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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies E

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • E. M. B. Co, Ltd. Stand D,238. Moor Street, West Bromwich. Teleph. : West Bromwich 1171. Tel. Add. : “ Brakes. West Bromwich.”—No. 9B Injection Moulding Machine for Thermo Plastics. No. 9 Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.
  • Eagle Edge Tool Co Stand A,422. Oldbury, Nr. Birmingham. Teleph. : Broadwell 1101.—Axes and Hatchets.
  • Eagle Range and Grate Co, Ltd. Stand B,501 and 400. Catherine Street, Aston, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : East 1258 (2 lines). Tel. Add. : " Ranges, Birmingham.”—Solid Fuel Burning Appliances including Gas-ignited Sutton All-night, Fulham and Convector Grates. Combination Grates. Controlled Combustion Stoves. Wood-burning Ranges. Advance Ranges for Domestic and Large Scale Cooking.
  • Easiclene Porcelain Enamel (1938), Ltd. Stand B,524. Booth Street, Darlaston, South Staffs. Teleph. : Darlaston 130.—Kitchen, Bathroom and Domestic Equipment. Sinks in Stainless Steel, Porcelain Enamel. Lavatory Basins in Stainless Steel, Porcelain Enamel. Draining Boards. Low Level Cisterns. Kitchen Cabinets in Aluminium Alloy. Shower Trays.
  • Easiwork, Ltd. Stand A,503. Gillingham, Kent. Teleph. : Rainham, Kent, 81764. Tel. Add. : " Easiwork, Gillingham, Kent.”—Easiwork Pressure Saucepan, the simplest Pressure Pan to use, has an Easy-fitting External Lid with Patented Valve and Locking Ring. Its base is extra tlrick for deep frying and lifetime wear.
  • Easiwork, Ltd. Stand A,503. 242, Tottenham Court Road, London, W.l. Teleph. : Museum 2877. Tel. Add. ; “ Easiwork, London.”—The Easiwork Health Cooker, capacity 2 gallons, can Roast, Bake, Steam a Complete Meal for 5 people in 20-30 minutes. Also Pressure Saucepans, Autoclaves, Sterilizers for Home and Commercial Use.
  • Eccles (Birmingham), Ltd. Stand D,628. Hazelwell Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham. Teleph. : Kings Norton 1181. Tel. Add. : “ Caravans, Birmingham.”—Factory Trucks, Trolleys and Lifting Platforms in Timber, Steel and Light Alloy. Steel Fabrications and Lifting Appliances. Agricultural Trucks and Light Duty Trucks.
  • Eclipse Rail Track Ladder Co, Ltd. Stand B,418. Staple Hill, Bristol, Teleph. : Fishponds 53281. Tel. Add. : " Ladders. Phone, Bristol."—“ Eclipse ” and “ Service " Two and Three Section. Extending Ladders, Painters and Extending Trestles, Painters and Domestic Steps, Paperhangers Tables and " Trailer ” Tower Ladder.
  • Economic Co-operation Administration, U.S. Stand B,233. 1, Grosvenor Square, London, W.l. Teleph. : Grosvenor 4111. Tel. Add. : " Amembassy, London.”—General Information on United States Markets and Marketing Practices and on the Types of Services offered to British Exporters by United States Government Agencies.
  • Economic Water Softeners, Ltd. Stand B,309 and 208. Lewisham Road, Smethwick. Teleph. : Smethwick 0645.—Domestic and Industrial Base Exchange Water Softening Plant and Water Treatment in general.
  • Econa Modern Products, Ltd. Stand B,809 and 208. Lewisham Road, Smethwick. Teleph. : Smethwick 0645.—Bends, Tees, Tubular, Copper Traps, Waste Ranges, Soil and Vent Stacks prefabricated in the Econa Principle.
  • F. J. Edwards, Ltd. Stand D,411. 359/361 Euston Road, London, N.W.l. Teleph. : Euston 4681. Tel. Add. : " Bescotools, Norwest, London.”—Sheet Metal Working Machines, Power Presses, Guillotines, Bending Rollers, Swaging Machines, Press Brakes, Nibbhng Machines, Punching and Shearing Machines and Tinsmiths Small Tools, also Machine Tools.
  • Edwards, Job, Ltd. Stand C,300. Eagle and Junction Tube Works, Weduesbury, StafEs. Teleph.: Wednes- bury 0036. Tel. Add. : Job Edwards, Weduesbury.”—Fabricated Pipework, Tubular Steel Gates, Tubular Steel Trucks, Steel and Iron Stampings and Drop Forgings.
  • Edwards, William, and Son, Ltd. Stand A,422. GriflSn Works, Oldbury, Near Birmingham. Teleph. : Broadwell 1101. Tel. Add. : Edwards, Oldbury.”—Ringed Socket Spanners.
  • Ega Electric, Ltd. Stand C,116. Holyhead Road, Wednesbury, Staffordshire. Teleph. : Wednesbury 0911/5, Tel. Add. : “ Elgenic,” Wednesbury.—“ Egaspray " Airless All- Electric Spray Gun, “ Plug-in ” Motor Control Gear, “ Egatube " Non- MetaUic Conduit Tube and Fittings, Light Switch Gear, Malleable Conduit Fittings.
  • Ekco-Ensign Electric, Ltd. Stand C,403. Ekco Works, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Teleph. : Southend 49491. Tel. Add. u " Ekco, Southend-on-Sea.”—General Service High Wattage and Special Tungsten Electric Lamps. Fluorescent Lamps 8 ft., 5 ft., 4 ft., and 2 ft. Industrial and Domestic Fluorescent Fittings. Special Decorative Fittings. Shop-lighting Display Fittings and all Control Gear.
  • Electric Construction Co Limited. Stand C,708. Bushbury Engineering Works, Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Wolverhampton 21455 (7 lines). Tel. Add. : " Electric, Wolverhampton.”— Electronically Controlled, Vari-speed Plant, Rectifier with Transformer, Direct Current Motor, Automatic Control Gear, Motor Starting Gear, 3-phase Motors, Switchgear, Ammeter, Voltmeters, Power Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Electronic Devices.
  • Electric Furnace Co, Ltd. Stand C,611. Netherby, Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey. Teleph. : Weybridge 3891. Tel. Add. : " Electrifur, Weybridge.”—Samples of Efco-Tocco Induction Heated Parts. Photographs of Typical Melting and Induction Heating Installations.
  • Electric and Ordnance Accessories Co, Ltd. Stand C,212. Havelock and Shelton Potteries, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Teleph. ; Stoke- on-Trent 2863. Tel. Add. : " EOA, Hanley.”—Die Pressed Porcelain Ceiling Roses, Porcelain Connectors, Electrical Porcelain Accessories.
  • Electric Resistance Furnace Co, Ltd. Stand C,611. Netherby, Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey. Teleph. ; Weybridge 3816. Tel. Add. : “ Resistafur, Weybridge.”—Efco Automatic Rotary Hearth Furnace for Bright Hardening Small Parts, complete with Endothermic Type Controlled Atmosphere Plant. With Automatic Charging and Discharging Mechanism. This plant will be in operation.
  • Electric Transmission, Ltd. Stand C,212. Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Teleph. : Stoke-on-Trent 2201/2. Tel. Add. : “ Trission, Stoke-on-Trent.”—Transmission Line Accessories, including Clamps ; High Rupturing Capacity “ Eetee " Fuses ; Indoor and Outdoor Airbreak Switchgear ; Outdoor Transformer Bushings.
  • Electrical Engineering Construction Co, Ltd. Stand C,740. Seymour Wharf, Totnes, Devon. Teleph. ; Totnes 3282 and 3207. Tel. Add. : “ Redevon, Totnes.”—Diesel Engined Alternator, Power and Electric Lighting Plants from 3 KVA to 1,000 KVA.
  • Electrical Review. Stand C,614. Dorset House, Stamford Street, London, S.E.l. Teleph. : Waterloo 3333. Tel. Add. : " Elecrev, Sedist, London.”—Britain’s oldest and most authoritative Electrical Journal, “ Electrical Review " provides the latest technical and commercial information for everyone concerned with Electrical Engineering. The advertisement pages constitute a complete buyers guide.
  • “Electrician, The.” Stand A,427. Bouverie House, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. Teleph. : Central 3212. Tel. Add. : " Benbrotric, Fleet, London.”—Benn Brothers]], Ltd., Publishers), A weekly journal devoted to the application of electricity to every branch of industry. The authority on Electrical Power, Engineering Research and Communications. Annual subscription : U.K. and Abroad 35/-.
  • Electro-Chemical Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand C,611. Netherby, Queen’s Road, Weybridge, Surrey. Teleph. : Weybridge 3891. Tel. Add. : “ Electrifur, Weybridge."—Electro-plating Plant and Samples.
  • Electrolux, Ltd. 153/5, Regent Street, London, W.l. Teleph. : " Electrolux, Piccy, London.”—Electrolux Refrigerators have no motor or moving parts. They are permanently silent and can be operated by kerosene, electricity or gas. Dual Control Models adaptable to kerosene or electricity available.
  • Electromagnets, Ltd. Stand C,605. 1, Bond Street, Hockley, Birmingham, 19. Teleph. : Central 5391/2. Tel. Add. : " Boxmag, Birmingham."—Lifting Magnets, Electro-Magnetic and Permanent Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Clutches, Holding down Magnets, Magnetic Pulleys and Drums, Overband Separators, Permanent Magnets. Spout Magnets, Ore Separators, Equipment for Ceramic Industries.
  • Electro Mechanical Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Stand C,231. Marlborough Street, Scarborough, Yorks., and Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2. Teleph. ; Scarborough 2715/6 and Whitehall 3530. Tel. Add. : “ EmmCo, Scarborough," and “ Tramsuplim Rand, London.”—Metalclad Low'Tension " Y ” type Switchgear for all services up to 660 volts and current up to 1200 amps. For construction of Switchboards on the “ Unit ” principle having a high degree of adaptability.
  • Electro Methods, Ltd. Stand C,734. 220, The Vale, London, N.W.ll. Teleph.: Gladstone 6611/2. lei. Add. : " Tromedos, Hend, London.”—Industrial Electrical Controls. Adjustable Contact Thermometers. Humidity Controls. Thermostats. Relays, Miniature, Midget, Standard, Heavy Duty. Earth Protection Equipment. Earth Testing Units. Magnetic Amplifiers. Magnetic Photometers. Mercury Switches. Flexible Heaters. Resistances.
  • “Electronic Engineering.” Stand A,616. 28, Essex Street, London, W.C.2. Teleph.: Central 6565 (10 lines). Tel. Add. : “ Lectroning, Estrand, London.”—Published monthly, 26/- per year. Covers the theory and appUcation of Electronics to Research and Industry.
  • Elkington and Co, Ltd. Stand D,307. Lower Tower Street, Birmingham, 19. Teleph. : Aston Cross 3139/3130. Tel. Add. : “ Elkington, Birmingham, 19.”—Hot Die Pressings of every description in Non-Ferrous Metals, also Cold Pressings in ~ Non-Ferrous Metals for the Motor, Electrical, Water, Gas Engineering Trades.
  • Ellin, Thos. R. (Footprint Works)., Ltd. Hollis Croft, Sheffield, 1. Teleph. : 22171/2. Tel. Add. : Sheffield, 1."—Wrenches, Tube-Vices, Pipe-Clamps, Wirecutters, Tinmens’ Snips, Hacksaw Frames, Soldering Irons, Plumbers’ Tools, Augers, Auger- Bits, Brace-bits, Turnscrews, Firmer Chisels, Joiners’ Squares, Bradawls, Gimlets, Joiners’ Tools. See special notice, page 221.
  • Elliott Brothers (London), Ltd. Stand C,320. Century Works, Lewisham, London, S.E.13. Teleph. : Tideway 3232. Tel. Add. indicating and Recording Instruments for Electrical and Physical Quantities. Gas Analysis Apparatus. Remote Indication and Control. Automatic Control Equipment for all industrial Indicators and Recorders.
  • Elliott-Lucas, Ltd. 38, Summer Row, Birmingham, 3. Teleph. : Central " Elcaselect, Birmingham.”—Pliers, P'— Gauges, Bevels, Squares, etc.
  • Elsan Manufacturing Co Stand B,616. 51, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. Teleph. : Rel. 2801. Tel. Add. ; “ Eljaksiv, Claproad, London,”—" Elsan ” Chemical Closets for portable use and for permanent installation, needing no drains or main water supply. Also Air Purifiers.
  • Elwell, Edward, Ltd. Stand A,633. St. Paul’s Road, Wednesbury. Teleph. ; Wednesbury 0541. Tel. Add. : " Elwell, Wednesbury.”—Axes, Hatchets, Bill Hooks, Reap Hooks, Brushing Hooks, Choppers, Shovels, Spades, Edge Tools, Plantation Tools, Earth Borers, Garden Tools, Forestry Tools, Hoes.
  • Elwell, John, Ltd. Stand B,307 and 206. Rood End Ironworks, Oldbury. Teleph. ; Broadwell 1415/6/7. Tel. Add. : " Sections, Oldbury.”—Dutch Barns, Implement Sheds, Covered Yards, Cow and Pig Houses, Agricultural Buildings, Galvanized Pig and Cattle Troughs, Contractors’ Sectional Steel Sheds, Steel Fencing Standards and Fieldgates, Steel Wheelbarrows, Steel Stockholders.
  • Empire Rubber Co Stand D,700. Dunstable, Beds. Teleph. : Dunstable 5.33. Tel. Add. : “ Spandit, Dunstable.”—Rubber Mouldings for Motor Car, Cycle, Domestic Machinery, Television, Engineering and Allied Trades. Extruded, Mechanical and Moulded Sponge Rubber Sections. Range of Domestic Rubber Items and Flooring Tiles.
  • Enfield Chemicals, Ltd. Stand B,716. Park Works, Clayton-le-Moors. Teleph. : Accrington 2635. Tel. Add. : “ Accrington 2635.”—Anti-Corrosive Paints. Cellulose Lacquers. Distempers. Enamels. Metal Colourings, Finishes. " "tions. Paint Remover. Paints Wood. Road Enamel. Roof Wood Finishes.
  • Enfield Cycle Co, Ltd., The. Redditch, England. Teleph. : Phone, Redditch.”—A range of Lightweight Air-Cooled Diesel and Petrol Engines for Industrial, Marine and Agricultural Purposes. Also Motor Lawn Mowers, Bicycles and Motorcycles, All made in the famous Enfield works.
  • Enfield Industrial Engines Co Stand B,422. Redditch, Worcs. Teleph. : Redditch 121. Tel. Add. : “ Diesels, Redditch.”:—A range of Lightweight Air-Cooled Diesel and Petrol Engines for Industrial, Marine and Agricultural Purposes. Also Motor Lavm Mowers, Bicycles and Motorcycles. All made in the famous Enfield works.
  • Enfield Motor Mower Co Stand B,422. Redditch, Worcs. Teleph. : Redditch 121. Tel. Add. : “ Cycles, Phone, Redditch.”—A range of Lightweight Air-Cooled Diesel and Petrol Engines for Industrial, Marine and Agricultural Purposes, Also Motor Lawn Mowers, Bicycles and Motorcycles. All made in the famous Enfield works.
  • “Engineer, The” Stand A,616. 28, Essex Street, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Central 6565 (10 lines). Tel. Add. : “ Engineer Newspaper, Estrand, London.”—One of Britain’s Great Technical Newspapers; covers all branches of Engineering. Published weekly, /4 10s. Od. a year.
  • "Engineering", Ltd. Stand D,21? 35/36, Bedford Street, Strand, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Temple Bar 3663. Tel. Add. : “ Engineering, Lesquare, London."—An Illustrated Weekly Technical Newspaper with a world wide circulation. Every phase of the Engineering Industry is authoritatively reviewed and illustrated.
  • English Electric Co, Ltd, The., Queens House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Teleph. : Holbom 6966. Tel. Add. : “ Euelectico ” Westcent, London. ” Rugby, Bradford, Liverpool. Cookers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Electric Fires, Electric Water Heaters, Electric Plate Warmers, Food Mixers, Television Receivers, High Rupturing Capacity Fuses, Fusegear, Distribution Transformers, Airblast Switchgear, Electronic Equipment, Rectifiers, Electrical Instruments.
  • English Numbering Machines, Ltd. Stand D,161. 25, Queensway, Enfield, Middlesex. Teleph. : Howard 2611/5. Tel. Add. : “ Numgravco, Enfield.”—Industrial Counting Devices, Metal Numbering Heads, Cyclometers, Precision Diecasters in Tin and Zinc, Base Alloys, Numbering Wheels and Pinions, Automatic Self-inking Daters and Numbering Machines, Type High Numbering Boxes.
  • English Steel Corporation, Ltd. Stand D,54I and 438. Vickers Works, Sheffield. Teleph.: Sheffield 41071. Openshaw, Manchester. Teleph. ; Manchester, East 1371. Tel. Add. : ” Steelcorpo.”— High Quality Alloy Steels, Steel Forgings and Castings, Drop Forgings. Road and Railway Springs, Torsion Bars, Small Tools, High Speed Tool Steels, " Escaloy ” Cemented Carbide, Butt Welded Tools.
  • Entwisle and Gass, Ltd. Stand D,754. Atlas Foundry, Nelson Street, Bolton, Lancs. Teleph.: Bolton 1950. Tel. Add. : “ Foundry, Bolton.”—Glass Processing Machinery. Rubber Processing Machinery. Baling Presses—Hand and Power.
  • Entwisle and Kenyon, Ltd. Stand A,527. Ewbank Works, Accrington. Teleph. : 2631. Tel. Add. : " Ewbank, Accrington.”—Carpet Sweepers, Wringing and Mangling Machines.
  • Ether, Ltd. Stand C,700. Tyburn Road, Erdington, Birmingham, 23. Teleph. : East 0276/7. Tel. Add. : “ Ether, Birmingham.”—Ether Wheelco Electronic Controls and Combustion Safeguards, Ether Recording and Indicating Pyrometers, Surface Contact and Molten Metal Pyrometers. Solenoid Valves, Optical Pyrometers, Thermocouples, Radiation Pyrometers, Indicating Recording Potentiometers.
  • Everburne, Ltd. Stand E210a Majestic Works, Springfield Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Teleph. : Harrogate 6631/2 P.B.X. Tel. Add. “Everburne, Harrogate.”—The Everburne unit temporarily converts exsisting open grates for safe, effi- , cient, continous burning. With Back-Boiler grates, constant hot water is ensured. New appliances becoming available for export are also shown.
  • Evered and Co, Ltd. Stand B,309 and 208. Surrey Works, Smethwick, 40, Staffs. Teleph. : Smethwick 0881/6. Tel. Add. : “ Evered’s, Birmingham.”—Everite Plastics, Builders’ Hardware, Everine Plastic Cabinet Hardware, Surreyware, Plumbers’ Brassfoundry, Gas Joints, Gas Governors.
  • Evered and Co, Ltd. Stand B,327. Surrey Works, Smethwick, 40, Staffs.- Teleph. : Smethwick 0881/6. Tel. Add. : “ Evered’s, Birmingham.”—Non Ferrous Metal, Tubes, Sections, Metal Builders’ Hardware, Plastics Builders’ Hardware, Trade Mouldings, Plastics Cabinet Hardware, Door Bells, Plumbers’ Brassfoundry, Laboratory Fittings, Compression Joints, Gas Fittings, Metallic Beds, Light Engineering.
  • Everest Manufacturing Co, Stand A,507. Cross 3552/3/4. Tel. of Expanding Wire Curtain Rods and Fittings, Wire Coat Hangers, Pokers, Scrapers, Sink Cleaners for Home and Export.
  • Evertaut, Ltd (Prop.: J. B. Brooks and Co, Ltd.). Stand B,509 and 408 Walsall Road, Perry Bar, Birmingham, 228. Teleph, : Birchfields 4587 (4 lines). Tel. Add. : " Evertaut, Birmingham.”—Adjustable Steel Shelving and Storage Equipment. Steel Work Tray Storage Racks, Steel Partitioning Steel Cupboards, Steel Clothes and Tool Lockers, Plan Files, Steel Occupational Seating, Steel Stacking Chairs, Canteen Tables.
  • Ewart Chainbelt Co, Ltd. Stand D,513 and 410. Derby. Teleph. : Derby 45451. Tel. Add. : “ Chaiubelt, Derby.”— Working Models of Mechanical Handling Plant for Bulk Material and Packages. Chains in Malleable Iron and Steel for Conveying, Elevating and Transmission Purposes. Also Sprocket Wheels, Elevator Buckets, etc. (Also associated with Ley’s Malleable Castings, Co]], Ltd,,
  • Excelall Metalworkers, Ltd. Stand A,318. Sampson Road North, Birmingham, 11. Teleph. : Victoria 0297. Tel. Add. ; “ Superpress, Birmingham.”—Cold Metal Pressings for the Electrical, Motor, and Engineering Trades. Cable Sockets, Besa and XL types.
  • Excelsior Gauge Co, Ltd. Stand D,703. Tyburn Road, Erdington, Birmingham, 24. Teleph. : East 0135/6/7. Tel. Add. : “ Tomey, Birmingham.”—Non-Ferrous Castings. Machined Bushes.
  • Export Credits Guarantee Department. Stand B,425. 37, Temple Street, Birmingham, 2. Teleph, : Midland 1527. Tel. Add. : " Exportcred, Birmingham, 2.”—Government Guarantees for the Protection of United Kingdom Exporters against Risks of Loss arising from Overseas Trading.
  • Extruded Metal Co, Ltd. Stand D,311. Dartmouth Street, Birmingham, 7. Teleph. : Aston Cross 1971. Tel. Add. : “ Extrusion, Birmingham,”—Extruded Hollow Rods and Sections in Brass, Manganese Bronze, Yellow Metal.

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