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1875 Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Members

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1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Belliss.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Daniel.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Harfield.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Lamb.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Olrick.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Shanks
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members. Wass.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.
1875. List of Members.

Note: This is a sub-section of 1875 Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The 1,017 Members listed in the 1875 Proceedings







  • 1869. Faija, Henry, 4 Great Queen Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1868. Fairbairn, Sir Andrew, Wellington Foundry, Leeds ; and Goldsborough Hall, Knaresborough.
  • 1869. Fairless, John, Forth Banks Engine Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
  • 1875. Farcot, Jean Joseph Leon, Messrs. Parrot and Sons, Engine Works, Avenue de la Gare, St. Ouen, France.
  • 1867. Fardon, Thomas, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co.'s Works, 84 tipper Whitecross Street, London, E.C. ; and 31 Wilberforce Road, Finsbury Park, London, N.
  • 1872. Fearn, John Wilmot, Mining Engineer, 31 Devonshire Street, Chesterfield ; and Newbold Road, Chesterfield.
  • 1870. Ferguson, Henry Tanner, District Locomotive Superintendent, Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Egutpoora, near Bombay, India.
  • 1854. Fernie, John, Bonchurch, Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
  • 1866. Fiddes, Walter, Engineer, Bristol United Gas Works, Bristol.
  • 1872. Fidler, Edward, Platt Lane Colliery, Wigan.
  • 1867. Field, Edward, Chandos Chambers, Buckingham Street, Adelphi, London, W.C.
  • 1861. Field, Joshua, 110 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London, S.E.
  • 1874. Fielding, John, Messrs. Fielding and Platt, Atlas Iron Works, Gloucester.
  • 1865. Filliter, Edward, Resident Engineer, Leeds Water Works, 16 East Parade, Leeds
  • 1868. Firth, Artisan, Leeds Iron Works, Leeds.
  • 1868. Firth, Samuel, 16 York Place, Leeds.
  • 1874. Firth, William, Burley Wood, Leeds.
  • 1871. Fisher, Benjamin Samuel, Locomotive Superintendent, Somerset and Dorset Railway, Highbridge, near Bridgwater.
  • 1864. Fleet, Thomas, Crown Boiler and Gasholder Works, Westbromwich.
  • 1847. Fletcher, Edward, Locomotive Superintendent, North Eastern Railsvay, Gateshead.
  • 1858. Fletcher, Henry Allason, Messrs. Fletcher Jennings and Co., Lowca Engine Works, Whitehaven. (Life Member.)
  • 1872. Fletcher, Herbert, Ladyshore Colliery, Little Lever, Bolton ; and The Hollins, Bolton.
  • 1857. Fletcher, James, Messrs. W. Collier and Co., 2 Greengate, Salford, Manchester.
  • 1867. Fletcher, Lavington Evans, Chief Engineer, Association for the Prevention of Steam Boiler Explosions, 41 Corporation Street, Manchester.
  • 1872. Flower, James J. A., Messrs. James Flower and Sons, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope ; and 9 America Square, Crutched Friars, London, B.C.
  • 1859. Fogg, Robert, 11 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1861. Forster, Edward, Messrs. Chance Brothers and Co.'s Glass Works, gm, Lane, near Birmingham.
  • 1869. Forster, George Baker, Backworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
  • 1849. Forsyth, John C., North Staffordshire Railway, Stoke-upon-Trent.
  • 1861. Foster, Sampson Lloyd, 2 Prince's Place, Duke Street, St. James', London S.W.; and Callipers Hall, Chipperfield, Rickmansworth, Herts.
  • 1866. Fowler, George, Mining Engineer, Basford Hall, near Nottingham.
  • 1847. Fowler, John, 2 Queen Square Place, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1866. Fox, Charles Douglas, 5 Delahay Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1875. Fox, Samson, Leeds Forge, Leeds.
  • 1859. Fraser, John, 18 York Place, Leeds.
  • 1852. Froude, William, F.R.S., Chelston Cross, Torquay.
  • 1866. Fry, Albert, Bristol Wagon Works, Temple Gate, Bristol.




  • 1867. Inglis, William, Messrs. Hick Hargreaves and Co.'s, Soho Iron Works, Bolton.
  • 1872. Inman, Charles Arthur, Messrs. Clay Inman and Co., Birkenhead Forge, Beaufort Road, Birkenhead.
  • 1866. Ireland, William, care of Jonathan Ireland, Edward Street, Broughton Lane, Manchester.


  • 1872. Jack, Alexander, Messrs. James Jack, Rollo, and Co., Victoria Engine Works, Boundary Street West, Vauxhall Road, Liverpool.
  • 1870. Jackson, John P., Mining Engineer, Clay Cross Coal and Iron Works, near Chesterfield.
  • 1859. Jackson, Matthew Murray, Engineer-in-Chief, Imperial Danube Steam Navigation Works, Pesth, Austria.
  • 1847. Jackson, Peter Rothwell, Salford Rolling Mills, Manchester.
  • 1860. Jackson, Samuel, Messrs. Charles Cammell and Co., Cyclops Steel and Iron Works, Sheffield.
  • 1873. Jackson, Samuel, Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Byculla, Bombay: (or care of W. Albert Jackson, 1 Mulberry Street, Sheffield.)
  • 1872. Jackson, William Francis, Hallside Steel Works, Newton, near Glasgow.
  • 1873. Jacob, Edward Westley, Windsor Iron Works, Garston, near Liverpool.
  • 1866. Jaeger, Herrmann Frederic, Messrs. Beyer Peacock and Co.'s Works, Gorton Foundry, Manchester.
  • 1856. James, Jabez, 40 Prince's Street, Commercial Road, Lambeth, London, S.E.
  • 1870. Jamieson, John Lennox Kincaid, Messrs. John Elder and Co., Engineers and Shipbuilders, 12 Centre Street, Glasgow ; and Govan, Glasgow.
  • 1861. Jeffcock, Thomas William, Mining Engineer, 18 Bank Street, Sheffield.
  • 1863. Jeffreys, Edward A., Low Moor Iron Works, near Bradford.
  • 1875. Jerkin, H. C. Fleeming, F.R.S., Professor of Engineering, University of Edinburgh ; 3 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh.
  • 1861. Jessop, Thomas, Messrs. William Jessop and Sons, Park and Brightside Steel Works, Sheffield.
  • 1854. Jobson, John, Derwent Foundry, Derby.
  • 1863. Johnson, Bryan, Hydraulic Engineering Works, Chester.
  • 1861. Johnson, Samuel Waite, Locomotive Superintendent, Midland Railway, Derby.
  • 1872. Joicey, Jacob Gowland, Messrs. J. and G. Joicey and Co., Forth Banks West Factory, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
  • 1872. Jones, Charles, Messrs. John Jones and Sons, Marine Engine Works, William Street, Liverpool.
  • 1871. Jones, Charles Henry, Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Midland Railway, Derby.
  • 1873. Jones, Edward, Drayton House, Trinity Road, Birchfield, Birmingham.
  • 1873. Jones, Edward Trygarn, Consulting Engineer to the Commercial Steam Ship Co., 32 Great St. Helen's, London, E.C.
  • 1867. Jones, George Edward, care of Messrs. James Nicol Fleming and Co, Calcutta : (or care of Edward Jones, Wylde Green, near Birmingham
  • 1869. Jones, John, Iron Trade Offices, Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough.
  • 1872. Jones, William Richard Sumption, Executive Engineer, Workshops Division, Lower Ganges Canal, Narora, via Aligarh, India.






  • 1868. O'Connor, Charles, Messrs. John Elder and Co.'s, Fairfield Engine Works, Govan, Glasgow.
  • 1875. Okes, John Charles Raymond, Manager, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co.'s Steam Pump Works, 84 Upper Whitecross Street, London, E.C.
  • 1866. Oliver, William, Victoria and Broad Oaks Foundries, Chesterfield,
  • 1867. Olrick, Lewis, 27 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.
  • 1864. Ommanney, Frederick Francis, New Bridge Foundry, Ade1phi Street, Salford, Manchester.
  • 1870. Osborn, Samuel, Clyde Steel and Iron Works, Sheffield.
  • 1870. Osman, Joseph, Bey, Chief Engineer and Superintendent of Factories to the Khedive of Egypt, Boulac, Cairo ; and St. James's Hotel, 77 Piccadilly, London, W.
  • 1867. Oughterson, George Blake, Messrs. Manlove Alliott and Co., 45 Rae d'Elbeuf, Rouen, France.
  • 1847. Owen, William, Wheathill Foundry, Rotherham ; and Clifton House. Rotherham.





  • 1875. Tangye, George, Messrs. Tangye Brothers, Cornwall Works, Soho, Birmingham.
  • 1861. Tangye, James, Messrs. Tangye Brothers, Cornwall Works, Soho, Birmingham ; and Aviary Cottage, Illogan, near Redruth.
  • 1859. Tannett, Thomas, Messrs. Smith Beacock and Tannett, Victoria Foundry, Leeds.
  • 1873. Taylor, Charles Dyke, Mining Engineer, Cape Copper Mines ; care of J. C. Leaver, 6 Queen Street Place, London, E.C.
  • 1861. Taylor, George, Messrs. Taylor Brothers and Co., Clarence Iron Works, Leeds.
  • 1874. Taylor, Henry Enfield, Mining Engineer, 15 Newgate Street, Chester.
  • 1858. Taylor, James, Britannia Engine Works, Cleveland Street, Birkenhead.
  • 1862. Taylor, John, Mining Engineer, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.
  • 1873, Taylor, John, Midland Foundry, Queen's Road, Nottingham.
  • 1867. Taylor, Joseph, Corinthian Villa, Acock's Green, near Birmingham.
  • 1875. Taylor, Joseph Samuel, Messrs. Taylor and Co., Derwent Foundry, 99 Constitution Hill, Birmingham.
  • 1874. Taylor, Percyvale, Manager, Panther Lead Smelting Works, St. Philip's, Bristol,
  • 1862. Taylor, Richard, Mining Engineer, 6 Queen Street Place, Upper Thames Street, London, B.C.
  • 1872. Teague, William, Mining Engineer, Tincroft Mines, Redruth.
  • 1864. Tennant, Charles, The Glen, Innerleithen, near Edinburgh. (Life Member.)
  • 1867. Thomas, Joseph Lee, 16 Holland Road, Kensington, London, W.
  • 1864. Thomas, Thomas, 34 West Bute Street, Cardiff ; and Bronygarn Villa, Roath, Cardiff.
  • 1874, Thomas, William Henry, 15 Parliament Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1875. Thompson, John, Highfields Boiler Works, Ettingshall, near Wolverhampton.
  • 1857. Thompson, Robert, Haigh Foundry, near Wigan.
  • 1862. Thompson, William, Spring Gardens Engine Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
  • 1875. Thoms, George Eastlake, Assistant Engineer, Municipal Offices, Dale Street, Liverpool.
  • 1875. Thomson, James McIntyre, Messrs. John and James Thomson, Finnieston Engine Works, 36 Finnieston Street, Glasgow.
  • 1868. Thomson, John, Messrs. John and James Thomson, Finnieston Engine Works, 36 Finnieston Street, Glasgow.
  • 1868. Thornewill, Robert, Messrs. Thornewill and Warharn, Burton Iron Work, Burton-on-Trent.
  • 1861. Thwaites, Robinson, Messrs. Thwaites and Carbutt, 'Vulcan Iron Work, Thornton Road, Bradford.
  • 1875. Thwaites, William Henry, Messrs. Thwaites and Carbutt's, Vulcan Iron Works, Thornton Road, Bradford.
  • 1862. Tolme, Julian Horn, 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1873. Tomkins, Edward, Montpelier Place, Fairfield, Buxton.
  • 1875. Tomkins, William Steele, Messrs. Sharp Stewart and Co.'s, Atlas Work; Manchester.
  • 1857. Tomlinson, Joseph, Jun., Resident Engineer and Locomotive Superintendent, Metropolitan Railway, Chapel Street Works, Edgware Road, London, N.W.
  • 1867. Tonks, Edmund, Brass Works, Moseley Street, Birmingham.
  • 1860. Townsend, Thomas C., 16 Talbot Chambers, Shrewsbury.
  • 1865. Trow, John James, Messrs. William Trow and Sons, Union Foundry, Wednesbury.
  • 1873. Trow, Joseph, Messrs. William Trow and Sons, Union Foundry, Wednesbury; and Holyhead Road, Wednesbury.
  • 1866. Turner, Frederick, Messrs. E. R. and F. Turner, St. Peter's Iron Work; Ipswich.
  • 1872. Turton, Thomas, Liverpool Forge Company, Brunswick Dock, Liverpool
  • 1867. Tweddell, Ralph Hart, 14 Delahay Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1874. Twibill, Joseph, Engineer and Iroufounder, Barrack Street, Tatton Street, Chester Road, Manchester.
  • 1856. Tyler, Captain Henry Wheetley, R.E., Railway Department, Board of Trade, Whitehall, London, S.W.


  • 1875. Unsworth, Thomas, Leicester Works, Dutton Street, StrangewaY4 Manchester.
  • 1862. Upward, Alfred, 11 Great Queen Street, Westminster, S.W.
  • 1875. Urquhart, Thomas, Locomotive Superintendent, Grazi and Tsaritsia Railway, Borisoglebsk, Russia: (or care of. John Maclachlan, 15 Hamilton Street, Greenock.)
  • 1872. Usher, Thomas, Messrs. Reay and Usher, South Hylton Iron Works Sunderland.





  • 1865. Downing, Samuel, LL.D., Trinity College, Dublin ; and 4 The Eilit Monkstown, near Dublin.
  • 1867. Morin, General Arthur, Director, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris.
  • 1867. Tresca, Henri, Engineer Sub-Director, Conservatoire National des Art' et Metiers, Paris.



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