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1950 British Industries Fair: Companies R

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Note: This is a sub-section of the 1950 British Industries Fair

Held 8th-19th May at Birmingham

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  • Radient Heating, Radiant Works, Barnsbury Park, London, N.I. Teleph.; North 1677/8/9. Tel. Add.: “ Ignicombus, Phone, London.”—Gas Fired Space Heating Equipment, both Radiant and Convector types ; Grillers, Toasters and Sugar Boilers ; Gas and Air Mixing Apparatus and Industrial Burners, Surface Combustion and Flame types ; Paraffin Radiator.
  • Radiation, Ltd. Stand D,545 and 442. Radiation House, Thimble Mill Lane, Aston, Birmingham. Teleph. ; East 1752. Tel. Add. ; “ Raditherm, Birmingham.”—Large Scale Cooking Equipment for Hospitals, Institutes, Hotels, Restaurants and Industrial Canteens, including Ranges, Hotcupboards, Grills, Ovens for Roasting, Steaming and Pastry Making, Fish Fryers, Boilers, Service Counters, etc.
  • Radiation (Large Cooking Equipment), Ltd. Stand D,545 and 442. Palatine Works, Warrington. Teleph. ; Warrington 1172. Tel. Add. ; “ Raditherm, Warrington.”—Large Scale Cooking Equipment for Hospitals, Institutes, Hotels, Restaurants and Industrial Canteens, including Ranges, Hotcupboards, Grills, Ovens for Roasting, Steaming and Pastry Making, Fish Fryers, Boilers, Service Counters, etc.
  • Radio Heaters, Ltd. Stand C,219. Radyne Works, Wokingham, Berks. Teleph. : 1030. Tel. Add. : “ Radyne, Wokingham.”—Manufacture of P.V.C. Sheet/Leather Products using Radyne Thermo-Plastic Welders. Hardening, Soldering and Heat Treatment of Metals on 1 kW, 5kW and 8kW Induction Heaters. Continuous R.F. Drying, Baking and Curing Ovens. Radyne Plastic Pre- Heaters.
  • Radium Luminous Industries, Ltd. (Associate of Glass Developments, Ltd.). Stand B,225. Sudbourne Road, Brixton Hill, London, S.W.2. Teleph. : Brixton 4041. Tel. Add. : ” Glasblow, Brit, London.”—Aircraft and other Military Purpose Instrument Dial Makers, Reconditioners and Luminisers. Examples shewn of General and Special Purpose Dials and Navigation Compasses, etc. Components. Radio Active Compounds Applied by Stoving.
  • Ragosine Oil Co, Ltd. Stand D,112. Minerva Works, Woodlesford, Near Leeds. Teleph. : Rothwell 2164/5. Tel. Add. : “ Ragosine, Leeds.” Ibex House, Minories, London, E.C.3. Teleph. : Royal 4372. Tel. Add. : " Ragosine, London.”—Specialists in Modern Lubrication and the Chemistry and Physics of Oils and Additives Applied to Engineering and Fine Instrument Manufacture, Originators of Extreme Viscosity Compounds for Mass Production Problems.
  • Ragosine Oil Co (Textiles), Minerva Works, Woodlesford, Near Leeds. Teleph. : Rothwell 2164/5. Tel. Add. : “ Ragosiue, Leeds.” Ibex House, Minories, London, E.C.3. Teleph. : Royal 4372. Tel. Add. : " Ragosine, London.”—Manufacturers of Surface Active Treated Mineral Oils for Wool Oiling Replacing Fatty Materials in the Fabrication of all Qualities of Cloth, Blankets, Caipet and Rug Yams.
  • Railway Mine and Plantation Equipment, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,lS50. Imperial House, Dominion Street, London, E.C.2. Teleph. : Clerkenwell 1777. Tel. Add. : ” Minplan, Ave, London.”—Light Railway Material, Diesel Locomotives, Track, Turnouts, Turntables, Sleepers and Accessories. Railway Tools. Tipping Wagons, Sugar-cane Cars, Sisal Wagons, Granby Cars, Plantation Wagons, Contractors’ Wagons, Mechanical Conveyors and Aerial Ropeways.
  • Ramus Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Stand B,216. Sumara Works, Albert Road, Wood Green, N.22. Teleph. : Bowes Park 1165/6/7. Tel. Add. : " Sumara, Wood, London.”—Lavatory Seats.
  • Ramus Tile Co, Ltd. Stand B,216. Sumara Works, Albert Road, Wood Green, N. 22. Teleph. : Bowes Park 1165/6/7. Tel. Add. : “ Sumara, Wood, London.”—Tile and Faience Fireplaces “ Sumara ” Design.
  • Ranalah, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1217 and’1116. Lutterworth Road, Burbage, Hinckley. Teleph. : Burbage 363.—The Ranalah Mobile Hot-water Unit for use in Dairies, ? Kennels, Stables and AU Purposes on the Farm ; produces a half-gallon per minute at 150/170 degrees.
  • Range Boilers, Ltd. Stand B,300. Bridge Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire. Teleph. : Stalybridge 2231. Tel. Add. : " Cylinders,” Stalybridge.—Copper Cylinders, Calorifiers, Combination Tanks, Copper and Steel Boilers. AU Types of Domestic Institutional Industrial Water Heating and Storage Apparatus, SoUd Fuel, Gas, Electricity, Steam, General Copperwork, Brasswork, Special Products.
  • Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies, Ltd. Stand A,605. OrweU Works, Ipswich. Teleph. : Ipswich 2201. Tel. Add. ; “Ransomes, Ipswich.”—Hand, Motor and Electric Lawn Mowers and Gang Mowers for cutting private lawns, bowling greens, golf courses, parks, grass road verges and aerodromes both for Export and Home markets.
  • Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies, Orwell Works,-Ipswich. Teleph.: Ipswich 2201. Tel. Add. : “Ransomes, Ipswich.” Dachwood House, 69, Old Broad Street, E.C.2. Teleph.: London Wall 2422. Tel. Add. : “ Anglia, London.”—Ransomes Garden Tractor MG5 Crawler Type Share Ploughs, One and Two Furrow Disc Harrow, Front and Rear Toolbar Frames with Assortment Accessories, Spray Pump with Tank.
  • Rapid Magnetting Machine Co, Ltd, The. Stand C,421. Lombard Street, Birmingham, 12. Teleph.: Victoria 1137/8. Tel. Add. : “ Borings, Birmingham.”—Permanent and Electro-magnetic Equipment for Separation of Metals, Ores, Extraction of Metallic Impurities frohi Processed Materials, for Protection of Grinders, Pulverisers, Crushers, Graders, Electro Lifting-magnets, Brakes, Clutches, Chucks, Welding Clamps.
  • Rapid Metal Developments, Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1318. 395, George Road, Erdington, Birmingham, 23. Teleph. : Birchfields 4541.—An Advanced Highly Practical and Popular Design of Steel Formwork for Shuttering in Concrete Construction. Economical in Erection and Striking with Minimum Number of Fittings, ensuring consequent Low Initial Cost.
  • Rawlplug Co, Ltd. Stand C,707. Rawlplug House, Cromwell Road, London, S.W.7. Teleph. ; Frobisher 8111. Tel. Add. : “ Rawlplug, Southkens, London.”—Rawlplugs, Rawl- bolts. Screwanchors, Boltanchors, Whitebronze Plugs, Rawlanchors, Toggles, Hand, Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic Boring Tools, Molybdenum Chisels, Durium Drills, Girderclips, Soldering Irons, Insulating Staples, Durolastic Sealing Compound, Durofix, Duroglue, Plasticwood.
  • Rawsons (Labelling Machines), Ltd. Stand D,718. 7, Calverley Park Gardens, Tunbridge Wells. Teleph. : Tunbridge Wells 3404/5. Tel. Add. ; " Rawsons, Tunbridge Wells 3404.”—Semi-automatic Labelling Machines for all types of Bottles or other containers from |-oz. to one-gallon, including our New Rotary Labeller. Also Pirn Winders for the Textile Industry.
  • Ray-Heeting Co, Ltd., The. Stand D,437 and 338. Station Road, Leatherhead, Surrey. Teleph. : Leatherhead 3456/7/8. Tel. Add. : “ Rayheet, Leatherhead.”—Infra-red Process Plant, complete Paint Shop Equipment, including Gas-fired Infra-red Tunnels, Spray Booths, Conveyors, Metal Pre-treatment Plant, Air Conditioning, etc. Industrial and Domestic Gas-fired Space Heaters.
  • Read Engineering Co, Ltd., The. Stand 0,750. Zoar Street and Dixon Street, Wolverhampton. Teleph. ; Wolverhampton 20798.—Mincing Machines, Pulleys for Vee-rope Drives ; Motor and Flat Belt Pulleys ; Motor Car Jacks ; Hand Drilling Machines ; Sewing Machine Bench Fittings ; Grey Iron Castings and General Machine Work.
  • Redfern's Rubber Works, Ltd. Stand D,345. Hyde, Cheshire. Teleph. : Hyde 622. Tel. Add. : “ Rubbers, Hyde.”— Industrial Rubber and Ebonite Linings, Covering, and Mouldings, Extended Sections and Tubing, and Fabricated Parts ; Bristle Setting Compounds ; Rubber Flooring and Matting ; Household Rubber Furnishings.
  • C. E. Reed and Co, Ltd. Stand D,702. Lodge Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol. Teleph. ; Fishponds 55631. Tel. Add. : " Generator, Bristol.”—Reed Special Electric Hoist Blocks for applications requiring low headroom with hook pulled up to underside of monorail support. Also Unit with Push-button Selected Creep Speed for Precision Handling.
  • Reliance Trucks, Ltd. Stand D,257 and 164. Vale Works, Heckmondwike, Yorks. Teleph. : Heckmondwike 135. Tel. Add. : “ Reliance Trucks, Heckrnondwike. ”—" Reliance ” Petrol- driven Trucks and Tractors, also Trailers, for Internal Works Transport, Fixed and Elevating Platform Trucks. Tipping Body Trucks. 20 to 60 cwt. Carrying Capacity. Stillages for Elevating Trucks.
  • Resinoid and Mica Products, Ltd. Stand C,416. Colonial Works, Mary Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, 12. Teleph. : Calthorpe 1303. Tel. Add. : " Rhodmica.”—Injection and Compression Mouldings in Plastics, Micanite and Bakelite Insulating Tubes and Moulded Parts, Machined Components in Bakelite Sheet and Rod, Mica and Micanite Washers and Cut Pieces, Heating Elements.
  • Revo Electric Co, Ltd. Stand C,301. Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. : Tipton 1891. Tel. Add. : “ Revo, Tipton.”— Electric Cookers, Fires, Irons, Kettles, Hotplates, Heaters, Fans, Switchgear. Industrial and Street Lighting Fittings for Gas-filled, Sodium, Mercury and Fluorescent Lamps.
  • Revo Electric Co, Ltd. Stand Outdoor. [[Tipton, Staffs. Teleph. : Tipton 1891. Tel. Add. : " Revo, Tipton.”— Metal and Concrete Standards and Brackets.
  • Revol, Ltd. Stand D,227. 97. Quayside, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1. Teleph. : 22480. Tel. Add. ; " Revolite.”—-Revol Belt Treatment for Efficient Belting. Voler Compound, a New Graphite Lubricant for Heavy and Open Gears, Cables, etc. R.3 Thread Lubricant prevents metals seizure and corrosion. R.4 Rust Remover.
  • Reynolds Tube Co, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and 619/518. Hay Hall Works, Tyseley, Birmingham, 11. Teleph. : Acocks Green 3333. Tel. Add. : “ Butted," Birmingham.—Steel Tubing for Aircraft, Cycle, Motor Cycle and General Engineering Trades. Manipulations and Assemblies from Steel Tubes or Light Alloy Tubes and Extruded Sections. Cycle Components. Light Alloy Pressure Vessels.
  • A. Reyrolle and Co, Ltd. Stand C,405. Hebburn, Co Durham. Teleph. : Hebburn 32441. Tel. Add. : “ Rey- roUe, Hebburn.”—^Typical Switchgear Units including 33-kV, 500-MVA. Outdoor Oil-break Circuit-breaker; 11-kV. Ring-main Tee-off Isolator Unit with Oil-break Circuit-breaker ; 3'3-kV. Air-break Switch-panel, Automatic Protective Gear.
  • Rheostatic Co, Ltd., The. Stand C,500. Slough, Bucks. Teleph.; Slough 23311/6. Tel. Add. : “Resistance.”—? Automatic Temperature Controls including Modulating Valves, Mixing Valves, Motorised Valves for Water and Steam, Gas Valves and Safety Controls, Electric Water Heater and Cooker Thermostats, Oil Burner and Stoker Controls.
  • Rhodes and Cartwright Stand A,302. Cradley Heath, Staffs. Teleph. : Cradley 6059. Tel. Add. ; “ Cartroad,” Cradley Heath.—Galvanized Holloware.—Buckets, Baths, Dustbins, Watering Cans, etc., and General Sheet Metal Work of every description.
  • Rhodes, Joseph and Sons, Stand D,323. Works, Belle Vue, Wakefield. Teleph. : Wakefield 2756. “ Rhodes, Wakefield.”—General Sheet Metal Working Presses, Shears, Benders, Folders and Tin-box Making Complete Drum Plants. Press Tools and Dies.
  • Rhymney Engineering Co, Ltd. Stand D,331 and 228. 19, Woburn Place, London, W.C.l. Teleph, : Terminus 2833. Tel. Add. : “ Engineers, Rhymney.”—Conveyors and Colliery Equipment with LECQ Pneumatic Operating and Control Systems.
  • Richards, Charles and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,753. Imperial Works, Darlaston. Teleph. : 140 (8 lines). Tel. Add. : " Richards, Darlaston.”—Black and Bright Bolts and Nuts, Telegraph Ironwork, Railway Fastenings, Rivets, Hi-Tensile Bolts, Staffordshire Knot Brand Carriage Bolts and Nuts, Burston Adjustable Cam Spanner, Bright Drawn Steel, Bright Repetition Work.
  • Richards and Ross, Ltd. Stand D,617/516 and D, 619/518. Merrils Lane, Wednesfield, Near Wolverhampton. Teleph. : Fallings Park 31601. Tel. Add. ; “ Ricoss, Wolverhampton.”—-Tube Manipulators, specialising in the Manipulation of Tubing for Power Stations, for Land Boiler Installations generally, for Marine Boilers, for the Automobile Industry and the Manipulation of Tubing into CoUs.
  • Richardson, William and John. Stand D,735. Eagle Leather Works, Sinfin Lane, Derby. Teleph. : Derby 3483/4. Tel. Add.: “Hides, Derby.”—^Manufacturers of Leather for all purposes, including Harness, Saddlery, Hydraulic Hose Bellows, Case Modelling, Fancy Straps, Chrome and Veg Tanned Belting, also Ram, Hat and Cup Hydraulic Leathers.
  • Ridge, Alfred, and Sons, Ltd. Stand A,621. Exchange Tool Works, 66/72, Wellington Street, Sheffield, 1. Teleph. : 27421/2. Tel. Add. ; “ Ridge, Sheffield.”—Wood Boring Tools of all descriptions, viz : Scotch Bits, Scotch Augers, Solid Centre Bits, Jennings Pattern Bits, Cobra Bits, Spokeshaves, Screwdrivers, Gimlets, Bradawls, Spring CalUpers, Cold Chisels, Tank Cutters.
  • Rigby, John, and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,607. Parkhouse Wire Mills, Low Moor, Bradford, Yorkshire. Teleph. : Low Moor 161/2/3. Tel. Add. : “ Wire, Low Moor.”—Bright Drawn Galvanised, Tinned, Coppered, Annealed Steel and Mild Steel Wire up to J-inch diameter. Flats Shapes, Precision Drawn Pinion Wire and Sections in Brass, Steel and Nickel Silver.
  • Riley Stoker and Co, Ltd. Stand D,241. 19. Woburn Place, London, W.C.l. Teleph. : Terminus 2622. Tel. Add. : “ Ristokers, Westcent, London.”-—Riley Robot Stoker Demonstrating Automatic Control ; Riley Kiln Stoker ; Syntron Electric Vibrators, Feeders, Feeder Machines, Packers.
  • Rippingilles, Ltd. Stand A,330. Aston Road North, Birmingham, 6. Teleph. : Aston Cross 3281. Tel. Add. : “ Sunrise, Birmingham.”—^Oil Stoves for Cooking, Boiling and Heating, Gre.'.nhouse Stoves, Gas Fires and General Sheet Metal Work.
  • Roberts, Black and Co, Ltd. Stand D,223. 19/21, Brazennose Street. Manchester, 2. Teleph. : Blackfriars 7861/2. Tel. Add. : “ Robblak,” Manchester.—Robblak Specialities: Universal Toolroom Vices, Hand and Plain Machine Vices, Drill Ejectors, MUling Cutter Guards, Steelpact Workshop Furniture, Patent Combination Twist Drill, Reamers, Goldsworthy Emery Paper and Products, T. and W. Equipment.
  • Robot Glass Cleaner Co, Ltd. Stand C,224. Robot Works, Grove Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph.: Smethwick 1706. Tel. Add. : “ Robotclena, Birmingham.”—Robot Electric Glass and Cup Washing Machines, each utensil thoroughly cleansed inside and outside and sterilised. Machines are compact and easy to operate. Effective with either hot or cold water.
  • Rockweld, Ltd. Stand D,537. Commerce Way, Croydon, Surrey. Teleph. : Croydon 7161 (5 lines). Tel. Add.: “ Rockweld, Phone, Croydon.”—Electrodes and Equipment for Electric Arc Welding including Electrodes for Welding Mild Steel, Special Steels and Non-Ferrous Metals. Welding Plant and Oxy-arc Cutting Process.
  • Rockwell Machine Tool Co, Ltd., The. Stand D,157. Rockwell House, Second Way, Exhibition Grounds, Wembley, Middx. Teleph. : Wembley 5353. Tel. Add. : “ Rockmac, Wembley.”—British Built Precision Press Shop Equipment. Plain, Horizontal and Vertical power operated Stock Straighteners; Plain and Automatic Stock Reels, Automatic Coil Cradles, Stock lubricating equipment and Scrapcutters.
  • Rollason Wire Co, Ltd., The. Stand D.529. Dromford Mills, Erdington, Birmingham, 24. Teleph. : East 1345/6/7. Tel. Add. : “ Rollason, Erdington."—Alloy and High Strain Steel Wire in Various Finishes for the Aircraft, Motor, Cycle and Engineering Industries, Spring Wire, Music Wire, Rope Wire, Bedding and Seating Wire, Saddle Wire, etc.
  • Rolls Royce, Ltd. Stand A.327 and 326. Derby. Teleph. : Derby 2424. Tel. Add. : " Roycar, Derby."—Aero Engine Manufacturers.
  • Rolls Switches, Ltd. Stand C,213. 154/156, Blackfriars Road, London, S.E.l. Teleph. : Waterloo 6277. Tel. Add. : “ Metzias, Sedist, London.”—Electric Switches each guaranteed for one million operations on full load. Hacksaw Frames.
  • Ross, Donald, and Partners, Ltd. Stand D,134. 1/3, Arlington Road, London, N.W.l. Teleph. ; Euston 6061/2. Tel. Add. : “ Twinner, Norwest, London.”—Twinner Universal Clamps, Jigs and Positioners for the Welding Industry, Twinner Variable Speed Welding Positioners, Twinner Universal Frame Jig, Twinner Vices and Twinner Portable Welding Units.
  • Rotherham and Sons, Ltd. Stand D,624. 27, Spon Street, Coventry. Teleph. : Coventry 4154. Tel. Add. : “ Rotherhams, Coventry.”—Taps, Oil Cups, Sight Feed Lubricators, Grease Cups, Unions, Elbows, Tees, Pumps, Tank Gauges, Repetition Parts, Recording Clocks, Pressure Gauge Movements, Time Delays, Process Timers, Gear Trains, Escapements, Instrument Components.
  • N. M. Rothschild and Sons, Stand D,429. (Royal Mint Refinery), 19, Royal Mint Street, London, E.l. Teleph. ; Royal 7061/1. Tel. Add. ; ” Rothschild, London.”—Copper Foil,-Copper, Gilding Metal, Cupro-Nickel and Phosphor-Brass Strip, Gold and Silver Plated Wire and Strip, Silver Solders, Salts of Precious Metals, Silver Anodes, Durville Cast Rods.
  • J. Rowell and Son, Ltd. Stand A,650. Thermecon Works, Boyd Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2. Teleph. : 28931/2. Tel. Add. : “ Eos.”—" Ace ” Washing Machines, Electric (entirely new agitation principle) ." Ace ” Hand-operated Models— Cabinet, Standard, De Luxe, Junior. “ Thermecon ” Gas Boilers and Burner Products.
  • Rozalex, Ltd. Stand D,706. 10, Norfolk Street, Manchester, 2. Teleph. : Manchester Bia. 1122/3. Tel. Add. : " Manchester Bia. 1122/3.”—Reduce man-hours lost through dermatitis by applying Rozalex before work. Comprehensive Service available. Demonstrations and Advice on Specific Problems given. Literature and Full Range of Samples Displayed.
  • Rubber Bonders, Ltd. Stand D,700. Dunstable, Beds. Teleph. : Dunstable 803/6. Tel. Add. : “ Flexilant, Dunstable.”—Designed Parts in Rubber Bonded to Metal. Flexible Couplings, Anti-vibration Mountings, Vibration and Noise Dampening Devices, Bonded Rubber BoUards for Passenger Vehicles, Packing Case Mountings and Bonded Rubber Wringer Rollers.
  • Rubber By-Products (Warwickshire), Ltd. Stand Outdoor,1213 and 1112 86, Holloway Head, Birmingham, 1. Teleph. : Midland 3475.—Agricultural Axle Equipment, Axles and Hubs of New Design for Implements, Trailers and Carts. Complete Undercarriage Assemblies for all farm purposes. Tyres.
  • Rubberware, Ltd. Stand B,715. Bell Works, Harefield, Middlesex. Teleph. : Harefield 2123. Tel. Add. : " Harebell, Harefield.”—Rubber Flooring in rolls 6-ft. wide and Tiles. Rubber Corrugated Matting, Black and Coloured. Rubber and Synthetic Sheetings. Rubber Aprons. Stair Nosings.
  • Ruberoid Co, Ltd., The. Stand B,423. Commonwealth House, 1/19, New Oxford Street, London, W.C.l. Teleph.: Holborn 9501 (5 lines). Tel. Add. : “ Ruberoid, Telex, London.” —Manufacturers of Bituminous Roofing, Slaters Felt, Dampcourses, Building and Insulating Papers, Plastic Compounds, Roof Compounds, Expansion Jointings, Bitumen Emulsion and Electrical Insulating Materials. Contractors for Ruberoid Built-up Roof Specifications.
  • Rubery, Owen and Co, Ltd. Stand D,717 and 616. Booth Street, Darlaston, South Staffs. Teleph. : Darlaston 130. Tel. Add. : “ Ruber Owen.”-—-Agricultural Machinery and Equipment. Bolts, Nuts. Repetition Parts, Machined Components. Office, Works, Metal Equipment. Pressed Steel Split Pulleys. Structural Steelwork. Pressed Components up to 1^ in. thick. Domestic Equipment. Steel Storage Equipment.
  • E. Rudd and Co, Ltd. Stand C,216. Island Works, Holyhead Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, 21. Teleph. : Nor 3336/7. Tel. Add. : “ Nameplates, Birmingham.”—Chemically Engraved, Embossed and Printed Nameplates, Cast Nameplates, Engraved Bronze and Enamel Nameplates, Printed, Embossed and Engraved Plastic Nameplates, Machine-Engraved and Stamped Labels, Machine Parts, etc.
  • Runbaken Electrical Products. Stand C,732. 71/73A, Oxford Road, Manchester, 1. Teleph. : Ardwick 2507/8/9. Tel. Add. : “ Runbaken, Manchester.”-—-Electrical and Auto-electrical Equipment and Accessories. Specialities : Battery Charging Equipment, Fastchargers, Soldering Equipment, Electro-plating Equipment, Oilcoil and Car Ignition Equipment.
  • Russell, John, and Co, Ltd. ’ Stand B,404. Belmont Brass Works, New Spring Street, Birmingham, 18. Teleph. : Northern 1241/2. Tel. Add. : “ Belmont, Birmingham.”—Brass and Gunmetal Valves and Fittings for Steam, Water and Gas. Gunmetal Radiator Valves, Pipe Fittings, Screwed Iron or Copper Thread. Patent Cam-actuated “ Camac ” Tap Demonstrating under Working Conditions.
  • R. Russell and Sons, Ltd. Stand A,327 and 226. Peel Foundry, Meadow Road, Derby. Teleph. ; Derby 44552. Tel. Add. : “ Russell, Derby.”—^The Dainty Gas Cooker specially constructed of cast iron to give Strength and DurabiUty, in Vitreous Enamelled Finish, with Heat Controlled Oven, GriUer and Three Boiling Burners.
  • Ruths Accumulators (Cochran), Ltd. Stand D,435. 34, Victoria Street, London, S.W.l. Teleph. : Abbey 4441. Tel. Add. ; " Ruacco, Phone, London.”—-Steam Storage Installations involving Large Steel Vessels and Special Automatic Valves. Photographs.
  • Ryland Works, Ltd. Stand A,519. Chesterfield. Teleph. : 2181. Tel. Add. : “ Ryland, Chesterfield.”— Ryland Stronglite Garden Barrows, special export model conserving shipping space. Ryland Visible Cooking Oven Thermometers. Clothes Lines.
  • Rylands Brothers, Ltd. Stand A,d28. Warrington, Lancashire. Teleph. : Warrington 426. Tel. Add. ; " Wire, Warrington."—Bright, Annealed, Coppered, Galvanized, Tinned, Round, Shaped Wires. Brylanised “ Rylock " Woven Fence, Brylanised “ Ry- link ” Chain Link Fencing, Barb, Strand, “ Rynet ” Sheep Fence, Netting, Nails, Staples, Welding, Tinned Stitching, Mattress Wires,

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