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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies G

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • G. C. Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand B,611 and 508. Grinstead Road, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Teleph. : Tideway 1234. Tel. Add. : “ Tideway 1234."—Gooseneck Type Elevator with Galvanized Continuous, Non-spill, Overlapping Perforated Buckets. Galvanized Framework. Wire Mesh Guard and Sheet Metal Hopper.
  • G. W. B. Electric Furnaces, Ltd. Stand C,321 and 220. Dibdale Works, Dudley, Worcs. Teleph. : Dudley 4284. Tel. Add. : “ Gibwildbar, Dudley.”—Industrial Electric Furnaces for all Heat Treatment Processes, Batch and Continuous Furnaces and Automatic Handling Gear, Electrode Type Automatic Boilers for Steam Raising and Hot Water Heating, Case Hardening Compounds.
  • Gainsborough Enamelled Ware Co, Ltd. Stand A,416. " Gainsborough Works.” Rufford Road, Stourbridge, Worcestershire. Teleph. : Stourbridge 5218/9. Tel. Add. : " Gainsboro, Stourbridge.”— Vitreous Enamelled HoUoware, including Basins, Baths, Butchers’ Trays, Cash Bowls, Casseroles, Deep Bowls, Dinner Plates, Oval Roasters, Pie Dishes, Soup Plates, Stewpans, Complete with Enamelled Covers, Mixing Bowls.
  • Galvo (Wire Netting), Ltd. Stand A,508. Coneygre Road, Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. : Tipton 1191/2. ’ Tel. Add. : “ Galvo,” Tipton.—Galvanized Wire Netting. Steel Reinforcement Brickwork. Steel Reinforcement Concrete. Mild Steel Wire. Aluminium Alloy Wire Netting. Fencing Ironwork. Steel Gates. Wire Work.
  • Gandy, Ltd. Stand D,147. Wheauand Works, Wallasey, Cheshire. Teleph. : Wallasey 1074. Tel. Add. : " Gandy, Birkenhead.”—Belting for all purposes. Belt Dressings. Industrial Webbing and Tapes. Leather Couplings. Industrial Brake and Clutch Linings and Friction Discs. Laminated Plastic Products. Stairtreads. Fireproof Aprons.
  • Garratt and Bunch, Ltd. , Stand 12,753. Ward Street, Willenhall, Staffs. Teleph. : 561.—Cold Sheet Metal Pressings.
  • Garrington, John, and Sons, Ltd. Stand Outdooi,1321 and 1220. Guest Keen and Nettlefolds]], Ltd., Group Stand. [[Newton Works, Bromsgrove, Worcs. Teleph. : Bromsgrove 2621. Tel. Add. : “ Garrington, Phone, Bromsgrove.”—Forgings : Drop, Precision, Upset, Press. Engineer’s Small Hand Tools : Spanners, Open-ended, Ring-Wrenches, Adjustable, StUson Type Pipe Wrenches, Hammers. Hand Drills, Breast Drills, etc.
  • Garrington, John, and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,206. Newton Works, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Teleph. ; Bromsgrove 2621. Tel. Add. : " Garrington, Phone, Bromsgrove.”—Forgings : Drop, Press, Upset, Precision, Close Limit. Tools : (Small Tools), Spanners, Open-ended, Adjustable, Stilson Type Pipe Wrenches, Hammers, Hand and Breast Drills, Socket Spanners, Screwdrivers, etc.
  • Garrods (Sheet Metal), Ltd. Stand A,609. Abbey Works, King’s Road, Barking, Essex. Teleph. : Rippleway 3824. Dustbins, Incinerators, Coal Bunkers, Corn Bins, Water Cisterns, Portable Ovens, Garden Wheelbarrows, Chemical Closets, Paint Kettles, Galvanized Pressed Steel Gutters and Rainwater Fittings,
  • Gas Council, The. Stand D,639 and 538. 1, Grosvenor Place, Loudon, S.W.l. Teleph. : Sloane 4554. Tel. Add. : " Gascn, Knights, London.”—Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Applications of Gas and Coke. Displayed are Gas-processed Articles from Glassware to Motor Cars, Working Models of Industrial Gas Plant, Catering Equipment, Modern Domestic Appliances.
  • “Gas World, The.” Stand A,427. Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : Central 3212. Tel. Add. : “ Allangas, Fleet, London."—(Benn Brothers]], Ltd., Publishers), Most widely read Gas paper in the world. Covers every phase of activity in Gas and Coking Industries. The " Gas World Year Book ” published in December. Industrial Gas and Coke Oven supplements monthly. Annual subscription : Home and Abroad 42/-.
  • Gascoigne, Geo. H., Co, Ltd., The. Stand D,715 and Outdoor,1233. Gascoigne House, Reading. Teleph. : Reading 4831/2/3. Tel. Add. : " KeKlamps, Reading.”—“ Kee Klamp ” Tubular Steel Construction. Standard Tubes cut to length, coupled with “ Kee Klamps ” allow for construction of the following to Individual Requirements : Storage Racking, Cloakroom Equipment, Fencing, Pedestrian Guard Rails, Towers, Cattle Pens, Cow Stalls, Shedding, Gates and Cattle Yard Fencing.
  • Gascoignes (Reading), Ltd. Stand D,614. Gascoigne House, Reading. Teleph. : Reading 5067/8/9 and 2273/4/5. Tel. Add. : “ Gascoigne, Reading.”—Gascoigne Mobilactor. Auto recording, Cooling and Churn-filling in Mobile Form for the complete milking of cows in sheds and its preparation for collection. Gascoigne Portable Bucket Unit Milkers in Various Sizes.
  • Gascoignes (Reading), Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1233. Gascoigne House, Reading. Teleph. : Reading 5067/8/9 and 2273/4/5. Tel. Add. : " Gascoigne, Reading.”—Gascoigne Lactory Milking Equipment incorporating Autorecording Milker, Vacuum Cooling and Chum- Filling used in conjunction with special Milking Stalls to which cows are brought. Various Milking Machine Accessories.
  • General Electric Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,503 and 402. Magnet House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 8000. Tel. Add. : " Electricity, Westcent, London.”—Airport Lighting Equipment including the Line and Bar System of Approach Lighting, Street Lighting Lanterns and Lamps, Electric Motors and Heavy Electrical Engineering Equipment, Electronic Measuring and Testing Apparatus.
  • General Galvanizers, Ltd. Stand A,419. Lever Street, Wolverhampton, Stafis. Teleph. : Wolverhampton 20668. Tel. Add. : " Screens, Wolverhampton.”—Hot Dip Galvanizing for all trades (in association with Bradley and Co]], Ltd.).
  • Gent and Co, Ltd. Stand C,407. Faraday Works, Leicester. Teleph. : Leicester 24151. Tel. Add. : “ Gents, Leicester.”—Industrial and Marine Type Electric Clock Systems, Fire and Burglar Alarms, Staff Locators, Luminous Call Systems, Liquid Level Control Equipment, Mine Signalling Equipment, Watchmen’s Clock Systems, Telephones, Bells, Indicators, etc.
  • Gill, Edward. Stand A,648. 52/4, Hylton Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Northern 3331. Tel. Add. ; " Edwagil, Birmingham.”—Egg Whisks, Coat Hangers, Expanding Curtain Wire, Can Openers, Brass Bells, Brass Curtain Rails, Potato Mashers, Metal Stampings, Electric Fires, Potato Chippers, Wire Work, Electric Elements, Fish Slicers, Soap Bowls.
  • Gillott Electro-Steam Cookers, Ltd. Stand 0416. Cotswold Works, Chaiford, Nr. Stroud, Glos. Teleph. : Brimscombe 2276/7. Tel. Add. : " Elecsteam, Chaiford.”—^De Luxe Model ElectroSteam Cooker. Economy Model Electro-Steam Cooker. Auto Safe Element for Kettles and Portable Cookers, etc. Electric Immersion Heaters of many types. Plastic Solution Melting Tank. ?>
  • F. Gilman (B.S.T.) Limited. Stand D,506. Carlton House, 195, High Street, Smethwick, 41, Staffordshire. Teleph. ; Smethwick 1202/3/4/5.. Tel. Add. : " Skatoskalo, Phone, Birmingham.”— Flexible Drive Machines and Accessories for Boiler Scaling and aU classes of Surface Scaling. Machines supplied for Sanding, Grinding, Milling, Filing, etc. Makers of Rotary Milling Cutters and Rotary Files.
  • Gilpin, Wm., Seni., and Co (Tools), Ltd. Stand A,332. Churchbridge Works, Cannock. Teleph. : Cheslyn Hay 288. Tel. Add. : “ GUpitools."—Hand Tools, including Augers, Auger-bits. Choppers, . Cleavers, Axes, Hatchets, Picks, Mattocks, Hammers, Garden Shears, Rakes, Cold Chisels, Slashers, Hooks, etc.
  • D. Gilson and Co, Ltd. - Stand C,316. Billet Works, Billet Road, Walthamstow, London, E.17. Teleph. : Larkswood 2313. Tel. Add. : " Screwdatim, Easephone, London.”— Screws, Nuts, Washers, Studding, Terminals, Cable Sockets, Connectors, Conduit Bushes, aU kinds of Brass Automatic Screw Machine Repetition Parts used in the Electrical and Allied Trades. Inserts for Plastics, Presswork.
  • Girdlestone Pumps, Ltd. Stand D,333. 23, Davies Street, London, W.l. Teleph. : Mayfair 1354. Tel. Add. ; " Gircopump, Wesdo, London.”—Centrifugal Pumps for Industrial, Agricultural and Domestic Applications. Hot Water Circulators. Vertical Spindle Pumps for Sump Clearance. Glandless Diaphragm Pumps , for Viscous, Abrasive and Corrosive Fluids. Range of Floatswitches.
  • Gittings and Hills, Ltd. Stand B,826. Tower Varnish Works, Salford Street, Long Acre, NecheUs, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : East 0297/8. Tel. Add. : " Phone, Gittings, Birmingham.”— Articles Coated with our Industrial Finishes exhibiting “ Rockhard ” Synthetic Stoving Enamels, " Lustreloid ” Cellulose Lacquers, " Githilac ” Oil-resisting Machinery Enamels, Synthetic and OU Air Drying and Stoving Enamels, High Temperature Blacks.
  • Glass Developments, Ltd. Stand B,225. Sudboume Road, Brixton HUI, London, S.W.2. Telepb. : Brixton 4041. Tel. Add. : ** Glasblow, Brix, London.”—Spirit Levels for Building, Railways, Weighing Machines, Artillery, Navigation, all purposes. Gas . Analysis—Orsat—Haldane. Mining, Gasworks, Oil Refining, Research, Test Equipment. Gerber Butyro meters. Educational Scientific Apparatus. Laboratory Furniture. Volumetric Glassware.
  • Globe Tank and Foundry (Wolverhampton), Ltd. Stand A,419. Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton, Staffs. Teleph. : Wolverhampton 20666/9. Tel. Add. : “ Gloco, Wolverhampton.”—Tanks, Cisterns, Galvanized Agricultural Sundries and Iron Castings.
  • Glow Worm Boilers, Ltd. Stand A,327 and 226. Derwent Foundry, Milford, nr. Derby. Teleph. : Belper 22. Tel. Add. ” " Belper 22.”—“ Glow-Worm ” “ Milford ” oven over-fire combination grate, giving cooking, heating and hot water facilities. “ Glow-Worm ” B.22 independent domestic hot water supply boilers.
  • M. C. Gooding and Co, Ltd. Stand A,644. 38/9, Keens Road, Croydon, Surrey. Teleph. : Croydon 1616. Tel. Add. : " Keenuns.”—Hand Drills, Carpenter’s Clamps, Breast Drills, Emery Wheel Trimmers, Hand Bench Grinders, Polishing Heads, Bench Drills, Saw Benches, Woodworkers’ Vices, Grinding Heads, Machine Vices Treadle Attachments.
  • Goodwin Barsby and Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1312. St. Margarets Ironworks, Leicester, England. Teleph. : 22934. Tel. Add. : “ Goodwin, Leicester.”—Road and Quarry Machinery, Gravel handling, Contractors’ and Builders’ Plant including Stonebreakers, Granulators, Fixed and Portable Screens, Gravel Washers, Asphalt and Tarmacadam Plant and Concrete Mixers with Ancillary Machinery.
  • Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Co (G.B.), Ltd. Stand D,220. Bushbury, Wolverhampton. Teleph. ; 22321. Tel. Add. : " Gotyruco, Wolverhampton.”—Goodyear Industrial Rubber Products. ~ pregnated Conveyor and Transmission Belting, Vee-belts, Belts, Industrial Hose, Oil and Petrol Hose. Conveyor Service.
  • Gordon Tools, Ltd. Assam Works, Rockingham Street, Sheffield. Teleph. ; Sheffield 27386/7. Tel. Add. : " Sheffield 27386/7.”—Plantation Tools of every type including Machetes, Dhaws, Perangs, Rubber Tapping Knives, Sisal Knives, etc.
  • Gough and Co (Hanley), Ltd. Stand B,317. New Excelsior Works, Clough Street. Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-on-Trent 5551. Tel. Add. : “ Laddertrux,” Stoke-on- Trent.—Ladders, Wood and Steel ; Pole and Extending Pattern. Trucks in Wood and Steel to any specification. Barrows, Handcarts, Tower Wagons. Builders’, Painters’, Decorators’, and general works plant, welded Constructional Steel work.
  • Graham and Brown, Ltd. Stand B,302. India Mill. Haygarth Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. Teleph. : 49418.— Wallpapers.
  • Graham Firth Steel Products, Ltd. Stand A,502. Brockhurst Works, Bescot, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph. : Walsall 4591/3. Tel. Add. : " Firsteel, Walsall.”,—Cold Rolled Steel Strip and Articles Manufactured Therefrom.
  • Grant and West, Ltd. Stand B,229. 3, Furlong Road, London, N.7. Teleph.: North 2160 and 2111. Tel. Add. : " Selekjoina, Holway, London.”—“ Cretex ” Waterproofing and Roofing Compound, " Riscor ” Bituminous Varnish, Setting Emulsions, “ Flinso ” . Aluminium Solders, Tinning Compounds, “ Selek ” Jointing, “ PlastUoy ” Gland Packing, “ Belfo ” Belt-Dressing, “ Ropres ” Wire-Rope Preservative, Pipe-Vices, Body and Frame Straighteners.
  • Gravity Ladders, Ltd. Outdoor,1219 and 1118. Pickford Street, Birmingham, 5. Teleph. : Midland 3027. Tel. Add. : “ Pacaway, Birmingham.”,—Loft Ladders, Steel and Aluminium. Supplied ready to instal without expert knowledge. No structural alteration or special trap door required. For Aluminium Ladders see Aluminium Ladder Co]], Ltd.
  • T. Grayson, Ltd. Stand A,327 and 226. 16/17, Queen Street, Derby. Teleph. : Derby 45942. Tel. Add. : " Grayson, 45942 Derby.”—Seamless Welded Milk Transport Cans or Chums.
  • M. and W. Grazebrook, Ltd. Stand D,243. Netherton Ironworks, Dudley, Worcs. Teleph. : Dudley 2431/3. Tel. Add. : " Grazebrook, Dudley,”—Heavy Grey Iron Castings. Heavy General Engineering. Fabrications in Mild and Stainless Steel. Homogeneous Lead Linings. Manufacturers and Repairers of Rail Tank Wagons.
  • E. Green and Son, Ltd. Economiser Works, Wakefield. Teleph. : 2706. Tel. Add. : miser, Wakefield.”—Green’s Vertical Tube Fuel Economiser. Premier Diamond Type 25 Economiser. Green’s Premier Type 12 Economiser. Green’s Oval Tube Cast-iron Airheater. Triple Tube Cast-iron Airheater.
  • Green and Hughes, Ltd. Stand A,423. Birmingham Wolverhampton Road, Dudley, Worcs. Teleph. : Tipton 1804/5 P.B.E. Tel. Add. : “ Screws, Dudley.”—Roofing Screws, Drive Screws, Roofing Bolts, Hook Bolts, Nails, Rivets, Washers, Clips, in Steel and Aluminium, Eye-Bolts, Fibre and Lead Washers, All-threads. Brackets,' U ’ Bolts, Bedstead Screws, Handles, Spindles, Studs, Pressings.
  • Green, Thomas, and Son, Ltd. Stand B,503. Smithfield Ironworks, North Street, Leeds, 2. Teleph. : 20357. Tel. Add. : “ Smithfield, Leeds.”—Gang Mowers, Master Motor Mowers from 14 in. to 36 in. Cadet Side Wheel Mower, Tutor Side Wheel Mower, Monitor RoUer Mowers, size 12 in. and 14 in. Zephyr Roller Mower, 14 in. and 16 in.
  • Green, Thomas, and Son, Ltd. Stand Outdoor, 1340. Smithfield Ironworks, North Street, Leeds, 2. Teleph. : 20357.- “ Grifiin ” Diesel and Petrol Engined Rollers, ranging from Water Ballast Diesel Rollers of Twelve Tons to Hand Guided Petrol Rollers of Eleven Cwts. for Roads, Footpaths, Aerodromes, Sportsfields and Playgrounds.
  • Greenway Brothers, Ltd. Stand D,405 and 304. Bilston. Staffs. Teleph.: Bilston 41208. Tel. Add.: “Greenway Brothers, Bilston.”—Galvanized Iron Sheets.
  • Gresham and Craven, Ltd. Stand D,139. Ordsall Lane, Salford, 5, Lancs. Teleph. : Deansgate 6061. Tel. Add. : “ Brake, Phone Manchester.”—The Compressed Air-Operated Ejectopump for transferring difficult Liquids and Semi Solids.
  • A. E. Griffiths (Smethwick), Stand D.755. Smethwick 1571/2/3/4. Tel. Add. : " Grifoven,” Smethwick.—A Gas Fired Air Circulated Convection Oven for Stove Enamelling, low temperature heat treatment, etc. A Gas Fired Radiant Heat (Infra Red) Drying Oven with Flame Failure and Thermostatic Controls.
  • Griffiths, Samuel (Willenhall), Ltd. Stand D,328. John Harper Street, Willenhall, Staffs. Teleph. : Willenhall 467.— “ Bentley ” 30 ton Open Fronted Geared Power Press Fully Motorised.
  • Groves, Samuel and Co, Ltd. Stand A,310. Musgrave Road, Hockley, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Northern 3634/5. Tel. Add. : " Sevorg, Birmingham.”—Aluminium Service Trays, Baking Dishes and Canteen Cooking Utensils. Nickel and Chrome Plated Trays, Dishes, etc. Pewter Tankards. Sheet Metal Pressings for Motor and Electrical Trades.
  • Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (Cwmbran), Ltd. ,001,1 non Stand B,629 and 526, Outdoor 1321/1220. Cwmbran Works, Cwmbran, Mon. Teleph.: Cwmbran 3191. Tel. Add, . " Patent, Newport, Mon.”—All Types of Grey Iron Castings, viz. Patent Railway Sleepers, Rail Chairs, Base and Sole Plates, Brake Blocks and Shoes, Axle Boxes, Buffer Cylinders, Patent Honeycombe Floor Plates, Repetition Castings, Railway Fastenings.
  • Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (Midlands), Ltd. Stand B,629 and 526, Outdoor,1321/1220 Bolt and Nut Division, Atlas Works, Darlaston, Staffs. Teleph. : Darlas- ton 28. Tel. Add. : “ Cotterills, Darlaston,” “ Globe, Darlaston.”—Bolts and Nuts (Black, Bright, Stainless Steel and High Tensile). Coach Screws, Set Screws, Studs, Rivets, Washers. Drawbar Pins and Cotters, Railway Spikes, Wing Nuts, Vibro Lock Nuts, Close Limit Forgings, G.K.N. Indented Foundation Bolts.
  • Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (Midlands), Ltd. Stand7B,309 and 208. Box No. 24, Heath Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Sme. 1441. Tel. Add. : “ Nettlefolds, Birmingham.”—Screws, Bolts and Nuts, Washers, Rivets, Cotter Pins, Hardened Self-tapping Screws, Socket-Screws, " Aerotight " Nuts, Hank " Rivet Bushes, etc.
  • Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (Midlands), Ltd. Stand B,629 and 526, Outaoor.1321/1220 Screw Division, Heath Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Smethwick 1441, Tel, Add, : " Nettlefolds, Birmingham.”—Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Nettlefolds, Parker, Kalon Hardened Self Tapping Screws, Nettlefolds Patent Phillips Recessed Head Self Tapping Screws and Machine Screws, Bolts and Nuts, Aerotight Nuts, Hank Rivet Bushes, Screw Hooks and Eyes, Cotter Pins.
  • Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (South Wales), Ltd. Stand B,829 and 528, Outdoor,1321/1220 Castle Works and Rolling Mills, Cardiff. Teleph. : Cardiff 8221. Tel. Add. : *' Nettlefolds, Cardiff."—Bars : Rounds, Square and Plate. Reinforcement Bars. Angles and Channels. Hot and Cold Rolled Strip. Wire Rods. Wire Nails.
  • Guests Brass Stamping Co Stand D,732. Selly Oak, Birmingham, 29. Teleph. ; Selly Oak 1151. Tel. Add. : “ Brastamper, Selly Oak."—Hot Die Pressings in Brass, Copper and Manganese Bronze for Engineering and Allied Trades, including Gas, Water and Electric Fittings, Builders’ and Cabinet Brassfoundry,

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