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The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index

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The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.
The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index.

Volume 218

  • B. and R. Relays Ltd., Miniature Relay, 595 Plug-In Relays on Standard Bases, 677
  • B.H.R. Credit Cards Ltd., Taken over by Eurocard International, 904
  • B.K.L. Alloys Ltd., Aluminium Extrusion Factory, 765
  • B.S.A. Co. Ltd., Company News, 1020 150 cc Power Unit, 996
  • B.T.C., Commercial Vehicles Suspension Systems, Commercial Vehicles Exhibition, 540
  • Babb, D. S., Pulse Circuits: Switching and Shaping, 371
  • Babcock and Wilcox Co., Consolidated Nuclear Steam Generator for Marine Application, 297 Industrial Television Camera System with Silicon Transistors, 1027
  • Babcock and Wilcox Ltd., Boiler Plant Manufacture, 403 Large Boiler and Pressure Vessel Fabrica- tion, 401 Mobile Weight Hoppers for Cavendish Quay, Birkenhead, 1032 Modernisation, 401 Nuclear Power Station at Wylfa, 459, 897 Steam Cooled Breeder Reactor, 433 Supercritical Pressure Boiler for Drake- low-C Power-Station, 697
  • Badger Associates, W. L., L.T.V. Distillation, Saline Water Conversion, 648
  • Badische Anilin-und Sodafabrik A.G., Industrial Incineration Plant, 34 Polyester Resin for Automobile, 738
  • Bailey, Donald, Obituary, 562
  • Baker, C., Guide to Technical Illustrating, 102
  • Baker Perkins Ltd., Continuous Sand Mixer, 849 Four-year Apprenticeships, 193 Programmed Learning Experiment, 731
  • Baldwin Industrial Controls, Moisture Meter, 192
  • Balfour and Darwins Ltd., Reversible Blade File, 383
  • Bamfords Ltd., Tanker Combine Harvester, 997
  • Barber-Greene Olding and Co. Ltd., "Batchpac" Asphalt Batching Plant, 826
  • Barker, J. R., Mechanical and Electrical Vi- brations, 22
  • Barna, P. S., Fluid Mechanics for Engineers, 22
  • Barnaby, K. C., 100 Years of Specialised Shipbuilding and Engineering, 81
  • Barnacle, H. E., Mechanics of Automobiles, 327
  • Barnes, C. C., Electric Cables, 967
  • Barraclough, S., and others, Alloy Steel Specifications, 11
  • Barret, R. & Hakim, S. S., Transistor Circuits in Electronics, 371
  • Barut, A. O., Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles, 215
  • Bashforth, G. Reginald, The Manufacture of Iron and Steel: Vols. I and II, 729
  • Bastow, J., and Croad, G. P., Standards for Steel: Requirements for the Power Industry, 11
  • Batelle Institute e.V., Annual Report, 261
  • Baur, Peter, Natural Frequencies of Un- shrouded Cantilever Blades, 702
  • Bavister, H. S., Steel Specifications in the Automobile Industry, 11
  • Baxter, A.D., Nuclear Powered Flight, 671
  • Beagle Aircraft Ltd., B.242 Monoplane, Farnborough Air Display, 439
  • Beakbane (Fortox) Ltd., Henry, Accessories for Machine Tools, 59
  • Beck, A. H., Handbook of Vacuum Physics, Vol. One: Gases and Vacua: Parts 1-3, 1010 Vol. Three: Technology: Part 4, 1010
  • Becker, Richard, Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions, 406
  • Beech Aircraft Corporation, "King Air" Turbine-powered Business Aircraft, 679
  • Beer, F, J., High Strain Fatigue, 274
  • Bell, Brian J., Practical Prestressed Concrete Design, 1010
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories, Analysing Crystal Defects by Electron Beam Scan- ning, 38 Electronic Switching System for Central Telephone Offices, 855 Gas Lenses for Long Distance Laser Communications, 264, 392 High-efficiency Laser Mirrors, 951 Line Distortion, Automatic Equaliser, 1075 New Semiconductor Structure, 821 Optical Maser Light Transmission through Amosphere, 234 "Picturephone", New York World's Fair, 528 Ultrasonic Transducers, 530
  • Belling and Lee Ltd., Miniature Connectors, 384 Shielded Room Kits, 463
  • Bellis and Morcom Ltd., Heavy Duty Air Compressors, 830 Rotary Compressor Cylinder Design, 665
  • Bellman, R. and Kalaba, R., Selected Papers on Mathematical Trends in Control Theory, 967
  • Bendix Corporation, Variable Ratio Power Steering, "Varamatic", 805
  • "Benloyal", Comparison of Performance of High-Speed Cargo Liners, 731
  • Bennett, T., Obituary, 194
  • Bennett, T. P., Dry Lubricants, 586 The Resistance to Tilt of Hydrostatic Slipper Pads, 784
  • Benson, H., and Brown, S., National Indus- trial Organisation Proposed, 121, 145
  • Beratungsdienst fur Industrielle Kleinbetriebe. Management Consulting, 647
  • Beresford and Son Ltd., James, All-plastics Chemical Pump, 340
  • Berghaus, E., History of Railways, 245
  • Berk and Co. Ltd., F. W., "Feutron" Filter Cartridges, 680
  • Berliet, Experimental Dump Truck, Paris Motor Show, 598
  • Berridge Aircraft Ltd., Spraying Compressor Blades, 979
  • Berrill, G. R. Remote Indication from Coal Face, 672
  • Bertran Boat Yard, "Vivacity" Power Boat, 251
  • Bettess, F. and Archer, B., Teaching Prac- tical Surveying, 968
  • Bewley, L. V., Flux Linkages and Electro- magnetic Induction, 936
  • Bevis, P. C., Air Compressors: Control and Installation, 801
  • Bhablia, H. J., and Dayal, M., World Energy Requirements and the Economics of Nuclear Power, Geneva, 1964, 401
  • Bibby and Sons Ltd., J., Oleochemicals Plant, 1016
  • Billington, L. B., Passenger Tank Engine for London, Brighton and South Coast Rail- way, 964
  • Minnie and Partners, Tasek Dam, Brunei. 1063
  • Birkett Ltd., Francis W., Portable Power Cutting Tool, 678
  • Birks, F. T., and others, Spectrochemical Abstracts, Vol. XI, 1962-63, 53
  • Birmingham and Midland Omnibus Co., New Motorway Coach, 554 Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry, Rare Steam Engine Preserved. 803
  • Birmingham Small Arms Co. Ltd., see B.S.A. Co. Ltd.
  • Birmingham University, Medical School, Undersea Diving Tests, 771
  • Black, H. F., Introduction to Mechanics of Machines, 935, 1058
  • Blackadder, W. F., North East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders— Presidential Address, 730
  • Blackburn, R. G. Sheet Metal Work : Part III—Advanced Calculations, 583
  • Blacker, P. T., Film Cooling of Vertical Fuel Rods, 822
  • Blanik Engineering Works, Vlasim, Washing Machine, Brno International Trade Fair, 563
  • Blaw Knox Ltd., Wheeled Paver-finisher, 790
  • Blundell, Spence and Co. Ltd., Marine Deck Paint, 519
  • Board of Trade, Export Figures Disagreement, 681 Overseas Trade Figures, 344, 521, 681
  • Bofors, Armament Developments, 755
  • Bond, H. L. F., et al., Prestressed Rod Mill Stand, 407
  • Bonnington, S. T., Measurement of the Pressure Losses in Copper Fittings, 548
  • Boot and Sons (Civil Engineering) Ltd., Henry, Retford Diveunder for British Railways, 766
  • Bosch G.m.b.H., Robert, Hydraulic Trans- mission System, 595
  • Boulding, Elise and Kahn, R. L., Power and Conflict in Organisations, 1058
  • Bourne, L. B., Safety Code for Using Synthetic Resins, 71
  • Bowden, Lord, Education in Electronics, Mullard Exhibition, 843
  • Bowen Trust Fund, Travelling Scholarship in Instrumentation, 977
  • Bowman, Gerald, The Man Who Bought a Navy, 514 Bowser International Ltd., Contamination Monitor, 595
  • Braby & Co. Ltd., Frederick, Evaporators for Fishing Vessels, 811 Braeburn Alloy Steel Division, Continental Copper and Steel Industries, Hot Grinding of Alloy Steel Billets, 434
  • Bray Ltd., E. N., 100A Heating Contactor, 850
  • Bree, J., Elastic-plastic Deformation of a Long Hollow Cylinder under Thermal Cycling and Internal Pressure, 476
  • Bridges, J. M. and Munro Fraser J., The Industrial Supervisor, 406, 1007
  • Bridges and Sons Ltd., F. W., London International Engineering Exhibition, 1965, 982
  • Bridgeport Brass Co., High-speed Continuous Casting Aluminium Sheet Production, 1075
  • Briggs and Stratton, Vertical Crank-shaft Engines, 996
  • Brightside Heating and Engineering Co. Ltd., Ionisation Anemometer, 106
  • Brightwell, M. A., Rotary Compressor Cylinder Design, 66/
  • Bristol Aerojet Ltd., Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Hydrogen Engine, 364 Rocket Engine Manufacture, 417
  • Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd., Aircraft En- gine BS605, Rocket Boost, 412 Aircraft Engine Olympus, 412, 593 T64BS, Farnborough Air Display, 439 First Run of Large Vectored Thrust Engine, BS100, 809 150kV Electron Beam Welding Machine, 1003 Spraying Compressor Blades, 979
  • British Aerospace Companies, Society of, Farnborough Air Display, 411, 439 Film of "Farnborough", 971
  • British Aircraft Corporation, BAC 221, Farnborough, 439 Maiden Flight of TSR.2, 557
  • British Aluminium Co. Ltd., Aluminium Extrusion and Tube Works, Redditch, 834 Hangar at Teheran, 419 Painted Aluminium Sheet, 520 Reorganisation of Aluminium Mill at Resolven, 720
  • British and Commonwealth Shipping Co. Ltd., Annual General Meeting, 145
  • British Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual Meeting at Southampton, 396, 397, 447 Metric System, 437 Section G. Presidential Address, 368
  • British Assurance Association, Fire Wastage Discussed in Glasgow, 869 British Automation Conference, 1965, 1063
  • British Broadcasting Corporation, Colour Television Demonstration, to E.B.U., 896 Television Programme on Mechanical Engineering, 139 Two-way Conversion of T.V. Standards, 283
  • British Brown-Boveri Ltd., Electron Tube Handbook, 1964, 1011
  • British Cast Iron Research Association, Research and Development, 670
  • British Ceramic Society, Building Materials Division, Calculated Load-bearing Brick- work, 861
  • British Computer Society, International Computer Conference, 422 "British Corrosion Journal", 808
  • British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers' Association, Comment on Economic Situation, 775 Convention on Numerically Controlled Machines, 41 Directory 1964-5, 22 Publicity Conference, 795
  • British Employers' Confederation, Non-wage Incomes, 596
  • British Exhibition Australia, 1964, 640
  • British General Electric Co. of Japan Ltd., Tokai Nuclear Power Station, 108
  • British Glues and Chemicals Ltd., Bone De- greasing Factory Opened, 684
  • British Hydromechanics Research Association, Fluid Logic and Amplification Con- ference, 1063 Resistance to Tilt of Hydrostatic Slipper Pads, 784
  • British Insulated Callenders' Construction Co., Railway Electrification to Rugby, 938
  • British Insurance Association, Film "Suspects All", 974 Fire Damage, 945 Increased Fire Damage, 220
  • British Internal Combustion Engine Research Association, Annual Report, 1036
  • British Interplanetary Society, The Third Stage of E.L.D.O., 578
  • British Iron and Steel Research Association, Automation Conference, 950
  • Continuous Casting of Shaped Steel Sections, 943 Improvements in Roll Life and Surface Finish, 131 Mechanical Working Division, Automated Forging, 771
  • British Jeffrey-Diamond Ltd., Mobile Stone Crushing Plant, 287
  • British Joint Corrosion Group, 800 Formation of, 808
  • British Lighting Council, Guide on How to Avoid Discomfort Glare, 824
  • British Manufacture and Research Co. Ltd., Welding Machine Timer, 289
  • British Mechanical Engineering Federation, Mechanical Engineering Industry, 257
  • British Motor Corporation, Austin "1800", 619 4-litre "Princess R", 308 "Hydrolastic" Suspension for BMC "Minis", 560 Improved Agricultural Tractors, 558 Tilt Cab Lorry, Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, 480, 538
  • British National Export Committee, Committee for Exports to the U.S.A., 736
  • British Nylon Spinners Ltd., Automatic Recording of Nylon Production, 658 BNS Nylon 992, Stronger Nylon Ropgs, 900
  • British Overseas Airways Corporation., Policy 122
  • British Overseas Engineering Services Bureau, Inauguration, 1061
  • British Plastics Federation, Fourth Inter- national Reinforced Plastics Conference, 159 Rubber and Plastics Research Association Joint Library Facilities, 845
  • British Radio Valve Manufacturers Association, British Electronic Valve Industry, 145
  • British Radio Equipment Manufacturers' Association, Colour Television Demon- stration, 896
  • British Railways Board, Bournemouth Line Electrification, 533 Cardiff District, Wagon Control and Accounting by Computer, 894 Chief Inspecting Officer, Report on Accidents, 915 Diesel-hydraulic Locomotives, 207 Electrical Equipment for Type 2 Diesel- electric Locomotives supplied by A.E.I., 846 Euston Main Line Electrification, 380 Great Central Railway Relocated at Retford from Crossing to Diveunder, 766 Locomotive Driver's Safety Device, 924 Locomotives 25kV, a.c., Equipped with A.E.I. Pantogaph, 732 New Engines for Type 4 Locomotives, 769 Rail Track Maintenance Machines, 277 Railway Electrification Extension, 1033 Electrification to Rugby, 936 Employee's Pay Claim, 681, 1020 Points Heaters, 977 Scientific Services, Derby Laboratory, 923 Workshops Modernisation, 66 Workshops, 1068 Report, Collision at Stanton Gate South, 221 Scottish Region, Glasgow Railway Electrification, 672 Southern Region, Electrification Bourne- mouth Line, 553 Study of the Relative True Costs of Rail and Road Transport over Trunk Routes, 2 Taunton Freight and Coal Concentration Depot, 896 Transport Museums, 267 Western Region, Diesel Locomotive Maintenance Depot, 508
  • British Refrigeration Association, International Refrigeration Fair, 422
  • British Road Federation, Motorways Benefit Study, 671 People and Cities, 893 Traffic in Towns, 42, 51
  • British Ropes Ltd., "Bridon" Prestressed Tendon for Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, 1014
  • British Rototherm Co. Ltd., Small Bore Pipe Surface Thermometer, 774 Tank Thermometer, 109
  • British Safety Council, Safety and Health in Industry, 521 Safety at Work, 453 Code for Using Synthetic Resins, 71
  • British Ship Research Association, Improved Over-speed Trip Governor for Marine Turbines, 499 Report, 770
  • British Standards Institution, Concrete Reinforcement by Steel Fabric, B.S.1221, 354 Covered Electrodes for the Manual Metal-arc Welding of Mild and Medium Tensile Steel, B.S. 639, 510 Dimensions of Three-phase Electric Motors, Part 3, Flameproof Motors, B.S. 2960, 200 Dimensions of Three-phase Electric Motors, Part 4, Slide Rail Dimensions B.S. 2960, 152 Electroplated Tincoatings, B.S. 1872, 200 Fire Fighting Installations and Equipment Code 402, 120 Gauge Blanks: Plug, Ring and Caliper Gauges, B.S. 1044, Part 1, 860 Glossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel, Part 9, Iron and Steel Founding, B.S. 2094, 152 Guarding of Machinery, Code 3 004, 120 Guide to Design Considerations on the Strength of Screwthreads, B.S. 3580, 213 Hot Rolled Bars and Hard Drawn Wire for the Reinforcement of Concrete, B.S. 785, 200 International Code for the Field Acceptance Tests of Hydraulic Turbines, I.E.C. 41, 40 Load Verification of Testing Machines, B.S. 1610, 200 Loadbearing Walls, B.S. 111, 120 in open Channels, Parts 1, and 2A, B.S. 1856, 40 Metal Scaffolding, B.S. 1139, 354 Metallic Coatings, Accelerated Corrosion Tests, B.S. 3745, 394 Methods for the Load Verification of Testing Machines, B.S. 1610, 354 Methods of Measurement of Liquid Flow in open Channels, Parts 1, and 2A, B.S. 3680, 40 Methods of Testing Raw Rubber and Un- vulcanised Compounded Rubber, B.S. 1673, 354 Power-driven Derrick Cranes, B.S. 327, 40 Power-driven Mobile Cranes, B.S. 1757, 40 Raw Copper, B.S. 1035, 1172-74, 1861, 860 Roundness, Assessment of, Departure from B.S. 3730, 394 Safety Glass, 505 Scaffolding, Metal, B.S. 1139, 354 Schedule of Tolerances for Rubber Products in Solid Rubber and Ebonite, B.S. 3734, 200 Screw Gauge Limits and Tolerances. B.S. 919, 40 Small Wire Ropes, B.S. 3530, 152 Specifications for Steel, 10 Standard P.T.F.E. Sheet, B.S. 3784, 860 Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of Concrete, B.S. 1221, 354 Steel Fired and Unfired Pressure Vessels, B.S. 1501, 394 Steel Plate Clad with Corrosion Resisting Steel, B.S. 3740, 354 Terminal Markings for Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, B.S. 822, 354 Testing Machines, Load Verification, B.S. 1610, 354 Thin-walled Bearing Half-liners, B.S. 1131, 152 Underground Fire Hydrants. B.S. 750, 860
  • British Steel Castings Research Association., Recommended Procedure for the Ultra- sonic Examination of Steel Castings, 801
  • British Transport Docks Board, Emergency Repair of Dock Gate Anchorage at New- port Docks, 379
  • British Vacuum Cleaner and Engineering Co. Ltd., Underground Vacuum Cleaning Plant for Collieries, 288
  • British Waterways Board, Canal Develop- ments, 621
  • Britten-Norman Ltd., CC-4. SR N5, Hover- craft, 440
  • Brock, D. T., Obituary, 345
  • Brockelsby, C. F., and others, Ultrasonic Delay Lines, 103
  • Brockhouse and Co. Ltd., Commercial Vehicle Suspension Systems, Commercial Vehicles Exhibition, 540
  • Bromford Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Steel in Portugal, 466.
  • Bronx Engineering Co. Ltd., 300-ton Hy- draulic Plate Press, 1018
  • Brookhirst Igranic Ltd., Control Equipment for Plano-milling Machine, 1064 Control Relays, 463 Controller for Induction Couplings, 518
  • Brooks, C. H., and Whitaker, R., Develop- ment of Arc-furnace Processes, 377
  • Brooks (Oldbury) Ltd., Automatic Billet Grinder, 897
  • Brooks Ventilation Units Ltd., Extraction Fans, 734 Broom and Wade Ltd., Silenced Air Com- pressor, 791
  • Brown and Co. (Clydebank) Ltd., John, Coal Classifiers for C.E.G., 844 Reversible Boving Pump Turbines, 67 Brown and Co. Ltd., John, Hundredth Annual Meeting, 293 Brown and Sharpe Ltd., Tape-controlled Turret Drilling Machine, 57 Brown Boveri & Cie, Switchgear to be Manufactured by Bruce Peebles and Co. Ltd., 140
  • Brown, G. A. and others, The Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, 371 Brown Industries Ltd., David, Acid-resistant Coil Tubing, 1017 Hydromechanical Transmission for Road Vehicles, 109
  • Brown Ltd., S. G., Hydraulic Steering Gear, 1018 Brown Tractors Ltd., David, "Implematic" Tractor, 49 Brown Tractors (Sales) Ltd., David, "880 Implematic" Tractor, 955
  • Brown, S., and Benson, H., National Indus- trial Organisation Proposed, 121, 145
  • Brown, W., and Jaques, E., Product Analy- sis Pricing, 370
  • Brown, W. G., Temperature and Ventilation in the Toronto Subway, 321
  • Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd., Check Synchronising for Alternators, 678
  • Bryant, P. J. and others, Mechanisms of Solid Friction, 514
  • Brydon, J. Liddell, Obituary, 776
  • Buchanan, C., Lessons of the Buchanan Re- port, 51, 42
  • Buckland, W. R., Statistical Assessment of the Life Characteristic, 245
  • Buckley, A. B., Obituary, 893
  • Biihler and Co., A. G., Willy, Observation Tower, Swiss National Fair, 114
  • Building Research Board, Annual Report, 1963, 66
  • Building Research Station, Research into Pneumatic Tool Noise, 422
  • Bunker-Ramo Corporation, Computer Con- trol Efficiency Confirmed, 610
  • Burakov, V. S. and Yankovskii, A. A., Prac- tical Handbook on Spectral Analysis, 1010
  • Bureau of Reclamation, Laboratories, Denver, Electrodialysis, Saline Water Conver- sion, 688 Webster Plant for Saline Water Conversion, 781
  • Bureau voor Handelsinlichtingen, Buhova Trade Letter, 950
  • Burgoyne, J. H., Explosions of Gases in Ships, 1013
  • Burls, John, Diamond Abrasives and Tools, 406
  • Burmeister and Wain Co., Diesel Engines of Medium Power, 197 Vee Form Diesel Engine, 949
  • Burmeister and Wain Co., and Harland and Wolff, 50 Years of Diesel Engine Build- ing, 770
  • Burns-Babtie Partners, Consulting Engineers for Firth of Clyde Dry Dock, 863
  • Burton, Griffiths and Co. Ltd., Automatic Turret Lathe, 54
  • Butler, J., Status of Theoretical Methods for Reactor Shield Design, 266
  • Butler Machine Tool Co. Ltd., Planing and Shaping Machines, 16
  • Butters Bros. Ltd., Dock Crane Installation at Firth of Clyde Dry Dock, 595
  • Daimler Co. Ltd., Bus /Coach Chassis SRC. Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, 481
  • Daniel, A.W.T., Rail Conversion—Road and Rail Capacity Compared, 61, 245
  • Daniels (B.B.A.) Ltd., Floating Bed Scrub- her, 723
  • Daniels Chemical Engineering Division, Wet Scrubbers, 723
  • Daniels Parkson Ltd., Continuous Evaporator System, 290
  • Darnell, H., and Jordan, G. D., Arc-furnace Plant, 376
  • Davey, Paxman and Co., Wear on High- speed Auxiliary Marine Diesel Engines, 634 Diesel Engine Brochure, 555
  • Davies, J. D., and Preece, B. W., Models for Structural Concrete, 22
  • Davies, M., Graded Exercises in Engineering Science. 1010
  • Davies, W., Direct and Analogue Model Technique for Laplacian Field Problems, 712
  • Davis and Lloyd (1955) Ltd., Freight Wagon Bogie, 941
  • Davy and United Engineering Co. Ltd., Kaldo Converters at Shelton, 3 Optical Inspection of Heavy Machined Components, 503 Steel and Plate Mill for Finland, 464
  • Dawe Instruments Ltd., Audio-frequency Analyser, 69 Dawe Lectureship (Noise Measurement). 621 Electronic Torque Meter, 255 Plastics Welder, 979 Self-Tuning Ultrasonic Generator, 1065
  • Dawson Brothers Ltd., Component Cleaning Machines, 59
  • Dayal, M. and Bhabha, H. J.. World Energy Requirements and the Economics of Nuc- lear Power, 401
  • Day-Lewis, S., Bulleid, Last Giant of Steam, 278
  • De Havilland, Canada, Turbine-powered High Wing Monoplane, 516
  • DeVries, L., and Jorgensen, 0.M., Diction- ary of the Automobile and Allied Indus- tries, English / American-German, 248
  • De Vries and Sons (Diamond Tools) Ltd. L., Diamond Abrasive Compound, 1019
  • Dean, J., and Smith, D. R. L., Examples in Engineering Science for General Course Students (G.I.), 966
  • Deane, G., Side Walls for Variable Throat Supersonic Nozzle, 372
  • Decca Navigator Co. Ltd., Channel Tunnel Geological Survey, 587
  • Decca Radar Ltd., Radar Production and Research, 250 Random Path Detector, 592 Traffic Display for Scotland Yard, 1011
  • Defence, Ministry of, Reorganisation of Admiralty Committee on Structural Steel, 221
  • Degussa Wolfgang A.G., Electron Beam Furnace, 272
  • Dellaney Gallay Ltd., Machine Mounting Pads, 384
  • Delmag-Maschinenfabrik, Reinfold Dornfeld, Tracked Diesel-hydraulic Pile Driver, 430
  • Deltime Inc., Carrier Waveform Delay Lines, 944
  • Demag Aktiengesellschaft, Gear Division, Universal Ball Coupling, 567
  • Demag-Zug, 6-Tonne Auto-Crane, 949
  • Demczynski, S., Automation and the Future of Man. 215
  • Denco-Miller Ltd., Stocksbridge Soaking Pit Instrumentation. Air Conditioning Plant, 1036
  • Denison Deri Ltd., Hydraulic Equipment Course, 227
  • Denton, K., and Frost, N. E., The Fatigue Crack Propagation Characteristics of HW3OWP Aluminium Alloy, 1001
  • Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Building Research Station, New Materials and the Growth of the Economy, 844 Dust Research Work Extended, 1061 Fire Research Station, Open Days, 97 Grants for Research into Brittle Fracture, 107 Jet Efflux Noise Research, 1063 Noise Research, 1030 Policy for Scientific and Industrial Re- search, 107 Report of the Research Council, 267 Research for Industry, 1963, 249 in Superconductivity, 310 Road Research Laboratory, Tropical Road Building, Malaysia, 422 Selective Dissemination of Information, 823 Scientific Research in British Universities and Colleges, 1963-4, 513 Warren Spring Laboratory, Smoke from Diesel-Engined Road Vehicles, 660, 726
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  • Devlin, Lord, Committee of Inquiry into Docks Dispute, 894
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  • Direction Technique et Industrielle de l'Aeronautique, Saclay Power Plant Test Centre, 984
  • Distington Engineering Co. Ltd., Continuous Casting Machine at Shelton, 3
  • Dobbie McInnes (Electronics) Ltd. Oxford System of Automatic Cartography, 238 Two-channel Pen Recorder, 463
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  • Dodd, A. E., and others, Smoke from Deisel- engined Road Vehicles, 892
  • Dodd, A. E., Dictionary of Ceramics, 1011
  • Doe & Sons Ltd., Ernest, "Doe-130" Four- Wheel Drive Tractor, 959
  • Donkin, Bryan, Obituary, 729
  • Donovan Electrical Co. Ltd., Proximity Switch, 292
  • Dorman Long (Steel) Ltd., Computer Con- trol for Plate Mill, 588 Research Centre at Lackenby, 555
  • Douglas Aircraft Division, D.C.9., Production Details, 530
  • Douglas-Morris, Captain, and others, Naval Strategy, Design and Maintenance of Pro- pulsion Machinery, 662
  • Dove, Richard C., and Adams, Paul H., Ex- perimental Stress Analysis and Motion Measurement, 801
  • Dover Harbour Board, Clo3ed Circuit T.V. at Dover Car Ferry Terminal, 186
  • Dowding and Doll Ltd., Reishauer Gear Grinding Machine, 19
  • Downie. James. Road Accidents and One Way Traffic, 545
  • Downing, John J., Modulation Systems and Noise, 801
  • Dowty Hydraulic Units Ltd. Gear Pump Unit, 95 Hydrostatic Transmission, 95 Variable Pitch Car Fan, 979
  • Dowty Mining Equipment Ltd., Railway Wagon Speed Control, 968
  • Doxford and Sons (Engineers) Ltd., William. Bridge Control System for Marine Diesel Engines, 788 Turbo-charged Opposed-piston Diesel Engine of 760mm Bore, 132
  • Draper, A., Electrical Circuits (Including Machines), 371
  • Draper, R. C., Tail Locking Device for Rolling Lift Bridge, 727
  • Drew, Robert L., The Estuarine Barrage, 892 Solway Firth Barrage, 788
  • Drill Service (Horley) Ltd., Small Drills, 735
  • Dronkers, J. J., Tidal Computations in Rivers and Coastal Waters, 632
  • Drucker, Peter F., Managing for Results, 893 Drummond Bros. Ltd., Automatic Gear Hobbing Machine, 54 Drummond, Peter, Express Passenger Loco- motive for Glasgow and South Western Railway, 965
  • Drysdale and Co. Ltd., Activated Sludge Plant with Air Lift Transfer, 733
  • Duggan, Terance V., Stress Analysis and Vibrations of Elastic Bodies, 545
  • Duke, R., and Lakin, J. R., Arc-furnaces, 378
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see The Engineer 1964 Jul-Dec: Index: Sections 2 and 3

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