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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Index: Patent Record

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Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.
Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Patent Record Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of Engineering 1887 Jul-Dec: Index


(Where the Name is in Italics the Abridgment is Illustrated.)

Aerial Navigation : 214

W. N. Hutchinson, 214

A. M. G. Sebillot, 214

Agricultural Machinery : 135, 317, 472

Digging-Machines, H. de Mornay, 317

Drills, C. Cottis, 472

Ploughs, J. Hornsby, T. Trolley, and W. Grice, 317

Seed Drills, F. H. Hyland, 135

Separating Grain, &c., E. Scholes, 135

Traction Engines and Digging Machines, F. J. Burrell and F. Proctor, 317

Aluminium, Manufacture of: 109,110

J. Clark, 109

Dr. E. C. K. Fiertz, 109

L. Grabau, 109

from Alumina, D. G. Reillon, S. C. Montagne, and O. L. B. L. Bourgerel, 110

Ammonia, Manufacture of : 266

Separating Ammonium Chloride, G. Jarmay, 266

from Sulphate of Ammonia, H. W. Deacon and F. Hurter, 266

Treatment of Manure, W. F. Nast, 266

Batteries and Accumulators : 84, 240, 398, 541, 690

H. Aron, 398

C. G. Curtis, F. B. Crocker, and S. S. Wheeler, 84

C. Desmazures, 84

A. F. St. George, 240

Dr. O. Lugo, 398

Carbon Electrodes, R. Applegarth, 240

Construction of, and Regulating, M. Bailey and J. Warner, 398

Conversion of Chemical Energy into Electrical Energy, W. E. Case, 690

Conversion of Heat into Electrical Energy, W. E. Case, 690

and Depolarising Bodies, E. Barbier and M. Leclanche, 690

Electrolyte and Depolarising Solution for Voltaic, W. C. Quinby, 240

Elements for Secondary, J. Pitkin, 84

Galvanic, F. W. Branson, 240

Galvanic, E. H. Desolu, 240

Galvanic, Dr. C. Gassner, Jun., 690

Galvanic, N. W. Perry, 84

Galvanic, S. F. Walker, 240

Negative Elements for Voltaic, D. G. Fitzgerald, 398

Plates without Support, E. Andreoli, 240

Positive Pole-Plates for, S. Farbaky and S. Schenek, 398

Primary, M. Bailey and J. Warner, 240

Primary, C. L. Tweedale, 541

Primary and Secondary, W. T. Ludlow, 398

Primary Voltaic, J. E. Pearce, 84

Primary Voltaic, W. Webster, 690

and Safety Lamps, The New Portable Electric Lamp and Power Syndicate Company, Limited,

D. Urquhart and B. Nicholson, 541

A Saline Preparation for Galvanic, A. Schanschieff, 240

Secondary, E. Andreoli, 541

Secondary, W. J. S. Barber-Starkey, 541

Secondary, W. W. Beaumont, 541

Secondary, T. J. Jones and W. H. Tasker, 398

Secondary, F. King, 240

Secondary, A. E. Peyrusson,84

Secondary, J. S. Sellon, 690

Secondary, C. Smith, 84

Solutions for Galvanic, W. P. Kookogey, 398

Bearings : 32, 60

Neck, for Upright Shafts, W. Burrell and R. Carver, 32

Paints to Indicate Temperature, H. Crookes, 60 Boilers : 60, 164, 293, 294, 447, 448, 592, 614

G. Becker, 293

E. Brouillet, 294

W. H. Farris, 294

J. Gamgee, 164

T. Joicey, 592

W. E. Kelly, 293

E. Kemp, 447

J. McCool, 294

T. Main, 448

A. Metcalf, 293

D. Midgley, 60

G. G. Picking and W, Hopkins, 614

J. Richardson, 293

B. Scott, 592

and Furnaces for, T. Lishman, 293

Fusible Plugs for Steam Boilers, W. Williams, 294

Multitubular, W. Voit and W. D. Hooker, 60

Preventing Incrustation, J. Cooke, 448

Preventing Incrustation, J. G. Galley, 60

Preventing Priming, W. Lewin, 447

Rotary Steam Generator, A. Musil, 448

Scaling Boilers, &c., and Preventing Corrosion, T. Bamford, 592

Steamship, J. R. Thomson and J. H. Biles, 60 Casting and Moulding : 32, 187

W. Potthoff, 32

Casting Chain Cables, T. Nordenfelt, 32

Compressing Sand Cores, J. N. M. Millot, 32

Ceres for, R. Applegarth, 32

Ladles, J. Craven and IF. Chapman, 187

Sand-Moulding Machines, G. Guntz, 187

Dolours and Dyes : 110, 566, 614

C. A. Bennert, 566

F. A. Gatty, 566

R Holt, 614

Green Colouring Matters, The Farbwerke vormals Meister Lucius and Bruning, 110

Manufacture of Acids and Dyes, L. Casella and Co., 566

Treatment of Lead Pigments, J. B. Hannay, 566

Conductors (See also Insulating)

Converters or Transformers, Electric : 541, 542, 690 (See also Electrical Distribution)

W. Lowrie and C. J. Hall, 240

W. H. Snell, 690

G. Westinghouse, 541

G. Westinghouse, 542

Electric Inductive Translators, W. Main, 541

Couplings : 32, 214, 372, 516

T. A. Brockelbank, 372

H. Loxley, 516

T. L. McKeen, 516

T. Melvin, 214

A. Selkirk, 214

W. G. Stuart, 372

Coupling and Uncoupling Shaft, E. C. Higgins, 32

Crushing and Grinding : 188, 344, 494, 640

A. Abadie, 94

F. Beall, 344

G. W. Elliott, 494

W. Schranz, 188

Flint, &c., W. Boulton, 640

Currents, Measuring : 240, 690 (See also Indicating and Measuring)

J. Cauderay, 398

G. C. C. Currie, 240

R. Dick and R. Kennedy, 240

E. W. Lancaster, 690

Voltmeters, J. S. Raworth, 690

Currents, Regulating : 542

G. Westinghouse, 542

Distilling: 292, 421, 422, 472, 613

T. Bernhardi, 613

& Smillie, 613

Dry Compound Substances, W. Burns, 421

Fatty Acids by Superheated Steam, VV. San-zenbacher and S. Tanatar, 421

Manufacture of Illuminating and Heating Gases, W. Burns, 421

and Maturing Alcohols, J. Wallace, 422

Water, P. Onolle, 294

Water, A. L, Normandy, 472

Dynamo-Electric Machines : 83, 239, 397, 541, 689

L. Bollmann, 397

C. G. Curtis, F. B. Crocker, and S. S, Wheeler, 83

B. Bick and B. Kennedy, 541

Electrotechnische Fabrik, 689

J. A. Fleming, 239

R. M. Hunter, 541

W. Lahm ey er, 6b9

A. Schanschieff, 541

Armatures of, R. E. B. Crompton, 541

Armatures for Electric Generators, G. Westinghouse, 541

Automatically Making and Breaking Circuit, A. B. Holmes and J. C. Vaudrey, 239

Brush for, J. G. Statter, S. L. Brunton, and J. W. Kempster, 689

Commutators for Electric Machines, G. Westinghouse, 541

Continuous Current, B. Kennedy, 689

Coupling Two or More alternate Current Dynamo-Electric Machines with a Main Circuit, Siemens and Halske, 689

Current Electric Generators, G. Westinghouse, 541

Electro-Motors, R. E. B. Crompton, 239

Fusible Connections for Armatures for Electric

Generators, H. W. Spang, 397

Fuze for, E. J. Houghton, 239

Transmitting Rotary Motion, S. Alley and A.

G. Brown, 239

Transmitting Rotary Motion to or from Electric

Machines, J. H. Holmes, 541

Electrical Apparatus : 84, 214, 240, 398,614, 690 (See also Furnaces, Electric; and Lighting, Electric)

Application of a Solenoid for Reinforcing Electrical Contacts, E. W. Serrell, 398

Conducting Electricity to Moving Vehicles, C. Pollak and G. Binswanger, 690

Electric Currents, C. F. Brush, 84

Electric Generators, F. F. Stogermayr and V. Glassner, 240

Electrodes, J. and F. M. Gibson, 240

Measuring the Efficiency of an Electric Circuit, Sir W. Thomson, 398

Measuring Electricity, J. Cauderay, 398

Secondary Generators for the Conversion of Electrical Energy by Induction, W. Lowrie and C. J. Hall, 240

Separating Metals, &c., by Electricity, H. S. Maxim, 614

Thermo-Electric Generators, A. Rust, 240

Transmitting Gear for Electric Motors, W. H. Knight, 214

Electrical Distribution : 542 (See also Converters)

R. Dick and R. Kennedy, 542

G. Westinghouse, 542

G. Westinghouse, 542

Application of Volta Inductors, Siemens and Halske. 542

Indicating and Regulating the Electrical Potential, J. W. Howell, 542

Engine Fittings : 294

Lubricating, J. Fletcher, 294

Metallic Packings, H. G. Small, 294

Packing, C. Rohn, 294

Engines, Gas: 60,164, 447

P. Murray, 60

V. de Nydprttck and J. D’Heyne, 447

A. Rollason, 164

J. Shaw, 164

J. Southall, 447

Two Pistons in the Same Cylinder, J. R. Rixon, 60

Engines, Hot-Air : 293, 592

P. A. Kuhne, 592

H. Robinson, 293

Engines, Hydro-Carbon : 293, 592

J. J. R. Humes, 592

B. and J. Butterworth, 293

H. A. Stuart, 293

G. W. Weatherhogg, 293

Engines, Rotary : 59, 163, 293, 447, 591

W. H. Bright, 591

P. Kirchhoff, 163

H. Knebel, 163

C. E. Romanet, 59

C. Silver and H. Thompson, 293

O. F. Sleigh and H. V. and K. F. Smith, 447

E. S. Smith and R. V. Pierce, 591

L. Zechmeister and P. J. Weber, 447

Engines, Steam : 59,163. 293, 447, 591, 666

De Beauregard, F. A. T., 59

Chapman, J., 59

R. Dick and R. Kennedy, 293

M. Heslop, 163

J. S. Raworth, 163

A. F. Scott, 591

R. Woodhouse and G. G. Rhodes, 59

H. Wormaid and J. Hargreaves, 447

Compound Marine, J. Howden, 59

Cylinders and Valves, L. J. Todd, 293

Direct-Acting, C. C. Worthington, 59

Driving Gear for the Valve Motion of, Blohm and Voss, 591

Duplex Pumping Engine, E. E. Clark, 591

Gear for Working Valves, J. F. Paxton and G. Ralston, 163

High-Speed, A. Bever, 163

Link Motion for, F. R. Cox, 59

Obtaining a Mixture of Compressed Air and Steam, W. Schmidt, 59

Pistons, E. J. Horsley, 163

Reciprocating Piston Engines, G. J. C. D. Skinner, 59

Removing the Pressure of Steam which Exists on Slide Valves of, J. D. Smith, 447

Reversing, Starting, or Stopping Machinery, J. G. Galley, 447

Rotary Slide Valves and Valve Gear for, C. Pfaff, 591

Slide Valves, IP. Westwood, 163

Starting Compound Engines f‘ J Burrel, 293

Stop Gear, R. Nicholson and T. Thorp, 293

Superheating Apparatus for, R. Creuzbaur, 591

Three-Cylinder, P. Brotherhood, 163

Traction Engines, S. Eddington and J. E. Steevenson, 666

Valve Gear for, G. A. C. Bremme, 293

Valve Gear for, J. F. Carpenter, 447

Valve Gear for, W. A. Kyle, 447

Valve Gear for, E. Tincknell, 59

Valves and Valve Gear, P. Brennicke and Co , 293

Valves and Valve Gear for, A. F. Devereux, 59

Valves and Valve Gear, G. L. Lambert, 293

Working Slide Valves and Stopping or Reversing Engines, W. Allan, 293

Explosives and Projectiles ; 135, 317, 613

C. T. Cayley and R. S. Courtman, 317

H. S. Maxim, 317

R, H. Punschon, 613

J. Rigby, 135

C. Roth, 135

J. Vavasseur, 135

Cartridges, J. L. Didier, 135

Cartridges, T. Nordenfelt, 135

Firing Cartridges, W. Lorenz, 135

Fuzes, T. Nordenfelt, 135, 317

Securing Percussion Caps in Cartridges, W. Lorenz, 135

Smokeless, Sir F. A. Abel, 613

Feed Water Heating : 164, 592

T. Gilmour, 592

Effecting Deposit of Impurities, C. J, Galloway and J. H. Beckwith, 164

Forging and Rolling : 494, 640

Forming Threads upon Wood Screws, C. D. Rogers, 640

by Hydraulic Pressure, IP. D Allen, 494

Making Corrugated Shells for Boiler Furnaces, J. Anderson, 640

Steel Rails, La Societe Anonyme des Mines de fer del’Anjou et des Forges de Saint Nazaire, 640

Wood Screws, T. R. Weston, 640

Furnaces : 60, 109, 164, 265, 294, 421, 565, 592

P. II. Sadler, 594

L. C. Shaw, 592

Glass, P. Sievert, 565

S. Smithson, 164

Chlorinating Ores, J. E. Baugh and C. Dinksman, 421

Evaporating and Calcining, F. Siemens, 421

Feeding Milling, D. Rylands, B. Stoner, and R. Potter, 265

Firebars, F. Goddard, 592

Firegrates and Smoke-Consuming Apparatus,

A. Tolhurst, A. Philbey, and C. A. Glazebrook, 60

Forced Draught in, J. S. White and G. E. Beiliss, 164

Forcing Draught, C. J. Croft and F. Dowling, 164

Gas Retort, E. J. Barnjleld, 109

Manufacture of Coke for the Desiccation of Solids, R. de Soldenhoff, 421

Open Hearth, F. Hilton, 565

Procuring Aluminium, M. G. Farmer, 565

Production of Chlorine, E. Solway, 565

Recovering Salts from Lyes, C. F. Dahl, 265

Regenerative Gas Retort, F. Siemens, 109

Revolving Firegrates, G. A, Godillot, 592

Step Gratings for Effecting Entire Combustion of Coal, L. P. Cohen and E. Hermann, 294

Furnaces, Boiler: 294

C. Bianchi, 294

R. Marshall and W. Clark, 294

J. Proctor, 294

Furnaces, Electric : 84, 240, 398

E. H. and A. H. Cowles, 84

W. Maxwell, 398

J. E. Rogerson, J. G. Statter, and J. S. Stevenson, 2<0

Gas, Manufacture of : 110, 265, 266, 422 (See also Illuminating Appliances)

Pauline Farinaux, 422

G. 11. Kohn, 265

II. B. Sheridan and E. Rawlings, 266

Carbonic Oxide Gas, A. Fritschi, 110

Distillation, O. Rose, 265

Generating Gas, A. A. Harwood and M. D. van Tassel, 266

Manufacture of Pure Hydrogen, J. Belou, 422

Purification of Coal Gas, C. F. Claus, 265

Purification of Coal Gas, C. W. Watts, 266

Glass, Manufacture of: 109, 472,613

J. Armstrong, 613

G. F. Chance, 472

E. Picard, 109

Chequered, A. D. Brogan and A. M. Malloch, 613

Furnaces for, D. Rylands, 109

Tables for Polishing, E. Brown, 472

Governors : 164, 448, 471, 494

G. D. Davis, 471

G. E. Dow, 448

F. France, 494

IF. Hornsby and F. J. Cribb, 448

E. Jones, 448

A. D. Quint, 164

F. M. Rites, 164

R. Wilby, 448

Thermometric, J. E. Holmes and D. C. and H. C. Covert, 471

Grain, Treating : 613

R. Smith, 613

Cleaners, IK, E. Sergeant and J. II. Cook, 613

Guns: 135, 317, 471,613

Bearings, R. T. Brankston, 471

Breech-Blocks, J. Farcot, 135

Breechloading, C. Roestel, 135

Carriages, H. Gruson, 135, 317

Compound Armour Plates, A. Wilson, 471

Controlling Hydraulic Apparatus for Elevating, C. H. Murray, 613

Depressing Gun Cartridges and Protecting the same, La Compagnie Anonyme des Forges de Chatillone et Commentry, 317

Firearms and Projectiles, G. F. Harrington, 613

Gear for, Fitted with Hydraulic Running in and out Cylinders, C. 11. Murray, 613

Machine, A. Gybbon-Spilsbury, 317

Machine, and Mountings, T. Nordenfelt, 317

Mountings for Disappearing Guns, A. Noble, 135

Sighting, M. Heeren, 471

Hoisting and Hauling : 31, 187, 344, 372, 516, 640

P. G. Backman, 187

J. D. Churchill, 344

C. Heyer, 31

II. McLaughlin and J. B. Mating, 640

5. and T. Newton, 187

E. Pohl and J. Jungk, 31

G. Russell, 31

Cages, S. and T. Newton, 31

Hydraulic, T. P. Ford, 314

Hydraulic, H. C. Walker and R. Carey, 187

Preventing Accidents, W. H. Noble, 187

Pulley Blocks, C. H. Murray, 516

Safety Apparatus for, M. Rossbach, 187

Suspended Lifts, J. S. Stevens and C. G. Major, 344

Winches for Vessels, J. Shaw and J. Hastie, 372

Worm Gearing for, W. H. Harfield, 344

Hydraulic Apparatus : 344, 448, 640

C. S. Madan, 344

B Tydeman, 448

Dredging Apparatus, D. T. Fender, 640

Illuminating Appliances : 110,126, 318

Gas Regulators, IF. Cox, 136

Mantles for Incandescent Gas Lighting, A. Paget, 110,136, 318

Regulating the Supply of Oil to Lamps, J. B. Fenby, 136

Incrustation, Preventing : 294

Mrs. S. Hoyle, 294

J. L. Wade, 294

Liquid for, and Treating the Residue for Making Blacking, W. G. Gard, 294

Removing Incrustations, J. Brookbanks, 291

Indicating and Measuring : 60, 542, 614

J. Westinghouse, 542

Measuring Heat, M. Immisch, 60

Measuring Liquids, II. II. Sporton, 614

Voltmeters, G. Westinghouse, 542

Injectors : 318

Automatic Lifting, II McElroy and II. Connett, 318

Insulating Conductors, &c. : 398, 542, 690

T. H. Dunham, 398

H. W. Merritt, 398

D. Nicoll, 398

H. Weber and R. Schefbauer, 542

G. Westinghouse, 542

Constructing Cases for Electric Conductors,

T. O. Callender and C. E. Webber, 398

Covering Wires, F. Walton, (90

Underground, D. Brooks, 398

Iron and Steel, Manufacture of : 109, 265, 421, 565, 566 (See also Wire)

H. W. Bessemer, 565

A. and L. Q Brin, 421

E. IF. Richards and F. Hilton, 565

C. J. Sandahi, J. Birchall, and J. Musson, 421

Annealing Steel, J. Dahl, 421

Bessemer Converters, C. G. Wittenstrom, E.

Faustman, and P. Ostberg, 565

Blast Furnaces for, C. J. Sandahi, J. Birchall, and J. Musson, 421

Casting Metal Ingots in a Sectional Mould, J. B. D. Boulton, 566

Coating Iron Surfaces to Prevent Rust, A. de Meriter.s, 566

Covering Various Metal Wares by Combined Electro Chemical and Mechanical Process,

F. F. E. Elmore, 265

Hardening and Tempering Steel Wire, J. Pinder and B. Wroodcock, 265

Metallic Alloys, J. Whitley, 109

Production of Compound Ingots, E. Wheeler, 421

Reducing the Point in Carbon in Steel and Forming a Homogeneous Weld, E. D. Wassell, 265

Separating Funnels or Gits, R. Schneider, 109

Smelting Ores, A. Fritsch, 109

Lighting, Electric: 83, 214, 239, 397, 689, 690

E. H. Johnson, 239

H. W. Rhoads, 239

Arc Lamps, A. J. Beaumont, 83

Arc Lamps, W. R. Johnston, 239

Arc Lamps, P. J. K lAtang, 397

Arc Lamps, C. M. Noble, 397

Arc Lamps, Hon. C. A. Parsons, 689

Arc Lamps, H. Weber and R. Schejbauer, 689

Arc Lamps, F. de Wolffers, 397

Carbon filaments for Electric Lamps, C. Seel, 239

Carbons, W. R. Johnston, 690

Conductors for Incandescent Lamps, W. Maxwell, 83, 239 4 .

Fittings, R. E. B. Crompton and W. A. Ryle, 239

Glass Globes and Holders for Incandescent

Lamps, H. Lea, 397

Glow Lamps, C. Seel, 397

Incandescent Lamps, R. Kenned}7 and R. Dick, 239

Incandescent Lamps, J. G. Lorrain, 239

Incandescent Lamps, IP. Maxwell,

Incandescent Lamps and Carbonising the Conductors of, P. Ward, 397

Lamps, W. S. Hill, 689

Lamps, S. P. Thompson, 83

Lighting Trains by Electricity, T. P. Carswell, 214

Lighting Vehicles by, C. Smith, 689

for Locomotive Engineers, H. L. Pyle, 239

Manufacture of Carbons for, J. T. Lister, 239

Manufacture of the Incandescing Portion of Incandescent Electric Lamps, Vitnte ana Luminoid Company, 397 .

Materials for Use as the Luminant of Electric Lamps, &c., The Vitrite and Luminoid Company, 397

Portable Lamp, A. Friedlaender, 397

Producing Carbon Fibres. W. Maxwell, 3J7

Regulators for Arc Lights, Dr. S. Doubrava, 83

Safety Lamps, A. Howat, 689

Safety Lamps, M. Settle, 689

Lighting and Heating : 613

J. S. Sellon, 613

W. T. Sugg, 613

R. Wallwork, 613

Lubricators: 471, 592, 614

J. B. Fondu, 471

G. A. J. Schott, 471

Lubricating Compound, F. T. and Archer and G. W. Hardy, 614

Sight-Feed, B. Dyson, 592

Metal Sheets, Coating : 666

R. Heathfield, 566

IP. B. Spear, 566 7

Mines, Appliances for Use in: 318 (See also Tools, Small) ,

Discharging Explosives, O. P. H. A. Strauoe, 818

Enabling Persons to Breathe Pure Air in Poisonous Atmosphere, G. Runge and a. Stude, 318

Improvements in Cages, P. Nicholls, 318

Safety Lamp, R. L., J., and J. B. Short, 318

Miscellaneous : 32, 60, 110, 136, 188, 214 , 24U, 266, 294, 318, 344, 372, 398, 422, 448, 472, 494, 516, 566, 592, 614, 640, 666, 690

Alumina Compounds for Bleaching, Dr. R. Weiss, 110

Artificial Fuel, W. C. and A. A. Haigh, 110

Ascertaining Leakages in Water Pipes, A. Paris, 136

Automatically Compressing Air, V. A. Pilloud,

Automatically Opening and Closing the “Stuff Tap” in Paper-Making Machinery, H. Schofield, 610

Beating Paper Pulp, J. H. Horne, 32

Breakdown Guns, F. Beesley, 136

Bricks, E. and E. C. Kerry, 110

Car and Engine Replacing Frogs, B. E. Tilden, 516

Clamping Devices, W. D. Eiger, 640

Clearing Skins, &c., from Lime, E. P. Nesbit, 566

Combined Thermo-Electrical and Hydraulic Apparatus for Automatically Operating Air, &c., B. Boothroyd, 592

Condensation of Steam and Obtaining Motive Power, W. Whittle, 448

Condensing Steam, G. Best, 448

Connecting Railways Across Rivers, Sir E. J. Reed, 214

Controlling the Supply of Gas to Distributing Pipes, T. W. Vaughan and J. Brown, 318

Decorticating Machines, E. M. Armand, 32

Dental Anodyne or Local Anaesthetic, C. W. Arnold, 516

Deposition of Platinum by Electricity, W. A. Thoms, 398

Detonating Fire Alarm, C. J. D. Oppermann, 214

Disinfection of Sewage, F. Petri, 110

Disintegrating Fibrous Substances and Manufacturing Paper Pulp, A. Blackman, 640

Dividing Flow of Granular Materials, W. H. Campbell, 318

Drawing Iron Bars through Dies to Produce a Smooth Surface, B. C. Tilghman, 344

Driving Belts, M. Gandy, 614

Driving Screw Piles, F. Hilton, 494

Effecting the Electro-Chemical Generation of Chlorine, D. G. Fitzgerald, 592

Electro-Plating, R. K. Boyle, 690

Expressing Oil and Converting the Residue into Oil-Cake, H. Lambert and G. Greenwood, 110

Expressing Oil from Oleaginous Substances, La Societe Anonyme du Compresseur Jourdan, 266

Extracting Fatty Acids, W. Graff, 422

Extracting Saccharine, VT. A. Perret, 214

Facilitating the Lajing of Asphalt Concrete Pavements, A. L. Barber, 136

Fire-Extinguishing Apparatus, W. M. Glenister and J. C. Merryweather, 318

Gearing Chains, R. Green, 60

Heat Radiators, J. Russel and J. S. Rosser, 640 Horse Gears, A. W. Harrison,60

Improvements in Wheels whereby Shock is Diminished, T. Bolas and J. B. Bright, 372

Inducing Complete Combustion of Gases, &c., IF. M. Chinneryand H. Hill, 422

Iron Girders, C. F. F. Stendtner, 318

Laying Dust, T. Archer and T. O. Robson, 472

Life Saving Equipments, H. Swindall, 318

Lifters for Rails, &c., F. and J. K. Golightly, 214

Lighting Railway Stations, &c., J. St. Clair, 472

Machine Street Sweepers, H. Whiley, 614

Making Clear Ice, C. Linde, 640

Manufacture of Alkali, J. Barrow, 266

Manufacture of Assimilable Phosphates and of Sulphate of Ammonia, D. Solvay, 110

Manufacture of Chlorate of. Potash, J. W. Kynaston, 422

Manufacture of Double Sulphate and Phosphate of Ammonium or Potassium, Dr. O. von Gruber, 110

Manufacture of Fuel Blocks, C. Audouy, 422

Manufacture of Gum, Dr. A. Rossi and C. Hellfrisch, 422

Manufacture of Merchantable Material from Thistle Down, E. H. M. Caston, 110

Manufacture of Meta-Stannic Acid, J. J. Hood and A. G. Salamon, 422

Manufacture of Metallic Oxides, A. and L. Q. Brin, 422

Manufacture of Objects, so that they Change their Colour when Subjected to Certain Influences, M. Himly, F. Leiser, and J. Bard-tholdt, 318

Manufacture of Ozone, L. Teillard, 614

Manufacture of Paper Pulp from Moss Peat, A. Ubbelohde, 110

Manufacture of Products from Naphtha Residues, A. Nikiforoff, 422

Manufacture of Sodium Sulphites, J. M. Collett, 422

Manufacture of Spade Blades, W. Bell, 188

Manufacture of Substitutes for India-Rubber, Varnish, &c., F. Greening, 266

Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid under High Pressure, IF. Burns, 566

Manufacture of Vegetable Extract, A, Morand, 110

Mechanical Lever Motion, T. A. Weston, 614

Misering, J. W. and C. Docwra, 344

Movable Loading Stage, G. E. Lanfranconi, 666

Mud Dredgers, N. R. Griffith, 614

Non-Conducting Covering for Boilers, A. Haacke 294

Obtaining Chlorine, L. Mond, 110

Obtaining Hydro-Carbons from Gases, F. Friedlander and J. Quaglio, 110

Obtaining Manure from Distillers’ Spent Wash, W. S. Squire, 422

Obtaining Purified Carbon, R. Pringle, 266

Obtaining Spelter and Caustic Soda, &c., P. Higgs, 266

Ornamenting Metals, J. Mallot, 614

Paper, C. Morfit, 110

Paving Roads, A. C. Ranyard, 318

Pipe Joints, H. Ramsden, 640

Preparing Bleaching Solutions by Electrolysis, e7Hermite, E. J. Paterson, and C. F. Cooper,

Preparing Fibres Capable of being Spun from Wood, A. Mitschtrlich, 266

Preparing Filamentous Materials, T. Watson, 472

Preparing Hemp, &c., G. Walker, 614

Preparing Organic Matter for Metallisation by Galvanic Deposit, La Societe Anonyme de Metallisation Artistique des Animaux, Vegetaux, ou autres Corps, 240

Pressing Cotton, &c., J. Watson, 344

Pressure Gauges, Schaffer and Budenberg, 294

Printing on Fabrics, J. Kerr, 614

Production of Coloured Designs upon Celluloid and Analogous Products, La Compagnie Franchise du Celluloid, 110

Production of the Ethers of Morphin-Carbonic Acid, A. Knoll, 266

Production of Liquid or Compressed Chlorine, C. T. J. Vautin, 566

Production of Mezzotint Engraving, G. H. Bolland and M. H. P. R. Sankey, 640

Production of Ozone, A. and L. Q. Brin, 422

Production of Silicious Copper, C. Heusler, 422

Production of Unguent Material from Wool Fat, H. W. Langbeck, 422

Protecting Parts of Machinery,?. R. Allen, 666

Reclaiming Waste Moorlands and Utilising Peat, C. Weygang, 614

Reducing Sawdust, &c., to a Pulp, J. R. Alsing, 640

Refractory Linings, T. Twynam, 214

Regulating the Supply of Air to Gas Producers, C. Birley and J. Sturgeon, 422

Rendering Bodies Uninflammable, C. Haret, 32

Rendering the Coating of Fuzes Incombustible, G. J. Smith, 472

Rendering Textile Fabrics Impermeable, C. Orlay, 266

Rivets, S. Arnold, 472

Koller Mills, F. Moss, 640

Rope Traction on Railways, W. Shapton, 666

Safety Hooks, H. Cherry and (x. Tangy e, 136

Salicylic Acid “ Esters,” M. von Nencki and Dr. C. Kolbe, 110

Sand Blast Process, J. B. Stone and F. W. Hindson, 32

Securing Rope by Wedge Action, <7. T. Hopper, 136

Sodium Bicarbonate, J. T. Watts and W. A. Richards, 422

Solder Bars, D. Sinclair and G. Johnstone, 640

Spring Engines, W. Allan, 472

Stays, H. Bochle, 614

Sugar, A, and L. Q. Brin, 422

Supporting Overhead Flexible Metal Roads, U. S. E. Crakanthorp, 666

Supporting and Working Centrifugal Machines, C. G. P. de Laval, 494

Thermometers, P. Ward, 214

Tip Wagons, A. S. HUI, 136

Tipping Scoop, IV. Malcolm, 188

Torpedoes, H. Echberg, 666

Treating Milk for Preserving it, A. Brin, 263

Treatment of Jerusalem Artichoke, A. Z., A. N., and L. P. Champy, 266

Treatment of Sewage, W. B. Hallett, 422

Treatment of Sulphuretted Hydrogen for the Separation of Sulphur, J. Simpson andB. IV. Parnell, 566

Volute Springs, J. Wroe, 32

Washing Coal, &c., R. Stewart and J. F. Waldie, 110

Motors : 318

Utilising Atmospheric or Solar Heat, C. Tellier, 318

Water, A. Norman and G. L, Pearson, 318

Moulding and Casting : 639, 640

H. Tabor, 639

Revolving and Tilting Mould, G. Adams, 640

Nuts and Bolts: 32, 60, 640

J. H. Burdick, 32

G. Coulon, 32

J. Dunbar and J. J. D. Cleminson, 640

J. Scattergood, 32, 60

S. De la G. Williams, 60

Ores, Treatment of : 109, 265, 421, 566

J. Belou, 421

H. Boyns, 109

A. and L. Q. Brin, 566

J. S. MacArthur, R. W. and W. Forrest, andG Morton, 421

Amalgamators, B. Fischer and M. W. Weber 421

Cleaning Mineral Ores, G. M. Edwards, 421

Extracting Gold from Finely Divided Auriferous Material, J. C. Newbery and C. T. J. Vautin 265

Obtaining Aluminium, W. A. Baldwin, 566

Obtaining Zinc, R. Hannan and M. Milburn

Reducing Zinc Ores and Collecting the Metalli Zinc therefrom, E. Walsh, 566

Separating Metals, A. L. Keeport, 566

Separating Metals, W. White, 265

Packing fur Engines : 32, 318

C. McLaren, 32

Packing Springs for Pistons and Plungers, II Lancaster and R. F. C. Tonge, 318

Piles, Driving : 188

H. and J. Figee, 188

T. Whitiker, 188

Power, Transmitting. 135, 136, 317, 471 (See also Miscellaneous)

A. Fayol, 471

F. Fleming, 317

A. Trask, 136

Anti-Friction Journal Boxes, IF. 5. Sharp necks, 317

Belting, B. Binks, 317

Built-up Cranks, J. & Fairfax, 471

Chains for, J. B. and A. H. Trigwell, 3 36

Connecting the Ends of Driving Bands, fc

Ogden and E. Welsby, 136

Fastening Ends of Belts, A. W. Death, 317

Friction Clutch, R. Heywood and D. Bndgt 317

Lubricators, T. Hill, 135

Metallic Packing, J. Murray, 471

Pulley Bosses, T. Sugden, 471

Reversing' Belt Gear, H. E. Smith, 317

Throwing- Belt-Driven Machinery into and out of Action, J. A. A. Buchholz, 317

Tumble Bearing for Shafts, W. H. Vaughan and T. Foster, 136

Pumps, 31, 32,187, 343, 494, 639

G. Castanon, R. Menendez, and S. Gil, 32

T. Derichs, 343

J. O. Lundberg, 494

T. G. Redstone, 343

G. Schnass, 343

F. II. Stacey and II. Wilkinson, 494

Air-Compressing, H. Davey, 639

Centrifugal, W. T. Ellis, 494

Centrifugal, R. K. Evans, 31

Filter Pumps, C. A. Roeliner, 343

Injectors, R. Seguela, 187

Moving Air and Gases, E. Hubner, 31

Pumping Water from Mines, C. Blagburn, 343

Rotary, G. Blackwell, 639

Rotary, L. Neubur, 187

Rotary, J. H. Storey, 494

Rotary Air Propellers, 0. Enke, 187

Rotary, also for Exhausting Purposes, S.

Mellor, 387

Screw Fans, C. S. De Bay and W. J. Moxon, 31

Transmitting Motion to, T, and R. W. Bower, J. Blackman, and F. Mori, 639

Valve for, W. J. Davy, 31

Railway Permanent Way : 213, 372, 516, 665

E. P. Martin, 213

H. White, 372

Chairs, F. Coblyn, 213

Chairs, J. Derbyshire, 516

Chairs and Sleepers, J. Howard and E. T. and IF. R. Bousfield, 665

Fixing Rails, H. Law, 516

Fixing Rails, A. Wolstenholme, 665

Joining the Rails and Securing the Gauge of a Railway, J. Ashton, 213

Metallic Sleepers and Chairs, H. Walker and R. Woodward, 213

Metallic Sleepers and Securing Chairs and Rails, A. T. Allen and H. Cavill, 372

Securing Rails, L. P. Gojjin and E. Vanriet, 516

Securing Rails, T. Searls and J. Trippett, 213

Sleepers, W. A. Brown, €65

Sleepers, E. Schmidt, 372

Sleepers and-Securing Rails, J. Splane, 516

Railway Rolling Stock : 213, 371, 515, 516, 665, 666

T. Hale and D. W. Richards, 371

Apparatus for Heating Railway Carriages, &c., and Spanners therefore, J. King, 371

Axle-Boxes, M. Randolph, 213

Axle-Boxes, E. C. Winterr os, 665

Bearings, C. A. de A. Basto, 666

Bogie Cars, W. Smith, 665

Car Wheels, E. Peckham, 516

Compound Locomotive and Tramway Engines, R. C. Parsons, 213

Construction of Diaphragm Used in Vacuum Brakes, J. Jones, 665

Coupling Pipes for Railway Brakes, A. Spencer, 665

Coupling Pipes on Trains, A. P. Kapteyn, 666

Couplings, J. Hartill, 665

Driving Wheels, C. E. Swinerton, 213

Elevated Single Rail Railways, J. T. Pullon, 515

Flexible Pipe Couplings, M. D. Legat, 516

Laminated Springs, H. Davenport and T. G. Clayton, 516

Locomotives, H. W. Ladd, 371

Preventing Driving Wheels from Slipping, L, Huber and P. Kippenhan, 371

Preventing Vehicles from Leaving the Rails, I. Plou, 371

Railway Trucks, R. Wilson, 515

Tubular Axles, A. Paterson, 516

Ventilating, E. E. Baine, 371

Railways, Electric : 240

Siemens and Halske, 240

Applying Electro-Motors to Vehicles, M. Immisch, 240

Operating Electric Brakes, E. E. Ries, 240

Railways or Tramways, Elevated : 372

C. J. Ball, 372

W. B. Mack, 872

Refrigerating Machinery : 613

W. Hargreaves and W. Inglis, 613

Air Refrigerating, E. Hesketh, 613

Novel Binary Liquids for, J. Quiri, 613

Rock-Drills : 32

Imparting Reciprocating Motion to, F. C. Phillips and II. E. Harrison, 32

Rolling, Drawing, and Forging : 31, 188, 343, 344

E. S. Higgins, 344

B. C. Tilghman, 31

IF. H. Wright, 343

Bending or Bevelling Metal Bars, R. E. Davies and J. Primrose, 343

Blooms for Manufacture of Wheel Tyres, J. Munton, 344

Chains, M. Jacker and J. B. Maas, 344

Heating Rolls for, F. Hilton, 188

Manufacture of Hoops, J. B. Bradshaw, 188

Tyres, J. Munton, 344

Wire, A. Mannesmann, 344

Working the Screws of Rolling Mills, L. Richards, 31

Screws, Making : 188, £18, 344

C. Furbish, 188

A. Muir and J. Humphreys, 188

II. E. Russell, 344

T. B. Smith, 188

C. E. D. Winssinger, 188

Screws and Nuts, J. P. Tornier, 318

Ships : 213, 371, 515, 665

Automatic Governor for Marine Engines, D. Ragg, 371

Boat Detaching Apparatus, E. J. Hill, 665

Checking Instructions by Electricity, II. P, Sherlock, 371

Combined Girder and Solid Bar Sternpost for, J. H. Laid man, 515

Combined Hand and Steam Steering Gear, D. D. and W. D. Napier and A. Kelly, 665

Connecting Broken Shafts of Screw Steamers, W. W. Heron, 371

Construction of Cranks and Crankshafts, IF* Putnam, 665

Construction of Rudders for Iron or Steel Ships, J. H. Laid man, 665

Discharging Ships’ Cargoes, W. Goodwin, 515

Drag Anchors, V. Pagan, 665

Flap Paddle Propeller Mechanism for, J. B. Merkl, 515

Loading Vessels, Sir W. T. Lewis and C. L. Hunter, 515

Loading Vessels, Sir W. T. Lewis and C. L. Hunter, 515

Maintaining a Constant Plane in a Floating Vessel, B. Tower, 515

Obtaining Soundings from a Moving Vessel, J. Joly, 665

Preservative Coating for Ships’ Bottoms, J. B. Hannay, 371

Preventing the Inflow of Water, W. Mackie, 371

Preventing Pitting of Screw Propellers, M. Prior, 665

Propelling Vessels by Compressed Air, P. Haenlein, 371

Propulsion of, T. Hitt, 371

Propulsion of, P. F. Maccallum, 515

Propulsion of Small Craft, A. Biver, 213

Rapidly Lowering Water-Tight Lifting Doors, R. H. C. and G. J. C. Ball, 371

Screw Propeller Shafts, F. R. Cedervale, 515

Screw Propellers, W. Bury, 371

Screw Propellers, A. Desgoffe and L, de Georges, 213

Screw Propellers, W. N. Hutchinson and E. N. M. Hepworth, 515

Screw Propeller for, M. and T. H. Scarth, 371

Screw Propellers, A. T. Zeise, 665

Securing Ships’ Boats, W. Andrew, 213

Ships’ Boats and Housing the same, A. McDougall, 371

Steering Gear, H. F. Moore, 213

Steering Gear, R. S. White, 213

Steering and Propelling, T. B. Heathorn, 515

Stern Bearings of Screw Propeller Shafts, J. Menzies, 515

Stern-Wheel Steamers, J. McGregor, 213

Stopping Breaches in, J. H. Smith, 515

Ventilation of, C. J. W. Kerin and E. L. Sheldon, 213

Weighing Vessels and their Cargoes, and Automatically Discharging Water, D. Park, 665

Signalling : 136, 372, 398, 472, 516, 666

F. D. Bowles and J, Price, 666

T. T. Powell, 516

E. C. Turner, 666

Automatic, A. J. Martins, J. M, da Silva, and A. de A. Neves, 666

Detonating Signals, G. S. Spencer, 372

Electrical, M. G. Farmer, 398

Electiical, L. Sellner, 398

Fog Signals, F. D. Banister and IF. Stroudley, 516

by bight, J. G. Howard, 136

Operating Signals, G. Edwards, 666

Heat, A Predetermined Degree of, J. M. Fischer, 472

Switches : 84, 240, 690

H. IK. Edlin, 84

A. Slatter, 690

Electric Circuitsand Switches, J. F. McElroy, 690

Electrical Resistance, M. H. Smith, 240

Self-Acting Electro-Magnetic Combined Switch and Cut-Out, J. M. F. Eent, 690

Telephonic, A. R. Bennett and U. G. Wright, 240

Telegraphy and Telephony ; 83, 239, 397, 398, 541, 689

D. Boyd and S. Williams, 397

IF. 7). House, 83

J. F. McLaughlin, 541

J. M. Phelps, 83

P. Babbidge, 397

J. Rae and J. C. Simpson, 239

J. C. Reiff', 397

J. C. Reiff, 541

A. M. Rosebrugh, 541

J. S. Ross, 398

The Starhope Company, Limited, and G. L. Anders, 398

Bells and Indicators, W. P. Granville, 689

Communicating Apparatus, W. Chadburn, 689

Electric Cables, S. T. Shelborne, 239

Electro-Magnetic Telephones, H. Collet, 689

Electro-Phonetic Telegraph Sounders, H. A.

House and H. A. House, Jun., 689

Facilitating the Rapid Publication of News, E. F. Law, 689

Induction Telephone Repeaters, S. F. Shelbourne, 239

Lightning Guard for Poles Carrying Electrical Conductors, A. R. Bennett, 239

Making Needle-Speaking Telegraph Instruments Semi-Acoustic, E. Dunn, 239

Micro-Telephonic Transmitters, C. Diamond, 541

Relays, C. Diener, 398

Suspending Overhead Wires, A. E. Harris, 83

Transmitting Instruments, L. Maiche, 397

Tools, Machine : 31, 343, 493, 639

Band Saw Frames, H. and A. Foster, 639

Bending Metal Bars, R. E. Davis and J. Primrose, 31

Bending Steel Plates, J. T. Eltringham, 31

Boring, R. Storey, 639

Circular Saw Benches, E. Hughes, 639

Coiling Wire, J. E. Gaitley and G. W. Percy, 31

Compressing Pieces of Metal, R. Evans, 343

Cutting Worm wheels, J. A. Nordstedt, 343

Emery Wheel, R. Fenn, 343

Feed Mechanism for Deals in Vertical Saw Frames, W. G. Buchanan, 343

File-Cutting Machinery, A. Weed, 31

Lathes, T. Baum, 343

Lathes, W. W. House, 639

Lathes, W. W. Hulse, 493

Manufacturing Four - Sided Metal Articles W. II. Dorman, 493

Manufacturing Metal Tubes, J. Earle and G Bourne, 31

Nail-Cutting Machines, E. H. Bissett, 31

Regulating the Supply of Water to Hydraulic Cylinders, E, Reynolds, 31

Rivetting, &c., J. Armer, t>39

Sand Blast Machines for Cleaning, F. W Etna and J. Maw, 639’

Sand Moulding, W. C. Whitehead and J. H Latshaw, 493

“Slotting Punch,” J. Y. Hawdon and J. Eng-lisn, 31®

Straightening Metallic Rails, &c., A. J. Gustin ol*

Straightening and Planing Angle Irons, H. W. Haswell, 639

Universal Chucks, E. P. Baville, 343

Valve Motions of Rock Drills, D. D. Donald, 639

Wood Planing, J. Rawlings and J. and G. Pickles 493

Tools, Small : 31,188, 343, 493, 639

Adjustable Boring Tool, J. Uhle, 31

Adjustable Spanners, H. A. Couchman, 493

Adjustable Spanners, J. Moore and C. D. Martin, 493

Adjustable Spanners, W. E. Taft, 639

Anvils, G. Allen and T. Turner, 639

Artificial Grindstones, T. Plesner, 31

Boxes for Vice Screws, S. Davis, 639

Drilling, C. Bowers, 493

Expanding Mandrels and Taps, J. Whiteley, 493

Ladles for Running Lead Joints in Cast-Iron Pipes, H. Nicholson, 493

Making Lead Rivets Used for Locking Miners’ Safety Lamps, H. Bramall, 639

Pivotting a Combined Pick and Shovel, A. II. Storey, 639

Saws, S. Taylor, 188

Screw Boxes for Vices, &c., J. Case, 31

Screws Wrenches, M. II. Seymour, 343

Securing the Heads of Picks, J. G. H. Bedford and S. Willington, 639

Shovels, &c., J. Pfeifer, 343

Slotting Keyways, J. Tushaw, 343

Spirit Levels, J. W. Harrington, 343

Vices, J. and R. W. Kenyon and J. Barnes,

Tramways : 214, 372, 516, 666

Braking and Starting Gear for, IF. Thomson, 214

Car Wheels, J. H. Sams and M. A. Thompson, 666

Cleaning the Grooves of Rails, A. IF. Belfrage and A. Munro, 214

Combined Brake Apparatus and Power Collector, O. Kunert, 372

Rai’s and Supports, be IF. C. Cregier and C. T. Yerkes, 6o6

Safety Guard, S. Collier and R. Plant, 516

Starting, T. Charlton, 214

Starting Apparatus and Brake, T. and T. Cox, 372

Starting Gear, A. M. Vereker and S. M. Yeates, 666

Starting Vehicles, W. Batchelor, 516

Traps, Steam: 294, 448

C. and A. Edmeston, 448

Automatically Discharging Water of Condensation, J. Kroog, 294

Tubes, Manufacture of : 32,18S, 344, 472, 493, 610

S. Fox, 493

H. Kellerman, 472

A. Leon,32

R. and W. Lindsay and W. Darwen, 472

G. H. and A. L. Lloyd and H. B. Bewlay, 493

R. and M. Mannesmann, 3<4

Apparatus for Enlarging Metallic Tubes, R. and M. Mannesmann, 344

Drawing Metal Tubes, B. C. Tilghman, 640

Expanding and Trimming the Ends of Tubes, G. Fletcher, 188

Flexible, H. Knight, 472

Lock Joint Metallic Tubes, W. Allman, 344

Metal, J. A. Brinell, 188

Moulds for, M. and J. Cornthwaite, 493

Sheet Metal Pipes, W. H. Beck, 344

Without Seam, IF. von Flotow and II. Leid>g, 493

Valves : 60, 448, 471, 472, 592,613, 614

T. Norman and H. S. Mottvram, 60

Automatic, for Pipes Conveying Fluids under 1 Pressure, L. Labeyrie, 448

Combined Safety and Stop Valve Fittings for Steam Boilers, G. Cockburn and A. W, Baird, 592

Liquid Carbonic Acid, J. Fleischer and C. Muhlich, Yl'2.

Pressure Reducing, F. Foster and II. M. Thomas, 471

Rotating, J. Lewis, 614

Supplying Gas to Closed Vessels, J. J. Rauer, 613

Wire, Manufacture of: 32,188

D. H. and G. A. Haggie, 188

J. B. Stone, 32

Drawing Wire, A. S. and T. Bolton, 188

Round and Sectional Wire Stranded Ropes, G. W. Westgarth, 188

Tooth Rolled, J. Schmidt, 188


Abadie, A., Crushing Machines, 494

Abel, Sir F. A., A Smokeless Explosive, 613

Adams, G., Revolving and Tilting Moulds, 640

Allan, W., Spring Engines, 472

Allan, W., Working Slide Valves and Stopping and Reversing Engines, 293

Allen, A. T., and Cavill, H., Metallic Sleepers and Securing Chairsand Rails, 372

Allen, G., and Turner, T., Anvils, 639

Allen, P. R., Protecting Parts of Machines, 666

Allen, IF. D., Forging by Hydraulic Pressure, 494

A Iley, S., and Brown, A. G., Transmitting Rotary Motion, 239

Allman, W., Lock Joint Metallic Tubes, 344

Alsing, J. R., Pulverising, 610

Anderson, J., Making Corrugated Shells for

Boiler Furnaces, 640

Andreoli, E., Plates without Support for Voltaic

Batteries, 240

Andreoli, E., Secondary Batteries, 541

Andrew, IF., Securing and Releasing Ships’ Boats, 213

Applegarth, R., Carbon Electrodes, 240

Applegarth, R., Cores for Use in Casting Metals, 32

Archer, F. T. and F. J., and Hardy, G. W., Lubricating Composition, 614

Archer, T., and Robson, T. O., Laying Dust, 472

Armand, E. M., Decorticating Machines, 32

Armer, J., Ki vetting, &c., 639

Armstrong, J., Manufacture of Glass, &c., 61

Arnold, C. W., A Dental Anodyne or Local Anaesthetic, 516

Arnold, S., Manufacture of Rivets, 4/2

Aron, H., Electric Batteries, 398

Ashton, J., Joining the Rails and Securing the Gauge of a Railway, 213 .

Audouy, C., Manufacturing Fuel Blocks in Form of Bullets, 422

Backman, P. G.» Lifts, 187

Bailey, M., and Warner, J., Construction of Batteries and Regulating, 398 ,

Bailey, M., and Warner, J., Primary Batteries, 240

Baldwin, W. A., Obtaining Aluminium from its Ores, 566

Ball, C. J., Elevated Railways, 372

Ball, R. H. C. and G. J, C., Lowering Water-Tight Doors on Ships, 371

Bamford, T., Scaling Boilers, &c., and Preventing Corrosion, 592

Banister, F. D„ and Stroudley, W., Fog Signals for Railways, 516

Barber, A. L., Laying Asphalt, 136

Barber-Starkey, W. J. S., Secondary Batteries, 541

Barbier, E., and Leclanche, M„ Electric Batteries and Depolarising Bodies, 690

Barnfield, E.J., Gas Retort Furnaces, 109

Barrow, J., Alkali, 266

Basto, C. A. de A., Bearings, 666

Batchelor, W., Starting Vehicles, 516

Baugh, J. E., and Hinksman, C., Furnaces for Chlorinating Ores, 421

Baum, T., Lathes, 343

Bavillc. E. P., Chucks for Lathes, 343

Beall, F., Grinding Mills, 314

Beaumont, A. J., Electric Arc Lamps, 83

Beaumont, W. W., Secondary Batteries, 541

Beck, W. IL, Sheet-Metal Pipes, 344

Becker, G., Boilers, 293

Bedford, J. G. H., and Willington, S., Securing the Heads of Picks, 639

Beesley, F., Breakdown Guns, 136

Belfrage, A. IK., and Munro, A., Cleaning Tramway Rails, 214

Bell, W., Shovel blades, 188

Belou, J., Manufacture of Pure Hydrogen, 422

Belou, J., Treatment of Ores, 421

Bennert, C. A., Production of Colouring Compounds, 566

Bennett, A. R., Lightning Conductors, 239

Bennett, A. R., and Wright, C. G., Telephonic Switching, 240

Bernhardi, T., Distilling, 613

Bessemer. H. W., Manufacture of Malleable Iron and Steel, 565

Best, G., Condensing Steam, 418

Bever, A., High-Speed Steam Engines, 163

Bianchi, C., Promoting Combustion in Furnaces, 294

Binks, B., Driving Belts, 317

Birley, C., and Sturgeon, J., Regulating the Supply of Air to the Combustion Chambers of Gas Producers, 422

Bissett, E. H., Nail-Cutting Machines, 31

Bi ver, A., Propulsion of Small Craft, 213

Blackman, A., Disintegrating Fibrous Substances and Manufacturing Paper Pulp, 640

Blackwell, G., Rotary Exhausters for Fluids, 639

Blagburn, C., Pumping Water from Mines, 343

Blohm and Voss, Driving Gear for Valve Motion of Engines, 591

Bochle, H., Stays, 614

Bolas, T., and Bright, J. B., Machinery Wheels whereby Shock is Diminished, 372

Bolland, G. H., and Sankey, M. II. P. R., Producing Mezzotint Engraving, 640

Bollmann, L., Dynamo Machines and Electric Motors, 397

Bolton, A. S. and T., Drawing Wire, 188

Boothroyd, B., Thermo-Electrical and Hydraulic Apparatus, 592

Boulton, J. B. D., Casting Metal Ingots in a Sectional Mould, 566

Boulton, W., Construction of Mills, 640

Bower, T. and R. W., Blackman, J., and Mori, F., Transmitting Motion to Pumps, 639

Bowers, C., Tool Holders, 493

^66GeS’ ’ an^ ^r*ce’ J*’ Railway Signalling,

Boyd, IX, and Williams, S., Telephonic Appara-

Boyle, R. K., Electro-plating, 690

Boyns, H., Dressing Minerals, 109

Bradshaw, J. B., Manufacture of Iron Hoops, 188

Bramall, H., Making Lead Rivets, 639

Brankston, R. T,, Bearings for Heavy Mechanism, 471

Branson, F. W., Galvanic Batteries, 240

Bremme, G. A, C., Valve Gear for Engines, 293

Brennicke, P., and Co., Valve Gear of Steam Engines, 293

Bright, W. H., Rotary Steam Engines, 591

Brin, A., Preserving Milk, 266

an^ L. Q., Manufacture of Iron and Steel, 421

A. an^ L. Q., Manufacture of Metallic Oxides, 422

Brin, A. and L. Q., Manufacture of Sugar, 422

Brin, A. and L. Q., Production of Ozone, 422

Brm, A. andL. Q , Treating Ores, 566

Brinell, J. A., Metal Pipes, 188

Brockelbank, T. A., Couplings, 372

Brogan, A. D., and Malloch, A. M., Manufacture of Chequered Glass, 613

Brookbanks, J. . Removing Incrustation, 294

Brooks, D., Laying and Insulating Underground Electric Conductors, 398

Brotherhood, P., Three-Cylinder Engines, 163

Brouillet, E., Steam Generators, 294

Brown, E., Benches for Polishing Plate Glass,

Brown, W. A„ Railway Sleepers, 665

Brush, C. F., Automatic Electric Current Governor, 84

Buchanan W. G., Feed Mechanism for Logs in Vertical Saw Frames, 343

Biichholz,J. A. A., Transmitting Action, 317

Burdick, J. H., Nuts, 32

Burns, W., Distillation of Dry Compound Substances, 421

Burns, W., Distillation of Tar, &c„ in the Manufacture of Gases, 421

Bums, IF., Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid under High-Pressure, 566

Burrell, F. J., Starting Compound Engines, 293

Burrell, F. J., and Proctor, F., Traction Engines and Digging Machines, 317

Burrell, W., and Carver, R., Adjustable Neck Bearing for Upright Shafts, 32

Bury, W., Screw Propellers, 371

Butterworth, B. and J., Explosive Engines, 293

Callender, T. 0., and Webber, C. E., Constructing Cases for Electrical Conductors, 398

Campbell, W. H., Tilting Valve for Regulating the Flow of Granular Materials, 318

Carpenter, J. F., Valve Gear for Fluid Pressure Engines, 447

Carswell, T. P., Lighting Trains by Electricity, 214

Case, J., Screw Boxes for Vices, &c., 31

Case, W. Byconversion of Chemical Energy into Electrical Energy, 690

Ca*e, IF. E., Conversion of Heat into Electrical Energy, 690

Cassella, L., and Co., Manufacture of New Naph-tol and Naphtylamine, Monosulphonic Acids and Dyes, 566

Castanon, G., Menendez, R., and Gil, S., Pumps, 32

Caston, E. H. M., Manufacture of Merchantable Material from Thistle Down, 110

Cauderay, J , Measuring Electricity, 398

Cayley, C. T., and Courtman, R. S., Projectiles and other Forged Metal Articles, 317

Cedervale, F. R., Lubricating the Bearings of Screw Propeller Shafts, and Protecting the Shafts against Corrosion, 515

Chadburn, W., Electrical Communicating Apparatus, 689

Champy, A. Z., A. N., and L. P., Treatment of Jerusalem Artichoke, &c., 266

Chance, G. F., Manufacture of Rolled Glass, 472

Chapman J., Steam Engines, 59

Charlton, T., Starting Vehicles, 214

Cherry, H., and Tangy e, G., Safety Hooks, 136

Chinnery, IF. M., and Hill, H., Inducing Complete Combustion of Mineral Oils, &c., 422

Churchill, J. D., Hoisting Machinery, 344

Clamond, C., Microtelephonic Transmitters, 541

Clark, E. E., Balanced Duplex Pumping Engines, 591

Clark, J., Obtaining Alloys of Aluminium with Copper and with other Metals, 109

Claus, C. F., Purification of Coal Gas, 265

Coblyn, F., Railway Chairs, 213

Cockburn, G., and Baird, A. W., Safety and Stop Valve Fittings for Steam Boilers, 592

Cohen, L. P., and Hermann, E., Step-Gratings for Effecting an Entire Combustion of the Coals in Furnaces, 294

Collet, H., Electro-Magnetic Telephones, 689

Collett, J. M , Manufacture of Sodium Sulphites, 422

Collier, 8., and Plant, R., Safety Guard for Tram Engines, &c., 516

Compagnie Anonyme des Forges de Chatillon, et Commentry, La, Retiring Gun Carriages and Protecting the same from Projectiles, 317

Ccmpagnie Frangaise du Celluloid, La, Producing Coloured Designs upon Celluloid, 110

Cooke, J., Preventing Incrustation of Boilers, 448

Cornthwaite, M. and J., Manufacturing Moulds for Casting Pipes, 493

Cottis, C., Agricultural Drills, 472

Couchman, H. A., Adjustable Spanners, 493

Coulon, G., Bolts, &c., 32

Cowles, E. H. and A. II., Electric Furnaces, 84

Cox, F. R., Link Motion for Engines, 59

Cox, T. and T., Starting Apparatus and Brake for Tramcars, 372

Cox, IF., Gas Regulators, 136

Crakanthorp, C. S. E., Supporting Flexible Metal Roads, 666

Craven, J., and Chapman, IF., Foundry Ladles, 187

Cregier, De IF. C,, and Yerkes, C» T., Tramway Rails and Supports, 666

Creuzbaur, R., Steam Engines and Superheating Apparatus Connected therewith, 591

Croft, C. J., and Dowling, F., Forcing Draught in Boiler Furnaces, 164

Crompton, R. E. B., Armatures of Dynamo-Electrical Machinery and Electrical Motors, 641

Crbmpton, R. E. B., Generating Currents of Electricity, 239

Crompton, R. E. B., and Kyle, W. A., Electric Light Fittings, 239

Crookes, H., Bearings Subjected to Overheat and Paints to be Applied, 60

Currie, S. C. C., Electric Meters, 240

Curtis, C. G., Crocker, F. B., and Wheeler, S. S., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 83

Curtis, C. G., Crocker, F. B., and Wheeler, S. S., Electric Batteries, 84

Dahl, C. F., Furnace for Recovering in an Inodorous Manner the Salts in the Lyes Used in the Manufacture of Wood Fibre, 265

Dahl, J., Annealing Steel, 421

Davenport, H., and Clayton, T. G., Laminated Springs, 516

Davey, H., Air-Compressing Pumps, 639

Davies, R. E., and Primrose, J., Bending Metal Bars, 343

Davis, G. D., Governors, 471

Davis, R. E., and Primrose, J., Bending and Bevelling Metal Bars, 31

Davis, S., Boxes for Vice Screws, 639

Davy, W. J., Valves for Pumps, 31

Deacon, H. W., and Hurter, F., Producing Ammonia from Sulphate of Ammonia, 266

Death, A. W., Fastening the Ends of Driving Belts, 317

De Bay, C. S., and Moxon, W. J., Screw Fans, 31

De Beauregard, F. A. T., Steam Engines, 59

De Mornay, H., Digging Machines, 317

Derbyshire, J., Railway Chairs, 516

Derichs, T., Pumps, 343

Desgoffe, A., and Georges, L. de, Screw Propellers of Vessels, 213

Desmazures. C., Batteries and Accumulators 84

Desolu, E. H., Galvanic Batteries, 240

Devereux, A. F., Valve Gear for Steam Engines

Dick, R, and Kennedy, R., Distribution and Transformation of Electric Energy, 542

Dick, R., and Kennedy, R., Dynamo-Electric Machine, 541

Dick, R., and Kennedy, R., Measuring Alternating or Intermittent Electromotive Force 240

Dick, R., and Kenney, R., Steam Engines 293

Didier, J. L., Cartridges, 135

Diener, C., Telegraphic Relays, 398

Docwra, J. W. and C., Misering, 344

Donald, D. D., Valve Motion of Rock Drills, 639

Dorman, IF. H., Manufacture of Four-sided Nails, &C., 493

Doubrava, Dr. S., Electric Arc Lights, 83

Dow, G. E., Governors, 448

Dunbar, J., and Cleminson, J. J. D., Lock-Nuts 640

Dunham, T. IL, Electric Cables and Insulating the same, 398

Dunn, E., Making Needle-Speaking Telegraph Instruments Semi-Acoustic, 239

Dyson, B., Sight-Feed Lubricators, 592

Earle, J., and Bourne, G., Manufacturing Metallic Tubes, 31

EchbeYg, II., Torpedoes, 666

Eddington, S., and Steevenson, J. E., Traction Locomotives, 666

Edlin, U. IF., Electrical Switches, 84

Edmeston, C. and A., Steam Trap, 448

Edwards, G., Operating Signals, 666

Edwards, G. M.» Dressing Mineral Ores, 421

Electrotechnische Fabrik, Dynamo-Electric Machines, 689

Eiger, IF. D., Clamping Devices, 640

Elliott, G. W., Grinding and Pulping Machine 494

Ellis, W. T., Centrifugal Pumps, 494

Elmore, F. F. E., Covering Metal Wares by Combined Electro-Chemical and Mechanical Process, 265

Eltringham, J. ., Bending Iron or Steel, 31

Enke, C., Rotary Air Propellers, 187

Evans, K., Compressing Scraps of Metal into Forms for Remelting, 343

Evans, R. K., Centrifugal Pumps and Fans, 31

Fairfax, J. S., Construction of Built-up Cranks 471

Farbaky, S , and Schenek, Dr. S., Positive Pole-Plates for Secondary Batteries or Accumulators, 398

Farbwerke vormals Meister Lucius and Bruning, The, Green Colouring Matters, 110

Farcot, J., Working the Breech-Blocks of Breechloading Guns, 135

Farinaux, Pauline, Manufacture of Gases, 422

Farmer, M. G., Electrical Signalling, 398

Fanner, M. G., Procuring Aluminium, 565

Farris, W. H., Steam Generators, 294

Fayol, A., Transmitting Power, 471

Fenby, J. B., Regulating the Supply of Oil to Lamps, 136

Fender, D. T., Hydraulic Dredging, 640

Fenn, K., Emery Wheels, 343

Fiertz, Dr. E. C, K., Manufacture of Light Metals, 109

Figee, H. and J., Driving Piles, 188

^421 ’ and Amalgamators,

Fischer, J. M., Signallinga Predetermined Degree

Fitzgerald, D. G., Electro-Chemical Generation of Chlorine for the Extraction of Gold, 592

Fitzgerald, D. G., Negative Elements for Voltaic Batteries, 398

Fleischer, J,, and Muhlich, C., Valves for Liquid Carbonic Acid, 472

Fleming, F., Transmitting Power, 317

Fleming, J. A., Dynamo-Electric Machines, 239

Fletcher, G., Expanding and Trimming Ends of Tubes, 188

Fletcher, J., Lubricating, 294

Flotow, IF. von, and Leidi/j, H., Manufacturing Tubes without Seam, 493

Fondu, J. B., Lubricators, 471

Ford, T. P., Hydraulic Lifts, 344

Foster, F., and Thomas, H. M., Pressure-Producing Valves, 471

Foster, H. and A., Band Saw Frames, 639

Fox, S., Manufacture of Tubular Metal Articles, 493

France, F., Governing Apparatus for Air-Compressing Engines, 494

Friedlaender, A., Electric Portable Lamp, 397

Friedlander, F., and Quaglio, J., Obtaining Hydro-Carbons from Gases, 110

Fritsch, A., Smelting Metallic Ores, 109

Fritschi, A., Manufacture of Carbonic Oxide Gas, 110

Furbish, C., Screws, 188

Gaitley, J. E., and Percy, G. W., Coiling Wire, 31

Galley, J. G., Preventing Incrustation, 60

Galley, J. G., Reversing, Starting, or Stopping Machinery, 447

Galloway, C. J., and Beckwith, J. H., Heating Feed Water for Boilers and Effecting Deposit of Impurities, 164

Gamgee, J., Boilers in which Ebullition of Liquids has to be Effected, 164

Gandy, M., Driving Belts, 614

Gard, W. G., Removing Incrustation and Making Blacking, 294

Gassner, Jun., Dr. C., Galvanic Batteries, 690

Galty, F. A., Dyeing, 566

Gibson, J. and F. M., An Electrode, 240

Gilmour, T., Feed-Heating Apparatus for Steam Boilers, 592

Glenister, W. M., and Merry weather, J. C., Fire Extinguishing, 318

Goddard, F., Firebars, 592

Godillot, G. A., Revolving Firegrates for Furnaces, 592

Go fin, L. P., and Vanriet, E., Securing Rails to their Sleepers, 516

Golightly, F. and J. K., Lifters for Rails and Crossings, 214

Goodwin, W., Discharging Ships’Cargoes, 515 brraoau, L., Production of Aluminium and Alloys thereof, 109

Graff, w Extracting Fat and Fatty Acids, 422 e’ Electric Bells and Indicators, b89

Green, R., Driving Chains, 60

Greening, F., Substitutes for India-Rubber, Varnish, &c., 266

Griffith, N. R., Mud Dredgers, 614

Gruber, Dr. O. von, Manufacturing the Double sulphate and Phosphate of Ammonium or Potassium, 110

Gruson, H., Gun Carriages, 135, 317

Gantz, (?., Sand Moulding, 187

Gustin, A. J., Straightening Metallic Bars, 31

Gybbon-Spilsbury, A., Machine Guns, 317

Haacke, A., Non-Conducting Covering for Boilers, 294

Haenlein, P., Propelling Vessels by Compressed Air, 371

Haggie, D. II. and G. A., Wire Ropes, 188

Haigh, W. C. and A. A., Artificial Fuel, 110

Maine, E. E., Ventilating, 371

Hale, and Richards, D. W., Railway Cars, 371

Hallett, W. B., Treatment of Sewage, 422

Hannan, R., and Milburn, M., Obtaining Zinc from its Blende or Sulphide, 566

Hannay, J. B., Preservative Coatings for Ships’ Bottoms, 371

Hannay, J. B., Treatment of Lead Pigmentsand Compounds, 566

Haret, C., Preservation of Inflammable Matters and Rendering Bodies Uninflammable, 32

Harfield, W. H., Worm Gearing for Hoists, 344

Hargreaves, W., and Inglis, W., Air Refrigerating, 613

Harrington, G. F., Firearmsand Projectiles, 613

Harrington, J. W., Spirit Levels, 343

Harris, A. E., Suspending Overhead Wires, 83

Harrison, A. W., Horse Gears, 60

Hartill, J,, Couplings, 665

Harwood, A. A., and van Tassel, M. D., Generating Gas, 266

Haswell, H. W., Planing Angle Irons, 639

Hawdon, J. Y. and English, J., “Slotting Punch,” 31

Heathfield, R., Coating Metal Sheets, 566

Heathorn, T. B., Steering and Propelling Vessels, 515

Heeren, M., Sighting Ordnance, 471

Hermite, E., Paterson, E. J., and Cooper, C. F., Apparatus for the Preparation of Bleaching Solutions by Electrolysis, 690

Heron, W. W., Connecting Broken Shafts of Screw Steamers, 371

Hesketh, E., Air Refrigerating Machines, 613

Heslop, M., Engines, 163

Heusler, C., Producing and Utilising Silicious Copper, 422

Heyer, C., Lifts, 31

Heywood, li., and Bridge, Dt, Friction Clutches, 317

Higgins, E. C., Coupling and Uncoupling Shafting, 32

Higgins, E. S., Rolled Metal Articles, 344

Higgs, P., Obtaining Spelter and Caustic Soda, &c., 266

Hill, A. S., Tip Wagons, 136

Hill, E. J., Boat-Detaching Apparatus, 665

Hill, T., Lubricators, 135

Hill, W. S., Electric Lamps, 689

Hilton, F., Driving Screw Piles, 494

Hilton, F., Open-Hearth Furnaces, 565

Hilton, F., Warming Rolls in Rolling Mills, 188

Himly, M., Leiser, F., and Bardtholdt, J., Manufacture of Objects so that they Change Colour when Subjected to Certain Influences, 318

Hitt, T., Propelling Vessels, 371

Holmes, A. B., and Vaudrey, J. C., Making and Breaking Circuit for a Dynamo, 239

Holmes, J. E., and Covert, D. C. and H. C., Thermometric Governors, 471

Holmes, J. H., Transmitting Rotary Motion to or from Electric Machines, 541

Holt, R., Dyeing, 614

Hood, J. J., and Salamon, A. G., Preparation of Meta-Stannic Acid, 422

Hopper, J. T., Securing Ropes by Wedges, 136

Horne, J. H., Rag Engines, 32

Hornsby, J.» Trolley, T., and Grice, W., Ploughs, 317

Hornsby, IF., and Cribb, F. J., Governors, 448

Horsley, E. J., Pistons for Engines, 163

Houghton, E. J., Fuze for Dynamo-Electric Machines, 239

House, H. A. and H. A., Jun., Electro-Phonetic Telegraph Sounders, 689

House, IK. D., Reproducing Articulate Sounds, 83

House, W. W., Lathes, 639

Howard, J.y and Bousfield, E. T. and IF. II., Railway Chairs and Sleepers, and Fixing the same, 665

Howard, J. G., Signalling by Night, 136

How at, A., Electric Safety Lamps, 689

Howden, J., Compound Marine Steam Engines, 59

Howell, J. IF., Indicating and Regulating the Electrical Potential in Systems of Electrical Distribution, 542

Hoyle, Mrs. S., Preventing Incrustation, 294

Huber, L., and Kippenhan, P., Preventing the Slipping of Driving Wheels, 371

Hubner, E., Pumps, 31

Hughes, E., Feeding Timber to Circular Saws, 639

Hulse, W. W., Lathes, 493

Humes, J. J. R-, Engines Operated by the Combustion of Fluid Hydro-Carbon, 592

Hunter, R. M., Electric Motors, 541

Hutchinson, W. N., Navigable Balloons, 214

Hutchinson, W. N., and Hepworth, E. N. M., Screw Propellers, 515

Immisch, M., Applying Electro-Motors to Vehicles, 240

Immisch, M., Measuring Heat, 60

Jacker, M., and Maas, J. B., Chains, 344 Jarmay’, G., Separating the Ammonium Chloride from Liquors, 266

J°239SOn’ E' H’’ Incandescence Electric Lamps, Tohnsfn11’ w Arc Electric Lamps, 239

JoiceV T Manufacture of Carbons, 690

T^iCe^r 1 Generators, 592

Wheel 665a’lning’ ®oun^in^s froni a Movable Jones, E., Governors, 418

°JS J-> Construction of Diaphragm for Vacuum Brake Apparatus, 665

Jones, T. J., and Tasker, W. H., Secondary Batteries, 398

K Trams’666 ’ ^onnec^n» Pipes on Railway ^()resl^566^* ’ ^ePara^n^ Metals from their Meted ^72^*’ Manufacfcurin& Pipes of Sheet

Kelly, Wt E., Boilers, 293

Kemp, E., Compound Boilers, 447

Kennedy, 7t, Continuous Current Dynamo-Electric Machines, 689

Kennedy, R., and Dick, R., Incandescent Electric Lamps, 239

J. M. V., Self-Acting Electro-Magnetic Combined Switch and Cut-Out, 690

Kenyon, J. and II. IK., and Barnes, J., Vices, 31

J’ W*» and Sheldon, E. L., Ventilation of Steamships, 213

Kerr, J., Printing on Fabrics, 614

Kerry, E. and E. C., Bricks, 110

King, F., Automatic Electrical Distribution and Charge of Secondary Batteries, 240

King, I. )K., and Mazo, J., Sand-Blast Machines for Cleaning, &c., 639

King, J., Water Circulating Apparatus for Heating, and Spanners therefor, 371

Kirchhoff, P., Rotary Engines, 163 Knobel, U,, Rotary Engines, 163

Knight, H., Flexible Tubes, 472

Knight, W. H., Transmitting Gear for Electric Motors, 214

Knoll, A., Ethers of Morphincarbdnic Acid, 266

Koellner, C. A., Filter Pumps, 313

Kohn, G. H., Manufacture of Gas, 265

Kookogey, W. P., Galvanic Battery Solutions, 398

Kroog, J., Steam Traps, 294

Kuhne, P. A., Hot-Air Pumping and Motive Power Engines, 592

Kunert, 0., Combined Brake and Power Collecting Apparatus, 372

Kyle, IK. A., Valve Gear of Fluid Engines, 447

Kynaston, J. W., Manufacture of Chlorate of Potash, 422

Labeyrie, L., Automatic Valves for Pipes Conveying Fluids under Pressure, 448

Ladd, H. W., Locomotives, 371

Lahmeyer, FK., Dynamo Electric Machines, 689

Laidinan, J. H., A Combined Girder and Solid Sternpost for Vessels, 515

Laidman, J. H., Rudders for Iron or Steel Ships. 665

Lambert, G. L., Valves and Valve Gear, 293

Lambert, II., and Greenwood, G., Expressing Oil from Oil-Yielding Vegetable Substances, and Converting the Residue into Oil-Cake, 110

Lancaster, E.’W., Electrical Measuring Instruments, 690

Lancaster, H., and Tonge, R. F. C., Packing Springs for Pistons and Plungers, 318

Lanfranconi, G. E., Movable Loading Stages, 666 Langbeck, H. W., Treatment of Wool Fat to Produce Unguent Material, 422

Laval, C. G. P. de, Supporting and Working Centrifugal Machines, 494

Law, E. F., Facilitating the Rapid Publication of News, 689

Law, H., Fixing Rails to Metallic Sleepers, 516

Lea, H., Holders for Incandescent Lamps, 397

Legat, M. D., Fexible Pipe Couplings, 516

Leon, A., Tubes, 32

1.etang, P. J. V., Electric Arc Lamps, 397

Lewin, W., Preventing Priming in Steam Boilers, 447

Lewis, J., Rotating Valves, 614

Lewis, Sir W. T., and Hunter, C. L., Loading Vessels, 515

Leiois, Sir W. T., and Hunter C. L., Loading Vessels, 515

Linde, C., Making Clear Ice, 640

Lindsay, R. W., and Darwen, W., Manufacture of Tubes of Copper or Alloys of Copper, 472

Lishman, T., Boilers and Furnaces, 293

Lister, J. T., Carbons for Electric Lamps, 239

Lloyd, G. H. and A. L., and Bewlay, H. B., Manufacturing Pipes, 493

Lorenz, W., Firing Cartridges, 135

Lorenz, W., Securing Percussion Caps in Cartridges, 135

Lorrain, J. G., Electric Lamps, 239

Lowrie, W., and Hall, C. J., Secondary Generators for the Conversion of Electrical Energy by Induction, 249

Loxley, H., Automatic Couplings, 516

Ludlow, W. T., Primary and Secondary Batteries, 398

Lugo, Dr. O., Electric Batteries, 398

Lundberg, J. O., Pumps, 494

MacArthur, J. S., Forrest, R. W. and W., and Morton, G., Treating Ores, 421

Maccallum, P. F., Propulsion of Vessels, 515

McCool, J., Steam Boilers and Settings, 294

McDougall, A., Ships’ Boats and Housing the same, 371

McElroy, J. F., Electric Circuits and Switches, 690

McElroy, TK., and Connett, H., Injectors, 318

McGregor, J., Stern Wheel Steamers, 213

Mack, W. B., Elevated Railways, 372

McKeen, T. L., Couplings, 516

Mackie, W., Preventing the Inflow of Water into Ships, 371

McLaren, C., Packing for Engines, 32

McLaughlin, 11., and Mating, J. B., Hoisting Machines, 640

McLaughlin, J. F., Electric Telegraphs, 541

Madan, C. S., Hydraulic Machinery, 344

Maiche, L., Transmitting Instruments for Telegraph Lines, 397

Main, T., Steam Generators, 448

Main, W., Electric Inductive Translators, 541

Malcolm, IK., Automatic Tipping Scoop, 188

Mallot, J., Ornamenting Metal, 614

Mannesmann, A., Wire, 344

Mannesmann, R. and M., Enlarging Metallic Tubes, 344

Mannesmann, R. and M., Pipes or Tubes, 344

Marshall, R., and Clark, W., Steam Boilers, 294

Martin, E. P., Railway Permanent Way, 213

Martins, A. J., da Silva, J. M., and Neves, A. de A., Automatically Actuating Gates and Signals, 666

Maxim, II. S., Explosive Projectiles, 317

Maxim, H. S., Separating Metals by Electricity, 614

Maxwell, W., Carbon Fibres or Filaments, 397

Maxwell, W., Conductors for Incandescent Electric Lamps, 83, 239

Maxwell, W., Electric Furnaces, 398

Maxwell, W., Incandescent Electric Lamps, 689

Mellor, S., Rotary Pump, 187

Melvin, T., Couplings, 214

Menzies, J., Stern Bearings of Screw Propeller Shafts, 515

Meritens, A. de, Protecting Iron and Steel from Rust, 56, Distilling Sea Water, 613

Smith, C , Lighting Vehicles by Electricity, 689

Smith, C., Secondary Batteries, 84

Smith, E. S., and Pierce, R. V., Steam Engines, 591

Smith, G. J., Rendering the Coating of Fuzes Incombustible, 472

Smith, H. E., Reversing Belt Gear, 317

Smith, J. D., Removing the Pressure of Steam which Exists on Slide Valves, 447

Smith, J. H., Stopping Breaches in Ships, 515

Smith, M. H., Electrical Resistance Switches, 240

Smith, R., Treatment of Wheat Germ and Broken Wheat, 613

Smith, T. B., Screw Cutting, 188

Smith, W., Railway Bogie Cars, 665

Smithson, S., Boiler Furnaces, 164

Snell, W. H., Electrical Transformers, 690

Society Anonyme du Compresseur Jourdan, La, Expressing Oil from Oleaginous Substances, 266

Socidtd Anonyme de Metallisation Artistique des Animaux, Vegetaux ou autres Corps, La, Preparation of Organic Metallisation by Galvanic Deposit, 240

Societe Anonyme des Mines de fer de 1*Anjou et des Forges de Saint Nazaire, La, Reforging SoldenhoT^R^de, Manufacture of Coke for the Des^^ of Solids Resulting from Sludge, 421

Solvay, E., Furnaces for the Reduction of Chlorine, 565 .

Solvay E., Manufacture of Assimilable Phosphates and of Sulphate of Ammonia, 110

Southall, J., Gas Engines, 447

Span«- H. W., Fusible Connections for Armatures for Electric Generators, 397

Soear IK. B-, Coating Metal Sheets, 566 Spencer, A., Coupling Pipes for Railway Brakes,

Spencer, G. S., Detonating Signals, 372

Splane, J., Railway Sleepers and Securing Rails, 516 .

Sporton, H. H., Measuring Liquids, 614

Squire, W. S., Obtaining Manure from Distillers

Spent Wash, 422

Stacey, F. H., and Wilkinson, LI., Blowing, Exhausting, and Pumping, 494

Stanhope Company, The, and Anders, G. L., Telephonic Apparatus, 398

Statter, J. G., Brunton, S. L., and Kempster, J. W., Brush for Electric Machines, 689

Stendtner, C. F. F„ Iron Girders, 318

Stevens, J. S., and Major, C. G., Suspended Lifts, 341 .

Steivart, R., and Waldie, J. F., Washing Coal, &c., 110

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Westinghouse, G., Electrical Distribution, 542

Westinghouse, G., Electrical Distribution, 542

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