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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies M

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • M. C. L. and Repetition, Ltd. Stand D,414. Pool Lane, Langley, Birmingham. Teleph. : Broadwell 1115/6/7/8. Tel. Add. : “ Karlyteko, Smethwick.”—Precision, Repetition Products from the Bar in all metals. Examples of Automatic, Milling, Capstan and Assembly Work.
  • M. G. K. Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1314. Reg. Office : Gazette Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham, 4. Teleph. : Central 2517. Tel. Add. : “ Katelbee,” Birmingham.—Steel Pallets for Industrial Fork Trucks and Hand-operated Pallet Trucks. Post and Box Type Pallets. Stilages of all types Welded Steel Fabrications. Four-way Entry Pallets.
  • McArd, Robert and Co, Ltd. Stand B,619. Crown Works, Denton, Manchester, Lancs. Teleph.: Denton 2231. Tel. Add. : " Pioneer, Denton.”—“ Celmac ” Plastics Sanitary Seats in Black and Colours to suit all Sanitary Ware. Plastic Mouldings to Customers requirements. Textile and General Engineering Components produced in Plastics Materials.
  • F. W. McConnel, Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1332. 67, Chiltern Street, Baker Street, London, W.l. Teleph. : Welbeck 6462. Tel. Add. : “ Welbeck 6462.”—McConnel Mobile Saw incoporates Swinging Table, Diesel or Petrol Engines and Large Pneumatics. McConnel- Gilmour Hedge and Dyke Cutter with " Any Position ” Cutter Bar. Cuts at Tractor Speed ; Halves Costs.
  • McGeoch, William, and Co, Ltd. Stand C,325. Warwick Works, 46, Coventry Road, Birmingham, 10. Teleph. : Victoria 2174/5. Tel. Add. : " McGeoch, Birmingham, 10.”—Switch and Fusegear, Ironclad Gear, Switchboards, Watertight Plugs and Sockets, Lighting Fittings, Electrical Accessories, Architectural Metalwork, Brassfoundry and Hardware for Ships of all types. Railway and Industrial Purposes.
  • Machinery Lloyd. Stand D,756. 6, Cavendish Place, Regent Street, London, W.l, Teleph. : Langham 4204 (4 lines). Tel. Add. : " Contorg, Wesdo, London.”—Two Editions of this Export Journal, devoted to Machinery, Tools, Engineering and Electrical Equipment, are circulated throughout the World. Editorial Articles and Advertisements are Multi-lingual. Complete Supplementary Services are available.
  • Machinery Publishing Co, Ltd. Stand D,151. National House, West Street, Brighton, 1, Sussex. Teleph. : Brighton 7356/7/8, Tel. Add. : “ Machtool, Brighton.”—" Machinery ” the leading British Weekly Journal for Engineers. Numerous Technical Books, including " Machinery’s ” popular " Yellowback ” series. Screw Thread Book Buyer’s Guide, examples of “ Machinery’s ” Art and Photographic Service for Engineers.
  • McKechnie Brothers, Rotton Park Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, 16. Teleph. : Edgbaston 3581. Tel. Add.: " McKechnie, Birmingham.”—Extruded Brass, Bronze and Aluminium Bronze Rods and Sections ; Bronze and Nickel Silver Welding Rods ; Non-Ferrous Metal, Anti-Friction Metal and Terne Metal Ingots ; Chill Cast Phosphor Bronze and Gun-metal Bars. Hot Brass Stampings.
  • J. and H. McLaren, Ltd. Stand D,637 and 536. Airedale Works, Leeds, 10.—Representative Example of the Generator Range from 27-85 kw. complete with MR Type Engine from 2-8 Cylinders. Also Petter Fielding Horizontal DH and EH Type Engines representative of the Range from 16-80 B.H.P.
  • J. and H. McLaren, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1346. Airedale Works, Leeds, 10.—MR Type Diesel Engines Running under their own power and representing the 2-8 Cylinder Range Standard Belt and Generator Application. Also Two Petter-Fielding Horizontal Engines 16-80 B.H.P.
  • MacLaren, Robert, and Co, Ltd. Stand C,311. Eglinton Works, 110, Kilbimie Street, Glasgow, C.5. Teleph. : South 2011/3. Tel. Add. : " Socket,” Glasgow.—Electrical Temperature Control Equipment for all purposes, also Pressure Controls and Float Switches. Thermostats for temperatures from 0/1100 C., including Water Heating, Space Heating, Refrigeration, Furnaces, Domestic Irons, etc. '
  • A. W. MacNamara, Ltd. Stand D,116. Foundry Lane, Smethwick, Birmingham, 40. Teleph. : Smethwick 1584. Tel. Add. : “ Carola,” Birmingham.—M.I.3 Wire Forming Machine. M.I.4 Wire and Strip Forming Machine. M.I.9 Wire and Strip Forming Machine (High Speed). M.I.7 Wire and Strip Forming Machine.
  • Macpherson, Donald and Co, Ltd. Stand B,525. 21, Albion Street, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Central 5441. Tel. Add. : " Foochow, Manchester.”—Foochow Industrial Finishes in Various Forms and Stages of Production. Decorative Schemes and High Quality Decorative and Coach Finishes. Laboratory Test and Exposure Panels.
  • Macrome, Macrome Road, Aldcrsley, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Tettenhall 52001. Tel. Add. : “ Macrome, Wolverhampton.”—AU types Engineers’ Cutting Tools treated by the Macrome Process giving them a considerably increased average output by increasing their resistance to wear. Also various Hand Tools and Tool Kits.
  • Maddock, John, and Co, Ltd. Stand D,lll Oakengates, Shropshire. Teleph. : Oakengates 187/8. Tel. Add. : “ Maddock,” Oakengates.-—Finest Quality Blackheart and Whiteheart Malleable Iron Castings—before and after machining—for various Government Departments. Also for the Motor, Electrical, Mining, General Engineering, Agricultural and TextUe Trades.
  • Magnall Products. Stand C,306. 43, Park Street, London, W.l. Teleph. : Grosvenor 4491.—Light Alloy Castings.
  • Magnesium Elektron, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1339 and 1238. c/o P. A. Hughes and Co]], Ltd., Bath House, 82, Piccadilly, London, W.l. Teleph. : Grosvenor 6300. Tel. Add. : “ Distancing, Audley, London.”—- Suppliers of Elektron Magnesium Alloy Ingot, Billets and Slabs from which Elektron Castings, Extrusions and Sheet are manufactured (supplied through F. A. Hughes and Co,]], Ltd.).
  • Manley and Regulus, Ltd. Stand B,312. ShoweU Works, Showell Road, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Fallings Park 31081. Tel. Add. : " Regulus, Wolverhampton.”—Plumbers’ Brass foundry. “ Speedy ” Compression CoupUngs for Copper Tube. Radiator and Gate Valves. Hot Brass Pressings, Machined and Assembled, for Motor, Electrical, Gas, Water and General Engineering Trades.
  • Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co, Ltd. Stand C,616. Marconi House, Chelmsford, Essex. Teleph. : Chelmsford 3221. Tel. Add. : “ Expanse, Chelmsford.”—Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Equipment for AU Communication Requirements, including Telecommunications by Land, Sea and Air, Broadcasting, Radar and Navigation Direction Finding, Police and Other Mobile VHF Communications.
  • Manis's, Ltd. Stand A,328. Cumberland' Street, Birmingham, 1. Teleph. : Midland 3156/7. Tel. Add. ; ." Stampers.”—Hearth Furniture, Curbs, Coal Boxes, Companions, Fire Screens, Smokers’ Stands, in Brass, Copper, Chromium, Silver, Stainless Steel ; “ Sirram ” Picnic Outfits in Cases and Baskets. Picnic Kettles, Volcano Kettle ; Beauty Boxes.
  • Markjohn Distributors, Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1309 and 1208. 260, Knights Hill, West Norwood, London, S.E.27. Teleph. : Gipsy HUI 4311. Tel. Add. : “Spreaders, Westnor, London.”—Agricultural Automatic Fertiliser Spreading Machine. Body fitted with automatic discharge apparatus operated by power transmission from Gear Box.
  • Marshall Richards Machine Co, Ltd. Stand C,329 and 228. Crook, Co Durham. Teleph. : Crook 272. Tel. Add. : “ Marich, Crook." —Wire and Tube Drawing Machinery and Ancillary Equipment.
  • Martindale Electric Co, Ltd. Stand C,736. Westmorland Road, London, N.W.9. Teleph. : Colindale 8642. Tel. Add. : “ Commstones, Hyde, London.” Cable Address : “ Commstones London.”—Electrical Maintenance Equipment including Commutator Stones, Undercutting FUes and Machines, Super Blowers, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Voltage Testers, Air Compressors and Spray Guns, Safety Road Signals, Protective Masks for aU Trades.
  • Martins Bank, Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1120. Head Office : 4, Water Street, Liverpool, 2. (London Foreign Branch, 68, Lombard Street, E.C.3. Teleph. : Mansion House 6568. Tel. Add. : “ Forenmart, London.”)—Banking faculties provided for the convenience of Exhibitors and Visitors. An interpreter is in attendance and experts skUled in industrial finance, competent to give guidance on Exchange Control matters.
  • Mason, Joseph, and Co, Ltd. Stand A,327 and 226. Nottingham Road, Derby. Teleph. : Derby 46038/9. Tel. Add. ; " Mason, Derby.”—Manufacturers of Paints, Varnishes, Synthetic and Cellulose Enamels for Industrial Decorating and Coach Trades.
  • Matchett and Martineau, Ltd. Stand B,726. Bescot Crescent, Walsall, Staffs. Teleph. : Walsall 4196. Tel. Add. : “ Bisagras, Walsall.”—Hinges : Special Butts, Backflaps and Other Types for Building, Cabinet, Engineering and Steel Furniture Trades the World Over.
  • Matthews and Yates, Ltd. Stand p,705. Cyclone Works, Swinton, Manchester. Teleph. : Swinton 2273 (4 lines). Tel. Add. : “ Cyclone, Swinton, Lancs.”—Multivane Stow Speed Fan. Paddle Blade Fan. Propeller Fan. Axial Flow Fan. Forge Blower. Copper GUled Tube Heater. Unit Heater. Viscous Air Filter. Cotton Wool Air Filter. Air Washer.
  • Maun Industries, Moor Lane, Mansfield, Notts. Teleph : Mansfield 1915. Tel. Add. : " Maunind, Mansfield."—Parallel Action Side Cutting Flat Nosed and Round Nosed Pliers. Diagonal and End Cutting Nippers. Punch Pliers. Single and Revolving Head, Perforating and Ticket Punches. Straight Edges. Carpenters' Clamps.
  • Mavitta Drafting Machines, Ltd., The. Stand D,714. Highlands Road, Shirley, Near Birmingham. Teleph. ; SolihuU 2231. Tel. Add. : " Mavitta, Birmingham.”—Drafting Machines, Drawing Stands. Mathematical Scale Rules.
  • Maxol Heaters, Ltd. Stand D,336. 54. Mytton Street, Manchester, 15. Teleph. : Moss Side 2258/9. Tel. Add. : " Maxoleter.”—Gas Heated Canteen Boilers and Cafd Sets. Various Sizes. Hot Cupboards with Flat or Bain Marie Tops. Domestic Sink Heaters Fully Automatic which deliver boiling or hot water instantly and continually.
  • H. Meadows, Ltd. Stand D,637 and 536. Fallings Park, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Fallings Park 31041.—Two Examples of the Industrial and Automotive Ranges of Meadows Engines representative of a 930-type Super-charged, All-purpose Diesel Engine and a 6-cylinder Commercial Vehicle Engine.
  • H. Meadows, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1346. Fallings Park, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Fallings Park 31041.—A Range of Industrial Engines running under their own power, including a 4-cylinder Elav Type Natural Gas Engine, a 4-cylinder Power Mule and a 60-kw. Diesel Electric Alternator Set.
  • Measure-Meters Co, Ltd. Stand D,748. Milltown Street, Radcliffe, Lancs. Teleph. ; Radclifie 2539.—Industrial Counters—Revolution, Magnetic and Stroke Textile Counters and Machinery Measuring Machines for all Trades. Textile Paper and Wire.
  • Mechanical World and Engineering Record (Emmott and Co, Ltd.). Stand D,722 31, King Street West, Manchester, 3. Teleph. : Blackfriars 7086. Tel. Add.; ‘‘Textile,” Manchester. London Office: 21, Bedford Street, W.C.2. Teleph.: Temple Bar 2629.—" Mechanical World and Engineering Record," a Weekly Publication providing Technical and Business Information for the busy Engineer. " Mechanical World Year Book,” " Electrical Yeeir Book ” and Technical Books for Engineers.
  • Meldrums, Ltd. Stand D,405 and 304. Timperley, Manchester. Teleph. : Sale 2267. Tel. Add. i " Meldrums, Timperley.”—Condensing Heaters.
  • Mellor Mineral Mills, Ltd. Stand B,311. Etruria Vale. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-on-Trent 2629.— Producers of all Powdered Raw Materials for Industry. Pulverising, Grading and Refining of Raw Materials from all parts of the world. Clays, Prepared Bodies for Earthenware, Electrical Porcelain and Ceramic Minerals.
  • “Mercantile Guardian, The.” Stand C,200. 52, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : London Wall 1367. Tel. Add. : “ Vouchers, Stock, London.” 8, Newhall Street, Birmingham ; 22, Bridge Street, Manchester, 3 ; 12, Renfield Street, Glasgow ; and at Leeds.—Published Monthly, 21/- annually (Home subscribers), 15/- (Overseas). An invaluable Trade Journal for all connected with Export Tirade. Publishes Trade Opportunities in all markets. Bureau of information for overseas buyers.
  • “Mercantile Year Book and Directory of Exporters, The.” Stand C,200 52, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : London Wall 1367. Tel. Add. ; " Vouchers, Stock, London.” 8, Newhall Street, Birmingham ; 22, Bridge Street, Manchester, 3 ; 12, Renfield Street, Glasgow ; and at Leeds.—Published Annually, 25/-. The Standard Book of Reference to the Export Trade. Lists Overseas buyers, the goods they buy, and their buyers at home. Bureau of Information for Overseas buyers.
  • Merevale Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand C,728. Merida Works, Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham. Teleph. : Coleshill 2103. Tel. Add. : ‘‘ Merevale,” Birmingham.—" Merido ” Patent Footvalves and Strainers, Non-Return Valves, Centrifugal Pumps. “ Merido ” Patent Electric Fires and Bathroom or Wall Heaters.
  • Metal Box Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,331. The Langham, Portland Place, London, W.l. Teleph. : Langham 2040. Tel. Add. : " Metaboxes, Wesdo, London."—Domestic Hardware Gafiy Decorated and in Plain Colours. Commercial Hardware to meet Special Industrial Requirements.
  • Metal Porcelains, Ltd. Cornwall Road, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph. ; Smethwick 1350. Tel. Add. ; " Superfrits, Birmingham.”—Complete Vitreous Enamelling Plants. Suppliers of Complete Range of Frits and Oxides, Grinding Mills, Fusing Furnaces, Pickling, Washing and Degreasing Plant, Drying Ovens, Spraying and Dipping Units, Spray Guns, etc.
  • Metal Porcelains, Ltd. Stand C,729 and 626. Cornwall Road, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 1350. Tel. Add. : “ Superfrits, Birmingham.”—Complete Vitreous Enamelling Plants. Suppliers of Complete Range of Frits and Oxides, Grinding Mills, Fusing Furnaces, Pickling, Washing and Degreasing Plant, Drying Ovens, Spraying and Dipping Units, Spray Guns, etc.
  • Metal Processes, Ltd. Stand D,229. Kingsbury Road, Erdington, Birmingham, 24. Teleph, : Erdington 0435 and 0432. Tel. Add. : “ Birmingham, Erdington 0435.”—Industrial Finishes for Colouring and Protecting Metal Articles. Methods for Rust Preventing, Rust Removing, also Degreasing. Manufacturers of Chemical Immersion Finishes and Equipment for same. Welded Tanks and Fabrications.
  • Metal Propellers, Ltd. Stand D,322. 74, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey. Teleph. : Thornton Heath 1404. Tel. Add. : " Metaprops, Souphone, London,”—Stainless Steel Industrial Equipment including Glitsch " Truss-type ” Trays for Oil Refineries ; Chemical Plant and Process Equipment for Food.
  • Metal Sections, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and D,619/518. Broadwell Road, Oldbury, Birmingham. Teleph. : Broadwell 1461. Tel, Add. ; " Metsec,” Oldbury.—Cold Formed Sections in all metals for Transport, Building and General Engineering. Lightweight Construction in Steel and Light Alloys for Vehicles, Housing and Furniture. Metal Manipulation and Fabrication. Decorative Finishes.
  • Metalclad, Ltd Stand Outdoor,133d Iron Founders, Beaufort Works, Morriston, Swansea, Glam., and at Foundry Lane, Stanningley, Nr. Leeds. Telph. ; Swansea 71188.—Examples of Iron Castings made at the Metalclad Foundry, Beaufort Works, Morriston, including castings for metal working and woodworking machines, and castings used in the manufacture of Jones KL Mobile Cranes,
  • Metalectric Furnaces, Cornwall Road, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 1561/2. Tel. Add. ; “ Metalect, Birmingham.”—Industrial Electric Heat Treatment Furnaces, Ancillary Equipment, including Bright Annealing, Carburising, Malleableising, Cyanide Hardening, Tool Hardening, Enamelling, etc. Arc and Low Frequency Melting Furnaces. Complete Induction Heating Equipment. Control Equipment.
  • Metalectric Furnaces, Ltd. Stand C,729 and 626. Cornwall Road, Smethwick, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 1561/2. Tel. Add.; "Metalect, Birmingham.”—-Industrial Electric Heat Treatment Furnaces, Ancillary Equipment, including Bright Annealing, Carburising, Malleableising, Cyanide Hardening, Tool Hardening, Enamelling, etc. Arc and Low Frequency Alelting Furnaces. Complete Induction Heating Equipment. Control Equipment.
  • Metallisation, Ltd. Stand D,326. Barclays Bank Chambers, Dudley, Worcs. Teleph. : Dudley 3321. Tel. Add. : “ Metallize.”—Pioneers of Metal Spraying. Manufacturers of Equipment for Spraying by the British Wire Process. Exhibits will include Pistols and Multi-nozzle Units together with Rotary-deflector and Extension Nozzles.
  • “Metallurgia” (Kennedy Press, Ltd.). Stand D,722. 31, King Street West, Manchester, 3. Teleph. : Blackfriars 2084. Tel. Add. : “ Kenpred,” Manchester. London Office : 21, Bedford Street, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 2629.—Publishers of “ Metallurgia ”, the British Journal of Metals, a Monthly Journal covering the whole field of Metallurgy, including Production, Processing, Testing, Inspecting and Finishing of both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.
  • Metalon Steels, Ltd. Stand D,328. Charles Street, Short Heath, Willenhall, Staffs. Teleph. : Willenhall 601. —Non-Ferrous Electro-coating on Coiled Steel Strip, including Zinc, Lead and Dull Tin, etc. For Rust-proofing and Decorative Purposes.
  • Metals and Alloys (Birmingham), Ltd. Stand D,150. Minworth, Birmingham. Teleph. ; Ashfield 1143/4. Tel. Add. ; “ Emanay, Birmingham.”—" Metalloys ” Highest Quality Zinc Oxide. “ B.P.” White, Green, Red and Silver Seal Grades. Centrifugal Castings in Brass, Bronze, Gun-metal, also Aluminium Alloy Hardeners of Manganese, Chromium, Titanium, Nickel, Copper.
  • Metlex Industries, Ltd. Stand B,412. 77/79, Sumner Road, Croydon, Surrey. Teleph. : Croydon 1133. Tel. Add. : " Ometlex, Croydon.”-—Bathroom Cabinets, Linen Boxes, Stools, Cupboards, in Wood. Chromium Plated Bathroom Fittings, Opalite Splashbacks. Mirrors. Personal Weighing Machines.
  • Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co, Ltd Stand C,510. Trafford Park, Manchester 17. Teleph. : Trafford Park 2431 (20 lines) Tel. Add. : “Metrovick, Manchester.”—Radio-frequency generator for heat treatment and melting of metals, automatic arc-welder with electronic control, meter testing equipment including stabilised voltage output unit, demonstration of " Constant Current ” circuit control for marine and industrial applications.
  • Metway Electrical Industries, Ltd. Stand C,225 and 102. King Street, Brighton, Sussex. Teleph. : Brighton 8366. Tel. Add. : " Metway, Phone Brighton.”—Domestic and Industrial Heating Elements. Conduit Fittings. Wiring Accessories, Porcelain Accessories. Industrial Lighting Fittings. Sliding Resistances. Watertight Switches. Metallic Flexible Tubing. Moulded Terminal Blocks and Bushes. Electric Kettles.
  • Midland Bank Limited. Stand Outdoor 1223. Poultry. London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Royal 7251. Tel. Add. : Inland : " Midbank, Stock, London.” Imperial and Foreign : " Midbank, London.” —The Overseas Branch at 122, Old Broad Street, London, E.C.2., and Foreign Branches at No. 1, Stephenson Street, Birmingham, 2; Bradford, Liverpool and Manchester provide a complete banking service for all engaged in International Trade.
  • Midland Bolt, Nut and Rivet Co Stand D,753. New Midland Works, Richard Street, Darlaston. Teleph. ; Darlaston 76. Tel. Add. ; " Heading, Darlaston.”—Black Cold Headed Bolts and Nuts of aU descriptions.
  • Midland Dynamo Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,108. 64, Belgrave Gate, Leicester. Teleph. : 20172. Tel. Add. ; " Dynamo.” —“ Quickway ” Mass Production Armature Winding Machines, 500 Turns Minute, 25 SWG/45 SWG, Straight or Skewed Slots. “ Quickway " Coil Winding and Forming Machine Winds and Shapes Armature Coils in one operation.
  • Midlands Electricity Board. Stand C,509 and 408. Mucklow Hill, Halesowen. Near Birmingham. Teleph. : Woodgate. Birmingham 2271.—Electricity Enquiry Bureau dealing with all matters pertaining to the supply and use of electricity in industry. The display is primarily devoted to showing how electricity can increase productivity.
  • Midland Expanded Metal Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,313. Station Street, Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. : Tipton 2126/7/8/9. Tel. Add. : " Expanding, Tipton.”—Expanded Metal, Expanded Metal Lathing for Plaster Work, etc.. Sheet Metal Work, Made Up Goods, Concrete Reinforcement.
  • Midland Fan Co, Ltd. Stand A,622. 212, Aston Road, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : Aston Cross 1588/9/0. Teh Add. : " Blast, Birmingham, 6.”—Fans, Spray Booths, Sheet Metal Work.
  • Midland Iron Co, Ltd. Stand D,719 and Outdoor 1360. Midland Iron Works, Rotherham. Teleph. : Rotherham 4211. Tel. Add. : “ Midland, Rotherham.”—Sections of Wrought Iron and Steel and examples of Hanger Bars, Shoe Bars, Coopers Hoops, Gothics. Can Bottom Sections and Specials.
  • Midland Metal Spinning Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,513. Tower Works, Wolverhampton, Teleph. : Wolverhampton 21673/4. Tel. Add. : " Tower, Wolverhampton.”—Tower Brand Aluminium Hollo- ware, including Kettles, Teaoots, Stewpans, Casseroles, Frypans, Percolators, etc. Tower Brand Super Speed Hot Plate Utensils for Electric Stoves. “ Towercrome ” Chromium Plated Teasets, Percolators, and Various Specialities.
  • Midland Repetition and Auto Manufacturing Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,604. Blackhorse Road, Longford, Coventry, Teleph. : Bedworth, 2116.— Aluminium HoUoware. Polished or Chromed. Slicing Machines (Bread and Meat) for Catering Trades. Mixing Machines, Domestic and Catering Trades. Cycle Accessories including Handlebars and Brakes. Tricycles. Television Aerials.
  • Midland Saw and Tool Co, Ltd., The. Stand B,228. “Midsaw" Works, Pope Street, Birmingham, 1. Teleph.: Colmore 4245/6. Tel. Add. : " Midsaw, Birmingham.”—Demonstrations of Midsaw Universal Woodworker and Other Woodworking Machines. Demonstrations of “ Midsaw" Tool-Room Bandsawing and Filing Machines. “ Hyspeed ” Bandsaw Machine, etc. Bandsaw Blades for Wood, Non-ferrous and Ferrous Metals.
  • Millars Machinery Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor 1304. Thorley Works, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts. Teleph. : Bishop’s Stortford 694/5. Tel. Add. : “ Millars’, Bishop’s Stortford.”—Civil Engineering Contractors’ Equipment, including Plant for Production of Tar and Bituminous Macadams and Hot and Cold Asphalts, Millars’ Wellpoint Dewatering System, Concrete Mixers of all sizes. Pumps, Winches, etc.
  • “Miller, The.” Stand A,427. Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : Central 3212. Tel. Add. : “ Miller-Benbrolish, Fleet, London.”—(Benn Brothers]], Ltd., Publishers). Established 1875. The senior organ of the British Flour and Provender Milling Trades. Indispensable for all those requiring the latest Technical, Commercial and General News relating to their industry. Annual Subscription, U.K. and Abroad, 30/-.
  • Mills, James, Ltd, Exors of. Stand D,503 and 400. Bredbury Steel Works, Woodley, Near Stockport, Cheshire. Teleph. : Woodley 2231 (10 lines). Tel. Add. : " Mills, Phone, Woodley.”—Bright Steel Bars, Mills Ledloy, Headed, Plain and Woodruff Keys, Taper Pins, Grooved Pins, Grooved Studs, Cotters, Railway Permanent Way Fastenings, and Exhibition of Parts and Assemblies made from above.
  • Mills, John, and Co (Llanidloes), Ltd. Stand D,335. Railway Foundry, Llanidloes, Mont. Teleph. : Llanidloes 371/2. Tel. Add. ; " Foundry, Llanidloes."—Mills “ Oilaulic ” High Speed, High Pressure Hydraulic Purnps and Presses from 2 to 500 tons capacity. Production Pressing with Precision by Finger-tip Control.
  • L. N. Mills and Co, Ltd. Stand A,428. Archdale Works, St. John’s Road, New Malden, Surrey. Teleph. : Malden 2242/3/4. Tel. Add. : “ Milscrubs, New Malden.”—" Slik ” Tinsel Copper Scouring Gloves, " Slik ” and " Honour ” Brand Potscourers, " Bonza ” Expanding Curtain Rodding, Steel Wire Brushes and Brooms, Metallic Filters, Plasticised Cable Casing, Smallwares in Wood and Metal, etc.
  • Mills Scaffold Co, Ltd. Stand B,303 and 202. Trussley Works, Hammersmith, Grove, London, W.6. Teleph. : Riverside 50^6/9. Tel. Add. : " Millscaff, Hammer, London.”—Mills Tubular Scaffolding for every type construction, showing Models of Frame Scaffolds, Heavy and Light Suspended Scaffolds, Independent Slung Scaffolds, Photographic Display of Big Contracts erected throughout the world.
  • Minimax, Ltd. Stand B,612. Feltham, Middlesex. Teleph. : Feltham 2651. Tel. Add. : " Minimaxial, Feltham."—Water Boilers and Tea and Coffee making equipment for Caf6s, Snack Bars, Restaurants and Industrial Canteens, Hotels. All models fully automatic. Gas, Steam, Electric, or Calor Gas Operated.
  • Minster (Regd.) Fireplaces. StandJB,319 and 218. Station Road, Ilminster, Somerset. Teleph. : Ilminster 106/7. Tel. Add. : " Fireplaces, Ilminster.”—Fireplaces in Reconstructed Stone in Period and Modern Designs to meet all schemes of decoration. They are made from stones which are obtained from all parts of the country.
  • Minworth Metals, Ltd. Stand D,353. Forge Lane, Kingsbury Road, Minworth, Birmingham. Teleph. : Ashfield 1114/5. Tel. Add.: " Minmet, Birmingham."—Highest Quality Ferro Alloys and Pure Metals, including Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Titanium, Ferro Columbium, Calcium, Molybdate and Molybdenum, Oxide Briquettes, also Pure Manganese and Chromium Metals.
  • Mirrlees, Bickerton and Day. Stand D,637 and 536. Hazel Grove, Nr. Stockport, Lancs.—One Industrial Diesel Engine representing J-type from 3-8 In-line Cylinders, 168-592 B.H.P., and range of Application Models ; also Model JVSS-type 16-cylinder Engine representative of the " Vee ” Range from 448-2,270 B.H.P.
  • Mirrlees Watson Co, Ltd, The. Stand D,535. Kennerley Works, 161B, Buxton Road, Stockport, Cheshire. Teleph. ; Great Moor 3827/8. Tel. Add. : " Stokers,” Stockport.—Mirrlees Underfeed Mechanical Stokers for Firing Steam and Hot Water Boilers, all types of Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Core and Mould Stoves, Ladle Drying, Tar Stills, Brick, Pipe and Tile Kilns.
  • Mitchells, Ashworth, Stansfield and Co, Ltd. Stand D,340. 45, Newton Street, Manchester. Teleph. : Central 3503. Tel. Add.; "Feltings, Manchester —Pressed Felt for all industrial purposes. Antivibration, ’ Engineering, Filters, Foundation, Gun-wad, Heat Insulating, Laundry Machines, Leather Machines, Mechanical, Oil Retaining, Packing, Padding, Paper Machines, Saddles, Sound Insulating, Washers, etc.
  • Mitchell Engineering, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1366. Fengate House, Peterborough. Teleph. : Peterborough 4801. Tel. Add. : " Micontraco, Peterborough.”—Portable Oilfield Exploration and Water Well Rotary DrUhng Rig and Equipment, including Water Swivel, Travelling Block. Drill Pipes with Tool Joints, Substitutes, and Drag Bits.
  • Modern Furnaces and Stoves, Ltd. Stand D,755. Booth Street, Handsworth, Birmingham, 21. Teleph.-: Smethwick 1591/92. Tel. Add. : " MofustoUm, Birmingham.”—“ Newstad ” Patent Skin Drying Plant for Foundry Moulds, comprising Gas Fired Hot Air Unit and Adjustable Distributor Hood. Gas Fired “ Traykor ” Core Stove with " Newstad ” Recirculation System. Torsion Gas Burners.
  • Monarch Foundry, The. Stand p,U5. New Road, Newhaven, Sx. Teleph. : Newhaven 409.—Heat Resisting Iron Castings and General Non-Ferrous and Alloy Castings. Good Soft Grey Iron Castings for General Engineers, etc. Aluminium Castings up to 2 cwts. each casting. C.I. up to 15 cwts.
  • Monks, Hall and Co, Ltd. (Subsid. Richard Thomas and Baldwins]], Ltd.). Stand D,301/200 and Outdoor,1235. 47, Park Street, London, W.l. Works : Warrington, Lancs. Teleph, : Mayfair 8432. Tel. Add. ; “ Superheat," Audley, London.—Steel Rounds, Squares, Flats, Hexagons, Angles for Wagon-building, Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Bright-drawing Concrete Reinforcements, etc.. Steel Arches, Corrugated Roofing Bars, Light Rails, Steel Rivets, Woven Wire Mattresses, Diamond Link Meshes.
  • Monmore Conduits, Ltd. Stand D,328. Cable Street, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Wolverhampton 20427. Tel. Add. : " Monmore, Wolverhampton.”—tWelded and Close Joint Electrical Conduit in Galvanised, Black, Silver-Grey and Self-Colour Finishes. Welded and Close Joint Tubes for Furniture Manufacture, etc.
  • Monometer Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Stand D,731. Savoy House. 115/116, Strang London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 9025. Tel. Add. : “ Monometer.” Rand, London.—Melting Furnaces for all Metals. Rotary, Semi-Rotary, Crucible, Tilting. Bale-out, Lift-out, Soft Meti Valve-outlet, Ladling, Oil Firing and Gas Firing, in all capacities from 80 lbs. up to 10 tons.
  • Mono Pumps, Ltd. Stand D,716. Mono House, 67, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.I. Teleph. : Holborn 3712. Tel. Add. : “ Monopumps, Phone London.”—Positive Rotary Self-Priming Pumps with High Suction Lifts for Clear, Viscous, Corrosive or Abrasive Fluids. New Types include Pumps for Agricultural Use, Hygienic Food Pumps, and Stainless Steel Dispensing Pumps.
  • Moore Brothers (Birmingham), Ltd. Stand D,311. Priory Road, Aston, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : East 0231. Tel. Add. : “ Priory, Birmingham.”—Extruded Rods, Bars and Sections of all descriptions in Brass and Bronze etc. " Prymore ” Sections in Brass, Manganese Bronze. Proprs. The Delta Metal Co]], Ltd.
  • Moore and Wright (Sheffield), Ltd. Stand D,104. 14/28, Norton Lane, Meadow Head, Sheffield, 8. Teleph.: 45941/2. Tel. Add. ; " Moorite, Sheffield, 8.”—A Comprehensive Display of First Class Precision and Hand Tools for Engineers and Mechanics including a number of additions to our weU known range. Old and New Overseas Friends Welcomed.
  • Moorhouse and Cope, Ltd. Stand B,300. Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire. Teleph. : Stalybridge 2429. Tel. Add. : “ Stalybridge 2429.”—Specialists in Bolted Cover, Heavy Type, Stop and Full way Valves, Cocks, for Marine and Land, Special Fittings, Petrol Valves and Swivels, Air, Hydraulic, and Nickel Seated Valves, Valve Chests, etc.
  • Morgan Brothers (Publishers), Ltd. Stand A,616. 28, Essex Street, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Central 6565 (10 hues). Publishers of " The Ironmonger,” “ The Chemist and Druggist,” The Chemist and Druggist " Export Review,” “ The Engineer," “ Electronic Engineering,” and " Kempe’s Engineer’.*^ Year Book.”
  • Morgan Crucible Co, Ltd, The. Stand D,305 and 204. Battersea Works, Battersea Church Road, Battersea, London, S.W.ll. Teleph. ; Battersea 8822. Tel. Add. : " Crucible, Souphone London.”— Crucibles, Furnaces and Foundry Equipment, Morganite Carbon Brushes for Electrical Machines, Morganite Carbon Engineering Parts, Sintered Metals, " Carbinert ” Impervious Graphite, Engineering Components, " Triangle ” Refractories including Pure Oxide Ware, Refractory Concrete.
  • Morgan Ebonite Co, Ltd. Stand D,615. Failsworth, Manchester. Teleph. : Failsworth 2254. Tel. Add. : "Jetty, Phone, Failsworth.”—Ebonite Rod, Sheet, Tube, Mouldings, Linings, Coverings,
  • Morgan, George, Ltd. (Associated Co of the London and Midland Steel Scaffolding Co, Ltd.). Stand B,411. Selly Oak, Birmingham. Teleph. : Selly Oak 1156. Tel. Add. : “Midforge,” Selly Oak.—This Firm is one of the Pioneer Organisations in the Production of Dropforgings. Their Activities are Devoted Solely to Production of the Highest Grade Heat Treated Steel Dropforgings.
  • Morganite Resistors, Ltd. Stand D,305 and 204. Bede Estate, Jarrow, Co Durham. Teleph. : Jarrow 67136. Tel. Add. : ?" Morganite, Jarrow.”—Resistances, Carbon, Fixed and Variable for Radio and Electronic Applications. Resistances. Heavy Duty for Surge Protection. Suppressors for Automobile Ignition Interference. Resistances for Special Applications. Deaf Aid Potentiometers with Switch.
  • Morphy-Richards, Ltd. Stand C,323. 121, Victoria Street, London, S.W.l. Teleph. : Victoria 0262. Tel. Add. ; “ Irons, Sowest, London.” Cables : “ Irons, London.”—The Morphy-Richards Simon Electric Floor Scrubber—Scrubs, Washes, Wipes and Dries 3,000 sq. ft. Floor Area per hour One Operation, One Operator. Self Cleaning, No Auxiliary Equipment Required, 100 per cent. British.
  • B. O. Morris, Ltd. Stand D,421. Morrisflex Works, Clay Lane, Coventry. Teleph. : Coventry 5081. Tel. Add. ; " Morisflex,” Coventry.—Flexible Shaft Machines, Shafts, Accessories : Polishing Lathes ; Bench Grinders ; Backstand Idlers ; Rotary Files, Cutters, Rasps, Mounted Points ; Industrial Wire and Fibre Brushes; Polishing Mops, Felt Bobs, Cones, and Polishing Compounds.
  • A. C. Morrison (Engineers), Ltd. Stand C,716. Loughborough, England. Teleph. : Loughborough 2268. Tel. Add. : " Morrison, Quom, England.”—Automatic Alternating Current Generating Plants. Automatic Direct Current Generating Plants. Marine Generating Plants. Battery Charging Plants. Marine Auxiliary Plants. Control Equipment. Emergency Lighting Plants.
  • A. C. Morrison (Engineers), Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1324. Midland Bank Chambers, Loughborough, Leics. Teleph. : Loughborough 2268. Tel. Add. : “ Morrison, Loughborough.”—Pumps driven by Electric Motors. Gasoline and Diesel Engines operating on the Centrifugal Turbine and the Jet System for Wells up to 200 feet. Also Domestic Pressure Water Systems.
  • Morrison, Ingram and Co, Ltd. Hygeia Works, Hadfield Street, Cornbrook, Manchester, Jb. teiepn. . Trafford Park 1227. Tel. Add.: " Hygeia, Manchester. —Cast Iron Porcelain Enamelled Baths with fittings and panels, bhower tsatn^ Earthenware and Vitreous China Lavatories and W.C. Suites corap with fittings.
  • Moseley, David, and Sons, Ltd. T i ..i, ? Ardwick 3341. Chapelfield Works, Ardwick, Manchester, 12. Teleph., y, Tel. Add. : “ Moseleys, Phone Manchester."-Rubber Sucbon and Delive^ Hose. Conveyor Belting, Roller Coverings, Sheet Insertion, Mou g.. Extrudings, Rings, Washers. Gloves, Gauntlets, RLtts. products cals. Football Bladders. Billiard Cushion Rubber, Surgical Pr Thread. Tobacco Pouches.
  • Moss Gear Co, Ltd., The. Frd 1661/6. Tel. Crown Works, Tyburn, Birmingham, 24. Teleph. • 'TTj-jts' Geared Add. : “ Mosgeak"-Worm Gear Units. Hehcal Gear Unite^ar^ Couplings, Turbine Geared Units, Rear and Front Spiral and Private Vehicles, Gear Boxes, Camshafts, Hyp Bevel Gears.
  • Moulded Products, Chester Road. Tyburn, Birmingham, 24. Teleph. : ^rd 2201/2/3 Add. : “ Mouldings, Erdington.”-Makers of Thermosetting and plastic Mouldings from All Proved Types of Moulding Materia s, g and Makers of Steel Moulds for Plastic Mouldings.
  • P. Mountford and Co (Celtic Tools, Lye), Ltd. Stourbridge, Worcs. Teleph. : Stourbridge 5056. Tel. Add. : Mount- ford, Phone, Stourbridge.”—Plantation Forks, Contractors’ Forks, Stone Forks, Shovels and Heavy Edge Tools for Road Construction and Public Works.

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