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The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index

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The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index.

Volume 216

  • B. and R. Relays Ltd., Control Panel Circuit Breaker, 241
  • B.D. Steel Structures Ltd. Girders for Overhead Travelling Cranes, 59
  • B.I.P. Chemicals Ltd., Boiler Plant for Oldbury Chemical Works, 124
  • B.P. Tanker Company Ltd, Oil Tanker, "British Mariner", 804
  • B.S.A. (Redditch) Ltd., Lightweight Four-stroke Power Unit, 704
  • B.S.A. Tools Ltd., Copying Lathe, 651 Single-spindle Automatic Chucking Machine, 651
  • Bagshaw and Co. Ltd., Vertical Conveyors, 820
  • Baird Atomic Inc., Direct Reading Spectrometers, 967
  • Baker, S. E., Designer of Machine for Forging of Steel Rings, 473
  • Baker and Bessemer Ltd., John, and Barrow Steel Works, Future, 785
  • Ball, C. J. P., British Magnesium Prospects, 833
  • Ball, 1. D. L., and others, Temperature and Humidity, 500
  • Ball, L. W. D. and Odell, A. L., Pictorial Textbook of Engineering, 597
  • Ball, N. D., Transport in Britain, 263
  • Ballantine Laboratories Inc., Precision Voltage Calibrator, 204
  • Ballard and Co. Ltd., F. J., Drying Conveyor for Small Components, 861
  • Ballard, W. E., Metal Spraying and the Flame Deposition of Ceramics and Plastics, 394, 434
  • Bamfords Ltd., "Wuffler" Hay Conditioner Aerator, 991
  • Barber, G. W., Obituary, 825
  • Barclay Sons and Co. Ltd., Andrew, Diesel Hydraulic Shunting Locomotives, 107
  • Barker, T. C. and Robbins, M., History of London Transport: Vol. 1—Nineteenth Century, 232, 469
  • Barlow and Co. Ltd., H. J., Annual General Meeting, 445
  • Barnes Co., W. F. and John, Transfer Machine for Automotive Engine Valve Seats and Valve Guide Bores, 453
  • Barr, D. I. H., Model Simulation of Salinity Intrusion in Tidal Estuaries, 885
  • Barrow Steelworks, and John Baker and Bessemer Ltd., Future of . . 785
  • Barrus (Concessionaires) Ltd., E. P. Lightweight Petrol Engines, 1071
  • Barry, H. D., Library Co-operation or Combination, 913
  • Barry, W. S., Fundamentals of Management, 194, 639
  • Bartlett, S. C., Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania, 950
  • Bavarian National Theatre, Munich, 869
  • Baz, "Baz 25" Automatic Centre Grinder, 613
  • Beckman and Whitley Inc., Laser Pulse Modulation, 1042
  • Belford, A. J. R., Theory and Application of the Differential Gear, 998
  • Belk, J. A., Vacuum Techniques in Metallurgy, 776
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories, Animated Film by Computer, 794 Metallised-polycarbonate, Stripped Lacquer Film Capacitor, 658 Miniature Helium-neon Gas Laser, 1042 New Laser Material, 930 Polycarbonate Capacitor, 970 Satellite Communication Physics, 1010 "Telstar II", 78 Trans-atlantic Telephony, 457
  • Bell and Howell Ltd., Recording Oscillograph, 961
  • Bemetal Foundation (Stichting Bedrijfsop-leidung Metaal- en Electrtechnische Industrie), Training Scheme, 751
  • Bemol Inc., Tungsten Disulphide Products, 823
  • Bennett Tools Ltd., Double-action Spring Coiler, 106
  • Berk and Co. Ltd., F. W., Pneumatic Conveyor for Powdered Materials, 1033
  • Bermant, A. F., Course of Mathematical Analysis—Part 2, 365
  • Berridge, P. S. A., Railway Girder Bridges, 738
  • Beryllium Corporation, "Berylco Nickel 440" Alloy Material, 1009
  • Bethlehem Steel Co., Bar Mill Modernisation, 616
  • Beveridge, A., Apprenticeship Now, 434
  • Beyer, R., Technische Raumkinemetik, 232
  • Bhabha, H. J., Nuclear Power Stations, Development in India, 867
  • Bhatnagar, U.S., Electrical Engineering Experiments, 365
  • Bidmead, G. F., Effect of Molybdenum Underlay on Fatigue Strength Steel, 351
  • Biggs, Wall and Co. Ltd., Pipeline Crossing under A 1, 403
  • Bille, J-C., and others, Problemes d'Asservissements [avec Solutions], 776
  • Bilton, J., Whitworth versus Unified Threads, 854, 1024
  • Birch, D. A., Large Propane Storage Plant, 950
  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Report on Trade Mission to U.S.S.R., 483 Trade Mission to Japan, 374
  • Bishop, G., History of the Steam-driven Rail-car, 263
  • Black Clawson Air Systems, Controlled Temperature and Humidity Unit, 863
  • Blackwell, J. and Scott, D., Effect of Material Properties on Rolling Contact Fatigue, 384
  • Blaw Knox Ltd., Weight-batching Plant, Storage Bins and Electrical Control Circuitry at Works of Rockware Glass Ltd., 762
  • Blitz, J., Fundamentals of Ultrasonics, 308, 471
  • Blundell Rules Ltd., Slide Rule for Soil Testing, 482
  • Board of Trade, Opportunities in the Development Districts, 374 Overseas Trade Figures, 165, 411, 531, 567 707 Survey of Company Profits, 242
  • Boeing Co., Fire Welding for Electronics, 250 502-10MA Gas Turbine, 768
  • Bond, "Equipe" G.T. Saloon, 689
  • Bond, R. C., Diesels on British Railways, 734
  • Bonnington, S. T., The Influence of Cavitation on the Performance of Standard Flowmeters, 1018
  • Booker, P. J., History of Engineering Draw- ing, 815
  • Booth, G. H., and others, Corrosion of Mild Steel in the Tidal Waters of the Thames Estuary, 395
  • Booth and Co. Ltd., James, Pit Furnace Installation, 477
  • Booth Aluminium Ltd., James, Aluminium Strip Surface Coating, 23
  • Borg, S. F., Matrix-tensor Methods in Continum Mechanics, 264
  • Borg-Warner Corp., Plastics from Scotland, 64
  • Bosch, G.m.b.H. Robert, Load-controlled Braking for Road Vehicles, 1039 "Model 1550" Circular Saw, 870 Spark Plug with Platinum Alloy Electrodes, 615 Two-gear Electric Drill, 169
  • Boss (Engineers) Ltd., and Lancers Machinery Ltd., Fork-lift Trucks, 960
  • Boucher, C. T. G., John Rennie, 1761-1821, The Life and Work of a Great Engineer, 638
  • Boulton and Paul Ltd., Steelwork for Coventry Swimming Bath, 228
  • Bowen, F. M., Presidential Address to Institu- tion of Structural Engineers, "Structural Engineering Progress", 590
  • Boyd, D., Mechanical Engineering Craft Prac- tice, 855
  • Boydell and Co. Ltd., E., Tractor Shovel for Export, 863
  • Braae, R., Matrix Algebra for Electrical En- gineers, 855
  • Bradbury, C. H., Engine Noise: Analysis and Control, 156
  • Bradsell, R. H., Mekometer for Measuring Distances of about Fifty Metres, 1019
  • Brand and Son Ltd., Charles, Clyde Tunnel Construction, 56
  • Brandt and O'Dell, North West London Trunk Road Survey, 312
  • Branson Instruments, Battery-operated Ultra- sonic Flaw Detector and Thickness Tester, 1010
  • Brearley, H., Centre of Discovery of Stainless Steel, 217, 234
  • Bristol Aeroplane Plastics Ltd., Sea Water Tests on Reinforced Resin Pipe, 269
  • Bristol Metal Contracts Ltd., Lorry with "Bri- mec" Conversion, 51
  • Bristol Pneumatic Tools Ltd., Lightweight Portable Compressor, 108
  • Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd., Packaging Com- ponents for Long-term Storage, 530
  • British Aircraft Corporation, Importance of a Black Box, 718 Justification for a Black Box, 757 "One-eleven" Airborne, 297 "One-eleven" Disaster, 703; Report, 777 Short-haul Civil Jet Aircraft, 354 TSR-2 Military Aircraft, 740
  • British Aircraft Corporation and Sud Aviation, "Concord" Supersonic Airliner, 732
  • British Aluminium Co. Ltd., Cladding for Oil Storage Tanks, 200 Recoverable Aluminium Trackway, 67
  • British Association for the Advancement of Science, Conference, 421, 423 Section G. (Engineering), Presidential Address, 329
  • British Association of Corrosion Engineers, Review of Corrosion Engineering, 192
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, B.B.C.2 Test Transmissions, 1069 Colour Television Demonstration, 123 Expanding Television Services, 103 Television Standards Converter, 361
  • British Celanese Ltd., "Celmar" Sheeting, 317
  • British Cod Liver Oils (Hull and Grimsby) Ltd., Cod Liver Oil Refinery, 774
  • British Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Presidential Address on East- West Trade, 1036
  • British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers' Association, Formation of Industrial Mechanical Plant Division, 101 Formation of Power Generation Division, 780 Industrial Electrical Machinery Division Formed, 102 Overseas Trade and Electrical Products, 110
  • British Employers' Confederation, Wages in Engineering and the National Incomes Commission, 1003 Unions and Management, 747
  • British Federal Welder and Machine Co. Ltd., Multi-purpose Welding Machine, 563
  • British Geon Ltd., P.V.C. Rigid Troughing 158
  • British Heart Foundation, Engineers and Heart Failure, 798
  • British Hydrocarbon Chemicals Ltd. and Forth Chemicals Ltd., Chemical Factory at Baglan Bay, 733
  • British Hydromechanics Research Association, Annual Report, 65 Open Day, 464, 475
  • British Industrial Fair, Zurich, 413, 487
  • British Industrial Plastics Ltd., Story of B.I.P., 402
  • British Institution of Radio Engineers, Standard Frequency Transmissions, 402
  • British Insulated Callender's Cables Ltd., Fine Copper Wire, 780 Low Noise Cables, 961 Vertical Extrusion Plant for Rubber Insulated Cables, 404
  • British Insulated Callenders' Construction Co. Ltd., Cable Troughing for Railway Track, 237
  • British Insurance Association, Fire Wastage, 747
  • British Iron and Steel Research Association, Conference on Finishing Processes of Heavy Rolled Products, 1018 Continuous Degassing and Casting Plant, 861 9?cygen-fuel Steel Process, 704
  • British Manufacture and Research Co. Ltd., Foundary Shakeout Conveyor, 162
  • British Mechanical Engineering Federation, Address by E. N. Griffith, 604
  • British Monorail Ltd., Handling Equipment for Czechloslovak Wheel and Tyre Plant, 1032 Mechanical Handling for Storage, 475
  • British Motor Corporation, Austin 1100, Further Model, 437
  • British National Committee for Non-destructive Testing, Fourth International Conference, 271
  • British Non-ferrous Metals Research Association, Better Plating on Die Castings, 853 Semi-continuous Casting of Copper Alloys, 739
  • British Nuclear Forum, Formation and Objec- tives, 1070
  • British Oxygen Co. Ltd., Electro-slag Welding Equipment, 441 "Merlin" Cutting Machine, 413
  • British Piston Ring Co. Ltd., Foundry for Automobile Engine Components, 427
  • British Plastics Federation, Buyers' Guide to Plastics, Materials, Machinery and Equip- ment, 252 Plastics Export Figures, 242 Plastics in Building, 403
  • British Railways, Diesel Traction Manual for Enginemen, 91. Millerhill Marshalling Yard and Resignalling, 268 Orders for Electric Locomotives and Trains, 475 Rail Changing Machine, 552 Tyne Marshalling Yard, 54
  • British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co. Ltd., Steel Mesh for Forth Road Bridge, 44, 371
  • British Ship Research Association, Planning and Control of Ship Outfitting, 63 Testing of Prototype Steam Turbine "Pametrada", 642
  • British Standards Institution, Access Hooks for Chimneys and Other High Structures in Steel, B.S. 3678, 1044 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Castings, B.S. 1490, 420 Black Pitch Mastic Flooring, B.S. 1450, 952 Brass Tubes for General Purposes, B.S. 885, 268 Butt-welding Pipe Fittings, B.S. 1965, 40 Cast Iron Straight edges: Bow-shaped and I-Section, B.S. 818, 952 Chilled Iron Shot and Grit, B.S. 2451, 595 Classification Coding and Marking of Covered Electrodes for Metal Arc Weld- ing, B.S. 1719, 456 Coloured Plastic Mastic for Floors, B.S. 3672, 952 Conversion to Metric System, 719 Copper for Electrical Purposes Tubes (High Conductivity), B.S. 1977, 456 Copper-silicon Rods, Sections, Forging Stock and Forgings, B.S. 1948, 456 Copper Tubes for General Purposes, B.S. 2017, 456 Determination of Resistance to Ozone Cracking under Static Conditions, B.S. 903, 952 Dimensions of Compression and Oil Control Rings for I.C. Engines, B.S. 3627, 595 Draft Code for Boilers, 952 Electrical Signals for Telemetry and Control, B.S. 3586, 40 Fences: Anti-intruder Chain Link Fences, B.S. 1722, 1044 5% Phosphor Bronze (Copper-tin-phosphorus) Rods and Sections (Other than Forging Stock) B.S. 369, 456 Film Badges for Personnel Radiation Monitoring, B.S. 3664, 952 Flexible P.V.C. Compounds, B.S. 2571, 1044 Fusion Welded Joints in Copper, B.S. 1077, 420 Galvanised Steel Dustbins for Dustless Emptying, B.S. 3654, 1044 Glossary of Terms Used in the Wrought Aluminium Industry, B.S. 3660, 1012 Heavy-duty Air-break Circuit-breakers for A.C. Systems, B.S. 3659, 1044 Heavy Duty Electric Overhead Travelling and Special Cranes for Steel Work, B.S. 3579, 40 I.S.O. Metric Screw Threads, B.S. 3643, 268 Letter Symbols, Signs and Abbreviations, B.S. 1991, 420 Light Gauge Copper Tubes for Water, Gas and Sanitation, B.S. 659, 456 Memorandum on Ships' Derrick Rigs, B.S 1700, 456 Methods for Creep and Rupture Testing of Metals: Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing, B.S. 3500, 952 Methods for Proving the Gas Tightness of Vacuum or Pressurised Plant, B.S. 3636, 952 Methods of Testing Fans for General Purposes, B.S. 848, Part I. 905 Methods of Testing Vulcanised Rubber, B.S. 903, 40 Methods of Testing Vulcanised Rubber, Determination of Compression Set, B.S. 903, 1044 New Dimensional Standard for Long Milling Machine Arbors, B.S. 3616, 40 9% Aluminium Bronze (Copper-Aluminium) Rods, Sections, Forging Stock and Forgings, B.S. 2032, 456 Polythene Pipe (Type 710) for Cold Water Services, B.S. 3284, 456 Raw Synthetic Rubbers, B.S. 3472, and 3650, 905 Radiographic Examination of Fusion Welded Butt Joints in Steel, B,S. 2600 Recommended Drill Sizes, B.S. 328A, 595 Schedule for Copper and Copper Alloys Wire, B.S. 2873, 1012 Schedule of Wrought Copper and Copper Alloys, B.S. 2875, 328 60/40 Brass Rods, Sections, Forging Stock and Forgings, B.S. 1949, 456 Solid Drawn Copper and Copper Alloy Tubes for Condensers, Evaporators, Heaters and Coolers, B.S. 378, 420 Specification for Direct Stress Fatigue Tests, B.S. 3518, 40 Sprayed Asbestos Insulation, B.S. 3590, 40 Standardisation in the Machine Tool Industry, 551 Steel Air Receivers to Class 1 Requirements, B.S. 487 Part 2, 595 Steel Pipes and Tubes for Pressure Purposes: Austenitic Stainless Steel, B.S. 3605, 905 Steel Pipes and Tubes for Pressure Purposes. Low and Medium Alloy Steel, B.S. 3604, 456 Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete, B.S. 2691, 420 Steel Wire for Rubber Hose Reinforcement, B.S. 3592, 40 Street Lighting Code of Practice, 643 Stress Relieved Seven-wire Standard, B.S. 3617, 40 Surface Measurement Committee, Conference on Surface Measurement, 816 Symbols for Machine Tools, B.S. 3641, 420 Test Centre, Independent Photometric Laboratory, 685 Testing and Approval of Domestic Electrical Appliances: Electric Vacuum Cleaners, B.S. 3456 Section B2, 328 Unified Precision Hexagon Bolts, Screws and Nuts (U.N.C. and U.N.F. Threads)-Normal Series, B.S. 1768, 1012 Valve Fittings for Compressed Gas Cylinders, B.S. 341, 420 Vulcanised Rubber, Methods of Testing, B.S. 903, 40 Wood Screws, B.S. 1210, 328, 456 Wrought Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys, B.S. 1470-77, 1012
  • British Steel Castings Research Association, British and Foreign Specifications for Steel Castings, Part 1, 492
  • British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd., Half Century of Switchgear Manufacture, 953
  • British Transport Commission, Report and Accounts, 41
  • British Valve Manufacturers' Association, Classified Test for Valves and Fittings, 235
  • British Welding Research Association, Open Day and Exhibition, 2366
  • Brockhouse and Co. Ltd., J., Plastics Blow-moulding Machine, 644
  • Brocklesby, C. F. and others, Ultrasonic Delay Lines, 815
  • Bromage, K., Copper and Cast Iron, 155
  • Brooke Marine Ltd., Electrical Plant for Fire- fighting Tugs, 238
  • Brookes (Oldbury) Ltd., Automatic Billet Grinding Machine, 203
  • Brooks, M. S., and Kennedy, J. K., Ultra- purification of Semiconductor Materials, 1027
  • Brown and Co. (Clydebank) Ltd., John, Oil Tanker, "British Mariner", 804
  • Brown, B., Experimental Nucleonics, 156
  • Brown Ltd., S. G., Telephone Capsule, 821
  • Brown and Partners Ltd., W. W., Installation of Conveyors and Associated Equipment at Works of Rockware Glass Ltd., 762
  • Brown Boveri et Cie A/G, Induction Fur- naces for Melting Iron, 488 Isothermal Compressor, 414 31MeV Betatron for Radiographic Inspection of Steel Castings, 779
  • Brown Brothers and Co. Ltd., Hydraulic Drilling Rig, 820 Rosebank Ironworks, Reorganisation, 816
  • Brown Corporation (Sales) Ltd., David, "Rotrax V" High-speed Automatic Gear Shaving Machine, 608
  • Brown, G. J., and Ogden, C. F.. Power Schemes in India, Lack of Co-ordination, 827
  • Brown, R., British Electronic Instruments Guide, 522
  • Brown Tractors (Sales) Ltd., David, "990 Implematic" Tractor Design Changes, 938
  • Bruce, C. E. R., Ball Lightning, "Stellar Rotation" and Radio Galaxies, 1047 Planetary Nebulae : Stellar Spiral and Barred Spiral, 176
  • Bruel & Kjaer A/S, Lightweight Metal Instrument Case, 323
  • Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd., Diesel-electric Locomotives, 398
  • Budd Co, Universal Testing Machines, 967
  • Building Research Station, Reprint Service, 312
  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Trade Mission to Britain, 648
  • Bullows and Sons Ltd., Alfred, Expendable Paper Filters for Spray Booths, 1000 Hydraulic Drives for Reciprocating Pumps, 277 Twist-tip Nozzles for use with Airless Spray Guns, 407
  • Burkin, A. R., Hydro-metallurgy, Development and Teaching, 842
  • Burman, R. M., Five Staff per Executive? 798
  • Burndept Electronics Ltd., Separator "Pig" for Pipelines, 278
  • Burgess, R. E., and Gibson, A. F., Progress in Semiconductors—Vol. 7., 668
  • Burki, A. N., and Sabine, A. M., Connecting Solid-conductor Aluminium Cables in Terminal Boxes, 942
  • Burns-Babtie Partners, Spoil Handling at Clyde Dry Dock Project, 438
  • Bursk, E. C., and Chapman, J. F., New Decision-making Tools for Managers, 597, 1027
  • Business Equipment Trade Association, Business Efficiency, Symposium, 374
  • Butters Brothers and Co. Ltd., "Peine" Building Tower Crane, 528
  • E.M.I. Ltd., Colour Television Demonstration, 64 "Emidec 2400" Computer at Central Ord- nance Depot, 703 Separate - luminance Colour Television Camera and Signal Processing System, 373
  • E.M.I. Electronics Ltd., High Current Photo-. cell, 771 Modified Computer System, 313 Photomultiplier Tubes, 482
  • ESAB Elektriska Svetsnings A /B, Electroslag Shipwelding, 170 Stainless Steel Cladding with Strip Electrode, 1039
  • Eade, A. J., Effect of an Abrupt Disturbance of the low on the Local Heat-transfer Coefficient in a Pipe 180° Hairpin Bend : Radius Ratio 22 : 1, 1018
  • Eade, R. W., Cast Magnesium Components for Nuclear Reactors, 872
  • East Kilbride Reactor Centre, Opened, 22
  • East Midlands Power-stations, and Fletton Brick Industry, Conservation Scheme, 582
  • East-West Trade Group, Trade Expansion, 70
  • Easterling, K., and others, Finnish Crane Design, 450
  • Eastop, T. D., B.S. Recommendations for Temperature Units, 1052
  • Ebauches S. A., Proximity Detector, 448
  • Ede, A. J., Effect of an Abrupt Disturbance of Flow on the Local Heat-transfer Co-efficient in a Pipe, 292
  • Education, Ministry of, Further Education for School Leavers, 232 Edwards High Vacuum Ltd., Vacuum Pump Filters, 241
  • Efco Furnaces Ltd., Cold-retort Vacuum Furnace, 782
  • Eisner, H. S., and others, Experiments with Colliery Stone Dust Coated with Flame Inhibitor, 853
  • Elco S.A., Eddy Current Coupling, 202
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Institute of, Establishment of United Kingdom and Eire Section, 550
  • Electrical Development Association, Adminis- trative Changes, 1031
  • Electrical Drive Applications Ltd., Control Cubicle, 153
  • Electrical Engineers, Institution of, Address by Mr. C. D. Wilkinson, Electricity in Coal Mines, 764 "Commutation in Rotating Machines", Symposium, 916 Conference on the Design and Use of Microwave Valves, 335, 718 "Electronics—the Expanding Frontier", Chairman's Address, 743 Inaugural Address, "Communication in the Public Service of the United Kingdom", 591 International Telemetering Conference, 255 Microwave Parametric Amplifiers, 856 Offices, 403 Plastic Insulated Mains Cable Systems, 914 Television Engineering, 555
  • Electrical Research Association, Mains Flicker Corrector, 370
  • Electricity Council, Electricity Supply in England and Wales, 459
  • Electro-Chemical Engineering Ltd., Protective Finishes for Metal Window Frames and Fittings, 476 Electrolube Ltd., All-purpose Grease, 1073
  • Electronic Associates Ltd., Analogue Computation Centre. 23
  • Electronic Engineering Association, Civil Aviation, Electronics Research and Development, Symposium, 335, 524
  • Electronic Machine Control Ltd., Transistorised Level Controller, 203
  • Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd., Creep Testing Machines, 24
  • Electronic Instruments Ltd., Vibrating-capacitor Electrometer and Accessories, 1035
  • Electronic Switchgear (London) Ltd. Water Purity Monitor, 863
  • Electrosil Ltd., Colour Delay T.V. Lines 373
  • Electrothermal Engineering Ltd., On-site Weld Heat Treatment, 600
  • Elizabeth, Queen, H.M. Parliamentary Speech, 797
  • Elliott-Automation Ltd., Automatic Circuit Tester, 442. 478 Colour-matching Computer, 823 Helium Neon Laser, 408 High-temperature Fuel-flow Laboratory. 917 Instrumental Match Prediction by Elliott "803" Computer, 823 Machine Tool Control Systems, 947 Sequence Control Equipment, 737
  • Elliott Brothers (London) Ltd., Magnetic Tape Instrumentation, 241 Manual of the "Arch" Computing System of On-line Process Control, 815 Patch-board Panel, 442
  • Elliott Bros., (London) Ltd. and A.E.I. Ship's Telegraph Recorder. 960
  • Ellis, F. S., and Gould, I. H., Digital Computer Technology, 812
  • Emanuel School. Rowing Training Tank, 236
  • Emerson, W. H. Maximum Temperatures Attained by Liquids Contained in Cylinders Exposed to Sunshine in the United Kingdom, 292
  • Enfield College of Technology, Hornsey College of Art, and Institution of Engineering Designers, Conference on Teaching Engineering Design, 816
  • Engin Leger de Combat "Even", Tank. 724
  • Engineering and Plastics Manufacturing, Transparent Resin for Embedment, 69
  • Engineering Designers, Institution of, Teaching of Engineering Design, 816
  • Engineering Employers' Federation, Craft Apprenticeship Agreement, 824 Rejection of Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions Wage Claim, 747
  • Engineering Equipment Users Association, Thermal Insulation of Pipes and Vessels, 434 Engineering Industries Association, Discussions on Nationalisation. 648 Engineering Institutions Joint Council, Co-operation in Libraries, 797 Royal Charter and Future of Organisation, 1045 Whither E.I.J.C.? 757
  • Engineering Materials and Design Exhibition, 780
  • Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland, Institution of, Annual Report, 818 , Presidential Address by Professor A. S. T. Thomson, 600
  • Engineers' Foreign Language Circle, Meeting, 310
  • Engineers Guild, Engineers' Incomes, 758, 770
  • English Electric Company Ltd., Computer Control, On-line, Steel Cutting, 157 Electric Drive of Printing Press, 25 Electric Locomotives and Trains for British Railways, 475 Frequency Relay, 1033 Meter Relay and Instrument Division, Single-disc Polyphase Meter, 481 Motor Protection Relay, 66 350MW Generator for Drakelow-C Power-station, 745, 780 Variable-speed Variable-frequency A.C. Squirrel-cage Motors, 782
  • English Electric Valve Co. Ltd., Instrument Cathode Ray Tube, 1074 Klystrons for U.H.F. Television, 317 Tetrode Pulse Amplifier, 241
  • English Steel Corporation Ltd., Diesel- hydraulic Two-speed Shunting Locomotive, 301 Tinsley Park Steelworks, 623, 690
  • Enti Nazionale Idrocarburi, Italian-Soviet Trade Agreements, 1041 Oil equipment, 33
  • Entwisle, D. R., Auto-primer in Computer Programming, 1052
  • Ericsson Telephone Company, L.M., Centralised Traffic Control for Swedish Rail- ways, 712
  • Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstads Co., British Ship Components for the Swedish Market, 1003
  • Erwin Sick, Photoelectric Smoke Density Measuring Instrument, 831
  • Escande, L., Nouveaux Complements d'hydraulique—Quatrieme Partie, 1018
  • Escher Wyss A.G., Swiss Water Turbines for Brazilian Power Stations, 831
  • Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd., and National Coal Board, Development of Technique for Increasing Blast Furnace Efficiency, 603
  • Etudes et Travaux de Fondations, Membrane Grouting Process, 20
  • Europa Bridge, 376
  • European Coal and Steel Community, First Decade, 787 Industrial Development in Southern Italy, 286
  • European Conference of Ministers of Transport, Highway Code, 210
  • European Free Trade Association, Increase in Trade, 531
  • European Machine Tools Exhibition, 571, 608
  • European Nuclear Energy Agency, "Dragon" High Temperature Reactor Project, 231 Library of Nuclear Computing Programmes, 379 Magneto-hydrodynamic Electrical Power Production, International Symposium, 379
  • European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Annual Report, 209
  • European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organisation, Firing of "Blue Streak", 1031 Trials Phase of Development Programme, 856
  • Evans, F. C., Developments in Hot Blast Cupola Design, 596
  • Evans, U. R., An Introduction to Metallic Corrosion, 998
  • Eve, J., and others, Computer Typesetting Research, 200
  • Everitt, D., "K" Boats, 469
  • Evershed and Vignoles Ltd., High-torque Low- speed Electric Motors, 313
  • Exchequer, Chancellor of, and Trades Union Congress, Governmental Scheme for Development Districts, 604
  • Eyre, D., Appreciation of Dr. A. A. Griffith, 766
  • O.N.E.R.A. "Berenice" Research Rocket, 210
  • Odell, A. L. and Ball, L. W. D., Pictorial Textbook of Engineering, 597
  • Ogden, C. F. and Brown, G. J., Power Schemes in India, Lack of Co-ordination, 827
  • Ogorkiewicz, R. M., Articulated off-the-road Vehicles, 975 "Chieftain" Tank, 259 Developments in Tank Design, 663, 723, 767
  • Old Centralians, Annual Dinner, 856
  • Old Park Engineering Ltd., Roller Mining Stilt, 482
  • Omega, Louis Brandt and Frere, Television Timer, Digital, 169
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see The Engineer 1963 Jul-Dec: Index: Sections 2 and 3

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