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1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades: Company C

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1918 Directory of Manufacturers in Engineering and Allied Trades

Note: Further information is contained on the page image including number of employees, war work and pre-war work.

2441 Cable Accessories Co., Ltd., Britannia Works, Groveland Road, Tividale, Tipton, Staffs. Phone: 131 and 132 Tipton. T/A: Revo, Tipton. Area No. 4.

2442 Cadby, George and Sons, 20, Barr Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2521 (2 lines). T/A: Area No. 4.

2443 Cadby, T. and Sons, 389/397, Farm Street, Birmingham. Phone: 386 Northern. T/A: Burcar, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2444 Caddy and Co. (Nottingham), Ltd., Daybrook, near Nottingham. Phone: 898 Nottingham. T/A: Caddy, Arnold. Area No. 4.

2445 Cadogan Iron Works, The, Lots Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.10. Phone: Kensington 1543. T/A: Cadogan Iron Works, Chelsea. Area No. 7.

2446 Caerleon Works, Ltd., Caerleon, near Newport, Mon. Phone: 15 Caerleon. T/A: Excalibur, Caerleon. Area No. 5.

2447 Caffyns, Ltd., Seaside Road, Eastbourne. Phone: 861. T/A: Caffyns, Ltd., Eastbourne. Area No. 7.

2449 Caird and Co., Ltd., Engine Works, Arthur Street, Greenock. Phone: 520 and 521. T/A: Company, Greenock. Area No. 9. (A.)

2450 Caird and Rayner, 77, Commercial Road, London, E.14. Phone: East 210. T/A: Vaporize, Step, London. Area No. 7. (A.)

2451 Caird, D., Ltd., Hindpool Road, Barrow-in-Furness. Phone: 23 Barrow. T/A: Caird, Barrow. Area No. 2.

2452 Cakemore Bolt, Nut and Manufacturing Co., Cakemore, Blackheath, Birmingham. Phone: 46 Cradley. T/A: Bolts, Blackheath, Staffs. Area No. 4.

2453 Calcott Brothers., Ltd., Coventry. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2454 Calderara, S. and A., 10, Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London, E.C.l. Phone: Holborn 5066. T/A: Area No. 7.

2455 Caldwell and Co., Ltd., Scotia Engine Works, Elliot Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 5612. T/A: Orion, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

Caledon Motors, Ltd., Glasgow.

2457 Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Caledon Shipyard. Dundee. Phone: 558. And at Lilybank Engine Works, Dundee. Phone: 270. T/A: Caledon, Dundee. Area No. 8. (A.) Caledonian Engineering Co., Renfrew.

2458 Caledonian Foundry, Ltd., 46, Trafalgar Street, Greenock. Phone: 327. T/A: Area No. 9.

2459 Caledonian Steel Castings Co., Helen Street, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: Go van 31. T/A: Moulding, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2460 Caledonian Wire Rope Co., Ltd., The Works, Airdrie. Phone: 92 and 93. T/A: Caledonian, Airdrie. Area No. 9.

2461 Callaghan, John T. and Co., Ltd., Grosvenor Works, Slater Street, Failsworth. Phone: City 4550. T/A: Unequalled, Manchester. Area No. 2.

2462 Callendar Iron Co., Ltd., Callendar Iron Works, Falkirk. Phone: 29. T/A: Area No. 8.

2463 Callender’s Cable and Construction Co., Ltd., Belvedere Works, Erith, Kent. Phone: Woolwich 11. Erith 189. T/A: Callender’s Works, Belvedere Station. Area No. 7. (A.) Callow, W. H., Ltd., London.

2464 Calthorpe Motor Co. (1912), Ltd., Cherrywood Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Phone: 35 Victoria. T/A: Chassis. Area No. 4.

2465 Calvert and Co., Ltd., Hope Foundry, Huddersfield. Phone: 1171 and 1172. T/A: Coils, Huddersfield. Area No. 3.

2467 Cam, Joseph and Sons, Ltd., St. Mary’s Road, Sheffield. Phone: 1182. T/A: Area No. 3. Cambria Tinplate Co., Ltd., Glam. Cambrian Aircraft Constructors, Ltd., Cardiff.

2468 Cambrian Dry Docks, Landore, Swansea. Phone: Central 281. T/A: Cambria, Swansea. Area No. 5. (A.)

2469 Cambrian Wagon Co., Ltd.,Metropolitan Road, East Moors, Cardiff. Phone: 628 Cardiff. T/A: “ Axle,” Cardiff. Area No. 5.

2470 Cambridge Automobile and Engineering Co., 21,Hobson Street, Cambridge. Phone: 465. T/A: Spark. Area No. 7.

2471 [Cambridge Metal Stamping Co]]., Sturton Street, Cambridge. Phone’: 593. T/A: Area No. 7.

2472 Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Chesterton Road, Cambridge. Phone: 615 (3 lines). T/A: Instrument, Cambridge. Area No. 7.

Camden Engineering Co., Ltd., Camden Town, London.

2474 Camelinat, E. and Co., Ltd., Albion Works, Tenby Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1123. T/A: Camelinat, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2475 Camelon Iron Co., Ltd., Camelon Iron Works, Falkirk. Phone: 39. T/A: Camelon, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

2476 Cameron and Roberton, Ltd., South Bank Iron Works, Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. Phone: 101 and 102 Kirkin- tilloch. T/A: Cameron, Kirkintilloch. Area No. 9.

2477 Cameron, John, Ltd., Oldfield Road Iron Works, Salford, Manchester. Phone: 2002 Central. T/A: Original, Manchester. Area No. 2.

2478 Camm, Bagshaw and Co. (Incor- porating E. Frank Atkinson and Co.), Head Office and Works, Queen’s Road, Sheffield. Phone: 983 Central. T/A: Cameo, Sheffield. Steel, Sheffield. And at Scottish Steel Works Allen Street, Sheffield. Phone: 116 Central. Area No. 3.

2479 Cammell, Laird and Co., Ltd shipbuilding and Engineering Works. Birkenhead. Phone: T/A: Area No. 2. (A.)

2480 Cammell, Laird and Co., Ltd., Cyclops Steel and Iron Works, Yorkshire Iron and Steel Works, and Steel Spring and Ordnance Works, Sheffield. Phone: Sheffield 3800. • T/A: Cammellaird, Sheffield. London Office: 3, Central Buildings, Westminster, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 7140. T/A: Cammellaird, London. Area No. 3. (A.)

2483 Campbell, A. and Co., 150, Govan Road, S.S., Glasgow. Phone: Ibrox 522. T/A: Shipwright, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2484 Campbell and Calderwood, Soho Works, Murray Street, Paisley. Phone: 2754. T/A: Soho. Area No. 9. (A.)

2485 Campbell and Cameron, Victoria Foundry, College Street, Dumbarton. Phone: 29. T/A: Area No. 9.

2486 Campbell and Hattan, 239, St. James’ Street, KinningPark, Glasgow. Phone: South 1542. T/A: Vacuum, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2488 Campbell and Isherwood, Ltd., Baltic Chambers, Quayside, and 21, Broad Chare, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: Central 578. T/A: Area No. 1. (A.) Campbell and Isherwood, Cardiff.

2489 Campbell and Isherwood, Ltd., Raleigh Street Works, Bootle, Liverpool. Phone: 1174 Bootle. T/A: Pressure. Area No. 2. (A.)

2490 Campbell, Binnie, Reid and Co., Greenfield Foundry and Engineering Works, Burnbank, Lanarkshire. Phone: 9 Blantyre. T/A: Founder, Hamilton. Area No. 9.

2493 Campbell Gas Engine Co., Ltd., Halifax. Phone: 1670, 1671, and 1672. T/A: Camgas, Halifax. Area No. 3.

2494 Campbell, Gordon, Co., 19, Grant Street, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2495 Campbell, P. and A., Ltd., Underfall Yard. Cumberland Basin, Bristol. Phone: 3112 and 3113. T/A: “ Ravenswood.” Area No. 6. (A.)

2496 Campbell, W. N., Mary Street, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire. Phone: 129. T/A: Area No. 9.

2497 Campbell’s and Hunter, Ltd., Dolphin Foundry, Sayner Read, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: 22397, Leeds. T/A: Dolphin, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2498 Campbeltown Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Campbeltown, Argyll. Phone: Campbeltown 1. T/A: Shipyard, Campbeltown. Area No. 9. (A.)

2500 Camper and Nicholson’s, Ltd., Southampton. Phone: 929 Southampton. T/A: Nicholson’s, Southampton. And at Gosport, Phone: Gosport 9. T/A: Nicholson’s, Gosport. Area No. 6. (A.)

2501 Campion Cycle Co., Ltd., Robin Hood Street, Nottingham. Phone: 551. T/A: Campion, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

2503 Cann, J. and H., Shipbuilders, Harwich. Phone: 5. T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

2504 Canning and Co., 133/137 Great Hampton Street and 88, Snow Hill, Birmingham. Phone: 3622 Central. T/A: Materials, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2505 Cannley Foundry Co., Rainsford End, Chelmsford. Phone: 282. T/A: Budgett, Chelmsford. Area No. 7.

2506 Cannon and Stokes, Ltd., Canning Street, Leicester. Phone: 1176. T/A: Area No. 4.

2507 Cannon Iron Foundries, Ltd., Deepfields, near Bilston.’ Staffs. Phone: 21 Bilston. T/A: Cannon, Deepfields. Area No. 4.

2508 Canterbury Motor Car Co, The KmtHOn W°rks' Cant'!'rbur5’’-Phone: 101. T/A: " Motors," Canterbury. Area No. 7.

2509 Cantie Switch Co., Ltd., 67 Mount Street. Nottingham Phone: 3640. T/A: Cantie, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

2510 Canute Airplane Co., Ltd., Cray Laboratory, Sugar House Lane, Southampton. Phone.: 1656. T/A: Cray, Southampton. Area No. 6.

2511 Caparn. J. W., Pleck Road, Walsall. Phone: 247. T/A: Capam, Walsall. Area No. 4.

2512 Cape Copper Co., Ltd., The, Briton Ferry Copper Works, Briton Ferry, South Wales. Phone: Llansamlet 7. Briton Ftjrry 6. T/A: Cape, Briton Ferry. Area No. 5.

Cape, Franks and Co., River Street, Birmingham.

2513 Capel and Co., Engine Works, Dalston Lane, London, E.8. Phone: 52 Dalston. T/A: “ Educate,” London. Area No. 7.

2514 Capewell Horse Nail Co., Ltd., Hadley, near Wellington, Shropshire. Phone: 25 Wellington, Salop. T/A: Capewell, Hadley, Salop. Registered Offices: 60, Cheapside, London, E.C. Phone: 3780 City. T/A: Cahonal, Cent., London. Area No. 4.

2515 Capewell, J. and Sons, Dewsbury Road, Leeds. Phone: 25851. T/A: Area No. 3.

2516 Capstick, Careful and Co., 74, Graf- ton Street, Liverpool. Phone: 1547 Royal. T/A: Area No. 2.

2519 Car Supply Co., Ltd., Eccleston Bridge, Victoria, London, S.W. Phone: Viet. 8800. T/A: Hyrakair, Churton, London. Area No. 7.

2520 Carborundum Co., Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester. Phone: Trafford Park 600 and 601. T/A: Carborund, Manchester. Area No. 2.

2521 Carbrook Steel Works, Ltd., Sheffield. Phone: 35 and 3496. T/A: Forge, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2522 Cardiff and South Wales Wagon Co., Ltd., East Moors, Cardiff. Phone: 639. T/A: Area No. 5.

2523 Cardiff Channel Dry Docks and I Pontoon Co., Ltd., Barry Dock. Phone: 440. T/A: Channel, Barry. London Office: 106, Leaden- hall Street. Phone: 2486 Avenue. A’so at Cardiff, Newport and Sharpness. Arer No. 5. (A.)

2526 Cardiff Foundry and Engineering Co., Ltd., Hurman Street, Cardiff. Phone: 4752. T/A: Castings. Area No. 5.

2527 Cardiff Junction Dry Dock and - Engineering Co., Ltd. (C. H. 1 Bailey), Junction Dry Dock and Tubal Cain Foundry and Engineering Works, Cardiff. Phone: 2971 (2 lines). T/A: “ Junction,” Cardiff. “Bailey,” Cardiff. Also at Barry. Area No. 5. (A.)

2530 Cardonnel Tinplate Co., Ltd., Skewen, Neath, South Wales. Phone: 32 Skewen. T/A: Cardonnel, Swansea. Area No. 5.

2531 Careless, W., Cartwright Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: Wolverhampton 637. T/A: Careless, 637 Wolver- hampton. Area No. 4.

2532 Cargo Fleet Iron Co., Ltd., South Bank, Middlesbrough. Phone: Middlesbrough 1091. T/A: Carfleco, Middlesbrough. Area No. 1. Carl Case Co., The, Heath Street South, Birmingham.

2534 Carlaw, David and Sons, Ltd., 11, . Finnieston Street, Glasgow. Phone: 1262 and 1263 Central. T/A: Automaton, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2535 Carleton Manufacturing Co., 573b, Moseley Road, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Carmanco, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2536 Carling, J. and Son, .50, Grange Road East, Middlesbrough. Phone: 815. T/A: Area No. 1.

2537 Carling, T. (Exors. of), Salop Street, Bolton. Phone: 403. T/A: Area No. 2.

2538 Carlton Iron Co., Ltd., Blast Furnace and Iron Works Department, via Ferryhill, Co. Durham. Phone: 8 Stockton-on-Tees. T/A: Carlton, Stockton-on- Tees. Area No. 1.

2539 Carmichael Bros., Ltd., Nile Street, South Shields. Phone: 53. T/A: Tronfounders. Area No. 1.

2541 Carmichael, James and Co., Ltd., Ward Foundry, Guthrie Street, and Dundee Steam Forge, Dundee. Phone: 363. T/A: Corliss. Area No. 8. (A.)

2542 Carmichael, Peter and Co., Ltd., 4, Carr Street, Limehouse, London, E.14. Phone: East 3356. T/A: Encarmicon, Step, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

2543 Carmuirs Iron Co., Ltd., Carmuirs Iron Works, Falkirk. Phone: 86. T/A: Carmuirs, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

2544 Carnegie and Matthew, Ltd., Boat- builders, Peterhead. Phone: T/A: Area No. 8.

2545 Carnforth Hematite Iron Co., (1915), Ltd., Carnforth. Phone: Carnforth 204. T/A: Hematite, Carnforth. Area No. 2.

2546 Carntyne Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Parkhead, Glasgow. Phone: 540 Bridgeton. T/A: Revolve, Glasgow. Also at Kenmuir Iron Works, Carmyle, near Glasgow. Phone: 214 Cambuslang. Area No. 9. (A.)

2547 Carntyne Steel Castings Co., Moorpark, Renfrew. Phone: Renfrew 21. T/A: Carntyne Foundry, Renfrew. Area No. 9. (A.)

2548 Carpathian Manufacturing Co., Carpathian Works, 34/44, Northwood Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6229. T/A: Carpathian, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2549 Carpenter, T. R., Ltd., 171/179, Bishop Street, Birmingham. Phone: ‘Midland 1014. T/A: Carford, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2550 Carr and Nichols, Ltd., Bolt Works, Atherton, Lancs. Phone: 15. T/A: Carr Nichols, Atherton. Area No. 2.

2551 Carr, Charles, Ltd., The Woodlands Bell and Brass Foundry, Woodlands Works, Grove Lane, Smethwick. Phone: 18. T/A: Bells, Smethwick. Area No. 4. (A.)

2552 Carr, G., 108/112, Rotherhithe 1 Street, London, S.E.16. Phone: Hop 1073. T/A: Area No. 7.

2554 Carr, J. and Riley, Bailey Lane Works, Sheffield. Phone: 2243. T/A: Rileycar, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2555 Carr, Richard W. and Co., Pluto ! Works, Sheffield. Phone: 2862 and 2863 Central. T/A: Pluton. Area No. 3.

2556 Carr, R. J. and M., Hammerton ] Street, Bradford, Yorks. Phone: 1052. T/A: Carr, 1052 Bradford. Area No. 3.

2557 Carr, Wild and Co., Ltd., New ! Enterprise Works, Egerton Street, Sheffield. Phone: Sheffield 4477. T/A: Carr Wild, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2558 Carrick and Ritchie and Co., Ltd., Waverley Engineering Works, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 853. T/A: Crane, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

2559 Carrick and Wardale, Redheugh Engine Works, Park Road, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Phone: 27 Gateshead. T/A: Wardale. Area No. 1.

2560 Carrick, James G. and Co.,23, North Wallace Street, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 2768 (2 lines). T/A: Tins, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2561 Carrick, J. and Sons, Ltd., 108, Dairy Road, Edinburgh. Phone: Central 1515. T/A: Derrick, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

2562 Carroll, John and Son, 22, Summer Street, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 2618. T/A: Carrolling. Area No. 9.

2563 Carron Company, Phoenix Foundry, Furnace Hill, Sheffield. Phone: 2294 Central. T/A: Carronade, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2564 Carron Company, Carron Works Falkirk. Phone: 37 Falkirk. T/A: Carronade, Falkirk. Also at Mungal Foundry and Engineering Department, Bainsford, Falkirk. Phone: 14 Falkirk. T/A: Esto, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

2566 Carrosserie Latymer (1915), Ltd., Pamber Street, WalmerRoad, Notting Hill. London, W. Phone: Park 394. T/A: Panic, Norkens, London. Area No. 7.

2567 Carruthers, J. H. and Co., Ltd., ! Hamilton Street, Polmadie, J Glasgow. Phone: Queen’s Park 36 and 936. T/A: Hoisting, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2568 Carsberg, G. and Son, 719, Meredith ! Street, London, E.C.l. Phone: Central 11825. T/A: Area No. 7.

2569 Carson, Jas. and Co., Ltd., Fawley: Road, Tottenham Hale, London, N.W.6. Phone: Tottenham 146. T/A: Area No. 7.

2570 Carson, Robert, 42, Queen Street, Rutherglen, Glasgow. Phone: 384 Rutherglen. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2571 Carter and Aynsley, Ltd., 120/126, Middlesex Street, Bishops-gate, London. Works: Stratford Market, London, E.15. Phone: Works—830 East. Head Office—London Wall 3302. T/A: Lockbutt Ave, London. Area No. 7.

2572 Carter and Wright, Hexagon Iron: Works, Pelion Lane, Halifax. Phone: 495 Halifax. T/A: Hexagon. Area No. 3.

2573 Carter Brother (Rochdale), Ltd., ! Bridge Street Iron Works, Rochdale. Phone: 238 Rochdale. T/A: Shafting. Area No. 2.

2574 Carter, H. W. and James, Ltd., ' Balsall Heath Wire Works, 69, Wenman Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1733. 1 T/A: Wiring, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2575 Carter, J., Sons and Co., Ltd., Irwell S Works, New Bailey Street, Salford, Manchester. Phone: Central 6719. T/A: Carter’s, Engineers, Sal- ford. Area No. 2.

2578 Carter, J. and Sons, Atlas Works, C Stalybridge. Phone: Area No. 2. (A.) Carter, J. Harrison, Ltd., Dunstable.

2577 Carter, L. and Son, 48, 52, and 54, 1 Richmond Road, and 7, 8, 17 and 18, Colherne Mews, Earl’s Court, London, S.W.5. 1 Phone: Western 328. T/A: Area No. 7.

Carter, Watkin, Birmingham.

Cartland, James and Son, Ltd., Bordesley Green, Birmingham.

2579 Cartland, James and Son, Ltd. (Incorporating Mechanical Products Co.), Constitution Hill, Birmingham. Phone: 1455 Central. T/A: “ Cartlands,” Birming- ham. Area No. 4.

2580 Cartvale Engineering Co., Ltd., Paisley. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

2581 Cartwright, A. S., Ltd., West Heath, Northfield, Birmingham. Phone: King's Norton 221. T/A: * “ Holdfast,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2582 Cartwright, J. and Son, Roebuck Street, West Bromwich. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2584 Carver, C. F., Ltd., Alfred Street Mills, Nottingham. Phone: 477 Nottingham. T/A: Carver, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

2585 Carver, F. J. and Son, East Quay, Bridgwater. Phone: 87. T/A: Carver. Area No. 6. (A.)

2586 Carver, F. W. and Co., Southown Dock, Southown, Great Yarmouth. Phone: Central 7.3. T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

2588 Carville Engineering Co., St. Andrews Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: Central 2681. T/A: And at Joan Street, Wallsend. Area No. 1.

2589 Cary, Porter, Ltd., 3, Vale Terrace, Finsbury Park, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

2590 Cary, Williams E., Ltd., Man- chester Spring and Axle Works, Red Bank and Adeline Street, Manchester. Phone: 7520 City (Private Ex- change) . T/A: Cary, Red Bank, Manchester. Area No. 2.

2591 CasartelliBros., 1 /3, Duke Street, Liverpool. Phone: 2367 Royal. T/A: " Fratellicas.” Area No. 2. (A.)

2592 Casartelli, J. and Son,-HayeS Yard Works, Garratt Street, Manchester. Phone: 2958 City. T/A: Area No. 2.

2593 Case, A., 33, Great Tindal Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 969. T/A: Area No. 4.

2594 Casella, C. F. and Co., Ltd., Wansey Street Works, Walworth, London, S.E.17. Phone: Hop 4226. T/A: “ Escutcheon,” Sedist. Area No. 7.

2596 Cashmore, H. W. and Co., Post Office Approach, Balham, London, S.W.12. Phone: Battersea 415. T/A: Cashmore, Balham. Also at Zota Works, Hildreth Street, Balham. Area No. 7. •

2597 Caslon, H. W. and Co., Ltd., 82, Chiswell Street, London, E.C.l. Works: Rothbury Road, Hackney Wick, London, E.9. Phone: 481, 482, and 483 City. T/A: Caslon, Phone. Branches: Manchester and Dublin. Area No. 7.

2598 Cass, F. R., Croft Street, Bury, Lancs. Phone: 123 Bury. T/A: Area No. 2.

2599 Cassell, S. and Sons. 98, Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1296. T/A: Area No. 4.

2600 Castings, Ltd., Selbourne Street, Walsall. Phone: 354. T/A: Castings. Area No. 4.

2601 Castle Motor Co., The, Motor Works, Mew Road, Kidderminster. Phone: 226 Kidderminster. T/A: Castle Motor. Area No. 4.

2603 Castleblair Engineering and Motor Works (J. and R. Thomson), Castleblair, Dunfermline. Phone: 140 Dunfermline. T/A: Carbon, Dunfermline. Area No. 8.

2604 Caston and Co., Ltd., Sterry Street, Tabard Street, London. S.E.l. Phone: Hop 2223. T/A: Lattice, London. Area No. 7.

2605 Caterham Munitions, Ltd., Croydon Road, Caterham Valley, Surrey. Phone: 187 Caterham. T/A: Munitions, Caterham Valley. Area No. 7.

2606 Caton Engineering Co., Ltd., Caton Road, Lancaster. Phone: Lancaster 576. T/A: Subarvico, Lancaster. Area No. 2. (A.)

2607 Cator and Golledge (Trading as Cheltenham Works, Ltd.), Cheltenham Works, 86, Acre Lane, Brixton, London, S.W.2. Phone: 2001 Brixton. T/A: Area No. 7.

2609 Catton and Co., Ltd., Yorkshire Steel Foundry, Hunslet, PIuhh43' Leeds 22173. T/A: Cattons, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2610 Caversham Motors, Ltd., The, 176/184, Caversham Road, Reading. Phone: 445 Reading. T/A: Caversham Motors. Area No. 6.

2611 Cawwood, G. and Son, Westgate Foundry, Sheffield Road, Rotherham. Phone: 179. T/A: Area No. 3.

2612 Cawthorn, Ltd. (late Little and Co.), College Avenue, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 2572 and 2573, Newcastle-on-Tyne. T/A: “ Service.” Area No. 1.

2613 Cayenne Motors, Ltd., The, Bexhill Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

2614 Celtic Stamping Co., Ltd., 3, Kensington Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: 51 Northern. T/A: Citel, Birmingham-Area No. 4. Central Aircraft Co., London.

2616 Centaur Tool Works, Ltd., Grove Street, Smethwick, Birmingham. Phone: 208 and 209 Smethwick. T/A: Capstan, Birmingham. Powysland Ordnance Works. Welshpool. Phone: 36 Welshpool. T/A: Munitions, Welshpool. Area No. 4.

2617 Central Engineering Co., Ltd., 7 /9, Farm Lane, Walham Green, London, S.W.6. Phone: Western 311. T/A: Area No. 7.

2618 Central Foundry Co., The, Bromford Road, Oldbury. Phone: Oldbury 128. T/A: Bromford Road, Oldbury. Area No. 4. Central Iron Works, Wisemore. Walsall.

2619 Central Machinery Co., Rectory Road, Rushden. Phone: Rushden 40. T/A: Rushden 40. Area No. 4.

2620 Central Marine Engine Works, North Basin, West Hartlepool. Phone: 375, T/A: Central, West Hartlepool. Area No. 1. (A.)

2621 Century Drill Works, Ltd., Love Street, Sheffield. Phone: 3828 Central. T/A: Borer, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2622 Cerebos, Ltd., Greatham, Stockton-on-Tees. Phone: Greatham 9 and 10. T/A: Cerebos, West Hartle- pool. Area No. 1.

2623 Chadburn's (Ship) Telegraph Co., Ltd., Head Office and Works, Cyprus Road, Bootle, Lancs. Phone: Bootle 1170. T/A: Chadburn, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.)

2624 Chadwick, James (Ironfounders), Ltd., School Hill Iron Works, Bolton. Phone: 1676 (2 lines). T/A: Chadwick's, Ironfounders, Bolton. Area No. 2. Chadwick, John and Co., Leeds.

2625 Chains, Ltd., The Green, Darlaston, Staffs. Phone: 79. T/A: Chains, Ltd., Darlaston. Area No. 4.

2626 Challenge Cycle and Motor Co., Ltd., Challenge Works, Foleshill Road, Coventry. Phone: 270 Coventry. T/A: Challenge, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2627 Chalmers, Ltd., Burnside Buildings, Burnside Street, Glasgow. Phone: 248 Douglas. T/A: Footlight, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2828 Chalmers and Co., Light Draft Shipbuilders, Rutherglen, Glasgow. Phone: Rutherglen 459. T/A: Scow, Rutherglen. Area No. 9. (A.)

2629 Chalmers and Co., 50/58, High Street, Redhill, Surrey. Phone: Redhill 98. T/A: Chalmers, Redhill. Area No. 7.

2630 Chalmers, G., Shore, Fraserburgh, N.B. Phone: T/A: Area No. 8.

2631 Chalmers, Sons and Co., Lion Works, Buckingham Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2632 Chamberlin and Hill, Chuckery Road, Walsall. Phone: 100 Walsall. T/A: Chuckery, Walsall. Also at Beacon Street, Lichfield. Area No. 4.

2634 Chamberlain and Hookham, Ltd., Solar Works, 4, New Bartholomew Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2161 Central. T/A: Solar, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2638 Chambers, John, Ltd., Lowestoft. Phone: 2 Lowestoft. T/A: Chambers, Lowestoft. Also at Oulton Broad. Area No. 7. (A.)

2640 Chambers, Scott and Co., Ltd., Dalziel Engineering Works, Motherwell. Phone: Motherwell 63. T/A: Energy. Area No. 9.

2641 Chambon, Ltd., 208 and 210, Tower Bridge Road, London, Phone: Hop 2819 and 1712. T/A: Chambon ted, Berm., London. Area No. 7.

2642 Chance Bros. and Co., Ltd., Light- house Works, Smethwick, Birmingham. Phone: 140 Oldbury. • T/A: Chance, Lighthouse, Smethwick. Area No. 4.

2643 Chandler, R., 141, Hockley Hill, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2644 Channing Bros., Ltd., Weston Street, Bow Common, London, E.3. Phone: East 3172. T/A: Chanfaina, Bochwich, London. Area No. 7.

2645 Channon and Sons, Engineers, 6, High East Street, Dorchester. Phone: 13 Dorchester. T/A: Channon, Dorchester. Area No. 6.

2646 Chantry’s Aircraft Works, 15, Margaret Street, and 72, High Street, Brighton. Phone: 1535 Kemptown. T/A: Chantry Aircraft, Brighton. Area No. 7.

2647 Chantry, Richard and Co., 76, Bris- bane Street, Camberwell, London, S.E.5. Phone: Hop 1908. T/A: Area No. 7.

2648 Chaplin, Alex and Co., Ltd., Cranston Hill Engine Works, 89, Helen Street, Govan. Phone: 641 Govan. T/A: Chaplin. Area No. 9. (A.)

2649 Chapman, Ed. W., Great Bard- field, Braintree, Essex. Phone: T/A: Chapman, Engineer, Great Bardfield. Area No. 7.

2650 Chapman, James A., Industry Tool Works, Woodside Lane, Sheffield. Phone: 1392 Sheffield. T/A: Braces, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2651 Chard, E. A. and Co., Brit Works, Bridport, Dorset. Phone: T,/A: Britworks, Bridport. Area No. 6. Charles Henry Street Metal Works, 93, Charles Henry Street, Birmingham.

2652 Charles, W. J. and Co., Edward Street Works, Birmingham. Phone: Central 4257. T/A: Lightsome, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2653 Charlestown Foundry and Iron Works Co., Ltd., Charlestown, St. Austell, Cornwall. Phone: 125 St. Austell. T/A: Foundry, Charlestown, St. Austell. Area No. 6.

2654 Charlesworth Bodies, Ltd., Much Park Street, Coventry. Phone: 53S Coventry. T/A: Landaulet, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2655 Charlton and Co., Ltd., The Ship- yard, Royal Dock, Grimsby. Phone: 72 and 171. T/A: Charlton, Grimsby. And at Church Street. Area No. 1. (A.)

2657 Charlton, R. B. and Co., Manors, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 3615 and 3616 Central. T/A: Also at Mitchell Street, Walker-on-Tyne. Phone: Wallsend 263. Area No. 1. (A.)

2659 Charnock and Co., Harehills Garage, Foundry Lane, Leeds. Phone: Roundhay 352. T/A: Roundhay 352. Area No. 3.

2661 Chase Cycle Co., Ltd., The, Offices and Warehouse: 59, Snow Hill,. Birmingham. Phone: Central 1605 and 1606. T/A: Works: 23, George Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1912. T/A: LeCouteur, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2662 Chater Lea, Ltd., 74/84, Banner Street, Golden Lane, and Cransley Works, Garret Street, Golden Lane, London, Phone 7801 and 7802 London Wall. T/A: Multicycle-Barb., London. Area No. 7.

2663 Chatham and Son, Ltd., Ablow Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: Wolverhampton 248. T/A: Boxes. Area No. 4.

2665 Chattaway, W., Great Bridge, Tipton. Phone: 52 West Bromwich. T/A: Chattaway, Great Bridge. - Area No. 4.

2666 Chatteris Engineering Co., Ltd., The, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. Phone: 3. T/A: Pulsation, Chatteris. Area No. 7.

2667 Chatwins, Ltd., Market Foundry, Tipton. Phone: 19 Tipton. T/A: 19 Tipton. Area No. 4.

2668 Chatwin, Thomas, Ltd., Victoria Works, Great Tindal Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 2530 (3 lines). T/A: Chatwin, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2669 Chatwood Safe Co., Ltd., Foundry Street, Bolton. Phone: 333. T/A: Chatwood, Bolton. Area No. 2.

2670 Cheetham and Hill, Ltd., Sun Foundry, City Road, Derby. Phone: 292. T/A: Iron, Derby. Area No. 4.

2671 Chell, J. A., Ltd., Bond Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 650. T/A: Area No. 4. Chelsea Aviation Co., Ltd., London. Cheltenham Works, Ltd., The, Brixton, London. Chemical Engineering and Patent Furnace Co., Ltd., Hendon.

2672 Cheney, C. W., Factory Road, Soho, Birmingham. Phone: Northern 486. T/A: Hemlock, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2673 Cherry, J. and Son, Beckside, Bever- ley, Yorks. Phone: 115. T/A: Cherry, Beverley. Area No. 1.

2674 Cherry Tree Machine Co., Ltd., Cherry Tree, near Blackburn. Phone: 22 Pleasingten. T/A: Foundry, Cherry Tree. Area No. 2.

2675 Cheshire, Pooley and Co., 25, Bath Street, Liverpool. Phone: Central5000Liverpool. T/A: Scalebeam. And at Husbands Bosworth, Rugby. Phone: T/A: Scalebeam, Husbands Bosworth. Area No. 2. Chessums, Ltd., London.

2876 Chester Boat Co., Ltd., Aikman’s Gardens, The Groves, Chester. Phone: 18. T/A: Boating, Chester. Area No. 2. (A.)

2677 Chester Engineering Co., Ltd., The, City Road, Chester. Phone: 665 and 666. T/A: Motors. Area No. 2.

2678 Chesterfield Tube Co., Ltd., Derby Road, Chesterfield. Phone: 61 and 464 (3 lines). T/A: Tubes, Chesterfield. Area No. 4. (A.)

2679 Chesweight and Nicholls, Ltd., Norway Wharf, Commercial Road, London, E. Phone: Eastern 373. T/A: Silveroll, Step, London. Area No. 7.

2680 Chew, James and Co., Ltd., Brookhouse Sheet Metal Works, Edward Street, Blackburn. And at Pollard Street Brass and Copper Works, Pollard Street, Blackburn. Phone: 6613. T/A: Chew, Blackburn. Area No. 2. .

2682 Chillington Tool Co., Ltd., Chillington Tool Works, Wolverhampton. Phone: 11 and 12. T/A: Chillington, Wolver- hampton, Area No. 4.

2683 Chilton and Son, E., 41, Newhampton Road West, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A: Gunlox, Wolverhampton Area No. 4.

2684 Chiswick Polish Co., Ltd., Burlington Lane, Chiswick, London, W.4. Phone: Chiswick 1320, 1322, T/A: Amiable, London. Area No. 7.

2685 Chloride Electrical Storage Co., Ltd., Clifton Junction near Manchester. Phone: Manchester Central 1638. Pendleton 771. T/A: Chloridic, Pendlebury. Area No. 2. . (A.)

2686 Chorley Railway Wagon Co., Ltd., The, Chorley, Lancs. Phone: 265 and 266. T/A: “ Wagon, Chorley.” Area No. 2.

Christiani and Nielsen, London.

2687 Christie, George, Ltd., Ladywell Wire Works, 197, Broomloan Road, Govan, Glasgow. Phone: 182 and 419 Govan. T/A: Ladywell, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2688 Christie, J. and Sons, Ltd., 244/246, West Street, Sheffield. Phone: Sheffield Central 2732. T/A: Christie, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2689 Christopher, J. and Sons, Ltd., 35 /43, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: Holbom 6884 (2 lines). T/A: “ Jopherson,” London. And Atlas Works, 35 /39, Hom- sev Road, London, N.7. Phone: North 1071. Truck Factory: 73, Cromer Street, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C.l. Area No. 7.

2690 Christy and Norris, Chelmsford. Phone: 292. T/A: Engineering. Area No. 7.

2691 Christy Bros. and Co., Ltd., Broom- field Road, Chelmsford. Phone: 8. T/A: Dynamic. Area No. 7.

2693 Chubb and Sons, Lock and Safe Co., Ltd., Wednesfield Road, Wolverhampton. Phone: 377. Also at Railway Steel Works, Chubb Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 279. T/A: Chubb, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2694 Church Iron Works Co., Ltd., Higher Ince, Wigan. Phone: 253. T/A: Rails, Wigan. Area No. 2.

2695 Churchill, C. and Co., Ltd., St. Simon Street, Salford, Manchester. Phone: Manchester Central 1027. T/A: “Opodeldoc,” Manchester. Area No. 2.

2696 Churchill Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Frederick Road, Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: T/A: “ Churchdale,” Man- chester. Area No. 2.

2697 Churnet Valley Engineering Co., Ltd., Chumet Foundry, Leek, Staffs. Phone: 101 Leek. T/A: Churnet Foundry, Leek. Area No. 4.

2698 Churton (T. Harding) and Co., Ltd., Atlas Works, Water Lane, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 24291. T/A: Magnet, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2699 City Casting and Metal Co., The 177/191, Barford Street’ Birmingham. Phone: Midland 645 and 646. T/A: “Turnings,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2700 City Engineering and Manufacturing Co. Works: 106, Shoo Lane, London, E.C.2. Office: 54, New Broad Street, London. Phone: 1151 London Wall. T/A: “Gapharco,” Ave., London. Area No. 7.

2701 Civil, Nautical, and Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.,Cowper Road, Wimbledon, London. Phone: Wimbledon 1493. T/A: Civonaut, Phone, London. Area No. 7.

2702 Clabour, J. B., Engine Works, Guiseley, Leeds. Phone: 7 Guiseley. T/A: Clabour, Guiseley. Area No. 3.

2703 Clabour, W. A., West Bay and Co., Ltd., Wyther Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds. Phone: 709 Headingley. T/A: Clabour, Kirkstall. Area No. 3.

2704 Clabrough, J. P., and Johnstone, 16 and 17, Loveday Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1247. T/A: Clabrough. Area No. 4.

2705 Claes, J. Devis and Co., 6, Broad Street, Ratcliff, London, E.l. Phone: East 1225. Also at 30, Thomas Street, Burdett Road, London, E.14. Phone: 1214 East (3 lines). T/A: Howitzer, Bowbur, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

2707 Clan Foundry Co., The, Queen Street, Belper, Derbyshire. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2708 Clan Line Steamers’ Repairing Works, 169, Finnieston Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 5877. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2709 Clapham Bros., Ltd., Nelson Works, Keighiey. Phone: 497 (2 lines). T/A: Clapharn Bros., Ltd., Keighley. Branch Works: Market Street and Wellington Works. Area No. 3.

2711 Clark and Martin, 76, Cranmer Street, Liverpool. Phone: 1739 Central. T/A: Area No. 2.

2712 Clark and Sewell, Ltd., 5, Legg Lane, Birmingham. Phone: 3391 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

2713 Clark, C. and Son, Ltd., Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton. Phone: 215. T/A: Clark’s Garage. Area No. 4.

2715 Clark, D. (Exors. of), Waterloo Foundry', Carlisle. Phone: 174. T/A: Clark’s Foundry’, Carlisle. Area No. 2.

2716 Clark, F. A. and Son, Phcenix Lead Mills, Hammersmith, London, W. Phone: Hammersmith 2 and 33. T/A: Clark’s Mills, Hammer- smith. Area No. 7.

2717 Clark, Frederick and Co., Ltd., Elwick Iron Works, Bank Street, Ashford, Kent. Phone: 49. T/A: Clarks,Engineers, Ashford. Area No. 7.

2718 Clark, G. and Sons, 51, Chester Street, Birkenhead. Phone: 333. T/A: Area No. 2.

2720 Clark, George, North British Steel Works, Penistone Road, and Middlewood Rolling Mills, Oughtibridge, Sheffield. Phone: 187. T/A: Artisan. Area No. 3.

2721 Clark, George, Ltd., Southwick Engine Works, Sunderland. Phone: 1222 and 1223. T/A: Clark, Sunderland. Area No. 1. (A.)

2722 Clark, George and Sons (Hull), Ltd., Alexandra Copper and Brass Works, Waterhouse Lane, Hull. . Phone: 58. T/A: Clark. Area No. 1. (A.)

2723 Clark, George, Jun., and Co., Ltd., Neptune Street, Hull. Phone: 2126. T/A: Copper. Area No. 1.

2724 Clark, H. and Sons, Theydon Road, Southwold Road, Clapton, London, N.E. Phone: Dalston 3258. T/A: Area No. 7.

2725 Clark, Hunt and Co., Ltd., Middlesex Iron Works, Bateman’s Row, Shoreditch, London. Registered' Offices: 159/160, High Street, Shoreditch, London, E.l. Phone: London Wall 8160. T/A: Ferroform, Norton, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

2726 Clarke, J. and Son, Ltd., Mowbray Street, Sheffield. Phone: 1197. T/A: Clarke, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2727 Clark’s Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Dunstable Road, Luton’ Beds. Phone: 630 Luton. T/A: Conquest, Luton. Area No. 7. (A.)

2728 Clark, T. and W. H., Perseverance Iron Works, Shipley. Phone: 31 Shipley. T/A: Area No. 3.

2729 Clark, William and Son, 100, John Street, City, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 2273. T/A: Metalwork. Area No. 9.

2730 Clarke, Adam and Co., 274, Cooksey Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 355. T/A: Area No. 4.

2731 Clarke and Mote, Vulcan Iron Works, Well Street, Coventry. Phone: Coventry 417. T/A: Area No. 4.

2732 Clarke, Chapman and Co., Ltd., Victoria Works, Gateshead-on-Tyne. Phone: Central 2196. T/A: Cyclops, Gateshead. Area No. 1. (A.)

2733 Clarke, Cluley and Co., Wall Street, Coventry. Phone: 195. T/A: Clarke Cluley. Area No. 4.

2734 Clarke’s Crank and Forge Co., Ltd., Lincoln. Phone: 406. T/A: Cranks, Lincoln. Area No. 4. Clarke, J. H. and Co. London.

2735 Clarke, J. and Co., 86, Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1750 Midland. T/A: Area No. 4.

Clarke's Motor Cycle Works, St. Albans.

2737 Clark, T. and C. and Co., Ltd., Shakespeare Foundry,Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton. Phone: 726. T/A: Clark, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2738 Clarke, T. and Sons, Bridge Foun- dry, 401, Attercliffe Road, Sheffield. Phone: 40 Attercliffe. T/A: Area No. 3.

2739 Clarke, T. A. W., Ltd., Havelock Street, Leicester. Phone: 4007. T/A: Clamac, Leicester, Area No. 4.

2740 Clarke, T. W. K. and Co., 29/33, High Street, Hampton Wick. Phone: Kingston 869. T/A: Flyers, Kingston. Area No. 7. Clarke, W. T. and Co., London.

2741 Clarkson and Beckett, Maryhill Engine Works, Glasgow. Phone: 10 Maryhill. 18 Kelvin. T/A: Hydrams, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2742 Clay and Atkinson, Bower Street, Bradford. Phone: 1263. T/A: Clay-Atkinson, Bradford. Area No. 3.

2743 Clay Cross Co., Ltd., The, Iron Works, Clay Cross, near Chesterfield. Phone: 479. T/A: “ Jackson,” Clay Cross. Area No. 4.

2744 Clay, H. B. and Co., 264a, Cor- poration Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3-191. T/A: Rotating, Birmingham. Works: 265, Dartmouth Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 73. T/A: Area No. 4.

2745 Clay, James, Ltd., Wrekin Foundry Road, Wellington, Salop. Phone: 61. T/A: Clay, Wellington, Salop. Area No. 4.

2746 Clay Lane Engineering Co., Ltd., Clay Lane, Stoke, Coventry. Phone: 583. T/A: Clayenco. Area No. 4.

2748 Clayton and Co. (Huddersfield), Ltd., Karrier Works, also at Union Works, Huddersfield. Phone: Huddersfield 1441, 1442, and 1443. T/A: Karriaker, Huddersfield. Area No. 3.

2749 Clayton and Shuttleworth, Ltd., Stamp End Works, Lincoln. Phone: 43. T/A: Clayton’s, Lincoln. Area No. 4.

2750 Clayton Bros., Bowling Green Foundry, Well Lane, Halifax. Phone: 578. T/A: Clayton Bros., Halifax. Area No. 3.

2751 Clayton, Goodfellow and Co., Ltd., Atlas Iron Works, Blackburn. Phone: 5227. T/A: Goodfellow, Blackburn. .Area No. 2.

2752 Clayton, Henry, 145, Thornton Road, Bradford. Phone: 1314 Bradford. T/A: Area No.. 3.

2753 Clayton, James, 75, Preston Old Road, Blackpool. Phone: 925. T/A: Vulcan. Area No. 2. 2754 Clayton, M. and Son, Bowling Brass Works, Wakefield Road, Bradford. Phone: 1152. T/A: Renewable, Bradford. Area No. 3.

2755 Clayton, Son and Co., Ltd., Moor End. Works, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 20226. T/A: Gas, Leeds. Also at Pepper Road Works, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 23442. T/A: Welders, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2757 Clayton Tinplate Co., Ltd., Pontardulais, Glam. Phone: T/A: Area No. 5.

2758 Claywheel Rolling Mills, Ltd., Beeley Wood Road, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield. Phone: Owlerton 261. T/A: Steel Rollers. Area No. 3. •

2759 Clegg and Howgate, Phoenix Steel Works, Keighley. Phone: 153. T/A: Area No. 3. (A.)

2760 Clegg, B. W. and Son, Belinda Street, Hunslet, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 24634. T/A: Clegg, Engineer, Huns- let. Area No. 3. 2761 Clegg, Lewis and Son, King Street Works, Stalybridge. Phone: 484 Ashton-under-Lyne T/A: Conifer. Area No. 2.

2762 Cleghorn and Wilkinson, Weaver Foundry and Witton Boiler Works, Northwich. Phone: 38. T/A: Area No. 2.

2763 Cleland and Thorburn, 57, Hyde Park Street, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

2764 Clelands Graving Dock and Slip- way Co., Ltd., Willington Quay-on-Tyne. Phone: Wallsend 251. T/A: Clelands. Area No. 1. (A.)

2765 Clement Talbot, Ltd., Barlby Road, Ladbroke Grove, London, W.10. Phone: 5000 Park (4 lines). T/A: Clemtal, Norkens, Lon- * don. Area No. 7.

2766 Clemens, A. W., 50, Broad Street, Portsmouth. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6. 2767 Clements, Isaac, 32 and 34, Holloway Head, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1805. T/A: Cadence, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2768 Clements. Jeakes and Co., Ltd. Factory Address: 12/14, Macklin Street, London, W.C.2. Phone: Gerrard 5215. 3 T/A: Jeakes, Westcent, Lon- don. Head Office: 51, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.l. Area No. 7.

2769 Clemmons Aluminium, Ltd., 58, Aston Road, and Mill Street, Birmingham. Phone: 7376 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

Clerk, Donald and Sons, Ltd., ‘ Glasgow. Clerkenwell Plating Works, London.

2770 Cleveland Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., The, Smithfield Road, Darlington. 1 Phone: 2710. T/A: Cleveland, Darlington. Area No. 1. XA.)

2771 Cleveland Car Co., Ltd., Grange . Road, Smithfield Road, Darlington.* Phone: 2720. T/A: Automobile, Darlington. Area No. 1.

2772 Cleveland Iron Co., Cleveland Iron Works, Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton. 3 Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2773 Cleveland Manufacturing Co., The, Lynton Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A: Cleveco, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2774 Cleveland Metal Co., Ltd., Bridge Works, Stockton-on-Tees. Phone: 409. T/A: Efficiency. Area No. 1.

2775 Clews, F. and R., Ltd., 104, Moland Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2168 Central. T/A: Area No. 4.

2776 Clews, James and Sons, Ltd., 195, Aston Road, Birmingham. Phone: Central 2659 and 6385. T/A: “ Rely,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2777 Cliff House Foundry, Mainsforth Terrace, West Hartlepool. Phone: 8. T/A: Central, West Hartlepool. Area No. 1.

2778 Cliffe, W. R., Merchant Street T Mill, Blackburn. Phone: j T/A: Area No. 2.

2781 Clifford Bros., Ltd., Forward 3 Works, 4, Brook Street, and St. Dunstan’s Works, 7, Mary Ann Street, Birmingham. Phone: 5805 and 347 Central, Birmingham. T/A: Also at Villiers Works, Willen- 1 hall, Staffs. Phone: 6 Willenhall. T/A: Clifford Bros., Willenhall. Area No. 4.

2782 Clifford Bros., Stamford Hill ( Works, High Road, Tottenham, London, N.15. Phone: Tottenham 2124. ] T/A: Clibroneer, Phone, Lon- don. Area No. 7.

2784 Clifford, C. and Son, Ltd., Fazeley Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3634. T/A: Clifford, Birmingham. And at Dog Pool Mills, Pershore Road, Birmingham. Area No: 4.

2785 Clifton and Baird, Ltd., Empress Works, Johnstone, near Glasgow. Phone: 121 Johnstone. T/A: Empress, J ohnstone. Area No. 9.

2786 Clifton and Waddell, Laigh Cartside Street Engineering Works, Johnstone, near Glasgow. Phone: 23. T/A: Oldfield. Area No. 9»

2787 Climax Rock Drill and Engineering Co., Ltd., Cam Brea, Cornwall. Phone: Camborne 81. T/A: Imperial, Carn Brea. Area No. 6.

2788 Climax Ventilating and Heating Co., Ltd., 360 and 376, Townhill Road, Dennistoun, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 3251. T/A: Natural, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2789 Clive, Thomas and Son, 49, Staniforth Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6137. T/A: Area No. 4.

2790 Clough, S. W„ Valley Road, Shipley. Phone: Shipley 274. T/A: Suction, Shipley. Area No. 3.

2792 Clover, Clayton and Co., Ltd., Birkenhead. Phone: 2240 (5 lines). T/A: Clover, Birkenhead. And at Grafton Street, Liverpool. Phone: 1841 Royal. . Area No. 2. (A.)

2794 Cluley, John and Son, Wood Street, Willenhall. Phone: 96. T/A: Cluley, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

2795 Clyde Brass Foundry Co., Harriet Street, Pollokshaws. Phone: Pollokshaws 192 and 198. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2796 Clyde Bridge Steel Co., Ltd.. The (D. Colville and Sons, Ltd.), Cambuslang. Glasgow. Phone: 371 Cambuslang. T/A: Colville, Cambuslang. Area No. 9.

2797 Clyde Electrical Co., Palm Street, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 902. T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2798 Clyde Nail Co., Ltd., Newton, near Glasgow. Phone: 17 Cambuslang (2 lines). T/A: Clyde, Hallside, Lanarkshire. Area No. 9.

2799 Clyde Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd., Castle Works, Port Glasgow. Phone: 4 and 98. T/A: Clyde, Port Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2800 Clyde Structural Iron Co., Ltd., The (Incorporating Bryden and Middleton, Merlin Iron Works, Windsor Street, Scotstoun— see No. 1750), Clydeside Iron Works, South Street, Scotstoun, Glasgow. Phone: Western 2952 (2 lines). T/A: Corrugated, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2801 Clydesdale Steel and Foundry Co., 81, Garngad Road, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 2828. T/A: Clydesdale, Gamgad, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2802 Clyne, Mitchell and Co., Ltd., 30, Commercial Quay, Aberdeen. Phone: 438 and 205. T/A: Clyne Mitchell, Aber- deen. Area No. 8. (A.)

2803 Clyno Engineering Co., Pelham Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: 992. T/A: Clyno, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2804 Coalbrookdale Co., Ltd., Shropshire. Phone: 17 Ironbridge. T/A: Darby, Coalbrookdale. Area No. 4.

2805 Coan, R. W., 219, Goswell Road, London, E.C.l. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

2806 Coast, W., Co-operative Ship Repairing, Milford Haven. Phone: P.O. 2. T/A: West Coast, Milford. Haven. Area No. 5.

2807 Coatbridge Tinplate Co., Ltd., Coatbridge, Glasgow. Phone: 3 Coatbridge. T/A: Tinplate, Coatbridge. Area No. 9.

2808 Coates and Co., Sheffield, Ltd., 345, Glossop Road, Sheffield. Phone: Sheffield 3130. T/A: Coates 3130. Area No. 9. Coates, J. A., 78, Turnmill Street, London, E.C.l.

2809 Coats’ Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Thanet House, Strand, London, W.C.2. Phone: City 626 (2 lines). T/A: Oolcomachi (Estrand). Area No. 7.

2810 Cobb, F. and Co., Howard Works, Howard Street, Sheffield. Phone: 3760 Central. T/A: Francob, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2811 Cochran and Co. (Annan), Ltd., Annan, Scotland. Phone: 2 Annan. T/A: Multitube, Annan. Area No. 9. (A.)

2812 Cochrane and Co. (Woodside), Ltd., Woodside Iron Works, Dudley, Worcester. Phone: 2425 (2 lines). T/A: Cochrane, Holly Hall. Area No. 4.

2813 Cochrane and Co., Ltd., Ormesby Iron Works, Middlesbrough (Head Office). Phone: 646 Middlesbrough (4 lines). T/A: Cochrane, Middlesbrough. London Office: 11, Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W.l. Area No. 1.

2814 Cochrane and Sons, Ltd., Ouse Shipbuilding Yard, Riverside, Selby. Phone: 37. T/A: Cochrane, Shipbuilders, Selby. Area No. 1. (A.)

2815 Cochrane Bros., Ltd., Commis- sioner Street, Bo’ness. Phone: 41. T/A: Cochrane, Sea view, Bo’ness. Area No. 8.

2816 Cochrane, John (Barrbead), Ltd., Grahamston Foundry and Engine Works, Barrhead, Glasgow. Registered Office: 58, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. Phone: 6 Barrhead. 2516 Central. T/A: " Cochrane,” Barrhead. “ Habertwil,” Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2818 Cook, Robert and Sons, Dry Docks Shipyard, Appledore, Devon. Phone: 4 Northam. T/A: Iron, Appledore, Devon. Area No. 6.

2819 Cockburn, A. and Co., 25, Gateside Street, Glasgow. Phone: 3214 Bridgeton. T/A: Pressure, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2820 Cockburn, M. and Co., Ltd., Gowan- bank Iron Works, Falkirk. Phone: Falkirk 56. T/A: Springfield, Falkirk. Area No. 8.

2821 Cockburns, Ltd., Clydesdale En- gineering Works, Cardonald, Glasgow. Phone: 361 Govan (2 lines). T/A: Cockburn, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

2822 Cocker Bros., Ltd., Fitzalan Works, Effingham Road, Sheffield. . Phone: 46 Central. T/A: “ Cocker, Sheffield.” Area No. 3.

2823 Cockey, E. and Sons, Frome, Somerset. Phone: T/A: Area No. 6.

2824 Cocksedge and Co., Eagle Works, Grey Friar’s Road, Ipswich. Phone: 910. T/A: Cocksedge, Ipswich. Area No. 7.

2826 Coghlan Steel and Iron Co., Ltd., The, Hunslet Forge, Leeds. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

2827 Cogswell and Harrison, Ltd., Small Arms Factory, 29a, Gillingham Street, London, S.W.l. Phone: Victoria 4555. T/A: Cogswell, Wesdo, London. Area No. 7.

2828 Cohen, B. and Sons, Ltd., 1/19, Curtain Road, London, E.C. Phone: London Wall 3729. T/A: Sideboard, London. Area No. 7.

2829 Cohen, J. A., 50, Pritchett Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3406. T/A: Area No. 4.

2830 Coil Clutch Co., Ltd., The, Phoenix Works, Johnstone. Phone: 72 Johnstone. T/A: Phoenix,” Johnstone. Area No. 9.

2831 Coin Automatic Machine Manu- facturers, 38, Hurst Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2832 Colbran, John B., Crown Lamp Works, Colchester Avenue, Manor Park, London, E.12. Phone: 567 Ilford. T/A: Colbran, Ilford, 567. Area No. 7.

2834 Colby Bros., Ltd., Riverside, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft. Phone: 38 Oulton Broad. T/A: Colby Bros. Area No. 7. (A.)

2835 Colchester Lathe Co., Hythe, Colchester. Phone: 132. T/A: Lathes, Colchester. Area No. 7.

Coldwell, W. B. and Son, Sheffield.

2836 Cole, Marchant and Morley, Ltd., Prospect Foundry, Wakefield Road, Bradford. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

2837 Cole, Rowland and Co., Cradley Heath, Staffs. Phone: 4X. T/A: Attention. Area No. 4.

2838 Cole, W. and L., Ltd., Lawton Road, Mile End Road, London, E.3. Phone: East 1229. T/A: Slidevalve, Bowrom, London. Area No. 7.

2839 Cole, Wm. and Sons, 235, Hammer- smith Road, London, W.6. Phone: Hammersmith 1413, 1414, and 1415. T/A: Imota, London. Area No. 7.

2840 Coleborn, S. and Sons, Cherry Lane, Walton, Liverpool. Phone: 8 Anfield. T/A: Area No. 2.

2841 Colebrook Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly Colebrook, Smith and Co.), 42a, St. Albans Road, Watford. Phone: 141. T/A: Colebrook, 141 Watford. Area No. 7.

2842 Coleman, Thomas and Sons, Ltd., Alfreton Road, Derby. Phone: 519 Derby. T/A: Area No. 4.

2843 Coles, Henry J., Ltd., London Crane Works, Derby. Phone: 1266. T/A: Coles, Derby. Area No. 4.

2844 Collier, H. and Sons, Ltd., Burrage Grove, Plumstead, London, Phone: Woolwich 17 and 18. T/A: Matchless, Woolwich. Area No. 7.

2845 Collier, L. and Son, Ltd., River Street, Rochdale. Phone: 1217. T/A: Collier, Rochdale. Area No. 2.

2847 Collin, R. W. and Co., Long Bank Engine Works and Foundry, Sunderland. Phone: Sunderland 435. T/A: Area No. 1. (A.) Collinford Manufacturing Co., Birmingham.

2848 Collingham and Owen, Beeston, Notts. Phone: 82 Nottingham. T/A: Eclipse, Beeston, Notts. Area No. 4. Collins and Co., 42. St. Nicholas Street, and Thornton Lane, Leicester.

2850 Collins and Sons, C. H., Ltd., 48, Hockley Hill, Birmingham. Phone: Central 3915 and 3916. T/A: Snilloc, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2852 Collins, Christopher, Ltd., St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham. Phone: 4378 and 874 Central. TIA: Cecebe, Birmingham. And at Narrow Lane Works, Hurst Green, Blackheath, near Birmingham. Phone: Halesowen 89. Area No. 4.

2853 Collins Electrical, Ltd., Head Office and Repair Works: 115/119, Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C. Phone: 25 Holborn. T/A: Colarmairs, Holb., Lon- don. Branches: Aylesbury Engineering Works, St, James’ Street, Clerken-well, London, E.C. Phone: 1482 Holbom. '9, Featherstone Road, Southall. Phone: 168 Southall. Area No. 7. Collins (Engineers'), Ltd. (late Robinson and Collins), Croydon.

2854 Collins, Harry (Leicester), Ltd.,) 16/18, Millstone Lane, Leicester. Phone: 1840. T/A: Collins, Millstone Lane. Area No. 4.

2855 Collins, Jas. (Birmingham), Ltd., 26, Cumberland Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 220. T/A: Cumberland, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2856 Collins, J. and Co., Ltd., 18, Mag- dalen Street, Oxford. Phone: 509. T/A: And at Abingdon. Area No. 4.

2857 Coffins, W., 30, Willis. Street, Birmingham. Phone: East 163. T/A: Area No. 4. Coffins, W. H. and Co., Birmingham.

2859 Collis, J. and Sons, Head Office: 42 /43, Regent Square, King’s Cross, London, W.C.l. Phone: North 1237. T/A: Imbercio, Kincross, London. Works: 40a, Harrison Street, King’s Cross; (i, 7, and 8, Seaford Street, King's Cross; 6, 7, and 13, Sidmouth Street, King’s Cross, London,W.C.l. Area No. 7.

2862 Collyer, J. and Co., Ltd., 133, Hockley Hill, Birmingham. Phone: 127 Northern. T/A: Epergne. Area No. 4.

2864 Colson Manufacturing Co., 29, Mary Street, St. Paul’s, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. 2865 Coltman, H. and Sons, Midland Iron Works, Loughborough. Phone: 27 Loughborough. T/A: Coltman’s,Loughborough. Area No. 4.

2866 Coltman, W. W. and Co., Ltd., Central Boiler Works, Loughborough. Phone: Loughborough 51. T/A: Boilers, Loughborough. Area No. 4.

2867 Coltness Iron Co., Ltd., Coltness, Newmains, Lanarkshire. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9.

2868 Colver Bros., Ltd., Pilot Works, Corporation; Sheffield. Phone: 123. T/A: Pilot, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2869 Colver, Sir Joseph Jonas and Co., Ltd., Continental Steel Works and Novo Steel Works, Sheffield. Phone: 4660 (Private Branch Exchange). T/A: Jonas, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2871 Colville, David and Sons, Ltd., Dalzell Steel and Iron Works, Motherwell. Phone: 9. T/A: Colville, Motherwell. Also at Glengarnock Steel Works. Glengarnock, Ayrshire. Area No. 9.

2872 Combe, J. and Son, 103 and 107, North Hanover Street, Glasgow. Phone: Douglas 3837. T/A: “ Warmth,” Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2873 Combined Metals and Reinforced Casting Co., Ltd., Point Pleasant Works, Wands- x worth, London, S.W.18. Phone: Putney 2405. T/A: Overturned, Phone, London. Area No. 7. Combined Sheetmetal Coppersmiths Co., London.

2874 Comely bank Foundry Co., 103, Broad Street, Denny, Stirlingshire. Phone: 34 Denny. T/A: Comelybank Foundry Co., Denny. Area No. 8.

2875 Commercial and Marine Engine Co., Ltd., The, Oak Works, Church Road, Hanwell. Phone: Ealing 1374. T/A: Endraypet, Han., Lon- don. Area No. 7.

2876 Commercial Cars, Ltd., Biscot Road, Luton, Bedfordshire. Phone: 192 Luton. T/A: Komerkars, Luton. And at Parkhurst Road, Highgate, London. Area No. 7.

2877 Commercial Engineering Co., Commercial Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1347. T/A: Area No. 4.

2878 Commercial Ignition Co., 85, . Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, S.W. Phone: Battersea 2133. T/A: Commercial Ignition Co. Area No. 7.

2879 Commercial Street Garage, Ltd., Commercial Street, Darlington. Phone: 2479. T/A: Commercial. Area No. 1.

Compayne, Ltd., Beaver Lane, Hammersmith, London. W.C.

2880 Component Munitions, Ltd., Hay Hall Road, Tyseley, Birmingham. Phone: 185 Acock’s Green. T/A: Munico, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2881 Components, Ltd., Bournbrook, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. Cornyn, Ching and Co., London. Cornyns, W. and Son, London.

2882 Concord, J. and Co., Ltd., Balm Road Mills, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 23610. T/A: Stamping, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2883 Concordia Electric Wire Co., Ltd., Trent Mills, New Sawley, Derbyshire. Phone: Long Eaton 249. T/A: Area No. 4.

2884 Condor Iron Works, Ltd., Featherstall Road North, Oldham. Phone: 851. T/A: Condor Iron Works. Area No. 2.

2885 Condor Motor and Fittings Co., Ltd., The, 182, Broad Street, Coventry. Phone: 889. T/A: Condor 889, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2886 Coneybeare, J. and Co., Pelton Road, East Greenwich, London, S.E.10. Phone: Greenwich 821. ] T/A: Coneybeare, Greenwich. Area No. 7.

2888 Connell, C. and Co., Ltd., Scotstoun Shipbuilding Yard, Scotstoun, Glasgow. Phone: T/A: Area No. 9. (A.)

2889 Conner Magneto and Ignition Ltd., Stoke, Coventry. Phone: 1049'Coventry. T/A: Conner Magneto. Area No. 4.

2890 Connolly Bros., Ltd., Vale Mills, Blackley, Manchester. Phone: City 2361. T/A: Connollys, Blackley. Area No. 2.

2891 Connop Bros., Ltd., Great Western Works, Cradley Heath. Phone: 24 Cradley Heath. T/A: Connop, Cradley Heath. * Area No. 4. (A.)

2892 Consett Iron Co., Ltd., Consett Iron Works, Blackhill, Consett, Co. Durham. Phone: 38 and 52 Consett. T/A: Steel, Consett. Area No. 1. (A.)

2893 Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd., Fraserburgh. Scotland. Phone: 15 Fraserburgh. T/A: Head Office: Egyptian House, 173 Piccadilly, London, W.l. Phone: Gerrard 9215. T/A: Caulking, Phone, London. Area No. 8.

2895 Consolidated Steam Fishing and Ice Co. (Grimsby), Ltd., Fish Docks and Riby Street, Grimsby. Phone: 60. T/A: " Aquarius,” Grimsby. Area No. 1. (A.)

2896 Constantine, R., Bute Docks, Cardiff. Phone: 831 Cardiff. T/A: Quadrant, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

2897 Constructional Engineering Co. (Proprietors: Steel W’orkers, Ltd.), Charles Henry Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 2187. T/A: Structural. Area No. 4.

2899 Continuous Reaction Co., Ltd., 155, Church Road, Battersea, London, S.W.ll. Phone: Battersea 918. T/A: Conreacto, Battsquare, London. And Newton Works, Hyde, Cheshire. Phone: 218. T/A: Conreacto, Hyde. Area No. 7.

2901 Conveyor Elevator Co., The, Accrington, Lancs. Phone: 2779. T/A: Conveyor, Accrington. Area No. 2. Cooch and Son, Northampton.

2902 Cook and Co., Standard Works, Altrincham. Phone: 170 Altrincham. T/A: Cook, Standard Works, Altrincham. Head Office: 18, Exchange Street, Manchester. Phone: City 864. T/A: ” Travellers,” Manchester. Area No. 2.

2903 Cook and Nicholson, Ltd., Wear File Works, Richmond Street, Sunderland. Phone: Sunderland 49. T/A: “ Files,” Sunderland. Area No. 1.

2904 Cook, Edwin and Co., Star Foundry, Nottingham Road, Loughborough. Phone: 4914. T/A: Cook, Foundry. Loughborough. Area No. 4.

2905 Cook, G., 21, Regent Row, Bir- mingham. Phone: Central 678. T/A: Area No. 4. Cooke, Charles, Nottingham.

2906 Cooke, James and Son, S, Wrentham Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1611. T/A: Horology, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2907 Cook, Joseph, Sons and Co., Ltd., Washington Iron Works, Washington Station, New-castle-on-Tyne. Phone: 1315 Central. T/A: Cook, Newcastle-on- Tyne. Area No. 1.

2908 Cook, Samuel and Co., Brook Street, Bury. Phone: 30. T/A: “ Cook,” Bury. Area No. 2. (A.)

2910 Cook, Welton and Gemmell, Ltd., Grove Hill, Beverley. Phone: 18 and 84. T/A: And at Queen's Dock Side, Hull. Area No 1. (A.)

2911 Cook, Wm. and Sons (Glasgow), Ltd., 24, Elliot Street and Houldsworth Street, Cranston hill, Glasgow. Phone: 1733 Central. T/A: Crucible, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

2912 Cook, W., West End Iron Works, Yaxley, Peterborough. Phone: T/A: Cook, Yaxley. Area No. 4.

2913 Cooke Bros. (Birmingham), Ltd., 135a /145a, Constitution Hill, Birmingham. Phone: 6184 Central. T/A: ‘‘Parex,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2914 Cooke, E. A., Reliance Works, Bath Row, Birmingham Phone: 831 Midland. T/A: Area No. 4.

2915 Cooke, H. S. and Co., 116, Northwood Street, Birmingham. Phono: 6749 Central. T/A: Stancap, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2916 Cooke, John and Sons, Lindum Iron Works, Lincoln. Phone: 168. T/A: Cooke, Lincoln. Area No. 4.

2917 Cooke, T. and Sons, Ltd., Buckingham Works, York Phone: 310 York. T/A: Co-ordinate, York. Area No. 3.

2918 Cooke, Wm. and Co., Ltd., Tinsley, Sheffield. Phone: 3213 Central. T/A: Cooke, Sheffield. Area No. 3. Co-Op. Cycle Co., Coventry.

2919 Cooper, Allan, 91, Aston Street, Birmingham. Phone: 4385 Central. T/A: Area No. 4. Cooper and Co. (of Hull), Ltd.

2923 Cooper and Greig, Britannia Works, East Dock Street, Dundee. Phone: 692 and 693. T/A: Condenser. Area No. 8. (A.)

2924 Cooper and Hargreaves, Redruth Street, Burnley. Phone: 919. T/A: Area No. 2.

2925 Cooper and Turner, Ltd., Vulcan Road, Sheffield. Phone: 59 Attercliffe. T/A: Rivets, Sheffield. Area No. 3. (A.)

2926 Cooper Bros., Ltd., Bethesda Street Foundry, Burnley. Phone: 141. T/A: Area No. 2.

2927 Cooper Bros. and Son, Ltd., Don Plate Works, 44, Arundel Street, Sheffield. Phone: 119 (2 lines). T/A: Don, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2929 Cooper, Edwin and Co., Ltd., 56£, Lower Kennington Lane, and 88 J Ebenezer Row, Lower kennington Lane, London, S.E.ll. Phone: Hop 3807. T/A: Endure, Lamb, London. Area No. 7.

2930 Cooper, F. S., Dolphin Foundry, < 76, Chapel Street, Ancoats, Manchester. Phone: 1662 Central, Man- chester. T/A: Area No. 2.

2931 Cooper, George, Electric Works, Stanley Street, Sheffield. Phone: Sheffield Central 2398. T/A: Cooper 2398 Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2932 Cooper, G. (late Hall and Cooper), Charles Street, Walsall. Phone: 407. T/A: Cooper, Charles Street, Walsall. Area No. 4.

2933 Cooper, George and Sons (Sheffield),: Ltd., Effingham Nut and Bolt Works, Effingham Road, Sheffield. Phone: 824 Sheffield. T/A: Cooper, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2934 Cooper, G. W., Station Yard, Romsey, Hants. Phone: 35. T/A: Cooper, Engineer, Romsey. Area No. 6.

2935 Cooper, H. and Co., 34, Eagle Street, ] Red Lion Street, London, W.C.l. 1 /6, Regnart Buildings, Euston Street, London, N.W. Phone: Holborn 4903. T/A: Area No. 7.

2937 Cooper, J. and Son, 32, Garden Street, Sheffield. Phone: 2577 Sheffield. T/A: Area No. 3.

2938 Cooper, Joseph (Exors. of H. Holmes, W. H. Spowage), Oldham Works, Willoughby Street, New Lenton, Nottingham. Phone '• 4433 Nottingham. T/A: Area No. 4.

2939 Cooper, Leonard, Burley Grange Works, Haddon Place, Leeds. Phone: 20381. T/A: Leonard, Leeds. Area No. 3.

2940 Cooper, R. and Son, Atlas Works, Church Lane, Wolverhampton. Phone: 527. T/A: ‘‘Atlas,’’Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2941 Cooper Roller Bearings Co., King’s Lynn. Phone: 25. T/A: "Bearings,"King’s Lynn. Area No. 7.

2942 Cooper Stewart Engineering Co., Ltd., 11, Broad Street’, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.2 Phone: 5131, 5132, and 5133 Gerrard. T/A: " Wealsman/' London. Area No. 7.

2944 Co-operative Wholesale Society, Bucket and Fender Works,’ Charlotte Street, Dudley Phone: 2022 Dudley. T/A: Wholesale, Dudley. Area No. 4.

2945 Coote and Warren, Ltd., Central Wagon Builders, G.E. Station, Peterborough. Phone: 46 Peterborough. Area No. 4.

2946 Cope, Allman and Co., Ltd., Unity Tube Works, Icknield Square, Birmingham. Phone: Edgbaston 650 and 651 (2 lines). T/A: "Allman,” Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2947 Copley, William and Son, Exmoor Street, King’s Cross, Halifax. Phone: 239. T/A: Area No. 3.

2948 Copper Miners Tinplate Co., Cwmavon, Port Talbot, Glamorgan. Phone: 2 Cwmavon. T/A: Pelema, Cwmavon. Area No. 5.

2950 Corbett and Son, Engineers, Park Street Works, Wellington, Salop. Phone: 75 Salop. T/A: Corbett and Son. Area No. 4.

2951 Corbett, Thomas, Shrewsbury. Phone: 117. T/A: Area No. 4.

2952 Corbett, W. and Co., Alexandra Works, Wellington, Salop. Phone: 28. T/A: Corbett and Co.,Wellington, Salop. Area No. 4.

2953 Corbett, William and Son, Ltd., Phoenix Iron Works, Rhudd-lan, Flintshire. Phone: 4. T/A: Phoenix, Rhuddlan. Area No. 2. Cordes (Dos Works), Ltd., New-port, Mon.

2954 Corin, P. B„ High Street, Pen- zance. Phone: 40. T/A: Corin, Engineer. Area No. 6. (A.)

2956 Corlett Electrical Engineering Co., The, Wilcock Street, Wigan. Phone: 63 Wigan (2 lines). T/A: Corlett, Wigan. Area No. 2.

2957 Cornish and Lloyds, Ltd., Risby Gate Street, Bury St. Ed-munds. Suffolk. Phone: 92 Bury. T/A: Lloyds, Bury St. Ed- munds. Area No. 7.

2958 Corns, W. and Sons, Ltd.. Snow Hill, Wolverhampton. Phone: 197 Wolverhampton. T/A: Corn, Wolverhampton. Area No. 4.

2959 Cornwall and Co., Ltd.,Orrell Street, Openshaw, Manchester. Phone: 106 Openshaw. T/A: Area No. 2.

2960 Corra Engineering Co., 95/97, Lower Richmond Road, Putney. London, S.W.15. Phone: Putney 240. T/A: Area No. 7.

2961 Corsie and Co., Peterhead Foundry, Maiden Street, Peterhead. Phone: 159 Peterhead. T/A: Corsie, Peterhead. Area No. 8. Cort, A. and Co., London.

2962 Cort, R. and Sons, Kennet Iron Works, Reading. Phone: 1002. T/A: “Corts,” Reading. Area No. 6.

2963 Cortin, J., Ltd., St. Lawrence Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 551 Central. T/A: Cortin, Newcastle. Area No. 1.

2964 Cory, A. J., The Beeches, Hayn- ford, Norwich. Phone: T/A: Cory, Haynford. Area No. 7. Cosmos Engineering Co., Ltd., Bristol.

2965 Cossor, A. C., Ltd., Aberdeen Works, Aberdeen Lane, Highbury Grove, London, N.5. Phone: North 1385 (2 lines). T/A: Amplifiers. Area No. 7. (A.)

2966 Cottam, E. and Co., Ltd., Bute Steel and Spring Works, East Moors, Cardiff. Phone: 456 Cardiff. T/A: Springs, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

2967 Cottam, E. and Co., Ltd., Don Spring Works, Masbro’, Rotherham. Phone: 279 Rotherham. T/A: Springs. And Don Steel Foundry, North-field, Rotherham. Phone: 534 Rotherham. T/A: Solidity. Area No. 3.

2968 Cotterell, James and Sons, 45, John street, Walsall. Phone: 212 Walsall. T/A: Area No. 4.

2969 Cotterill, E. and Co.,, 36, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6310. T/A “Titterton,” Birmingham Area No. 4.

2970 Cotterill and Co., St. Thomas Street, Sheffield. Phone: 4082. T/A: Cotter, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

2971 Cotterill, F. W., Atlas Works, Darlaston, South Staffs. Phone: 28, 29, and 30, Darlaston. T/A: Cotterills. Area No. 4. Cottis, W. and Sons, London.

2973 Cotton, William, Ltd., Pinfold Gate, Loughborough. Phone: 13. T/A: Cotton, Loughborough. Area No. 4. Cottrell and Co., Croydon, Surrey.

2974 Cotts, William and Sons, Queens- berry Forge, Sanquhar, Dumfrieshire. Phone: 4. T/A: “Cotts,” Sanquhar. Area No. 9.

2976 Coubro and Scrutton, Samudas Wharf, Manchester Road, Cubitt Town, London, E. Phone: East 716. T/A: Coubro, London (Fen.). (Head Office, 18, Billiter Street, London, E.C.3. Also at Lansdowne Road, Tilbury. Phone: 22 Tilbury. And at Mill Parade, Newport, Mon. Phone: 3722 Newport, Mon. T/A: Scrutton, Newport, Mon. Area No. 7. (A.) Coubro and Scrutton, Newport.

2978 Coules, E. and Son, 6, Dolben Street, Blackfriars, London, Phone: Hop. 1912. T/A: Area No. 7.’

2979 Coulson, M. and Co., Ltd., Merring- ton Lane, Spennymoor. Phone: 12 Spennymoor. T/A: “Coulson,” Spennymoor. Area No. 1.

2980 Coultas, James R., Perseverance Iron Works, Grantham. Phone: 24 Grantham. T/A: Coulters, Grantham. Area No. 4.

2981 Coulter and Co., Bank Foot Foundry, Batley. Phone: 29 Batley. T/A: Coulter, Batley. Area No. 3.

2982 Coulthard, T. and Co., Ltd., Cooper Road, Preston. Phone: 140. T/A: Coulthards, Preston. Area No. 2.

2983 Coulthard, W., Ltd., 59, Northampton Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1465 Birmingham. T/A: Coulthard, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

2984 Coulthurst, H. J. and A., Robert Street Foundry, Darwen. Phone: 11. T/A: Coulthurst, Engineers, Darwen. Area No. 2.

2985 Couper, Alex and Co., Duniface Foundry, Denny. Phone: 16 Denny. T/A: Area No. 8.

2986 Course and Son, Ltd., 20, Bromham Road, Bedford. Works: Hassett Street, Bedford. Phone: 183. T/A: “ Course,” Bedford. Area No. 7.

2987 Court Works, Ltd., The, Madeley. Phone: 43 Ironbridge. T/A: 43 Ironbridge. Area No. 4.

2988 Courtney and Birkett, Southwick, near Brighton, Sussex. Phone: 31 P.O. T/A: Area No- 7. (A.) Courtney, G.. Lymington, Hants. Cousans, Sons and Co., Lincoln.

2990 Cove, Edgar, Salcombe, South Devon. Phone: T/A: “Edgar Cove,” Salcombe. Area No. 6. (A.)

2991 Coventry Acme Motor Co., Ltd., Providence Street, Earlsdon, Coventry. Phone: 415. T/A: Acme. Area No. 4.

2992 Coventry Aluminium and Refining Co., Ltd., The, Nelson Street, Coventry. Phone: 657. T/A: Area No. 4.

2993 Coventry Chain Co., Ltd., The, Spon End Works, Coventry. Phone: 130. T/A: Chains, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2994 Coventry Engineering and Pattern Co., Godiva Street, Coventry. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

2995 Coventry Gauge and Small Tool Co., Ltd., Coventry. Phone: 1186. T/A: Gauges, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2996 Coventry Metal and Iron Co., Ltd., Coventry Metal Works, Coventry. Phone: 1128 Coventry. T/A: Ingots. Area No. 4.

2997 Coventry Motor Fittings Co., Far Gosford Street, Coventry. Phone: 1045 Coventry. T/A: Radiate, Coventry. Area No. 4.

2998 Coventry Motor Foundry Co., Ltd., Read Street, Coventry. Phone: 678. T/A: Motor Foundry, Read Street. Coventry. Area No. 4.

2999 Coventry Movement Co., Ltd., Spon Street, Coventry. Phone: 142 Coventry. T/A: Movements, 142 Coventry. Area No. 4.

3000 Coventry Ordnance Works, Ltd., The, Scotstoun, Glasgow. Phones: 3842 and 3843 Western. T/A: Ordnance, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

3001 Coventry Ordnance Works, Ltd., Ordnance Works, Coventry. Phone: Coventry 1201. T/A: Ordnance, Coventry. Area No. 4. (A.) Coventry Piston Ring Co.

3002 Coventry Plating and Presswork Co., Ltd., Raglan Street, Coventry. Phone: 871. T 'A: " Plating.” See also No. 3005. Area No. 4.

3004 Coventry Premier, Ltd., Read Street and Lincoln Street, Coventry. Phone: 514 Coventry. T/A: Premier, Coventry. Area No. 4.

3005 Coventry Radiator Co., Ltd., Read Street, Coventry. Phone: 871-2. T/A: " Plating,” Coventry. See also No.A5002. Area No. 4.'

3008 Coventry Repetition Co., The, Ltd, Canterbury Street, Coventry. Phone: 878 and 879 Coventry. T/A: " Repetition.” Area No. 4.

3007 Coventry Simplex Engines, Ltd., Payne’s Lane Works, Coventry. Phone: 633 and 377 Coventry. T/A: Simplex. Area No. 4.

3008 Coventry Stamping Co., Ltd., Holbrooks Lane, Coventry. Phone: 1228 Coventry. T/A: Stamps, Coventry. Area No. 4.

3009 Coventry Swaging Co., Ltd.,White Friars Lane, Coventry. Phone: 392 Coventry. T/A: Spokes, Coventry. Area No. 4.

3010 Covington, J. E. and Co., 75, Kil- burn Lane, W.10, and Dollis Works, Church End, Finchley, London. Phone: 1811 Finchley. T/A: Area No. 7.

3011 Cowen. G. R. and Co., Beck Works, Brook Street, Nottingham. • Phone: 87. T/A: Cowen, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

3012 Cowans, Sheldon and Co., Ltd., St. Nicholas Works, Carlisle. Phone: Carlisle 13. T/A: St. Nicholas, Carlisle. Area No. 2. (A.)

3013 Coward and Sons, Ltd., Oldfield Road, Maidenhead. Phone: 115 Maidenhead. T/A: Area No. 6.

3014 Cowey Engineering Co., Ltd., The, Archer Works, Kew Gardens, Surrey. Phone: Richmond 447 and 468. T/A: “Cowey,” Kew Gardens. Area No. 7.

3015 Cowles, E., Ivy Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. Phone: Hounslow 21. T/A: Cowles, Hounslow. Area No. 7. Cowley, W. and Co., Ltd., Bolton.

3016 Cowlishaw, Walker and Co., Ltd., Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. Phone: 889 Central, Potteries. T/A: Cowlishaw, Etruria. Area No. 4.

3017 Cowper-Coles Manufacturing Co., 1, French Street and Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames. Phone: 37 Sunbury. T/A: (Also at Cowleaze Road, Kingston, and Station Road, Shepperton. Area No. 7.

3018 Cox’s Air Gas Co., 180, Arlington Road, Camden Town, London, N.W.l. Phone: 1836 Hampstead. T/A: Airlegama, Norwest, London. Area No. 7. Cox and Co., 1, Hicks Street, Bal-sall Heath, Birmingham.

3020 Cox and Co. (Engineers), Ltd., Docks Iron Works, Falmouth. Phone: 16. T/A: “Cox.” Area No. 6. (A.)

3021 Cox and Danks, Slueldmuir, Wishaw. Phone: 43. T/A: Plungers. Area No. 9. Cox and King, Wyvenhoe, Essex.

3022 Cox and Son (J. Blatch Cox) King’s Road Hay Mills, Birmingham. Phone: Victoria 4. T/A: Heatrap, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

3023 Cox Bros. and Co. (Derby), Ltd., The Lead Works, Derby. Phone: 84 and 85. T/A: Cox, Derby. Area No. 4.

3024 Cox, F. G. and Co., Ltd., Colston Garage, Colston Street, Bristol. Phone: 2451. T/A: Speedy, Bristol. Area No. 6. Cox, Harry W., Earl Street, London, W.l. Cox, H. W. and Co., Ltd., Raynes Park, London.

3025 Cox, Henry (now The Henry Cox Screw Co., Ltd.), Charles Henry Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 2509. T/A: Coxswain, Birmingham. Area No. .4.

3026 Cox, Jane and Co (Engineering Department), 30-36, York Road, Leicester. Phone: 298 and 490. T/A: Area No. 4. Cox, John and Co., Birmingham.

3027 Cox, S., Ltd., 9, Gibb Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Phone: 520 Central. T/A: Raffinage. Area No. 4.

3028 Cox, Stephen and Son, Ltd., Dudley Road Safe Works, Sedgley, near Dudley. Phone: 14 Sedgley. T/A: Area No. 4.

3029 Cox-Walkers, Ltd., Feethams, Darlington. Phone: 2387. _ v T/A: Cox-Walkers, Darling- ton. Area No. 1.

3030 Cox, Wilcox and Co., Chequers. Walk, Birmingham. Phone: Mid. 359. T/A: Marvellous. Area No. 4.

3031 Coxeter, J. and Co., Ltd., (The Oxford City and County Garage Co), 40, Park End Street, Oxford. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

3032 Cosens and Co., Ltd., Weymouth, Phone: T/A: Area No. 6.

3033 Crabtree and Co., Ltd., Southtown Iron Works, Great Yarmouth. Phone: 46 Great Yarmouth. T/A: Crabtree, Great Yar- mouth. • Area No. 7. (A.)

3034 Crabtree Bros., Mill Furnishers, Colne. Phone: 37 Colne. T/A: Crabtree Bros., Colne. Area No. 2.

3035 Crabtree, R. W. and Sons, Victoria Iron Works, Water Lane, Front Row, Leeds. Phone: Central 21677, 21678, and 21679. T/A: " Crab,” Leeds. Area No. 3.

3036 Crabtree, S., Ltd., Sheet Metal Workers, Kilnhurst Works, Todmorden. Phone: Ill Todmorden. T/A: Area No. 3. Cradock, George and Co., Ltd., Wakefield.

3037 Craddock, J. and Sons, Ltd., Cald- more Bit and Chain Works, Watney Lane, Walsall. Phone: 49. T/A: Area No. 4.

3038 Craddock, R. and Sons, 27, Wise- more Street, Walsall. Phone: Walsall 2. T/A: Craddock, Wisemore. Area No. 4.

3039 Cradley Boiler Co., Cradley Heath. Phone: 53 Cradley. T/A: Boiler, Cradley Heath. Area No. 4.

3040 Cradley Heath Manufacturing Co., ' Ltd., Surfeit Hill Works, Cradley Heath. Phone: 180. T/A: Edwards Tubes, Cradley Heath. Area No. 4.

3041 Craig, A. F. and Co., Ltd., Mac- dowall Street, Paisley. Phone: 2191 T/A: Craig, Paisley. Area No. 9. (A.)

3042 Craig and Donald, Ltd., William Street Works, Johnstone, near Glasgow. Phone: 15. T/A: Area No. 9.

3043 Craig, Taylor and Co., Ltd., Stock- ton-on-Tees. Phone: No. 3. T/A: Crataylor, Stockton-on-Tees. Area No. 1. (A.-)

3044 Craigpark Electric Cable Co., Ltd., Flemington Street’ Springbum, Glasgow. Phone: 90 Bell (Pv. Br. Ex.). T/A: Percha, Glasgow. Area No. 9.

3045 Cramer, M. A., Wellington Road N. Hounslow, Middlesex. Phone: 112. T/A: Victory Works, Houns-low. Area No. 7.

3046 Cramp Engineering Co., Ltd., Union Street, Coventry. Phone: 929 Coventry. T/A: Cramp, Engineers, Coventry. Area No. 4.

3047 Crampton, J. T., Albion Ship- yard, Portsmouth. Phone: 2371. T/A: “Shipyard,” Portsmouth. Area No. 6. (A.)

3050 Cran, John and Somerville, Ltd., Tower Street, Leith. Phone: 705 and 706 Leith. T/A: “Cran,” Leith. And at Shore, and Queen’s Dock, Leith. Area No. 8. (A.)

3051 Crane Foundry Co., Ltd., The, Crane Foundry, Wolverhampton. Phone: 80. T/A: Crane Foundry. Area No. 4.

3052 Crane, John A., Ltd., 38, Union Street, Willenhall, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

3053 Crane, William, Great Fransham, East Dereham, Norfolk. Phone: Fransham Works, Dereham 31; and South Green Works. Phone: Dereham 48. T/A: Crane, Wendling. Area No. 7.

3054 Cranes (Birmingham), Ltd., 183, Moseley Street, Birmingham. Phone: 450 Midland. T/A: Perennial, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

3055 Cranes Screw Co., River Street, Deritend, Birmingham. Phone: 1651 and 1434 Central. T/A: “Grip.” Area No. 4.

3056 Cranfield and Pease, Brunswick Street, Luton. Phone: 237. T/A: Cranfield, Luton. Area No. 7.

3057 Cranmer and Cheshire, Steward Street. Spring Hill, Birmingham. Phone: 7503 Central. T/A: Flambo. Area No. 4.

3058 Cranmore and Co., Alma Tube Works, Aston Brook Street, Birmingham. „ Phone: Central 1725 and l-«>• T/A: Tubulous, Birmingham, anci at Moolsom Street. Area No. 4.

3059 Crathorne, T. and H., 43, Frederick Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

3061 Craven and Speeding Bros., Fulwell 1 Road, Sunderland. Phone: 1471. T/A: Ropes. Area No. 1.

3062 Craven Bros. (Manchester, Ltd., Vauxhall Works, Reddish, Stockport. Phone: 421/2/3 Heaton Moor, T/A: Craven, Reddish. And at Osborne Street, Manchester. Area No. 2.

3064 Cravens, Ltd., Railway Wagon 1 and Carriage Works, Dar- nall, Sheffield. Phone: Central 4589 Sheffield. T./A: "Craven,” Sheffield; Cralonoff, London. Phone: 4611 Victoria, London. T ./A: ‘‘Cralonoff,” London. Area No. 3. I

3066 Crawford, J. and Sons, L-d., I Bonner’s Field, Sunderland. ] Phone: T/A: Area No. 1. (A.)

3067 Crawhall, Joseph and Sons, Eldon \ Street, Gateshead-on-Tyne. I Phone: 321. T/A: Crawhall, Gateshead. Area No. 1.

3068 Crawley Agrimotor Co., Ltd., b Tower Works, Mandeville I Road, Saffron Walden. Phone: 17. T/A: Crawley, Saffron Walden. Area No. 7.

3069 Crawshaw and Co., Statham Street, I Pendleton, Manchester. Phone: 107 Pendleton. 1

3070 Crawshay Brothers., Ltd., Cyfarthfa, Iron and Steel Works, Merthyr Tydfil. Phone: 29a Merthyr Tydfil. T/A: Crawshay, Merthyr. Area No. 5.

3071 Creasey, A., 103, Portland Road, ' South Norwood, London, 1 S.E.25. Phone: 1113 Croydon. T/A: Area No. 7.

3072 Credenda Conduits Co., Ltd., ( Chester Street, Aston, Birmingham. Phone: East 314. ] T/A: Credenda, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

3073 Creed and Co., Ltd., Telegraph < Works, East Croydon. Phone: 2121 Croydon (3 lines). T/A: "Credo,” Croydon. J Area No. 7.

3074 Creedont and Co., Ltd., 57a, Den- bigh Street, Pimlico, London, S.W. Phone: Victoria 5860. T/A: Area No. 7.

3075 Creese, H. J. and Sons, 50, Chester Street, Leicester. Phone: 3892. T/A: Area No. 4. Cremer Lamp and Engineering Co., Ltd., Leeds.

3076 Cresswell, Thomas, l? Pool street. Walsall. Phone: 585. T/A: Area No. 4.

3077 Crewdson, Hardy and Co, Ltd Yorkshire Tube Works) Middlesbrough. Phone: 39. T/A: "Tubes.” Area No. 1.

3078 Crewe and Co., Crown Point Road, Leeds. Phone: Leeds 26826. T/A: Crewe, Hunslet, Leeds. Area No. 3.

3080 Cribbes, G., Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh. Phone: 1252 Central. T/A: Spanner, Edinburgh. Area No. 8.

3081 Crichton, C. and H., Ltd., 4/10, Derby Road, Liverpool. Phone: 875 Bootle (Private Branch Exchange). T/A: Criton, Liverpool. Area No. 2. (A.)

3082 Crichton, J. and Co., Ltd., Shipyard: Saltney Shipyard, Chester. Phone: 715 Chester (Private Branch Exchange). T/A: Yacht, Chester. Area No. 2. (A.) Crichton, Thompson and Co., Ltd West Lynn.

3083 Crinage, E. H., Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Phone: Ventnor 72. T/A: Crinage, Ventnor. Area No. 6.

3084 Crisford and Norris, Ltd., 118, Vyse Street, Birmingham. Phone: 2827 Central. T/A: ” Ideal,” Birmingham. Area No. 4. 3085 Crisp, Francis and Co., 196, Summer Lane, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6600. T/A: Area No. 4.

3086 Criterion Stampings, Ltd., Bilston Road, Willenhall, Staffs. Phone: Darlaston 49. T/A: Crito, Willenhall. Area No. 4.

3087 CrittaU, Richard and Co, Ltd., 189, Stamford Brook Arches, near Young's Corner, Ham-mersmith, London, W.6. Phone: Hammersmith 37. T/A: Crittall Ox., London. Area No. 7.

3088 Crittall Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Braintree. Phone: 6. T/A: Crittall, Braintree. Area No. 7.

3089 CrittaU Steel Furniture Co., Ltd., Steeliture Works, Braintree. Phone: 6. T/A: Steeliture, Braintree. Area No. 7.

3090 Croall and Croall, 47, Bridge Street, Hawick. Coach Works: York Lane, Edinburgh and Kelso. Phone: 224. T/A: " Croall,” Hawick. Area No. 8.

3091 Croasdale, R. and Son, Fountain Street Works, Colne. Phone: 53. T/A: Area No. 2.

3093 Croft and Naylor, Green gate Tool Works, Keighley. Phone: T/A: Croft Naylor, Keighley. Area No. 3.

3094 Croft Foundry Co., The, Croft Street, Walsall, Staffs. Phone: 142. T/A: Croft Foundry, Walsall. Area No. 4.

3095 Croft, H. J., Highgate, Kendal, Westmorland. Phone: 188. T/A: Croft. Area No. 2.

3096 Croft, J. and D., Ltd., Springfield Works, Wollescote, Lye, Stourbridge. Phone: 50* Lye. T/A: Croft, Lye. Area No. 4.

3097 Crofts (Engineers), Ltd., Thorn- bury, Bradford. Phone: 4901 (4 lines). T/A: Crofters. Area No. 3.

3098 Crofts and Assinder, Ltd., Standard Brass Works, Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 1313. T/A: “ Crofts,” Assinder, Bir- mingham. Area No. 4.

3100 Croggon and Co., Ltd., 230, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.4. Phone: City 4470. T/A: Croggon, Central London. Also at 69, Fairfield Road, Bow, London, E. And 177, Evelyn Street, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Area No. 7.

3102 Crompton and Co., Ltd., Arc Works, Chelmsford. Phone: 161. T/A: “Crompton,” Chelmsford. Area No. 7. (A.)

3103 Crompton, Thomas, North Ashton Wigan. Phone: 33 Ashton-in-Maker-field. T/A: Crompton, North Ashton. Area No. 2.

3104 Cromwell Engineering Co.,Putney Bridge Road, London. Phone: Putney 1601. T/A: ATea No. 7.

3106 Crone <and Taylor, LtcL, Sutton Oak, C St. Helens, Lancs. Phone: 297. T/A: Crone, Taylor. Area No. 2. E

3107 Crook, T. T., Stanley Iron Works, S Derby Street, Bolton, Lancs. Phone: 402. j T/A: Area No. 2. Crookes, Roberts and Co., Sheffield.;

3108 Cropper, Charlton and Co., Ltd., Franklin Works, Leighton Street, Carlton Road, Nottingham. ] Phone: 1405. T/A: Platen. Area No. 4.

3109 Cropper, H. S. and Co., Minerva I Works, Great Alfred Street I North, Nottingham. Phone: T/A: Minerva, Nottingham. Area No. 4.

3110 Crosbee, Joseph, 15 and 16, Buck- 5 ingham Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 6853. ; T/A: Area No. 4.

3111 Crosbee, T. and Sons, Ltd., Apollo Works, Moseley Street, Birmingham. Phone: Midland 279. T/A: Apollo, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

3112 Crosby Valve and Engineering Co., Ltd., 147, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. Phone: 7122 Central. T/A: Crosby, London. Area No. 7.

3113 Crosland, Wm., Ltd., Bred- bury, Stockport, Cheshire. Phone: 263. T/A: Guillotine, Woodley. Area No. 2.

3114 Cross and Co., Apollo Works, Blews Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1178. T/A: Crossbeds. Arej#*No. 4.

3115 Cross and Cross, Ltd., Union Works, Pleck Road, Walsall. Phone: 507 (2 lines). T/A: Iron, Walsall. Area No. 4. Cross Bros., Ltd., Cardiff.

3116 Cross Foundry and Engineering Co., Ltd., Gorseinon, Glamorgan. Phone: 18 Gorseinon. T/A: 18 Gorseinon. Area No. 5.

3117 Cross, T. D. and Sons, Vesey Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1490. T/A: Area No. 4.

3118 Cross, Wm. and Sons, Ltd., Lyng Foundry, West Bromwich. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

3120 Crossley Brothers., Ltd., Openshaw, Manchester. Phone: City 4200 (5 lines). T/A: Gasengine,” Manchester. And. at Erwood Park Works, Stockport. Phone: 430 Heaton Moor. Area No. 2.‘ (A?,

3122 Crossley, George, Ltd., Albion Iron Works, Serpentine Road, Cleckheaton. Phone: 39. 1 IA: Crossley, Cleckheaton. Area No. 3.

3123 Crossley’s Horse Shoe Works, Trading as “ Imperial Horse Shoe Works,” Imperial Road, Fulham, London, S.W.7. Phone: Putney 1574. T/A: Area No. 7.

3124 Crossley, John, Catterall Iron Works, Garstang, Lancs. Phone: • T/A: Crossley, Garstang. Area No. 2.

3125 Crossley Motors, Ltd., Napier Street, Gorton, Manchester. Phone: 4611 City. T/A: Motors, Gorton. Area No. 2.

3126 Crosthwaite Engineering and Furnace Co., 105, York Street, Leeds. Phone: Central Iron Works 26017. T/A: Crosthwaite, Leeds. Area No. 3.

3127 Crosthwaite, R. W., Ltd., Union Foundry, Thornaby-on-Tees. Phone: Stockton 66. T/A: Crosthwaite, Union Foundry, Thornaby-on-Tees. Area No. 1.

3128 Crosville Motor Co., Ltd., Crane Wharf, Chester. Phone: 268. T/A: Crosville, Chester. Area No. 2.

3129 Crouch Motors, Ltd., The, Cook Street, Coventry. Phone: 819. T/A: Crouch, Coventry. Area No. 4.

3130 Crowley, John and Co., Ltd., Meadow Hall Iron Works, Sheffield. Phone: Central 25. T/A: Crowley, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

3131 Crown Engineering Co., The, 127, Sheen Road, Richmond. Phone: 1319 P.O. Richmond. T/A: Area No. 7.

3132 Crown Engineering Co., Waterloo Street, Tipton, Staffs. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4. Crown Foundry Co., Ltd., Northampton.

3133 Crown, John and Sons, Ltd., Strand Slipway, Sunderland. Phone: 116 and 1163. T/A: Slipway, Sunderland. Area No. 1. (A.)

3134 Crown Spring Co., Littleton Street, F West Bromwich. Phone: 388. T/A: Coils, West Bromwich. Area No. 4. j

3135 Crown Stamping Co., Willenhall. S Phone: 67. T/A: Stampings, Willenhall. I Area No. 4.

3136 Crown Tool and Engineering Co., C The, 13-14, Charles Street, Wolverhampton. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

Crownshaw, Chapman and Co. 5 (Proprietors: Wright, Bindley and Cell. Ltd.), Sheffield.

3137 Crowther, H. and Sons, Ltd., Rolling Mills, Cleekbeaton, Yorks. Phone: 43. T/A: Henry Crowther. Area No. 3.

3138 Crowther, J., Stepney Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Phone: 362 Central. I T/A: Area No. 1. (A.)

3139 Crowther, James Guest, 23, 25 J and 33, Paradise Street Brass Foundry, Sheffield. Phone: 1794 Central. T/A: Phosphor, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

3140 Croydon Automobile Co., High Street, Croydon. Phone: Croydon 1170. J T/A: Speed, Croydon. Area No. 7.

Croydon Aviation and Engineering Co., Ltd., Arundel Street, London, W.C.2.

3141 Cruikshank and Co., Ltd., Denny, Stirlingshire. Phone: IL T/A: Cruikshank, Denny. Area No. 8. (A.)

3142 Cruikshank, R., Ltd., Camden Street, Birmingham. Phone: Birmingham Central 7213. T/A: Cruikshank, Birmingham. Area No. 4.

3143 Crummie, Mark H., Ampthill Street, Bedford. Phone: T/A: Crummie, Bedford. Area No. 7.

3144 Crypto Electrical Co., Ltd., The, Acton Lane, Willesden, London, N.W. 10. ;>1. . Phone: Willesden 2240 (3 lines) T/A: Commutator, Harles, London. Area No. 7. (A.)

3145 Cryselco, Ltd., Kempston Works, Bedford. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

3146 Crystalate Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tonbridge. Phone: 33 Hadlow. T/A: Crystalate, Hadlow. Area No. 7.

3147 Cubitt, William and Co. (Holland, Hannen & Cubitt), 258, Gray’s Inn Road, London, W.C.l. Phone: Holborn 6035. , T/A: Cubit, Kincross. And at National Aircraft Factory, Croydon. Phone: Croydon 2410. And at Cubitt Concrete Shipbuilding Department, Hartington Road, Chiswick,. London, W. Area No. 7.

3148 Cudworth and Johnson, Eagle Foundry, Wrexham. Phone: 1. T/A: “ Cudworth Johnson,” Wrexham. Area No. 2.

3149 Cuffin, W. H., Motor Engineer, Gwendolen Road, North Evington, Leicester. Phone: 2037 and 666. T/A: Cuffin, Leicester. Area No. 4.

3150 Cull, W. B., 41, Tennant Street, Birmingham. Phone: 932. T/A: Area No. 4.

3151 Cullin, A. E., Cambridge Road, Dover. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. (A.)

3153 Culpan, S. and Son, Ltd., Holme Bank, Rawtenstall. Phone: 34 Rawtenstall. T/A: Area No. 2.

3154 Culver, George, Ltd., White Lion Street, Pentonville, London, N.l. Phone: 369 North. T/A: Cylindrical. Area No. 7.

3155 Cumming, D. M. and Co. (Henry Robb), Blackhill Shipyard, Riddrie, Glasgow. Phone: Bridgeton 417. T/A: Caisson, Glasgow. Area No. 9. (A.)

3156 Cunard Motor and Carriage Co., Ltd., 135, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, S.W.15. Phone: 1329 Putney. T/A: Cunarcar, Put., London. Area No. 7.

3157 Cunard Steamship Co., Ltd., The, The Engine Works, 44, Derby Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Phone: T/A: Also at Rimrose Road, Bootle, Liverpool. Phone: 1295 Bootle. Area No. 2. (A.)

Cunard S. S. Co., Ltd., London.

3159 Cund, S., Cleveland Road, Wolverhampton. Phone: 442. T/A: Cund, Coachbuilders, Wolverhampton. Area^No. 4.

3160 Cundell, A. A., Ltd., Calverley Garage, Tunbridge Wells. Phone: 78 and 789. T/A: Area No. 7.

3161 Cunliffe and Croom, Ltd., Broughton Iron Works, Manchester. Phone: City 1886. T/A: Lathe. Area No. 2. Curran Bros., Cardiff.

3162 Curran Metals and Munitions Co., Ltd., Hurman Street, Cardiff. Phone: 4752 (5 lines). T/A: Cartridge, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

3163 Currie and Warner, Ltd., Summer Hill Works, 17, Powell Street, Birmingham. Phone: Central 1539. T/A: Area No. 4.

3164 Curry and Paxton, 195/199, Great Portland Street, London, W.l. Phone: Gerrard 2673. T/A: Opticians. Area No. 7.

3165 Curtis, Henry, 17, Swan Street, Whitechapel, London, E.l. Phone: 4561 Central. T/A: Area No. 7.

3167 Cussons, G., Ltd., The Technical, Works, Lower Broughton, Manchester. Phone: City 6991. T/A: Cussons, Technical Works, Manchester. London Office: 231, Strand, London, W.C. Phone: City S480. Area No. 2.

3168 Cutler, Samuel and Sons, Ltd., Providence Iron Works, Mill-wall, London, E.14. Phone: East 1734/5. T/A: Cutler, Millwall, London. Head Office: 39, Victoria Street, Westminster, London. Phone: Victoria 8492. T/A: Retortus, London. Area No. 7.

3169 Cutting Brothers., Ltd., Park Works, Stamford, Lines. Phone: 12. T/A: Cutting, Stamford. Area No. 4.

3171 Cwmfelin Steel and Tinplate Co., Ltd., The, Cwmfelin Works, Swansea. Phone: 990 Central, Swansea (3 lines). T/A: Cwmfelin, Swansea. Area No. 5.

3173 Cyclops Foundry and Pattern Making Co., Ltd., Cyclops Foundry, Whiteinch, Glasgow. Phone: Western 215. T/A: Cyclops, Whiteinch. And at 318, Paisley Road, Glasgow. Phone: 215 Kinning Park. Area No, 9. (A.) Cyclops Stamping Co., Ltd., Lancashire.

3174 Cynon Tinplate Co., Ltd., Aberdare. Phone: T/A: Area No. 5. 3175

Cambria Tin Plate Co., Ltd., Pontarduhis, Glam. Phone: 36. T/A: Cambria. , Area No. 5.

3176 Courtney, George and Co., The Shipyard, Lymington, Proprietors: The Berthon Boat Co., Ltd. Phone: No. 2 Lymington. T/A: “Yachts.” Area No. 6. (A.)

3177 Cordes (Dos Works), Ltd., Newport, Mon. Phone: 2704- T/A: “ Dos,” Newport. Area No. 5.

3178 Cox, Harry W. and Co., Ltd., 46, Wigmore Street, London, W.l. Phone: Mayfair 2687-Factories: 13, Earl Street, Westminster, London, S.W. 1. Phone: 43 Victoria; and Twyford Abbey Works, Acton Lane, Harlesden, London, N.W. 10. Phone: 339 Willesden. T/A: “Excoxeras,” Wesdo, London. Area No. J.

3179 Cradock, George and Co., Steel Wire and Rope Works, Wakefield. Phone: 466. T/A: Cradock, Wakefield. Area No. 3.

3180 Cross Brothers., Ltd., 21, Working Street, Cardiff. Phone: Cardiff 2530. T/A: Cross, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

3181 Caledon Motors, Ltd., 98, Duke Street, and Hughenden Road, Glasgow. Phone: Bell 1800 and 1801. T/A: “Nodelac.” Area No. 9.

3182 Caledonian Engineering Co., Barrhead, Renfrew. Phone: Barrhead 119. T/A: Macforge. Area No. 9.

3183 Cowley, H. W. and Co., Ltd., Bella Street Iron Works, Daubhill, Bolton. Phone: Bolton 1347. T/A: Cowley, Daubhill, Bolton. Area No. 2.

3184 Croydon Aviation and Engineering Co., Ltd. (Office), Effingham House, Arundel Street London, W.C.8.—(Works) Desborough Road, High Wycombe. Phone: City 89 and 90. T/A: Craviation, London. Area No. 7.

3185 Cyclops Stamping Co., Ltd., Leigh, Lancashire. (Branch of Greenough, R.—See 5409.) Phone • 178 Leigh. T/A: Area No. 2.

3186 Carter, Watkin, 73-77, Lombard Street, Birmingham. Phone: 1769 Midland. T/A: Area No. 4.

3187 Cousans, Sons and Co., Newland, Lincoln. Phone: 317 Lincoln. T/A: Cousans 317, Lincoln. Area No. 4.

3188 Carter, J. Harrison, Ltd., Engineering Works, Dunstable, Beds. Phone: 20. T/A: Milling. Area No. 7.

3189 Collins (Engineers), Ltd., Keens Road, Croydon. Phone: Croydon 600. T/A: Collins, Croydon 600. Area No. 7.

3190 Chelsea Aviation Co., Ltd. (successors to Wells Aviation Co.), 30, Whiteheads Grove, Chelsea, London, S.W.3. Phone: Kensington 7360 (5 lines). T/A: Cheviplane, Chel., London. Area No. 7.

3191 Crown Foundry Co., Ltd., The, Far Cotton, Northampton. Phone: T/A: Frames, Far Cotton. Area No. 7.

3192 Crownshaw, Chapman and Co., (Proprietor Wright, Bindley and Cell, Ltd.),. Penistone Road, Sheffield. Phone: Central 197. T/A: Wright, Sheffield. Area No. 3.

3193 Cox, John and Co., 1, Hicks Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Phone: Mid. 792, T/A: Area No. 4.

3194 Collinford Manufacturing Co., The, Abbey Works, Sutton Road, Erdington, Birmingham. Phone: 232 Erdington. T/A: Collinford, Erdington. Area No. 4.

3195 Camden Engineering Co., Ltd., Bayham Place, Camden Town, London, N.W.l. Phone: North 1920 and 1921 . T/A: Metallifer, Norwest, London. Area No. 7.

3196 Campbell and Isherwood, 61, Bute Street, Cardiff, Phone: 2786. T/A: Pressure. Area No. 5.

3197 Cambrian Aircraft Constructors, Ltd., Cardiff. Phone: 4356. T/A: Aeroplanes, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

3198 Collins, W. H. and Co., 241, Great King Street, Birmingham. Phone: T/A: Area No. 4.

3199 Curran Bros., Hurman Street, Cardiff. Phone: 4752 T/A: Furnace, Cardiff. Area No. 5.

3200 Coubro and Scrutton, Mill Parade, Newport. Phone: 3722. T/A: Scrutton. Area No. 5.

3201 Callow W. H., Ltd., 2-18, Pembroke Street, Islington, London, N. Phone: North 817. T/A: Area No. 7.

3203 Chessums, Ltd., Portland Road, South Tottenham, London, N. Phone: Tottenham 2058. T/A: Area No. 7.

3204 Chemical Engineering and Patent Furnace Co., Ltd., Hendon. Phone: Finsbury 58. T/A: Area No. 7.

3205 Christiani and Nielsen, 45, Victoria Street, London, S.W. And at Tilbury Docks, London. Phone: Victoria 3565. T/A: Area No. 7.

3206 Clarkes Motor Cycle Works, 98, London Road St. Albans. Phone: St. Albans 153. T/A: Area No. 7.

3207 Clarke, J. H. and Co., Broad Lane Iron Works Tottenham, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

3208 Clarke, W. T. and Co., Reading Lane, Hackney, London, E. Phone: Museum 1019. T/A: Area No. 7.

3209 Clerkenwell Plating Works, 155, Rosebery Avenue, London. Phone: Central 481. T/A: Area No. 7.

3210 Cornyns, W. and Son, Bear Street, London, W. Phone: Regent 3747. T/A: Area No. 7.

3211 Cornyn, Ching and Co., 54, Castle Street, Long Acre, London, W.C. Phone: Gerrard 1077. T/A- Area No. 7.

3212 Combined Sheet Metal Coppersmiths Co., 25, York Road, Kings Cross, London, N. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

3213 Cottis, W. and Sons, Archemedean Ironworks, Epping, London. Phone: Epping 8. T/A • Area No. 7.

3214 Cotterell and Co., London Road, Croydon, Surrey. Phone T/A: Area No. 7.

3215 Cort, A. and Co., 3<'3|. Camberwell Road, London, S.E.5. Phone: Hop. 3273. T/A: Area No. 7.

3217 Cox and King, Wyvenhoe, Essex. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7. 3218

Cox, H. W. and Co., Ltd., Warple Road, Raynes Park, London, S.W.19. And at Acton Lane, Harlesden. Phone: T/A: _ Area No. 7.

3219 Crichton, Thompson and Co., Ltd., West Lynn Shipyard, Norfolk. Phone: T/A: Area No. 7.

3221 Cunard Steamship Co., Ltd., Ferry Road, Mill wall, London, E. Phone: Fast 3856. T/A: Area No. 7.

3221 Cooke, Charles, Mettham Street Works, Nottingham. Phone: 4961. T/A: Rinser. Area No. 4.

3222 Central Aircraft Co.. 179. High Road, Kilburn. Phone: Hampstead 4403. T/A: Avaiduction, Phone, London. Area No. 7.

3223 Clerk, Donald and Sons, Ltd.. 92, Wellington Street, Glasgow. Phone: Central 1475. T/A: Principals. Area No. 9

3224 Cooch and Sons, Commercial Street. Northampton. Phone: 680. T/A: Area No. 4.

3225 County Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd., Craven Arms, Salop. Phone: 15. T/A: Onny. Area No. 4.

3226 Crookes, Roberts and Co., Argus Steel Works, Sheffield. Phone: Central 143 and 4904. T/A: Argus. Area No. 3.

3227 Cremer Lamp and Engineering Co., Ltd., Moorfield Works, Wortley, Leeds. Phone: 24507. T/A: Cremer, Leeds. Area No. 3.

3228 Coldwell, W. B. and Son, 164, Eldon Street, Sheffield. Phone: T/A: Area No. 3.

3229 Chadwick, John and Co., 30a, Dewsbury Road, Leeds. Phone: 24073. T/A: Area No. 3.

3230 Cosmos Engineering Co., Lodge Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol. Phone: 5180 Bristol. T/A: Chassis, Fishponds. Area No. 6.

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