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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies T

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • T. I. Aluminium, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and 0,619 518. Redfern Road, Tyseley, Birmingham. Teleph. : Acocks Green 3333. Tel. Add. : “ Timinium, Birmingham.”—Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Sheet, Strip, Plate, Circles, Tubes, Extruded Sections and Bar to all standard specifications including Lloyds. Exhibits include corrugated sheet, treat plate and a range of Ex;truded Sections.
  • T. I. (Export), Ltd. Stand D.617,516 and D,619 518. 21/23, High Street, Birmingham, 5. Teleph. : Midland 4191/5. Tel. Add. : “ Britubex, Birmingham.”—The T. I. Co, responsible for the Export sales of those Companies of the Tube Investment Group which manufacture Steel Tubes, Cold Rolled Metal Sections, and Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Tubes, Extruded Sections, Sheet, Strip and Bar.
  • Talbot Stead Tube Co, Ltd. Green Lane, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph. : Walsall 4186. Phone, Walsall.”—Carbon and Alloy Steel Tubes. Resisting Steel Tubes. Manipulated and Fabricated Work in all Qualities. Bright Drawn Steel Bars and Turned and Polished Shafting.
  • Talfacto Limited. Stand A,401. 226, Queen’s Drive, North Promenade, Blackpool, Lancs. Teleph. : Blackpool S1577. Tel. Add. : “ Talfacto, Blackpool.”—Talfacto Lavatory Sprayers and Perfumed Germicide provide efficient lavatory Hygiene. They are fitted to the cistern arm and spray automatically on pulling the chain. Concessionaire Rights available in several countries.
  • Tangyes, Ltd. Stand B,309 and 208. Cornwall Works, Smethwick. Teleph. : Smethwick 1181. Tel. Add. : “ Tangyes, Birmingham.”—Diesel Engines, Hydraulic Jacks, Car Washers, Sleeving Presses, Gauge Presses, Axle Lathes, Wheel Lathes, Baling Presses, Screw Presses, Chain Stocks, Centrifugal Pumps, Steam Pumps, Ram Pumps, Factory Heating Stoves.
  • Tarpen Engineering Co, Ltd. / Stand Outdoor 1315. Ixworth House, Ixworth Place, London, S.W.3. Teleph. : . Kensington 3491. Tel. Add. : “ Tarpenco, Southkens, London.”—Hedge Cutters for Estate, Farm and Roadside Hedges. Portable Generators, 400 watts to 3 kilowatts. “ Tarplaner ” Portable Electric Wood Plane. “ Swifsure ” Portable Electric Saw.
  • H. P. Tay, Ltd. Stand D,607 . New John Street, Aston, Birmingham. Teleph. : Aston Cross 1688. Tel. Add. : “ Continuous, Birmingham.”—Bright, Annealed, Tinned, Coppered, Galvanised, Round and Shaped Mild Steel Wires in CoUs or Straight Lengths ; also in Brass, Nickel Silver and Light Alloys. Specialists in Drawn Sections, Pinion, etc.
  • Taylor and Challen, Ltd. Stand D,415. Constitution Hill, Birmingham, 19. Teleph. : Central 5672/5. Tel. Add. : “ Derwent,” Birmingham.—Power Presses, Single and Double
  • Taylor, Henry (Propr. A. Hildick). Woodside Works, Rutland Road, Sheffield, 3. Teleph. : Tel. Add. : “ Entailer, Sheffield.”—Acorn Brand Wood Carving Tools.
  • Taylor Industries, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1364. Hookergate, Rowlands Gill, Co Durham. Teleph. : Rowlands Gill 207.— Acrylic Road Traffic signs. Advertising and Display Sig^s, and Stands. Acrylic Industrial Components and Machine Guards. Lighting Fittings for Public Transport, Shipping, and for Fluorescent Tubes.
  • Taylor, Law and Co, Ltd. Stand A,414. " Tala ” Works, Rufford Road, Stourbridge, Worcs. Teleph. : Stourbridge 5187 (P.B.X.). Tel. Add. : “ Tala,” Stourbridge.—Manufacturers of “ Tala ” Kitchenware and Houseware, of Labour Savers for the kitchen. Icing Sets, Japanned Food Canisters and other Kitchen Utensils (also with Krinko Finish), Home Safes in Book Form, Cash and Deed Boxes.
  • Taylor, Robert, and Coy. (Ironfounders), Ltd. Stand B,200. Muirhall Foundry, Larbert, Stirlingshire. Teleph. : Larbert 444. Tel. Add. : " TayCo"—Tayco Independent Domestic Hot Water Boilers, 20,000 to 80,000 B.T.U.s. Tayco " Comfy ” and " AR ” Heating Stoves. Engineering Castings in Alloy Cast Irons'to all specifications.
  • Taylor Rustless Fittings Co, Ltd., The. Stand B,504. Ring Road, Lower Wortley, Leeds, 12. Teleph. : Leeds 38711. Tel. Add. : " Sirius, Phone, Leeds.”—Stainless Steel Equipment for Food and Chemical Industries, Dyeworks, etc. Butchers’ Fittings, Architectural Fittings, Door Furniture, Seamless Holloware, Tram and Bus Fittings, etc., etc.
  • Taylor, Tunnicliffe and Co, Ltd. Stand C,212. Eastwood, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-on-Trent 5272/4. Tel. Add. : “ Eastwood, Hanley.”—Electrical Porcelain Insu- ? lators and Metalwork for High and Low Tension. Switchgear Insulators, Fusegear Insulators, Cable Insulators, Porcelain for Accessories of every kind. Refractories, Firebars, Resistance Formers. High Frequency Ceramics.
  • Taylor, Tunnicliffe (Refractories), Ltd. Stand C,212. Albion Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Teleph. : Longton 3122. Tel. Add. : “ Eastwood, Hanley.”—Electrical Accessories, Refractories for Radiators and all forms of Electrical Heaters, Resistance Formers, High Frequency Ceramics.
  • Taylor and Wilson, Ltd. Stand A,406. Taywil Works, Accrington, Teleph. : 3681/2. Tel. Add. : " Taywil,” Accrington.—Washing, Wringing and Mangling Machines with Wood and Rubber Rollers, Hand Operated and Gas Heated Washing Machines Wood Cabinet Wringer, 16 x 2 Rubber Rollers, Vitreous Enamel Table, Household Stool, Step T,adder.
  • Taylors (Sheffield Tools), Charles. Stand B,201. Woodside Works, Rutland Road, Sheffield, 3. Teleph. : Sheffield 23423. Tel. Add. : " Screw, Sheffield.”—Screw Brand Carpenters’ Chisels, Gouges, Plane Irons, Wood Planes and all types Joiners’ Tools.
  • Technical Machines and Accessories, Ltd. Stand C,227 and 104. 16, Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Monarch 8722. Tel. Add. : " Technimach, Finsquare.”—Engraving and Diesinking Machines for the Production of Moulds for the Plastic Industry.
  • Tedson, Thornley and Co Robert Street Mills, Rochdale, Lancs. Teleph. : 3682. " Tedson.”—Industrial Gloves for all purposes. Reg. ANDY.
  • Telco, Ltd. 3, Newman Street, London, W.l. Teleph, : Museum 5701/4. “ Telcoscrew, Wesdo, London.”—Examples of the most comprehensive range of Telcomatic Studding Studs, Tie-bars, Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers and Special Component Parts in all Metals and Diameters, and other Telcomatic products.
  • Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,413 and 312. 22, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : London Wall 3141. Tel. Add. ; “ Telcon, Stock, London.”—Paper and Varnished Cambric Mains Cables, Polythene Telecommunication, Radio and Television and Radio Relay Cables, P.V.C. Cables and Flexibles. Accessories.
  • Temple Press, Ltd. Stand C,714. Bowling Green Lane, London, E.C.l. Teleph. : Terminus 3636. Tel. Add. : “ Pressimus, Phone London.”—Specialized Weekly and Monthly Journals Reflecting the Industrial Progress and Current Development of Pleasure and Commercial Motoring, Aviation, Yachting and Motor Cycling, Motor Shipbuilding, Mechanised Agriculture, Light Metals and Plastics.
  • R. B. Tennent, Ltd. Stand D,517. Whifflet Foundry, Coatbridge, Scotland. Teleph. : Coatbridge 425. Tel. Add. : “ Tennent, Coatbridge.”—^Makers of Rolls of Cast Steel, Cast Iron (Chilled and Grain) and all Alloy Qualities for the Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Industries. See the British Rollmakers Corporation]], Ltd.
  • Terry, Herbert, and Sons, Ltd. Stand B,424. Redditch, Worcestershire. Teleph. : Redditch 61 (8 lines). Tel. Add. : " Springs, Redditch.”—Springs, Presswork, Wirework, Anglepoise Lamps, Spring Seat Saddles, Chest Expanders, Sculling Exercisers, Flexible Shafting, Cables, Mechanisms, Cycle, Motor Cycle and klotor Accessories, Spring and Engineers’ Washers, Door Springs, Curtain Wire.
  • Thomas, Bertram (Engineers), Ltd. Stand D,309. Worsley Street, Hulme, Manchester, 15. Teleph. : Blackfriars 0905. Tel. Add. : “ Breaker,” Manchester.—“ Tiltrack ” Storage, Factory, Workshop, Garage Bins, Shelving, Lockers, etc. Electric Dinner Waggons, Hot Plates, Plate Warmers, Radiators, Tubular Heaters, Car Heaters, Switchboards, High Speed Circuit Breakers, Automatic Switchgear,
  • Thomas and Bishop, Ltd. Stand D,145. 39, Arthur Road, London, S.W.19. Teleph. : Wimbledon 4561 and 1781. Tel. Add. : “ Velcling, Wimble London.”—Flexo Belt Treatment, Permac Jointing Material, Flexo Tinning Compound, Flexo Furnace Cements, Flexo Jointing Paste, Tebeon Roofing Compound, Flexo Kneadable Metallic Packing, T/B Clear Belt Treatment.
  • Thomas (Richard), and Baldwins, Ltd. Stand D,301 and 200. 47, Park Street, London, W.l. Teleph.: Mayfair 8432. Tel. Add.: " Superheat,” Audley, London.—Flat Rolled Steel Products in Wide Range, Steel Sheet, Tinplate, Stainless. Electrical Grades, Galvanised, etc. Light Alloys. Also Merchant Mill Products, Fabrications from Steel and Alloys in many forms.
  • Thomas, (Richard), and Baldwins, Ltd. Stand Outdooi,1235. 47, Park Street, London, W.L Works address : Wern Works, Briton Ferry, Glamorganshire. Teleph. : Briton Ferry 3211. Tel. Add. : “ Wem, Briton Ferry.”—Aluminium and its AUoys in Slabs, Plate, Sheets, Circles, Standard and Special Corrugated Roofing, Standard and Industrial Rainwater Goods, Current Products include Omnibus Shelters, A Mobile Industrial Dwelling and SmaU Presswork.
  • Thompson Brothers (Bilston), Ltd. Stand D,635. Bradley Engineering'Works, Bilston, Staffs. Teleph.: Bilston 41264/8. Tel. Add.: “ Thompbros, Bilston.”—Fusion Welded Plant in Stainless, Stainless Clad, and Mild Steel, for Chemical, Beer, Milk and Food Industries. Pressure Vessels, Galvanizing Plant, Centrifugal Machines, Petrol and Oil Storage Tanks, Pressings.
  • Thompson, John, Ltd. Stand D,521 and 418. Ettingshall Works, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Bilston 41121. Tel. Add. : “ Boiler, Wolverhampton.”—Thompsons Cover the World for the Supply of Complete Municipal Electricity and Industrial Boiler House Plant from the Foundations to the Stop Valve, together with Steam Generating Plant, Food and Chemical Plant, Pressed Steelwork and Iron Foundry.
  • Thompson L'Hospied and Co, Ltd. Stand C,729 and 626. Amblecote, Stourbridge. Teleph. : Stourbridge 5128. Tel. Add. : “ Colours, Stourbridge.”—Heat Resisting Alloy Castings lor Furnace Requirements, including Burner Accessories, Link Conveyors, Chains, Work Trays, Carburizing Boxes, Patent “ Nicrotectile ” Hearths, Perrit Bars and Frames, Centrifugally Cast Tubes and Rollers.
  • Thor Appliances, Ltd. Stand C,604. 55/59, Oxford Street, London, W.l. Teleph. : Gerrard 3366. Tel. Add. : “ Hurlechine, London.”—Thor Automagic Combined Clothes and Dish Washer.
  • Thor Hammer Co Stand A,642. Salop Street, Birmingham, 12. Teleph. ; Vic. 0987/8. Tel. Add. : “ Thorhamma, Birmingham.”—Soft Faced Hammers and Mallets, made from all Suitable Metals and Materials, including Rawhide, Copper, Plastic Lead, Lignum and Rubber. Thor Hammers will not damage the work struck. Faces Renewable.
  • Thorn Electrical Industries, Ltd. Stand C,dl7. 105, Judd Street, London, W.C.l. Teleph. : Euston 1183. Tel. Add. : “ Eleclampo, Kincross, London.”—-Atlas Electric Lamps, Incandescent and Fluorescent, Atlas Fluorescent Lighting Fittings and Control Gear, Atlas Fluorescent Theatre Lighting, Mary Ann Electric Irons, Vacuum Cleaners and Domestic Food lilixers.
  • Thornley and Knight, Ltd. Stand B,414. Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham. Teleph. : Victoria 2244. Tel. Add. ; “ Thornley, Phone Birmingham.”—The Latest Developments in Industrial Finishes, including Stoving and Air-Drying Enamels, Varnishes. Lacquers and Plastic Coatings. Also Paints for Factory Maintenance, Machinery Enamels, Fire-Proof Paints and Coachbuilders’ and Decorators’ Materials.
  • Thwaites Agricultural Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1344. Works and Reg. Office : Cubbington, Leamington Spa. Teleph. : Leamington Spa 1404, 924, and 1698. Tel. Add. : ” Phone AGRI.” Sales Office : Central Chambers, Parade, Leamington Spa.—Thwaites Builders’ Hoist is Small Portable Lifting Appliance for All Building Materials, 2i h.p. Elevates 9 to 30 feet. Thwaites Sack Loader, for Sack Loading, Thwaites Post Lifter, for Post Extraction.
  • Tilley Lamp Co, Ltd., The. Stand B,603. 15. Sackville Street, London, W.l. Teleph. ; Regent 3767. Tel. Add. : “ Tilamp, London.”—Tilley Patent Self-contained Parafhn Pressure Vapour I.ighting and Heating Units for Indoors and Outdoors. Also Radiators and Floodlights, Emergency and Permanent Lighting for Railways, Engineers and Contractors.
  • Tilling-Stevens, Ltd. Stand C,206. Victoria Works, Maidstone, Kent. Teleph. : Maidstone 3321. Tel. Add. : " Petelobus, Maidstone.”—Alternating Current Electric Motors, three-phase, -J- h.p. to 20 h.p. ; single-phase J h.p. to 1 h.p. ; incorporating Tilling-Stevens]], Ltd. Patented Centrifugal Switch. Automatic Traction Controllers and D.C. Motors.
  • Tilstone Tiles, Ltd. Stand B,632. Providence Pottery, Chell Street, Hanley, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-on- Trent 5459. Tel. Add. : " Stoke-on-Trent 5459.”—Glaze Tile Manufacturers, Faience Fireplaces. Export Enquiries welcomed Faience, Quotations given for Faience for all purposes.
  • “Timber Trades Journal, The.” Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : Tel. Add. : " Riderwood, Fleet, London.”—(Benn Brothers]], Ltd., Publishers). The leading paper of its kind in Europe, and circulates throughout the Timber, Plywood, Sawmill and Woodworking Trades and among Timber Importers, Agents and Shippers throughout the world. Annual Subscription : U.K. 35/-, Abroad 42/-.
  • Tinsley Wire Industries, Ltd. Stand A,505. P.O. Box 119, Sheffield, 9. Teleph. : Sheffield 41093. Tel. Add. : " Twil,” Sheffield.—Wire : Bright, Galvanized, Annealed, Fencing ; Barbed, Strand, Baling, Galvanized and Bright Staples ; Galvanized Wire Netting ; Galvanized Chain Link Fencing ; Galvanized Wire and Copper Wire ; Wall Ties.
  • Tittley, Son and Brickley, Ltd. Stand B,309 and 208. Alton Works, Price Street. Smethwick, 40, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 0103. Tel. Add. : Tittley, 0103, Smethwick.”—Shafting, Couplings, Bearings, all types Spindles, Wrought Iron, Cast Iron and Motor Pulleys'. Gears, " V ” Rope Drives. Conveyor Drums, Striking Gears, Steel Road Wheels for Agricultural Implements. Grey Iron Castings.
  • Tomey, Joseph, and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,703. Catherine Street, Aston, Birmingham, Teleph. : East 1786. Tel. Add : " Tomey, Birmingham.”—Pressure Vacuum Gauges, Thermostats, Vapour Pressure Type. Oil Pressure Switches, Drip Feed Lubricators, Needle Lubricators, Gauge Glasses. Eureka, Hercules, Red Stripe Glas,s Cylinders. Port Hole Glasses. Reflex Glasses. Thermostatic Tubes.
  • Tomey, Joseph, and Sons, Ltd. St 3 nd D,703. 221, Tyburn Road, Birmingham, 24. Tcleph. : East 1035/6/7. Tel. Add. : “ Tomey, Birmingham.”—Pressure Vacuum Gauges, Air, Oil, Steam Gauges, Oil Pressure Switches, Combined Hydraulic Altitude, Diaphragm Gauges, Drip Feed Lubricators, Needle Lubricators. Eureka, Hercules, Red Stripe Gauge Glasses, Reflex Glass Cylinder Tubes.
  • J. L. Tomey, Ltd. Stand D,703. Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth, Staffs. Teleph. : Tamworth 806.— Aluminium Zinc Base Gravity Die Castings. Aluminium Bronze Gravity Die Castings. Aluminium Zinc Base Sand Castings.
  • L. Tomey, Ltd. Stand D,703. 221, Tyburn Road, Birmingham, 24. Teleph. : East 0135/6/7. Tel. Add. ; “ Tomey, Birmingham.”—Non-ferrous Castings, Brass, Gunmetal, Aluminium, Manganese, Bronze. Phosphor-Bronze Castings our speciality. Chill Cast Sticks. Cored, Solid, Repetition Castings in Bronze or any other Non-ferrous Metals.
  • E. Tonks and Sons, Ltd. Stand A,601. Temple Works, Willenhall, Staffs. Teleph. : 535. Tel. Add. : “ Temple, Willenhall.”—Mortise and Rim Locks and Latches. Automatic W.C. Locks. Shop Door Locks. Pin Tumbler Cylinder Mortise and Rim Locks and Latches. Brass and Iron Cabinet Locks.
  • H. Tonks and Co Stand D,533. Chester Street, Aston, Birmingham. Teleph. : Northern 1292. Tel. Add. : “ Rivtonk.”—Bolts, Nuts, Screws. Special Precision Parts. Capstan and Automatic Work. Rivets, Washers. Light Pressings. Bent Wire Work. Cycle Components. Cold Forged Special in all metal.
  • Tower Hill Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Stand A,614. Tower Hill, Upholland, Near Wigan. Teleph. : Upliollaud 163. Tel. Add. : “ Upholland 163.”—Glass Washboards, Aluminium Washboards, Wooden Stepladders, Wooden Clothes Horses, " Tower Hill ” Clothes Airer, Cutlery Boxes, Household Stool-ladders, Builders’ and Decorators’ Ladders, Packing Cases for Home and Export.
  • Townsends. Stand D,426. 78, Stour Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Edgbaston 1143/4. Tel. Add. ;? “ Edgbaston 1143.”—Unground Ball Journals and Thrust Races. Rope Gripping Device. Lap-tables. Mechanisms designed for Special Purposes, covering every field of engineering.
  • Trader Publishing Co, Ltd. Stand D,214. Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, S.E.l. Teleph. : Waterloo 3333. Tel. Add. : “Motor Trader, Sedist, Loudon.”—"British Engineering,” the Foremost Overseas Sales Medium ; “ British Automobiles Overseas,” serving the Automobile Industry Abroad ; " Power Laundry ” ; “ Wireless and Electrical Trader ” ; Associated Technical Books. (See also Associated Iliflfe Press).
  • Trico-Folberth, Ltd. Stand C,318. Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex. Teleph. : Ealing 3671/3. Tel. Add. ; " Tricowipa, London.”—" Trico ” Motor Car Equipment comprising Vacuum, Electric and Compressed Air Windscreen Wipers, Windscreen Washer, De-frosters, Horns, Control Switches, Driving Mirrors, Direction Indicators, CHgnoteur Flashing Light Signalling System, Pressbutton Equipment, etc.
  • Triplex Foundry, Ltd. Stand B,505. Great Bridge, Staffs. Teleph. : Tipton 1293. Tel. Add. : “ Triplex, Tipton.”—Triplex Insulated Free Standing Cookers and Continuous Burning Combination Grates for all purpose cooking and hot water
  • Trist, Ronald, and Co, Lid. Bath Road, Slough. Teleph. : Slough 20222. Slough,"—Steam Boiler Controls and Alarms. Level Controls. Oil-firing Equipment Controls, tors. Packings:—Engine, Hydraulic, Pneumatic. Rubber. Bonding Rubber to Metal.
  • Trumeter Co, Ltd. (Associated with Measure-Meters Co, Ltd.). Stand D,748. Sunnyside,” Leicester Road, Salford, 7, Lancs. Teleph. : Broughton 2358. Tel. Add. : " Trumeter Co, Manchester.” Works : Radcliffe, Near Manchester.—Counting Instruments which automatically record work produced on Presses, Automatic Machines, Capstan Lathes, Coil Winding Machines, Printing Presses, Looms, etc. Instruments for Recording Measurement in Yards and Fractions, or Metres.
  • Tube Investments, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and D,619/518. Aston Manor, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : Birmingham, Aston 3030. Tel. Add. : “ Tigroup, Birmingham.”—The Tube Investments Group of Light Engineering Companies includes Manufacturers of Precision Tubes, Cold Rolled Sections, ' Pressure Vessels, Cycles and Components, Wrought Aluminium Products, Electrical Appliances, and Tubular Furniture.
  • Tube Products, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and D,619/518. Popes Lane, Oldbury, Birmingham. Teleph. : Broadwell 1651/7. Tel. Add.: “ Tuproducts, Oldbury.”—Tru-Wel Electrically Welded Steel Tubes, |-in. O.D. to If-in. O.D. 22 to 6 S.W.G. For Engineering, Motor, Cycle, Electrical, Furniture and Sanitary Trades. Specialities : Stainless Steel and Inconel Tubes. Fabricated Tubular Work all descriptions.
  • Tube Rolling Mills, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and D,619/518. Wednesfield, Near Wolverhampton. Teleph.: Fallings Park 31601. Tel. Add.: " Tubrol, Wednesfield."—Hot Finished Weldless Steel Tube; Specialising in Steel Boiler, Superheater and Stay Tubes for High Pressure Service ; Hot Finished Tubes for General Engineering Purposes including Conveyor Rollers and Axle Cases.
  • Tubes, Stand D,617/516 and 0,619/518 Rocky Lane, Aston. Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : Aston Cross 3030. Tel. Add. : “ Cylinders, Birmingham.”—Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes in Plain Carbon and AUoy Steels for Boilers, General Engineering and' Motor Industry. Tubular Steel Forgings and Upset Tubes for Aircraft, Commercial Vehicles and General Engineering.
  • Tubewrights, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1331/1230 and 1231. Brook House, Upper Brook Street, London, W.l. Teleph.: Mayfair 9861. Specialists in Developing Uses for Steel Tubes and Fabricating Steel Tubular Structures. -Exhibits include Footbridges, Crane Jibs, Roof Trusses, etc., and Wide Range of Equipment for Industry, Agriculture and Building.
  • Tudor Accumulator Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,109. 50, Grosvenor Gardens, London, S.W.l. Teleph. ; Sloane 0168. Tel. Add. : “ Subconical, Sowest, London."—^Lead-acid Batteries, Open and Sealed Types for : Lighting Installations, Telephone Exchanges, Switchoperating in Power and Sub-stations, Emergency Lighting and Power, Marine Installations, Vehicle Propulsion, Submarines, etc.
  • Turner Boughton and Co, Ltd. (Lydney Industrial Holdings) Harbour Road, Lydney, Glos. Teleph. : Lydney 208. “Turner Boughton, Lydney.”—Lattice and Solid Sides Meat Safes. Extending Ladders. Ironing Boards. Step Seats. Wringer Stands. Clothes Airers. Card Tables. Store Cupboards. Scullery Tables, included in a wide range Domestic Woodware.
  • Turner Brothers (Birmingham), Ltd. _ Stand D,512. Galvanic Works, Cliveland Street, Birmingham, 19. Teleph, : Aston Cross 1741.—Press Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Moulds, Dies, Power Presses 6 to 70 ton Capacity, Precision Assembly Work, Large and Small Metal Pressings, Precision Wooden Models, Special Purpose Machines, General Machining Work.
  • Turton Brothers and Matthews, Ltd. Stand D,413. P.O. Box 40, Wentworth Street, SheiEeld. Teleph. : 23156 (P.B.X.). Tel. Add. : " Matthews 6.”—Helical and Volute Springs, High Speed AUoy and Crucible Cast Steels, Shear Blades, Twist Drills, Milling Cutters, Reamers, Permanent Magnets and Magnet Steels, Punches, Dies, Cutters, and Engineers’ Tools.
  • S. Turton and Co, Ltd. Stand D,746. 54/55, High Park Street, NecheUs, Birmingham, 7. Teleph.: East 0457/8. Tel. Add. : “ Rigging, Birmingham.”—Shipping Tackle, including Thimbles, Shackles, Rigging and Straining Screws, Turnbuckles, Wire Rope Grips, Rowlocks, Clip and Tackle Hooks, Hammers, Scrapers, Marline Spikes, London Pattern Pulley Blocks, Dynamo Eyebolts, Split Links.
  • Twigg, Charles, and Co, Ltd. Stand B,624. Aldridge Works, Aldridge Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, 22. Teleph. ; Birchfields 5231/4. Tel. Add. : " Watalite, Birmingham.”—" Buflam ” Kerosene Heating and Boiling Stoves, Pressure Cooking Stoves and Blowlamps. Pressure Hurricane Lanterns. “ Twigg ” Gas Burners, Pokers and " Trufi ” Gas Fires, Petrol Hose Couplings.
  • Twigg, Charles, and Co (Brassfounders), Ltd. Stand B,624. "Pyramid Works,” Evelyn Road, Greet, Birmingham, 11. Teleph. : Vic. 2277. Tel. Add. : “ Enscolid, Birmingham.”—“ Pyramid ” Water Taps and Mixing Valves and Plumbers’ Brassware.
  • Twigg's Rolling Mills, Ltd. Stand B,624. Holt Street, Birmingham, 7. Teleph. : Aston Cross 3501.—Rolled Brass and Copper Strip, Cartridge Dipping, Gilding, etc. and Copper Service Tubes
  • Twisteel Reinforcement, Ltd. Stand B,309 and 208. Alma Street, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 1991. Tel. Add. : " Twysteel,” Smethwick.—Manufacturers of Steel Fabric Reinforcement and High Tensile Steel Reinforcing Bars for Roads and Buildings. Designers of Reinforced Concrete Structures of all kinds. Specialists in Barrel Vault Roofing (Shell Construction).
  • Tyzack, Joseph, and Son, Lid. Stand A,516. Meersbrook Works, Valley Road, Hecley, Sheffield, 8. Teleph. : Sheffield 52449. Tel. Add. : ‘‘Trowels, Sheffield.”—The Celebrated " 3-Leg ” Brand Plasterers’ and Bricklayers’ Trowels, Builders’, Moulders’ and Painters’ Tools, Butchers’ and Bakers’ Knives and Scrapers, Small Garden Tools, Saws and Light Edge Tools.
  • S. Tyzack and Son, Ltd. * Stand B,714. 341/5, Old Street, London, E.C.l. Teleph. : Clerkenwell 8301 (10 lines). Tel. Add. : " Tyzgar-Ave, London.”—Combination Woodworking Machine including Planing, Sawing, Rebating, Boring, Mortising and Moulding. Spindle Moulders Bench and Pedestal Motorized Saw, Benches, Planing Machines, Dimension Saw Benches, Zyto Lathes Bench and Motorized.

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