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1959 Chemical Manufacturers Directory: Chemical Manufacturers

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Part of 1959 Chemical Manufacturers Directory

Chemical Manufacturers in England and Wales

Acme Chemical Company. Proprietors: Acme (Sales) Limited, 60 St. Paul's Churchyard, London, E.C.4. Telephone: City 4281. Works: Bedfont Road, Stanwell, Middlesex. (Passenger and goods station: Ashford, Middlesex, 2 miles). — Fertilisers and powder blowers.

Advita Limited, 2 Kingscote Street, London, E.C.4. Telephone: Fleet Street 7474. Telegrams: Advita Telex London. — Admul and Hymono brands Glyceryl Mono-stearate; esters of glycerine and polyglycerol with fatty acids; Advitamix S.S. vitamin supplements for animal feedstuffs; vitamins A and D for human foodstuffs; beta carotene and palmcon colouring materials for foodstuffs.

Agden Salt Works, Limited, Sales Office: Amasal Ltd., Crown Works, Stafford. Telephone: Stafford 2364/5. Works: Lymm, Cheshire. — All grades of industrial and household salts.

Aidney, Thomas, Company, The, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 25126. — Potters' colours.

Albion Soap Company, The, Limited, 30-32 Thames Street, Hampton, Middlesex. Telephone: Molesey 62. Passenger and goods station: Hampton. — Synthetic detergents. See also Soap section.

Albright & Wilson (Mfg.) Limited, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Kensington 3422. Telegrams: Albriwil, Wesphone, London. Works: Oldbury, Birmingham (Telephone: Broadwell 1236. Telegrams: Albright Oldbury). Branch offices: 127 Royal Exchange, Manchester 2 (Telephone: Deansgate 4789); 69 Cabinet Chambers, Basinghall Street, Leeds 1 (Telephone: Leeds 22180); 75 St. George's Place, Glasgow C.2 (Telephone: Central 5440). — Phosphorus white, amorphous; phosphorus oxy-, tri- and penta-chloride; phosphoric acid and anhydride; Mono-, Di-, and Tri-sodium phosphate; tetra and acid sodium pyrophosphate and sodium metaphosphate (Calgon); ammonium phosphates; carbon tetachloride; Mono-, Di-, and Tri-calcium phosphate; hypophosphites of calcium, sodium, potassium; calcium phosphide; ferro phosphorus; alkyl phosphates, and other organic phosphorus compounds; salts of antimony, bismuth, copper, lead, iron, nickel, strontium, tin, zinc; citrates, naphthenates, phosphates, sulphamates. See advertisement on page 24.

Alcock (Peroxide) Limited, Leicester Road, Luton, Beds. Telephone: Luton 52301. Telegrams: Peroxide Luton. — Synthetic and general detergents; hydrogen peroxide; sodium metasilicate and auxiliary products.

Aldred, Shirley, & Company, Limited, Oakwood Chemical Works, Worksop, Notts. Telephone: Worksop 2192. Telegrams: Aldred Worksop. Passenger station: Worksop, t miles. Goods station: Worksop or own siding. — Acetate of lime; charcoal; methyl acetone; wood tar; Shalco wood preservative.

Allcock, J., & Sons, Limited, Oak Chemical Works, Textile Street, West Gorton, Manchester 12. Telephone: East 0173. Telegrams: Rubbasub Manchester. Passenger station: Manchester, London Road, 1 mile. Goods station: Ardwick, mile. — Chemicals for india rubber trade; india rubber substitutes; reclaimed rubber; sulphur chloride.

Allen, Athole G. (Stockton), Limited, Chemical Works, Bowesfield Lane, Stockton-on-Tees. Telephone: Stockton-on-Tees 64375. Telegrams: Chemicals Stockton-on-Tees. Passenger and Goods station: Stockton-on-Tees, 2 miles. London office: 135 Grosvenor Road, London, S.W.1. (Telephone: Victoria 7555). — Barytes (crude and ground) natural barium carbonate (witherite); ferric chloride (iron perchloride); ferrous chloride.

Allen, Frederick & Sons (Poplar) Limited, Phoenix Chemical Works, Poplar, London, E.14. Telephone: East 2673. Telegrams: Nitric, Pop, London. — Acetates; chlorides; sulphates; nitrates; oxalates; ammonium sulphide; solutions; potash sulphide; exsiccated salts (barium chloride, burnt alum, calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate pure); oxides of many types, jeweller's rouge; kaolins; kieselguhrs; plaster of Paris; talc B.P.C.; Lissapol N and NDB; solvents of many types. Catalogue available. See advertisement on page 38.

Allen & Hanburys, Limited, Bethnal Green, London, E.2. Telephone: Shoreditch 4343. Telegrams: Greenburys Beth London. — Manufacturing chemists and makers of surgical instruments.

Allen, Stafford & Sons, Limited, Drug Mills, Wharf Road, London, N.1. Telephone: Clerkenwell 1000. Telegrams: Stafalens, London. — Chlorophylls; solid, liquid and powdered extracts; essential oils; pharmaceutical preparations.

Alumina Company, The, Limited, Iron Bridge Chemical Works, Widnes, Lancashire (Telephone: Widnes 2275) and Ditton Road Works, Widnes (Telephone: Widnes 2891). Telegrams: Alumina Widnes. Passenger station: Widnes, mile. Goods station: own siding, Widnes. Water facilities: Widnes and St. Helens Canal. — Aluminium sulphate of all grades; sulphate of alumina.

Amasal Limited. Provincial Salt Sales Office: Crown Works, Stafford. Telephone: Stafford 2364/5. Subsidiary Companies: Stafford Salt and Alkali Co. Ltd., Agden Salt Works Ltd., Alfred J. Thompson Ltd., George Hamlett & Sons Ltd. Works: Stafford, Northwich, Lymm. Depot: Southampton. — All grades of industrial and household salt; Shaka brand table salt.

Anchor Chemical Company, Limited, Clayton Lane, Clayton, Manchester 11. Telephone: East 2461. Telegrams: Prosperity Manchester 1. Goods station: Beswick, mile. London office: Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Whitehall 3018. Telegrams: Ankorchem Phone London). Glasgow Office: J. & G. Hardie & Company Limited, 178 Fulton Street, Anniesland, Glasgow (Telephone: Scotstoun 2660. Telegrams: Jagardi Glasgow). — Rubber accelerators, anti-oxidants, Ty-ply bonding agents (rubber to metal), mould lubricants, plasticisers for rubber, blowing agents for rubber, coumarone resins, india rubber substitutes (factice), golden and crimson antimonies, vegetable and lamp blacks, barytes, clays, talc (all qualities), green chromium oxide, kieselguhr (diatomite), lithopone, magnesia, red oxide of iron, colours for the rubber industry, cadmium yellows, reds and oranges, rosin oils, sulphur (all grades), stearic acids, titanium pigments, vermilions, whitings, yellow ochres, zinc oxides, Dixie brand gas carbon black, carbon tetrachloride, carbon bisulphide, lime, mineral rubber, pine tar substitute, paraffin wax, blanc fixe, ultramarine blue, litharge, thermal blacks, natural rubber latex and latex compounding materials, dry and aqueous dispersions, zinc stearate, oil additives, curing agents for epoxide resins.

Anderson, Joseph, & Sons, Limited, Bank Street, Clayton, Manchester 11. Telephone: East 0865. Telegrams: Sulphuring Manchester. Passenger stations: Manchester London Road and Manchester Victoria, 2 miles. Goods station: Beswick, mile. — Carbon bisulphide, ground rubber; reclaimed rubbers; rubber compounds; sulphur chloride.

Anderton, George H., Limited, Ouse Chemical Works, Howden, Yorkshire. Telephone: Howden 291. Telegrams: Anderton Howden. Passenger and goods stations: South Howden, 1 miles, or North Howden, 3 miles. Water facilities: River Ouse. — Agricultural fertilisers; sulphuric acid.

Anderton-Richardson Fertilisers, Limited, Skeldergate Bridge, York. Telephone: 55263. Telegrams: Richardson York. Passenger and goods station: York, 1 mile. Water facilities: River Ouse. — Superphosphates and granular chemical fertilisers.

Anglo-American Nitrogen Company, Limited, Public Wharf Works, Belgrave Gate, Leicester. Telephone: Central 58247. Telegrams: Nitrogenus Leicester. Passenger and goods station: Leicester Central, mile. Water facilities: Canal alongside. — Case-hardening materials; organic fertilisers.

Arnfield, J. C., & Sons, Limited, Gadsby Works, Princes Street, Stockport, Cheshire. (Postal address: P.O. Box 4, Stockport Cheshire). Telephone: Stockport 3811. Telegrams: Chemicals, Stockport. — Disinfectants; pharmaceutical chemicals and preparations; textile chemicals.

Arthol Limited, Sealand Road, Chester. Telephone: Chester 25664. Telegrams: Synthetics, Chester. — Aromatic chemicals, perfume essences, synthetic perfumes.

Ashworth, Arthur, Limited, Fernhill Chemical Works, Bury, Lancashire. Telephone: Bury 51. Telegrams: Propane, Bury. Passenger station: Bury (Bolton Street), miles. Goods station: Bury, miles, and own siding. — Dextrines, gums, starches, formaldehyde hydrosulphite, Para formaldehyde, haxamine.

Ashworth, Joseph, & Sons, Limited, Frodsham Bridge, via Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Frodsham 2133. — Cattle foods and chemical manures.

Aspinall, Thomas, Limited, Carlton Chemical Works, Water Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Offices: 6-10 Bank Street, Bolton (Telephone: Bolton 1982. Passenger and goods station: Bolton, 10 mins.). — Sizing and finishing specialities.

Associated Chemical Companies (Sales) Limited (The Sales Company of British Chrome & Chemicals Ltd., and Brotherton & Co. Ltd.) A member of the Associated Chemical Companies Group. P.O. Box No. 6, Brotherton House, Westgate, Leeds, 1. Telephone: 29321-8. Telegrams: Aschem, Leeds. — Ammonia liquor; ammonium bicarbonate; ammonium carbonate; ammonium thiosulphate; basic chromium sulphate; calcium formaldehyde sulphoxylate; chromic acid; chromium oxide; formosul; zinc formosul; redusol hexamine; potassium dichromate; sodium bichromate; sodium hydrosulphite; sodium chromate; sodium metabisulphite; sodium sulphate; sodium sulphite; sodium sulphite anhydrous powder; sodium sulphite crystals; liquid sulphur dioxide; sulphuric acid.

Associated Lead Manufacturers, Limited, Clements House, 14-18 Gresham Street, London, E.C.2. Telephone: Monarch 4400. Cables: Associlead, London. Chester area office: Lead Works Lane, Chester (Telephone: Chester 21022. Telegrams: Associlead, Chester). Newcastle area office: Crescent House, Newcastle-on-Tyne (Telephone: Newcastle 36211. Telegrams: Associlead, Newcastle-on-Tyne). Birmingham branch office: 54 Clement Street, Parade, Birmingham (Telephone: Central 7871. Telegrams: Associlead, Birmingham). Bristol branch office: 39 Broad Street, Bristol, 1 (Telephone: Bristol 26726. Telegrams: Associlead, Bristol). Glasgow branch office: 25 Wellington Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Central 5459. Telegrams: Associlead, Glasgow). Leeds branch office: 63 Albion Street, Leeds, 1 (Telephone: Leeds 22470. Telegrams: Associlead, Leeds). Manchester branch office: Chronicle Building, 74 Corporation Street, Manchester, 4 (Telephone: Blackfriars 1431. Telegrams: Associlead, Manchester). — Red lead, white lead, sheet lead, and lead paints.

Atha, B., Limited, Leeds Sanitary Chemical Works, Bodley Street, Milford Place, Leeds. Telephone: Leeds 638456. Passenger and goods stations: Any Leeds station. — Liquid disinfectant, pine, white, black, carbolic.

Austin, John, & Son, Allscott Chemical Fertiliser Works, Wellington, Salop. Telephone: Wellington 19. Telegrams: Austin, Uppington. Passenger station: Admaston, 1 mile. Goods station: siding into works. — Granular fertilisers, bone meal, lawn sand and lime, etc.

Ayrton & Company, Limited, Beech Street Works, Halifax. Telephone: Halifax 2495. Telegrams: Soluble, Halifax. Passenger station: Halifax Town. Goods station: Shaw Syke. — Soluble oils, rust preventatives, lubricating oils, core oils and creams, wool oils and creams, scouring preparations, conditioning agents, disinfectants, theatre sprays, boiler compositions, wire drawing lubricants, insecticides, paint remover, No. 20 galvanising flux. See also Soap section.

Badger, W. H., & Son, 1 Kenyon Lane, Moston, Manchester. Telephone: Failsworth 1341. Passenger and goods station: Newton Heath, mile. — Disinfectant fluid and sweeping compound. See also Soap section.

Bailey, S. G., & Company, Limited, Stafford Mills, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Telephone: Stroud 993. Telegrams: Manganese, Stroud. Passenger and goods station: Stroud, mile. — Manganese for every use; oxides, sulphates, borates, linoleates, siccatives, and resinates of manganese, etc.; precipitated manganese carbonate.

Bailey, Wm., & Son (Wolverhampton) Limited, Horseley Fields Chemical Works, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. Telephone: Wolverhampton 22736. Telegrams: Industria, Wolverhampton. Passenger and goods stations: Wolverhampton mile. — Bisulphides and sulphites of lime, soda, magnesia and potash; potassium-meta-sulphite; brewers' chemicals; tannate of soda (boiler composition); anti-fouling chemicals; sulphurous acid; oxides of chrome, copper, and nickel; copper suboxide; copper carbonate; cuprous chloride and oxychloride; copper hydrate; copper oleate; copper resinate; copper naphthenate; lime sulphur; cement and concrete colours; “Cuprite” spray for potatoes, vines and fruit trees; calcium sulphite; food and fruit preservatives; magnesium and zinc carbonates and zinc chloride solution.

Baines, Leonard, & Company, Limited, 11 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Central 4661. Telegrams: Barycol, Liverpool. Passenger station: Liverpool Exchange, mile. Goods station: Liverpool, Great Howard Street. — Powdered whiting, paris white, varnish pitches and gums, barytes, french chalk and lithopone.

Bancroft, W., Limited, Oakenshaw Works, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire. Telephone: Great Harwood 255. Passenger and goods station: Great Harwood, mile. Water facilities: Leeds and Liverpool Canal, 1 mile. — Liquid metal polish, boot polish, floor polish, furniture cream, glass cleaner, paint reviver, disinfectant soluble in sea water. See also Soap section.

Barclay, Hobson & Company, Limited, Longshut Lane East, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stockport 3544. — Greases and soaps.

Barden, Joseph, & Sons, Limited, Shelley, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Telephone: Kirkburton 137. Telegrams: Barden, Shepley. Passenger and goods station: Shepley. — Skin jelly size.

Basford Chemical Company, Limited, The, Vernon Road, Basford, Nottingham. Telephone: Bulwell 278117. Passenger and goods stations: Basford North, 200 yds.; Basford Vernon, Midland, mile. — Sulphuric, muriatic, and nitric acids; glauber salts, dipping aquafortis, accumulator acid, formaldehyde, etc.

Batchelor, Robinson & Company, Limited, 19 Bordesley Park Road, Birmingham. Telephone: Victoria 2291. Telegrams: Stannum, Birmingham. — Perchloride of tin.

Batley & Company, Limited, Gorsey Works, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stockport 3880. Telegrams: Batley, Stockport. Passenger and goods station: Stockport, mile. — Pinefluids, disinfectants, sweeping compounds, "Elbie" dustless dusters, "Elbie" car polishing cloths. See also Soap section.

Battle, Hayward & Bower, Limited, Victoria Chemical Works, Lincoln. Telephone: Lincoln, 20612. Telegrams: Shears, Lincoln. — Sheep dips, disinfectants, weed killers, horticultural dusts.

Baxenden Chemical Company, Limited, The, Paragon Works, Baxenden, near Accrington, Lancs. Telephone: Accrington 4631. Telegrams: Parabax, Accrington. Passenger and goods station: Accrington, 3 miles. London office: Clifton House, 83-117 Euston Road, London, N.W.1 (Telephone: Euston 5101). — Chemicals, detergents, finishing agents, textile auxiliaries, refined natural and synthetic waxes, expanded plastics, pearl essence, fatty alkyloamides.

Beanes, E., & Company (1929), Limited, Falcon Works, 86 Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, London, E.9. Telephone: Amherst 0671. Water facilities: River Lea Cut. — Wine and spirit finings and colouring.

Bell, Henry, & Sons, Limited, Tyne Green Manure Works, Hexham, Northumberland. Telephone : Hexham 992. Telegrams: Bells, Hexham. Passenger and goods station: Hexham, 1 mile. — Chemical manures.

Bell, John, Hills & Lucas, Limited, Oxford Works, Worsley Bridge Road, London, S.E.26. Telephone: Beckenham 5007. Telegrams: Atoleine, Westnor, London. Passenger and goods station: Lower Sydenham. — Manufacturing chemists.

Bentley, Joseph, Limited, Chemical Works, Barrow-on-Humber, Lincolnshire. Telephone: Barrow-on-Humber 204. Telegrams: Bentley, Barrow-on-Humber. Passenger and goods station: New Holland, miles. — Weed destroyers, manures, insecticides, etc.

Bentley, Thomas, & Son, Brookfoot Mills, Horsforth, near Leeds. Telephone: Horsforth 2667. Telegrams: Thomas Bentley, Horsforth. Passenger and goods station: Horsforth, 5 minutes. — Glycerine. See also Soap section.

Berk, F. W., & Company, Limited, P.O. Box 500, Berk House, Portman Square, London, W.1. Telephone: Hunter 6688. Telegrams: Berk London Telex. Branch offices Manchester, Swansea, Glasgow and Belfast. Works at London, Manchester, Swansea, Wolverhampton, Glasgow, London Colney, Sandridge, etc. — Acids (B.A.A. Battery Acid, acetic, hydrobromic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, nitric, sulphuric, sulphurous, oleum, etc.); Agricultural chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, turf treatment chemicals); filteraids, fillers (Dicalite and other diatomites, fullers earth; foundry requisites (bentonite, "Berkbond" and other bonding clays, zircon sand and flour, core compounds, wood flour, etc.); Botanicals and raw drugs (roots, barks, herbs, etc., aloes, balsams, gums, camphor, menthol, reduced iron, orange and lemon peel, bromides, witch hazel extract, etc.); Heavy chemicals (Epsom salts, glaubers salt, sulphur, (common salt, salt cake, nitre cake, potash, magnesium chloride, etc.); Metal powders and mercury (for various applications); Miscellaneous chemicals (caustic potash, caustic soda, carbonate of potash, zinc chloride, zinc ammonium chloride, soda meta antimoniate, liquid ammonia, blanc fixe, ferric chloride, potassium chlorate and other potassium salts, lead cyanamide, asphaltum, barium chloride, zinc stearate, akyl bromides, hydrogen peroxide, mercurial salts, chelating agents, Bentone gelling and stabilising agents, etc.); Textile auxiliaries (detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, softening agents, fatty alcohols, etc.); Wood chemicals (liquid rosin, furfural, rosin pitch, sulphite lye, turpentine, etc.).

Birch, W. Singleton, & Sons, Limited, 251 Dialstone Lane, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stepping Hill 3415. Works: Melton Ross Whiting Works, Barnetby, Lincolnshire (Telephone: Kirmington 215. Passenger station: Barnetby, 3 miles. Goods station: Works siding). — Whiting (lump and powdered), paris white, ground chalk, chalkstone (as quarried, screened, or graded).

Bitmac, Limited, Dawes Lane, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. Telephone: Scunthorpe 2252. Telegrams: Bitmac, Scunthorpe. Passenger and goods station: Scunthorpe, near works. — Benzole, naphtha, naphthalene salts, creosote, pitch, black varnish, refined tar, bituminous compounds, emulsion, cresylic acid, phenol.

Blackwells Metallurgical Works, Limited, Thermetal House, Russell Road, Garston, Liverpool, 19. Telephone: Garston 980. Telegrams: Blackwell, Liverpool. — Lion brand metals and alloys: ferro chrome, metallic chromium, ferro titanium, ferro tantalum, ferro aluminium, ferro copper, manganese-copper; linotype, stereotype, monotype metals, antifriction and plastics metals, ferro nickel, fusible alloy, ferro zinc, ferro tungsten, ferro silicon, silico manganese and all metals and alloys, oxides of manganese, iron, copper, chromium, titanium, etc. See advertisement on page 34.

Blythe Colour Works, Limited, Cresswell, Stoke-on-Trent. Telephone: Blythe Bridge (Potteries) 2101. Telegrams: Blycol, Stoke-on-Trent. Passenger and goods station: Cresswell, adjoining works. — Ceramic colours, stains, oxides, bases, enamels, glazes, sizes and oils for pottery, vitreous enamel, ceramic transfers, glazed bricks, tiles, glass; permanent pigments for plastics, leathercloth, rubber, paint, and artists' colours; oxides of cobalt, chromate of iron, tin, copper and manganese; cadmium sulphide, etc.

Blythe, William, & Company, Limited, Holland Bank Works, Church, Lancashire. Telephone: Accrington 2141. Telegrams: Blythe, Church. Passenger station: Church and Oswaldtwistle, mile. Goods station: Blythe's siding, Church. Water facilities: Leeds and Liverpool Canal alongside works. London office: Great Eastern House, 154 Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2 (Telephone: Bishopsgate 2981. Telegrams: Wavicol, Phone, London). Glasgow office: 2 Carrickarden Road, Bearsden, Glasgow (Telephone: Bearsden 2983. Telegrams: Blythe, Glasgow). — Arsenic acid, arsenic pentoxide, battery salts, copper chloride, copper nitrate, dross salt, epsom salts, glauber's salt, hypo soda, lead nitrate, lead acetate, magnesium sulphate, oleine oils, soluble oils, turkey red oils, leather oils, soda arseniate, soda arsenite, soda bi-sulphite, soda sulphate, soda sulphite, soda stannate, stannic chloride, stannine, stannous chloride, sulphur precip, salt cake, soldering fluid, tin crystals, tin perchloride, tin tetrachloride, tin oxymuriate, tinning flux, tanning crystals, tanning oils, zinc chloride, zinc sulphate, zinc ammonium chloride, etc., etc.

Boake, A., Roberts & Company, Limited, Abrac Works, Carpenters Road, London, E.15. Telephone: Maryland 5511. Telegrams: Boake, Telex, London. — Manufacturers of plasticisers, lubricants and stabilisers for plastics and synthetic rubber compositions, antistatic agents, metallic soaps, chemical intermediates, additives for lubricating oils and greases, Reodorants; fine chemicals, perfumery isolates and synthetics, perfumery fixatives, perfume compounds and bases, cosmetic stearates, cosmetics specialities including emulsifying agents and sunscreening agents, etc., pharmaceutical chemicals; flavouring essences and fruit extracts, fruit juice concentrates, peppermint oils and menthols; food colourings and preservatives, emulsifying agents for foodstuffs.

Boby, R. & G., Brothers and Chapman, Limited, Station Works, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Telephone: Bury St. Edmunds 114. Telegrams: Virtus, Bury St. Edmunds. Passenger and goods station: Bury St. Edmunds, adjoining works. — Finings, brewers' chemicals, copper clarifier.

Boehm, Frederick, Limited, 19 Bentinck Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Welbeck 7933. Telegrams: Bissula, Wesdo, London. Works: Belvedere, Kent. — Fused and esterified copal, rosin, esters (glycerine and pentaerythritol), naphthenate and linoleate driers, resinates, hydrolysed protein.

Boilerine, Limited, 897 Old Kent Road, London, S.E.15. Telephone: New Cross 0061. Telegrams: Boilerine, Peck, London. — Boilerine boiler composition and organic rosseline for removing fur from household boilers and pipes.

Boome, George F., & Son, Limited, Star Chemical Works, Watts Grove, London, E.3. Telephone: East 2264. — Nitric, nitrous, and dipping hydrochloric, sulphuric, and phosphoric acids, iron perchloride, liquid and solid, accumulator acids, all strengths; distilled water.

Booth, A. C. L., & Company (formerly Haryde Products Limited), 12 Water Lane, Manchester, 3. Telephone: Blackfrairs 4135. — Sweeping compounds, disinfectants, etc. See also Soap section.

Boots Pure Drug Company, Limited, Station Street, Nottingham. Telephone: Nottingham 56111. Telegrams: Drug, Nottingham Telex. London office: 71 Fleet Street, London. E.C.4 (Telephone: Fleet Street 0111). — Drugs and pharmaceutical chemicals of all kinds.

Borax & Chemicals, Limited, 35 Piccadilly, London, W.1. Telephone: Regent 2751. Telegrams: Boraxchem, London. Telex. Telex No. 23782. Subsidiary company: George H. Poole & Son, Bootle, Limited, Canal Street Chemical Works, Bootle (Telephone: Bootle 4521. Telegrams: Inflexible, Liverpool). — Borax, Pyrobor dehydrated borax and boric acid, elemental boron, organo-boron compounds, electrolytic manganese dioxide, lithium chemicals, lithium ores, rubidium and caercium salts, thorium caercium, Rare Earth chemicals.

Borax Consolidated Limited, Borax House, Carlisle Place, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Victoria 9070. Telegrams: Colemanite, Telex, London. Birmingham branch office: 18-19 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham (Telephone: Central 2328). Manchester branch office: 626 Royal Exchange, Manchester (Telephone: Deansgate 3101). Works: Belvedere, Kent. — Organic and inorganic boron compounds, including '20 Mule Team' borax and boric acid (granular, crystal and powder, technical and B.P.) 'Neobor' pentahydrate borax, 'Dehybor' anhydrous borax, boric oxide (anhydrous boric acid), calcined borax, boric acid esters, boron tribromide and boron phosphate; weed killers; timber preservatives; fertilisers; hand-cleanser.

Bottomley, J. C., & Emerson, Limited, Brookfoot Works, Brighouse, Yorkshire. Telephone: Brighouse 574. Telegrams: Bottomley, Emerson, Brighouse. Passenger and goods station: Brighouse, 1 mile. Huddersfield works: Longroyd Bridge, Huddersfield (Telephone: Huddersfield 4241. Passenger and goods station: Huddersfield, 1 mile). — Aniline dyestuffs.

Bowmans Chemicals, Limited, Moss Bank Works, Widnes, Lancashire. Telephone and telegrams: Widnes 2277. Passenger station: Tanhouse. Goods station: Widnes. — Lactic acid, calcium lactate, sodium lactate, sulphonated oils (cod, castor, neatsfoot, etc.), chrometan, tanners' chemicals, etc.

Bowring, C. T., & Company (Fish Oils), Limited, Pyewipe Mills, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Telephone: Grimsby, 5457. Telegrams: Bowring, Grimsby. Passenger station: Grimsby, 3 miles. Goods station: Own siding. Liverpool office: 629 Tower Building, Water Street, Liverpool, 3 (Telephone: Central 5126). — Fish meal, cod oil, veterinary cod liver oil, and vitamised fish oils.

Brady & Martin, Limited, Northumberland Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Telephone: Newcastle 24367. Telegrams: Braymartin, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Passenger and goods stations: Newcastle, mile, or Manors, mile. — Chemicals and reagents for technical analysis, scientific research and education work.

Brico Commercial Chemical Company, Limited, Nicholas House, Holy Bones, Leicester. Telephone: Leicester 59174. Telegrams: Commerce, Leicester. Passenger station: Leicester, mile. Goods station: Braunstone Gate, Leicester. — Epsom and glauber salts; sodium sulphite; hydrochloric and sulphuric acids; hydrogen peroxide; sulphur; acetic, formic and oxalic acids; sodium hypochlorite, battery acid, etc.

Briggs, G. H., Limited, Commercial Street, Knott Mill, Manchester, 15. Telephone: Blackfriars 3657. Telegrams: Diamine, Manchester, 15. — Heavy industrial chemicals, detergents, emsulsifying waxes, fatty alcohols, fatty alcohol sulphates, waxes for textile finishes, waxes for the paper trade, plasticisers, industrial soap powders, wax bases for the cosmetic trade.

Briggs, William, & Sons, Limited, Vauxhall Grove, London, S.W.8. Telephone: Reliance 5961. Telegrams: Viasol, Claproad, London. Also at Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, 3 (Telephone: Bristol 64147 and 61523. Telegrams: Bitumen, Bristol); Bolling Road, Bradford (Telephone: Bradford 27764-5); 9 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff (Telephone: Cardiff 23018); Buckminster Road, Leicester (Telephone: Leicester 23937-9. Telegrams: Bitumen, Leicester); Kirby Industrial Estate, Liverpool (Telephone: Simonswood 2911. Telegrams: Roofings, Liverpool); Exchange Buildings, Queen Street, Newcastle (Telephone: Newcastle 24983); and Trowse Millgate, Norwich (Telephone: Norwich 28189. Telegrams: Bitumen, Norwich). See also addresses in Scotland and Ireland sections. — Pitch, naphtha, creosote oil, asphalts, roofing felts, bituminous enamels and solutions, etc.

Bristol & West Tar Distillers, Limited, Silverthorne Lane, St. Philips, Bristol, 2. Telephone: Bristol 77081. Telegrams: Tar, Bristol. London office: 31 Cissbury Ring North, London, N.12 (Telephone: Hillside 7351). Works: Crew Hole, Bristol, 5 (Telephone: Bristol 51401) and Upper Parting, Gloucester (Telephone: Gloucester 22875). — Tar and tar products.

British Aluminium Company, Limited, The, Norfolk House, St. James's Square, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Whitehall 7868. Telegrams: Britalumin, London, Telex. — Aluminium and aluminium alloys in unwrought and wrought forms (including granulated powder and paste), hydrate of alumina, calcined alumina, bauxite, red oxide.

British Ceca Company, The, Limited, Quarry Wharf, Frindsbury, Rochester, Kent. Telephone: Strood 78135. Passenger and goods station: Strood, 1 mile. London office: 175 Piccadilly, London, W.1. (Telephone: Hyde Park 5131. Telegrams: Acticarbon, Piccy, London). — Activated carbons for absorption, decolorising, deodorising, etc.; solvent recovery carbons.

British Celanese, Limited, Celanese House, Hanover Square, London, W.1. Telephone: Mayfair 8000. Telegrams: Celanese, Westdo, London. — Cellulose acetate, water-soluble cellulose ethers, solvents, plasticisers, acetic acid and derivatives, vinyl acetate.

British Chrome & Chemicals, Limited. See Associated Chemical Companies (Sales) Ltd.

British Chrome & Chemicals, Limited (Bolton Works), Little Lever, near Bolton, Lancashire. Telephone: Farnworth 600. Telegrams: Potter, Little Lever, Passenger station: Moses Gate, mile. Goods station: Moses Gate mile, or Bradley Ford, mile. — Sulphuric and hydrochloric acids, bleaching liquor, rectified and brown vitriol, salt cake, etc.

British Drug Houses, The, Limited, Graham Street, London, N.1. Telephone: Clerkenwell 3000. Telegrams: Tetradome, Telex, London. — Medical products, galenicals, and fine chemicals.

British Drug Houses, The, Limited (B.D.H. Laboratory Chemicals Division Poole, Dorset, Telephone: Poole 962. Telegrams: Tetradome, Poole. — Laboratory reagents; indicators; fine chemicals of reagent quality for industrial use.

British Dyewood Company, Limited, 1 Brazennose Street, Manchester. See Scottish section, page 122.

British Gelatine Works Limited, Luton, Bedfordshire. Telephone: Luton 96. Telegrams: Gelatinous, Luton. Passenger and goods station: Luton, 1 mile. Representatives: C. Simeons & Company, Limited, 149 New Bedford Road, Luton, Beds. (Telephone: Luton 3113). — Photographic, technical and edible gelatines.

British Glues & Chemicals, Limited, Imperial House, 15-19 Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Temple Bar 7777. Telegrams: Gluandchem, Estrand, London. Works at Appley Bridge near Wigan, Newark-on-Trent, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newport (Mon.) and Plymouth. — Glues, gelatines, bone grease, bone fertilisers, sterilised feeding bone flour, mineral mixtures, feeding meat meals, calcined bones.

British Hydrological Corporation, High Path, Merton, London, S.W.19. Telephone: Liberty 1021. Telegrams: Detergents, Souphone, London. Passenger and goods station: Wimbledon, mile. — Roskloyd and B.H.C. colloidal cleaner; Mertonite powder detergents and soapless cleaners; quaternary ammonium compounds; "Chinabrite" dishwashing detergents in powder and tablet form; "Collex" degreasing agents.

British Industrial Gases, Limited, 700 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, Middlesex. Telephone: Enfield 4022-3-4-5. Telegrams: Britingas, Enfield. Telex: 24128. — Manufacturers of oxy/acetylene, oxy/propane, oxy/coalgas welding, cutting, heating and profiling equipment.

B.I.P. Chemicals Limited, Popes Lane, Oldbury. Telephone: Broadwell 2061. Telegrams: Plastobrit, Oldbury. Passenger and goods station: Langley Green and Rood End, mile. London office: 1 Argyll Street, London, W.1. (Telephone: Gerrard 7971. Telegrams: Plastobrit, Wesdo, London). — Synthetic resins and adhesives; melamine.

British Industrial Solvents. See The Distillers Company Limited-Chemical Division.

British Oil and Cake Mills, Unilever House, London, E.C.4. Telephone: Central 7474. Bristol office: 6 Redcliffe Parade West, Bristol, 1 (Telephone: Bristol 21131). Erith office: Albion Wharf, Erith (Telephone: Erith 3411 ). Hull office: Stoneferry Road, Hull (Telephone: Hull Central 15130). Manchester office: Trafford Park Road, Manchester, 17 (Trafford Park 3221). Selby office: Olympia Mills, Selby, Yorkshire (Telephone: Selby 131). Glasgow office: 19 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Central 8921). — Seed crushers and refiners of vegetable oils; edible oils (crude, refined to B.P. standard and hydrogenated); linseed oils (raw and processed); stand oils; castor oils (pharmaceutical and hydrogenated).

British Oxygen Chemicals, Limited, Vigo Lane, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham. Telephone: Birtley 145. Cables: Pollymel, Birtley. London office: Bridgewater House, St. James's, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Whitehall 9777. Cables: Pollymel, London. — Melamine, polyvinyl acetate (Vandike) emulsions.

British Oxygen Gases, Limited, Bridgewater House, Cleveland Row, St. James's, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Whitehall 9777. Telegrams: Oxygen, Piccy, London. Branches: In all important industrial centres. — Oxygen, dissolved acetylene, nitrous oxide, argon, nitrogen, welding and cutting equipment, hydrogen, rare gases, etc.

British Paints, Limited, Portland Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 2. Telephone: Newcastle-on-Tyne 25151. Telegrams: Apexior, Newcastle-on-Tyne 2. London Office: Crewe House, Curzon Street, London, W.1 (Telephone: Grosvenor 6401. Telegrams: Apexior, Telex, London. Also at Aberdeen, Accrington, Barnsley, Belfast, Bilston, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Falmouth, Glasgow, Halifax, Hanley, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Leith, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nelson, Northampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Preston, Reading, Rhyl, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Southampton, Swansea, Wakefield, Wrexham and Worksop. — Paints, colours, synthetic resins, enamels, and varnishes, including Castle brand spirit varnish stains, Universal undercoating, Grainette scumble stain, Novo ceiling-white, Superlative gloss paint, Superlative eggshell finish, Murisan latex emulsion, Saneros water paint, John Smith's range of varnishes, Luxol one-coat enamel paint, Luxol flat wall paint, Luxol emulsion paint, Varsolve paint remover, Castle Brand hot and cold water paste powders; Apexior boiler compound.

British Tar Products, Limited, Cadishead Works, Hayes Road, Cadishead, near Manchester. Telephone: Irlam 87. Telegrams: Cresol, Cadishead, Manchester. Passenger station: Irlam and Cadishead, 1 mile. Goods station: Own sidings. Sales office: 418a Glossop Road, Sheffield, 10 (Telephone: Sheffield 60078. Telegrams: Cresol, Sheffield, 10). Registered office: 11-12 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Whitehall 5827). — Tar and benzole products and other chemicals.

British Titan Products Company, Limited. Head office: 10 Stratton Street, London, W.1. (Telephone: Grosvenor 7822. Telegrams: Protitan London. Telex No. London 24101). Birmingham office: Stratford House, Stratford Place, Camp Hill, Birmingham, 12 (Telephone: Victoria 3477). Manchester office: The Royal Exchange, Manchester (Telephone: Deansgate 7124). Glasgow office: 12 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, C.3 (Telephone: Central 4307). — Titanium oxide pigments (rutile and anatase grades).

Brook, Parker & Company, Limited, Ashfield, Horton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire. Telephone: Bradford 32281. Telegrams: Broparco, Bradford. Passenger and goods station: Bradford, 10 mins. — Manufacturing, technical, analytical and pharmaceutical chemicals and preparations as tinctures, extracts, akaloids, resins; packed chemical and medicinal preparations; compressed tablets.

Brookes Chemicals, Limited, Lightcliffe Works, Lightcliffe, Halifax, Yorkshire. Telephone: Halifax 69201. Telegrams: Brookemic, Halifax. Passenger station: Halifax, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Creosote, prepared tar, pitch, Tardura, Tardurabit, Bitumol (hot spray), Koluol (cold applied bitumen), Settastic (bitumen grout).

Brotherton & Company, Limited. See Associated Chemical Companies (Sales) Ltd.

Brown, James M., Limited, 14 Waterloo Place, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Whitehall 0149. Telegrams: Grawitewa, Piccy, London. Works: Napier Street, Stoke-on-Trent (Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 48101. Telegrams: Grawitewa, Stoke-on-Trent). — Zinc oxides; oxides of copper; cadmium colours; salts and oxides, etc.

Brown & Forth, Limited, 81 Cornbrook Street, Manchester, 16. Telephone: Moss Side 1347. Telegrams. Idem, Phone, Manchester. Registered office: Clifton House, 83-117 Euston Road, London, N.W.1 (Telephone: Euston 5101. Telegrams: Cereblue, Telephone London). — Beeswax refiners and bleachers, refined vegetable waxes, leather finishes, pigments in plasticisers, dyestuffs, detergents, ultramarines, acetic, citric and tartaric, oxalic and tannic acids, bronze and aluminium powders, gums (locust bean, trag. and karaya), hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorite, sodium hydrosulphite, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate, coumarone resin, solvents and plasticisers.

Bryan & Walker, Limited, Harts Lane, Barking, Essex. Telephone: Rippleway 3749. Passenger and goods station: Barking, mile. Water facilities: River Roding and thence to Thames. — Melastic rust preventing black bituminous paints, Pynolene disinfecting fluids, coal tar products, liquid and plastics proofings.

Bryce, Robarts & Company, Limited, Cree House, Creechurch Lane, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Avenue 3377. Telegrams: Charyce, London. — Phosphoric acid, phosphates of ammonia, calcium and soda, cream of tartar substitutes, carbonate of ammonia, sulphite of soda, bisulphite of soda, sodium sulphide, sodium perborate, potash blues, barium carbonate, blanc fixe, china clays, colloidal china clays, ultramarine blue, Imperial pure yellow iron oxides, pure black and red oxides, dry colours, caroba gum, naphthenic acid, chemical driers, linoleates, resinates, leather oils, ester gums, gum copals, locust, mastic, etc.

Bulmer, Crouchley & Company, Limited, Hope Chemical Works, Templar Street, Leeds. Telephone: Leeds 23817. Telegrams: Bulmer, Leeds. — Aniline dyes, dyers and tanners' extracts.

Burrough, James, Limited, 63 Cale Distillery, Hutton Road, London, S.E.11. Telephone: Reliance, 1166. Telegrams: Burrocale, Souphone, London. — Spirits of wine, absolute alcohol, methyl alcohol, etc.

Burroughs Wellcome & Co., The Wellcome Chemical Works, Dartford, Kent. Telephone: Dartford 3861. Head office: The Wellcome Building, 183 Euston Road, London, N.W.1. (Telephone: Euston 4477. Telegrams: Tabloid, London, Telex). — Alkaloids, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.

Burts & Harvey, Limited, Eling House, Eling Lane, Totton, Southampton. Telephone: Totton 2444. Works: Spring Hill, Southampton. — Coumarone indene resin, fumaric acid, succinic acid, malic acid.

Bush, W. J., & Company, Limited, Ash Grove Works, Hackney, London, E.8. Telephone: Clissold 1234. Telegrams: Tangerine, Telex, London. — Perfume compounds and colours for all types of soap; aromatic chemicals and isolates including vanillin, courarin, ionones, geraniols, linalyl acetate, methyl cinnamate, terpinyl acetate, etc.; fine and pharmaceutical chemicals including aspirin, benzoic acid and benzoates; D.D.T., benzyl chloride, essential oils; fruit juice concentrates; flavouring essences; powder flavours; soft drink compounds; harmless food colours.

Bush, Beach & Gent, Limited, Marlow House, Lloyd's Avenue, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Royal 7077 and 3057. — Ammonia muriate, arsenic, bentonite, cadmium salts, carbon blacks, caustic potash, chrome alum, chrome tans, cobalt salts, decolourising carbons, ferric chloride, lithium salts, magnesite, manganese dioxide, methionine, monochloracetic acid, oleines, potash carbonate, potash muriate, potash sulphate, salammoniac, selemites, silica, sodium metal, sodium bisulphite, sodium chlorate, sodium hyposulphite, sodium perborate, sodium peroxide, stearines, synchrotans, synthetic waxes, tanning auxiliaries, yellow prussiate of potash.

BX Plastics Limited, Higham Station Avenue, Chingford, London, E.4. Telephone: Larkswood 5511. Telegrams: Xylonite, Easphone London. — Nitro-cellulose, dipentene, terpene resins, sodium acetate, dibutyl tin oxide.

Cabot Carbon, Limited, 99 Aldwych, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Chancery 4957-8-9. Telegrams: Cablak, Telex, London. Registered office and works: Stanlow, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire (Telephone: Ellesmere Port 3677-15. Telegrams: Cablak, Telex, Ellesmere Port). — Complete range of channel, furnace and thermal carbon blacks, including the following of British manufacture: — Sterling SO (FEF), Vulcan 3 (HAF), Vulcan 6 (ISAF), Vulcan C (CF), and Vulcan XXX (SCF). See advertisement on page 22.

Callow Rock Lime Company, Limited, The, Shipham Road, Cheddar, Somerset. Telephone: Cheddar21. — Chemical, agricultural and building lime, including Calime brand hydrated lime.

Calmic, Limited, Crewe, Cheshire. Telephone: Crewe 3251. — Pharmaceuticals, drugs, dressings, surgical instruments, fine chemicals, hygienic services.

Calvert, F. C., & Company, Limited, Merefield Works, New Bank Street, Manchester, 12. Telephone: Ardwick 4481. Passenger station: Manchester, London Road, mile. Goods station: Any Manchester station. — Tooth powder; Dento denture cleaner; No. 5, Four Arrows, Lypene, and lavender disinfectants; No. 5 carbolic acid, Calvex carbolic ointment, air purifiers, Sanflo lavatory deodoriser. See also Soap section.

Camille Simon, Limited, Strand on the Green, Chiswick, London, W.4. Telephone: Chiswick 0341. Telegrams: Lessive, Chisk, London. Passenger and goods station: Kew Bridge. — Synthetic detergents. See also Soap section.

Campbell, J. D., Sons, Limited, Lund Street, Cornbrook, Manchester. Telephone: Trafford Park 3333. Telegrams: Nicotine, Manchester, 16. — Nicotine, insecticides, nicotine acid.

Canning, W., & Company, Limited, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, 18. Telephone: Central 8621. Telegrams: Materials. Telephone: Birmingham. Passenger station: Snow Hill, mile. Goods station: Hockley, mile. London office: 77 St. John Street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.1. (Telephone: Clerkenwell 1602. Telegrams: Nickelator, Smith, London). Sheffield office: South Parade, Shales-moor, Sheffield, 3 (Telephone: Sheffield 24101). — Electroplating chemicals, salts, anodes, cleaners, polishing materials, aqua fortis, and acids; equipment for electroplating, polishing and metal finishing.

Carbon Dioxide Company, The. See The Distillers Company Limited — Chemical Division.

Carless, Capel & Leonard, Limited, Hope Chemical Works, Hackney Wick, London, E.9. Telephone: Amherst 5500. Telegrams: Carless, Hackney Wick, London. Also Pharos Oil Works and Lea Chemical Works, Hackney Wick, and St. Clement's Wharf, Bow. Water facilities by canal. — Petroleum and naphtha distillers.

Cartwright, W. B., Limited, Lakeside Works, Rawdon, Leeds. Telephone: Rawdon 713. Telegrams: Tablets, Leeds. Passenger and goods stations: Guiseley, 2 miles; Moorlands. — Penetrol and Urillac compressed tablets; Elfrida, Lady Gay, Frizells, and Don Juan toilet preparations and perfumery.

Cement Marketing Company, Limited, Portland House, Tothill Street, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Abbey 3456. Telegrams: Portland London, Telex. Sales offices at Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth and Southampton. — Blue Circle cement products including Blue Circle Portland Cement, Ferrocrete rapid-hardening cement, Aquacrete water-repellent cement, Snowcrete white Portland cement, Lightning high alumina cement, Sulfacrete sulphate-resisting cement, Colorcrete coloured Portland cement, Hydralime hydrated lime, Walcrete masonry cement, Cullamix coloured cement and aggregate, Super Snowcem waterproof cement paint, lump and powdered whiting, Earle's Medusa cement waterproofing compound, Hydracrete hydrophobic and water-repellent cement, Earle's Mastic for pointing and Cemprover for use with cement finishes, etc.

Chemical & Insulating Company, The, Limited, Darlington. Telephone: Darlington 3547. Telegrams: Dextro, Darlington. Passenger and goods station: Bank Top, Darlington, 3 miles. London office: 5 Petty France, Westminster, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Whitehall 8841). Also at 493 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London, E.10 (Telephone: Leytonstone 4234); 4-6 South Street, Sheffield (Telephone: Sheffield 23558); Roscoe House, Withins Lane, Breightmet, Bolton. (Telephone: Bolton 6248); 10 Fitzalan Place, Cardiff (Telephone: Cardiff 20049); 234 Belgrave Gate, Leicester (Telephone: Granby 608); 125-7 Bishop Street, Portland Square, Bristol, 2 (Telephone: Bristol 22512); 1087 Kingsbury Road, Tyburn, Birmingham, 24 (Telephone: Castle Bromwich 3731); Vicarfield Place, Govan, Glasgow, S.W.1 (Telephone: Govan 2761); 38 Great North Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2 (Telephone: Newcastle 23666). — Magnesium oxides, carbonate, and hydroxide.

Chemical Supply Company, The, Abbey Road, Barking, Essex. Telephone: Rippleway 0176. Telegrams: Mixings, Barking. Passenger station: Barking (B.R. and District Railway). Goods station: Barking, mile. Sales office: 7-8 Idol Lane, London, E.C.3 (Telephone: Mansion House 6854). — Fine chemicals; chemicals for the paint, lacquer, plastics, perfumery, and soap industries.

Chemicals Trading Company, Limited, 102 Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Telephone: London Wall 1903. Telegrams: Chemico, Stock, London. — All coal-tar by-products, phthalic and maleic anhydrides, dimethyl terephthalate, plasticisers, chlorinated paraffins.

Chemoplast Limited (B. & I. Chemoplast, Ltd.), 52 Haymarket, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Whitehall 4734. Telex: 2-3144. — Fatty alcohols; oleyl cetyl, cetyl and stearyl alcohols; industrial chemicals.

Cheshire Gelatines (Branch of Edward Gorton Limited), Sutton Weaver, near Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Aston 212. Telegrams: Gorton, Sutton Weaver. Passenger and goods station: Runcorn, 3 miles. — Gelatines, glue.

Christopherson, Clifford, & Company, Limited, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Kensington 3422, Telegrams: Christopherson, Telephone, London. — Citric acid, borax and boric acid (Buffalo Brand), magnesia (carbonate and calcined), sodium silicofluoride, china clay. See advertisement on page 14

CIBA Clayton Limited, Clayton, Manchester, 11. Telephone: East 1341. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Manchester, 11. London office: Bush House, Aldwych, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Holborn 4706. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Estrand, London). Also at 157 Leeds Road, Bradford, 3 (Telephone: Bradford 28747. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Bradford); Cabot House, Clifton Down Road, Bristol, 8 (Telephone: Bristol 36889. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Bristol); Queen Street, Leicester (Telephone: Leicester 20916. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Leicester); 158 Clyde Street, Glasgow, C.1 (Telephone: Central 4563. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Glasgow); and 76-78 Donegall Pass, Belfast (Telephone: Belfast 30446. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Belfast). — Dyestuffs, textile auxiliaries, chemicals and leather oils. See advertisement on page 30.

CIBA Laboratories Limited, Horsham, Sussex. Telephone: Horsham 4321. Telegrams: Cibalabs, Horsham. Chemical works: Pyewipe, Grimsby (Telephone: Grimsby 55221. Telegrams: Cibalabs, Grimsby). — Medical specialities.

Clemons, Marshall & Carbert (Branch of the Yorkshire Dyeware and Chemical Company, Limited), Wortley Lane, Leeds, 11. Telephone: Leeds 24350. Telegrams: Dushall, Leeds. Also at Langford Works, Goose Green, London, S.E.22 (Telephone: New Cross 2138. Telegrams: Aquasolia, Forest, London). — Wydecol detergent and wetting agent for laundries and textiles; disinfectants; laundry blue. See also Soap section.

Clough's, John, Successors, Limited, Westhulme Chemical Works, Featherstall Road North, Oldham. Telephone: Main 4341. Passenger and goods station: Oldham, mile. — Boiler composition, oils, greases, etc.

Colas Products (Sales) Limited, Lion House, Red Lion Street, Richmond, Surrey. Telephone: Richmond 6020. Telegrams: Colasfalt, Richmond, Surrey. — Colas, Colasmix, Colastak and Terolas bitumen emulsions for roads; Colastic bituminous waterproofing and protection compound.

Colbit Limited, Fairfield Works, Fairfield, Manchester. Telephone: Droylsden 1145. Telegrams: Colbit, Manchester. Goods station: Manchester:- Beswick and Ashton Old Road; Ashton-under-Lyne:- Oldham Road. London representative: N. Nash, 38 Hampton Court Avenue, East Molesey. Telephone: Emberbrook 5271. Water facilities: L.N.E. Canal. — Emulsified bitumen, filled bitumen, bitumen paints, insecticides, agricultural chemicals, disinfectants, wood preservative, special materials for tennis court constructions, calcium chloride for cement treatment, bitumen and bitumen products, black varnish, creosote, disinfectants, insecticides, weed killers, wood preservatives.

Collett, J. M., & Company, Limited, Gloucester. Telephone: Gloucester 25354. Telegrams: Collett, Gloucester; Passenger station: Gloucester, miles. Goods station: Siding from Hempsted branch, B.R. (Western Region). — Sodium sulphite (crystals and anhydrous), potassium metabisulphite, magnesium sulphite, ammonium sulphite, sulphurous acid and bisulphite of lime, potassium bisulphate, sodium bisulphate, potassium chloride B.P., potassium sulphate B.P.C., ammonium chloride B.P., ammonium sulphate, caramels (burnt sugar), priming sugars, yeast food, malt extracts and beer finings, cleansers, detergents, etc., for brewers and bottlers.

Colne Vale Dye & Chemical Company, The, Limited, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. Telephone: Milnsbridge 3. Telegrams: Aniline, Huddersfield. Passenger and goods station: Longwood and Milnsbridge, 1 mile. — Aniline dyes and chemicals.

Condy & Mitchell, Limited, 177 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Victoria 6449. — Sole proprietors of Condy's Fluid and Condy's Crystals.

Cooper, McDougall & Robertson, Limited, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Berkhamsted 333. Telegrams: Coopers, Telex, Berkhamsted. Passenger and goods station: Berkhamsted. Water facilities: Grand Junction Canal. — Sheep and cattle dips, veterinary preparations, dog remedies, disinfectants, household insecticides, fly sprays.

Cornbrook Chemical Company Limited, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stockport 4474. Telegrams: Kromon, Telephone, Stockport. Passenger and goods station: Stockport, mile. London office: 10 Hobart Place, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Sloane 1824. Telegrams: Kromonette, Sowest, London). — Fine colours for all industrial purposes.

Cory, Harold E. J., Eagle Chemical Works, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Telephone: Accrington 2570. Passenger and goods station: Accrington, 2 miles. — Solvent diluents, thinners for spraying lacquers on metals, wood, etc.; aniline dyes; inter-mediates; insecticides; tar products.

Cory, H. E. J., Limited (formerly Bowdler & Bickerdike), Eagle Chemical Works, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Telephone: Accrington 2570. Passenger and goods station: Accrington, 2 miles. — Phenol, chlorinated phenols, sodium chlorophenates, preservatives, antiseptics and anti-mould compounds.

Cory, Horace, & Company, Limited, Hatcham Manor Works, London, S.E.15. Telephone: New Cross 3417. Telegrams: Tustin, Peck, London. — Lake and pigment colours, pulp and dry.

Cotton Brothers (Longton) Limited, Crown Works, Portland Road, Longton, Staffordshire. Telephone: Longton 33021. Passenger and goods station: Longton, mile. — Manufacturers of filters of all types for wet and dry processes in natural and man made fibres.

County Chemical Company, Limited, Chemico Works, Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, Wars. Telephone: Shirley 2294. Telegrams: Chemico, Birmingham. — Hand and household cleansers, disinfectant, and fertilisers in tablet form.

Couper, Friend & Company, Limited, 33-35 Eastcheap, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Mansion House 3166. Telegrams: Coupmill, Bilgate, London. — Edible and technical fats and oils, fatty acids and acid oils, oleine and stearic acid, rosin. See advertisement on page 32.

Courtin & Warner, Limited, Lewes, Sussex. Telephone: Lewes 1864. Telegrams: Accourtiwa, Lewes. London office and warehouse: 1-2 Doyce Street, Southwark Bridge Road, London, S.E.1 (Telephone: Waterloo 7342). — Saltpetre (nitrate potash), sulphurs (all grades), cochineal, gums, fine chemicals, essential oils, perfumery compounds, crude drugs, naphthalenes, tartaric and citric acids, potash permanganate.

Courtaulds, Limited, 16 St. Martins-le-Grand, London, E.C.1, Telephone: Monarch 8811. Telegrams: Courtaulds, London. Telex: 28788. Agents: Skilbeck Brothers Ltd., 203 Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.4, and Hardings (Pendleton) Ltd., Pendleton, Manchester, 6. Works: Coventry (Telephone: Coventry 88031. Goods station: Coventry, miles). — Courlose, Courtaulds sodium carboxy-methyl cellulose.

Cowan Brothers (Stratford) Limited, Magnet Works, Barbers Road, Stratford, London, E.15. Telephone: Maryland 3311. — Pigment colours, lakes, dyes.

Cowburn, W. H., & Cowpar, Limited, Trafford Park, Manchester, 17. Telephone: Trafford Park 0401. Telegrams: Cowpar, Manchester. Passenger station: Trafford Park, 1 mile. Goods station: Own sidings. — Sulphuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids; carbon bisulphide; rock, roll and powdered sulphur.

Cox Brothers & Company (Derby), Limited, The Lead Works, Derby. Telephone: Derby 45484. Passenger and goods station: Derby, 1 mile. Nottingham branch: Chesterfield Street, Nottingham (Telephone: Nottingham 41246). — White and red lead, lead oxides, sheet lead and lead pipes (chemical quality to B.S. 334)

Cresswell's Asbestos Company, Limited, Wellington Mills, Laisterdyke, Bradford. Telephone: Bradford 64301. Telegrams: Chekko, Bradford. Passenger and goods station: Laisterdyke. — Chekko brake linings.

Cripps, R. A., & Son, Limited, 45 Franklin Road, Portslade, Sussex. Telephone: Hove 46211. Passenger and goods station: Portslade-West Hove, mile. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Croda Limited, Cowick Hall, Snaith, Goole, Yorks. Telephone: Snaith 277. Telegrams: Croda, Goole. Works: Rawcliffe Bridge, Goole (Passenger and goods station: Rawcliffe, mile). London office: 449 Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Whitehall 4725. — All types of lanolin for super fatting, wool grease, fatty acids, oleines, stearines, olive oil.

Croid, Limited, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Temple Bar 7777. Telegrams: Excroiden, Estrand. — Hot and cold animal glues, flexible glues, casein cements, latices, dextrines and starches, synthetic glues, P.V.A. emulsions, and moulding compounds, Croid glues of all types; Aero hot glue; Universal liquid glue; Polystik cold synthetic glue; Insol casein cement; Fabrex latex adhesive.

Crosby, R. H., Limited, Oleine Works, Ouzlewell Green, near Wakefield, Yorkshire. Telephone: Rothwell 2140. Telegrams: Crosoleine, Lofthouse, Wakefield. Passenger station: Lofthouse, miles. Goods station: Robin Hood, 1 mile. — Oleines, wool oils and stearines for manufacturers of chemicals and lubricating greases; oleines and wool oils for textiles and printing inks; stearines for polishing compo manufacturers and the leather industry.

Crosfield, Joseph, & Sons,Limited, Bank Quay Soap and Chemical Works, Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Warrington 31211. Telegrams: Crosfields, Warrington. Passenger stations: Bank Quay, mile, or Warrington Central mile. Goods station: Private sidings. London office: Hesketh House, Portman Square, London, W.1 (Telephone: Welbeck 4466). Glasgow office: 183 Pitt Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: City 4902/3). — Persil washing powder; caustic soda (solid, liquid, flake and powdered); sodium silicates (lump, solution and adhesives), potassium silicates, glycerine (chemically pure, commercial and crude), Metso (sodium metasilicate), industrial detergents for all uses, Doucil and Soucol (base exchange material), silica gel, edible and technical oils and fats, Resex and Rezanex (resin ion exchange materials), calcium and aluminium silicates and fine silica, silica-alumina and nickel catalysts. See also Soap section.

Crowther, H., & Company, Limited, Amberley Road, Armley, Leeds. Telephone: Leeds 638016. Telegrams: Glaubers, Leeds. Passenger and goods station: Armley Moor, mile. — Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitrate of iron, glauber salts, salt cake, copperas, dyers' chemicals.

Cruickshank, R., Limited, Camden Street, Birmingham, 1. Telephone: Central 8553. Telegrams: Cruickshank, Birmingham. Passenger stations: New Street or Snow Hill. Goods stations: Monument Lane, Central, or Hockley, each 1 mile. London depot: 123 Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C.1 (Telephone: Holborn 8106). — Chemicals, materials and appliances for electroplating and polishing, aqua fortis; metallic cyanides; copper, nickel and zinc cyanides; carbonates, chlorides, etc.; fluoric acid; all fluorides, fluoborates and silicofluorides; bisulphites of lime, soda and ammonia, etc.

Crystal & Company, Rugby Road, Rochdale, Lancs. Telephone: Rochdale 2548. Telegrams: Crystal, Rochdale. Passenger and goods station: Rochdale, 1 mile. — Boiler feed water treatment and Firmite for cement work.

Cumming Parsons, Limited, St. Mary's Distillery, Manchester, 9. Telephone: Collyhurst, 2404 and 2988. Telegrams: Distil, Manchester, 9. London depot: 248b Latimer Road, North Kensington, London, W.10 (Telephone: Ladbrooke 1746. Telegrams: Twinlink, Nottarch, London). — Essences and colours for all purposes, essential oils, disinfectants, etc.

Cumming, William, & Company, Limited, Deepfields Works, near Bilston, Staffordshire (Incorporating A.E.B. Products, Limited). Telephone: Bilston 41203. Passenger station: Bilston, mile. Goods station: Own sidings. — Blacklead, plumbago, coal dust, graphite, core gum, core binders, core oils, silica flour, charcoal, foundry blackings, artificial moulding stone, parting powders, french chalk.

Currie, Rowlands & Company, Limited, Kelvinside, Seacombe, Wallasey, Cheshire. Telephone: Claughton 1785. — Chemical manures and fertilisers.

Damancy & Company, Limited, Coronation Road, Ware, Herts. Telephone: Ware 671. Telegrams: Damancy, Ware. Passenger and goods station: Ware. — Barium contrast-media, and X-ray film processing chemicals.

Davis Products, Limited, 300 Goswell Road, London, E.C.1. Telephone: Terminus 2828. Works: Whitchurch, Hampshire (Telephone: Whitchurch 104. Passenger and goods station: Whitchurch, adjoining works). — Glycerine. See also Soap section.

Dawsons Ammonia Distillers, Limited, Dock Ammonia Works, Ashton Marsh, Preston, Lancashire. Telephone: Preston 86125. Passenger and goods station: Preston. — Ammonia, all strengths.

Day, Mark, & Son, Providence Works, West Town, Dewsbury. Telephone: Dewsbury 45. Telegrams: Day, Dewsbury 45. Passenger and goods station: Dewsbury, 1 mile. Water facilities: British Waterways. — Tanning and dyewood extracts, dyers' chemicals, tanners' chemicals, fertilisers, detergents, etc.

Dean, John I., High Street Laboratory, 2a High Street, Plymouth Grove, Manchester, 13. Telephone: Rusholme 4582. Telegrams: Pomarium, Manchester. — Soluble and fruit essences, essential oils, colours for mineral waters, etc.

Deanhead Chemical Company, Limited, Paragon Chemical Works, Edgar Street, Smallbridge, Rochdale, Lancs. Telephone: Rochdale 2860. Telegrams: Deanhead Chemical Company, Smallbridge, Rochdale. — Boiler composition, zinc chloride, ammonia chloride, magnesium chloride, Epson salts, calcium chloride, tallow, china clay, farina, glycerine substitute, Fuller's earth, brimstone, pearl hardener, Glauber salts, urine substitute, caustic soda, blanc fixe, blue and starch, ammonia, wheel grease, bleaching liquid, colours and dyes for all Purposes, fillings for cotton and woollen fabrics, waxes of all qualities. See also Soap section and advertisement on page r2.

Delf, W. M., (Liverpool), Limited, Delco Soap Works, Rice Lane, Liverpool, 9. Telephone: Aintree 1752. Telegrams: Helpmate, Liverpool. — Disinfectant fluids, antiseptic sprays, crude and distilled glycerine. See also Soap section.

Dennis, L., & Company, Limited, Thorpe Chemical Works, Walkden, near Manchester. Telephone: Walkden 2242. Telegrams: Dennis, Walkden. Passenger and goods station: Walkden, 1 mile. — Intermediates for dyestuffs, magenta.

Derby & Company, Limited, 11-12 St. Swithin's Lane, London E.C.4. Telephone: Mincing Lane 5272. Telegrams: Plativet, London. — Gold, silver and platinum refiners; metals, minerals and fluorescent powders.

Derby Oxide & Colour Company, Limited, Rugeley, Staffordshire. Telephone: Rugeley 150. Telegrams: Colours, Rugeley. Passenger and goods station: Rugeley, 200 yds. — Pure oxide of iron products, finely levigated and powdered (high staining) colours for paints, ships' compos., rubber goods, floorcloths, cement slabs, roofing tiles, etc.; also finest rouges for the plate glass, jewellery and optical trades.

Dickinson, Arthur J., Limited, Neptune Works, Canal Approach, Trundleys Road, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Telephone: Tideway 1471 and 3668. Telegrams: Neptardis, Souphone, London. Water facilities: Canal alongside works. — Emulsifiers and emulsions for heavy and light textiles; waterproof, rotproof, etc., emulsions for rope and cordage; fireproofing, etc., for canvas, cotton and jute; waterproofing compounds for reproofing fine textiles, particularly for the dry cleaning trade; synthetic detergents; fine chemicals.

Distillers Company (Biochemicals), Limited, Fleming Road, Speke, Liverpool, 24. Telephone: Hunts Cross 1271. Telegrams: Penspek, Liverpool, 24. Sales Division: Broadway House, The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, S.W.19. Telephone: Liberty 6600. Telegrams: Penspek, London, S.W.I9. — Penicillin, Streptomycin, vitamin B12 and other antibiotics and pharmaceuticals.

Distillers Company, Limited, The, Chemical Division, Devonshire House, Mayfair Place, London, W.1. Telephone: Mayfair 8867. Telegrams: Chemidiv London Telex. — Calcium carbide; carbon dioxide in liquid, solid and bulk form; industrial alcohol; Bisol chemicals; acetic acid; acetic anhydride; acetone; amyl alcohol; Butyl alcohol (butanol); 2-ethyl hexyl alcohol; acetaldehyde; butyraldehyde; crotonaldehyde; paraldehyde; methyl ethyl ketone; diacetone alcohol; amyl, butyl, ethyl, isopropyl and methyl acetates; cirtates; lactates; cleates; oxalates; phthalates; stearates; tartrates; diacetin; triacetin; and other Bisol solvents, plasticisers and intermediates for the nitrocellulose lacquer, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries; Bisoflex plasticisers and Bisomel cosmetic chemicals.

Dobb, J. T., & Son, Limited, West Bar, Sheffield. Telephone: Sheffield 25501. Telegrams: Dobb, Sheffield 25501. Works: Hicks Lane, Sheffield. Passenger and goods stations: Sheffield Victoria, mile and Sheffield Central, mile. — Paints, oils and varnishes.

Domestos Limited, College Works, Albion Row, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 6. Telephone: Newcastle 656061. Telegrams: Domestos, Newcastle. Passenger and goods station: Newcastle Central, 1 mile. London offices: 18-19 Belle Vue Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W.17 (Telephone: Balham 44789). Birmingham office: 33 Rea Street, Birmingham (Telephone: Midland 5387). Cardiff office: Sanatorium Road, Cardiff (Telephone: Cardiff 32048). Manchester office: Mary Street, Strangeways, Manchester (Telephone: Blackfriars 6873). York office: 45 Micklegate, York (Telephone: York 4236). Glasgow office: 67 Cuthelton Street, Parkhead, Glasgow (Telephone: Bridgton 0130). — Detergents, disinfectants, bleaches and fine chemicals, including Domestos, stabilised sodium hypochlorite solution; Bubbly Stergene, general purpose liquid detergent; SqEzy, liquid dishwasher; Softly, fine fabrics detergent; Standard Stergene, non-ironic industrial detergent; Progene, glycerised industrial detergent and Hytox, combined detergent steriliser.

Dorman Long (Chemicals) Limited, P.O. Box 8, Port Clarence, Middlesbrough. Telephone: Middlesbrough 57331. Telegrams: Dorchem, Telex, Middlesbrough. Goods station: Port Clarence. — Benzoles, toluene, xylene, pseudo-cumene, mesitylene, hemimelitine, special naphthas and solvents, coumarone-indene resin, coumarone-styrene resin, naphthalene-formaldehyde resin, creosote oil, crude tar acids, phthalic naphthalene, acenaphthene, crude pyridine, methyl naphthalene oil, black varnish.

Drury, John, & Company, Limited, River Street, Brighouse, Yorks. Telephone: Brighouse 131. Telegrams: Drury Company, Brighouse. Passenger and goods station: Brighouse, 1 mile. — Crude and refined glycerine. See also Soap section.

Duche & Knight, Limited, The London Glue Works, Knights Road, London, E.16. Telephone: Albert Dock 1414. Telegrams: Johnite, Easphone, London. — Bone glues, synthetic and vegetable adhesives (Keystone brand).

Duckworth & Company (Essences), Limited, Old Trafford Essence Distillery, Chester Road, Manchester, 16. Telephone: Trafford Park 0225. Telegrams: Gingerine, Manchester 16. Passenger and goods stations: All Manchester stations. London office: 1 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3 (Telephone: Mansion House 6450). — Soluble and fruit essences; colours and essential oils for aerated water manufacturers and confectioners.

Duncan, Flockhart & Company, Limited, 4 Carlos Place, London, W.1. Telephone: Mayfair 2355. Telegrams: Dunhart, Audley, London. For other particulars see Scotland section.

Dunn Brothers (Manchester) Limited, 31 King Street West, Manchester. Telephone: Deansgate 5581. Telegrams: Dunns, Manchester. Works: Bowlee Mill, Heywood Old Road, Middleton, near Manchester (Telephone: Middleton 3302). Goods station: Middleton, 1 mile. — Coal tar products, toluol, xylol, naphthas, cresylic acid, creosote oil, naphthalene, pitch, ammonium carbonate and bicarbonate, liquid ammonia, china clay, paint driers, white spirit, distillate, paraffin, synthetic rubber, accelerators for rubber compounding, magnesium carbonate, metallic stearates, oleic and stearic acids, synthetic resins, fatty alcohols, glyceryl mono stedrate, wetting and dispersing agents, emulsifiers, synthetic detergents, lanoline, precipitated chalks, sulphur, zinc oxide, lithopone, titanium dioxide.

Durham Chemicals, Limited, Birtley, Co. Durham. Telephone: Birtley 240. Telegrams: Deecee, Birtley. Passenger and goods station: Birtley mile. Sales offices: Durham Raw Materials Ltd., 1-4 Great Tower Street, London, E.C.3 (Telephone: Mansion House 4333); Canada House, 3 Chepstow Street, Manchester; 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Douglas 2561) and Birtley, Co. Durham (Telephone: Birtley 240). — Antimony sulphides; cadmium compounds; calamine; calcium silicate (Tufknit C.S.); factices; lead silicate; metal powders (lead, zinc, solder); metal stearates and other metal soaps; stabilisers for P.V.C.; zinc carbonate; zinc sulphate monohydrate; zinc oxides (Activox, Decelox, Duroxide, Extrox, Microx, Suprox, Ultroxide and others); chemicals for the glass, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, plastic, rubber and other industries.

Dussek Brothers & Company, Limited, Thames Road, Crayford, Kent. Telephone: Bexley Heath 2000. Telegrams: Dussek Dartford Telex. Telex: London 28419. Water facilities: River. — Oil and rosin distillers and refiners; manufacturers of disinfectants, varnish, tar, pitch, grease, etc.

East Lancashire Chemical Company, Limited, Fairfield Works and Edge Lane Works, Fairfield, Manchester. Telephone: Droylsden 1145. Telegrams: Chimiques, Manchester. Passenger station: Manchester, miles. Goods stations: Manchester: Beswick and Ashton Old Road; Ashton-under-Lyne: Oldham Road. Water facilities: L.N.E. Canal. London representative: N. Nash, 38 Hampton Court Avenue, East Molesey (Telephone: Emberbrook 5271). — Liquid, solid, flake and powder, caustic soda, caustic potash, low chlorine caustic potash, soda crystals, chemicals for bleachers, sizers and finishers, textile oils, sulphonated oils, precipitated chalk, activated chalk, limestone flour, scouring powder, industrial instruments, thickness meters, and moisture determinators, calcium carbonate, cements, chalk (all types), detergents, finishing compositions, lime and limestone, potassium: carbonate, potassium hydroxide, scouring ashes and powders, sizes and sizing materials, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sulphonated oils, textile chemicals, turkey red oil. See also Soap section and advertisement on page 28.

East London Saltpetre Works, Limited, 8 Woodcroft, Winchmore Hill, London, N.21. Telephone: Palmcrs Green 5772. Sole Agents: Courtin & Warner Limited, Lewes, Sussex. (Telephone: Lewes 1864). — Brandram's B.B. Brand refined saltpetre (crystals, granulated or powdered).

East Midlands Gas Board, Engineering & Production Department, Litchurch Works, Derby. Telegrams: Gas Company, Derby. Carbonising works: Litchurch Gas Works, Derby (Telephone: Derby 71644 and 71573. Passenger and goods stations: Derby, 2 miles, or Private Sidings). — Spent oxide, concentrated ammonia liquor, crude coal tar, C.W.G. tar, retort carbon.

Elder, Reed, A., & Company. See under Reed, Elder A.

Elephant Chemical Company, Limited, Barmouth, North Wales. Telephone: Barmouth 225. — Elcosan non-poisonous disinfectant fluid, Nix dry cleaner, Elephant polishes and household cleansers.

Elvin Brothers, Limited, Phoenix Oil and Soap Works, Dansom Lane, Hull. Telephone: Central 33265. Telegrams: Elvins, Dansom Lane, Hull. Passenger and goods station: Wilmington, mile. — Disinfeclants, rosin oil, oils, etc. See also Soap section.

English Clays Lovering Pochin & Company, Limited, St. Austell, Cornwall. Telephone: St. Austell 482. Telegrams: Universal, St. Austell Telex. London office: 10 Lower Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Tate Gallery 9346). — China clay, colloidal kaolin, ball clay and china stone.

Esso Petroleum Company, Limited (Specialty Department), Albert Street, Camden Town, London, N.W.1. Telephone: Gulliver 5474. — Stemcol, kaolin poultice, bulk and packed emulsions, Senzprolia D.D.T. hair emulsion, Flit, Flit powder, Flit press button sprays, liquid paraffin, white oils, petroleum jellies.

European Chemical Manufacturing Company, 62 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, 3. Telephone: Leeds 26371. Goods station: Leeds, mile. — Hydrofluoric acid, white acid, roof glass cleaning compound.

Evans Chemicals Limited, Elstree Way, Boreham Wood, Herts. Telephone: Elstree 2445. Telegrams : Facilities, Telephone, London. Passenger and goods station : Elstree, 1 mile. — Thiovanic vacuum distilled thioglycollic acid, ammonium thioglycollate, calcium thioglycollate.

Evans, Gadd & Company, Limited, 6-11 Smythen Street, Exeter. Telephone: Exeter 76311. Telegrams: Gadd, Exeter. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Evans, H. J., & Company, Limited, 22a Allerton Road, Liverpool, 18. Telephone: Allerton 2052 and 3060. Telegrams: Gunmetal, Liverpool. — All ferro alloys, metals, carbon alloys, minerals, ores, french chalk, aluminous ore, chrome ore, talc, barytes, rock, roll and flowers of sulphur, manganese carbonate, barium, calcined magnesite, plumbago, graphite, sulphate alumina, sulphate barytes, black lead, bauxite, and magnesite bricks, dead burnt magnesite, molybdenite, wolfram ore, fluorspar, carbonate of barium, spelter, calcium silicide, caustic soda, silica, pumice substitutes, lump and powdered pumice, titanium white, ilmenite, rutile and zirconium, manganese ore lumps, powdered and manganese sulphate, titanium dioxide pure white, white powdered arsenic 99-100%, manganese dioxide and manganese sulphate.

Evans Medical Supplies, Limited, Speke, Liverpool, 19. Telephone: Hunts Cross 1881. Telegrams: Evansmed, Liverpool. London depot: Stonefield Way, Ruislip, Middlesex (Telephone: Ruislip 3333. Telegrams: Evansmed, Cent, London). Evans Fine Chemical Works: Runcorn, Cheshire (Telephone: Runcorn 2113). Evans Biological Institute: Runcorn, Cheshire (Telephone: Runcorn 2332). — Drugs; pharmaceuticals; biological, including antitoxins, vaccines, seras heparin and liver products; fine chemicals, including bismuth salts, citrates, iodides, magnesium salts, mercury sulphonamides, arsenicals, germicides.

Evans, Norman, & Rais, Limited, Unity Mills, Woodley, near Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Woodley 2277. Telegrams: Chrievan, Stockport. Passenger station: Stockport. Goods station: Woodley. Works at Heaton Moor, near Stockport, and Stoneclough, Kearsley, near Manchester. — Full range of enzymes, surface active agents, detergents, wetting-out agents, sequestering agents, cutting oils, metallic soaps such as naphthenates, stearates and linoleates.

Everest & Company, Limited, 11-21 Northern Road, Plaistow, London, E.13. Telephone: Grangewood 0023. Telegrams: Tinctorial, Easphone, London. — Brewers' chemicals.

Everitt & Company, Limited, 40 Chapel Street, Liverpool. Telephone: Central 2995. Telegrams: Persistent, Liverpool. Telex 62-173. Passenger stations: Lime Street or Exchange. Goods station: Alexandra Dock. — Manganese ore and oxide (in lumps, grain and powder), chrome ore, molybdenite, wolfrum, scheelite, vanadium, magnesite, talc, asbestos fibre and powder, etc. See advertisement on page 16.

Fallowfield, Jonathan, Limited, 74 Newman Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Museum 7401. Telegrams: Fallowfield, Rath. London. — Photographic chemcials.

Farinol Company, The, Trafford Park, Manchester, 57. Telephone: Trafford Park, 1288. Telegrams: Farinol, Trafford Park. Passenger station: Trafford Park, 10 min. Goods station: Own sidings, Trafford Park Road. Representatives in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, York, etc. — Farinol antiseptic sweeping compositions, "Soapoid" cleanser, disinfectants of all kinds, germicides, spraying fluids, insecticides, marking inks, detergents. See also Soap section.

Farmers' Fertilizer Company, Limited, The, Royston, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Royston 2213. Passenger station: Royston, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Chemical fertilisers.

Farnell Carbons Limited, 1a Conduit Road, Plumstead, London, S.E.18. Telephone: Woolwich 1158. Telegrams: Scofar, Wol, London. — Activated carbon, decolourising carbon, absorption carbons and gas mask carbons, bentonite and bleaching earth.

Feedwater Specialists Company, Maxwell House, St. Paul's Square, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Central 1783 (4 lines). Telegrams: Alkaline, Liverpool. Division of The Liverpool Borax Company, Limited, q.v.). — Algor boiler water treatment, Pluvite water purification and softeners, water treatment chemicals, and Metoclen descaling solvent.

Felling Zinc Oxide Company, Limited, Felling Shore Works, Felling-on-Tyne. Telephone: Felling 69-2217/8. Telegrams: Oxide. Telephone, Gateshead. Passenger and goods station: Felling, 1 mile. — Zinc oxides.

Field, C. W., Limited, Edwards Lane, Speke, Liverpool, 24. Telephone: Hunts Cross 1345. Telegrams: Cambrian, Liverpool. London office: 2 Northdown Street, London, N.1 (Telephone: Terminus 8673. Telegrams: Nillava, London, N.1). Dublin depot: 16 Rutland Place, Parnell Square, Dublin (Telephone: Dublin 77162. Telegrams: Essences, Dublin). — Essential oils, flavouring essences, heading extracts, saponine.

Fisons, Limited, Harvest House, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Telephone: Felixstowe 1441. Telegrams: Fisons, Telex Felixstowe. Works at Cliff Quay, Ipswich; Bramford; Burwell; Barking; Totton, Hants; Plymouth; Avonmouth; Widnes; Immingham; Boston; Goole; Liverpool; Newcastle; Silloth; Berwick; Burntisland; Leith; and Bo'ness. London office: Sackville House, 143/9 Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Mansion House 6262. — Chemical fertilisers; industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. See also under Whiffen and Sons Ltd.

Fisons Pest Control, Limited, Cambridge Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Telephone: Felixstowe 1441. Telegrams: Pestcont, Felixstowe. Works at Harston, Cambs. Telephone: Harston 312. Telegrams: Pestcont, Cambridge. Passenger and goods station: Cambridge, 4 miles. — Insecticides, fungicides and selective weed killers; Fisons 18-15, Phenoxylene Plus, New Legumex with MCPA, Legumex, Phortox, Supersevtox; Tecane, soil applied herbicide; Fisons P.C.P., pre-emergent weed killer; Rogor 40, systematic organo-phosphorus insecticide; Sillortox 20, contact insecticide; Supadiel, contact insecticide; Toxadrin, soil insecticide; Blitane, fungicide; Blitox, copper fungicide; Foliatox, haulm and weed destroyer.

Fletcher, Fletcher & Company, Limited, Vibrona Laboratories, Holloway, London, N.7. Telephone: North 3237. Telegrams: Hydrobromic, Norphone, London. — Pharmaceutical preparations, Vibrona tonic wine, Bronamalt tonic nutrient, Effico tonic, Flexaphyll deodorant tablets, Aperigran laxative granules, Rubelix cough syrup.

Fullers' Earth Union, The, Limited, Patteson Court, Nutfield Road, Redhill, Surrey. Telephone: Redhill 3521. Telegrams: Fullion, Redhill. Works at Redhill and Bath. — Natural and activated fullers' earth, Fulbond bonding clays for foundry sands and cores, Fulbent bentonites for well drilling, etc.

Furmoto Chemical Company, Limited, 1-3 Brixton Road, London, S.W.9. Telephone: Reliance 2881. Telegrams: Furmotokem, Claproad, London. — Furniture, shoe, leather and motor-car polishes; metal, silver and floor polishes; household and non-poisonous disinfectants; lens polishing and anti-misting preparations.

Gale & Mount, Limited, Commerce House, Commerce Road, Brentford, Middlesex. Telephone: Isleworth 4334. Telegrams: Salmenta, Brentford-Hounslow. — Isolates, synthetics, essential oils, aromatic chemicals. See advertisement on page 14.

Garthwaite Brothers, Limited, Boothroyd Chemical Works, Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Telephone: Dewsbury 164. Telegrams: Garthwaite Brothers, Dewsbury. Passenger and goods station: Dewsbury, 1 mile. — Dyers' chemicals, solvent soaps.

Gas Purification, Limited, Palmerston House, 9 Ormond Close, Boswell Street, London, W.C.1. Telephone: Chancery 8953. Telegrams: Purification Westcent, London. — Oxide of iron for gas purification, spent oxide for sulphuric acid making, etc.

General Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company, Limited, Judex Works, Sudbury, Wembley, Middlesex. Telephone: Arnold 3883. Telegrams: Chemipharm, Wembley. Passenger stations: Sudbury Town (Piccadilly line), mile, and Wembley Central (Bakerloo line), 1 mile. Goods station: Wembley Central, 1 mile. — Analytical reagents and other laboratory and fine chemicals including Judactan analytical reagents with actual batch analysis; Judex analytical reagents to maximum limits of impurity; Judex laboratory reagents; standard volumetric and other solutions; reagents for water and gas analysis; indicators (absorption, oxidation and reduction and for pH determination); buffer solutions; reagents for bacteriological and pathological work; stains and other materials for microscopy; special reagents including those for spot tests and microanalysis; technical, foodstuff, and oil-soluble dyes; Oasis accumulator acid and distilled water; Oast-potash electrolyte; Vulcan dipping acid and chemicals for electroplating.

Gilbert, J. C., Limited, Columbia House, Aldwych, London, W.C.2. Telephone : Chancery 5656. Telegrams: Raylev, London. Telex: 2-2716. — Heavy and fine chemicals, dyestuff intermediates, coal tar products, insecticides, glycerine (all grades), agar agor, casein, tapioca flour, milk powder, shellac, seedlac, sticklac.

Glovers (Chemicals) Limited, Wortley Low Mills, Wortley, Leeds, 12. Telephone: Leeds 637847. Telegrams: Glokem, Leeds, 12. — Fatty alcohols (cetyl, oleyl, etc.), Collones emulsifying waxes, Pentrones sulphated fatty alcohols, Resistone mordants and resistants for textile dyestuffs, Solumin wetting agents, Texogents textile solvents, Trisophone and Miravon detergents, Bitran surface active agents, Catafor anti-static agents, Ranotex softening agents, Pentrosan non-ionic dyeing assistants, Texofor non-ionic surface active agents, Texowax polyoxyethylene glycols, Morpan quaternary ammonium compounds, Fromescols, antifoam de-emulsifiers, amphionics, ambiterics and ampholytic surface active agents.

Goodall, Alfred, & Company, Limited, Farrar Mill and Providence Chemical Works, Salterhebble, Halifax, Yorkshire. Telephone: Halifax 4297. Telegrams: Goodall, Halifax. Passenger and goods station: Halifax Shaw Syke, mile. — Glauber salts, ammonia, iron nitrate, nitric and acetic acids, hydrochloric acid, turkey red oils, sulphonated oils, sodium bisulphite and basic chromium sulphate, sodium sulphite crystals, myrabolam powder, ammonium, sodium and potassium oleates. See also Soap section.

Goodwin Tidswell, Limited, Atlas Works, Carnarvon Street, Manchester, 3. Telephone: Blackfrairs 1346. Telegrams: Tastells, Manchester. — Flavouring essences.

Gorton, Edward, Limited, Paddington Works, near Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Warrington 34631. Telegrams: Gorton, Paddington, Warrington. Passenger and goods station: Warrington, 2 miles. — Gelatine, glue.

Gosnell, John, & Company, Limited, Ballards Old Brewery, Southover, Lewes, Sussex. Telephone: Lewes 1772. London office: 1 Doyce Street, London, S.E.1 (Telephone: Waterloo 6594). — Perfumery. See also Soap section.

Gotham Company, Limited, Gotham, Nottingham. Telephone: Gotham 201. Telegrams: Gothic, Nottingham. Goods station: Gotham and own siding. Also at Dale Road, Carlton, Nottingham (Telephone: Nottingham 24-8388); Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire (Telephone: Kinoulton 225); and Cocklakes, near Carlisle (Telephone: Wetheral 345. Passenger and goods station: Cumwhinton). London office: Bath House, 82 Piccadilly, London, W.1 (Telephone: Grosvenor 2488). — Agricultural and manure gypsum; calcined manure driers; brewers' gypsum; sulphate of lime; terra alba and mineral white for grease, oil and colour trades; plaster of Paris; Pixie powder for stone dusting in collieries; pink meal for tinplate works; gypsum rock; anhydrite; pure white impalpable anhydrous calcium sulphate; Carlite pre-mixed lightweight aggregate plaster, keenes and parian gypsium cements, Thistle retarded hemihydrate plaster, Herculite plasters for the foundry and allied industries, barytite X-ray plaster.

Gough, Kidston & Company, 17 Creechurch Lane, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Avenue 2278. Telegrams: Kidstonism, Fen, London. — Chrome tanning extracts, synthetic tannins and bates, fat liquors for leather manufacturers; dyewood extracts, acetic acid, and all technical chemicals, gums, waxes, petroleum jellies, sulphonated oils.

Graesser Salicylates, Limited, Sandycroft, near Chester. Telephone: Hawarden 2125. Telegrams: Quality, Chester. Passenger and goods station: Sandycroft, private siding. — Aspirin, salicylic acid, sodium salicylate, other salicylates, and associated products, also paracetamel, sodium acetate and ortho cresotic acid.

Greenhalgh, William, Executors of, Peel Street Chemical Works, Radcliffe, near Manchester. Telephone: Radcliffe 2360. Telegrams: Greenhalgh, Manufacturing Chemist, Radcliffe. Passenger and goods station: Radcliffe, mile. — Oleine and soluble oils, oleine substitute, softenings, bleachings, sizes and stiffenings. See also Soap section.

Grimshaw Brothers & Company, Limited, Canal Chemical Works, Clayton, Manchester, 11. Telephone: East 0036. Telegrams: Grimbro, Manchester. Passenger station: Manchester, 2 miles. Goods station: Beswick, mile. — Solid and liquid chloride of zinc, sulphate of zinc, and other zinc salts, ammonium chloride, sizing materials and drysalteries, glycerine special, etc.

Grindley & Company, Limited, Upper North Street, Poplar, London, E.14. Telephone: East 1478. Telegrams: Resinous, Pop. London. Water facilities: Lee Conservancy. Branch works: Rawcliffe, Yorkshire (Telephone: Rawcliffe 336). — Red Lion Brand resinate, linoleate and naphthenate driers, ester gums, copal esters and concentrated varnishes (in paste form), Laculose synthetic resins, rosin and tar distillers, grease, disinfectants, and black varnish.

Gurr, George T., Limited, 136-138 New Kings Road, London, S.W.6. Telephone: Renown 5482. Telegrams: Microstain, Walgreen, London. Works: Elysium Place, London, S.W.6. — Microscopical stains and reagents.

Haigh, John, & Company, Limited, Clayfield Oilworks, Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield. Telephone: Slaithwaite 266. Telegrams: Haigh, Slaithwaite. Passenger and goods station: Slaithwaite, mile. — Stearines, oleines, fatty acids.

Hall, William (Battersea) Limited, Britannia Works, 277 York Road, Battersea, London, Telephone: Battersea 0096. — Lead.

Hallams, Limited, Dallow Works, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Telephone: Burton-on-Trent 3268. Passenger station: Burton-on-Trent, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Sulphites and bisulphites of lime, soda, magnesia and potash; finings, gypsum, sulphurous acid, Solphine preservative for meat and milk.

Haller & Phillips, Limited, 14 Wool Exchange, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.2. Telephone: Monarch 9041. Telegrams: Haloid, Ave, London. — Glycerine, decolorising carbon, petroleum jelly, castor oil, filter aids.

Halstead, G., Limited, Spring Garden Mill, Turf Street, Burnley, Lancashire. Telephone: Burnley 2386. — Kas Kade and Lily Brand table salt; scouring stones.

Hamlett, George, & Sons, Limited. Sales Office: Amasal Ltd., Crown Works, Stafford. Telephone: Stafford 2364/5. Shipping Dept.: 8a Rumford Place, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Central 5214. — All grades of industrial and household salt.

Hampshire, F. W., & Company, Limited, Sunnydale, Derby. Telephone: Derby 22202. Telegrams: Attentive, Derby. Passenger and goods station: Derby, 1 mile. — Pomeroy beauty preparations, Snowfire cosmetic series, Snowfire ointment, Snowfire healing tablets, Zubes throat lozenges and cough mixture, Dor deodorant stick and Dor deodorant cream, Kwits cough sweets. See also Soap section.

Hardings (Pendleton) Limited, New Thomas Street, Pendleton, Salford . Manchester. Telephone: Pendleton 2266. Telegrams: Hardco, Manchester, Passenger and goods station: Pendleton, 200 yards. — Harclene products for scouring art silk, cotton, Celanese, wool, etc; Harcol for wetting-out, etc. See also Soap section.

Hardman, E., Son & Company, Limited, Bedford Street, Wilmington, Hull. Telephone: Central 31601. Telegrams: Hardmans, Hull. Passenger and goods station: Wilmington. — Refined tar, black varnish, pitch, creosote, anthracene oil, crude carbolic and cresylic acids, naphthas, etc.

Hardman & Holden, Limited, Manox House, Coleshill Street, Miles Platting, Manchester. Telephone: Collyhurst 1551. Telegrams: Oxide, Manchester. Passenger station: Miles Platting. Goods station: Oldham Road, mile. London office: 28 Kingsway, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Chancery 8331). — Potassium ferrocyanide, sodium ferrocyanide, potassium ferricyanide, iron oxide for gas purification, sulphocyanides of ammonium, barium, aluminium, potassium, prussian blues, sodium hydro-sulphite, liquid sulphur dioxide, carbon disulphide, sulphuric acid, thiourea, metallic naphthenates, metallic stearates, Manoxol OT and Manoxol N wetting agents, Sulfan (stabilised sulphur trioxide), Manosil AS 7 and Manosil VN 3 paint and plastics auxiliaries.

Hargreaves (Lively Polly) Limited, Lively Polly Soap Works, Binns Road, Old Swan, Liverpool. Telephone: Stoneycroft 4744. Telegrams: Beauty, Liverpool. Passenger station: Edge Lane, mile. Goods station: Edge Hill, mile. — Polly Bleach water softener and bleacher. See also Soap section.

Harrington Brothers, Limited, 4 Oliver's Yard, 53a City Road, London, E.C.1. Telephone: Clerkenwell 3807. Telegrams: Siccative, Ave, London. — Laboratory chemicals for analysis and research, fine chemicals for industrial purposes. See advertisement on page 38.

Harrington Edible Products, Limited, Macclesfield. Telephone: Macclesfield 2774. Telegrams: Edible, Macclesfield. Passenger and goods station: Macclesfield, miles. Water facilities: Macclesfield Canal. — Dripping feeding meals, tallows, greases.

Harris, Philip, Limited, 144-146 Edmund Street, Birmingham. Telephone: Central 4211. Telegrams: Science, Birmingham. Passenger station: Snow Hill, close to works. — Laboratory requisites and pure reagents for analysis.

Harris, Hart & Company, Limited, Gregge Street Chemical Works, Heywood, Lancashire. Telephone: Heywood 6570. Telegrams: Harp, Heywood, Lancs. Passenger and goods station: Heywood. — Epsom salts, glauber salts, cattle salts.

Harrison, Blair & Company, Limited, Kearsley Chemical Works, Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire. Telephone: Farnworth 410. Passenger station: Farnworth, 1 mile. Goods station: Stoneclough sidings. — Sulphuric acid, bleaching liquor, salt cake, hydrochloric acid, hypochlorite of soda, caustic soda (liquor and solid), zinc chloride, zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, magnesium carbonate, etc.

Harrison, Clark, Limited, 391 Dickenson Road, Longsight, Manchester, 13. Telephone: Rusholme 2955. Telegrams: Klarkarry, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Longsight. — Copperas (iron sulphate) copper sulphate, crystals and powder, charcoal wood, all grades, leads, dry and in oil, white and red, also litharge; naphthalene, all grades; mercury; zinc chloride and oxide, precipitated chalk, carbonate of potash, epsom salts, whiting, iron powder.

Harrison & Son (Hanley) Limited, Phoenix Chemical Works, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 21221. Telegrams: Phoenix, Hanley. Passenger station: Hanley, mile. Goods stations: Hanley, mile, and own siding at Endon. Water facilities: Own wharf. — Raw and prepared materials for the ceramic industry; underglaze colours, colouring oxides, stains, enamel colours, gold colours, fritts, glazes, fritts and prepared enamels for iron and steel, finely ground bone, felspar, flint, quartz, cornish stone and whiting. Sole manufacturers of Staffordshire Seger cones.

Hart & Partington, Limited, Cardigan Works, Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, near Manchester. Telephone: Radcliffe 2075. Passenger and goods station: Radcliffe, 1 mile. — Oleine oil, turkey red oils, softenings, etc.

Hawley, W., & Son, Limited, Colour Works, Duffield, near Derby. Telephone: Duffield 2294. Telegrams: Hawley, Duffield. Passenger and goods station; Duffield, 1 mile. — Purple and red oxides, yellow ochres, blacks, burnt and raw turkey umbers, indian red, turkey red, venetian red, roughes, rottenstone, crocus powder, silica, precipitated chalk, chromes, greens, blues, permanent reds, etc., and Shadeacrete cement colours.

Hay, William, Limited, 42-46 Walmsley Street, Hull, Yorkshire. Telephone: Hull 36792. Telegrams: Ginger, Hull. London office: 2-3 Browning Street, Walworth Road, London, S.E.17 (Telephone: Rodney 3293. Telegrams: Bushworth, London, S.E.17). — Concentrated, soluble and fruit essences; colourings, etc.

Hazlewood & Sons, Limited, Nelson Works, Patricroft, Manchester. Telephone: Eccles 2771. Telegrams: Blue, Patricroft. Passenger and goods station: Patricroft, mile. — Barrier creams and industrial skin cleansers. See also Soap section.

Heckmondwike Chemical Company, Limited, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. Telephone: Heckmondwike 365. Telegrams: Oxpychem, Dewsbury. Passenger and goods station: Heckmondwike, 100 yards. — Nitric acid, nitrate of iron, stripping spirits, glauber salts, B.O.V. and D.O.V. fertilisers and insecticides.

Hedley & Company (Leytonstone), Limited, 120-122 Harrow Road, Leytonstone, London, E.11, Telephone: Maryland 5186. Telegrams: Hedlethyl, Leystone, London. — Ethyl and methyl chlorides, methyl bromide, and anaesthetics.

Hepworth, B., & Company, Limited (P.O. Box No. 10), Chemical Works, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Telephone: Kidderminster 2212. Telegrams : Hepworths Chemicals, Kidderminster. Passenger and goods station: Kidderminster. — Sodium sulphate crystals (desiccated glauber salts), pure soda crystals in bags and cartons, ammonia and acids and synthetic detergents. See also Soap section.

Hervey, Peek & Hervey, Limited, Ordsall Lane, Salford, Manchester. Telephone: Trafford Park 1196. Telegrams: Hervey, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Ordsall Lane, mile. — Dyewood and tanning extracts and liquors, mordants, British gums, dextrines, and finishes.

Hess, Adolph, & Brother, Limited, Oil and Stearine Works, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. Telephone: 29358 (3 lines). Telegrams: Hess, Leeds. Passenger station: Leeds, mile. Goods station: Leeds and Armley near works. Water facilities: British Waterways. — Oleines, wool and cloth oils, stearines, glycerine, distillates, bases for polish manufacture, pitch, refined and neutral wool fats, leather oils, soluble oils, white oils, lubricants of all descriptions, etc. See also Soap section.

Heywood & Company, Tamworth Street, Openshaw, Manchester 11. Telephone: East 0054. Goods station: Openshaw mile. — Vegetable black, charcoal (all grades), general chemicals.

Hickson & Welch, Limited, Castleford, Yorkshire. Telephone: Castleford 2607. Telegrams: Roseine, Castleford. Passenger and goods station: Castleford Central, mile. London office: 8 Buckingham Palace Gardens, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Sloane 0636). — Photine optical whitening agents, anti-rancidity agents, stabilisers for perborates and hydrotropic agents.

Higginbottom & Company (Manchester) Limited, 21 Spring Gardens, Manchester. Telephone: Deansgate 4857. Telegrams: Alkali, Manchester. — Dyers and calico printers' chemicals, sulphates of iron and copper, sodium silico fluoride (98-100%), caustic and carbonate of potashes, oxalic acid, all acetates, lead salts, etc.

Hill-Jones, Thomas, Limited, Invicta Works, Bow Common Lane, London E.3. Telephone: East 3285. Telegrams: Hilljones, Bochurch, London. Goods station: Bow. Water facilities: Own wharf at Meeson's Wharf, Bow Bridge, London, E.15. — Animal and vegetable charcoal, ivory black, soldering fluid, bitumen, manganese, plumbago, etc.

Hirst Brooke Goodalls, Limited, Sheepscar Works, Leeds. Telephone: Leeds 32561. Telegrams: Hirst, Leeds Telex 55-165. Passenger and goods station: Leeds. — Pharmaceutical chemicals, compounded drugs, drysalteries.

Hodgson, Richard, & Sons, Limited, Beverley, Yorkshire. Telephone: Beverley 81133. Telegrams: Hodgsons, Beverley. Passenger and goods station: Beverley, close to works. Water facilities: By river from Hull. — Gelatine, glue and tanning extracts.

Hodgson & Hodgson, Limited, Asbestos Works, Carrington, Nottingham. Telephone: Nottingham 61072. Telegrams: Thermos, Nottingham. Passenger and goods station: Nottingham. Also at 36-36a Derby Road, Burton-on-Trent (Telephone: Burton-on-Trent 4772). — Soda tannate (liquid, powder and blocks), disinfectants, slag wool, hair felts, Thermos boiler and pipe coverings (insulations for heat, cold and condensation), boiler disencrustants (fluids, powders and blocks), cylinder jackets.

Hoechst Chemicals, Limited, 50 Jermyn Street, London, S.W.1. Telephone Hyde Park 7534. Telegrams: Hoechst, Piccy, London. Provincial offices: 75 Piccadilly, Manchester, 1, and 115-117 Colmore Row, Birmingham. — Heavy chemicals, chemical raw materials, intermediates, plasticisers, solvents, photographic chemicals, vinyl acetate monomer, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl formal, resorcinol, high density polythene, Hostalen high density polythene, Hostatton, Mowilith polyvinyl, Moviol polyvinyl, Mowital B polyvinyl, Mowital F polyvinyl.

Holliday, L. B., & Company, Limited, Deighton, Huddersfield. Telephone: Huddersfield 1840. Telegrams: Dyewares, Huddersfield. Goods station: Deighton, private sidings. London office: Spencer House, South Place, London, E.C.2 (Telephone: Monarch 4153). Leicester office: Frog Island, Leicester (Telephone: Leicester 27062). Manchester office: 22 The Parsonage, Manchester (Telephone: Blackfriars 3117). Glasgow office: 19 Waterloo Street, Glasgow (Telephone: Central 1606). — Aniline dyes, intermediates, chemicals, etc.

Holloway, George T., & Company, Limited, Metallurgical and Chemical Testing Works, Atlas Road, Victoria Road, Acton, London, N.W.10. Telephone: Elgar 5202. Telegrams: Neolithic, London. — Consulting metallurgists, assayers.

Hopkin & Williams, Limited, Freshwater Road, Chadwell Heath, Essex. Telephone: Seven Kings 6096. Telegrams: Cerium, Romford. Works: Uphall Road, Ilford, Essex (Telephone: Ilford 0335). — Fine chemicals for research and analysis, AnalaR laboratory chemicals, microscopical stains.

Hopol, Limited, Zan Works, Wheelock, Sandbach, Cheshire. Telephone: Sandbach 302. Telegrams: Hovey, 302 Sandbach. Passenger and goods station: Sandbach, miles. — Hopol powder for manufacture of metal polish, fine silicas, chalks, formaldehyde, disinfectant fluid. See also Zan Limited.

Horrocks, Thomas, & Sons, Limited, Norton Street, Miles Platting, Manchester, 10. Telephone: Collyhurst 2262. Passenger station: Miles Platting, mile. — Paints, varnishes, disinfectants, putty.

Hough, Hoseason & Company, Limited, Atlas Laboratories, Chapel Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, 19. Telephone: Rusholme 3271. Telegrams: Salicylate, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Manchester, London Road. — Pharmaceutical preparations, galenicals, drugs, medical specialities, ethical pharmaceutical products.

Houlder, W., Son & Company, Limited, Chemical Works, Southall, Middlesex. Telephone: Southall 0031/32. Passenger and goods station: Southall, mile. — Sulphuric, hydrochloric (muriatic) and nitric acids (pure and commercial, all strengths), battery acid, dipping (aqua fortis) and scaling acids, sulphurous acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia, bisulphite of lime, ferric sulphate, soldering solution, distilled water, etc.

Howards of Ilford, Limited, Ilford, Essex. Telephone: Ilford 3333. Telegrams: Quinology, Ilford. Passenger stations: Barking and Ilford. Goods station: Barking. — Fine and technical chemicals, solvents for incorporating in soaps, fatty alcohols, emulsifying agents, wetting agents, dyestuff stripping agents. See also Soap section.

Hubron Rubber Chemicals, Limited, Albion Works, Albion Street, Failsworth, Manchester. Telephone: Failsworth 2691. Telegrams: Hubronrub, Manchester. London office: 16 Philpot Lane, London, E.C.3 (Telephone: Mansion House 2064). — Barytes, Ukarb carbon black, china clay, carbon bisulphide, factices, india rubber manufacturers' chemicals, sulphur, zinc oxide, natural and precipitated whitings, petroleum jelly, emulsions and dispersions for latex work. See advertisement on page 18.

Hufton, C. H., & Sons, Limited, 47 Alcester Street, Birmingham, 12. Telephone: Victoria 0047. Passenger station: Bordesley, mile. Goods station: Lawley Street, 1 mile. — Polishing and plating materials; tripoli, emery and stainless steel compositions; abrasives, industrial gloves, and workpans.

Hughes, E. Griffiths, Limited, Adelphi, Salford 3, Manchester. Telephone: Blackfriars 8752. Telegrams: Grifhues, Manchester. — Fine pharmaceutical chemicals and pharmaceutical preparations.

Hull Chemical Works, Limited, Coronet Works, Kirkby Street, Hull, Yorkshire. Telephone: Central 33645. Telegrams: Alpine, Hull. Passenger station: Paragon, 1 mile. Goods station: Stepney. — Kilcrobe disinfectants, sheep dip, insecticides, weed killer, Lysol, etc. See also Soap section.

Hull and Liverpool Red Oxide Company, Limited, Bank Side, Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire. Telephone: Hull 41967. Telegrams: Oxide, Hull. Passenger station: Hull. Goods station: Stepney. Also at Peasley Cross Lane, St. Helens, Lancashire (Telephone: St. Helens 4157. Telegrams: Oxide, St. Helens). — Oxides of iron, venetian reds.

Hunter & Gow, Limited, Castle Works, West Derby Village, Liverpool, 12. Telephone: Stanley 1024. Telegrams: Hungow, Liverpool. Passenger station: West Derby. Goods station: Edge Hill or Brunswick. — Fertilisers, insecticides, fumigants, etc.

Hurst, A., & Company, Limited, Kirkman House, 54a Tottenham Court Road, London, W.1. Telephone: Langham 6972. Telegrams: Hurstico, Telephone: London. — Shellac, citrus and essential oils, crude drugs, gluestock, specialities for laundries and textiles, general heavy chemicals.

Hyland, Thomas, & Company, Limited, Beswick Colour and Chemical Works, Philips Park Road, Beswick, Manchester. Telephone: Ardwick 2121. Telegrams: Hyland, Manchester. Passenger station: London Road, 2 miles. Goods station: Beswick, mile. — Lakes and colours for the printing ink, linoleum, paper coating, paint, and rubber industries; gums and starches.

Ilford Limited, Ilford, Essex. Telephone: Ilford 3000. Telegrams: Plates, Ilford. Passenger station: Ilford, mile. Goods station: Ilford Goods, mile. London office: Central London Depot, Alan House, 55-59 Saffron Hill, Holborn, E.C.1 (Telephone: Holborn 3015). Midland depot: Coventry Road, Warwick (Telephone: Warwick 109). Bristol depot: King Johns Road, Charlton Road, Kingswood, Bristol (Telephone: Bristol 671358-9). Leeds depot: 3 Lodge Street, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, 1 (Telephone: Leeds 29101). Northern depot: Mobberley, Knutsford, Cheshire (Telephone: Mobberley 2371). Newcastle Sales Service Office: 32 Clayton Street West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (Telephone: Newcastle 2-9001). Scottish depot: 18 Shannon Street, Glasgow, N.W. (Telephone: Maryhill 4283-4). Belfast Depot: 40-54 Ainsworth Avenue, Belfast (Telephone: Belfast 27995). Eire branch: 53 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin (Telephone: Dublin 41964). — Photographic chemicals, including Ilford Phenidone developing agent; Ilford IBT Restrainer (organic anti-foggant); PFP, PQ Universal, and Contrast FF universal developers; Microphen fine grain developer; Copyphen document paper developer; PQX-1 and PQX-2 X-ray developers; Hypam Fixer and Hardener (concentrated fixing solutions), etc.

Imperial Chemical Industries, Limited, Imperial Chemical House, Millbank, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Victoria 4444. Telegrams: Impkemix London, Telex. Southern regional office and London area office: Gloucester House, Park Lane, London, W.1 (Telephone: Grosvenor 4010). South-western area office: Trafalgar, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol, 8 (Telephone: 38981. Telegrams: Impkemix, Bristol). Midland regional office and Birmingham Sales Office: Britannia House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, 3 (Telephone: Central 7070. Telegrams: Impkem, Birmingham Telex.). South Wales Area Sales Office: 15 Park Place, Cardiff (Telephone: Cardiff 22731. Telegrams: Impkemix, Cardiff). Leicester area office: P.O. Box 39, 122-124 Granby Street, Leicester (Telephone: Granby 1301. Telegrams: Impkemix, Leicester). Shrewsbury area office: Shearmen's Hall, Milk Street, Shrewsbury (Telephone: Shrewsbury 4021. Telegrams: Impkemix, Shrewsbury). Northern regional office: Ship Canal House, King Street, Manchester 2 (Telephone: Deansgate 2424. Telegrams: Icichem, Manchester 2). Manchester area office: Temple Chambers, 33 Brazennose Street, Manchester, 2 (Telephone: Deansgate: 2466. Telegrams: Impkemix, Telex, Manchester 2). Bradford area office: Brittania House, P.O. Box 100, Hall Ings (Telephone: Bradford 29530. Telegrams: Impkemix, Bradford, 1). Newcastle area office: P.O. Box No. 119, 21 Claremont Place, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 2 (Telephone: Newcastle-on-Tyne 2/5077. Telegrams: Impkemix, Newcastle-on-Tyne 2). Scotland and Northern Ireland regional office: 4 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: City 5020. Telegrams: Impkemix, Glasgow). Glasgow area office: As regional office. Edinburgh area office: 4 Heriot Row, Edinburgh (Telephone: Waverley 6333. Telegrams: Impkemix, Edinburgh). — Heavy and fine chemicals; acids (mineral and organic); alkalis; refrigerants; solvents; detergents; rubber chemicals; pigments; dyestuffs; dyeing auxiliaries; pharmaceuticals; fertilisers; insecticides; plastics, synthetic resins, synthetic fibres, nylon monofilaments, leathercloths; adhesives; metal heat treatment furnaces and salts; lime and limestone; salt; non-ferrous and light metal wrought products; ammunition (sporting and military); explosives; paints and lacquers; industrial ceramics and refractories.

Industrial Colloids, Limited, Viaduct Road Works and The Old Warehouse, Broadheath, Altrincham, Cheshire. Telephone: Altrincham 2328. Telegrams: Colloids, Altrincham. Passenger and goods station: Broadheath, mile. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal (Bridgewater Department), unloading facilities. — Colloidal chemicals; decarbonising and degreasing agents and cutting compounds, etc., for engineering, aircraft and shipping industries; medicinal chemicals, Colosyl, degreasants; Stovoid, paste cleaner; Lasteen, wax polish; Janpol, general detergent liquid; SD2, treatment for skin and tissue.

Jeffreys, Miller & Company, Limited, Leyland Mills, Wigan, Lancashire. Telephone: Wigan 2327. Telegrams: Maltum, Wigan. Passenger and goods station: Wigan, 1 mile. Water facilities: Canal. — Malt extract, pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals, veterinary products, etc.

Jeyes' Sanitary Compounds Company, Limited, 31 River Road, Barking, Essex. Telephone: Rippleway 1131. Telegrams: Jeyes, Barking, Essex. Works: Richmond Street, Plaistow, London, E.13 (Telephone: Grangewood 4057. Telegrams: Jeyes, Strat, London. Passenger station: Plaistow, Goods stations: Plaistow, mile; Stratford, miles; Canning Town, miles). — Disinfectants and antiseptics including Jeyes' Fluid disinfectant, Ibcol and Jeypine disinfectants and antiseptics, Sanilav lavatory cleaner, Seasy hand cleaner, and Miraglo window cleaner. See also Soap and Candle sections.

Job Brothers, Limited, Tower Building, Water Street, Liverpool, 23. Telephone: Central 1038. Telegrams: Job, Liverpool. — Edible and soap making tallows, animal lard, acidless tallow oil, skin and bone greases, acid oils, whale greases and residues, whale and sperm oil, neatsfoot oil and sod oil.

Johnson, Matthey & Company, Limited, 73-83 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.1. Telephone: Holborn 6989. Telegrams: Matthey London Telex. Telex: 28702. — Silver nitrate and other precious metal salts; gold, silver and platinum in all forms; platinum apparatus; liquid gold, colours and transfers for pottery and glass manufacturers; lithium carbonate; cadmium and selenium salts and pigments; mercury, bismuth, cadmium and antimony; high purity chemicals and spectrographically standardised substances for analysis and research; assays and analyses. See advertisement on page 20.

Johnsons of Hendon, Limited, 335 Hendon Way, London, N.W.4. Telephone: Hendon 8051. Telegrams: Caustic, Norphone, London. London showrooms: 94 High Holborn, London, W.C.1 (Telephone: Holborn 1244). Manchester office: 37 Brown Street, Manchester, 2 (Telephone: Deansgate 3792). Glasgow office: 64-68 Kingston Street, Glasgow, C.5 (Telephone: South 0611). — Acid gallic, acid pyrogallic, alum chrome, amidol, Arvitin (silver vitellin), Azol, barium sulphate, bromides, caustic pencils, chlorquinol, collodions, Estersil, glycin, gold chloride, hydroquinone, iron perchloride, Meritol, metol, paramidophenol, platinum salts, silver nitrate, silver proteinate, soda cyanide, soda hypo dried, soda sulphide, test papers, assaying and mining chemicals, photographic developers, cinematograph and X-ray chemicals, photographic equipment and accessories; litmus, orcein, orcinol, cudbear, canada balsam (paper filtered).

Jones, Ellis, & Company (Stockport), Limited, Tiviot Colour Works, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stockport 3891. Telegrams: Ardlui, Stockport. — Specialists in the sulphonation of all oils and fats, monopole oils and soaps, emulsifiers, processing oils, ellisol base for soluble cutting oils, disinfectant bases, jute batching oils, liquid acetate of chrome, satin white, pulp and fine dry colours for all purposes, gum gatto (locust kernel gum).

|Jones, John, Chemical Works, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 25560. Telegrams: Chemicals, Etruria. Passenger station: Etruria. Goods station: Hanley. — Potters' chemicals, oxides materials.

Jongrene Gelatine Company, Limited, Park Road, High Barnet, Herts. Telephone: Barnet 1920. Passenger station: High Barnet (London Transport Northern Line). Goods station: New Barnet. — Gelatine sheets and foils for window envelopes, sequins, colour screens for theatre lighting, novelties, also gelatine dippings.

Kay Brothers, Limited, Reddish, Stockport. Telephone: Heaton Moor 1811. Telegrams: Kay, Stockport. Passenger station: Stockport (Edgeley), 2 miles. Goods station: Stockport, 1 mile. — Firelighters, plastics sponges, Foamoprene light foam material, hand cleansers, flycatchers, adhesives, verminicides, insecticides, disinfectants.

Kaylene (Chemicals) Limited, Waterloo Road, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. Telephone: Gladstone 1071. Telegrams: Kayloidol, Crickle, London. Passenger and goods station: Hendon, 2 miles. — Pharmaceutical and fine chemicals.

Keene & Ashwell, Limited, 38 New Cavendish Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Welbeck 6711. — Homoeopathic medicines.

Kemball, Bishop & Company, Limited, Crown Chemical Works, Three Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E.3. Telephone: Advance 1234. Telegrams: Kemball, Bochurch, London. — Tartaric and citric acids, sodae pot. tart., cream of tartar, lithium salts, itaconic acid, calcium gluconate, glucono delta lactose (gluconic acid anhydride), sodium gluconate, calcium saccharate, ferrous gluconate.

Kempson & Company, Limited, Pye Bridge Chemical Works, near Derby. Telephone: Leabrooks 12. Telegrams: Kempson, Pye Bridge. Passenger stations: Pye Hill or Pye Bridge, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Lucigen and other oils, pitch, refined tar, creosote, anthracene, naphthalene salt, carbolic acid, black varnishes, fuel oils, pressure creosoting of timber.

Kendall, F., & Son, Limited, Chemical Works, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. Telephone: Stratford-on-Avon 2031. Telegrams: Kendall, Stratford-on-Avon. Goods station: Stratford-on-Avon, 150 yards. Technical laboratory: Brewery Street, Stratford-on-Avon (same telephone number and telegraphic address). — Sulphites and bisulphites of lime, soda, and magnesia; metabisulphite of potash; sulphurous acid; caramel; brewing sugars and primings; pure chemicals; reagents and standard solutions; scale preparations; anhydrous salts and disinfectants.

Kenworthy & Co. (Rochdale) Limited, Ramsay Works, Rochdale, Lancashire. Telephone: Rochdale 2224. Telegrams: Kenco, Rochdale. Passenger and goods station: Rochdale. — Boiler feed water specialists.

Kerfoot, Thomas, & Company, Limited, Vale of Bardsley, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. Telephone: Ashton-under-Lyne 4531. Telegrams: Kerfoot, Ashton-under-Lyne. Passenger and goods station: Ashton-under-Lyne, 1 mile. London depot: Bardsley House, Upper Street, Islington, London, N.1 (Telephone: Canonbury 3224. Telegrams: Kerfoot, Norphone, London). — Pharmaceutical chemicals.

Kernick & Son, Limited, Chemistry House, Monthermer Road, Cardiff. Telephone: Cardiff 26128. Telegrams: Kernicks, 26128 Cardiff. Passenger station: Cardiff, Queen Street, mile. Goods station: Cardiff, Newton, mile. Water facilities: Sea wharf, 1 mile. — Naphthalenes, agricultural chemicals, general chemicals, mineral acids, laboratory requisites. Complete laboratory furnishers.

Keys, W. H., Limited, Hall End Chemical Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Telephone: West Bromwich 0206. Telegrams: Oil, West Bromwich. Passenger station: Swan Village. Goods stations: Swan Village or Albion. Also at Chipping Sodbury. — Bitumen, soluble disinfectants, wood preservative, sheep dip, soluble oils.

Keyworth, C. M., & Company, Limited, Barnfield Works, off Newcastle Road, Leek, Staffordshire. Telephone: Leek 734. Telegrams: Esters, Leek. Passenger and goods station: Leek, 500 yards. London office: Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Whitehall 4725). Dublin agents: Goodbody Limited, Ibex Buildings, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin (Telephone: Dun Laoghaire 81908). — Glyceryl esters, glycol esters, Vykamol polyglycol esters, Vykamol sorbitol esters, tetrahydrofurfuryl esters, pentaerythritol esters, rosin esters, tall oil esters (synthetic drying oils), trimethylolethane esters, amine soaps, emulsifying agents, wetting agents, and special products for the textile, soap and cosmetic industries and the baking trade, including Kester nut oil and Kester pan grease.

Killgerm Company, The, Limited, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire. Telephone: Cleckheaton 4234/5. Telegrams: Disinfect, Cleckheaton. Passenger and goods station: Cleckheaton, 1 mile. — Disinfectants, antiseptics, weedkillers, insecticides, sanitary compounds.

Kilshaw Chemical Company, The, Limited, St. Anne's Road, Audenshaw, near Manchester. Telephone: Denton 2147. Telegrams: Wytlac, Audenshaw. Passenger station: Audenshaw, mile. Goods station: Guide Bridge, 1 mile. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal. — Bleached shellac, cellulose varnishes, etc.

Laing, James, Son & Company (Manchester) Limited, Ashburton Road, Trafford Park, Manchester. Telephone: Trafford Park 3451. Telegrams: Tincta, Manchester, Telex 66-190 Manchester. Branch works: Dexter Works, Barge Dock, Goole, Yorkshire (Telephone: Goole 41). — Dextrines, British and natural gums, starches of all grades.

Lambert, L., & Company, Limited, Colne Works, High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex. Telephone: Uxbridge 3095. Telegrams: Caramel, Uxbridge. Sales Office: 4 Percy Street, London, W.1. (Telephone: Museum 6102). — Caramel and caramelised products, primings and brewing sugars.

Lancashire Tar Distillers, Limited, Chronicle Buildings, 74 Corporation Street, Manchester, 4. Telephone: Blackfriars 2652. Telegrams: Distillers, Manchester. — Refined tar, pitch, creosote, cresols, phenols, cresylic creosote, disinfectant fluid, toluene, xylol, naphthas, pyridine, black varnish, etc, naphthalene.

Lancashire Ultramarine Company, Backbarrow, Ulverston. Telephone: Newby Bridge 432. Telegrams: Ultramarine, Newby Bridge. Passenger station: Ulverston, 8 miles. Goods station: Haverthwaite, mile. — Ultramarine.

Laporte Acids Limited, Chemical Works, Leeds, 10. Telephone: Leeds 7526-9. Telegrams: Laporte, Leeds. Private sidings, British Railways, Midland Region. — Sulphuric acid all strengths, distilled water, hydrochloric acid, glauber salts, sodium thiosulphate, sodium sulphite, salt cake, ferrous sulphide, ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, and metal hampers for glass carboys.

Laporte Chemicals, Limited, Kingsway, Luton, Bedfordshire. Telephone: Luton 4390. Telegrams: Laporte, Luton. Passenger stations: Luton, Midland Road, and Luton, Bute Street, 2 miles. Goods station: Private siding. London office: Hanover House, 14 Hanover Square, London, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 6001. Telegrams: Laportchem, London). Midland office: A. W. Brook, Ltd., 153 Parker Drive, Leicester (Telephone: Leicester 63861. Telegrams: Dyestuffs: Leicester). N. E. Office: Laporte Acids Ltd., Hunslet, Leeds (Telephone: Leeds 77150. Telegrams: Laporte, Leeds). Scottish office: 129 Whitefield Road, Glasgow, S.W.1 (Telephone: Govan 2063. Telegrams: Laporte, Glasgow). — Hydrogen peroxide (all grades and concentrations), sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate, sodium sulphide, barium sulphate B.P. X-ray, barium hydrate, barium peroxide, barium carbonate, barium sulphide, ammonium persulphate, potassium persulphate, sodium persulphate, magnesium peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, zinc peroxide, organic peroxy compounds, peracetic acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate, cream of tartar substitute, urea hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, detergents, alkaline cleaners, sodium metasilicate, sulphated fatty alcohols, wetting agents and dry cleaning aids. See also Soap section.

Laporte Titanium, Limited, Luton and London addresses as for Laporte Chemicals. Also at Battery Works, Stallingborough, Lincolnshire (Telephone: Immingham 581. — Titanium oxide, titanium pigment, ferrous sulphate, organic titanium compounds.

Law, James, Chemicals, Limited, Crossley Street Works, Smallbridge, Rochdale, Telephone: Rochdale 2640. Passenger and goods station: Wardleworth, mile. — Sizing and finishing materials for cloth; turkey red oil; belt paste.

Lawes Chemical Company, Limited, Creeksmouth, Barking, Essex. Telephone: Rippleway 3431. Telegrams: Rothamsted, Barking. — Chemical fertilisers.

Lawes, John Bennett, & Company, Limited, Imperial Street, Bromley-by-Bow, London, E.3. Telephone: Advance 3800. Telegrams: Netlaws, London. — Tartaric and citric acids, cream of tartar, sodium potassium tartrate carbonic acid gas, lithium salts, calcium gluconate, glucono delta lactose (gluconic acid anhydride).

Lawfer & Company, Limited, 50 Jermyn Street, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Hyde Park 1584. Telegrams: Lawferchem, London. — Rubber chemicals.

Laycock's (Ashton-under-Lyne) Limited, William Street, Ashton-under-Lyne. Telephone: Ashton-under-Lyne 1503. Telegrams: Laycock, 1503 Ashton-under-Lyne. Passenger and goods station: Ashton-under-Lyne. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal. — Glues and rabbit skin glue.

Leather's Chemical Company, Limited, North Brook Vitriol Works, Bradford, 2. Telephone: Bradford 23323. Telegrams: Acid, Bradford. Passenger and goods station: Bradford, mile. — Sulphuric acid.

Leeds and Bradford Chemical Company, The, Limited, Farsley, near Leeds. Telephone: Pudsey 3713. Telegrams: Leebradco, Farsley. Passenger and goods stations: Stanningley, mile, and Calverley Bridge, 1 mile. — Solvents and detergents, sizes, sulphonated and saponified oils, dyestuffs, chemicals, boiler disincrustant preparations, both solid and liquid, household chemical products, dyehouse chemicals, water-proofing chemicals of all descriptions, penetrating, levelling and wetting out agents, sulphonated fatty alcohols, etc.

Lees, Samuel, & Sons, East Philip Street, Springfield Lane, Salford. Telephone: Blackfriars 9054. Telegrams: Firnis, Manchester. Passenger station: Salford, 10 mins. Goods station: Manchester Victoria, 10 mins. — Vegetable and lamp blacks.

Legat, W. H., Limited, Cross Axes, Kay Street, Bolton, Lancashire. Telephone: Bolton 4724. Telegrams: Legat, Bolton. Passenger and goods station: Bolton, mile. — Pharmaceutical chemicals.

Leroy, F., & Company (London) Limited, 59 Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green, London, E.2. Telephone: Shoreditch 6056. Telegrams: Efficiency, London. — Boiler and steam-pipe coverings, thermal insulation contractors.

Lever Brothers, Port Sunlight, Limited, Port Sunlight, Cheshire. Telephone: Rock Ferry 2000. Telegrams: Lever, Portsunlight. London sales office: 33 Chiswell Street, London, E.C.1 (Telephone: Monarch 9644). Birmingham sales office: Gazette Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham, 4 (Telephone: Central 2563). Manchester sales office: 81 Fountain Street, Manchester (Telephone: Central 3079). Glasgow sales office: 146 Argyle Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Central 8621). Belfast sales office: Ulster Bank Chambers, 431 Newtownards Road, Belfast (Telephone: Belfast 58651). — Detergents, including Wisk and Surf; glycerine. See also Soap section.

Levermore, A., & Company, Limited, Kenley Park House, Hayes Lane, Kenley, Surrey. Telephone: BYWood 1204. Telegrams: Levermore, Croydon. — Precipitated and all descriptions of calcium carbonate, talcs, kieselguhr, kaolin, french chalk, fingers and slabs, industrial crayons, etc.

Lewingtons Limited, Kelvin Lane, Bromford Lane, West Bromwich. Telephone: West Bromwich 0228. Telegrams: Kelvin Works, West Bromwich. Passenger and goods stations: Oldbury and Bromford Lane, 200 yards. — Varnishes, disinfectants, screwing oils, greases and packing materials, tank jointing compound. See also Soap section.

Lindsey and Kesteven Chemical Manure Company, Limited, Saxilby, Lincolnshire. Telephone: Saxilby 397/8. Passenger station: Saxilby, 1 mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Chemical manures.

Lindsey, T. C., & Company, Limited, 53 Leather Lane, London, E.C.1. Telephone: Holborn 0053. — Acids, photographic chemicals, manures, insecticides, wood stains, varnishes, and polishes.

Liverpool Borax Company, Limited, Maxwell House, St. Paul's Square, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Central 1783 (4 lines). Telegrams: Alkaline, Liverpool. 6436. Passenger station: Edge Hill, 1 mile. Goods station: Rathbone Road, mile) and Anchor Works, Halton Road, Runcorn, Cheshire (Telephone: Runcorn 2685. Goods station: Runcorn. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal). London office: Datom House, 44 Ampthill Square, London, N.W.1 (Telephone: Euston 3712). — Borax, boracic acid, algin, floor cleaners, hand creams, metal preservatives, and rust-removal preparations and detergent. See also Feedwater Specialists Company and Andrew Maxwell, and Soap section.

London Soap & Chemical Company, Limited, Lyptol Works, Richardson Street, London, S.E.1. Telephone: Hop 3654. Telegrams: Lyptol, Souphone, London. — Disinfectants, insecticides, polishes, etc. See also Soap section.

Lowe, Charles, & Company (Manchester) Limited, Phoenix Chemical Works, Reddish, near Stockport. Telephone: Heaton Moor 3234. Telegrams: Phenol, Reddish. Passenger and goods station: Reddish, mile. — Carbolic acid (phenol), cresylic acid, synthetic resins.

Lunevale Products, Limited, Low Mill, Halton, Lancaster. Telephone: Caton 147. Telegrams: Products, Lancaster. Passenger and goods station: Lancaster, 3 miles. London office: 320 Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Trafalgar 6451). — Insecticides, fungicides, slime control agents, mercurial compounds, lead chemicals, etc.

M'Cardell, Oswald, & Company, Limited, High Grove Works, Greenfield, Oldham. Telephone: Saddleworth 391. Telegrams: Koldsuds, Oldham. Also at Eastern Goods Yard, Greenford Road, Sudbury Hill, Harrow, Middlesex (Telephone: Byron 2588. Telegrams: Koldsuds, Harrow). — Detergents starches, bleach and laundry supplies. See also Soap section.

Macdonald, R. F., & Company, 11 Peter Street, Manchester. Telephone: Blackfriars 2716. Telegrams: Armakdee, Manchester. Works: Bridgewater Chemical Works, Salford. Goods station: Own sidings. — Epsom salts, glauber salts, carbon tetrachloride, magnesium chloride, green copperas, red and green shale, flooring and road compositions, precoloured chippings.

Macfarlan, J. F., & Company, Limited, 93-109, 8 Elstree Way, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Elstree 2231. Telegrams: Morphia, Telephone: London. For other particulars see Scotland section.

McDowall Morrison & Company (Manchester) Limited, 18 Stanley Road, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire. Telephone: Lytham 6879. Telegrams: Phosphates, Lytham St. Annes. Passenger stations: Ansdell and Fairhaven. Goods station: Talbot Road, Blackpool. — All requirements for baking, milling, mineral water trades and confectionery trades; cream powders; milk powders; acids; phosphates; malt extract; essences; egg products, etc.

McKechnie Brothers, Limited, 1 Ditton Road, Widnes, Lancashire. Telephone: Widnes 2611. Telegrams: McKechnie, Widnes. Passenger station: Widnes, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Sulphate of copper, electrolytic copper powder and paste, lithopone.

Macnair, A., & Company, Limited, 59-61 Hyde Road, Ardwick, Manchester, 12. Telephone: Ardwick 1651. Telegrams: Amack, Manchester, 12. Works: Dolphin Street, Ardwick, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Ardwick, mile. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal. — Shellac, paints, french polish, spirit varnish, cellulose lacquers, paint remover, etc.

Major & Company, Limited, Sculcoates, Hull. Telephone: Central 34716. Telegrams: Major, Hull. Passenger station: Wilmington, 300 yards. London office: 12 Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W.C.2. (Telephone: Temple Bar 4244. Telegrams: Majocolim, Telephone, London). — Motor spirit, white spirit, kerosene, lubricating oils, greases, synthetic resins, disinfectant fluids, sheep dips, black varnish, tar products, etc.

Malton Farmers' Manure and Trading Company, Limited, 31 Wheelgate, Malton, Yorkshire. Telephone: Malton 133. Telegrams: Ceres, Malton. Passenger and goods station: Malton, near works. — Artificial manures.

Manchester Oil Refinery (Sales) Limited, Twining Road, Trafford Park, Manchester. Telephone: Trafford Park 0218. Telegrams: Refinery, Eccles, Manchester. London office: 76 Jermyn Street, Piccadilly, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Whitehall 8411). — Lubricating oils, transformer oil, cutting oils, white oils (technical), liquid paraffin B.P. (1932), petroleum jelly, petroleum sulphonates and sulphonic acids.

Manger, J., & Son, Limited, Kingsland, London, E.8. Telephone: Clissold 8521. Telegrams: Quicicstryp, Hack, London. Works: Marina Works, B.R. Depot, Kingsland (Telephone and Telegrams as above) and Victoria Soda Works, Rosebank Road, Old Ford, London, E.3 (Telephone: Advance 2603). — Salt in all grades and packing, soda crystals, packed caustic soda, chloride of lime, silicate of soda, cleaning powders, cleaning liquids, and waterglass. See also Manger's Salt Works, Limited (below) and Soap section.

Manger's Salt Works, Limited, Crown Works, Stafford. Telephone: Stafford. 2364. Passenger and goods station: Stafford, miles. London office: 57d Kingsland High Street, London, E.8. (Telephone: Clissold 5307). — Vacuum crystal and granular salt, dried and undried vacuum salt; fine stoved lump salt; Vacme water softener salt; dairy, crystal, agricultural, special casing, Shaka table salt and household salt; Harcorsal for hard tennis courts; Saltilizer agricultural salt for mechanical spreading on land.

Marchon Products, Limited, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Telephone: Whitehaven 3131. Telegrams: Marchonpro, Whitehaven. Telex: 6445. London Office: 140 Park Lane, London, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 7385. Telegrams Marchonpro, Audley, London. Telex: 23270). Private sidings, Whitehaven. — Empicols, sulphated fatty alcohols; fatty acid condensation products; wetting agents; emulsifiers; specialised emulsifiers and surface active agents for textiles, leathers, pharmacy and cosmetics; wetting agents and emulsifiers for insecticides; detergents for domestic and laundry use; Empiwaxes, self-emulsifying waxes; Empilans, fatty acid esters; plasticisers; phosphoric acid; Laurex, fatty alcohols; industrial phosphates; Nansas, alkyl aryl sulphonates; Halvopons, sulphated monoglyanides.

Marginson, Charles, Limited, Whitestake, near Preston, Lancashire. Telephone: Longton 3311. Telegrams: Marginsons, Whitestake, Preston. Passenger and goods station: New Longton and Hutton, 200 yards. — Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, cod liver oil, horse and cattle condiments, sheep dips and disinfectants, insecticides, weed killers, etc., Rid-'Em fly spray, Scram cleanser, water softener and grease remover, Charmar blow fly repellant, Charmar maggot spray, sheep and cattle marking paint sticks (all colours) for home and export.

Marks, A. H., & Company, Limited, Wyke Chemical Works, Wyke, Bradford, Yorkshire. Telephone: Low Moor 372. Telegrams: Colour, Wyke. Passenger and goods station: Wyke, 1 mile. — Picric acid, nitric acid, glauber salts, copper sulphate, dinitro-ortho-cresol, nitro-phenols.

Marshall, W. (Hessle) Limited, The Cliff, Hessle, East Yorkshire. Telephone: Hessle 62241. Telegrams: Hurriwhite, Hull. Passenger and goods station: Hessle, 1 mile. Water facilities: River Humber. — Whiting and Paris white, superfine calcium carbonate.

Matthews Laboratories, Limited, 3-5 Thane Villas, Holloway, London, N.7. Telephone: North 3237. Telegrams: Hydrobromic, Norphone, London. — Nostroline nasal remedy and inhalers. See also Soap section.

Maxwell, Andrew, Subsidiary company of the Liverpool Borax Company Limited (q.v.), Maxwell House, 6 St. Paul's Square, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Liverpool 1783. Telegrams: Alkaline, Liverpool. — Lamol detergents for cleansing and sterilising dishes, utensils, goods and dairy plant; Rito mastics; Ritolastic liquid bituminous coatings and semimastic for waterproofing roofs and gutters; Maxwell hand cleaner; Veevic paint cleaner; Romanite W.R. silicone water repellent; Romanite C.F.H. concrete floor hardener; Thistledown borax sugar soap; Perobite silicone water repellent for fabrics; Volvite degreasants and cleaners for metals, floors, etc.; Maxwell metal primers.

May & Baker, Limited, Dagenham, Essex. Telephone : Dominion 3060. Telegrams: Bismuth, Dagenham, Telex. Manchester branch: 86 Cross Street, Manchester (Telephone: Blackfrairs 3965). Glasgow branch: 19 Newton Place, Glasgow (Telephone: Douglas 3507). Dublin branch: 39 Kildare Street, Dublin (Telephone: Dublin 62929). — Aromatic chemicals and compounds including the Mayroma series of compounds for polishes, the Planarome series for household and industrial products, and the Alamask series of odour-control chemicals for the control of objectionable industrial odours; agricultural and horticultural products; industrial and laboratory chemicals; pharmaceutical chemicals and products; plastics films and sheet.

Meade-King, Robinson & Company, Limited, Tower Building, Liverpool. Telephone: Central 3191. Telegrams: Oleine, Liverpool. London office: 524 Salisbury House, Finsbury Circus, London, E.C.2 (Telephone: National 8347. Telegrams: Lonoleine, Ave, London). Leeds office: Wellington Chambers, City Square, Leeds (Telephone: Leeds 20151. Telegrams: Oleine, Leeds). Birmingham office: Herald Chambers, 28 Martineau Street, Birminham, 2 (Telephone: Midland 5919. Telegrams: Emkayr, Birmingham). Manchester office: 1 Booth Street, Manchester, 2 (Telephone: Deansgate 2261. Telegrams: Oleine, Manchester). Glasgow office: 162 Buchanan Street, Glasgow (Telephone: Douglas 6308. Telegrams: Piscator, Glasgow). — Petroleum jelly and spirit, white spirit, fatty acids, jettolene, rosin, oils, paraffinscale and wax, etc. - See advertisement on back cover.

Meirswann Colours, Limited, Macintyre Street, Burslem, Staffordshire. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 87313. Telegrams: Meirswann, Burslem. Passenger station: Burslem, mile. Goods station: Longport, mile. — Potters' colours.

Mersey White Lead Company, The, Limited, Leadworks, Sankey Bridges, Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Warrington 30258. Telegrams : Lead, Warrington. Passenger station: Warrington, 1 mile. Goods station: Private siding, Sankey Bridges. — White lead, dry and ground in oil, and ready mixed paints.

Midland Acid Company, The, Limited, Pye Bridge, Derby. Telephone: Leabrooks 19. Telegrams: Acid, Pye Bridge. Passenger and goods station: Pye Bridge, mile. — Sulphuric acid, B.O.V. burnt spent oxide of iron, new prepared oxide for gas purification.

Midland Tar Distillers, Limited, Springfield Chemical Works, Oldbury, near Birmingham. Telephone: Broadwell 1661. Telegrams: Gastar, Birmingham. Passenger stations: Oldbury or Oldbury and Langley Green, each mile. Goods station: Langley Green and Rood End (own siding). Other works at Albion, West Bromwich, Staffordshire (Telephone: West Bromwich 0233. Goods station: Own siding); Aston Church Road, Nechells, Birmingham (Telephone: East 2891. Passenger station: Aston. Goods station: Aston, own siding); Four Ashes, near Wolverhampton (Telephone: Standeford 311. Goods station: Four Ashes, own siding); Banbury, Oxfordshire (Telephone: Banbury 2518. Passenger station: Banbury, adjoining works. Goods station: Own siding); Queen's Ferry, near Chester (Telephone: Connah's Quay 1. Passenger station: Queen's Ferry, mile. Goods station: Own siding); Severn Road, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire (Telephone: Welshpool 3256. Goods station: Own siding); and Peterborough, Northamptonshire (Telephone: Peterborough 3591. Goods station: Botolph Bridge siding, Fletton). — Toluol, xylol, naphtha, pyridine bases, creosote, pitch, disinfectants, black varnish, refined tar, tar acids including phenol, ortho cresol, cresylic acid, and xylenols.

Midland Vinegar Company, Limited, Aston Cross, Birmingham. Telephone: Aston Cross 2226. Telegrams: Midland, Birmingham. — Malt vinegar.

Mills, J. M., Limited, King Street, Garston, Liverpool, 19. Telephone: Garston 990. — Methylated Spirit, solid and liquid carbon dioxide.

Millwards Merchandise, Limited, (P.O. Box No. 2), Levenshulme Road Works, Gorton, Manchester, 18. Telephone: East 1261. Telegrams: Dyestuff, Manchester. — Dyestuffs, and chemicals of all descriptions.

Milton Pharmaceuticals, Limited, 10 New Burlington Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Regent 6648. Telegrams: Milpharm, Piccy, London. Factory: 10-12 Brewery Road, London, N.7. (Telephone: North 4107). — Milton 1% electrolytic sodium hypochlorite, Milton Denture Powder, Rayfilta Suntan Jelly, Miltherex, Deosol, Cetrimide B.P., bensalkonium chloride B.P.C.

Minerva Cattle Condiment Manufacturing Company (Branch of Charles Spalding & Son, Limited), Birchfield Lane, Oldbury, near Birmingham. Telephone: Broadwell 1075. Passenger station: Langley Green, mile. Goods station: Oldbury, mile. Water facilities: Canal siding. — Feeding meat meal, meat and bone meal, etc.

Mirvale Chemical Company, Limited, Stennard Lane, Mirfield, Yorkshire. Telephone: Mirfield 2157. Passenger station: Mirfield, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Creosote oil, cresylic acid, cresylic creosote, disinfectants, high co-efficient acids, naphthalene, pyridine, cresols, phenol, agricultural chemicals.

Monsanto Chemicals, Limited, Monsanto House, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Abbey 5678. Telegrams: Monsanto, Sowest, London. Works: Ruabon, North Wales (Telephone: Ruabon 3191. Telegrams: Monsanto, Ruabon. Passenger and goods station: Acrefair) and Newport, Monmouthshire (Telephone: Newport 72221. Telegrams: Monsanto, Newport, Mon.). Passenger and goods station: Newport. — Adhesives, agricultural chemicals, alkyl benzene, aspirin, bensoates, diphenyl, fine chemicals, germicides raw material, maleic anydride, meta and para cresol, oil additives, ortho cresotinic acid, penta chlorophenol, phenacetin, phenol, phenolphthalein, phthalic anhydride, phthalic esters, polyelectrolytes, polyethylene, polystyrene emulsions, polystryene moulding powder, preservatives, rubber accelerators and antioxidants, rubber colours, salicylamide, salicylates, salicylic acid, silicon esters, sizes, and sizing material, sopanox, styrene butadiene, textile chemicals.

Moore and Barrett, Limited, 144 Bramhall Lane, Stockport. Telephone: Stepping Hill 2265. Telegrams: Research, Stockport. — Petroleum technologists; analytical and consulting chemists.

Morris, Little & Son, Limited, Crown Villas, Ravens Lane, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Sales office: 41 Cavendish Street, Glasgow (Telephone: South 3427). — Sheep dips.

Morson, Thomas, & Son, Limited, Summerfield Works, Ponder's End, Middlesex. Telephone: Howard 2011. Telegrams: Aconitine, Enfield. — Bismuth salts, glycerophosphates, iodides, citrates, bromides, reagent chemicals, etc.

Moscrop, Thomas, & Company, Limited, 1-3 Folds Road, Bolton. Telephone: 116. Telegrams: Drysalter, Bolton. Passenger station: Bolton, mile. Goods station: Halliwell, Bolton. Works: St. Georges Street, Bolton (Telephone number, etc., as above). — Textile chemicals, oils, tallow and grease, sizing materials, boiler composition.

Mottershead & Company, Limited, 7 Exchange Street, Manchester. Telephone: Blackfriars 2641. Telegrams: Otter, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Manchester. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal. — Fine pharmaceutical preparations.

Mountain, W. A. C., Limited, Gee Cross Works, Hyde, Cheshire. Telephone: Hyde 2800. Goods station: Woodley, miles. — Rice starch. See also Soap section.

Murphy Chemical Company, Limited, Wheathampstead, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Wheathampstead 2233. Telegrams: Alvesco, Wheathampstead. Passenger and goods station: Wheathampstead, 100 yards. — Insecticides, fungicides, fumigants and allied products of all types, for the protection of agricultural, horticultural, glasshouse crops, hops and mushrooms, and for disinfestation purposes; Mortegg (tar oil), Ovamort (DNC) and Thiol (thiocyanate) winter washes; Murfume smoke generators; low pressure aerosols; atomizing concentrates; DeDeTane (DDT) paste; wettable powders and dusts; Murphos parathion; Lindex (lindane) and BHC insecticides; malathion; Terra Sytam, Sytam and Brussels Sytam systemic insecticides; Murcurite and Murfixtan mercury fungicides; Orthocide (captan) wettable and dust; seed dressings; aldrin and dieldrin products; Crestol (pre-emergent), Mecpa Special (MCPA) and Dinamene (DXBP) selective weedkillers; grain store sprays and fumigants; anticoagulant rodenticides.

Murphy & Son, Limited, Wheathampstead, near St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Wheathampstead 2161. Telegrams: Indevorad, Wheathampstead. Also at Old Basford Mills, Old Basford, Nottingham (Telephone: Nottingham 75494. Telegrams: Leadership, Nottingham. Passenger and goods station: Basford, mile). — Preservatives; detergents; disinfectants; brewers' chemicals, finings, etc.; Dukeron cask and vat lining.

National Coal Board, North-Eastern Division, Marketing Department, Hill Turrets, Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, 11. Telephone: Sheffield 72224. Telegrams: Cokeboarb, Sheffield. — Benzole, toluole, xylole, naphtha, sulphate of ammonia, naphthlene, B. & B. firelighters.

National Coal Board, North-Western Division, Altham Coke Works, Altham, Accrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Accrington 2695. Passenger and goods station: Accrington, miles. Water facilities: Leeds and Liverpool Canal, adjoining works. — Liquor ammonia, solvent naphtha, xylole.

National Coal Board, South-Western Division, Marketing Department (By-Products), National Provincial Bank Buildings, Docks, Cardiff. Telephone: Cardiff 31011. Telegrams: Coalbyprod, Cardiff. — Synthatar road tar and Synthacold, Synthaprufe liquid waterproofing and jointing material, Presotim wood preservative in colours, Presomet rust-resisting black bituminous paint, motor benzole, xylole, naphtha, hot pressed naphthalene, whizzed naphthalene salts, creosote oil, anthracene oil, pitch, sulphate of ammonia, tar fuel oil, etc.

National Smelting Company, Limited, Seaton Carew Works, Seaton Carew, West Hartlepool. Telephone: Seaton Carew 234. Telegrams: Zinc, Seaton Carew. Passenger station: West Hartlepool, 4 miles. Goods station: Seaton-on-Tees, works siding. London office: 37 Dover Street, London, W.1 (Telephone: Hyde Park 8161). — Sulphuric acid manufacturers.

Ness, Thomas, Limited, Black Banks Chemical Works, near Darlington, Co. Durham. Telephone: Darlington 2865. Telegrams: Ness, Croft, Yorks. Passenger and goods station: Darlington, 1 mile. Also at Ottovale, Blaydon-on-Tyne, Co. Durham (Telephone: Blaydon 49. Passenger station: Blaydon, miles. Goods station: Own siding); Norwood Tar Works, Dunston-on-Tyne (Telephone: Newcastle 84281); Brancepeth Tar Works, Willington, Co. Durham (Telephone: Willington 241) and Stella Gill, near Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham (Telephone: Chester-le-Street 2318). Offices: 2 Tubwell Row, Darlington (Telephone: Darlington 3582) and Commercial Union Buildings, 47 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne (Telephone: Newcastle 28655). — Creosote, naphthas, carbolic acid, refined tar, pitch, black varnish, and all tar products, bone meals, chemical manures, etc.

Newball & Mason, Limited, Dormston Trading Estate, Burton Road, Sedgley, Staffs. Telephone: Nottingham 75091. Telegrams: Extract, Nottingham. — Mason's extract of herbs, culinary essence, flavourings, food colours.

New Metals and Chemicals, Limited, Chancery House, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Holborn 74t5. Teleprinter: London 28816. — Antimony (high purity); arsenic metal; barium metal and hydride; beryllium aluminium; beryllium copper (rod, bar, sheet, strip, wire); beryllium metal and compounds; beryllium salts; boron metallic, borides and nitrite; borohydrides; boron carbide (all grits and paste); cadmium metal; caesium ores; caesium metal and compounds; calcium metal and hydride; calcium metal turnings; calcium compounds; cerium metal and alloys; cerium oxide and salts; cerium preparations; cobalt metal (highest purity powder); columbium metal and oxide; didymium and compounds; fluorescent powders; gallium metal and compounds; germanium metal and compounds; germanium (single crystals and polycrystalline); hafnium metal and compounds; indium metal and compounds; iron powders; lanthanum metal and compounds; lens polishing powders; lithium aluminium hydride, lithium hydride and borohydride; lithium metal and ores; luminescent materials; manganese metal electrolytic; mischmetal (cerium alloys); molydenum (rod, sheet and tubes); molybdenum compounds; neodymium metal and compounds; niobium metal, compounds and alloys; optical polishing powders; phosphorescent powders; potassium metal; potassium borohydride; rare earth metals and compounds; rhenium metal and compounds; rubidium metal and compounds; selenium metal (high purity); selenium salts; silicon metal lump; silicon metal powder (high purity grade); sodium hydride and borohydride; strontium metal, ores and compounds; tantalum heat exchangers; tantalum metal and compounds; tantalum metal (in rod, sheet, foil, strip, wire crucible, gauze, seamless drawn tubes and welded assemblies); tellurium; thallium metal and compounds; thallium metal and salts; thallium sulphate; thorium metal and compounds; thorium nitrate; titanium metal and alloys; titanium (sheet, rod, ingots, billets, forged pieces, wires, tubes); zirconium metal and compounds; zirconium metal (rod, sheet, tubes and wire); zirconium oxide and salts; zircon sand; pure electrolytic chromium metal; dressing sticks made from boron carbide; erbium metal, oxide and compounds; europium metal, oxide and compounds; gadolinium metal, oxide and compounds; handlappers made from boron carbide; holmium metal, oxide and compounds; sandblasting nozzles made from boron carbide; scandium metal, oxide and compounds; semi-conductors hyperpure; terbium metal, oxide and compounds; ytterbium metal, oxide and compounds; yttrium metal, oxide and compounds; uranium salts.

Newton, Chambers & Company, Limited, Thorncliffe, near Sheffield. Telephone: Ecclesfield 3171. Telegrams: Newton, Sheffield. Telex: 54-220. Passenger and goods station: Chapeltown, adjoining works. London office: Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Trafalgar 5865 and Whitehall 4130). — Izal disinfectant, fluid and powder, San-Izal household disinfectant, Zal pine fluid disinfectant, Izal medicated toilet paper, Polly Kitchen Roll, Zaldecide insecticidal fluid and powder, Zalcut, Omnicut, Izal cutting oil, lubricut, etc. Zalpon washing and Izal barrier cream, Izal liquid cleansers, Sterizal soil sterilising compounds. See also Soap section.

Newton, Ernest, & Company, Limited, Faraday Chemical Works, Holt Street, Birmingham, 7. Telephone: Aston Cross 1355. Telegrams: Faraday, Birmingham 7. Passenger stations: New Street or Snow Hill, mile. Goods stations: Curzon Street or Hockley. — Nitric acid, sulphuric acid, aquafortis, battery acids, chemicals for all trades, lubricating and motor oils.

Normanby Iron Works Company, Limited, Normanby Iron Works, Middlesbrough. Telephone: Middlesbrough 3666. Telegrams: Pease, Middlesbrough. — Specialists in the manufacture of low sulphur and phosporus hematite pig iron and refined cylinder and malleable irons.

Norrington, Hingston & Company, Limited. See H. & T. Proctor, Limited.

North British Chemical Company, Limited, Paints Division, Fairfield Road, Droylsden, Manchester. Telephone: Droylsden 1372. Telegrams: Induline, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: Fairfield, mile. — Synthetic paints and varnishes, hard gloss, flat oil, oil bound water paints, cellulose finishes, emulsion paint, chlorinated rubber paint, gloss water paint, Epoxide base paint, fire retarding paint.

North Eastern Tar Distillers (Sadlers) Limited, Cleveland Chemical Works, Middlesbrough. Telephone: Middlesbrough 2226. Telegrams: Sadler, Middlesbrough. Passenger and goods station: Middlesbrough, mile. — Anthracene, creosote, carbolic acid, cresylic acid, naphthalene (crystal, flake and ball), disinfectants, pitch, refined tar, road tar, liquid tar fuel, bituminous emulsion, cleansers, detergents, paints.

North Thames Gas Board, Chemical Products Sales Office, 7 Queen Street, London, E.C.4. Telephone: City 4945. Telegrams: Blangus, Cannon, London. Tar and Ammonia Products Works: Beckton, East Ham, London, E.6 (Telephone: Albert Dock 2944. Telegrams: Naphthalene, Easphone, London). Tar works: White Street, Southall, Middlesex (Telephone: Southall 2995). — Toluole, xylole, naphthas, phenol, cresylic acid, xylenols, naphthalene, all tar products, coal tar fuels, ammonia liquid and sulphate, pyridines, picolines, etc. See advertisement on page 26.

Nuodex Limited, Birtley, Co. Durham. Telephone: Birtley 244. Telegrams Nuodex, Birtley. Passenger and goods station: Birtley, 1 mile. Sales offices: Durham Raw Materials Limited, 1-4 Great Tower Street, London, E.C.3 (Telephone: Mansion House 4333); Canada House, 3 Whepstow Street, Manchester; 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Douglas 2561); and Birtley, Co. Durham (Telephone: Birtley 240). — Naphthenates and other metal soaps; oil additives; wood, rope and cordage preservatives; fungicides; Nuodex products for use in paint and other materials.

Odex Limited, Cromwell Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Telephone: Ellesmere Port 2002. Passenger and goods station: Ellesmere Port, mile. — Deodorants, disinfectants, detergents, insecticides, polishes, paradichlorobenzine blocks, airsprays, quatenary ammonium compounds.

Old Silkstone Coking Plant. See National Coal Board, N.E. Division.

Oppenheimer, Son & Company, Limited, Handforth Laboratories, Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. Telephone: Reliance 2801. Telegrams: Bipalatinoid, Claproad, London. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Organon Laboratories, Limited, Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Temple Bar 6785 and 0251. Telegrams: Menformon, Rand, London. Laboratories and factory: Industrial Estate, Newhouse, Motherwell, Lanarkshire (Telephone: Newhouse 611, Telegrams: Menformon, Motherwell. Passenger and goods station: Motherwell). — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Orrs Zinc White, Limited, Vine Chemical Works, Widnes, Lancashire. (Member of Imperial Smelting Corporation Group). Telephone: Widnes 2401. Telegrams: Orr, Widnes. Passenger station: Widnes. Goods station: Own siding. — Lithopone and ground white barytes.

Osgerby, William W., Limited, Hodgson Street, Hull. Telephone: Hull 20671. Telegrams: Osgerbys, Hull. Passenger station: Hull Paragon. Goods station: Hull Wilmington, mile. — Firelighters.

Oxley's, J. C., Dyes and Chemicals, Limited, Lighthouse Chemical Works, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Telephone: Heckmondwike 365. Telegrams: Oxdychem, Dewsbury. Passenger station: Heckmondwike, 12 mins. Goods station: Own sidings. — Aniline dyestuffs of all classes, textile auxiliaries.

Ozone Chemical Company, Limited, Wheelock, Sandbach, Cheshire. Telephone: Sandbach 302. Telegrams: Ozone 302 Sandbach. Passenger and goods station: Sandbach, miles. Water facilities: Trent and Mersey Canal. — Tar oil and petroleum fruit tree washes, lime sulphur, derris, fertilisers, weed killers, Preservit bitumen paint, black varnishes, Remer belt dressing, creosote, naphthalene, disinfectants, bitumen emulsions, etc.

Pan Britannica Industries Ltd., Britannica Works, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Telephone: Waltham Cross 3691. Telegrams: Panbritan Waltham Cross. Goods and passenger station: Waltham Cross, 1 mile. — Fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides and weed killers for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Palmer Mann & Company, Limited, Sifta Salt Works, Sandbach, Cheshire. Telephone: Sandbach 152. Telegrams: Sifta, Sandbach. Passenger station: Sandbach, 1 mile. Goods station: Rookery Bridge, Sandbach, private sidings. London office: 5-6 Bucklersbury, London, E.C.4 (Telephone: City 4141). — Pure stoved vacuum salt, unstoved vacuum salt, fine dairy salt, clean common salt, and Sifta table salt.

Parke, Davis & Company, Limited, Staines Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. Telephone: Hounslow 2361. Telegrams: Cascara, London, Telex. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Parkin, Ness & Company, Limited, Parkgate Chemical Works, Darlington, Co. Durham. Telephone: Darlington 5413. Telegrams: Ness, Darlington. Passenger station: Darlington, mile. Goods station: Bank Top. — Thymo-cresol disinfectants (fluids, powders, soaps), Ness's sheep dips (fluid, powder, paste), carbolic powder, carbolic and cresylic fluids, pine fluids and powders, weed killers, sulphur fumigators, British lysol, etc.

Patent Borax Company, Limited, Californian Works, Albion Street, Tipton, Staffordshire. Telephone: Tipton 1063. Telegrams: Borax, Tipton. Water facilities: Canal dock into works. — Borax, and borax preparations. See also Soap section.

Patent Phosphates and Merchandise, Limited, 323-327 Corn Exchange Buildings, Cathedral Street, Manchester, 4. Telephone: Blackfriars 6158. Telegrams: Monophos, Manchester. Passenger Station: Manchester, Victoria, 100 yards. Goods station: Oldham Road, 1 mile. Water facilities: Manchester Ship Canal. — Rice starch, percarbonate of soda, tri-sodium phosphate, cream of tartar, cream powders, gelatines, soluble blues, rice and maize starch, perborate and percarbonate of soda, olive oil, colours, eosine, chalk.

Peace, J. R., & Company, Limited, 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool. Telephone: Central 2438. Telegrams: Elastikon, Liverpool. Works: Vauxhall Soapery, Liverpool, 13 (Passenger station: Lime Street. Goods stations: Edge Hill or Brunswick. Water facilities: Canal). — Pitch, bitumen.

William Pearson, Limited, 172 Buckingham Palace Road, London, S.W.1, Telephone: Sloane 0077. Telegrams: Creolin, Sowest, London. Works: Clough Road, Hull. — Disinfectants, antiseptics, insecticides, germicides, fungicides, wood preservative, antioxidants. See also Soap section.

Pease & Partners Tees Foundries, Limited, Tees Iron Works, Middlesbrough. Telephone:: Middlesbrough 3664. Telegrams: Foundries, Middlesbrough. — All grades of iron castings up to 15 tons each, paints, chemicals.

Petrochemicals, Limited, Partington Industrial Estate, Urmston, Manchester. Telephone: Irlam 2601. Telegrams: Petricals, Manchester. Passenger station: Flixton, 2 miles. Goods station: Partington, 1 mile. London office: 170 Piccadilly, London, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 6618. Telegrams: Petricals, Piccy). — Petroleum-derived chemicals, ethylene oxide, 1 : 2 dichloroethane, dichlorodiethyl ether, ethylene glycol; diethylene glycol; triethylene glucol; polyethylene glucols; ethano-lamines; ethylene glycol ethers; isopropanol; Catasol 10; Catasol 20; isopropyl ether; propylene oxide; propylene glycol; dipropylene glycol; iso-propanolamines; propylene glycol ethers; benzene; toluene; aromatic solvents and solvent naphthas; hydrocarbon resins; naphthalene; pitch.

Petroleum Specialities, Limited, Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Temple Bar 9582. Telegrams: Lubtraco, London. — Medicinal liquid paraffin and technical white and half white oils, all grades. Petrolatums, technical and medicinal, petroleum sulphonates, motor oils.

Peyton & Son, Chemical Works, Shadwell Street, Birmingham. Telephone: Central 5247. Telegrams: Chemicals, Birmingham. Passenger station: Snow Hill. Goods station: Aston, mile. — Sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids (commercial and pure); aquafortis; battery acids; soldering solutions.

Phenosol Company, The (Proprietors: W. M. Delf (Liverpool) Limited, q.v.), 130-132 Rice Lane, Liverpool, 9. Telephone: Aintree 1752. — Phenozar brand disinfectant fluids and sprays. See also Soap section.

Phoenix Sanitary Company (Proprietor: W. H. Bertwistle), Disinfectant Factory, Newton Street, Preston, Lancashire. Telephone: Preston 5321. Passenger and goods station: Preston, mile. — Disinfectants, boiler fluid, soluble oils and compounds, spraying fluid. See also Soap section.

Picton's Diatomite Concessions, Limited, Barnfield Crescent, Wellington, Shropshire. Telephone: Wellington 825. Telegrams: Diatomite, Wellington, Salop. — Diatomite (kieselguhr).

Pierson, Morrell & Company, Limited, Queen's Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Barnet 0723. Telegrams: Pierson Morrell, Barnet. Passenger station: High Barnet. Goods station: New Barnet. — Aspirin, fine chemicals, aspirin tablets, calcium acetylcalcylate, potassium oxyquinoline sulphate, oxyquinoline, chiniofon, barbitone, barbitone sodium, allobarbitone, cyclobarbitone, barbiturates, di-iodohydroxyquinoline, quinalbarbitone, amylobarbitone, hexobarbitone, phemitone.

Plumbe, W. A., Sherwood Chemical Works, Southwell Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Telephone: Mansfield 200. Passenger station: Mansfield. Goods station: Own siding. — Pitch, creosote, refined tar, black varnish, tarmacadam.

Poole, G. H., & Son (Bootle) Limited. See Borax and Chemicals Limited.

Powell & Scholefield, Limited, Edgehill Chemical Works, 13-21 Cardwell Street, Liverpool, 7. Telephone: Royal 8038. Telegrams: Hydro, Liverpool. Passenger and goods station: Edge Hill, mile. Registered offices: 38 Queensland Street, Liverpool, 7. — Sulphurous acid, sulphites and bisulphites, Anglosite jointing paste, disinfectants, detergents.

Power Chemical Company, The, Limited, Witchan Works, Brunswick Road, Sheffield, 3. Telephone: Sheffield 25058. Telegrams: Witchan, Sheffield. — Aquabon boiler feed water specialities, Nylox degassing powder, motor car polishes, and link mats.

Price's (Bromborough) Limited, Bromborough Pool, New Ferry, near Birkenhead. Telephone: Rock Ferry 2020. Telegrams: Price's, Birkenhead. — Stearines in flake, powder, bead and block form; oleines; textile oils; 12-hydroxy stearic acid; split and distilled fatty acids ex crude and acid oils; fatty alcohol (cetyl, stearyl and oleyl); cyclopentanone.

Prince Regent Tar Company, Limited (Managers: Burt, Boulton and Haywood, Limited), Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, Strand, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Temple Bar 5801. Works: Prince Regent's Wharf, Silvertown, London, E.16 (Telephone: Albert Dock 3311); Mead Lane, Hertford (Telephone: Hertford 2251) and Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk (Telephone: Diss 332). — Creosote, pitch, tar, and other tar products, also disinfectants.

Proctor, Johnson & Company, Limited, Excelsior Works, Bank Street, Clayton, Manchester, 11. Telephone: East 1611. Telegrams: Proctorial, Manchester. Passenger station: London Road, 2 miles. Goods station: Any Manchester station. — Manganese borate, chloride, sulphate, acetate, ground black oxide and hydrated or recovered manganese; cobalt sulphate; copper acetate (verdigris), sal ammoniac, acetate of lime, naphthalene flakes and balls, powdered pumice stone, prussiate of potash, precipitated chalk, prepared chalk powder, French chalk, Epsom salts, whiting, pure red oxides of iron of every description, and pure black magnetic oxide of iron, superfine drop black; flake and powdered graphites, plumbago and blackleads, white sugar of lead, yellow ochres and lime colours all kinds, Proctorial brand cement colours.

Proctor, H. & T., Limited, Cathay, Bristol, 1, incorporating Norrington Hingston & Company, Limited, and J. H. & A. Cole, Limited. Telephone: 22281, 70241, 76410. Passenger station: Temple Meads, mile. Goods station: Redcliffe Wharf private siding. Water facilities: Bristol, 1, and Feeder Road, Bristol, 2. — Organic and inorganic fertilisers; animal by-products; feeding meat and bone meal.

Pronk, Davis & Rusby, Limited, 44 Penton Street, London, N.1. Telephone: Terminus 6682: Telegrams: Citronine, Telephone, London. — Acid, basic and direct dyes, confectionery colours; industrial solvent soaps.

Pure Chemicals, Limited, Stockpit Road, Kirkby Industrial Estate, near Liverpool. Telephone: Simonswood 2875. Telegrams: Chemicals, Liverpool. Passenger and goods station: Kirkby, 2 miles. — A wide range of organic chemicals, including alkyl bromides; bromo acetic acid esters; betaine hydrochloride; colour photography developers; glyceryl-a-mono and dichloro hydrins; organotin compounds, catalysts and fungicides; Stanclere; Ferroclere, Ferroperm and Cleroxide stabilisers for vinyl chloride polymers; Ferrolube lubricant for vinyl chloride compounds. Chemicals manufactured to users individual requirements.

Purkis, Williams, Limited, 60 Brewery Road, Islington, London, N.7. Telephone: North 2668. Telegrams: Uranium, London. — Fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, research and analytical reagents; Thyodene indicator for iodine and iodometry; pure potassium silicate for electronics; tetra-hydroxy-quinone (indicator), thallium mercury alloy, na tetra phenyl boron, m-cresoxy acetic acid, 6-nitro benzimidazole, thallium compounds, potassium metal, mucic acid, rhodizonic acid (sodium salt), potassium borohydride, quinaldinic acid, salicylaldoxime, 2-2-diquinolyl, biliverdin, bilirubin.

Puro Soap Company, Limited, Prospect Works, Whitehall Road, Leeds, 12. Telephone: Leeds 637346. Telegrams: Puro, Leeds, 12. Passenger and goods station: Leeds, mile. — Detergent powders. See also Soap section.

Raimes & Company, Limited, Micklegate House, York. Telephone: York 23071. Telegrams: Raimes, York. Passenger and goods station: York, mile. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Ramsden, C. E., & Company, Limited, Foley Colour and Chemical Works, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. Telephone: Longton, Staffs, 33242. Telegrams: Ramsdens, Stoke-on-Trent. Passenger station: Stoke. Goods station: Longton. — All materials for ceramic, glass and vitreous enamelling industries, including alumina, oxides of copper, cobalt, chromium, antimony, arsenic, iron, manganese, nickel, tin and zinc; cadmium sulphide, cadmium carbonate, selenium and selenium compounds; red and white lead; leadless and low-solubility frits and glazes, colours for pottery and glass, Ramco oxides for vitreous enamels on cast iron and sheet steel, ground felspar, fluorspar, flint, limespar, cornish stone, whiting, silica, rutile, bilmerite and calcined bauxite; pigments and permanent colours for plastics, lacquers, etc.

Ransom, William & Son, Limited, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Telephone: Hitchin 4575. Telegrams: Ransoms, Chemists, Hitchin. Passenger and goods station: Hitchin, mile. — Medicinal extracts, solid and liquid pharmaceutical preparations, essential oils, medicinal herbs, medicinal resins, oleo-resins and chlorophyll.

Reade Brothers & Company, Limited, Cleveland Road, Wolverhampton. Telephone: Wolverhampton 20191. Passenger and goods station: Wolverhampton, mile. — Soldering fluid, lustre solutions for the enamelling trade, industrial chemical products, fertilisers for sports grounds, weed killers, etc.

Reed, A. Elder, & Company, Limited, 103-105 Battersea High Street, London, S.W.11. Telephone: Battersea 6652. Telegrams: Eldereed, Batt, London. Birmingham office: 177 Corporation Street, Birmingham. (Telephone: Central 7462). — Abrasive powder, graphite, magnesium chloride, magnesite, marble flour, pumice powder and grains, sands coloured, sands dried and graded, silica, talcum powder, woodflour, zinc chloride.

Richardson, James, & Company, Limited, Nether Mills, East Street, Leeds. Telephone: Leeds 24302. Telegrams: Dyewoods, Leeds. Passenger and goods station: Leeds, mile. — Chemicals, dyestuffs, fertilisers, etc.

Richardson, John, & Company (Leicester), Limited, Evington Valley Road, Leicester. Telephone: Leicester 36571. Telegrams: Antizyme, Leicester. Passenger and goods station: Leicester. — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Rigby Taylor, Limited, Victoria Works, Spa Road, Bolton, Lancashire. Tele- phone: Bolton 3956. Telegrams: Chemical, Bolton. Passenger station: Bolton, Trinity Street, mile. Goods station: Bolton, Manchester Road. — Fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants, and horticultural requirements.

Riley's Chemicals and Colours, Limited, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire. Telephone: Great Harwood 2068. Telegrams; Progressive, Accrington. Passenger and goods station: Accrington, 2 miles. — Sulphate of alumina, soda alum, satin white and specialities for paper coating, sodium ricinoleate and anti frothing compounds. See also Soap section.

Riley, John, & Sons, Limited, Hapton Chemical Works, Hapton, near Burnley, Lancashire. Telephone: Padiham 290. Telegrams: Rileys, Hapton. Passenger station: Hapton, mile. Goods station: Own siding. London office: Great Eastern House, 154 Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. Belfast office: T. Hunter & Sons, 35-37 Boyne Square, Belfast (Telephone: Belfast 20081 & 30274). — Sulphuric, hydrochloric, acetic, arsenic and nitric acids; bleaching liquor, hypochlorite of soda, hyposulphite of soda (commercial, photographic and anhydrous), sulphite of soda (commercial photographic anhydrous), bisulphite of soda (liquid and powdered), metabisulphite, arseniates of soda, arsenite of soda, stannates of soda, tin crystals, tin perchloride, tin oxymuriate, nitrate of lead, copper chloride, copper nitrate, zinc chloride (liquid and solid), zinc ammonium chloride, zinc sulphate, sulphur precipitated, tinning flux, caustic soda liquor, Epsom salts (commercial and B.P.), glauber salts (commercial and B.P.), liquid chloride of magnesium, turkey red oil, sulphonated castor oil, soluble oil, special accummulator acid, salt cake, dross salt, liquid ammonia.

Robinson Brothers, Limited, Ryders' Green Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Telephone: West Bromwich 2451. Telegrams: Chemicals, West Bromwich. Passenger and goods stations: Albion or Swan Village, each mile. — Piperidine, rubber vulcanisation accelerators, amines, pickling restrainers, thioglycollic acid, ammonium thioglycollate.

Robinson, H. F., & Company, Culcheth Chemical Works, Newton Heath, Manchester, 10. Proprietors: Robinson (Newton Heath), Limited. Telephone: Failsworth 1071. Telegrams: Ortho, Manchester. Passenger stations: Dean Lane or Clayton Bridge, mile. Goods station: Dean Lane. — Acetates of tin, zinc, alumina; acetate of chrome, liquid and crystal; chrome alum and liquors for tanning; iron alum; sulphocyanides alumina and iron; mordants; finishing specialities, etc.

Robinson, James, & Company, Limited, Aniline Dye Manufacturers, Huddersfield. Telephone: Huddersfield 304. Telegrams: Robinson, Huddersfield. Passenger station: Huddersfield, mile. Goods station: Hillhouse, mile. — Aniline dyes.

Robinson, W. G. & T. (1937), Limited, Bescot Crescent, Walsall, Staffordshire. Telephone: Walsall 6869. — Bleaching soda. See also Soap section.

Rodney Manufacturing Company, Anchor Wharf, 165 St. George's Way, Peckham, London, S.E.15. Telephone: Rodney 4679. — Lysol; soap-based pine fluid. See also Soap section

Rogers & Cooke (Salisbury), Limited, Quidhampton, near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Telephone: Wilton 2130. Also at Fareham, Hants (Telephone: Fareham 3153). — Whiting, prepared chalk, ground chalk for cattle feeding, lump chalk as quarried.

Rookery Bridge Refining Company, Limited, Sandbach, Cheshire. Tele- phone: Sandbach 38. Telegrams: Gelatine, Sandbach. Goods station: Rookery Bridge Siding, via Crewe. — Gelatines, glues, bone ash, bone meals, fats, etc.

Ross, Arthur, Hotchkiss & Company, Limited, 1 Glengall Road, Old Kent Road, London, S.E.15. Bermondsey 1377. Telegrams: Disincrust, Souphone, London. — Boiler compositions and circulators.

Rudman, F. E., & Company, Limited, Spring Chemical Works, Radcliffe, near Manchester. Telephone: Radcliffe 2028. Telegrams: Rudman Limited, Radcliffe. Passenger station: New Radcliffe, 100 yards. Goods station: Radcliffe. — Mercine glaze, Silkine softening for silks, artificial silks, etc; tinting blue, sulphonated oil, soluble oils, detergents, boiler composition, glauber salts, Epsom salts, etc. See also Soap section.

S. & D. (Estd. 1783) Chemical Manufacturing Company, Limited, Waterside Works, Yeadon, Yorkshire. Telephone: Rawdon 759. Telegrams: Esdeform, Yeadon. — Esdeform stain remover, Esdogen Ex spirit soap, Savosec dry-cleaning aid, Ubs dry-cleaning aid, and Esdefix retexturing agent (all for the laundry and dry-cleaning trade); Esdogen B wetting-out agent for the textile trade; Adroit cutting oil and Remol tapping oil for the engineering trade; and Esdesol 300 paint stripper.

Sadler & Company (Chemicals) Limited, Cleveland Chemical Works, Middlesbrough. Telephone: Middlesbrough 2226. Telegrams: Sadler, Middlesbrough. Passenger and goods station: Middlesbrough, mile. — Sulphuric acid, (pure and commercial), nitric acid (pure), hydrochloric acid (pure and commercial), pure ammonia, battery acid, distilled water, sulphate of soda.

St. Helens Smelting Company, Limited, Ravenhead, St. Helens, Lancashire. Telephone: St. Helens 2217. Telegrams: Helena, St. Helens. Passenger station: St. Helens, mile. Goods station: Own siding. — Antimony oxide, and golden and black sulphide of antimony, Star antimony metal.

Salamon & Company, Limited, Ferry Road, Rainham, Essex. Telephone: Rainham 569. Telegrams: Salamon, Rainham, Essex. Passenger and goods station: Rainham, 1 mile. — Liquor ammonia, tar, creosote, pitch, rubber chemicals.

Sandie & Hall (Proprietors: W. M. Delf (Liverpool) Limited, q.v.), 130-132 Rice Lane, Walton, Liverpool, 9. Telephone: Aintree 1752. — Disinfectant fluids and sprays. See also Soap section.

Sanitas Company, The, Limited, 51 Clapham Road, London, S.W.9. Telephone: Reliance 2801. Sanitas, London. — All disinfectants. See also Soap section.

Sankey, John, & Son, Limited, Radium Street, Oldham Road, Manchester, 4. Telephone: Central 4020. Telegrams: Sankey, Radium Street, Manchester. Goods station: Manchester, Oldham Road. — Detergents for domestic and industrial purposes. See also Soap section.

Saville, Marvel & Company, Limited, Port Street Works, Manchester. Telephone: Central 4374 Telegrams: Vermilion, Manchester. — Chemical colours, dyes and paints.

Scales, W. T., & Sons, Limited, Cleveland Works, Birkenhead. Telephone: Birkenhead 2476. Telegrams: Copperas, Telephone, Birkenhead. Water facilities: Birkenhead Docks. — Sulphate of alumina, green copperas, sulphate of iron, precipitated carbonate of lime, machine-made barrels for chemicals.

Shackleton, John (Chemicals), Limited, Brookfield Chemical Works, Tamworth Street, Openshaw, Manchester. Telephone: East 0054. Telegrams: Higher, Openshaw. Passenger and goods station: Openshaw, mile. — Acetic acid, acetate of lime, grey and brown iron liquors, pumice, french chalks and charcoal.

Shallcross Brothers & Company, Limited, Excelsior Chemical Works, Miles Street, West Gorton, Manchester. Telephone: East 0095. Passenger station: Ashburys, mile. Goods station: Beswick, mile. — Mordants, oils, sulphocyanides, etc. See also Soap section.

Shearman & Company, Limited, Coffinswell, Newton Abbot, Devon. Telephone: Kingskerswell 3322. Telegrams: Shearman, Coffinswell. Works: Ashburton. Passenger and goods station: Newton Abbot, 2 miles. — Metalliferous ores, asbestos and general minerals, dry colours. Grinders and processors and chemical merchants, slate flours, opotherapic products, liver desiccated N.F., insulin pure, solid.

Sheffield Chemical Company, Limited, Washford Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, 9. Telephone: Sheffield 41375. Telegrams: Vitriol, Sheffield, 9. Passenger station: Sheffield. Goods station: Attercliffe. — Sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids, pure liquid ammonia, oxide of iron for gas purification.

Shell Chemical Company, Limited, 15/17 Great Marlborough Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Gerrard 0666. Telegraphic address: Shellchem, Wesdo, London. London sales office: Norman House, 105/9 Strand, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Temple Bar 4455). Manchester office: 144-146 Deansgate, Manchester, 3 (Telephone: Deansgate 6411). Glasgow office: 124 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Central 9561). Birmingham office: Warwick Chambers, Corporation Street, Birmingham, 2 (Telephone: Midland 6954). Belfast office: 16-20 Rosemary Street, Belfast (Telephone: Belfast 26094). Dublin office: 33-4 Westmoreland Street, Dublin (Telephone: Dublin 72114). — Teepol, Teepodol, Lensine, Lenka, Delak, Teepex, Lensex, Lensitol and Marinex detergents and wetting agents; Nonidet, non-ionic detergent; Teepol anti foaming agent; Elvira dry-cleaning aids; Dutrex petroleum extracts; Apiezon high vacuum oils and greases; Dielmoth, mothproofing agent; Epikote epoxide resins; detergent intermediates, alkylates and dodecyl benzene; solvents and intermediates, ketones and alcohols; textile oils; general chemicals, sulphur, petroleum sulphonates, naphthenic acids; corrosion inhibitors; synthetic resins; plastics; agricultural products, winter washes, weedkillers, insecticides and fungicides; fertilisers, silage preservative, growth regulators, glasshouse products, and seed dressings; stickers, wetters and spreaders.

Sheppy Glue and Chemical Works, Limited, Bonehurst Road, Horley, Surrey. Telephone: Horley 967. Telegrams: Glutination, Horley. Works: Queenborough, Kent (Telephone: Sheerness 2365). London Depot: 34 Ceylon Street, Battersea Park Road, S.W.8. Telephone: Macaulay 7104. — Glues, liquid glue, concentrated size powder, all grades of tallow and bone grease, feeding meat and bone meal, organic fertilisers including bone meal, meat and bone meal, hoof and horn meal, inorganic fertilisers including superphosphate, compound fertilisers, sulphuric acid, potash, sulphate of ammonia.

Simon-Carves, Limited, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Gatley 3600. Telegrams: Simcar, Manchester. London office: Simon House, Dover Street, London, W.1. (Telephone: Hyde Park 8191). — Sulphate, muriate and liquid ammonia, benzoles, pitch, creosote, naphtha, naphthalene, carbolic and cresylic acids, tar, toluol, xylol and sulphuric acid.

Simpson, W. S., & Company (The British Aniline Dye and Chemical Works), Limited, 1-23 Linden Way, Old Southgate, London, N.14. Telephone: Palmers Green 0196. Telegrams: Nigall, Winchmore, London. Passenger and goods station: Palmers Green, 1 mile. — Aniline dyes, dry colours, etc.

Sissons Brothers & Company, Limited, Incorporating A. T. Moose, Sons & Co. Ltd., Paint Manufacturers, Bankside, Hull. Telephone: Central 15030. Telegrams: Sissons, Hull. Passenger station: Paragon, 3 miles. Goods station: Stepney, mile. Water facilities for river barges. — Varnishes, enamels, paints, distempers, dry colours, wood preservatives, disinfectants.

Skelton, William, & Company, Limited, George Road, Hay Mill, Birmingham. Telephone: Victoria 0405. Telegrams: Skelton, Hay Mill, Birmingham. — Glues, varnish, lacquers, polishing compositions, chemicals.

Skilbeck Brothers, Limited, 203-5 Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.4. Telephone: Central 8201. Telegrams: Skilbeck, Cent, London. — Chemical auxiliaries, dyestuffs, pigment dispersions, E.D.T.A. sequestering agents, heavy and commercial chemicals, solvents.

Skip Company, The, Limited, Golden Mile Works, Bridgend, Glamorgan. Telephone: Bridgend 821. Telegrams: Lisbro, Bridgend. Passenger station: Bridgend. Goods station: Own sidings. — Skip polishes, Skip glass wax (metal and glass polish), Spreece net-abrasive detergent cleaning paste, Trapid abrasive detergent cleaning tablet, Pal abrasive cleaning paste.

Smith & Forrest (Oils) Limited, Holt Town, Manchester. Telephone: Ardwick 2612. Telegrams: Cambrian, Manchester. Passenger station: London Road, 1 mile. Goods station: Beswick. — Oil and resin distillers. See also Soap section.

Smith, Alfred, Limited, Stoneferry, Hull. Telephone: Hull 15191. Telegrams: Bisulphide, Hull. Works: Oak Road, Newland, Hull (Telephone: Hull 18880. Goods station: Private siding). London office: Cunard House, 88 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.4 (Telephone: Avenue 4081). — Rubber substitutes, Velosan vulcanising accelerator, excelsior red, all grades of sulphur, including roll.

Smith, H. A., Limited, Braunston, Rugby. Telephone: Braunston 248. Telegrams: Tenaxis, Braunston, Rugby. London office: Sabian House, 26-27 Cowcross Street, London, E.C.1 (Telephone: Clerkenwell 2893). — Adhesives of all kinds.

Smith, Henry, & Company, Limited, Diggle, near Oldham. Telephone: Saddleworth 316. Telegrams: Ceramyl, Diggle, Oldham. Passenger station: Diggle, near works. Goods station : Own siding. London addresses : J. A. L. Douglas, Grimsdyke Works, Grimsdyke Road, Hatch End, Middlesex, and 6 Felden Close, Hatch End, Middlesex (Telephone: Hatch End 5110 and 3434). — Manufacturers of sizes for the textile industries, adhesives for the box making and paper trades, food packers, bottling, plastics emulsions and resin adhesives, etc.

Smith, J. W. and T. A., Limited, Colour Works, Maryland Road, Stratford, London, E.15. Telephone: Maryland 4551. Telegrams: Brillfast, Strat, London. — Chemical colours; fast reds, yellows, blues and greens.

Smith Kline & French Laboratories, Limited, 120 Coldharbour Lane, London, S.E.5. Telephone: Brixton 7722. Telegrams: Eskayef, London, Passenger station: Loughborough Junction, 500 yards. Goods station: Direct from London main termini. Also at Old Powder Mills, Hawden, near Tonbridge, Kent (Telephone: Hildenborough 3001). — Medical specialities including benzedrex inhaler, benzedrine, bephen, cynomel, daprisal, dexedrine, dexedrine spansule, dibenyline, drinamyl, drinamyl spansule, edrisal, eskacillin, eskamel, furacin, histryl spansule, iodex, mio-pressin, neuro phosphates, pendex, phenobarbitone spansule, pragmatar, quotane, sethadil, sulfex, and vasocort spraypak, branded products. Veterinary specialities and chemicals of the nitrofuran group, including nitreurazone B.Vet.C., and bifuran, nefco and neftin branded products.

Smith, W. R., & Sons, Limited, Tattenhall Road Works, near Chester. Telephone: Tattenhall 360. Passenger station: Tattenhall, 100 yards. Goods station: Tattenhall, miles. — Gelatines, glues, sizes, tallows, greases, fertilisers.

Smith, Wilfrid, Limited, 16 Philpot Lane, Eastcheap, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Mansion House 2064-8. Telegrams: Accollyst, Bilgate, London. — Oleic and stearic acids, aluminium stearate and silicate, antimony sulphide, barytes, blanc fixe, carbon black, lamp black, calcium carbonate precip., calcium stearate, china clay, calcium silicate, coated calcium carbonate, diatomite, french chalk, graphite, iron oxide, lithopone, magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium stearate, mica powder, synthetic resin, silica, sulphur, ultramarine blue, vermilion, natural powdered whiting, zinc oxide, and zinc stearate.

Smithie, W. C., & Company, Limited, Britannia Chemical Works, Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire. Telephone: Famworth 194 and 1257. Telegrams: Smitco, Farnworth. Passenger and goods station: Moses Gate, 1 mile. — Disinfectants, sheep dips, bitumastic paints, recovered solvents, white spirits, etc.

Soaps & Detergents, Limited, 206 Stanley Road, Bootle, Liverpool, 20. Telephone: Bootle 2385. Telegrams: Detergent, Liverpool, 20. Passenger station: Bootle. Goods stations: Seaforth and Litherland, mile. Scottish branch: Broughton Soap Works, Bennington Road Lane, Edinburgh 6 (Telephone: Leith 39335). — Court brand wax floor polish; Flo-Glo semi-concentrated polish; Terapol and Grip-Pol emulsion polish; Astropol floor dressing oil; Gymsol gymnasium oil; San-i-Sweep floor sweeping compound; Coronet liquid metal polish; Lysolic coal tar fluid; Pineolene sanitary fluid; Hygolene pink fluid; Atomol fly spray; Pyrectol insect fluid; Florodol and Deodol germicidal sprays; SDL channel blocks; Lavelle lavatory cleanser crystals; Atlas and Detergol liquid detergents; Syntax and Detergene powdered detergents; Primex combined detergent and steriliser; SDL coach-cleaning fluid; SDL hand cleaning jelly. See also Soap section.

Soflor, Limited, Wadsworth Road, Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex. Telephone: Perivale 1172 and 9961. Telegrams: Verflor, Wesphone, London. — Essential oils, synthetics, isolates, etc.

Sofnol, Limited, 58 Westcombe Hill, Greenwich, London, S.E.10. Telephone: Greenwich 3321. Telegrams: Softerials, Green, London. Works: Anchor Chemical Works, Charlton, London, S.E.7. — Calcium hydrate, Sofnol mixtures for water softening, Sofnol all-soluble water conditioning mixtures, Sofnit descaling fluid, soda lime, apparatus and solutions for water testing, indicators, pure hydrated garden lime, peat products, fertilisers, non-poisonous weedkiller, etc.

South-Eastern Gas Board, Chemical Products Department, Corn Exchange Building, 52/57 Mark Lane, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Royal 8066. Telex: 23722. Telegrams: Chemetro, Fen, London. — Pitch, refined tar, coal tar fuel, creosotes, naphthalene, benzole, toluole, xylole, naphthas, dry neutral sulphate of ammonia, sulphuric acid, etc.

South-Eastern Tar Distillers, Limited, Vale Road, Tonbridge, Kent. Telephone: Tonbridge 3271. Telegrams : Setar, Tonbridge. Passenger and goods station : Tonbridge, mile. Also at Broad Oak Road, St. Stephens, Canterbury (Telephone: Canterbury 4295. Telegrams: Setar, Canterbury. Passenger and goods station: Canterbury West, 1 mile) and Mill Hill, Aylesford, near Maidstone (Telephone: Maidstone 7208. Telegrams: Setar, Aylesford. Water facilities: Own wharf on Medway). — Road tar, tar for macadam making, coal tar fuel oils, benzole, naphtha, toluene, creosote, pitch, black varnish, wood preservative, crude naphthalene salts, etc.

South Wales Portland Cement and Lime Company, Limited, Penarth Works, Penarth, near Cardiff. Telephone: Penarth 57301. Telegrams: Cement, Penarth. Passenger station: Penarth Lower, adjacent. Goods station: Own siding. — Portland cement and Hydralime hydrated lime.

South-Western Tar Distilleries, Eling House, Eling Lane, Totton, Southampton. Telephone: Totton 2444. Also at Cattedown, Plymouth (Telephone: Plymouth 63161). — Pitch, creosote, road tar, coal tar fuels, naphthas, toluene, naphthalene, tarmacadum, parateriary octyl phenol, etc.

Southall Brothers & Barclay, Limited, Priory House, Gooch Street, Birmingham, 5. Telephone: Midland 7111. Telegrams: Lofotol, Birmingham. Passenger and goods station: Birmingham. — Fine and pharmaceutical chemicals of all kinds.

Spalding, Charles, & Son, Limited, Manure Works, Oldbury, near Birmingham. Telephone: Broadwell 1075. Passenger station: Langley Green, mile Goods station: Oldbury, mile. Water facilities: Canal siding. — Bone meal, pure dissolved bone, hoof and horn meal and other fertilisers, grease.

Sparks, White & Company (1948), Limited, 7 Leather Market, London, S.E.1. Telephone: Hop 0837. — Essential oils, crude drugs, etc.

Spence, Peter, & Sons, Limited, Moorfield Road, Widnes, Lancashire. Telephone: Widnes 3161. Telegrams: Alum, Widnes. Goods station: Private sidings, Farnworth and Bold. Also at Temple Back, Bristol (Telephone: Bristol 21902. Telegrams: Alum, Bristol. Passenger and goods station: Temple Mead). London office: 1 Hill Street, London, W.1 (Telephone: Grosvenor 3864. Telegrams: Alum, Telex, London.) Glasgow office: 159 Glass Street, Glasgow (Telephone: Glasgow City 4108. Telegrams: Alum, Glasgow). — Alum, aluminoferric, aluminium sulphate, pharmaceutical alumina, sodium aluminate, activated alumina, titanium compounds, sulphuric acid, catalysts, butyl titanate, aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium chloride.

Spencer, Chapman & Messel, Limited, 45 Park Lane, London, W.1. Telephone: Grosvenor 4311. Telegrams: Hydrochloric, Audley, London. Works: Silvertown, North Woolwich, London, E.16 (Telephone: Albert Dock 2168). — Sulphuric, battery, hydrochloric and nitric acids; oleum (all strengths); pure distilled water.

Spencer, Edward, & Company, Openshaw Bridge Works, Tamworth Street, Manchester, 11. Telephone: East 1026. Telegrams: Carbonozer, Manchester. Passenger stations: Any Manchester station. Goods stations: Openshaw or London Road. Water facilities: Ashton canal, siding. — Acetic acid; acetates of alumina, chrome, cobalt, iron, lead, lime, manganese, potash, soda; antimony sulphides; barium chloride and carbonate; blacking (founders' and moulders'); black iron liquor; black varnish; chalk, precipitated and prepared, and French chalks; wood and animal charcoal; charcoal fuel; dyers' and calico printers' chemicals; pyrolignite and perchloride of iron; manganese chloride, oxide, sulphate, and recovered; phosphates, permanganate and prussiates of potash and soda; pyroligneous acid; pumice stone; red liquor; wood and coal tar; pitch; ultramarine and prussian blues; powdered silica; whiting, etc.

Staffordshire Chemicals, Limited, Chatterley, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 87257. Telegrams: Coke, Tunstall. Passenger and goods station: Longport, mile. Water facilities: Canal barge to Chatterley Basin. — Tar products, benzole, toluol, xylole, heavy naphtha, pyridene oil, creosote oil, Carbolic acid, cresylic acid, naphthalene, creosote salts, pitch, etc.

Standard Tablet Company, The, Limited, Goldstone Laboratories, Hove, Sussex. Telephone: Hove 31549. Telegrams: Tabulate, Hove. Passenger and goods station: Hove. — Compressed tablets, pills, capsules, pharmaceutical preparations.

Standardised Disinfectants Company, Limited, Oak Lane Works, London, E.14. Telephone: East 1201. Head office: 23 Sloane Street, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Sloane 8268). — Sheep and cattle dips, disinfectant fluids, insecticides, wood preservers, fungicides, weed killers, agricultural chemicals.

Staveley Iron and Chemical Company, Limited, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Telephone: Chesterfield 7251. Telegrams: Staviron, Chesterfield, Telex. Stations: Barrow Hill, E.B. (Midland Section) Goods only. Staveley Works E.R. (G.C. Section) goods and passenger—both close. London office: Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, Wellington Street, W.C.2. (Telephone Temple Bar 1711). — Sulphate of ammonia, benzole, toluole, pitch, refined tar, creosote oil, green oil, crude carbolic acid, cresylic acid, pyridine, naphthalene balls, flake and powder, aniline oil and salt, nitro- benzole (mirbane oil), sulphuric acid, oleum (all strengths), stabilized sulphur trioxide, hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, sodium chlorate, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, soda crystals, anhydrous sodium orthosilicate, stadus.

Steel, J. M., & Company, Limited, Kern House, 36-38 Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Telephone: Holborn 2532. Telegrams: Coaltar, Westcent, London. Birmingham office: Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street, Birmingham, 3 (Telephone: Central 6342). Manchester office: 51 South King Street, Manchester, 2 (Telephone: Deansgate 6077). Glasgow office: 144 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 3262-3. — Oxalic acid, carbon tetrachloride; bi-chromate, carbonate, chlorate, permanganate and caustic potash, etc.; solvents; plasticisers; synthetic resins; woodflour; french chalk; ground minerals; Tempil and Thermindex temperature indicating paints, crayons and pellets.

Stevenson & Howell, Limited, Standard Works, Southwark Street, London, S.E.1. Telephone: Waterloo 4833. Telegrams: Distiller, Souphone, London. — Fruit and soluble essences, essential oils, harmless colours, perfumes and colours for soaps, etc.

Stockport United Chemical Co. Ltd. (a member of the Associated Chemical Companies Ltd. Gtroup), Canada Street, Heaviley, Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Stepping Hill 2980. Telegrams: Tetralene, Stockport. Passenger and goods station: Edgeley mile. — Tetralene, Estralene, and other scouring, wetting and dispersing agents for cotton, wool, rayon and Synthetic fiibres

Storey, Joseph, & Company, Limited, Heron Chemical Works, Moor Lane, Lancaster. Telephone: Lancaster 3252. Telegrams: Heron, Lancaster. Passenger and goods station: Lancaster, mile. — Chromes, greens, pigment and fine lake colours, borates, P.V.C. stabilisers, lead acetate.

Strawson Chemical Company, Limited, Enfield Works, Clayton-le-Moor, Accrington, Lancs. Telephone: Accrington 2165. Telegrams: Strawsonizer, Accrington. Passenger and Goods station: Accrington. Also Own Wharf. London office: 175 Piccadilly, London, W.1. Telephone: Hyde Park 0457. — Insecticides, fungicides, and allied chemicals.

Sturge, John & E., Limited, 1 Wheeleys Road, Birmingham, 15. Telephone: Midland 1236. Telegrams: Sturgeon, Birmingham 15. Passenger station: New Street, mile. Goods stations: Three stations, each miles. — Citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, rochelle salt, precipitated and activated calcium carbonate, sodium citrate, pure alkaline earth compounds.

Sutton & Phillips, Limited, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Telephone: Stowmarket 5. Passenger and goods station: Stowmarket, 100 yards. — Bisulphite of lime, sulphurous acid, finings, antiformin, etc.

Swan, J. Cameron, & Company, Limited, 4 St. Nicholas Buildings, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1. Telephone: Newcastle 20913 and 21563. Telegrams: Swan, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Stations: Eastgate, Co. Durham, 3 miles (fluorspar); Four-stones, Northumberland, miles (witherite). — Metallurgical and acid grade fluorspar, witherite (barium carbonate), barytes.

Synthite, Limited, Ryders Green, West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Telephone: Tipton 2245. Telegrams: Synthite, West Bromwich. Passenger station: Albion, mile. Goods station: Swan Village, mile. Also at Alyn Works, Mold, Flintshire (Telephone: Mold 520. Goods station: Own sidings). — Formaldehyde 40% by volume and special qualities to order; paraformaldehyde in powder, granular and tablet forms; solvents; paint removers; antifreeze products; rust removers.

Talfacto Atmospheric Consultants, The White House, Garstang Road. East, Little Singleton, Nr. Blackpool, Lancashire. Telephone: Poulton le Fylde 2352. Telegrams: Talfacto, Blackpool. Passenger and Goods station: Poulton, 1 mile. (Representatives in all districts). — Talfacto lavatory sprayers, spraying germicide fluids, and sprayers.

Tar Residuals, Limited, Plantation House, Mincing Lane, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Mansion House 3494. Telegrams: Residuals, Fen, London. Works: Cheadle Heath, near Stockport (Telephone: Gatley 3600. Telegrams: Simcar, Manchester). — Creosote, naphthas, naphthalene, pyridine, carbolic and cresylic acids, tar, caustic potash solid flake, pieces and powder; oxalic acid crystals, carbonate of potash—all grades.

Taylor, Omerod, & Son, Limited, Sun Vale, Walsden, Todmorden, Yorkshire. Telephone: Todmorden 27. Telegrams: Taylor, 27 Todmorden. Passenger and goods station: Walsden, mile. — Sodium sulphate, B.P., ammonium bromide B.P.C., potassium bromide B.P., sodium bromide B.P., potassium bromate, sodium bromate, benzoyl peroxide.

Taylor, S., Frith & Company, Limited, Holderness Quarries and Lime Works, Dove Holes, via Stockport, Cheshire. Telephone: Buxton 2801. Passenger station: Dove Holes, 1 mile. Goods station: Peak Forest, own siding. Branch office: High Street, Runcorn, Cheshire (Telephone: Runcorn 2631). — Buxton lime and limestone.

Tennants (Lancashire) Limited, Hazelbottom Road, Cheetham, Manchester, 8. Telephone: Collyhurst 4454. Telegrams: Tennants, Manchester. Works at Hazelbottom Road, Cheetham, Manchester, 8. Also at Stour Wharf, Stour Road, London, E.3 (Telephone: Amherst 1320). — Acetic, formic and oxalic acids; acetate of lead; barium chloride; bichromates of potash and soda; copperas; chromic acid and other chrome products; chemicals for tanning; carbonate of potash; chromium oxide; Epsom salts, glucose; iron compounds; manganese; magnesite and magnesium chloride; methylated spirits, solvents and plasticisers. See advertisement on page 10.

Thermal Syndicate, The, Limited, P.O. Box No. 6, Wallsend, Northumberland. Telephone: Wallsend 63242, 64138, and 63268. Telegrams: Thermal, Wallsend. Passenger and goods station: Wallsend, mile. London office: 12-14 Old Pye Street, London, S.W.1 (Telephone: Abbey 5469. Telegrams: Quartzware, Telephone, London). — Vitreosil pure fused quartz and silica.

Thomas and Strachan, 28 Chapel Street, Liverpool, 3. Telephone: Central 2756. Telegrams: Strachan, Liverpool. — Manganese (ore, black oxide, chloride, sulphate and recovered), fluorspar (lump, gravel and ground), sulphate of barytes, black oxide of iron, ground silica, nitrate of potash (saltpetre), dolomite, French chalk, talc, felspar, quartz and quartzite.

Thompson, Alfred J., Limited, Wincham Hall Salt Works, Northwich, Cheshire. Telephone: Northwich 2036. Telegrams: Salt, Northwich. Passenger and goods station: Northwich. Water facilities: Trent and Mersey Canal. Sales office: Queens Street, Winsford, Cheshire (Telephone: Winsford 2265). — Fine stoved lump, dairy, table, crystal, agricultural and vacuum salt. .

Thompson, Alfred J., Limited. Sales office: Amasal Ltd, Crown Works, Stafford. Telephone: Stafford 2364/5. Works: Northwich, Cheshire. — All grades of industrial and household salt.

Thompson, Ingram, & Sons, Limited, 3 Rumford Street, Liverpool. Telephone: Central 1579. Telegrams: Saltcastle, Liverpool. Works: Lion Salt Works, Marston, Northwich, Cheshire and Sunbeam Salt Works, Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire (Telephone: Northwich 2066. Telegrams: Ingram Thompson, Marston, Northwich. Passenger station: Northwich. Goods station: Own siding. Main road and water facilities: Trent and Mersey Canal and River Weaver, Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey). — Salt.

Thomson Brothers (Birkenhead), Limited, New Chester Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead. Telephone: Birkenhead 116. Telegrams: Thomson, Birkenhead. Passenger station: Green Lane, near Works. Goods station: Birkenhead, mile. — Gelatine glue.

Thomson, L., Limited. 6 Crutched Friars, London, E.C.3. Telephone: Royal 7311. Telegrams: Elteemilk, Fen, London. — Specialists in milk products.

Thorium Limited, 10 Storey's Gate, London, S.W.1. Telephone: Abbey 3833. — Thorium, cerium, didymiums, lanthanium and other rare earth products.

Tipper, B. C., & Son, Limited, The Veterinary Chemical Works, 43-47 Homer Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham 12. Telephone: Calthorpe 0204. Telegrams: Thretips, Birmingham. Passenger stations: New Street and Snow Hill, 2 miles. Goods station: Camp Hill, mile. — Veterinary medicines, vaccines, sheep dips, calf meal, anti-fly sprays, disinfectants, cod liver oil condiment, Tippers iodised minerals.

Tomlinson and Hayward, Limited, 51 Newland, Lincoln. Telephone: Lincoln 108. Telegrams: Tomlinson, Lincoln. — Sheep dips, agricultural and veterinary preparations, Eureka weed killer, horticultural sundries, and fungicides.

Towers, J. W., & Company, Limited, Victoria House, Widnes, Lancashire. Telephone: Widnes 2201. Telegrams: Towers, Widnes. (Telex 62183). Liverpool branch: 134 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, 3 (Telephone: Royal 4074). London branch: Industrial Estate, Uxbridge, Middlesex (Telephone: Uxbridge 8461. Telex 58543). Manchester branch: 44 Chapel Street, Salford, 3 (Telephone: Blackfriars 2677). Stockton branch: 28 Bridge Road, Stockton-on-Tees (Telephone: Stockton 65141/2. Telex 24411). — Pure hydrochloric, nitric and sulphuric acids; analytical reagents; pure accumulator acid; scientific apparatus; analytical balances and weights.

Tragasol Products, Limited, Hooton, Wirral, Cheshire. Telephone: Hooton 2031. Telegrams: Tragasol, Little Sutton. Passenger and goods station: Hooton, 200 yards. — Tragon locust kernel and guar flour for stabilising, thickening, and emulsifying.

Trenmans, Limited, 160 Cheapside, London, E.C.2. Telephone: Metropolitan 8533. Telegrams: Chemtrenco, Cent, London. — Sulphite lye, textile chemicals, coal tar products, etc.

Trenmans Hortico, Limited. Address as for Trenmans, Limited, above. — Insecticides, fertilisers, etc.

Union Alkali Company, Limited, Soho Works, Ancoats, Manchester, 4. Telephone: Ardwick 3098. Telegrams: Potash, Manchester. Passenger and goods station: London Road, mile. — Pearl ashes, caustic and carbonate of potash, brown potash, sulphur (powdered), hydrate of lime, cleansing materials, etc.

Union Carbide Limited, Chemicals Division, 103 Mount Street, London, W.1. Telephone: Hyde Park 5361. Telegrams: Unicarbide Audley London. Works and branch office: Birchill Road, Kirkby Industrial Estate, Kirkby, near Liverpool. (Telephone: Simonswood 2855. Telegrams: Unicarbide Liverpool). — Nonex and Gemex nonionic and cationic surface active agents, Tergitol nonionic and anionic surface active agents, Carbowax polyethylene glycols, polypropylene glycols, aliphatic nitrogen compounds, glycols and triols, glycol ethers, etc.

United Indigo and Chemical Company, 20 Lord Street, Cheetham, Manchester, 4. Telephone: Blackfriars 7125. Works: Griffin Mill, Blackburn (Telephone: Blackburn 7307 and 5552); Longroyd Bridge, Huddersfield (Telephone: Huddersfield 83); 7 Carlton Rise, Leeds (Telephone: Leeds 2-6390) and Neilston Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire (Telephone: Thornly Park 2024. Telegrams: Freres, Paisley). — Alizarin oils, soluble oils, acetate of chrome, sulphocyanide of alumina, oleine oils, soaps, drysalteries for textile trades, aniline colours, indigo extracts, boiler disincrustant, gum tragacanths, etc.

Universal Oil Co. Ltd., The, Stoneferry, Hull. Telephone: Hull 41311: Telegrams: Univol, Hull. Works: Newland, Hull (Telephone: Hull 18880). Passenger station: Paragon, 1 mile. Goods station: Private sidings. London Office: Cunard House, 88 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3. (Telephone: Avenue 4081. Telegrams: Premoil Fen, London). Leeds Office: East Parade, Leeds, 1. (Telephone: Leeds 24505. Telegrams: Unoil, Leeds). — Fatty acids, stearines, oleines, glycerine and pitches; "Univol", pure fatty acids by fractionation.

Urwin & Company, Limited, The Manors, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Telephone: Newcastle 20463. Telegrams: Acids, Newcastle. Passenger station: Newcastle Central, mile. Goods station: Newbridge Street. — Sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and accumulator acids; heavy chemicals.

Uttley, Michael, Limited, Red Lees Chemical Works, Littleborough, Lancashire. Telephone: Littleborough 8251. Passenger and goods station: Littleborough, miles. — Epsom and glauber salts, softenings, ammonia, sulphonated castor and fish oils, sulphonated fatty alcohols, soluble oils; wetting-out agents and penetrants. See also Soap section.

Viaduct Alum Company, Limited, The Marsh, Widnes, Lancashire. Telephone: Widnes 2439. Telegrams: Viaduct Alum, Widnes. — Sulphate of alumina.

Voss, Walter, & Company, Limited, Carlton Chemical Works, Glengall Grove, Millwall, London, E.14. Telephone: East 1367. Telegrams: Vossancos. Telephone: London. — Agri-horticultural chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers.

Wade-Wilton, E., & Son, Planet Works, Bramley, near Leeds. Telephone: Pudsey, 3338. Telegrams: Wilton, Pudsey 3338. Passenger and goods station: Bramley, mile. Water facilities: Leeds and Liverpool Canal. — Detergents and chemical reagents for boiler feed water purification, bitumen paints, materials for toughening concrete.

Walford & Company, Limited, Heath Street, Newton Heath, Manchester, 10. Telephone: Failsworth 1519. Telegrams: Walco, Manchester. Dublin office: 3 Granby Row, Dublin (Telephone: Dublin 77284). — Essence distillers.

Walsall Glue Company, Limited, Birchills, Walsall. Telephone: Walsall 4316. Telegrams: Walsall Glue, Walsall. Passenger and goods station: Walsall, miles, Water facilities: Birmingham Canal. — Glues, gelatine.

Ward, Blenkinsop & Company, Limited, York House, 37 Queen Square, London, W.C.1. Telephone: Holborn 5992. Telegrams: Duochem, Westcent, London. — Acetomenaphthone; acids nicotinic, amethocaine; aminacrine hydrochloride; aminonitrothiazole; N.1 benzoyl sulphanilamide; bile salts; butyl aminobenzoate; butyraldoxime; calamine; chiniofon; choline bitartrate; choline chloride; choline di-hydrogen citrate; cinchocaine; dexamphetamine; diacetyl dihydroxyphenyl isatin; dienoestrol; di-iodohydroxyquinoline; dithranol; histamine acid phosphate; histamine dihydrochloride ; 8-hydroxyquinoline; isoniazid; isoprenaline and salts; lawsone; menaphthone; methyl ethyl ketoxime; methyl nicotinate; methyl para dimethylamino benzoate; nicotinamide; nikethamide; phenoxyethanol; phthalyl sulphacetamide; potassium hydroxy-quinoline sulphate; procaine and salts; procaine amide hydrochloride; sodium tauroglycocholate; sulphacetamide; sulphadiazine; sulphaguanidine; sulphanilamide, acid alpha chloropropionic; 1:3 dichloro 5:5 dimethyl hydantoin, sulphadimidine, sulphadimidine sodium.

Warrington Chemical and Drug Company, Limited, Paddington, near Warrington, Lancashire. Telephone: Warrington 34631. Telegrams: Salicin, Warrington. Goods station: Warrington. — Salicylic acid, sodium salicylate, and derivatives.

Washington Chemical Company, The, Limited, Washington, Co. Durham. (A member of the Turner and Newall Organisation). Telephone: Washington 3333. Telegrams: Chemical, Washington. Passenger and goods station: Washington, near Works. London office: Empire House, St. Martin's le Grand, London, E.C.1 (Telephone: Monarch 6898. Telegrams: Pattprodux, Telephone, London). Manchester office: 220/222 Corn Exchange Buildings, Cathedral Street, Manchester, 4. (Telephone: Blackfriars 4401. Telegrams: Pattprodux, Manchester). — Pattinson's light and heavy magnesium oxide; light and heavy magnesium carbonate; magnesium trisilicate B.P.; activated calcium carbonate.

Watford Chemical Company, Limited, 22-32 Copperfield Road, Bow, London, E.3. Telephone: Advance 2604. Telegrams: Watchempro, London. Passenger and goods station: Bow, mile. Water facilities: Grand Union Canal (Regents Canal). — Estax range of surface active agents (fatty acid esters of glycerol, glycols, pentaerythritol, etc.), fine chemicals, thickening and suspending agents, thioglycollates, wetting agents, anti-oxidants, embedding waxes, metal soaps.

Watson, Joseph, & Sons, Limited, Whitehall Soap Works, Leeds, 1. Telephone: Leeds 20484. Telegrams: Watson, Leeds. — Detergents. See also Soap section.

Wayland, W. & A., & Company, Limited, U.K. Works, Gosterwood Street, Deptford, London, S.E.8. Telephone: Tideway 1486. Telegrams: Vinland, London. — Sulphites and bisulphites of lime, magnesia and soda; sulphurous acid; caramel, beer and spirit colourings, disinfectants; enamels, etc.

Webb, Edward, & Sons (Stourbridge), Limited, Wordsley, Stourbridge, Worcestershire. Telephone: Brierley Hill 78001. Works: Saltney, Chester (Telephone: Chester 26334) — Manures and fertilisers.

Wengers, Limited, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Telephone: Stoke-on-Trent 25126. Telegrams: Wengers, Stoke-on-Trent. Passenger station: Etruria. Goods station: Own siding. — Ceramic colours, chemicals, glazes, minerals and materials for the pottery, tile, brick, glass and vitreous enamelling on metal industries; enamel and underglaze colours, glazes and fritts, enamels for sheet and cast iron and jewellery; oxides of antimony, chrome, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, zirconium, etc.; cadmium sulphide, reds, cobalt blues, etc.; liquid gold, silver and lustres; colours for the surface colouring of building bricks and roofing tiles, colours for colouring cement; chemicals of all kinds for vitrifications; grinders of bone, felspar, flint, fluorspar, silica, quartz, stone, whiting, limespar, carbonate and sulphate of barytes, silver silica sand, etc.; Seger cones, temperature indicators for kilns and ovens.

West, E. & A., Limited, Parcel Terrace, Derby. Telephone: Derby 45008. Telegrams: West, Derby 45008. Goods station: Friargate sidings. — Sulphuric, hydrofluoric, nitric, hydrochloric, sulphurous and battery acid; carbon tetrachloride; T.R.O. copperas; ferrous sulphate B.P.; iron liquor; ammonia, ferric sulphate; dipping acids.

West Cumberland By-Products Company, Limited, Risehow Chemical Works, Flimby, Maryport, Cumberland. Telephone: Maryport 8. Telegrams: By-Products, Telephone, Maryport. Passenger station: Flimby, 1 mile. Goods station: Own sidings. — Sulphuric acid, accumulator acid, distilled water, creosote, pitch, crude naphtha, coal tar fuel oil, pyridine, crude tar acids, refined tar, tar-bitumen compounds, carbon bisulphide.

West Norfolk Farmers' Manure and Chemical Co-operative Company, Limited, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Telephone: King's Lynn 2272. Telegrams: Fertility, King's Lynn. Passenger station: King's Lynn, 1 mile. Goods station: Lynn Harbour, close to works. Also at Boston, Lincolnshire (Telephone: Boston 2078). — Fertilisers of every description; sulphuric acid.

Westbrook Lanolin Company (subsidiary of Woolcombers Limited), Daisy Bank, Duckworth Lane, Bradford, 9. Telephone: Bradford 42244. Telegrams: Lanolin, Bradford. Works: Argonaut Works, Laisterdyke, Bradford (Telephone: Bradford 64346). — Fine lanolins, lanolin derivatives, and wool greases under the trade names Golden Dawn and Westbrook; Nicrolan temporary rust preventives; Westbrook anti-dermatitis lanolin-based barrier creams.

Whalley's Sanitary Fluid Company, Limited, 122-6 Grove Green, Leytonstone, London, E.11. Telephone: Leytonstone 2391. — Disinfectants.

Whiffen & Sons, Limited (a member of the Fison Group of Companies), Willows Works, Derby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Telephone: Loughborough 3141. Telegrams: Whiffen, Loughborough. Telex: 34548. London Office: Fison House, 95 Wigmore Street, London, W.1. (Telephone: Welbeck 5500. Telegrams: Whiffen, Wesdo, London). — Allantoin, almond oil, benztriazole, dichloro-dimethyl hydantoin, emetine, ethylene urea, fluosilicates, gelozone, Genitron blowing agents, hydrazine and derivatives, ipecac extract, Metaquest sequestering agents, murexide, etc.

Whitaker & Company (Kendal) Limited, Colour Works, Kendal, Westmorland. Telephone: Kendal 214. Passenger and goods station: Kendal, mile. — Dyes.

Wilkins, Campbell & Company, Limited, Britannia Works, West Drayton, Middlesex. Telephone: West Drayton 2623. Telegrams: Kinswil, West Drayton. Passenger and goods station: West Drayton, mile. — Waxes of all kinds, disin- fectants, Wilcam lavatory cleaner. See also Soap section.

Wilkinson, J. B. (Chemicals), Limited, Dudley Hill Chemical Works, Holme Lane, Dudley Hill, Bradford, 4. Telephone: Dudley Hill 253. Telegrams: Bi-sulphite, Bradford. Goods station: Dudley Hill, 1 mile. — Aluminium acetates and formates, ammonium acetate, bisulphate of soda and chemicals for dyers, tanners, printers, etc.

Wilkinson, James, & Son, Limited, Tinsley Park Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield, 9. Telephone: Sheffield 41208. Telegrams: Chemicals, Sheffield 9. Passenger and goods station: Broughton Lane. — Hydrofluoric acid; fluorides to any specification, including sodium fluoride; sodium bifluoride, ammonium bifluoride, etc.; pure and commercial sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids and liquid ammonia; dipping and and plating chemicals; accumulator acid.

Wilkinson & Scott, Limited, 58 Nelson Street, Bradford, 5. Telephone: Bradford 24059. Telegrams: Alizarine. Goods station: Bradford. — Aniline dyes, chemicals. See also Soap section.

Williams (Hounslow), Limited, Hanworth Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. Telephone: Hounslow 7766. Telegrams: Williams, Hounslow. Passenger and goods station: Hounslow, mile. — Aniline dyes for leather, plastics, ink, varnish, etc.; nigrosine and induline bases; dyes soluble in any medium for any purpose; pure foodstuff colours; pharmaceutical dyestuffs, etc.

Winford Red, Limited, Littleton Mills, Winford, near Bristol. Telephone: Chew Magna, 3. Telegrams: Winford, Chew Magna 3. London Agents: Zach Cartwright, Limited, 62 Crutched Friars, London, E.C.3. (Telephone: London Royal 3808). — Natural red iron oxides and yellow ochres.

Wolf, Victor, Limited, Victoria Works, Croft Street, Clayton, Manchester, 11. Telephone: East 1082. Telegrams: Glycerine, Manchester 11. Passenger station: Manchester, London Road, miles. Goods station: Ardwick West, 2 miles. — All types of non-drying, semi-drying and drying fatty acids, Wolsol and Insitol laundry detergents, glycerine, pitch, esters, etc.

Woodhead, A., & Sons, Liphill Bank Chemical Works, Holmfirth, near Huddersfield. Telephone: Holmfirth 118. Telegrams: Woodheads, Holmfirth. Passenger and goods station: Holmfirth, 1 mile. — Glauber salts, potash soaps, ammonia, all strengths, nitrate of iron, copperas, soda, vitriol, tin solutions, bleaching liquor, etc.

Woodhead, Godfrey, & Son, Limited, Slaithwaite, Yorkshire. Telephone: Slaithwaite 12. Telegrams: Woodhead, Slaithwaite. Passenger and goods station: Slaithwaite, 200 yards. — Hydrochloric acid, saltcake, glauber salts.

Woolley, James, Sons & Company, Limited, P.O. Box 279. Victoria Bridge, Manchester, 3. Telephone: Blackfrairs 2323. Telegrams: Pharmacy, Manchester. Works: Knowsley Street, Cheetham, Manchester. — Pharmaceutical preparations, surgical instruments, etc.

Wrigley, Paterson, & Company, Limited, Superlin Works, Isleworth, Middlesex. Telephone: Isleworth 7075. Telegrams: Superla, Isleworth, Hounslow. Passenger station: Isleworth, 2 mins. Goods station: Hounslow, 2 miles. — Superlin disinfectant fluids containing all percentages of tar acids and of various Rideal-Walker co-efficients, Superlin non-poisonous antiseptic fluid. See also Soap section.

Yorkshire Dyeware and Chemical Company, Limited, 24 Lower Basingall Street, Leeds, 1. Telephone: Leeds 33761. Telegrams: Research, Leeds. Works: 27 Kirkstall Road, Leeds 3 (Telephone: Leeds 20894. Telegrams: Bedford, Leeds); Cudbear Street, Hunslet, Leeds, 10 (Telephone: Leeds 20136. Telegrams: Dushall, Leeds 10); Calder Dyeware Mills, Thornhill Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire (Telephone: Dewsbury 1130. Telegrams: Dyewood, Dewsbury); Canal Works, Selby, Yorkshire (Telephone: Selby 19. Telegrams: Research, Selby); and Huddersfield (Telephone: Huddersfield 1217). — Aniline dyestuffs, synthetic tannins, tanning extracts, hematine crystals and paste, logwood and fustic extracts, chrome liquor, leather finishes, oxidised and soluble oils, adhesives, metallic soaps, dispersing agents, dyeing and tanning auxiliaries, etc.

Yorkshire Tar Distillers, Limited, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire. Telephone: Cleckheaton 4222. Telegrams: Yotar, Cleckheaton. — Coal tar products.

Young, Alfred, & Company, Claremont Street Works, North Woolwich, London, E.16. Telephone: Albert Dock 2546. — Sulphites; bisulphites of lime, soda, potash and magnesia; finings; caramel; preservatives; brewers' chemicals; boiler composition; sulphur; sulphurous acid; disinfectants; detergents; horticultural chemicals and manures; bottle washing powder.

Young, B., & Company, Limited, 123 Grange Road, Bermondsey, London, S.E.1. Telephone Bermondsey 3561. Telegrams: Omnijel, Souphone, London. — Pharmaceutical, photographic, edible and technical gelatines.

Zan, Limited, Zan Works, Wheelock, Sandbach, Cheshire. Telephone: Sandbach 302. Telegrams: Hovey, Sandbach 302. Passenger and goods station: Sandbach. — Cleansers and polishes; Zan self washer. See also Soap section.

Chemical Manufacturers in Scotland

Adam, R. P., Limited, Galashiels, Selkirk. Telephone: Galashiels 2264. Telegrams: Adam, Galashiels. Passenger and goods station: Galashiels, mile. — Furniture, floor and boot polish, Nostayne stain remover and rust remover.

Albright & Wilson, Limited, 75 St. George's Place, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 5440. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Anglo-Scottish Chemical Company, Limited, Bank of Scotland Chambers, 20 Renfield Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Central 7421. Telegrams: Askol, Glasgow. — All coal tar products, including pitch, refined coal tar, carbolic acid, cresylic acid, cresols, cresylic-creosote (white emulsion), high boiling tar acids, creosote, naphthalene, pyridine, naphthas, benzol, toluole, xylol, disinfectants, etc.

Associated Lead Manufacturers, Limited, Scottish office, 25 Wellington Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 5459. Telegrams: Associlead, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Bairds and Scottish Steel, Limited, 168 West George Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 6071. Telegrams: Scotoiron, Glasgow. — Sulphate of ammonia.

Barr's Chemical Company, Limited, 34 York Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 2965. Telegrams: Barchemo, Glasgow. — Industrial chemicals, acid pumps, mixers, drying equipment, stainless steel laboratory and works utensils.

Beaton, William, & Son, Duff Street, Aberdeen. Telephone: Aberdeen 939. Passenger and goods station: 1 mile. Water facilities: Aberdeen Harbour, mile. — Non-conducting boiler and pipe-covering composition.

Benny, Robert, Limited, Custon Hall Chemical Works, Denny, Stirlingshire. Telephone: Denny 393. Telegrams: Benny, Custonhall, Denny. Goods station: Denny. — Charcoal, moulders' and wood blackings, coal dust, etc.

Berk, F. W., & Company, Limited, Glasgow office, 65 West Regent Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Douglas 8338. Telegrams: Bercolin, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Blythe, William, & Company, Limited, Glasgow office, 2 Carrickarden Road, Glasgow. Telephone: Bearsden 2983. Telegrams: Blythe, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Bonnyman, T. R., Son & Company, Inchcape Chemical Works, 121 Millerfield Road, Dalmarnock, Glasgow. Telephone: Bridgeton 2440. Telegrams: Bonnyman, Glasgow. — Soldering and tinning fluxes (liquid and paste), zinc chloride, metal polishes, brazing powders, general chemicals, waterless hand cleaner, etc.

Brechin Agricultural and Trading Company, Limited, Park Road, Brechin, Angus. Telephone: Brechin 461. Telegrams, Agricultural, Brechin. Passenger station: Montrose or Bridge of Dun. Goods station: Brechin. Own siding. Also at Meridan Street, Russell Street, and Baltic Street, Montrose, Angus (Telephone: Montrose 51 and 53. Passenger station: Montrose. Goods station: Own siding). — Chemical manures.

Briggs, William, & Sons, Limited, Camperdown Refinery, Dundee. Telephone: Dundee 82211. Telegrams: Bitumen, Dundee. Passenger and goods station: Dundee, mile. Also at Bedford Road, Aberdeen (Telephone : Aberdeen 43391/2. Telegrams: Bitumen, Aberdeen); Murrayfield Station Siding, Edinburgh (Telephone: Edinburgh 61233. Telegrams: Bitumen, Edinburgh, 12); Market Street, Forres. (Telephone: Forres 294. Telegrams: Bitumen, Forres); and 5 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow, 3 (Telephone: Douglas 7305). See also addresses in England and Wales section and Ireland section. — Pitch, naphtha, creosote oil, asphaltes, roofing felts, bituminous enamels and solutions, etc.

British Dyewood Company, The, Limited, 19 Vincent Place, Glasgow. Telephone: Central 4425. Telegrams: Dyewood, Glasgow. Works: Carntyne Dyewood Mills, Parkhead, Glasgow (Goods station: Parkhead siding). Also at 1 Brazennose Street, Manchester (Telephone: Blackfriars 9644. Telegrams: Extract, Manchester). — Dyewood and tanning extracts, tannic acid, gallic acid, and pyrogallol.

British Oil and Cake Mills, The, Limited, Glasgow office, 19 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 8921. For other particulars, see England and Wales section.

British Paints, Limited (incorporating Hall, Dunbar & Company, Limited), St. Ninian's Works, Leith, Edinburgh, 9. Telephone: Leith 36207. Telegrams: Apexior, Edinburgh. Passenger station: North Leith, 200 yards. Goods station: Leith. Also at 57-59 Cornwall Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow, S.1 (Telephone: Ibrox 1297. Telegrams: Apexior, Glasgow) and 39 Woolmanhill, Aberdeen (Telephone: Aberdeen 27766. Telegrams: Apexior, Aberdeen). For other particulars see England and Wales section.

British Titan Products Company, Limited, Glasgow office, 12 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, C.3. Telephone: Central 4307. Far other particulars see England and Wales section.

Brotherton & Company, Glasgow depot, 229 Castle Street, Glasgow, C.4. Telephone: Bell 1161. For other particulars, see England and Wales section.

Brown and Polson, Limited, Royal Starch Works, Paisley, Renfrew. Telephone: Thornly Park 2232. Telegrams: Royal, Paisley. Passenger station: Paisley, Gilmour Street, mile. Goods station: Paisley, St. James, mile. — Maize starches.

Cement Marketing Company, Limited, 81 Canal Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, C.4. Telephone: Douglas 8601. Also at The Docks, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire (Telephone: Grangemouth 2933). For other particulars see England and Wales section.

CIBA Clayton, Limited, 158 Clyde Street, Glasgow, C.1. Telephone: Central 4563. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Clydesdale Chemical Company, Limited, 105-147 Millerston Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Bridgeton 4374. Telegrams: Cactus, Glasgow. Goods station: Camlachie, 100 yards. — Actibon decolorising carbons.

Colvilles, Limited, Clyde Iron Works, Tollcross, Glasgow. Telephone: Shettleston 1795. Telegrams: Colvillett, Glasgow. Goods station: Rutherglen. — Basic pig iron molten and machine cast for steel works use; crude tar; sulphate of ammonia; S.A. benzole; toluole, xylol; crude naphthalene; screened domestic coke; coumarone resin.

Cox, J. & G., Limited, Gorgie Mills, Edinburgh 11. Telephone: 62086-8. Telegrams: Cox, Edinburgh. Passenger station: Gorgie, mile. Goods station: Own siding. Glasgow representatives: J. M. McCurrach & Co., 93 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2. (Telephone: City 7596. Telegrams: Humerals, Glasgow). London representative: Mr. M. F. Wray, 1 Hankins Lane, Mill Hill, London, N.W.7 (Telephone: Mill Hill 2617). — Gelatine, glue, size and grease.

Craig, John S., & Company, Limited, Parkhouse Works, 97 Portman Street, Glasgow, S.1. Telephone: South 2034. Telegrams: Giarc, Glasgow. — Wood preservative, paints, distemper, anti-corrosive and anti-fouling compositions, paint remover, varnish, water-repellant solutions.

Cromessol Company, The, Limited, 120-144 Brand Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Ibrox 2302-3. Telegrams: Cromessol, Glasgow. Passenger station: Glasgow Central, miles. Goods station: Govan, 1 mile. — Cromessol fragrant disinfectant; solution "B" insecticide, Kromo insect powder.

Crosfield, Joseph, & Sons, Limited, Glasgow office, 183 Pitt Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: City 4902/3. Telegrams: Permanent, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Domestos, Limited, Scottish regional office, 67 Cuthelton Street, Parkhead, Glasgow. Telephone: Bridgeton 0130. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Duncan, Flockhart & Company, Limited, 16 Wheatfield Road, Edinburgh, 11. Telephone: Edinburgh 63922. Telegrams: Dunhart, Edinburgh. Passenger and goods station: Gorgie, mile. London office: 4 Carlos Place, London, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 2355. Telegrams: Dunhart, Audley, London). — Chloroform, ether, ethyl chloride, tuborcuraine, suxamethonium, Domogen brand allergy products, Pollergen brand allergy products, Pollodom brand allergy products, Atrol brand dimethylaminoetharol, Baumol soap and dusting powder, Caffedrin brand asthma mixture, DF118 brand dihydro-codeine, Decilderm brand anti-pengal products, Furadartin brand nitrofurantoin, Glycodine brand linctus, Haemarrol brand pile ointment, Haemocore brand pile suppositous, nalorphine hydrobromide, Pectex Duncan cough mixture, pethidine hydrochloride, phenindione, Erosparol brand oil emulsion, Somnased brand hypnotic tablets, Trophenium brand phenactropinium, Xylocaine brand lignocaine.

Dundee Boiler Covering Company, Limited, 21 North Tay Street, Dundee. Telephone: Dundee 4583. Telegrams: Thermos, Dundee. — Boiler coverings.

Durham Chemicals, Limited, Glasgow sales office, Durham Raw Materials Limited, 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Douglas 2561. Telegrams: Duramraw Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Ferguson, W. S., & Company, Limited, Perthshire Chemical Works, Friarton, Perth. Telephone: Perth 2348. Passenger station: Perth, 1 mile. Goods station: Friarton Siding, Perth, 100 yards. — Chemical manures.

Fisons Limited and Fisons Pest Control Limited, Edinburgh office, Harvest House, 49 North Castle Street, Edinburgh. Telephone: Edinburgh 34344) For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Forrest, William & Son (Paisley), Limited, Burnbank Chemical Works, Paisley, Renfrewshire. Telephone: Paisley 2218/9. Telegrams: Forrest, Paisley. Passenger station: Elderslie, mile. Goods station: Forrest's siding, Paisley, mile. — Animal by-products, lard refiners.

Garroway, R. & J., Limited, Netherfield Chemical Works, 694 Duke Street, Glasgow, E.1. Telephone: Bridgeton 2121/3. Telegrams: Garroway, Glasgow. Goods station: Garroway's siding, Camlachie. — Sulphuric acid, sulphate of alumina, superphosphates, compound manures, etc.

Gray, Andrew, & Company, Govenhaugh Works, 563 Ballater Street, Glasgow. Telephone: South 3461/2. Telegrams: Argentum, Glasgow. Passenger and goods station: Any Glasgow station. — Solders and soldering preparations, anti-friction and patent white metals for bearings.

Greenshields, James, & Company, Limited, 258 Bath Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Douglas 6601. Telegrams: Bitumen, Glasgow. Passenger and goods station: Any Glasgow station. — Tar, pitch, creosote, carbolic and cresylic acids, high boiling acids, wood preservative, benzine, naphtha, pyridine, naphthalene, benzol absorbing oil, anthracene, fuel oil, aniline oil and salt, black varnish, liquid ammonia, ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride, bitumen, wood tar, wood naphtha, charcoal, iron liquor, iron perchloride, sulphuric, hydrochloric, muriatic and battery acids; glauber salts, sodium hyposulphite, formaldehyde.

Hardie, J. and G., & Company, Limited, 178 Fulton Street, Anniesland, Glasgow. Telephone: Scotstoun 2660. Telegrams: Jagardi, Glasgow. See Anchor Chemical Company, in England and Wales section.

Harkness, Beaumont & Company, Limited, Junction Bridge, Leith, Edinburgh. Telephone: Leith 1326. Telegrams: Mercury, Edinburgh. Passenger and goods station: Leith, mile. — Pharmaceutical preparations, malt extract.

Henderson, Thomas, & Company, Limited, 121 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: City 7467. Telegrams: Maceanruig, Glasgow. — Artificial manures, borax, bone products, detergents, sodium lypochlorite, glauber salts.

Hendry and Anderson, 8-14 Tureen Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Bridgeton 212. Telegrams: Oxoline, Glasgow. — Bisulphite of lime.

Hinshelwood, Thos., & Company, Limited, Oil, Colour Paint and Varnish Works, Glenpark Street, Glasgow, E.1. Telephone: Bridgeton 2212. Telegrams: Taxin, Glasgow. Goods station: Camlachie, 300 yards. — Nitrate of iron, chemical colours.

Hope, Alex., Junior & Company, Limited, Anchor Chemical Works, Provanmill, Glasgow, N. Telephone: Provanmill 4343. Telegrams: Alexope, Glasgow. — Arsenic pentoxide, arsenates and arsenites of soda and zinc, nitrates of iron and zinc, copperas, sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric adds.

Holliday, L. B., & Company, Limited, Glasgow office, 19 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Central 1606. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Ilford Limited, Scottish depot, 18 Shannon Street, Glasgow, N.W. Telephone: Maryhill 4283. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Imperial Chemical Industries, Limited, Scotland and Northern Ireland Regional Office and Glasgow Area office, 4 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: City 5020. Telegrams: Impkemix, Glasgow. Edinburgh area office: 4 Heriot Row, Edinburgh. (Telephone: Waverly 6333. Telegrams: Impkemix, Edinburgh). For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Jarvie, Hugh, & Company, Limited, Scotia Chemical Works, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Telephone: Coatbridge 135. Telegrams: Toilet, Coatbridge. Passenger station: Calder, 200 yards. Goods station: Calder, 25 yards. — Glycerine (all grades), quinine and its salts, quinine alkaloids, strychnine and its salts.

Jarvie, William, Limited, Eclipse Chemical Works, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Telephone: Coatbridge 221. Passenger and goods station: Coatbridge, mile. — Pure hydrochloric, nitric and sulphuric acids, acids for analysis.

Johnsons of Hendon, Limited, Glasgow office, 64-68 Kingston Street, Glasgow, C.5. Telephone: South 0611. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Keyworth, C. M., & Company, Limited. Glasgow agents: James F. Dunlop & Company, 14 West Princes Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 8829. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Laporte Chemicals, Limited, 129 Whitefield Road, Glasgow, S.W.1. Telephone: Govan 2063. Telegrams: Laporte, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Lothian Chemical Company, Limited, 3 Broughton Road, Edinburgh. Telephone: Waverley 2139. Telegrams: Waverley 2139, Lothian, Edinburgh. Passenger stations: Edinburgh, Waverley or Princes Street. Goods station: Scotland Street, private siding. — Formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, hexamine, tungstates, hard vegetable wax, weedkiller.

Macfarlan, J. F., & Company, Limited, 93-109 Abbey Hill, Edinburgh. Telephone: Waverley 5362. Telegrams: Morphia, Edinburgh. Passenger and goods station: Waverley, 1 mile. Also at 8 Elstree Way, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire (Telephone: Elstree 2231. Telegrams: Morphia, Telephone, London). — Morphine, codeine and all other opium alkaloids; chloroform and ether for anaesthesia; ether for technical purposes; ethyl chloride; chrysarobin; strychnine; jalap, podophyllin and scammony resins.

May and Baker, Limited, 19 Newton Place, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 3507. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Meade-King, Robinson & Company, Limited, 162 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 6308. Telegrams: Emkayar, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Mitchell & Rae, Limited, Quay, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. Telephone: Newburgh 25. Telegrams: Mitchelrae, Newburgh. Passenger and goods station: Ellon, 5 miles. Also at Market Street, Ellon (Telephone: Ellon 204); Mill of Crichie, Stuartfield (Telephone: Stuartfield 207); and Huntly Mills, Huntly (Telephone: Huntly 55). — Chemical manures.

Morris, Little & Son, Limited, 45 Cavendish Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Glasgow South 3427. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Newell (Chemicals) Limited, Newtrell Works, Hawick. Telephone: Hawick 2527. Telegrams: Waverley, Hawick. — Newtrell P.E.N. scouring, penetrating and levelling agent; Newtrell C for boiling and dyeing of cotton, linen, yarn and piece goods; Newtrell W for scouring and dyeing woollens, worsted, knitwear, etc.; Newtrell MER for aiding the penetration of caustic liquor in mercerising; and Newtrell SM for removal of spots of grease, tar, paints, etc., from finished goods.

Northern Agricultural & Lime Company, The, Limited, 30 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. Telephone: Aberdeen 27373. Telegrams: Lime, Aberdeen. Passenger and goods station: Aberdeen, mile. — Chemical manures.

Nuodex Limited, Glasgow sales office: Durham Raw Materials Limited, 180 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2 (Telephone: Douglas 2561. Telegrams: Duramraw, Glasgow). For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Organon Laboratories, Limited, Industrial Estates Newhouse, Motherwell, Lanarkshire. Telephone: Newhouse 611. Telegrams: Menformon, Motherwell, Passenger and goods station: Motherwell. London office: Brettenham House. Lancaster Place, London, W.C.2 (Telephone: Temple Bar 6785 and 0251. Telegrams: Menformon, Rand, London). — Pharmaceutical preparations.

Paterson, John, & Company, Limited, Clensel Works, Orr Street, Glasgow, S.E. Telephone: Bridgeton 2004. Telegrams: Clensel, Glasgow. Passenger station: Bellgrove. Goods station: Camlachie, mile. — All brands of Paterson's Clensel, including insecticides, emulsifying agents, etc.; Paterson's Verdol.

Pinkerton, Gibson & Company, Limited, 13 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Telephone: Caledonian 6236. Telegrams: Pinkerton, Edinburgh. — Galenicals, etc.

Poynter, John, Son & Macdonalds, Limited, Biggar Street, Camlachie, Glasgow, E.1. Telephone: Bridgeton 1274. Telegrams: Poynter, Glasgow. Works: Shawswater Chemical Works, Greenock (Passenger station: Lynedoch 100 yards). Goods station: Lynedoch, own siding). — Animal charcoal, organic fertilisers, bone meals, feeding meals, decolourising carbon, etc.

Ridge-Beedle & Company, Limited, 116 Hope Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 0788. Telegrams: Beedle, Glasgow. — Talc, magnesite (caustically calcined), serpentine, silica flour, vermiculite, bentonite, charp, calcium silicide, and other materials.

Riley, John, & Sons, Limited, 2 Carrickarden Road, Bearsden, Glasgow. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Roxburgh, Morgan & Company, Limited, Antifect Works, 41-43 Cavendish Street, Glasgow, C.5. Telephone: South 3427. Telegrams: Disinfect, Glasgow. Passenger station: All Glasgow stations. Goods station: Eglinton Street. — Disinfectants, sheep dips, insecticides, weedkillers, carbolic and cresylic acids.

Sandeman Brothers, Limited, 50 Billsland Drive, Glasgow, N.W. Telephone: Maryhill 2212. Telegrams: Retort, Glasgow. — Metallic stearates, Saroul cleanser, Trok proofer; industrial solvent cleansers. See also Soap section.

Scott, John, & Watson, Limited, 104 West George Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Douglas 5646. — Disinfectants, insecticides and lubricants. See also Soap section.

Scottish Agricultural Industries, Limited, 39 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, 12. Telephone: Caledonian 2581/7. Telegrams: Scotag, Edinburgh. Also at 34 Albyn Place, Aberdeen (Telephone: 22235); 24 Beresford Terrace, Ayr (Telephone 5091); 10 Bridge End, Berwick on Tweed (Telephone: 591); Milnab Mills, Crieff (Telephone: 348); 162 Nethergate, Dundee (Telephone: 4052); 4 Reidhaven Street, Elgin (Telephone: 2638); 4 Park Gardens, Glasgow, C.3 (Telephone: Douglas 8801. Telegrams: Scotagind, Glasgow); 10 Falcon Square, Inverness (Telephone: 2335); and 35 Charlotte Street, Leith (Telephone: 35201). Works at Port Dundas, Glasgow (Telephone: Douglas 8067); Spiers Wharf North, Glasgow; 27 Milnpark Street, Glasgow (Telephone: South 0469); 86 Washington Street, Glasgow (Telephone: Central 9350); Maxwellheugh, Kelso (Telephone: Kelso 8 and 285); Basic Slag Works, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire (Telephone: Scunthorpe 2136) and Carlin How, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire (Telephone: Brotton 223). — Sulphuric acid, superphosphates, sulphur of ammonia, basic slag, fertilisers of all kinds.

Scottish Tar Distillers, Limited, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Telephone: Falkirk, 1510. Telegrams: Ross, Falkirk. Passenger station: Falkirk, 2 miles. Glasgow works: Garscube Chemical Works, Maryhill, Glasgow, N (Telephone: Maryhill 2135. Goods station: Maryhill); and Shettleston Oil and Chemical Works, Shettleston, Glasgow, E.2 (Telephone: Shettleston 1641. Passenger and goods station: Shettleston). Irvine works: Boyle Chemical Works, Irvine, Ayrshire (Telephone: Irvine 2345. Goods station: Irvine). Paisley works: Craiglea Chemical Works, Clark Street, Paisley (Telephone: Paisley 6166. Passenger station: St. James's. Goods station: Burgh Lye siding, St. James's). — Coal tar, tar products, road tar and tar bitumen compounds, creosote, wood preservative, benzole and toluol, coal tar naphthas, xylol, pyridine, phenol, carbolic acid, cresylic acid, cresols (ortho, meta, para), xylenols, liquid ammonia, black varnish, naphthaline, pitch.

Shell Chemical Company, Limited, 124 Vincent Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 9561. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Smith, Richard, Limited, West Street, Glasgow. Telephone: South 1178. Telegrams: Richard, Glasgow. Offices: West Street, Glasgow. — Glauber salts, liquid ammonia, tin compounds, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, bitumen products.

Smith, T. & H., Limited, Blandfield Chemical Works, Wheatfield Road, Edinburgh, 11. Telephone: Edinburgh 63922. Telegrams: Meconic, Edinburgh. Passenger and goods station: Gorgie, mile. London office: 4 Carlos Place, London, W.1 (Telephone: Mayfair 2355. Telegrams: Meconic, Audley, London). — Morphine, codeine, and all opium alkaloids; chloroform; chloral hydrate, strychnine; pharmaceutical preparations.

Soaps and Detergents Limited (formerly Wm. Taylor & Company (Edinburgh) Limited), Broughton Soap Works, Bonnington Road Lane, Edinburgh, 6. Telephone: Leith 39355. Telegrams: Taylor, Edinburgh. Passenger station: Waverley. Goods stations : Leith or Leith Walk. — For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Spencer, Isaac, & Company (Aberdeen), Limited, Albert Quay, Aberdeen. Telephone: Aberdeen 20202. Telegrams: Extractor, Aberdeen. Passenger and goods station: Aberdeen. — Speciality paints and lacquers for all purposes, including Satinglo high gloss, Flatone flat finishing, Marischal flat undercoating, Kremaline water paint, and Viscosheen emulsion paint; Presto paint remover; cod liver oil; fish oils; and stearines.

Stuart Turnbull & Company (Camlachie), Limited. See Turnbull, Stuart.

Tennant, Charles, & Company, Limited, 22 Blythswood Square, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Central 2291. Telegrams: Tennant, Glasgow. — Chemicals for industrial, commercial, textile and agricultural purposes, including acids, alkalis, dyes, starches, salts, fillers, minerals, weedkillers, etc.

Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Company, Limited, 136 West George Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 2524. — Pyrites.

Townsend, Joseph, Limited, 176 Bath Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Douglas 3338. Telegrams: Townsend, Glasgow. Passenger and goods stations: Any Glasgow station. — Borax, boric acid, Epsom salts.

Turnbull, Stuart, & Company (Camlachie), Limited, 100 Camlachie Street, Glasgow. Telephone: Bridgeton 167. Goods station: Camlachie. — Acetic acid, acetate of lime liquor, verdigris, miscible and solvent wood spirit, brown sugar of lead, wood tar, iron liquor, charcoal, blacking, fine coal dust, graded wood char for golf courses, etc.

United Indigo & Chemical Company, The, Limited, Neilston Road, Paisley. Telephone: Thornly Park 2024. Telegrams: Freres, Paisley. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Warnock & Company, 26 Newton Place, Glasgow, C.3. Telephone: Douglas 7454. Telegrams: Warganic, Glasgow. — Fertillsers, feeding stuffs, animal by-products, albumen, agricultural chemicals, fats.

Westwood Macneill & Company, Limited, 68 Bath Street, Glasgow, C.2. Telephone: Douglas 6110. Telegrams: Vigorous, Glasgow. — Tar, pitch, creosote, black varnish, swedish tar, turpentine, pyridine, carbolic acid, cresylic acid, cresylic creosote, and all tar products; also whiting.

Young, Robert, & Company, Limited, Cranston Hill Chemical Works, Elliott Street, Glasgow, C.3. Telephone: Central 8123. Telegrams: Sacarbolat, Telephone: Glasgow. Passenger station: Glasgow Central. Goods station: Stobcross. 5 minutes. Tar distillation works: Milliken Park, Renfrewshire (Telephone: Kilbarchan 9). — Disinfectants, sheep dips, cresylic add, motor greases, etc. See also Soap section.

Chemical Manufacturers in Northern Ireland

Beck, James A., & Son, Limited, Belfast Chemical Works, Dalton Street, Ballymacarrett, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 57241. Telegrams: Beck, Belfast. Passenger and goods station: Belfast, close to works. — Sulphuric and muriatic acids, salt cake, glauber salts, muriate of tin, nitrate of iron, etc. Agents for the British Dyewood Company, Limited, q.v.

Berk, F. W., & Company, Limited, 40 Queen Street, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 20978. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Briggs, William, & Sons, Limited, Corry's Buildings, Garmoyle Street, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 45882. Telegrams: Bitumen, Belfast. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Cement Marketing Company Limited, 23/25 Henry Street, Belfast. Tele- phone: Belfast 23438/40. Telegrams: Blucircle, Belfast, Telex. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Clayton Dyestuffs Company, The, Limited, 76-78 Donegall Pass, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 30446. Telegrams: Cibadyes, Belfast. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Hunter, Thomas & Sons, 35-37 Boyne Square, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 20081 and 30274. Telegrams: Chemicals, Belfast. — Caustic soda; sulphite, bisulphite and hyposulphite of soda; sizes, etc.

Ilford, Limited, 369 Antrim Road, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 44664. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Imperial Chemical Industries, Limited, Imperial House, Donegall Square East, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 27741. Telegrams: Impkemix, Belfast. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Kilco Chemicals, Limited, 374 Shankill Road, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 22244. Telegrams: Sago, Belfast. Passenger and goods station: Belfast. — Hydrated lime, textile and horticultural chemicals, Kilco winter wash, disinfectant, sheep dips, D.D.T. and B.H.C. insecticides.

McCarter, William, & Son, Limited, 41a-47 Duke Street, Londonderry. Telephone: Londonderry 2166. Telegrams: McCarter, Duke Street, Londonderry. Passenger and goods station: Londonderry. — Fertiliser manufacturers and importers.

Nicobrand Company, The, Limited, Quay Road, Whitehouse, Belfast. Telephone: Whitehouse 2108. Telegrams: Nicobrand Company, Whitehouse, Belfast. Passenger and goods station: Belfast, 4 miles. — Nicobrand nicotine (95%-98%), nicotine sulphate (40%), greenhouse fumigating shreds, M.C.P.A.

Richardsons Chemical Manure Company, Limited, 19 Short Strand, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 57424. Telegrams: Acid, Belfast. Passenger and goods station: Belfast, mile. — Sulphuric acid, chemical fertilisers.

Riley, John, & Sons, Limited. Northern Ireland representatives: T. Hunter & Sons, Limited, 35-37 Boyne Square, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 20081 and 30274. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Shell Chemical Company, Limited, 16/20 Rosemary Street, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 26094. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Whyte, Reid & Mitchell, Limited, 78-94 Cregagh Road, Belfast. Telephone: Belfast 58931 and 58933. — Disinfectants. See also Soap section.

Chemical Manufacturers in the Republic of Ireland

Briggs, William, & Sons, Limited, 66 Thomas Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 53446. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Crean, James & Son (1936) Limited, Phoenix Works, 140-9 North King Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 76175. Telegrams: Crean, Dublin.

Drogheda Chemical Manure Company, Limited, Marsh Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Telephone: Drogheda 622. Telegrams: Manure, Drogheda. Passenger and goods station: Drogheda, mile. Water facilities: River Boyne. — Sulphuric acid and fertilisers.

Dublin Salt Company, Limited, 1-6 Bridgefoot Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 77226. Telegrams: Selrex, Dublin. — Selrex salt for creamery purposes, XLCR cheese salt, dairy salt, block salt, fine kitchen salt, coarse salt, ground rock salt, fishery salt, lump rock salt for cattle.

Dublin and Wicklow Manure Company, Limited, 22 Molesworth Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 61171. Telegrams: Dubwick, Dublin. Works: Chemical Works, The Murrough, Wicklow (Telephone: Wicklow 5). — Artificial manures, sulphuric acid, battery acids.

Durham Chemicals, Limited. Dublin agents: Corcoran & Company Limited, 17-22 Parkgate Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 78163. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Field, C. W., Limited, 16 Rutland Place, Parnell Square, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 77162. Telegrams: Essences, Dublin. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Fisons Pest Control, Limited, c/o Agents Denis Coakley & Company Limited, Lower Kevin Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 52133. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Goulding, W. & H. M., Limited, 22 Molesworth Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 61171. Telegrams: Goulding, Dublin. Passenger station: Dublin, 2 miles. Goods station: North Wall, Dublin. — Chemical fertilisers, sulphuric acid, super-phosphates.

Ilford, Limited, 53 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 41964/5. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Irish Gelatines Limited, The Gelatine Works, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Telephone: Dungarvan 61. Telegrams: Gelatines, Dungarvan. Passenger and goods station: Dungarvan, miles. — Edible and technical gelatines, glues, tallows.

May & Baker, Limited, 12-16 St. Andrew's Lane, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 71443. Telegrams: Bismuth, Dublin. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

Morgan Mooney & Company, Limited, Chemical Works, Rogerson's Quay, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 61171. Telegrams: Mooney, Dublin. — Chemical manures, sulphuric acid.

O'Keefe, Edward, Limited, Mill Street, Dublin. Telephone: Dublin 52341 Telegrams: Osproduct, Dublin. Also at Grace Dieu, Waterford. Telephone: Waterford 4089. — Bone and special manures, greases, glue and feeding stuffs.

Paul and Vincent, Limited, Rogerson's Quay, Dublin. (P.O. Box No. 4). Telephone: Dublin 73544. Telegrams; Paul, Dublin. Passenger and goods station: Dublin. — Chemical manures.

Ryan, Edward, & Company, Limited, Pope's Quay, Cork. Telephone: Cork 20851. Telegrams: Soap, Cork. Passenger and goods station: Cork, mile. — Glycerine. See also Soap section and Candle section.

Shell Chemical Company, Limited, 33/34 Westmoreland Street, Dublin. Telephone: 72114. For other particulars see England and Wales section.

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