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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Wrought Iron Brands

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This section relates to wrought iron makers' brands and trademarks which were often stamped on wrought iron sections and plates.

The mark often comprised a symbol and words or initial letters. In the entries below, an attempt is made to describe the mark, for example {crown} X Y.

Many makers used a crown symbol.

The words BEST, BEST BEST and BEST BEST BEST indicate the quality of the iron, and are not specific to any manufacturer.

The main source of information on British wrought iron brands available in 1883 is 'Iron and Steel Manufacturers of Great Britain, and Brand Book of British Iron and Steel' by Herbert W. Griffiths, Iron Trade Exchange, 1883. Brands are listed in alphabetical order from p.56 onwards, referenced to a Works No. (listed from p.32 onwards) [1]

Some information on US rolled iron and steel brands may be found here.

Makers and their marks

Currently arranged in alphabetical order of maker. This is very much a work in progress, and may be later revised to use the first letter of the brand.

Griffiths (1883) provides images which are categorised according to the first letter that appears in the brand (which is typically the first letter of the company name or of the ironworks, or the first letter of the image, e.g. D for a dolphin image.

Most of the information shown below relates to firms active in the 1870s and 1880s.

John Abbot and Co, Gateshead: A & Co {crown}

George Adams and Son, Mars Ironworks, Priestfields, Wolverhampton: MARS

John Aiton and Co, Milnwood Iron Works, Scotland: A {anchor} R; cross within two diamonds, one above the other, with 16 to left and 30 to right.

Albion Sheet Iron Co, Albion Iron Works, West Bromwich: {trident}

Albion Sheet Iron Co, Batmans Hill Works, Bilston:

Allen and Holden, Wellington Iron Works, West Bromwich: A & H {crown}

T. P. Allen and Co, Excelsior Iron Works, West Bromwich: A & Co {crown}

Thomas Andrews and Co, Wortley Works, Sheffield: WORTLEY

John Bagnall and Sons: {crown} I B

Edward Bayley, Crown Iron Works, Tipton: E B {crown}

Baldwins of Wolverhampton: see Baldwins and E. P. and W. Baldwin entries for their numerous brand names, which include SEVERN; SHIELD;

Elijah Banner, Star Works, Wolverhampton: E B

Barningham and Co, Pendleton Works, Manchester: P I W

W. Barrows and Sons of Bloomfield and Tipton: Brand B.B.H. reflected the earlier company name, Bradley, Barrows and Hall.

I. and W. Beardmore, Glasgow: PARKHEAD

Bescot Forge Co, Wednesbury: BESCOT (COCK)

Bilston Iron Co, Factory Works, Bilston: CB above {crown} above BILSTON'

Birchills Hall Iron Co, Walsall: picture of a globe superimposed on a horizontal scroll; B.I.C. above SWAN above SPC above BILSTON' B.H.I.C.

Bolckow, Vaughan and Co, Middlesbrough: CLEVELAND {crown}

T. W. Booker and Co, Meingriffith Works, Cardiff: PEN; RG

Bowesfield Iron Co, Stockton: BOWESFIELD

John Bradley and Co, Stourbridge: {crown} above S B; {crown} above S C; I BRADLEY & CO; {circle containing L} I BRADLEY & CO

Bridge, Gill and Bridge, Providence Iron Works, West Bromwich: B G B {crown}

Bright and Langham of West Bromwich: B & L {crown}

Britannia Iron Co, West Bromwich: BRITANNIA IRON CO {crown}

W. R. Brooks, Cape Town Works, Smethwick: W R B..

Brown and Freer (late Hunt and Brown) of Leys Iron Works, near Stourbridge: {crown} above letters HB, and picture of a phoenix above 'BEST HB'.

John Brown and Co, Swinton Works, Sheffield: ATLAS

Broughton Hall Iron Co, Wrexham: UNION {crown} BRAND sheet iron.

Joseph Bull and Son, Cliff Vale Iron Works, Stoke-on-Trent: Illustration of an anchor in a circle; J. B. {crown}; CLIFF VALE {crown}; J. BULL; BULLS; CV; UNION

B. Bunch and Sons, Walsall: {crown} above inverted triangle containing B B & J (& is inside a triangle).

S. H. Burrows and Son, South Yorkshire Iron Works, Sheffield: {diamond containing SHB} {crown}

Butterley Co, Silverdale Works, Newcastle, Staffordshire: B C {crown} S

Cambria Tin Plate Co, Pontardulais: IFOR; BEDIL; DYFED; IOLO; VICTOR; CARNO

Carr House Iron Co, West Hartlepool: CARR HOUSE {crown}

Chillington Iron Co: CC {crown}; LB {crown}; CHILLINGTON; Crocodile and Tiger brand (with illustration of an axe-wielding tiger riding a crocodile!).

Cleveland Iron Co, Cleveland Works, Wolverhampton: J {Staffordshire knot containing letters I C C}

Clydesdale Iron Co, Mossend, near Glasgow: CLYDESDALE

Coalbrookdale Co: CBD {crown}; C B Dale {crown}

Coats Iron and Steel Co, Coatbridge: COATS

Coghlan and Dury, Hunslet Forge, Leeds: HUNSLET {crown}; A I W {crown}

Colley and Co, Hope Works, West Bromwich: {crown} C.S.

D. Colville and Sons, Dalzell Works, Motherwell: DALZELL

Consett Iron Co, Consett, Co. Durham: CONSETT

R. Cook Jenkins and Co, Glanafon Tinplate Decorating Works, Aberavon: RCJ in {diamond} CHARCOAL; GLANAFON (COKE)

W. Cooke and Co, Tinsley Works, Sheffield: W C & CO LD

S. T. Cooper and Co, Leeds Iron Works, Leeds: COOPER LEEDS

Cramond Iron Co, near Edinburgh: CRAMOND ENGINEER: CRAMOND HL: CRAMOND XL XL: CRAMOND {stag's head}

Robert Crawshay, Cyfarthfa Ironworks: W.C.

F. Creswell, Dixon's Green Works, Dudley: DG; W H

Crowther Bros and Co, Stour Vale Works, Kidderminster: CB STEEL'; L & C; M; S; S V; VALE

Darlaston Steel and Iron Co: Picture of a cockerel; No. 1 'CHAMPION'; No.2 'L {crown} DARLASTON'; No.3 'SAMUEL MILLS'; No.4 G.F. {crown} G.F.; No.5 LLOYD'S DARLASTON; No.6 LLOYD'S CHARCOAL; No.7 L {crown} STEEL; No.8 (diamond with X inside) STEEL

Darlington Iron and Steel Co: DARLINGTON

G. H. Davey, Briton Ferry Works, South Wales: WOOD

Thomas Davis and Co, Goldshill Iron Works, West Bromwich: DGH {crown}

John Dawes and Sons, Bromford Iron Works, West Bromwich: DAWES BROMFORD {crown}

George Dawes, Milton and Elsecar Iron Works, Barnsley: MILTON

Dinsdale Wire and Steel Co, Fighting Cocks, near Darlington: FIGHTING COCKS

District Iron and Steel Co, District Works, Smethwick: B K H above DISTRICT, with or without crowns.

Dorman, Long and Co, Middlesbrough: D. L. & Co

T. Douglas, Durham City Works, Durham: DURHAM CITY ARMS

Dowlais Ironworks: GL

Samuel Downing, Richmond Works, West Bromwich: SD {crown}

Eagle Iron Works Co, Hollinswood, Shropshire: EAGLE {eagle}; {elephant and castle}

Earl of Dudley's Round Oak Works: {crown} surrounded by the letters L W (alongside top of crown) and R O (below crown), with a horsehoe symbol for horsehoe iron, or with a wheel symbol for tyre iron; {crown} above D above BRAND

J. E. East and Co, Bradley Hall Iron Works, Bilston: J E E & CO above B H I W

Eastwood, Swingler and Co, Derby: E S & Co; VICTORIA above CROWNE S & Co above DERBY

Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron and Coal Co: E V {crown}

Eglington Iron Co, Muirkirk, Glasgow: M KIRK

Thomas Ellis, North British Iron Works, Coatbridge: GOVAN *; NB {crown}

Samuel Evers and Sons, Cradley Works, Brierley Hill:

Enoch Gittings, Bradley Iron Works, Bilston: B G & T {crown}; G & T {crown}

Farnley Iron Co, Leeds: FARNLEY

W. Finnemore, Gothersley Works, Stourbridge: {diamond containing WF over G}: HATTON. Note: not the same as HATTON'S, made by Hatton, Sons and Co.

W. and G. Firmstone, Crookhay Works, West Bromwich: T T M..

Fox, Head and Co, Newport Rolling Mills, Middlesbrough: F H & CO

Fry, I'Anson and Co, Rise Carr Rolling Mills, Darlington: F I {crown} & CO

William Gilpin, Senior, and Co, Churchbridge Works, Cannock: W G {crown}; W GILPIN; W GILPIN CHURCHBRIDGE

Glasgow Iron Co, Glasgow: GLASGOW; GLASGOW (COCK)

Gospel Oak Iron and Wire Co, Tipton: G {anchor} O

Great Bridge Iron and Steel Co, Tipton: G B I & S C; {crown} over S S

Griffiths and Browett, Birmingham: G B above B centered on a stylised '&' and crossed lines.

Samuel Groucutt and Sons, Bilston: {crown} above S G & S; S G & S {crown}

Henry Hall, Old Level Works, Brierley Hill: V; {crown} LEVEL {crown}; HALL'S BB {crown}; {circle containing L}

Harris and Jevons, Britannia Works, Bradley, Bilston: H & J {crown}

Hatton, Sons and Co, Bradley Iron and Tin Plate Works, Bilston: BRADLEY THH {crown}; HATTON'S Note: not the same as HATTON, made by W. Finnemore.

Hawks, Crawshay and Sons, Gateshead: HAWKS; HAWKS RIDSDALE; H C {crown}; RIDSDALE

Haybridge Iron Co, Wellington, Shropshire: {staff and banner and EXCELSIOR}; {horse's head} HORSE'S HEAD

Robert Heath and Sons, Biddulph Valley, Norton and Ravensdale: R. H. {crown}; R. H. {crown} & BIDDULPH; R. D. {crown} & RAVENSDALE; RAVENSDALE

J. C. Hill and Co of Oakfields Iron Wire and Galvanising Works, Cwmbran: ACORN; Circle containing an image of an acorn and letters J.C.H.

Hill and Smith, Delph Iron Works, Brierley Hill: H S {crown}; H {crown} S above DELPH

Hingley and Smith, Hart's Hill Works, Brierley Hill: H & S {crown}

N. Hingley and Sons, Netherton, near Dudley: Various brands including the word NETHERTON; NH and {crown}; NH&S and {crown}; NSBB and {crown}; conjoined letters NH in a circle of dots.

Hird, Dawson and Hardy, Low Moor Iron Works, near Leeds: LOWMOOR

James and Charles Holcroft, Portfield Works, Tipton: HOLCROFT {crown}; HOLCROFT {crown} {anchor}; S. STAFF {crown}; {pennant} above HOLCROFT'S STANDARD; PORTFIELD {crown}; {rectangle containing S:STAFF} {crown}

Hope Iron and Tin Plate Co, Tipton: H. {crown} Co. (sometimes with WALKER below); H {anchor} Co; ANCHOR; No. 1; No.1 TRENT; WALKER'S CHARCOAL; TRENT. Note: 'TRENT' was also used by Stephen Thompson and Co.

Horbury Junction Iron Co, Wakefield: H J CO

Ince Hall Rolling Mills Co, Ince, Wigan: I R M {crown}

Isaac Jenks of Minerva Works and Beaver Work

J. T. and W. E. Johnson, West Bromwich: JOHNSON (RIFLE)

Richard Johnson and Nephew, Bradford Iron Works, Bradford, Manchester: JOHNSONS MANCHESTER

Jones Bros and Co, Ayrton Rolling Mills, Middlesbrough: J B & CO {crown}

Thomas Jordan and Co, Dunkirk Sheet Iron Works, West Bromwich: {crown} over T J & CO over W B

Kinnersley and Co of Clough Hall Iron Works, Kidsgrove: TK {crown}; CLOUGH HALL

Kirk Bros and Co, Marron, Marshside & Derwent Mills, Workington: K B W {crown}; MARRON

Kirkstall Forge Co, Kirkstall, Yorkshire: K B M KIRKSTALL; {circle containing interwoven KF, with K reversed}; {elliptical frame containing 1779 and KIRKSTALL YORKSHIRE}; KM KIRKSTALL

John Knight and Co, Cookley Iron Works, Kidderminster: CCS CHARCOAL; KNIGHT'S CHARCOAL; KNIGHT'S PLOUGH; KNIGHT'S {crown}; KBC

Lanesfield Iron Works, Wolverhampton (William G. Merriman): W.G.M. {crown} above Staffordshire knot, STAFFORDSHIRE

William Lee and Co, Gospel Oak Works: G {anchor} O

Lee and Bolton, Hyde Ironworks, Stourbridge: {crown} L&B; {crown} and plough

Leeds Forge and Co, Leeds: LEEDS FORGE YORKSHIRE

H. Lees and Sons, Park Bridge Works, Ashton-under-Lyne: PARKBRIDGE

J. B. and S. Lees, West Bromwich: {crown} LEES; {crown} LEES ALBION

J. N. Lester, Bradford Works, Walsall: J N L {crown}

Lloyds and Co, Middlesbrough: LINTHORPE

Joseph Foster Lloyd and Co, Bradley Bridge Charcoal, Malleable & Bessemer Pig Iron Co: Brands - picture of a goat and NE PLUS ULTRA, H.L.M., BRADLEY BRIDGE CHARCOAL, COLD BLAST; VULTURE

Llynvi Iron Co: LIC

Llynvi and Tondu Co, Maesteg: J B & SONS (signifying John Brogden & Sons).

London Iron Works, Smethwick: L W I CO

Lones, Vernon and Holden, Sandwell Iron and Axle Works, Smethwick: {three crowns} above L V & H

Longford Wire, Iron and Steel Co, Warrington: LONG.FORD {looped wires} LB above W, all in a square frame with cropped top corners.

John Lysaght, Swan Garden Works, Wolverhampton: ORB, T CROWN

Madeley Court Works: S.C. {lion}

Hugh Martin and Sons, Coatbridge Works: COATBRIDGE

Maybury, Marston and Sharpe, Perseverance Works, Manchester: M M & Co

Mersey Forge, Liverpool: S {phoenix} S

Midland Iron Co, Rotherham: {crown} above MIC, MIDLAND {crown}

A. and T. Miller, Globe Iron Works, Coatbridge: GLOBE {crown}

William Millington and Co, Summerhill Works, Tipton: WM Co surmounted by a {dove}, or SH {crown}

Henry Mills and Sons, Victoria Iron Works, Walsall: HENRY MILLS & SONS

Molineux and Co, [Molineaux?] Bull's Bridge Iron Works, Morley: picture of bull's head and BRAND W.M. & Co.

Monkbridge Iron Co, Leeds: MONKBRIDGE

Monks, Hall and Co, Atherton's Quay Works, Warrington: F M & CO; {MH} conjoined

Monkland Iron Co, Calderbank Works, Airdrie: MONKLAND

Monmer Lane Iron Co, Willenhall: D&D; ELECTRO

Moor Iron Works (Owners of), Stockton: J&R above {crown} above MOOR

Moore and Manby, Dudley: {crown} above M.& M.; {tiger}; {crown} above SAXON

Morewood and Co, Woodford Iron Works, Soho, Birmingham: WOODFORD

Mossend Iron Co, Holytown, Scotland: MOSSEND

Nettlefolds of Castle Iron Works, Wellington, Shropshire: {castle tower; N over WELLINGTON; B {castle tower} B}; letter B with N in each of the loops.

New British Iron Co, Congreaves Iron Works, Birmingham: NB {lion} IC; NBIC CONGREAVES

New British Iron Co, Ruabon: {crown} R; N.B.I.CO RUABON; RUABON

T. L. Nicklin, Crown Iron Works, Smethwick: NICKLIN'S; {diamond containing TLN}{crown}

Northfield Iron and Tyre Co, Northfield Works, Rotherham: NF (letters conjoined)

George Onions, Regent's Works, Bilston: elongated letters G and O above REGENT

Osier Bed Iron Co, Horseley Fields Iron Co: O B below {crown}

Edward Page and Sons, Roway Iron Works, West Bromwich: PAGE & SONS; P {crown} {anchor}; P X L {crown}

Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Co, Jarrow: JARROW; PALMERS {crown}

Parkes and Parkes, Atlas Iron Works, West Bromwich: P {crown} P above ATLAS

Parkgate Iron Co, Rotherham: PARKGATE and two or three {crowns}; P G YORKSHIRE {crown}

Patent Nut and Bolt Co, London Works, Smethwick: {globe pierced by nut and bolt, with lion on top}; P L over B B {large crown} S L over & S; W & G {crown}

Patent Shaft and Axletree Co: P S & A {crown}; BRUNSWICK; L. F. & Co. with and without {crown}. Note: L. F. indicates Lloyds, Fosters and Co, whose business was taken over by the Patent Shaft and Axletree Co.

Pather Iron and Steel Co, Wishaw: PATHER

Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co, Warrington: W I W {crown}; WARRINGTON; DALLAM; {crown} above B F for bars and plates, {crown} above W I W for sheets and hoops. (BNF) beneath {crown}, B being reversed and the three letters conjoined; D in a circle of dots

Pelsall Coal and Iron Co, Pelsall Works, Walsall: large X containing letters P C I C below {crown}}}

Plant and Fisher, Dudley Port Iron Works, Tipton: PLANT'S {elephant} BEST; P {elephant} F; P.F {elephant} BEST {horsehoe}; UNION BEST

John Raybould, Bromley Works, Pennsnett, Dudley: BROMLEY {crown}

W. Richards, Dinsdale Moor Works, near Darlington: DINSDALE {crown}

Roberts and Underhill, Witton Lane Works, Walsall: R B F

Rochscolloch Iron Co, Coatbridge: R {crown} H

Rollason and Co, Wombridge Iron Works, Shropshire: {star} over WOMBRIDGE

David Rose and Sons of Albert and Victoria Iron Works, Wednesbury: ALBERT {crown}; D ROSE

Rotherwood Iron and Steel Co, Woodhouse, near Sheffield: ROTHERWOOD

John Russell and Co, Cyclops Iron Works, Walsall: RUSSELLS {crown}

Rylands Brothers: Reversed R and B above W in an ellipse; WIW in a rectangle ( on rolled fencing wire)

W. Saunders, Millfields, Bilston: W. H. S.

Sheepbridge Coal Iron Co, Chesterfield: SB

Shelton Iron, Steel and Coal Co: SHELTON {crown} and GRANVILLE {crown}

Shelton Bar Iron Co, Hanley: GRANVILLE {crown}; SHELTON {large crown}; S I Co {sun}

Shropshire Iron Co, Hadley, near Wellington, Shropshire: {sun}; GOLIATH against {wire fence with posts}; SICo; S over XL

F. R. Simpson and Co, Park Lane Iron Works, Oldbury: {ellipse containing S over {crown} and R over {crown}}

Smith and McLean, Gartcosh Works, near Glasgow: GRIFFIN; {griffin}

Snedshill Iron Co: HS {crown} BEST, above SNEDSHILL

South Hylton Iron and Steel Co, South Hylton: HYLTON

W. and J. S. Sparrow and Sons, Bilston: SPARROW XXX; SPARROW BILSTON; W S {crown}

John Spencer, Coatbridge: PHOENIX

Stanier and Co, Silverdale, North Staffordshire: S & H {crown}

Stockton Malleable Iron Co, Stockton: S M I CO

Joseph Stones and Co, Grove Street Works, Cape, Smethwick: J S & CO

South Stockton Iron Co, Stockton: S.S.I. CO; SOUTH STOCKTON

Swan, Coates and Co: CARGO FLEET

Taylor Brothers, Clarence Works, Leeds: TAYLORS LEEDS

Thames Iron Works and Shipbuilding Co, Millwall, London: T. I. W.

G. and R. Thomas and Co, Birchills Works, Walsall: G & R T CANNON

Stephen Thompson and Co, Manor Works, Wolverhampton: MANOR; TRENT

Thornhill Iron Co, Thornhill Lees, near Dewsbury: E. THORNHILL

George Tinn and Co, Bristol Iron Rolling Mills: {crown} above GT; HELMET

Joseph Tinn, Ashton Iron Rolling Mills, Bedminster, Bristol: {dolphin} and stylised 'JT'

Joseph Tinn, Pontewynydd Sheet Iron and Steel Works, near Newport, Mon.: T above a {crescent containing P.S.I. & Co}

T. Tolley and Sons, Darlaston Green Works, near Wednesbury: {crown} over T; {crown} over T & S

Tredegar Iron Co:T.I. CO

Trowell Iron Co, Nottingham: {triangle} containing E R A above {crown}; EREWASH {crown}

W. Tudhope, Crown Iron Works, Coatbridge: J {crown} S; TUDOR {crown}

S. Tyzack and Co, Monkwearmouth Iron Works, Sunderland: S T & CO; S TYZACK & CO over SUNDERLAND

Thomas Walmsley and Sons, Bolton: AF; A {crown} F; T W & S; T WALMSLEY & SONS

Walsall District Iron Co, Walsall: {crown} over W D I C

H. Warrington, Berry Hill Works and Holly Bush Works, Stoke-on-Trent: W B {crown}

Waverley Iron and Steel Co, Coatbridge: WAVERLEY {crown}

Wear Rolling Mills Co, Sunderland: WEAR

Weardale Iron and Coal Co, Tudhoe Works, Spennymoor, Co. Durham: TUDHOE; WEARDALE

T. and C. Wells, Moxley Works, Bilston: T W {crown}; WELLS MOXLEY

West Hartlepool Iron Works, West Hartlepool: W H'POOL {crown}'

West Stockton Iron Works, Stockton: WEST STOCKTON

Wheelock Iron and Salt Co]], Sandbach, Cheshire: WHEELOCK

Whitecross Iron and Wire Co, Warrington: {cross} containing WWW

Joseph Whitham and Son, Perserverance Iron Works, Leeds: P W {crown}; P W BEST YORKSHIRE; WHITHAM & SON LEEDS {crown}

William Whitwell and Co, Thornaby Works, Stockton: Mallard lion W W & Co CLEVELAND; THORNABY; THORNABY

Wigan Rolling Mills Co, Pagefield Works, Wigan: W R M'. VIKING and NORSEMAN were used later.

Wilden Ironworks, Stourport (see also Baldwins): Brand BALDWIN-WILDEN with various suffixes; UNICORN (Charcoal Tin); ARLEY {crown} Tin; STOUR (Coke tin).

George Wilkinson, Globe Etna Works, Tividale, Tipton: {crown} above G-W above TIVIDALE

Philip Williams and Sons, Oak Works, Wednesbury: {bishop's mitre} above WO; WED {crown} OAK

Wilcock and Jones, South Yorkshire Hoop Iron Works, Rotherham: W & J; W & J over {barrel hoop}

Wilkinson and Sons, Alpha Works, Tipton: W & S {crown}

John Williams and Co, Excelsior Works, Wishaw: J W & CO {crown}

E. T. Wright and Son, Monmoor Iron Works, Wolverhampton: MONMOOR; WRIGHT

John Wylie and Co, Clifton Iron Works, Coatbridge: CLIFTON

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