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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades: Company A

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades

Note: Further information is contained on the page image including number of employees, war work and pre-war work.

1 A. 1 Manufacturing Co., Industry Works, Sunbridge Road, Bradford. Phone: Bradford 5152/3. T/A : Patterns, Bradford. Area No. 3. War Work: Discs, closing for primers. Glazed boards. Washers. Fuze collars. Brass tapes and weights. Foot and power stamping presses ...light ... with dies and tools. Electrical welding. Erecting Admiralty 10-inch bomb thrower. Loading trays. Welding cylinders and spherical bombs. Employees : Male 40, Female 180. Pre-War Work: Engineers, stampers, and button manufacturers. Electric welding.

2 Abbott and Co., Ltd., Newark Boiler Works. Newark-on-Trent. Phone: 34 Newark-on-Trent. T/A : "Abbott, Newark." Area No. 4. War Work: Return tube, vertical, locomotive, and steam wagon boilers. Drums for water tube boilers. Oil fuel heaters. Condenser and distiller shells. Expansion joints. "Otter" parts. Air receivers, Employees : Male 86, Female 0. Pre-War Work: Boilers of all types and all pressures. Drums for water tube boilers. Condenser and distiller shells. Expansion joints, air receivers, &c. Flanged plates, welded shells, &c.

3 Abbott’s Engineering Co., Ltd., 21, New Smith Hills, Paisley. Phone: 2564. T/A "Abbott’s." War Work: Gear wheels for lathes, cartridge machines, torpedo tubes, tanks, cranes, and steel work plant. Gun mountings. Employees : Male 13, Female 3. Pre-War Work: Gear wheel makers for all classes of machinery.

4 Abbot’s Foundry Co., Falkirk. Phone: 12 Falkirk. T/A : Abbot's Foundry, Falkirk. Area No. 8. Machining fuze sockets and burster containers for 18-pdr. chemical shells. Employees : Male 120, Female 40. Pre-War Work: Iron founders, makers of stoves and ranges, rain water and soil goods, and general light castings.

5 Abbott, George, Ltd., Crown Iron Works, Ipswich. Phone : 158. T/A : Abbott, Ltd., Ipswich. Area No. 7. Acetylene welding broken cylinders, crank cases, &c., machine parts. Welding bosses in bombs, sinking plugs in mines. Bomb releasing gear, spare coil boxes, hinges, table trestles, ironwork, stays for pipes, &c. Employees : Male 13, Female. Pre-War Work: Stove and range manufacturers and repairers. Agricultural implement agents and repairers &c.

6 A.B.C. Coupler, Ltd., Failings Park Works, Wolverhampton. Phone : 24 Wolverhampton. T/A : "Autobuff," Wolverhampton. Head Office :—Queen Anne’s Chambers, Tothill Street, Westminster, London. Phone : 1561 Victoria. T/A: "Autobuff," Vic., London. Area No. 4. (A.) Shell and shot for British Admiralty, Railway couplings and buffers. Employees : Male 123, Female 50. Pre-War Work: Automatic buffer couplers, &c., for all classes of railway and tramway rolling stock, and specialists in buffing and draft gear of all kinds.

7 A.B.C. Motors, Ltd., Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Phone : 220 Walton and 319 Esher. T/A: "Reos," W.-on-Thames. Area No. 7. Aero engines, generating engine sets, &c. Employees : Male 77, Female 6. Pre-War Work: Motor engineers. A.B.C. motor cycles and light cars. Auxiliary engines for wireless, searchlight, cinematograph, and other purposes.

8 Abdela, Isaac J. and Mitchell, Ltd., Dee Shipbuilding Works, Queensferry. Phone : 35 Connah’s Quay. T/A : Shipyard, Queensferry. Area No. 2. (A.)Admiralty work, trawlers, &c. Employees : Male 280, Female. Pre-War Work: Shipbuilders, engineers, tugs, coasters (motor and steam), barges, pontoons and shallow draught craft.

9 Abdela, Isaac J. and Mitchell, Ltd., Brimscombe, Stroud, Gios. Phone : 9 Brimscombe. T/A : Abdela, Brimscombe. Area No. 6.Marine engines and repairs. Shipbuilders. Trawlers, boom defence vessels, lighters, steam launches. Marine engines. Employees : Male 82, Female 5. Pre-War Work: Stern wheel steamers, steam and motor launches, tugs, barges and coasters. Marine engines’

10 Abel, Richard and Sons, Ltd., Castle Rock, Runcorn. Phone : 93 Runcorn. T/A : "Abel," Castle Rock, Runcorn. Area No. 2. Repairing barges. Employees : Male 24, Female. Pre-War Work: Repairing and building barges.

11 Abell, William, Ltd., Brook Street Iron Works, Derby. Phone : 83 Derby. T/A : "Abell, Derby." Area No. 4.6-inch Newton T.M. bombs. 112-lb. aerial bombs. Field telegraph cable. Optical glass and textile machinery. Castings for electric plant and Admiralty. Employees : Male 95, Female 0. Pre-War Work: Textile machinery. Heavy webbing and smallware looms. Crochet, trimming, and surgical hosiery machines. Electric cable making. Wallpaper printing machinery. Brick machines. Water cranes. Castings to five tons.

12 Aber Tinplate Works, Ltd., Llansamlet R.S.O., Glam. Phone: 100 Morriston. T/A: "Aber Works", Llan. Area No. 5. Tinplates suitable for food packing, also kerosene oil cans and blackplates. Employees : Male 264, Female. Pre-War Work: Manufacture of tinplates and blackplates as at present.

13 Aberavon Tinplate Co., Ltd., Borough Works, Port Talbot, South Wales. Phone : 121 and 5. T/A : "Osprey," Port Talbot. Area No 5, Coke and charcoal tinplates for deep stamping purposes. Employees : Male 136, Female 46. Pre-War Work: Black and tin taggers ; light charcoal tinplates for packing purposes. Lacquered tinplates of all kinds.

14 Abercrombie and Son, 36, Whitfield Street, London, W.1. Phone: Gerrard 3151. T/A: Area No. 7. Director stands No. 4. Range finder stands. Periscopes. Hand fuze setters, &c. Non-ferrous castings. Employees : Male 14, Female 1. Pre-War Work: Fine metal work. Speciality : Electric light fittings; cabine mounts, and door furniture.

15 Abercrombie, R. G., Broad Street Engine Works, Alloa. Phone: 24 Alloa. T/A: Abercrombie, Engineer, Area No. 8. Grenades, Stokes’ shells, fuze bases and plugs. Employees : Male 18, Female 19. Pre-War Work: Mechanical engineer and valve manufacturer. Brewing, distilling, and creosoting plants.

16 Aberdeen Trawl Owners’ and Traders’ Engineering Co., Ltd., Albert Quay, Aberdeen. Phone : 867 Aberdeen. T/A: Energy, Aberdeen. Area No. 8. (A.) Admiralty minesweeping winches. Installation and repair of machinery of trawlers, drifters, and patrol vessels. Employees : Male 150, Female . Pre-War Work: Marine engineers. Trawling winches, windlasses, ships repairs. Steering gears, deck gear for trawlers and drifters. Fitting and repairing machinery and hulls of vessels.

17 Aberdulais Tin Plate Co., Ltd., Aberdulais Tin Plate Works, Aberdulais, near Neath. Phone : Aberdulais 24. T/A : Camaret, Aberdulais. Area No. 5. Tinplates and blackplates. Employees : Male 148, Female 50. Pre-War Work: Tin and black plates for meat packing, tin boxes and tea canisters.

18 Abernethy, James and Co., Ltd., Ferryhill Foundry, Aberdeen. Phone: Aberdeen 113. T/A: Foundry, Aberdeen. Area No. 8. (A.) Admiralty repairs and new work. Engines, and boilers for patrol vessels, mine sweepers, and boom defence vessels. Marine castings, engines, winches, &c. Mine sinkers. Employees : Male 267, Female . Pre-War Work: Marine engines and boilers for trawlers and small vessels. Horizontal steam engines and boilers for land. Cranes, hoists, bridges, saw mills and fittings. Distillery and manure works

19 Abertillery Works, Ltd., Abertillery, Mon. Phone : Abertillery 31. T/A: Gian. Area No. 5. Tinplates for all purposes, including packing, oil, food tins, &c. Mess tins and petrol cans. Employees : Male 229, Female . Pre-War Work: Tinplates and templates for general purposes.

20 Abingdon Ecco, Ltd., Tyseley, . Birmingham. Phone : Acocks Green 1. T/A: Abingdon, Tyseley. Birmingham. Area No. 4. Aero parts. Fuze bodies. Primers. Sockets. Fuze and rifle components. Tool kits, &c. Employees : Male 200, Female 200. Pre-War Work: Motor bicycles, accessories and engines. "King Dick". Tricycle axles. Presswork in sheet metal and repetition machine work for engineering trades.

21 A.B.W. Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Blackpool. Phone: 311. T/A : Stedfast, Blackpool. Area No. 2. Sheet metal stampings. Buttons. Employees : Male , Female 50. Pre-War Work: Non-existent.

22 Accles and Pollock, Ltd., Steel Tube Manufacturers, Oldbury, Birmingham Phone: Oldbury 111. T/A : Accles, Oldbury. Area No. 4. Weldless steel tubing. Aircraft components. Scabbard furniture.Wireless mast tubes. Tubular parts of cycles. Draw-benches, reelers, power presses, cutting-off lathes, press tools. Steel press work. Iron castings. Nickel plating, polishing, screwing, welding and brazing. Employees : Male 1,300, Female 370. Pre-War Work: Same as at present.

23 Accles and Shelvoke, Ltd., Talford Street Works, Aston, Birmingham. Phone : East 277 Birmingham. T/A: Acvoke. Also at Bridge Street West, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Machining shrapnel tubes, S.A. and accoutrement parts, tank link pins and jig bushes. Making C.I. fuzes, Stokes' cartridge containers, various shell and fuze components, aircraft nipples and tank semaphores. Aerial ropeway saddles. Employees : Male 85, Female 19. Pre-War Work: Light engineering. Humane cattle-killing pistols. Speed gears for motor cycles. Centrifugal separators for serum plant. Rear axles for light motor cars, and similar work.

24 Accumulators, Ltd., Maybury Hill, Woking, Surrey. Phone: 330 Woking. T/A: "Accumulators," Woking. Area No. 7. Portable secondary batteries. Stationary-batteries. Train lighting, car lighting and starting, electro-mobile and signailing batteries. Containing boxes for all kinds of batteries, fitted or not. Employees : Male 36, Female 16. Pre-War Work: All types of secondary batteries. Plates and sections for export and assembly abroad.

25 Accuracy Works, Ltd., Cousins Street, Wolverhampton. Phone : 786. T/A : Accuracy, Wolverhampton Area No 4. Claudel Hobson carburettors for aero engines, motor transport, &c. Employees : Male 160, Female 170. Pre-War Work: Same as present.

26 Acer, Leaborne Works, Harrow. Phone : 167 and 438. T/A : Leader, Harrow. Area No. 7. Pistons, piston rings, cylinders, gudgeon pins and bushes. Employees : Male 22, Female 8. Pre-War Work: Cylinder grinding, pistons, rings, gudgeon pins, valves, and other engine parts for motor trade.

27 Acetylene Corporation, Ltd., 19, Esher Street, Westminster, London. Phone : 4830 Victoria. T/A : Flamma, London. Area No. 7. Oxy-acetylene welding plant, blow pipes and accessories. Flare lights, hand lamps. Fuel tanks and drums up to any capacity. Buoys, floats, bomb cases, mines, &c. Welded aircraft parts. Steel tubes, manifold tubes. Employees : Male 36, Female 24. Pre-War Work: Acetylene lighting plant, flares and hand lamps. Acetylene gas fittings. Steel barrels, drums, and tanks. General sheet metal work and carbide merchants. Boiler fittings, holloware, petrol motor tanks.

28 Acetylene Equipment Co., Ltd., (formerly Acetylene Illuminating Co., Ltd.), 268/270, South Lambeth Road, London, S.W.8. Phone : 2171/3 Brixton. T/A : Endazzle. Area No. 7. Acetylene gas cylinders and dissolved acetylene. Apparatus for oxy-acetylene welding and cutting. Marine signalling apparatus, lamps, &c. Employees : Male 119, Female 5O. Pre-War Work: Acetylene cylinders. Dissolved acetylene. Welding apparatus and oxy-acetylene welding re-

Acetylene Engineering Co., London. See No 465

29 Ackroyd and Best, Ltd., Beacon Works, Morley, Leeds. Phone : 86 and 104. T/A: “ Lamps,” Morley, Yorks. Area No. 3. Safety lamps for coal mines and ships. Acetylene and brazing lamps. Depth charges. Disconnector and relay boxes for mines. Exploder tubes. Primer discs. Fuze components. Pressed bolts and nuts. Pulley blocks. Brass and iron castings. Employees : Male 600, Female . Pre-War Work: Safety lamps and machinery for same. Heat-resisting glass for chemical purposes and domestic lighting.

30 Ackworthie and Co., Coleshill Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 7366. T/A : " Ackworthie,” Birmingham. Area No. 4. Taps and dies. Capstan lathe tools and holders. Machine attachments. Power and hand press tools. Tapping attachments. Gauges, milling cutters, and engineers’ small tools. Employees : Male 40, Female 10. Pre-War Work: Capstan lathes. Brassfounders lathes. Taps and dies. Tapping attachments. Power and hand press tools. Tools for operating upon castings, steel or brass bars, and for manipulating sheet

31 Acme Arc Lamp and Engineering Co., 77, Fortess Road, Kentish Town, London, N.W.5. Phone: North 2687. T/A: Area No. 7. Fuze components, rifle grenades, and aeroplane bombs. Turnbuckles. Employees : Male 8, Female 50. Pre-War Work: Engineers, mechanical and electrical. Arc lamps, switch gear, cut-outs, &c.

32 Acme Electrical Manufacturing Co., Tariff Road, Northumberland Park, Tottenham, London, N.17. Phone : 1923 Tottenham. T/A : Acmelectri, Tottlane, London. Area No. 7. Motor starting switches. Shunt regulators. Motor control panels and general electric motor control gear. Employees : Male 38, Female 3. Pre-War Work: Same as at present, and lifting magnets.

Acme Engineering Co., Ltd., 95, Domestic Street, Leeds. See No 451

33 Acme Manufacturing Co., Budhill, Shettleston, Glasgow. Phone : 177 and 178 Shettles- T/A : Closringer. Area No. 9. Power wringers. Adapters. Gun pins. Fuze bodies. Fuzes. Transport lorry fittings. Plating shell lifter plugs. Mechanical rubber goods. Filling hole plug for chemical and smoke shells. Employees : Male 35, Female 85. Pre-War Work: Engineers, machine makers, and india rubber manufacturers. Burt single-sleeve valve internal combustion engine.

34 Acme Patent Ladder Co., 364. Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London, S.W.18. Phone: 213 Putney. T/A: Acme Ladder, Earlsfield. Area No. 7. Airship ladders. Aeroplane towers, ladders, steps. Ammunition carts. Entrenching barrows. Employees : Male 48, Female 0. Pre-War Work: Ladders and trucks. Barrows, steps, trestles, trolleys. Constructional tower wagons and horse and power wagons. Fire escapes and appliances.

35 Acme Screw Co., Bath Street, Birmingham. Phone: 6919 Central. T/A : " Precise,” Birmingham. Area No. 4. Aluminium, brass, and copper bolts, nuts, and screws. Plugs and general capstan work for Admiralty. Employees : Male 13, Female 45. Pre-War Work: Screws, bolts, nuts, and washers. Terminal and small parts for the electrical trade in brass, copper, steel, and phosphor-bronze.

36 Acme Steel and Foundry Co., Gartocher Road, Shettleston, Glasgow. Phone: 137 Shettleston. T/A : " Acme,” Shettleston. Area No. 9. Heavy and light steel castings of various descriptions for ships, sugar mills, &c. Manganese steel castings for wearing surfaces, crushing plant, tramway crossings, &c. Employees : Male 176, Female 3. Pre-War Work: Same as present.

37 Acme Stopper and Box Co., Ltd., Ashford Street Works, Birmingham. Phone : 3759 Central. T/A : " Bulge,” Birmingham. Area No. 4. Metal fittings for anti-gas helmets. Bonding tins (No. 80 fuze). Grenade fittings (tinplates). Tin powder cups for shrapnel. Metal covers for fruit jars. Round tins. Sheet metal stampings. Employees : Male 26, Female 110. Pre-War Work: "Acme" lever stopper and plain and decorated vacuum and screwed covers for jars and bottles. Round seamless boxes and canisters. Advertising tablets. Tinplate and aluminium stampings and piercings.

38 Acme Tin Stamping Co., The, 2, Regent Street, Collyhurst, Manchester. Phone: 3683 City. T/A : Acme, Churnet Street, Manchester. Area No. 2. Drums for acids. Ammunition boxes. Pressure tins. Electric motor covers. Employees : Male 35, Female 175. Pre-War Work: Sheet metal workers. Dairy cans and domestic goods.

39 Acme Tool Works, 61, Bardolph Street, Leicester. Phone : 2506 Leicester. T/A: Area No. 4. Gauges for fuze adapters, shells, &c. 4-6-inch howitzer breech parts. Aeroengine pump and valve parts. Employees : Male 7, Female 8. Pre-War Work: Engineers and tool makers. Jigs and special tools. Repetition

40 Acme Transport Bands, Ltd., St. Peter’s Place, Broad Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 132. T/A: Summit, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Makers of steel foundation bands for solid rubber tyres for motor transport. Employees : Male 32, Female 0. Pre-War work: Same as at present.

41 Acorn Barge Building Co., Ltd., Rochester. Phone: 351 Chatham. T/A: "AcornCo.,” Rochester. Area No. 7. (A.) Ship and barge repairs for mercantile marine. Auxiliary craft repairs for Royal Navy. Ships up to 600 tons berthed on gridirons for under-water repairs. Employees : Male 31, Female 2. Pre-War Work: Sailing barge building. Ship, barge, and yacht repairs.

42 Active Engineering Co., The Hives, Trafford Park, Barton-upon-Irwell. Phone : Trafford Park 319. T/A: Bantyre, Manchester. Area No. 2. Banding, welding, boring, and turning steel foundation bands for solid rubber Employees : Male 40, Female 2. Pre-War Work: High-grade rubber machinery

Acton Aluminium and Bronze Co., See No. 466. London.

43 Adair and Co., Neptune Engine Works, Foulton Street, Liverpool. Phone: I/A:v , Area No. 2. Repairs to locomotives and cranes. Employees : Male 21, Female Pre-War Work: Repairing ships’ engines, &c.

44 Adam, Grimaldi and Co., Ltd., Albert Works, Glasshouse Street, Albert Embankment, London, S.E.ll. Phone: Hop 5552/3/4. T/A : Autocoach, London. Aeroplane wings, tail planes, skids, &c. Spares of all kinds. Metal work. Employees : Male 700, Female 250. Pre-War Work: Aircraft manufacturing. Auto, electric and general engineers. Coachbuilders.

45 Adam, James and Sons, Cove Yard, Docking Slip, Gourock. Phone: 26. T/A: Adam, Gourock. Area No. 9. Admiralty work. Ship repairs, &c. Employees : Male 15, Female . Pre-War Work: Yacht, steam and motor launch, and boatbuilding.

46 Adam, William and Co., 2 and 3, Dock Breast, Greenock. Phone : Greenock 287. T/A: ... Copper piping and brass and gunmetal fittings for merchant and war vessels, and general repair work. Employees : Male 70, Female 11. Pre-War Work: General copper and brass work for marine engine fittings. Sugar refining plant and accessories.

47 Adams and Co., 24, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. Phone: Factory—Tottenham 1721. Offices—Gerrard 4931. T/A: Area No. 7. Heliographs, clinometers. Photographic apparatus.. Experimental wood and metal work. Periscopes. Signalling apparatus. Rheostats. Employees : Male 17, Female . Pre-War Work: High-class photographic and scientific apparatus.

Adams and Co., Tunbridge Wells. See No. 438.

48 Adams and Coles, 1, Lutheran Place, Brixton Hill, London, 8.W. Phone: Brixton 194. T/A: Area No. 7. Small machine tools. Shell, engine, gun, mine, motor, and aeroplane components. Employees : Male 29, Female .Pre-War Work: Motor work.

49 Adams and Son, 95, North Street, Clapham, London, S.W. Phone: Gerrard 6712. T/A: Area No. 7. Warren’s cooking apparatus and field kitchens. Employees : Male 26, Female. Pre-War Work: Heating engineers.

Adams, A. R., Robert Street, See No. 448. Newport, Mon.

51 Adams, D. and Sons, Ltd., Rowley Regis, Staffs. Phone : 168 Cradlev. T/A: Area No. 4. g Small anchors, grapnels, and shackles. Employees : Male 44, Female .Pre-War Work: Same as at present.

52 Adams, F. H., Ltd., 263, New John Street West, Birmingham. Phone: Central 7383. T/A : Adamcol, Birmingham. Area No. 4. General engineering. Steel shrapnel tubes and fuze hole plugs. Base shell plugs and aviator helmets and ventilator parts. Aluminium die-cast pistons and other aero engine parts. Small fittings and stampings. Cleaning and rectification of fuze hole plugs and adapters. Electro-tinning. Employees : Male 50, Female 100. Pre-War Work: Manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths. Silver-mounted toilet articles, silver cigarette cases, &c.

53 Adams, George, 255/256, High Holborn, London, W.C.l. Works—21/23, Short’s Gardens, London, W.C.2. Phone: Office—Holborn 1670 (2 lines). Works—Central 13747. T/A : "Elaborator, Westcent, London.” Machine tool makers. Precision lathes. Tools and gearing. Parts for aero magnetos, gun sights, and signal apparatus parts. Employees : Male 35, Female 12. Pre-War Work: Machine tools, gearing tools, and requisites for engineers, instrument makers, and all metal and wood workers.

54 Adams, George and Sons, Ltd., Mars Iron Works, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton. Phone: 13 and 348. T/A : Adams, Wolverhampton. Galvanized, plain, and corrugated sheet iron. Iron and steel hoops, strips, and bars for boiler and shrapnel tubes. Compressed forage packing. Small ware and fittings to buildings and wagons and all other purposes. Employees : Male 441, Female 0. ,Pre-War Work: Wrought puddle iron. Rolling down iron and steel into sheets, hoops, strips, and bars. Galvanized, corrugated, and plain sheets.

55 Adams, W., Ltd., 207/211, Barr Street, Hockley, Birmingham. Phone : 7516 Central. T/A : Compass, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Light and hot stampings. Fuze bodies No. 106. Aeroplane pressings. Eyelets. Employees : Male 34, Female 0. Pre-War Work:Silversmiths and medallists. Domestic and decorative ware. Spun goods. Candlesticks, ink-stands, medals, &c., in gold and silver.

56 Adams Hydraulics, Ltd., Pease-holme Green, York. Phone: York 47. London, Viet. 4735. T/A : Sanifera, York. Area No. 3. Making capstan and hollow spindle lathes up to 17g-inch, also semi-rotary pumps for trenches. Sewage pumping and disposal plant. Employees : Male 53, Female 22. Pre-War Work: Specialists in patent pneumatic and hydraulic plant for automatically pumping and filtering sewage, &c.

57 Adams, L., Ltd., 14b, South Hill Park, Hampstead, London, N.W.3. Phone : 5902/3. T/A: Area No. 7. Aeroplane fittings and camera parts. Electrical control gear. Employees : Male 26, Female Pre-War Work: Electrical and mechanical engineers. Tool makers.

58 Adams (The F. E.) Pressure Tool Co., Ltd., Beaufort Road, Birkenhead. Phone : 289 Birkenhead. T/A : Pressure, Birkenhead. Area No. 2. As pre-war. Machining gun mountings. Jigs for gun parts, aeroplane engines, aluminium pulleys for aeroplanes, &c. Employees : Male 103, Female . Pre-War Work: Presses, dies, and automatic sheet metal working machinery. Patentees of the machinery for making the standard flat top petrol cans, oil drums, food tins and general press work.

59 Adams, Robert, 3 and 5, Emerald Street, Holborn, London, W.C.l. Phone : Central 829. T/A : Robert Adams, London. Area No. 7.Adapters. Gaines. Hammers for Fuze No. 106. Aeroplane fittings. A.G.S. tumbuckles, nuts, and nipples. Employees : Male 89, Female . Pre-War Work: Engineers. Manufacturers and patentees of door springs, fanlight openers and gearing, panic holts, casement bolts, &c. Builders’ brass foundry. Ships’ fittings. Motor car parts. Steel and phosphor-bronze springs and ball joints.

60 Adams, Thomas, Thomas Street, West Gorton, Manchester. Phone: T/A : Safety, Manchester. Area No. 2. Spring safety valves and fittings for marine and land boilers. Valves for gun mounting, &c. Employees : Male , Female Pre-War Work: Patent spring safety valve maker. Fittings for boilers, springs, &c,

61 Adams, W.G. and Co., Birmingham. See No. 439. 61 Adams, William, Lord Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 4076. T/A: Steps. Area No. 4. Smiths’ forgings for transport, G.S. and pontoon wagons. Water tanks. Mess, ambulance, tip, and trench carts. Gun carriages. Wireless carts, &c. Tie rods for ammunition boxes. Employees : Male 40, Female 6. Pre-War Work: Car, van, cart, and lorry ironwork and fittings. Landaulette and taxicab headwork. Step and lamp brackets. Seat fittings. Pillar and corntrail hinges. Roof luggage rails, &c.

62 Adamson, Daniel and Co., Ltd., Dukinfield, near Manchester. Phone: 9 and 609, Ashton-under-Lyne. T/A: Adamson, Dukinfield. Area No. 2. Steam turbines and blowers, pumps, &c. Lancashire boiler superheaters. Riveted steel stills, receivers, condensers, circu¬lar tanks up to 10 feet diam. Electric furnaces. Rotary kilns. Gun pedestals. Engines. 6-inch H.E. shells and 18-pdr.Employees : Male 628, Female 300. Pre-War Work : Large steam engines. Sewerage ejector plant. Lancashire, Cornish, and water tube boilers. Boiler fittings of all kinds.

64 Adamson, Joseph and Co., Hyde, Cheshire. Phone : 13 Hyde. T/A : Adamson, Hyde. Lancashire, Cornish, marine, and other boilers. Autoclaves submarine mine cases. Jacketed vessels. Guncotton digestors. Tar stills. Oil pans. Ri¬veted steel vessels. Motor wagon boilers. Submarine mines and sinkers. Flanged plates in steel and copper for boilers, &c. Tank hulls. Employees : Male 156. Female 10. Pre-War Work : Boiler work of all kinds. Electric cranes up to 200 tons lift.

65 Adaptable Moulding Machine Co., Stanhope Street, Birming¬ham. Phone: Midland 1966. T /A : Adaptable, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Foundry moulding machines and equipment for same. Employees : Male 17, Female . Pre-War Work : Foundry moulding machines and equipment for same.

66 Adcock and Shipley, Bright Street, Leicester Phone: Leicester 4370 T /A : Adcock, 4370 Leicester. Area No. 4. Machine tools, 10-inch to 30-inch vertical drills. Horizontal drills (2 and 4 spindles) for fuze and small repetition work. Jigs. Employees : Male 35. Female Pre-War Work : Machine tools. Drilling machines.

67 Addicott and Holland, Staniforth. Street, Birmingham Phone : Central 1678. T/A: Area No. 4. Fenders and cast brass fuzes and shrapnel tubes. Polishing piston rods. Employees : Male 22, Female 8. Pre-War Work : Fender manufacturers.

Addison, H., Leicester. See No. 463.

68 Addison Motor Co., 18/20, Addi¬son Street, Liverpool. Phone: Central 7881. T/A: Area No. 2. Plugs. Fuze No. 8, Mk. III. Machining base plates. Engine control rods. Employees : Male 6.. Female 30. Pre-War Work : “Motor repairs. All classes of lathe and light engineering reps.

69 Addressograph, Ltd., Grange Road, Willesden Green, London, N.W.10. Phone: Willesden 1330 (2 lines). T/A: Amastow, Willgreen, London. Area No. 7. Blades for luminous sights. 18-pdr. cartridge clips. Machining on shell nose bushes. Ammunition belt links. Employees : Male 62, Female 74. Pre-War Work: Manufacture of labour-saving office appliances, light metal stampings.

70 Adie Bros., Ltd., 45, Frederick Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2799. T/A: Classic, Birmingham. Branch Factory: 1, Northampton Street, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Fuze cylinders, 82-80, 100 F. Tinplates. Silversmiths. Covers. Fuze No. 80, Mk. VII. ; No. 2, Mk. II. ; No. 3, Mk. V. -303. Cartridge box linings. 4-5-in, tin howitzer boxes. Pressings for aeroplanes. Employees : Male 55, Female 125. Pre-War Work: Silverware. Presentation pieces. Table ware, &c. Also tortoise¬shell and onyx mounted goods.

71 Adie, C. J. and Nephew. Offices—156, Warstone Lane, Birmingham. Works—Pemberton Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 452. T /A : Elephant, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Striker pistons. Guide washers for fuze No. 10. Fuze shutters. Cap chambers for primers. Detent pins for fuze holders. Air valves for life-saving belts. Safety bars for Allways fuze. Mechani¬cal horn parts. Aircraft propeller hub lock nuts. Hose clips. Tin washers for fuzes. Hot stamped brass 60-pdr. and 18-pdr. sockets. Anti-gas valve guards. Military inflators. Grease pumps. Employees : Male 27, Female 75. Pre-War Work: Cycle and motor accessories. Electro-plate, &c.

73 Adie, Patrick, 45, Horseferry Road, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 7511. T /A : Adie, Westminster. Area No. 7. Instrument making, &c. Electrical con¬trol gear. Employees : Male 14, Female 5. Pre-War Work: Surveying and scientific instruments. Cement testing machines. Model making. Time switches. Experimental work.

74 Adjustable Shelving and Metal Co., 9, Scrubbs Lane, Willesden Junction, London, N.W. Phone : 486 Willesden. T/A: Metconstru, London. Aero parts. Press tool makers and high-class sheet metal workers. Employees : Male 150, Female 20. Pre-War Work: Steel furniture, cabinets, shelves, lockers, &c.

75 Adlam, George and Sons, Ltd., Bristol. Phone : 314. T /A : Adlams, Bristol. Area No. 6. Grenades. Dope mixers. Vine linkers. 18-pdr. H.E. shells. Copper water pipes, &c., for 12 cylinder engines. Gas valves. Explosives plant. Copper stills for acetic acid, fractionating col¬umns and mains. Light castings Employees : Male 240, Female . Pre-War Work: Coppersmithy, iron and brass foundry work. Chemical plant in copper, iron, and wood. Vats and tanks. Chocolate plant. Wood distillation plant. Acety¬lene plants for country house lighting.

Adnil Electric Co., 30. Artillery Lane, London, E.l. See Leach, S. G. and Co., Ltd.— No. 7756.

76 Adshead, Thomas and Sons, Ltd., Paragon Works, Angel Street, Dudley. Phone: 2248 Dudley. T/A: Paragon. Area No. 4. Grenades. Fuze plugs. Shrapnel tubes. Lewis gun tripods. 4’5-inch chemical shell castings. Precision gauges and jigs. Employees : Male 95, Female 150. Pre-War Work: Bedsteads in brass and iron. Fenders.

77 Advance Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kingsthorpe Road, Northampton. Phone: 647. T /A : Advance Motors, Northampton. Area No. 4. Machining parts for aero and motor engines. Engine valves. Shells. Jigs, gauges, small tools, &c. Employees : Male 40, Female 71. Pre-War Work: Machining parts for motor car and motor cycle engines; engine valves, &c.

Aeolian Co., Ltd., The, Hayes. See No. 489.

78 Aerators, Ltd., Prana Sparklet Works, Angel Road, Upper Edmonton, London, N.18. Phone: Tottenham 37. T / A : “ Spumante.” Area No. 7. Small arms ammunition. Fuze and grenade components. Exploder con¬tainers. Detonator tubes, copper cups. Alloy castings. Castings for magnetos, carburettors and aero engine parts. Precision gauges. Employees : Male 580, Female 823. Pre-War Work: Manufacturers of " Prana ” Spark¬let apparatus. Engineers and machinists. Die-finished alloy castings. Wire braid for hose pipes, &c. Fire extincteurs. Case hardening.

Aero-Accessories, Ltd., London. See No. 490.

79 Aero Engines (Instruction Works), Sherland Road, Twickenham. Phone: 1740. T/A: Instruct, Twickenham. Area No. 7. Aero engines. Crankcase nose piece. Thrust bearing sleeve engine shaft nuts. Thrust covers. Cylinder rocket T piece hub upper lever. Cover plate, gudgeon pins. &c. (All for Le Rhone.) Employees : Male 137, Female 158. Pre-War Work: Motor lorry manufacturers.

80 Aero Mechanical Co., Ltd., 9, Greycoat Street, Westminster, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 7570-7572 (3 lines). T /A : Aerochanic, Sowest, London. Area No. 7. Aero engine parts. All metal parts of aeroplanes. General engineering. Employees : Male 120, Female 55. Pre-War Work: Aeroplane works. General engineering. Acetylene welding.

Aerograph Co., Ltd., London. See No. 469.

Aero Engine Reconstruction Co., Ltd., Edgware, Middlesex. See No. 462.

Aero Motor Components, London. See No. 468.

Aero Tanks, Ltd., Lower Kennington Lane, London. See No. 464.

81 Aeronautical Instrument Co., Ltd., 10, Asham Street, Kentish Town, London, N.W.5. Phone: 1010 North. T/A : Metafleet, London. Area No. 7. Air speedometers for aeroplanes. Employees : Male 38, Female 20. Pre-War Work: Air Speed Indicators .

Aeronauts, Ltd., London. See No 467

82 Aeroparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Proprietors: “Flight- craft,” Ltd.), Albion Works, King’s Cross, London. Phone: 673 North. T /A : Aeroulson, Kincross, London. Area No. 7. Welded tube and sheet metal work. Woodworking. Machining, Pressings, such as spars, ailerons; tail units, under-carriages; rudders’ fins, tank bearers, wiring plates, hinge pins, eye- bolts, and all metal fittings. Acetylene welding. Employees : Male 120, Female 30. Pre-War Work: Non-existent.

Aeroplane and Motor Components Co., Chester. See No. 491.

83 Aeroplane Components Co., Burnham Street, London Road, Kingston-on-Thames. Phone: 64 Kingston. T/A: Area No. 7. Rifle bushes. Petrol, oil, and water tanks, and all other fittings for aircraft. Steel, copper, and aluminium tube bending. Acetylene welding and braz- Employees : Male 20, Female 0. Pre-War Work: Non-existent.

84 A.G.S. Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Works: Lacland Place, Chelsea, London, S.W.10. Office: 4 and 5, Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W.C.2. Phone: (Works), Kensington 6139. (Office), Cent. 1446. T /A : Agstropar, Estrand. Area No. 7. Fork joints, &c. Bolts, nuts, pins. Turnbuckles, tension rods, &c., for aeroplanes. Taps, dies, drills for A.G.S. work. Fuze components, &c. Employees : Male 366, Female 451. Pre-War Work: Non-existent.

85 Aidee Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., 9a, Georgiana Street, Camden Town, London. N.W.l. Phone: North 3000. T/A : Ausdaima, Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

86 Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Troon, Ayrshire. Phone : 38 Troon. T/A : Shipyard, Troon. And at Ayr, Ayrshire. Phone : Ayr 26. Area No. 9. (A.)

88 Aimer, G. C. 32, Mortimer Market, Tottenham Court Road, London, W.L phone : 2348 Museum. T/A: "Weltubec." Phone: London. Area No. 7.

89 Aimers, McLean and Co., Waverley Iron Works, Galashiels. Phone : 55 Galashiels. T/A : “ Engine," Galashiels. Area No. 8. Ainsley, T.L., 19, West Bute Street, Cardiff. Ainsworth and Shaw, Great Harwood.

90 Air Navigation Co., Ltd., Bleriot Works. Addlestone, Surrey. Phone : Weybridge 353. T/A : Bleriot, Addlestone. Area No. 7.

Airbrush Manufacturing Co., London.

91 Aircraft and Motor Engineering Co., Shakleton Road, Spon End, Coventry. Phone : 685 Coventry. T/A : Polar, Coventry. Area No. 4.

92 Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The Hyde, Edgware Road, Hendon, London, N.W.9. Phone : Kingsbury 220. T/A : "Airmanship, Hyde, London." Area No. 7.

94 Aircraft Supplies Co., Ltd., 125, Long Acre, London, W.C.2. Phone : Gerrard 276. T/A : Upcast, Rand. Area No. 7.

Aird, W. and Co., Brighton.

95 Airless Resilient Wheels, Ltd., Milo Road, Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, London, S.E.22. Phone: Sydenham 1001. T/A : Airlesweel, Eastdul, London. Area No. 7.

96 Airships, Ltd., Registered Offices : The Hyde, Edgware Road Hendon, London, N.W.9 Works: High Street, Merton, Surrey, Wandsworth, Clap-ham, and Brixton. Phone : Kingsbury 22 (3 lines). r/A : " Airmanship, London " Area No. 7.

Airton Engineering Co., Bell Busk, via Leeds.

98 Aitchison and Co. (Optical Works), Ltd., Ashgrove Road, Bromley Hill, Kent. Phone : Bromley 1729. T/A: Area No. 7 .

99 Aitchison, Blair, Ltd., Whitecrook Engine Works, Clydebank, N.B. Phone : 274 Clydebank. T/A : Engines, Clydebank. Area No. 9.

100 Aitken and Allen, 37, Holyrood Square, Edinburgh. Phone : Central 1664. T/A : Area No. 8.

101 Aiton and Co., Ltd., Stores Road, Derby. Phone : 525 Derby. T/A : Channeled, Derby. London Office : Suffolk House, Laurence Pountnev Hill, Cannon Street, London, E.C. Area No. 4.

102 Ajax Engineering Co. (Birmingham) Ltd., Arthur Street, Birmingham. Phone : Victoria 200. T/A : Thrift, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

103 Aked, W. T. and Co., Ltd., St. Annes-on-Sea. Phone : St. Annes 64. T /A : Aked’s, St. Annes-on-Sea Area No. 2.

104 Akerman and Jeavons, Henstead Street, Birmingham.Phone : 198 Midland.T/A : Jeavake.Area No. 4.

106 Akers, C. W, and Co., 224, Brixton Hill, London, S.W.Phone:T/A :Area No. 7.

107 Akrill, C. and Co., Goldsgreen Foundry, West Bromwich. Phone:T/A :Area No. 4.

108 Akroyd and Marsland, Precision Tool Works, Halifax. Phone : 1683.T /A : Precision, Halifax.Area No. 3.

109 Aland and Co., 203, Great Dover Street, London, S.E.l.Phone : Hop 3381. T /A : Ulmine, Sedist, London. Area No. 7.

110 Albany Engineering and Motor Co., 88, East Street, Bedminster. Bristol. Phone : 3207. T/A : Area No. 6.

111 Albany Engineering Co., Ltd., 80, Ossory Road, London, Phone: 1042/3 Hop. T /A : Bolthead, Kent, London. Area No. 7.

112 Albany Forge. Ltd.. 45, Gold-hawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W.12. l'honc: Hammersmith 745. T /A : Toolbox, London. Area No, 7.

Albert Foundry Co., The, Albert Road, Halifax.

113 Albert Motor Cab Co., Ltd., Small Yard, Fernhcad Road, Paddington, London, W.9. Phone: Willesdcn 946. T/A : Area No. 7.

114 Albert Sheet Iron Co., Ltd., Hill Top, West Bromwich. Phone : 36. T/A : Albert, West Bromwich. Area No. 4.

Alberta Engineering Co., Richmond. Surrey.

116 Albion Drop Forgings Co., Ltd. The, Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill. Coventry. Phone : 1091 12 lines). T /A : Albion, Coventry. Area No. 4.

117 Albion Engineering Co., Ltd. Upper Highgate Street, Birmingham. Phone: Mid. 1017. T/A: Eastart, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

118 Albion Manufacturing Co., 32a. Hertford Road, London, N.l. Phone: Ualston 3543. T/A: Exalscruma, Kinland, London. Area No. 7.

119 Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., Scotstoun, Glasgow. Phone: Western 3650. T/A: Automobile, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

120 Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., 21/22, Upper Rathbone Place, Lon¬don. W.l. Phone: 7053/4 Gerrard. T/A: Karalbo, Ox, London. Area No. 7.

120 Alcester Cycle Co., Ltd., The. Abbey Works, Alcester, near Birmingham. Phone: 3 Alcester. T/A: Enterprise, Alcester. Area No. 4.

121 Alcester Motor Co., The, Priory Road, Alcester. Phone: 21 Alcester. T/A: Guyvor, Alcester. Area No. 4.

Alcock and Bosworth, Norwich.

123 Aldam and Co., Station Street Works, Misterton, Doncaster. Phono: Misterton 2. T/A: Aldam, Misterton, Notts. Area No. 4.

124 Aldam Hill, E. and Co. (E. Tompson). 90, Northwood Street, Birmingham. Phono: T/A: Area No. 4.

125 Alder and Mackay, Ltd., New Grange Works, Stewart Terrace, Edinburgh. Phone: 1481 Central (Edin¬burgh). T/A: Alder, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

126 Aldis Brothers., Sarehole Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham. Phone: Shirley 36. T/A: Optical, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

127 Aldous, Ltd., Brightlingsea. Phone: 1. T/A: Slipway, Brightlingsea. Area No. 7. (A.)

128 Aldous and Campbell, Ltd., 21, Lower Bland Street, London, S.E.l. Phone: Hop 2097. T/A: Area No. 7.

129 Aldridge and May, Ascot Motor Works, Windsor Road, As¬cot. Phone: 324 Ascot. T/A: Aldridge and May, Ascot. Area No. 6.

130 Aldridge and Ranken, Avonbank Works, Bath. Phone: 536. T/A: “ Simultane.” Area No. 6. (A.)

131 Alexander and Co., Nottingham Place, Edinburgh. Phone: 8571 and 8572 Central, Edinburgh. T/A: "Alexmoto," Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

132 Alexander and Co., 272/274, Great Western Road, Glasgow. Phone: Charing 1180. T/A: "Alexmoto," Glasgow. Area No. 9.

133 Alexander and Sons, 130/132/144, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. Phone: 1457, 2356. Brixton. T/A: Area No. 7.

Alexander, Ferguson and Co., Ltd., Glasgow.

134 Alexander, Geo. H., Engineering Co., Ltd., Rood End Road, Oldbury. Phone: 226 Oldbury. T/A: Gal ex, Oldbury. Area No. 4.

Alexander, H. and Co., Ltd., Charmouth Street, Beaston Street, Leeds.

136 Alexander Lansard Co., 216-218, Goswell Road, London, Phone: Central 10317. T/A: Alexengo. Area No. 7.

137 Alexander, W. and Co., 124, Helen Street, Govan. Phone: 456 and 457 Govan. T/A: Blockmaker, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

Alexandra Garage, Manchester. 5

Alford and Alder, London, S

139 Alison, J., Gordon and Co., Ltd., I Dock Engine Works, Marcus Street, and at Pool Street, Birkenhead. Phone: 52 Birkenhead. T/A: Gordon, Birkenhead. I Area No. 2. (A.)

141 All-British Manufacturing Co., The Works — 149, Farringdon Road, London. E.C.l. Office—358, Strand, London, W.C. E Phone: Works—Central 1480. Office—Regent 1439. T/A: "All-British” (either address). Area No. 7.

All-British Stauffer Lubricator Co., Br Birmingham.

143 Allan and Boyle, 246, Abercomby SI Street, Calton, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 2504. T/A: Alloyed, Glasgow. Area No. 9. E

144 Allan Bros., Ashgrove Engineering Works, Back Hilton E Road, Ashgrove, Aberdeen. Phone: 1361 Aberdeen. T/A: Ash, Aberdeen. .Area No. 8.

145 Allan. D. and J., 65, Bridgewater J Street, Wapping, Liverpool. Head Office—Oriel Chambers, E Water Street, Liverpool. Phone: 6462 Central (Private Branch Exchange'. T/A: Overhaul. Area No. 2.

146 Allan, Haigh and Co., Ltd., Winding I Road, Halifax. Phone: 152 Halifax. T/A: Verax. Area No. 3. I

147 J Allan, James Dr., Aldborough, I Chislehurst, Kent. Rhone: Bromley 840. I -T/A: Area No. 7.

148 JAllan, Jas., Senr., and Son, Ltd., ( Elmbank Foundry, 12, Possil Road, Glasgow. 1 London Office—’39, Lombard Street, London, E.C. Phone: 632 Douglas. T/A: Elmbank, Glasgow. Area No. 9,

149 Allan, James, Senr., and Son, Ltd., Gould Road, Twickenham. Phone: Richmond (Surrey) 275. T/A: Medina, Richmond. ] Area No. 7.

150 Allan Line Engine Works 1 (Canadian Pacific Ocean Ser¬vices, Ltd.), 48, Rimrose Road, Bootle, Liverpool. Phone: Bootle 1040. T/A: Consistent, Liverpool. Area No. 2.

151 Allan, T. and Sons, Ltd., Bonlea I Foundry, Thomaby-on-Tees. Phone: 21. T/A: Bonlea, Thornaby-on-Tees. Area No. 1. Allan, Ure and Co., Glasgow.

152 Allan, Whyte and Co., Clyde Patent Wire Rope Works, Rutherglen, Glasgow. Phone: 5165/6 Central and 2673/4 Bridgeton. T/A: "Ropery,” Rutherglen. Area No. 9.

153 Allbook and Hashfield. Ltd., 35, Barbican, London, E.C.l. Phone: Office—Central 8964. Factory—North 1341. T/A: Symaskine Phone, Lon-f don. Area No. 7.

154 Allchin, W., Ltd., Globe Works, Northampton. Phone: 84 Northampton. T/A: Allchin, Globe, North- ampton. Area No. 4.

155’Allcock Bros.. 24, King Edward’s f*- Road, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2696. T/A: Area No. 4.

156/ Allcock, S. and Co., Standard Works, Redditch. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4

157/Allday, P. G. and Co., 117/119, Northwood Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2396. T/A: Firm. Area No. 4.

158 Allday’s and Onion’s Pneumatic Engineering Co., Ltd., Great Western Works, Sydenham Road, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 187. T/A: Allday’s, Birmingham. And at Matchless Works, Fallows Road, Birmingham. And at Waverley Works, Small Heath, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

161 AUdridge, W. C., 107, Spencer Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 5580. T/A: Area No. 4.

162 Allen, A. and Son, 41, Summer Row, Birmingham. Phone; Central 413. T/A: Area No. 4.

163 Allen, Alfred and Son, Ltd., Lower Gornal, Dudley. Phone: 2106 Dudley. T/A: Allen, Lower Gornal. Area No. 4.

165 Allen and Binns, Ltd., 486/488, • Glossop Road, Sheffield. Phone: 543 Broomfield, Shef- field. T/A: Repairs, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

166 Allen and Elshaw, Cliffe Foundry, Dronfield, Derbyshire. Phone: Dronficld 9. T/A: Allen Elshaw, Dronfield. Area No. 4.

167 Allen and Freeman, Baker Street, Small Heath, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 139. T/A: Readiness. Area No. 4. Allen, A. H., Northampton.

168 Allen and Hanburys, Ltd., Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green, London, E.2. Phone: 5023 London Wall. T/A: Allenburys, London. Area No. 7.

169 Allen and Simmonds, Ltd., Thames Side Engineering Works, De Montfort Road, Reading. Phone: 565 Reading. T/A: “ Pistons,” Reading. Area No. 6.

170 Allen, Barton and Co., Ltd., Provi- dence Foundry and Engine Works, St. Helens Junction, Lancs. Phone: 368 St. Helens. T/A: Foundry, Sutton Oak. Area No. 2.

171 Allen, C. and Son, Ton Bridge Foundry, Taunton. Phone: 155. T/A: Allen, Engineers, Taunton. Area No. 6.

172 Allen, E. A. and Co., 65 to 68, Mott Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

173 Allen, Edgar and Co., Ltd., Imperial Steel Works, Sheffield. Phone: 4607 Central. T/A: Allen, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

176 Allen, George, 106, Albany Street, and 63, Little Albany Street, Regent’s Park, London, N.W.l. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

177 Allen, Harrison and Co., Cambridge Works, Knott Mill, Manchester. Phone: 6753, 6754 Central. T/A: “ Bronze,” Manchester. Area No. 2.

178 Allen, John and Son, Clyde Street, Old Hill, Staffs. Phone: 91 Cradley. T/A: Allen, Old Hill. Area No. 4.

179 Allen, Joseph and Sons, Ltd., Ecclesall Works, Sheffield. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3. Allen, Liversedge, Ltd., London.

180 Allen, Marcus and Sons, Ltd., Vernon Engineering Works, Elsinore Road, Old Trafford, Manchester. Phone: 500 Trafford Park. T/A: Regulus, Manchester. Area No. 2.

181 Allen, M., Soho Foundry, Syl- vester Gardens, Sheffield. Phone: 4007 Sheffield. T/A: Area No. 3.

182 Allin, P. H. and Sons, 12, Bridge Street, Cambridge. Phone: 666. T/A: “Allin and Sons,” Cambridge. Area No. 7.

183 Allan. Ure and Co., 355, Keppochil Road, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 3870. T/A: Area No. 9.

184 Allan, W., Hamside, Poole, Dor- set. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6. (A.)

185 Allen, W. and Co., Great Central Street, Leicester. Phone: 1789. T/A: Area No. 4.

186 Allen, W. and S. S., Ltd., Coseley near Bilston. Phone: 23 Sedgley. T/A: Allen, Coseley, Bilston. Area No. 4.

187 Allen, W. G. and Sons (Tipton), Ltd., Prince’s End, Tipton, Staffs. Phone: 37 Tipton. T/A: Allens, Tipton. Area No. 4.

188 Allen, W. H., Son and Co., Ltd., Queen’s Engineering Works, Bedford. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

189 Allen, Wm. (Manchester), Ltd., Phoenix Iron Foundry, Jersey Street, Manchester. Phone: Central 60. T/A: Valves, Manchester. And Union Brass and Iron Works, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester. Area No 2.

191 Alley and Maclellan, Ltd., Sentinel Works, Polmadie, Glasgow. Phone: 751 Queen's Park, Glasgow. T/A: Alley, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A)

192 Alley and Maclellan, Ltd. (Sentinel Wagon Works, Ltd.), Shrewsbury. Phone: 410 Shrewsbury. T/A: Alley, Shrewsbury. Area No. 4. Alliance Aeroplane Co., Ltd. (late Waring and Gillow, Ltd.), Hammersmith, London, W.6 Alliance Spring Co., London. Abied Industries Co., Ltd., Croydon. Allin, P. H. and Sons, Cambridge.

193 Allison Bros., Cogan Street, Pollokshaws, Glasgow. Phone: Pollokshaws 24. T/A: Area No. 9.

194 Allison, T., Ltd., Britannia Works, Market Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. Phones: 200 and 201. T/A: "Allison,” Milnsbridge. Area No. 3. Allom Bros., London.

195 Allott Bros.and Leigh, Ickles Forge, Fullerton Road. Rotherham. Phone: 306 Rotherham. T/A: Allott Bros. and Leigh, Rotherham. Area No. 3. (A).

196 Allsehrook, Guthrie and Co., Artesian Works, Crown Street, Reading, Berks. Phone: Reading 341. T/A: “Allsebrook,” Engineer, Reading. Area No. 6. Allsop, G. W., Howard Street, Sheffield. Allt and Co., Clacton-on-Sea.

197 All wood, Blackband and Co., Ltd., Alexandra Works, Alcester, Birmingham. Branch Works: 48, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. Phone: Alcester 23. T/A: Alexandra, Alcester. Area No. 4.

198 Alma Machine Works, Alma Foundry Liversedge, Yorks. Phone: Heckmondwike 38. T/A: Alma, Liversedge. Area No. 3.

199 Alnwick Foundry and Engineering Co., Alnwick, Northumberland. Phone: 49. T/A: Foundry, Alnwick. Area No. 1.

200 Alpha Engineering Co., 36, The Butts, Brentford, Middlesex. Phone: Ealing 1272. T/A: Area No. 7.

201 Alpha Manufacturing Co., Harberson Road, Balham, London, S.W.12. Phone: Streatham 1393. T/A: Area No. 7.

202 Alubrass Die Castings, Ltd., 14, Buck Street, Camden Town, London, N.W.l., and Gordon House Road, Gospel Oak, London, N.W. Phone: Mayfair 3512. T/A: Carbideel Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

203 Aluminium and General Foundry Co., 3, Torrens Street, City Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: T/A: Area No 7.

204 Aluminium Castings Co., Ltd., Ingleston Foundry. Greenock. Phone: 85 Greenock. T/A: Castings, Greenock. Area No. 9.

205 Aluminium Corporation, Ltd., Dolgarrog Works, Tal-y-Cafn, Denbigh. Phone: 11 Tyn-y-groes (Llandudno.) T/A: Fluxode, Dolgarrog. Area No. 2. 6 Aluminium Plant and Vessel Co., Aero tanks, cowls, fairings, air intake Aluminium plant lor chemicals. Ltd., Wandsworth, London, pipes. Aluminium plant for explosives, explosives, pharmaceuticals, S.W.18. chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, foodstuffs, margarine, oils, Phone: Putney 2353/4. oils, margarine. Sand and die castings breweries. Castings in aluminium T/A: Anaclastic, Wands, Lon- in aluminium and all non-ferrous and gunmetal. Magneto parts. don. metals. Spinnings. Pressings. Area No. 7. Employees: Male 140, Female 45.

207 Alwin Engineering Co., Ltd., Aeroplane metal fittings and general air- Model aeroplanes. Pianoforte Teddington, Middlesex. craft work. fittings and accessories. Novel- Phone: Kingston 2412. Employees: Male 28, Female 1. ties. T/A: Alwin, Teddington. Area No. 7.

208 Alyn Steel Tinplate Co., Ltd., Tinplates. Temeplates. Special stamping Tinplates, galvanized sheets, and Mold, Flintshire. sheets for aero engines. terneplates. Deep stamping. Phone: Mold 3. Employees: Male 115, Female 25.] T/A: Alyn, Mold. Area No. 2. Amalgamated Foundries, Ltd. See No. 446. (late E. T. Pearson and Co., Ltd.), Brentford. Amato, L. and Co., London. See No. 474. f

209 American Lead Pencil Co., 173/5, Heads and bases for Stokes trench Pencils, penholders, crayon, and Lower Clapton Road, Lon- howitzer shell, including assembling sealing wax. don, E.5. and flushing. Machining 18-pdr. brass Phone: 800 Dalston. shrapnel sockets and 13-pdr. ditto. T/A: Ecrit, London. Employees: Male 26, Female 86. Area No. 7.

211 Amery, Joseph and Sons, Works: Turnbuckles, forks, joints, andc. Mechanical engineers. Importers 2 and 3 Manchester Mews, Employees: Male , Female 25. of French machine tools. 3, Greville Road, Kilburn, London, N.W. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

212 Ames, Stokes, Stevens and Son, Box fittings, such as angles, hinges and Stampers and'box fittings makers. Hanley Street, Birmingham. hasps, for munition boxes. Fittings for Phone: C. 2336. soldiers' tables. T/A: Birmingham. Employees: Male 15, Female 40. Area No. 4.

217 Amos % Smith, Ltd-, Albert Dock Machining 4-5-inch H.E. shells. Construe- Marine engines and boilers. Auxili- Works, Hull. tion and repair of vessels and their ary machinery. Ship repairing. Branches: machinery. General forgings (medium Neptune Engine Works. and light). King George Dock. Employees: Male 1,350, Female 100. Alexandra Dock. Queen’s Dock. Union Dry Dock. Phone: Central3820/1/2 and 460. Corporation 114. T/A: “ Amos,” Hull. Area No. 1. (A.)

218 Anchor Cable Co., Ltd., Leigh, Field telegraph and ship cables. Cable makers. Rubber insulated Lancs. Employees: Male 710, Female 714. wires and cables. Cotton and Phone: 270 Leigh. silk-covered wires. T/A: Rubber, Leigh, Lancs. Area No. 2.

219 Anchor Chain, Lord Street, Old- Levers for Mills grenades. Machine parts. Driving and link chains for hoists, ham Lancs. Aeroplane parts. All link chains and elevators, textile machinery. Phone’: 1447 Oldham. wheels. Press work in all its branches.’ T/A: ” Anchor,” Oldham. Employees: Male 17, Female 30. Area No. 2.

220 Anchor Iron and Steel Co., Bridge Horseshoe iron, iron bars for transport Iron and steel bar manufacturers Street. Smethwick. wagons, iron for bolting trench plates andc. Phone - 211. and shelters together, and rivet steel. T/A: Anchor Works, Smeth- Employees: Male 68, Female 2. wick. Area No. 4.

221 Anchor Steel Co., Camtyne, Steel castings for trench warfare, muni- Steel founders. Railway and Shettleston, Glasgow. tions, and railway maintenance. Aerial mining maintenance. Phone: Shettleston 205. bombs. T/A: Nil. Employees: Male 17, Female . Area No. 9.

Ancona Motor Co., Ltd., London. See No. 477

222 Anderson, Alexander (Head Office and Plumber Works) 24, Regent Moray Street, Glasgow. Phone : 2865 and 2856 Western. T/A : “Acceptance.” And at 149, Finnieston Street, Glasgow. Phone : 1913 Central. And at 14, Byres Road, Partick, Glasgow. Phone : 3648 Western. And at 3. Abbot Street, Shaw- lands, Glasgow. Phone : 660 and 661 Langside. And at Shipyard. Irvine. Phone . 73 Irvine. Area No. 9. (A.)

226 Anderson, Alex. and Sons, Carfin Boiler Works, Motherwell. Phone : 30. T /A : Marine, Area No. 9.

227 Anderson and Homer, Ironfounders, Frederick Street, Walsall. Phone : 340 Walsall. T /A : Anderson, Homer, Wal- sall. Area No. 4.

229 Anderson and Reid, Woodville Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone : Govan, 562. T/A : Area No. 9.

230 Anderson, Boyes and Co Ltd., Flemington Electrical Works, Motherwell, N.B. Phone : 111 Motherwell T /A : Electric, Motherwell. Area No. 9.

231 Anderson Bros., Crown Works, Coatbridge. Phone : 64. T /A : Conveyors, Coatbridge. Area No. 9.

232 Anderson, David and Co., Ltd., 18/20, Farringdon Road, London, E.C.l. Phone : Holborn 2336. T /A : Dacolight Smith, Lon- don. Area No. 7. (A.)

233 Anderson-Grice Co., Ltd., The Taymouth Engineering Works, Carnoustie, N.B. Phone : 14 Carnoustie. T/A : Diamond, Carnoustie. Area No. 8.

234 Anderson-Hanckel, Ltd., Toxteth Works, 72, Miles Street, Dingle, Liverpool. Phone : 2110 Liverpool. T/A : Anderhank, Liverpool, Area No. 2. Anderson, Rigden and Perkins, Whitstable.

235 Anderson, Whan and Co 49 Fielden Street, Glasgow. ’ Phone : Bridgeton 264 T/A: Area No. 9.

236 Anderson, Wm., Ltd., 133, Wel- lington Street, Glasgow. Phone: 726-2201 and 1671 Douglas. . T/A: Area No. 9.

237 Anderston Foundry Co., Ltd., 100, Cheapside Street, Glasgow, W. Phone : 6260 Central. T/A : Afco, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

238 Anderston Foundry Co., Ltd., Port Clarence, Middlesbrough. Phone : 45 Middlesbrough. T/A : Afco. Middlesbrough. Area No. 1.

239 Anderton Bros. and Co., Victoria Park W orks, Bradford Road, Keighley, Yorks. Phone : 178 Keighley. T /A : Andertons, Keighley. Area No. 3.

241 Andrews and Cameron, Kelvin Engineering Works, Kirkintilloch. Glasgow. Phone : 16. T/A : Camand, Kirkintilloch. Area No. 9. (A.)

242 Andrew and Co., Ltd., Athenaeum Place, Plymouth. Phone : 488/9 Plymouth. T/A : Automobile, Plymouth. Area No. 6. Andrew, J. H., Toledo Steel Works, Sheffield. Andrews, A. and S., Ltd., London.

243 Andrews Bros., Oakworth, Keigh- ley. Phone : 43 Haworth. T/A: Area No. 3.

244 Andrews, Cuthbert, 47, Red Lion Street, London, W.C.l. Phone : Holborn 1702. T/A : Exrayze, Holborn. Area No. 7. Andrews Engineering Co., London.

246 Andrews, Thomas and Co., Ltd., Royds Works, Attercliffe Road and Hardenite Steel Works, Penistone Road, Sheffield. Phone : 3718 and 3738. T/A : Shafting, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

248 Anglo-American Lock Co., Willen- hall, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A : Anglo, Cheapside, Willen-hall. Area No. 4.

249 Anglo-Belgian Aviation and Me- chanical Co., 30/34, Earl Street, Westminster, London, S W. Phone : 5429 Victoria. T/A : Aviongobel (Phone), London. Area No. 7.

250 Anglo Enamelware, Ltd. Regd. Office—West Bromwich. W orks—Stourport. Phone: T/A : Enamel, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

252 Anglo-French Nickel Co.. Ltd.. The Hafod Isha Works, Swansea. Phone : 97 Central, Swansea. T/A : " Cobalt,” Swansea. Area No. 5.

253 Anglo-Russian Engineering Co., Ltd., 374/378, Old Street, London, E.C.2. Phone : London Wall 7783. T /A : Enganrussi, Finsquare, London. Area No. 7.

254 Anglo-Scotian Engineering Co., Anglo-Scotian Mills, Wolla-ton Road, Beeston, Nottingham. Phone : 99 Beeston. T /A : Anglo-Scotian Engineer- ing Co. Area No. 4.

255 Anglo-Swedish Electric Welding Co., 15. Forth Street, Pollock-shields, Glasgow. Phone : Pollockshields 593. T /A : Esabcolon, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

256 Anglo-Swedish Electric Welding Co., Wood Wharf, Greenwich, London, S.E.10., and Glasgow and Newcastle Phone : Greenwich 679. T /A : Esabcolon, London. Area No. 7.

257 Angular Hole Drilling Co., Ltd., Station Road, Beeston, Notts. Phone : 9. T / A : Anywise. Area No. 4.

258 Angus, George and Co., Ltd., St. John’s Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: City 72. Central 956 and 857. Quayside—City 73. T /A : Angus, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Area No. 1.

259 Angus, Sir Wm. Sanderson and Co., Ltd., St. Thomas Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 3706 Central. T /A : Phaeton. Area No. 1.

260 Ansell, Jones and Co., Ltd., Naval Works, Kensington Street, Birmingham. Phone : 77 Northern. T / A : “Sheaves,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

261 Anslow, George, 130, Newhall Street, Willenhall, Staffs. Phone: Willenhall 63. T/A : Area No. 4.

262 Anthony, W. and Co., 45, Kenyon Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 1077. T/A : Area No. 4.

263 Anti-Attrition Metal Co., Ltd., < Glengall Road, London, 1 S.E.15. Phone : Hop 3S16 (2 lines). T /A : Frictionless, Kent, London. Area No. 7. Antoine and Co., London.

264 Apex Steel Co., Ltd., 79, Penistone i Road, Sheffield. Phone : 4687 Sheffield. T/A : Apex, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

265 Apollo Manufacturing Co., Apollo : Works, Moseley Street, Bir- : mingham. Phone : Midland 278. T/A : Apollo, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

266 Appleby, H. and L., Star Works, ! Short Heath, Wolverhampton. Phone: T /A : Star Works. Area No. 4.

267 Appleby, Joseph, Ltd., Tower Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone : 8 Northern. T/A: Bushes, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

268 Appleton and Howard, Salisbury Street, St. Helens, Lancs. Phone : 544. T/A : Area No. 2.

270 Appleyard, S. and Co.. Grantham Road, Boothtown, Halifax. Phone : 502 Halifax. T/A : Apple, Halifax. Area No. 3.

271 Arblaster and Co., New' Cross Street, King's Hill, Wednesbury. Phone : 132 Wednesbury. T /A : Arblaster, King’s Hill, Wednesbury. Area No. 4.

272 Arc and General Equipment, Ltd., Hartham Road, Holloway, London, N.7. Phone : North 892. T/A : Jandunus, Hoi way, London. Area No. 7.

273 Archdale, James and Co., Ltd., Ledsam Street, Birmingham. Phone : Midland 2276/7. T/A : Archdale, Birmingham. Area No. 4,

275 Archer, R. and Sons, Ltd., 1, Am well Street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.l. Phone: T/A : Area No. 7.

276 Archer Stamping Co., Wharf Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone : 376 East. T/A : Athol. Area No. 4.

277 Ardeer Foundry Co., The, Steven- ston, Ayrshire. Phone : 22 Ardrossan. T /A : Ingot, Stevenston. Area No. 9.

278 Arden Motor Co., Ltd., Berkswell, near Coventry. Phone : Berkswell 17. T/A : Arden, Berkswell. Area No. 4.

279 Ardrossan Dry Dock and Ship- building Co., Ltd., The, Shipyard, Ardrossan. Phone : Ardrossan 35 and 36. T /A : Salvors, Ardrossan. .Area No. 9. (A.)

280 Argent and Co., Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A : Area No. 4.

281 Argus Engineering Co., The, King’s Bench Walk, Pocock Street, Blackfriars Road, London, S.E. Phone : Hop 3495. T/A : Egdilloh, Sedist, London. Area No. 7.

282 Argyll (London) Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Priory Road, Hornsey, London, N.8. Phone : Hornsey 967. T /A : Argylls. Area No. 7.

283 Argyll Motor Co., Ltd., 38, Hozier Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 624 and 177. T /A : Autocar, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

284 Ariel Motors and General Repairs, Ltd., 320/322, Camberwell New Road, London, S.E.5. Phone : Brixton 154/155. T/A: Area No. 7.

285 Ariel Pram Wheel Works Co., Court Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Phone : 1326 Midland. T/A: Ariel, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

286 Arkinstall Bros., Coventry Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 196. T/A : Arkinstall, Birmingham. Area No. 4. (A.)

288 Armfield, J. J. and Co., Ringwood. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6.

289 Armorduct British Co., Ltd., The, Bathurst Works, Witton, Birmingham. Phone: East 176. T/A : Armorduct, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

290 Armour, J. and Sons, Dock Street, Fleetwood. Phone : 32. T/A: "Armour, 32 Fleetwood.” Area No. 2. (A.)

291 Armstrong and Sons, Perseverance • Boiler Works, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. Phone : 26153. T/A: Viaducts, Leeds. Area No. 3.

292 Armstrong, Oiler and Co., Ltd., Toft Green, York. Phone : 46. T / A : Oiler, York. Area No. 3.

293 Armstrong, Stevens and Son, Ltd., Armstrong Works, Walsall Road. Willenhall. Phone : 75 Willenhall. T/A: Armstrongs, Willen- hall. Area No. 4.

294 Armstrong, Thos., and Bro., 78, Deansgate, Manchester. Phone : 643 City. T / A : Specular, Manchester. ] Area No. 2.

295 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Leamington, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 5001 City. T/A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

296 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Derwenthaugh, Co. Durham. Phone 5001 City. T / A : Flswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

297 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth 1 and Co., Ltd., Elswick Shipyard, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 485 Central. T/A: Elswick Shipyard, New- castle-on-T yne. Area No. 1.

298 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Elswick Works, N ewcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 5001 City. T/A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

298a Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth < and Co., Ltd., Elswick Works, N ewcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 5001 City. T /A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

299 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth 5 and Co., Ltd., Naval Yard, High Walker, Newcastle-on- Tyne. Phone : 3395 Central. T / A : Armada, Newcastle. Area No. 1. J

300 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Addison Yard, Blaydon-on-Tyne. 3 Phone : 5001 City. T / A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

301 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth I and Co., Ltd., Close Works, 1 Gateshead. Phone : 311 Gateshead. T /A : Closework, Gateshead. Area No. 1.

302 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth < and Co., Ltd., Cartridge Case 1 Factory, Birtley, Co. Durham. Phone : Birtley 32. T/A : Carfac, Birtley. Area No. 1.

303 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Scotswood Ammunition Factory, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 5001 City. T/A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

304 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Walker Shipyard, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone; 241 Wallsend (Clines). T/A : Mitchell, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

304a Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Diesel Engine Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 5001 City. T/A : Elswick, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

305 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Barlow Works, Selby, Yorkshire. |Phone : 101/2 Selby. T/A : Aviation, Selby. Area No. 1,

306 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Aircraft Works, Gosforth, Northumberland. Phone : 500 Gosforth. T/A : Aviation, Gosforth, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

306a Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. Phone: T/A : Area No. 2.

307 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., 1, Bear Lane, Southwark, London, S.E.l. Phone : Hop 2166. T/A: Elswickean, Pari, London. Area No. 7. 308 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Queen Street, York. Phone : 527 York. T/A : Arms whit, York. • Area No. 3.

309 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., Armstrong ) Works, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire. Phone : 68/70 Alexandria. T/A : Armstrong, Alexandria. Area No. 9. (A.)

310 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd., 13, Bath Street, j Germiston, Glasgow. Phone : 714 Glasgow. T/A : Ar'menco, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

311 Armstrong, Sir W. G., Whitworth 1 and Co., Ltd., Openshaw Works, Manchester. Phone : 6480 Central. T/A : Whitworth, Openshaw. Area No. 2.

312 Arnfield, J. and E., LtA, Globe ( Engineering Works, New I Mills, Derbyshire. Phone: 11 New Mills. T /A : Arnfields, Engineers, New Mills, Derbyshire. Area No. 4.

313 Arnold, A. and Co., Vauxhall Works, Dudley. Phone: 2316. T/A : Arnold and Co., Dudley. Area No. 4.

314 Arnold and Large, Ltd., Derry Street, Wolverhampton. Phone : 473. T/A : Area No. 4.

315 Arnold and Marshall. 52 and 61, Jubilee Street, Brighton. Phone : P.O. 1241. T/A : Area No. 7.

316 Arnold and Son, Standard Works, Lawrence Road, Tottenham, London, N. Phone : 2370. T/A : Area No. 7.

317 Arnold, Wm. and Co., Stocks Lane, Victoria Iron Works, Barnsley. Phone : 81 Barnsley. T / A : Arnold and Co., Barnsley. Area No. 3.

318 Arnott and Harrison, Ltd., 10a, Hythe Road, Willesden, London, N.W.10. Phone : 2297 Willesden (2 lines). T /A : ‘'Arnotharri,” Phone, London. Area No. 7.

319 Arnott, Wm. and Co., Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Phone : 52 Coatbridge. T / A : Boilers. Area No. 9.

320 Aron Electricity Meter, Ltd., 80a, Salusbury Road, Kilburn, London, N.W.6. Phone : Paddington 1865. T /A : Arronzar, London. Area No. 7.

321 Arrol Johnston, Ltd., Dumfries, Scotland. Phone: T/A : Area No 9.

322 Arrol, Sir Wm. and Co., Ltd., Dalmarnock Tron Works, 85, Preston Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Phone : 940 Bridgeton. T /A : Tay, Glasgow. Area No. 9. And Crane Department,Park-head. Glasgow. Phone : 2763 Bridgeton. T /A : Adaptable, Glasgow. (A.)

324 Art Metal Construction Co., Ltd., 796, Holloway Road, London, N.19 (associated with Messrs. Roneo, Ltd.). Phone : Hornsey 1499. T / A : " Artconsco.” Area No. 7.

325 Art Metal Stamping Co., 58/59, 1 Graham Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 6968. T/A : Area No. 4.

327 Arthur, R. and Son, Newcastle Engine Works, Alexandra Docks, Newport, Mon. Phone : 2812. T /A : " Energetic,” Newport. Area No. 5.

328 Arundel and Co., Sovereign Works, Albert Street, Stockport. Phone : 348 Stockport. T /A : Arundel, Stockport. Area No. 2.

329 Arundel, W. H. and Co., 30, Market ' Street, Maidenhead. Phone : 126 Maidenhead. T /A : Arundel, Maidenhead. Area No. 6.

330 Asbury, -J., Lench Street, Birmingham. . Phone : Central 6608. T/A : Area No. 4.

331 Ash, A. and Co., 98, Wood Street, « Willenhall. Phone: T/A : Area No. 4.

332 Ash and Lacy, Ltd., Globe Works, ] Great Bridge, Tipton. Phone : West Bromwich 9. T /A : Peltry, Tipton. . ) And at Meriden Street, Birming- ham. (See also No 338.) Area No. 4.

334 Ash Bros. and Heaton, Ltd., Cale- £ donia Works, Dartmouth Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 831. ) T /A : Caledonia, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

335 Ash, Claudius, Sons and Co., Ltd., Gilmore Dental Works, 6, Gilmore Place, Edinburgh. Phone : Central 4013. T/A : (See also No. 336.) Area No. 8.

336 Ash, Claudius, Sons and Co., Ltd., 1 5/12, Broad Street, Golden Square, London, W.l. (Head Office). Phone : Gerrard 420 (2 lines). ] T /A : Frenes, London. Works : Angler's Lane, Kentish Town, London, N.W., and Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Also in Edinburgh (see No. 335), Liverpool, and Sheffield. Area No. 7.

338 Ash, Joseph and Son, Rea Street £ South, Birmingham. Phone : 2440 Midland. T/A : Tanks, Birmingham. London Office : 165, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C. Area No. 4.

339 Ash, T. and Co., Ltd., 3, Berkeley J Street, Birmingham. Phone : Midland 490. T/A : Ventilate, Birmingham. Area No. 4. ]

340 Ash, Thomas and Co., 175, Camden Street, Birmingham. Phone : 6627 Central, Birmingham. T/A : Area No. 4.

341 Ashburnham Tinplate Co., Ltd., Burry Port, Carmarthenshire. Phone : Burry Port 1. T/A : Ruby, Burry Port. Area No. 5.

342 Ashby, Frank and Co.. 31, Princip Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 7150. T/A: Luggage. Area No. 4. Ashford Aircraft Works, Ashford. Ashford Aircraft Works, Ltd., The, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, London, S.W.

343 Ashford, John and Son, Ltd., 16, 17, 18, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham.) Phone : Central 3332. T /A : Ivory, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Ashley, E. M., Ltd., Southport.

344 Ashmore, Benson, Pease and Co., Ltd., Parkfield Works, Stockton-on-Tees. Phone : 501 (3 lines). T/A : Gasholder, Stockton-on- Tees. Area No. 1. Ashton, A. and Sons, Ltd., Meadow Street, Sheffield.

345 Ashton and Kilner, Poole, Dorset. Phone : Poole 41 and 55. T/A : Ships, Poole, and Wessex, Poole (Aircraft Works). Area No. 6. (Now trading, as Wessex Aircraft and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.—(See No. 13628).)

346 Ashton, David and Co., Ltd., Aztec Works, Neepsend, Sheffield. Phone : Central 1349. T/A : Aztec, Sheffield. Area No. 3. (A.)

347 Ashton, Frost and Co., Ltd., Bank Top Foundry, Blackburn. Phone : 4275. T /A : Foundry, Blackburn. Area No. 2.

348 Ashton, R. and Co., 36, Cheapside, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. Ashton, T. A. and Co., Ltd., Sydney Street, Sheffield.

349 Ashwell and Nesbit, Ltd., Barkby Lane, Leicester. Phone : Central 190 and 1103. T/A: -‘Plenum.” Area No. 4.

350 Ashworth and Parker, Riverside ' Works, Woodhill Road, Bury. Phone : 620 (2 lines). T /A : Kinetic. Area No. 2. (A.)

351 Ashworth and Sons and Co., Ltd., Midland Iron Works, Scout Hill, Dewsbury. Phone : 697. T/A: Weigh. Area No. 3.

352 Ashworth, Elijah, Moss Brook Works, Collyhurst, Manchester, Phone : City 738. T /A: Steel Card, Manchester. Area No. 2.

353 Ashworth, S. N., Higher Ard- wick, Manchester. Phone : Central 6261. T/A: Area No. 2.

354 Ashworth, T. and Co., Ltd., Vulcan Works, Firth Street, Burnley. Phone : Burnley 253, T/A : Area No. 2.

355 Asquith and Co., Ltd., Princes Bridge Iron Works, Salford, Manchester. Phone : Central 2579. T /A : Asquith, Princes Bridge. Salford. Area No. 2.

356 Asquith, William, Ltd., Highroad Well Works, Halifax. Phone : 1558 (4 lines). T /A : Drill. Halifax. Area No. 3.

357 Assersohn, D., 31 St. Bride Street, London, E.C. Phone : Hoi. 6459. T/A : Area No. 7.

358 Associated Equipment Co., Ltd., Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London, E.17. Phone : Walthamstow 780. T/A: Vangastow, Walthill, London. . Area No. 7. Associates, Munition Aviation and Accessories Works, The (The Wall Paper Manufactures, Ltd., Prop.) Darwen.

359 Associated Rubber Manufacturers, Ltd., Almagam Mills, Har-penden, Herts. Phone : 86 Harpenden. T/A : ‘'Almagam,” Harpenden. Head Office: 172, Gt. Port- land Street, London, W.l. Phone : Gerrard 5423-4. T /A : Gentyre, Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

360 Astbury Bros., Castle Street, Wolverhampton. ] Phone : T/A : Area No. 4.

361 Aster Engineering Co. (1913), Ltd., Wembley, Middlesex. Phone : Wembley 22. T /A : Aster, Wembley. ] Area No. 7. (A.)

362 Aston and Mander (1917), Ltd., 1 Albany Works, Trenmar Gardens, Willesden J unction, London, N.W.10. Phone : Willesden 813. T/A: Aston and Mander, London. Area No. 7.

363 Aston Brass Co. and Whitehouse, Ltd., The, Aston Lane, Aston, Birmingham. Phone : 74 East. T/A : Durability, Area No. 4.

364 Aston Chain and Hook Co., Ltd., Bromford Lane, Erdington, Birmingham. Phone : Erdington 135 and 136. T/A: ‘‘Chainwork,” Erdington. Area No. 4.

365 Aston Construction Co., Ltd., 46, Eagle Wharf Road, London, N.l. Phone : North 1808 (3 lines). T/A : Inwrought, Hox, Lon- don. Area No. 7. (A.)

366 Aston, D., 36, Bastwick Street, St. Luke’s, London, E.C.l. Phone : Central 5689. T/A: Area No. 7.

Aston Motor Accessories Co., Ltd., The, Birmingham.

367 Astral Aviation Co., Head Office and Works, 5, Surbiton Road, Kingston-on-Thames. Phone : 88 and 384 Kingston. » T/A : Astral, Kingston. Sub-Works: 57, Sacheverel Street, Derby. Phone : 1040 Derby. T/A : Ringleader, Derby. 59, Kedleston Road, Derby. T/A : Aviation, Derby. Area No. 7. Astral Construction Co., Surbiton.

368 Atherton and Sons, Leigh, Lancs. Phone : 26. T/A : Wheels, Leigh. Area No. 2.

369 Atherton Bros., Ltd., Hanover Street Foundry, North Road, Preston. Phone : 148. T/A : "Athertons, Preston.” Area No. 2.

370 Atkey, A. R. and Co., Becket Street and King Street, Derby. Phone : 502 Derby. T/A : Atkey, Derby. Area No. 4.

371 Atkin Bros., Truro Works, Ma- tilda Street, Sheffield. Phone : 943 Central. T /A : Trurox, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

372 Atkin, Henry, Ltd., 41, Jermyn Street, London, S.W.l. Phone : Gerrard 9044. T/A : Atkinello, London. Area No. 7.

373 Atkin and Son, Ltd., Rea Street, Birmingham. Phone : Midland 470. T / A : Atkin, Birmingham. Area No. 4. Atkins, Edwin, Birmingham.

374 Atkins, Harry F„ Old Fletton, J Peterborough. Phone : 252 Peterborough. T /A : Atkins, Old Fletton. Area No. 4.

375 Atkins, L. and Sons, 80, Wood Street, Willenhall, Wolverhampton. Phone: Willenhall 40. T /A : Atkins, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

376 Atkins, Wm. and Co., Ltd., P.O. Box 16, Reliance Steel Works, Sheffield. Phon 2: 2997, 299S. T /A : Reliance, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

377 Atkinson, A. and Co., Kinetic Works, Waterside North, Lincoln. Phone: 333. T /A : Atkinson, Metalworkers, Lincoln. Area No. 4.

378 Atkinson and Co., Kendal Street, Preston. Phone: 477. T /A : Waggons, Preston. Area No. 2.

379 Atkinson and Griffin (A. L. Bry- ham), The Westmorland Garage, Kendal, Westmorland. Phone : 200. T /A : Griffin, Kendal. Area No 2. Atkinson Bros., Milton Street, Sheffield. Atkinson, E., Frank and Co., Sheffield.

380 Atkinson, Joseph, 26, Black Bull •Street, Leeds. Phone : 1995 Leeds. T/A : Area No. 3.

381 Atkinson, O. and Sons, Tower Street, Harrogate. Phone: 223 Harrogate. T/A: Aiea No. 3.

382 Atkinson, T., Exors. of, Hynd- burn Works, Accrington. Phone: 2542. T / A : Atkinson, Engineers, Accrington. Area No. 2.

383 Atlantic Engineering and Fishing Co.. Ltd., The Docks, Milford Haven. Phone : P.O. 30. T / A: Atlantic, Milford Haven. Area No. 5. (A.)

384 Atlas Bedstead Co., The, Ltd., (Stephen Wilkes and Sons), Atlas Works, Bilston. Phone : 8 Bilston. T /A : Atlas, Bilston. Area No 4.

385 Atlas Brass Foundry Co., Abbot Street, Gateshead. Phone : Gateshead 258. T/A: Area No. 1. Atlas Engineering Co., Gateshead.

386 Atlas Forge Co., The, Britannia Bridge, Wigan. , Phone : Wigan 208. T/A : Atlas Forge, Wigan. Area No. 2. Atlas Metal Alloys, Ltd., Barking.

387 Atlas Steel Foundry and Engineer- C ing Co., Ltd., The, Atlas Steel Works, West Lothian, Armadale. I Phone : 11 Bathgate. T/A: Atlas, Armadale, West Lothian. Area No 8. (A.)

388 Atlas Tin Box Manufacturing 2 Co., 147, Bermondsey Street, London, S.E.l. Phone : Hop 995. T/A: Blowhole, Berm, London. Area No. 7. I

389 Atlas Works, The, 100a, Nursery I Road, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. ]

390 Atterton, J., Haverhill, Suffolk. I Phone : Haverhill 2. T/A : Atterton, Haverhill. ] Area No. 7.

391 Attwood, F. and Co., 86, Rosebery I Avenue, London, E.C. Works : River Street, E.C. Phone : Central 12445. T/A : Area No. 7. ]

392 Attwood, F. L., Ltd., Holt b Street Rolling Mills, Gosta I Green, Birmingham. Phone : Central 198. T/A : Area No. 4.

393 Attwood, Mark and Co., Endurance 3 Chain Works, Cradley Heath. Staffs (Arthur Powell, Proprietor). Phone : 121 Cradley (Dudley area). T/A : Mark, Cradley Heath. Area No. 4.

394 Aublet, Harry and Co., Ltd., 53/55, , Curtain Road, London, E.C.2. Works: London and Peter- borough. Phone : London Wall 73 and 74. Peterborough 255. T/A: Aublet, Phone, Lon- don. Aublet, Peterborough. Area No. 4.

396 Audley Engineering Co., Ltd., The, ( Newport, Salop. Phone: 18 Newport. T/A : Audley Co., Newport, Salop. Area No. 4.

397 Augusta Stamping Co., 247, 3 Augusta Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A : 1 Area No. 4.

398 August’s Muffle Furnaces, Ltd., < Head Office and Works : Thorn Tree Works, King’s Cross, Halifax. Phone: Halifax 1447. T/A : August, Halifax. Branch Works : New Bank. London Office : 20, Westmin- ster Palace Gardens, Victoria Street, London, S.W.l. Phone : Victoria 3605. T/A : Annealable, Sowest. Area No. 7.

399 Auld. David and Sons, Ltd., White vale Foundry, Rowcheste Street, Glasgow. Phone : Bridgeton 256 (2 lines) T /A : Reducing. Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

400 Aurora Steel and Iron Gearing Co (Wilmot North), 103, Ed mund Road, Sheffield. Phone: 1021. T/A: Wheels. • Area No. 3.

401 Auster, Ltd.,- Barford Street, Birmingham. And at Park Street, Lye, near Stourbridge. Phone : 2123 Midland. T /A : Auster, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

402 Auster, Ltd., 133, Long Acre, London, W.C.2. Phone : Regent 5910. T /A : Winflector, Phone, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

404 Austin, A. J. and Co., Ltd., Hack Street, Birmingham. Phone : Central 6504. T /A : Austin, Deritend. Area No. 4.

405 Austin, A. T., Eagle Foundry, The Leys, Brierley Hill, Staffs. Phone : 57 Brierley Hill. T/A: Area No. 4.

406 Austin and Co., Dunn Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : Central 2440. T / A : Perfect, Newcastle-on- Tyne. Area No. 1. Austin and Dodgson, Ltd., Cambria Works, Arundel Lane, Sheffield.

407 Austin Hopkinson, Delta Works, Guide Bridge, near Manchester. Phone : Ashton-under-Lyne 568. T/A : Praetor, Hooley Hill. Area No. 2.

408 Austin McGillivray and Co., Falcon Steel and File Works, Napier Street, Sheffield. Phone: 1411. T /A : Falcon, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

409 Austin Motor Co., Ltd., Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham. Phone: King's Norton 230, 15234, 236/7, 111/2. Central 4140/1, 4143. T /A : Speedily, Northfield. Area No. 4. Austin Motor Co., Ltd., Norwich.

410 Austin, S. P. and Son, Ltd., Wear Dock Yard, Sunderland. Phone : 1254 (3 lines). 295 (Manager's residence). T/A: Austin, Sunderland. Area No. 1. (A.)

412 Auto Carriers (1911), Ltd., Ferry ) Works, Thames Ditton. Phone : Moseley 320 and 321. T/A : Autocarrier, Thames Ditton. London Depot and Repair Works: 181, Hercules Road, Lambeth, London. Phone : Hop 311/312. 2150 Area No. 7. Auto-Machine Products Co., Eccles.

413 Auto Machinery Co., Ltd., Hood Street, Coventry. Phone : 153 (2 lines). T /A : Auto, Coventry. Area No. 4.

414 Auto Radiators, Ltd., 3, Manette Street, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. Phone: T/A : Area No. 7. Auto Screw Co., Manor Park, Essex. Auto Slot Gas Meter Co., Ltd., Nottingham.

415 Auto-Vacuum Machine Co., Brom- ley Street Mills, Birmingham. Phone : Central 5825. T/A: “Autovac,” Birmingham. Also at Hack Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

416 Auto Valves and Accessories, Ltd., 93, Tabernacle Street, London, E.C. Phone : London Wall 4490. T/A: Area No. 7.

417 Auto-Van Co., The, 9/11, Richmond Road, Twickenham, Middlesex. Phone : Richmond 430. T/A : Autovan Co., Twickenham. Area No. 7.

418 Autocrat Light Car Co., Edward Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Phone : South 265. T /A : Autocrat, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

Autolee Motor Engineering Co., London.

Automatic Calibrating Corporation, London.

419 Automatic Standard Screw Co., Ltd., Charles Street, Halifax. Phone : 992 Halifax. T /A : Standard, Halifax. Area No. 3.

420 Automatic Telephone Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Milton Road, Edge Lane, Liverpool. Phone : 102 Old Swan. T/A : Instrument, Liverpool. Area No. 2. Automobile Engineering Co., The, Pimloco, London, S.W.l

421 Auxiliary Engineering Co., Ltd., i The, 31/32, Foley Street, London, W.l. ] Phone : Mayfair 552. T/A: Area No. 7.

422 Aveling and Porter, Ltd., Rochester, Kent. Phone : 512 Chatham. T/A: Aveling, Rochester. Area No. 7. Avery and Roberts, Ltd. (late Avery, Bruce and Roberts).

423 Avery, W. and T., Ltd. (incorporating Parnall and Sons, Bristol). Registered Offices and Works : Soho Foundry, Birmingham. Phone : Smethwick 300. T/A : Avery, Birmingham. Branches: Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Carlisle, Cork, Dig-beth, Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hanley, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Sheffield, Southampton, Swansea, W ol verhampton. Area No. 4.

425 Avon Malleable Foundry, Ltd., Chapel Street, St. Philip’s Marsh, Bristol. Phone : 2876. T/A: Malleable. Area No. 6.

426 Avondale Tinplate Co., Ltd., The, Pontnewydd, Newport, Mon. Phone : Cwmbran 5. T/A : Avondale, Pontnewydd. Area No. 5.

427 Avonside Engine Co., Ltd., Fishponds. Bristol Phone : Fishponds 30. T/A : Loco., Bristol. Area No. 6 Ayhffe, Thomas and Sons, Paradise Place, Cardiff.

428 Ayling’s Aircraft Manufacturing Co. (Edward Ayling and Sons), Riverside, Putney, London, S.W.15. Phone : Putney 1730. T /A : Ayling’s, Putney. Area No. 7.

429 Aynsley and Sons, M., Heber Tower Iron Works, 53/55, Stowell Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone : 3622 and 3621 (2 lines). T/A: Area No. 1.

430 Ayres, F. H., Ltd., Ill, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C.l. Phone : Central 5563. T/A: Progress, Barb., London. Area No. 7.

431 Ayrshire Dockyard Co., Ltd., Irvine, Ayrshire. Phone : 120 and 121 Irvine. T/A : Shipbuilder, Irvine. Area No. 9. (A.)

432 Ayrton, Wm. and Co., Gorebrook < Iron Works, Longsight, Manchester. Phone : Central 4866. T/A : Spooler. Area No. 2.

433 Aznu Engineering Co., 21, Rising- h i 11 Street, Pentonville, London, N.l.

434 Alexandra Garage (Richard Rostrar, Manager), 8, Alexandra Road, Moss Side, Manchester. Phone : Rusholme 1296. T/A : Area No. 2.

435 Atlas Metal and Alloys Co., Ltd., Hertford Road, Barking. Phone: Central 2210. T /A: Alovau, Cannon, London. Area No. 7.

436 Avery and Roberts (late Avery, Bruce and Roberts'), 148/154, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. Phone : 4393 Royal. T / A : Traction, Liverpool Area No. 2.

438 Adams and Co., 16. Newton Road, Tunbridge Wells. Phone : 766. T /A : Adams, Tunbridge Wells. Area No. 7.

439 Adams, W. G., and Co., 115, Moland Street, Birmingnam. Phone : Central 1835. T/A : Area No. 4

440 Alcock and Bosworth, Norvic Works, King Street,. Norwich. Phone : Norwich 674. T/A : Alcock Bosworth. Nor- wich. Area No. 7.

441 AtkinS, Edwin, Bethreena Works, 132, Tennant Street, Birmingham. Phone : Midland 1728 and 1729. T /A : Bethreena, Birmingham, Area No. 4.

442 Auto-Machine Products Co., Eccles. Phone : Eccles 884. T /A : Auto-Machine Co., Ec- cles. • Area No. 2.

443 Aston Motor Accessories Co., Ltd., Aston Cross, Birmingham. Phone : East 477 and 478. T /A : Terminals, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

445 Alexander, Fergusson and Co., Ltd., 50, Ruchill Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. Phone : 101 Maryhill (4 lines). T /A : Ruchill, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

446 Amalgamated Foundries, Ltd., 345, High Street, Brentford, Middlesex. Phone : Bank 913. T /A : Quercitan, London. Area No. 7.

447 Automobile Engineering Co., The, Bessborough Place, Pimlico, London, S.W.l. Phone : Victoria 6766. T /A : Spyker, London. Area No. 7.

448 Adams. A. R., Robert Street, 1 Newport, Mon. Phone: 481 Newport. T/A Area No. 5.

449 Ainsley, T. L., 19, West Bute Street, Cardiff. Phone: 124. T/A : Area No. 5.

450 Ayliffe, Thos. and Sons, Paradise Place, Cardiff. Phone : 832. T/A : Area No. 5.

451 Acme Engineering Co., Ltd., 95, Domestic Street, Leeds. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

452 Airton Engineering Co., Bell Busk, via Leeds. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

453 Andrew, J. H., Toledo Steel Works, Sheffield. Phone : T/A: Area No. 3.

454 Allsop, G. W., Howard Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A : Area N/>. 3.

455 Atkinson Bros., Milton Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A : Area No. 3.

456 Ashton, A. and Sons, Ltd., Meadow Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A : Area No. 3.

457 Ashton, T. A. and Co., Ltd., Sydney Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A : Area No. 3.

458 Austin and Dodgson, Ltd., Cambria Works, Arundel Lane, Sheffield. Phone: T/A : Area No. 3.

459 Ashford Aircraft Works, Ltd., The, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth, London, S.W. Phone : Putney 218. T/A : Ashford Aircraft. Area No. 7.

460 Alliance Aeroplane Co., Ltd. (late Waring and Gillow, Ltd.), Cambridge Road, Hammersmith, London, W.6. Thone : Hammersmith 1980. T/A : Hamphplane, Hammer, London. Area No. 7.

461 Associated Munition, Aviation and Accessories Works, The (The Wall Paper Manufactures, Ltd., Prop.), Ana-glypta Branch, Darwen. Phone : 405 (2 lines). T/A : Anaforge, Darwen. Area No. 2.

462 Aero Engine Reconstruction Co., Ltd., Edgware, Middlesex. See also Wrieht and Son—No. 14052. Phone : Edgware 4. T/A: Wright, Edgware. Area No. 7.

463 Addison, H., Friars Causeway, Leicester. Phone : Central 1106. T/A : Area No. 4.

464 Aero Tanks, Ltd., la. Kempsford Road, Lower Kennington Lane, London, S.E.ll. Phone : Hop. 1026. T/A : Area No. 7.

465 Acetylene Engineering Co.. 57, Tachbrook Street, Westminster. London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 4165. T-'A : Area No. 7.

466 Acton Aluminium and Bronze Co., 2. Spencer Road, Acton, London, W.3. Phone : Chiswick 240. T/A : Area No. 7.

467 Aeronauts, Ltd., Battersea Park Road. London, S.W. Phone: Battersea 1733. T/A : Area No. 7.

468 Aero Motor Components, Scrubbs Lane, Willesden, London, N.W. Phone: T/A : Area No. 7.

469 Aerograph Co., Ltd.. 31, Ironmonger Row, Old Street, London, E.C. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

470 Air Brush Manufacturing Co., 13, Arlington Street, Clerkenwell. London, E.C. Phone : Holborn 5869. T/A: ] Area No. 7.

471 Aird, W. and Co., Gardner Street, i Brighton. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

472 Alford and Alder, Newington Butts, i London. S.E. Phone: T/A: ] Area No. 7.

473 Allen Liversedge, Ltd., 1 and 3, i Shellgate Road, Clapham Junction, London, S.W. 1 Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

474 Amato, L. and Co., Brook Mill 1 Road, Deptford, London, S.E. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. 1

475 Antoine and Co.. 4a. Chapel Street. 5 Marylebone, London, N.W. Phone: T/A: I Aiea No. 7. 47d Andrew s Engineering Co., 6. Lansdowne Hill, West Nor- wood. London. Phone: I T/A . Area No. 7.

477 Ancona Motor Co., Ltd., 78/82, C Brompton Road. London, I S.W. Phone: Kensington 4260. T/A: Area No. 7.

478 Anderson. Rigden and Perkins, £ Island Wall, Whitstable. 1 Phone: T A : Area No. 7.

479 Ashford Aircraft Works, Cree- j church House, Creechurch Lane Works, Feltham Hill Road, Ashford. I Phone : T/A : Area No. 7.

480 Autolee Motor Engineering Co., 1 Ltd., St. Peter’s Court, Lee Green, London, S.E. Phone : T./A: I Area No. 7.

481 Automatic Calibrating Corporation, Tollington Park, Lon- 1 don, N.4. Phone : T/A: Area No. 7.

482 Auto Screw Co., 679a, Romford , Road, Manor Park, Essex. Phone: ] T/A: Area No. 7.

483 Astral Construction Co., 82, V Brighton Road, Surbiton, E Surrey. Phone: T/A : Area No. 7.

484 Austin Motor Co., Ltd., Prince of Wales Road, Norwich. Phone: T/A : Area No. 7.

485 Alberta Engineering Co., Princes , Road, Richmond, Surrey. ] Phone : Richmond 332. T/A : Area No. 7

486 Allt and Co., Clacton-on-Sea. Phone: T/A: I Area No. 7.

487 Auto Slot Gas Meter Co., Ltd., R 105, Sherwood Street, Nottingham. Phone: 75. T/A : Area No. 4.

488 Allied Industries Co., Ltd., i Aurelia Road, Mitcham Road, Croydon, Surrey. Phone : Croydon 267. T/A: Weldon, Croydon. Area No. 7.

489 Aeolian Co., Ltd., The, (late The / Orchestrelle Co.), Hayes Works, Middlesex. Phone : 31 P.O. Hayes. T/A : Pianolas, Hayes, Middle-Area No. 7.

490 Aero-Accessories. Ltd., 31, Studley Road, Clapham Road, London. Phone : Brixton 234. T/A : Area No. 7.

491 Aeroplane and Motor Components Co., 14a, Sellars Street, Chester. Phone : 1023. T/A : Bronze, Chester. Area No. 2.

492 Atlas Engineering Co., Redheugh Bridge Iron Works, Gateshead. Phone : 496. T/A : Turretol. Area No. 1.

493 Ainsworth and Shaw, Cambridge Street Engineering Works, Great Harwood, Lancs. Phone : Great Harwood 29. T/A : Area No. 2.

494 Ashley, E. M., Ltd., 50, Stanley Street, Southport. Phone : Southport 235. T/A : Area No. 2.

495 Allen, A. H., Overstone Road, Northampton. Phone : 531. T/A : Area No. 4.

496 Alliance Spring Co., 176, Pentonville Road, London, N.l. Phone : Norton 1977. T/A : Overhappy, London. Area No. 7.

497 Andrews, A. and S., Ltd., Uxbridge Road, Ealing Common, London, S.W.5. Phone : Ealing 1557. T/A : Area No. 7.

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