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[[Media:A18960307.pdf| 1896 March 7th]] (pdf file)
[[Media:A18960307.pdf| 1896 March 7th]] (pdf file)

* [[The Autocar 1896/02/29|previous issue]]
* [[The Autocar 1896/02/29|Previous issue]]

* '''Why Not Amity? - p217
* '''Why Not Amity? - p217
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** [[Ernest John Clubbe|C. J. Clubb]] and [[A. W. Southey]]
** [[Ernest John Clubbe|C. J. Clubb]] and [[A. W. Southey]]

* '''Answers to Correspondents - p228
** [[C. S. Rolls]]
** [[F. Robinson]]
** [[Van Gink and Co]] (Amsterdam)
** [[J. A. Koosen]]
** [[H. P. Finald]]
** [[Surgeon-General O'Gilvy]]
** [[W. Richie]]

* [[The Autocar 1896/03/10|Next issue]]
* [[The Autocar 1896/03/10|Next issue]]

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Pdf50.jpg 1896 March 7th (pdf file)

  • The Parcels Delivery Van of the Magasins Du Louvre - Illustrated - p221
  • A Prognostication - p221
  • The Pennington Victoria - Illustrated- p222
  • Coming Fixtures - p225
  • Self-Propelled Traffic Association - p225
    • Self-Propelled Traffic Association - Amongst the members of Council are : Right Hon. G. Shaw Lefevre, Sir Albert K. Rollitt, D.C.L., LL.D., M.P., Sir Henry Trueman Wood (Society of Arts), Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, F.R.S., Colonel Mellor, M.P., Professor Vernon Boys, F.R.S., William S. Playfair, M.D., Cumming Macdona, M.P., J. W. Maclure, M.P., J. W. Barclay, W. Worby Beaumont, William Cross (Newcastle-on-Tyne), J. Irving Courtenay, Walter Hancock, J. T. Hopwood, G. J. Jacobs (President Institute of British Carriage Manufacturers), John H. Knight (Farnham), H. D. Marshall (Gainsborough), J. A. McNaught (Worcester), George Stephenson (Newcastle-on-Tyne), Alfred R. Sennett, E. R. Shipton (Cyclists Touring Club). Andrew W. Barr, secretary. The president of the association is Sir David Salomons, and the vice-presidents are Sir Fred. Bramwell, Mr. John Phillipson, and Mr. Alf. Siemens.
  • The Autocar petition - p226
  • An Outside Opinion - p226

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