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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies L

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • Lacrinoid Products, Ltd. Stand A,623. Gidea Park Works, Stafford Avenue, Gidea Park, Essex. Teleph. : Hornchurch 2981. Tel. Add, : “Lacrinoid, Romford.”—Plastics Door Furniture and Housing Fitments. Handles for Furniture, Building, Umbrella, Luggage and Paint Brush Industries. Fingerplates. Pulls and Knobs for all purposes. Technical Mouldings. Lacrinite Speciality Mouldings. Tool Services.
  • Lamont, James H., and Co, Ltd. Stand B,630. Gylemuir Works, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, 12. Teleph. : 66641/2. Tel. Add. ; “ Solderless, Edinburgh.”—Copper Pipe Fittings. “ Securex ” Patent Improved Fittings for Light and Heavy Gauge Copper Tubes for Cold and Hot Water Supply and Steam Heating. Also for Ship, Motor and Aircraft Fittings.
  • Lamson Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand D,140. Hythe Road, WUlesden Junction, London, N.W.IO. Teleph. : Ladbroke 2424. Tel. Add. : “ Kelywil, Harles, London.”—Manufacturers of Cash, Message and Parcel Carrying Systems. Conveyors of all types. Hoists, Spiral and Letter Chutes, Industrial Vacuum Cleaning, Wood Refuse Collection, Dust and Fume Removal.
  • Lan-Bar, Ltd. Stand A,525. Semor Works, Seymour Street, Birmingham, 12. Teleph. : Calthorpe 2166. Tel. Add. : " Lanbarl, Birmingham.”—Chromium Plated Bathroom Fittings, The Lan-Bar Electric Towel Rail and Pressure Die Castings in “ Mazak ” Zinc Base Alloys for all Trades. the Home and Overseas Markets.
  • Lancashire and Corby Steel Manufacturing Co, Stand D,511 and 408 Outdoor 1333 and 1232 Broad Street Chambers, Birmingham. Teleph. : Midland 2700. Tel. Add. : “ Lloyds, Telex, Birmingham.”—Cold Rolled Steel, Strip, Hard, Soft, Deep Drawing or Intermediate. Tempers, Coils or Straight Lengths up to 15 inches wide and •125 inch thick, also Special Quahties and Box Strapping.
  • Langley Alloys, Ltd. Stand D,210. Langley, Slough, Bucks. Teleph. : Langley 262 (4 hues). Tel. Add. : “ Langalloy,” Slough.—Special Bronze Castings, Ingots, Forgings, Stampings, Rolled and Drawn Bar, Machined Components, Assemblies, Aluminium Bronze, Manganese Bronze, High Conductivity Alloys, Monel, Inconel, Nickel Alloys, Corrosion Resisting Materials, Electrodes, Chemical Valves.
  • Langley London, Ltd. Stand C,226. 72, Borough High Street, London, S.E.l. Teleph. : Hop. 2946 (5 lines). Tel. Add.: “Laglycol, Souphone, London.”—Mica, Micanite, Plastic Tubes and Stampings, Langboro Mica Plate, Essential Insulating Materials for the Electric^, Radio and Allied Industries and Mica for Stoves and Furnaces.
  • Lawson and Heaton. Stand B,235. 315, Long Acre, Nechells, Birmingham, 7. Teleph. : East 0826. Tel. Add. : “ Trowels,” Birmingham.—Bricklayers' Trowels, Stainless Steel Garden Tools, Cold Chisels, Case Openers, Wrecking Bars, Pipe Caulking Tools, Hammers.
  • Laytons Trade Intelligence, Ltd. 6, Cavendish Place, Regent Street, London, W._l. Teleph. . Museum 5375/6. Tel. Add. : " Contorg, Wesdo, London. —Specimen copiesi ol “ Trade Intelligence," The Market Finder exclusively designed for Bntish Manufacturers and Exporters.
  • Lead Wool Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,646. Snodland, Kent. Teleph. : Snodland 84216/7. Tel. Add. : " Strength, Phone Snodland.”—Steel Wool, many grades for all purposes, attractively packed ; Air Conditioning Filter Pads in Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium and other Metal Wools ; Engine Air Intake Filter Elements.
  • Leather, Footwear and Allied Industries Export Corporation, Ltd. Stand D,222. 1, Cathedral Street, London Bridge, S.E.l. Teleph. : Hop. 0703. Tel. Add. : “ Lindscorp, Boroh, London.”—^Leather in Industry. A combined exhibit of Manufacturers of Leather, Belting and Mechamcal Leathers.
  • “Leather Trades’ Review, The.” (Incorporating “Saddlery and Harness Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : Central 3212. Tel. Add. ; “ Leather, Benbrolish, London.”—(Benn Brothers Ltd., (Publishers). Circulates among members of the Hide, Tanning, Leather, Fellmongering; Boot and Shoe, Saddlery and Hamess and Leather Goods Manufacturing Trades and Saddlery and Harness retailers. Established 1867. The oldest and leading Leather Trades Journal and the only Saddlery Trade Journal in the United Kingdom. Annual subscription 30/- Home and Overseas.
  • Lee, Arthur, and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,528. Trubrite Steel Works, MeadowhaU, Near Sheffield. Teleph. : Sheffield 36931 (10 lines). Tel. Add. ; “ Crown,” Sheffield.—-Display of Bright Colled, RoUed, Strip. Bright Bars. Strain Wires and Stainless Steel Strip and Wire together with a selection of Articles made therefrom.
  • Lee and Wilkes, Ltd. Priory Copper Works, Brewery Street, Birmingham, 6. Cross 2005/6 (P.B.X.). Tel. Add. : " Kettle, Phone Copper Kettles, Washers, Coal Helmets, Jardinieres, Vases, and Domestic Goods. Ums. Funnels, Filters, Measures. Copper Kitchen Utensils for Hotels. Spinnings (all metals). Tube Manipulations and Coil Products in all Metals.
  • Leeds Metal Spinning Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,523 and 418. 26, Leeds Bridge, Leeds, 1. Teleph. : 22882 and 22825. Tel. Add. : “ Holloware, Leeds.”—Aluminium Holloware Leeds and Copper Goods and Aircraft Component Parts.
  • Leeford (London) Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1229. 18, Park Street, Lonon, W.l. Teleph. ; Grosvenor 3302. Tel. Add. : Leeford, London.— Muledozer, high efficiency dozer for Fordson Major operated by special control column giving positive depth control. Rotaped tracks tracklaying equipment for wheeled tractors for maximum adhesion and lowest specific ground pressure.
  • Lees Hall and Sons, Ltd. Stand D.U5. New Road, Newhaven, Sussex. Teleph. : Newhaven 414 and 409.— Tilting Furnaces, Bale Outs, Lift Out Crucible Types. Lead Furnaces. White Metal Melters, Cupola’s Semi-Rotary’s Heat Treaters, Burners, Heat Resisting Castings, Iron Crucibles, Ladles, Blowers, Ingot Moulds, Valve Furnaces.
  • J. B. and S. Lees, Ltd. Stand 0,327. Albion Strip Mills, West Bromwich. Teleph. ; West Bromwich 1194. Tel. Add. ; " Lees, West Bromwich.”—Black and Bright Cold Rolled Steel Strip, Bandsaw Strip, Handsaw Strip, Shutter Steel ; Strip for Trowels, Hardened Tempered and Polished Spring Steel Strip. Metal Cutting Strip. Lead Coated Steel Strip.
  • Legg (Industries), Ltd. Stand C,237. Williamson Street, Wolverhampton, Staffs. Teleph. : Wolverhampton 24091/2. Tel. Add. : “Wolverhampton 24091/2.”—Air and Oil Cooled Transformers up to loadings of 100 k.V.A. Battery Charging Equipment for all purposes. Industrial Rectifier Equipment for Switchgear Operation, Plating purposes. Solenoids, D.C. Motors etc. Motor Accessories.
  • Leigh, James, and Sons (Proprietors : John Bedford and Sons, Ltd.) Stand D,417 and 318. Lion Works, Sheffield, 3. Teleph. : 26381. Tel. Add. : “ Bedford, Sheffield, 3.”—Engineering and Precision Files, Alloyed Steels, etc.
  • Lench, Thomas William, Ltd. Stand D,531. Excelsior Works, Blackheath, Birmingham. Teleph. : BLA. 1151. Tel. Add. : “ Lenchonia, Blackheath, Staffs.”—Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, Studs, Washers, etc. Black, Bright, Galvanized, in all metals for all trades. Telegraph and Telephone Ironwork, Railway .Fastenings and Chps, Repetition Parts, Malleable Iron Castings.
  • Lench's (Birmingham), Great Hampton Street. Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : NOR. 2226/7. Tel. Add. ; “ Lentools, Birmingham, 18.”—“ Oakaloy " Cemented Carbide Tools and Tips. Tipped Cutters. Drills, Reamers, Coal Boring Tools, Glaziers and Masonry Tools. Wire Drawing and Sizing Dies. Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures. Special Purpose Machines.
  • Lewin Road Sweepers, Ltd. Stand D,405 and 304. Victoria Works, Hill Top, West Bromwich. Teleph. : Wednesbury 0243. Tel. Add. : " Brockhouse, West Bromwich.”—Factory Mechanical Sweepers.
  • Ley's Malleable Casting Co, Ltd. Stand D,513 and 410. Derby. Teleph.; - Derby 45671. Tel. Add.: "Ley’s, Derby.”—Ley’s " Black Heart ” Malleable and “ Lepaz ” Pearlitic Malleable Iron. Castings for Engineering and Motor Trades, unsurpassed for Strength, Toughness and Machinability. Associated with The Ewart Chainbelt Co]], Ltd.
  • Lightfoot Refrigeration Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,114. Abbeydale Road, North Circular Road, Wembley, Middlesex. Teleph. : Perivale 3322. Tel. Add. : " Separator, Wembley.”—Refrigerating Equipment for all purposes. Jackstone Froster with Pressure Contact Plates and Hydraulic Lifting Gear. Ice Cream Plant. Hardening Room.
  • Lindley-Jones and Brother, Ltd. Stand C,200. 52, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : London Wall 1367. Tel. Add. ; " Vouchers, Stock, London.” 8, Newhall Street, Birmingham ; 22, Bridge Street, Manchester, 3 ; 12, Renfield Street, Glasgow, and at Leeds.—“ The Mercantile Guardian ” (published monthly). The leading Export Trade Journal, “ The Mercantile Year Book and Directory of Exporters ” (published annually). The Standard Book of Reference to the Export Trade.
  • Liner Concrete Machinery Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor, 1308. Park Road Works (P.O. Box No. 12), Gateshead, 8. Tel. Add. : “ Liner, Gateshead.”—Concrete Mixers, Tilting and Non-tilting, Drum Types. Concrete Block and Brick Machines Electric Vibrators. Contractors Cranes. Hoists. Chain Saws. Mortar Mixers. Sawbenches. Tile Machines. Vibrating Tables.
  • Linread, Ltd. Stand D,221. Sterhng Works, 26/33, Cox Street, Birmingham, 3. Teleph. ; Central 3951 P.B.X. Tel. Add. : " Linread,” Birmingham.—High-grade Bolts and Screws in all Phillips Recess, Slotted, and Hexagon Head Styles ; Rivnuts, Rivnut Tools ; Rivets ; Pressings ; Auto Work ; The Linread Tutch-Latch ; Precision Parts made by Metal Flowing.
  • Lion Leather, Cavendish Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs. Teleph. : Ashton 1545. Tel. Add. : " Ashton 1545.”—^Leather Beltings, Flat, Round, Square, Vee-section. Belt Laces. Welders’ Aprons. Speciality Patent " Vee ” belt Fastener for use with Rubber or Leather " Veej” belts. Also Patent Round Banding Fastener.
  • Lion Stamping Co, Ltd. Stand A,205. Lion Works, Marshgate Lane, Stratford, E.15. Teleph. : Maryland 333.1. Tel. Add. : " Leostamp, London.”—LEO Paraffin-Kerosene Burning Space Heaters, Cooking Stoves, Fixed and Portable Water Heating Units. LEO Kitchen Cabinets, Office Cupboards, Storage Racks. Mayfair Electric Heater, Straight and Circular. Fluorescent Lighting Fittings.
  • R. A. Lister and Co, Ltd. Stand D,205. Pursley, Gloucestershire. Teleph. : Dursley 2371. Tel. Add. : " Machinery.”—Lister Auto-trucks, Fixed Platform, Elevating Platform, Tractor and Tipping Models. Lister Rail Truck together with Component Parts and Sub-assemblies of Lister Auto-trucks.
  • Liverpool Electric Cable Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,619. 24, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, London, S.W.l. TelepTi. : WHI. 8671. Tel. Add. : ” Electric, London.”—Rubber Paper and Cambric Insulated Cables and Flexibles for Electric Purposes. The “ Lecupler ” System of Bolted Flameproof Cable Couplers. Electric Vulcanisers (Pressure Type).
  • Lloyds Bank Limited Stand Outdoor,1221. 71, Lombard Street, London, E.C.3. Teleph. : Mansion House 1500. Tel. Add. : " Branchage, Stock, London.”—Colonial and Foreign Department : 80, Gracechurch Street, London, E.C.3. Cables : London.” Branches throughout England and Wales ; Pakistan and Burma. Agents throughout the World Facility.
  • Lock Tools, Ltd. City Road, Oldbury. Teleph. : Broadwell 1046. Tel. Add. : ‘‘ Adzeye, Oldbury."—Hammers, Axes.
  • Locker, Thomas and Co Warrington, Lancs. Teleph. : Warrington 910. Tel. Add. ; " Lockers. Warrington.”—“ Durite ” Woven Wire Gauze, 2-mesh to 200-mesh. Woven Wire Screens. Perforated Metals, Wedge Wire Sieves, “ Tufite ” High Tensile Wire Screens, Machinery Guards, Cloakroom Equipment, Crimped and Welded Wirework.
  • Lockers (Engineers), Ltd. Stand D,502. Church Street, Warrin^on, Lancs. Teleph. : Warrington 910. Tel. Add.: “Lockers, Warrington.”—"Locker-Traylor” Electric Vibrating Feeders, Conveyors, Screens, Process Equipment, " Locker-Rotex ” Screeners, " Locker-Titan ” Balanced Mechanical Screens, “ Locker ” Electric Bin Vibrators and Test Sieve Shaker, Fabricated Platework, " Air-Maze ” Filters.
  • Londex, Ltd. Stand C,724. Auerley Works, 207, Anerley Road, London, S.E.20. Teleph. : Sydenham 6258 (3 Unes). Tel. Add. : " Londex, Southnor, London.”—Relays, Contactors, Process Timers, Liquid and Solid Level Control Equipment. Flow Indicators, Photo-electric Equipment, Street Lighting Control, Counters, Pressure and Vacuum Switches. Electronic Equipment, Time Switches, Display Turntables.
  • London Aluminium Co, Ltd., The. Stand A,411 and 312. Westwood Road, Witton, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : East 1561 (8 lines). Tel. Add. : “ Aluminium, Birmingham.”—Diamond Aluminium HoUo- ware. Domestic, Hotel and Canteen Grades. Hotplate Utensils for Electric Cooking. Sheet Metal Work in all metals. Plant for Chemical. Brewing, Dairy and Food Industries shown on Engineering Section Stand.
  • London Aluminium Co, Ltd., The. Stand D,525. Westwood Road, Witton. Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : East 1561 (8 lines). Tel. Add. : " Aluminium, Birmingham.”—Chemical Engineering Consultants, Designers, Contractors. Complete Plants Fabricated in Stainless Steel, Copper, Nickel, Aluminium, etc., and erected for Chemical, Brewing, Dairy Foods, Paint and Varnish Industries, etc.. Distillation, Evaporation, Solvent Recovery Plant, etc., B.C.P.M.A. Members.
  • London Electric Wire Co and Smiths, Ltd, The. Stand C,619 24, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, London, S.W.l. Teleph. : WHI. 8671, Tel. Add. : " Electric, London.”—Insulated Wires, Strands, Strips (including Cotton, Silk, Asbestos, Paper, Glass and Enamelled), suitable for Magnet Coils of aU types. Covered Resistance Wires, Cambri/ and Asbestos Insulated Cooker and Lighting Flexibles.
  • London and Midland Steel Scaffolding Co, Ltd., The. . Stand B,411. St. Luke’s Works, Old Hill, Staffs. Teleph. : Cradley Heath 6237/8. Tel. Add. : “ Dulielgrip,” Old Hill, Cradley Heath.—Burton’s Patent Double Grip Tubular Steel Scaffolding Fittings, Splitheads or Trestles for Plasterers and Decorators. Burton’s Heavy Duty Scaffolding Tube.
  • London Wire Co, Ltd. Archdale Works; St. John’s Road, New Malden, Surrey. 2242/3/4. Tel. Add. : “ Londwire, New Malden. Tempered Brush Wires, Flat or Round Fine Copper and Steel Wires for Weaving and Knitting Processes. Knitted and Woven Wire Mesh Fabric in White Metal and Copper.
  • Lones, Vernon and Holden, Ltd. Stand D,405 and 304. Mafelang Road, Smethwick. Teleph. : Smethwick 0811/2. Tel. Add. : " Lones, Birmingham.”—Railway Ironwork.
  • Longlamps, Ltd. Stand C,100. 24, Marshalsea Road, S.E.l. Teleph. : Hop. 1315. Tel. Add. : " Neon, Elect, Sedist, London.”—Architectural Lamps and Fittings; Fluorescent Lamps and Fittings; Neon Signs and Equipment; Fluorescent Equipment; Cold Cathode Neon Fluorescent.
  • Lord Mayor’s Parlour. Stand C,701 and 600. Council House, Birmingham. 1. Teleph. : Central 7000.—Continuing the Corporation's close association with the Fair, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham has permanent accommodation in the building for the reception, in conjunction with the Fair Authorities, of distinguished visitors.
  • Lorvis, Ltd. Stand B,217. 526, Durham Road, Low Fell, Gateshead, 9. Teleph. : Low Fell 76378.— Lorvis Universal Spanners, Self-locking, Non-slip Ratchet Spanners, Fitting any Hexagonal Nut from 3/16 inch to IJ inch Whitworth, in Four Sizes.
  • Low Moor Best Yorkshire Iron, Ltd. Stand D,719 and Outdoor 1360. Iron Works, Low Moor, Bradford. Teleph. : Low Moor 715/6. Tel. Add. : “ Ironworks, Phone, Low Moor, Yorks.”—Sample Sections of Low Moor Yorkshire Wrought Iron and Various Fittings made therefrom, the range covered includes Rounds and Squares from J-in. upwards to 4J-iu. and Flats from J-in. to 6 in.
  • Joseph Lucas, Great King Street, Birmingham, 19. Teleph. : Northern 5252. Tel. Add. : “ Lucas, Telex, Birmingham.”—Quality Electrical Equipment and Accessories for Cars, Motor-Cycles, Cycles and for Marine, Agricultural and Stationary Engines. Heavy-duty Batteries. Working Demonstrations of our various Engineering Projects.
  • Ludlow Brothers, Ltd. Stand A,313. 5. Palmer Street, Birmingham, 9. Teleph. : Victoria 1941. Tel. Add. : “ Ludlow, Birmingham, 5.”—Galvanized Holloware, Buckets, Baths, Dustbins, Watering Cans, Sanitary Pails, Skeps, Coal Scoops, Anthracite Hods, Garden Incinerators, Hand Bowls, Fire Buckets, Cattle Feeding Buckets.
  • W. A. Lyndon, Ltd. (Subsidiary of A. and F. Parkes and Co, Ltd.). Stand A,637. Minerva Works, Darmouth Street, Birmingham, 7. Teleph. : Aston X. 1334. Tel. Add. : “ Lyndon, Birmingham, 7.”—Forks, Garden Tools Shovels, Spades.
  • Lyon, Arthur, and Co (Engineers), Ltd. Stand D,625. Telford Way, Westway Estate, Loudon, W.3. Teleph. : Shepherds Bush 1056. Tel. Add. : " Arleoco, Eulux, London.”—Self-priming Electric and Engine-driven Water Pumps, IJ-in. and upwards. Portable Electric Generating Plant from 500 watt, up to 3 kW., A.C. and D.C. Switchboards and Power Distribution Boards.
  • Lyte Ladders, Ltd. Stand B,306. 42, Fields Park Road, Newport, Mon. Teleph. : Nervport 4070. Tel. Add. : “ Lyte, Newportmon.”—Lyte Patent Aluminium Alloy Ladders. Singles, Double Extensions, Triple Extensions, Fruit Picking, Rick, Steeplei acking. Steps, Tripods, Convertible Steps, Specific Purpose Ladders, Aluminium Die Castings and other Aluminium Products.

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