. W., Registering Fares, 317

Jones, G. H., Cooking, 277

Jones, R , Furnaces, 261

Jones, R. L., Engines, 277

Jones, jun., T. W., Fastenings for Wearing

Apparel, 454

Jones and Walsh, Sulphates of Soda and

Potash, 381

Joplin, J. Propellers, 381

Jordan, F. G., Concrete, 86

Jordan, G. II., Drilling and Turning, 135

Jordan, T. B., Drilling Rock, 154

Jordon.H. G., Drilling Cylinders, 103

Joyce, J., Packing Flour. Tea. &c., 171

Jubber, II., Raising Sunken Ships, 31

Judge, J., Signalling, 31

Jurisch and Lewis, Engines, 277

Justice, P. M., Engines, 294

Justice, P. S., Treating Ores, 381

Kalbfleisch, F. W., Boots and Shoos, 86

Kalbtleisch, F. W., Sulphuric Acid, 418

Kaselowsky, O. H. E., Railway Wheels, 331

Kay, J., Drawing-Boards, 31

Keats, J., Sewing Machines, 103, 260

Keevil, H., Optical Instruments, 437

Kelly, E, F., Musical Instruments, 347

Kelly, J. J., Ornamenting Wood, 419

Kelly and Wright, Tobacco, 261

Kempe, H. R., Railway Signals, 365

Kendall, F. W., Glass Frames, 454

Kendall, R., Railway Brakes, 261

Kendrick, T., Metallic Bedsteads, 154

Kennedy, T., Water Meters, 48

Kennedy, W., Ferry Boats, 103

Kennedy, W. W., Taps and Cocks, 313

Kent, G., Cleaning Knives, 16

Kent, G., Cutting and Mincing, 31

Kent, G., Refrigerators, 278

Kent, J., Traps for Drains, 242

Kenrick, W. W., Drilling Rock, 103

Ker, M , Parquetry Flooring, 347

Kerr, J., Paving. 171

Kerr, W. A., Feeding Poultry, 261

Kerry, W. T., i’olish, 154

Kershaw, W. H., Cutting and Channelling, 154

Kershaw, W. H., Slate, &c., Roofing, 65

Keymer, H. J. C., Brushes and. Brooms, 260

Keymer, II. J. C., Paper Boxes, 31

Kilner, B. and J. W., Necks of Bottles, 171

King, W., Cutting Tenons, 331

Kingston, F., Cutting and Bundling Sticks, 154

Kirk and Hunt, Screw Propellers, 41S

Kirkham, Hullett, Chandler, and Co,

Purifying Gas, 120, 365

Kirkman, J., Packing, 436

Kitson, J., Traps for Drains, 171

Kltlh, S., Tiles and Panelling, 48

Knap, C. C. S , Furnaces, 120

Knight, J. H., Steam Cultivating, 48

Knight, T. G., Felting Hat Bodies, 31

Knowles, jtin., and Hamer, Winding, 313

Knowles, jun., and Higgins, Treating

Fibres, 243

Knowles, J., Dyeing and Sizeing, 436

Koch and Durham, Regulating Steam, 135, 207

Koch, J. C., Supports for Photographs, 189

Krafft and Sauve fils, Treating Iron for Steel, 48

Kuhn, J. N , Dampening Pads, 171

Kunkier, E., Taps and Valves, 313

Kunkel, J. B., Treating Iron, 65

Kuschmann and Hirschfeld, Fastenings fo:

Wearing Apparel, 454

Lace, J., Boilers, 260

Lacy, H., Feeding Boilers and Furnaces, 171

Lack, P. J., Locks and Frames for Travelling Bags, 331

Lagillardaie, E. de, Inkstands, 189

Laing, W., Soft Soap, 48

Lake, F. C., Horse Hoes, 436

Lake, J. H., Coal and Ash Sieves, 312

Lake, W. R., Balloons, 454

Lake, W. R., Baths, 207

Lake, W. R., Boilers, 454

Lake, W. R., Boots and Shoes. 257, 294

Like, W. K., Cartridges. 365

Like W. IL, CnemtoU Telegraphy, 365

Lake’ W. IL, Cleaning Knivet, 189

Like. W. IL, Casting Bdlera. 313

Lake W. R , Compressing Ingots, 66

Lake’ W. R., Cutting Meat, Ac . 419

Lake, W. R , Cutting Metal Rdh, 419

Lake, W. IL, Decorating Tin-ptate, 294

Lake! W IL, Decorticating. 224

Lake, W. R , Drawing Wire, 120

Like. W. IL Dredging. 436

Like. W. R. Dressing Stone. 189

Like, W. R , Driving Machinery, 103

Lake, W. K . Engines and Pumps, 171. 260, 3*1 , _

L ike, W. R , Engraving and Chasing, 85

Lake, W. R., Elastic Bands, 419

Lake, W. R , Fire-arms, 213

Lake, W. IL, Furnaces. 261. 277

Lake, W. IL, Gas Meters, 40)

Lake, W. R., Gas Supply, 434

Lake, W. R , GUt% 243

Like, W. K., Grinding and Decorticating, 151

Like, W. R., Hammocks, 381

Lake, W. R . Harness and Saddles, 243

Lake, W. IL, Hollow Metal Rdls and Tubes. 16

Lake, W IL, Horse Buoys. 260

Like, W. IL, Horse-shoe Nails 65

Lake, W. IL, Horse-shoes, r07

Lake, VS’. IL, Iron and Steel, 454

Lake, VS* JL. Knitting. 135

l^ake, W. K., Limps, 419

Lake, W. It, Lighting and Extinguishing

Gas, 331

Lake, W. R., Lubricating, 419

Lake, W. IL, Mattresses, 294

Lake, W. IL, Measuring and Recording

Speed and Distance, 364

Lake, W. R_, Metal Tube*, 454

Lake, W. R., Metal Utensils, 437

Lake, W. IL. Musical Instruments. 260

Lake, W. R , Pa idle-wheels. 171

Like, W. IL, Paper-cases, 419

Lake, W. K , Pen and Pencil-holder, 365

Lake. W. IL, Permanent Way, 347

Like, W. IL. Pickling Wire, llkl

Like, W. R , Photography, 381

Lake, W. it, Plaiting and Fluting, 364

Lake, M. IL, Postage St imps, 400. 419

Like, W. R., Preserving Food, 400

Like, W. JL, Pulp for Moulding, 277

Lake, W. IL, Pulverising and Disintegrating, 135

T ake, W. R , Pumps, 313

Like, W. IL, Putting up Packets of Pow ders. 313

Lake, W. IL, Raising Crops, 31

Lake. W. IL, Registering Fares, 413

Lake, W. IL, Rolling Metal, 437

Like, W. IL, Roller Skates, 278

Lake, W. IL, Saws, 154

Like, W. IL, Scissors. 400

Lake, W. IL, Screws, 381

Like, W. It, Sewing Machines,

Lake, W. R., Shuttles, 103, 154

Like, W. IL, Skates, 189

Lake, W. IL, Smelting, 277

Lake, W. R., Steel. 277

Like, W. R.» Strightnning Metal Rais, 4S

Lake, W. R., Sugar, 294

Lake, W. IL. Telescopes, 47

Lake, W. IL, Testing Milk. <fcc , 65

Lake, W. It, Testing Resistance to Tension, &c., 31

Lake, W. R , Tramways, 135

Like, W. R., Traps for Drains, 273

Lake, W. IL, Treating Malt, 16

Like, W. R.. treating Sewage, 277

Like, W. IL, Treituiz Sugar, 447

Lake, W. IL. Umbrellas, 48

Lake, W. IL, Winding Clocks, 171

Lake, W. It, Wire Springs, 171

JLambert, IL, Photography, 103

Lam pre. A.. Card Tables, 451

Lancaster, J., Horseshoes, 86

Lancaster and Ley, Engines, 313

Lander, H., Cultivating, 365

Landless* J., Screening Coal, &c., 364

Lang, J., Velocipedes, 1U3

Lange and Mohr, Bottles and Stoppers, 154

Larard, F., Hinges, 294

Large, J., Safety Apparatus for Mines and

Cages, 312

Larmuth, M. II., Drying Hanks. 331

Larmuth, T. H., Non-alcoholic Beverages, 400

Larmut-h, T. B., Effervescing Beverages, 418

Lascelles, C. T. E., Casks, 243

Lisccllcs, W. H., Bricks and Tiles, 331

Law, H., Stop Valves. 120

Lawson, H. J., Velocipedes, 312

Laycock, W. S., Fog Signalling, 103

Lea, H., Indicators for Engines. 159

Leak, E., Kilns. 278

Leak. H., Moulds and Blocks, 317

Leason, T. It, Swing Doors, 381

Leatherland, J., Binding Sheaves, 347

Leaver, J It, Cutting and Channelling

Minerals. 331

Lebeau, F. D., Harness, 347

Lecoeur, E. J. J.. Combing, 16

Locourt and Guillemare, Preserving Vege

tables, &c., 313

Ledger. J , Raising Liquids, 135

Lee, C.JJ 1 seahoes, 45, 331

titone^ ' 'Person, Cutting and Dressing

Lees, W..5 Jety V.alvc«. G5

Le Grand, j., Protecting Railway Guards,

Le Gros. P. J., Drilling, 419

Leigh and McDowell, India Rubber Tires for W heels, 86

Ixiith, J. p.t Calendars, 86

Lemaire, J. T., Locks. 400

Leman, E., Labelling. 24;

Le Mat, F. A., Fire-arms, 171

Trunks, 7/1 K“tcni,,«8 tor

Leonard, J., Projectiles, 381

Leoni and De la Taster, ships, 47

Levy, L., Screws, 347

Lewin and Parker, Steam Lifeboats, 189

Lev1SCJ' w ’ H;fdlVy CirrU^, *<’•»

Metal,'48 ’ Mouldln^

a£d MacPhail, Bricks. 331

T Jacquard Looms, 436

Lid don and Simmonds, Thps, 381

LieUr’ B ' SUf? ana Put‘Mh* 454

i !Ci S’ Lamps, 260

Tindo00^ ^’’ Worklng Metals, 48

HnfLrd ’r’’rlow*DKand Hoping, 189

Binford, C., Gas Engines, 364

Lish, J. j.t Building, 454

I 8aLJ,i’r1Ui8il1^ Scaffolding. &r.. 171

Lister <md Greenwood, Treating Silk, 48

i1 rF12^hing Folted Fabrics, 108

1 Treating Fibres, 260

Litchfield, J., Lace, 154

Little, R., Motive Power, 207

Little, R Preparing Food, 189

LJvesey, G. T.» Puriiying Gas, 189

Livesey. J., Filters, 260, 313

L ewellyn, T., Turning, 277

L ovd c M ’ w07)di.,)'g, M,d ShaP‘“sr.454

Ti j t ^(xxi Paving. 454

Temp Pif; an»-A- ana Ulivcr, Tin and

4 erne Plates, 277

Lobnitz, H. C„ Ordnance, 120

Lockwood, H., Plato Glass, 171

Lockwood, J., Railway Brakes, 171

Lockwood, P. E„ Treating Beverages, 278

Lockwood, W„ Building, 312

Lockwood, W., Springs, 47 ... _ .

Loeb, M., Embroidering and Cutting Out, 135

Loebl, J., Fastenings for Bags, 313

Loeffler and Higgs, Telegraphy, 171

Loewenthal, L., Gases, 418

Lofts, E„ Registering Fares, 347

Longsdon, A., Iron and Steel, 347

Longsdale, J. A., Traps for Drains, 189

Lord, J., Looms, 312

Lord and Jackson, Looms, 31, 454

Lovel, J. H., Electro-Magnetic Engines, 189*

Low, O., Washing Wool, 189

I.ow, T., Sewing Machines, 419

Low, W„ Taps and Cocks, 120

Lowe, J., Wrenches, 277

Lowe, W., Engines, 171

Lowne, R. M., Barometers, 103

Lowry, G., Boring, 65

Lowry, G., Distributing Sand upon Streets, &c.,31 .

Loynd, W. and J. S., Restoring Spent

Sand, 171

Lundh, S. H., Spark Arresters, 31

Lynch, T. F., Infants’ Feeding Bottles, 294

Lyon, J. T. and E.. Stoppers for Bottles, 47

Lysaght, J., Galvanising and Metal Coating, 154

McCabe, J., Looped Fabrics, 48

McCandlish, R. D., Brakes for Velocipedes, 48

McCarthy, T. G. S., Bedsteads, &c., for Invalids, 260

M'Clellar, S. H., Watch and Chronometer Escapements, 313

M’Connell, J., Leak Stoppers for Boiler Tubes, 294

McDonald, A., Dressing Stone, 48

MacDonald, A. S. L„ Thermometers, 381

Macdonald, W., Couplings, 189

Mace and Brewster, Doors for Furnaces, 154

Macedo, J. A. de, Cooking—Egg Boilers, 31

McFadzean, C., Elevating and Cleaning Grain, 313

M cFarlane, D., Purifying Alcoholic Liquids, 135, 189

McGregor, A., Reaping and Mowing, 171

Mcllvenna, Boulding W. C., and C. M., Exhibiting, 418

Mack, J. 0., Refrigerating, 313

Mackay, J., Roller Skates, 189

McKechnie, D., Treating Oxides of Iron, 31

McKenzie, G. R., Treating Wood, 48

McKenzie, J., Boilers, 171

Mackie, Fam e, and French, Explosives, 154

Mackie, J., Pulleys, 454

MacMillan, J. L., Medical Compounds, 171

Macnee, J., Treating Butter, 400

McQueen, F. C., Lamps, 365

McStocker, J., Spinning, 65

Macvay and Sykes, Stoppering Bottles, 189

McWhinnie, J. M., Indicating Speed, &c., 347

Madderson and Wilkinson, Cutting and

Dressing Stone, 436

Maddison, W , Permanent Way, 381

Maher, A. J., Velocipedes, 347

Main, R., Treating Ores, 171

Malings, J., Games—Cricket Balls, 48

Malcolm, D. R., Bearings for Shafts, 381

Malloch, J., Carding, 120

Manders and Cave, Chimney Cowls, 312

Manston, W., Railway Signals, 171

Mantey, H., Slide Valves, 419

March, O., Blinds, &c., 312

Marley F., Currey Combs, 313

Marsden, H., Carding, 400

Marsh, S., Blasting Coal, &c., 47

Marshall and Monks, Reaping and Mowing, 171

Martin, A., Boxes for Matches, &e., 86

Martin, A., Matchboxes, 261

Martin, A., Shearing and Clipping, 86

Martin, J. C , White Lead, 312

Martin, P. B., Rotary Engines, 16 Martin and Robertson, Horseshoes. 16 Martin, W., Communicating in Trains, 86

Martindale, A. F., Steam Cultivating, 347

Martindale, W., Inhaling Medicated Vapour, 154

Martineau, F. E., Hinges, 381

Marx, W., Portfolios, 154

Mason, A., Paper, 294

Mason, D., Measuring Taps, 207

Mason, G., Cutting Teeth of Wheels, 381

Mason, W. F., Glass, 347

Mason, jun., Wolstenholme, and Spencer, Furnaces, 154

Mather, W., Pumping. 154

Mathewson, J. E., Drilling and Grinding, 364

Matthiesson, F. O., Sugar, 278

Matthison, J., Leather, ?07

Matthysens and Bassompierre, Fire Escapes, 171

Maugin and Matthey, Clasps for Straps, 313

Maurice, A. H., Treating Ores, 381

Maxwell-Lyte, F., Ammonia Anhydride, 31

Maxwell-Lyte, F., Treating Ores, 171

May, C. N., Engines, 278

May J. M., Cases for Clocks, &c., 103

Mayer, A., Bricks and Tiles, 171

Mayer, E. L., Treating Copper Solutions.


Mays, J. A., Roller Skates, 86

Melter, Houghton, and Neville, Waterproo: Garments, 154

Mellor and Beaumont, Cloth Raising, 16

Mellor, H. M., Knitting, 454

Mellor, J. S., Springs, 381

Menier. J. S. A., Aerial Toys. 312

Menzies and Blagburn, Boilers, 135

Mercer, T. T., Boilers, 154

Merrick and Halliwell, Brakes, 364

Merry, F. E., Lamps, 189

Mewburn, J. C,, Clipping Horses, &c., 43

Mewburn, J. C., Friction Couplings, 278

Mewbum, J. C., Ratchet Clutches, 312

Mewbum, J. C., Spinning, Twisting, &c 154

Mew bum, J. C., Steam Ferry Boats, 347

Mewbum, J. C., Motive Power 242, 294

Mewbum, J. C., Oyster Growing, 313

Mewburn, J. C., Ozone, 31

Meyers, F. G., Fog Signals, 154

Michele, V. D. de, Kilns, 47

Middleton. R., Treating Fabrics, 31 Mignot-Danton, V. A„ Motive Power, 33' Milbourn and Smith, Paper, 103 Miller, G., Presses, 418

Millington, T. 8., Traps for Blackbeetle 261 , „

Mills, B. J. B., Bricks and Tuyeres f Bessemer Converter Bottoms, 31

Mills, B. J. B., Time Globes, 294

Mills, B. J. B., Urinals, 437

Mills, J., Engines, 86

Milne, J., Gas for Railway Carriages, 40'

Milne, R. D., Equalising Motive Power, 1 Milne and Rattray, Tobacco, 31 Milnes, J., Taps and Valves, 312

Mitchell, W.. Stands for Casks, 24.3

Mitford and Lester, Puddled Iron and Steel, 48

Molloy and Warren, Nitric Acid, 419

Mondon, M., Cutting Files, 16

Monington and Weston, Musical Instruments, 331

Mont de and Gane, Brushes and Brooms, 171

Montefiore, J. L., Treating Ores, 171

Montjo, U., Lighting Cigars, 48

Moody. Slade, and Haynes, Spring Mattresses, 47

Moody, W., Hyposulphites of Soda, Potash, and Ammonia, 120

Moore, A. W. M., Furnace Grates, 437

Moorehouse, S., Looms, 243

Moreau, C., Opera, &c., Glasses, 154

Morftt, C., Biscuits, 189

Morfit, C , Fruit, Bread, and Farina, 103

Morgan-Brown, W., Animal Traps, 278

Morgan-Brown, W., Boots and Shoes, 65, 419

Morgan-Brown, W., Cartridges, 347

Morgan, J. H., Deodorising, 381

Morgan-Brown, W., Electric Telephony, 31

Morgan, J., Engines and Pumps, 277

Morgan-Brown, W., Furnaces, 103

Morgan-Brown, W., Gas, 48

Morgan, J. C., Hot Water Cisterns, 277

Morgan-Brown, W., Knitting, 86

Morgan-Brown, W., Ordnance, 419

Morgan-Brown, W., Photography, 347

Morgan-Brown, W., Pumping Engines, 331

Morgan-Brown, W., Registering Fares, 189

Morgan-Brown, Sewing Machines, 171

Morgan-Brown, W., Spinning, 48, 171

Morgan-Brown, W., Stoves, 312

Morgan-Brown, W., Wash-basins, &c., 86

Morgan-Brown, W,, Wetting Grain, 347

Moritz, P., Electric Luminous Signalling, I 48

Morris and Cutler, Gas Condensers, 400

Morris, E., Boots and Shoes, 103

Morris, F., Clocks, Astronomical, 242

Morris, I., Paving, 65

Morris, J., Finishing Paper, 364

Morris, J., Joints for Pipes, 260

Morton, A., Tapestry Cloth, 277

Morton, J., Shuttles for Sewing Machines, 16

Morton, J. C.. Draught Preventers, 278

Morton and Wilson, Looms, 347

Moseley, J., Carding, 48

Moss, A. S., Rolling Stock and Permanent

Way, 436

Mottram, C. H., Ploughs, 65

Moy, T., Boilers, &c., 313

Moysey, J., Pumps, 260

Muir, J., Spinning and Doubling, 400

Muir, W., Looms, 31

Muir, W., Winding. 16, 135

Munro, J., Hoeing Turnips, 154

Muratori, C., Preserving Eggs, 400

Muratori, C., Waterproofing Fabrics, 154

Murdoch, H. H,, Digging Potatoes, 418

Murdoch, H. H., Engines, 207

Murdoch, H. H., Sewing Machines, 419

Murdoch, T., Fabrics, 277

Murphy, J., Rolling Stock, 135

Murray, C. H., Tiles, 381

Murray, D., Mathematical Instruments, 207

Murray, E., Permanent Way, 331

Murray, G. O , Fire Escapes and Ladders, 260

Murray. R., Registering Fares, 437

Murray, W., Winding, 65

Muspratt, E. K., Furnaces, 365

Myers, F. G., Punching and Eyeleting, 120

Nadal, J., Mining Apparatus, 313

Nairne and Waddell, Translucent Gratings, 261

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Blind Rollers, 364

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Brushes and Brooms, 171

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Castors, 154

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Centrifugal Machines, 171

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Cigarettes, 103

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Cleaning Grain, 418

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Cooking, 418

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Meters, 171

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Pocket Lanterns, 48

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Photography, 364

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Pumping, 277

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Refrigerating, 135

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Spinning, 261

Nawrocki, G. W, von, Tenoning, 48

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Treating Fibres, 31

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Treating Milk, 277

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Weighing, 48

Neale, M. T., Harvesting, 189

Neale, R., Plate Printing, 381

Necker, C., Sewing Machines, 242

Negretti and Zambra, Thermometers, &c., 189

Nelson, W., Fastenings for Gloves, Cuffs, &c., 65

Netherwood and Shaw, Stoppers for Bottles, 103

Newham, J., Invalid Beds, 189

Newman and Duesbury, Gas Supply, 154

Newman, E., Transport by Land, 381

Newman, J., Gas, 437

Newnham, B. T., Carriages. 400

Newton, A. V., Cooking Utensils, 154

Newton, A. V., Cutting and Polishing

C-rlflQQ 994-

Newton, A. V., Drilling, 43S

Newton, A. V., Locomotive Engines, 189

Newton, A. V., Printing Presses, 120

Newton, A. V., Screws, 224

Newton, A. V., Screw Wrenches, 418

Newton, A. V,, Slates for Schools, 189

Newton, A. V., Watch Movements, 135

Newton, F., Magic Lanterns, 400

Newton, G. B., Torpedoes, 418

Newton, H. E., Engines, 135

Newton, H. E., Governors, 154

Newton, H. E., Lamps, 278

Newton, H. E., Rotary Engines, 154

Newton, W. E., Stretching Fabrics, 278

Newton, H. E., Telegraphy, 65

Newton, H. E., Travelling Bags, 243

Newton, H. E., Varnishes, 400

Newton, H. E., Winding Yarn, 207

Newton, J., Regulating Gas, 364

Nicholls, J. R., Brewing, 31

Nicholls, J. T.. Guards for Watches, 189

Nicholson and Kennan, Horse-Gears, 364

Nicholson and Mather, Harvesting, 454

Nicholson and Mather, Grinding, 400

Nicholson, W., Shuttles, 243

Nicholson, H B., Feeding Mechanism for

File-Cutting Machines, 419

Nicoll, J,, Spinning, 278

Nightingale, jun., S., Ventilating Furnaces,


Noifolk and Lloyd, Engines, 277

Norman, J. M., Telegraphy, 154

Normandy, A. L, Distilling, 65

Norton, C. D., Railway Signals, 154

Notcutt and Scopes, Vermin Traps, 436

Notley, W., Lamps, 261

Nott, T., Lock Spindles, 120

Nunns, F, W., Kettles, 400

Nuttall, F. D., Carboys, 454

Oakeshott, R. 8., Stoves, 48

O’Connor, P., Hinges, 154

Offord, jun., J., Vehicles, 347

Olivier, A. A,, Raising Sunken Vessels, 400

Orchar, R., Laing’s Sewing Machines 171

Orlowski, J., Cutting, Mortising, &c..

Wood, 154 ’

Ormandy, W. R.. Blotters, 120

Ormerod, J., Spinning and Doubling, 135

Osmond, J., Vehicles, 277

Osmond, S., Water Supply, 103

Oswald, T. R„ Armour Plates, 381

Otis, S. A,, Horsc-Car-Pole Attachments,


Ottaway, J. p., Window Blinds, 154

Otto and Crossley, Gas Motor Engines, 154

Owen, G. D., Wheels, 48

Padley, S.. Heating Liquids, 381

Page, E., Matches, 312

Page, W., Valves. Taps, <tc., 48

Page and Wells Roller Skates, 16

Palmer, F. I., Bridges, 261

Palmer, J.. Agricultural Implements, 103

Paris. J., Flat Irons, 278

Park and Taylor, Thrashing, 312

Parker, J. E , Indicating Speed, 86

Parker, T. L., Packing and Storing Perfumes, 86

Parkes, H., Extracting Nickel, 224

Parkes, J., Taps and Cocks, 436

Parnell, E. A., Sulphuric Acid, 189

Partridge, S., Couplings, 277

Pass, E. de, Artificial Stone, 47

Pass, E. de, Fastenings for Trousers, 381

Pass, E. de, Railway Brakes, 86

Paterson, G. T., Telegraphy, 331

Paterson, R., Crank Shafts, 47

Paterson J., Cutting and Shaping, 381

Pawson W., Tans and Valves, 312

Pawson, W., Water-closets, 86

Payton, J. I., Kilns, 261

Pearson. E., Water-closets, 291

Peebles, D. B., Gas Governors, 364

Peel and Brown, Washing, 419

Peirce, J. W., Driving Machinery, 243

Pemberton, A. W., Spinning and Doubling, 65

Penanrun, L. T. D. de. Engines, 171

Pene. J. A. Harvesting, 189

Penman, J. G., Incubators, 277

Percy and Oclee, Bricks and Tiles. 419

Perkins and Brown, Cultivating, 31

Perkins, L., Engines, 171

Perkins, T., Cultivating, 419

Perrett, E., Filters, 171

Perrett, E., Tramway Carriages, 171

Perrins, H. H., Brewing, 381

Perry. H. J.. Scissors, 120

Perry and Herts, Glove Stretchers, 381

Peter, G., Paper, 189

Peters, G. D., Springs, 313

Petherick, C. J., Box Irons, 242

Petit, H. F. E., Advertising, 86

Petit, L. Looms, 65

Petremant and Deshayes, Sewing Machines, 135

Peyton and Bourne, Metal Tubes, 278

Peyton, R., Locomotive Engines, 277

Pfeffer, P., Drying, 103

Phillips, I)., Preventing Corrosion in

Boilers, 313

Phillips, J., Starting Gear for Vehicles, 135

Phillipson, W. F., Elastic Mattresses, 8S

Piccard, P., Evaporating, 103

Picken J., Hoeing Turnips, 277

Pickering, J., Fastenings for Railway

Carriages. 313

Pickering. J , Looms, 436

Pickersgill G., Couplings for Telegraph

Wires, 347

Pickup, J., Furnace Bars, 243

Piddington, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms,


Pieper, C., Filter Presses, 242

Pieper, C., Pianofortes, 400

Pieper, C., Polishing, 364

Pieper, C., Refrigerating, 277

Pieper, C., Sewing Machines, 47

Pieper, C.. Spinning. 48

Pinaud, G.. Hair Brushes, 347

Pinder and Mawe, Cleaning Grain, 436

Pinto, F. de C., Engines and Pumps, 65,


Pirie and Groundwater, Black-Bordering

Envelopes, 31

Pitrot, E., Travelling Water-closets, 436

Pitt, S., India-rubber, 260

Pitt, S., Gas Retorts, 437

Pitt, S.. Looms, 86

Pitt, S., Motive Power. 437

Pitt, S., Refrigerating, 243

Pitt, S., Sewing Machines, 454

I Pitts, S., Twisting and Roving, 278

Pitts, J., Stoppers for Bottles, 418

Place, J., Magic Lantern Slides, 47

Plant, J., Boots and Leggings, 454

Plantron, jun., A. A , Cleaning Fibres and

Fabrics, 418

Platnauer, L., Fastenings for Wearing

Apparel, 419

Platt, B., Spinning, 86

Plimpton, J. L , Hydraulic Lifts, 365

Plimsoll, H. D., Interlacing Metal Bars,


Plowright and Reynolds, Cultivating, 419

Plum, T. W., Tuyeres, 207

Pocock, R.. Cultivating, 224

Pollitt J., Harvesting, 381

Pond. C. H., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 86

Pope, J., Taps and Cocks 135

Porteous and Bruce, Tramway Cars, &c.,


Portway, H., Looms, 347

I Posselt, E. Woven Fabrics, 86

Potel, A. P., Permanent Way, 260

Pottin, H., Registering Cash, 436

Powell, D. T., Printing, 312

Powis, C , Sawing and Boring, 65

Poznainski, D., Stands and Supports, 86

Pratt, F. E., Ovens, 189

Prentice, E. C., Explosives, 120

Prentis, H., Chimney Tops and Ventilators, 86

Prescott, W., Washing and Churning, 103

Preston, Prestige, and Preston, Regulating

Flow of Water, 31

Price, W. E., Screens or Sifters, 331

Priestman, W. D. and 8., Winches and

Cranes, 278

Pringle, A., Treating Fibres, 294

Prior, J. D., Fireplaces, 381

Proctor, J., Feeding Furnaces, 294

Pumphrey, J., Autographic Printing, 277

Punshon, R., Communicating in Trains, 86

Quillfeldt, C. de. Roller Blinds, 419

Quin, J., Ventilating Waterproof Garments, 103

Radcliffe, Major W., Refrigerators, 86

Ransome and Gray, Paper Pulp, 171

Ransome and Richards, Band Saws, 171

Ransome and Wilkie, Casks, 437

Raworth, J. 8. and B A., Looms, 154

Ray and Nicholson, Spring Blocks. 65

Rayne and Charlton, Gauging Water, 365

Rayner, W. H., Looms, 154

Rayson, R C., Shuttles, 103

Rath, F., Plaiting Fabrics, 454

Reade, J., Furniture, 277

Reddell, W. T., Bottles, Casks, &c., 31

Redfern, Ashworth, and Greenwood,

Looms, 47

Redfern, G, F., Breech-loading Fire-arms,


Ilodfern, G. F., Railway Brakes, 381

Redfern, G. F. Refrigerating, 312

Redfern, G. F., Sewing Machine Attachments, 365

Redmayne, T., Washing, 171

Redwood, T. and T. B., Gas, 454

Rees and Gledhill, Boilers and Furnaces, 189

Reidy, J.. Ironing, Wringing, and Mangling, 347

Reilly, J.. Registering Numbers, 48

Rendle, W. E.. Glass, 86

Rennick, C., Coal-oil Stoves. 364

Reynolds, L., Cutting-out Fabrics, 151

Richards, E., Seats for Boats, 381

Richards, J. M , Pills, 31

Richardson, E. C. Furnaces, 154

Richardson. W., Chimney Pots. 189

Richarme, P., Glass Bottles, 154

Richmond and Whiting, Embossing, 171

Rickman, J. P., Furnaces, 242

Rickwood, T. R., Sewing Machines, 418

Riego, F. del, Stirrups, 16

Rieth, H. P., Enginesand Boilers, 313

Rignail, R , Adjusting Pipe Tongs, 224

Rimington, J. Me N., Buttons, 243

Rintoul, C., Harrows, 381

Rippingille, E. A., Lamps and Lamp

Stoves, 243

Risien, J., Window Sashes, 171

Ritchie, C., Heating and Ventilating, 31

Rivers, E. G., Tubular Boilers, 47, 437

Robbins, E., Building, 365

Robert, A., Cutting Corks, 418

Roberts, J., Railway Brakes, 436

Roberts, jun., J., Billiard Cues, 419

Roberts, M. J., Springs, 294

Roberts, S., Propellers, 189

Roberts, J , Capstans, 419

Robertshaw, L., Looms, 347

Robertson, jun., and Henderson, Condenser for Engines, 331

Robertson, jun., and Henderson, Tramway

Cars, 277

Robinson, C., Threshing, 294

Robinson, J., Bearings, 277

Robinson, J. Cleaning Grain, 261

Robinson, O., Sewing Machines, 189

Robinson, S„ Wood Paving, 278

Robinson and Settle, Winding, S6

Robinson and Smith, Clogs, 347

Rogers, B. W., Motive Power, 418

Rogers, B. W., Screw-Stocks and Dies, 313

Rogers, J., Fibres, 260

Rollason, J. G., Fastenings for Wearing

Apparel, 331

Rooney, E. J., Drilling, 120

Roper, G., Carding, 48

Roscoe, R., Signalling, 171

Rose, L., Stoppers for Bottles. 243

Rose, R. H , Opening Tins, 171, 277

Rosenthal, H., Brushes, 243

Roskell, N. R., Portable Boats, 313

Ross, D., Turnip Topping and Tailing, 86

Ross, H. S., Boat Lowering, 418

Ross, W., Valves, 171

I Rossiter, T. R., Wearing Apparel—Stays, 277

Roth, A. D , Saving Life at Sea, 831

Roussel, F. J., Umbrellas and Parasols, 381

Rowan, A. H., Permanent Way of Tramways, 189

Ro watt, jun., T., Burners, 261

Rowan, W., Boilers, 120

Rowcliffe, T., Pressing Coal, 41S

Rowe, D., Tanning, 48

Ro wen, W., Engines, 419

Royle, J. J., Steam Traps for Boilers, 207

Rule, T., Marking and Identifying Birds

and Animals, 381

Runkel, M., Locks, 47

Russell, D., Portable Ramps, 154

Russell, J. C., Permanent Way, 224

Russell and Wilson, Locks, 171

Ryan, W., Brooms and Brushes, 436

Rydill, G , Treating Sewage, 31

Safford, J. A., Leather Splitting, 419

Sugar, T. and B„ Holders for Tools, 418

Sala, P. P. de la, Rafts, Pontoons and

Life-boats, 207

Sala, P. P. de la. Ships, 171

Sallien, L., Filtering, 400

Sambrook, H. E., Registering Fares, 86

Sample, Grantham, and Ward, Railway

Chairs, 86

Sample and Ward, W. M. and H. D., Permanent Way, 418

Samuelson, B., Binding Sheaves, 313

Sandemann, H., Cask Sampler, 454

Sanders, H. C., Stoppers for Bottles, &c., 31

Sankey, H , Venetian Blinds 454

Savigny and Collineau. Pigments, 189

Scateherd, J., Signals and Points, 103

Schafer, W., Pocket Scissors, 260

Schalkenbach, J. B., Musical Instruments,


Scharr, J„ Liquid Soap, 294

Schmidt and Frerichs, Looms, 381

Schofield, G., Draining, 154

Schofield, G., Traps for Drains, 312

Schofield, J. C., Traps for Drains, 243

Schofield, W., Carding, 86

Schofield, W., Wrappers for Newspapers, &c., 224

Scholes, Chadwick, and M'Craith, Stopper

ing Bottles, 277

Schooling, H., Locks, 171

Schott, G. A. J., Yarns, 243

Schroll, A., Marking Linen 207

Schwartzhoff, L., Wrought iron Wheels, 189

Scoffield, L., Reaping and Mowing, 171

Scott, A., Stopping Leaks in Tubes, 313

Scott, H. Y. D., Treating Sewage, 65, 381

Scott, J., Propelling Ships, &c., 120

Scott, J., Regulating Valves, 347

Scott, J., Screening Coal, 312

Scott, J. C., Packing, 103

Scott, L. K., Ordnance, 135, 400

Scott-Moncrieff, W. D., Tram Cars, 278

Scott-Moncrieff, W. D., Tramways, 381

Scott and Rankine, Rivetting, 224

Scott-Russell and Lumley, Manoeuvring

Ships, 313

Scott, W.» Ventilating. 419

Scowen, T. L., Drinking Cups, &c., 400

Seaton and Cameron, Safety Valves, 277

Sears, J. E., Ventilating, 154

Seligmann, A. H., Tramway Cars, 436

Selkirk, D. L., Tube Beading, 154

Sellars, J. C., Concrete, 313, 294

Settle and Grisdale, Settles for Looms, 12

Seward, A., Tube Boilers, 47

Shakespear, J. D , Miners’ Safety Lamps 154

Shanks, J., Water-closets. <fcc., 419

Shanks and Lyon, Clipping Turf Edges

Sharland, R., Reducing or Enlargin

Drawings and Plans, 277

Shaw, B., Lids f r Sanitary Pails, 189 _

Shaw and Blackburn, Measuring Liquids 48

Shaw-Brown S., Lint, 171

Shaw and Clarke, Air Compressing, 65

Shaw and Clark, Drilling Rock, 171

Shaw and Clarke, Working Valves, 47

Shaw, J., Joints for Pipes, 317

Shaw, S., Looms, 454

Sheenan ,J„ Wafer Breads, 294

Shepherd, J., Boilers, 347

Shepherd, J. W., Boat Hooks, It9

Sheppard, T. and W., Boilers, 277

Sheppard, T. and W., Heating Water by Steam, 277

Sherritt, D , Hauling, 278

Sherwin, G. E,, Crushing, Grinding, &c.,

Shillington, D. F., Case for Music, &c., 47

Shoebotham, J. H., Sail Hanks, 313

Shole, C., Destroying Torpedoes, 419

Shore, S. W., Corkscrews, 47

Shorrock. W., Looms, 171

Short, J., Cooking. 261

Shuttleworth, S. T., Preventing' Incrustation in Boilers, 454

Siemens, C. H., Electric Signal, 381

Siemens, C. W., Iron and Steel, 347

Siemens, F., Glass, 31, 436

103^ Bay°net Catch Fastenings,

Railway Carriage Lamps,

§!Bar’ W. C, Purifying Sewage, 243

Silver, T., Burners, 261

Simon, H., Crushing Ores, &c., 171

Simpson, D. Q, Labelling, 312

Simpson, G„ Nails, 65

Simpson, W. H., Hand Lamps, 83

Simpson, W. S., Taps, 154

°™monds, E., Waterproofing Buildings,

Sims, C., Coal Boxes, 278

Sinclair, G., Boilers, 419

Sinclair, G , Furnaces, 31

Singer, A. W., Spanners, 278

Sintzenich, H. H. C., Permanent Way, 277

SirnSe, C. A., Gas, 278 *

Skinner, E,, Permanent Way, 454

Skinner, J., Looms, 171

Skirving and Ayland, Looms, 365

Sleep, W. H , Ploughs, 189

Sleigh and Hawley, Door Fastenings, 189

Smalleh, W., Looms, 31

Smartt, W . Cements, 189

Smeaton, W. M., Water Supply, 436

Smith, A. G., Register for Vehicles, 381

Smith, C., Feeding Furnaces, 243, 347

Smith and Course, Trimming Gearing, 419 Smith and Coventry, Lathes, 261

419 DeU' and stewart> Grinding Grain, an<^ Rowker, Feeding Furnaces, &c., Smith, E., Signals, 454

S' J iIetanie Bedsteads, 436

o -f?’ i/’ stoPPers for Bottles, 400

Smith, G., Motive Power, 171

Smith, G. F., Cases and Trays, 48

Smith, G. H., Cutting and Punching, 242

Smith, G. H., Looms, 224

Smith, H., Door Handles, 189

Smith, J., Audible Railway Signalling, 31

Smith, J., Lids of Commodes, 381

Smith, J., Woven and Piled Fabrics, 331

Smith, J. H., Marine Engines, 400

Small, J. H., Stable Floors, 86

Smith, M., Delivering Paper, 207

Smith, M. H., Furnaces, 243

Smith, Marks, and Midgley, Washing.

Wringing, <fcc., 243

Smith, S. M. and C. T. and Binns, Corded Fabrics, 277

Smith, T. J., Boilers, 189

Smith, T. J., Casting, 48

Smith, T. J., Liquid Sulphate of Alumina, 313

Smith, T. J., Lubricating, 103

Smith, T. J., Melting Metals, 65

Smith, T. J., Railway Trucks, 86

Smith, T. J., Spinning, 347

Smith, T. J., '1'reating Sugar, 409

Smith, T. J., Wheels, 243

Smith, W., Looms, 171

Smith, W., Spinning, 48

Smith, W. H., Armour Plating, 189

Smith, W. H. W„ Boots and Shoes, 261

Smith and Walker, Engines, 31

Smith, W. L., Filing Papers, 294

Smyth, S. R., Iron and Steel, 436

Smyth, S. R., Smoke Consuming, 243

Snape, J , Moulding, 418

Snape, W., Looms, 171

Snowdon, J., Safety-Apparatus for Mines &c., 381 ’

Solvay, E., Boilers, 381

Solvay, E., Chlorine, 65

Solvay, E., Hydrochloric Acid, 65

Solvay, E., Silicates and Aluminates of

Lime and Magnesia, 86

Sommerville, E. C., Doors, 291

Sone, L. V., Metal Cans, 347

Sonnenthal, R., Water-Gauges, 419

Soule and Sherriff, Packing Cases, 278

South wood, W„ Cut Nails, 400

Sowden and Pike, Lubricating, 454

Speechley, E., Fastenings for Straps, &c ,

294 ■’

Speight. A. G., Fire-arms, 120

Spence, P. and F. M„ Alum, &c., 103

Spence, W., Umbrellas, 260

Spence, W., Wheels, 278

Spencer, G., India-rubber Springs, 207

Spencer. J. F.. Steam Ships, 31

Spink, E., Medical Compounds, 16

Spooner, 8., Wearing Apparel—Dress

Holders, 400

Squintani, C. G„ Printing, 400

Stansfield, J., Looms, 261

Stanton, F. B., Heating and Ventilating

120 b’

Stanton, H. A., Indicating Revolutions,

Stanton, J., Fire-arms, 243

Stead and Conlong, Winding, 48

Stead, J. K., Bull’s-eye Lanterns, 260

Stean and Slater, Fastenings for Wearing

Apparel, 364 ”

Stear, J., Engines, 243

Stebbing, A. E., Boat Lowering, 436

Steel, J., Continuous Brakes, 261

Steel, jun., and Brunton, Engines, 207

Steenberg, A., Distilling, 86

Steenberg, A., Examining Ships’ Bottoms,


Steenberg, A., Safety Pins, 419

Steenberg, A., Steering, 313

Steevens, B. F., Wicks and Burners for

Lamps, 48

Stephens, J., Pumping 454

Stephenson, A. C., Feeding Furnaces, 347

Stevenson, A. C. Glass Furnaces, 243

Stevenson, W.. Spinning, 436

Stidolph, Aggio, and Stidolph, Screening

Grain, 207

Stitchbury, F., Heating Box Irons, 86

Stocks, II. and B., shuttles, 347

Stockwell, A. G„ Electric Bells, 171

Stokes, J., Lamps. 154

'^SSl6’ ’ Protecting Ships’Bottoms,

Stone, T., Smoke Consuming Furnaces, 48

Storer, J., Bottles and Jars for Acids, &c


Storer, J. J., Smelting Furnaces, 454

Storer and Pugh, Retorts, 48

Stove, A. S., Gas, 189

Stowe, A« F., Treating Leather, 347

Strangman and Buchy, Looms, 207

Strathern, A. M., Motive Power Engines,

Strauss and Bennett, Fastenings and Studs, 154

Strick and Jo1 n, Q, uplings for Driving

Strong, G. W„ Pianofortes, 277

Stuart and Daniels, Keyless Watches and

Clocks, 347

Stuart, J., Sugar, 154

Stuart, W., Fences, 243

Stubbs, J., Winding, 135, 400

Studdy, H., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 277

Sturgeon, T., Register for Vehicles, 312

Sudlow, W. E., Condensing Steam, 419

Suggitt, R., Doubling Yarns, 171

Sumner, W., Drying Fabrics, 243

Sunderland, J., Drilling and Cutting, 3S1

Swain, J., Furnaces, 171

Swallow, S. R., Bricks and Tiles, 381

Swan and Freeman, Printing, 454

Swan and Hughes, Motive Power, 313

Swan, J. C., Treating Alkali Waste, 189

Sykes, E, T., Carding, 436

Sykes, Sir F. H., Compressed Air Storing, 277

Synge, M. H., Treating Sewage, 331

SyrO, A., Mathematical Instruments, 381

Talamon, G. P., Fastenings for Cards, 364

Tall, J. M., Concrete Building, 347

Tangye, G., Engines, 400

Tangye and Guy, Cutting Rods, &c., 277

Tangye, J., Screws, 171

Tannahill, J., Boiler Tubes, 312

Taplin, W. H., Raising Sunken Vessels, 381

Tassie, P., Stopping Gas Retorts, 103

Tattersall, J., Carding, 243

Taylor, A., Wearing Apparel—Neckties, 364

Taylor and Butler, Anchors, 171

Taylor, E. B , Spring Couplings, 120

Taylor, G. H., Scissors and Shears, 278

Taylor and Hall, Looms, 154

Taylor, H. C., Ornamental Metals, 294

Taylor, J., Raising and Hauling, 48

Taylor, R_, Asphalte Roofing, 277

Taylor, T., Hydraulic Engines, 294

Tebbs, R, Lamps, 381

Templeman, F., Coffee and Sugar, 400

Thaniseh, F. A. N., Assorting Coins, 31 Theiler, R. and M., Indicating Speed 347 Thewlis, J., Carding, 154

Thiebaut, C., Portable Bedsteads, 103

Thirion, A. L., Roofing, 103

Thomas, G., Sewing Machines, 189

Thomas, H. M., Lathes, 243

Thomas, J., Direct Acting Steam Pumps 154

Thomas, L., Steering Gear, 454

Thompson, A. C. G,, Turning, 47

Thompson, J., Excavating, 313

Thompson, J. C., Indicating Revolutions and Speed, 277

Thompson, J. C., Preventing Sea-sickness, 381  ;

Thompson, N., Fastenings for Sashes, 454 Thompson, N., Stoppers for J Jotties, 418 Thompson, W., Mixing Tea, <fcc., 418 Thompson, W., Prune Wine, 16

Thompson, W. P., Bridgesand Lock-Gates,

Thompson, W. P, Cleaning Fire-arms, 365 Thompson, W. P., Electro-Magnetic Motors, 454

Thompson, W. P., Propelling and Steering,

Thompson, W. P., Steering Gear, 277

Thompson, W. P., Washhand Basins, &c., 381

Thomson, D., Cutting and Chopping, 48

Thomson, J., Cleaning and Trapping Cisterns and Waste-Pipes, 65

Thomson, J., Copying, 436

Thomson, R. B., Looms, 347

Thomson, Sir W., Ships’ Compasses, 47 ihorneloe, J., Tiles, 294

Thornycroft, J. L, Ships, 154

Threlfall and Ashworth, Jacquarding, 312 £,hre L.. dosing Swing, &c., Doors, 86 ThrelfalVWainman, and Farrington, Card-

Thropp, J., Weighing, 189 mhUrel’ S’’-2ptical Apparatus, 103

Come J WearinK Apparel-Stays and

Thurlow, J., Spinning, 86

Thwaites and Stewart, Ventilating Mines <sc., 436 ’

Tierney, J. and H. J., and Howard, Castors, 86

Timewill, A. T., Locking Nuts, 313 ri&<?O120y' W’ P'’ Doublin8> Twisting,

Titley, T., Bricks, 154

Todd, A., Raising and Lowering, 120

Tolley, H„ Breech-loading Fire-arms 135 Tomkinson and Adam, Looms, 47 Tommasi, F., Telegraphy, 277 ’

Tongue, J. G., Anchors, 120

T°tXe22?‘ G-’Boilors> Feed-water Appara-

T°154Ue, G’’ Colourin^ Matters from Coal, Tongue, J. G., Fire-arms, 154

Tongue, J. G., Preserving Food, 189 Tongue, J. G., Propelling, 260 Tongue, J. G., Pulleys, 86

E,’/c-.,?5’4StOring and ^serving TXetVoAsT419reSerVing Anetomical Pre-Toninetti’ P ’ ?reservin& Fishes, 400 Toninetti* P ’ Reserving Meat, 400 ?onkA^wTTst*--’ 419-

Sashes, 154 ' raatomngB for

T°kS’, 171" T" Wearfng Apparel~Fasten-Toope, C., Boilers, 419

Toope, C., Pulleys, 419

Toope, C., Wheelbarrows, 419

Too ey, E. H, Horse Rakes, 154

Tooley, E. H., Weighing, 454

Topham, G. O„ Preventing Sea Sickness,

Torr, C. W., Copper Tubes, 436 Toussaint, J., Crucibles, 189 Toussaint, J Furnaces, 189 Towell, J. W., Patent Leather 419 Townend W., Fastening Doers 381

Townsend and Casson d , pers, 313 ’ Pottles and Stop-

Townlend’W.’ H^Washingf 3^lstlng’ 313 T^neU c"pait?ngFabri4 2’42

XP>454 EaiSln^and Supporting In-

TranV<c’K’ Y^Pedos, 66 Truss t f Oas’242

afuss, 1. b., Valves, 65

TuiAO11^dI,Iolden’ Furnaces, 294 Tucker W Hn T A/rames> ™ Turnbull ’ diver 381

Wheels, 120 ’ d Lockle> Railway

Turner^E ?Pao®Pisf SeWage> 242

TumockHj; RU1pTa^“g 8team Ploughs, 31 Turnock^ j’ R-’ Fla*®3, 243

Turnpenny J ’ p ? aud lerne Plates,’103 Tweedale and Bars> 294

Doubling, 381 Smalley> Spinning and Tweedy, J,, Drilling, 294

Udall, H. H., Floors 17!

Unwin, j., Nickel, 347

Unwin, J., Wearing Apparel—Springs for Gloves, &c., 224

Upward, A., Boring Boek, &c., 381

Uro, W. and A., Furnaces, 171

Urquhart and Lindsay, Finishing Fabrics, 419

Vaile, R, Cancelling Postage Stamps, &c., 171

Vallon and Csete, Refrigerating, 16, 207

Varley, C. F., Electricity, 261

Varley, F. El., Electric Signals, 381

Varley, S. A., Electric Light, 65

Vaughan, E. P. H., Treating Sealskins, 400

Verkouteren, A. J., Ventilating Furnaces, 277

Vdron and Edeline, Railway Brakes, 419

Verrier and Banister, Ventilating, Heating, and Refrigerating, 364

Verstraeten, T., Joints for Pipes, 278

Vetch, G. A., Measuring Distances, 364

Vicars, sen.. T., and jun., J., Ovens, 171

Vickery and White, Watches and Clocks, 120

Virgo and Akeroyd, Velocipedes, 331

Virgo and Richardson, Locks and Latches, 364

Vivian, J., Engines, 312

Vivian, R., Pulley Blocks, 400

Voigtlllnder, F. von., Photography, 418

Waddington and Longbottom, Condensers, 277

Waddington and Rowbottom, Steam Rotating Rinks, 135

V'ade. C. G., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 313

Wagstaff, J. W., Horse Rakes, 436

Wainwright, F., Steel Plates, 347

Walbridge, W. D., Tin, 313

Waldie, J., Vehicles, 294

Walford, E. J., Protecting Ships’ Bottoms,


Walker, B. P., Feeding Furnaces, <fcc., 400

Walker, J. A., Shears and Scissors, 47

Walker, J. G. A., Couplings, 381

Walker, J. S., Engines, 171

Walker and Pflaum, Engines and Cupolas, 171

Walker and Roberts, Carding, 189

Walker S„ Roller Skates, 103

Walker, Stevenson, and Stephenson, Combing, 294

Walker, W., Joints for Steam, &c., 189

Walker, W., Motor Engines, 86

Wall and Newman, Wearing Apparel-

Fastenings, 418

Wallace and Claus, Purifying Gas, 154

Waller, J. E., Calculating Machine, 365

Waller, R., Wheels, 381

Waller, T., Compound of Soap, 278

Wallis and Stevens, Elevating Crops, 47

Walls, M., Railway Signals, 400

Walton, C., Fastenings, and Studs, 48

Walton, F., Embossed Fabrics, 243

Walton, W., Scoring Billiards, 154

Walton, W., Self-acting Gates, 86

Ward, P., Gauges for Boilers, 189

Warner, B., Coal Boxes, 224

Warner, J. L., Fastenings for Watches, &c., 154

Warr, Brown, and Russel, Sewing Machines, 243

Warwick, J., Shuttles, 243

Waterman, E., Boots and Shoes, 400

Waterson, H., Ratchet Braces, 47, 86

Waterson, P., Sewing Machines, 120

Watkins, J., Axles and Axle Boxes, 313

Watson, J., Glass Fitting, 400

Watson, M., Iron and Steel, 47

Watson, W. H., Sugar, 313

Watterville de and Mayer, Galvanic Batteries, 454

Watts, J., Grain Cleaning and Grinding, 400

Watts, W., Attachments to Skates, 86 Weatherhogg, G. W., Carburetting Air, 454

Weaver, J. T., Wearing Apparel, Fastening for Stays, 224

Weaver, R., Ventilating 207

Webb, A. E., Candles, 171

Webb, F. W., Railway Brakes, 86

Webb, H., Gymnastics, 86

Webb, W. G., Ornamenting Glass, &c., 261

Webb. L. S., Wringing and Mangling, 103

Webster, jun., W., Miners’ Safety Lamps, 120

Webster, Sewing Machines, 260

Webster, J., Metallic Alloys, 261

Wedelin, C. R., Meters for Distilleries, 154

Weild, E., Jacquarding, 154

Weir, G. and J., Engines, 86

Weldon, F., Measuring Distances, 31

Weldon, W., Sulphides of Sodium and

Potassium, 135, 154

Wenham, F. H., Microscopes, 171

Werdermann, R., Electro Magnetic Apparatus, 381

Werff, H. H. van der, Tobacco Pipes, 347

West, E. W., Lamps, 86

West, H. J., Refrigerating Liquids, 120

Westinghouse, jun., G., Governors, Indicators. <fcc., 381

Westinghouse, jun., G., Lighting Railway Carriages, 381

Westlake, W. B., Cleaning and Sweeping Streets, 381

Westwell, Low, and Rothwell, Felt, 381

Westwood., A., Carnages, 224

Weston, G., Lighting and Extinguishing Lamps, 294

Wetherall, J. de C., Fastenings for Shutters, 436

Wethered, E. R., Fastening Sashes, 171

Whalley and Horrocks, Winding and Doubling, 365

Wheat, S., Railway Brakes, 454

Whitaker and Turner, Motive Power, 86

White, R. M., Waterproof Dresses, 65

Whitehead, H. W., Combing, 313

Whitehead, P. O., Railway Brakes, 312

Whitehead, R. K., Stretching Yarns, 312

Whitehouse, D., Tin and Terne Plate, 313

Whitehurst, S., Lace, 419

Whitelaw, T., Screening and Separating, aon

Whiteley, J., Motive Power, 418

Whiteley and Sykes, Doubling and Twisting, 120

Whiteley, W., Spinning, 365

Whitemore and Cotton, Washing, 189

Whittaker, J. T., Obstetric Instruments, 154

Whitworth, Sir J., Armour Plating, 365

Whitworth, Sir J., Crank Axles, 47

Wier, M. A., Registering Fares, 400

Wiggens, F. E., Washing Cups and Saucers, &c., 400

Wiggens, F. E., Cleaning Boots and Shoes, 436

Wightman and Alley, Meters, 154

Wiglesworth, H., Railway Carriages, 189

Wigram and Cribb, Engines, 207

Wiles, J. F., Lock Nuts, 135

Wiley, W. E., Pencil Cases, 243

Wiley, W. E., Steel Pens, &c., 294

Wilkie, E. H., Training Hops, <fcc., 365

Wilkins, R. H., Slip Buckle, 86

Wilkinson, A., Lace, 135

Wilkinson, W., Bookbinding, 189

Wilson, A., Armour Plates, 31, 260

Wilson, A., Boilers, 294

Wilson, A„ Utilising Waste Heat, 171

Wilson and Barbour, Spinning Rope Yams, 86

Wilson and Cant, Dyeing, 47

Wilson and Cochrane, Hot Pressing Fabrics, 224

Wilson, B., Treating Leather, 277

Wilson, G., Armour Plates, 400

Wilson, G., Spring Buffers, 400

Wilson, Hardman, and Birtwistle, Photo-tography, 48

Wilson, J. C., Tramway Cars, 260

Wilson, J. E., Corkscrews, 242

Wilson. J. G., Combing, 224

Wilson, J. W., Wooden Boxes, 331

Wilson, N., Plaiting Fabrics, 347

Wilson, R., Finishing Fabrics, 31

Wilson, R. A., Furnaces, 400

Wilson, W. P.. Gas, 277

Williams, J., Cowls, 120

Williams, J., Cylinders and Valves, 154

Williams, M., Pigments and Varnishes, 243

Williams, R. P., Permanent Way, 243

Williams, S., Pigments, 120

Williams, S., Telegraphy, 154

Williams, T., Annealing Furnaces, 436

Willis, H. E.. Lamps, 47

Willoughby, T. N., Coal Scuttles, 171

Wimpenny, E., Lighting Fires, 135

Windhausen, F., Ventilating, 31

Wingett, H. B., Bleaching, 454

Winsor, J. 8., Cigars, 154

Winter, W., Pencils, 16

Winter, W., Perforating and Piercing 135

Wippermann and Lewis, Pumps, 278

Wirth, F., Fastenings for Belts, 171

Wirth, F., Fire-arms, 242

Wirth, F., Gas Meters, 242

Wirth, F., Grinding Minerals, 381

Wirth, F., Railway Wheels, 278

Wirth, F. W., Rolling and Calendering, 260

Wirth, F., Treating Wire, 103

Wirth, F., Washing, 277

Wise, T. J., Lifeboats, <fcc., 103

Wise, W. L., Caustic Alkalies, 364

Wise, W. L., Clarifying Sugar, 418

Wise, W. L., Drying Fibres, 103

Wise, W. L., Extinguishing Fire, 135

Wise, W. L., Horse-shoes, 278

Wise, W. L., Journal Boxes and Bearings, 313

Wise, W. L., Malting, 277

Wise, W. L., Marking Tickets, 294

Wise, W. L., Motive Power, 243

Wise, W. L., Photography, 312

Wise, W. L., Shaping Sheet Metal, 120

Wise, W. L., Stop Valves, 207

Wise, W. L., Taps for Bottles, 171

Wittman, S. A., Corkscrews, 454

Witton, H., Pianofortes, 260

Woollen, P. O., H. B., Measuring Distances, 400

Woollenberg and Priesner, Sewing Machines, 419

Wollman, J., Reversible Inkstands, 48

Wolochoff, A. D., Thermometers, &c., 86

Wood and Crellin, Sewing Machines, 154

Wood, E., Engines, 277

Wood, G. W., Gymnastics, 313

Wood, Heywood, and Holding, Looms, 103

Wood, J., Vehicles, 331

Wood, Naylor, and Akam, Combing, 120

Woodbury, W. B., Light, 331

Woodbury, W. B., Photography, 347

Woodcock, E. and J. W., Indigo Dyeing, 277

Woodfield, W, Cases for Needles, &c., 261

Woodruff, W. T., Stoppers for Bottles, 243

Woods, G. and E., Iron and Steel Wire, 189 '

Woods and Whewell, Cultivating, 16

Woolley, W., Saddles, 135

Woore, J. W., Sheathing Ships, 103

Wormaid, J., Fuel, 171

Worthington, H., Locks and Bolts, 86

Worsley, J. E., Carding, 261

Worth, J., Spinning and Doubling, 331

Worthington, H., Fastenings, <fcc.,

Windows, 120

Wotherspoon, J., Taps, 294

Wray, C. and L., jun., Thermo-Electric Batteries, 243

Wrest, W., Treating Leather, 277

Wrigglesworth, G., Mortising and Boring, 243

Wright, E., Wearing Apparel—Fastenings, 294

Wright, F. H., Combing, 381

Wright, W., Furnace Bars, 48

Yates and Eastwood, Churns, 313

Yates, J., Embroidering, 31

Yates, W. S., Bearings, 294

Young, W., Treating Coal, 312

Young, C., Stoves and Fireplaces, 154

Young, J., jun., Heat, 189

Young and Fox, Felted Fabrics, 400

Young and Tlloinson’ Cutting Stone, &c.,

Yule, J., Cutting Coal, &c., 189

Yule, J. R., Vehicles, 48

Grants of ISrobtsional ^rotertton. SUBJECT MATTER.

Acid Liquors, Utilising Refuse, W. Cormack, 154

Advertising, Caspar and Breitbart, 243 Advertising, C. L. A. Couture, 154 Advertising, C. J. and F. S. Guy and Dale

Advertising, H. F. E. Petit, 86

Advertising and Exhibiting, E. T. Hughes, 277

Agricultural Implements, A. M. Clark 189 Agricultural Implements, J. Palmer 103 Air Pumps, R. Johnson, 313 '

Alcoholic^ Liquids, Purifying, D. M'Far-

Alkali Waste, Treating, J. C. Swan, 189 Alloys, Composition, C. D. Abel 171 Alloys, Metallic, J. Webster, 261 Alum, &c., P. and F. M. Spence, 103 Aluminous Substances, Treating, J now ison, 189 6 ow

Ammonia Anhydride, F. Maxwell-Lvte 31 Ammunition, T. R. Bayliss, 294 31

Anchors, Bingley and Curry 224 Anchors, Taylor and Butler, 171 Anchors, J. G. Tongue, 120

A wmw. lutdSr8 for Food> Treati°g> Armour Plates, J. D. Ellis 347

Armour Plates, T. R. Oswald, 381

Armour Plates, A. Wilson 31 260

Armour Plates, G. Wilson, 400

Armour Plating, F. W. Brewster, 277

Armour Plating, W. H. Smith, 189

Armour Plating, Sir J. Whitworth, 365 Asbestos, A, Dudgeon, 189 °

Asphalts Roofing, R. Taylor 277 Assorting Coins, F. A. N. Thanisch, 31 Axle-boxes, D. Drummond, 242 Axles, R. E. Crickitt, 381 Axles, J. Grice, 65

Axles, Crank, Sir J. Whitworth, 47

Axles and Axle-boxes, J. Watkins, 313

Bags, Postal, A. M. Clark, 278 Bags, Travelling, H. E. Newton, 243 Balances, Letter, W. Hiscock, 347 Bale Ties, J. Elsworth, 243 Bale Ties, Fastenings for, T. Doherty, 135 Balloons, Balleni and Payne, 243 Balloons, W. R. Lake, 454

Balls, Lawn Tennis. &c., W. Buchanan, 224 Barometers, R. If. Lowne, 103

Baths, Medicated, J. J. L., Bremond, 364 Baths, Medicated, P. A. E. Bremond, 294 Baths, W. R. Lake, 207

Batteries, Galvanic, E. Blakey, 347 Batteries, Galvanic, de Watteville and

Mayer, 454

Batteries, Thermo-Electric, C. and L. jun., Wray, 243

Bearings, J. Robinson, 277 Bearings, W. 8. Yates, 294 Bearings, Movable, W. Holmes, 365 Bearings for Shafts. D. R. Malcolm, 3S1 Bed-Commodes, R. Bradbury, 213 Beds, Invalid, J. Newham, 189

Bedsteads, &c., for Invalids, T. G. 8.

McCarthy, 260

Bedsteads, Metallic, W. H. Greening, 171 Bedsteads, Metallic, T. Kendrick, 154 Bedsteads, Metallic, E. J. Smith, 436 Bedsteads, Portable, C. Thidbaut, 103 Beverages, Effervescing, T. H. Larmuth, 418

Beverages, Milk, J. H. Johnson, 277 Beverages, Non-Alcoholic, T. H. Larmuth, 400

Beverages. Non-Alcoholic, Unfermented, T. Hogden,331

Beverages, Treating, P. E. Lockwood, 278 Billiard Cues, J. Roberts, jun., 419 Billiards, Scoring, W. Walton, 154 Binding Sheaves, J. Leatherland, 347 Binding Sheaves, B. Samuelson, 313 Biscuits, Gray and Harvey, 154 Biscuits, C. Morfit, 189

Bitumen, Treating, P. Crochet, 189 Blacking, W. E. Gedge, 261 Blacklead, G. Duerr, 189 Blasting, C. Bartholomew, 48 Blasting Coal, &c., S. Marsh, 47 Bleaching, J. Ashcroft, 48 Bleaching, H. B. Wingett, 454 Bleaching China Clays, &c., J. Carr, 154 Bleaching Powder, N. B. Cooke, 154 Bleaching Powder, N. and J. Greening, 364 Bleaching Powder, J. Hargreaves, 103 Blind Rollers, 8. Guinery, 365 Blind Rollers, G. W. von Nawrocki, 364 Blinds, O. March, 312

Blinds, Roller, B. Full wood, 277 Blinds, Venetian, F. J. Costa, 347 Blinds, Venetian, H. Sankey, 454 Blocks, Spring, Ray and Nicholson, 65 Blotters, W. R. Orm indy, 120 Boat Lowering, J. Cox, 454 Boat Lowering, H. J. Ross, 418 Boat Lowering, A. E. Stebbing, 436 Boat Hooks, J. W. Shepherd, 189 Boats, Collapsible, W. H. Crispin, 189 Boats, Ferry, W. Kennedy, 103 Boats, Folding, J. N. Coleby, 400 Boats, Life, G. Bates, 313 Boats, &c., Life, T. J. Wise, 103 Boats, Portable, N. R. Roskell,313 Boats, Seats for Rowing, A. Edwards, 243 Boats, Seats for, E. Richards, 381 Boats, Steam Ferry, J. C. Mewburn, 347 Boilers, M. Allen, 65

Boilers, H. 8. Barron, 224 Boilers, Burnett, Caldow, and White 171 Boilers, A. M. Clark, 65 Boilers, A. Greenwood, 103

Boilers, Heywood and Hacking, 418 Boilers, J. Hyslop, 243 Boilers, W. Jackson, 312 Boilers, J. H. Johnson, 313 Boilers, J. Lace, 260 Boilers, W. R. Lake, 454 Boilers, J. McKenzie, 171

Boilers, Menzies and Blagburn, 135 Boilers, T. T. Mercer, 154 Boilers, &c„ T. Moy, 313 Boilers, W. Rowan, 120 Boilers, J. Shepherd, 347 Boilers, T. and W. Sheppard, 277 Boilers, G. Sinclair, 419 Boilers, E. Solvay, 381 Boilers, T. J. Smith, 189 Boilers, C. Toope, 419 Boilers, A. Wilson, 294 Boilers, Cleaning, A. M. Clark, 48 Boilers, Cleaning, J. Hull, 171 Boilers, Coating, W. R. Lake, 313 Boilers, Feed Water Apparatus, C. D. Abel, 331 1

Boilers, Feed Water Clark, 364

Boilers, Feed Water Tongue, 224

Boilers and Furnaces. 189

^°17irS aU<^ furnaces, Feeding, H. Lacy Bo4le^: Preventing Corrosion in D

Phillips, 313 ’

BoaBer?>,Preva?ting Incrustation in, S T Shuttleworth, 454

Boilers, Saddle, B. Harlow 437 Boilers, Steam Traps for, J. J. Rovie 207 BoUers, Stoppers forTubes of, J. M/Connell

Boilers, Tubes for, J. TannahilL 312 Boilers, Tubular, E. G. Rivers, 47 437 Boilers, Tubular, A. Seward, 47 ' Bookbinding, W. Wilkinson, 189 Boeks, H. J. Haddan, 381 Books, Scrap, B. J. Beck, 312 Boots and Loggings, J. Plant. 454 Boots and Shoes, E. P. Alexander 400 Boots and Shoes, E. Brooks, 454 Boots and Shoes, H. BrunelL 31 Boots and Shoes, A. M. Chuk. 154 Boots and Shoes, J. Curtza 189 Boots and Shoos, J. Cutlan, 48 Boots and Shoes, J. Dean, 48 154 Boots and Shoes, W. E. Gedge, 331 Boots and Shoes, H. Hill, I15 Boots and Shoes, W. C. Hollowell, 242 Boots and Shoes, B , Hunt, .812 Boots and Shoes, F. W. Kalbfleisch Rrt Boota and Shoes, W. R. Lake, 207 O94 Boots and Shoes, W. MorgaA-Br^n, 65,

Boots and Shoes, E. Morris, 103 Boots and Shoes, W. H. W. Smith 931 Borin an? ‘shooks’ E- Waterman, 400 ° Boring, Asquith and Bain, 294 Boring, G. Lowry, 65

Boring and Drilling, w. W. Dunn 813

Bottling f.yra,ted Liquids, W. Ball, 243

Bottles and stoppers, Lange and Mohr,

Apparatus for, J. Apparatus, J. G. Rees and Gledhill,

Bottles and Stoppers, Townsend and Casson. 313

Boxes and Bearings, Journal, W. L. Wise, 313

Boxes, Despatch. Dodds and Robbs.331

Boxes for Matches, J. II. Clapham, 313

Boxes for Matches, M. Hesse, 313

Boxes for Matches, A. Martin, 86, 261

Boxes, Money, H. J. Crossle, 171. 419

Boxes for Shirtfronts, C. Hubbard, 48

Boxes, Wooden, J. W. Wilson, 331

Braces, J. H. Brierley, 171

Brakes, L. Hill, 313

Brakes, Merrick and Halliwell, 364

Brakes, Continuous, J. Steel. 261

Brakes. Railway, C. Anderson, 120, 154

Brakes, Railway, A. Budenberg, 277

Brakes, Railway, J. Clarke, 189

Brakes, Railway, F. T. Haggard, 86

Brakes, Railway. R. Kendall, 261

Brakes, Railway, J. Lockwood, 171

Brakes, Railway, E. de Pass, 86

Brakes, Railway, G. F. Redfern, 381

Brakes, Railway. J. Roberts, 436

Brakes, Railway, Veron and Edeline, 419

Brakes, Railway, F. W. Webb, 86

Brakes, Railway, S. Wheat, 454

Brakes, Railway, P. O. Whitehead, 312 Brakes, Self acting. G. P. Bums, 294 Brakes, Vacuum Railway, B. Haughton 103

Brakes for Vessels, H. J. Haddan, 154

Breaking Coals, See , G. W. Elliott, 312

Brewring, J. R. Nicholls, 31

Brewing, H. II. Perrins, 381

Bricks, J. Bradley, 313

Bricks, T. C. Fawcett. 207

Bricks, &c., E Francis, 103

Bricks, A. Jones, 331

Bricks, Liddell and Macphail, 331

Bricks, T. Titlcy, 154

Bricks and Tiles, J. and B. Craven, 171

Bricks and Tiles, H. Guthrie, 103

Bricks and Tiles, Hewitt and Davis, 171

Bricks and Tiles, W. H. Lascelles, 331

Bricks and Tiles, A. Mayer, 171

Bricks and Tiles, Percy and Oclee, 419

Bricks and Tiles, 8. R. Swallow, 381

Bricks and Tuyeres for Bessemer Converter

Bottoms. B. J. B. Mills, 31

Bridges, F. I. Palmer, 261

Bridges and Lock-gates, W. P. Thompson,

Brooches and Chatelaines, J. Chisholm 171

Brushes, J. L. Davies, 400

Brushes, H. J. Haddan, 120

Brushes, H. Rosenthal, 243

Brushes and Brooms, II. J. C. Keymer.260

Brushes and Brooms, De Mont and Gane 171

Brushes and Brooms, G. W. Von Naw-rocki, 171

Brushes and Brooms, W. Ryan, 436

Brushes, Hair, G Pinaud, 347

Buckles for Leather Straps, J. 8. Crowley,

Buckle, Slip, R. H. Wilkins, 86

Buffers, R. Hadfield, 277

Buffers, Spring, G. Wilson, 4C0

Building, P. Cornish, seu., 224

Building, T. Hyatt, 120

Building, J. J. Lieb, 454

Building, W. Lock wood, 312

Building, E. Robbins. 365

Buildings, Concrete, J. M. Tall, 347

Buildings, Concrete, W. J. E. and E. J E Henley, 135

Buildings, Fireproof, <fcc., T. Broadbent, 31

Buildings, Portable, H. C. Hill, 135

Buoys, Horse, W. R. Lake, 260

Burners. H. A. Dufrene, 120

Burners, C. A. Ferron, 294

Burners, E. T. Hughes, 418

Burners, T. Rowatt. jun., 261

Burners, T. Silver, 261

Butter, Treating, A. M. Clarke. 103

Butter, Treating, J. Macnee, 400

Buttons, H. A. Bonneville, 48 313

Buttons, H. A. DufrentS. 331

Buttons, J. McN. Rimington, 243

Calculating Machine, J. E. Waller, 365

Calendars, J. P. Leith, 86

excelling Po8ta8® Stamps, &c, E E Childers, 224 '

Cancelling Postage Stamps, Ac , R. Vaile

Candles, A. E. Webb, 171

Cans, Metal, L. V. Sone, 347

Cans for Oil, R. Bramwell 31

Capsules, W. Betts, 171 ’

Capstans, T. Roberts, 419

Carboys, F. D. Nuttall, 454

Carburetted Hydrogen, A. M. Clark 261

Carburotting Air, G. W. Weatherbogg 454 Carburometer, J. Coquillion, 277 fc Carding, Ackroyd and Ambler. 331 Carding, J. Bragg, 277

Carding, W. Hiuchcliffe, 224

Carding, J. Malloch, 120

Carding, H. Marsden, 400

Carding, J. Moseley, 48

Carding, G. Roper, 43

Carding, W. Schofield, 86

Carding, E. T. Sykes, 436

Carding, J. Tattersail, 243

Carding, J. Thewlis, 154

“^0ThreUidl‘ Walaman’ Farring-

Cardi’ng, Walker and Roberta, 189

J- E-, Worsley. 261

Card 1 ables, A. Lampre, 454

Carnages, B. T. Newnham, 400

Carriages, A. Westwood, 2 .'4 damages, Bicycle, Gunthorpo and Henoch,

Carriages, Railway, Ac., J. W Lewis 189

Carriages, Railway. H. Wiglcsworth ’189 Cartages, Springs'of, R. cll£m ’ Carriages, Tramway, E. Perrctt 171 Cartridges, H. Christie, 120

Cartridges, W. R. Lake, 365

“dG »

cX for <tc;’ D- F- 4T

t-ases for Iseodlcs, Ac , W Wood field

Cases and Trays, G. F. Smith W * cSt8’ t> T’ K' Lascelles, 243*

C^k? “iia8°mo Wilkie. 437

«*Oan1in«; H- J- “a idan, 278 c“kl’s?™1:10J forl ”• Samiemann, 454 isMrs u“ u

Casting, T. J. Smith, 43 vastors, lenton and Green 365 Castors, W. a. GeeringHl"' Castors, G. W. von Nawrocki 154

C^tors, J. and H. J. Tierney slid Howard,

Caustic AlkaUes. W. L. Wise 364 w- Smartt, 189 ’

Centrifugal Machines, G. W. von Nawrocki,

Chains, A. M. Clarke, 83

Ch^’n0.1.®’ V- K Holder, 243 wM*way’ SaiU1'10- Granth*“. and

Chandeliers, Gas, F. J. Cottrell, 135

Chimney Caps, &c., C. J. Gibson, 224(

Chimney Cowls, Manders and Cave, 312 Chimney Cowls. J. Williams, 120(

Chimney Pots, T. Biggs, 243

Chimney Pots, H. J. Haddan, 313<

Chimney Pots, W. Richardson, 189(

Chimney Tops and Ventilators, H. Prentis, ( 86<

Chlorine, E. Solvay, 65<

Churning (See also Washing)

Churning, Yates and Eastwood, 313(

Churning, W. Black, 277

Cigarettes, J, Evans, 103(

Cigarettes, G. W. von Nawrooki, 103

Cigars, &c., L. de L. y Corradi, 436(

Cigars, J. 8. Winsor, 154

Cigars, Cutting Ends of, M. Gerstley, 381(

Cigars, Lighting, U. Montjo, 48<

Cigars, Lighting and Clipping, F. Holland, ( 48(

Cisterns, Hot-Water, J. C. Morgan, 277(

Clasps for Straps, Mangin, and Mathey, (


Cleaning Boots and Shoes, F. E. Wiggins, 436(

Cleaning Cotton, Baker and Francis, 47<

Cleaning and Dressing Fruit, H. Faulder,<


Cleaning Fibres and Fabrics, A. A. Plant-(

rou, jun., 418l

Cleaning Tire-arms, W. P. Thompson, 365<

Cleaning Knives, G. Kent, 16<

Cleaning Knives, W. R. Lake, 189

Cleaning Glass, Ellis and Oakley, 3811

Cleaning Grain, &c., W. Delf, 154j

Cleaning Grain. J. Robinson, 261

Cleaning Streets, J. L. Dowling, 418

Cleaning Streets, W. B. Westlake, 381

Cleaning Tin Plates, J. Jenkins, 4181

Cleaning and Trapping Cisterns and Waste )

Pipes, J. Thomson, 65

Clipping Horses, &.C., A. A. Bearman, 2241

Clipping Horses, &c., T. Garthwaite, 400]

Clipping Horses, &c., J. C. Mewburn, 436]

Clipping Turf Edges, Shanks and Lyon, 189 Clocks, Gillett and Bland, 3311

Clocks, Astronomical, F. Morris, 242

Clocks,' Cosmographic, Henard and Las- 1 nier, 3471

Clocks, Winding, W. R. Lake, 171’

Clogs, Robinson and Smith, 347

Cloth Raising, Mellor and Beaumont, 161

Coal Boxes, C. Sims, 278

Coal Boxes, B. Warner, 224

Coal Scuttles, T. N. Willoughby, 171

Coal Treating, W. Young, 312

Coal-Tar Treating, W. E. Gedge, 86

Cocks, Steam, R. M. Crickmer, 243

Cocks and Taps, G. E. Hardisty, 224

Coffee, Hulling and Polishing, A. M. Clark, 154

Coffee and Sugar, F, Templeman, 400

Colouring Matters from Coal, J. G. Tongue, 154

Combing, Arnold and Gregorie, 294

Combing, H. Aydon, 419

Combing, Beecroft and Wright, 400

Combing, A. Browne, 419

Combing, A. M. Clark, 120

Combing, Freemantle and Dudgill, 189

Combing, C. Hoyle, 189

Combing, E. I. I. Lecceur, 16

Combing,Walker, Stevenson, and Stephen-

i son, 294

Combing, H. W. Whitehead, 313

Combing, J. G. Wilson, 224

Combing, Wood, Naylor, and Akam, 120

Combing, F. H. Wright, 381

Combs, Curry, F. Marley, 313

Compasses, Ships’, J. Adkins, 347

Compasses, Ships’, Frasi and Goodsail, 419

Compasses, Ships’, R. H. Hyne, 436

Compressed Air, Storing, Sir F. H. Sykes, 277

Compressing Air, G. H. Fish, 313

Compressing Air, Shaw and Clarke, 65

Concrete, Garvie, jun., and Bisset, 135

Concrete, F. G. Jordan, 86

Concrete, J. C. Sellars, 294

Concrete Blocks, J. C. Sellars, 313

Condensers, Robertson, jun., and Hender

son, 331

Condensers, Waddington and Longbottom, 277

Condensing, Steam, G. S. Hazlehurst, 381

Condensing Steam, IL Janig, 331

Condensing Steam, W. E. Ludlow, 419

Cooking, Blamires and Reddan, 154

Cooking, H. A. Bonneville, 31

Cooking, G. H. Jones, 277

Cooking, G. W. von Nawrocki, 418

Cooking, A. V. Newton, 154

Cooking, J. Short, 261

Cooking -Egg Boilers, J. A. de Macedo, 31

Copper Castings, W. E. Everitt, 381

Copper Solutions, Treating, E. L. Mayer, 331

Copper Tubes, C. W. Torr, 436

Copy Books, E. F. Goodman, 454

Copying, J. Thomson, 436

Copying Presses, W. M. Cranston, 154

Corkscrews, S. W. Shore, 47

Corkscrews, J. E. Wilson, 242

Corkscrews, S. A. Whitman, 454

Couplings, M. Benson, 171

Couplings, T. R. Brailsford, 277

Couplings, E. Edwards, 419

Couplings, W. F. Heshuysen, 419

Couplings, Kitchener, Oddy, and Wallis, 243

Couplings, W. Macdonald, 189

Couplings, S.- Partridge, 277

Couplings, J. G. A. Walker, 381

Couplings for Driving Belts, Strick and

John, 135

Couplings, Friction, J. C. Mewburn, 278

Couplings, Spring, E. B. Taylor, 120

Couplings for Telegraph Wires, G. Pickers-gill, 347

Cramps for Flooring, Green and Hirst, 400

Cranes, C. D. Abel, 278

Crucibles, A. M. Clark, 16

Crucibles,J. Toussaint, 189

Crushing and Disintegrating, Coulson and

Henderson, 365

Crushing and Grinding, M. Gandy, 171

Crushing and Grinding, C. E. Hall, 313

Crushing, Grinding, <fcc., G. E. Sherwin, 86

Crushing Ores, &c., Harriss and Rouns-well, 364

Crushing Ores, &c., H. Simon, 171

Crushing Stones, &c., G. Dalton 103

Cultivating, R. and R. Bickerton, 135

Cultivating, T. C Darby, 65

Cultivating, W. H. Ferris, 419

Cultivating, H. Lander, 365

Cultivating, Perkins and Brown, 31

Cultivating, T. Perkins, 419

Cultivating, Plowright and Reynolds, 419

Cultivating, R. Pocock, 224

Cultivating, Woods and Whewell, 16

Cultivating, Steam, J. H. Knight, 48

Cultivating, Steam, A. F. Martindale, 347

Cultivating, Steam, H. Tumill, 31

Cutlery, W. H. Atkins, 365

Cutlery, E. T. Hughes, 48

Cut Nails, P. B. Elwell, 31

Cut Nails, W. Southwood, 400

Cutting and Bundling Sticks, F. Kingston, 154

Cutting and Channelling, W. H. Kershaw,


Cutting and Channelling Minerals, J R Leaver, 331

Cutting and Chopping, II. J. Hurwood, 154

Cutting and Chopping, D. Thomson, 48

Cutting Coal, J. Alexander, 103

Cutting Coal, etc., J. Yule, 189

Cutting Corks, A. Robert, 418

Cutting and Dressing Stone, J. D. Brunton, 312

Cutting and Dressing Stone, Lees and Anderson, 294

Cutting and Dressing Stone, Madderson and Wilkinson, 436

Cutting and Dressing Stone, &c., Young and Thomson, 418

Cutting Files, M. Mondon, 16

Cutting Meat, <fcc., W. R. Lake, 419

Cutting Metal Rails, W. R. Lake, 419

Cutting and Mincing, G. Kent, 31

Cutting OB-cake, C. S. Brittain, 103

Cuttmg Out—(See also Embroidering)

Cutting Paper, &c., Bentley and Jackson, 65

Cutting Pipes, &c., H. J. Haddan, 189

Cutting and Punching, G. H. Smith, 242

Cutting Rods, &c., Tangye and Guy, 277

Cutting and Shaping Wood, W. Clegg, 277

Cutting and Shaping, J Patterson, 381

Cutting Teeth of Wheels, G. Mason, 381

Cutting Wood, &c., E. Edwards, 207

Cylinders and Valves, J. Williams, 154

Dampening Pads, J. N. Kuhn, 171

Davits, Boats’, W. A. Brice, 436

Decorticating, W. R. Lake, 224

Dentistry, A. E. Harris, 331

Deodorising, J. H. Morgan, 381

Designing, Ornamental, A. A. Hely, 347

Desks and Easels, A. M. Clark, 381

Desks, School, H. J ewitt, 86

Digging Potatoes, H. H. Murdoch, 418

Disinfecting, H. B. Condy, 4u0

Disinfecting and Deodorising, G. Gould,

Disintegrating Seeds, H. Harrison, 171

Distilling, A. L. Normandy, 65

Distilling, A. Steenberg, 86

Distilling Shale, &c., J. Anderson, 65

Distributing Sand upon Streets, &c., G.

Lowry, 31

Diving, W. Carey, 224

Doors, E. C. Sommerville, 294

Doors, Closing Swing, &c., L. Threlfall, 86

Doors, Fastenings for, T. Ashbury, 243

Doors, Oven, C. Boddy, 381

Doors, Swing, T. R. Leason, 381

Doors, Unfastening Carriage, Firth and Kaye, 243

Doubling, Twisting, &c., W. F. Timperley, 120

Doubling and Twisting, T. Townsend, 313

Doubling and Twisting, Whiteley and Sykes, 120

Doubling Yarns, R. Suggitt, 171

Dredging, W. R. Lake, 486

Draining, G. Schofield, 154

Draining, Centrifugal, J. B. Alliott, 154

Draught Preventers, J. C. Morton, 278

Drawings and Plans, Reducing or Enlarging, R. Sharland, 277

Drawing Boards, J. Kay, 31

Dredging, J. A. Berly, 419

Drilling, W. Askwith, 419

Drilling, P. J. Le Gros, 419

Drilling, A. V. Newton, 436

Drilling, E. J. Rooney, 120

Drilling, J. Tweedy, 294

Drilling and Cutting, J. Sunderland, 381

Drilling Cylinders, H. G. Jordan, 103

Drilling and Grinding, J. E. Matthowson, 364

, Drilling Rock, T. B. Jordan, 154

Drilling Rock, W. W. Kenrick, 103

Drilling Rock, Shaw and Clark, 171

Drilling and Turning, G. H. Jordan, 135

Drinking Cups, &c., T. L. Scowen, 400

Driving Bands, W. Abbott, 364

Driving Bands, &c., L. Binns, 103

Driving Bands. M. Gandy, 381

. Driving Gear, F. W. and W. J. Crossley, 154

Driving Machinery, W. R. Lake, 103

, Driving Machinery, J. W. Peirce, 243

Driving Piles, R. Hodson, 154

Drying, P. Pfeffer, 103

Drying Grain, &c., A. M. Clarke, 103

Drying Hanks, M. H. Larmuth, 331

Drying Manures, &c., J. F. Hoynes, 47

Drying and Powdering, C. and A. Forrest, 48

Dyeing, Wilson and Cant, 47

Dyeing Indigo, E. and J. W. Woodcock, 277

Dyeing Fabrics, G. C. Gibbs, 365

Dyeing and Sizcing, J, Knowles, 436

, Easels, J. Ettlinger, 31

Endorsing, Hand, G. K. Cooke, 154

Engine?, M. P. W. Boulton, 207

Engines, Bracewell and Pickup, 224

Engines, A. M. Clark, 331

Engines, A. Collman, 331

Engines, F. W. and W. J. Crossley, 437

Engines, H. Davey, 154

Engines, G. Hagelin, 31

Engines, W. Hunter, 171

Engines, W. H. and A. J. Jacobs, 419

Engines, R. L. Jones, 277

Engines, P. M. Justice, 294

, Engines, Jurisch and Lewis, 277

Engines, W. R. Lake, 381

Engines, Lancaster and Ley, 313

Engines, W. Lowe, 171

Engines, C. N. May, 278

1 Engines, J. Mills, 86

Engines, H. H. Murdoch, 207

Engines, H. E. Newton, 135

Engines, Norfolk and Lloyd, 277

- Engines, L. T. D. de Penanrun, 171

Engines, L. Perkins, 171

0 Engines, F. de C. Pinto, 243

Engines, W. Rowen, 419

Engines, J. Stear, 243

Engines, Steele, jun., and Brunton, 207

1 Engines, Smith and Walker, 31

Engines, G. Tangye, 400

Engines, J. Vivian, 312

Engines, J. S. Walker, 171

, Engines, G. and I. Weir, 86

Engines, Wigram and Cribb, 207

- Engines, E. Wood, 277

Engines, Air, R. Ebert, 103

Engines, Air Compressing, J. Alexander, 48

Engines and Boilers, H. P. Rieth, 313

Engines and Cupolas, Walker and Pflaum, 171

Engines, Electro-Magnetie, J. H. Level, 189

Engines, Gas, C Linford, 364

Engines, Gas Motor, R. Hallewell, 48, 207

Engines, Gas Motor, W. R. Lake, 260

Engines, Gas Motor, Otto and Crossley, 154

Engines, Heating and Lubricating Pipes of, Brown and Rider, 48

Engines, Hydraulic, T. Taylor, 294

Engines, Locomotive, R. Edwards, 419

Engines, Locomotive, P. Gamboni, 189

Engines, Locomotive, H. Hughes, 171

, Engines, Locomotive, A. V. Newton, 189

Engines, Locomotive, R. Peyton, 277

Engines, Marine, W. A. Brice, 243

Engines, Marine, J. Humphrys^ 419,

Engines, Marine, J. H. Smith, 400

Engines, Motor, G. D. Abel, 86

Engines, Motor, R. Hallowell, 86

Engines, Motor, A. M. Strathern, 313 Engines, Motor, W. Walker, 86

Engines, Portable, Clayton and Shuttleworth, 224

Engines, Pumping, Carr, Patterson, and Arthur, 313

Engines, Pumping, B. Hunt, 154

Engines, Pumping, W. Morgan-Brown, 331

Engines and Pumps, W. Hamilton, 224 Engines and Pumps, W. R. Lake, 171 Engines and Pumps, T. Morgan, 277 Engines and Pumps, F. de C. Pinto, 65 Engines and Pumps, Motive Power, Brom

ley, Crowe, and James, 31

Engines and Pumps, Rotary, Bruce and Robb, 418

Engines, Regulating Supply of Steam to, Koeh and Durham, 207

Engines, Rotary, J. Apperley, 243

Engines, Rotary, C. Avery, 154

Engines, Rotary, A. M. Clark, 171

Engines, Rotary, P. B. Martin, 16 Engines, Rotary, H. E. Newton, 154 Engines, Traction, E. J. A. de Bernales, 278

Engines, Traction, W. Fisken, 86

Engines, Traction, Fowler and Eyth, 294 Engines for Tramways, R. Hedley, 364 Engraving and Chasing, W. R. Lake, 86 Envelopes, Black-Bordering, Pirie and

Groundwater, 31

Elastic Bands, W. R. Lake, 419

Electric Bells, A. G. Stockwell, 171

Electric Light, A. M. Clark, 436

Electric Light, F. W. Heinke, 418

Electric Light, P. Jablochkoff, 419 Electric Light, S. A. Varley, 65 Electricity, F. F. A. Achard, 278 Electricity, W. B. Brain, 277 Electricity, C. Clamond, 331 Electricity, A. M. Clark, 294 Electricity, P. Jablochkoff, 171 Electricity, O. F. Varley, 261

Electro Magnetic Apparatus, R. Werder-mann, 381

Electro Magnetic Motors, W. P. Thompson, 454

Electro-Plating, E. T. Hughes, 260

Elevating Crops, Wallis and Stevens, 47

Elevators, J. Betty, 313

Embossing, E. Firth, 48

Embossing, Richmond and Whiting, 171 Embroidering, J. Yates, 31

Embroidering and Cutting Out, M. Loeb,

Emery Wheels, J. H. Johnson, 331 Emptying Basins, R. W. Armstrong, 313 Evaporating, Jackson and Mellor, 313 Evaporating, P. Piccard, 103

Evaporating Brine, J. H. W. Biggs, 347

Excavating, H. W, Ball, 154

Excavating, J. Thompson 313

Explosives, J. W. Bantock, 31

Explosives, Mackie, Faure, and Trench, 154

Explosives, E. C. Prentice, 120

Explosives. Storing and Transporting, H.

O. A. E. Grtinbaum, 831

Exhibiting, Mcllvenna, W. C., and C. M. Boulding, 418

Extinguishers, Lamp Safety, J. Cole, 154 Extracting the Essence of Meat, Anderson and Yair, 454

Fabrics, W. T. Corr, 86

Fabrics, J. Dabert, 364

Fabrics, W. Jackson, 277

Fabrics, T. Murdoch, 277

Fabrics, Air and Water-proof, A. M. Clark, 48

Fabrics, Corded, S. M. and C, T. Smith and Binns, 277

Fabrics, Cork, &c., J. Imray, 86

Fabrics, Crimping, Dyson and Bury, 154 Fabrics, Cutting Out, L. Reynolds, 154 Fabries, Drying, W. Sumner, 243

Fabrics, Doubling, C. Heap, 171

Fabrics, Elastic, G. Dean, 224

Fabrics, Embossed, F. Walton, 243

Fabrics, Embossing, &c., H. Hughes, 207

Fabrics, Feather, F. Bardin, 419

Fabrics, Finishing, A, Enoult, 400

Fabries, Felted, Young and Fox, 400 Fabrics, Finishing, Urquhart and Lindsay,

Fabrics, Finishing, R. Wilson, 31

Fabrics, Finishing, Felted, H. Lister, 103 Fabrics, Glazing, C. J. and J, P. Cox, 313 Fabrics, Hot Pressing, Wilson and Cochrane, 224

Fabrics, Knitted, Groves and Basford, 154

Fabrics, Knitted, J. H. Johnsen, 189

Fabrics, Looped, J. McCabe, 48

Fabrics, Looped, H. and 0. Clarke, 171

Fabrics, Measuring and Rolling Up, W, Brookes, 331

Fabrics, Plaiting, F. Rath, 454

Fabrics, Plaiting, J. H. Tracy, 242

Fabrics, Plaiting, N. Wilson, 347

Fabrics, Printing, J. Chadwick, 381

Fabrics, Printing, H. Dewhurst, 454 Fabrics, Seaming, W. Campion, 48 Fabrics, Shrinking, Jamieson and Collins.


Fabrics, Stretching, F. Dehaitre, 313

Fabrics, Stretching, W. E. Newton, 278 Fabrics, Treating, W. Birch, 103, Fabrics, Treating, R. Middleton, 31 Fabrics. Woven, Bolingbroke and Ling, 189

Fabrics, Woven, E, Posselt, 86

Fabrics, Woven and Piled, J. Smith, 331 Fans for Blowing, W. H. Dugard, 47 Fastenings, A. Combault, 261

Fastenings for Bags, J. Loebl, 313

Fastenings, Bayonet Catch, A. M. Silber, 103

Fastenings for Belts, F. Wirth, 171

Fastenings for Cards, H. A. Dufrene, 864 Fastenings for Cards, G. P. Talamon, 364 Fastenings for Cravats, H. A. Bonneville, 437

Fastenings for Cuffs, G. Blunt, 312

Fastenings, Door, Sleigh and Hawley, 189 Fastenings, Door, W. Townend, 381 Fastenings for Gloves, A. Fontaine, 135 Fastenings for Gloves, Cuffs, &c., W. Nelson, 65

Fastenings for Neckties, &c,, A. Aron, 48 Fastenings for Railway Wagons, J. Pickering, 313

Fastenings for Sashes, N. Thompson, 454 Fastenings for Shoos, H. J. Haddan, 381 Fastenings for Shutters, J. de C. Wetherall 436 ’

Fastenings and Studs, Strauss and Bennett, 154

Fastenings and Studs, C. Walton, 48 Fastenings for Straps, H. Gittins, 381 Fastenings for Straps, &c., E. Speechley,

Fastenings for Trousers, E. de Pass, 381

Fastenings for Trunks, Leonard and Phillips, 331

Fastenings for Watches, &c., J. L. Warner, 154

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, T. W. Jones, jun., 454

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, Kusch-mann and Kirschfeld, 454

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, L, Plat-nauer, 419


istenings for Wearing Apparel, J. G. Rollarson, 331

istenings for Wearing Apparel, Stean and Slater, 364

"or Wearing Apparel, E. Wright,

_ for Windows, A. B. Crossley,

Fastening, &c., for Windows, II. Worthington, 120

Feeding Bottles, Infants’, T. F. Lynch, 291

Feeding Furnaces, C. Smith, 347

Feeding Furnaces, &c., Smith and Dowker, 207 ’

Feeding Furnaces, A. C. Stephenson, 347

Feeding Mechanism for File Cutting Machines, H. B. Nickerson, 419

Feeding Poultry, W. A. Kerr, 261

Felt, Westwell, Low, and Rothwell, 381

Felting Hat Bodies, &c., T. G. Knight, 31

Fences, W. Stuart, 243

Fences, Wire, H. J. Haddan, 154

Ferry Boats, <fcc , Ball and Clapperton, 120

Fibres, J. Rogers, 260

Fibres, Bywater and Berry, 313

Fibres, Drying, W. L. Wise, 103

Fibres, Lubricating, W. T. Garnett, 313

Fibres, Treating, Dry and Anderson, 47

Fibres, Treating, W. P. and J. F. Butehart, 400

Fibres, Treating, W. Crighton, sen. and iun., and S., 86

Fibres, Treating, H. A. Foster, 331

Fibres, Treating, Higgins and Whitworth, 171

Fibres, Treating, Knowles, iun., and Higgins, 243

Fibres, Treating, S. C. Lister, 260

Fibres, Treating, G. W. von Nawrocki, 31

Fibres, Treating, A. Pringle, 294

Filing Papers, W. L. Smith, 294

Filling Casks, &c., E. Carless, 277

Filling and Corking Bottles, T. Cockcroft, 154

Filling Bottles, H. Codd, 312

Filters, F. H. Atkins, 331

Filters, J. Livesey, 260, 313

Filters, E. Perrett, 171

Filter Presses, J. Bowing, 154

Filter Presses, C. Pieper, 242

Filtering, G. Bartlett, 31

Filtering, L. Sallien, 400

Filtering by means of Petroleum, P. Jensen, 86

Fire Alarms, F. Bogen, 400

Fire Alarm and Tell-Tale, Electric, Hancock and Yeates, 364

Fire-arms, J. D. Dougall, 364

Fire-arms, G. V. Fosbery, 347

Fire-arms, Henry and Fraser, 331

Fire arms, J. H. Johnson, 294

Fire-arms, W. R. Lake, 243

Fire-arms, F. A. Le Mat, 171

Fire-arms, A. G. Speight, 120

Fire-arms, J. Stanton, 243

Fire-arms, J, G. Tongue, 154

Fire-arms, F. Wirth, 242

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Adsett, 400

Fire-arms, Breech-leading, F, L. Bailey, 171

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. Buisson, 31

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. E. and R.

Green, 154

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, J. Piddington, 200

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, C. H. Pond, 86

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, G. F. Redfern, 313

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, II. Tolley, 135

Fire-arms, Snider Rifles, J. H. Cooper, 31

Fire-arms, Walking-stick, A. M. Clark, 16

Fire-bars, G. Hopewell, 260

Fire-bricks and lubes, H. Baggeley, 103

Fire-escapes, Matthyssens and Bassom-pierre, 171

Fire-escapes and Ladders, G. O. Murray, 260

Fire-grates, A. Joly, 243

Fire-extinguishers, C. A. H. Jonas, 364

Fire, Extinguishing, A. M. Clark, 86

Fire, Extinguishing, W. E. Gedge, 381

Fire, "Extinguishing, J. H. Johnson, 171

Fire, Extinguishing, W. L. Wise, 135

Fire-lighters, A. Carr, 454

Fire-lighters, A M. Clark, 313

Fire-lighting, T. Wimpenny, 135

Fireplaces—(See also Stoves)

Fireplaces, J. D. Prior, 381

Fireplaces, Grates, Ac., R. C. Anderson, 224

Fishing Gear, Hendry and Marshall, 312

Fishing Tackle, J. Aston, 331

Fishing Tackle, J. M. Corbet, 171

Flocks, W. Illingworth, 47

Floors, H. H. Udall, 171

Floors, Parqueted, M. Ker, 347

Floors, Stable, J. H. Small, 86

Flour, R. Barton, 381

Flour, J, A. Dixon, 103

Flour, Treating, M. Chapman, 294

Flour, Treating, E. Davis, 103

Flour, Purifying, C. Hopkinson, 381

Fluting and Goffering, H, Jewitt, 48

Folding Paper, W. Conquest, 436

Folding Stools, M. Burke, 418

Food Preparing, R, Little, 189

Forging Bolts, W. E. Gedge, 48

Frames, Cruet, Liquor, &c,, F. Cadby, 135

Fringing, A. M. Clark, 381

Fruit, Bread, and Farina, C. Morfit, 103

Fuel, J. Wormaid, 171

Fuel, Artificial, C. S. Foster, 277

Fuel, Artificial, J. H. Johnson, 260

Fuel, Economising, E. and H. Bradley and Sunderland, 381

Fulling and Milling, C. Froggatt, 189

Fumigating, J, S. Ellis, 313

Furnaces, B. Aitken, 260

Furnaces, T. Blocksage, 86

Furnaces, Caddick and Mayberry, 277

Furnaces, E. Carey, 103

Furnaces, A. M. Clark, 436

Furnaces, J. T. Dann, 48

Furnaces, D. Davis, 381

Furnaces, J. Fletcher, 135

Furnaces, W. E. Gedge, 48

Furnaces, Gidlow and Abbott, 419

Furnaces, Godfrey and Howson, 135

Furnaces, H. H. Grierson, 47

Furnaces, J. H. Johnson, 31

Furnaces, R. Jones, 261

Furnaces, C. C. 8. Knap, 120

Furnaces, W. IL Lake, 261, 277

Furnaces, Mason, jun., Wolstenholme, and

Spencer, 154

Furnaces, W. Morgan-Brown, 103

Furnaces, E. K. Muspratt, 365

Furnaces, F. C. Richardson, 154

Furnaces, J. P. Rickman, 242

Furnaces, G. Sinclair, 31

Furnaces, M. H. Smith, 243

Furnaces, J. Swain, 171

Furnaces, J. Toussaint, 189

Furnaces, Truswell and Holden, 294

Furnaces, W. and A. Ure, 171

Furnaces, R. A. Wilson, 400

Furnaces, Annealing, T. Williams, 436

Furnace Bars, T. S. Dobson, 347

Furnace Bars, J. Pickup, 243

Furnace Bars, J. Turnpenny, 294

Furnace Bars, W. Wright, 48

Furnaces, Boiler, A. Holt, 103

Furnaces, Doors for, Mace and Brewster 154

J. Swain, 171


Iruswell and Holden, 294

Furnaces, Feeding, H. C. Carver, 86

Furnaces, Feeding, C. Catlow, 400

Furnaces, Feeding, R. Healey, 47

Furnaces, Feeding, J. Proctor, 294

Furnaces, Feeding, C. Smith, 243

Furnaces, &c., Feeding, B. P. Walker, 400

Furnaces and Fireplaces, F. Hart, 207

Furnaces, Glass, A. C. Stevenson, 243

Furnaces, Petroleum, J. J. Jarves, 135

Furnaces, Puddling, A. F. J. Fisher, 103

Furnaces, Smelting, J. J. Storer, 454

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, L. Goodcr, 294

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, T. Stone, 48

Furnaces, Ventilating, S. Nightingale, jun., 419

Furnaces, Ventilating, A. J. Verkoutercn, 277

Furniture, G. A. Biddell, 312

Furniture, J. Reade, 277

Furniture, Bedroom, J. II. Johnson, 277

Furniture for Children, M. T. Eastwood, 86

Furniture, Folding, J. Beverley, 277

Furniture, Folding, L. Field, 347

Furniture, Folding, W. Jackson, 313

Furs and Feathers, Ornamenting, A. M.

Clark, 86

Galvanising and Metal Coating, J. Lysaght, 154

Games, R. Foulis, 313

Games, H. Jewitt, 189

Games—Cricket Balls, A. J. Altman, 436

Games— Cricket Balls, J. Malings, 48

Gantry, J. Hough, 154

Gas, J. A. A. Buchholz, 189

Gas, C. W. Harrison, 135

Gas, Morgan-Brown, W., 48

Gas, J. Newman, 437

Gas, T. and T. B. Redwood, 454

Gas, C. A. Siriee, 278

Gas, A. 8. Stove, 189

Gas, W. P. Wilson, 277

Gases, L. Loewenthal, 418

Gas, Coal, Collinge and Paterson, 65

Gas Condensers, Morris and Cutler, 400

Gas Fittings, Preventing Deposit in, L.

Bremond, 243

Gas Governors, D. B. Peebles, 364

Gas, Lighting, C. K. Trull, 242

Gas, Purifying, 8. Cutler, 365

Gas, Purifying, Kirkham, Hullett. Chandler, jun., and J. Chandler, 120, 365

Gas, Purifying, G. T. Livesey, 189

Gas, Purifying, Wallace and Claus, 154

Gas for Railway Carriages, J. Milne, 400

Gas, Regulating, J. Newton, 364

Gas Regulators, H. Giroud, 120

Gas Retorts, 8. Pitt, 437

Gas Retorts, Stopping, P. Tassie, 103

Gas Supply, W. R, Lake, 454

Gas Supply, Newman and Dewsbury, 154

Gates, Self-acting, W. Walton, 86

Gauges, A. Bradshaw, 312

Gauges, W. Froude, 277

Gauges for Boilers, H. House, 86

Gauges for Boilers, A. D. Hunter, 381

Gauges for Boilers, P. Ward, 189

Gauges, Pressure, A. Bradshaw, 347, 436

Gauges, Pressure, W, C. Eyton, 381

Gauges, Water, R, Sonncnthal, 419

Gauging Water in Ships’ Holds, J. Adamson, 154

Gauging Water in Ships’ Holds, Rayne and Charlton, 365

Gearing, Toothed, J. Gee, 31

Gearing, Trimming, Smith and Course, 419

Glass, W. R. Lake, 243

Glass, W. F. Mason, 347

Glass, W. E. Rendle, 86

Glass, F. Siemens, 31

Glass Bottles, P. Richarme, 154

Glass, Cutting and Polishing, A. V. Newton, 224

Glass Fitting, J. Watson, 400

Glass Frames, F. W. Kendall, 454

Glass Globes and Shades, E. T. Hughes, 313

Glasses, Opera, &c., C. Moreau, 154

Glass, Plate, II. Lock wood, 171

Glove Stretchers, Perry and Herts, 381

Goloshes, B. Basevi, 418

Governors, R. Dorcndorff, 189

Governors, H. E. Newton, 154

Governors, Indicators, tec., G. Westinghouse, jun., 381

Governors fur Marine Engines, J. G. II.

Batchelor, 243

Grates, Furnace, A. W. M. Moore, 437

Gratings, Translucent, Nairne and Waddell, 261

Grinding, W. H. Ostbury, 261

Grinding, J. B. Bell, 65

Grinding, R. Frost, 419

Grinding, Nicholson and Mather, 400

Grinding and Cleaning Metal, Evered and

Read, 277

Grinding and Decorticating, W. R. Lake, 154

Grinding and Finishing, Handyside and Sterne, 86

Grinding Minerals, F. Wirth, 381

Grits, Treating, A. M. Clark. 86

Grain, Cleaning, G, W. von Nawrocki, 418

Grain, Cleaning, Pinder and Ma we, 436

Grain, Cleaning and Dressing, J. Gebbie, 47

Grain, Cleaning and Elevating, C. McFad-zeau, 313

Grain, Cleaning and Grinding, J. Watts , 400

Grain, Cleaning and Separating, T. Clu-deray, 400

Grain, Drying, J, Johnstone, 454

Grain, Grinding, <fcc., A. M. Clark, 260

Grain, Treating, A. M. C.ark, 419

Grain, Grinding, Smith, Dell, and Stewart, 419

Grain, Wetting, W. Morgan-Brown, 347

Gymnastics, H. Webb, 86

Gymnastics, G. W. Wood, 313

Hammocks, W. R. Lake, 381

Handles, Door, H. Smith, 189

Handles, Lock and Door, A. Bell, 294

Handles for Ploughs, &c., A. M. Clark, 86

Harness, L. L. Atwood, 312

Harness, E. de Fauconnet, 277

Harness, F. D. Lebeau, 347

Harness and Saddles, W. R. Lake, 243

Harrows, C. Rintoul, 381

Harvesting, Cranston and Culpin, 154

Harvesting, M. T. Neale, 189

Harvesting, Nicholson and Mather, 454

Harvesting, J. A. Pene, 189

Harvesting, J. Pollitt, 381

Hats, Ventilating, T. Atkins, 419

Hauling, D. Sherritt, 278

Hauling Gear-, Hendry and Marshall, 364

Heat, M. P. W. Boulton, 189

Heat, J. Young, jun., 189

Heating, G. H. Ellis, 242

Heating, F. Hocking, 243

Heating, J. H. Johnson, 381

Heating and Cooking, J. Bell, 47

Heating Liquids, S. Padley, 381

Heating Railway Carriages, A. M. Clark, 437

Heating by Steam, E. T. Hughes, 65

Heating by the Sun, A. Cordier, 48

Heat, Utilising, A. Cooper, 154

Heating and. Ventilating, J. Hamilton, 242.

Heating and Ventilating, C. Ritchie, 31

Heating and Ventilating, F. B. Stanton,


Heating by Water, R. R. Gibbs, 103

Heating Water by Steam, T. and W. Sheppard, 277

Hides, Fleshing, W. E. Gedge, 103

Hinges, A. Felsenthal, 454

Hinges, F. Larard, 294

Hinges, F. E. Martineau. 381

Hinges, P. O'Connor, 154

Hoeing Turnips, J. Munro, 154

.Hoeing Turnips, J. Picken, 277

Holders for Tools, Lloyd and Marston, 454

Holders for Tools, T. and B. Sagar, 418

Holding and Protecting Ribbon, H. J.

Haddan, 224

Hooks, Safety Detaching. J. B. Craze, 261

Hooks and Trainers for Fruit Trees, J. W.

Hoffman. 103

Horse-car Pole Attachments, S. A. Otis,


Horse Collars, G. Gambling. 313

Horse Gears, Nicholson and Kennan, 364

Horse Hoes, E. G. Brewer, 437

Horse Hoes, F. C. Lake, 436

Horse Rakes, E. T. Bousfield, 16

Horse Rakes, R. Burns, 381

Horse Rakes, A, Mi Clark, 454

Horse Rakes, Haughton and Stoddart, 294

Horse Rakes, E. H. Tooley, 154

Horse Rakes, J. W. Wagstaff. 436

Horseshoes, G. T. Atkinson, 189

Horseshoes, H. A. Bonneville, 224

Horseshoes, J. Dunn, 331

Horseshoes, J. C. Elliott, 103

Horseshoes, Haslam and Judge, 48

Horseshoes, J. Lancaster, 86

Horseshoes, W. R. Lake, 207

Horseshoes, C. Lee, 48, 331

Horseshoes, Martin and Robertson, 16

Horseshoes, W. L. Wise, 278

Hydraulic Lifts. J. L. Plimpton, 365

Hydraulic Machinery, F. E. Duckham. 347

Hydraulic Winches, E. B. Ellington, 277

Hydrochi otic Acid, E. Solway, 65

Hyposulphites of Soda Potash, and Ammonia, W. Moody, 120

Icc, J. Henderson, 278

Ice, Vallon and Csete, 16

Incrustation in Pans, Preventing, C. D.

Abel. 31

Incubators, J. G. Penman, 277

India-rubber, S. Pitt, 260

Indicating Pressure, J. T. Birchall, 86

Indicating Revolutions, H. A. Stanton. 31g

Indicating Revolutions and Speed, J.

Thompson, 277

Indicating Speed, Clark and M‘Leod, 16

Indicating Speed, Harding and Willis, 313

Indicating Speed, &c., J. M. McWhinnie, 347

Indicating Speed, J. E. Parke1-, 86

Indicating Speed. R. and M. Theiler, 347

Indicators for Engines H. Lea, 189

Ingots, Compressing, W. R. Lake. 66

Inhaling Medicated Vapour, W. Martindale, 154

Injectors, W. and G. Hart, 364

Ink, Portable, J. A. Berly, 86

Inkstands, F. W. Garrard, 48

Inkstands, E. de Lagillardaie, 189

Inkstands, Reversible, J. Wollman, 48

Iron, Galvanising, Braby and Moore, 207

Iron, Galvanising Sheet, R. Heathfield, 454

Iron Girders, Wrought, W. Arrol 347

Iron Ore, E. G. Brewer, 294

Iron, Oxides of, J. H. Bald, 278

Iron Residues, Treating, H. W. Allen, 436

Iron and Steel, J. Barnett, 65

Iron and Steel, I. L. Bell. 313

Iron and Steel. Brownhill and Smith, 207

Iron and Steel, W. Clay, 381

Iron and Steel, W. Drake, 171

Iron and Steel, W. Gorman, 312

Iron and Steel, B. W. Hai-t 400

Iron and Steel, W., E. W., and A. Harvey 135

Iron and Steel, J. Hollway, 418

Iron and Steel, R. Howson, 436

Iron and Steel, J. H. Johnson, 312

Iron and Steel, Krafft and Sauve fils, 48

Iron and Steel, W. R. Lake, 454

Iron and Steel, A. Longsdon, 347

Iron and Steel, Mitford and Lester, 48

Iron and Steel, C. W. Siemens, 347

Iron and Steel, 8. R. Smyth. 436

Iron and Steel, M. Watson, 47

Iron, Treating, J. Bromilow. 260

Iron, .Treating, J. B. Kunkel, 65

Iron, Utilising Waste, Butler and Lewis, 242

Ironing, Wringing, and Mangling, J Reidy, 347

Irons, Box, C. J. Petherick, 242

Irons, Flat, Ezard and Wallace, 48

Irons, Flat, J. Paris, 278

Irons, Heating Box, F. Stitchbury, 86

Jacks, Screw-lifting, M. Benson, 277

Jacquarding, Benson and Hickton, 48, 331

Jacquarding, Threlfall and Ashworth, 312

Jacquarding, E. Weild. 154

Jars, Fruit, A. M. Clark, 436

Joints for Furniture, E. and A. Hock and Parmentier, 154

Joints for Pipes, B. Hunt, 120

Joints for Pipes, J. Morris, 260

Joints for Pipes, J. Shaw, 347

Joints for Pipes, T. Verstraeton, 278

Joints for Steam, &c , W. Walker, 189

Kettles, F. W. Nunns, 400

Keys, A. Barker, 331

Kilns, T. Carder, 65

Kilns, J. Cramphorn, 189

Kilns, J. C. Daniel, 86

Kilns, E. Leak, 278

Kilns, V. D. de Michele, 47

Kilns, J. I. Payton, 261

Kilns, Lime, Hill and Medworth, 135

Knitting, T. Coltman. 145

Knitting, W. R. Lake, 135

Knitting, H. Mellor, 454

Knitting, W. Morgan-Brown, 86

Labelling, S. Bennet, 86

Labelling, E. Leman, 243

Labelling, D. C. Simpson, 312

Lace, Hallatt and Mason, 31

Lace, Harrison and Smith, 31

Lace, J. H. Johnson, 31

Lace, J. I Itch field, 154

Lace, A. Wilkinson, 135

Lace, 8. Whitehurst, 419

Lamps, G. Bulau, 261

Lamps, A. M. Clark, 418

Lamps, H. J. Haddan, 454

Lamps, C. E. Hearson, 381

Lamps, J. Hinks, 31

Lamps, J. Hooper, 86

Lamps, W. R. Lake, 419

Lamps, F. C. M‘Queen, 365

Lamps, F. E. Merry, 189

Lamps, H. E. Newton, 278

Lamps, W. Notley, 261

Lamps, J, Stokes, 154

Lamps, R. Tebbs, 381

Lamps, E. W. West, 86

Lamps, H. E. Willis, 47

Lamps, Chimneys for, W. F. Heshuysen, 437

Lamps, Electric, P. Jablochkoff, 171

Lamps, Hand, W. H. Simpson, 86

Lamps and Lamp Stoves, E. A. Rippin-gille, 243

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, R, Brown, 135

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, J. B. M. P. Clos-son, 318

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, J. D. Shakespear,

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, W. Webster, jun., 120

Lamps, Railway Carriage, A. M. Silber, 400

Lamps, Roof, J. N. Douglass, 86

Lamps, Safety, B. Lietar, 260

Lamps, Trimming, G. A. P. H. Duncan, 65

Lamps, Wicks and Burners for, B. F.

Steevens, 48

Lanterns, R. W. Brett, 437

Lanterns, Bulls-eye, J. K. Stead, 260

Lanterns, Pocket, G. W. vbn Nawrocki, 48

Latches, Safety, P. E. Ayton, 103

Lathes, H. M. Thomas, 243

Lathes, Smith and Coventry, 261

Leather, J. Mathison, 207

Leather Cutting, W. B. Bateman, 154

Leather, Patent, J. W. Towell, 419

Leather Splitting, J. A. Stafford, 419

Leather, Treating, A. F. Stowe, 347

Leather, Treating. E. Wilson, 277

Leather, Treating, W. Wrest, 277

Levelling, H. G. Barrey, 86

Lids of Commodes, J. Smith, 381

Lifeboats, Steam, Lewin and Parker, 189

Light. W. B, Woodbury, 331

Lighting, G. F. W. Hope, 48

Lighting by Electricity, P. Dronier, 65

Lighting and Extinguishing Gas, W. R.

Lake, 331

Lighting and Extinguishing Lamps, G.

Weston, 294

Lighting Fires, S. Mannington, 154

Lighting Gas, &c , F. J. Cheesbrough, 331

Lighting Railway Carriages, G. Westinghouse, jun , 381

Lime, Calcining Spent, G. R. Hislop, 347

Lint, S. Shaw-Brown, 171

Lock Furniture, W. fl. Tucker, 381

Locking Nuts, A. T. Timewell, 313

Locks, J. Hawkins, 454

Locks, Hirsch and Stem, 16

Locks, Hoddinott and Still, 418

Locks, J. Imray, 278

Locks, J. T. Lemaire, 400

Locks, M. Runkel, 47

Locks, Russell and Wilson, 171

Locks, H. Schooling, 171

Locks and Bolts, II. Worthington, 86

Locks and Latches, Virgo and Richardson,


Locks and Safes, S. Chatwood, 277

Lowering Boats, F. R. A. Glover, 16

Looms—(See «Zso SAuictes).

Looms, T. Aldred, 86

Looms, H. B. Barlow, 454

Looms, B. Berry. 48

Looms, Blagbrough and Hollingworth, 151

Looms, Bolden and Cassidy, 313

Looms, Bridle and Bradshaw. 381

Looms, Buckley and Barber, 436

Looms, A. Burns, 400

Looms, Butterworth and Dickinson, 65

Looms, Butterworth and Wild, 86

Looms, J. Bywater, 400

Looms, A. M. Clarke, 347

Looms, T. Clay, 31

Looms, Craven and Greenwood, 86

Looms, Cross and Brownhill, 171

Looms, E. and J. Dugdale and Mould, 294

Looms, J. Eccles, 381

Looms, J. O. Evans, 313

Looms, J. Hall, 86, 418

Looms, H. Hallen, 207

Looms, W. Hanson, 207

Looms, J. Hardaker, 294

Looms, G. Harwood, 48

Looms, Hodgson and Bradley, 347

Looms, J. Holding, 294, 331

Looms, Holt, Blenkhorn, and Stancliffe, 347

Looms, Hurst, Craven, and Sutcliffe, 313

Looms, Hutchinson and Tetlow, 47

Looms, Abbott, E. and T. Knowles, 347

Looms, J. Lord, 312

Looms, Lord and Jackson, 31, 454

Looms, 8. Moorehouse, 243

Looms, Morton and Wilson, 347

Looms, W. Muir, 31

Looms, J. Pickering, 436

Looms, S. Pitt, 86

Looms, L. Petit, 65

Looms, H. Portway, 347

Looms, J. S. and B. A. Raworth, 154

Looms, W. H. Rayner, 154

Looms, Redfern, Ashworth, and Greenwood, 47

Looms, L. Robertshaw, 347

Looms, Schmidt and Frerichs, 381

Looms, 8. Shaw, 454

Looms, W. Shorrock, 171

Looms, J. Skinner, 171

Looms, Skirving and Ayland, 865

Looms, W. Smalleh, 31

Looms, G. H. Smith, 224

Looms, W. Smith, 171

Looms, W. Snape, 171

Looms, J. Stansfield, 261

Looms, Strangman and Buchy, 207

Looms. Taylor and Hall, 154

Looms, R. B. Thomson, 347

Looms, Tomkinson and Adam, 47

Looms, Wood, Hoy wood, and Holding, 103

Looms, Jacquard, W. N. Liddell, 436

Looms, Settles for, Settle and Grisdale, 120

Lubricating, H. A. Bonneville, 277

Lubricating, II. J. Haddan, 436, 454

Lubricating, J. Hallimond, 436

Lubricating, Heginbottom and Green, 154

Lubricating, Hunt and Mitton, 418

Lubricating, W. R. Lake, 419

Lubricating, T. J. Smith, 103

Lubricating, Sowden and Pike, 454

Lubricating Fibres, Andsley and Pike, 120

Magic Lanterns, F. Newton, 400

Magic Lantern Slides, J. Place, 47

Malt Testing, W. Gardiner, 171

Malt Treating, W. R. Lake, 16

Malting, W. L. Wise, 277

Manual Power, T. Abbot, 243

Manure, H. Y. D. Scott, 65

Manure, Distributing, H. J. Haddan, 189

Markers for Games, J. S. Clarke, 313

Marking and Identifying Birds and Animals, T. Rule, 381

Marking Linen, A. Schroll, 207

Marking Payments, &c , E. C. H. Blake, 331

Marking Tickets, W. L. Wise, 294

Matches, E. Page, 312

Matches, Boxes for, F. C. Bryant, 436

Mathematical Instruments, J. P. Gastrell-Harriss, 154

Mathematical Instruments, G. W. Heath, 347

Mathematical Instruments, D. Murray, 207

Mathematical Instruments, A Syrd, 381

Mattresses, J. Ganter, 437

Mattresses, W. R. Lake, 294

Mattresses, Elastic W. F. Phijlipson, 86

Mattresses, Spring, J. Blick, 86

Mattresses, Spring, E. and A. Hock and

Parmentier, 154 ,

Mattresses, Spring, Moody, Slade, and Haynes, 47 ...

Measuring Distances, G. A. 'Vetch, 364 Measuring Distances, F. Weldon. 31

Measuring Distances, P. O’H. B. Wollen, 400

Measuring Fabrics, P. Jensen, 454

Measuring Liquids, J. P. Clarke. 171

Measuring Liquids, Shaw and Blackburn,

48 . ,

Measuring and Recording Distance and Speed, W. R. Lake, 364

Medical Compounds, J. L. MacMillan, 1 < 1 Medical Compounds, E. Spinks, 16

Medicines, Italian Paste Wrappers for, A.

E. A. Detiaque, 86 ___

Metal Bars, Interlacing, H. D. Phmsoll,


Metal Plates, S. Fox, 261

Metal Plates, Coating, Crowther, Millington, and Morgan, 261

Metal Plates, Pickling, T. R. Tumock 243 Metal Plates, Punching, L. and L. Clayton, 171

Metal Rails, Straightening, W. R. Lake, 48

Metal, Shaping Sheet, W. L. Wise, 120 Metal Tubes, Peyton and Bourne, 278 Metal Tubes, Soft, W. R. Lake, 454 Metal Utensils, W. R. Lake, 437

Metallic Alloys, A. Browne, 31

Metallic Bands, Spiral, Haley, Priestley, and Hall, 224

Metallic Oros, Treating, J Ireland, 48

Metals, Melting, T. J. Smith, 65

Metals, Treating. J. Holloway, 103

Metals, Working, T. B. Lightfoot, 48

Meters, F. Delori, 436

Meters, G W. von Nawrocki, 171

Meters, Wightmann and Alley. 154

Meters for Distilleries, C. R. Wedclin, 154

Meters Gas, S. Dalziel, 331

Meters, Gas, C. Hunt, 189

Meters, Gas, S. Johnson, 31

Meters, Gas, Johnson and Burton, 171

Meters, Gas, W. R. Lake, 400

Meters, Gas, F. Wirth, 242

Meters, Water, A. Caldwell, 243

Meters, Water, A. Dulken, 381

Meters, Water, T. Kennedy, 48

Microscopes, F. II. Wenham, 171

Milk, Treating, G, W. von Nawrocki, 277

Milling, II J. Haddan, 381

Mining Apparatus, J. Nadal, 313

Mixing Dry7 Substances, H. Faija, 278

Mixing and Kneading, W. H. Chambers, 364

Mixing and Sifting, J. and T. P. Hogg and Donovan, 437

Mixing Tea &c., W. Thompson, 418

Mortising and Boring, G. Wrigglesworth, 243

Motive Power, R. Adams, 294

Motive Power, F. S. Barff, 381

Motive Power, C. S. de Bay. 436

Motive Power, G. Beesley, 31

Motive Power, H. A. Bonneville, 347

Motive Power, A. M. Clark, 48

Motive Power, E. Clavequin, 312

Motive Power, D. Clerk, 189

Motive Power, A. W. Death, 207

Motive Power, H. J. Haddan, 400

Motive Power, Hardie and James, 313

Motive Power, J. Harris, 103

Motive Power, R. Henry, 381

Motive Power, R. Little, 207

Motive Power, J. C. Mewburn, 242, 294

Motive Power, V. A. Mignot-Danton, 331

Motive Power, L. Pitt, 437

Motive Power, B W Rogers, 418

Motive Power, G. Smith, 171

Motive Power, Swan and Hughes, 313

Motive Power, Whitaker and Turner, 86

Motive Power, J. Whiteley, 418

Motive Power, W. L. Wise, 243

Motive Power, Equalising, R. D. Milne, 103

Moulding, J. Snape, 418

Moulding and Shaping. C. M. Lloyd, 454

Mouldings, Wood and Metal, G. W. Ley, 48 Moulds, T. Fox, 436

Moulds, T. Gater, 454

Moulds and Blocks, H. Leak, 347

Mowing—(See also Reaping)

Mowing, W. M. Cranston, 313

Musical Instruments, M. H. Collins, 419

Musical Instruments, E. F. Kelly, 347 Musical Instruments, W. R. Lake, 260 Musical Instruments, Monington and Weston, 331

Musical Instruments, J. B. Schalkenbach, 331

Nails, Horse, J. A. Huggett, 418

Nails, G. Simpson, 65

Nails, Horseshoe, W. R. Lake, 65

Needles, R. Bennett, 31

Needles, T. Fletcher, 207

Nickel, J. Unwin, 347

Nickel, Extracting, H. Parkes, 224

Night Lights, C. Bonnes, 135

Nitric Acid, Molloy and Warren, 419

Nitrogen, A. M. Clark, 171

Nuts Lock, J. F. Wiles, 135

Nuts, Safety, Hodges and Applegarth, 135

Obstetric Instruments, J. T. Whittaker 154 ’

Opening and Shutting Window Sashes, &c., W. Jarvis, 260

Opening Tins, R. H. Rose, 171, 277

Optical Apparatus, F. N. Thurel, 103

Optical Instruments, T. and J. M Grav 171

Optical Instruments, E. Hatton, 189

Optical Instruments, H. Keevil, 437 Ordnance, Clark and Standfield, 189 Ordnance, R. Hadfield, 261

Ordnance, H, E. A. Hellhoff, 154

Ordnance, II. C. Lobnitz, 120

Ordnance, W. Morgan-Brown, 419

Ordnance, L. K. Scott, 135, 400

Ordnance, Breech-loading, J. Astbury 189 Ores, Cleansing, D. Burns, 312

Ores of Nickel, Treating, J. A. Cossins 31

Ores, Treating, P. S. Justice, 381

Ores, Treating, A. H. Maurice, 381

Ores, Treating, R. Main, 171

Ores, Treating, F. Maxwell-Lyte, 171 Ores, Treating, J. L. Montefiore, 171 Organs, Reed, L. K. Fuller, 381 Ornamental Metals, H. C. Taylor, 294 Ornamenting China, &c., A. M. Clark 419 Ornamenting Glass, F. Siemens, 436 '

Ornamenting Glass, &c., W. G. Webb 261

Ornamenting Wood, J. J. Kelly 419 Ovens, F. E. Pratt, 189

Ovens, T. Vicars, sen., and J., jun 171 Oxides of Iron, Treating, D. McKechnio 31 Oyster Growing, J. C. Mowburn, 313 ’ Ozone, J. C. Mewburn, 31 ’

Packets of Powders, Putting up, W. R, JLi3iKe» 313

Packing, T Bo th, 419

Packing, Carter and Smith, 154

Packing, J. Kirkman, 436

Packing, J. C. Scott, 103

Packing Cases, W. Carter, 120

Packing Cases, Soule and Sherriff, 278

Packing Flour, Tea, J. Joyce, 171 Packing Pistons, T. R. Hinde, 224 Packing Pistons, E. Turner. 454 Packing, Steam, J. Bury, 86

Packing and Storing Perfumes, T. L. Par-ker 86

Packings, Metallic, C. A. H. Jonas, 313

Paddle-wheels, W. R. Lake, 171

Paper, G. P. Drummond, 135

Paper, E. Hely, 294

Paper, A. Mason, 294

Paper, Millbourn and Smith, 103

Paper, G. Peter. 189

Paper Bags, T. L. Daltry, 331

Paper Bags. Harris and Fletcher, 260

Paper, Bordering. W. H. Hook, 47

Paper Boxes, H. J. C. Keymer, 31

Paper Cases, W. R. Lake. 419

Paper, Delivering, M. Smith, 207

Paper, Feeding, J. Cumming, 207 Paper, Finishing. J. Morris, 364 Paper, Incombustible, A. Cahen, 154 Paper Pulp, Bentley and Jackson, 171 Paper Pulp, Ransome and Gray, 171 Paper, Sowing, P. Jensen, 47 Paper, Staining. J. Fraser. 313 Paper, Waterproof, J. W. Clayton, 48

Parchment, Vegetable. H Hymans, 86

Paring, Slicing, and Storing Fruit, A. M.

Clark, 154

Pavements, &c.. T. 8. Bale, 454

Pavements, J. S. G ibriel, 243

Paving, S. Davies, 189

Paving, J. Kerr, 171

Paving, I Morris. 65

Paving, Wood, J. Armstrong, 86

Paving, Wood, C. M. Lloyd, 454

Paving, Wood, S. Robinson. 278

Peeling Potatoes, &c., Gedney and Hall, 243

Pencil Cases, <tc., A. Barker. .364

Pencil Cases, W. E. Wiley, 213

Pencils, W. Footman. 347

Pencils. W. Winter, 16

Pen and Pencil Holder, W. R Lake, 365

Pen holders. J. Burch. 418

Pens, E. G. Brewer, 294

Perforating and Piercing, W. Winter, 135 Permanent Way, A. J. Acaster. 47 Permanent Way, 8. Aldred, 381 Permanent Way, E. Barstow, 224 Permanent Way, A. M. Clark. 103, 224 Permanent Way, H. W. Cook, 261 Permanent Way, T. Dann. 277 Permanent Way, H. Gardiner, 454 Permanent Way, W. E. Gedge, 419 Permanent Way, H. J Haddan, 277

Permanent Way, Hawks and Bridges, 400 Permanent Way, J H. Johnson. .331 Permanent Way, W. R. Lake, 347 Permanent Way, W. Maddison, 381 Permanent Way, E. Murray. 3.31 Permanent Way, A. P. Potel. 260

Permanent Way, J. C. Russell, 224

Permanent Wav, Sample and W. M. and

H. D. Ward, al8

Permanent Way, H. H. C. Sintzenich, 277 Permanent Way, E. Skinner. 454 Permanent Way, R. P. Williams, 243 Permanent Way of Tramways, A. H.

Rowan, 189

Photography, C. D. Abel. 312

Photography, W. Brookes, 242

Photography, B J. Edwards. 418

Photography, E. Greaves, 381

Photography. Greaves and Smith, 381

Photography, H. J. Maddan, 135

Photography. W. R Lake, 381 Photography, H. Lambert, 103 Photography. W. Morgan-Brown, 347 Photography, G. W. von Nawrocki, 364 Photography, F. von Voigtlunder, 418 Photography, Wilson, Hardman, and

Birtwistle, 48

Photography, W. L. Wise, 312

Photography, W. B. Woodbury, 347 Pianofortes, *c., A. M. Clark, 120 Pianofortes, C. Pieper, 400

Pianofortes, G. W. Strong, 277

Pianofortes, H. Wilton, 260

Piers and Piles, H. Gardner, 120 Pigments. P. C. Bunn, 16, 171 Pigments, Girard, Willm, and Bonchardat


Pigments, Savigny and Collineau, 189

Pigments, 8. Williams, 120

Pigments, Drying, A. M. Clark, 16

Pigments and Varnishes, M. Williams, 243

Pills, J. M. Richards. 31

Pins and Dowels. F. D. Bly th. 154

Pins, Safety, A. Steenberg, 419

Pipe-tongs, Adjusting, R. Rignall, 224

Pipes, Drain, J. Harris, 120

Pipes, Hot Air and Water, W. Byram 313 Pipes and Retorts, W. Brothers. 243 ’ Pipes, <fcc., Tobacco, E Barstow, 86 Pipes, Tobacco, H. L. Friedlander 224 Pipes, Tobacco, W. Hannaford, 278 " Pipes, Tobacco, G. W. Jennings, 347 Pipes, Tobacco, H. H. van der Werff 347 Pistons, &c., Arnold and Guy, 154 Pistons, T. Ellis. 381

Pistons, Metallic, J. Goodfellow, 381 Plaisters, Adhesive, T. Hyatt 31 Plaiting and Fluting, W.R. Lake, 364 Plating, Folding, <fcc„ O. M. Chamberlain,

Planing, W. Cook, jun., 135

Playing Cards, Godfrey and Spiegel, 135 Ploughing, Steam, J. H. Johnson 454 Ploughs, W. Chamberlain, 400 ’

Ploughs, Howard and Bousfield, 313 Ploughs, C. H. Mottram, 65

Ploughs, W. H. Sleep, 189

Ploughs, Drainage, H. O. Cuppaidge 207

Plugs— (See Stopper/,) 6 ’

Points—(See also Sipnals)

Points and Signals, C. Hodgson, 120 154 P°CotS4OTd Siffnals’ Kailway, Brierley and Ponds and Signals, Railway, J. E. Etllnger, Polish, W. T. Kerry, 154 Polishing, C. Pieper, ; 64 Portfolios, W. Marx, 154

Potash Alum, T. H. Cobley 48

Pottery, W. Boulton, 207

P7ol7nettt «9tomlCal PrCParatious. P-

Preserving Eggs, C. Muratori, 400

Preserving Fishes, P. Toninetti, 400 Preserving Food, G. E. Acklom, 277 Preserving Food, E G. Brewer, 207 Preserving Food, J. Eckhart. 313 Preserving Food, W. R. Lake, 400 Preserving Food, J. G. Tongue, 1«9

Preserving Meat, J Jeyes.313

Preserving Meat, P. Toninotti 400

Preserving Milk, &c , P. Toninetti, 419 vSy T54Vesotables- Collineau and Sa-

sMufi°4cS' ’■ tw2,2

and Pressing Coal, T. Rowcliffe, 418 Preventing Sea-sickness, J. c. Thompson, Preventing Sea-sickness, Q. Q. Topham, Printing, M. Alissoff, 154


T^g, T. G. and J. Dawson, 277 Printing, W J Inpjam, 301

Printing, Swan a j Pumphrey, 277 Printing, Autograph , 121J

Printing in Colon , Uende.rson, 65 Printing in> Colours AC Printing, I late. B- > ^cwton. 120

-a ^bossing, E.

pSect&J-^^^T Propellers, J. Joplmg, Propellers, S. Roberta^ ^nd Hunt, 418

Propelling. J- G. To?gj0’^ott. 1% P^R a^d Steering, W. P- Thompson. Profiling Vehicles C ^cr. 1« Pulp for Moulding W. R-Pulley Blocks, R. Vivian, 400 Pulleys, J- Mackie, 4o• Pulleys, J. G. Tongue 86 Pulleys, C. Toopei 41J juhnaon,

Pulleys and Wheels, AC, o 347

Pulverising, G. Barstow, 381 Pulverising and Disintegrating, W.

Lake, 135 ,

Pumping, W. II. Bailey. 103 Pumping, W. Mather 154 Pumping. G. W. vonMiwrocki, 2. < Pumping. J. Stephens, 4.V Pumps Bell and Blagburn. 34-Pumps, Bennett and Bostock, ‘ Pumps, Eels and Loud, 437 Pumps, II. 11. Gubbms, 419 Pumps, J. H. Johnson 13a Pumps, ft’. R Lake. 311 Pumps, J Moysey. -10 . oTR

Pumps, Wippermiuin and Lewis. 2,8 Pumps, Direct-acting Steam, J • H. UecK, Pumps, Direct-acting Steam, J. Thomas,

Pomps, Steam, J. Cameron, 31

Pumps, Steam, Goodfellow and Hallam, Pumps, Steam, II. G. Harris, 4.

Punching, J. Fulton. 189 „ rn

Punching and Eyeleting.. F G Myc, -Punching and 1dressing. T. Baker, 154 Purifying Liquids, J. H. John on. 31 Purifying Water, J . Cheveillon, 103

Rafts, Pontoons, and Lifeboats, P. P- do Railway’Guards, Protecting, I. Lo Grand,


Raising Crops. ft’ . R. Lake. 31

Raising and Hauling, J. Taylor, 48 Raising Liquids. J. I. Brinjes. 31-Raising Liquids. J. Ledger 135 Raising mid Lowering, J Barrow, 34. Raising and Lowering, H. Cherry. 171 Raising and Lowering, A. Harrison, 313 Raising and Lowering. A. Todd, 12 ) Raising and Lowering ft eights, W. O.

Carter. 154 ,

Raising Scaffol linv, &c . J. J. LUh, 171 Raising Sunken Vessels, T. Archer, Jun.,


Raising Sunken Vessels. W. II. Bliss, 31 Raising Sunken Vessels, Clark and Stand-

field, 277

Raising Sunk- n Vessels, W. E. Gedge, 261 Raising Sunken Vessels, II. Jubber. 31 Raising Sunken Vessels, A. A. Olivier, 4' 0 Raising Sunken Vessels, ft' IL Taplin, 381 Raising and Supporting Invalids, C. Trap-

nell, 454

Ramps, Portable, D. Russell. Lri Ratchet Clutches, J. C. Mewburn, 312 Ratchet Braces. II. Waterson, 47, 86 Reaping, ft’. Brown. 189 Reaping and Mowing, ft’. Clark, 242 Reaping Mid Mowing, Grieg, Benstead, ana

Phillips, 103

Reaping and Mowing, J. H. Johnson, 48 Reaping and Mowing, C. Lindom, 1SU Reaping and Mowing, A. M ‘Gregor, 171 Reaping and Mowing, Marshall and Monks, 171

Reaping and Mowing, L. Scoffield, 171 Reflectors, T. H. Collins. 313 Reflectors, Cryer and Bulion, 331 Refrigerating, Bell Mid Coleman, 277 Refrigerating, H. A. DufrenO. 381 Refrigerating, J. C. Mack, 313 Refrigerating G. ft'. von Nawrockl, 135 Refrigerating, C. Pieper. 277 Refrigerating, S. Pitt, 243 Refrigerating, G. F. Rodfern, 312 Refrigerating, Vallon and Crete, 207 Refrigerating Liquids, II J. West, 120 Refrigerator Cars. H. A. Bonneville, 313 Refrigerators, J. W. Frond, 278 Refrigerators, H. J. Haddon, 331 Refrigerators, G. Keut, 278 Refrigerators, Major ft’. Radcliffe, 86 Refuse of Towuis, Treating, Fryer and

Alliott, 331

Registering Cash, II. Pottin, 436 Registering Fares, A. J. Asjiinall, 400 Registering Fares, G. Brocklcbank, 331 Registering Fares, J. Calvert, 418 Registering Fares, V. I. Feeny. 16 Registering Fares, F. ft’. Jones, 847 Registering Fares, ft’. R. Lake, 418 Registering Fares, E Lofts, 347 Registering Fares, W. Morgan-Brown, ISO Registering Fares, R. Murray, 437 Registering Faros, II. E Sun brook, 86 Registering Fares. M. A. Wier. 4 0 Registering Fares Mid Distances, E. G

Brewer, 81

Registering Numl-crs. J. Reilly, 48

Registering Revolutions of Shafts, ft’ Chadburn, 207

Register for Vehicles, P. Auld. 361 Register for Vehicles, II. Cross, SSI Register for Vehicles, R. P. Gardner, 565 Register for Vehicles, A. G. Smith, 381 Register for Vehicles, T. Sturgeon. 312 Regulating Flow of Water, Preston, Prestige, and Preston, 31

Regulating Steam, Koch and Durham, 135 Regulators for Engines, II. J. ll iddmi, 347 Retorts, Storer an I Pugh, 48 Retorts. Drawing, W. Foulia, 31 Rings, Scarf, L. Beaver. 454

Rinks, J. A. Calantarieats, 65

Rinks, C. Hollamby, 120

Rinks, Steam Rotating Waddington and Rowliothani, 135

Rivetting, G. D. Edmeston, 277 lUvctting, Scott and Rankine, 224 Rivetting and Punching, G. Goodwin, 103 Roller Blinds, C. de Quillfeldt, 419

Roller Skates, ft". H. and J. T. Duckworth and ft’hittaker, 65

Roller Skates, Page and Wells, 16

Rolling, Hill, Pilliner, and Williams, 43 Rolling, Hobson and Dyson, 47

Rolling and Calendering, F. W. Wirth, 260 Rolling and Impie-ssing Metal Articles, C.

Fairbairn, 331

Rolling Metal, W. R. Lake, 437

Rolling Stock, H. J. Haddan, 243

Rolling Stock, J. Johnstone, 224

Rolling Stock. J. Murphy, 135

Rolling Stock and Permanent Way, A. S.

Moss, 436

Rolling Stock, Shunting, D. Forbes, 31

Roofing, O. Brooke, 48

Roofing, A. L. Thirion, 103

Roofing. Slate, &c., W. II. Kershaw, 65

Ropes, H. D. Brandreth, 418

Ropes, Cords, &c., L. Binns, 436

Rotary Motion, W. E. Gedge, 65

Ruling, J. Cumming, 400

Ruling, H. J. Haddan, 207

Sad Irons, &c., Handles of, W. Cross, 154

Saddles, W. Woolley, 135

Safes, H. P. Holt, 171

Safes. D. O. Jones. 86

Safety Apparatus for Mines and Cages, J. Large, 312

Safety Apparatus for Mines, &c., J. Snowdon, 381

Sail Hanks, J. II. Shoebotham, 313

Salt and Carbonate of Soda, J. H. W. Biggs, 436

Salt, Treating, D. Fryer. 65

Sand, Restoring Spent, W. and J. S. Lloynd, 171

Sanitary Pails, Lids for, B. Shaw, 189

Sanitary Tubs, Bairstow and Whitehead, 135

Sashes, Fastenings for, E. and W. H. Tonks, 154

Sashes, Fastenings for, E. R. Wethered, 171

Sashes, Window, J. Risien, 171

Saving Life at Sea, A. D. Roth, 331

Sawing and Boring, C. Powis, 65

Sawing, Fret, C. A. Davie?, 294

Saws, W. R. Lake, 154

Saws, Band, Ransome and Richards, 171

Scissors, W. R. Lake, 400

Scissors, H. J. Perry, 120

Scissors, Pocket, W. Schafer, 260

Scissors and Shears, G. H. Taylor, 278

Screening Coal, &e., J. Landless, 361

Screening Coal, J. Scott, 312

Screening Grain, Stidolph, Aggio, and Stidolph, 207

Screening and Separating, T. Whitelaw, 400

Screens or Sifters, W. E. Price, 331

Screw Nuts, A. E. Harris, 347

Screw Spikes, Buxton and Fildes, 154

Screw Spikes, W. Fildes, 418

Screw Stocks and Dies, B. W. Rogers, 313

Screw Threads, J. II- Johnson, 400

Screw Wrenches, T. Chatwin, 171

Screw Wrenches, A. V. Newton, 418

Screws, W. R. Lake, 381

Screws, L Levy, 347

Screws, A. V. Newton, 224

Screws, J. Tangye, 171

Screws, Threading, T. Garnett, 31

Screws, Wood, E. G. Angell. 365

Seal Skins, Treating, E. P. H. Vaughan, 400

Separating Liquids, II. A. Bonneville, 278

Separating Water from Air, D. Gray, 16

Sewage Carts, J. Gledhill, 260

Sewage, Purifying, Hallsworth and Bailes, 243

Sewage, Purifying, Houzean, Devedeix, and Holden, 224

Sewage, Purifying, W. C. Sillar, 243

Sewage, Purifying, K. Turnbull, 212

Sewage, Treating, G. Alsing, 277

Sewage, Treating, J. Fenton, 419

Sewage, Treating, J. Hanson, 242

Sewage, Treating, S. S. Hellyer, 31

Sewage, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 171

Sewage, Treating, W. R. Hake, 277

Sewage, Treating, G. Ry dill, 31

Sewage, Treating, H. Y. D. Scott, 381

Sewage, Treating, M. H. Synge, 381

Sewing Machines, A. Anderson, 400

Sewing Machines, H. A. Bonneville, 66

Sewing Machines, E. Brownsou, 278

Sewing Machines, T. Chadwick, 243

Sewing Machines, A. M. Clark, 277

Sewing Machines, W. E. Gedge, 65

Sewing Machines, J. Gutmann, 331

Sewing Machines, R. Hill, 400

Sewing Machines, W. Jackson, 224

Sewing Machines, J. H. Johnson, 189

Sewing Machines, J. Keates, 103, 260

Sewing Machines, W. R. Lake, 86

Sewing Machines, T. Low, 419

Sewing Machines, W. Morgan-Brown, 171

Sewing Machines, H. H. Murdoch, 419

Sewing Machines, C. Nockcr, 242

Sewing Machines, R. Orchar, 171

Sewing Machines, Pctremant and Deshayes, 135

Sewing Machines, C. Pieper, 47

Sewing Machines, S. Pitt, 454

Sewing Machines, T. R. Rick wood, 418

Sewing Machines, O. Robinson, 189

Sewing Machines, G. Thomas, 189

Sewing Machines, Warr, Brown, and Russell, 243

Sewing Machines, P. Waterson, 120

Sewing Machines, W. Webster, 260

Sewing Machines, Wollenberg and Pries-ner, 419

Sewing Machines, Wood and Crellin, 154

Sewing Machines, Attachments for, G. F.

Redfern, 365

Sewing Machines, Shuttles for, J. Morton, 16

Sieves, Coal and Ash, J. H. Lake, 312

Signalling, C. Chater, 135

Signalling, J. Judge, 31

Signalling, R. Roscoe, 171

Signalling, Audible Railway, J. Smith, 31

Signalling, Electric Luminous, P. Moritz, 48

Signalling, Fog, W. S. Laycock, 103

Signalling in Mines, H. B. Barlow, 277

Signalling, Railway Fog, J. V. Hope, 312

Signals, E. Smith, 454

Signals, Alarm, &c., A. F. Jerusaldmy, 331

Signals, Electric, C. H. Siemens, 381

Signals, Electric, F. H. Varley, 381

Signals, Fog. F. G. Meyers, 154

Signals, Mining, A. C. Bagot, 243

Signals and Points, G. Edwards, 224

Signals and Points, J. Scatcherd, 103

Signals, Railway, T. Anderson, 381

Signals, Railyvay, C. Brett, 419

Signals, Railway, Brierley and Co., 313

Signals, Railway, F. Cheeswright, 16

Signals, Railway, D. C. Crawford, 171

Signals, Railway, E. Entwistle, 243

Signals, Railway, H. R. Kempe, 365

Signals, Railway, W. Marston, 171

Signals, Railway, C. D. Norton, 154

Signals, Railway, M. Walls, 400

Silicates and Aluminates of Lime and

Magnesia, E. Solvay, 86

Silicides of Metals, J. Holloway, 331

Silk, Treating, Lister and Greenwood, 48

Size, A. M. Clarke, 86

Shafts, Crank, R. Paterson, 47

Shearing and Clipping, A. Martin, 86

Shears and Scissors, J. A. Walker, 47

Ships, H. J. Haddan, 437

Ships, Leoni and de la Tastes, 47

Ships, P. P. de la Sala, 171

Ships, J. I. Thorny croft, 154

Ships’ Boats, Lowering, W. A. Brice, 48

Ships’ Boats, Releasing and Securing, J. L.

Dryden, 86 w .

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, H. J. Colo, 86

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, W. H. Davis

277 ’

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, H. Studdy, 277

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, C. G. Wade 313

Ships’ Bottoms, Coating, W. Field, 135

Chips’ Bottoms, Examining, A. Steenberg,

Ships’ Bottoms, Protecting, C. P. Stone, 381

Sh3iPs’ Bottoms, Protecting, E. J. Walford,

Ships’ Compasses, Sir W. Thomson, 47 Ships and Forts, Protecting, II. F. Joel,

Ships, Forts, &c., Protecting, J. II. Johnson, 86

Ships, Iron, W. Hepple, 312

Ships’ Lines, W. Gill' 154

Ships’ Logs, Electric, A. M. Clark, 154

Ships, Manoeuvring, Scott-Russell and

Lumley, 313

Ships’ Sails, A. Button, 154

Ships, Sheathing, T. R. D. Bingham, 277

Ships, Sheathing, J. W. Woore, 103

Ships, Shoring and Supporting, Clark and

Standfield, 103

Ships, Steam, J. F. Spencer, 31

Ships of War, R. Baillie, 313

Shutters, G. II. and J. S. Downham, 154

Shutters, Iron.W H. Bore, 242

Shutters, Revolving, W. Clark, 313

Shuttles—(See also Looms)

Shuttles, D. II. Chamberlain, 278

Shuttles, W. R. Lake, 103, 154

Shuttles, W. Nicholson, 243

Shuttles, R. C. Rayson, 103

Shuttles, IL and B. Stocks, 347

Shuttles J. Warwick, 243

Skates, J. Brown, 31

Skates, J. II. Johnson, 86

Skates, W. R. Lake, 189

Skates, Attachments to, W. Watts, 86

Skates, Roller, J. H. Bosustow, 313

Skates, Roller, (4. Clark, 331

Skates, Roller, J. A. Claydon, 154

Skates, Roller, A. L. B. Devot, 47

Skates, Roller, W. Howitt, 86

Skates, Roller, W. R. Lake, 278

Skates, Roller, J. Mackay, 189

Skates Roller, J. A. Mayo, 86

Skates, Roller, S Walker. 103

Skates for Schools, A. V. Newton, 189

Small Arms, Breech-loading, Ellis and Wilkinson, 154

Small Arms, Breech-loading, W. Field, 400

Small Arms, Breech-loading, W. W.

Greener, 364

Smelting, J. E. Dowson, 454

Smelting, W. R. Lake, 277

Smoke Consuming, S. R. Smyth, 243

Smoke Preventing and Ventilating L

Cogan, 331

Soap. Compound of, T. Waller, 278

Soap, Liquid, J. Scharr, 294

Soap, Soft, W. Laing, 48

Soda. H. B. Condy, 347

Soda and Potash, M C. G. Lieber, 454

Solidifying Coal-Dust. &c., II. Guthrie. 86

Sounding, G. Bohn, 261

Spanners, Collett and Greenhalgh, 381

Spanners, A. W. Singer, 278

Spark Arresters, S. H. Lundh, 31

Spindles, Lock, T. Nott, 120

Spinning, A. M. Clark, 65

Spinning, D. Cochrane, 277

Spinning, E. A. Cowper, 243

Spinning, G. Dyer, 418

Spinning, F. W. Fox. 224

Spinning, E. Harris, 171

Spinning, T. K. Hattersley, 31

Spinning, W. Morgan-Brown, 48, 171

Spinning, W. Stevenson, 436

Spinning, J. McStocker, 65

Spinning, G. W. von Nawrocki, 261

Spinning, J. Nicoll, 278

Spinning, C. Pieper, 48

Spinning, B. Platt, 86

Spinning, T. J. Smith. 347

Spinning, W. Smith, 48

Spinning, J. Thurlow, 86

Spinning, W. Whiteley, 365

Spinning Fibres, H. A. Bonneville, 381

Spinning and Doubling, Brooks and Harrison, 171

Spinning and Doubling, R. and J. Clough and Mitchell, 189

Spinning and Doubling, T Coulthard, 365

Spinning and Doubling, J. Elce, 189

Spinning and Doubling, F. Fleming, 331

Spinning and Doubling, Haddon and

Smith, 313

Spinning and Doubling, J. and A. Higgins, and Whitworth, 400

Spinning and Doubling, J. Muir, 400

Spinning and Doubling, J. Ormerod, 135

Spinning and Doubling, A. W. Pemberton, 65

Spinning and Doubling, Tweedal and

Smalley, 381

Spinning and Doubling, J. Worth, 331

Spinning, Doubling, and Twisting, J. Gled-hill, 48

Spinning Rope Yarns, Wilson and Barbour, 86

Spinning, Twisting, <fcc., Fleming, Hey, and Earnshaw, 154

Spinning, Twisting, <fcc., J. C. Mewburn, 154

Splitting Wood, W. E. Gedge, 260

Springs, J. Doulceron, sen., and A. jun., 171

Springs, W. Lockwood, 47

Springs, J. S Mellor, 381

Springs, G. D. Peters, 313

Springs, M. J. Roberts, 294

Springs, Furniture, R. Hunt, 313

Springs, India-rubber, G. Spencer, 207

Springs and Rollers, Firth and Wolsten-croft, 31

Springs, Watch Case, W. E. Gedge, 48

Springs, Wire, W. R. Lake, 171

Squeezing, W. Birch, 313

Stamping, C. Evans, 400

Stamps, Postage, W. R. Lake, 419

Stands and Frames, R. Tuck, 103

Stands and Supports, D. Poznainski, 86

Starting Gear for Vehicles, H. Hughes, 120

Starting Gear for Vehicles, J. Phillips, 135 Steel—(See also Iron)

Steel, R. Hadfield, 224

Steel, W. R. Lake, 277

Steel Pens, &c., W. E. Wiley, 294

Steel Plates, F. Wainwright, 347

Steering, H. M. Chalmers, 312

Steering, A. Steenberg, 313

Steering Gear, J. B. Atkins, 135

Steering Gear, L. Thomas, 454

Steering Gear, W. B. Thompson. 277

Stirrups, F. del Riego, 16

Stone, Artificial, J. B. Barbier, 65

Stone, Artificial, W. Hill. 86

Stone, Artificial, E. de Pass, 47

Stone, Breaking, E. Gimson, 189

Stone, Dressing, &c., Coulter and Harpin,


Stone, Dressing, W. R. Lake, 189

Stone, Dressing, A. McDonald, 48

Stone, Dressing and Moulding, A. M. Clark, 47

Stoppers for Bottles, T. Bresson, 277

Stoppers for Bottles, L. W. Day, 31

Stoppers for Bottles, F. Foster, 436

Stoppers for Bottles, J,, T„ and E. Lyon, 47

Shoppers for Bottles, Netherwood and Shaw, 103

Stoppers for Bottles, J. Pitt, 418

Stoppers for Bottles, L. Rose, *243

Stoppers for Bottles, &c., II. C. Sanders, 31

Stoppers for Bottles, F. Smith, 400

Stoppers for Bottles, N. Thompson, 418

Stoppers for Bottles, W. T. Woodruff, 243

Stoppering Bottles, &c., Doyle and Stubbs, 224

Stoppering Bottles, Macvay and Sykes, 189

Stoppering Bottles, Scholes, Chadwick, and McCraith, 277

Stoppers or Plugs. Id. Hiller, 171

Stopping and Starting Gear, Green, Turton, and Walker. 31

Storing and Preserving Meat, &c., J. G. Tongue, 154

Stoves, Billing and Williamson, 312

Stoves, R. S. Oakeshott, 48

Stoves, W. Morgan-Brown, 312

Stoves, Gas, J. Gill, 47

Stoves, Gas, C. II. Green, 171

Stoves, Gas, W. M. Jackson, 171

Stoves, Coal Oil, C. Rennick, 364

Stoves and Fireplaces C. Young, 154

Studs and Solitaires. J. Hill, 120

Sugar, F. A. Bonnefin, 294

Sugar, A. M. Clarke, 103

Sugar, (’. H. Gill, 436

Sugar, J. H. Johnson, 120

Sugar, W. R. Lake, 294, 347

Sugar, F. O. Maithiesson, 278

Sugar, W. H. Watson, 313

Sugar, T. J. Smith, 400

Sugar, J. Stuart, 154

Sugar Cane, Treating, C. D. Abel, 86

Sugar Cane, Treating, B. Hunt, 347

Sugar Cane, Crushing, G. Fletcher, 154

Sugar, Clarifying, W. L. Wise, 418

Sugar, Cutting, Illingworth and Walkington, 347

Sugar, Treating Rico and other Substances Containing, T. F. Henley, 171

Sulphate of Alumina, Liquid, T. J. Smith, 313

Sulphate of Iron, S. B Bowen, 243

Sulphates of Soda and Potash, R. S. Best, 313

Sulphates of Soda and Potash, J. Hargreaves, 277

Sulphates of Soda and Potash, Jones and Walsh, 381

Sulphides of Sodium and Potassium, W. Welden, 135, 154

Sulphuric Acid, F. W. Kalbfleisch, 418

Sulphuric Acid. E. A. Parnell. 189

Sulphur Contained in Soda Waste, Treating, D. B. Hewitt, 171

Supports for Photographic Albums, &c., G. A. Hasler, 171

Supports for Photographs, J. C. Koch, 189

Surgical Instruments, J. H. Johnson, 347

Surgical Splints, F. J. Cheesbrough, 419

Swimming Apparatus, R. Henderson, 347

Switches and Points, Railway, J. W. Dorman, 400

Tables and Chairs, W. Dawes, 313

Tanning, D. Rowe, 48

Tapestry Cloth, A. Morton, 277

Taps, T. Allison, 48

Taps, &c., S. T. Ashton, 154

Tap-, Liddon and Simmonds, 381

Taps, W. S. Simpson, 154

Taps, J. Wothcrspoon, *294

Taps for Bottles, W. L. Wise, 171

Tapsand Cocks, J. Cotton, 277

Taps and Cocks, T. II. P. Dennis, 207

Taps and Cocks, W. W. Kennedy, 313

Taps and Cocks, W. Low, 120

Taps and Cocks, J. Parkes, 436

Taps and Cocks, J. Pope, 135

Taps, Measuring, D. Mason, 207

Taps, Valves, Ventilators, T. H. Blamires, 86

Taps and Valves, E. G. Brewer, 154

Taps and Valves, E. Kunkier, 313

Taps and Valves, J. Milnes, 312

Taps and Valves, W. Pawson, 312

Tea Leaf, Drying, T. Balmer, 154

Teapots, H. A. Bonneville, 347

Tea, Sifting, J. P. Brougham, 154

Tea, Treating, T. Balmer, 103

Telegraphy, Anderson, Blackwood, Price, and Cheesman, 66

Telegraphy, E. G. Brewer, 86

Telegraphy, A. Browne, 364

Telegraphy, J. H. Courdeaux, 171

Telegraphy, J. C. and G. Fuller, 103

Telegraphy, T. G. Glover, 224

Telegraphy, J. W. Gooch, 103

Telegraphy, W. T. Henley, 224

Telegraphy, F. H. W. Higgins, 331

Telegraphy, J. H Johnson, 154

Telegraphy, Loeffler and Higgs, 171

Telegraphy, H. E. Newton, 65

Telegraphy, J. M. Norman, 154

Telegraphy, G. T. Paterson, 331

Telegraphy, F. Tommasi, 277

Telegraphy, S. Williams, 154

Telegraphy, Chemical, W. R. Lake, 365

Telegraphy, House, T. Coad, 103

Telephony, Electric, W. Morgan-Brown, 31

Telescopes, W. R. Lake, 47

Tenoning, W. von Nawrocki, 48

Tenons, Cutting, W. King, 331

Testing Coin, J. Britten, 48

Testing Milk, &c., W. R. Lake, 65

Testing Resistance to Tension, &c., W. R.

Lake, 31

Thermometers, &c., H. A. Bonneville, 347

Thermometers, J. J. Hicks, 47

Thermometers, A. S. L. MacDonald, 381

Thermometers, &c., Negretti and Zambra, 189

Thermometers, &c., A. D. Wolochoff, 86

Thrashing, Park and Taylor, 312

Thrashing, C. Robinson, 294

Tiles—(-See also Bricks)

Tiles, &c., Campbell and Minton, T. W. and IL, 294

Tiles, C. H. Murray, 381

Tiles, J. Thorneloe, 294

Tiles, Encaustic, J. W. Hartley, 277

Tiles, Ornamental, A. M. Clark, 48

Tiles and Panelling, S. Kluh, 48

Tiles and Slabs, Metallic, H. Crichley, 381

Tin, A. Gutensohn, 400

Tin, W. D. Walbridge, 313

Time Globes, B. J. B. Mills, 294

Tin Plite, Decorating, W. R. Lake, 294

Tin and Terne Plate, D. Whitehouse, 313

Tin and Terne Plates, J. A. and A. Lloyd and Oliver, 277

Tin and Terne Plates, J. R. Tumock, 103

Tips, Hydraulic Coal, A. B. Brown, 294

Tobacco, W. J. C. Bradshaw, 154

Tobacco, Kelly and Wright, 261

Tobacco and Cigars, J. E. H. Andrew, 189

Tobacco, Treating, Milne and Rattray, 31

Topping Turnips, J. Brigham, 171

Torpedoes, G. B. Newton, 418

Torpedoes, Destroying, C. Sholl, 419

Toy Horses, W. E. Gedge, 419

Toys, Aerial, J. 8. A. M6nier, 312

Trains, Communicating in, J. J. Hall, 278

Trains, Communicating in, W. Martin, 86

Trains, Communicating in, R. Punshon, 86

Training Hops, &c., E. H. Wilkie, 365

Tramway Cars, A. M. Clark, 277

Tramway Cars, tec., Porteous and Bruce, 419

Tramway Cars, Robertson, jun., and Henderson, 277

Tramway Cars, W. D. Scott-Moncrieff, 278

Tramway Cars, R. H. Seligmann, 436

Tramway Cars, J. C. Wilson, 260

Tramways, Beaumont, Barningham, and

Thompson, 400

Tramways, W. R. Lake, 135

Tramways, W. D. Scott-Moucrieff, 381

Transport by Land, E. Newman, 381

Traps, Animal, W. Morgan-Brown, 278

Traps for Blackbeetles, T. S. Millington, 261

Traps for Drains, R. Cardwell. 154

Traps for Drains, R. Ewart, 171

Traps for Drains, H. J. iladdan, 436

Traps for Drains, J. Kent, 242

Traps for Drains, J. Kitson. 171

Traps for Drains, G. Schofield, 312

Traps for Drains, W. R. Lake, 278

Traps for Drains, J. A. Lonsdale, 189

Ti aps for Drains, J. C. Schofield, 243

Traps for Vermin, F E. E. Hooper, 419

Traps for Vermin, Notcutt and Scopes, 436

Travelling Bags, J. Brown, 436

Travelling Bags, Locks and Frames for, P.

J. Lack, 331

Trucks for Coal, &c., Hall and Barker, 189

Trucks, Railway, T. J. Smith, 86

Trusses, W. E. Gedge, 65

Tube Beading, D. L. Selkirk, 154

Tubes Setting, Boiler, A. M. Clark, 154

Tubes, Stopping Leaks in, A. Scott, 313

Tubes and Rolls, Hollow Metal, W. R.

Lake, 16

Turbines, W. H. Cutler, 243

Turning, T. Llewellyn, 277

Turning, A. C. G. Thompson, 47

Turnip Topping and Tailing, D. Ross, 86

Tuybres, T. W. Plum, 207

Twisting and Roving, S. Pitt, 278

Type Composing, E. A. Cowper, 454

Umbrellas, E. Briggs, 418

Umbrellas, W. R. Lake, 48

Umbrellas, W. Spence, 260

Umbrellas, Ac., Ferules for, A. M. Clark, 224

Umbrellas and Parasols, G. Bone, 361

Umbrellas and Parasols, Boyce and Newton, 151, 189

Umbrellas and Parasols, Fastenings for, A. M Clark, 48

Umbrellas and Parasols, W. E. Duckitt, 454

Umbrellas and Parasols, F. J. Roussel, 381

Urinals, W. Dray, jun., 313

Urinals, B. J. B. Mills, 437

Utilising Small Coal, Hay and Longley, 331

Utilising Waste Heat, A. Wilson, 171

Valves—(See also Cylinders)

Valves, Barker and Harris, 224

Valves, Blundell and de Rusett, 381

Valves, T. Burbidge, 381

Valves, A. M. Clark, 437

Valves, J. Cort, 418

Valves, Duck and Hancock, 31

Valves, G. W. Ede, 86

Valves, J. Gordon, 419

Valves, Gubbins and Whitestone, 260

Valves, W. Ross, 171

Valves, T. 8. Truss, 65

Valves, Ball, J. J. Day, 419

Valves. Ball, W Firmin, 277

Valves for Fluids, Balanced, W. H. Hart, 48

Valves, Hot Water, W. Byram, 400

Valves, Pump, J. French, 347

Valves, Regulating, J. Scott, 347

Valves, Safety, T. A. Adamson, 347

Valves, Safety, T. Black, 260

Valves, Safety, C. F. H. Boile, 16

Valves, Safety, C. W. Collins, 313

Valves, Safety, J. A. and J. Hopkinson, 86

Valves, Safety, W. Lees, 65

Valves, Safety, Seaton and Cameron, 277

Valves, Slide, H. Bamford, 47

Valves, Slide, H. Mantey, 419

Valves, Stop, J. A. and J. Hopkinson, 48

Valves, Stop, H. Law, 120

Valves, Stop, W. L. Wise, 207

Valves and Taps, J. Breeden, 103

Valves, Taps, &c., W. Page, 48

Valves, Working, Shaw and Clark, 47

Vaporiser, F. Y. Henderson, 294

Varnishes, H. A. Bonneville, 277

Varnishes, T. C. Booth, 381

Varnishes, J. R. Carruthers, 419

Varnishes, H. E. Newton, 400

Vehicles, J. Offord, jun , 347

Vehicles, J. Osmond, 277

Vehicles, J. Waldie, 294

Vehicles, J. Wood, 331

Vehicles, J. R. Yule, 48

Veneering, T. Forest, 242

Ventilating, C. D. Abel, 400

Ventilating, F. T. Bond, 31

Ventilating, W. P. Buchan. 416

Ventilating, D. Crossley, 135

Ventilating, J. E. Ellison, 224

Ventilating, J. W. Grover, 120

Ventilating, S Hannington, 154

Ventilating, W. Scott, 419

Ventilating, J. E. Sears, 154

Ventilating, F. Windhausen, 31

Ventilating, R. Weaver, 207

Ventilating Carriages, Carter and Warren, 454

Ventilating, Heating, and Refrigerating,

Verrier and Banister, 364

Ventilating Mines, J. Edwards, 243

Ventilating Mines, &g., Thwaites and

Stewart, 436

Ventilating Sewers, Creek and Sharp, 207

Ventilators, C. H. Addy man, 381

Ventilators, F. G. Fleury, 294

Ventilators, Hunt and Cox, 381

Vent Pegs, M. Greger, 224

Velocipedes, J. Baker, 364

Velocipedes, W. F. Burleigh, 16

Velocipedes, J. R. Dedicoat, 86

Velocipedes, C. Groom, 65, 364

Velocipedes, Harrington and Brent, 331

Velocipedes, R. E. Howard, 243

Velocipedes, T. F. Hunt, 243, 313

Velocipedes, R. G. Jack, 48

Velocipedes, J. Lang, 103

Velocipedes, H. J. Lawson, 312

Velocipedes, A. J. Maher, 347

Velocipedes, J. Tugwell, 66

Velocipedes, J. Turner, 103

Velocipedes, Virgo and Akeroyd, 331

Velocipedes, Brakes for, R. D. McCandlish, 48

Velocipedes, Water, G. Drevar, 120

Wafer Breads, J. Sheenan, 294

Wagons, Metallic, R. Hudson, 86

Wash-basins, &c., W. Morgan-Brown, 86

Wash-basins, &c., W. P. Thompson, 381

Washstands, Portable, A. M. Clark, 171

Washing, Alliott and Barnsdale, 418

Wash ng, E. Bradshaw, 154

Washing, S. Freemantle, 120

Washing, Holmes, Pearson, Murton, and

Midgley, 261

Washing, F. Wirth, 277

Washing, Peel and Brown, 419

Washing, T. Redmayne, 171

Washing, W. H. Townsend, 347

Washing, Whitemore and Cotton, 189

Washing and Churning, W. Prescott, 103

Washing Coal, Ores, &c., W. E. Gedge, 81

Washing Cups and Saucers, F. E. Wiggens, 400

Washing and Rmsing, T. Bradford, 400

Washing Sand, E. Bazin, 347

Washing, Wringing, &c., Smith, Marks and Midgley, 243

Watch Movements, A. V. Newton, 135

Watches, C. Hascler, 189

Watches, A. C. Henderson, 381

Watches and Clocks, Vickery and White, 120

Watches and Clocks, Keyless, Stuart and Daniels, 347

Watches, Calendar, J. A. B. von Castleberg, 331

Watches, Alarms for, A. C. Henderson, 277

Watches, &c., Escapements for, H. M. Frodsham, 86

Watches and Chronometers, Escapements for, S. H. M'Lellan, 313

Watches, Guards, for, J. T. Nicholls, 189

Water-closets, D. T. Bostel, 313

Water-closets, G. Fellows, 331

Water-closets, B. Finch, 135

Water-closets, G. Jennings, 47

Water-closets, W. Pawson, 86

Water-closets, E. Pearson, 294

Water-closets, Travelling, E. Pitrot, 436

Water-closets, &c., J. Shanks, 419

Waterproof Drosses, II. M. White, 65

Waterproof Garments, Mciter, Houghton, and Neville, 154

Waterproof Garments, Ventilating, J. Quin, 103

Waterproofing Buildings, E. Simmonds, 48

Waterproofing Fabrics, C. Muratori, 154

Waterproofing Paper, D. Felton, 86

Water. Storing, C. N. Ahlstrbm, 294

Water Supply, Howe and Russell, 418

Water Supply, S. Osmond, 103

Water Supply, W. M. Smeaton, 436

Wearing Apparel—Corsets, E. P. Alexander, 436

Wearing Apparel—Drcss-holders, S. Spooner, 400

Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, J. Byrom, 47

Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, E. A. Fox, 436

Wealing Apparel —Fastenings, C. Bayer, 207

Wearing Apparel—Fastenings, J. Grindrod, lb9

Wearing Apparel—Fastenings, J. C. W. Jefferys, 16

Wearing Apparel—Fastenings, T. Tonks, jun., 171

Wearing Appirel—Fastenings, Wall and Newman, 418

Wearing Apparel—Fastenings for Stays, J.

T. Weaver, 224

Wearing Apparel — Neckties, A. Taylor, 364

Wearing Apparel—Sanitary Diess, E. Bennett, 48

Wearing Apparel—Shirts, Friend and Jack-son, 189

Wearing Apparel, Springs for Gloves, &c., J. Unwin, 224

Wearing Apparel—Stays, Bale and Goldberg. 189

Wearing Apparel—Stays, T. R. Rossiter, 277

Wearing Apparel—Stays and Corsets, F .

N. Thurel, 86

Weaving, W. Bottomley, 189

Weaving, R. C. Hammer, 243

Weaving Wire Gauze, Bolden and Cassidy, 135

Weighing, J. T. Bucknill, 47

Weighing, J. Cheshire, 313

Weighing, J. Greenwood, 66

Weighing, G. W. von Nawrocki, 48

Weighing, J. Thropp, 189

Weighing, E. H. Tooley, 454

Weighing Chairs, Ellis and Ayres, 312

Well Sinking, R. Barker, 243

Wheelbarrows, C. Toope, 419

Wheels, G. D. Owen, 48

Wheels, T. J. Smith, 243

Wheels, W. Spence, 278

Wheels, 11. Waller, 331

Wheels, India-rubber Tires for, Leigh and McDowell, 86

Wheels, Paddle, E. Colley, 1 3

Wheels and Pulleys, Fenton and Cockayne, 381

Wheels, Railway, J. Armstrong, 31

Wheels, Railway, W. Atherton, 65

V/heels, Railway, Barrow, Tannett, and Craven, 12)

Wheels, Railway, H. J. Haddan, 331

Wheels, Railway, E. A. Jeffreys, 135, 213

Wheels, Rail wav. O. H. E. Kaselowsky, 331

Wheels, Railway, Turnbull, Oliver, and Lockie. 120

Wheels, Railway, F. Wirth, 278

Wheels for Tramway Camages, R. Hadfield, 154

Wheels, Wrought Iron, 189

Whip-holders, W. Davis, 261

White Lead, J. C. Martin, 312

Winches and Cranes, W. D. and S. Priestman, 278

Winding, J. and T. A. Boyd, 277

Winding, A. Busche, 31

Winding, E. Crossley, 154

Winding, W. Halbert, 189

Winding, A. A. Ihne, 347

Winding, C. A. H. Jonas, 313

Winding, Knowles, jun., and Hamer, 313

Winding, W. Muir, 16, 135

Winding, W. Murray, 65

Winding, Robinson and Settle, 86

Winding, Stead and Conlong, 48

Winding, J. Stubbs, 135, 400

Winding and Doubling, Whalley and Horrocks, 365

Winding and Reeling, Bright, Ingham, and Fielding, 103

Windlasses, Donaldson and Taylor, 400

Window Blinds, J. P. Ottaway, 154

Window Blinds, Rack Pulleys for, Harrison and Priestland, 154

Window Sashes, Fastening, &c., G. Edwards, 154

Windows, S. Gibbs, 154

Windows, J. T. Harris, 313

Windows and Doors, II. Adams, 313

Windows and Doors, P. Jensen, 313

Windows and Doors, Camage, W. S. R

Catt, 278

Windows, Fittings for, A. J. Baker, 331

Wine. Prune, W. Thompson, 16

Winnowing, R. Bridges, 47

Wire Dish, &c., Covers, Brittain and Albright, 294

Wire, Drawing, W. R. Lake, 120

Wire Fencing, W. P. C. Bain, 48

Wire, Insulating, E. W. Beckingsale, 189

Wire, Iron and Steel, G. and E. Woods, 189

Wire, Pickling, W. II. Lake, 120

Wire, Treating, S. Cocker, 31

Wire, Treating, F. Wirth, 103

Wood Blocks, E. P. Alexander, 261

Wood Cutting, Mortising, &c., J. Orlowski, 154

Wood, Treating, G. R. McKenzie, 48

Wool, Treating, A. M. Clark, IzO

Wool, Washing, O. Low, 1«9

Wrappers for Extracting Oil, Eskrctt and Searle, 400

Wrappers for Newspapers, &c.. W- Schofield, 224

Wrenches, W. P. Fox, 277

■frenches, J. Lowe, 277

Wringing and Mangling, G. and E. Ashworth, 224 _ „ ,ir ,. , no

Wringing and Mangling, L. S. Webb, 103

Yarns, L. Binns, 120

Yarns, G. A. J. Schott, 243

Yarns, Bleaching and Dyeing, A. S. Byers, 243

Yams, Sizsing, M. G. Dobson, 242

Yarns, Stretching, R. K. Whitehead, 312

Yams, Treating, Alston and Reid, 189

Yarns, Treating, Harwood, Scholes, and

Roocroft, 86

Yarns Treating, F. Johnston, 294

Yams, Winding, H. E. Newton, 207

Yeast, N, D. Garrett, 103

abstracts ot specifications.


Abbay, R., Blotting Pads, 402

Abel, C. D., Automatic Feeding Apparatus for Boilers, 456

Abel, C. D., Boilers, 382

Abel, C. D., Brushes and Combs, 87

Abel, C. D., Engines, 33, 332

Abel, C. D., Extinguishing Sparks, 383

Abel, C. D., Indicating Speed of Ships, 456

Abel, C. D., Inkstands, 383

Abel, C. D., Tempering Glass Bottles, 16

Abel, C. D., Wrought Metal Plates, 456

Ackroy, Ambler, and Banks, Combing, 67

Adams, A. W., Refrigerating, 383

Adamson, W. B, Cutting and Dressing Stone, 314

Adie, P., Astronomical and Surveying Instruments, 137

Adkins, P., Spades and Shovels, 366

Ahrbecker, H. C., Fluid Meters, 420

Ahronsberg, J., Railway Brakes, 50

Ainley, H., Weaving, 348

Ainsley, D., Boring, 51

Alberty, G. and O.. Veneering, 49

Aiderman, A. J., Ships’ Cables, 349

Aldous, J., Lubricating, 208

Alexander, E. P., Analysing Atmosphere in Mines, 49

Alexander, E. P., Boots and Shoes, 136

Alexander, E. P., Furnace Bars, 314

Alexander; E. P., Treating Wool, Silk, &c., 208

Allan, E.. Damping Paper, 402

Allcock, T., Chaff-cutting, 121

Allen, J. F., Riveting, 314

Allen, T., Boxes for Matches, &c., 226

Alley, S., Valves, 438

Allin, S. S., Roller Skates, 17

Allix, G., Roller Skates, 105

Anderson, C., Joints for Pipes, 137

Anderson, G., Ventilating, 402

Anderson, R. C., Valves, 333

Anderson, T., Railway Brakes, 52

Anderson and Thirsk, Grinding, 314

Anderson, W., Gas Furnaces, 104

Andrew, W. H., Spades, Shovels, &c., 121

Andrews, G. Blind Cords, 67

Andrews, S., Fastenings for Mill Banding, 244

Andrews, W., Cleaning Boots and Shoes, 67

Andrews, W., Stop Valves, 191

Andus and Bates, Cleaning Grain, 87

Apperley, J., Engines, 332

Applegarth, R., Electric Light. 420

Appleyard, T. W. and W. K., Treating Hides, 105

Aragon, J. P. do. Needles, 456

Arding, F., Joints for Pipes, 244

Arnand, A., Electric Fire Alarms, 66

Armit, R. H., Screw Propellers, 366

Ashcroft and Moseley, Markers for Games, 67

Ashenhurst, J, T., Castors, 296

Ashing, E. E., Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 332

Ashworth, A., Hats, 348

Ashworth, G. and R. and E., Carding, 402

Aspinwall, L. A., Digging Potatoes, 402

Astrop, W. Perambulators, 17

Atterbury, J. H., Bricks and Tiles, 121

Attwood and Potter, Glazing Roofs, 67

Aubert, A., Screw Propellers, 438

Aulagnier, C. L., Watches, 121

Austin, T., Controlling Exchange of Gold Coin for Silver, &e., 51

Austin, W., Cylindrical Cases, &c., 33

Bagnall, S., Doubling, 244

Bagnall and Taylor, Dress and Curtain Holders, 314

Bagot, A. C., Surveying Instruments, 66

Bailey, G., Planing, Shaping, &c., 383

Bailey, J. B., Paper Tubes, 401

Bailey, J. H., Signalling, 17

Bailey, T., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 279

Baird and McPherson, Lubricating, 172

Baker, G. and W., Roller Skates, 49

Baker, H., Cutting and Chopping Suet, &c., 226

Baker W,, Iron and Steel, 383

Balcon, W., Lamplighter, 439

Baldwin, T., Pressure Gauges, 279

Ball, C. J., Carriage Shafts, 349

Ball, C. J., Finishing Fabrics, 155

Bamford, S„ Woollen Fabrics, 104

Bamford and Taylor, Furnaces, 18

Bamlett, A. C., Reaping and Mowing, 349

Banks, J., Ventilating, 87

Banks, T. Crochet Hooks, 18

Banks and Wright, Armour Plating, 190

Barber, L. L., Sewing Machines, 137

Barber, R., Fire-places, 51

Barber and Crocker, Sleighs for Rinks, 279

Barbin, J. P., Artificial Stone, 383

Barbour, J., Fluting, IS

Barbour, S. and J., Winding, 18

Barclay and Sellar, Cultivating and Digging, 226

Barcroft, H., Fabrics, 420

Bardsley, J., Cramps for Floors, 156

Barfl and Bradshaw, Traps and Valves, 17

Barham, H., Glazing Roofs, 456

Barker, E. D., Railway Brakes, 156

Barker, F., Furnaces, 87

Barker, F., Magnetic Compasses, 67

Barker, G., Fire Grates, &c., 51

Barker, W. and T., Carding, 456

Barlow, H. B., Malting, 172

Barnes, F„ Rolling Stock, 366

Barnes, J., Meters, 437

Barnes, Salmon, and Sawrey, Mangling,

Wringing, and Drying, 16

Barraclough, J., Looms, 456

Barrett, W. F., Safes, 295

Barrow, T., Smoke Consuming, &c., 438

Batchelor, H. and T., Working Drawings,

Bate, H., Clipping Horses, 87

Rate, H., Velocipedes, 420

Reats, and Neil, Boots and Shoes,

Baudoin and Bombart, Stenography, 314

Baumgarten, E., Grinding Drills, 156

Baur, J., Steel, 421

BaxterLW Vw ?>ing Potatoes, 121 190 W‘ WeighinS and Measuring,

Bay, C., Propellers, 121

Bayer and Jahn, Cleaning Boots, 51

Bayliss, C., Bottles. 315

Beadle, G., Roller Skates, 156

Beale, J., Brakes, 332

Beard and Stephenson, Washing, 384

Beare, H.. Haymaking. 50

Beattie, F., Bridges, 67

Beaumont, F. E. B., Steering, 32

Beaumont, W. W., Roller Skates, 225

Beck, W. H., Boots and Shoes, 190

Beck, W. H., Furnaces, 105

Becks, A. T., Preventing Corrosion in Boilers, 382

Beck and Yates, Reefing Sails, 383

Beckett, F. R.. Valves, 88

Beddow and Sturmey, Locks, 314, 401

Beer, B., Drawing, Sketching, &c., 43S

Beesley, G., Engines, 209

Beldam, A., Packing, 67

Bell, F. J., Propelling, 294

Bell, jun.. H., Grinding Corn, 262

Bennett, J., Billiards, 365

Bennett, J F., Electricity, 32

Bennett, J. F., Ferules for Umbrellas, Ac., 314

Bennett, R., Scouring Needles, Ac., 172

Bennett, jun., R., Finishing Needles, 226

Benson, G., Embroidering and Veining, 136

Benson and Hickton, Jacquarding, 172, 209

Benstead and Greig, Reaping, 156

Bentley, D., Motive Power, 87

Ber, O., Shutting Cocks, 295

Berger, E. A., Games—Cricket Bats, 438

Berry, B., Looms, 278

Berryman, R., Heating Water, 18

Bertram, J., Boxes for Cigar Ashes, 402

Bcsnard, J. L., Stoppers for Aerated Waters, 34

Bezer, H., Rinks, 383

Bezer, H , Registering Vehicles, 66, 348

Bicker and Bondler, Varnish, 209

Biddel, G. A., Corkscrews, 51

Bidder, 8. P., Telegraphy, 244

Biermanns, L., Albums, 244

Biggin, J., Treating Hides, 136

Binns, L., Ropes, Cords, &c., 438

Binns, R. W. and C. F., Kilns, 455

Birch, W., Squeezing Machines, 438

Birchall, J. IL, Indicators, 208

Bird, F. J., Elevators, 455

Bird, F. J., Opening Tins, 456

Bischof, G., Filtering, 33

Bishop, C. K. K., Organs, 262

Blackley, J., Fixing Sashes, 105

Blain, J. C., Rotary Engine, 226

Blamires, T. IL, Taps, Valves and Ventilators, 52

Blamphin, J. N., Perambulators, 244

Bland, M. H., Diving, 156

Blinkhorn and Browning, Slide Valves, 16

Block, J., Safety Valves, 437

Blogg, W. G., Locks, 437

Bloomfield, J. C., Bricks and Tiles, 314

Blott, W., Rockets, 104

Bluemel, C. A., Graining Wood, 105

Blundell, and Holmes, Pumps, 68

Boddington, H., jun.,Apparatusfor Rousing

Fermenting Liquors, 348

Bolton, Beaumont, and Ashwell, Slag, 279

Bomford, E. G. C., Growing Hops, 262

Bond, F. T., Filtering, 156

Bonneville, H. A., Buttons, 209

Bonneville, H. A., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms,


Bonneville, M. A., Elevators, 52

Bonneville, H A., Indicating Speed, 105

Bonneville, H. A., Musical Instruments, 52

Bonneville, II. A., Sewing Machines, 226 Bonta, J. W., Boiler Furnaces, 34 Bonta, J. W., Smokeless Furnaces, 34 Bonwick, W. P., Velocipedes, 263 Boulton, M. P. W., Engines, 67, 366

Boulton, M. P. W., Motive Power, 420 Bowen and Zoden, Boots and Shoes, 383 Bouton, C. A., Air Brakes, 314, 420 Bovenschen, 0., Stoppers for Bottles, 32 Bowden, E. T., Tea and Coffee Pots, 52

Bowker, W., Boiler Tube Ferule Extractor, 245

Bowker, W., Blow-off Cocks, 287

Bowker, W., Screwing, Tube-cutting, and Nut-tapping, 156

Bowman, T. J., Ventilating Hats. 190 Bown, W.. Sewing Machine Shuttles, 383 Box, W., Road Locomotives, 18

Boyes, W.,. Purifying and Heating Water, 456

Brailsford, T. R., Rail and Tramway Carriages, 348

Bradbury, W., Looms, 88

Braddock, J. and J., jun., Regulating Gas,

Bradford, T., Washing and Peeling Vegetables, 226

Bramall, B., Bessemer Steel, 225

Braunfeld, R., Metal Boxes, 49

Bray, G., Turning, 366

Brewer, E. G., Electric Light, 314

Brewer, E. G., Fire Engines, 401

Brewer, E. G., Wearing Apparel—Gloves, 50

Brewer, E. G., Looms, 17

Brewer, E. G., Moulding, 51

Brewer, E. G., Organ Pipes, 244

Brewer, E. G., Permanent Way, 50, 106

Brewer, E. G., Printing, 279

Brewer, E. G., Raising and Lowering, 262

Brewer, E. G., Roller Skates, 225

Brewer, E. G., Signalling, 208, 209

Brewer, E. G., Telegraphy, 348

Brewer, E. G., Treating Wool, 104

Brewer, W. and R. T., Ornamenting Leather, 106

Brice, W. A., Advertising, 383

Brice, W. A., Fountain Pens, 382

Brice,W. A., Lowering Ships’ Boats, 52, 866

Brice, W. A., Photography, 52

Brierley, J. and W. R., Railway Signals, 332

Brierley, J. and W. W., Points, 367

Briggs, A. L., Treating Fibres, 402

Briggs, B. B., Waterproofing Leather, 383

Bright, W., Roller Skates, 17

Brinsmead, H., Carriages, 87

Briscoe and. Ormond, Military Saddles, 105

Brittain, H., Windows for Carriages, 866

Britten, B., Glass, 49

Brock, C., imitation Malachite, Ac., 209

Brocklebank, T. A., Couplings, 225

Brode, L. A., Artificial Stone, 367

Brodribb, W. A., Cleaning and Sweeping

Streets, 439

Brook and Wilson, Gas, 17, 402

Brookes, A. G., Copying Presses, 225

Brookes, H. J., Metallic Nuts, 438

Brookes, W., Alarm Signals, 33

Brookes, W., Padlocks, 383

Brookes, W., Printing in Colours, 67

Brookes, W., Taking Samples, 103

Brooks, H., Pianofortes, 367

Brotherhood, P., Compressing Air, 278

Browett and Harrison, Veloeipedes, 401

Brown, A., Painting;!abides, 52

Brown, F., Dressing Stone, 49

Brown, J. W., Telegraphy, 225

Brown, R., Candlesticks, 137

Brown, T., Picks and Axes, 33

Brown, W., Roller Skates, 262

Brown and Barnes, Photography, 88

Brown, Dean, and Orrah, Treating Fibres, 455

Browae, A„ Bathing Apparatus, 348.

Browne, A., Silk, 295

Browne, A., Stonebreaking, 67

Browne, A., Tablets for Memoranda, 295

Browne, A., Varnish, 105

Browne, A., Ventilating, 33

Bruce, W. A., Lowering Ships’Boats, 366

Brueton, II., Pens, 87

Brundage, E. L., Forging Kails, &c., 294

Brunt, J., Motive Power, 382

Brunton, J. D., Tunnelling and Shaftsinking, 105

Buchanan, C., Lithographic Printing, 261

Buchanan, S., Paper Pulp, 402

Buchholz, J. A. A., Hulling and Polishing

Grain. 455

Buck, R. R. and F P. J. P., Preparing

Cotton as an Absorbent, 156

Buckley and Hildebrandt, Looms and Jacquards. 438

Buckland, C., Screening and Shuting, 190

Budd, G., Umbrellas and Parasols, 383

Budenberg, A., Governors, 347

Bull, W., Envelopes, 67

Burden and Rowell, Meters, 439

Burgess, W. J. and C. T., Reaping and

Mowing, 172

Burke, M., Roller Skates, 67

Burns, W., Cocks and Tape, 262

Burrows and Cotton, Desks for Photographers, 67

Burt, J. and G. K., Fireplaces and Furnaces, 104

Burt, P., Dressing Stone, 383

Burtles, R., Grinding and Polishing Glass, 18

Burton, C., Shuttles, 226

Bury, 15., Looms, 366

Bussey, G. G., Stoppers and Taps, 348

Butchart, J., Fabrics, 244

Butler, G., Furnaces, 33, 402

Butler, G., Valves, 67

Butler. J. O. and A. E. H. B., Grinding and Polishing, 332

Butterworth, Dickinson, and Catlow, Looms, 104, 402

Byrne, F. W., Marking-out Ground, 262

Bywater, W., Twisting, 367

Calantarients, J, A., Rinks, 121

Calderwood, J., Utilising Sulphuric Acid Tar, 155

Caldwell, J,, Ointments and Unguents, 263

Caldwell, J. G., Hydraulic Propellers, 34

Callas, H., Blind Rollers, 190

Callas, H., Flues, 190

Calvert, G. A., Slide Valves, 49

Cameron, R. M., Convertible Desks, 456

Cammack, W. and R., Fastenings for

Wearing Apparel, 51

Camroux ana Quick, Tobacco Pipes, 402

Canard, F„ Dying Furs, 33

Cane, R., Portable Bedsteads, Sic., 262

Cardozo, H. G., Stoppering Bottles, &c., 294

Carey, E , Furnaces, 420

Carmien, P. J., Castors, 420

Carpenter and. Martin, Clocks, 33

Carpenter and Sabell, Vehicles—Dogcarts, 156

Carre and Tanner Refrigerating, 63

Carter, J., Easels, 18

Carter, W. A., Incinerating Furnaces, 438

Carter and W arren, Roller Skates, 402

Casper, E., Filing Papers, 51

Castles, J., Moulding, 244

Cathels, E. 8., Purifying Gas, 34

Cattlin, A., Roll<Jr Skates, 314

Challis, A. B., Railway Signalling, 332

Chalmers, W., Windows, 244

Chamberlain, F., Bricks and Tiles, 333

Chaninel, E. C., Fastenings for Cravats, 383

Chapitel, C., Breaking and Crushing, 225

Chapman, L., Planing, 244

Chapman and Watson, Presses, 155

Charpentier, P., Furnaces, 279

Chatwin, J., Gas Burners, 314

Cherry, H., Iron and Steel Chain, 438

Cherry, W. P. and C. E , Steel, 49

Cheshire, J., Roller Skates, 50

Child, 8., Roller Skates, 33

Childs, I. A. B., Cleaning and Purifying Grain, 16

Christie, D. A., Cutting Chaff, Hay, Sic., 456

Christie, J. J., Rolling Machinery, 137

Christophe, A„ Fire Escapes, 262

Churchill, F., Water-closet Fittings, 420

Chutter, T. and G. F., Signalling, 383

Clapham, T. and W., Tunnels, 121

Clare, L. D., Autographic Printing, 295

Clark, A. M., Advertising, 156, 366

Cark, A. M., Artificial Flowers, Foliage,

&O., 455

Clark, A, M., Boots and Shoes, 87

Clark, A. M., Castors. 51

Clark, A. M., Coffee, Pulping, 155

Clark, A. M., Colouring Matters and Sugar, 105

Clark, A. M,, Cutting Leather Edges, 382

Clark, A. M., Decorticating, 34

Clark, A. M., Drying Charcoal, 209

Clark, A. M., Dynamo-Electric and Magneto-Electric Machines, 348

Clark, A. M., Evaporating and Incinerating, 105

Clark, A. M., Fastenings for Bags. 51

Clark, A. M., Fastenings for Gloves, 296, 332

Clark, A. M., Fire Extinguishing, 456

Clark, A. M., Flock Papers, 383

Clark, A. M., Folding Chairs, 208

Clark, A. M., Hats, 105

Clark, A. M., Heat, 244

Clark, A. M., Horse Collars, 190

Clark, A. M., Gas from Water, 138

Clark, A. M., Gymnastics, 402

Clark, A. M., Harvesting, 50

Clark, A. M., Keyless Repeating Watches, 156

Clark, A. M., Motive Power, 332

Clark, A. M., Ornamenting Match Boxes 1 *70

Clark, A. M., Parquet Flooring, 52

Clark, A. M., Permanent Way, 201, 278

Clark, A. M., Planing, 262

Clark, A. M , Printing, 104

Clark, A. M,, Printing Fabrics, 315

Clark, A. M., Printing and Folding Newspapers, 438

Clark, A. M., Purifying Gas, 332

Clark, A. M., Railway Wheels, 137

Clark, A. M., Refrigerators, 106

Clark, A. M., Rifling Fire-arms, 51

Clark, A. M., Screw Threads, 137, 401

Clark, A. M>, Soldering Tins, 420

Clark, A. M., Spray Apparatus in Decomposing Water, 455

Clark, A. M., Starting Gear for Vehicles, 332

Clark, A. M., Sulphurous Acid, 244

Clark, A. M., Taps, 67

Clark, A. M., Treating Grain, 156, 402

Clark, A. M., Turbines, 88

Clark, A. M., Water Meters, 172

Clark, A. M., Waterproofing, 137, 366

Clark, A. M., Washing Barrels, &c., 261

Clark, A. M., Wheels, 456

Clark, E., Wearing Apparel, 226

Clark, G., Axles, 314

Clark, G., Roller Skates, 49

Clark, G. W., Water Wheels, 50

Clark, J., Coating Metals, 348

Clark and Purslow, Stamped Metallic Lids,


Clark, 8. W., Hand Signal Lamps, 193

Clark, W., Cases for Sash Pulleys, 31

Clark, W., Coffee Pots, 33

Clark, W., Cooking, 33

Clark, W,, Electro Magnetic Engines, 17

Clar k, W., Fabrics, 314

Clark, W., Indicator for Engines, 244

Clark, W., Injectors for Boilers, 18

Clark, W., Playing Cards, 17

Clark, W., Roller Skates, 68

Clark, W., Sewage, 17

Clark, W., Sharpening Razors, 33

Clark, W., Shearing, 365

Clark, W., Ships’ Compasses, 16

Clark, W., Steam Hammers, 33

Clark, W., Steering. 18

Clark, W., Tea and Coffee, 33, 156

Clark, W., Wheelbarrows, 17

Clark, W. C. 8., Tell-Tale Clocks, 155

Clark, W. J., Pistons, 50

Clarke, F. R., Cutter Blocks, 348

Clarke. J. A., Cultivating, 348, 401

Clay, T., Looms, 209

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Adjusting Portable Machinery, 225

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Traction Engines, 367

Cleminson, J., Axles and Brakes, 419

Clough, 8., Shuttles, 51

Cochrane, W., Surveying Instruments, 50

Cocker, jun., F. and B. F. Tempering Steel

Wire, 366

Cocker, J., Washing, 50

Cockshott, J., Dispensing, 34

Codd, H., Stopping Bottles, 50

Coe, W. J., Safety Alarms for Boilers, 382

Cole, H. J., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 365

Cole and Cashin, Engines, Electro-Magnetic, 32

Cole and Cole, jun., Roller Skates, 17

Cole, J. C., Breaking Ores, &c., 262

Cole, J., Magnetic Apparatus for Curative

Purposes, 456

Coleby, T., Drying, 208

Coleman and Bird, Couplings, 172

Coleman and Bird, Reaping and Mowing,


Coleman and Bird, Spring Travellers for Ships, 156

Coleman, E. J., Engines, 172

Coles, J., Heating Water, 383

Collett and Denans, Purifying,

Liquids, 383

Collect, J. K., Paving, 122

Collins. E., Feeding Bottles, 122

Colls. F. W.. Gas, 104

Combe, J., Winding Cops, 121

Comber, W. A., Fire-lighters, 402

Comber, W. A., Pulleys, 278

Connell, J., Cultivating, 383

Connell, W., Printing, 295

Connolly, J. T., Cigar Holders, 51 Conquest, W., Paper Folding, 261 Coode, Sir J., Dredging, 87

Cook, H. W., Motive Power, 104, 452

Cook, 8., Looms, 244

Cook, S., Sharpening Saws, 2 8 Cook, W., Cutting Wood, 402 Cooper, J., Lace, 262

Cooper, J. H., Fire-arms, 437

Copeland, C. J., Rock Drilling, 50

Corbet, J. M., Reels for Fishing Rods, 263 Corbett, J. W., Bricks and Tiles, 384 Cordingley, W., Smoke Consuming, 208 Cornforth, J., Furnaces, 51

Correa, J. J.. Propellers, 51

Costa, F. 8., Venetian Blinds, 457

Cottorill, T., Utilising Waste Products, 105

Cotton, J. R., Pipe Plugs, 105

Coulson, J., Traction Engines, 156 Coulthard, J. T., Safety Valves, 244 Coupel- and Richardson, Lenses, 172 Courtot, C. M.. Acoustic Signals, 438 Cousin, C., Indicating Leaks in Ships, 88

Cowdery, C,, Atmospheric Brakes, 226 Cowell, H. A, Hats, 106

Cowper, E. A., Alarms for Safes, 190

Cowper, E. A., Centrifugal Machines, 336

Cowper, E. A., Cutting Coal, 262

Cox, F. 8., Finishing Leather, 49

Cox, J., Ordnance, 401

Cox, R. E., Feeding Printing Machines, 51 Cox, T. B., Steel Lasting Tacks, 104 Coxeser, J. and 8. J., Electric Batteries, 33 Coxon, J. N., Determining Angles of

Engine Eccentrics, 105

Cozza and Corseri, Hydraulic Brake Regulators, 50

Crabtree, J., Dredging and Excavating, 295

Crabtree, W., Looms, 262

Cradock, E, H., Permanent Way, 172

Craig, A., Engines, 67

Craig, J., Sewing Machines, 295

Crane, P. M., Lubricating, 66

Cranston, W. M., Harvesting, 226

Cranston, W. II., Thrashing and Straw

Binding, 226

Crawford, W., Bleaching and Dyeing, 402

Crichley and Mason, Chandeliers and

Lamps, 105

Crossby, W. K., Roller Skates, 244

Crossley, 8., Cleaning Cotton, <kc., Machinery, 172

Croysdale, W., Dyeing Wool in Indigo Vats, 456

Cruickshank, A. B., Lowering Ships’ Boats, 67

Cunningham, A., Measuring Tapes, 137

Cunningham, A., Waterproof Garments, 137

Curling, J. A., Wheels, 382

Cutlan, F., Roller Skates, 104

Cutlaw, J., Sewing Machines, 295

Cuttier, I, F., Castors, 50

Cuyer, E., Raising Sunken Ships, 382

Dabla, C., Engines, 348

Dallee, L., Sewing Machines, 104

Dallison, J. K., Skating, 104

Dalziel, T, B., Heating, 401

Daniel, E. R., Bar Iron, 88

Danischewski, 8., Invalids’ Bedsteads, 314

Danischewski, 8., Motive Power, 421

Danks, J. R., Feeding Cut Nail Machines, 349

Dann, J. T., Lighting and Extinguishing, 88

Dann, J. T., Permanent Way, 138

Darlington, J., Percussive Rock Drills, 433

Davenport, W. W., Mowing, 32

Davey, H., Compound Pumping Engines, 172, 456

Davey, H., Hydraulic Engines, 50

Davidson, D., Boilers, 402

Davies, G., Bricks and Tiles, 137

Davies, P. J., Meters, 50

Davies T., Sewing Machines, 32

Davies, W., Motive Power, 32

Davies and Higgins, Alarm Signals, 295

Davis and Aitken, Treating Phosphates of

Alumina and Iron, 438

Davis, H. T., Lubricating Skates, &c., 455

Davis, J., Engines, 348

Davis, L., Wearing Apparel — Woollen Shirts, 295

Davis, P. W., Raising Sunken Vessels, 137

Dawbarn, C., Window Blinds, 832

Dawes, W., Engines, 49

Dawson and Allen, Fastenings for Dress,

Day, C. A., Printing in Colours, 348

Day, J., Attachments for Roller Blinds, Ac., 261

Day, St. J. V., Telegraphy, 401

Deacon, G. F., Valves, 87

Deacon, H., Chlorine, 17

Deaken, J., Cowls, 104

Dean. J., Carding. 67

Dearden, J., Spinning and Doubling, 295

Dee, H. W., Cigar, &c., Cases, 172

Dooley, E., Metal Tubes, 50

Defries, H., Railway Lamps, SB

Deiss and beaife. Treating India-rubber

Resins, &c.. 190

Delairs, L., Roller Skates, 105

Demoncheaux E., Embroidering, 137

Denham. C., Cutting Leather, 122

Dennis, W., Pumps, 67

Dermoncourts, D. E., Ventilating Furnaces, 87

Desgoffe, J. A.. Telegraph Posts, 262

Dewar and Crichton, Digging Turnips, 295

Dewar, J., Telegraphy, 191

D’iiaisne. G.. Elastic Beds, 263

Dickenson, W., Telegraphy, 105

Dickinson and Cullen, Slide Valves, 455

Dickinson, J., Drilling and Turning, 4ul

Dickinson, J.. Safety Valves, loo

Dickson, A. C., Looms, 455

Dillon, T. A., Raising Sunken Vessels, Ac.,

Dimelow, J., Cut Nail Machines, 51

Distin, H. D., Musical Instruments, 306

Dix, W. J., Stoppering Bottles, Ac., 262

Dixon, R., Treating Fibres, 137

Dobbie, A., Indexing, 67

Dobbie, J., Stoves, 104

Dobson J., Rotary Colour Printing

Machinery, 190

Dobson and Macqueen, Spinning and Doubling, 455

Dobson, Rushton, and Dobson, Carding, 401

Donald and Taylor, Windlasses, 383

Dore, Tapley, and Wilson, Sewing Machines, 262

Dorendorff, R., Engine Counters, 106

Double, G., Drilling Braces, 383

Doubleday, H. IL, Stoppers for Bottles, Ac., 34

Dougall, jun., J. D., Cartridges, 383

Douglas and Grant, Engines, 190

Douglas, W. II.. Solitaires and Studs, 366

Dowie, A. L., Smeltin . 16

Downing G., Treating Fibres, 105

Downing and Hughes, Paper, 18

Downing, N. B., Evaporating, 421

Drake, C., Concrete Building and Tilos, 455

Drajxir, 0. M., Swivels, 136

Dredge, F., Wearing Apparel—Trousers, 348

Drouyer, J. M., Mincing. 122

Drummond, D., Railway Brakes, 439

Dryhurst and Woodward, Advertising

Plates and Labels, 262

Drysdale, R., Ornamental Fabrics, 295

Duche, C. A. S., Roller Skates, 32

Duckett, J. D., Water Economising, 295

Duddell and Charlton, Propelling, 382

Dufrene, H. A., Fastening Samples to

Cards, 456

Duncan, J., Friction Couplings, 67

Duncan, J. W., Fire-arms, 121

Duncan and Newlands, Sulphate of Alumina, 137, 137

Duncan and Newlands, Treating Sugar, 137

Duncan and Wilson, W. A. and G._A.,

Paper Folding, 208

Dunn, R., Permanent Way, 156

Dunn, T., Indicating Revolutions, 455

Dunn, W. W., Drilling Rock, 50

Dupont, A. P., Cutting Bone, Ivory, Ac.,


Durham and Ilowse, Governors and Indicators, 49

Duthie, J., Windlasses, 4 '1

Duthic, R., Setting out Ships' Lincs, 40

Dutton, W. IL, Boots and Shoes, 366

Dwyer, E., Lamps, 225

Dyson, G. and D., Railway Wheels, 226

Dyson, J., Measuring, 33

Eastwood, J., Combing, 172

Edel, E., Trusses, 490

Edersheim. J., Roller Skates, 66

Edge, J. 8., Breechloading Small-arms, 49

Edmonson, J. S., Frames for Windows, Ac., 33

Edison, T. A., Acoustic Telegraphy, 226

Edwards, E., Engines, 33

Edwards and Shaw, Metallic Pens, 214

Egerton, H. A., Floating Piers, 279

Eice, J., Spinning and Doubling, 139, 455

Elliott and Bayley, Fastenings for Metal Sheets, 295

Ellington, E. B., Capstans, 67

Ellis, 8., Washing and Drying Hanks, 244

Elsley, T., Locks and Latches, 32

Elston and Benson, Wrappers for Extracting Oil, 19o

England, E. S , Roller Skates, 52

Erskine, F., Furnaces, 402

Eskrett and Searle, Oil-cake Wrappers, 262

Essery, R. A., Railway Brakes, 121

Ettlingcr, W., Concrete Blocks, 226

Evans and Dayman, Washing Fabrics, 67

Evans, J., Wearing Apparel—Braces, 384

Evans, L. E., Fences, 263

Evans and Swain, Fireproof Floors and Roofs, 438

Everett, C. H„ Seats, 366

Everitt, W. E., Boilers, 262

Ewart, G., Heating by Gas, 105

Eyles, 8., Cans for Paints, Ac., 190

Fahie, J. A., Fastening Doors, 401

Fahnehjelin, G., Explosive Compounds, 438

Farmer, J., Paper, Delivering, 137

Farquhar, A. A.. Rolling Tua, 420

Farran and Walsh. Spinning, 366

Farrell, 11. C., Register for Vehicles, Ac., 33

Fathers, B., Marking Tennis Courts, 66

Faucher, F., Electric Brake for Horses, 156

Faulkner, J., Lighting by Electricity, 50

Faulkner and Starling, bpindles, 245

Faure, C. A., Thermo-Electric Generators, 366

Feather, T., Compressing Air, 262

Fenby, J. B., Easels, 137

Fenby, J. B., Engraving and Carving, 16

Ferron, C. A., Cylindrical Burners, 87

Fessy, D. W., Boots and Shoes, 421

Field, J. L., Dental Drilling, 49

Field, J. L., Engraving, 49

Field, J. L., Telescopes, 49

Fieldon, T. J. and J., Railway Brakes, 348

Firman, 11. 8., Manure, 103

Firmstone, C. E., Axle-boxes, 278

Firth, J., Boiler Furnaces, 51

Firth, J., Kilns, 51

Firth, T. F., Carpets, 156

Firth and Wolsteucroft, Springs, 262

Fish, W. 8., Motive Power, 88

Fisher, W. E., Syringes, Hydrants, Ac., 155

Fisk, J. E.. Treating Leather. 52

Fisken, T. R. H., Cultivating by Steam, 172

Fison, F. W., Exhausting Gas Retorts, 51

Fitz-Gerald, D. G., Electrical Condensers, 348

Fitzgerald, J. J., Writing Desk and Case,

Fitzmaurice, A., Pumps, 332

Fletcher, J., Motive Power, 420

Fletcher, J., Buttons, 438

Fletcher, H., Indexing, 420

Flower, R., Sawing, 33

Follows and Bate, Bearings and Footsteps, 278

Foot, J., Spoon and Fork Combined, 67

Foot, R. G., Endorsing Stamps, 32

Forbes, G., Writing, 262

Ford, II., Furnaces. 16

Forrest, C. and A , Drying and Pulverising

Blood, 332

Fos, J., Cigarettes without Tobacco, 190

Foster, J. and C. J., Kilns, 172

Foster, J., Water-closets, &c., 155

Foster, T., Waterproofing, 420

Fowlis, W., Gas Governors, 382

Fournier, J., Bicycles, 155

Fowke, G. A. F., Pipes, 402

Fox, C., Alloys, 421

Fox, II. B., Aerated Beverages, 67

Fox, St. G. L., Lighting and Extinguishing by Electricity, 262

Fox, St. G. L.. Rolling Stock and Perma-

■ nent Way, 137

Fox, W. H., Reaping, 32

France, J., Winding and Folding, 439

Franklin, A. C. F., Roller Skates, 262

Franzini, M. M., Ordnance, 18

Franzini, M. M., Wearing Apparel—Fans, 244

Freeston, T. A., Converting Vessels for

Iron and Steel, 295

Frith and Boothman, Looms, 244

Frodsham, H. M., Watches and Clocks, 208

Frost. J., Purifying Sewage and Waste

Water, 295

Frost, W., Locking Washers, 16

Frost and Walmsley, Dyeing, 33

Frudd and Harrison, Hoes. 17

Fryer, A., Utilising Town Refuse, 348

Fulton, E., Packing, 244

Fyfe, A. L., Dress Suspenders, 121

Fyfe, A. L., Fastenings for Girdles, 137

Fyfe, W., Washing, 51

Gabriel and Pickes, Water-closets, 314

Gallie and Sinnatt, Differential Pulley Blocks, 262

Galloway and Beckwith, Valve Gear, 51

Galloway, W., Miners’ Safety Lamps, 137

Galsworthy, W., Harvesting, 49

Gamgee, J., Ice, 456

Gammon and Clark, Roller Skates, 155

Gardiner, R., Steering Gear, 33

Gardner, E, V., Explosive Compounds, 261

Gardner, E. V. and J. H., Miners’ Safety

Lamps, 209

Gardner, F., Preventing Sea-sickness, 433

Gardner, H., Lamps, 332

Gardner, H., Spinning, 348

Gardner, H., Submarine Telegraphy, 438

Gardner, H., Toy Birds, 456

Gardner, H., Treating Ores, 333

Gardner, H., Wire Fastenings for Bottles, 52

Garland, H. P., Sewing Machines, 348

Garlick, J., Kilns, 366

Garrett, J. D., Elevators, 67

Garrett, J. D., Thrashing, 87

Garrett, J. D., Wheels, 67

Garrod, J. C., Velocipedes, 402

Garroway, W. and J., Treating Oils, 383

Glaistor, T., Roller Skates, 122

Gedge, W. E , Boots and Shoes, 438

Gedge, W. E., Paving, Building, Permanent Way, &c., 456

Gedge, W. E., Portable Photographic Apparatus, 438

Gedge, W. E., Portable Railway for Road, 456

Gedge, W. E., Preserving Substances, 438

Gedge, W. E., Railway Wheels, 191

Gedge, W. E., Seats for Vehicles, 383

Gedge, W. E., Spinning, 332

Gedge, W. E., Wagons or Trucks, 294

Gedge, W. E., Watch Case Springs, 209

Gee, Gibbs, and Garnett, Bottles and Stoppers, 214

Gent, G.. Easels, 384

Gerard, F. W., Iron and Steel, 51

Gibbs, J. A., Fuel Economising, 245

Gidney. J. W., Carburetting Air, 332

Gilesgate, T. R., Stoppers for Bottles, 155

Gill, C. H., Treating Sugar, 156

Gill, D., Doors, 106

Gillings, J., Permanent Way, 104

Gillman, J., Monumental Tablets, 348

Gillott and Arnold, Engines and Boiler

Fittings, 18

Gittins, E., Kilns, 439

Gladwyn, W., Ironing, 17

Gledhill, G, Electricity, 17

Glendining, H., Locks and Latches, 294

Glenn, H., Boots and Shoes, 87

Godfrey and Howson, Gas Furnaces, 367

Goedicke, F. W, E. R., Treating Sewage, 105

Gooder, J. W., Spinning, Doubling, and

Twisting, 420

Good, J., Driving Bands, 241

Goodchild, J., Hay Cutting and Chopping

Meat, &c., 33

Good and Lawson, Treating Fibres, 190

Goulding, J., Spinning, 52

Goundry, R., Treating Coffee, 383

Graham, J. W. and A., Sawing Stone, 226

Graham, S., Treating Yarns, 332

Grand, A. Le, Turnstiles, 50

Grant, G., Umbrellas and Walking Sticks, 49

Grant, W., Dressing Stone, 18

Grason, J., Self-locking Fastenings, 437

Gray, J. W., Tablecloths, 244

Gray, T. H., Cleaning Grain, 88

Gray, T. H., Starch, 137

Grayson, J. W., Friction Clutches and

Pulleys, 104

Greatorex and Hall, Artificial Stone, 455

Green, C. H., Oil Stoves, 190

Green, C. H., Wood Paving, 68

Green, G., Bridles, 244

Green, H., Gas Scrubbers, 402

Green, J., Reaping and Mowing, 156

Green, T., Sweeping, 332

Green and Mallot, Electro-Plate, 438

Green and Mallot, Revolving Dishes, &c., 438

Greenhill, J. H., Sieves, Grain, 226

Greenhough, F., Lighting Fires, 401

Greenwood, J., Sash Fastenings, 172

Greenwood, J., Weighing. 226

Greenwood, Davis, and Speakman, Treating Sewage,'366

Greenwood and Taylor, Treating Fibres, 383

Greig and Ashilles, Traction Engines, 295

Greig, D., Engines, 52

Greig, D., Locomotive and Tramway Engines, 156

Greig and Eyth, Engine Air Condensers, 122

Greig, E., Cultivating, 402

Grier, W. T., Preserving Substances, 244

Griffin, E. F., Fastenings for Dress, 420

Griffin, G., Stereotyping, 17

Griffin, G. F., Boxes for Matches, 279

Griffin, P., Distilling, 262

Griffiths, R., Pumping Water from Ships, 348

Griffiths, R. and W. J., Armour-Clad Ships,


Grigg, W. L.» Bricks, 17

Gnmes, R., Latch Needles, 50

GrimX^’T and SkelPs< 360

unmston, T. A., Engines, 49

42^n ’ Mathematical Instruments,

Grout, JHeating Infants’ Food, 455

nor& “iA- E” Storto& and Trans-porting Explosives, 420

GrUneberg, C , Extinguishing Fire, 420

&r’ A ’ U“brolla8 and Parasols, 332

G 245 ’ 3Un-’ J’’ UmbreUas and Parasols,

GZten a J’ rV’ IIydrom°ters, Sallno-meters, &c., 51

G., Inkstands, 136

n™"e- ^...Pressing Bricks, &c., 366

Guy, D., Chimney Pots, 456

Gwynne, J., Excavators, 137

Hacking and Wilson, Winding, 332

Haddan, H. J., Boilers, 67

Haddan, H. J,, Capstans, 18

Haddan, H. JCar Couplings, 138

Haddan, H. J., Castors, 18

Haddan, H. J., Coal and Ash Sieves, 439

Haddan, H. J., Cooking, 50

Haddau, H. J,, Dampening Pads, 122

Haddan, H. J., Disintegrating Quartz, <fcc.,

Haddan, H. J., Dressing Bristles, &c., 245

Haddan, H. J., Fastenings for Gloves, 18

Haddan, H. J_, Fastenings for Ships, 18

Haddan, H. J., Grain Separators and

Scourers, 138

Haddan, H. J., Looms, 294

Haddan> H. J., Lubricators, 138

Haddan, H. J., Magneto-Electric Machines, loo

Haddan, H. J., Hand Printing Stamps, 50

Ir j j n’ H- J-, Permanent Way, 52, 295

Haddan, H. J., Rotary Engines, 455

Haddan, H, J., Safes, 18

Haddan, H. J., Signalling, 137

Haddan, H. J., Tents, &c., 18

Haddan, H. J., Treating Hides and Leather, loo

Haddan, H. J., Valves. 365

Haddan, H. J., Watch and Chronometer

Escapements, 209

Haddan, H. J., Waterproofing, 225

Haddan, J. L., Dressing Stone, 106

Haddan, J. L., Mining, 52

Haddan, J. L., Pneumatic Despatch, 439

Haddan, J. L., Pumping, 106

Haddan, J. L., Refrigerating, 106

Haigh, W. B., Cutting Wood, 262

Haigh, W. B., Saw Benches, 156

Haffner, J. P,, Locks, 382

Hagler and Verrey, Horseshoes, 34

Hagues, Wright and Wray, Floors and

Ceilings, 33

Halbert, W., Winding, 245

Hall, H., Coverings for Carboys, 383

Hail, J., Extinguishing Fire, 51

Hall, W. S., Railway Switches and Points,


Halliwell, T. W., Sash Fastenings 438

Hall and Priestley, Metallic Band’s, 278

Hallpike, H. J., Studs, Links, &c., 420

Ham, E., Locks, 382

Hamilton and Frasi, Cutting Stone, 104

Hamilton, J. B., Musical Instruments, 33

Hammond and Lecher, Screw Stocks, 156

Hammond, R., Lawn Tennis Balls, 66

Hampden, J., Ships, &c., 49

Hancock, J. L., Cleaning Knives, 105

Hancock and Soar, Furnaces for Boilers,

367 ’

Hancox, J., Elevators, 87

Hanctin, J. O., Crushing and Grinding


Handyside, Alley and Carruthers, Wheels

262 ’

Handyside, H., Safety Clutches, 209

Hansell, R. B., Springs, 261

Hansen, J., French Polishing, 156

Hardcastle, R. A., Indicating Speed, 226

Harding, T. W., Combing, 437

Hare, T., Wearing Apparel—Dress Sus

penders, 383

Harper, A., Wheels, 348

Harper, J., Invalid Tables, 332

Harrington, J., Artificial Leather, 263

Harrington, J., Fire Escapes, 225

Harrington, J., Games, 278

Harris, C., Fur Trimmings, 33

Harris, I. B., India-rubber Valves, 121

Harris, J. B., Wringing Rollers, 49

Harris, J., Motive Power, 383, 420

Harris, R., Purifying Gas, 366

Harriss-Gastrell, J. P., Buildings, Ships

&c., 456

Harrison, C., Roller Skates, 34

Harrison, C. W., Extinguishing Fires, 348,

Harrison, C. W., Preserving Metals, &c., 366

Harrison, H., Traps for Drains, 17

Harrison, R., Fastenings for Cuffs, 365

Harrison and Evans, Stereotyping Appa

ratus, 105

Harrold, C., Watch Pendants, 279

Hart, H. W., Fire Extinguishing, 456

Hart, J. M., Locks for Safes, &c., 121

Hart, T., Roller Skates, 32

Hartcliffe, W., Lubricating Spindles, 18

Harvie, A., Velocipedes, 105

Harvie, W., Lamps, 314

Harvey and Roe, Permanent Way, 88

Hastie, J., Motive Power, 349

Hattersley and Hill, Looms, 51

Hausmann and Newman, School Slates, 366

Ha ward, F., Furnaces, 87

Hawkins, C. G., Motive Power, 401

Hawkins, jun., and Hawkins, Roller

Skates, 226

Haydock and Blackburn, Knitting, 367

Haynes, T., Lubricating, 106

Hazlehurst, G. 8., Pumping, 105

Healey, B. D., Asphalte, 155

Heald, J., Grinding and Doughing India-

rubber for Spreading, 455

Heaps and Wheatley, Cooking, 296

Heaven, A., Embroidering, 401

Hebblethwait, G. H., Waterproofing, 226

Hellyer, R. W., Stopper for Doors, &c 420

Hely, E„ Printing, 402

Hemingway, J., Engines, 366

Hempsted and Watkinson, Valves, 244

Henderson, A. C., Broom-handle’ Shield

279 ’

Henderson, A. C., Dredging and Excavating, 348

Henderson, A. C., Feeding Bottles, 402

Henderson, A. C., Revolving Metal Shutters, 366

Henderson, A. C., Winding, 833

Henderson, A. G., Gas Meters, 155

Henderson, D., Measuring Grain, 67

Henderson, J., Furnaces, 383

Henderson, R., Taps, 438

Henly, R., Bagatelle, 226

Henley, W. T., Telegraphy, 17

Henny, L., Colouring Matters, 382

Henry, R., Cutting Screws, &c., 156

Hensman and Hensman, Agricultural

Drills, 67

Herbert, C. E., Organs,

Herts, A. C., Pencil Sharpeners, 226

Herts, A, C., Surgical Apparatus, 382

Herts, A. C., Wearing Apparel-Trouser

Protectors, 332

Herzog, C. A., Watches, 52

Hetley and Maso, Sewing Machines, 137

Heyer, H., Holders for Papers, <fcc., 338

Heyer, H., Ruling, 333

Heymann, M., Measuring and Cutting, 190

Hibell, W., Joining Wire, 456

Higginbotham, J., Boilers, 17

Higgins and Whitworth, Spinning and Doubling, 279

Higginson, A., Engines, 226

Hill, A., Umbrellas and Parasols, 32

Hill, C., Fireplaces, 262

Hill, C. G., Pleating, 155

Hill, S., Fastenings for Windows, 382

Hillman, W., Velocipedes, 278

Hilton, J., Sewing Machines, 383

Hinks, J„ Lifts, 438

Hircock, J. T. M., Hoeing and Thinning Turnips, &c , 172

Hird and Calvert, Metallic Window Frames, 367

Hirsch, H., Heating, 366

Hirst, G., Rolling Machinery, 51

Hjerleid, S., Sulphate of Soda, 104

Hoare and Herts, Folding Tables, 137

Hobson, A. H. G., Indicating Speed, 225

Hodge, W. J., Roller Skates, 383

Hodges, F., Elastic Fabrics, 365

Hodges, R. J., Drill Cramps, 401

Hodgetts, W. J., Glass, 17

Hodgson, J., Punching, Stamping, and Perforating Paper, 402

Hodgson, Broadley, and Lister, Looms, 244

Hoermann, G. E. A., Motive Power, 366 Hoey, D. G., Blast Furnaces, 121, 244, 294 Hoevel, C. E., Roller Skates, 137 Holden, J., Bottles for Acids, &c., 383 Holden, J. and J. E., Carding, 52 Holden, J. and J. E., Combing, 68 Holden, J. and J. E., Washing Wool, 52

Holder, J., Reaping, 402

Holloway, J., Treating Metals, 279

Holmes, N. J., Signals, 456

Holmes and Lee, Feeding Furnaces, &c., 208

Holmes and Player, Signals, 455

Holroyd, T., Looms, 67

Holst, N. H., Signals and Points, 122

Holt, H. P., Auxiliary Power Steering Gear, 455

Holt, H. P., Steam Tramway Locomotives, 104

Holt and Spiller, Lubricating Roller Skates, 456 .

Holyoake, W. R„ Advertising and Exhibiting, 51

Hooker, J., Type Setting, 18

Hooper, J. H. S„ Saving Life at Sea, 420

Hopff, A., Combing, 32

Hornsby, Innocent, and Rutter, Reaping and Mowing, 208

Horton, H., Lamp Globes, 365

Hough, E. J., Motive Power, 87

Houghton and Kidberry, Spinning and Doubling, 50

House, R. E., Telegraphy, 34

How, G„ Governors, 156

Howard, A., Lowering Ships’ Boats, 87

Howard, Wilson, and Kingdom, Regulating the Flow of Fluids, 437

Howe, A., Looms, 50

Howell, E. J., Rolling Stock, 402

Howitt, W., Roller Skates, 366

Huddart, J. D. E., Motive Power, 279

Hudson, J. C., Engines, 104

Huggett, J. A., Nails, 420

Hughes, E. H., Gauges and.Valves, 401

Hughes, G. D., Smoke Consuming and

Fuel Economising, 155

Hughes, H., Governors, 455

Hughes, H., Road Locomotives, 296

Hughes, E. T., Fastening Curtains, 87

Hughes, E. T., Metal Drill, 382

Hughes, E. T., Pin Packages, 208

Hughes, E. T., Revolving Shutters, 88

Hughes, E. T., Treating Fibres, Wood, &c., 136

Hughes, E. W., Roller Skates, 314

Hughes, H., Embossing, &c., Fabrics, 33

Hughes, R. H„ Water Supply, 402

Hum, E., Latch Locks, 30

Humfrey, C., Treating Oil, 18

Humin, E., Permanent Way, 49

Humy, d’, P. R. de F., Ornamenting Glass, Pottery, &c., 456

Hunt, B., Boilers, 261

Hunt, B., Elastic Mattresses, 225

Hunt, B., Garment for Saving Life at Sea, 225

Hunt, B., Packing Pistons, 68

Hunt, B., Postage Stamps, 244

Hunt, B., Preserving Food, 68

Hunt, B., Purses, Life Preserving, 420

Hunt, B., Sadirons, 438

Hunt, B., Weaving, 333

Hunter, G., Stone Working, 383

Hunt, J., Envelopes, 155

Hunter, R. H. A., Revolving Hair Brushes, 190

Hunt, T. F., Marking Tennis Court, 382

Hunter, T. 8., Batteries and Projectiles, 261

Hunter and Hill, Safety Valves, 348

Hurst, H., Looms, 105

Hutchings, R. J., Cutting Metal Plates, 332 •'

Hutchings, R. J., Tin and Terne Plates, 51, 122, 294

Hutchings, R. J., Treating Acid used in Pickling Metal Plates, 438

Hutton, J., Pistons, 226

Hyatt, T„ Building, 137, 365

Hyatt, T., Respirator and Chest Protector, 438

Hyatt and Crane, Hydrostatic Presses, 105

Hyatt and Rickett, Wood Screws, 366

Ibbetson, W., Calendering and Glazing, 366

Illingworth, H., Treating Fibres, 295

Illingworth, R., Boilers, 314

Imray, J., Supports for Seats, 155

Ingham, J., Carding, 121

Inglis, W., Engines, 67

Ireland, jun., J., Furnaces, 137, 279

Irving, J., Carpets,,314

Jack, A., Reaping, 366 .

Jackson, C., Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 348

Jackson, J., Carding, 105

Jackson, W., Furnaces, 190

Jacob, C. M.. Capsules for Bottles, 226, 366

Jamieson, A., Grapnels, 456

Janeway, J. J., Printing, 105

Jarves and Ferrari fu Angelo, Heating, 366

Jay, R. C., Skates, 121

Jeanneret, H., Iron and its Compounds, 88

Jefferey, T., Cutting and Splitting Wood, 455

Jeffries, G. L., Cartridges, 87

Jeffries, J. E., Colour Printing, 190

Jennings and Anderson, Oyster Growing, 52

Jensen, P., Album, &c., Leaves, 34

Jensen, P., Bricks and Tiles, 208

Jensen, P., Cast Metal Pulleys, 138

Jensen, P., Explosive Compounds, 51

Jensen, P., Fire Extinguishing, 87

Jensen, P., Railway Wheels and Axles, 49

Jensen, P., Testing Meal, 104

Jensen, P., Treating Fibres, 208

Jensen, F., Treating Nitrated Alkalies, 51

Jenson, P., Umbrellas and Parasols, 136

Jensen, P., Wearing Apparel—Shirts, 203 Jesson and Duggan, Brushes and Brooms, 347

Jewell, S,, Fire-escapes, 106

Jewitt, H., Goffering, 365

Joannes, P., Wire Lattice, 104

Jochumson, N., Steering, 262

Johnson, A., Roller Skates, 32

Jobson, C. J. and A. H. and Johnson, Rolling Stock, 402

Johnson and Armitage, jun., Wire Gauze, 262

Johnson, jun., H., Colliery Tubs, 382

Johnson and Johnson, Boat Lowering, 332

Johnson, J. H., Armour-plating, 456

Johnson, J. H., Artificial Stone, 33

Johnson, J. H., Fastenings for Bags, 156

Johnson, J. H., Boilers, 366

Johnson, J. H., Bookbinding, 32

Johnson, J. H., Carpets and Rugs, 332

Johnson, J. H., Cartridges, 172

Johnson, J. H., Coating Metals, 225

Johnson, J. H., Cocks, 137

Johnson, J. H., Combing, 87

Johnson, J. H., Couplings for Rail ways, 190

Johnson, J. H., Electric Light, 279

Johnson, J. H., Filter Presses, 155

Johnson, J. H., Furnaces, 51

Johnson, J. H., Gas Meters, 67

Johnson, J. IL, Glass Gauges, 456

Johnson, J. H., Glass Ornamenting, 263

Johnson, J. H., Grinding Corn, 49

Johnson, J. H., Hydrogen Gas, 87

Johnson, J. H., Iron and Steel, 382

Johnson, J. H., Knitted Fabrics, 383

Johnson, J. H., Manure, 122

Johnson, J. H., Motive Power, 314, 383, 401

Johnson, J. H., Musical Instruments, 420

Johnson, J. H., Ores of Nickel, 105

Johnson, J. H., Permanent Way, 149

Johnson, J. IL, Portable Stoves, 402

Johnson, J. H., Preserving Food Safes, 262

Johnson, J. H., Protecting Ships’ Bottoms, &c., 420

Johnson, J. H., Refining and Condensing Iron or Steel, 190

Johnson, J. H., Rolling Machinery, 244

Johnson, J. H., Shaping and Welding

Metal, 121

Johnson, J. H., Sugar, 455

Johnson, J. II., Treating Animal Substances with Hydrocarbons, 455

Johnson, J. H., Treating Iron Residues, 348

Johnson, J. H.. Treating Sewage, 349

Johnson, J. II., Ventilating and Heating

Vaults, 314

Johnson, J. H., Weighing, 156

Johnson, J. H., Zinc, 172

Johnson and Phillips, Telegraphy, 348

Johnson, R. L., Door Knocker, 137

Johnson, T., Bricks and Tiles, 190

Johnson, W., Tobacco Pipes, 51

Johnston, T., Golf Clubs, 137

Johnstone, J., Desks and Seats, 51

Jones and Chamberlain, Solitaires and

Studs, 190

Jones and Cook, Rolling Hoop Iron, 348

Jones, E. A. and. J. A., Iron and Steel, 420

Jones, J. G., Indicating Speed, 349

Jones, R. I., Clog Blocks, 172

Jones, P., Blankets, 121

Jordan, T. R., Roller Skates, 155

Jowett, P.. Window Attachments, 384

Jowett ana Sergeant, Combing, 50

Joyce, A. E., Roller Skates, 17

Judge, J., Signals for Rulways, 156

Judge, T., Storing Gun, - <wder, 226

Judson, E., Explosiv Compounds, 156

Justice, P. 8., Scwiu Machine Embroidery, 191

Keats and Greenwood, Boots and Shoes.


Keen, S. D., Treating Cotton, 68

Keey, W. IL, Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 314

Keighley, J., Fog Signalling, 401

Keim, J., Stretching and Drying Fabrics, 243

Kelly, E. F., Portable Folding Musical Instrument, 438

Kelly, P., Combing, 332

Kelly, S. J. J., Designing on Glass, 104

Kelman and Wilson, Cleaning Rails, 332

Kemp, J., Screening, 66

Kemp, R., Microscopes, 420

Kemsley, W., Protecting Bricks, 121

Kendall, H. J. B., Suspenders for Wearing

Apparel, 51

Kennedy and Eastwood, Rock Drilling, 66

Kent, A., Tooth Brushes, 121

Kenyon, J. H. and J., Carding, 122

Kemaul, M. H., Couplings for Shafts, 137

Kershaw, J., Looms, 32

Kershaw, J. 8., Drying and Stretching, 295

Kierzkowski, C. F. de, Motive Power, 278

Kilburn, R., Washing, 365

Killiches, H., Dynamometers, 137

Kimmond, J. C , Rolling Tea Leaves, 456

King, J. T., Chandeliers, &c., 106

King, J. T., Wearing Apparel—Tie Buckles,


Kingston, F., Cutting and Bundling Sticks,

Kingzett and Zingler, Blood—Albumen for

Dyeing, Printing, &o., 122

Kirby, J. R., Reaping and Mowing, 225

Kirk, A. C., Marine Engines, 279

Kirk, J. W„ Bottles, 88

Kitchen, M., Leather, 226

Knight, J. W., Wearing Apparel—Shirt

Fronts, 279

Knott, R., Cleaning Knives, 402

Knox, E. E., Opening Tins, 122

Knott, K., Preserving Substances, 33

Knott, S., Substitutes for Umbrellas, 226

Kramme, C. D. E., Suspending Chandeliers, <fcc., 104

Kruger, S. D., Advertising, 50

Kunstadter, J.:J., Roller Skates, 49

Kuntze, J., Brakes, 333

Lake, W. R., Air Pistols and Guns, 67

Lake, W. R., Atmospheric Hammers, 103

Lake, W. R., Axles, 68

Lake, W. R., Bale Ties, 188

Lake, W. R., Boat Lowering, 155

Lake, W. R., Bookbinding, 121

Lake, W. R., Boots and Shoes, 402, 439

Lake, W. R., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 438

Lake, W. R., Cartridges, 87, 225

Lake, W. B., Casting, 226

Lake, W. R., Catching Fish and Game, 438

Lake, W. R., Children’s Carriage Chairs, 34

Lake, W. R., Cork Screws, 138

Lake, W. R., Dressing and Cleaning Fibres, 244

Lake, W. R., Dressing Hanks of Silk, 332

Lake, W. R., Driving Chains, 156

Lake, W. R., Elevating, 366

Lake, W. R., Fans for Protecting Food, 867

Lake, W. R., Furnaces for Roasting Ores, 155

Lake, W. R., Galvanic Batteries, 248

Lake, W. R., Gear Wheels, 105

Lake, W. R., Governors, 51

Lake, W. R., Grinding Grain, &c., 137

Lake, W. R., Harvesting, 155, 438, 455

Lake, W. R., Hydraulic Elevating, 68

Lake, W. R.-s Indicating Names of Stations,

Lake. W. R., Joints for Pipes, 136, 191

Lake, W. R., Lampe and Burners 137

Lake, W. R., Lanterns and Candlesticks 226

Lake, W. R., Looms, 456

Lake, W. R., Looms for Knitting, 105

Lake, W. R., Malt, 209

Lake. W. R., Metal Tubes, 191

Lake, W. R., Moulds, 104

Lake, W. R, Musical Instruments and Confectionery, 420

Lake, W. R., Nuts, 383

Lake, W. R., OilStoves, 294

Lake, W. R , Ordnance, 17

Lake, W. R., Paper Bags, 456

Lake, W. R., Paper-cutting, 32, 155

Lake, W. R., Pavements, 438

Lake, W. R., Permanent Way, 226

Lake, W. R., Pistons, 138

Lake, W. R., Postage Stamps, 106

Lake, W. R., Preparing Wood for Varnish, 138

Lake, W. R., Preserving Food, 208

Lake, W. R., Printing and Paper-cutting, 366

Lake, W. R., Projectiles, 52

Lake, W. R., Raising Heavy Weights, 456

Lake, W. R., Reaping and Harvesting, 156

Lake, W. R., Registering Fares, 348

Lake, W. R., Revolving Cylinder Pistols, 34

Lake, W. R., Wringing Rollers, 34

Lake, W. R.,Saws, 883

Lake, W. R., Screws, <fcc., 106, 191

Lake. W. R., Screw Nuts, 105

Lake, W. R., Seaming Knitted Fabrics, 137

Lake, W. R., Sewing Machines, 137, 348

Lake, W. R., Shovels, 138

Lake, W. R., Smoke-consuming, 279

Lake, W. R., Smoke-consuming Furnaces, 138

Lake, W. R., Spinning, 191

Lake, W. R., Steel, 52

Lake, W. R., Stoves, 420

Lake, W. R., Stitching Leather, 279

Lake, W. R., Teaching Singing, 401

Lake, W. R., Treating Grain, 106

Lake, W. R , Treating Hides, 191, 419

Lake, W. R., Velocipedes, 52

Lake, W. R., Ventilating, Heating, and Cooling, 191

Lake, W. R., Wearing Apparel—Shawls, 333

Lancaster, Pilkington, and Peel, Looms, 382

Lane, T., Furnaces, 402

Lang, J., Mirrors, 295

Langlois, B. F., Cutting Fabrics, 67

Langston, J. A., Illuminating Clocks, 225

Larard, F., Hinges, 420

Larard, F., Mouldings for Frames, 365

Lascelles, C. T. E., Gas Engines, 17

Lascelles, W. H., Joints for Flooring, 226

Lascelles, W. H., Permanent Way, 18

Lastelle, F. M. de, Candles, 51

Laurence, G. G., Boat Lowering and Detaching, 121

Lavalette, J. A. A. C. de, Motive Power, 137

Lavie, H., Boots and Shoes, 383

Law, B. G., Double Action Sashes, 438

Lawden and Thomas, Breech-loading Small

Arms, 66. 279

Lawrence, W., Refrigerating and Heating,

Lawson, J., Woven Fabrics, 295

Laysell, G., Planing, 402

Leber, J., Cutting and Stamping, 121

Lecomte, E., Pianofortes, 294

Ledger, J., Bobbins, 156

Ledger, J., Light Holder, 420

Ledger, J., Registers for Boilers, 262

Ledger, J., Shipbuilding, 421

Lee and Crabtree, Looms, 104

Leeming, J., Looms, 88

Lees, T., Hats, 50

Lees, T., Sawing, 383

Lees, W., Engines, 226

Legg, R., Tobacco Cutting, 190

Leigh, R., Hoop Iron, 420

Leighs, A. L. 8., Armour Plating, 244

Lemouche, F. J., Engines, 49

Leonard and Phillips, Fastenings for

Trunks, 456

Leoni, 8., Boilers, 455

Leveaux, B. H , Engines, 226

Leverett, J., Slop Pails, 190

Levesley and Marshall, Metal Handles for

Knives, &c., 155

Levy, D., Driving Belts, 136

Lewis, E., Tobacco Pipes, 402

Lewis. E. S. and G., Wearing Apparel—

Stay Busks, 17

Lewis, J. S., Umbrellas, 191

Uppers f°r Aerated Liquids,

Lewis, W. G., Velocipedes, 282, 383

Lewtas, J., Heating, Lighting, &c., 156

Liddicott, P., Plate Warmer and Refrigerator, 225

Likeman and Lawson, Bicycles, 136

Lindemann, G., Tramways, 262

Lindsay, J. B., Storing, <fcc., Corrosive

Liquids, 456

Linford, C., Gas Engines. 172

Lister, G., Water Wheels, 33

Lister, H., Cooling Fabrics, 349

Livsey, P. J., Printing on Embossing

Spools, 365

Llewellyn, W. H., Wheels, 279

Lloyd, 8., Iron and Steel, 49

Lloyd, T., Ventilating Cowls, 279

Loader, C., Elevating and Stacking, 137

Lobnitz, H. C., Ships' Ordnance, 49

Lockett, A. B., Swimming Apparatus, 294

Lookey, J. T., Evaporating Brine, 332

Lockie, G., Food, 296

L ok wood, F. A., 'Treating Hides, 225

Lodge, J., Fabrics, 87

Loeb, L. N., Wearing Apparel—Scarves, 51

Lomas, R. N., Umbrellas and Parasols, 244

Lomax, H., Needles for Sewing Machines, 245

Longbottom and Harris, Learning Skating,

Longbottom, J., Stoppers for Bottles, 87

Longworth, D., Pneumatic Hammers and

Stamps, 156

Looney, R., Washing and Wringing, 156

Lord and Kaberry, jun., Cleaning Cotton,

Louden and Stephenson, Looms, 367

Lovell, T., Purifying Sewage, 104

Lowber, D. C., Bale Ties, 122

Lowe, W., Lamps, 366

Lowry, G., Roller Skates, 438

Lowry, G., Turnstiles, 332

Ludeke, J. E. F., Centrifugal Power, 33

Luke, J. E. F., Motive Power, 883

Luke and Southgate, Screw Propellers, 17

Lund, J. A., Clocks, 420

Lutticke, G. F., Toys, 402

Lyle, A., Shaping Sugar, 244

Lyons, M„ Medicated Sweetmeats, 384

Lyttle, W. A., Exposing Solid Substances to Heat, 87

Mabson, J., Motive Power, 17

Macartney, G., Couplings for Fire Hose, &c., 226

McAvoy, H. L., Stoves and Furnaces, 122

McCabe and Walker, Looms, 208

McCulloch T, apd D., and Burnett, Motive Power, 88.

McDonald, A., Stone Dressing,226 McDonnoi W.^d c“ Packing and Storing Maco*1 and^Browstor, Smoke- consuming McEv"’^Inhaling, 382 McEwen, M., Tobacco, 279

McGill,’ L,’ Cutting^’and Sorting Tickets,

McGill, J., Furniture for Offices, 402 McGlaahan J., Smoke Consuming, 420 McGregor, A., Reaping and Mowing, 314 McKecbnie, A., Steering, 403

McKecbnie, Compounds of Iron 104 McKendrick and Ball Distilling, 383 McKondrick, Ball and Watson, Pumps and

Valves, 402 ...

Mackenzie, J., Marine Governors, 402 Mackenzie, J., Weighing, 68

Mackie. Faure and French Explosives, 155 McKintosh and Boggett, Waterproof

Cushions, 383 .

Mackrow, J., Labelling Medicines, 51 McLaren, A., Stable Fittings, 66 McLauchlan, D. J., Lozenges, 137 McLaurin, P., Finishing Paper, 190

McLean, F., Spectroscope, 383 McLean, W., Mowing, 32 McLennan, W„ Pumps, 226 McLiesh, W., Photography, 296

McManus, H., Gas Governors, 314 McMillan, J., Riveting, 244 McMinnies, J. G., Ball Taps, 104

Macnab, J., Blasting, 262

McNeil, J., Lathes, 104

Macpherson, A., Boat Lowering, 332 Macquay, P., Roller Skates, 33

Mactear, J., Furnaces, 49

Mactear, J„ Furnaces for Chromates, 33,172 Mactear, J., Soda and Potash, 383 McWhinnie, J., Indicator for Vehicles, 262, 455

Madge, C., Treating Tin and Terne Plate Scrap, 245

Magner, P., Treating Fibres, 437 Magnal. H. L., Joints for Pipes, 244

Major, W., Preventing Corrosion in Boilers, 104

Mann. T. H., Fastenings for Straps, &c., 51 Mappin, W. S., Roller Skates, 295

March, W., Engines, 366

Marchant, R. M., Pumps and Condensers, 66

Margotti, J., Stoppers for Bottles, 348 Mark and Wilson, Mortising Machines, 104 Marler, E. T., Paper Folding, 420

Marriott, R. S., Indicators for Streets, 314 Marsden, J., Billiard, &c , Tables, 104, 456 Marsden, 8., Crushing, &c., 88

Marsh, S., Mining and Blasting, 172

Martin, A., Fire Escapes, 348

Martins, C. le N,, Velocipedes, 33

Martin, J. R., Rotary Pumps, <fcc., 402 Martin, W., Motive Power, 66

Martin, Dawson, and Orchar, Sewing Machines, 17

Martineau, E., Cutting and Packing Sugar, 50, 294

Marzetti, C. T., Bottling Wines, &c., 66 Maschwitz, C., Opening Tins, 466 Mason, A., Heating, 401

Mason, A., Stoppers or Plugs, 365 Mason and Parkes, Treating Ores, 33 Massey, J. E., Ships’ Logs, 52 Massey and Knott, Taps, 50

Mather, Ormesher, ,1. and W., and Brown, Cleaning Boilers, 383

Matthews, W., Brakes for Cranes, <fcc., 190 Matthews and Davis, Treating the Insides

of Casks, 349

Maurice and Hoyle, Washing Wool, 122 Maw, G., Railway Wheels, 244

Maw and Dredge, Pressure Gauges, 348 Mawson, J., Drilling and Boring, t'6 Mayor, T., Spinning, 208

Mays, J. A., Roller Skates, 295

Mays, J. A., Travelling Tramways, 245

Mearns, Wardless, and Charlton, Horseshoes, 437

Mease, G. D., Furnaces, 382

Mease, G. D., Furnaces for Alkalies, &c , 456

Melling, T., Meters, 50

M6men, J. C., Urns, 402

Merryweather and Jakeman, Engines, 382 Mesnard, Sankey, and Wilson, Roller

Skates. 50

Messenger, T. G., Valves, 226

Metcalf, J. Boilers, 18

Metcalf, W., Ornamental Fire Screens, 295 Mowburn, J. C,, Aerial Toy, 226

Mewburn, J, C., Throstle Frames for Spinning, 243

Mewburn, J. C., Unloading and Weighing, 191

Meyer, de, Ruidant, and Mulders, Varnish, 382

Middleton, E., Miners’ Safety Lamps, 279

Middleton, G. H. and T. C., Handles for Tea Pots, 50

Miller, J., Treating Sewage, 245 Mills, A. F., Tuning Keys, 262 Mills, B. J. B., Bricks, <fcc., 208 Mills, B. J. B., Cutting Sugar, 383

Mills, B. J. B., Fitting Elliptic Springs, 456

Mills, B. J. B., Folding Seats and Tables, 122

Mills, B. J. B , Horseshoes, 402

Mills, B. J. B., Motive Power, 87

Mills, B. J. B., Tank Cans for Oil, &c., 172 Mills, B. J. B., Treating Flour, 262

Mills, B. J. B., Ventilating and Fog Alarm Apparatus, 365

Mills, J., Illuminating Clock Dials, 262 Mills, T. and R., Boilers, 420

Milner and Newell, Lighting Matches, 244 Mitchell, O. R., Fishing Gear, 366 Mitchell, J. I., Vehicles, 365

Mitchell, T. andM., Safety Valves, 17 Mohr, F. W. B., Oxide of Iron, 49 Monckton, E. H. C., Electricity, 191 Monckton, E. H. C., Motive Power, 34, Monckton, E. H. C., Medicines, 15(5

Montague, W., Wearing Apparel—Dress Suspenders, 295

Monteith, J., Rotary Engines, 137 Monteith, J., Velocipedes, 51 Moore, F, Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 295

Morgan, E., Treating Milk, 104

Morgan, G. H., Carriages, 456

Morgan, T., Boilers, 314

Morgan, T., Boots and Shoes, 155, 314 Morgan, T., Engines, 279

Morgan, T., Floorcloths, 348 Morgan, T., Watch Keys, 208 Morgan-Brown, W., Automatic Labelling, 51

Morgan-Brown, W., Boilers, 279

Morgan-Brown, W., Cooking Utensils, 245

Morgan-Brown, W., Envelopes, 190

Morgan-Brown, W., Filtering, 18

Morgan-Brown, W., Injector for Boilers, 225, 438

Morgan-Brown, W., Looms, 366

Morgan-Brown, W., Marine Signals, 437

Morgan-Brown, W., Folding Paper, 51

Morgan-Brown, W., Photography, 34

Morgan-Brown, W., Projectiles, 34

Morgan-Brown, W., Pumps, 314

Morgan-Brown, W., Safety Valves, 33

Morgan-Brown, W., Screws, 437

Morgan-Brown, W., Purifying Turpentine, 18

Morgan-Brown, W., Varnishes, 262

Morgan-Brown, W., Wire Drawing, 122

Morison, A. J., .Evaporating, 33

Morley, 8.. Gauges for Boilers, 103

Morrison, W. and B., Fishing Gear, 87

Morse, J. B., Candles, 262

Morris, Morgan, and Richards, Tempering

Sheet Iron Plates, 122

Morton, F. G., Fatty Matters, 295

Morton, F. G., Paraffine, 383

Morton, J., Preparing Fibres for Dyeing, &c„ 156

Morton, J., Sewing Machine Attachments, 365

Morty, P., Portable Seats, 32

Mosely, A.. Lace, 438

Motherwell, J., Pens, 295

Moulton, G., Engraving and Milling Cylin

drical Surfaces. 456

Mouncie, T. de, Cylinder Pistols, 456

Mouncie, Baron I. de, Revolving Cylinder

Fire-arms. 278

Mountain, B. and J., Nails and Tacks, 401

Mountain, J., Sewing Machines, 332

Muirhead, J.. Gas Lighting and Extinguishing. 17

Muirhead, jun., J., Telegraphy, 106

Mulholland and Porter, Winding, 455

Muller, A. J. M. de. Toughening Glass, 51

Mtiller, F. R., Splitting and Chopping, 436

Mtiller, J., Clasps, 456

Muratori, C., Waterproofing Paving, 315

Murdoch, H. IL, Treating Sugar, 348

Murdoch, H. H , Boilers, 401

Mure, A. H., Taps and Vent Pegs, 50

Murison, F., Ploughs, 456

Murphy, W., Casks, 68

Murphy, W. II.. Paper, 68

Murray, C. IT., Bricks and Tiles, &c., 261

Murray and Turnlev, Nuts and Bolts, 439

Murray and Moss, Fire Escapes, 383

Musgrave and Chell, Engines, 33

Musgrave and Smith. Engines, 18

Myers, F. G., Punching Leather, 402

Nash, T. L„ Animal Traps, 262

Nast, W. F., Treating Stable Manure and

Paper Making, 156

Nation and Symington, Paraffine, 366

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Armour Plates, 137

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Iron and Steel, 137

Nawrocki, G. W. von, Steel Plates, 137

Neale, M. T., Harvesting, 261

Near, C., Indicating Power and Speed, 105

Needham, J., Portable Fountains. 68

Nelson and Glazebrook, Roller Skates, 32

Nelson, L.. Paper Bags, 382

Nelson, W., Combined Pencil and Penholder, 190

Nesbitt, G., Photography. 366

Neumann, G. H., Drilling Rock, 420

Newall, R. S., Grinding, 366

Newbold, H.. Register for Vehicles, 51

Newton, A. V., Cleaning Fibres. 88

Newton, A. V., Liquid Meters, 122

Newton, A. V., Sewing Machines. 382

Newton, A. V., Treating Fibres, 67

Newton, E., Frame Saws, 33

Newton, II. E., Destroying Noxious Gases, 261

Newton, H. E., Fabrics, 32

Newton, H. E., Hammocks, <fec., 136

Newton, H. E., Ironing, 18

Newton, H. E., Table Forks and Spoons, 50

Newton, H. E., Marine Engine Governors, 121

Newton, H. E., Pictiv0 in Colours, 51,455

Newton, H. E., Porvble Railways and

Rolling Stock, 261

Newton, H. E., Preserving Food, 104

Newton, H. E., Starching. 18

Newton, H. E., Wearing Apparel—Garters, 245

Newton, H. E., Wearing Apparel—Pantaloons, 87

Newton, W. E., Paper for Printing, 51

Newton, W. E., Permanent Way, 367

Newton, W. E., Treating Refuse Oil, 18, 87

Nicholson, H., Forks, 191

Nishigawa and Hill, Refrigerators. 332

Nixon, C. N., Pinions for Wheels, 383

Nobb, J. H., Velocipedes, 17

Noble, L. P., Roller Skates, 67

Nokes, W., Metal Rods, Tubes, &c., 455

Noll, W., Tapping, 262

Nordenfelt, T., Electric Railway Signalling, 439

Normanville, W. de, Ships’ Logs, 121

Norrie, J. S., Waterproof Fabrics, 67

Northcote, G. B., Cutting and Edging

Grass, 190

Northcote, G. B., Wafers, 33

Northcote, G. B., Wall Protector for Washing-stands, 190

Nowakowski and Baranowski, Roller Skates, 121

Nurse, G., Tin and Terne Plates, 33

O’Connor, P., Hinges for Doors, 314

Ogden, R. and P., Roller Skates, 17

O’Hanlon, W., Counterpanes, 137

01 ver, W. H., Fastening for Sails, Tarpaulins, &c., 51

O'Neil, A., Laying Mains and Pipes, 138

O’Neil, A., Pipe Joints, 138

Onion, W., Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, 401

Oosterwyck, J. B. van, Raising Liquids,244

Oppenheimer, J., Pendulums, 438

Orr, J. B., Treating Fabrics, 401

Ortmans, V. C. J., Rotary Pumps, 50

Osborn, 8., Lubricating, 226

Osler. A. F., Vehicles, 263

Osmond, J., Vehicles—Dog-carts, &c., 365

Othon, L. P., Motive Power, 262

Outridge, J. E., Engines, 155

Pace, E., Boxes for Matches, &c., 262

Padbury, R. H., Sewing Machines, 50

Paddock, W., Governors, 209

Page, H., Telegraphy, 244

Paget, F. A., Wearing Apparel—Stockings, 382

Paine, E., Cleaning Ships’ Bottoms, 87

Palmeranz, H., Mowing, 87

Palmer and Clark, Cancelling Postage Stamps, 383

Parker, A. J., Ruling, 104

Parker, R., Distributing Manure, 332

Parker, T. L-, Treating Tobacco, 437

Parker and Stabler, School Furniture, 349

Parker,W. J.,BrakesforPerambulators 420

Parker and Weston, Direct-acting Pumps and Engines, 105

Parkes, T., Shovels, &c., 314

Parlour, J. T., Skating, 32

Pai nail, J , Scale Beams and Weighing. 455

Parnell, E. A., Utilising Tin Plate Scraps, 34

Parsons, H., Joints for Pipes, 226

Parsons. W., Turning, 121

Partridge, E., Carriage Axle Boxes, 348

Partridge, 8., Couplings, 208

Pass, E. de, Combing, 87

Pass, E. de, Cutting and Perforating Paper, &c., 294

Pass, E. de, Motive Power, 455

Passee, T. E., Marine Engines, 52

Passman, T. F., Boilers, 348

Pattmon, IL, Writing, 105

Payne and Steel, Fastenings for Jewellery,

Peall, Roy, and Dorward. Protection of Hops, Vines, &c., from Parasites, 88

Pearce and Douglas, Studs and Solitaires,


Pearce, II., Locks. 121

Pearce, J. K., Chains, 420

Pearn, F. and S., Engines, 383

Pearse and Lever, Indicating Names, &c., in Streets, 88

Pearson, M. H., Sewing Machines, 105

Peaud, L. L., Asphaltum, 314

Pecqueux, E. A., Lace, 156

Peebles, D. B., Gas Regulators, 294

Peebles, J., Railway Brakes, 402

Peirce, A. E., Winding Hose, 121

Peirce, W. A.. Fastenings for Harness, IS

Pendleton, H. G., Wearing Apparel —

Fastenings, 104

Pellatt, W. C-, Folding Wrappers, 366

Penning, J. R., Indicating Pressure, 421

Percival, W H., Folding Seats, 402

Pdrinaud and Marchal, Supplying Silk

Fabrics, 244

Perk, F., Sewing Machine Shuttles, 333

Perks, F., Sewing Machines, 333

Peris, L. L. M., Combined Table and Step

Chair, 456

Perrin, J., Hats, 456

Perry, A., Malting, 383

Pfieiderer, H. P., Kneading and Mixing,


Phelps, G. M., Telegraphy, 278

Phillips, J. E., Reaping and Mowing, 348

Pick. I., Wearing Apparel—Pocket with

Muff, 295

Pickering, Swift, and Hunter, Oil Wrap

pers, 456

Picot de la Peyrouse, L. A. L. E., Gas, 278

Piedboeuf, G., Boilers, 17

Pieper, C., Feeding Boilers, 191

Pieper, C., Harvesting, 439

Pieper, C , Locks, 191

Pieper, C., Musical Instruments, 455

Pieper, C., Peeling Barley, 191

Pieper, C., Rotary Motion, 439

Pierce, P., Blowing Fans, 456

Piper, C. T. W., Venetian Blinds, 261

Pitt, S., Fabrics, 226

Pitt, S., Permanent Way, 156

Pitt, S.. Treating Copper, 262

Pitt, S., Wet Treatment of Silicate Ores of

Copper, 245

Plesxner, J. M., Taps for Decanters and

Bottles, 104, 208

Pocock, A. W., Cutting Mortices in Wood,

32, 402

Pots, J. A., Cleaning Grain, 51

Potter, A. M., Coal, Loading, 279

Potter, H. A., Boilers, 49

Poulson, W , Elevators 314

Pound and Stevens, Roller Skates, 32

Power, C. T., Winding, 190

Prange, F., Tin Plates, 105

Pratchitt. W. and J., Engines, 332

Preece, T. G. and H., Agricultural Drills,


Prestage, F , Tiles, 314

Preston, Prestige, and Preston, Pumps, 190

Preston, Prestige, and Preston, Water Supply, 208

Price, C. T, Candlesticks, 17

Prior, R. M., Electro-plating, 105

Prince, F., Exhibiting, 314

Pritchett. G. E., Clockwork, 401

Procope, M., Organs and Harmoniums, 52

Proctor, K., Buttons, 348

Prothoroe, P., Anchors. 52

Protheroe, P., Telegraphic Communication

Under Water, 51, 155

Pullan, A. T. W., and Bebbington, Engines and Carriages, 455

Pulvermacher, I. L.. Electricity, 16, 401

Pumphrey, R. B., Swimming and Diving,


Punehon, R., Permanent Way, 190,314

Pyke, A., Napkin Rings, 279

Pyike, R. C., Tea and Coffee Urns, 421

Quinsey, W., Oven Doors and Dampers, 50

Ragg. A. E., Cutting Grass Edges, &c., 295

Rainforth, sen., W., and jun., W., Steam

Cultivating, 262

Ramsay, R., Buffer Hoops, 438

Ramsay, R., Safety Apparatus for Mines

and Cages, 295

Ramsden, J. C., Chain Cables, 67

Ramsden, J. C.. Fabrics, 67

Ramsden and Highly, Fuel, 67

Ramsey and Hann, Safety Apparatus for

Mines, Lifts, &c., 191

Rankine, J., Boiler Tube Stoppers, 33

Raper, J., Brushes, 172

Rastrick, J. L., Tube Scrapers, 49

Ratcliff, 0. W. and F., Carding, 456

Rat.hburn, L. V., Cleaning Bolting Ma

chinery, 226

Ravenscroft, F., Locking Tiles, 121

Ravet, E., Pressing, Stamping, Perforating,


Rawson, J. C., Doubling, 244

Rawson and Slater, Treating Sewage, 16

Raynor, Harrison and Glenainning, Wash

ing and Churning, 262

Razkazoff, L., Ordnance, 67

Readett, J. R., Cutting Rags, Fodder, &c.,


Reddaway, F., Looms, 262

Redfern, G. F., Ball Castors, 244

Redfern, G. F., Folding Chairs, 32

Redfern, G. F., Gas Engines, 295

Redfern, G. F., Tobacco Pipes, 225

Redwood, T. B., Gas, 121

Rees, D., Jelly Tablets, 18

Rees, H. T , Ornamenting Metal, 52

Reichenheim, R., Treating Hare Skins for

Wearing Apparel, 226

Reid, J., Stoppers or Plugs for Casks, 66

Reisert, E., Weighing Grain, 32

Remfry, J. E., Condensing Steam, 156

Remy and Denis, Starch, 333

Renouf, T. H. S., Screw Propellers, 88

Renoult, E., Driving Bands, 17

Renshaw, R., Boilers, 190

Reynolds, jun., T., Wheels, 105

Rhodes, S. G., Finishing Fabrics, 295

Rice, G. C., Hat-bands, 225

Rice and Walker, Pumps, 88

Richards, J. M., Anchors, 420

Richards, J. M., Pills, 367

Richards, R. C., Medical, 382

Richards and Tandy, Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, 384

I Richards, T. P., Circular Sawing, 438

Richardson, O., Pleating, 209

Richardson, J. T. H., Spittoons, 437

Rickett, T.. Screws, 348

Ridgway, W. H., Encaustic Tiles, 438

Ridout, R. H., Galvanometers, 226

Riley, J., Horseshoes, 420

Rimington and Bell, Knitting, 314

RippingiUe, E. A., Lamps and Lamp

Stoves, 172

Ritchie, C., Lighting, Heating, and Ventilating, 17

Ritchie, E. S., Mariners’ Compasses, 104

Ritter, W., Taps and Cocks, 332 ’

Roberts, M. G., Driving Machinery, 137

Roberts, M. J., Safety Valves, 332

Robertson, G., Exhausting Gas, 244

Robertson, J., Pumping Engines 349

Robertson, T., Steam Carriages 104

Robinson, C. 8., Burners, 348

Robinson and Goldsmith, Permanent Way,

Robinson, A. II., Roller Skates, 67

Robinson, J., Pianofortes, &c., ol

Robinson, R. C., Dies, 4j>6

Robinson, W. E., Phosphates. 33

Robottom, A., Preserving Substances, IS

Roeckner, C. H-, Evaporatmg, 50

Rogers, J. W., Drilling. .>48

Rogers, C. E. II., Disinfecting, 366

Rogers, J.. Pomatum Boxes, 348

Rogers, J. W., Boat Lowering and Raising,

Rogers, J. H„ Cleaning and Dyeing, 457

Rogerson, R., Monumental Tablets 49

Rollason, J. G„ Venetian Blind Cord

Holder, 225

Roper, F., Screws and Bolts, 50

Rose, T., Button-holing. 401

Rose, L., Bottles and Steppers for Aerated

Beverages. 156 n

Roncon, L. J., Bronzing Copper, Ac., 50

Rowbottom, II. M., Keyless Watches, 2u8

Rowles and Rose, Velocipedes, 209

Roy, E. A., Ships to Prevent Sea-sickness,


Rnbery, J, Telegraph Wire, 156

Russell, T., Retorts, 157

Runkel, M., Balloons, 104

Rushworth, G. J. C , Stoppers for Bottles,


Rush worth, W., Stoppers for Bottles, 279

Ruthel, A , Valves. 420

Rutherford, J. II., Raising Sunken Vessels,

<fcc., 122

Ryland, G. C., Permanent Way, 348

Sachs, J. J., Treating Animal and Vegetable Substances, 383

Sachs. J. J., Treating Fibres, 105

Salamon, N., Sewing Machines, 104

Salmond. J., Digging Potatoes, 226

Sam brook, W., Heating Boiler Feed waters,


Sample, J., Governors, 244

Samson, W. IL, Steam Cultivating. 279

Samuelson and Manwaring, Harvesting,


Sanday, W.. Planing and Filing, 67

Sanders, J. H. and 8., Furnaces, 17. 66

Sandys. G., Turning Leaves of Music, 33

Sargent, W. B., Copying Presses, 225

Sarony, 0., Photography. 18

Saunders, J. W., Roller Skates, 17

Saiivde, A., Treating Ozokerit, 455

Six by, F. E., Valves, 87

Sax, J., Gauging Water by Electricity, 156

Scattergood, J., Permanent Way, 294

Schlenker, E., Screw-cutting and Nuttapping, 438

Schlesinger, A. A., Churning and Freezing, 156

Schlesinger, A.. Railway Brakes, 383

Schnell, J. F., Lamps and Burners, 88

Scholes, W., Carding. 262

Schooling, H., Safes, 17

Schreiber, R., Burners, 314

Schumann, S., Felted Covers for Bottles,

&.C.. 225

Schumann, S., Roadwaysand Flooring, 156

Schwarz, J., Sugar, 87

Scott, B. C., Stoppers for Flasks, 279

Scott, C , Dry Closets, 226

Scott, G. L., Roller Skates, 32

Scott, G W. D., Boilers, 279

Scott, H. P., Telegraphy, 34

Scott, J., Raising Sunken Ships, &c., 420

Scott, J. C., Castors, 104

Scott, J. P., Carding, 456

Scott, R., Lace, 382

Scott, W. M., Coil Tobacco, 455

Scott and Zerbe, Packing, 68

Scully, R.. Composition Ornaments, 3S2

Sellers, H., Fastenings or Stap for

Fences, 244 ]eg

Sellars, J. C., Concrete, 402

Semple, D., Musical Instruments. 382

Shand, A., Sewing Machine Attachments,


Shand, J., Fire Cocks, 420

Sharp, S. H., Cutting Leather, 262

Sharp, S. IL, Treating Hides, 294

Shaw, J., Ranges, 105

Shaw, M , Rolling, 382

Shelmerdine, A., Velocipedes, 33

Shephard and Brough, Bathing Dress, 104

Shorland, G. L., Heating and Ventilating, 420

Shutt, T., Boots and Shoes. 438

Sidebotham, J., Concrete Building, 121

Sides and Rayner, Cutting and Dressing

Rock, 455

Sieh and Schwarz, Gas Regulating, 296

Siemens, C. W., Iron and Steel, 401

Siemens and Hesse, Kilns, 402

Silver, E., Lathes, 456

Simcox. E.. Taps and Cocks. 103, 445

Sitney, C. R.. Propelling Ships, 156

Simmons, W. A., Cheques, <kc., 438

Simon, E., Lace (Malherd’s System), 455

Simon, L., Engines, 314

Simpson, F. H., Wearing Apparel—Shirts,


Simpson, J., Engines, 67

Simpson, J., Metal Casks and Lids, 366

Simpson, J. D., Breaking and Crushing

Stone, 295

Simpscn, R., Brewing, 226

Simpson and Reid, Fastenings for Leg

gings, 365 b

Simpson, W. 8., Fire-arms, 262

Singer G., Velocipedes, 420

Slater, G., Springs for Roller Blinds, &c.,

Slater, J., Casks, 383

Slater, J. W., Treating Sewage, 244

Sleep, W. H., Ploughs, 51

Small and Marley, Register for Tramwav

Cars, 382 J

Smiley De Witt, C., Refrigerators, 121

Smith and Coventry, Shafting, 366

S“itb- c- W-> Cleaning, Scouring Wool,

&c., 225

Smith, E., Folding Chairs, 106

Smith, E. B., Refrigerators, 68

Smith, E. T., Roller Skates, 67

Smith, F.. Joints for Pipes, 52

Smith, F. H., Lamps, 314

Smith, F. and J., Folding Tables, 66

Smith and Harper, Signalling, 367

Smith, J., Feeding Boilers and Furnaces,

Smith, J., Gill Boxes, 18

Smith, J., Sewing Machine Attachment

io ’

Smith, J., Water Gauges, 17

Smith, J., Spinning, 52

Smith’ T- m ’ Cbi“ne7s fOT Engines, 366 smitb, J. M., Air Pumps, 402

SX2C9h’ J- N’’ Axle’boxes and Lubricating,

Smith’t’ p ’ £utting T°01 Holders, 172 qmuh’ p P?rmanent Wav, 457 R* c., Ordnance. 87, 172

Smith’ s’ n’ P,^tectin8 Ships’ Guns, 122

Smith’o8 j ??ubllng and Twisting, 83

Smith and Simpson, Writing Table 17 iStth T dRtarliey’ R°Ucr

Hmuh m ’ leaping and Mowing, 437

Smiths E , Velocipedes, S3

s“ow, H. F., Braces and Fastenings, 6., 121

Solvay, D., Carbonate of Soda, 16

Solvay E., Carbonate of Soda, 4>

Somenthai, G„ Safety Belt Shipper, 49

Somerville, J-, 1alves, !•<< n oq

Somerville, W. C., Driving Belts, S3

Souter and Entwisle, Treating Silk Waste

SP“na?eT’c.%rats and Bonnets, 383

Sjie^yh a“d Taylor. _8teeriug Gear, 190

S^nS: W.',’ Cluing Flour Middlings, 190

Spence, W., Saws. 34

Spencer, J., Carriages. 50

Rnencer W W„ Hats, 34

Spencer "and Stidolph, faring Springs, 66

Spiller, F. E., Securing, Ac., Metallic Cases,


Squire, A., Stopping Tram Cara, &c., 156

Stainton. W., Heating 208

Staples, H-, Treating Sewage 2o3

Steel, J., Purifying Gas, 209. 420

Steel J.. Working Continuous Brakes, 4’0

Steel and Smith, Sliver Drawing Cans, 383

Steenberg, A., Advertising, 348

Stephenson. J., Wheels, 32

Stem, H., Hats, 67

Stevenson, G., Excavating and Depositing

Earth, 456

Steward, D», Balls for Games, ^14

Stewart, W. G., Velocipedes, 314

Stidolph, Delf. and Stidolph, Cleaning and

Sorting Seed, Ac., 225

Stiff and Bowen, Screws, 402 ~

Stott, H., Ventilating Ships, 279

Stratford, W., Furnace Doors, 314

Strick, J., Flexible Joints, 122

Strick, J. Measuring Instrument, 17

Strong, A. and J , Swimming. 51

Strong, R. F.. Permanent Way 383

Stuart, C., Fasteners for Brush Handles, 366

Stuart, J., Microscopes, 244

Stubbs, J , Gassing and W inding i .mis, &c., 121

Stutter, Stubbs, and Comgan, Threading Shuttles, 106

Sunderland, H-, Crushing and Grinding, 4°2. 452 ™

Sutcliffe, H. and W., Plumbers Pipe Hooks. 294

Sutton. R. and R., Treating Twines, li

Swan, J. W., Autographic Printing, 366

Swinbum, J. F., Breech-loading Small

Arms, 367

Swinburne, T. A., Anchors, 155

Swindells and Lancaster Ammonia 246

Swindells and Lancaster, Chemical Products, 106

Sykes and Whiteley, Spinning and Twisting, 332

Symington, R. S., Electricity, 82

SystermaiiB.O., Protecting Railway Guards,


Tait, R T., Tobacco, 136

Tasker, W., Cleaning and Purifying Grain, 315

Taverdon, C. L., Self-acting Pumps

Taylor, A , Draiji Pipes, 384

Taylor, F. D., Button Fasteners, 262

Taylor, R., Annealing Plates, 17

Taylor and Ramsden, Spinning and Doubling, 261

Taylor, T., Motive Power, 87

Taylor, W., Ventilating. 437

Teals, W. E., Cleaning Wire Gauze, 87

Tetlow, H., Looms, 383

Tew. F., Wearing Apparel—Braces, 262

Thackery’ and Glover, Doubling and Twisting, 104

Thatcher, E.. Shive Drawer, 438

Thayer, L. 0., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 122

Thellot. J., Treating Petroleum for Candles and Soap, 208

Thierry, J. B. A., Smoke Consuming Apparatus, 348

Thomas, J., Fuel Economising Boilers and Furnaces, 190

Thomas, J., Lamps, 420

Thomas, J J., Separating Liquids. 262

Thomas, T., Wearing Apparel—Stays, 244

Thomas, W., Lubricating, 67

Thomas, W., Railway Brakes, 24-5

Thomas, W., Wearing Apparel—Crinoline Steel, 244

Thomas, W. II., Sewing Machines, 17

Thomlinson and Salkeld, Kilns, 88

Thompson and Lampitt, Dressing Flour and Middlings, Ac., 172

Thompson, J. P., Furnaces and Stoves. 50 Thompson, N., Fastening Window Sashes, 33

Thompson, N., Stoppers for Bottles, 33

Thompson, W. P., Boilers. 34

Thompson, W. P., Cartouch Cases, 50 Thompson, W. P., Knitting, 156 Thompson, W. P., Roller Skates, 314 Thompson, W. P., Screw-cutting Apparatus, 156

Thompson, W. P., Washing Wool, 67

Thomson, A., Boots and Shoes. 32

Thomson, E. H ., Register fur Vehicles, Ac., 263

Thomson, Sir W., Sounding Water, 314 Thomson, W. R. 51., Drying Tea, 262 Thomson, W. R. M., Sewing 5fachinc At tachments, 208

Thorburn, W., Washstands, 438

Thom, T., Carriages, 208

Thornton, J., Wedding Rings, 383

Thornton, J., J. A., and Fenton, Spinning 32

Throop, J. W., Permanent Way, 832

Tibbs, J., 51111 Furnaces, 137

Tilgmann, F., Printing, 121

Tilton, W. S_, Purifying Liquids, 383

Tindell, W. F., Boxes, 401

Tindell, W. F., Paper Boxes, 244

Tinsley, W.. Bedsteads for Invalids, 87 Tomkins, T., Bricks, 226

Tomklnson and Adam, Carpets and Rugs, 388

Tomkinson and Adam, Chenille Rugs, 455 Tommasi, F., Engines, 420

Tommasi, F., Treating Cast Steel, 105 Tongue, J. G., Advertising, 278 Tongue, J. G.. Colouring Matters 262 Tongue, J. G„ Pumps, 105

Tongue, J. G., Raising Fallen Crops, 225 Tongue, J. G., Screw Pro|>ellerB, 3S3 Tooley, E. H.. Horse Rakes, 383

lower. B., Indicating Speed of Marine Engines, 455

Townsend, S.. Driving Bands, Picture Cords. Ac., 452, 456

Tozer, J. H., Permanent Way, 226

Tringuetta, C., Propelling, 226 rronchon, P. A , Railway Brakes, 348 Tuck, R. Photography, 87 Tucker, il. C , Roller Skates, 18 luer, A. W., Copying Paper, 848 unke H., Handles for Knives, 263

Turnbull, A., Safety Valves, 487 urnbull, A., Voting. 366

Turner, A. D., Heating. 402

Turner, A. D., Sewing Machines, 121, 402 turner, IL, Raising Sunken Ships, Ac , 832

Turner, S., Bricks, 66

Turner, W., Checking Receipts, 51

Turpin, M. F. C., Flooring, 402

Turquand, W. M. G., Clipping and Shearing, 155

Tweddell, Platt, and Fielding, Driving Machines, 363

Tweddell, Platt, and Fielding, Hydraulic

Presses, 262

Tylor, A., Water Supply, 104

Tyzack, G., Anchors, 420

Underhill and Caitland, Metal Butt Hinges, 420

Unwin, J., Etching on Glass, 402

Upton, J., Horseshoes, 245

Upton, W., Fasteners for Wearing Apparel, 225

Vaile, G., Lubricating Spindles Ac., 137

Vandendriesche, A. E., Gas Regulator, 438

Vanner, J. E., Winding Silk, 456

Vaughan, A., Padlocks, 366

Vaughan, E. P. H., Binding Grain, 187

Vaughan, E. H. P., Boilers, 18

Vaughan, H. and T., Locks and Keys, 365

Vauthier, T. H., Printing in Colours, 49

Vernon, J., Toilet Services, 87

Vernon, J., Bottles and Tumblers, 365

Virtue, F., Treating Oil-seeds, &c., 366

Vivian, J., Drilling Rock, 121

Vogan, R., Sieves, 104

Voysey, C., Ships, 332

Wadsworth, IL, Boots and Shoes, 155

Wadsworth, T. L., Sugar Cubing, 138

Wagstaff, R., Chimney Tops and Ventilators, 438

Wahl, B., Destroying Vermin, 420

Wain, J., Spinning and Doubling, 366

Wakefield, J., Dios, 437

Waldo, C. F., Feeding Attachments for

Presses, 401

Walker, C. C., Planing Metal, 103

Walker, B. P., Feeding Furnaces, 121

Walker, H., Needles, 208

Walker, J., Fluid Meter, 455

Walker and Patterson. Refining Sugar, 348

Walker and Patterson, Treating Sugar Residues, 438

Walker, S., Stoppers for Bottles, 51

Walker, W., Stoppers for Bottles, 51

Walker, W. and J. C., Pins, Needles, <fcc., 66

Walkington and Broscomb, Pencils, 122

Walkington, J. A., Roller Skates, 66

Wallace and Claus, Sulphate of Zinc, 225

Wallace, R., Crucibles, 50

Wallace and Claus, Salts of Barium and

Silver, Extracting, 225

Wallace, R. W., Sulphuric Acids, 67

Wallis, C. E., Roller Skates, 49

Wallis, C. W., Paving, 366

Wallis, J. Theodolites, 17

Wallis and Hayford, Roller Skates, 295

Walsham, J., Dress-holders, 455

Walton, F., Distilling. 16

Walton, G., Boots and Shoes, 106

Walton, S., Locks, 437

Walton, W., Billiard, &c., Markers, 172

Walton, W., Grinding Wire Cards, 366, 367

Walton, W., Marker for Billiards, 314

Warburton, H. G., Winding, 365

Ward, T. B., Stretching Frames, 366

Ware, A. S., Rein Holder, 455

Warner, EL, Smelling Bottles, 105

Warren and Field, Protecting Ships’ Bottoms, 244

Warsop, G., Boiler Skates, 67

Warth, H., Salt, 420

Warwick, J., Sewing Machine Shuttles, 136

Waters and Liston, Hies for Roofing, 87

Watson, J., Treating Sewage, 456

Watson and Weatherby, Fanning, 209

Watson, J> D. R., Treating Sugar, 382

Watton, J., Boiler Furnaces, 121

Watts, W., Roller Skates, 435

Watts, W. J., Manual Screw Propeller, 122

Waugh, J., Gathering Crops, Stones, &c., 226

Waymouth, S., Railway Signals, 226

Weatherburn, W. W. and R., Extracting

Tubes from Boilers, 156

Weatherdon and McNabb, Boats, 49

Webb, F. W., Signals and Points, 87

Webb, T. G., Ornamenting Glass, 104

Webb, T. W., Ornamental Glass 104

Webb, W., Treating Sewage, 33

Webber, C. G , Heating by Gas, 382

Webster, E., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 333

Webster, jun., W., Endosmomic Action, 420

Weightman, A., Stoppers for Bottles, 87

Weintrand and Joyce, Solitaires, 314

Weir, J. B., Cutting and Dressing Stone, 106

Welch and Scott, Mixing, 88

Weldon, F., Measuring Distances,’456

Weldon, W., Aluminates and Phosphates of

Soda and Sulphur, 296

Weldon, W., Carbonate of Soda, 296

Weldon, W., Carbon Bricks, 296

Weldon, W., Caustic Soda, Potash, and Sulphur. 296

Weldon, W., Lining Furnaces, 296

Weldon, W., Silicates of Aluminates of Soda and Potash, 296

Weldon, W., Sulphides of Soda and Potash, 296, .296, 296, 296

Weldon, W., Treating Soda and Potash, 296

Weldon, W., Treating Sulphates of Soda and Potash, 296

Wells, G. I. J., Soda and Potash, 122

Wells, J., Solid Dies, 348

Welsh, J., Doubling and Twisting, 50

Wenn and Dashwood, Heating Buildings, &c., 121

Wesley, W., Boots and Shoes, 348

Westmacott, C. M , Motive Power, 295

Weston, G., Hauling Gear and Bearings, 51

Westwood, A., Smoke-consuming Furnaces, 279

Wetzel, C. II., Fastenings for Boxes, 366

Whieldon, E. W., Finishing Rolls, 365

Whitaker, R , Excavating, 137

Whitaker, T. and W., Heating and Ventilating, 262

Whitaker, O. L. and W. A., Pearson and Entwistle, Spinning, 402

Whitcombe, A., Affixing Adhesive Stamps, 52, 365

Whitcombe, A., Carriages, 348

Whitcombe, A., Screws, Bolts, Hooks, &c., 295

White, W., Treating Coffee and Cocoa, 263

White, W., Treating Sewage, 349

Whiteford, J., Horseshoes, 156

Whitehall, E., Pleating and Ruching, &c., 244

Whitehead, Bolt, and Weeder, Spoons, 50

Whitehead, F , hewing Machines, 456

Whitehead, H. G., Pieserving Meat, 348

Whitehead, T. and L. R., Ornamenting Glass, 366

Whitehead, T. and H. W., Drawing Rollers, 439

Whitehouse and Thomson, Registering Fares, 67

Whiteley, \V., Spinning and Roving, 122

Whitestone, J., Heating and Lighting, 226

Whitlow, J., Roller Skates, 17

Whittaker, P. H., Signalling, 365

Whitthread, W., Pigments, 104

Whitwell, T., Heating, 33

Whitworth, Sir J., Wheels, 208

Wicksteed, C., Engines, 383

Bigley, J., Treating Straps, 402

Wigzell and Halsey, Engines, 366

Wigzell and Pollet, Drying Wool, 366

Wild and Chadwick, Looms, 438

Wilde, IL, Printing, 349

Wilder, J., Roller Skates, 50

Wilds, G. II., Weighing and Shooting

Coals, 156

Wilding, J., Washing, 279

Wildy, W. L., Permanent Way, 381, 438

Wilkins, F., Propelling, 67

Wilkins, S. B., Ball Cock Hydrants, 366

Wilkinson, F., Carding, 438

Willans, J. G., Castings, 455

Willans, J. G., Iron and Steel, 315

Willett, G. R., Washing, 262

Williams, J., Cylinders and Valves, 438

Williams and Pemberton, Boilers, 156

Williams and Wilson, Permanent Way, 33

Williamson, W. 8 , Treating Slag and Pyrites, 32,401 J

Wilson, A., Utilising Waste Heat, 87

Wilson and Battenby, Reaping and Mowing, 155

Wilson, J. C., Safety Valve Apparatus, 455

Wilson, J. G., Extinguishing Sparks, 437

Wilson, J. G., Indicating Speed, 156

Wilson and Leach, Ejectors, 121

Wilson, M , Velocipedes, 298

Wilson, P, G., Brooches, 279

Wilson, R., Hydraulic Presses, 137, 332

Wilson, R , Screw Propellers, 121

Wilson, R. A., Furnaces, 438

Wilson, T., Metallic Bedsteads, 226

Wilson, W., Cooking Ranges, 262

Wilson, W. W., Mixing Concrete, 332

Wiltshire, W., Fastenings for Railway

Carriage Doors, 104

Winchester and Everest, Roller Blinds, 438

Winter, W., Pencil Holders, 262

Winton, P., Digging Potatoes, 17

Wirth, F., Artificial Ice, 121

Wirth, F., Bleaching, 384

Wirth, F., Braiding. 402

Wirth, F., Cooking by Petroleum, 17

Wirth, F., Drum Screening, 104

Wirth, F., Grinding and Mashing, 401

Wirth. F , Lubricating, 172

Wirth, F., Malt, 104

Wirth, F., Motive Power, 33

Wirth, F., Packing Rings, 366

Wirth, F„ Railway Brakes, 295

Wirth, F., Recovering Sulphide from

Oxide. 383

Wirth, F., Roller Skates, 50

Wirth, F., Rolling Machinery, 226

Wirth, F., Silk, &c., Hats, 190

Wirth, F., Table Fountains, 226

Wirth, F., Travelling Bags, 262

Wise, W. L., Condensers, 67

Wise, W. L , Centrifugal Machines, 208

Wise, W. L., Cleaning Lithographic Stones, 226

Wise, W. L., Engines, 17

Wise, W. L., Furnaces, 279

Wise, W. L., Governors, 401

Wise, W. L., Rollerskates, 156

Wise, W. L., Rolling Machinery, 456

Wise, W. L., Telescopes, 137

Wise, W. L., Wire, 106

Wollenberg, 0., Lamps, 67

Wolochoff, a. D., Marking Divisions, 262

Wolstenholme, J., Steam Pumps, 420

Wood, C. F., Portable Rink, 51

Wood, C. F., Roller Skates, 366, 455

Wood, J. J. and E , Furnace Doors, 291

Wood, J., Moulding, 67

Wood, Shakespear, and Thompson, Railway

Signalling, 245

Wood, W. A., Rakes for Harvesters, 191

Woodall, 8., Lubricating, 383

Woodbury, W. B., Magic Lanterns, 384

Woodhouse, J., Blocks for Building, 172

Woodward, H., Vulcanite Billiard Balls, 50

Wotherspoon, J., Asbestos Paper, 279

Wright, J. D. P., Cooking, 32

Wright, J. R., Hand Trucks, 17

Wrigley, A., Automatic Railway Signalling, 314

Wulfing, R., Buttons, 17

Wyatt, W. P., Lock Nuts, 16

Yarndley, H., Fastenings for Doors, 32

Yates, H. and T. E., and Bedford, Carding,

Yeo, E., Treating Yarns, 66

Youard, H. G., Paperhanging, 104

Young, F., Roller Skates, 50

Young, H. B., Marine Engines, 244

Young, J., Feeding Furnaces, 105

Young and Deacon, Roller Skates, 348

Young and Fletcher, Warping, 16

Young, Me. L., Sewing Machines, 87

Young,Neilson, and Young, Distilling Bituminous Substances, 402

Young, 8., Motive Power, 384

Young, W., Carburetting Air, 294

Young, W., Feeding Furnaces, 295

Zaffira, G., Watches and Clocks, 225

Zanni, G., Magneto-Electric Machines, 172

Zanui, G., Magneto-Electricity for Curative

Purposes, 457

Zingler, M , Paints and Inks, 122

Zoller and Scott, Tiles, Slabs, and Flexible

Hose, 104

Abstracts of Specffifatfona. SUBJECT MATTER.

Aci 1 Used in Pickling Metal Plates, Treating, R. J. Hutchings, 438

Adjusting Portable Machinery,Clayton and Shuttle worth, 225

Advertising, W. A. Brice, 383

Advertising, A. M Clark, 156, 366

Advertising, 8. D. Krtiger, 50

Advertising and Exhibiting, W. R. Holy-oake, 51

Advertising, A. Steenberg, 348

Advertising, J. G. Tongue, 278

Advertising Plates and Labels, Dryhurst and Woodward, 262

Aerated Beverages, H. B. Fox, 67

Aerial Toy, J. C. Mewburn, 226

Agricultural Drills, Hensman and Hensman, 67

Agricultural Drills, T. G. and H. Preece, 66

Albums, L. Biermanns, 244

Album, &c., Leaves, P. Jensen, 34

Alloys, C. Fox, 421

Aluminates and Phosphates of Soda and

Sulphur, W. Weldon, 296

Ammonia, Swindells and Lancaster, 215

Anchors, P. Protheroe, 52

Anchors, J. M. Richards, 420

Anchors, T. A. Swinburne, 155

Anchors, G. Tyzack, 420

Animal and Vegetable Substances with Hydro-Carbons, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 455

Animal and Vegetable Substances, Treating. J J. Sachs, 383

Annealing Plates, R. Taylor, 17

Armour Plates, G. W. von Nawrocki, 137

Armour Plating, Banks and Wright, 190

Armour Plating, J. H. Johnson, 402, 435, 452, 455

Armour Plating, A. L. S. Leighs, 244

Asbestos Paper, J. Wotherspoon, 279

Asphalte, B. D. Healey, 155

Asphaltum, L. L. P6aud, 314

Astronomical and Surveying Instruments,

P. Adie, 137

Atmosphere in Mines, Analysing, E. P. Alexander, 49

Axle Boxes, C. E. Firmstone, 278

Axle Boxes, Carriage, E. Partridge, 348

Axle Boxes, &c., Lubricating, J. N. Smith, 209

Axles, G. Clark, 314

Axles, W. R. Lake, 68

Axles and Brakes, J. Cleminson, 419

Bagatelle, R. Henly, 226

Bale Ties, W. R. Lake, 138

Bale Ties, D. C. Lowber, 122

Balloons, M. Runkel, 104

Bathing Apparatus, A. Browne, 348

Bathing Dress, Shephard and Brough, 104

Batteries, Electric, Coxeser, J. and S. J.,


Batteries, Galvanic, W. R. Lake, 243

Batteries and Projectiles, T. S. Hunter, 261

Bearing Springs, Spencer and Stidolph, 66 Bearings and Footsteps, Follows ana Bate, 278

Beds, Elastic, G. D. Haisno, 263

Bedsteads, Invalids', 8. Danischewski, 314

Bedsteads for Invalids, W. Tinsley, 87

Bedsteads, Metallic, T. Wilson, 226

Bedsteads, <fcc., Portable, R. Cane, 262

Bicycles, J. Fournier, 155

Bicycles, Likeman and Lawson, 136

Billiard Balls, Vulcanite, II. Woodward, 59

Billiard, &c., Tables, J. Marsden, 104, 456

Billiards, J. Bennett, 365

Binding Grain, E. P. H. Vaughan, 137

Blankets, P. Jones, 121

Blasting, J. Macnab, 262

Bleaching, F. Wirth, 384

Bleaching and Dyeing, W. Crawford, 402

Blind Cord Holder, Venetian, J. G. Rolla-son, 225

Blind Cords, G. Andrews, 67

Blind Rollers, II. Callas, 190

Blinds, Attachments for Roller, J. Day, 261

Blinds, Roller, Winchester and Everest, 438

Blinds, Venetian, F. S. Costa, 457

Blinds, Venetian, C. T. IV. Piper, 261

Blood-Albumen for Dyeing and Printing, &c., Kingzett and Zingler, 122

Blotting Pads, R. Abb ay, 402

Blowing Fans, P. Pierce, 456

Boat Lowering, Johnson and Johnson, 332

Boat Lowering, W. R. Lake, 155

Boat Lowering, A. Macpherson, 332

Boat Lowering and Detaching, G. G. Laurence, 121

Boat Lowering 296

and Raising, J. W. Rogers,

Boats, Weatherdon and McNabb, 49 Bobbins, J. Ledger, 156

Boiler Tube Ferule Extractor, W. Bowker, 245

Boilers, C. D. Abel, 382

Boilers, D. Davidson, 402

Boilers, W. E. Everitt. 262

Boilers, H. J. Haddan, 67

Boilers, J. Higginbotham, 17

Boilers, B. Hunt, 261

Boilers, R. Illingworth, 314

Boilers, J. H. Johnson, 366

Boilers, 8. Leoni, 455

Boilers, J. Metcalf, 18

Boilers, T. and R. Mills, 420

Boilers, T. Morgan, 314

Boilers, W. Morgan-Brown, 279

Boilers, II. II. Murdoch, 401

Boilers, T. F. Passman, 348

Boilers, H. A. Potter, 49

Boilers, G. Piedbceul, 17

Boilers, R. Renshaw, 190

Boilers, G. W. D. Scott, 279

Boilers, W. P. Thompson, 34

Boilers, E. P. H Vaughan, 18

Boilers, Williams and Pemberton, 156

Boilers, Automatic Feed Apparatus for, C. D. Abel, 456

Boilers, Cleaning, Mather, J. and W. Or-mesher, and Brown, 383

Boilers, Extracting Tubes from, W. W. and R. Weatherbuin, 156

Boilers, Feeding, C. Pieper, 191

Boilers and Furnaces, Feeding, J. Smith, 402

Boilers and Furnaces, Fuel Economising, J. Thomas, 190

Boilers, Preventing Corrosion in, A. T. Becks, 382

Boilers, Preventing Corrosion in, W. Major, 104

Boilers, Registers for, J. Ledger, 262

Boilers, Safety Alarms for, W. J. Coe, 382

Bookbinding, J. H. Johnson, 32

Bookbinding, W. R. Lake, 121

Boots and Shoes, E. P. Alexander, 136

Boots and Shoes, Batley, Keats, and Neil, 438

Boots and Shoes, W. H. Beck, 190

Boots and Shoes, Bourn and Zeden, 383

Boots and Shoes, A. M. Clark, 87

Boots and Shoes, W. H. Dutton, 366

Boots and Shoes, D. W. Fessy, 421

Boots and Shoes, W. E. Gedge, 438

Boots and Shoes, H. Glenn, 87

Boots and Shoes, Keats and Greenwood, 314

Boots and Shoes, W. R. Lake, 402, 439

Boots and Shoes, II. Lavie, 383

Boots and Shoes, T. Morgan, 155, 314

Boots and Shoes, T. Shutt, 438

Boots aud Shoes, A. Thomson, 32

Bootsand Shoes, G. Walton, 106

Boots and Shoes, W. Wesley, 348

Boots and Shoes, Cleaning, W. Andrews, 67

Boots, Shoes, and Clogs, II. Wadsworth, 155

Boring, D. Ainsley, 51

Bottles, J. W. Kirk, 88

Bottles, C. Bayliss, 315

Bottles for Acids, <fcc., J. Holden, 383

Bottles, Smelling, H. Warner, 105

Bottles and Stoppers, Gee, Gibbs, and Garnett, 244

Bottles and Stoppers for Aerated Liquids, L. Rose, 156

Bottles and Tumblers, Vernon, J., 366

Bottling Wines, &c., C. T. Marzetti, 66

Boxes, W. F. Tindell, 401

Boxes for Cigar Ashes, J. Bertram, 402

Boxes for Matches, &c., T. Allen, 226

Boxes for Matches, G. F. Griffin, 279

Boxes for Matches, &c., E. Pace, 262

Boxes, Metal, R. Braunfeld, 49

Boxes, Paper, W. F. Tindell, 244

Boxes, Pomatum, J. Rogers, 348

Braces, II. F. Snow, 67, 121

Braiding, F. Wirth, 402

Brake for Horses, Electric, F. Fancher, 156

Brake Regulators, Hydraulic, Cozza and Corseri, 50

Brakes, J. Kuntze, 333

Brakes, Air, C. A. Bouton, 314, 420 Brakes, Atmospheric, C. Cowdery, 226 Brakes for Cranes, fcc., W. Matthews, 190

Brakes for Perambulators, W. J. Parker,

Brakes, Working Continuous, J. Steel, 420 Biakes, Railway, J. Ahronsberg, 50 Brakes, Railway, T. Anderson, 52

Brakes, Railway, E. D. Barker, 156

Brakes, Railway, J. Beale, 332

Brakes, Railway, D. Drummond, 439 Brakes, Railway, R. A. Essery, 121

Brakes, Railway, T. J. and J., jun., Fielden,

Brakes, Railway, J. Peebles, 402

Brakes, Railway. A. Schlesinger, 333 Brakes, Railway, W. Thomas, 245

Brakes, Bailway, P. A. Tronchon, 348

Brakes, Railway. F. Wirth, 295 nr!nNUg an^ £ru’Vin& G- Chapitel, 225 Breaking and Crushing Stone, A. Browne,

Bs^i^95and CrushinS Stone, J. D. Simp-Breaking Ores. <fcc., J. C. Cole, 262 Brewing, R. Simpson, 226 Bricks, W. L. Grigg, 17 Bricks, &c., B. J. B. Mills, 208 Bricks, T. Tomkins. 226 Bricks, S. Turner, 66

Bricks, Protecting. W. Kemsley 121

Bricks and Tiles, J. H. Atterbury, 121 Bricks and Tiles, J. C. Bloomfield, 314 Bricks and Tiles, F. Chamberlain, 333 Bricks and Tiles, J. W. Corbett. 384 Bricks and Tiles, G. Davies. 137 Bricks and Tiles, P. Jensen, 208 Bricks and Tiles, T. Johnson, 190

Bricks, Tiles. &c., C. H. Murray, 261 Bridges, F. Beattie, 67

Bridles, G. Green, 244

Bristles Dressing, II. J. Haddan, 245 Bronzing Copper, <fcc , L. J. Roucou, 50 Brooches, P. G. Wilson, 279

Broom Handle Shield, A.C. Henderson 279 Brushes, J. Raper, 172

Brushes and Brooms, II. Jesson and Duggan. 347 °

Brushes and Combs, C. D Abel 87 Buffer Hoops, R. Ramsay, 438

Building, Blocks for. J. Woodhouse, 172 Building Materials, T. Hyatt, 137, 365 Buildings, Ships, &c., J. P. Harriss-Gas-trell, 456

Burners, G. S. Robinson, 348

Burners, R. Schreiber, 314

Burners, Cylindrical, C. A. Ferron, 87 Burners. Gas, J. Chatwin, 314 Button Fasteners, F. D. Taylor 262 Button Holing, T. Rose, 401 Buttons, H. A. Bonneville, 209 Buttons, J. Fletcher, 438

Buttons, K. Proctor, 348 Buttons, R. Wulfing, 17

Calendering and Glazing, W. Ibbotson, 366 Candles, F. M. de Lastelle, 51

Candles, J. B Morse, 262

Candlesticks. R. Brown, 137 Candlesticks, C. T. Price, 17 Candles and Soap, Treating Petroleum for

J. Thellot, 20S ’

Cans for Oil, &c., Tank, B. J. B. Mills, 172 Cans for Paints, <fcc., S. Eyles, 190 Capstans, E. B. Ellington, 67

Capstans, H. J. Haddan, 18

Capsules for Bottles, C. M. Jacob, 226, 366 Carbonates of Soda, D. Solvay, 16 Carbonates of Soda, E. Solvay, 49 Carbonate of Soda, W. Weldon, 296 Carburotting Air, J. W. Gidney, 332 Carburetting Air, W. Young, 294

Carding, G. R. and E. Ashworth, 402 Carding, W. and T. Barker, 456 Carding, J. Doan, 67

Carding, Dobson. Rushton, and Dobson, 401 Carding, J. and J. E. Holden, 52 Carding, J. Ingham, 121 Carding, J. Jackson, 105

Carding, J. II. and J. Kenyon, 122 Carding, C. W. and F. Ratcliff, 456 Carding, W. Scholes, 262 Carding, J. P. Scott, 456 Carding, W. Spence, 137 Carding, F. Wilkinson, 438

Carding, H. and T. E. Yates and Bedford, 51

Carpets, T. F. Firth, 156

Carpets, J. Irving, 314

Carpets and Rugs, J. H. Johnson, 332

Carpets and Rugs, Tomkinson and Adam, 383

Carriages—(See also Vehicles) Carriage Shafts, C. J. Ball, 349 Carriages, H. Brinsmead, 87 Carriages, G. H. Morgan, 456 Carriages, J. Spencer, 50 Carriages, T. Thorn, 208 Carriages, A. Whitcombe, 348 Carriages. Rail and Tramway, T. R. Brailsford, 348

Carriages, Steam, T. Robertson, 104 Cartouche Case, W. P. Thompson, 50 Cartridges, J. D. Dougall, jun., 383 Cartridges, G. L. Jefferies, 87 Cartridges, J. II. Johnson, 172 Cartridges, W. R. Lake, 87, 225 Cases, &c., Cylindrical, W. Austin, 33 Cases for Sash Pulleys, W. Clark, 34 Casks, W. Murphy, 68

Casks, J. Slater, 383

Casks and Lids, Metal, J. Simpson, 366

C'iSKs, Treating the Insiaes of, Matthew and Davis, 349

Casting, W. R. Lake, 226

Castings, J. G. Willans, 456

Castors, J. T. Ashenhurst, 296

Castors, P. J. Carmien, 420

Castors, A. M. Clarke, 51 Castors, I. F. Cuttier, 50 Castors, II. J. Haddan, 18 Castors, J. C. Scott, 104 Castors, Ball, G F. Redfern, 244 Catching Fish, Game, &c., W; R. Lake, 438 Caustic Soda, Potash, and Sulphur, W.

Weldon, 296

Centrifugal Machines, E. A. Cowper, 366 Centrifugal Machines, W. L. Wise, 208 Centrifugal Power, J. E. F. Ludeke, 33 Chaff Cutting, T. Allcock, 121 Chain Cables, J. C. Ramsden, 67 Chains, J. K. Pearce, 420

Chairs, Children’s Carriage, W. R. Lake, 34 Chairs, Folding, A. M. Clark. 208 Chairs, Folding, G. F. Redfern, 32 Chairs, Folding, E. Smith, 106 Chandeliers, &c., J. T. King, 106 Chandeliers and Lamps, Crichley and

Mason, 105

Chandeliers, <fcc., Suspending, C. D. E. Kramme, 104

Checking Receipts, W. Turner, 51

Chemical Products, Swindells and Lancaster, 106

Chenile Rugs, Tomkinson and Adam, 455 Cheques, <fcc., W. A. Simmons, 438 Chimney Pots, D. Guy, 456

Chimney Tops and Ventilators, R. Wagstaff, 438

Chimneys for Engines, J. G. Smith, 366 Chlorine, H. Deacon. 17

Churning and Freezing, A. A. Schlesinger, 156

Cigar, <fcc.. Cases, H. W. Dee, 172 Cigar Holders, J. T. Connolly, 51 Cigarettes without Tobacco, J- ^03j Clasps, J. Muller, 456

Cleaning Bolting Machinery, L. V. Rath-bum, 226

Cleaning Boots, Bayer and Jahn, 51 Cleaning Cotton, S. Crossley, 172

Cleaning Cotton, Lord and Kaborry, jun..


Cleaning and Dyeing, J. H. Rogers, 457 Cleaning Grain, J. A. Pots, 51

Cleaning Knives, J. L. Hancock, 105 Cleaning Knives, R. Knott, 402

Cleaning Lithographic atones, W. L. Wise, 226

Cleaning and Purifying Grain, I. A. B. Childs, 16

Cleaning and Purifying Grain, W. Tasker, 315

Cleaning Rails, Kelman and Wilson, 332 Cleaning and Scouring Wool, &c., C. W.

Smith, 225

Cleaning and Sorting Seed, &c , Stidolph, Delf, and Stidolph, 225

Cleaning and Sweeping Streets, W. A. Brodribb, 439

Clipping Horses, H. Bate, 87

Clipping and Shearing, W. M G Tur-quand, 155

Clocks, Carpenter and Martin, 33

Clocks, J. A. Lund, 420

Clocks, Illuminating, J. A. Langston, 225 Clocks, Tell-Tale, W. C. 8. Clark, 155 Clockwork, G. E. Pritchett, 401 Clog Blocks, R. J. Jones, 172 Closets, Dry, C. Scott, 226

Coal Cutting, E. A. Cowper, 262 Coal Loading, A. M. Potter, 279 Cocks, Shutting, O. Ber, 295 Cocks, J. H. Johnson, 137 Cocks, Blow-off, W. Bowker, 278 Cocks and Taps, W. Burns, 262 Coffee and Cocoa, Treating, W. White 263 Coffee Pots, W. Clark, 33 ’ W

Coffee Pulping, a. M. Clark, 155 Coffee, Treating, R. Goundry, 383 Colouring Matters, A. M. Clark, 105 Colouring Matters, L. Henny 382 Colouring Matters, J. G. Tongue, 262 Colouring Matters and Sugar, A. M. Clark.

JL vO *

Combing, Ackroy, Ambler, and Banks 67 Combing, J. Eastwood, 172 ’ '

Combing, T. W. Harding, 437

Combing, J. and J. E. Holden, 68 Combing, A. Hopff, 32 Combing, J. H. Johnson, 87 Combing, Jowett and Sergeant. 50 Combing, P. Kelly, 332 Combing, E de Pass, 87

Compasses, Magnetic, F. Barker, 67 Compressing Air, P. Brotherhood. 278 Compressing Air, T. Feather, 262 Concrete -(See also Paving Blocks'} Concrete, J. C. Sellars, 402 Concrete Blocks, W. Ettlinger, 226 Concrete Building, J. Sidebotham, 117 Concrete Building and Tiles, C. Drake 455 Condensers, W. L Wise, 67 ’

Condensers, Electrical, O. G. Fitzgerald, 348 Condensing Steam, J. E. Remfry 156

“ZLt MU8iCal ln8tr™ts, Controlling Exchange of Gold Coin for bilver, tec., T. Austin, 51

Converting Vessels for Iron and Steel T A Froeston, 295 ’

Cooking, W. Clark, 33

Cooking, H. J. Haddan, 50

Cooking, Heaps and Wheatley. 296 Cooking, J. D. P. Wright, 32

Cooking by Petroleum, F. Wirth 17 Cooking Utensils, W. Morgan-Brown, 245 Cooling Fabrics, H. Lister, 349 Copper, Treating, S. Pitt, 262 Copying Presses, A. G. Brookes, 225 Copying Presses, W. B. Sargent, 225 ‘ Corkscrews, C. Baylis, 212 Corkscrews, G. A. Biddel, 51 Corkscrews, W. R. Lake, 138

Cotton as an Absorbent, Preparing. R R and F. P. and J. P. Buck, 156

Cotton, treating, S. D. Keen, 68 Counterpanes, W. O’Hanlon, 137 Couplings, T. A. Brocklebank, 225 Couplings, Coleman and Bird, 172 Couplings, S. Partridge, 208

Couplings for Cars, II. J. Haddan, 138 Couphngs for Fire Hose, &c , G. Macartney,

Couplings, Friction, J. Duncan, 67 Couplings, Railway, J. H. Johnson, 100 Couplings for Shafts, M. II. Kernaul 137 Coverings for Carboys, H. Hall, 383 ’ Cowls, J. Deaken, 104

Cramps for Flooring, J. Bardsley, 156 Cramps for Flooring, J. Hampton, 1 Crochet Hooks, T. Banks, 18 Crucibles, R. Wallace, 50 Crushing, &c., 8. Marsden, 88

Crushing and Grinding. J. O. Hanctin, 136 C™sohi?£ and Grlnding, H. Sunderland, 402, 452 9

Cultivating, J. A. Clarke, 348 Cultivating. J. Connell, 383 Cultivating, E. Greig, 402 Cultivating and Digging, Barclay and SeL

Cultivating by Steam, T. R. H. Fiskon, 172 Cultivating, Steam, W. Rainford, sen., and jun., 262

Cultivating, Steam, W. H. Samson, 279 Cut-Nail Machines, J. Dimelow, 51 Cl^aU Machines, Feeding, J. R. Danks, Cutter Blocks, F. R. Clarke, 348

Cutting Bone, Ivory, &c., A. P. Dupont, 382 Cutting and Bundling Sticks, F. Kingston, 226

Cutting Chaff, Hay, &c., D. A. Christie, 456 Cutting and Chopping Moat, <fcc., Goodchild and Hay, 33

Cutting and Chopping Suet, &c., H. Baker. 226

Cutting and Dressing Rock, Sides and Rayner, 455

Cutting and Dressing Stone, W. B. Adamson, 314

Cutting and Dressing Stone, J. B. Weir. 106 *

Cutting and Edging Grass, G. B. North-cote, 190

Cutting Grass Edges, &c., A. E. Ragg, 295 Cutting Leather Edges, A. M. Clark, 382 Cutting Mortices in Wood, A. W. Pocock.


Cutting Rags, Fodder, &c., J. R. Readett. 402

Cutting and Splitting Wood, T. Jefferey, 455

Cutting Sugar, B. J. B. Mills, 383

Cutting and Stamping, J. Leber, 121 Cutting Wood, W. Cook, 402

Cylinders and Valves, J. Williams, 438

Dampening Pads, II. J. Haddam 12 J Decorticating, A. M. Clark, 34

Desk and Case, Writing, J. J. Fitzgerald,

Desks, Convertible, R. M. Cameron, 456 for Photographers, Burrows and Colton, 67

„ , „ Seats, J. Johns,tone, 51 Destroying Noxious Gases, W. E. Newton, _ 2S. Jng. Vermin, B. Wahl, 420 netorniinin? Anglos of Engine Eccentrics, V T n Coxon, 105 thoa R. C. Robinson, 450 n * Wakefield, 437

2 Solid, J. Wells, 348

Potatoes, L. A. Aspinall, 402 nivzing Potatoes, P. M. Bawtenhimer, 121 niwffing Potatoes, J. Salmond, 226 Digging Potatoes, P. Winton, 17

Digging Turnips, Dewar and Crichton, 295 Disbes, &»■> Revolving, Green and Mallol, 438

Disinfecting, C. E. II. Rogers, 366 Disintegrating Quartz, II. J. Haddan, 52 Dispensing, J. Cockshott, 34 Distilling, P. Griffin, 262

Distilling, McKendrick and Ball, 383 Distilling, F. Walton, 16

Distilling Bituminous Substances, Young, Neilson and Young, 402

Diving, M. II. Bland, 156

Door-knocker, R. L. Johnson, 137 Doors, D. Gill, 106

Doors, Furnace, W. Stratford, 314

Doors and Dampers, Oven, W. Quinsey, 50 Doubling, S. Bagnall, 244

Doubling, J. C. Rawson, 244

Doubling and Twisting, S. Smith, 83 Doubling and Twisting, Thackery and Glover, 104

Doubling and Twisting, J. Welsh, 50 Drawing Rollers, T. and II. W. Whitehead, 489

Drawing, Sketching, &c., B. Beer, 438 Dredging, Sir J. Coode, 87

Dredging and Excavating, J. Crabtree, 295 Dredging and Excavating, A. C. Henderson, 348

Dress Holders, J. Walsham, 455

Dress Suspenders, A. L. Fyfe, 121 Dressing and Cleaning Fibres, W. R. Lake, 244

Drill Cramps, R. J. Hodges, 401

Drill, Metal, E. T. Hughes, 382

Drilling, J. W. Rogers, 348

Drilling and Boring, J. Mawson, 66

Drilling Braces, G. Double, 383

Drilling, Dental, J. L. Field, 49

Drilling Rock, C. J. Copeland, 50

Drilling Rock, W. W. Dunn, 50

Drilling Rock, Kennedy and Eastwood, 66

Drilling Rock, G. H. Neumann, 420

Drilling Rock, J. Vivian, 121

Drilling and Turning, J. Dickinson, 401

Drills, Percussive Rock, J. Darlington, 438

Driving Bands, J. Good, 244

Driving Bands, E. Renoult, 17

Driving Bands, Picture Cords, &c., S.

Townsend, 456

Driving Belts, D. L6vy, 136

Driving Belts, W. C. Somerville, 33

Driving Chains, W. R. Lake, 156

Driving Machinery, M. J. Roberts, 137

Driving Machinery, Tweddell, Platt, and

Fielding, 366

Drying Charcoal, A. M. Clark, 209

Drying, T. Coieby, 208

Drying and Pulverising Blood, C. and A.

Forrest, 332

Drying and Stretching, J. S. Kershaw, 295

Drying Tea, W. R. M. Thomson, 262

Drying Wool, Wigzell and Pellet, 366

Dyeing, Frost and Walmsley, 33

Dyeing Wool in Indigo Vats, W. Croysdale, 456

Dynamo - Electric and Magneto-Electric Machines, A. M. Clark, 348

Dynamometers, H. Killiches, 137

Easels, J. Carter, 18

Easels, J. B. Fenby, 137

Easels, G. Gent, 384

Ejectors, Wilson and Leach, 121

Electricity, J. F. Bennett, 32

Electricity, G. Gledhill, 17

Electricity, E. H. C. Monckton, 191

Electricity, I. L. Pulvermacher, 16, 401

Electricity, R. S. Symington, 32

Electric Light, R. Applegarth, 420

Electric Light, E. G. Brewer, 814

Electro-Plate, Green and Mallol, 438

Electro-Plating, R. M. Prior, 105

Elevating, W, R. Lake, 366

Elevating, Hydraulic, W. R. Lake, 68

Elevating and Stacking, C. Loader, 187

Elevators, F. J. Bird, 455

Elevators, H. A. Bonneyille, 52

Elevators, J. D. Garrett, 67

Elevators, J. Hancox, 87

Elevators, W. Poulson, 314

Embroidery, E. Demoncheaux, 137

Embroidery, A. Heaven, 401

Embroidery and Veining, G. Benson, 136

Endorsing Stamps, R. G. Foot, 32

Endosmomic Action, W. Webster, jun., 490

Engines, C. D. Abel, 33, 332

Engines, J. Apperley, 332

Engines, G. Beesley, 209

Engines, M. P. W. Boulton, 67, 366

Engines, E. J. Coleman, 172

Engines, A. Craig, 67

Engines, C. Dable, 348

Engines, J. Davis, 348

Engines, W. Daws, 491

Engines, Douglas and Grant, 190

Engines, E. Edwards, 33

Engines, D. Greig, 52

Engines, T. A. Grimston, 49

Engines, J. Hemingway, 366

Engines, A. Higginson, 226

Engines, J. C. Hudson, 104

Engines, W. Inglis, 67

Engines, F. J. Lemouche, 49

Engines, E. H. Leveaux, 226

Engines, W. March, 366

Engines, Merry weather and Jakeman, 382

Engines, T. Morgan, 279

Engines, Musgrave and Chell, 33

Engines, Musgrave and Smith, 18

Engines, J. E. Outridge, 155

Engines, F. and S. Pearn, 383

Engines, W. and J. Pratchett, 332

Engines, L. Simon, 314

Engines, J. Simpson, 67

Engines, F. Tommasi, 420

Engines, C. Wicksteed, 383

Engines, Wigzell and Halsey, 366

Engines, W. L. Wise, 17

Engines, Compound Pumping, H. Davey, 172, 456

Engines, Electro-magnetic, Cole and Cashin, 82

Engines, Electro-magnetic, W. Clark, 17

Engines, Gas, C. T. E. Lascelles, 17

Engines, Gas, C. Linford, 172

Engines, Gas, G. F; Redfern, 295

Engines, Hydraulic, H. Davey, 50

Engines, Locomotive and Tramway, D.

Greig, 156

Engines, Marine, A. C. Kirk, 279

Engines, Marine, T. E. Passee, 52

Engines, Marine, II. B. Young, 244

Engines, Pumping, J. Robertson, 349

Engines, Rotary, J. C. Blain, 226

Engines, Rotary, H. J. Haddan, 455

Engines, Rotary, J; Monteith, 187

Engines, Traction, Clayton and Shuttlei worth) 867

Engines, Traction, J. Coulson, 156

Engines, Traction, Greig and Asbilles, 295

Engines and Boiler Pittings, Gillott and Arnold, 18

Engines and Pumps, Direct Acting, Parker and Weston, 105

Engine Air Condensers, Greig and Eyth, $122

Engines and Carriages, A. and T. W.

Pullan and Bebbington, 455

Engine Counters, R. Dorendorff, 106

Engraving, J. L. Field, 49

Engraving and Carving, J. B. Fenby, 16

Engraving and Milling Cylindrical Surfaces, G. Moulton, 456

Envelopes, W. Bull, 67

Envelopes, J. Hunt, 155

Envelopes, W. Morgan-Brown, 190

Evaporating, N. B. Downing, 421

Evaporating, A. J. Morrison, 33

Evaporating, C. H. Roeckner, 50

Evaporating Brine, J. T. Lockey, 332

Evaporating and Incinerating, a, M. Clark, 105

Excavating, R. Whitaker, 137

Excavating and Depositing Earth, G.

Stevenson, 456

Excavators, J. Gwynne, 137

Exhibiting, F. Prince, 314

Explosive Compounds, G. Fahnehjelm, 438

Explosive Compounds, E. V. Gardner, 261

Explosive Compounds, P. Jensen, 51 Explosive Compounds, E. Judson, 156 Explosives, Mackie, Faure, and French, 155

Fabrics, H. Barcroft, 420

Fabrics, J. Butchart, 244

Fabrics, W. Clark, 814

Fabrics, J. Lodge, 87

Fabrics, H. E. Newton, 32

Fabrics, 8. Pitt, 226

Fabrics, Cutting, E. F. Langlois, 67

Fabrics, Elastic, F. Hodges, 365

Fabrics, Embossing, H. Hughes, 33

Fabrics, Finishing, C. J. Ball, 155

Fabrics, Finishing, 8. G. Rhodes, 295

Fabrics, Knitted, J. H.' Johnson, 383

Fabrics, Metal, J. C. Ramsden, 67

Fabrics, Ornamental, R. Drysdale, 295

Fabrics, Painting, A. Brown, 52

Fabrics, Printing, A. M. Clark, 315

Fabrics, Seaming, Knitted, W. R. Lake, 137

Fabrics, Stretching and Drying, J. Keim, 243

Fabrics, Treating, J. B. Orr, 401

Fabrics, Washing, Evans and Dayman, 67

Fabrics, Waterproof, J. 8. Norrie, 67

Fabrics, Woollen, S. Bamford, 104

Fabrics, Woven, J. Lawson, 295

Fanning, Watson and Weatherby, 209

Fans for Protecting Food, W. R. Lake, 367

Fasteners for Brush Handles, C. Stuart, 366

Fastening Curtains, E. T. Hughes, 87

Fastening Doors, J. A. Fahie, 401

Fastening Doors, H. Yarndley, 32

Fastening Samples to Cards, H. A. Du-frend, 456

Fastenings—(See also Solitaires)

Fastenings for Bags, A. M. Clark, 51

Fastenings for Bags, J. H. J ohnson, 156

Fastenings for Bottles, Wire, H. Gardner, 52

Fastenings for Boxes, C. H. Wetzel, 366

Fastenings for Cravats, E. C. Chaninel, 383

Fastenings for Cuffs, R. Harrison, 365

Fastenings for Dress, Dawson and Allen, 420

Fastenings for Dress, E. F. Griffin, 420

Fastenings for Girdles, A. L. Fyfe, 137

Fastenings for Gloves, A. M. Clark. 296, 332

Fastenings for Gloves, H. J. Hadaan, 18

Fastenings for Harness, W. A. Peirce, 18

Fastenings for Jewellery, Payne and Steel, 369, 420

Fastenings for Leggings, Simpson and Reid, 365

Fastenings for Metal Sheets, Elliott and Bayley, 295

Fastenings for Mill Banding, S. Andrew, 244

Fastenings for Railway Carriage Doors, W.

Wiltshire, 1C4

Fastenings for Sails, Tarpaulins, &c., W.

H. Giver, 51

Fastenings for Sashes, J. Greenwood, 172

Fastenings for Sashes, T. W. Halliwell, 438

Fastenings for Ships, H. J. Haddan, 18

Fastenings, Self-locking, J. Grason, 437

Fastenings or Staples for Fences, H. Sellers, 244

Fastenings for Straps, &c., T. H. Mann, 51

Fastenings for Trunks, Leonard and Phillips, 456

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, E. E.

Ashing, 332

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, W. and R.

Cammack, 51

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, C. Jack-son, 348

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, W. H.

Keey, 314

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, F. Moore, 295

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, Richards and Tandy, 384

Fastenings for Wearing Apparel, W. Upton,

Fastenings for Windows, S. Hill, 382

Fatty Matters, Treating, F. G. Morton, 295, 300

Feeding Attachments for Presses, C. F.

Waldo, 401

Feeding Bottles, E. Collins, 122

Feeding Bottles, A. C. Henderson, 402

Felted Covers for Bottles, &e., 8. Schumann, 225

Fences, L. E. Evans, 263

Fermenting Liquors, Apparatus for Rousing, H. Boddmgton, jun., 348

Fibres, Cleaning, A. V. Newton, 88

Fibres for Dyeing, &c., Preparing, J. Morton, 156

Fibres, Treating, A. L. Briggs, 402

Fibres, Treating, Brown, Dean, and Orrah, 455 ’

Fibres, Fibres, Fibres, Fibres, 883




Fibres, ___ __________ V1

Fibres, Treating’ J. J. Sachs, 105

Fibres, Wood’ &c'> TreatinS> E- T- Hughes,

Filtering, G. Bischof, 33

Filtering, F. T. Bond, 156

Filtering, W. Morgan Brown, 18

Filter Presses, J; H. Johnson, 155

Fire Alarms, Electric, A. Arnaud, 66

Fire-arms, J • H. Cooper, 437

Firo-arms, J. W. Duncan, 121

Fire-arms, W; 8; Simpson, 262

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, T. Bailey, 279

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, W. R. Lake, 438

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, L. O. Thayer, 122

Fire-arms, Breech-loading, E. 'Webster, 333 Fire-arms, Revolving Cylinder! Baroni, de

Mouncie, 278

Treating, R. Dixon, 137

Treating, G. Downing, 105

Treating, Good and Lawson, 190

Treating, Greenwood and Taylor,

Treating, H. Illingworth, 295

Treating, P. Jensen, 208

Treating, P. Magner, 437

Treating, A. V. Newton, 67

m.---a-2----r -r-

Fire-arms, Rifling, A. M. Clark, 51

Fire-cocks, J. Shand, 420

Fire Engines, E. G. Brewer, 401

Fire Escapes, A. Christophe, 262

Fire Escapes, J. Harrington, 225

Fire Escapes, 8. Jewell, 106

Fire Escapes, A. Martin, 848

Fire Escapes, Murry and Moss, 383

Fire Extinguishing, A. M. Clark, 456

Fire Extinguishing, C. Grttneberg, 420

Fire Extinguishing, J. Hall, 51

Fire Extinguishing, C. W. Harrison, 348,

349 , , „

Fire Extinguishing, H. W. Hart, 456

Fire Extinguishing, P. Jensen, 87

Fire-grates, &c., G. Barker, 51

Fire-lighters, W. A. Comber, 402

Fireplaces, R. Barber, 51

Fireplaces, C. Hill, 262

Fireplaces and Furnaces, J. G. K. Burt, 104

Fire-screens, Ornamental, W. Metcalf, 295

Fishing Gear, C. R. Mitchell, 366

Fishing Gear, W. and J. B. Morrison, 87

Floor-cloths, T. Morgan, 348

Flooring, M. F. C. Turpin, 402

Flooring Parquet, A. M. Clark, 52

Floors and Ceilings, Hagues, Wright, and

Wray, 33

Floors and Roofs, Fireproof, Evans and Swain, 438

Flourand Middlings,&c., Dressing, Thompson and Lampitt, 172

Flour, Middlings, Cleaning, W. Spence, 190

Flour, Treating, B. J. B. Mills, 262

Flowers, Foliage, <fcc., Artificial, A. M.

Clark, 455

Flues, H. Callas, 190

Fluting, J. Barbour, 18

Food, G. Lockie, 296

Forging Nails, <fcc., E. L. Brundage, 294

Forks, H. Nicholson, 191

Forks and Spoons, Table, H. E. Newton, 50

Fountains, Portable, I. Needham, 68

Fountains, Table, F. Wirth, 226

Friction Clutches and Pulleys, J. W. Grayson, 104

Fuel, Ramsden and Highly, 67

Fuel, N. D. Spartali, 209

Fuel Economising, J. A. Gibbs, 245

Furnace Bars, E. P. Alexander, 314

Furnace Doors, J. J. and E. Wood, 294

Furnaces—(See also Smelting)

Furnaces, Bamford and Taylor, 18

Furnaces,-F. Barker, 87

Furnaces, W. H. Beck, 105

Furnaces, G. Butler, 33, 402

Furnaces, E. Carey, 420

Furnaces, P. Charpentier, 279

Furnaces, J. Cornforth, 51

Furnaces, F. Erskine, 402

Furnaces, H. Ford, 16

Furnaces, F. Haward, 87

Furnaces, J. Henderson, 383

Furnaces, J. Ireland, jun., 137, 279

Furnaces, W. Jackson, 190

Furnaces, J. H. Johnson, 51

Furnaces, T. Lane, 402

Furnaces, J. Mactear, 49

Furnaces, G. D. Mease, 382

Furnaces, J. H. and 8. Sanders, 17, 66

Furnaces, R. A. Wilson, 438

Furnaces, W. L. Wise, 279

Furnaces for Alkalies, &c., G. D. Mease, 456

Furnaces, Blast, D. G. Hoey, 121, 244, 294

Furnaces, Boiler, J. W. Bonta, 34

Furnaces, Boiler, J. Watton, 121

Furnaces for Boilers, J. Firth, 51

Furnaces for Boilers, Hancock and Soar, 367

Furnaces for Chromates, J. Mactear, 33,172

Furnaces, &c., Feeding, Holmes and Lea, 208

Furnaces, Feeding, B. P. Walker, 121

Furnaces, Feeding, W. Young, 105, 295

Furnaces, Gas, W. Anderson, 104

Furnaces, Gas, Godfrey and Howson, 367

Furnaces, Incinerating, W. A. Carter, 438

Furnaces, Lining, W. Weldon, 296

Furnaces, Mill, J. Tibbs, 137

Furnaces for Roasting Ores, W. R. Lake, 155

Furnaces, Smoke-consuming, W. R. Lake, 138

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, Mace and Brewster, 155

Furnaces, Smoke Consuming, A. Westwood, 279

Furnaces, Smokeless, J. W. Bonta, 34

Furnaces and Stoves, J. P. Thompson, 50

Furnaces, D. E. Dermoncourts, 87 Furniture for Offices, J. McGill, 402 Furniture, School, Parker and Stabler, 349 Fur Trimmings, C. Harris, 33

Galvanometers, R. H. Ridout, 226

Games, J. Harrington, 278

Games, Balls for, D. Steward, 314

Games, Cricket Bats, E. A. Borger, 438

Gas, Brook and Wilson, 17, 402

Gas, F. W. Colls, 104

Gas, L. A. L. E. Picot do la Peyrouse, 278

Gas, T. B. Redwood, 121

Gas, Exhausting, G. Robertson, 244

Gas, Hydrogen, J. H. Johnson, 87

Gas Lighting and Extinguishing, J. Muir-head, 17

Gas, Purifying, E. S. Cathels, 34

Gas, Purifying, A. M. Clark, 332

Gas, Purifying, R. Harris, 366

Gas, Purifying, J. Steel, 209, 420

Gas Regulating, J. and J. Braddock, jun., 51

Gas, Regulating, Sieh and Schwarz, 296

Gas Regulator, A. E. Vandendriesche, 438

Gas Regulators, D. B. Peebles, 294

Gas Retorts, Exhausting, F. W. Fison, 51

Gas from Water, A. M. Clark, 138

Gas Scrubbers, H. Green, 402

Gases, A. M. Clark, 244

Gases, Burning Noxious, W. E. Newton, 261

Gassing and Winding Yarns, &c., J. Stubbs, 121

Gathering Crops, Stones, &c., J. Waugh, .226

Gauges for Boilers, S. Morley, 103

Gauges, Pressure, J. Baldwin, 279

Gauges, Pressure, Maw and Dredge, 348

Gauges and Valves, E. H. Hughes, 401

Gauges, Water, J. Smith, 17

Gauging Water by Electricity, J. Sax, 156

Gill Boxes, J. Smith, 18

Glass, W. J. Hodgetts, 17

Glass, B. Britten, 49

Glass Bottles, Tempering, C. D. Abel, 16

Glass, Designing on, S. J. J. Kelly, 104

Glass, Etching on, J. Unwin, 402

Glass Grinding and Polishing, R. Burtles, 18

Glass Gauges, J. H. Johnson, 456

Glass, Ornamental, T. W. Webb, 104

Glass, Ornamenting, T; G. Webb; 104

Glass, Toughening, A. J. M. de Muller, 51

Glazing Roofs, Attwood and Potter, 67

Glazing Roofs, H. Barham, 456

Goffering, H. Jewitt, 365

Golf Clubs, T. Johnston, 137

Governors, A. Budenberg, 347

Governors, G. How, 156

Governors, H. Hughes, 455

Governors, W. R. Lake, 51

Governors, W. Paddock. 209

Governors, L Sample. 244^

Governors, W 382

Governors, Gas, W. ro 344 I

Governors, Gas, H-M Durham and Governors and Indicate*..,

Howse, 49 _ Arqpirnnzie, 402

§XSrr'«to®oeEngines, H. B. New-0S Cluing. A»an. »a B»tes. 87 S53. “■J- H*d'

dan, 138 - Clark 156, 402


r rinding R. S. Newall, 360

Grinding! T R « inn.. 262

Grinding Corn, H. B ’i?ns011 49

&SS "*

Grinding Grain, <fec-> v, w*lrth 401

Grinding and MagnP- * • " ,md x E. H.

Grinding and Folismng, a

B’?ut Wire3Cards W. Walton, 366, 367 Grinding Wire Cards «•

Gymnastics, A. M. Liars.

Hair Brushes, Revolving, R- U. A. Hunter, Hammers. Atmospheric W- R- Lake, 103 Hammers, Pneumatic, D.

Hammers and Stamps,

HammoTk^&c'H. g- Newton.WO

and Marshall, sen.. Ie5 c

Handles for Tea-pots, G. H. and

Middleton, 50

Harvesting, M. T. Leale, zol

Kfi; V»S»

mSesltag, <«, J, A- >’> Hat Bands, G. c-B1C®> 2"°

Hats, A. Ashworth, ivs

Hats, A. M. Clark 105

Hats, H. A. Cowell, 106

Hats, T. Lees, 50

Hats, J. Perrin, 456

Hats, W. W. Spencer, 34 383

Hauling Gear and Bearings, G. Weston, o Haymaking, H. Beare, 50

hX EXposSgrSolid Substances to, W. A.

Lyttle, 87 .

Heating, T. B. Dalziel, 401

Heating. H. Hirsch, 366

Heating, Jarves and Ferrari fu Angelo, 366

Heating, A. Mason 401

Heating, W. Stain ton, 208

Heating, A. D. Turner, 402

Heating Buildings, &c., Wenn and Dashwood, 121

Heating by Gas, G. Ewart, 105

Heating by Gas, C. G. M ebber, 38-

Heating Infants’ Food, J. Grout, 455 Heating, Lighting, &c., J. Lewtas, 156 Heating and Lighting, J. Whitestone, 2-6 Heating and Ventilating, G. L. Shorland,

Heating and Ventilating, J. and T. Whitaker, 262

Heating Water, R. Berryman, 18

Heating Water, J. Coles, 383 ,

Hides, Treating, J. W. and W. K. Apple-■ yard,105 .

Hides, Treating, J. Biggin, 136

Hides, Treating, W. R. Lake, 191

Hides, Treating, F. A. Lockwood, 225

Hides, Treating. S. H. Sharp, 294

Hides and Leather, Treating, H. J. Had-dan, 138 ,

Hinges, F. Larard, 420

Hinges for Doors. P. O’Connor, 314

Hoeing and Thinning Turnips, &c., J. 1.

M. Hiscock, 172

Hoes, Frudd and Harrison, 17

Holders, Dress and Curtain, Bagnall and Taylor, 314

Holders for Papers, &c., H. Heyer, 333 Hops, Growing, E. G. C. Bomford, 262 Hops, Vines, &c., from Parasites, Protecting, Peall, Roy and Dorward, 88

Horse Collars, A. M. Clark, 190 Horse Rakes, E. H. Tooley, 383 Horseshoes, Hagler and Verey, 34 Horseshoes, B. J. B. Mills, 402 Horseshoes, Mearns, Wardless and Charlton, 437

Horseshoes, J. Riley, 420

Horseshoes, J. Upton, 245

Horseshoes, J. Whiteford, 156 Hose, Winding, A. E. Peirce, 121 Hulling and Polishing Grain, J. A. A.

Buckholz, 455

Hydrants, Ball-cock, S. B. Wilkins, 366 Hydrometers, Salinometers, &c., J. N.

Guanziroli, 51

Ice, J. Gamgee, 456

Ice, Artificial, F. Wirth, 121

Illuminating Clock Dials, J. Mills, 262 Indexing, A. Dobbie, 67 Indexing, H. Fletcher, 420

India-rubber, Resins, &c., Treating, Deiss and Scaife, 190

Indicating Leaks in Ships, C. Cousin, 88 Indicating Names of Stations, W. R. Lake, 106

Indicating Names in Streets, Pearse and Lever, 88

Indicating Pressure, J. R. Penning, 421 Indicating Revolutions, T. Dunn, 455 Indicating Speed, H. A. Bonneville, 105 Indicating Speed, R. A. Hardcastle, 226 Indicating Speed, A. H. G. Hobson, 226 Indicating Speed, J. G. Jones, 349 Indicating Speed, J. G. Wilson, 156

Indicating Speed of Marine Engines, B, Tower, 455

Indicating Speed and Power, C. Near, 105 Indicating Speed of Ships, C. D. Abel, 456 Indicator for Engines, W. Clark, 244 Indicator and Register for Vehicles, J McWhinnie, 262, 455

Indicators, J. H. Birchall, 208

Indicators for Streets, R. S. Marriott, 314 Inhaling, C. A. McEvoy, 382 Injectors for Boilers, W. Clark, IS Injector for Boilers, W. Morgan-Brown, 22!


Inkstands, C. D. Abel, 383

Inkstands, E. G. Guerin, 136

Iron, Bar; E. R. Daniel, 88

Iron and its Compounds, H. Jeanncret, S Iron and its Compounds, D. M’Kochni;,l(

Iron, Hoop, R. Leigh, 420

Iron Plates, Tempering Sheet, Morris, Morgan and Richards, 122

Iron Residues, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 348

Iron and Steel, W. Baker, 383

Iron and Steel, F. W. Gerard, 51

Iron and Steel, J. H. Johnson, 3S2

Iron and Steel, E. A. and J. A. Jones, 420

Iron and Steel, 8. Lloyd, 49

Iron and Steel, G. W. von Nawrocki, 137

Iron and Steel, C. W. Siemens, 401

Iron and Steel, J. G. Willans, 315

Iron and Steel Cham, II. Cherry, 438

Iron or Steel Refining and Condensing, J,

II. Johnson, 190

Ironing, W. Gladwyn, 17

Ironing, H. E. Newton, 18

Jacquarding, Benson and Hickton, 172, 209

Jelly Tablets, D. Rees, 18

Joints, Flexible, J. Strick, 122

Joints for Flooring, W. H. Lascelles, 220

Joints for Pipes, C. Anderson, 137

Joints for Pipes, F. Arding, 244

Joints for Pipes, W. R. Lake, 136, 191

Joints for Pipes, H. L. Magna], 244

Joints for Pipes, A. O’Neil, 188

Joints for Pipes, II. Parsons. 226

Joints for Pipes, F. Smith, 52

Kilns, R. W. and C. F. Binns, 455

Kilns, J. Firth, 51

Kilns, J. and C. J. Foster, 172

Kilns, G. Garlick, 366

Kilns. E. Gittins, 439

Kilns, Thomlinson and Salkeld, 88

Kilns, Siemens and Hesse, 492

Kneading and Mixing, F. Plleiderer, 225

Knitting, Haydock and Blackburn, 367

Knitting, Rimington and Bell, 314

Knitting, W. P. Thompson, 156

Labelling, Automatic,W. Morgan-Brown, 51 Labelling Medicines, G. C. Mackrow, 51 Lace, J. Cooper, 262

Lace, A. Moseley, 433

Lace, E. A. Pecqueux, 156

Lace, R. Scott, 382

Lace (Malheri’s System), E. Simon, 455

Lamps, E. Dwyer, 225

Lamps, II. Gardner, 332

Lamps, W. Barrie, 314

Lamps, W. Lowe, 366

Lamps, F. H. Smith, 314

Lamps, J. Thomas. 420

Lamps, O. Wollenberg, 67

Lamp Globes, H. Horton, 365

Lamp-lighter, W. Balcon, 439

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, W. Galloway, 137

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, E. V. and J. H.

Gardner, 209

Lamps, Miners’ Safety, E. Middleton, 279

Lamps and Burners, W. R. Lake, 137

Lamps and Burners, J. F. Schnell, 88

Lamps and Lamp Stoves, E. A. Rippin* gille, 172

Lamps, Railway, II. Defries, 88

Lanterns and Candlesticks, W. R. Lake, 226

Lasting Tacks, Steel, T. B. Cox, 104

Batch Needles. R. Grimes, 50

Lathes, J. McNeil, 104

Lathes, E. Silver, 456

Lathes, T. J. Smith, 50

Leather, M. Kitchen, 226

Leather, Artificial, J. Harrington, 263

Leather, Cutting, C. Denham, 122

Leather Cutting, S. H. Sharp, 262

Leather, Finishing, F. 8. Cox, 49

Leather, Ornamenting, W. and R. T.

Brewer, 106

Leather, Punching, F. G. Myers, 402

Leather Stitching, W. R. Lake, 279

Leather, Treating, J. E. Fisk, 52

Leather, Waterproofing, R. B. Briggs, 381

Lenses, Couper and Richardson, 172

Lids, Stamped Metallic, Clark and Pur-slow, 50

Lifts, J. Hinks, 438

Light, Electric, J. II. Johnson, 279

Light Holder, J. Ledger, 420

Lighting and Extinguishing, J. T. Dann,88

Lighting, Heating, and Ventilating, C.

Ritchie, 17

Lighting by Electricity, J. Faulkner, 50

Lighting and Extinguishing by Electricity, St. G. L. Fox, 262

Lighting Fires, F. Greenhongh. 401

Lighting Matches, Milner and Newell, 244

Locks, Beddow and Sturmey, 314, 401

Locks, W. G. Blogg, 437

Locks, J. P. Haffner, 382

Locks, E. Ham, 382

Locks, H. Pearce, 121

Locks, 0. Pieper, 191

Locks, 8. Walton, 437

Locks and Keys, H. and T. Vaughan, 365

Locks and Latches, T. Elsley, 32

Locks and Latches, H. Glcndining, 294

Locks for Safes, <tc., J. M. Hart, 121

Locomotives, Road, W. Box, 18

Locomotives, Road, II. Hughes, 296

Locomotives, Steam Tramway, II. P. Holt, 104

Looms—(See also Shuttles)

Looms, J. Barraclough, 456

Looms, D. Berry, 278

Looms, W. Bradbury, 88

Looms. E. G. Brewer, 17

Looms, D. Bury, 366

Looms, Butterworth, Dickinson, and Cat-low, 104, 402

Looms, T. Clay, 209

Looms, 8. Cook, 244

Looms, W. Crabtree, 262

Looms, A. C. Dickson, 455

Looms, Frith and Boothman, 244

Looms, J. H. Hadden, 294

Looms, Hattersley and Hill, 51

Looms, Hodgson, Broadley, and Lister, 244

Looms, T. Holroyd, 67

Looms, A. Howe, 50

Looms, H. Hurst, 105

Looms, J. Kershaw, 32

Looms, W. R. Lake, 456

Looms, Lancaster, Pilkington, and Peel, 382

Looms, Lee and Crabtree, 10-1

Looms, J. Leeming, 88

Looms, Louden and btephenson, 367

Looms, McCabe and Walker, 208

Looms, W. Morgan-Brown, 366

Looms, F. Reddaway, 262

Looms, H. Tctlow, 383

Looms, Wild and Chadwick, 438

Looms and Jacquards, Buckley and Hildebrandt, 438

Looms for Knitting. W. R. Lake, 105

Lowering Ships’ Boats, W. A. Brice, 52, 366

Lozenges, D. J. McLauchlan, 137

Lubricating, J. Aldous, 208

Lubricating, Baird and McPherson, 172

Lubricating, 1’. M. Crane, 66

Lubricating, T. Haynes, 100

Lubricating, 8. Osborn, 226

Lubricating, W. Thomas, 67

Lubricating, F. Wirth, 172

Lubricating, 8. Woodall, 383

Lubricating Skates, iic., 11. T. Davis, 455

Lubricating Spindles, W. Hartcliffc, 18

Lubricating Spindles, &c., G. Vaile, 137

Lubricators, H. J. Haddan, 138

Magic Lanterns, W. B. Woodbury, 884 Magnetic Apparatus for Curative Purposes

J. Cole, 466

Magneto-Electric Machines, H. J. Haddan, 188

Magneto-Electric Machines, G. Zanni, 172

Magneto-Electricity for Curative Purposes,

G. Zanni, 457

Mains and Pipes, Laying, A. O’Neil, 138

Malachite, &c., Imitation, C. Brock, 209

Malt, W. R. Lake, 209

Malt, F. Wirth, 104

Malting, H. B. Barlow, 172

Malting, A. Perry, 383

Mangling, Wringing, Drying, Barnes, Salmon, and Sawrey, 16

Manure, H. S. Firman, 103

Manure, J. H. Johnson, 122

Manure, Distributing, R. Parker, 332

Manure and Paper Making, Treating Stable, W. F. Nast, 156

Mariners’ Compasses, E. S. Ritchie, 104 Marker for Billiards, W. Walton, 172, 314 Markers for Games, Ashcroft and Moseley,

Marking Divisions, A. D. Wolochoff, 262

Marking out Ground, F. W. Byrne, 262

Marking Tennis Courts, B. Fathers, 66 Marking Tennis Courts, T. F. Hunt, 382 Mathematical Instruments, H. N. Ground,


Mathematical Instruments, W. Smith, 402

Mattresses, Elastic, B. Hunt, 225

Meal, Testing, P. Jensen, lu4

Measuring, J. Dyson, 33

Measuring and Cutting, M. Heymann, 190

Measuring Distances, F. Weldon, 456

Measuring Grain, D. Henderson, 67

Measuring Instrument, J. Strick, 17

Measuring Tapes, A. Cunningham, 137

Medical, R. C. Richards, 382

Medicated Sweetmeats, M. Lyons, 384

Medicines, E. H. C. Monckton, 156

Metal, Ornamenting, H. T. Rees, 52

Metal Planing, C. C. Walker, 103

Metal Plates, Cutting, R. J. Hutchings, 332

Metal Plates, Wrought, C. D. Abel, 456

Metal, Shaping and Welding, J. H. Johnson, 121

Metallic Bands, Hall and Priestley, 278

Metallic Cases, Securing, &c., F. E. Spiller, 244

Metals, Coating, J. Clark, 348

Metals, Coating, J. H. Johnson, 225

Metals, Treating, J. Holloway, 279

Meters, J. Barnes, 437

Meters, Burden and Nowell, 439

Meters, P. J. Davies, 50

Meters, T. Melling, 50

Meters, Fluid, H. C. Ahrbecker, 420

Meters, Fluid, W. Smith, 34

Meters, Fluid, J. Walker, 455

Meters, Gas, A. G. Henderson, 155

Meters, Gas, J. H. Johnson, 67

Meters, Liquid, A. V. Newton, 122

Meters, Water, A. M. Clark, 172

Microscopes, R. Kemp, 420

Microscopes, J. Stuart, 244

Milk, Treating, E. Morgan, 104

Mincing, J. M. Drouyer, 122

Mining, J. L. Haddan, 52

Mining and Blasting, S. Marsh, 172

Mirrors, J. Lang, 295

Mixing, Welch and Scott, 88

Mixing Concrete, W. W. Wi'son. 332

Monumental Tablets, J. Gillman, 348

Monumental Tablets, R. Rogerson, 49

Mortising, Mark and Wilson, 104

Motive Power, D. Bentley, 87

Motive Power, M. P. W. Boulton, 420

Motive Power, J. Brunt, 382

Motive Power, A. M. Clark, 332

Motive Power, H. W. Cook, 104

Motive Power, S. Danischewski, 421

Motive Power, W. Davies, 32

Motive Power, W. S. Fish, 88

Motive Power, J. Fletcher, 420

Motive Power, J. Harris, 383, 420

Motive Power, J. Hastie, 349

Motive Power, C. G. Hawkins, 401

Motive Power, G. E. A. Hoermann, 366

Motive Power, E. J. Hough, 87

Motive Power, J. D. E. Huddart, 279

Motive Power, J. H. Johnson, 814, 383, 401

Motive Power, C. F. de Kierzkowski, 278

Motive Power, J. A. A. C. de Lavalette, 37

Motive Power, J. E. F. Luke, 383

Motive Power, J. Mabson, 17

Motive Power, T. and D. McCulloch and

Burnett, 88

Motive Power, W. Martin, 66

Motive Power, B. J. B. Mills, 87

Motive Power, E. H. C. Monckton, 34

Motive Power, L, P. Othon, 262

Motive Power, E. de Pass, 455

Motive Power, T. Taylor, 87

Motive Power, C. M. Westmacott, 295

Motive Power, F. Wirth, 33

Motive Power, S. Young, 384

Moulding, E. G. Brewer, 51

Moulding, J. Castles, 244

Moulding, J. Wood, 67

Mouldings for Frames, F. Larard, 365

Moulds, W. R. Lake, 104

Mowing, W. W. Davenport, 32

Mowing, W. Maclean, 32

Mowing, H. Palmcranz, 87

Musical Instruments, H. A. Bonneville, 52

Musical Instruments, H. D. Distin, 366

Musical Instruments, J. B. Hamilton, 33

Musical Instruments, J., H. Johnson, 420

Musical Instruments, C. Pieper, 455

Musical Instruments, D. Semple, 382 Musical Instrument, Portable Folding, E.

F. Kelly, 438

Nails, J. A. Huggett, 420

Nails and Tacks, B. and J. Mountain, 401

Needles, J. P. de Aragon, 456

Needles, H. Walker, 208

Needles, Finishing, R. Bennett, jun., 226

Needles, Scouring, R. Bennet, 172

Needles for Sewing Machines, H. Lomax, 245

Nitrated Alkalies, Treating, P. Jensen, 51

Nuts, W. R. Lake, 383

Nuts and Bolts, Murray and Turnley, 439

Nuts, Lock, W. P. Wyatt, 16

Nuts, Metallic, H. J. Brookes, 438

Oilcake Wrappers, Eskrett and Searle, 262

Oil Seeds, &c., Treating, F. Virtue, 366

Oil, Treating Rqfuse, W. E. Newton, 18, 87

Oil Wrappers, Pickering, Swift, and Hunter, 456

Oils, Treating, W. and J. Garroway, 883

Oils, Treating, C. Humfrey, 18

Ointments and Unguents, J. Caldwell, 263

Opening Tins, F. J. Bird, 456

Opening Tins, E. E. Knox, 122

Opening Tins, C. Maschwitz, 456

Ordnance, J. Cox, 401

Ordnance, M. M. Franzini, 18

Ordnance, W. R. Lake, 17

Ordnance, L. Razkazoff, 67

Ordnance, R. C. Smith, 87, 172

Ores, Treating, J. C. Conrad, 174

Ores, Treating, H. Gardner, 333

Ores of Nickel, J. IL Johnson, 105

Ores, Treating, Mason and Parkes, 33

Organ Pipes, E. G. Brewer, 244

Organs, C. K. K. Bishop, 262

Organs^ C. E. Herbert, 50

Organs and Harmoniums, M. Procope, 52 Ornamenting Glass, J. H. Johnson, 203 Ornamenting Glass, T. and L. R. White-head, 366

Ornamenting Qlass, Pottery, &c., P. R de F. d’Humy, 4f>6

Ornamenting Match Boxes, A M. Clark, 172 ’

Ornaments, Composition, R. Scully, 382 Oxide of Iron, Treating, F. W. B. Mohr, 49 Oyster Growing, Jennings and Anderson, 52

Ozokerit, Treating, A. Sauvde, 455

Packing, A. Beldam, 67

Packing, E. Fulton, 244

Packing, Scott and Zcrbe, 68

Packing Pistons, B. Hunt, 68

Packing Rings, F. Wirth, 366

Packing and Storing Butter, &c., W. and C. McDonnell, 104

Padlocks, W. Brookes, 383

Padlocks, A. Vaughan, 366

Paints and Inks, M. Zingler, 122

Paper, Downing and Hughes, 18

Paper, W. H. Murphy, 68

Paper Bags, W. R, Lake, 456

Paper Bags, L. Nelson, 382

Paper Copying, A. W. Tuer, 348

Paper Cutting, W. R. Lake, 32, 155

Paper, Damping, E. Allan, 402

Paper Delivering, J. Farmer, 137

Paper Finishing, P. McLaurin, 190

Paper Folding, AV. Conquest, 261

Paper Folding, Duncan, AV. A., and G. A. Wilson, 208

Paper Folding, E. T. Marler, 420

Paper Folding, W. Morgan-Brown, 51

Paper Hanging, H. G. Youard, 104

Paper, Perforating and Cutting, &c., E. de Pass, 294

Paper Pulp, S. Buchanan, 402

Paper for Printing, W, E. Newton, 51

Paper Tubes, J. B. Bailey, 401

Papers, Filing, E. Casper, 51

Papers, Flock, A M. Clark, 383

Paraffine, F. G. Alorton, 383

Paraffine, Nation and Symington, 866

Pavements—(See also Roads}

Pavements, AV. R. Lake, 438

Paving, J. K. Collett, 122

Paving and Waterproofing, C. Muratori, 315

Paving, C. W. Wallis, 366

Paving Blocks—(See also Concrete)

Paving, Building, Permanent W ay, W. E.

Gedge, 456

Paving Wood, C. H. Green, 68

Peeling Barley, C. Pieper, 191

Pencilholders, W. Winter, 262

Pencil and Penholder, Combined, W. Nelson, 190

Pencil Sharpeners, A. C. Herts, 226

Pencils, Walkington and Broscomb, 122

Pendulums, J. Oppenheimer, 438

Pens, II. Brueton, 87

Pens, J. Motherwell, 295

Pens, Fountain, W. A. Brice, 382

Pens, Metallic, Edwards and Shaw, 244

Perambulators, AV. Astrop, 17

Perambulators, J. N. Blamphin, 244

Permanent Way, E. G. Brewer, 60, 106

Permanent Way, A. M. Clark, 261, 278

Permanent Way, E. H. Cradock, 172

Permanent Way, J. T. Dann, 138

Permanent Way, R. Dunn, 166

Permanent Way, J. Gillings, 104

Permanent Way, H. J. Haddan, 52, 295

Permanent Way, Harvey and Roe, 88

Permanent Way, E. Humm, 49

Permanent Way, J. H. Johnson, 49

Permanent Way, W. R. Lake, 226

Permanent Way, W. E. Newton, 367

Permanent Way, 8. Pitt, 156

Permanent Way, R. Punshon, 190, 314

Permanent Way, Robinson and Goldsmith, 348

Permanent Way, G. C. Ryland, 348

Permanent Way, J. Scattergood, 294

Permanent Way, J. P. Smith, 457

Permanent Way, R. F. Strong, 383

Permanent Way, J. W. Throop, 332

Permanent Way, J. H. Tozer, 226

Permanent Way, W. L. Wildy, 384, 438

Permanent Way, Williams and Wilson, 33

Phosphates, AV. E. Robinson, 33

Phosphates of Alumina and Iron, Treating, Davis and Aitken, 438

Photography, W. A. Brice, 52

Photography, Brown and Barnes, 88

Photography, W. AlcLiesh, 296

Photography, W. Morgan-Brown, 34

Photography, G. Nesbitt, 366

Photography, R. Tuck, 87

Photography, D. Sarony, 18

Pianofortes, H. Brooks, 367

Pianofortes, J. Robinson, 51

Pianofortes, E. Lecomte. 294

Picks and Axes, T. Brown, 33

Pictures in Colours, H. E. Newton, 51, 455

Piers, Floating, H. A Egerton, 279

Pigments, AV. Whitthread, 104

Pills, J. M. Richards, 367

Pin Packages, E. T. Hughes, 208

Pins, Needles, &c., W. and J. C. Walker, 66

Pipes, G. A. F. Fowke, 402

Pipes, Drain, A. Taylor, 384

Pipes, Tobacco, Camroux and Quick, 402

Pipes, Tobacco, AV. Johnson, 51

Pipes, Tobacco, E. Lewis, 402

Pipes, Tobacco, G. F. Redfern, 225

Pipe Hooks, Plumbers’, H. and W. Sutcliffe, 294

Pipe Plugs, J. R. Cotton, 105

Pistols and Guns, Air, W. R. Lake, 67

Pistols, Revolving Cylinder, T. de Mouncie, 456

Pistols, Revolving Cylinder, W. R. Lake, 34

Pistons, W. and J. Clark, 50

Pistons, J. Hutton, 226

Pistons, W. R. Lake, 138

Planing, L. Chapman, 244

Planing, A. M. Clark, 262

Planing, G. Laysell, 402

Planing and Filing, W. San day, 67

Planing, Shaping, <fcc., G. Bailey, 383

Plate Warmer and Refrigerator, P. Liddi-cot, 225

Playing Cards, W. Clark, 17

Pleating, C. G. Hill, 155

Pleating, C. Richardson, 209

Pleating and Ruching, &c., E. Whitehall, 244

Ploughs, F. Murison, 456

Ploughs, W. H. Sleep, 51

Pneumatic Despatch, J. L. Haddan, 439

Points—(See also Signals)

Points, J. and W. W. Brierley, 367

Polishing, French, J. Hansen, 156

Preserving Food, B. Hunt, 68

Preserving Food, J. H. Johnson, 262

Preserving Food, AV. R. Lake, 208

Preserving Food, II. E. Newton, 104

Preserving Moat, H. G. AVhitehead, 348

Preserving Metals, &c., C. AV. Harrison, 366 Preserving Substances, AV. E. Gedge, 438 Preserving Substances, AV. F. Grier, 244

Preserving Substances, K. Knott, 33

Preserving Substances, A. Robottom, 18

Presses, Chapman and AVatson, 155

Presses, Hydraulic, Tweddell, Platt, and Fielding, 262

Presses, Hydraulic, R. AVilson, 137,332

Presses, Hydrostatic, Hyatt and Crane, 105 Pressing Bricks, &c., II. Guthrie, 366 Pressing, Stamping, Perforating, E. Ravet, 104 ’

Preventing Sea-sickness, F. Gardner, 438 Printing, E. G. Brower, 279

Printing, A. M. Clark, 104

Printing, W. Connell, 295

Printing, E. Hely, 402

Printing, J. Janeway, 105

Printing, F. Tilgmann, 121

Printing, H. Wilde, 349

Printing, Autographic, L. D. Clare, 295

Printing, Autographic, J. W. Swan, 366 Printing in Colours, W. Brookes, 67 Printing in Colours, C, A. Day, 348 Printing, Colour, J. E. Jeffries, 190 Printing in Colours, B. Vauthier, 49

Printing or Embossing Spools, P. J. Livsey,

Printing and Folding Newspapers, A. M.

Clark, 438

Printing, Lithographic, C. Buchanan, 261 Printing Machinery, Rotary Colour, I.

Dohson, 190

Printing Machines, Feeding, R. E. Cox, 51 Printing and Paper Cutting, W. R. Lake, 366

Printing Stamps, Hand, H. J. Haddan, 50 Projectiles, W. R. Lake, 52

Projectiles, W. Morgan-Brown, 34 Propellers, C. S. de Bay, 121 Propellers, J. J. Correa, 51 Propellers, N. D. Spartali, 2'8

Propeller, Manual Screw, W. J. Watts, 122

Propellers, Hydraulic, J. G. Caldwell, 34 Propellers, Screw, R. H. Arrnit, 366 Propellers, Screw, A. Aubert, 438 Propellers, Screw, Luke and Southgate, 17 Propellers, Screw, T. H. S. Ronouf, 88

Propellers, Screw, J. G. Tongue, 383

Propellers, Screw, R. Wilson, 121

Propelling, F. J. Bell, 294

Propelling, Duddell and Charlton, 382

Propelling, C. Tringuetta, 226

Propelling, F. Wilkins, 67

Propelling Ships, C. R. Simey, 156 Pulleys, W. A. Comber, 278

Pulleys, Cast Metal, P. Jensen, 138

Pulley Blocks, Differential, Gallie and Binnatt, 262

Pumping, J. L. Haddan, 106

Pumping, G. 8. Hazlehurst, 105

Pumping Water from Ships, R. Griffiths, 348

Pumps, Blundell and Holmes, 68

Pumps, A. Fitzmaurice, 332

Pumps, W. Dennis, 67

Pumps, W. M'Lennan, 226

Pumps, W. Morgan-Brown, 314

Pumps, Preston, Prestige, and Preston, 190

Pumps, Rice and Walker, 88

Pumps, J. G. Tongue, 105

Pumps, Air, J. M. Smith, 402

Pumps, <fcc., Rotary, J. R. Martin, 402 Pumps, Rotary, V. C. J. Ortinans, 50 Pumps, Self-acting, C. L. Taverdon, 18 Pumps, Steam, J. Wolstenholme, 420 Pumps and Condensers, R. M, Marchant,


Pumps and Valves, M'Kendrick, Ball, and Watson, 402

Punching, Stamping, and Perforating Paper, J. Hodgson, 402

Purifying and Heating Water, W. Boyes, 456

Purifying, <fcc., Liquids, Collett and Denans, 383

Purifying Liquids, W. S. Tilton, 383 Purses, Life Preserving, B. Hunt, 420

Railway Guards, Protecting, O. Syster-mans, 156

Railways for Common Roads, Portable, W, E. Gedge, 456

Railways and Rolling Stock, Portable, H.

E. Newton, 261

Raising Fallen Crops, J. G. Tongue, 225 Raising Heavy Weights, W. R. Lake, 456 Raising and Lowering, E. G. Brewer, 262 Raising Liquids, J. B. van Oosterwyck, 244 Raising Sunken Vessels, E. Cuyer, 382 Raising Sunken Vessels, P. W. Davis, 137

Raising Sunken Vessels, Ac., T. A. Dillon, 226

Raising Sunken Vessels, &c., J. H. Rutherford, 122

Raising Sunken Vessels, J. Scott,'420

Raising Sunken Vessels, &c., H. Turner, 332

Ranges, J. Shaw, 105

Ranges, Cooking, W. Wilson, 262

Razors, Sharpening, W. Clark, 33

Reaping, Benstead and Greig, 156 Reaping, W. H. Fox, 32 Reaping, J. Holder, 402

Reaping, A. Jack, 366

Reaping and Harvesting, W. R. Lake, 156 Reaping and Mowing, A. C. Bamlett, 348 Reaping and Mowing, W. J. and C. T.

Burgess, 172

Reaping and Mowing, Coleman and Bird, 172

Reaping and Mowing, J. Green, 156

Reaping and Mowing, Hornsby, Innocent, and Rutter, 208

Reaping and Mowing, J. R. Kirby, 225 Reaping and Mowing, A. McGregor, 314 Reaping and Mowing, J. E. Phillips, 349 Reaping and Mowing, T. Smith, 437 Reaping and Mowing, Wilson and Bat-tenby, 155

Reels for Fishing Rods, J. M. Corbet, 263 Refrigerating, Carrd and Tanner, 68 Refrigerating, A. M. Clark, 106 Refrigerating, A. W. Adams, 383 Refrigerating, J. L. Haddan, 106

Refrigerating and Heating, W. Lawrence, 401

Refrigerators, Nishigawa and Hill, 332 Refrigerators, Do Witt C. Smiley, 121 Refrigerators, E. B. Smith, 68

Register for Tramway Cars, Small and

Marley, 382

Register for Vehicles, &c., H. C. Farrell, 33 Register for Vehicles, H. Newbold, 51 Register for Vehicles, <fcc., E. H. Thomson, 263

Registering Vehicles, H. Bezer, 66, 348

Registering Fares, Whitehouse and Thomson, 67

Registering Fares, W. R. Lake, 348 Regulating Flow of Fluids, Howard, Wilson and Kingdom, 437

Rein Holder, A. S. Ware, 455

Respirator and Chest Protector, T. Hyatt, 438

Retorts, T. Russell, 157

Rings, Napkin, A. Pyke, 270

Rings, Wedding, J. Thornton, 383

Rinks, H. Bezer, 383

Rinks, J. A. Calantarients, 121 Rink, Portable, C. F. Wood, 51 Riveting, J. F. Allen, 314 Riveting, J. McMillan, 244 Roads—(See also Pavements)

Roadways and flooring, 8. Schumann, 156 Rockets, W. Blott, 101

Rods, Tubes, &c., Metal, W. Nokes, 455 Rolling Hoop Iron, Jones and Cook, 348 Rolling Machinery, J. J. Christie, 137 Rolling Machinery, G. Hirst, 51

Rolling Machinery, J. H. Johnson, 244

oiling Machinery, M. Shaw, 382

oiling Machinery, F. Wirth, 226

oiling Machinery, W. L. Wise, 456

oiling Stock, F. Barnes, 367

oiling Stock, C. J. and A. H. Jobson and

Johnson, 402

oiling Stock, E. J. Howell, 402

oiling Stock and Permanent Way, St. G.

L. Fox, 137

oiling Tea, A. A. Farquhar, 420

oiling Tea Leaves, J. C. Kimmond, 456

oils, Finishing, F. W. Whieldon, 365

opes, Cords, &c., L. Binns, 438

otary Motion, C. Pieper, 439

uling, H. Heyer, 333

uling, A. J. Parker, 104

Saddles, Military, Briscoe and Ormond, 105 Sadirons, B. Hunt, 438 Safes, W. F. Barrett, 295 Safes, H. J. Haddan, 18 Safes, H. Schooling, 17

Safe Alarms, E. A. Cowper, 190

Safety Apparatus for Minos and Cages, R. Ramsay, 295

Safety Apparatus for Mines, Lifts, &c., Ramsey and Hann, 191

Safety Belt Shipper, G. Somenthal, 49 Safety Clutches, H. Handyside, 209 Sails, Reefing, Beck and Yates, 383 Salt, H. Warth, 420

Salts of Barium and Silver, Extracting, Wallace and Claus, 225

Samples, Taking, W. Brookes, 103 Sanitary Pails, J. Leverett, 190 Bashes, Double-action, E. G. Law, 488 Sashes, Fastening Window, N. Thompson, 33

Sashes, Fixing, J. Blackley, 105

Saving Life at Sea, J. H. S. Hooper, 420 Saving Life at Sea, Garment for, B. Hunt, 225

Sawing, R. Flower, 33

Sawing, T. Lees, 383

Sawing, Circular, T. P. Richards, 438

Saws, W. R. Lake, 383

Saws, W. Spence, 34

Saws, Frame, E. Newton, 33

Saws, Sharpening, 8. Cook, 208 8aw Benches, W. B. Haigh, 156 Scale Beams and Weighing, J. Parnail, 455 Screening, J. Kemp, 66

Screening Drum, F. Wirth, 104

Screening and Shuting, C. Buckland, 190 Screw Cutting, R. Henry, 156

Screw Cutting and Nut-tapping, E. Schlen-ker, 438

Screw Cutting Apparatus, W. P. Thompson, 156

Screwing, Tube-cutting, and Nut-tapping, W. Bowker, 156

Screws, <fcc., W. R. Lake, 106, 191

Screws, W. Morgan-Brown, 437

Screws, T. Rickett, 348

Screws, Stiff and Bowen, 402

Screws, Wood, Hyatt and Rickett, 366 Screws and Bolts, F. Roper, 50

Screws, Bolts, Hooks, <fcc., A. Whitcombe, 295

Screw Nuts, W. R. Lake, 105

Screw Stocks, Hammond and Lecher, 156 Screw Threads, A. M. Clark, 137, 401 Seats, C. H. Everett, 366

Seats, Folding, W. H. Percival, 402

Seats, Portable, P. Morty, 32

Seats and Tables, Folding, B. J. B. Mills, 122

Seats for Vehicles, W. E. Gedge, 383 Separating Liquids, J. J. Thomas, 262 Sewage, Purifying, T. Lovell, 104 Sewage, Treating, W. Clark, 17

Sewage, Treating, Jb. W. E. R. Gtedicke, 105 , „ . .

Sewage, Treating, Greenwood, Davis, and Speakman, 366

Sewage, Treating, J. H. Johnson, 349 Sewage, Treating, J. Millar, 245 Sewage, Treating, Rawson and Slater, lb Sewage, Treating, J. W. Slater, 244 Sewage, Treating, H. Staples, 263 Sewage, Treating, J. Watson, 456 Sewage, Treating, W. Webb, 33 Sewage, Treating. W. White,. 349

Sewage, Waste Water Treating, J. Frost 295

Sewing Machines, L. L. Barber, 137 Sewing Machines, H. A. Bonneville, 226 Sewing Machines, J. Craig, 295 Sewing Machines, J. Cutlaw, 295 Sewing Machines, L. D*114e, 104 Sewing Machines, T. Davies, 82

Sewing Machines, Dore,Tapley, and Wilson 262

Sewing Machines, H. P. Garland, 348 Sewing Machines, Hetley and Maso, 137 Sewing Machines, J. Hilton, 383 Sewing Machines, W. R. Lake, 137, 348 Sewing Machines, Martin, Dawaon, anc

Orchar, 17

Sewing Machines, J. Mountain, 332 Sewing Machines, A. V. Newton, 382 Sewing Machines, R. H. Padbury, 50 Sewing Machines, M. H. Pearson, 105 Sewing Machines, F. Perks, 333 Sewing Machines, N. Salamon, 104 Sewing Machines, W. H. Thomas, 17 Sewing Machines, A. D. Turner, 121, 402 Sewing Machines, F. Whitehead, 456 Sewing Machines, McL. Young, 87

Sewing Machine Attachments, J. Morton 365

Sewing 420

Sewing 18


Thomson, 208

Sewing Machine Embroiderer, ticc 191

Sewing Machine Shuttles, W. Bown, 383 Sewing Machine Shuttles, F. Perks, 333 Sewing Machine Shuttles, J. Warwick, 13 Shafting, Smith and Coventry, 366 Shearing, W. Clark, 365

Shipbuilding, J. Ledger, 421 Ships, &c., J. Hampden, 49

Ships, Armour-cl’ad^R. and W. J. Griffith! 82

Ships’ Boats, Lowering, W. A. Brice, 52 Ships’ Boats, Lowering, A. B. Cruikshans

Ships’ Boats, Lowering, A. Howard, 87 Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, H. A. Bonneville 38

Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, H. J. Cole, 365 Ships’ Bottoms, Cleaning, E. Pane, 87 Ships’ Bottoms, Protecting, Marren an

Field 244

Ships’ Bottoms, &c., Protecting, J. E Johnson, 420

Ships’ Cables, A. J. Aiderman, 349

Ships’Compasses, W. Clark, 16

Ships’ Guns, Protecting, R.C. Smith, 122 Ships’ Lines, Sotting out, R. Duthie, 49 Ships’ Logs, J- E. Massoy, 52

Ships’ Logs, W. De Normanville, 121 Ships’ Ordnance, IL C. Lobnitz, 49 Ships to Prevent Sea-sickness, E. A. Koj 438

Shive Drawer, E. Thatcher, 438

Shovels, W. R- Lake, 138

Shovels, &c., T. Parkes, 314




Attachments, A. Shand




W. R.

P. 8.

Shutters, Revolving, E. T. Hughes, 88

Shutters, Revolving Metal, A. C. Henderson, 366

Shuttles—(See also Looms)

Shuttles, C. Burton, 226

Shuttles, S. Clough, 51

Shuttles, Threading, Stutter, Stubbs, and Corrigan, 106

Sieves, Coal and Ash, H. J. Haddan, 439

Sieves, Grain, J. H. Greenhill, 226

Sieves, Grain, R. Vogan,

Signal Lamps, Hand, S. W. Clark, 190

Signalling, J. H. Bailey, 17

Signalling, E. G. Brewer, 208, 209

•Signalling, Railway, A. B. Challis, 332

Signalling, T. and G. F. Chutter, 383

Signalling, H. J. Haddan, 137

Signalling, Smith and Harper, 367

Signalling, P. H. Whittaker, 365

Signalling, Automatic Railway, A. Wrigley 314

Signalling, Electric Railway, T. Norden-felt, 439

Signalling, Fog. J. Keighley, 401

Signalling, Railway, Wood, Shakespear and Thompson, 245

Signals, N. J. Holmes, 456

Signals, Holmes and Player, 455

Signals, Acoustic, C. M. Courtot, 438

Signals, Alarm, W. Brookes, 33

Signals, Alarm, Davies and Higgins, 295

Signals, Marine, W. Morgan-Brown, 437

Signals and Points, N. II. Holst, 122

Signals and Points, F. W. Webb, 87

Signals, Railway, J. and W. R. Brierley 332

Signals, Railway, J. Judge, 156

Signals, Railway, S. Way mouth, 226

Silicate Ores of Copper, Wet Treatment of, S. Pitt, 245

Silicates or Aluminates of Soda and Potash, W. Weldon, 296

Silk, A. Browne, 295

Silk, Drossing Hanks of, W. R. Lake, 332

Silk Fabrics, Suppling, Pdrinand and Mar chai, 244

Silk Waste and Tow, Treating, Souter and Entwisle, 137

Skates, R. C. Jay, 121

Skates, Lubricating Roller, Holt and Spiller, 456

Skates, Roller, 8. S. Allin, 17

Skates, Roller, G. Allix. 105

Skates, Roller, G. and W. Baker, 49

Skates, Roller, G. Beadle, 156

Skates, Roller, W. W. Beaumont, 225

Skates, Roller, E. G. Brewer, 225

Skates, Roller, W. Bright, 17

Skates, Roller, W. Brown, 262

Skates, Roller, M. Burke, 67

Skates, Roller, Carter and Warren, 402

Skates, Koller, A. Cattlin, 314

Skates, Roller, J. Cheshire, 50

Skates, Roller, S. Child, 33

Skates, Roller, G. Clark, 49

Skates, Roller, W. Clark. 68

Skates, Roller, Cole and Cole, jun., 17

Skates, Roller, W. K. Crossby, 244

Skates, Roller, F. Cutlan, 104

Skates, Roller, L. Delair, 105

Skates, Roller, C. A. S. Duch6, 32

Skates, Roller, J. Edersheim, 66

Skates, Roller, C. 8. England, 52

Skates, Roller, A. C. F. Franklin, 262

Skates, Roller, Gammon and Clark, 155

Skates Roller, T. Glaistor, 122

Skates, Roller, E. Harrison, 34

Skates, Roller, T. Hart, 32

Skates, Roller, Hawkins, jun., and Hawkins, 226

Skates, Roller, W. J. Hodge, 383

Skates, Roller, C. E. Holvel, 137

Skates, Roller, W. Howitt, 366

Skates, Roller, E. W. Hughes, 314

Skates, Roller, A. Johnson, 32

Skates, Roller, T. R. Jordan, 155

Skates, Roller, A. E. Joyce, 17

Skates, Roller, J. J. Kunstadter, 49

Skates, Roller, G. Lowry, 438

Skates, Roller, P. Macquay, 33

Skates, Roller, W. S. Mappin, 295

Skates, Roller, J. A. Mays, 295

Skates, Roller, Mbsnard, Sankey and Wilson, 50

Skates, Roller, Nelson and Glazebrook, 32

Skates, Roller, L. P. Noble, 67

Skates, Roller, Nowakowski and Baridski, 121

Skates, Roller, R. and P. Ogden, 17

Skates, Roller, Pound and Stephens, 32

Skates, Roller, A. H. Robinson, 67

Skates, Roller, J. W. Saunders, 18

Skates, Roller, G. L. Scott, 32

Skates, Roller, E. F. Smith. 67

Skates, Roller, Smith and Starlcy, 87

Skates, Roller, W. P. Thompson, 314

Skates, Roller, H. C. Tucker, IS

Skates, Roller, J. A. Walkington, 06

Skates, Roller, C. E. Wallis, 49

Skates, Roller, Wallis and Hayford, 295

Skates, Roller, G. Warsop, 67

Skates, Roller, W. Watts, 455

Skates, Roller, J. Whitlow, 17

Skates, Roller, J. Wilder, 50

Skates, Roller, W. and L. Wise, 156

Skates, Roller, F. Wirth, 50

Skates, Roller, C. F. Wood, 366, 455

Skates, Roller, F. Young, 50

Skates, Roller, Young and Deacon, 318

Skating, J. K. Dallison, 101

Skating, J. T. Parlour, 32

Skating, Learning, Longbottom and Hams, 209

Slag, Bolton, Beaumont, and Ash well, 279

Slag, Pyrites, Treating, W. S. Williamson, 32, 401

Slates, School, Hausmann and Newmann 366

Sleighs for Rinks, Barber and Crocker, 279

Slide Valves, Dickinson, and Cullen, 455

Sliver Drawing Cans, Steel and Smith, 383

Small Arms, W. Anson, 402

Small Arms, Beeech-loading, J. S. Edge; 49

Small Arms, Breech-loading, Lawden and Thomas, 66, 279

Small Arms, Breech-loading, J. F. 8winbum, 367

Smelting, A. L. Dowie, 16

Smoke Consuming, T. Barrow, 438

Smoke Consuming, W. Cordingley, 208

Smoke Consuming, W. R. Lake, 279

Smoke Consuming, J. McGlashan, 420

Smoko Consuming Apparatus, J. B. A. Thierry, 848

Smoko Consuming and Fuel Economising,

G. D. Hughes, 155

Soda and Potash, J. Mactear, 383

Soda and Potash, G. I. J. Wells, 122

Soda and Potash, Treating, W. Weldon, 295

Soldering Tins, A. M. Clark, 420

Solitaires, Weintrand and Joyce, 314

Solitaires and Studs, W. H. Douglas, 366

Solitaires and Studs, Jones and Chamber-lain, 190

Sounding Water, Sir W. Thomson, 314

Spades and Shovels, F. Adkins, 366

Spades, Shovels, &c., W. H. Andrew, 121

Spark Arresters, C. D. Abel, 383

Spark Arresters, J. G. Wilson, 437

Spectroscope, F. McLean, 383

Spindles, Faulkner and Starling, 245

Spinning, Farran and Walsh, 366 Spinning, H. Gardner. 348 Spinning, W. E. Gedge, 332 Spinning, J. Goulding, 52 Spinning, W. B. Lake, 191

Spinning, T. Mayor, 208

Spinning, J. Smith, 52

Spinning, J. J. and A. Thornton and Fenton, 32

Spinning, Whitaker, O. L. and W. A. Pearson and Entwistle, 402

Spinning and Doubling, J. Dearden, 295 Spinning and Doubling, Dobson and Mac-queen, 455

Spinning and Doubling, J. Elce, 136, 455

Spinning and Doubling, Higgins and Whitworth, 279

Spinning and Doubling, Houghton and Kidbury, 50

Spinning and Doubling, Taylor and Ramsden, 261

Spinning and Doubling, J. Wain, 366

Spinning, Doubling, and Twisting, J. W. Gooder, 420

Spinning and Roving, W. Whiteley, 122

Spinning. Throstle Frames for, J. C. Mewburn, 243

Spinning and Twisting, Sykes and White-ley, 332

Spittoons, J. T. H. Richardson, 421

Spoon and Fork, Combined, T. Foot, 67 Spoons, Whitehead, Bolt, and Weeder, 50 Spray Apparatus in Decomposing Water,

A. M. Clark, 455

Springs, Firth and Wolstencroft, 262 Springs, R B. Hansell, 261

Springs for Roller Blinds, G. Slater, 121 Springs, Fitting Elliptic, B, J. B. Mills, 456 Spring Travellers for Ships, Coleman and

Bird, 156

Squeezing Machines, W. Birch, 438

Stable Fittings, A. McLaren, 66

Stamps, Cancelling Postage, Palmer and Clark, 383

Stamps, Postage, B Hunt, 244

Stamps, Postage, W. R. Lake. 106

Stamps, Postage. A. Whitcombe, 52, 365 Starch, T. H. Gray, 137

Starch, Remy and Denis, 333 Starching, H. E. Newton, 18

Starting Gear for Vehicles, A. M. Clark, 332

Steel, J. Baur, 421

Steel, W. P. and C. E. Cherry, 49

Steel, W. R. Lake, 52

Steel, Bessemer, B. Bramall. 225

Steel, Treating Cast, F. Tommasi, 105

Steel Wire, Tempering, B. F. and F.

Cocker, jun,, 366

Steering, F. E. B. Beaumont, 32

Steering, W. Clark, 18

Steering, A. McKechnie, 403

Steering, Niels Jochumson, 262

Steering Gear, R. Gardiner, 33

Steering Gear, Spencelayh and Taylor, 190

Steering Gear, Auxiliary Power, II. P.

Holt, 455

Stenography, Baudoin and Bombart, 314 Stereotyping, G. Griffiu, 17

Stereotyping, Harrison and Evans, 105 Stone, Artificial, J. P. Barbin, 383 Stone, Artificial, L. A. Brode, 367

Stone, Artificial, Greatorex and Hall, 455 Stone, Artificial, J. II. Johnson, 33 Stone Cutting, Hamilton and Frasi, 101 Stone Dressing, T. Brown, 49 Stone Dressing, P, Burt, 383 Stone Dressing, W. Grant, 18

Stone Dressing, J. L. Haddan, 106

Stone Dressing, A. McDonald, 226

Stone, Sawing, J. W. and A. Graham, 226 Stone Working, G. Hunter, 383

Stopper for Doors, <fcc., R. W. Hellyer, 420 Stoppers for Aerated Liquids, T. Lewis, 244

Stoppers for Aerated Waters, J.L. Besnard, 34

Stoppers for Boiler Tubes, J. Rankine, 33 Stoppering Bottles, &c., H. G, Cardozo, 294 Stoppering Boilers, W. J. Dix, 262 Stoppers for Boilers, C. Bovenschen, 32 Stoppers and Bottles, G. G, Bussey, 348 Stoppers for Bottles, &c., H. H. Doubleday, 34

Stoppers for Bottles, T. R. Gilesgate, 155 Stoppers for Bottles, J. Longbottom, 87 Stoppers for Bottles, J. Margotti, 348 Stoppers for Bottles, G. J. U. Rush worth, 245

Stoppers for Bottles, W. Rush worth, 279 Stoppers for Bottles, W, Thompson, 33 Stoppers for B'’■Cos. S W 4kc-Stoppers for booties, W. Walker, 51 Stoppers for Bottles, A. Weightman, 87 Stoppers for Flasks, B. C. Scott, 279 Stoppers or Plugs, A, Mason, 365 Stoppers or Plugs for Casks, J. Reid, 66 Stopping Bottles, H. Codd, 50 Stopping Bottles, W. J. Dix, 192 Stopping Tram Cars, &c., A. Squire, 156 Storing, &c., Corrosive Liquids, J. B.

Lindsay, 456

Storing Gunpowder, T. Judge, 226

Storing and Transporting Explosives, H.

A. O. E. Grunbaum, 420 Stoves, J, Dobbie, 104 Stoves, W. R. Lake, 420 Stoves and Fumades, H. L. McAvoy, 122 Stoves, Oil, C. H. Green, 190 Stoves, Oil, W. R. Lake, 294 Stoves, Portable, J. H. Johnson, 402 Straps, Treating, J. Wigley, 402 Stretching Frames, T. B. Ward, 366 Studs, Links, <fcc., H. J, Hallpike, 420 Studs and Solitaires, Pearce and Douglas, oaa

Sugar, J. H Johnson, 455

Sugar, J. Schwarz, 87

Sugar Cubing, T. L. Wadsworth, 138

Sugar Cutting and Packing, G. Martineau, 50, 294

Sugar Refining, Walker and Patterson, 348

Sugar, Shaping, A. Lyle, 244

Sugar, Treating, Duncan and Newlands, 137

Sugar, Treating, C. H. Gill, 156

Sugar, Treating, H. H. Murdoch, 348

Sugar Residues, Treating, Walker and Patterson, 438

Sugar, Treating, D. R. Watson, 382

Sulphate of Alumina, Duncan and Newlands, 137, 137

Sulphate of Soda, S. Hjerleid, 104

Sulphate of Zinc, Wallace and Claus, 225

Sulphates of Soda and Potash, W. Weldon, 296, 296, 296

Sulphide from Oxide, Recovering, F. Wirth, 383

Sulphides of Soda and Potash, W. Weldon, 20fi

Sulphuric Acid, R. W. Wallace, 67

Sulphuric Acid Tar, Utilising, J. Calder-wood, 155

Sulphuric Acid, A. M. Clark, 244

Supports for Seats, J. Imray, 155

Surgical Apparatus, A. C. Herts, 382

Surveying Instruments, A. C. Bagot, 66

Surveying Instruments, W. Cochrane, 50

Steel Plates, G. W. von Nawrocki, 137

Sweeping, T. Green, 332

Swimming Apparatus, A. B. Loekett, 294

Swimming, A. and J, Strong, 51

Swimming and Diving, R. B. Pumphrey, 88

Switches and Points, Railway, W. S. Hall, 314

Swivels, 0. M. Draper, 136

Syringes, Hydrants, &c., W. E. Fisher, 155

Table and Step Chair, Combined, L. L. M.

Peris, 4 56

Tables, Folding, Hoare and Herts, 137

Tables, Folding, F. and J. Smith, 66

Tables, Invalid, J. Harper, 332

Tablets for Memoranda, A. Browne, 295

Tablecloths, J. W. Gray, 244

Tapping, W. Noll, 262

Taps, A. M. Clark, 67

Taps, R. Henderson, 438

Taps, Massey and Knott, 50

Taps, Ball, J. G. McMinnies, 104

Taps for Decanters and Bottles, J. M.

Plessner, 104, 208

Taps and Cocks, F W. Ritter, 332

Taps and Cocks, E Simcox, 103, 455

Taps, Valve*, and Ventilators, T. H. Blamires, 52

Taps and Vent Pegs, A. H. Mure, 50

Teaching Singing, W. R. Lake, 401

Tea and Coffee, W. Clark. 33, 156

Tea and Coffee Pots, E. T. Bowden. 52

Tea and Coffee Urns, R. C. Pyrke, 421

Telegraphic Communication Under Water,

P. Protheroe, 51, 155

Telegraph Posts, J. A. Desgoffe, 262

Telegraph Wire, J. Rubery, 156

Telegraphy, S. P. Bidder, 214

Telegraphy, E. G. Brewer, 348

Telegraphy, J. W. Brown, 225

Telegraphy, St. and J. V. Day, 401

Telegraphy, J. Dewar, 191

Telegraphy, W. Dickenson, 105

Telegraphy, W. T. Henley, 17

Telegraphy, Johnson and Phillips, 348, 348

Telegraphy, J. Muirhead, jun., 106

Telegraphy, H. Page, 244

Telegraphy, G. M. Phelps, 278

Telegraphy, R. E. House, 34

Telegraphy, H. P. Scott. 34

Telegraphy, Acoustic, T. A. Edison, 226

Telegraphy, Submarine, H. Gardner, 438

Telescopes, J. D. Field, 49

Telescopes, W. L. Wise, 137

Tennis Balls, Lawn, R. Hammond, 66

Tents, &c., R. J. Haddan, 18

Theodolites, J. Wallis, 17

Therms, Electric Generators, C. A. Faure, 366

Thrashing. J. D. Garrett, 87

Thrashing and Binding Straw, W. Mcl.

Cranston. 226

Tickets, Cutting and Sorting, J. McGill, 420

Tile*, F. Prestage, 314

Tiles, Encaustic, W. H. Ridgway, 438

Tiles, Locking, F. Ravonscroft, 121

Tiles for Roofing, Waters and Liston, 87

Tiles, Slabs, and Flexible Hose, Zoller and

Scott, 104

Tilling, J. A. Clarke, 401

Tin Plates, F. Prange, 105

Tin Plate Scraps, Utilising, E A. Parnell, 34

Tin and Terne Plates, G. Nurse, 33

Tin and Terne Plate Scrap, Treating, C.

Madge, 245

Tin and Terne Plates, R. J. Hutchings, 51, 122, 294

Tobacco, M. McEwen, 279

Tobacco, R. T. Tait, 136

Tobacco Coil, W. M. Scott, 455

Tobacco, Cutting, R. Legg, 190

Tobacco, Treating, T. L. Parker, 437

Toilet Services, J. Vernon, 87

Tool Holders, Cutting, J. P. Smith, 172

Tooth Brushes, A. Kent, 121

Toys, G. F. Lutticke, 402

Toy Birds, H. Gardner, 456

Tramways, G. Lindemann, 262

Tramways, Travelling, J. A. May, 245

Traps, Animal, T. L. Nash, 262

Traps for Drains, H. Harrison. 17

Traps and Valves, Barff and Bradshaw, 17

Travelling Bags, F. Wirth, 262

Trucks, Hand, J. R. Wright, 17

Trusses, E. Edel, 40

Tubes, Metal, E. Deeley, 50

Tubes, Metal, W. R. Lake, 191

Tube Scrapers, J. L. Rastrick, 49

Tubes and Skelps, C. F. Grimmett, 366

Tubs, Colliery, H. Johnson, jun., 382

Tuning Keys, A. F. Mills, 262

Tunnelling and Shaft Sinking, J. D. Brunton, 105

Tunnels, T, and W. Clapham, 121

Turbines, A. M. Clark, 88

Turning, G. Bray, 366

Turning, W. Parsons, 121

Turning Leaves of Music, G. Sandys, 33

Turnstiles, A. Le Grand, 50

Turnstiles, G. Lowry, 332

Turpentine, Purifying, W. Morgan-Brown, 18

Twines, Treating, R. and R. Sutton, 17 Twisting, W. Bywater, 367 Type Setting, J. Hooker, IS

Umbrellas, J. S. Lewis, 191

Umbrellas, &c., Ferules, J. J. Bennett, 314 Umbrellas and Parasols, G. Budd, 383 Umbrellas and Parasols, A. Gruyer, 332 Umbrellas and Parasols, J. Gruyer, jun.,

Umbrellas and Parasols, A. Hill, 32 Umbrellas and Parasols, P. Jensen, 136 Umbrellas and Parasols, R. N. Lomas, 244 Umbrellas, Substitutes for, S. Kuott, 226

Umbrellas and Walking Sticks, G. Grant, 49 Unloading and Weighing, J. C. Mewburn,

Urns, J. C. Memen 402

Utilising Town Refuse, A. Fryer, 348 Utilising Waste Heat, A. Wilson, 87 Utilising Waste Products, T. Cotterill, 105

Valves, S. Alley, 438

Valves, R. C. Anderson, 333

Valves, F. R. Beckett, 88

Valves, G. Butler, 67

Valves, G. F. Deacon, 87

Valves, H. J. Haddan, 365

Valves, Hempsted and Watkinson, 244

Valves, T. G. Messenger, 226

Valves, A. Ruthel, 420

Valves, F. E. Saxby, 87

Valves, J. Somerville, 137

Valves, India-rubber, T. B. Harris, 121

Valves, Safety, T. Block, 437

Valves, Safety, J. T. Coulthard, 244

Valves, Safety, J. Dickinson, 190

Valves, Safety, Hunter and Hill, 348 Valves, Safety, T. and M. Mitchell 17 Valves, Safety, W. Morgan-Brown,’33 Valves, Safety, M. J. Roberts, 332

Valves, Safety, A. Turnbull, 437

j Valves, Slide, Blinkhorn and Browning, 16 Valves, Slide, G. A. Calvert, 49 Valves, Stop, J. W. Andrews, 191

Valve Apparatus, Safety, J. C. Wilson, 455 Valve Gear, Galloway and Beckwith, 51 Varnish, Bickerdike and Bondler 209 Varnish, A. Browne, 105

Va3^2 Sh> De Meyer’ Kiudant> and Mulders, Varnishes, W. Morgan-Brown, 262 Vehicles (See also Carriages) Vehicles, J. I. Mitchell, 365

Vehicles, A. F. Osler, 263

Vehicles, Dog Carts, Carpenter and Sabell 156

Vehicles, Dog Carts, &c., J. Osmond, 365

Velocipedes (See also Bicycles)

Velocipedes, FI. Bate, 420

Velocipedes, W. P. Berwick. 263

Velocipedes, Browett and Harrison, 401

Velocipedes, J. C. Oarrod, 402

Velocipedes, A. Harvie, 105

Velocipedes, W. Hillman, 278

Velocipedes, W. R. Lake, 52

Velocipedes, W. G. Lewis, 383

Velocipedes, C. le N. Martin, 33

Velocipedes, J. Monteith, 51

Velocipedes, J. H. Nobb, 17

Velocipedes, Bowles and Rose, 209

Velocipedes, E. Smithe, 33

Velocipedes, A. Shelmerdine, 33

Velocipedes, G. Singer, 420

Velocipedes, W. G. Stewart, 314

Velocipedes, M. Wilson, 208

Veneering, G. and A. Albery. 49

Ventilating, G. Anderson, 402

Ventilating, J. Banks, 87

Ventilating, A. Browne, 33

Ventilating, J. D. Macdonald, 382

Ventilating, W. Taylor, 4*7

Ventilating Cowls, T. Lloyd, 279

Ventilating and Fog Alarm Apparatus,

B. J. B. Mills, 365

Ventilating, Heating, Cooling, W. B. Lake, 191

Ventilating and Heating Vaults, J. H.

Johnson, 314

Ventilating Ships, H. Stott, 279

Voting, A, T. Turnbull, 366

Wafers, G. B. Northcote, 33

Wagon or Trucks, W. E. Gedge, 294

Warping, Young and Fletcher, 16

Washers, Locking, W. Frost, 16

Washing, Beard and Stephenson, 384

Washing, J. Cocker, 50

Washing, W. Fyfe, 51

Washing, B. Kilburn, 365

Washing, J. Wilding, 279

Washing, G. B. Willett, 262

Washing Barrels, &c., A. M. Clark, 261

Washing and Churning, Raynor, Harrison, and Glendinning, 262

Washing and Drying Hanks, S. Ellis, 244

Washing and Peeling Vegetables, T. Bradford, 226

Washing Stands, W. Thorburn, 438

Washing Stands, Wall Protector for, G. B. Northcote. 190

Washing and Wringing, R. Looney, 156

Watch Case Springs, W. E. Gedge, 209

Watches, C. L. Aulagnier, 121

Watches, C. A. Herzog, 52

Watches and Clocks, H. M. Frodsham, 208

Watches and Clocks, G. Zaffira, 225

Watches, Keyless, II. M. Rowbottom, 2‘8

Watches, Keyless Repeating, A. M. Clark, 156

Watch and Chronometer Escapements, H. J. Haddan, 209

Watch Keys, T. Morgan, 208

Watch Pendants, C. Harrold, 279

Water-closets, <fcc., J. Foster, 155

Water-closets, Gabriel and Pickes, 314

Water-closet Fittings, F. Churchill, 420

Water, Economising, J. D. Duckett, 295

Waterproof Cushions, McKintosh and Bog-gett, 383

Waterproof Garments, A. Cunningham, 137

Waterproofing, A. M. Clark, 137, 366

Waterproofing, T. Foster, 420

Waterproofing, H. J. Haddan, 225

Waterproofing, G. H. Hebblethwait, 226

Water Supply, R. H. Hughes, 402

Water Supply, Preston, Prestige, and Preston, 208

Water Supply, A. Tylor, 101

Wearing Apparel, E. Clark, 226

Wearing Apparel—Braces, J. Evans, 384

Wearing Apparel—Braces, F. Tew, 262

Wearing Apparel—Crinoline Steel, W. Thomas, 244

Wearing Apparel—Dress Suspenders, T. Hare, 383

Wearing Apparel—Dress Suspenders, W. Montague, 295

Wearing Apparel—Fans, M. M. Franzini, 244

Wearing Apparel—Fastenings, T. G. Pendleton, 104

Wearing Apparel—Garters, H. E. Newton, 245

Wearing Apparel—Gloves, E. G. Brewer, 50

Wearing Apparel—Hosiery, W. Onion, 401

Wearing Apparel—Pantaloons, H. E. Newton, 87

Wearing Apparel—Pocket with Muff, J. Pick, 295

Wearing Apparel—Scarves, L. N. Loeb, 51

Wearing Apparel—Shawls, W. R. Lake, 333

Wearing Apparel—Shirt Fronts, J. W. Knight, z79

Wearing Apparel—Shirts, P. Jensen, 208

Wearing Apparel--Shirts, F. H. Simpson, 49

Wearing Apparel—Stay Busks, G. and E.

S. Lewis, 17

Wearing Apparel—Stays, T. Thomas, 241

Wearing Apparel—Stockings, F. A. Paget, 382

Wearing Apparel—Suspenders for, H. J. B. Kendall, 51

Wearing Apparel—Tie Buckles, J. T. King, 401

Wearing Apparel—Treating Hare Skins for, R. Reichenheim, 226

Wearing Apparel—Trouser Protectors, A.

C. Herts, 332

Wearing Apparel—Trousers, F. Dredge, 348

Wearing Apparel—Woollen Shirts, L. Davis, 295

Weaving, H. Ainley, 348

Weaving, B. Hunt, 333

Weighing, J. Greenwood, 226

Weighing, J. II. Johnson, 156

Weighing, J. Mackenzie, 68

Weighing Grain, E. Reisert, 32

Weighing and Measuring, W. H. Baxter, 190

Weighing and Shooting Coals, G. H. Wilds, 156

Wheelbarrows, W. Clark, 17

Wheels, A. M. Clark, 456

Wheels, J. A. Curling, 382

Wheels, J. D. Garrett, 67

Wheels, Handyside, Alley and Carruthers, 262

Wheels, A. Harper, 348

Wheels, W. H. Llewellyn, 279

Wheels, T. Reynolds, jun., 106

Wheels, J. Stephenson, 32

Wheels, Sir J. Whitworth, 208

Wheels, Gear, W. R. Lake, 105

Wheels, Pinions for, C. N. Nixon, 383

Wheels, Railway, A. M. Clark, 137

Wheels, Railway, G. D. Dyson, 226

Wheels, Railway, W. E. Gedge, 191

Wheels, Railway, G Maw, 244

Wheels, Water, G. W. Clark, 50

Wheels, Water, G. Lister, 33

Winding, S. and L. Barbour, 18

Winding, Hacking and Wilson, 332

Winding, W. Halbert, 245

Winding, A. C. Henderson, 333

Winding, W. McGee, 136

Winding, Mulholland and Porter, 455

Winding, C. T. Powers, 190

Winding, H. G. Warburton, 365

Winding Cops, J. Combe, 121

Winding and Folding, J. France, 439

Winding Silk. J. E. Vanner, 456

Windlasses, Donald and Taylor, 3S3

Windlasses, J. Duthie, 401

Windows, W. Chalmers, 244

Windows, See., Frames for, J. S. Edmondson, 33

Windows for Carriages, H. Brittain, 366

Window Attachments, P. Jowett, 3S4

Window Blinds, C. Dawbarn, 332

Window Frames, Metallic, Hird and Calvert, 367

Wire, W. L. Wise, 106

Wire Drawing, W. Morgan-Brown, 122

Wire Gauze, Johnson and Armitage, jun.,


Wire Gauze Cleaning, W. E. Teale, 87

Wire, Joining, W. Hibell, 456

Wire, Lattice, P. Joannes, 104

Wire Netting, W. Smith, 105

Wood Cutting, W. B. Haigh, 262

Wood Graining, C. A. Bluemel, 105

Wood for Varnish, Preparing, W. B. Lake,


Woo), Silk, &c., Treating, E. P. Alexander, 208

Wool, Treating, E. G. Brewer, 104

Wool, Washing, J. and J. E. Holden, 52

Wool, Washing, Maurice and Hoyle, 122

Wool, Washing, W. P. Thompson. 67

Working Drawings, H. and T. Batchelor,


Wrappers for Extracting Oil, Elston and Benson, 190

Wrappers, Folding, W. C. Pellatt, 366

Wringing Rollers, I. B. Harris, 49

Wringing Rollers, W. R. Lake, 34

Writing, G. Forbes, 262

Writing, II. Pattmon, 105

Writing Table, Smith and Simpson, 17

Yarns, Treating, S. Graham, 332

Yarns, Treating, E. Yeo, 66

$atrnt» on totu'rlj ttje Stamp Sutp of £100 ijao turn paid. lhe figures refer to the numbers of the patents not to pages.

Abel, C. D., Drawing Tube Skelps, 1571

Abel, C. D , Ferules, &c., 1569

Abel, C. D., Metal Tubes, 1570

Adams, jun., J., Nickel, 303

Adams, W.. Dressing Stone, 518

Allmaun, J., Sifting Ground Wheat, <fcc..


Atkins, T., Generating Gases for Extinguishing Fires in Mines, &c., 642

Aveling, T. Steam Engines, &c., 1037

Bailey, J., Registering Figures, Sec , 950

Barlow, 11. B., Fishing Nets, &c., 23

Barnard, B., Infants’ Bassinettes, 482

Barnby, F. J., Floor Cramps, 232

Barton, jun., S., Distributing Apparatus for Hose, 1132

Bernhardt, G., Machines for Spinning, 1182

Bessemer, H., Steam Vessels, &c., 1742

Bonneville, II. A., Label Fasteners, 1552

Boyman, R. B., Propelling Vessels by Reaction, 628

Brandon, A. H., Looms, 1048

Breeden, J., Lift and Force Damps, 1455

Brookes, 8., Doffers of Condensing Carding

Engines, 833

Brown, A. B., Steering Gear, &c., 1018

Carr, T., Cleaning Wheat, &c., 1895

Carr, T., Wheat Flour, 2149

Carson and Toone, Automatic Lamb-creep, 1034

Castherlaz, J., Artificial Alkaloids, 1425

Clark, A. M., Chains, Ac., 193

Clark, A. M., Treating Pulps, 994

Clark, A. M., Wrought Metal Wheels, 583

Clark and Sykes, Hand Signal, Sec., Lamps, 483

Clarkson and Charlton, Scale: Beams, 158

Claudet, F., Treatment of Cupreous Ores Containing Silver, 282

Cleland, W., Purifying Gas, Ac., 1560

Clemesha.and Roberts, Filter, 842

Coltman, T., Knitted Fabrics, 62

Cooke and Hunter, Stone Cutting, 1202

Cross, J., Frames of Umbrellas and Parasols, 109

Culmcr.jW. T.,'.Brushes, 852

Dodd, J., Spinning and Doubling Cotton, 1376

Drake, C., Concrete Buildings, 9

Dunmachie, J., Stoves for Drying,Bricks, &c., 735

Edmondson, J. W. and F. W., Engraving Cylinders, 1033

Ewing and Coleman, Treating Lubricating Oils, 1752

Farini, W., Gymnastic Apparatus, 1572

Field and Siemssen, Application of a New Material to the Production of Illumination Oils, Sec., 961

Fielden, R., jun., and T., Pickers for Looms, 197

Fleury, F. G., Water Waste Preventers, 1686

Forbes, D., Treatment of Sewage, 607

Forbes and Price, Treatment of Sewage, 1137

Gamgee, J., Preserving Animal Substances, 61

Garton, W., Fermentable Saccharine Matters, 205

Gedge, W. E., Boxes, Sic., 325

George, B. G., Producing Pictorial, &c., Devices, 600

Gramme and d’lvernois, Magneto-Electric Machines, 1668

Glover, F. R. A., Anchors 984

Green, E., Removing Soot from Steam Boilers, 999

Greenwood, H. B., Window Sashes, Sic., 1412

Greenwood and Keats, Sewing Machines, 1685

Grover, J. W., Rolling Stock, 707

Hargreaves, J.. Treating Sulphur. 46 Harper, W., Suspending Fabrics in Drying

Stoves, 2787

Hedderwick, P. D., Printing Machinery,

Henderson, J., Wrought Iron and Steel.

1051 ’

Hill, E. J.. Depositing Parcels, Sic., 1007

Holmes, N. J., Signal Lights,,301

Howard, J., Ploughs, 1071

Howard and Bousfield, Boilers. 3770

Husband, W., Atmospheric Stamps and

Hammers, 749

Jackson, C., Vulcanisers, 726

Jackson, P. R., Segmental Toothed Wheels, 1388

Jefferies. J. R., Ploughs, 1622

Jensen, P., Means for Writing and Telegraphic Purposes, 1385

Jesty, W., Coating Ships’ Bottoms, 1096

Johnson, J. H., Actuating Sewing and other Machines, Worked by a Treadle, 564

Johnson, J. H., Combing and Straightening Wax, &c., 724

Johnson, J. H.. Forming Heels for Boots and Shoes. 1709

Johnson, J. B-. Furnaces, 1 24

Johnson, J. H. Producing Hydrocarbons, 1660

Johnson, J. H., Sewing Machines, 283

Johnson, J. R., Surfaces for Photographic Pictures, 201

Kay and Richardson, Crape, 1220, 3757

Kent, G., Rotary Knife-Cleaning .Machines, 100

Kirkman, H. J., Pianofortes, 1035

Knowles. J., Self-acting Mules, 336

Lake, W. R., Boots and Shoes, 1491

Lake, W. R„ Boring Rocks. 1104

Lake, W. R., Lapping Cotton, Ac.. 1451

Lake, W. R , Printing Telegraph Apparatus, 1657

Lam pen, Gerhard, Manufacture of Shot, 134

Lavigne, G. de, Cork, 791

Law, H., Meters for Measuring Fluids, 1363

Lea, C. H., Fog signals, 31

Leake, R., Engraving Rollers for Calico Printers, 1297

Lewis, T.. Filling Woven Fabrics, 969

Little, G„ Combing Wool, 4c.. 65

Livesey, P. J., Printing upon Spools, 1261

McNabb, W., Bale Hoops, 4c., 911

Manbre, A., Purifying Saccharine. 1562 Marchant, R. M., .Motive Power, 1086 Mather, C., Sizeing and Dressing Yarn, 1575

Matthews, J. A., Moulding, Bricks, Tiles, &c., 644

Maynard, H. N. Piers or Supports, 3764

Mills, D., Guiding Work in Sewing Machines, 1217

Milner, J., Fire-grates, 840

Montefiore, J. L., Bronze, 1408

Morand, A., Kilns or Ovens, 1190

.Moorewood, E.. Tin and Terne Plates, 1780

Morrell, J. C., Treating Sewage of Towns.

630 ’

Newton, A. V., Iron and Steel, SIS Newton, A. V., Weaving Looms, 1578

Paton, Harris, P. and R., Extinction of Fire, 196

Peacock, Goole, and Wilson, Crushing Machines, 377

Price, A. P., Treatment of Sewage, 1314

Rainforth, W., sen., and W., jun., Rotary

Corn Screens, 776

Ramsden, J. C., Looms for Weaving, 761

Ransome, F., Artificial Stone, 1233

Rendle, W. E., Glazed Structures, 1340

Richards, W., Breech-loading Fire-arms and Cartridges, 144

Robinson, E. and C., and Andrew, Machinery for Twisting, &c., Tobacco, 652

Saxby and Farmer, Securing, &c., Railway Points and Signals, 569

Scott, II. Y. D., Mortar and Concrete, 4c., 1205

Scott, W. M., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 452

Servante, jun., D., Printing, 170

Siemens, U. W., Gas Furnaces, 1513 Siemens, C. W., Iron Ores, Arc., 292, 594

Siemens, Cowper, and Cochrane, Regenerating Hot Blast Stoves, 34

Siemens, F., Hardening Glass, 1637

Silber and White, Lighting and Heating, 1467

Smith, R., Doubling Cotton, Arc., 899

Smith, W., Wording Railway Switches, 971 Spence, P., Alum, 1076

Standfield, J. E., Carriages, &c., 255

Stockbridge, C., Collars and Saddles for

Horses, Arc., 760

Storer, J., Fountains, 1647

Taylor, F., Paper Collars, 1031

Thamsen, P. C., Artificial Leather, 728

Thicry, C. L., Watch-cases, 33

Thomas, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 324

Tongue, J. G., Governois, Ax., 161

Truman, E. T., Treating Gutta Percha Arc., 41, 878

Varley, C. F., Electric Telegraphs, 1001

Webb, F. W., Rolling and Crushing Metals, 3747

Whitfield, F., Locks, 187

Whitworth, Sir J., Fire-arms and Ordnance, 1745

Wigner, G. W„ Purifying Sewage, 1354 Wigzell and Pollitt, Steam Engines, 1212 Wilcock, Robinson, and Wilcock, Preparing

Cotton for Spinning, 915

Wilson, R., Steam, Aic., Engines, 1061

Wise, W. L., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 603

Woolfe, W., Guiding Plougns, Ax., 811 Wright, G., Brickmaking Machines, 1272 Wright and Yorath, Loading Hay, 1666 Wrightson, T., Lowering Weights, 1803

patents on toljit!) ttje Stamp Dutn of £50 tjas farm pail). The tyurce rtf er to the numbert of the Patent/, not to payc».

Abel, C. I).. Dressing and Finishing Woollen Cloths, 18

Abel, C. D., Steel Shovels. &c , 1843

Abrahams, A., Gas and other Lamps, 251

Aitken, IL, Coking Coal, 57

Allan, A., Stud for Bale Bands. 543

Alleyne, J. G. N., Puddling Iron, 161

Alliott, J. B., Drying Substances, 5c., 1773

Alliott. J. B., Engines Worked by Steam or other Fluid Pressure, 942

Anderson, C.. Paper Bags, 1195

Anduze. E., Triturating Substances, 1226

Appleby, C. J.. Cranes, 1285

Appleby, C. J., Deepening Rivers, 4c., 1283

Applegarth, R., Speaking Tubes, 2015

Atkens, J., Metallic Tubing 210

Aubin, J., Millstones for Grinding Corn, 2184

Bailey, E. V., Fixing Door Knobs. 2195

Bailey. J., Locking Railway Point, 4c.,

Levers, 1330

Bale, F., Production of Common Salt, 521

Ballard and Pitts, Warming and Ventilating Factories, &c., 1863

Barlow, H. B.» Malting, 1988

Barnard, B., Tables, 1107

Bayliss, T. R., Metallic Cartridge Cases, 803

Baxter, J. C., Motive Power, &c., 482

Beale, J., Engine for Pumping Gases, &c., 1711 ,

Beaumont, F. E. B., Rock Drilling Machinery, 1149

Beck and Strong, Bricks, 424

Bell, J., Distilling Coal Shale, 1824 Belsham, M., Core Tubes, 1183 Bentall, E. H., Root Pulpers, 726 Betteley, J., Propellers, 48

Betteley, J. H., Stopping, &c., Tram Cars, 686

Beynon, G. W., Railway Signals, 1237

Billings, M. and G. K., Boilers, 137 Bischof, G., Filters, 2243

Bishop, T. B , Sewing Machines, 1527 Black and Hill, Soda, 173

Blake, J., Steam Generators, &e., 396 Booth, J., Heating Vertical Boilers, 1295 Booth, J. B., Spinning Fibrous Materials, &c, 1835

Bonneville, H. A., Table Tops, 471 .Boulton, W., Potters’ Clay, 1119 Bousfield, G. T, Buttons, &c., 2194 Bousfield, G. T., Rock Drilling Machines, 680

Bousfield, G. T., Rotary Engines, &c., 58

Bradbury, J., Steam Generators, 1056

Brannon, P., Materials for Structural Purposes, 1246

Brechin, J. B., Economising Fuel, 1216 Bremme, G. A. C., Valve Gear, 2361 Brewer, E. G., Woollen Fabrics, &c., 433 Brooks, Harrison, and Goodbehere, Spinning and Doubling, 1502

Brooks, W., Twisting Fringe on Shawls, 727

Broughton, T., Concrete Buildings, 819 Brower, B., Inkstands, 2198

Brown, A., Dredgers, 307

Brown, W., Horse Clippers, 715

Browne, A., Alloys of Iron, 422

Browne, A., Converting Cast Iron into Steel, 220

Browne, J. C., Raising, <fcc., Water, 4279

Browne, R. J., Obtaining Motive Power, 816

Buchanan, G., Crushing Sugar Canes, 895

Buchanan and Vickers, Retorts, 923

Budenberg, A,, Injectors, 327

Burden, J., Steam Gauges, 986

Burgess, W. J. and C. T., Reaping and Mowing, 183

Burn, jun., and Green, Points, Crossings, and Signals of Railways, 774

Burton. B., Breech-loading Repeating Firearms, 884

Butcher, J. J., Stoking Furnaces, 1257 Butler, J. W., Concrete Pipes, 1482

Carrick, J., Apparatus for Respiratory Purposes, 1501

Carrick and Wardale, Carrying Wheels of Revolving Vessels, 786

Catlow, C., Looms for Weaving, 1920 Chambers, A., Railway Signalling, 2045 Chedgey, J., Casting Tubes in Glass, &c., 1075

Chesebrough, W. H., Treating Hydrocarbon Oils and Products, 1012

Childs, A. B., Cleaning Grain, &c., 1455 Cicognani, J. A., Desilvering Lead, 1800 Clamond, C., Thermo Electric Piles, 1199 Clark, A. M., Chains, 975

Clark, A. M., Forging Metals, 1676

Clark, A. MHeating, 323

Clark, A.M., Lamp-black, 208

Clark, A. M., Looms, 1539

Clark, A. M., Mills for Grinding Coffee, &c., 990

Clark, A. M., Packing Pins, 2188

Clark, A. M., Regulating Speed of Engines, &c., 1934

Clark, A. M., Retouching Photographic-Negatives and Positives, 1634

Clark and Donisthorpe, Strands for Forming Plaits, &c., 1778

Clark and Donisthorpe, Weaving and Craping Hair, 1704

Clark, D. K., Disintegrating, &c., 1453

Clark, H., Combination Locks, 818

Clark, J., Railway Brakes, 1905

Clark, J. J., Corset Fasteners, 1385

Clark and Stanfield, Floating Docks and Pontoons, 202

Clark and Walker, Ships’ Capstans, 843 Clayton, J. W., Waterproof Paper, 1037 Clayton and Shuttle worth, Portable Engines, 1142

Clayton, W. J., Fire Escapes, 1580

Clegg, J., Self-acting Mules, 811

Cochrane and Cowper, Regenerative Hot Blast Stoves, 1623

Cockburn, A., Bottles, 1964

Colebrook, C. T., Pump Valves, 1043

Conisbee and Smale, Printing Machines, &c., 739

Cooke, R., Ruling Machines, 1346

Cooper and Campin, Locking Signals, &c., 1893

Cotton, W., Knitted Fabrics, 713

Cox, R., Sawing Stone, &c., 1696

Cox, R. R., Chimney Caps, &c., 1156

Cox, W., Sacks or Bags, 115

Crookes, W,, Treatment of Waste Animal Matters, 1152

Cnlmer, W. T., Varnish Brushes, 1138 Cunningham, W., Carding Machines, 1887

Daddow, S. H., Blasting, &c., 1558 Dann, J. T., Lighting, &c., Gas, 1983 Davey, H., Working Valves of Steam

Engines, 1943

Davies, D., Boilers, 88

Davies and Lees, Fringing Fabrics, 1042

Davis and Strauss, Fastening Corners of Pockets, 2560

Dawson, T. G. and J., Printing Machinery, 1845

Day, St. J. V., Centrifugal Machines, 772

Dethion, L. H., Buckles without Prongs, 542

Dewar, J., Ships’ Berths, &c., 1105 Dicey, W. T. Y4, Steam Vessels, 1976

Dick, A., Bars for Fire-grates, and Furnaces, 926

Dillon, T. A., Indexing, &c., 1935

Dodge, J., Furnace Bars, 1122

Dodge and Edghill, Furnace Bars, &c., 1122

Dumbleton, J., Brick-making, &c., 743

Duncan, J., Treatment of Sugar, 1870, 1989

Dunlop, A., Portable Railwaysand Wheels, 657

Eaglesham and Rigg, Cutting Coal, &c., 2171

Edwards, J., Stopping Bottles, 1617

Elder, G. F., Crisping, &c., Textile Fabrics, 670

Elder, H., Railway Brakes, 481

Elliott, G. W., Sewing Machines, 1635

Essen, W. S. von, Cleaning Tubes of Steam Boilers, 492

Everett, G A., Liquid Meters, 500

Farmer and Tyer, Railway Signals. 2423 Farran, J., Weaving and Cutting Velvets, 899

Fell, sen. and jun., Weaving Looms, 1328 Fenby. J. B., Infusion of Coffee, &c., 1090 Ford, J., Working Tell-tale Signals, 1894 Ford, S . Prime Movers, 486

Foulis, W., Charging Retorts, 153

Frost, H., Fluid Meters, 1619

Fryer, A., Heating and Evaporating

Liquids, &o, 1774

Fox, S., Rolling Steel Wire, 1485

Fox, S., Straightening Steel Wire, &c., 1484

Garrett and Hudson, Thrashing Machines, 930

Garton, W., Treatment of Grains in the Production of Wort, 508

Gatwood and Spencer, Buffer Spring Cases, 1220

Gedge, W. E., Embroidering, 107

Gibson, A. T., Cleats and Chocks, 1695

Gibson, Patrick, and Prior, Tobacco, <fcc., 1516

Gibson, W., Furniture, &c., 435

Gill, H. J., Finishing Printed Sheets of Paper, 1945

Glover, F. R. A., Bridling Cables to Anchors, 2196

Gooday, G. O., Horseshoes, 1862

Goss and Savage, Hoes, 1209

Gottheil, R.. Motors, 25

Gower. G. G. W. S. L., Cultivating Waste Land, 319

Greathead, J. H., Tubular Tunnels, &c., 1738

Greig and Burton, Tramway Carriages, 1658

Greig and Eyth, Steam Cultivating Apparatus, 1265

Greenslade, J., Steam Ploughing, 1241 Griffiths, G., Sewing Machines, <fcc., 602 Groubman, C., Sewing Machines, 1178

Haley, J., Pressing Glass, 1927

Hall, J., Extracting Liquids, 468

Hall, J. and W., Sawing Machines, 1879

Hamilton, J. B., Strings for Musical Instruments, 1590

Hancock, J., Knitted Fabrics, 728

Harfield, W. H., Capstans and Windlasses, 310

Hargreaves and Robinson, Sulphates, 2018

Hargreaves and Robinson, Sulphates of Soda, 448

Harrop, J. J., Tin-lined Piping, <fcc., 485 Harvie and Lockerbie, Kilns, &c., 2002 Haseltine, G., Combined Scoop and Sifter, 2289

Haseltine, G., Engines, 35

Haseltine, G., Making Weavers’ Harness, 2291

Hattersley and Hebden, Casting Metals, 1097

Hawker, E., Jujubes, 2135

Hawksworth, S., Pavements of Surface Coverings, 1968

Hale and Gowan, Taps or Valves, 2017 Hearson, C. E., Argand Burners, 167 Higgins, J. J., Umbrella Runner, 2976 Higgins and Whitworth, Preparing Cotton, <fcc., 1884

Hills, F. C., Purification of Gas, <fcc., 934

Hinks, J. and J., Lamps for Paraffine Oil, <fcc., 1114

Holden, J.and J. E., Washing Wool, 114

Holland, W., Stretcher Joints for Umbrellas and Parasols, 1036

Holmes and Co., Horseshoes, 2057

Hooker, J., Setting Type, <fcc., 477

Hookham, G., Screws, 832

Hopkinson, J. T., Window-sash Fastenings, 694

Horne, R. R., Fire-resisting Material, 1425 Horner, F. and W. W., and Sibley, Bottles, 4252

Horner, Whitfield, and Sibley, Bottles, 4252

Hornsby and Bonnall, Thrashing Machines, 2307

Hosking and Bakewell, Rock Drills, 2760

Hoskins and Harvey, Taper and Parallel Tubes, 1140

Houghton, W., Cleaning Grain, 2116

Howard and Bousfield, Steam Cultivating, 178

Howes and Burley, Carriage Lamps, 303 Howes, W. H., Gas, 1944

Huch, E. H., Preserving Blood, 1734

Hughes, A., Binding Corn into Sheaves, 921

Hughes, E. T., Paper Bags, 1335 Hulett and Chandler, Gas, 1287

Hunt, B., Channelled or Honey-Combed Iron,867

Hunt, B., Grinding Mills, 606

Hunt, B., Nutritive Hygienic Compounds, 4290

Hunt, E., Bottles and Stoppers, 700

Hunt, W., Sulphate of Soda, 2016

Hunter, T. S., Constructing Docks and Quay Walls, 2097

Hunter, T. S.. Excavating Machine, 1741

Hyatt, T., Constructing, &c., Buildings, 1715

Hyatt, T., Lighting of Buildings, &c., 783

Imhof, D., Automatic Musical Instruments, 182

Imray, J., Peat for Fuel or Charcoal, 1104 Imray, J., Working Punkahs, 981

Jackson, T., Sulphuric Acid, 1583

Jardaine, J., Carriages Employed in the

Manufacture of Bobbin Net, 902

Jensen, P.. Producing Gas and Heat, 1072

Johnson, J. H., Carding Cotton, <fcc., 420

Johnson, J. H., Filtering Liquids, 1916

Johnson, J. H., Manures, 885

Johnson, J. H., Portable Forges, 1677

Johnson, J. H., Printing Telegraphs, 870

Johnson, J. H., Production of Heated Air, 594

Johnson, J. H., Production of Salicylic

Acid, 595

Johnson J. H., Recording Variations in

Pressure, 1587

Johnson, J. H , Saws, 2412

Johnson, J. H., Screw-Cutting Machines, 2459

Johnson, J. H., Stops of Organs, 893

Johnson, J. H., Tins, &c., for Preserved

Food, &c., 760

Johnson, J. H., Transmitting Musical

Tones. 2646

Jones, D., Lubricating Valves, 1429

Jones, J. A., Sliding Sashes, 645

Johnson, W. Compressing Air, 1332

Kay and Richardson, Silk Crape, 387

Kaye, J. and J., Checking Money, 1005

Keats, Greenwood, and Keats, Boots and

Shoes, 620

Keith, J., Gas, &c., 1066

Kendall, T., Ornamentation of Coffin Furniture, 1665

Kennedy, De L., Gripping Tools, Punches, &c., 860

King, F. J., Separating Ores, &c., 296

Kirk, W., Tips for Shuttles, 187

Kirkland and Anderson, Sawing Timber. 1977

Kirkman, J., Steam Engines and Pumps, <fcc.. 1896

Knightley, T. E., Fireproof Store Houses, 1449

Kron, S. R , Crushing Ores, 1058

Kyte, C., Iron Ores, 339

Lafferty, H. W. andR., Centrifugal Draining Machines, 755

Laird, jun., and Rutherford; Weaving Bags. &c , 671

Lake, W. R., Burnishing Photographs, &c., 1481

Lake, W. R., Cataplasm, 2149

Lake, W. R, Hay Tedding, 585

Lake, W. R., Inhaling Apparatus, 1512

Lake, W. R., Labels, <fcc., 1556

Lake, W. R., Loom Harness, 719

Lake, W. R., Nails. 1382

Lake, W. R., Nets for Fishing, 2138

Lake, W. R , Making Illuminating Gas, 2169

Lake, W. R., Registering Ticket Punches, 1667

Lamont, J., Stoppering Bottles, 1923

Light, C. L., Railway, &c., Wheels, 710

Light, C. L , Road and other Ways, 724

Lilburne, J., Hermetically Closing Bottles, 2224

Lister, S. C., Combing Silk, fee., 299

Lister, S. C., Combing Silk Waste and other Fibres, 2063

Lockwood, P. E., Treating Beer, 289 Lowe and Gill, Coal Tar Products, 1435 Luce, G , Refining Lead, &c., 1662 Lumb, J., Trap Twisters, 1319

Lurmann, F., Brick-making Machines, 956

Lyon, W. P., Applying Magnetism, 1954

Lyttle, W. A., Peat for Smelting, &c., 1096

Lyttle, W. A., Smelting Iron, 749, 1560

McAdam, W., Utilising Waste Products, 1529

McDougall, A., Destroying Insects, 2208 M'Kay, J., Drilling Apparatus, 1297

Mackie, Faure, and French, Explosive Compounds, 2062

Macklin, A., Ventilating Railway Carriages, 2132

McGrigor, A. B., Artificial Stone, 2047 Mackintire, J., Moulds, 4287

McNally, J. T., Separating Flour, &c., 1518

Mann, W. T., Cranes, 356

Marchant, R. M., Motive Power Engines, 509

Marsden, H. R., Crushing Ores, &c., 1937

Martin, S. B., Ice, Cooling Liquids, &c, 936

Mason, jun., and Alcock, Utilising Waste Heat from Steam Boilers, 1436

Maw, A., Metal Moulds, 264

Mesick, P., Boxes, 1701

Michea, P. P. F Production of Tannin, 957

Millar, A. Composing Type, 1899

Mills, B. J. B., Pasteboard Boxes, 1931

Mitchell, W., Filling Sacks, 1302

Mockford, W. G. 8., Treating Guano, 1450

Molloy and FitzGerald, White Lead, 266

Moore, F., Drying Wool, 2150

Moore, J., Bricks, &c., 1496

Morewood and Rogers, Coating Sheets of Iron, 1009

Morgan-Brown, W., Dressing Leather, 1291

Morgan, W., Tuyeres for Smiths’ Forges, 1775

Muirhead, jun., J., Iron Telegraph Poles, 2074

Needham, J., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 1205

Negretti and Zambra, Thermometers, 109

Newall, R. S. Condensing Muriatic Acid Gas, 2077

Newton, A. V., Caustic Alkali Packages, 1601

Newton, A. V., Filtering Liquids and Gases, 205

Newton, A. V., Illuminating Gas, 919

Newton, A. V., Steam Boilers, 459

Newton, R., Furnace, 1972

Newton, W. E., Electric Magnets, 94

Newton, W. E., Extracting Fatty Matters, 1951

Newton, W. E , Hydrate of Magnesia, 1810

Newton, W. E., Spinning, 458

Nicholls, H. M., Printing Machines, 2005 Noad, J., Steel, 1422

Northcott, W. H., Steam Engines, 944

Northcott, W. H., Steam Generators, 2205

Notara, C., Separating and Cleaning Grain, 890

Nugent and Fanning, Screws and Screw Nails, 191

Nuttall and Taylor, Railway Chairs, 1117

Oldershaw, H. A., Fitting Gussets, <fcc., to

Boots and Shoes, 472

Ollis, T., Marking, &c., Billiards, &c., 2134

Orr, J. B., White Pigment, 517

Palmer and Hopkisson, Flour Dressing, 572

Pape, W. R., Rifles and Shot Guns, 1645 Paterson, J , Capsuling Bottles, 45 Pattison, J., Sleighfor Carrying Grass, &.C., 2101

Peacock, J. C., Stove, 1065

Pearson, E., Water-closets and Taps, 1175

Perks, W. and F., Charcoal Box Irons, 856 Peters and Donald, Water-closets, 1207

Phibbs, E. W., Treating Alcoholic Liquids, 802

Phillips, H., Marine Engine Governors, 1571

Picken, M. and W., Vices, 1703

Pieri, P., Breech-loading Fire-arms, 1087

Pignel, H., Signalling, 4253

Pilkington, W. W., Pipes for Condensing Acid Gases, 2111

Pindray, A. de, Furnaces, 1719

Pinnock, J. B., Wagonettes, <fcc., 1213

Plenty, J. T., Washing Sheep Skins, 1941

Pochet, H., Bottle Stopper and Drinking Vessel, 553

iirdie, J., Rivetting, 1427

lamsden, J. C., Smelting Iron, &c., 1059 lankin, R., Governors for Steam Engines,


.eeves, R. H., Ventilators, 1080

■ichards, J., Bicarbonate of Soda, 376

iches, C., Grinding Knives, 1301

ippingille, E. A., Lamps for Lighting and Heating, 920

obins, W. B., Hydronettes, 23

obinson, J., Street Sweeping, 1167

obinson, T., Sulphates of Soda and Potassa, 2145

onald and Farmer, Water-closets, &c., 1215

owan and Reid, Fabrics, 1507

Rumsey and Davies, Lubricator, 2058

Rushton, T. H., Preparing Cotton, &c.,

1599 ' wuJ

Russell, W., Ayrshire Bonnets, 159

Salamon, N., Sewing Machines, 795 Sanders, R. D., Signals, Brakes, <fcc., 1522 Sanderson and Co., Steam Boilers, 2161 Sands, J. I., Locomotion, 1691 Sanson, R.B., Cutting Cloth, 1637 Saxby, J., Pointsand Signals, 294 Scaife, J., Packing for Piston Rods, 176 Scattergood, D., Looped and Laced Fabrics, 1342

Scattergood and Wilks, Bolts and Spikes, 1827

Schultz, E., Ordnance, 1273

Scott-Moncrieff, W. D., Locomotive Carri-'■ ages, 1458

Scott-Moncrieff, W, D., Locomotive Carriages for Tramways, 868

Shanks, P. M., Production of Raised Surfaces, or Blocks, 1517

Shaw, C. A., Heating Feed Water in Locomotive Engines, 758

Shaw, Ditchfield, and Knowles, Power Looms for Weaving, 1462

Siemens, C. W., Puddled Balls, 428

Siemens, C. W., Submarine Signals, 1307

Siemens, F., Hardening Glass, 1637

Singer, J. M., Sewing Machines, 698

Smith, A., Treatment of Wool, 1314

Smith and Alexander, Steam Boilers, 1118

Smith, F. H., Plaisters or Bandages, 211

Smith, J. Water Heating Apparatus for Stoves, &c., 883

Smith, S. H., Scoring Card Games, &c., 1809

Smyth, D. M‘C., Feed Motions for Sewing Machines, 1633

Snell, H. H., Stoves, 379

Southall, C. H., Finishing Edges of Soles and Heels of Boots and Shoes, 1515

Spencer, E. S., Horseshoes, 2237

Spill, D., Propelling Tramway Cars, 1586

Staniar, T., Dressing Machines for Meal, 1859

Stanley, J. M., Machine Puddling, &c., 1700

Steel and Mclnnes, Actuating Brakes by Air, 74

Steven, W., Brick Making Machines, 748

Stevens, E., Railway Wheels, 371

Stevens, W., Boots and Shoes, 429

Stewart, D., Clips or Holders, 192

Stone, R., Treating Iron, 714

Storer, W., Washing, &c., 1022

Suffield, T., Pumps, 1256

Sugden, J. H. Z., Boilers for Heating

Water for Warming Buildings, 871

Sugg, W. T., Regulating Gas Supply, 1584

Sutcliffe, R., Cleaning the Flues of Steam

Boilers, 828

Sutherland, W., Painting, 31

Sutherland, W. S., Welding Metals, &c., 1784

Synge, M. H., Deodorising Fluids, 254

Synge, M. H., Purifying Drainage, 255

Talcot, C. M., Screws, 148

Tandy and Dryden, Lamps, 347, 1952 Tanner, B., Phosphates of Lime, 1915 Tapp, C., Bottling Aerated and other

Liquids, 833

Taylor, E., Washing Machines, 357

Taylor, W., Sewing Machines, 1575

Teale, W. E., Lamps, 195

Terrey, C. A., Setting Diamonds in Drills, 563

Thomson, W., Tube Expander, 1430 Torr, C. W., Metallic Tubes, &c., 1924 Touaillon, C. H., Stopping Teeth, 519 Townsend, S., Endless Bands, 2217 Truman, E. T., Telegraphic Conductors, 124

Turner, L., Preparing Warps for Elastic Fabrics, 855

Turton, G., Railway Buffers, 1091

Tyer, E., Train Signalling on Railways, 1310

Tylor, A. and J. T., Regulating and Measuring Flow of Liquids, 277

Underhay, G., Drawing off Water, 1732

U nsworth, T., Doubling Frames, 1268

Vaughan, E. P. A., Metallic Composition, 1628

Vavasseur, J., Projectiles, 1521

Walker, E., Damping Paper, 1557

Walker, W. T., Working Gas Purifiers, 1992

Wallace and Tucker, Protecting Warehouses, <fcc., j487

Wanchope and Cowan, Gas, 1338

Warner, A., Iron, 1094

Warner and Cowan, Gas Meters, 1698

Waterman, E., Press for Embossing Leather, 996

Webb, F. W., Injectors, 1135

Webb, F. W., Points and Signals, &c., 442, 494

West, D. K., Engines and Pumps, 662

West, J., Gas, 1978

West and Spittle, Solitaires, &c., 359

Westinghouse, G., Working Brakes, &c., 1540

Westmacott, P. G. B., Lock Gates and Caissons, 1659

Westmacott, P. G. B., Working Lock Gates, 1642

Westwood and Baillie, Iron Piles and Columns, 2191

Wheeler, C. A., Latches for Doors, &c., 1377

Wheelhouse, T., Cutting Leather, 1877

Whiteley, W., Roving and Spinning

Fibres, 1804

Whiteman, T., Signalling, 270

Whiting, J. B., Hot Air Stoye, 2104

Wigzell, Pollit, and Mellor, Metallic Packing for Pistons, 794

Wiles, J. F., Propelling Ships, &c., 533

Willans, J. G., Utilising Lithomarge, 1612

Willans, P. W., Steam Engines, 974

Willis, J., Umbrellas and Sunshades, 1871

Wilson, G. H., Watches, 378

Wise, W. L., Feeding Steam Boilers, 2155

Wise, W. L., Filtering Water, 2496

Wood, C., Granulating Iron, 201

Wood, J., Kitchen Ranges, 1085

Wood, J., Spring Hinge, 2123

Woodcock, J., Regulating Water Valves, 720

Woodley and Anderson, Wood Casks, 102

Woodward, J., Slabs for Paving, 128

Wormaid, D., Cut Nails, 337

Wright, D. P., Filling Lamps, <fec., 1185

Wright, E., Sewing Machines, 140

Wright and Laidler, Dressing <fcc., Fibres of Silk, &c., 2376

Zingler, M., Varnish, 1239

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