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Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain. This web publication contains 147,919 pages of information and 233,587 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

1922 Who's Who In Engineering: Company B

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Note: This is a sub-section of 1922 Who's Who in Engineering

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BABCOCK & WILCOX, Ltd., Consultant Mechanical, Electrical Engineers, Patent Water-Tube Steam Boilers, Oriel House, 31, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.4. T . A.: " Babcock, London." N.:T. 6470 City (8 lines). Branch Offices: Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Cardiff, Birmingham, Sheffield, Brussels, Milan, Rotterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico, Lima, Bombay, Calcutta, Tokio, Shanghai, The Hague, Johannesburg. District Office: Belfast. Established 1885. Incorporated 1900. Capital £2,460,000. Issued £2,427,884, Reserve Funds £1,295,000. Directors; Sir John Dewrance (Chairman), Charles A. Knight, Edward H. Wells, Arthur Telford Simpson, W. D. Hoxie and Sir J . Kemnal (Managing ). Secretary: Walter Colls. Allied Companies: U.S.A.—The Babcock & Wilcox Co., 85, Liberty Street, New York. France—Societe Francaise des Constructions Babcock & Wilcox, 48, Rue da Boetie, Paris. Spain— Sociedad Espanola de Construcciones: Babcock & Wilcox, 28, Calle de Ereilla, Bilbao. Principal Works: Renfrew and Dumbarton, Scotland; Oldbury, England, Italy, Australia and Japan. Specialities. - BABCOCK & WILCOX PATENT WATERTUBE BOILERS, LAND, MARINE, PORTABLE, CROSS TYPE, Etc., BOILER-HOUSE PLANT, ELECTRIC CRANES AND CONVEYORS, Etc.

BACHE BROS., Ltd., Churchill, nr. Kidderminster. T. A .: "Baches, Blakedown." Established over 150 years. Specialities.—Spades, shovels and forks.

BAGLAN BAY TIN PLATE CO., Ltd., The, Briton Ferry. T. A.: "Bay, Briton Ferry." T. N. 59 Briton Ferry. Established and Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1889. Capital £25,000. Directors: Lewis Jenkins, J.P., John Morris, J. Brynmor Hill and M. Morris. Manager: M. Morris. Secretary Wm. Howells. Employees: 200. Speciality.—Tin plates.

BAGNALL, J. & Sons, Ltd., Lea Brook Ironworks, Wednesbury. T . A.: " Bagnall, Wednesbury." T. N.: Wednesbury 24. Established 1800. Employees: 400. Directors: J. C. Forrest (Chairman), H. J. Peart and S. Vernon. Manufactures.—Iron.

BAGNALL, W. G., Ltd., Castle Engine Works, Stafford. T. A.: "Bagnall, Stafford." T. N. Stafford 15. Established 1815. Manufactures.—Locomotives up to 50 ton, tipping trucks, turntables and switches.

BAGSHAW, John & Sons, Ltd., Motor Car Makers and General Engineers for Power Transmission, Victoria Engineering Works, Bradford Road, Batley, Yorks. T. A.: " Bagshaw, Batley." T. N. 46 Batley. Directors: Gilbert K. Walker, Ernest S. Walker. Established 1834. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1891. Capital £15,000, Issued £10,600.

BAGSHAWE & Co., Ltd., Dunstable. Manufactures.—Chains for elevators, conveyers and driving purposes.

BAGULEY CARS, Ltd., Burton-on-Trent. T. A.: "Baguley, Burton-on-Trent." T. N.: 577. Established 1911. Capital £30,000. Employees: 250. Directors: Walter Evans (Chairman), W. H. Clay F. O. N. Hindle, Alfred Bemis, Wm. McElroy, E. E. Baguley (Managing ). Products. — Internal combustion railway cars, internal combustion locomotives, narrow-gauge steam locomotives.

BAILEY & CLAPHAM, Ltd., Acetylene Works, Keighley, Yorks. Makers of Acetylene Lighting Apparatus, etc. T. A.: " Acetylene, Keighley." T. N.: 225 Keighley. Codes: 4th and 5th Edition A B C. Directors: M. Clapham (Chairman ) F. W. Weatherhead (Managing Director), J. S. Clapham. Est. 1893. Specialities.—Acetylene lighting and welding plants and installations. Hand, table and industrial lamps etc. Carbide. Petrol gas lighting.

BAILEY, Sir W. H. & Co., Ltd., Albion Works, Salford, Manchester, and Ellesmere Foundry, Patricroft. T. A.:" Beacon, Manchester." T. N.: Manchester Central 991. Codes: A B C and Lieber's. Established 1839. Directors: Colonel A. J. Bailey C.B.E., T.D. (Chairman and Governing), and F. M. Bailey. Specialities. — Pumps, air compressors, vacuum pumps for chemical works, testing machines for metals, oils, cement, etc., steam and water valves.

BAILY, GRUNDY & BARRETT, Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 2, St. Mary's Passage, Cambridge. T. A.: "Baily Grundy." T. N. Cambridge 54; Newmarket 62. Directors: Arthur Barrett, Lucas Barrett and J. G. Bland. Established 1887. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1893. Capital £10,000.

BAILY, William & Sons, Ltd., Heating Engineers, 143, Cannon Street, London, E.C.4. T. N. City 3731. Established 1779. Managing Director H. Dignam Baily. Specialities.—Heating of all buildings, .workers in wrought iron and general engineering.

BAIN, William & Co., Ltd., Lochrin Ironworks, Coatbridge, Scotland. Manufactures.—Structural steelwork, roofs, bridges, light railway materials, fencing, etc.

BAINBRIDGE, SEYMOUR & CO., Ltd. Mining Engineers, 645-7, Salisbury House, London Wall, E.C.2. T. A.: "Basera, London." T. N. London Wall 3667. Directors: Joseph William Teale, M.Inst.M.M., M.Amer.I.Min.E., Harry Hogg Yuill, M.Sc., M.Inst.M.M., M.Can.Min.I., and Ernest Alfred Foster. Established 1840. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1919. Capital £20,000, Issued £16,202, Reserve £3,798.

BAIRD, Archibald & Son, Ltd., Clyde Steel and Engineering Works, Hamilton. T. A.: " Excelios, Hamilton." T. N.: Hamilton 57.

BAIRD BROTHERS, Ltd., Ship Repairers Marine Engineers and Drydock Owners, Bull Ring, North Shields. T. A.: " Propellers, North Shields." T. N.: 505 and 506. Established 1875. Capital £25,000. Employees: 150. Mang. Director: George Baird. Sec.: J. H. Cooper. Products.—Docking and repairs to small type of vessels, marine engine repairs.

BAIRD, William & Son, Temple Iron Works, Anniesland, Glasgow. T. A.: " Bridging, Glasgow." T. N.: 1592 and I593 Western. Members of Firm William M. Baird and W. C. Warrand-Connal Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. Specialities.—Steel roofs and bridges.

BAKER BLOWER ENGINEERING CO. Special Works, Stanley Street, Sheffield. T. A. " Elivas, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 1027. Principals: J. B. Sykes and W. Travis. Manufactures.—Exhausters and blowers.

BAKER, F. E., Ltd., Precision Works, King's Norton. T. A.: " Bachuck, King's Norton." T. N.: King's Norton 184 and 185. Established 1906. Capital £50,000. Employees: 500-600. Directors: Lord Invernairn of Strathnairn (Chairman), J. G. Girdwood, C.A., F. M. Luther, F. E. Baker and L. W. Gwyn. Products.—" Beardmore-Precision " motor bicycle " Beardmore-Precision " specially sprung side-car motor cycle and cycle-car engines.

BAKER, John & Co. (Rotherham) 1920, Ltd. Brinsworth Iron and Wheel Works, Rotherham. T. A.: "Brinsworth, Rotherham." T. N.: Rotherham 89. Established 1920. Capital £500,000. Employees: 600. Directors: John W. Baker, O.B.E. J.P. (Chairman), P. B. Brown, M.Inst.C.E., George Baker, O.B.E. (Managing ), Edward Baker, Sydney E. Baker. Manufactures. — Steel tyres for railways and electric tramways; railway and electric tramway wheels and axles.

BAKER, Joseph, SONS & PERKINS, Ltd. Makers of Food-preparing Machinery. Head Office Kingsway House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: "Bakers, London." T. N.: Regent 4831 (3 lines). Established 1876. Capital £400,000. Employees: 2,300. Directors: Allan Richard Baker (Chairman), F. C. lhlee, J.P. (Vice-Chairman) William King Baker, George Samuel Baker, M.I. Mech.E., Joshua H. Booth, Major Joseph Samuel Baker, O.B.E., R. Elmer Baker, G. Ralph Baker Edmund Henry Gilpin, Herbert Kirman, J . Newman (Secretary), John E. Pointon, Walter Pelmore, R. A. Pelmore and Joseph Schaller. Manufactures.—Bakery, biscuit, cocoa, chocolate cake, confectionery, chemical, refrigerating, margarine, butter, rubber, fruit-preparing machinery heating apparatus, speed reduction gears, suction gas plants.

BAKERS (Leeds), Ltd., Hunslet, Leeds. Manufactures.—Oil separator for exhaust steam.

BALDERSTON & Co., Ltd., 201, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Balderston, Glasgow." T. N.: Central 4750. Manufactures.—Belting.

BALDWIN, S. & HEAP, Ltd., Bethesda Street, Burnley. T. A.: "Beam, Burnley." T. N. Burnley 154. Established 1875. Directors: S. A. and R. S. Heap. Manufactures.—Hoists, steam engines and dyeing machines.

BALDWINS, Ltd., 45, Wind Street, Swansea. T. A.: "Baldwins, Swansea." T. N.: Central 908. Established 1902. Directors: Col. Sir John Roper Wright, Bart. (Chairman), R. Beck, Col. Sir W. C. Wright, K.B.E., C.B., J. C. Davies, C.B.E., Col. D. E. Williams, Sir R. V. Vassar-Smith, Bart., E. L. Evan-Thomas, Sir H. B. Robertson, R. T. Smith J. S. Hollings, and R. S. Guinness. Manufactures.—Galvanized and welded tanks and cisterns, galvanized corrugated sheets.

BALFOUR, Arthur & Co., Ltd., Steel Manufacturers and Engineers, Capital and Dannemora Steel Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Arbour, Sheffield." 45 T. N.: Sheffield 76, 176, 1024 and 43. Directors Arthur Balfour, George S. Watson, Henry E. Hollis Robert W. Marshall, Samuel Meggitt, Jun., Henry M. Fisher and Bertram Balfour. Established 1865. Incorporated 1899 as a Private Co. Manufactures.—High-speed steel, crucible cast steel for all kinds of tools, high-speed twist drills, cutters and reamers, hack-saw blades.

BALFOUR, BEATTY & Co., Ltd., Electrical Engineers, 66, Queen Street, London, E.C.4. T. A. " Ruoflab, Cannon, London." T. N .: City 503-4. Capital £150,000. Established 1909. Directors: G. Balfour, M.P., A. H. Beatty, W. Shearer and H. L. Williams.

BALFOUR, H. & Co., Ltd., Durie Foundry, Leven. T. A .: " Foundry, Leven." Manufactures.—Gas stoves.

BALMFORTH, T. & Co., Ltd., Luton. T. A.: "Balmforth, Luton." T. N.: Luton Lt. Established 1872. Capital £45,000. Employees: 250. Directors: H. Cumberland Brown (Chairman), J. Kitchen, A.M.I.Mech.E. (Managing), T. H. Drakeford and A. L. Weekes. Manufactures.—Steam boilers, welded boilers for heating apparatus and ranges, steam jacketed pans, air receivers, cylinders, electrically smelted steel castings.

BAMBRIDGE PATENT FLEXIBLE SHAFT CO., Ltd., British Engineering Works, Kettering. T. A.: " Flexible, Kettering." T. N.: 122. Established 1907, Directors: W. G. Bambridge (Managing), H. W. Mobbs, G. H. Lane and H. Holt. Products .—Flexible shafts and accessories for portable drilling, grinding, polishing, wood-boring screw-driving and rock drill plants; hand ratchets for Morse taper shank drills.

BAMLETT, A. C., Ltd., Agricultural and General Engineers, Thirsk, Yorkshire. T. A . " Bamlett, 1 hirsk." T. N .: Thirsk 28. Established 1860. Capital £40,000. Employees: 200. Directors: Mrs. L. Parker, H. M. Comber, J. W. B. Heslop and J. T. Farndale. Manager and Sec. Geo. A. Lomas. Manufactures .—Horse mowers, horse rakes, corn reapers.

BANBURY, G. P., Structural and Mechanical Engineer, Iron and Brass Founder, East Surrey Ironworks, Croydon. T. A..: " Iron, Croydon." T. N .: Croydon 1570. Established 1901. Principal: G. P. Banbury. Employees about 100. Manufactures.—All descriptions of structural steelwork, general mechanical engineering, also iron and brass castings, iron castings up to five tons in weight.

BANISTER, WALTON & Co., Ltd., Structural Engineers. Reg. Office: 431-3, Royal Exchange Manchester. Works and Stockyard: Trafford Park, Manchester. T. A.: " Framework, Manchester." T. N .: Offices: Central 1956-7; Works: Trafford Park 135. Established 1919. Capital £50,000. Employees: 150. Directors: B. J. Pearce (Chairman ) Fred. C. Banister, W. J. L. Croft, H. E. Deakin, A. Statham and P. Walton.

BANNERMAN, R. P. & Son, Type Founders' Engineers, Northampton Works, Ringslade Road, 55 Wood Green, N.22. T. A.: " Typograaf Wood, London." T. N.: Palmers Green 667. Established 1885. Employees: Average 60 to 70. Principals R. P. Bannerman and R. P. Bannerman, jun. Specialities.=Everything for use in the type foundry. The " All British " type caster. Latest model white-metal die castings. Lead seals.

BARBER & COLMAN, Ltd., Marsland Road, Brooklands, nr. Manchester. T. A.: " Barcol, Sale." T. N.: Sale 496 and 497. Established 1902. Capital £25,000. Incorporated as a Limited Company 1904. Mang. Director: T. E. Bingham. Sec. J. B. Gresty. Connection: Great Britain and abroad. Specialities.—Barber warp-tying machines, Barber knotters, warp-drawing machines, Barber-Colman hobbing machines, Barber-Colman hobs, machine tools, gauges.

BARCLAY, Andrew, Sons & Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Engineers, Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock, Scotland. T. A.: " Barclayson, Kilmarnock." T. N.: Kilmarnock io. Directors: A. W. Steven (Chairman ), Sir John Mann, K.B.E., Thos. Steven, W. D. Bell. Secretary: James A. Gordon. Established 1840. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1892. Specialities.—Industrial locomotives of all kinds, colliery winding engines.

BARCLAY, CURLE & Co., Ltd., Engineers Boilermakers, Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers, 36 Finnieston Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Quadruple Glasgow . " T. N .: Central 5401-2-3. Established 1855. Employees: 2,500. Eng. Director: Archd. Gilchrist. Gen. Manager: John Alexander. Products.—Marine steam reciprocating and steam geared turbine machinery of all powers; cylindrical marine boilers, smokeboxes, uptakes, etc.

BARFORD & PERKINS, Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural & General Engineers, Ltd. ), Central House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Agroengic, London." T. N.: 6850 Gerrard. Established 1840. Directors: James Golby Barford John Edward Sharman Perkins, Robert Arthur True William Geoffrey Barford, Edward James Barford. Products.—Motor rollers, food-preparing machinery steaming and cooking apparatus, hand and horse rollers.

BARIMAR, Ltd., 10, Poland Street, Oxford Street, London, W.I. T. A.: " Bariquamar Reg. London." T. N.: Gerrard 8173. Established 1906. Capital £30,000. Employees: 200. Directors: E. L. Ireland Blyth (Chairman), C. W. Brett (Mang. Director and Gen. Manager), H. E. Lamplough (Wks. Manager). Sec.: J. H. Osborne. Products.—Scientific welding.

BARKER & ALLEN, Ltd., Spring Hill, Birmingham. T. A.: " Allensil, Birmingham." T.N. Birmingham 342. Established 1840. Employees 300. Directors: W. Pearce (Chairman ), J. H. Allen (Managing ), T. J. W. Allen (also Secretary ), A. Gray and W. S. Brassington. Manufactures.—Wire.

BARKER, J. & Sons, Ltd., Park Street Ironworks, Oldham. Manufactures.—Cranes, lifts and hoists.

BARKER, SPINK, LEASE & Co., Rosse Works, Shipley, Yorks. T. A.: " Lathe, Shipley." T. N.: Shipley 99. Manufactures.—Combination turret lathes.

BARLOW & CHIDLAW, Ltd., Pendleton Gear Works, Manchester. T. A.: "Works, Manchester." T. N.: Pendleton 790, Central 3685. Established 1846. Capital £50,000. Employees: 50. Directors: Major E. C. Q. Henriques, M.Inst.C.E., S. H. Rowley, M.I.Mech.E. Products. — Machine-cut and machine-moulded gears, rawhide and paper pinions, case-hardening.

BARNES & BELL, Ltd., Engineers' Furnishers, 79, St. George's Place, Glasgow. T. A.: " Barbell Glasgow." T. N. 2738 Central (3 lines). Established 1910. Incorporated 1920. Capital £40,000. Directors Robert Barnes, Robert Lamb Paterson Bell and John Findlay.

BARNES & SYKES, Ltd., Textile Machine Makers and General Engineers, Vicar's Moss Works, Walker Street, Rochdale. T. A.: " Barnes Sykes Rochdale." T. N.: 642. Managing Directors: Saml. B. Barnes and Fred. E. Sykes. Established 1853. Incorporated as a Limited Co. January, 1909. Capital £16,000. Specialities.—Cleaning-waste making machines thread extraction rag-tearing machines, cotton-waste carding machines, etc.

BARNES, J. W., Ltd., Railway Works, Rock Ferry, Cheshire. T. N.: Rock Ferry 184. Manufactures.—Drill chucks, drills, and keyway cutting machines.

BARNETT & FOSTER, Brewing and Refrigerating Engineers, Eagle Wharf Road, London, N. T. A.: "Drinks, Hox, London." T. N.: North 1605. Principals: A. P. Blaxter, Jun., M.I.Mech.E. G. W. Chaloner and A. P. L. Blaxter, B.A., F.C.S. Employees number about 300. Manufactures.—Refrigerating machines, aerated water machines, filling and corking machines for brewing and wine trades.

BARNSLEY, J. & Sons, Ltd., Netherton, nr. Dudley. T. A.: "Barnsleys, Netherton." Manufactures.—Chains, lifting and traversing jacks ships' tackle, etc.

BARNSLEY, John, Brassfounder, Excelsior Brass Works, Sheffield. T. A.: " Brass, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 799. Proprietor: John Barnsley. Established 1830 . Manufactures.—General engineers' and plumbers' brasswork, etc.

BARR & STROUD, Ltd., Optical and Mechanical Engineers, Aiiniesland, Glasgow. T. A.: " Telemeter." T. N.: Western 3775. Established 1893. Incorporated 1913. Capital £200,000. Directors Archibald Barr,. D.Sc., LL.D., 'William Stroud, D.Sc. Harold D. Jackson, James W. French, Neil John Maclean, J. Martin Strang and Francis Morrison. Employees: 1,200. Specialities.—Range-finders, submarine periscopes kinematograph machines, motor cycle engines.

BARR, THOMPSON & Co., Ltd., Kilmarnock, Scotland. T. A.: "Barr, Kilmarnock." T. N. Kilmarnock 71. Manufactures.—Boilers.

BARRACLOUGHS (Engineers), Ltd., John Street, Thornton, Bradford. Directors: J. H. Barraclough, C. H Barraclough and D. M. Barraclough. Manufactures.—Sparking plugs, light cars.

BARRETT, Arthur G. & Co., Iron Masters, Iron Founders and Engineers, The Forge, Bradford. T. A.: "Forge, Bradford." T. N.: 4565 and 4566. Established 1857. Employees: 220. Principal Robert Gillam. Products.—Bar iron and steel: rounds, squares flats; cast-iron pulleys: rope, belt and wheels. Castings only from customers' own patterns.

BARRETT, Henry & Sons, Ltd., Mechanical and Constructional Engineers and Ironfounders, Union Works, Cutler Heights Lane, Bradford. T. A. " Barrett, Bradford." T. N.: Dudley Hill 20. Directors: Guy Barrett, John C. Barrett (also Sec. ) and Ernest Barrett. Manager: Thos. Johnson. Specialities.—Steel buildings, roofs, girders, castiron work of all description for buildings.

BARRON, W. S. & Son, Ltd., Milling, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Consulting Engineers and Millstone Builders, Ladybellegate Street Gloucester. T. A.: "Barron, Gloucester." T. N.. Gloucester 965. Directors; W. S. Barron, G. S. Barron and S. D. Lane. Assistant Manager and Secretary: A. H. Rowles. Established 1903. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1919. Specialities.—Patent grinders, patent composition millstones, sifters, mixers, elevators, conveyors, hoists Barron's Patent " Pulveriser " and Colonial handpower cornmills.

BARROW HEMATITE STEEL CO., Ltd. Barrow-in-Furness. T. A A.: " Hematite, Barrow." T. N.: Barrow 480. Directors: G. M. Ritchie (Chairman), W. T. Egerton, A. Butchart, W. F. A. Wadham, J. Campbell, R. James and F. Holt. Manufactures.—Pig iron, ingots, blooms, slabs, steel castings and girders.

BARROWFIELD IRONWORKS, Ltd., 100, Fordneuk Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Gasoeter Glasgow." T. N.: Bridgeton 2507. Manufactures.—Gasworks and oilworks plant.

BARRY, Henry, & COOK, Ltd., Founders General and Automobile Engineers, 122, West North Street, Aberdeen. T. A.: " Barry, Aberdeen." T. N.: 3333. Established 1790. Capital £25,000. Employees: 200. Directors: R. S. Cook (Chairman and Managing), John N. Cook, Thomas N. Cook. Manager: Gardiner Mitchell, M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—Gear, rope and belt pulleys, shafting, fixings, conveyors, elevators, hoists, haulage gears; all machinery for transmission of power and materials.

BARSTOW, Milner, Brass Founder and Finisher, Bond Street, Halifax. T. N.: 336. Partners: Wm. Barstow and Jas. Barstow. Established 1870. Specialities.—Brass valves, cocks, oil and grease cups, gun-metal, phosphor bronze and aluminium castings.

BARTLE, F. & Sons, Mechanical Engineers, Mining and Tin Dressing Specialists, Basset Foundry, Carn Brea, Cornwall. T. A.: " Bartle, Carn Brea." T. N .: Camborne 18. Principals: Chas. D. Bartle and Jas. O. Bartle. Established 1860. Specialities.—General mining machinery, tube mills, pulverizing and slime dressing machinery fullway valves, tubes and fittings.

BARTON, Allen & Co., Ltd., Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders, St. Helens Junction, Lancs. T. A.: "Foundry, Sutton Oak." T. N.: St. Helens 368. Established 1911. Capital £20,000. Directors Allen Barton, A. McCulloch, J. McCulloch, and J. G. Swinglehurst. Manufactures. — Steam and electrically driven ships' winches, colliery hauling and winding engines.

BARTON, Wm. & Co., Wire Rope Manufacturers, 37-40, Clyde Place, Glasgow. T. A.: " Barton, Clyde Place, Glasgow." T. N.: 289 Central. Principals: Thomas Millen and A. B. Barton. Established 1860. Manufactures.—All descriptions of wire ropes for cranes, mines, engineers and shipbuilders. Galvanised shipping ropes.

BARTRAM & Sons, Ltd., South Dock, Sunderland. T. A.: "Bartram, Sunderland." T. N.: Sunderland 124 & 811. Directors: R. Appleby Bartram, and W. N. Bartram. Manufactures.—Ships up to 430 feet.

BARWELL, James, Ltd., 40, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Barbells, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 2255. Established 1784. Incorporated 1933. Capital £30,000. Managing Directors: Arthur H. Barwell and Cecil E. Barwell. Employees about 200. Specialities.—Cocks, fittings, and every description of bells.

BASSETT-LOWKE, Ltd., Model Engineers Northampton. T. A.: " Bassett-Lowke, Northampton." T. N.: Northampton 735. Established 1889. Incorporated 1909. Capital £20,000, Issued £14,000. Directors: W. J. Bassett-Lowke (Managing), H. F. R. Franklin (also Cashier) and Edward Sims, J.P. (Chairman). Employees: 200. Manufactures.—Scale models of every description; model engines, motors, ships, etc.

BASTIAN ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., 6, Broad Street Place, London, E.C. T. N .: Regent 6167. Capital £15,000. Directors: Col. R. H. Forman (Chairman), C. O. Bastian (Managing), J. S. Shacklefred. Sec.: R. L. Spicer. Manufactures.—Electric heaters and cookers.

BASTIAN METER CO., Ltd., 22A, Bartholomew Villas, Kentish Town, London, N.W.5. T. A. " Truepenny, London." T. N.: North 478. Directors: J. W. Salisbury (Chairman), A. E. Salisbury (Managing) and D. J. Cowles. Manufactures.—Electric meters.

BAT METER CO., Ltd., 3, Eden Street, Hampstead Road, London, N.W. T. A.: " Dizzy, London." T. N.: Museum 420. Manufactures.—Electricity and water meters.

BAT MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd., 2, Kingswood Road, Penge, London, S.E. T. N .: Sydenham 339. Manufactures.—Motor cycles.

BATCHELOR, R. D., 73, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Boreholes London." T. N .: City 4725. Manufactures.—Air lifts, steam, gas, oil, and electric pumps.

BATES & SCHOLES, Ltd., Denton. Manufactures.—Gas engines.

BATES, H. & Son, Sheet Metal Workers and Smiths, 100, Bunhill Row, London, E.C.I. T. N. Clerkenwell 1230. Established 1880. Principal Henry C. Bates. Specialities.—Machine guards, motor and switch cases, smithing, steel tables, benches, fume pipes and hoods, petrol tanks, silencers, oil trays, ventilating shafts.

BAWN, W. B. & Co., Ltd., 47-9, West India Dock Road, London, E. T. A .: " Bo-peep, London." T. N .: East 78. Manufactures.—Tanks and cisterns.

BAXENDALE, R. & Sons, Albert Street Foundry, Chorley. Products.—Brass and iron castings.

BAXTER & CAUNTER, Ltd., Electrical and General Engineers, 219, Tottenham Court Road, London, W.I. T. A.: " Rapidolite, Ox, London." 2'. N.: Museum 2820-2. Established 1900. Incorporated 1911. Capital £50,000, Issued £29,000. Directors: Alfred Baxter, Harold Edward Mortimer and George Wildman Kettlewell. About 220 employees. Manufactures.—Switchboards, motors and dynamos, cables, conduit and all kinds of electrical material.

BAXTER & IMPEY, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, 54, Dudley Street, Birmingham. T. N. Midland 544. Principal: William Alfred Baxter. Established 1897. Specialists in industrial electrification and country house lighting.

BAXTER, W. H., Ltd., 71, Gelderd Road, Leeds. T. A: " Knapping, Leeds." 2'. N.: Leeds 25574. Managing Director: W. H. Baxter, J.P. Chairman W. H. Clarke, J.P. Director: James Todd. Engineer: P. H.11. Ullyott. Secretary: Chas. F. Chambers. Established 1878. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1898. Capital £100,000, Issued £92,000, Reserve Fund Specialities.—Stone breaking, ore crushing, screening and elevating machinery; also stone tar coating, granulating and crushing machinery.

BAXTERS' BOLT, SCREW & RIVET WORKS, 77, Parade, Birmingham. T. A. " Makers Birmingham." T. N .: Central 2036 and 2037. Established 1891. Employees: 100. Founder and Proprietor: Frederick Baxter. Manufactures.—Copper and brass nails, rivets and washers, brass and bright steel hexagon nuts and bolts, machine screws and rivets of all sorts.

BAYARD CARS, Ltd., 155-7, Great Portland Street, London, W.I . 1'. A.: " Elembayer, Wesdo London." T. N.: Mayfair 3513. Manufactures.—Motor cars.

BAYLISS, JONES & BAYLISS, Ltd., Victoria and Monmoor Works, Wolverhampton. T. A. " Bayliss, Wolverhampton "; T. N.: Wolverhampton 1041. Est. 1828. Specialities.—Bolts and nuts, black and bright railway and tramway fastenings, screwed spikes, dog spikes, patent tie bars, and insulator stalks.

BAYLISS, William, Ltd., Islington Tube Works, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Drawbench." T. N.: Midland 1409 (2 lines). Products.—Solid drawn brass and copper tube seamless brass cased tube, close joint steel tube.

BEADMAN, J. B., Sons & Co., Ltd., Railway Wagon and Vehicle Builders and Repairers, Lawkholme Wagon Works, Keighley. T. A.: "Beadman Keighley." T. N.: 65 Keighley. Established 1875. Incorporated 1906. Capital £5,000. Directors P. W. B. Beadman, M. H. B. Roberts and C. B. Beadman. Specialities.—The building and repair of railway wagons and gunpowder vans.

BEAL & Son, Ltd., 140, Fenchurch Street London, E.C.3. T. A.: " Authority, Fen, London." T. N.: Avenue 8437. Established 1875. Manufactures.—Ships' anchors and chain cables.

BEAN & RINGWOOD, 32A, St. Mary's Road, Plaistow, E. T. N.: East Ham 279. Manufactures.—Acetylene gas apparatus.

BEARDMORE AERO ENGINE, Ltd., Parkhead, Glasgow. T. A.: " Beardmore, Glasgow." T. N.: Gerrard 238. Directors: Lord Invernairn of Strathnairn, Sir J. St. George, Bt., and F. Luther. Manufactures.—Aero engines.

BEARDMORE, J. D. & Co., Ltd., Brassfounders and Engineers, 58, Cleveland Street, London, W. T. A.: " Jadeebico, Eusroad, London." T. N.: Museum 1493 and 2137.

BEARDMORE MOTORS, Ltd., Motor Car Manufacturers, 112, Great Portland Street, London W.I. T. A.. " Ausdaimo, Wesdo." T. N.: Gerrard 238. Established 1919. Capital £100,000. Directors: Rt. Hon. Lord Invernairn (Chairman ) Francis M. Luther, J. G. Girdwood and George H. Allsworth. The motor distributing organisation of Wm. Beardmore & Co., Ltd. Specialities.—Taxi cabs, private and commercial cars, aeroplane and airship engines.

BEARDMORE, William & Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Parkhead Steel Works, Glasgow. Registered Office: 36, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Beardmore, Glasgow." T. N.: Bridgeton 3100. Trunk Calls: Bridgeton 3107. Directors Rt. Hon. Lord Invernairn (Chairman), Douglas Vickers, Sir A. Trevor Dawson, The Most Hon. The Marquis of Graham, Col. J. Smith-Park. Secretary D. Girdwood. Branch Establishments: Mossend Steel Works, Mossend; Naval Construction Works, Dalmuir; Speedwell Works, Coatbridge; Underwood Works, Paisley; Temple Fuse Works, Anniesland, Glasgow; and Victoria Works, Airdrie. Established 1835. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1902. Capital £3,000,000. Employees: 42,500. Manufactures. — Motor vehicles, aero engines, passenger liners, marine diesel engines, marine crude oil engines, shafting, and railway wheels and axles.

BEARDSHAW, J. & Son, Ltd., Steel and Tool Manufacturers, Baltic Steel Works, Sheffield. T. A. "Beardshaw, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 77 and 80. Established 1819. Capital £40,000. Employees: 250. Directors: William Frederick Beardshaw J .P., M.Inst.C.E. (Chairman), Colin Laycock (Managing) and Reginald C. Maples. Manufactures.—High-speed steels and carbon tool steels; saws of every description; drills, files engineers' tools, milling cutters, reamers.

BEASLEY, A. H. & Sons, Brass and Iron Founders, Rockingham Ironworks, Uxbridge.

BEATON, G. & Son, Ltd., Electrical and General Engineers, 41, St. James' Square, Holland Park, London, W.' 1. T. A .: " Beatoneen, Norland, London." T. N.: 1115 Park. Established 1920. Capital £30,000. Employees: About 150. Directors: B. P. Stedall, H. Stedall, G. H. Beaton O.B.E., W. Johnstone (Managing). Manufactures.—Wind screens for motor cars, oneman hoods for motor cars, motor accessories generally.

BEAUMONTS, Ltd., Hydraulic Engineers, Brinksway Pump Works, Stockport. T. A.: " Pumps, Stockport." T. N.: Stockport 2324. Directors: Wm. Beaumont (Managing), J. W. S. Beaumont. Secretary: Jas. Burgess. Established 30 years. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1902. Capital £10,000, Issued £8,000. Manufactures.—Centrifugal pumps and dyeing machines.

BEAVER ENGINEERING CO., 4, Oxford Street, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Lathes and tools.

BECK & Co., Ltd., 130, Gt. Suffolk Street, London, S.E.I. T. A.: " Hydrant, Sedist, London." T. N .: Hop 860 and Central 9888. Directors: W. Bell, T. A. Wheatley, A. R. Wheatley, and R. Wheatley. Manufactures.—Water meters, pumps and water fittings of every description.

BECKENHAM IRON FOUNDRY, Kent House Road, Beckenham. T. N.: Sydenham 863.

BECKETT, Alfred & Sons, Ltd., Brooklyn Works, Sheffield. Manufactures.—Files.

BECKETT, LAYCOCK & WATKINSON, Ltd. Manufacturing Engineers, Willesden Junction London, N.W.10. T. A.: " Beclawat, London." r. N.: Willesden 1558. Directors: Joseph E. Beckett and Arthur Watkinson. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1912. Capital £5,000. Specialities.—For railways and steamships.

B.E. Co. (of London and Birmingham), Ltd. Hendon House, 57, Upper Thames Street, London, 45 E.C.4. T. A.: "Ubbecolita, Cannon, London "; T. N. City 4047 (2 lines) . Established 1896. Directors: C. D. Falcke, A.M.I.E.E. (Chairman), J. B. Bayliss, Allen C. Goodall, A. L. Hills (Assistant Secretary), B. G. Harrison (Works Manager), L. J.. Hamblin (Birmingham (Manager and Secretary ), Charles White (London Manager). Specialities.—Electrical fittings. The " Beco " " Hendon " Lamp dry cell and Home Office lamp with insulated handle.

BEDFORD ENGINEERING CO., Houghton Road, Bedford. T. A.: "Cranes, Bedford." T.N. Bedford 33. Established 1893. Employees: 60. Principals: Edward George Fiegehen, A.M.I.Mech.E. and Thomas Smith. Products.—Steam and electric cranes for all purposes. Oil fuel burners (Fiegenhen's patent).

BEEBEE, Alfred, Wood Street Works, Fallings Heath, Wednesbury. T. A.: " Beebee, Fallings Heath, Wednesbury." T. N.: Darlaston 8:. Established 1903. Principal: Alfred Beebee. Manufactures.—Engineers' high-class bolts, nuts studs, setpins, taper pins and washers for engineering and motor trades.

BEECH, HILL & Co., Ltd., Ironfounders, Guns Lane Foundry, West Bromwich. T. A' .: West Bromwich 514. Established 1903. Principals: A. H. Beech and S. Hill. Manufactures.—Cast-iron hollow-ware, engineering castings, general grey iron castings.

BEECH, R. & Sons, Motor and Agricultural Engineers, Market Square, Ruthin. T. A. " Beech Ruthin." T. N.: Ruthin io. Principals: 1:. Beech, J. F. Beech, C. N. Beech. Also at Old Swan Garage, Ruthin. Established 1843.

BEECHING BROS., Ltd., Shipbuilders and Dry Dock Owners, Southgates Road, Gt. Yarmouth. T. A.: "Beeching Bros." T. N.: Gt. Yarmouth 70. Directors: E. F. Beeching and W. J. Beeching. Sec.: A. E. Beeching. Manufactures.—Ships up to 120 feet.

BEELEY, Thomas & Son, Ltd., Hyde Junction Ironworks, Hyde, Lancs. T. A.: " Beeley, Hyde." T. N.: Hyde 119-20. Established 1867. Manufactures.—Lancashire, Cornish, multitubular and suckling water-tube boilers, superheaters, valves pipes.

BEESLEY, W. T. & Co., Ltd., Universal Steel Works, Attercliffe Road, Sheffield. T. A.: " Beesley, Sheffield." T. N.: 5193 and 5194. Established 1888. Employees: About 300. Directors: J. R. Jonas (Chairman), R. Jonas, F. Jonas, E. Jonas John Earle and Sir Wm. E. Clegg. Sec. and Gen. Manager: J. T. B. Hunt. Products.—Cold rolled steel strip and wire of all descriptions, also small crucible steel castings.

BELCO, Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Windsor House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. Capital £35,000. Directors: G. P. Bourcicault (Managing), S. R. Worley, C. S. Syrett.

BELDAM ASBESTOS CO., Ltd., IA, New London Street, London, E.C.3. T. A.: " Smoothness, Fen, London." T. N.: Avenue 4645. Established 1890. Incorporated July, 1914. Capital £20,000. Ernest A. Beldam, M.I.Mar.E., and William R. Beldam (Joint Managing Directors ) Cecil C. Barker (Director ), Fredk. G. Leahy, A.I.N.A. (General Manager and Secretary ). Specialities.—" Lascar " engine packings, " Kymbala ".high-pressure jointing, " Allied " brand asbestos goods and mechanical rubber articles.

BELDAM PACKING & RUBBER CO., Ltd. 29, Gracechurch Street, London, E.C.3. T. A . " Veepilot, London." T. N.: Avenue 5204 and 1982. Established 1876. Employees: 200. Directors: George Wm. Beldam and Cyril Asplan Beldam. Manufactures.—H.P. asbestos packings and jointings; all kinds of packings, asbestos and rubber goods.

BELHAVEN, Ltd., Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders, Belhaven Works, Wishaw. T. A. " Belmotors, Wishaw." T. N.: 10 Wishaw. Chairman and Managing Director: Col. Robert Ramsden Mellor, C.B.E. Directors: R. B. Mellor, J. S. Watson, J. P. Costley and W. M. Buchanan. Established 1859. Incorporated as a Private Limited Co. 1912. Manufactures.—Commercial motors, heavy marine and machine tool castings, bakery and confectionery plant.

BELL (Hemsley), Ltd., 24, William Street, Southampton. T. A.: " Hemsley." T. N.: 310. Chairman and Mang. Director: H. L. R. Bell. Directors: H. L. R. Bell, M. A. Lloyd and E. L. Bell. Sec.: F. D. Kinnard. Manufactures.—Marine engines.

BELL BROS. (Manchester), Ltd., 5, Deansgate, Manchester. T. A. " Smokeless, Manchester." T. N.. City 3641. Directors: P. A. G. Bell and J. E. Edmondson. Products.—Mechanical filters for waterworks and industrial uses, water softeners, filtration and aerating plants for swimming baths.

BELLAMY, John, Ltd., Byng Street, Millwall, E.14. T. A.: " Bellamy, London." T. N.: East 157. Manufactures.—Tank boilers.

BELLE ISLE CO., Ltd., Belle Isle, York Road, London, N.7. T. _A.: " Biwurk, London." T. N. North 81o. Established 1906. Capital £65,000. Directors: H. C. Rickett (Chairman), P. R. Le Mare H. R. Pelly and A. C. J. Wall. Manufactures.—Scales and weighing machines.

BELLING & CO., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Derby Road Works, Montague Road, Edmonton, London, N.18. T. A.: " Belling, Edmonton." T. N.: Tottenham 1984. Code A B C (5th Edition). Sole Proprietor: C. R. Belling, M.I.E.E. Established 1912. Specialities.—Electrical heating, cooking and cleaning appliances for domestic use.

BELLISS & MORCOM, Ltd., Ledsam Street Works, Birmingham. T. A.: " Belliss, Birmingham." T. N.: Midland 2660. Codes: A.B.C. (5th Edition ) Engineering (2nd Edition), Western Union, (Universal Edition), Lieber's, Marconi and Bentley's. The AA business was established in 1852, and the late George E. Belliss, M.I.Mech.E., was joined in 1884 by the late Alfred Morcom, M.Inst.C.E. Incorporated as a Limited Company in 1893, when the business was transferred to G. E. Belliss & Co., Ltd.; subsequently became Belliss & Morcom, Ltd., in 1899. Directors A. E. Seaton, J.P. (Chairman), T. H. Parrott (Deputy Chairman and Managing ), J. Belliss, F. 0. Everard, R. K. Morcom, E. L. Morcom, G. B. Parrott. Sec. H. T. Denton. The system of forced lubrication was originated and fitted by the firm in 1890, since when they have applied it to some 7,000 engines of a total of about 2,000,000 H.P. With the development of high-speed engines for motor car and aeroplane work the system of forced lubrication is adopted all the world over. Numerous inventions have been patented relating to these manufactures. Connection Contractors to H.M. Government (Admiralty, War Office, India Office), Overseas Dominion, Colonial and Foreign Governments, most of the Municipal Corporations and other Public Bodies at Home and Abroad, the leading Home, Overseas Dominion Colonial and Foreign Railways and principal Shipbuilding, Engineering, Steel, Iron, Coal Mining and other Industries in the United Kingdom and Abroad. Manufactures.—Patent forced lubrication quick revolution steam engines for electric lighting, power and traction; for mill driving, either direct or by belt or ropes, driving mine ventilating fans, pumps etc.; also air and gas compressors, steam turbines condensing plants, paraffin engines and heavy oil engines (Diesel land type ).

BELL'S UNITED ASBESTOS CO., Ltd. Asbestos Manufacturers, Southwark Street, London S.E.I. T. A.: "Belfry " and " Asbestos," London. T. N.: Hop 4040. Chairman and Joint Managing Director: J. Alfred Fisher. Joint Managing Director: C. S. Bell. General Manager and Secretary G. W. Giles. Established 1871. Capital £400,000, Issued £166,966. Specialities.—Steam Jointings: Victor asbestos metallic jointing, Saturn, Rubesto and Bellite jointing. Steam Packings and Victor metallic packing.

BELSIZE MOTORS, Ltd., Belsize Works, Manchester. T. A.: " Belsize, Manchester." T. N. 4414 Central (5 lines). Incorporated 1906. Capital: £200,000 Ordinary, £100,000 6 per cent. Cum. Pref. Reserve £100,000. Directors: G. P. Dawson (Chairman ), J. Hoyle Smith (Managing ), J. Nuttall, C. Mather and G. Higginbotham. Secretary: Neville Skidmore, F. C. I. S. Manufactures.—Motor vehicles for pleasure and commercial purposes.

BEMBRIDGE & JENKINS, Ltd., Manufacturing Engineers, 14 & 15, Moland Street Birmingham. T. A.: " Bembridge, Birmingham." T. N.: 3715 Central. Directors: Thos. Jenkins. (Managing) and H. G. Jenkins. Established 1830. Incorporated as a Limited Co., October, 1916. Manufactures.—General ships' ironwork.

BENGAL FOUNDRY CO., Ltd., Upper Church Lane, Tipton. T. A.: "Bengal, Tipton." T. N. 144 Tipton. Established 1909. Capital £20,000. Directors: J. Izons Chesshire, H. Ely, G. S. Holden A. Smith. Products.—Engineering castings, Dutch stoves Danish pots, sugar bowls, rice bowls, spring balances treble feet.

BENGAL IRON CO., Ltd., Clutha House, 10, Princes Street, S.W.' . T. A..: " Irobenco Parl., London." T. N.: Victoria 4246. Established 1919. Directors: W. T. MacLellan, C.B.E. (Chairman and Mang. Director ), Sir E. Grant-Burls, C.S.I. (Vice-Chairman), C. A. Bendix, H. Guedalla F.C.A., and T. Jowett. Manufactures.—Pig iron.

BENHAM & SONS, Ltd., Electrical, Heating Cooking and Bakery Engineers, 66, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.I. T. A.: " Benham, Wesdo, London." T. N.: Mayfair 6481 (2 lines). Established over 100 years. Capital £80,000 nominal. Directors: Stanley J. Benham (Managing ) Leonard A. Benham and C. R. Allensby. Employees about 300. Manufactures.—All types of central heating and all classes of cooking, heating and bakery apparatus electrical heating and cooking apparatus.

BENJAMIN ELECTRIC, Ltd., Brantwood Works, Tottenham, N .17. T. A. " Benjalect, Tottlane, London." T. N,: Tottenham 2114-5-6. Established 1908. Capital £14,000. Employees: 200. Mang. Director: Guy Campbell. Products.—Industrial lighting fittings, electrical accessories (outside lanterns), automobile accessories metal stamping and spinning.

BENNETT & SAYER, Engineers, Ironfounders and General Millwrights, Derby. Manufactures.—Brickmaking machinery.

BENNETT, John & Sons, Mechanical Engineers, Bedford Street, Saint Neot's. T. A.: " Bennett Engineer, St. Neots." Principals: Thos. W. Bennett and Bateman Bennett. Established 1887. Specialities.—" Omedwar " flueless gas stoves " Bennett " washout pumps, " Thatsit " oil pumps.

BENNETT, SONS & SHEARS, Ltd. Farringdon Works, Shoe Lane, London, E.C.4. T. A.: "Cuprite, London." T. N.: Holborn 790. Established 1821. Directors: O. H. Smith (Chairman ) V. W. Yorke (Managing ), and H. F. Stanley. Manufactures. — Machinery and utensils for breweries, distilleries, chemical works, etc.

BENNIE, James & Sons, Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Clyde Engine Works, Govan, Glasgow. T A.: " Ajax, Glasgow." T. N.: Govan 97. Established 1835. Members of Firm: H. Osbourne Bennie, J. Reid Bennie and Gordon S. Bennie. Manufactures.—Punching, shearing and cropping machines.

BENNIS, Ed. & Co., Ltd., Little Hulton, Bolton. T. A.: "Bennis, Little Hulton." T. N. Victoria 627. Established 1873. Directors: A. W. Bennis (Managing), E. H. Lowden and J. W. Ainsworth. Manufactures.—Mechanical stokers, coal elevators and conveyors, ash-handling plant, etc.

BENSON, William, Ltd., Engineers and Precision Tool Makers, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham. T. A.: " Wilben, Nottingham." T. N.. Nottingham 1736. Established 1855. Capital £10,000. Directors Hy. Wm. Benson and John P. Benson. Manufactures.—Bench precision lathes, curtain card-punching machines, swaging machines.

BENTALL, E. H. & Co., Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural & General Engineers, Ltd.), Oil Engine & Food-preparing Machinery, Central House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Agroengic London." T. N.: 6850 Gerrard. Established 1805. Directors: Edmund Ernest Bentall, Charles Edward Bentall, Thomas Lott, Mrs. M. A. Bentall. Products.—Oil and petrol engines, grinding mills bone crushers, chaff cutters, oil cake mills, root cutters, bolts and nuts, shafting.

BENTLEY ENGINEERING CO., Manufacturers of Textile Machinery and Screw Gauges, Queen's Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester. T. A. " Precision, Leicester." T. N.: Leicester 2313. Principals: P. A. Bentley, A.M.I.Mech.E., and J. W. Goddard. Employees: 100. Speciality.—Automatic seamless hosiery machines.

BENTON & STONE, Ltd., Engineers' Brassfounders, Bracebridge Street, Birmingham. T. A. " Enots, Birmingham." T. N.: Birmingham 7442 Central. Established 1912. Capital £50,000. Directors H. Stone, C. N. Milner, H. G. Atkinson, C. E. Milner. Sec.: W. White. Manufactures.—Brass tubes, motor and aero accessories, and horticultural brassfoundry.

BERESFORD, J. & Son, Ltd., Cato Street Works, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Railway plant.

BERGIUS LAUNCH & ENGINE CO., Ltd. 254, Dobbies Loan, Glasgow. T. A.: " Bergius Glasgow." T. N.: Douglas 1266.

BERKEL & PARNALL'S SLICING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., 6, Bow Common Lane, London, E.3. T. A.: " Slicora Bowbur." T. N.: East 1-133. Products. — Berkel's bread and meat slicing machines.

BERKELEY & YOUNG, Ltd., Electric Motor Manufacturers, Finsbury Court, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Drivingwheel London." T. N.: London Wall 563o. Directors Arthur Berkeley, Edward Berkeley, Stanley Smith. Established 1893. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1904. Capital £12,000, Issued Specialities.—Bandy patented ships' cabin and saloon fans, single phase lift motors.

BERRY, Francis & Sons, Sowerby Bridge, Yorks. Established 1832. Manufactures.—Lathes and all kinds of machine tools.

BERRY, H. & Co., Ltd., Croydon Works, Hunslet, Leeds. T. A.: " Riveter, Leeds." Manufactures.—Cranes.

BERRY, J., Ltd., Ironfounders, Swinton Hall Road, Swinton, Lancs.

BERRY, R. & Son, Australian Works, Alma Street, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Coach springs.

BERRY'S ELECTRIC, Ltd., Touchbutton House, 86, Newman Street, London, W .1. T. A.: " Ptolemaist, Ox, London." T. N .: Museum 6800. Established 1896. Capital £50,000. Employees: 500. Directors: Herbert H. Berry (Managing ), W. J. Markham (Director and Works Manager, in Birmingham ), Percy Morton (also Secretary). Manufactures.—` Ironclad " foolproof electrical switchgear, " magicoal " electric fires, and electric radiators, labour saving appliances and electric fittings.

BERTIE-PERKINS & Co., Smelters, Swansea. T. A.: "Heat, Swansea." T. N.: Swansea Central 345. Established 1885. Principal: Major A. A. Bertie-Perkins, O.B.E., T.D. Specialities.—Copper, lead, tin, spelter, antimony gold, silver, sulphate of copper, calamine and nickel mines.

BERTRAMS, LTD., Manufacturers of Papermaking, Rubber and Linoleum Machinery, St. Katherine's Works, Sciennes, Edinburgh. T. A. " Bertram." T. N.: Edinburgh 6645-6-7. Established 1821. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1888. Capital £100,000, Issued £45,000, Reserve £3,375. Directors: F. W. Carter, C.A. (Chairman ), Thomas Young, W. Allan Carter and Samuel Milne (Managing Director ). Employees: 388.

BERWICK, F. W. & Co., Ltd., Cumberland Avenue, Park Royal, N.W.10. T. A.: " Benvorks Harles, London." T. N .: 2490 Willesden, Established 1911. Capital £150,000. Directors: Sir Davison Dalziel, Bart., M.P., C. C. Barrie, C.B.E. M.P., L. F. Goodricke, A. Keiller and W. Slark. Manufactures.—Motor cars.

BESSEMER, Henry & Co., Ltd., Sheffield. T. A.: "Bessemer, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 3810-11. Directors: Col. Sir C. Allen (Chairman), A. G. Longden and C. Allen. Sec.: W. H. Trippett. Manufactures.—Railway and tramway tyres, axles crank shafts, forgings, etc.

BEST & LLOYD, Ltd., Handsworth, Birmingham. T. A.: "Best, Birmingham." T. N. Smethwick 35 and 45. Directors: Robert Hall Best (Chairman ), Robert Dudley Best, Bernard Barton Blackburn, Benjamin Harry Worsey Spittle, George Vale. Secretary: John Thomas Flavell. Est. over 60 years. Specialities.—Gas and electric light fittings, electric heaters, brass taps and lubricators for motor-cars motor-cycles and aircraft.

BEST, I. & Co., Ltd., Culcheth Lane, Newton Heath, Manchester. T. A.: " Twisdril, Manchester." T. N.: Failsworth 330. Established 1790. Directors C. A. Cave and I. Best ( Joint Managing), and J. Bracewell. Manufactures.—Machine tools.

BEVER, DORLING & Co., Ltd., General Mining and Pumping Engineers, Bowling Ironworks, Bradford. T. A.: " Foundry, Bradford." T. N.: Bradford 1644. Private Co. Incorporated 1911. Directors: A. Bever, L. H. Sutton and R. L. Bullock. Employees: About 160. Manufactures.—Steam or electric winding and hauling plant. Sole patentees, Capell fan; coking machinery, pumps, Bever's patent overwinder.

BEYER, PEACOCK & Co., Ltd., Locomotive Builders and Machine Tool Makers, Gorton, Manchester. T. A.: "Loco, Gorton." T. N.: Central 5640 and 255. Established 1854. Incorporated 1902. Capital £1,300,000. Issued £600,000. Directors: Sir Vincent Caillard (Chairman ), Thomas Craven, D.L., Samuel W. Pilling, Lieut.-Colonel The Hon. F. S. Jackson, M.P., Sir Robert Elliott-Cooper, K.C.B. Secretary: J. H. Travis A.C.A. Employees: 3,000. Manufactures.—Locomotive engines and accessory parts; machine tools, principally for railway workshops; steel and iron castings.

BICKLE ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Marine and General Engineers, G.W.R. Docks, Plymouth. T. A.: "Engineers, Plymouth." T. N.: Plymouth 176. Chairman Wm. Negus, J.P. Managing Director: George M. Tyler. Director Martin E. Negus. Established 1887. Incorporated 1904.

BIFURCATED & TUBULAR RIVET CO. Ltd., 235, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Bifurcated, Aylesbury." T. N.: City 8103. Directors: G. A. Mower (Chairman), H. J. Joscelyne (Managing), and G. R. Thursfield.

BIGGLESTON, H. M. & Sons, The Foundry, Canterbury. T. A.: " Biggleston's Ironfounders Canterbury." T. N.: Canterbury 17. Established 1835. Employees: 150. Principal: H. Biggleston. Products.—Castings.

BIGWOOD, J. & Son, Ltd., Ironfounders, 10, Tempest Street, 'Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Bigwood Wolverhampton." T. N.. 99.

BILBIE, HOBSON & Co., Gas Heating Engineers, 106, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. N.: Central 8367. Specialities.—Hot-water and steam installations of all kinds.

BILLINGS, W. K. & Co., Ironfounders, Devonshire Road, Leicester.

BILLINGTON & NEWTON, Ltd., 30, Great St. Helens, London, E.C. T. A .: " Bronze, Longport." T. N. Burslem 304. Established 1870. Employees: 200. Directors: J. Newton (Chairman and Managing), C. Billington (Managing) and T. A . Johnson. Manufactures. — Manganese bronze propellers castings.

BINGHAM, W. G. & Co., Belting Manufacturers, Hull. T. A.: " Binghams, Hull." T. N. Cent 2042. Principal: William George Bingham. Established 1895. Special Manufactures.—Makers of leather belting hose, hydraulic leathers, asbestos and rubber manufactures.

BINKS BROS., Ltd., Strafford Street, Millwall E.14. T. A.: "Binks, London." T. N.: East 235. Manufactures.—Wire ropes.

BINNEY & Son, Ltd., Catherine House, City Road, London, E.C.i . T. A.: " Lubricative London." T. N.: Clerkenwell 1893. Established 1867. Directors: John B. Denton (Managing ),. Henry Denton and Frederick Denton. Manufactures.—Engine packings, machine belting asbestos and india-rubber, power transmissions.

BINNS & BERRY BROS., Jubilee Works, Ovenden, Halifax. T. A.: " Borer, Halifax." T. N..Halifax ro86. Established 1899. Employees 40. Principals: 1'. Berry and H. Berry. Manufactures.—Machine tools, lathes, 6iin. to rolin. centres.

BINNS BROTHERS, Victoria Ironworks, Water Lane, Halifax. Manufactures.—Machine tools.

BINNS & SPEIGHT, Ltd., Crown Boiler Works, Bradford. T. A .: " Welding, Bradford." T. N.: 1895. Established 1898. Employees: 120. Directors: Enoch Binns, John Binns and Verney Binns. Manufactures.—Hot-water heating and steam boilers, annealing pots, tanks, cast-iron pipes, etc.

BIRCH, John & Co., Ltd., 2, London Wall Buildings, London, E.C. T. A.: " Endeavour London." T. A.: City 4175, 4176, 4177. Established 1873. Employees: 80. Directors: Montagu Sharpe K.C.,D.L. (Chairman ), J. Stuart Horner, D. Girdwood A. E. L. Chorlton, A. Turner Laing, Commander Birch, Arthur Hoare, M.Inst. C.E. (Mang. Director). Products.—General machinery, light railway plant, waterwork appliances.

BIRKETT, T. M. & Sons, Ltd., Brassfounders, Ironfounders & Engineers, Thomas Street, Hanley, Staffs. T. A.: "Birkett, Hanley." T. N.: 2 84 Central Potteries. Established 1882. Products.—Castings in iron and non-ferrous metals, gunmetal steam fittings (valves, cocks, etc.), water fittings, gas cocks, etc.

BIRKINSHAW, W. G. & Co., Heavy Edge Tool Manufacturers, Reliance Works, Wolverhampton. T. A.: "Birkinshaw, Wolverhampton." T. N.: 391. Sole Proprietor: Wm. Geo. Kirkley Birkinshaw. Established 1894. Special Manufactures.—Makers of picks, hammers axes, beaters, adzes, wedges, crowbars, mattocks barrows, chisels, etc.

BIRMINGHAM ALUMINIUM CASTINGS (1903) CO., Ltd., Cambridge Street Works, Birmingham. T. A.: " Hydraulic, Birmingham." T. N.: Central 3349. Established 1903. Capital £200,000. Directors: W. H. Maudslay (Chairman and Managing), Sir J. G. Hoare, Bt., C.M.G., Hon. W. P. Lindsay, C. C. Maudslay, and F. W. Gower. Sec.. T. W. Mills. Manufactures.—Aluminium castings.

BIRMINGHAM BATTERY & METAL CO. Ltd., Birmingham. T. A.: " Battery, Selly Oak." T. N.: Selly Oak 151.

BIRMINGHAM RAILWAY CARRIAGE & WAGON CO., Ltd., Smethwick, Birmingham. T. A.: "Carriage, Smethwick." T. N.: Smethwick 296. Manufactures.—Railway carriages, wagons and railway carriage wheels.

BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS CO., Ltd. Small Heath, Birmingham. T. A.: " Small Arms Birmingham." T. N .: Central 6440. Directors Sir Hallewell Rogers (Chairman ), E. Manville, Albert Eadie, A. H. E. Wood, A. Neville Chamberlain, M.P. Sir H. C. L. Holden, K.C.B., T. S. Walker, E. M. Griffiths, A. J. Hobson, P. Martin (Managing). Sec.: Kenneth R. Davis, O.B.E. Manufactures.—Shot guns, military rifles, air guns accessories, bicycles, motor bicycles, cycle fittings and specialities, engineers' small tools, gauges, chucks special machines.

BIRTLEY IRON CO., The, Colliery Engineers Forgemasters and Ironfounders; Birtley, Co. Durham. T. A.: "Birtley, Newcastle-on-Tyne." T. N. Newcastle City 379 and Birtley 2. Established 182o. Private Company. Sir Alexander Leith Bart., M.C., J.P., D.L. (Managing Director); Kenelm C. Appleyard, Assoc.M. I.Min.E. (General Manager). Employees: between 500 and 600. Manufactures.—Iron castings, cast-iron pipes, forgings, colliery heapsteads, tipplers, winding engines, tubs, ball and roller bearing wheels for tubs etc.

BLACK, George & Sons, Ltd., Tweedmouth Boiler Works, Berwick-on-Tweed. T. A.: " Boilers Berwick." T. N.: 7. Established 1790. Employees 40. Directors: Geo. Black, J. W. Glahome, L. W. E. Biggins, W. T. Weir. Products.—Cornish, vertical, loco-type and small marine boilers, creosoting plants for estates and timber trades, riveted or welded tanks for all purposes.

BLACKBURN AEROPLANE & MOTOR CO. Ltd., The, Aeronautical and Motor Engineers " Olympia," Roundhay Road, Leeds. T. A. " Propeller, Leeds." T. N.: Roundhay 601. Managing Director: R. Blackburn, O.B.E. Director and Sec.: E. Hudson. Seaplane Base: Brough Nr. Hull; and Offices at Donnington House, Norfolk Street, Strand, London, W.C.2. Established 1909. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1914.

BLACKBURN & CRAWSHAW, Craven Street, Wakefield. T. A.: "Paragon, Wakefield." T. N. 303. Established 1874. Proprietor: Leopold Blackburn. Products.—Tinmen's tools, sheet metal working machinery.

BLACKBURN, George & Sons, Ltd., Atlas Works, Kirkewhite Street, Nottingham. T. A . " Blackboro, Nottingham." T. N .: Nottingham 1134. Established 1852. Employees: 500. Directors: Col. W. H. Blackburn (Managing), G. S. Blackburn W. G. S. Bayles, and J. H. G. Bayles. Manufactures.—Hosiery machinery.

BLACKBURN, STARLING & CO., Ltd. Electrical Engineers, Gresham Works, Nottingham. T. A.: "Blackburn, Nottingham." T. N.: Nottingham 238. Establilshed 1899. Capital £12,000. Directors: F. H. Starling (Managing) and C. Osborn. Manufactures.—Lightning conductors.

BLACKBURN, Thomas & Sons, Ltd. Preston Ironworks and Hermon Forge, Preston. T. A.: "Forge, Preston." T. N.: Preston 1264-5. Capital: £75,000. Employees: 175. Directors: Thomas, John, Henry and James Blackburn, A.M.I. Mech.E. Established 1857. Manufactures.—Bridges, girders, forgings, castings, stampings, hot water heating, sectional boilers patent glazing, and patent hat and coat hooks.

BLACKER, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Stayley Ironworks, Stalybridge. T. A.: " Blacker, Stalybridge." T. N.: Ashton-under-Lyne 708. Established 1912. Capital £15,000. Employees: 70. Mang. Director: Wm. Blacker, M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures.—Mechanical hammers, band saws hack saws and small screwing machines.

BLACKETT'S CONSTRUCTION CO., Ltd. Thornaby, Stockton. T. A.: " Ships, Stockton." T. N.: Stockton 19. Directors: R. Blackett, John J. Blackett, and F. V. Nettleton. Sec. A. Dawson.

BLACKMAN EXPORT CO., Ltd., 374, Euston Road, London, N.W.I. 7'. A .: " Aculla London." T. N.: Museum 2845. Directors H. J. Trewman (Chairman and Managing), J. L. Copping, W. Owen, E. A. Ehlinger, R. F. P. H. Trewman, H. F. Trewman, and G. L. Copping. Manufactures.—Fans and gas plant.

BLACKSTOCK ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., 304, High Holborn, London, T. A .: " Prah, London." 7'. N.: Holborn 2116. Manufactures.—Standard metric journal ball bearings.

BLACKSTONE & Co., Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural & General Engineers, Ltd. ), Central House Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A .: " Agroengic London." 7'. N.: 685o Gerrard. Established 1837. Directors: G. B. Blyth, P. B. Mills, G. M. Blackstone, E. E. Blackstone, H. V. Blackstone. Products.—Haymaking machinery, oil engines food-preparing machinery.

BLACKWELL, Geo. G., Sons & Co., Ltd. The Albany, Liverpool. 7'. A.: "Blackwell, Liverpool." 7'. N.: 952 and 959 Central. Established 1869. Incorporated 1899. Capital £50,000, Issued £20,007. H. A. Blackwell (Chairman ), E. S. Blackwell and A. W. Blackwell (Directors). Manufactures.—Tungsten, molybdenum, titanium vanadium metals and alloys, anti-friction metals magnesite bricks for basic steel furnaces.

BLACKWELL, Robert W. & Co., Ltd., Specialists in Railway Electrification, Transmission Lines Tramways, etc., 36, Emperor's Gate, London, S.W.7. T. A.: " Kurkee, South Kens, London." T. N. 4362 Western (3 lines). Established 1890. Incorporated 1899. Capital £50,000. Joint Managing Directors: H. Langdon and F. W. Fawdry. Employees about 1,000. Manufactures.—Roofing felt and jointless flooring in addition to engineering business.

BLACKWELL'S METALLURGICAL WORKS, Ltd., The Albany, Liverpool. 7'. : " Blackwell, Liverpool." 7'. N.: Central 959 and 952. Directors H. A. Blackwell (Chairman and Managing), E. S. Blackwell, A. W. Blackwell and C. H. Birchall. Manufactures.—Tungsten, molybdenum, titanium vanadium and antifriction and printers' metal.

BLAENAVON CO., Ltd., Iron & Steel Manufacturers & Colliery Owners, Blaenavon, Mon. T. A. " Works, Blaenavon." T. N.: 3o. Established i880. Capital £730,000. Employees: 4,500. Directors: G. Mure Ritchie (Chairman), Maurice Deacon, F. J. Gordon, R. W. Kennard, C. C. Macrae, Percy C. Quilter and H. Spence Thomas. Gen. Manager John H. Lones. Sec.: E. Barson, A.C.I.S. Products.—Steam coal, coke, by-products and hematite pig iron, steel bars, billets and tyres.

Blair, Campbell and McLean Ltd. Head Office and Works: Govan, Glasgow. T. A. " Blazon, Glasgow." T. N.: Govan 262. London Office: Sardinia House, Kingsway, W.C.2. T. A. " Multivap, Holb., London." T. N.: Holborn 1075. Established 1838. Manufactures.—Distilling and evaporating plant of all types, including the Multiplex and Simplex film evaporator, sugar machinery, chemical, brewing and drying plant.

BLAKE, BARCLAY & Co., Mechanical Engineers and Millwrights, Victoria Works, Greenock. T. A.: " Filter, Greenock." Manufactures.—Elevators and sugar machinery.

BLAKE BOILER, WAGON & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Alliance Works, Darlington. T. A.: " Alliance, Darlington." T. N.: Darlington 2235. Directors: J. Banks (Chairman), J. W. Richardson, R. Blaylock, G. Saltmer, T. Scott and H. H. Blackburn. Sec.: F. W. Oliver. Manufaitures.—Railway wagons, wheels and axles multitubular boilers.

BLAKEBOROUGH, J. & Sons, Ltd.; Hydraulic Engineers, Valve Makers, Woodhouse Works, Brighouse, Yorks. T. A.: " Blakeboroughs, Brighouse." T. N.: Brighouse 228. Codes: A B C (5th Edition), Bentley's, Western Union (Universal), Western Union (5 letter), Lieber's and Marconi. Est. 1861. Inc. as a Private Ltd. Co. in 1916. Capital £275,000. Directors: Walter Blakeborough, John E. Blakeborough, Robert A. Blakeborough, Thomas B. Blakeborough and Arthur L. Blakeborough. Business.—Mechanical Equipment of Water and Sewage Works; High-Class Valves of all kinds; Boiler Mountings and Steam Fittings, etc.

BLAKELEY, E. F. & Co. (Liverpool), Ltd. Vauxhall Ironworks, Birkenhead. T. A.: " Corrugated, Birkenhead." T. N.: Birkenhead 1568. Managing Director: E. F. Blakeley. Secretary: J. Rawlings. Est. 1881. Specialities.—Steel principals and roof works.

BLAKELEY, Firth, Sons & Co., Ltd., Gas Engineers and Contractors, 15, Park Row, Leeds. T. A.: "Blakeley, Leeds." T. N. 22579 Leeds. Managing Director: J. Firth Blakeley. Directors: William Blakeley, John A. Blakeley and Samuel T. Blakeley. Secretary': H. Blakeley. Established 1894. Incorporated 1907. Capital £15,000. Specialities.—Gas-making plant, gasholders, steel tanks, coke oven plant, coke washing plants, oil storage tanks, riveted tubes, roofs and girder work.

BLAKEMORE & Co., Ltd., Original Lancashire Screw & Bolt Works, Atherton, Near Manchester. T. A. " Nuts, Atherton." T. N.: 19. Established 1830. Capital £20,000. Employees: 300. Mang. Director: Dr. B. Blakemore. Directors: Dr. H. Blakemore, W. Crosher, J. Kennedy and W. M. Speirs. Products.—Bolts and nuts of all kinds. Specialities Bright bolts and nuts, screws, etc., large weldless nuts up to 4iin. diameter.

BLERIOT, Ltd., 2 & 4, Catesby Street, Walworth, London, S.E.17. T. A.: " Bleriot-Odkent London." T. N.: Hop 3279. Established 1905. Capital £25,000. Directors: Wm. F. Hoare-Ward Pierre Marchal and A. Richir. Manufactures.—Bleriot head, side and tail lamps Bleriot dynamos, lighting sets, Bleriot-Scott selfstarter.

BLISS, E. W., Co., 21, Pocock Street, London S.E.I. T. A.: "Blissdon, London." T. N.: Hop 4340. Manufactures.—Drop-forging plant.

BLOOMER, N. & Sons, Ltd., Oak Works, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill, Staffs. T. A.: "Bloomer Quarry Bank." T. N.: Cradley 21. Established 1850. Manufactures.—Anchors and chains.

BLOXAM & SCUFFELL'S, Ltd., 70A, Basinghall Street, London, E.C.2. T. N.: City 5212. Directors: O. A. Bloxam, R. O. Grant and C. C. Baker. Manufactures.—Constructional steel and ironwork, iron staircases, iron doors, smith's work.

BLOXWICH LOCK & STAMPING CO. Alexander Works, Bloxwich. T. A.: " Stampings. Bloxwich." T. N.: Bloxwich 49. Established 1915. Manufactures.—H.A.S. patent lever locks and mirror movements, drop forgings for motor motor cycle and general engineering trades.

BLUMER, John & Co., Ltd., North Dock Shipyard, Sunderland. T. A. "Blumers, Sunderland." T. N.: Sunderland 1220-1. Manufactures.—Ships.

BLUMFIELD, Ltd., 70, Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Atcarbco, Birmingham." Established 1908. T. N.: Midland 2012-3. Directors H. C. Holder, J. A. Holder and A. Cox. Manufactures.—Cox Atmos carburetters.

BLUNDELL, James & Sons, Ltd., Lancashire File Works, Prescot, Lancs. T. A.: " Blundell Prescot." Established 1862. Directors: W. J. Lucas (Chairman), J. Blundell, sen. (Managing), and W. Blundell. Manufactures.—Small tools, files, etc.

BLUNDELL'S LONDON COPPER & BRASS WORKS (1910), Ltd., Mechanical, Brewers' & Chemical Engineers, West India Dock Road, London, E. T. A.: "Blundell, Pop, London." T. N.: East 29 and 1533.

BLYDE, A. & Co., The Wallace Steel Works, Sheffield. T. A.: "Economy, Sheffield." Established 1840. Principal,: J. E. A. Blyde. Manufactures.—Tool steel, cold chisels.

BLYTH SHIPBUILDING & DRY DOCKS CO., Ltd., Blyth, Northumberland. 2'. A.: " Drydocks." T. N .: P.O. 2 and i o Blyth. Directors W. S. Vaughan (Chairman), D. Stephens (ViceChairman ), Sir W. Runciman, Bt., Sir A. M. Sutherland, Bt., Hon. J. N. Ridley, Rt. Hon. W. Runciman. Gen. Manager: G. Moffitt. Sec.. R. J. Gibson. Manufactures. —Ships and marine engines.

BOBY, Robert, Ltd., Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. T. A.: " Screens, Bury St. Edmunds." T. N .: 3 Bury St. Edmunds. Established 1856. Employees: 350. Products: Grain, malt and seed cleaning machinery, malting machinery. Specialties . — Pneumatic conveyors for transporting granular substances, also flax-scutching machines.

BOBY, William & Son, Salisbury House, London Wall, London, E.C.2. 7'. A.: " Buccala," London." T. N .: Central 796. Manufactures.—Water softeners and filters.

BODDEN, William & Son, Hargreaves Works, Oldham. Manufactures.—Spindles and Flyers.

BODIN, W. H. & Co., Ltd., Sanitary Engineers, Acme Engineering Works, Darlaston.

BODLEY BROTHERS & Co., Engineers and Millwrights, Old Quay Foundry, Exeter. T. A. " Bodley, Exeter." Established: 1790. Manufactures.—Spur, bevel and worm wheels.

BOLCKOW, VAUGHAN & Co., Ltd., Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Middlesbro'-on-Tees. T. A.: "Bolckows, Middlesbro'. " T. N.: 1101 Middlesbro'. Chairman: Sir J. E. JohnsonFerguson, Bart. Directors: Illtyd Williams, The Hon. Roland D. Kitson, D.S.O., M.C., The Rt. Hon. J. Parker Smith, P.C., The Hon. Henry D. McLaren, M.P., Walter W. Storr, Major A. Johnson-Ferguson, and G. E. Sistersen. tSecretary Archibald Read. Manufactures and Products.—Cleveland, hematite and basic pig iron, ferro-manganese and Spiegeleisen. Steel: Rails, tram rails, fishplates, sleepers, etc.

BOLLING & LOWE, Ltd., 2, Laurence Pountney Hill, London, E.C.4. T. A .: " Bird, Cannon London." T. N .: City 9396-7. Established 1827. Manufactures.—Tools, railway and tramway materials, portable railway, mining, and contractors' plant.

BOLTON, Thomas & Sons, Ltd., Metals for Electrical, Mechanical, Marine and Locomotive Work 57, Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Wiredrawn Led, London." T. N.: 632 Central. Established 1783. Incorporated 1902. Capital £500,000. Directors Thomas Bolton (Chairman), Francis A. Bolton, Sir T. 0. Callender, J. M. Henderson, George Rathbone and C. B. Toiler. London Director: W. Lee Matthews. Local Directors: M. A. Bolton, E. J. Bolton, H. B. Toiler and Engineer-Commander Anstey. Employees about 2,000. Manufactures.—Copper wire, strips, commutator bars, tubes, sheets, plates, rods, printing rollers trolley wire, rail bonds and extruded sections.

BON-ACCORD ENGINEERING CO., Ltd. Mechanical and Agricultural Engineers, Bon-Accord (3 Works, Aberdeen, Scot. T. A.: " Cultivate, Aberdeen." T. N.: Aberdeen 349. Managing Director David A. Coutts, A.M.I.Mech.E. Established 1832. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1906. Specialities.—Agricultural and grain threshing machinery.

BONALLACK & Sons, St. George Works, Cable Street, London, E.1. T. A.: " Bonallack 'Phone, London." T. N.: 4 Branches, Avenue 278 Broadway 219o, 17 extensions. 'Established 1825. Directors: Walter Bonallack, M.I.A.E., Francis Bonallack, John P. Bonallack. Products.—Commercial motor bodies to any design horse-drawn vehicles, artillery and plain wheels and wheel components, motor roofing.

BOND & COOPER, Ltd., Crown Machine Works, Booth Street, Handsworth. Birmingham. T. A.: "Racks, Birmingham." T. N.: Smethwick 40. Managing Director: Edward S. Bond. Specialities.—Wire working machinery.

BONNELLA, D. H. & Son, Ltd., 58-60, Mortimer Street, London, W.I. T. A.: " Boncinello Ox, London." T. N.: Museum 1882 and 504. Manufactures. — Aeroplanes, motor car and electrical accessories.

BOORN, Thomas & Co., Ltd., Steam and Hydraulic Packing Manufacturers, 89-91, Crescent Lane, Clapham, London, S.W.4 T. A.: " Plumbago, Clapcom, London." T. N .: Brixton 1181. Established 1870. Capital: £5,000. Employees 20-30. Mang. Director: G. W. Gascoigne. Manufactures.—" Eagle " steam packing, regd. " Polypac " hydraulic packing, manganese paste graphite pipe compound, etc.

BOOTH & WOOD, Mechanical Engineers and Textile Machinists, Gravel Gate Mills, Hollinwood, near Manchester. T. N.: Oldham 827. Proprietor: James J. Wood. Established 1908. Specialities.—Textile machines, small machines for general and electrical engineering, spindles, flyers, long collars, bobbin wheels, and spindle wheels.

BOOTH, Charles & Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, 38-42, Park Lane, Liverpool. T. A.: " Spanners, Liverpool." T. N.: Bank 4513. Directors: Sir Rowland Hodge, Bart., C. S. Hook, H. Pelham Clinton and J. G. Scott. Established 1817. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1918.

BOOTH, J. & Bros., Ltd., Rodley, Leeds. T. A.: " Cranes, Rodley." T. N.: Stanningley 20. Established 1847. Directors: A. W. Booth, J. H. Booth, A. G. Booth, and C. W. G. Booth. Manufactures.—Cranes, electric, steam and hand power, and electric capstans.

BOOTH, J. & Co. (1915) Ltd. (Proprietors Vickers', Ltd. ), Argyle Street, Nechells, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Brass castings, tubes, etc.

BOOTH, John & Sons, Constructional Engineers, Hulton Steelworks, Bolton. T. A.: " Irony Bolton." T. N.: Bolton 1195. Established 1870. Partners: James Booth, Thomas Booth and Charles H. Booth. Employees: 500. Manufactures.—Steel-framed skeleton buildings, roof work, bridges, bunkers, hydraulic press work and autogenous welding and cutting steel doors.

BOOTHROYD , H. T., Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Rimrose Works, Akenside Street, Bootle Liverpool. T. A.: " Commutator, Liverpool." T. N.: Bootle 420. Established 1898. Capital £20,000. Employees: 200. Gov. Director: H. T. Boothroyd. Products.—Direct current dynamos and motors from 2 B.H.P. at 1,000 revs. to 250 B.H.P., motor generators, rotary converters, boosters, etc.

BOSWELL, A., SON & NAYLOR, Ltd., File Manufacturers, Albert Works, Sidney Street, Sheffield. T. A.: "Bozwel, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 1051 Directors: A. Boswell, A. J. Boswell and E. S. Nutt. Established 1872.

BOTTONE & CO., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, 8A, Ross Parade, Wallington, Surrey. T. A.: " Bottone, Wallington." Principal: W. Green. Established 1884. Specialities.—" En Route " car lighting dynamos. Repairs to car lighting dynamos, all makes, magneto repairs.

BOULTON & PAUL, Ltd., Norwich. T. A. "Boulton, Norwich." T. N.: Norwich 851. Established 1797. Directors: J. J. D. Paul (Chairman) H. Ffiske, W. H. Ffiske, Sir G. M. Chamberlin, Kt., • S. Howes, Capt. J. D. Paul, G. E. Ffiske. Manufactures.—Galvanized wire netting, portable buildings, constructional steelwork, iron and wire fencing and gates, electric lighting plants, pump and liquid elevators.

BOULTON MAGNETOS, Ltd., Old Hall Street, Wolverhampton. Established 1919. Capital £5,000. Directors: A. H. Boulton, C. W. Parkes. and J. R. McLaren. Manufactures.—Magnetos.

BOVIER, R. & Co., Ltd., Kingsgate Place,. Quex Road, Kilburn, N.W.6. T. N.: Hampstead. 7418. Manufactures.—Petrol engines.

BOVING & CO., Ltd., Hydraulic Power Engineers, Pulp and Paper Mill Engineers, 56 Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Jenorten Phone, London." T. N.: Holborn 6420 . Codes Western Union, • A B C (5th Edition), Marconi. Directors: J. 0. Boving (Chairman), C. T. Colpitts R. Morcom. General Manager: A. S. Tresilian. Specialities.—Water turbines, pipe lines, hydroelectric installations, pumping plant, pulp and papermaking machinery.

BOW, McLACHLAN & Co., Ltd., Thistle Works, Paisley. T. A.: "Bow, Paisley." T. N. Engine dept. 2116; shipyard 2556; foundry 2679. Directors: W. Bow (Chairman and Joint Managing) J. McLachlan (Joint Managing), R. Watson, R. D. Munro, J. McIntosh, J. Mackintosh, Sec.: J. Baxter. Manufactures.—Ships and marine engines.

BOWDEN BRAKE CO., Ltd., Cycle and Motor Cycle Accessory Manufacturers, King's Road, Tyseley, Birmingham. T. A.: " Bowden, Acocks. Green." T. N.: Acocks Green 103-4. Established and Incorporated 1901. Capital £150,000, Reserve £35,750. Directors: Henry A. Lamplugh (Chairman and Managing), John Howgate Holroyd, Walter J. Lamplugh and James Arthur Lavell. Employees about 800. Manufactures.—Bowden brakes for pedal and motor cycles. Controls of all descriptions for the different operations on motor cycles and motor cars.

BOWDEN WIRE, Ltd., Victoria Road, Willesden Junction, London, T. A.: " Bowirelim, 'Phone, London." T. N.: Willesden 2400. Products.—Bowden wire mechanism, motor and motor cycle accessories, controls for motor cycles and cars, extra air inlets and easy starters.

BOWEN & CO., Ltd., Brass and Aluminium Founders and Mechanical Engineers, Phoenix Foundry, Mount Pleasant, London, W.C.I. T. A. " Bowenite, Holbro." T. N.: Holborn 1684. Directors: Alexander Glegg, J.P.; Graham R. Glegg (Managing). Established 1808. Incorporated 1918. Capital £10,000. Manufactures.—Gun carriage parts, over 1,000,000 fuse plugs, adaptors, etc. " Side arms " for naval guns, tampions, spares for motor lorries.

BOWES, SCOTT & WESTERN, Ltd. Mining, Sanitary and Chemical Engineers, 36-7, King Street, E.C.2. 7'. A.: " Donbowes, Cent, London." T. A A.: Central 1743.

BOWMAN, John & Co., General Engineers 181, Rutherglen Road, Glasgow, S.S. T. A. " Hirnant, Glasgow." T. N.: South 245. Established 1880. John Lyall, sole partner. Specialities.—Cranes and contractors' plant; repair work.

BOWN, J. & Co., Dukinfield Ironworks, Wharf Street, Dukinfield. Manufactures.—Boilers.

BOX, H. T. & Sons, 2, Bute Crescent, Cardiff. T. A.: " Eagle, Cardiff." 7'. N.: Cardiff 294. Established 1874. Directors: F. J. Box and S. C. Box. Manufactures.—Boiler and steam pipe coverings.

BOYES, W. J. & Son, Peckham Park Road, S.E.15. T. N.: New Cross r8o8. Manufactures.—Steam wagons.

BOYLE, Robert & Son, Ventilating Engineers, 64, Holborn Viaduct, London, EL.'. T. A . " Hypostile, London." Established 1857. Manufactures.—Air-pump ventilators.

BOYNTON, DOWSETT & Co., 361-363, City Road, London, E.C.1. T. A.: " Boynowsett, Isl London." T. N.: Central 710-2. Established 1904. Sole Proprietor: Edward A. Boynton. Employees approximately 300. Manufactures.—Taps and dies, screwing tackle engineers' small tools.

BRABY, Frederick & Co., Ltd., Structural Engineers, Sheet Metal Rollers, etc., Fitzroy Works, Euston Road, London, N.W.I. T. A.: " Courteous Eusroad, London." T. N.: Museum 3032. Established 1839. Incorporated 1865. Directors: 46 Walter Braby (Chairman), Cyrus Braby (Deputy Chairman), Alfred Moore, Harold Child, Ivon Braby M.I.E.E., J. E. Richardson, J. W. Brockman, G. E. Fox and K. D. Mackenzie. Secretary: Cecil Richardson, F.C.I.S. Manufactures.—Iron and steel roofs and buildings tanks, etc. Petrol storage plants, perforated metals sheet metal, etc.

BRACKETT, F. W. & Co., Ltd., Hythe, Colchester. T. A.: "Brackett, Colchester." T. N. 140 Colchester. Established 1899. Capital £5,000. Employees: About 120. Directors: A. Stanley Elmore (Chairman), F. W. Brackett (Managing) and Frank E. Elmore. Manufactures.—Air compressors and vacuum pumps, special pumps of all kinds, patent selfcleaning circulating water screens.

BRADDOCK, J. & J., Globe Meter Works, Oldham. T. .4.: " Braddock, Oldham." Manufactures.—Gas meters.

BRADFORD, T. and Co., Crescent Works, Manchester. T. A.: "Vowel Manchester." Manufactures.—Laundry machinery.

BRADLEY & CRAVEN, Ltd., Wakefield. T. A.: "Craven, Wakefield." T.N.: Wakefield 3. Established 1843. Employees: 300. Manufactures.—Brick, pipe and tile machinery.

BRADLEY & TURTON, Ltd., Caldwall Foundry, Kidderminster. T. A.: " Wheels, Kidderminster." Manufactures.—Testing machines, bearings, presses and steam engines.

BRADLEY PULVERIZER CO., 37, Walbrook, London, E.C. T. A.: " Equestrian, London." T. N.: Central 1903.

BRADSHAW, George & Co., Ltd., Iron, Steel and Ore Merchants, 64, Cross Street, Manchester. T. A.: "Ferro, Manchester." T. N.: Central 1572 and City 2362. Established 1880. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1913. Capital £30,000. Directors George Bradshaw (Governing), Joseph Bradshaw Lees and Nathan Crompton (also Secretary).

BRAHAM, PATTERSON & BENHAM Ltd., Mechanical Engineers and Boiler Makers, 2 Spenlow Street, Limehouse, E.14. T. A.: " Miturainos, London." T. N.: East 1960. Directors Walter E. Braham, F.R.B.S., F.Z.S., Martin A. C. Hinton. Established 1907. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1909. Capital £2,000, Issued £1,850. Speciality.—Asphalt and road-making machinery.

BRAIME, T. F. & Co., Ltd., Goodman Street, Hunslet, Leeds. Manufactures.—Elevating machinery.

BRAITHWAITE & Co., Crown Bridge Works, West Bromwich. T. A.: " Braithwaite, West Bromwich." T. N.: West Bromwich 421. Employees: 1,000. Principals: J. Hulse Humphryes and A. Anderson. Manufactures.—Bridges and constructional steelwork.

BRAITHWAITE, H. & Co., Ltd., Coppersmiths, Brassfounders, Sanitary and Heating Engineers, Swinegate, Leeds. T. A.: " Braithwaites Swinegate, Leeds." T. N.: 20491 Leeds. Directors: Crossland Braithwaite, Wm. Hodgson Braithwaite, J. H. Taylor. Secretary: Wm. Green. Est. 1852. Manufactures.—Copper goods for confectionery and brewery trades, vacuum pans, stills, etc. Sanitary and heating work and chemical lead work.

BRAITHWAITE, Isaac & SON, ENGINEERS Ltd., Clothing and Laundry Engineers, Ibis Works, Kendal, and 200, Upper Thames Street, London E.C.4. T. A .: " Ibis, Kendal " and " Thereupon Cannon, London." T. N .: 22 Kendal, 8987 City London.

BRAMLEY, C. N., Ltd., Engineers and Contractors, Humberstone Road, Leicester. T. A. " Spinet." T. N .: Central 1720. Established 1908. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1920. Capital £3,000. Directors: Cecil Norman Bramley and James Ian Hamilton. Products.—The Griffin grinders.

BRAMLEY ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Bramley, near Leeds. T. A.: " Planes, Bramley, Yorks." T. N.: Stanningley Leeds, 120. Directors: W. H. Fitton, H. G. Guy Fitton. Established 1898. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1906. Capital £25,000 Issued £15,000. Specialities.—Stone, marble, granite and slate working machinery, stone breakers, crushing rolls and screens; cranes, hand, steam and electric.

BRAMPTON BROS., Ltd., Oliver Street Works, Birmingham. T. A .: " Brampton, Birmingham." T. N.: East 185. Manufactures.—Chains and chain wheels for power transmission.

BRANDON BRIDGE BUILDING CO., Ltd. Brandon Works, Motherwell. T. A A.: " Girder Motherwell." T. N .: Motherwell 1 i . Established 1865. Employees: 500. Directors: D. H. Mac.donald (Chairman and Managing), W. Smith and W. Meiklem Thomson (Managing). Manufactures.—Iron castings, ingot moulds, iron and steel bridges, roofing, tanks, piers, etc.

BRAULIK, G., 8, Lambeth Hill, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: "Braulik, Cent London." T. N .: Bank 5075 and 5076. Established 1887. Capital £20,000. Employees: 25. Principal: G. Braulik. Products.—Bells and telephones for all purposes and medical apparatus, electric light accessories including switches, cables, etc., measuring instruments, etc., etc.

BRAY, Geo. & Co., Ltd., Gas Lighting Engineers, Bagby Works, Leicester Place, Leeds. T. A. " Bray, Leeds." T. N .: 20931. Established 1864. Capital £160,000, authorized. Employees: 1,200. Chairman: Arthur Bray. Director: George Bray. Products.—Gas burners, flat flame and incandescent for use with coal gas, acetylene burners, petrol air burners, porcelain insulators.

BRAY, MARKHAM & REISS, Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London, E.17. T. A.: " Bramaria, Waltstreet London." T. N .: Walthamstow 548. Directors R. H. Barbour, R. Amberton, H. R. C. Partridge. Sec.: E. S. Bawn. Established as a Limited Co. 1902. Capital £20,000. Specialities.—Switches, shunt regulators, automatic control gear.

BRAYSHAW FURNACES & TOOLS, Ltd. Mulberry Street, Hulme, Manchester. T. A. " Hardening." T. N .: 6771 City. Established 1897. Employees: Approx. 150. Products .—Milling cutters and small tools, furnaces for heat treatment and accessories, fusible salts for tempering, etc.

BRAYSHAWS, Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, also Engineers' Supply Stores, 72, Liverpool Road, Stokeon-Trent. T. A A.:"Brayshaws." T. N.: 1209. Specialities.—Machinery and tools for potteries brick works, collieries.

BRAZIL, STRAKER & Co., Ltd., Causeway Fishponds, Bristol. T. A .: " Chassis, Fishponds." T. N .: Bristol 5180. Established 1893. Employees 1,500. Directors: J. P. Brazil, H. F. Moseley, A. G. Holborow, S. Straker, P. F. C. Williams and A. H. R. Fedden. Manufactures.—Motor cars and commercial motor vehicles.

BRECKNELL, MUNRO & ROGERS, Ltd. Engineers and Founders, Thrissell Street, Bristol. T. A.: " Brecknell, Bristol." T. N.: 3137 and 3138 and 269. Established 1860. Capital £150,000. Employees: 550. Chairman: Hugh Innes Rogers O.B.E., M.I.E.E. Products. — Tobacco and printing machinery overhead electric traction material.

BREEDEN, J. & Co., Ltd., Fazeley Street, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Cocks and steam engine and boiler fittings.

BREMNER MACHINE CO., Ltd., Printers' Engineers, Wharfedale Iron Works, Otley. T. A. " Bremner, Otley." T. N.: 99 Otley. Established 1854. Employees: 220. Directors: H. Harrild, F. W. Musgrave, W. L. Harrild, R. A. Watkinson. Products .—Printers' and bookbinders' machinery blocking presses, embossing presses, cylinder cutting and creasing machines.

BRENTNALL & CLELAND, Breeze Burners Coal, Coke and Breeze Merchants, Kew Bridge, Brentford (London, Birmingham, Manchester and elsewhere ). T. A.: "Brentnall, Brentford." T.N. Chiswick 1211 (2 lines ). Established 1883. Products.—HOUSE AND STEAM COAL, ANTHRACITE, FOUNDRY COKE, PATENT FUEL.

BRETT'S PATENT LIFTER CO., Ltd. Foleshill Works, Coventry. T. A A.: " Lifters Coventry." T. N .: 1102 Coventry. Established 1899. Capital £25,000. Employees: 100. Directors: W. Radford, F. R. Powell, Bernard Brett. Sec.: E. E. Sidwell. Products.—Drop hammers for steam and air drive, drop hammers for motor and belt drive, complete drop forging equipment.

BREWSTER, H. J. & Co., 11, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. N.: City 768. Manufactures.—Machine tools.

BRIDGE, David and Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Castleton Iron Works, Castleton, Manchester. T. A.: " Coupling, Castleton, Manchester." T. N.: 25 Rochdale. Directors: Robert Bridge, John Bridge, Jonathan Bridge, David Bridge, Wallace Bridge and A. Jordan (Secretary). Established 1896. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1909. Specialities.—Friction clutches and millgearing rubber machinery for plantations and factories hydraulic machinery, high density horizontal baling presses.

BRIDGE, Joseph W., Ltd., Constructional Steelworkers, 4, Church Street, Accrington. T.A.: "Steelwork." T. N.: 2661 (3 lines and private branch exchange). Established 1868. Adam B. Jardine (Chairman), F. Hindle and E. Osbaldeston ( Managing Directors), W. S. Walker (Secretary).

BRIDGE, Lang, Ltd., Manufacturers of Calico Printing and Bleaching Machinery, also General Sheet Metal Workers, Paradise Works, Accrington. T. A.: "Bridge, Accrington." T. N.: 2 I 3 I . Capital £60,000, Issued £60,000. Managing Director Joseph Green. Directors: John Harwood, J.P. (Chairman), Thomas Gordon, J.P., Dr. Henry Worsley and Thomas Wright (also Secretary). Employees about 300. Founded 1857. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in February, 1901. New works built in 1903. Manufactures.—Machinery for bleaching, printing dyeing and finishing calico; paper makers' machinery; fireproof doors, fire extinguishers, etc.

BRIDGWATER CONSTRUCTION CO., Constructional Engineers, Smiths and Art Metal Workers 453, Holloway Road, London, N.7. T. N.: North 1600. Principal: Samuel Bridgwater. Established 1860. Manufactures.—Iron staircases, steel doors, roof work and lift enclosures.

BRIGGS, S. and Co., Ltd., Engineers, Coppersmiths, Brass and Iron Founders, Burton-on-Trent. T. A.: "Copper, Burton-on-Trent." T. N.: 2 Burton-on-Trent.

BRIGHTSIDE FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., General Ironfounders and Heating Engineers, Sheffield. T. A.: " Castings, Sheffield." T. N.: Sheffield 373, 1233 and 2535. Established 1899. Capital £150,000. Directors: A. Firth (Chairman), F. Biggin, A. Firth, Junr., F. W. Firth and T. H. Firth (Joint Managing). Manufactures.—Rolling mills and steel works' plant.

BRINDLEY, F. J. & Sons, Central Hammer Works, River Lane, Sheffield. T. A A.: "Brindley I 402 Sheffield." T. N .: 1402 Sheffield. Established 1864. Directors: F. J. Brindley, Senr. W. C. Brindley, F. H. Brindley, F. A. Brindley. Products.—Steel for mining and quarry—hollow and solid bars, hammers and picks of every shape mining tools, quarry, smiths, and engineers' tools.

BRINJES & GOODWIN, Ltd., Cold Harbour, Poplar, London, E.14. T. A.: " Blitheful, Milleast London." T. N.: East 3893. Manufactures. — Mixing, grinding, extracting machines and plant.

BRIQUETTE MACHINERY, Ltd., Charmouth Street, Leeds. Manufactures.—Briquette machinery.

BRISTOL AEROPLANE CO., Ltd., Filton House, Bristol. T. A.: " Aviation, Filton." T. N. Bristol 3906. Established 1910 as a Private Co. Employees: 1,500. Directors: Samuel White, J.P. (Chairman ), Sir Stanley White, Bt. (Managing ) Sir Hy. White Smith, C.B.E. (also Secretary) and H. J. Thomas (also Works Manager). Manufactures.—" Bristol " aeroplanes, " Bristol " seaplanes, " Bristol" flying-boats, aircraft components and aircraft propellers, " Bristol " air-cooled radial aero engines, automobile bodies, motor omnibus bodies.

BRISTOL PNEUMATIC TOOLS, Ltd. The Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol. T. A.: " Percussion, Bristol." T. N.: Fishponds, Bristol 17. Manufactures.—Pneumatic tools for shipbuilding, constructional, boiler and foundry work, quarrying and stone dressing, etc.

BRISTOL TRAMWAYS & CARRIAGE CO. Ltd., Motor Engineers, Bristol.

BRISTOL WAGON & CARRIAGE CO., Ltd. Branch of Leeds Forge, Leeds. T . A.: " Wagon Bristol." T. N .: Bristol 4630. Established 1866. Capital £160,000. Manufactures.—Railway carriage and wagon ironwork.

BRITTAINS ELECTRIC MOTOR CO., Ltd. 110, Cannon Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Damphone, Cannon, London." T. N .: City 2744. Manufactures.—Electric motors.

BRITANNIA FOUNDRY CO., Cox Street, Coventry. T. A.: "Stoves, Coventry." T. N. 251. Established 1874. Employees: 250. Proprietor: A. P. Smith. Products.—Castings in all metals for the motor industry, moulding machines—three types, foundry appliances, core ovens.

BRITANNIA TUBE CO., Ltd., Glover Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Permanent, Birmingham." T. N .: Victoria 192. Established 1860. Capital £100,000. Employees: 350. Directors: Henry Huggins, Frederick Huggins and Frank Wain. Manufactures.—Steel- and brass-cased steel tubes electrically welded steel tubes, all shapes, drawn steel sections.

BRITISH ABRASIVE WHEEL CO., Ltd. Tinsley, Sheffield.

BRITISH AERIAL TRANSPORT CO. Ltd., 38, Conduit Street, London, W.I. T. A. "Batigram, Reg, London." T. N .: Mayfair 637-8. Manufactures.—Aircraft.

BRITISH AIR BRAKE CO., Ltd., 64, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.I. T. A.: " Tripvalbra, Sowest." T. N .: Victoria 4739. Established 1919. Mang. Director: James W. Cross. Products.—Railway brakes, steam heating for railway trains.

BRITISH ALUMINIUM CO., Ltd., 109, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Cryolite, Cent, London." T. N .: City 2676 and 4636. Established 1894. Capital £1,000,000. Directors: A. W. Tait (Chairman), R. W. Cooper, S. H. Pollen, W. B. Rommel, E. E. Sawyer, J. Taylor.

BRITISH ANZANI ENGINE CO., Ltd. Scrubbs Lane, Willesden, N.W.10. T. A.: " Anzani, London." T. N.. Willesden 2214. Manufactures.—Aeroplanes.

BRITISH ARC WELDING CO., Ltd., Glengall Road, Millwall, E.14. T . N .: East 3863. Established 1910. Capital £15,000. Directors: R. S. Kennedy (Managing), A. Ross, J. P. Halket P. J. Bartlett, E. W. Green, J. H. Silley.

BRITISH ASBESTOS CO., Ltd., 132, Commercial Street, London, E. T. N .: Central 9754.

BRITISH BARIMAR THERMIT WELDING CO., Ltd., Metallurgical Engineers, 10, Poland Street, Oxford Street, London, W.I. T. A A.: " Bariquamar, Reg, London." T. N .: Gerrard 8173. Established 1917. Capital £5,000. Employees: 200. Directors: C. NV. Brett (Chairman ), H. E. Lamplough, J. H. Osborne (Secretary ). Products.—Thermit welding.

BRITISH BATTERY CO., Ltd., Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts. T. N.: Watford 617. Established 1914. Capital £1,000. Directors: T. A. Rose, A. H. Rose, W. G. Bate, J. W. H. Reynolds (Managing ). Products.—Dry batteries.

BRITISH CAUDRON CO., Ltd., 105, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. T. A.: " Caudroplan, Alloa." T. N .: Alloa 52. Established 1912 Capital £25,000. Directors: Sir W. M. Ramsay. A. W. Ramsay, J. McPhee, J. McPhie and R. Caudron.

BRITISH CHALLENGE GLAZING CO., Patent Glaziers and Constructional Engineers, Marshgate Lane, Stratford, E.15. T. A.: " Astragal, Phone London." T. N. 1234 East. Partners: J. H. Lovell J. W. King. Est. Thirty-five years. Specialities.—Patent glazing, casements, constructional iron and steel work for roofs.

BRITISH CENTRAL ELECTRICAL CO. Ltd., 6-8, Rosebery Avenue, London, E.C.I. T . A . " Briticent, Holb, London." T. N .: Holborn 58485850. Established 1908. Capital £3,000. Directors: E. S. Conradi, J. F. Conradi, M.Inst.C.E. Products.—Handlamps, switchgear, fuses, steam and electrical plant. Sole agents for London Midlands and South Coast for Richardsons, Westgarth & Co., Ltd., Hartlepool.

BRITISH COMMERCIAL LORRY & ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester. Manufactures.—Two- and four-seated motor cars.

BRITISH CONSTRUCTION CO., Engineers and Contractors, 39, Victoria Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Ramified, Vic, London." T. N .: Victoria 5159. Established 1904. Proprietor: Percy Westacott, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., A.M.I.Mech.E. Specialities.—Construction of bridges, wharves piers, docks, harbours, jetties.

BRITISH ELECTRIC HEATER CO., Ltd. 118, Douglas Street, Glasgow. Established 1913. Capital £50,000. Directors: Col. A. Green-Thompson, R. W. Hogarth, W. J. Carr, C. H. Urmston. Manufactures.—Heating apparatus.

BRITISH ELECTRIC PLANT CO., Ltd., The Electrical and Hydraulic Engineers, Alloa, Scotland. T. A.: "Electric, Alloa." T. N.: 40 Alloa. Incorporated 1900. Capital £100,000, Issued 176,430. Directors T. E. Lander (Chairman), C. Atherton Atchley (Managing), F. Carleton Anderson and F. G. Warburton. Manufactures.—A. C. and D. C. motors and dynamos, motor generators, rotary converters, centrifugal pumps, winches and haulage gears.

BRITISH ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER CO. Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical Engineers, Hayes Middlesex. T. A.: " Transfundo, Hayes, Middlesex." T. N.: 226 Ealing; 240 Southall; 70 and 71 Hayes. Established 1898. Capital, Nominal £1,000,000, Issued £625,000. Employees: About 700. Directors: A. F. Berry (Chairman and Tech. Adviser), George Berry (Manager), T. Rowe. Products.—Berry transformers, " Tricity " cooking apparatus, " Flamingo " fires.

BRITISH ELECTRIC VEHICLES, Ltd. Churchtown Works, Southport. T. A.: " Electric Vehicles." T. N.: 229. Established 1916. Employees: 60. Directors: S. W. Copley, W. Clarke J. E. Stott. Manufactures.—Electric industrial trucks of all types, flat platform, low platform, elevating platform, etc., electric locos to haul loads 10, 30 and 50 tons.

BRITISH ENSIGN MOTORS, Ltd., Hawthorne Road. Willesden Green, N.\ T. A. " Gillenhar, Willgreen, London." T. N.: Willesden 817 and 1295. Directors: Charles H. Crabtree (Chairman), Edward Gillet (Managing), Arthur E. Crabtree, A. Terrey. Products.—British ensign six-cylinder pleasure car chassis, British ensign 4-ton commercial chassis.

BRITISH " FRAM " CONSTRUCTION CO. (1911), Ltd., Fireproof Slab Makers, etc., " Fram " Works, Whitchurch, Cardiff. T. N.: 129 Llandaff. Manufactures.—" Fram " and " Mack " fireproof partitions, floor pugging, breeze concrete and pumice concrete partitions, compo ceiling and lining slabs.

BRITISH GRIFFIN CHILLED IRON & STEEL CO., Ltd., Ironfounders and Engineers, Temple House, Tallis Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Treadwheel, Fleet, London." T. N.: Central 7519. Incorporated 1899. Capital £70,000, Issued £38,800. Directors: Sir Douglas Fox (Chairman) Samuel Weiss, A. F. Tosh, F. Douglas Fox and H. C. Marriott. Manufactures.—Railway, tramway and contractors' wheels and axles, chilled rolls and chilled castings of all descriptions.

BRITISH HELE-SHAW PATENT CLUTCH CO., Suthers Street, Oldham. Manufactures.—Friction clutches.

BRITISH HYDRAULIC FOUNDRY CO. Ltd., Whiteinch, Glasgow. T. A.: "Ramming, 7n Glasgow." T. N.: Western 86. Established 1891. Capital £80,000. Directors: A. Whitson (Chairman and Managing), A. Gilchrist, T. Hamilton, N. E. Peck, E. J. Whitson. Sec.: J. McMillan.

BRITISH HYDROGEN CO. (Howard Lane) 6, Lloyd's Avenue, London, E.C.3. T. A.: " Matveieff, London." T. N.: Avenue 5717. Principal Howard Lane (Paris). Manufactures.—Hydrogen producing plant (Lane system), oil hardening plant, catalysts.

BRITISH INSULATED & HELSBY CABLES, Ltd., Cablemakers and Electrical Engineers, Prescot, Lancs. T. A.: " Insulator, Prescot ." T. N.: 71 Prescot (4 lines). Directors James Taylor, J.P., Sir A. Roger, G. Crosland Taylor, J.P., Hon. Sir A. Stanley, G.B.E., C.B. Sir J. S. Harmood Banner, M.P., J. Carlton Stitt J.P., J. A. Smith. General Manager: D. Sinclair. Chief Engineer: G. H. Nisbett, J.P. Secretary; W. Kerfoot. Established 1890. Incorporated 1897. Capital £1,500,000, Reserve Fund £200,000. Specialities.—Cables, copper rods and wire, aluminium sheet, " Static " condensers, paper pinions electric welders and meters, overhead line material.

BRITISH LIGHTING & IGNITION CO. Ltd., B.L.I.C. Works, Cheston Road, Aston, Birmingham.

BRITISH L. M. ERICSSON MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., 60, Lincolns Inn Fields London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Ericsson, Hol, London." T. N.: Holborn 5340. Established and incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1903. Capital £200,000 Share £100,000 Debentures. Employees: 1,300. Directors: Wm. Crowe (Chairman and Managing), H. Johansson, A. F. Wood, A. Rogers-Jenkins, and E. 0. Sandberg, W. A. Anderson (Gen. Manager). Manufactures.—Switchboards, telephones, telephonic apparatus, cabinet work.

BRITISH MANNESMANN TUBE CO., Ltd. Salisbury House, London Wall, London, E.C.2. T. A.: "Tubulous. Ave, London." T. N.: London Wall 4610—I. Incorporated 1899. Capital £2,000,000 in £1 shares, Issued £1,360,000, Reserve £86,638. Depreciation Funds £155,420. Directors: Richard S. Guinness, Sir Robt. Balfour, Bart., M.P., Sir Hugh Bell, Bart., C.B., Sir Thos. Wilson, K.B.E. Arthur Dorman, Robt. Grant and Viscount Chet-. wynde, C.H. Employees: 2,800. Manufactures.—Weldless steel locomotive, superheater and boiler tubes, coils, steam pipe installations, loose flanged tubes, etc.

BRITISH MARINE MOTOR & LAUNCH CO., Ltd. (Proprietors: J. Howden & Co., Ltd. ) Old Kilpatrick (Dumbartonshire), near Glasgow. T. A.: "Wisdom, Old Kilpatrick." T. N.: Bowling 28. Established 1910. Incorporated 1914. Directors: Wm. H. Howden (Chairman ), J. Howden Hume and J. B. McGillivray. Employees about 300. Manufactures.—Motor cruisers, motor lifeboats with wireless outfits, collapsible lifeboats, flying boats, sailing yachts, ships' boats, paraffin motors.

BRITISH MOTOR CASTINGS, 34, Vittoria Street, Soho, Birmingham.

BRITISH NICLAUSSE BOILER CO., Ltd. The Clock House, Arundel Street, London, W.C.2. 4 T. A.: "Britniclos, Victoria, London." T. N.; Victoria 4086. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1912. Employees: 2,000. Directors: H. Riall Sankey, M.Inst.C.E. (Chairman), W. Y. Lewis (Managing), J. Niclausse and A. Niclausse. Manufactures.—Marine boilers.

BRITISH OIL PRODUCTS CO., Ltd., Milnbank Refineries, Townmill Road, Dennistoun, Glasgow. T. A.: " Flashpoint, Glasgow." T. N. 365 Bridgeton. ,Chairman and Mang. Director Horatio W. Hutton. Sec. and Director: D. M. Hutton. Engineer and Sales Manager: Chas. E. Gunner. Products.—AUTOCAP cutting oil, LARDOLINE soluble cutting oil, CONVECTOL transformer oil, NUMATOL air-compressor oil, GYROLINE turbine oil, Hardening and tempering oil, GARAGENE motor car and lorry oils. Also Diesel engine, dynamo and motor oils.

BRITISH OXYGEN CO., Ltd., Elverton Street, London, S.W.I. T. A.: " Brins, Oxygen Sowest." T. N.: 4706 and 677 Victoria.

BRITISH PISTON RING CO., Ltd., Brico Works, Holbrook Lane, Coventry. T. A.: " Pistorings, Coventry." T. N.: Coventry 1214-1215. Established 1909. Capital £50,000. Employees 350. Mang. Director: W. A. Oubridge. Manufactures.—Brico piston rings, shackle bolts gudgeon pins and steel lubricators.

BRITISH RAWHIDE BELTING CO., Ltd. Hythe Road, Willesden, London, N.W.10. T. A. " Toughness, Phone, London." T. N.: rro 5 Willesden. Established 1901. Incorporated 1918. Capital £3,000. Managing Director: B. Liverman. Director: G. G. Liverman. Specialities.—Belting and power transmission.

BRITISH REINFORCED CONCRETE ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Designers of Reinforced Concrete Constructions, and Manufacturers of Reinforcements, 1, Dickinson Street, Manchester. T. A.: "Brenforce, Manchester." T. N.: City 8430 (2 lines ). Directors: John Hall (Chairman ) Ernest B. Hall, J. F. Butler and J. B. Walters. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1908. Manufactures.—B.R.C. fabric (electrically crosswelded steel wire mesh), and B.R.C. hoops, helicals and stirrups for column and beam reinforcements.

BRITISH ROLLING MILLS, Ltd., Cliveland Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Octagon." T. N. C. 1869 and 1870. Established 1913. Incorporated 1914. James Frederick Parker (Chairman), William Ernest Parker (Managing Director ), J. F. Parker and G. St. John Strutt. Manufactures.—Bright cold rolled steel, bright drawn steel, C.R.C.A. steel sheets, alloy steels.

BRITISH ROPEWAY ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., 34, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.3. T. N. Central 11250. Manufactures.—Aerial ropeways.

BRITISH SPIRO TURBINE, Ltd., City Chambers, Infirmary Street, Leeds. Established 1918. Directors: Sir W. E. Garforth, Capt. G. M. Bles, J. Lithgol and T. Boardall. Manufactures.—Steam, oil, gas and electrical engines.

BRITISH STEAM SPECIALITIES, Ltd. Bedford Street, Leicester. T. A.: " Boss, Leicester." T. N .: Central 1085. Manufactures.—Cast-iron cocks.

BRITISH STEEL PILING CO., Dock House, Billiter Street, E.C.3. T.A.: " Pilingdom." T. N. Avenue 5463. Established 1905. Employees: zoo. Proprietor: Edward Le Bas. Products.—Pile drivers of all kinds, steel sheet piling, steam, oil and electric winches, concrete mixers and contractors' plant generally.

BRITISH STRUCTURAL STEEL CO., Ltd. Structural Steelwork Engineers, 81, Cannon Street, London, E.C.4. T.A.:"Routine, London." T.N. 117 Bank. Principals: Sir Edward Graham Wood J.P., W. A. McCallum, E. Ormesher, A. J. Campbell, G. W. N. Nicholls. Established 1909. Incorporated 1911. Capital £50,000 , Issued £40,000. Specialities.—Steel frames for buildings, sheds piers, wharves, bridges, roofs, etc.

BRITISH THERMIT CO., Ltd., The, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers, 49-55, The Albany Liverpool. T. A.:" Thermetal, Liverpool." T. N. Liverpool, Cent, 1680. Governing Directors: H. A. Blackwell and W. L. Turner. Established 1907. Capital £5,000. Manufactures.—Numerous metals and alloys including important ferro-alloys of the rarer metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.

BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON CO., Ltd. Electrical Engineers and Manufacturers, Rugby. T. A.: " Asteroidal." T. N.: 286 (6 lines). Chairman and Managing Director: H. C. Levis. Specialities.—Curtis turbines, Mazda drawn wire filament lamps, magnetos, electric railway and tramway equipments, and electrical machinery.

BRITISH TIMKEN, Ltd., Ward End, Birmingham. T. A.: " Britimken, Birmingham." T. N.: East 960, Birmingham. Directors: Sir Vincent H. P. Caillard, Commander Sir A. Trevor Dawson, Bt., R.N., Sir Francis H. Barker, Vincent C. Vickers, Lt.-Col. the Hon. Stuart P. Bouverie, D.S.O. A. J. McCormack, C.B.E., B. L. P. Caillard, G. W. Grazebrook. Gen. Manager: W. W. Sharpe. Products.—Timken tapered roller bearings for motor cars, motor lorries, tractors and other vehicles.

BRITISH TOOL & ENGINEERING CO. Ltd., Owen Road Works, Wolverhampton. T. A . "Tools, Wolverhampton." T. N .: Wolverhampton 1096. Established 1914. Capital £20,000. Employees . 150. Manufactures.—Small tools, wrenches, pliers spanners, broaches, special jigs and fixtures.

BRITISH UNION LAMP WORKS, Ltd. Huyton Quarry, near Liverpool. T. A.: " Tungsten, Huyton." T. N.: Huyton 60. Established 1900. Products.—Carbon and metal filament lamps for ordinary lighting and traction purposes.

BRITISH UNITED SHOE MACHINERY CO., Ltd., Union Works, Belgrave Road, Leicester. T. A.: "Prominent, Leicester." T. N.: 2450 (13 lines). Established 1899. Capital £1,200,000. Employees: 2,000. Directors: John Milne Barbour Charles Bennion, Charles Fawcett Bennion, Edwin P. Brown, G. Washington Brown, John H. Connor Charles F. Gardner, Edward Payson Hurd, Sir James Knox, John S. Paine, Lt.-Col. R. Airth Richardson Frank E. Wheeler. Sec.: Arthur Hopkins. Products.—Boot and shoe machinery of all description, harness machinery and all sundries, cutters knives and all possible accessories.

BRITISH WRIGHT CO., Ltd., Aeronautical Engineers, 33, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2. T. N.: Central 1133.

BRITON FERRY WORKS, Ltd. (Subsidiary Company of Baldwins, Ltd.), Briton Ferry. T. A. " Hematite, Briton Ferry." T. N.: Briton Ferry 63. Incorporated as a Limited Co. in 1889. Employees 300. Directors: Col. Sir John Roper Wright, Bart. J. C. Davies, Col Sir W. C. Wright, K.B.E., C.B. Sir R. V. Vassar-Smith, Bart., and R. Tilden Smith. Manufactures.—Hematite pig iron and coke.

BRITON MOTOR CO., Ltd., Lower Walsall Street, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Britons, Wolverhampton." T. N.: Wolverhampton 885. Established 1912. Capital £100,000. Directors: W . Hamblett (Chairman), E. Lisle (Managing), L. W. Lee, G. H. Bradford, W. W. King, and R. H. Johnston. Manufactures.—Motor cars.

BROAD, SALMON & Co., Ltd., Founders and General Engineers, 41 and 42, Windmill Street Tottenham Court Road, W.I. T. A.: " Erostatue Ox, London." T. N.: Museum 177. Established 1845. Directors: R. H. N. Lindley, F. E. Pitts (Managing). Products.—Non-ferrous castings—specializing in aluminium repetition machining.

BROADBENT, Henry, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, Hollins Tool Works, Sowerby Bridge. T. A. " Broadbent, Sowerby Bridge." T. N.: Halifax 531. Established 1872. Capital £20,000. Employees: 100. Directors: A. Broadbent, A. Whitfield, Jno. Mallinson. Products.—High-speed lathes, cone, allgear and motor-driven 8.. to 21 inch centres, six sizes. Beds 8 to 25 feet long.

BROADBENT, R. & Son, Ltd., Phoenix Ironworks, Stalybridge. Manufactures.—Cotton machinery, stone-breaking machines, and woollen machinery.

BROADBENT, Thomas & Sons, Ltd. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Central Ironworks, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Broadbent, Huddersfield." T. N.: 1581 (4 lines). Established 1865. Employees: 600. Directors: William Broadbent, Horace Broadbent, Francis J. Broadbent Archibald H. Weir. Manufacturers. — STEELWORKS PLANT, CHARGING AND STRIPPING MACHINES, LADLE CRANES, etc. ELECTRIC OVERHEAD TRAVELLING CRANES, CAPSTANS, WINCHES, CENTRIFUGES AND HYDRO L'72 EXTRACTORS FOR EVERY INDUSTRIAL PURPOSE. CLAIM TO BE THE LARGEST MAKERS IN THE WORLD OF TEXTILE HYDRO EXTRACTORS;

BROADBENT, T. W., Ltd., Electrical Manufacturers and Contractors, Victoria Electrical Works, East Parade, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Broadbent Electrician, Huddersfield." T. N .: Huddersfield 371. Established 1898. Capital £5,000. Employees: 40-50. Directors: T. W. Broadbent G. A. Broadbent, F. W. Davies and V. Broadbent. Manufactures.—T. type 3-phase power and lighting sets, A.C. motors, both squirrel cage and slip ring continuous current generators and motors.

BROADFOOT, J. & Sons, Ltd., Brassfounders, Coppersmiths and Braziers, Whiteinch, Glasgow.

BROCKHOUSE, J. & Co., Ltd., Victoria Works, West Bromwich. T. A .: "Brockhouse West Bromwich." T. N .: West Bromwich 431 Priv. Branch Exchange. Established 1886. Capital £500,000. Employees: 1,500-2,000. Directors: John Brockhouse, J.P., J. T. Brockhouse, J.P. Sir James Smith, Thomas Hampson, Frank Brockhouse. Products.—Coach and motor axles, springs, forgings, stampings, motor body fittings, windscreens spring clips, castings, railway wagon buffers, drawbar hooks and links, iron and steel bars, special sections for railway carriages and wagons, stanchions for ships.

BROLT, Ltd., Rood End Road, Oldbury. T. A.: "Stator, Oldbury." T. N.: Oldbury 226. Established 1911. Capital £350,000. Employees 600. Directors: Boultbee Brooks (Chairman), A. C. Johnson, William Peto, H. W. Alexander, William Holt, H. B. Brooks. Sec.: R. W. Powell. Products.—Electric lighting and starting sets for motor vehicles.

BROMPTON & KENSINGTON ACCESSORIES CO., Ltd., 254-260, Earl's Court Road S.W.5. T. A .: " Beekayac, Earls, London." T. N.: Western 1531-3. Established 1912. Capital £10,000. Directors: H. R. Beeton (Chairman), W. R. Davies, W. F. Leese, S. Beeton. Manufactures.—Electric cooking and heating appliances.

BROOK & CROWTHER, Ltd., Textile Machinery and Travelling Crane Makers, Albion Works, Huddersfield.

BROOK, E., Ltd., Empress Works, St. Thomas's Road, Huddersfield. T. A .: " Phase, Huddersfield." T. N .: Huddersfield 1629 and 1630. Codes A.B.C., Marconi and Private. Manufactures.—A.C. motors.

BROOK, HIRST, & CO., Ltd., Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers, Northgate Electrical Works, Chester. T. A.: "Switches, Chester." T. N. Chester 971. Incorporated 1907. Directors: P. S. Brook and J. A. Hirst. Employees about 500. Manufactures.—Ironclad motor starting and controlling equipments.

BROOK, T. & Sons, Ltd., Textile Machinery Merchants and Mill Furnishers, Chapel Hill, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Brook, 1481, Huddersfield." T. N. 1481. Established 1880. Directors: Harry Brook and Tom Frederick Brook.

BROOKE, J. W. & Co., Ltd., Adrian Works, Lowestoft. Cables: " Brooke, Lowestoft." T. N. 380 Lowestoft. Managing Director: J. W. Mawdsley Brooke. Chairman: J. W. Brooke. Manufactures.—Petrol-paraffin marine engines, motor boats and yachts' tenders, sea-going cruiser; and passenger boats, racing motor boats and pumping and lighting sets.

BROOKE TOOL MANUFACTURING CO. Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Warwick Road, Greet, Birmingham. T. A.: " Saws, Birmingham." T. N. Victoria 551-2. Chairman: A. E. Owen. Managing Director: S. C. Icke. Directors: E. J. Wood and C. F. L. Mace. Established 1903. Incorporated 1903. Capital £100,000, Issued £45,000. Manufactures.—Engineers' small tools, including milling cutters, gear cutters, reamers, metal cutting saws, taps and dies, files, twist drills, pumps, etc.

BROOKES (Oldbury), Ltd., Engineers and Ironfounders, Brades Road, Rounds Green, Oldbury, nr. Birmingham. T. A.: "Brookes, Ltd.. Oldbury, Birmingham." T. N.: Oldbury 7o. Di rectors C. T. Barlow, W. W. Hackett, C. Heggie, and G. E. Dicks. Secretary: J. Sutton. Incorporater! 1903. Capital £15,000. Manufactures.—Brick and tile-making plant and accessories, power and hand presses, drawbenches and all kinds of tube-making machinery, hollow fires, guillotine shears, shovel forming and handling machines, patterns and pattern plates for floor and machine, grey iron castings for all trades.

BROOKES & ADAMS, 250-2, Barr Street Hockley, Birmingham. T. A .: " Teleba, Birmingham." T. N.: North 28. Manufactures .—Solid die-pressings in brass.

BROOKS & DOXEY (1920), Ltd., Textile Machinery Makers, Union Ironworks, West Gorton, Manchester. T. A.: "Union, Manchester." T. N. City 605. Established 1859. Capital £1,000,000. Employees: 2,150. Directors . Amos Nelson (Chairman), G. T. Barrett, W. H. Waller, Robcrt Bridge J. E. Jackson. Manufactures .—Cotton spinning, doubling and winding machinery, mules and cheese winders for wool, silk doubling machines, rings, spindles, etc.

BROOM & WADE, Ltd., High Wycombe. T. A.: " Broom, High Wycombe." T. N .: 245 and 246 High Wycombe. Established 1890. Capital £20,000. Directors: H. S. Broom, M.I.Mech.E. and J. McVey, A.M.I.Mech.E. Manufactures .—Air compressors, Michell thrust bearings.

BROTHERHOOD, Peter, Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural & General Engineers, Ltd. ), Engineers, Peterborough. T. A.: " Brotherhood, Peterborough." T. N .: Peterborough 7o and 290. Established 1867. Incorporated 1907. Stanley Brotherhood, J.P. (Governing Director ). Employees: 1,500 to 2,000. Manufactures.—Steam engines and turbines, air and gas compressors; marine auxiliary machinery; refrigerating and ice-making machinery.

BROTHERTON EDISWAN TUBES & CONDUITS, Ltd., Excelsior Works, 'Wolverhampton. Manufactures.—Gas pipes, steam engine boiler tubes.

BROTHERTON, John, Ltd., Imperial Tube Works, Wolverhampton. T. A.: " Imperial, Wolverhampton." T. N .: 22 and 51. Established 1861. Capital £100,000. Employees: About 400. Directors: J. A. Lloyd, J.P. (Chairman and Managing), Allen Edwards, W. H. Underhill. Products.—Iron and steel tubes, all sizes, iron and steel fittings, all sizes, hydraulic tubes, bends, etc.

BROUGHTON COPPER CO., Ltd., Copper Smelters and Copper and Brass Manufacturers Manchester. T. A.: " Copper Co, Manchester." T. N .: Central 6907. Manufactures.—Copper, brass and bronze tubes and cylinders, copper ingots and sheets.

BROUGHTON, James & Co., Ltd., Mechanical Engineers, Dutton Street Iron Works, Manchester. T. A.: "Millwrights, Manchester." T. N.: City 724. Director: Frank C. Halliwell. Secretary: J. H. Todd. Established 1869. Incorporated as a Limited Co. May 25, 1912. Capital £15,000, Issued £13,800. Special Manufactures.—All kinds of machinery for bleaching, dyeing and finishing of cotton, cloth, etc.

BROWETT, LINDLEY & Co., Ltd., Sandon Works, Patricroft, near Manchester. T. A.: " Sandon, Patricroft." T. N .: 510 (2 lines). Established 1875. Capital £87,500. Employees: 350. Directors: Fred. C. Gibbons (Managing), Alfred Tongue, Walter Browett, and N. Kilvert. Products.—Enclosed vertical forced lubrication steam and gas engines, vertical air compressors, condensing plants.

BROWN & BARLOW, Ltd., Westwood Road, Witton, Birmingham. Manufactures.—Motor car carburetters and accessories.

BROWN & MAY (Robey & Co., Ltd.) Steam Engine and Boiler Manufacturers and Agricultural Engineers, 13, Queen Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Engibrowma, London." BROWN & MELHUISH, Motor Engineers and General Sheet Metal Workers and Stampers, 4-8, Park Street Works, Islington, N.'. T .A. " Bromelpar, Hibury, London." T. N .: North 1774.

BROWN & WARD, Ltd., Machine Tool Makers, 27, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham. T. A " Turrets, Birmingham." T. N .: C. 3831. Established 1898. Capital £20,000. Employees: 125. Directors: C. W. Cockerill and J. R. Sambidge. Products.—Capstan lathes and three-operation automatics; shaping, milling and drilling machines; spinning lathes, rolling mills, wire-drawing machines for jewellers.

BROWN BAYLEY'S STEEL WORKS, Ltd. Steel Manufacturers, Leeds Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield. T. A.: " Bayley, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 82. Directors: Robert Armitage, M.P. (Chairman and Managing ), Wm.! Jas. Armitage, Lord Ernest Hamilton, M. R. Mainprice (Commercial Manager ), Harry Brearley (the discoverer of Stainless Steel). Established 1870 . Incorporated 1918. Reconstruction Capital goo ,000 Manufactures and Specialities.—Railway and tramway steels: tyres, axles, forgings, springs. Automobile, aircraft and special steels.

BROWN, BOVERI & Co., Ltd., Electrical Engineers, Trafalgar House, Waterloo Place, London S.W.I. T. A.: "Reactance, Vic., London." T. N. Regent 1952 /3. Established 1906. Capital £50,000. Directors: W. Boveri (Chairman), S. W. Brown, G. Boner and A. C. Eborall.

BROWN BROTHERS, Ltd., 20-34, Great Eastern Street, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Imbrowned, Bethroad, London." T. N .: 6300 London Wall. Established 1887. Capital £750,000. Directors: Albert Brown (Chairman), Ernest Brown and J. Albert Thomson (Managing), John Brown, Fredk. Brown and A. Cleveland. Products.—" Duco " motor accessories and tools " Bronko " cycle accessories and fittings, " Trippa " folding baby car, " Talmo " cars.

BROWN BROS. & Co., Ltd., Hydraulic and General Engineers, Rosebank Ironworks, Edinburgh. T. A.: "Hydraulic." T. N.: 8931-2 Central. Capital £160,000. Directors: Condie Sandeman K.C. (Chairman), Admiral A. W. Waymouth. C.B. Percy Fawcett and T. W. Shrimpton. Director and Secretary: Finlay Ramage, S.S.C. Managing Director: William Wallace. Employees: About 700. Manufactures.—Steam, hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering gears, telemotors for steering and helm signals, etc.

BROWN, D. & Co., Coppersmiths and Braziers, Govan, Glasgow.

BROWN, David & Sons (Huddersfield), Ltd. Machine-cut Gear Specialists, Park Works, Lockwood, Huddersfield. T. A.: " Gearing, Hudd." T. N .: 1080 Hudd. (3 lines). Established 1860. Capital £510,000. Employees: 1,000. Directors Francis Edwin Brown and Percy Brown (Managing) Ernest Matthews Brown, Joseph Dyson Crowther and Walter Haydn Child. Products.—Machine-cut gear, totally enclosed reducing gear, rolling mill driving gear, rolling mill pinions, turbine gearing for land and marine purposes.

BROWN, D. T., Son, & Co., Iron and Steel Merchants and Constructional Engineers, 19-20, Strand Street, Liverpool. T. A.: " Girders, Liverpool." T. N.: Bank 9066, 9067. Principals; D. T. Brown George E. Brown, W. Hughes. Established 1895.

BROWN, DUNCAN & Co., Engineers and Metal Founders, Hawthorne Road, Bootle, near Liverpool. T. A.: "Effective, Liverpool." T. N. 496 Bootle. Established 1891. Employees: 200. Principals: David Brown and Adam Duncan.

BROWN, George & Co., Shipbuilders and Repairers, Garvel Shipyard, Greenock. T . A.: 474 " Rapido, Greenock." T. N .: 135. Established 1900. Employees: 500. Principals: George Brown and George A. Brown. Products.—Builders of fast cargo and passenger steamers, tugs, barges, sternwheelers and dredgers. Repairers of all classes of vessels.

BROWN, George & Son, Agricultural Engineers, Victoria Iron Works, Leighton Buzzard. T. A. " Victoria Works, Leighton-Buzzard " (3 words). T. N.: Leighton Buzzard 63. Principals; William Gray Brown, J.P., Ernest W. Brown, A.M.I.Mech.E. Established 1830. Specialities.—Ploughs, patent parallel, expanding and other horse hoes, land rollers, harrows, etc.

BROWN, George & Sons, Engineers, Boilermakers, Blacksmiths and Ship Repairers, 19, Broad Wynd, Shore, Leith, Edinburgh. T. N .: Leith 482. Established 1828. Employees: 120. Principals William L. Brown and Thomas A. Brown. Products.—Pumps, all kinds, concrete mixers.

BROWN, George H. & Co., Ltd., 3 & 4 Great Winchester Street, London, E.C.2. T. A . " Telespatch, London." T. N .: London Wall 2219. Governing Director: George Henry Brown. Products. — Wire weavers (speciality fine meshes); tinsmiths' tools and machines; boxwood mallets, etc., for plumbers and tinmen.

BROWN, H. & Co., Artesian Well and Mineral Prospecting Engineers and Pumping Engine Makers Consulting Experts on Underground Water, 66 Prince Street, Bristol. T. A.: " Pumping, Bristol." T. N .: Bristol 3679. Established about 1890. Proprietor: Henry H. Mogg, C.E., M.I.Mech.E.

BROWN, H. & Sons, Wellhouse Works, Barnoldswick. T. N .: Barnoldswick io8. Established 1890. Principals: W. Brown, A. H. Brown and J. A. Pickles. Manufactures.—Horizontal steam engines, pumps cast-iron tanks, shafting, pedestals, belt and rope pulleys, and castings of all descriptions to the trade.

BROWN, John & Co., Ltd., Steel Manufacturers, Colliery Proprietors, Shipbuilders and Marine Engineers, Atlas Works, Sheffield; Scunthorpe Works, Scunthorpe; Clydebank, near Glasgow. T. A.: " Atlas, Sheffield "; " Shipyard, Clydebank." T. N .: Sheffield 29. Established 1854. Capital £5,000,000. Employees: 19,000-20,000. Directors: Lord Aberconway (Chairman), Sir Charles E. Ellis G.B.E., K.C.B. (Managing), Capt. T. J. Tresidder C.M.G., Lieut.-Col. J. G. S. Davies, Lieut.-Col. Bernard A. Firth (Deputy Chairman ), John Sampson C.B.E., Lieut.-Col. Sir William H. Ellis, G.B.E. D.Eng. (Managing), Sir Thomas Bell, K.B.E. (Managing), Lord Pirrie, K.P., and Allan J. Grant. The Works are famous as the birthplace of the British armour plate industry. The Company built the renowned Cunard liners Lusitania and Aquitania their latest success being the most modern battle cruiser, H.M.S. Hood. Manufacturers of armour plates, gun forgings, hollow-rolled turbine drums gear wheel rims, marine crank and straight shafting boiler furnaces, steel castings, railway tyres, axles springs and buffers, alloy steels of all kinds, high-speed tool steels. Builders of warships and merchant ships of the largest dimensions and types. Reciprocating 1' and turbine (Parsons and Brown-Curtis) engines. The Company hold seven-eighths of the ordinary shares of Thomas Firth & Sons, Ltd., and in 1907 a portion of the capital of Harland & Wolff, Ltd., was acquired. In the same year the Company also purchased a field of ironstone with two blast furnaces near Frodingham, and in 1909 acquired the Dalton Main Collieries, Ltd. The Company also possess interests in the English Electric Co., Ltd. (which controls the Coventry Ordnance Works, Ltd.), the Rossington Main Colliery Co., Ltd., the Carnforth Hematite Iron Co. (1915 ), Ltd., and Cravens Railway Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd.

BROWN, LENNOX & Co. (London), Ltd. Millwall, E. T. A .: " Lennox, Pontypridd." T. N.: Pontypridd 323 . Established 1808. Manufactures.- Buoys and moorings.

BROWN, S. G., Ltd., Victoria Road, North Acton, London, W.3. T. A.: " Sidbrownix, London." T. N.: Chiswick 1469. Established 1916. Director Sidney George Brown, F.R.S. Sec.: W. J. Holland. Manufactures. — Gyroscopic compasses, radio phones, and various other wireless apparatus. Various electrical and cable apparatus.

BROWN, W. B. & Co. (Bankhall), Ltd. Globe Works, Bankhall, Liverpool. T. A.: " Vires Liverpool." T. N.: Bootle 213 and 445. Established 1876. Manufactures.—Steel wire ropes.

BROWNING, W. E. & Co., Cowley Works, Leytonstone, London, E.II. T. N .: Stratford 607. Manufactures.—Heating, ventilating, dust exhausting and drying plant.

BROWNLIE & GREEN, Ltd., 2, Austin Friars, London, E.C.2. T. A.: " Rupragli, Stock London." T. N.: 6292 London Wall. Established 1909. Capital £30,000. Employees: 17. Directors: Peter Edelson (Chairman ), F. W. Townend H. W. Royse and David Brownlie (Manager ). Business.—Specialists in fuel economy in the design and erection, or reorganization, of steam boiler and power plant; also general consulting engineering especially water and fuel problems, with own chemical laboratories.

BROWNLIE & MURRAY, Ltd., Possilpark, Glasgow. Manufactures.—Structural steelwork and steel frame buildings.

BROWN'S SHIPBUILDING & DRY DOCK CO., Ltd., Lime Street, Hull. T. A.: " Shipyard Hull." T. N.: 672. Directors: Charles H. Pile H. F. Craggs, R. Tinn and G. E. Hunter. Business.—Shipbuilders' engineers and repairers. Graving docks up to 550 feet long.

BRUNTON, W. & Co., Fuse Makers, Cambrian Fuse Works, Lodge, Wrexham, N. Wales.

BRUNTONS, Mechanical Engineers, Wire and Wire Rope Makers, Musselburgh, Scotland. T. A. " Wiremill, Musselburgh." T. N.:Musselburgh 28 and 129. Principals: W. N. Brunton and J. D. Brunton. Established 1876. Manufactures.—Steel wire, wire ropes, bright steel bars, cold rolled steel strip, section steel, turbine blading, aircraft wires and fittings, etc.

BRUSH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Maxwell House, Arundel Street, London W.C.2. 7'. A.: " Magneto, Phone, London." 7'. N.: Central 415. Established 1889. Capital £600,000. Directors: E. Garcke (Chairman), W. L. Magden, B. S. Broadhurst (Managing), Lord Vaux of Harrowden, and C. S. B. Hilton. Manufactures.—Steam turbines, railway and tramway rolling stock, dynamos, motors and transformers.

BRYMBO STEEL CO., Ltd., Brymbo Wrexham, Wales. T. A.: " Steel, Brymbo." T. N.: Brymbo 4. Established 1884. Directors Sir H. B. Robertson (Chairman), Sir J. R. Wright Bart., Sir C. W. Wright, Sir R. V. Vassar-Smith Bart., J. S. Hollings, J. G. Aikin, J. C. Davies and A. Darby. Manufactures.—Steel.

BUCHANAN, James & Son (Liverpool), Ltd. Caledonia Foundry and Engine Works, Liverpool, N. T. A.: "Buchanan, Liverpool." T. N.: Bootle 826. Established 1860, Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1913. Nominal capital £100,000. Employees: 400-500. Directors: Dr. R. J. McLean Buchanan (Chairman), C. C. Stamp (Managing), Mrs. H. M. Buchanan and W. J. Lowry. Manufactures. — Sugar-making and refining machinery, by-product coke oven and colliery machinery, brickmaking and cement machinery.

BUCK & HICKMAN, Ltd., 2, 4 and 6, Whitechapel Road, London, E.r. T. A.: " Roebuck, Edo London." 7'. N.: 7540 Avenue (17 lines). Established 1899. Capital £160,000. Employees: 350. Products.—All kinds of engineers' tools and supplies, iron and steel bars, plates, etc. Importers of finest American precision machines and tools.

BUCKLEY & TAYLOR, Ltd., Castle Iron Works, Oldham. 7'. A.: " Engines, Oldham." T. N.: 8. Established 1861. Capital £60,000. Employees: 300. Directors: William Taylor, J.P. and Edward B. Wilde. Products.—Simple, compound and triple expansion steam engines of horizontal and vertical type from Ioo to 3,000 horse power; mill gearing.

BUCKLEY, SAUNDERS & Co., Ltd., 8 Princes Street, Westminster, S.W. r. T. A.: " Apabucksan, Parl, London." T. N .: Victoria 790. Manufactures.—Electric welding, resistance and arc plants and accessories, butt and seam welders etc.

BUCKTON, Joshua & Co., Ltd., Well House Foundry, Meadow Road, Leeds. T. A .: " Bucktons Leeds." T. N.: Leeds 20585 and 20586. Directors Christopher James, M.I.Mech.E. (Chairman), and Harold E. Carter. Joint Managing Directors: Basil T. Courtney, M.I.Mech.E., F. L. Watson, M.I.Mech.E. Established 1843. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1883. Capital £150,000, Issued £130,000. Special Manufactures.—Machine tools of the highest class for steel works; locomotive and marine engine builders, and shipbuilders.

BUDENBERG GAUGE CO., Ltd., Broadheath near Manchester. T. A.: " Budenberg, Altrincham." T. N.: Altrincham 840 (3 lines). Incorporated January 7, 1902. Capital £50,000, Issued £45,000. Employees: About 200. Manufactures.—Pressure gauges, tachometers, dialthermometers, counters, and recording instruments for pressure, temperature and speed.

BUFFALO FORGE CO., Ltd., Caxton House, Westminster, London, S. W.1. T . A.: " Buffaloes Sowest, London." T. N .: Victoria 6570.

BUHRING'S PATENT WATER PURIFYING CO., Ltd., 146A, Queen Victoria Street, London E.C.4. T. A.: " Aquapurco, Cent., London." T. N .: Central 1294.

BULLERS, Ltd., 6, Laurence Pountney Hill, London, E.C.4. T. A.: "Bullers, London." T.N. City 985-6. Established 1899. Capital £400,000. Directors: A. K. Tharp (Chairman), E. J. Chambers, G. H. Harris and H. Dagnall. Manufactures .—Insulators, switches and telephone and telegraph fittings.

BULLIVANT & Co., Ltd.,


BULLIVANTS' AERIAL ROPEWAYS, Ltd. 72, Mark Lane, London, E.C.3. T. N .: 2108 Avenue (3 lines). T. A.: " Bullivants, Fen London." Directors: F. A. Bullivant, P. J. Bullivant, B. S. Bullivant, and A. W. Bullivant. Manufactures.—Steel and iron wire ropes and cords blocks, pulleys, winches, salvage plant, and aerial ropeways.

BULL'S METAL & MELLOID CO., Ltd. Head Office and Works: Yoker, near Glasgow. T. A . " Melloid, Yoker." T. N .: 182 and 183 Clydebank. Established 1898. Capital £50,000. Employees: 180. Directors: Sir Wm. H. Raeburn, M.P. (Chairman) Sir W. Rowan Thomson, K.B.E., Alfred Watkins and S. E. Flack (Gen. Manager ). Sec.: Andrew Miller. Products.—Built and solid bronze propellers bronze and brass castings and forgings, rolled bronze and brass bars, white metals.

BULPITT & Sons, Ltd., Sheet Metal Workers, Camden Street, Birmingham. T. A . "Bulpitt, Birmingham." T. N .: Central 1747. Established 1868. Employees: 1,200. Directors Walter H. Bulpitt, Albert E. N. Bulpitt, William S. Bulpitt, William R. Parker and George F. Atkins. Manufactures.—Sheet metal work and spinnings, electric motors, motor and industrial lamps.

BURDONS, Ltd., Caldervale Works, Bellshill near Glasgow. Secretary; W. Brown. Manufactures.—" Burdon " patent oil-gas systems.

BURFORD, H. G. & Co., Ltd., Lorry Manufacturers. Head Office: 16, Regent Street, London. T. A.: "Burfordism, London." T. N.: Regent 5280 (2 lines). Established 1915. Capital £5,000. Employees: 56. Henry George Burford (Gov. Director), C. Henry Gray (Director and Gen. Manager), E. H. Burford (Director). Products.-25-30 cwt. and 40-50 cwt. commercial motor vehicles, 2-21 ton tip wagons.

BURNEY & Co., Ltd., Sheet Metal Workers, 118, West Ferry Road, Millwall, London, E.14. T. A.: "Burney, Millwall, London." T. N.: East 34.

BURNLEY COMPONENTS, Ltd., Manufacturing Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Accrington Road, Rose Grove, Burnley. T. A.: " Components, Burnley." T. N.: 398. Established 1916. Capital £15,000. Employees: 100. Directors: Harry Buckley, J.P., Robt. Foster, M.I.E.E., Arthur Charles, Daniel Durkin, Harry Ogden and John Stuttard, J.P. Products.—Small electric motors, fans, etc.; electrical and motor car accessories.

BURNLEY IRONWORKS CO., Ltd., The; King Street, Burnley. T. A.: " Ironworks, Burnley." T. N.: Burnley 69. Established over 100 years. Capital £20,000. Manager: Walter Medcalf. Employees: about 120. Manufactures.—Slow-speed steam engines for factories, winding and pumping engines for collieries general millwright work.

BURNTISLAND SHIPBUILDING CO., Ltd. Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers, The Shipyard Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. T. A.: " Shipyard." T. N .: 150. Established 1918. Directors: Sir William Robertson, Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Fife (Chairman), A. L. Ayre, O.B.E., J.P., and Wilfrid Ayre (Joint Managing). Manufactures.—Cargo and passenger steamers, oilcarrying steamers, any type of floating craft, also all classes of steel structures.

BURRELL, Chas. & Sons, Ltd. (Branch of Agricultural and General Engineers, Ltd.), Central House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. T. A.: " Agroengic, London." T. N.: 685o Gerrard. Established 1770. Directors: Charles Burrell, H. J. Burrell and C. N. N. Burrell. Products.—Traction engines.

BURTON CONSTRUCTIONAL ENGINEERING CO., Ltd., Wetmoor Road, Burton-on-Trent. T. A.: " Structural." T. N.: 731. Established as a Private Company in 1914. Employees: 150-200. Directors: G. S. Marple (Chairman), John Gillott W. M. Gillott, Jos. P. Gillott and R. A. Hatfield (Managing). Products.—Steel-framed buildings, roof principals compound girder and light bridgework, compound stanchions, M.S. bunker work.

BURTON, DELINGPOLE & Co., Moseley Street, Birmingham. T. A.: " Delingpole, Birmingham." T. N.: Midland 2573-4. Manufactures.—Bolts and nuts, iron and steel forgings.

BURTON, GRIFFITHS & Co., Ltd. 64/70, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, S.W.I. T. A.: "Hibon, Churton, London." T. N. Victoria 6747 (4 lines). Established 1899. Capital £120,000. Directors: E. M. Griffiths, T. S. Catmur P. Martin, Sir Hallewell Rogers, W. L. Baylay H. G. King and A. E. Berriman. Specialities.—Machine tools and small tools grinding machinery and whet s.

BURYS & Co., Ltd., Regent Works, Sheffield. T. A.: "Burys, Sheffield." T. N.: Central 4 Sheffield. Established 1854. Directors: Wm. F. Osborn (Chairman), Samuel Osborn, Arnold PyeSmith, Fred. M. Osborn, Wm. McKinnel, A. Stanley Pye-Smith and S. E. Osborn. Sec.: T. V. McNidder. Products.—Steel sheets and bars, files, edge tools twist drills, sheep shears, beater bars, scythes, chaff knives, picks, shovels, hammers, reaper sections.

BUTLER MACHINE TOOL CO., Ltd., Victoria Ironworks, Halifax. T. A A.: " Butler Halifax." T. N.: 1013. Products.—Planing, drilling, milling and boring machines.

BUTLER, Samuel & Co., Ltd., Grangefield Works, Stanningley, near Leeds. T. A.: " Lifting Stanningley." T. N.: Stanningley 176. Manufactures.—Electric overhead and steam cranes.

BUTT, F. R. & Co., Ltd., 10, Devonshire Grove, Old Kent Road, S.E.15. Manufactures.—Electro-medical instruments.

BUTTER BROS. & Co., Maclellan Street, Glasgow. Manufactures.—Electric cranes.

BUTTERFIELD, W. P., Ltd., Shipley, Yorks. T. A.: "Tanks." T. N.: Shipley 35 and 535. Established 1884. Capital £30,000. Employees: 100. Directors: W. P. Butterfield (Managing ), H. Way J . A. Duxbury and C. Butterfield (also Gen. Manager ). Manufactures.—Galvanized tanks and cisterns sheet metal work.

BUTTERFIELDS, Ltd., Automobile and Electrical Engineers, Levis Works, Station Road, Stechford, Birmingham. T. A.: " Butterfields, Stechford." T. N .: Stechford 38. Established as a Private Limited Co. 1913. Directors: William Hughes Butterfield (Managing) and Arthur Butterfield. Sec.: C. L. Newey. Manufactures.—Levis two-stroke motor cycles Levis two-stroke engines.

BUTTERLEY CO., Ltd., Butterley Ironworks, near Derby. T.A.:" Ironworks, Butterley." T.N. Ripley 75 and 76. Established 1790. Employees: 11,250 (approx. ). Directors: A. FitzHerbert Wright (Chairman ), A. Leslie Wright (Managing ), H. FitzHerbert Wright, M.P., Alfred M. Wright Ernest B. F. Wright, Godfrey F. Wright and Kenneth H. Wright. Sec.. G. T. Cotterill. Manufactures.—Pig-iron castings, bridgework and structural work; coal, bricks, etc.; bar iron, angles etc.; general engineering work.

BUTTERS BROS. & Co., Percy Crane Works, Glasgow. T. A.: " Butters, Glasgow." Manufactures.—All types of overhead travelling cranes.

BUTTERWORTH & DICKINSON, Ltd. Globe Ironworks; Rosegrove, Burnley. T. A. " Globe, Burnley." T. N.: Burnley 6 (2 lines). Manufactures.—Cotton machinery.

BUTTERWORTH, A. & Co., Ainsworth Street Works, Rochdale. T. A.: " Reliable, Rochdale." T. N.: Rochdale 40. Established 1912. Principal A. Butterworth, sen. Secretary: A. Butterworth jun. Works Manager: H. Butterworth. Manufactures.—Improved patent• automatic turning machines, special machine tools, tool equipment for automatic and capstan lathes.

BYRD, A. A. & Co., General Engineers, 50, Cannon Street, London, E.C.4. T. A.: " Byrdicom London." T. N.. City 9722. Speciality.—Adjustable metal moulds for rapid construction of every type of concrete building irrespective of design or size.

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