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The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Index: Illustrations

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The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.
The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Illustration Index.

Note: This is a sub-section of The Engineer 1877 Jul-Dec: Index

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Aita, Dr. Luigi, Levelling Apparatus. 39

Albert Dock. Hull, Hydraulic Hoist, Mr. R. A. Marillier, 350

Allan, Jun., Mr., Pressure Gauges. 193

American Railway, Master Mechanics Association, Valve Gear on Locomotives, 63

Anderson, Mr., Equilibrio Couch, 42

Andover Waterworks, Three-throw Pumps, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co., 313

Archereau M., Electric Lamp, 365

Avonside Engine Company, Bristol, Horizontal Compound Engine, 242 . ,

Ayr Bridge, Messrs. Blyth and Cunningham (Contracts Open), 51

Bagshaw and Sons, Messrs., Equilibrium Sluice Valves, 148 .

Belgian Three-high Rolling Mills, Mr. A. Thomas, 223

Bennie. Messrs J., Horizontal Engine and Platebending Machine, 372

Bennie and Co., Messrs. J., Plate-planing Machin .ry,

Birkenhead New Graving Dock, Mr Lvsto*, 152

Blackburn. Canal Bridge at, Mr. W. B. Bryan (Contracts Open), 333

BoetiuA, Mr J. F., Gas Furnace, 5

Boulton, Mr. Hydraulic Ram, 455

Bourne and Co., Messrs. J., Governor, 39o

Bovs Mr. C., Wi’ d-guard. 25

Brakell, Mr. C., Pumping Engines and Blowers, 106,

Buenos Ayres and Campana Rail way Passenger Bogie Cars Air J. Cleminson, 220, 2-4, 238. -16

Burgess and Key, Messrs . Mower and Reaper Fingers, Smithfield Club Shew, 423 p1_,.abinD,

Burrell and Sons, Messrs. C., bteam Ploughing Engine, 262

Caddick and Maybery, Messrs., Puddling Furnace, Chipping Norton Water Supply Works, Mr. W. Henry Ctarchward and Messenger, Messrs., Steam Engine, Clayton and Shuttleworth, Messrs., Iron Fore Carriage Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 22

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Messrs. Steering Goar, R oyal Agricultural Show, Liverpool. 23 _

Clayton and Shuttleworth, Messrs. 10-horse Power Straw-burning Portable Engine, Smithfield Club

Clyde Passenger Steamer Lord of the Isles, Messrs. D. and W. Henderson and Co , lb, 118, 132, lob

Cohen Mr M., Drilling Apparatus, 262

Collierand Co. Messrs. W, Rivet-making Machine 57

Craig and Sons Paper Mills, Dalkeith, Messrs. Robert,

Engines and B >iler8, 129, 136 “AH-a” Cm

Crosslev, Messrs., Diagram from the Otto Ga3

Fninne shown bv. Royal Agricultural Show, 24

Crovdon Waterworks, Compound Differential Pump-fa’g Engine, Mears’. Hathorn, Davis Campbell, and Davey Nov. 9th, and p. 338)

D’AM0RA,Mr. P., Hammock with Elastic Suspension,

Davev Taxman, and Co., Messrs., Portable Engine, Smithfield Club Show, 423

Davis and Dawson, Messrs., Feed-water Heater, 4^4

Denny. Mr. W., LloydNumerals, 347

Diack, Mr. J., Excavator, 291

Eddystone Reef, The. 163 ins

Elliott and Burnett, Messrs., Eccentric X alve, 193

Fell, Mr. J. C., Automatic Expansion in Steam

Fenenza M J2 Expanding Tube-plug, 395 .

Festiniog Railway, Single boiler Fairhe Engine, ; .

G P. Spooner, C.E . 133, 280. 284

Vichet M Vertical Boiler with Gas I'urnace, 454

Fielding and Platt, Messrs., Direct-acting Hydraulic Foucault8 and Dubocq’s Messrs., Electric Lamp, 365 Froude, Mr W., Manne Dynamometer, Inst, of Mechanical Engineers, Bristol, 77, 78,

Gabbett and Co., Messrs.. Fire Box, Royal Agrioul-GanSt,Sand’SonsyP Messrs., Semi-portable Engine,

Engine, Royal Get?ralU1Wneband Boile?° Company, Horizontal

Godfrey and Howson, Messrs., Rotary Puddling Gm” X Railway, Unit Area Sifety Valves 105 _ „„ m TCIpetro magnetic Machines, 435, 4oo .

GraS, Mr M G. B.. Calculating Machine, Philadelphia

Great Northern Railway. Derbyshire Extension, Ilk-GrdgVe^0’’-^4 ^Machi^y for iha Prepara' Guinottl anddeFHcuAaul7t, Messrs., Continuous Indi-cator. 211

Hall Mr. C. S , Ventilator for Chemical Works, Royal Agricultural Show-, Liverpool, 50

Hamilton’s Windsor Ironworks Company, Limited, Garston, Tubular Lifeboat for hew Brighton, Mr. H T. Richardson, 404

Harland, Mr, Lock-nut Door Handle, 395

Hear) Mr., Pipe-screwing Machine 454

Heilmann and Steinlen's Gramme Machine, 451

Henry Rifled Barrel Company, Horse Tail Clipper, nSd^nTco.? Messrs0^,’Pipe Boring and Turning HM*S.e,‘‘Nettle,'* Armour-plate Experiments on IlSt?Mr.4H- P., Auxiliary Steam Steering Apparatus, Humboldt and Gillies, Messrs., Vertical Gas Engine, 39

"Inflexible", H.M.S., Curves of Stability under 'Various Conditions (with 80-tou Guns), Mr. Bar-Ingrarn, M.P., Mr. W. J., Rotary Printing Machine, Irish Mail Steamers, Messrs. W. Simons and Co,. Renfrew, 8, 43, 46, 61

Jackbob’s Mnes Mr E , Drawing of the Cargo Jordan? Mr , Hand'-power Rock Drill, 394

« Kaiser” and “ Deutschland,” Launching Slip for J^rehaT^ra’j- and J., Wheel Turning and Kinipple^Mr.0^.0!, Dredging Machine, 273

Klotz, Prof. J., Safety Valve, 63

Knox, Mr. B. D., Sash Fastenings, 351

Krupp, Herr, Projected Non recoil Gun, 295

Ladd. Mr., Magneto-Electric Machine, 4f»l

Laurence, Mr. G. G , Boat Lowering Apparatus, 430

Lauria, Cavaliere Ercole, Pontoon Floating Dock, 188

Lewin, Mr. D., Steel Steam Launch (with Illustration of the Engines), 267

Lewin, Mr. 8., Small Geared Locomotives, 149

London, Chatham, and Dover Railway, Tenders for Goods Engines (Class B), Mr. W. Kirtley. 259

Longworth, Mr. Daniel, Forging Hammers and Stamps, 4

McCormick, Mr. C. H. M., Sheaf-binding Reaping Michine, Rsyal Agricultural Show. Liverpool, 114

McDougall, Mr , Furnace-feeding Machine, 262

Maidstone, Bridge over the Medway at, Sir J. Bazal-gette (Contracts Open), 167

Maquay Major, Overbank Gun Carriage, Chatham Siege Operations 88

Marsden Mr H. R., Stone Breaking Machine, 359

Martel. Mr. B., Water Ballast, 174,175

Menier, M Henri, Electric Lamp. 451

Metropolitan Inner Circle Completion Railway, Map of, 181

Nagasaki, Caisson for the Imperial Arsenal at, Messrs. Head, Wrightson and Co., 58, 60. 64

North-Eastern Marine Engineering Company, Compound Engines of the s.s. “ City of York,” Mr. W. Allan, 458

Newhaven Gaslight Company, Apparatus for Estimating the Volumetric Determination of Sulphur in Coal Gas, H. E. Sadler and B Silliman, 101

Niaudet, Mr., Magneto-Electric Machine, 49 L

Normanville, Mr. W. de, Ship’s Speed Indicator, 193

Paris Exhibition, 1878, Details of Machinery Hall, 368, 369. 390, 405, 408, 442

Petzold, Mr., Spark Arrester, 423

Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company, the Baldwin Steam Street-cars, 61

Phillips, Mr. J., Tram-car Brake, 185

Phillips and Co., Me-srs., Reapers, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Quanza, Navigation of the, S.S. “ Silva Americano,” Messrs. Edwards and Symes, 149

Ransome, Mr. Fred., Emery Wheel, 4

Ransomes, Sims, and Head, Messrs., Clutch Gear, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Rastrick, Mr , Tube-Scraper, 149

Reeve, Mr., Pneumatic Excavator, 99

Ricard, M., Spinning Mill, 451

Riches and Watts, Messrs., Expansion Eccentric, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool 24

Robertson, Mr. W.. Unit Area Safety Valve, 39

Robey and Co., Messrs., Traction Engine, Smithfield Club Show, 422

Robey and Co., Messrs., Vertical Engine, Smithfield Club Show, 422

Rowan, Mr. W., Safety Disc for Boi’ers, 148

Rowan, Messrs., Double Furnace Boiler, 413

Runcorn Bridge, Mr. F. Griffiths (Contracts Open), 122

Russel, Mr., Parallel Pliers, 51

St. Albans Abbey, Restoration Works, Sir Gilbert Scott, 199, 202, 203

St. Helen s Corporation Waterworks, Mr. D. M. F.

G tskin (Contracts Open), 80, 81, 84

Sander, Mr., Automatic Continuous Vacuum Brake, 106

Scarborough, Queen’s-parade Tramways, Mr. H. P. Holt, 354

Scheffler; Mr. T., Fireless Locomotive for Street Rails, 220

Selig, jun., and Co., M., Quick Speed Hand Drill, 454

Shand, Mason, and Co , Messrs , Light Fire Engine, Smithfield Club Show, 423

Shannon, Floods on the, Plan Showing the Weir Mound, 351

Siemens and Halske, Messrs., Magneto-Electric Machine, 401

Simons and Co., Messrs. W., Engines of the Irish Mail Steamers, “Limerick,” “ Milford,’’and “ Waterford,” 8, 43, 46 61

Socitfte L’Alliance, Magneto-Electric Machine, the, M.

Nollet, 4ol

South Fureland Electric Light Experiments, 302

Spencer and Gillett, Messrs., Steam Donkey Pump, 50

Stannah, Mr. J., Pendulum Pump. 312

Stevenson, Mr. G., Suspension Railway, 284

Stone and Co., Messrs., Waste-water Preventer, 358

Sutcliff, Mr. R., Tube Wells for Large Water Supplies, 439

Sweden, Shipbuilding Plant for, Messrs. P. Bennie and Co., 351, 372, 386

Turner, Messrs. E. R. and F., Horizontal Engine, Smithfield Club Show, 422

Turner, Messrs. E. R. and F., Vertical Engine, Smith-field Club Show, 422

Tweddell, Mr. R. H , Hydraulic Machinery, Soc. Eng., 98

Tynewydd Colliery, Boring Apparatus and Food Carrier. 69

Tynewydd Colliery, Plan and Section of Part of Workings, 70

Uchatius, Gen., Bronze Steel Gun, 255

Victoria (London) Docks Extension, Mr. A. M. Rendel, M.I.C.E., 22

Warora Colliery, Central India, Mr. Walter Ness, 294, 295 298

Webb, Mr. F. W., Circular Slide Valve, 68, 69 .

Whithurst, Mr. John, Hydraulic Ram, 455

Widmark, Mr. II. W.» Radial Axle-boxes, 333

Wigz 11 and Halsey, Messrs., Three-cylinder Engine, 446

Williams, Mr. T. H., Rope Pulley Block, 446

Wilson, Mr. Alexander, Armour-plate Furnace, 419

Wilson, Mr. R., Hydraulic Cotton Presses, 329, 331

Woden-street, Foot-bridge. Salford (Contracts Open), Mr. A. M. Fowler. M I.C.E., 12

Woodlands Colliery, Nuneaton, Coal Hoist, Messrs. Hall, West, and Co., 184

Woodward, Mr. J., Machinery for Making blag Blocks, 5 .

Woolwich Arsenal, Puddling Furnace, Mr. J. Price, 312, 316 „ , , .

Worthing Waterworks, Pulsometer, Messrs. Hodgkin, Neuhaus and Co., 4

Yarrow and Co., Messrs., Torpedo Boat, 420 (and Supplement)

Zeyss, Zeitz, and Siebrand, Messrs., Railway Spike Extractor, 413


Anthracite, Apparatus for Burning, Bristol Meeting Inst, of Mechanical Engineers. 75

Armour-plate Experiments on board H.M.S. Nettle, 436

Armour-plate Furnace, Mr. Alexander Wilson, 419

Axle-boxes, Radial, Mr. H. W. Widmark, 333

Bending and Straightening Machines, Messrs. J.

Bennie and Co., 372

Boat-lowering Apparatus, Mr. G. G. Laurence. 430

Bogie-cars, Passenger, Buenos Ayres and Campana

Railway, Mr. J. Cleminson 220, 224, 238, 246

Boiler, Messrs. Sinclair’s, Messrs. Robert Craig and

Sons’ Paper Mills, Dalkeith, 129

Boiler, Double-furnace, Messrs. Rowan, 413

Boiler with G*s Furnace, Vertical, M. Fichet, 454

Boilers, Safety Disc for, Mr. W. Rowan, 148

Boring Apparatus and Food-carrier, Tynewydd Colliery, 69

Block Rope-pulley, Mr. T. H. Williams, 446

Brake, Automatic Continuous Vacuum. Mr. Sanders, j 106

Brake, Tram-car. Mr. J. Phillips, 185

Brake Trials in Germany, Continuous, 217, 235

Bridge, Ayr, Messrs. Bly th and Cunningham (Contracts Open), 51

Bridge at Blackburn, Canal, Mr. W. B. Bryan (Contracts Open), 333 ;

Bridge over the Medway at Maidstone, Sir J. Bazal-gette (Contracts Open), 167

Bridge, Runcorn, Mr. F. Griffith (Contracts Open), 122

Bridge, Woden-street Foot Salford (Contracts Open), Mr. A. M. Fowler, M.I.C.E., 12

Caisson for the Imperial Arsenal at'Nagasaki, Messrs.

Head, Wrightson. and Co., 58, 60, 64

Calculating Machine, Mr. G. B. Grant, Philadelphia Exhibition, 12

Car, The Baldwin Steam Street, Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company, 61

Clipper, Horse-tail, Henry Rifled Barrel Company, Smithfield Club Show. 424

Clutch Gear, Messrs. Ransomes, Sims, and Head, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Coal-hoist, Woodlands Colliery, Nuneaton, Messrs.

Hall, West, and Co., 184

Colliery, Central India Warora, Mr. Walter Ness, 294, 295, 298

Couch. Equilibrio, Mr. Anderson, 42

Crane. Direct-acting Hydraulic, Messrs. Fielding and Platt, 88

Cylinders, How to Re-bore the Ends of Steam, 185

Dock, New Graving, Birkenhead, Mr. Lyster, 152 Dock, Pontoon Floating, Cavaliere Ercole Lauria, 1S8 Docks Extension, Victoria (London), Mr. A. M.

Rendel, M.I G.E , 22

Door-handle I ock Nut. Mr. Harland, 395

Dredging Machine, Mr. W. R. Kinipple, 273

Drill, Hand, M. Selig, jun., and Co., 454

Drill, Hand-power, Rock. Mr. Jordan, 394

Drilling Apparatus, Mr. M. Cohen, 262

Dynamometer. Marine. Mr. W. Froude, Institute Mechanics, English, Bristol, 77, 78, 313

Electric Lamps, M. Archereau’s and Messrs. Foucault and Duboscq’s, 365

Electric Light. M. Henri Menier’s Lamp, 451

E ectric Light Experiments, South Foreland, 302

Electric Light, The Gramme Machine, 435, 436

Electric Light, Heilmann and Steinlen’s Gramme Machine, 457

Electric Light, Magasin du Louvre, 451

Electric Light, M. Ricard s Spinning Mill, 451

Electro-magnetic Apparatus, 383

Electro-magnetic Machine, Pixii’s, 383

Emery Wheel, Mr. Fred. Ransome. 4

Engine, Messrs. Churchward and Messenger, 345

Engine, Chimney of Portable, Messrs. Davey, Paxman, and Co., Smithfield Club Show, 423

Engine, Diagram from the ‘‘Otto” Gas, Messrs. Crossley, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 24

Engine, Fire, Messrs. Shand, Mason, and Co., Smith-field Club Show, 423

Engine, Horizontal, Engineers Messrs. Bertram, at Messrs. Craig’s Paper Mill, Dalkeith, 136

Engine, Horizontal, Messrs. E. R. and F. Turner, Smithfield Club Show, 422

Engine, Horizontal, General Engine and Boiler Company, 83

Engine, Horizontal Compound, Avonside Engine Company, Bristol, 242

Engine, Pumping, Croydon Waterworks, Messrs. Hathorn, Davis, Campbell, and Davey (Szipplement Nov. 9th, 1877, and p. 338)

Engine, Semi-portable, Messrs. Garrett and Sons, Smithfield Club Show, 426

Engine, Single Boiler Fairlie, Mr. G. P. Spooner, C.E., Festiniog Railway, 133, 280, 284

Engine, Straw-burning, Portable, Messrs. Clayton and Shuttleworth, Smithfield Club Show, 423

Engine, Steam Ploughing, Messrs. C. Burrell and Sons, 262

Engine, Three Cylinder, Messrs. Wigzell and Halsey, 446

Engine, Traction, Messrs. Garrett and Co., Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Engine, Traction, Messrs. Robey and Co., Smithfield Club Show, 422

Engine, Vertical Gas, Messrs. Humboldt and Gilles, 39

Engine, Vertical, Messrs. Robey and Co., Smithfield Club Show, 422

Engine, Vertical, Messrs. E. R. and F. Turner, Smithfield Club Show, 422

Engines, Automatic Expansion in Steam, Mr. J. C.

Fell, 62

Engines and Blowers, Pumping, Mr. C. Brakell, 106.

211 . , ,

Engines of the Irish Mail Steamers “Limerick, “Milford,” and “Waterford,” Messrs. W. Simons and Co., 8, 43, 61, 46

Engines of the Steamship “City of York, North-Eastern Marine Engineering Company, Mr. W. Allan, 458 , ,

Engines, Tenders for Goods, London, Chatham, ano Dover Railway, Mr. W. Kirtley, 259

Excavator, Mr J. Diack, 291

Excavator, Pneumatic, Mr. Reeve, 99

Excentric, Expansion, Messrs. Riches and Watts, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 24

Feed Water Heater, Messrs. Davies and Dawson, 454

Fire-box, Messrs. Garrett and Co., Royal Agricultural

Show, Liverpool, 23

Fire-boxes, Locomotive Boiler, 183,184, 229

Fore Carriage, Iron, Messrs.Clayton and Shuttleworth.

Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 22

Forging Hammers and Stamps, Mr. Daniel Long worth, 4

Furnace-feeding Machine, Mr. McDougall, 262

Furnace, Gas, Mr. J. F. Boetius, 5

Furnace, Rotary Puddling, Messrs. Godfrey and How son, 247

Gas, Apparatus for Estimating the Volumetric peter mination of Sulphur in Illuminating, Mr. H. E Sadler and Mr. billiman, 101

Gauges, Pressure, Mr. A. Allan, jun., 193^

Governor, Messrs. J. Bourne and Co., 395

Gun-carriage, Overbank, Major Maquay, Chatham Siege Operations, 88

Gun, Protected Non-reooil, Herr Krupp, 295

Gun, The Uchatius Bronze Steel, 255

Guns, Re-tubing Heavy, Woolwich, 273

Hammock with Elastic Suspension, Mr. P. D’Amora, 350

Hoist, Hydraulic, Albert Dock, Hull, Mr. R. A.

MariUier, 350

Hydraulic Machinery, Mr. R. H. Tweddell, Society of Engineers, 98

Hydraulic Rams, 455

Indicator, Continuous, Messrs. Guinotte and De Hennault, 211

Lathe. Pipe-boring and Turning,Messrs. H. Hind and Co., 42

Lathe. Wheel-turning and Brake, Messrs. J. and J.

Kershaw, 102

Launch, Steel Steam, with Illustration of the Engines, Mr. D. Lewin, 267

Launching-slip for the Ironclads “ Kaiser ” and “ Deutschland,” 170

Levelling Apparatus, Dr. Luigi Aita, 39

Lifeboat for New Brighton, Tubular, Hamilton’s Windsor Ironworks Company, Limited, Garston, Mr. T. H. Richardson, 404

Lloyd’s Numerals, Mr. W. Denny, 347

Locomotive for Street Rails, Fireless, Mr. T. Scheffler, 220

Locomotives, Small-geared, Mr. S. Lewin, 149

Machinery Hall, Paris Exhibition, 368, 369, 390, 405, 408. 442

Magneto-electric Machines, M. Maudet; Messrs. Siemens and Halske, Mr. Ladd, and the Societd 1'Alli. ance, 401

Mines, Apparatus for Temporary Drainage and Ventilation of, 329, 330, 332

Moon, The Earth’s Shadow on the Surface of the, 260

Obelisk at St. Peter's, Rome, Raising the, 256 J

Obelisk, Raising the Luxor, 256

Oblique Arches, Face-joints in, J. B. Millar, 283

Plate-bending Machine and Horizontal Engine, Messrs. J. Bennie, 372

Plate-planing Machinery, Messrs. J. Bennie and Co., 351

Pliers, Parallel, Mr. Russel, 51

Presses, Hydraulic Cotton, Mr. R. Wilson, 329, 311

Printing Machine, Rotary, Mr. W. J. Ingram, M.P, 239

Propellers, the Action of Screw, 258

Puddling Furnace, Messrs. Caddick and Maybery, 206. 210

Puddling Furnace, Woolwich Arsenal, Mr. J. Price, 312, 316

Pulsometer, Worthing Waterworks, Messrs. Hodgkin, Neuhaus, and Co., 4

Pump, Pendulum, Mr. J. Stannah, 312

Pump, Steam Donkey, Messrs. Spencer and Gillett, 50

Pumps, Three-throw, Andover Waterworks, Messrs.

Hayward Tyler and Co., 313

Railway, Map of Metropolitan Inner Circle Completion, 181

Railway, Suspension, Mr. G. Stevenson, 284

Reaper and Mower Fingers, Messrs. Burgess and Key, Smithfield Club Show, 423

Reapers, Messrs. Phillips and Co., Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Reaping Machine, Sheaf-binding, Mr. C. H. M. McCormick, Royal Agricultural Society, Liverpool,

Rheea Fibre, Machinery for the Preparation of, Messrs. D. and J. Greiy, 387

Rivet-making Machine, Messrs. W. Collier and Co., 57

Rolling Mills, Belgian Three-high, Mr. A. Thomas, 223

Sash Fastenings, Mr. B. D. Knox, 351

Screwing Apparatus, Pipe, Mr. Heup, 454

Ships’ Speed Indicator, Mr. W. de Normanville, 193

Ships, Transverse and other Strains of, Mr. W. John, 192

Slag Blocks, Machinery for Making, Mr. J. Woodward, 5

Spike Extractor, Railway, Messrs. Zeyss, Zeitz, and Siebrand. 413

Steamer, Cargo, the “ Tagadito,” Mr. E. Jackson, 297

Steamers, Irish Mail, Messrs. W. Simons and Co., Renfrew, 8, 43, 46, 61

Steamship, Clyde Passenger, “Lord of the Isles.” Messrs. D. and W. Henderson and Co., 115, 118, 132, 166

Steamship, the “ Silva Americano,” Messrs. Edwards and Symes, 149

Steering Apparatus, Auxiliary Steam Steering, Mr. H

P. Holt, 221

Steering Gear, Messrs. Clayton and Shuttle worth, Royal Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 23

Stone-breaking Machine, Mr. H. R. Marsden, 359

Telephone, Diagram of the. by Mr. W. Preece 239

Telephones, Mr. C. Varley, Mr. Paul La Cour, Mr.

Elisha Gray. Mr. Edison, Mr. A. Graham Bell, Mr.

Preece, 37, 38, 133

Torpedo Boat, Messrs. Yarrow and Co., 420 (and Supplement)

Tramway, Inclined, Fortress of Glatz in Silesia, 462

Tramway, Scarborough, Quecn’s-paradc, Mr. H. P.

Holt, 354

Tube-plug. Expanding, Mr. Fenenga, 395

‘ Tube-scraper, Mr. Rastrick, 149

Tube Wells, Apparatus for Driving, 376

i Tube Wells for Large Water Supplies, Mr. R. Sutcliff, 439

Valve, Circular Slide, Mr. F. W. Webb, 68, 69 Valve, Eccentric, Messrs. Elliott and Burnett, 193 Valve Gear on Locomotives, American Railway M;

Mechanics’ Association, 63

Valve, Safety, Prof. J. Klotz, 6S

Valve, Unit Area Safety, Mr. W. Robertson, 39

Valves, Equilibrium Sluice, Messrs. Bagsh

Sons, 148

Valves, Unit Area Safety, Grand Junction


aw ands

Ventilator for Chemical Works, Mr. C. S.

Agricultural Show, Liverpool, 50 Viaduct, Ilkeston, Great Northern Rai1

Johnson, 274, 276, 277

Railway,Hall,- Royal.way, Mr. R.

Water Ballast, Mr. B. Martel, on, 174

Water Supply Works, Chipping No Webber, 26 .

Water, Valve for Preventing Was* and Co., 358

Waterworks, St. Helen’s CorporGaskin, 80, 81, 84

Waves at North Berwick Pieri?.>175 rton, Mr. W. Hy..,e of, Messrs. Stoneation, Mr. D. M. Fl-

Weir Mounds, Irish, 351 Wheels,

Chilled Railway,.ead, Deflection of-, 2-79

Gazette, 413

Wind Guard, Mr. C. Boys, ‘

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